#emc | Logs for 2008-05-12

[01:59:02] <SkullWorks_PGAB> test (since everyone else seems to be getting dumped)
[01:59:54] <fenn> try #test
[02:00:04] <rayh> yo
[02:01:59] <toastydeath> ff
[02:05:22] <rayh> #test
[02:05:31] <toastydeath> !status
[02:05:39] <rayh> Okay fenn I tried it.
[02:06:32] <jmkasunich> I think he meant the channel #test
[02:07:01] <cradek> good evening
[02:07:15] <jmkasunich> heh
[02:07:38] <jmkasunich> for some reason, "good evening" made me think of a boris karloff voice
[02:07:40] <rayh> Hi Guys
[02:07:49] <jmkasunich> "good evening, and velcome to my haunted castle"
[02:07:52] <cradek> jmkasunich: I almost typed evuhning
[02:08:14] <cradek> to get all three syllables in there
[02:08:24] <cradek> hi ray. you sure set off a lot of interest in fest
[02:09:18] <cradek> it would be cool to get your classes taped. a lot of people seem to learn better from that kind of thing than from just reading. I hope someone will decide to do the taping/editing.
[02:09:27] <rayh> More like we are approaching the panic moment.
[02:09:34] <cradek> that could be too.
[02:09:36] <rayh> You bet.
[02:09:45] <jmkasunich> panic moment?
[02:09:50] <jmkasunich> we have a whole month to panic
[02:09:51] <cradek> T minus on emonth
[02:09:55] <cradek> one month
[02:10:01] <rayh> Yep.
[02:10:36] <rayh> Darn I do like the way EMC2 is moving out into many new areas.
[02:10:56] <rayh> Did you see the stacked rotary the fellow in BE linked to this morning.
[02:11:00] <cradek> I really should be working on some 5 axis demos for my little machine
[02:11:07] <cradek> nope
[02:11:10] <cradek> link?
[02:11:47] <rayh> <JanVanGilsen> http://imagebin.org/17793
[02:11:47] <rayh> <JanVanGilsen> http://imagebin.org/17794
[02:12:12] <jmkasunich> that machine is just too clean
[02:12:19] <cradek> cool.
[02:12:22] <rayh> Darn I like this new link to you guys.
[02:13:01] <cradek> it shows some thought. A pivots around the workpiece so as to not uselessly use up a lot of Y travel
[02:13:05] <rayh> I'm trying to get a company on the west coast to allow me to post pics of their EMC2 powered machine.
[02:13:17] <rayh> Exactly.
[02:13:49] <cradek> rayh: you haven't seen my XYZBC machine yet. it's similar (but smaller/wimpier)
[02:13:49] <rayh> I'd have put that rotaries surface right at the pivot line but I don't have a clue why.
[02:14:01] <rayh> link
[02:14:28] <jmkasunich> not that similar - you tilt the head instead of stacking tables
[02:14:45] <rayh> Ah seems like I saw some of it
[02:14:52] <cradek> http://timeguy.com/cradek/01198209330
[02:15:00] <cradek> http://timeguy.com/cradek/01198469744
[02:15:19] <rayh> thanks
[02:15:22] <cradek> I need to make better videos (of cutting)
[02:15:39] <jmkasunich> hmm, it says as soon as I saw the part I suggested something more compicated
[02:15:45] <jmkasunich> I don't remember what that was
[02:15:54] <cradek> fortunately I don't either
[02:15:59] <jmkasunich> counterinking an angles hole maybe?
[02:16:04] <cradek> could be
[02:16:29] <cradek> since the head only tips 90 I'm not sure how to do that.
[02:16:45] <cradek> I guess you could, if the hole is 45 or less from vertical
[02:17:23] <rayh> Nice
[02:17:57] <rayh> 75 degree hole and 15 degree countersink.
[02:19:13] <jmkasunich> hmm, you could do helical milling
[02:19:41] <cradek> that's how I cut those holes
[02:19:59] <jmkasunich> I mean the kind of helical milling that is used to flute drill bits and end mills
[02:20:23] <jmkasunich> formerly done on a universal horizontal mill with the table at an anglt
[02:20:25] <jmkasunich> e
[02:20:27] <fenn> helical bevel gears
[02:20:54] <rayh> Submarine propellers
[02:21:01] <jmkasunich> heh
[02:21:02] <fenn> beanie hats!
