#emc | Logs for 2008-09-10

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[04:40:54] <tomp2> i wanted to use vmplayer for to use autocad. my 6.06 system says "could not open /dev/vmmon". anything special needed?
[04:42:11] <tomp2> i installed from synaptic
[04:43:26] <JymmmEMC> nfc even what it is
[05:12:28] <tomp2> weebles wobble but they wont fall down... the gomboc is made by a 3d printer. http://www.objet.com/
[05:12:28] <tomp2> but the gears are more impressive http://www.objet.com/Misc/Gallery/tabid/70/AlbumID/393-4/Page/3/Default.aspx
[05:15:35] <tomp2> ah, this is what was shown in NASA Tech Briefs, found it! http://www.objet.com/Misc/Gallery/tabid/70/AlbumID/393-23/Page/1/Default.aspx