#emc | Logs for 2008-10-26

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[21:15:10] <fragalot> somethings wrong with their database
[21:18:35] <fragalot> it looked pretty banged up when it got here,.. thought i could never get it to work again
[21:18:49] <archivist> fragalot, is that an intel xeon, looks similar to a noisy heap I refuse to use here
[21:18:53] <fragalot> apparently, PCB's are stronger than steel when it comes to high impact resistance.
[21:18:59] <fragalot> archivist: yes.
[21:19:09] <archivist> sual?
[21:19:12] <fragalot> dual 2.6
[21:19:13] <archivist> dual
[21:19:18] <fragalot> hence the 2 heatsinks :p
[21:19:52] <archivist> I have spares, but its getting full of metal filings
[21:19:53] <fragalot> had to replace the cpu's as the pins broke off due to the blunt force created by (what appeared to be) quite the fall....
[21:20:23] <anonimasu> hmm..
[21:20:25] <fragalot> costed me 650 euro in total thanks to customs,.. and the insurance on it by usps refusing to work on my case
[21:20:42] <fragalot> customs held it for over 2 months, and want me to pay bloody storage fees
[21:20:46] <anonimasu> why arent there any neat wire edm power circuits out there..
[21:21:13] <fragalot> anonimasu: because it's patented?
[21:21:16] <anonimasu> lol..
[21:21:36] <archivist> you have not published one yet
[21:21:38] <anonimasu> I doubt it
[21:22:04] <fragalot> anonimasu: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4614854.html
[21:22:46] <anonimasu> nice
[21:23:11] <fragalot> now
[21:23:15] <fragalot> wtf is wire EDM?
[21:23:15] <fragalot> :p
[21:23:30] <dmess> i could have used 1 of those about 20 yrs ago.... parabolic trough pre-heater for your hot water tank...
[21:24:45] <archivist> same as EDM only it uses wire not a shape
[21:24:52] <fragalot> and EDM maens... ?
[21:25:01] <anonimasu> electro discharge machining
[21:25:06] <fragalot> I see
[21:25:30] <dmess> or 40 mega-watt generating station in the mojave desert a few yrs after a set of plans go missing from a national science fair where i was presenting thanks to winning the SUNCOR award
[21:25:33] <anonimasu> im looking for a video for you
[21:25:50] <archivist> or spark eroder
[21:26:03] <dmess> its controled arc burn..
[21:26:16] <fragalot> ah
[21:26:17] <fragalot> neat
[21:26:34] <archivist> can be cheaply made
[21:26:42] <dmess> sime controlled... i hate stringers... and cling ons with plunge EDM
[21:26:53] <archivist> I got a circuit the other day
[21:27:05] <fragalot> I do that on daily basis.. getting accuracies of ~2mm :p (welding could be classed as "controlled arc burn" .. couldn't it? :p)
[21:27:29] <dmess> yes.. semi precise even...LOL
[21:27:34] <fragalot> :D
[21:28:04] <dmess> do you have an arc air machine???
[21:28:47] <dmess> arc welder and nozzle to blow air at a carbon lance/electrode??
[21:29:03] <fragalot> TIG
[21:29:11] <fragalot> well, smaw/tig combo
[21:30:07] <anonimasu> wire edm's mean sharp inner corners
[21:30:28] <archivist> in carbide :)
[21:30:34] <dmess> naw wont do... this uses 3/8 carbon rods... and blows shit out and away
[21:30:47] <anonimasu> yep
[21:30:57] <dmess> well.. wire rad..is the minimum
[21:31:42] <dmess> and as a die maker THAT isnt sharp.. still needs an insert
[21:32:01] <anonimasu> did you check what wire dias they sell?
[21:32:21] <fragalot> 0.002" ?
[21:33:04] <dmess> in any mat'l worth its matter you need .010" or your setting up for alotta time on the machine... rethreading??
[21:34:11] <dmess> .002" wire is for foil sfuff.. and not much morre.. think how much POWER a .002" wire can carry...
[21:34:31] <fragalot> depends on how long it is and how effectively it is cooled
[21:34:31] <archivist> .001” dia wire cut with .0015” corner radii and a positional accuracy of ½ of a micron. (0.00002” or twenty millionths).
[21:34:51] <archivist> http://www.cncmachining.org/
[21:34:54] <fragalot> archivist: depends on wether the workshop door is open or closed
[21:35:07] <anonimasu> yep
[21:35:15] <dmess> thru 1.5" of A2 @ Rc-62-64 right??