[02:21:29] <cradek> hmm: I wonder what you get with g1x1f10; c100f1000; x2
[02:21:40] <rayh> I think it was the sub propellers that caused the creation of the emc
[02:21:52] <jmkasunich> it was?
[02:22:20] <rayh> A Japanese company was building the machine that was cutting them for the US.
[02:22:25] <jmkasunich> I would have thought that the sub prop flap would have resulted in EMC being labeled top secret instead of going into the pub domain
[02:22:26] <rayh> 5 axis
[02:22:50] <rayh> and the company sold one of those machines to a country unfriendly to us.
[02:22:56] <jmkasunich> right
[02:23:05] <eric_U> wasn't that toshiba?
[02:23:14] <rayh> And since we had no US companies making controls....
[02:23:18] <rayh> Yes it was.
[02:23:18] <jmkasunich> oh, so we said "if you're gonna do that, we're not gonna buy from you anymore"
[02:24:04] <rayh> I think the DOD felt at a disadvantage having to rely on foreign suppliers of controls.
[02:24:53] <rayh> I heard a story from NIST about a grilling they took when I visited Germany.
[02:25:15] <rayh> Three days of grilling by black suits who didn't even show their credentials.
[02:25:17] <eric_U> that was back when the DOD cared about stuff like that
[02:25:27] <rayh> I guess so.
[02:25:58] <rayh> And was selling Iraq fax machines that could be disabled by satellite.
[02:26:10] <rayh> Those were the days.
[02:27:10] <rayh> I'll go away and do something useful like work on my course outlines.
[02:27:13] <rayh> See you guys.
[02:27:18] <toastydeath> hahaha
[02:27:20] <cradek> goodnight
[02:27:35] <jmkasunich> night rayh
[02:27:44] <jmkasunich> cradek: what is the capacity of the vise on max?
[02:28:28] <cradek> about 2"
[02:28:28] <rayh> jmkasunich, I'll get the details of that transformer from Steve Stallings so we're ready.
[02:29:35] <cradek> The jaws are 1.50" (38.07mm) wide by 1.00" (25.38mm) deep and open a full 2.00" (50.76mm). the fixed jaw has both a horizontal and vertical "V" groove to facilitate holding round bar stock.
[02:29:57] <jmkasunich> I'm trying to think of interesting things to make
[02:30:48] <jmkasunich> like the top half of this
[02:30:48] <jmkasunich> http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en-commons/thumb/2/24/180px-Leonardo_polyhedra.png
[02:32:31] <jmkasunich> need a material that is cheap and cuts easily
[02:32:44] <cradek> if the bottom is flat, you could do the whole external shape
[02:32:44] <jmkasunich> wood comes to mind but tends to split and splinter
[02:33:20] <cradek> the bottom faces would be cut with the side of the endmill. the last face would be a "parting" cut at B90
[02:33:39] <cradek> if the faces oppose each other, you could drill through all of them
[02:33:51] <jmkasunich> yeah, I was thinking along those lines
[02:34:37] <jmkasunich> you could avoid the parting problem if you made the part with an integral base
[02:34:50] <cradek> true
[02:34:52] <jmkasunich> drill and tap a hole in the bottom center of the blank, and screw it onto a holder in the vise
[02:35:06] <cradek> dodecahedron has opposing faces
[02:35:23] <fenn> pink styrofoam
[02:37:13] <jmkasunich> that could work
[02:39:53] <jmkasunich> pretty fragile tho
[02:40:47] <cradek> it seems to cut wood fine, but of course that makes a big mess if you don't have a vacuum running
[02:41:32] <jmkasunich> what kind of wood did you use?
[02:41:53] <jmkasunich> I'm thinking 2x4 - cheap solid lumps - but that tends to be spintery
[02:42:08] <cradek> I'm not sure what this piece was
[02:42:29] <cradek> it's very fine, compared to a 2x4
[02:42:51] <DanielFalck> mdf?
[02:43:12] <cradek> http://timeguy.com/cradek-files/01198469744/countersink.jpg
[02:43:27] <cradek> I think this was some piece of the hobby-store style
[02:43:37] <jmkasunich> basswood or something like that
[02:43:41] <cradek> packaging long gone
[02:43:51] <cradek> definitely not balsa. not sure what basswood is.
[02:44:07] <jmkasunich> its a fine grained wood that is denser and stronger than balsa
[02:44:13] <jmkasunich> cuts and carves nice
[02:44:21] <cradek> could be then
[02:44:25] <DanielFalck> poplar is good
[02:44:25] <jmkasunich> usually sold next to the balsa at hobby shops
[02:44:28] <cradek> the finish is very nice
[02:44:43] <jmkasunich> about 30 the cost per cubic inch compared to 2x4s
[02:44:49] <cradek> sure
[02:47:06] <jmkasunich> http://www.barrule.com/workshop/images/info/foams/index.ht
[02:47:19] <jmkasunich> apparently machine cutting foams can be unhealthy
[02:47:45] <DanielFalck> is styrene gas released?
[03:07:01] <SkullWorks_PGAB> ABS, PVC or UHMW - or for the High roller types - Polycarbonate.
[03:08:35] <SkullWorks_PGAB> Delrin / Acetal is nice but I find it tends to slip in vises ( but then so does UHMW.)
[03:21:35] <toastydeath> fff
[03:32:58] <SkullWorks_PGAB> the bearings in my hard drive are beginning to shriek... This system is on its last legs.
[03:37:18] <SkullWorks_PGAB> Main screen turn on (well that still works...)
[03:37:30] <toastydeath> Launch all "zig."
[03:37:34] <toastydeath> for great justice.
[03:55:14] <renesis> delrin is so awesome to machine
[03:55:38] <renesis> pricey, tho =(
[04:14:42] <jmkasunich> note to self: measure twice, cut once
[04:15:28] <toastydeath> what'd you do
[04:18:42] <toastydeath> chamfering tools kill me
[04:19:04] <toastydeath> I may have fucked up a $600 block of stainless because i sent the tool to the wrong spot
[04:19:41] <toastydeath> i hate that crap
[04:20:11] <jmkasunich> I cut a couple pieces of wood too short
[04:20:19] <jmkasunich> fortunately not $600
[04:20:22] <jmkasunich> still annoying
[04:21:30] <toastydeath> =/
[04:21:53] <cradek> I've learned that for the second measure, you should also check to make sure the number you think you want is the right number
[04:22:17] <jmkasunich> in this case I wasn't using numbers
[04:22:27] <jmkasunich> hold part A against part B, make a mark
[04:22:34] <cradek> run the whole calculation again, especially if you're subtracting fractions or some other thing a sane person should just avoid
[04:22:54] <toastydeath> cradek: it's just my inexperience
[04:22:55] <jmkasunich> except that I forgot that part A needs to be one board-thickness longer than part B
[04:23:02] <toastydeath> the number was RIGHT, but it was for a different part of the program
[04:23:16] <toastydeath> so i looked at it and it clicked, and let the machine go
[04:23:27] <toastydeath> i caught it pretty quick so it might clean up in subsequent operations, we'll see
[04:23:38] <toastydeath> there's like 20-30 of these things to do, so it's not a huge deal if one or two go down
[04:23:53] <toastydeath> still pisses me off that i did it
[04:24:27] <toastydeath> every time i do something retarded like that I can't help but feel i'll never be a machinist
[04:25:20] <cradek> but that is exactly the process used to become one
[04:25:39] <cradek> savor and learn from mistakes, don't be ashamed of them
[04:26:16] <toastydeath> i'm sure i'll learn from it after i no longer get the "want to vomit" feeling when i think about it
[04:26:55] <cradek> I recently made some mirror-image parts. I just had to start over on them
[04:27:01] <toastydeath> ?
[04:27:54] <cradek> it happens whenever I start cutting before I finish thinking :-)
[04:28:09] <jmkasunich> yeah
[04:28:21] <jmkasunich> which is why I often spend forever thinking and never get anything done
[04:28:33] <cradek> yeah, that's another way to do it
[04:28:42] <toastydeath> you guys using cam/cad?
[04:29:03] <cradek> I use very basic cad sometimes, not cam
[04:29:24] <cradek> I also use just a calculator sometimes
[04:29:58] <toastydeath> cool
[04:29:59] <cradek> I have never modeled a part in 3d and then had cam generate tool paths to cut it - I just don't have that (and maybe I don't need it either)
[04:30:15] <toastydeath> i've only used mcam for an actual part once
[04:30:32] <cradek> that seems like what everyone wants to be able to do - but I haven't needed it.