[21:35:25] <fragalot> * fragalot bed
[21:35:26] <anonimasu> :)
[21:35:26] <fragalot> gnite
[21:35:41] <alex_joni> nite
[21:35:46] <dmess> b well
[21:36:12] <alex_joni> http://home.arcor.de/torstenwrede/MultiTool.zip <- might be interesting
[21:36:19] <alex_joni> some tcl tools to generate g-code for emc2
[21:36:53] <dmess> whats wrong with APT360 & vapt
[21:37:24] <anonimasu> brb
[21:37:34] <archivist> or an editor
[21:37:46] <archivist> code raw :)
[21:38:27] <alex_joni> dmess: nothing .. if you know how to use it
[21:39:38] <dmess> oh sorry.. i thought we all DID.. know how to use it..
[21:40:14] <dmess> any apt you need... i can probably provide... ; )
[21:43:16] <dmess> alex... APT360... is quite easy to get the hang of for simple 2-1/2 d stuff..
[21:44:11] <dmess> 3-d control over 5 axis... is quit a learning curve
[21:45:18] <dmess> but with VAPT on linux... its so much easier than in the past 45 years
[21:47:31] <dmess> i've done some stuff here at home in 1 nite that took a guy 4 days in catia... and the simulated code is nearly identical
[21:48:40] <dmess> they ran his... and it crashed the machine guards... mine missed by about 1/4"
[21:57:16] <dmess> upon investigations... small changes in A-B angles made clearance in APT360.. but NOT in Catia.. v5 r18... we win..
[21:57:55] <alex_joni> dmess: heh :)
[21:58:20] <alex_joni> well.. I'm off to bed
[21:58:24] <alex_joni> good night all
[21:58:46] <dmess> the retarded part is i started with its "dumb" apt as source
[21:59:40] <dmess> it was a 7 axis machine to 5 axis machine swap... whats the dillio
[22:15:24] <SkinnYPuPp> anonimasu: July 2004 Model Engineers Workshop has part 5 of a PWM spark controller and a wire drive controller, happens to be the only edition of that mag i purchased though
[22:28:36] <toastydeath> what
[22:28:40] <toastydeath> oops
[22:28:41] <toastydeath> wrong window
[23:00:04] <HRyba> Hello, i need some help compiling EMC2-2.2.6 on my Hardy Heron machine.
[23:02:04] <anonimasu> SkinnYPuPp: cool!
[23:03:57] <anonimasu> SkinnYPuPp: I'd really love to have a peek at the pwm spark controller
[23:04:00] <anonimasu> well, bedtime
[23:04:48] <robh> HRyba, download this script http://www.linuxcnc.org/hardy/emc2-install.sh, follow instructions here, step 3 - 7 should sort u out, http://www.linuxcnc.org/content/view/21/4/lang,en/
[23:06:48] <HRyba> robh: Currently, I don't have an internet connection on my machine. I did download the source from sourceforge, and place it on my computer, following the instructions. I get an error saying that the RT is not found.
[23:08:07] <archivist> HRyba, probably easier to use the live cd
[23:08:52] <HRyba> I don't want to overwrite my current installation of ubuntu, though. Is it possible to do that without wiping my system, and not dual-booting?
[23:09:06] <robh> as archivist said, pick up live cd, take it from there, as if complile ull find u need other things most likly also
[23:10:46] <archivist> HRyba, you will need to put the realtime etc on as well, so would need the internet connection, cd has it all, and you can try without installing
[23:11:23] <HRyba> ok, thanks for your help.
[23:11:33] <robh> if u need to keep things only in home folder, u could install live in advance mode i belive tell it to keep home folder unformated, if u trust it ;)
[23:13:15] <HRyba> Would it keep my system properties and such?
[23:13:20] <anonimasu> no
[23:13:35] <anonimasu> if you install it..
[23:13:39] <anonimasu> if you just run the livecd it would
[23:15:28] <anonimasu> HRyba: compiling emc2 is a bit tedious as it depends on pretty many things(and foremost the realtime kernel is not trivial to compile yourself)
[23:49:30] <SkinnYPuPp> HRyba: if you only want simulation and not running an actual machine I can verify the instructions on 8.04 near the bottom of this page work just right..i have sim only on my laptop so no r/t needed.
[23:49:41] <SkinnYPuPp> HRyba:http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2
[23:53:42] <SkinnYPuPp> anonimasu: That article refers to a book "Building an EDM ISBN 0-941 653-52-8" obtainable from Camden Miniature Steam Services (01373 830 151)