[04:30:55] <toastydeath> from what i understand it's easy to go from programming at the tool to mcam
[04:30:59] <toastydeath> but not so easy the other way around
[04:34:26] <jmkasunich> hmm, 12:30 on a worknight, and at several more operations to do before I can glue this up
[04:34:45] <jmkasunich> If I was smart I'd call it a night
[04:35:04] <toastydeath> never!
[04:35:09] <toastydeath> bbl
[04:35:22] <jmkasunich> I really wanted to get this glued up tonight so I could hang on the wall tomorrow
[05:11:15] <toastydeath> bak
[05:30:25] <jmkasunich> there - glued and clamped
[05:30:35] <jmkasunich> (I never said I was smart)
[05:30:58] <toastydeath> hahahaha
[05:31:02] <toastydeath> a winner is you.
[05:46:50] <tomp2> that stacked axis from Antwerp High has thru hole motors. look at the A axis, a cable runs thru it. If JanVanGilsen comes in here, ask where he got 'em (and how much if he doesnt mind the Q).
[05:49:11] <tomp2> the q/c chuck is nice too
[05:57:45] <tomp2> i think thats not a thru hole motor, maybe just thru hole encoder, the spring may be tensioning a toothed belt.
[05:58:01] <eric_U> what you talkin' about bevis?
[05:58:52] <tomp2> http://imagebin.org/17794 & 3
[06:00:29] <tomp2> it may be the same motor actuator a C but the motor hidden in those shots. the spring may be just a 'counterbalance' or backlash reducer
[06:00:59] <tomp2> ...actuator as C...
[06:01:04] <eric_U> that's cute
[06:02:06] <eric_U> can't really see how the z works
[06:04:13] <eric_U> never really seen any motors like that
[06:04:17] <tomp2> seems to be a short 'bridge in the xy plane attached to the Z support thru those 2 brush lined vertical slots. beghind the alum would be the Z screw
[06:05:05] <tomp2> motor is like an old dumore hand grinder motor
[06:05:33] <tomp2> the z, the A&C are fancy
[06:05:33] <eric_U> I have some through hole spindle motors
[06:05:43] <eric_U> but they are 4 phase
[06:05:48] <tomp2> nice!
[06:06:02] <eric_U> have to figure out how to drive them
[06:06:15] <tomp2> ask jon elson or jmk
[06:07:20] <eric_U> they can't help with drivers unfortunately
[06:08:00] <tomp2> those might be microscope/telescope stages
[06:18:01] <eric_U> I was wondering if they were hiding the motors on a rotary gearbox
[06:23:56] <tomp2> fenn: linux app to respond to spoken japanese , english, thai, slovak, french http://julius.sourceforge.jp/en_index.php?q=en/index.html
[06:24:18] <tomp2> ( i was using 'voice command' on a eeepc today ;)
[06:50:16] <SkullWorks_PGAB> did I get it right - http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showpost.php?p=451017&postcount=18
[06:51:21] <SkullWorks_PGAB> tomp - you like the EEE?
[06:52:38] <SkullWorks_PGAB> I want one - but man, I really wish there was a way to get a true 16550 uart serial port in there.
[06:54:27] <alex_joni> SkullWorks_PGAB: close ;)
[06:54:39] <SkullWorks_PGAB> DNC over USB is a craapshootr at best
[06:54:42] <alex_joni> I know of no lube alarm.. but I guess you can do that with pyvcp and hal
[06:54:58] <SkullWorks_PGAB> Bridgeport std cfg
[06:55:09] <SkullWorks_PGAB> using 2 para ports
[06:55:15] <alex_joni> there is no bridgeport std cfg in emc2
[06:55:28] <alex_joni> and the one for emc1 is 3-4 years old :P
[06:55:34] <alex_joni> so you're on your own
[06:55:50] <SkullWorks_PGAB> oh - depreciated faster than the US dollar I see.
[06:55:52] <alex_joni> not sure on what you could run emc1 nowadays
[06:56:00] <alex_joni> it requires a 2.4 kernel
[06:57:33] <SkullWorks_PGAB> no thanks, EMC(1) has reached retirement RIP
[06:58:15] <alex_joni> indeed it has
[06:58:23] <SkullWorks_PGAB> only Sherline still ships that old BDI EMC
[06:58:34] <alex_joni> we talked about a "bridgeport" config for emc2.. but no-one could come up with what it really means
[06:58:56] <alex_joni> and the emc2 configs hold most of the functionality
[06:59:23] <SkullWorks_PGAB> bet it was a BOSS control
[06:59:44] <SkullWorks_PGAB> still stepper
[07:02:02] <SkullWorks_PGAB> Bridgeport had several generations ofd the BOSS - then there was Bandit - those were the 2 big players as I recall
[07:04:30] <SkullWorks_PGAB> I took a trip last week to Elrodmachine.com
[07:06:07] <SkullWorks_PGAB> they have a sweet Bridgeport coversion - infact they are now the current OEM for Bridgeport CNC conversions.
[07:07:30] <SkullWorks_PGAB> they beat the in house bridgeport cnc design, so now Hardgine (Bridgeport) buys from them.
[07:09:59] <SkullWorks_PGAB> Ever since Bridgeport went tits up and Hardinge bought the remains CNC has been little more than an option footnote.
[07:12:08] <alex_joni> heh
[07:12:21] <alex_joni> well.. seems maybe sherline will finally change from BDI
[07:13:32] <SkullWorks_PGAB> really
[07:14:07] <SkullWorks_PGAB> do we have to give them a full turnkey setup before they will switch?
[07:14:31] <alex_joni> probably so
[07:14:38] <alex_joni> but otoh it's in their interest
[07:20:47] <SkullWorks_PGAB> I added "DOSBox" to the virtual machine list under "CAM" on the Wiki - been working great for me.
[13:02:18] <renesis> heh, dosbox is for games
[13:41:22] <skunkworks_> Guest642: hello
[16:33:04] <dimas> hi all
[16:35:57] <aaron_> Can anyone help set up a stepper system, i'm tearing my hair out
[16:37:08] <cradek> aaron_: in irc, don't ask to ask, just ask your question
[16:52:57] <archivist> cradek, looks like I have an evil job tomorrow 2mm od 7 leaf pinion for a french clock
[16:53:25] <cradek> 7!
[16:53:44] <archivist> yup
[16:53:47] <cradek> that seems like a lot for 2mm
[16:54:09] <archivist> .22module
[16:54:30] <archivist> ish plus or minus the nearest cutter
[16:54:32] <rayh> What's happening, aaron_
[17:21:32] <aaron_> Sorry I had to get data sheets.
[17:22:16] <rayh> np
[17:23:36] <aaron_> Ok. EMC asks for Step time, step space, direction hold and direction setup. I can't find anything on these. Is there some thing generic I can put in?
[17:24:10] <rayh> Is this an emc2 install?
[17:24:27] <aaron_> EMC stepper config
[17:25:17] <skunkworks_> what are the stepper drives?
[17:28:53] <aaron_> they are MSD524 micro stepper drives with loads of dip switches
[17:34:23] <skunkworks_> have you tried the step-config default timing settings?
[17:35:21] <aaron_> Where do I find step-config default timing setting?
[17:36:18] <skunkworks_> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/2.2/html/config_stepconf.html
[17:44:39] <aaron_> I can't find the default timing setting.
[17:47:40] <aaron_> I am looking at the data sheet with the table for the dip switches, If I set the drive to 128 microsteps I get 25600 ustep/rev. Is this the timing or do I enter this in the axis page?
[17:48:29] <rayh> Ah. Microsteps are not pulse timing
[17:48:50] <rayh> They are how many pulses EMC2 has to put out to make the motor turn some distance.
[17:49:06] <rayh> How fast is your computer?
[17:51:01] <aaron_> Do you mean the latency, or the processor. the processor is 2000 hz, can that be right?
[17:51:17] <rayh> sure.
[17:51:33] <rayh> kHz
[17:52:00] <aaron_> ya
[17:52:14] <rayh> I'd set the dip switches for 8x or 10x microstepping for now.
[17:52:42] <rayh> Is your motor directly connected to the leadscrew?
[17:53:27] <aaron_> Yes, 4mm pitch.
[17:54:11] <rayh> That means that one rotation of the motor will move the axis 4mm
[17:55:00] <aaron_> Yes
[17:55:37] <rayh> Let's try the sherline timing for right now. It's pretty conservative about spacing between step and direction.
[17:56:39] <rayh> Then we'll get someone to work out the details for your type of drives if we can find the spec sheet.
[17:57:27] <aaron_> I'm in your hands... problem is I am not at the machine now...it has no network, but it is not far away.
[17:58:02] <rayh> Is this 6.06?
[17:58:43] <aaron_> I think so. I downloaded it less than a month ago
[18:00:32] <rayh> On the parport page set all of the unused pins to Unused. That will keep extra stuff out of the config for now.
[18:01:01] <rayh> Is there a reason for not connecting it to the web?
[18:02:09] <aaron_> It is about 50 meters away to far for wireless and I have no ethernet cable
[18:03:29] <alex_joni> 50 meters is not too far for wireless
[18:03:57] <alex_joni> I had connections ranging from 10 to 500m
[18:03:57] <rayh> phone bbiab
[18:04:07] <aaron_> Tis for my crap system
[18:11:59] <aaron_> Okay . Microstepping set to 8 and all unused pin set to unused.
[18:18:56] <aaron_> What do I enter in Step time, Step space etc?
[18:20:23] <rayh> Click the sherline choice above those.
[18:20:33] <rayh> That enters those values./\
[18:22:26] <aaron_> Done .......another 100yd dash
[18:25:06] <aaron_> I have a laency test result of 17876. is that good?
[18:25:36] <rayh> Not bad. Enter that in the latency.
[18:25:45] <gefink> its ok
[18:25:49] <aaron_> Done
[18:30:03] <rayh> Looks like you hae to convert the 4mm to inch for the axes definition pages.
[18:30:35] <cradek> no, on the first page you pick mm or inch
[18:30:46] <rayh> Oh okay.
[18:31:02] <rayh> Sure enough. Pays top look.
[18:31:41] <aaron_> Thats cool... on the first page there is a machime units button....I set it to mm already.
[18:32:26] <rayh> How are you breaking out the step and direction signals to the drives?
[18:32:58] <rayh> Thanks cradek
[18:33:11] <cradek> it was nothin'
[18:36:05] <aaron_> I've got a breakout board with a booster..... the motors go round but they sound awfull and the the results of the 'plot' are out of alignment especialy on the y axis
[18:38:34] <rayh> sound like a hack saw on a piece of tim?
[18:38:39] <rayh> tin
[18:39:22] <rayh> If so try reducing acceleration to something like 5.
[18:39:32] <aaron_> You talkin bout my machine? yes hack saw on a piece of tin
[18:40:43] <jepler> rayh: talking in inches or in mm?
[18:40:59] <rayh> Oh got me again.
[18:41:16] <rayh> Sounds like step loss.
[18:41:28] <aaron_> Ok acceleration to 5, but what about motor steps per rev and driver micro stepping
[18:42:00] <rayh> You said you set microsteps to 8?
[18:42:05] <cradek> rayh meant acceleration 125
[18:42:56] <cradek> and maybe velocity of 10 would be a good start
[18:43:46] <cradek> aaron_: we're all used to our inches so it takes us two tries to get everything right
[18:44:39] <aaron_> Don't worry about that I,m just glad there is someone out there
[18:44:46] <rayh> This old f.. needs at least three tries.
[18:45:33] <jepler> if only we'd remember to say it was in inches, I'm sure our smarter cousins could figure it out
[18:46:23] <aaron_> So velocoty to 10 accelerartion to 125, microstepping to 8... what do I do with motor steps per rev?
[18:46:36] <cradek> leave it at 200
[18:46:38] <jepler> aaron_: typically, motors used on cnc machines are 200 per revolution.
[18:46:46] <rayh> 200 unless these are really strange motors.
[18:46:54] <cradek> hey, consensus
[18:47:17] <cradek> we got that one right, because in mm it's still 200
[18:47:19] <rayh> Till had 7.5 degree motors on his midget hexapod.
[18:47:34] <jepler> aka 1.8 degrees
[18:47:53] <jepler> maybe I should make the metric user enter how many radians per step his motor is :-P
[18:47:54] <rayh> jerked something awful
[18:47:56] <SWPadnos_> 5-phase would also be different, like 500 or more steps/rev
[18:48:05] <SWPadnos_> but nobody has those :)
[18:49:10] <rayh> stepconf crashed here. No report.
[18:49:19] <jepler> rayh: yuck.
[18:49:28] <jepler> "that shouldn't happen"
[18:49:39] <aaron_> I'm going down to try it..... I may be some time. If you are not here when I get back let me thank you now for your patience.
[18:51:04] <awallin> in c++, what's the beginners error when the linker errors out with a "xx name defined in more than one place". I'm trying to declare an object and some constructors in a .h file, and then implementing the constructors in a separate .cpp file, but somehow the compiler thinks I'm defining these things twice
[18:52:04] <SWPadnos_> you're probably missing a ; somewhere, or an extern declaration
[18:52:48] <awallin> inside the class {} brackets, do I declare constructors, methods etc as extern?
[18:53:14] <alex_joni> awallin: do you have proper ifdef's around the .h file?
[18:53:21] <alex_joni> so it doesn't get included more than once?
[18:53:25] <jepler> no, you don't use extern inside class definitions
[18:53:30] <awallin> alex_joni: yes, I put the guards there
[18:53:30] <cradek> awallin: pastebin?
[18:53:41] <awallin> cradek: sure...
[18:54:11] <jepler> at least if you use -g, I believe the linker will report the filename and line number of each definition.
[18:54:27] <jepler> that will let you see whether what you wrote in the header file was taken as a definition instead of a declaration, for instance.
[18:55:45] <awallin> http://www.pastebin.ca/1016081
[18:56:49] <jepler> there is a typo in the #define line but it's not clear that this would cause the problem
[18:57:31] <jepler> what does your compile/link line look like? g++ -o triangle triangle.cpp? g++ -c triangle.cpp; g++ -o triangle triangle.o ?
[18:58:11] <awallin> fixed the typo, still same error "Triangle::Area(void) already defined in myfile.obj"
[19:00:00] <awallin> I'm in visual c++ under winxp now, maybe I should do this under vmware/ubuntu...
[19:00:42] <SWPadnos_> hmmm. ISTR that Area() is not the same as Area(void)
[19:00:54] <SWPadnos_> even though it seems to be telling you they are equivalent
[19:02:56] <jepler> SWPadnos_: no, they're the same in most cases.
[19:03:15] <cradek> fwiw, it compiled for me
[19:03:34] <jepler> without a main you can't try to link a final binary, though
[19:03:49] <awallin> cradek: thanks, then it's probably something visual c++ specific over here
[19:03:49] <jepler> but yeah I'm suspecting the problem is in the part we haven't been shown yet
[19:04:07] <cradek> http://pastebin.ca/1016090
[19:06:28] <cradek> I even knew enough C++ to write a main(): http://pastebin.ca/1016092
[19:11:21] <awallin> it's something strange going on with my #include's
[19:11:47] <jepler> you're not #include'ing a .cpp are you?
[19:12:55] <awallin> yes at some point. should I only include the .h file?
[19:13:00] <jepler> yes
[19:13:15] <alex_joni> awallin: and fix the #define TRIANGLE_H
[19:13:26] <alex_joni> otherwise it'll get included more than once
[19:13:34] <alex_joni> and move the #endif to the end of the file
[19:15:44] <SWPadnos_> it may be that the signatures end up different after name mangling or something
[19:15:50] <SWPadnos_> but I don't remember for sure
[19:20:24] <awallin> well now I got it working somehow. So is the convetion to include myclass.h in the code file where I need myclass, and then in myclass.h I include the actual code myclass.cpp ?
[19:21:32] <cradek> no, you never include a .cpp
[19:21:46] <SWPadnos_> you link objects created from cpp source
[19:21:52] <awallin> ok
[19:22:07] <cradek> you include the .h where you need a Triangle, and link with the Traingle.o code that comes from the .cpp
[19:22:19] <awallin> strange that the books I've been browsing through don't really have good chapters on the preprocessor
[19:24:45] <gefink> Have you sometime a "joint x following error" with a stepconf generated config?
[19:26:44] <rayh> gefink, That happens when you have asked for to many steps per second.
[19:27:58] <gefink> i think not. stepconf says maximum is 28000, 25000 used. velocyty 45 mm/s acceleration 250
[19:28:56] <gefink> if i run the axis-logo with g61 then it hammens most time
[19:29:11] <rayh> How about the latency value
[19:30:10] <gefink> i tried 18000 to 24000
[19:30:54] <alex_joni> gefink: any other messages in dmesg?
[19:31:02] <gefink> no
[19:31:03] <skunkworks_> gefink: can you pastebin.ca your ini file?
[19:31:24] <gefink> i have it modified
[19:31:34] <gefink> must reboot to make a new
[19:32:05] <gefink> if i change the vales for acceleration and stepgen acceleration then no problem
[19:33:07] <gefink> using 220 for acceleration and 250 for stepgen-acceleration helps
[19:33:37] <gefink> i will make one
[19:34:07] <gefink> back soon
[19:55:56] <gefink> i got the error only onetime. 3 tries
[19:57:10] <skunkworks_> same place in the ngc program?
[19:57:39] <gefink> sk: only one error at the M from EMC
[19:58:05] <gefink> skunkworks: the next 2 runs no error
[20:01:33] <gefink> http://pastebin.com/d376bf092
[20:03:08] <gefink> i think i must experimant a bit to make it reproducable
[20:06:39] <Guest534> Hello
[20:06:54] <gefink> hello
[20:07:04] <Guest534> would like to ask a question regarding custom M-functions
[20:07:11] <Guest534> Thank you for listening
[20:08:39] <gefink> what want to do with M-function?
[20:10:37] <Guest534> This will probably be a very stupid question, but I wluld like to know if it is possible to make custom M-function (M1xx, written in C/C++ for example), that would do some computation, and than move machine to some calculated position?
[20:11:03] <skunkworks_> gefink: is it during rapids or cutting?
[20:11:31] <gefink> sk: while cutting at the edge. using g61
[20:11:34] <Guest534> between them would perhaps be best answer
[20:12:14] <gefink> Guest534: c++ and calculating is ok, but the move is a big problem
[20:12:52] <Guest534> Yes, is seems so. I have red all the docs, and still haven't found the answer...
[20:13:32] <Guest534> I know thai it is possible to pass two arguments to M-function, but it only returns true/false, yes?
[20:13:36] <gefink> Guest534: can you use "o call"
[20:13:36] <skunkworks_> what are you calculating? could it be done with g-code extentions? (owords)?
[20:14:20] <Guest534> Thank you guys very much for your interest. If I could briefly explain...
[20:14:56] <alex_joni> Guest534: you can't do what you want with m-functions at the moment
[20:15:10] <alex_joni> if you can explain what you want to do.. maybe we can find another way to do it
[20:17:13] <Guest534> What I would like to try to to is connect my object recognition code written in C++ with EMC in a way that calling some M-function triggers object recognition and than uses it's return values (X,Y,Z) to move machine.
[20:17:41] <alex_joni> Guest534: what you could do is have some hal pins exported from your C++ function
[20:17:51] <alex_joni> and link those to motion.analog-input-xx
[20:18:00] <alex_joni> then use M66 Exx to get that into g-code
[20:18:07] <Guest534> This is most interesting...
[20:19:19] <alex_joni> Guest534: where are you from?
[20:19:33] <Guest534> Croatia, thank you for asking.
[20:19:40] <alex_joni> figured as much..
[20:20:02] <alex_joni> I was in Rovinj a couple years ago.. very nice
[20:20:27] <Guest534> I am glad you liked your stay...
[20:20:41] <alex_joni> yeah, very nice people
[20:20:54] <Guest534> tnx, same here.
[20:21:43] <alex_joni> Guest534: anyways, I know of no other easy way to put values from the outside into the g-code side
[20:22:05] <alex_joni> well.. the other way I can think of is even more hackish..
[20:22:24] <Guest534> I am all ears...
[20:22:26] <skunkworks_> gefink: I don't know. You could try upping your STEPGEN_MAXACCEL a few more percent to see. Otherwise - It would be interesting to see your hal file for timing.
[20:22:34] <alex_joni> Guest534: nah, it's a bad idea..
[20:22:51] <alex_joni> you can theoretically define bogus ABC axes, and use probing on those
[20:23:02] <Guest534> I know of no such thing as bad idea
[20:23:02] <alex_joni> but the M66 is probably the easiest way
[20:23:13] <alex_joni> oh, trust me.. I have LOTS :D
[20:23:19] <Guest534> :)
[20:23:39] <gefink> skunkworks: if i increase STEPGEN_MAXACCEL the problem dont happens
[20:23:51] <alex_joni> gefink: sounds like a misconfiguration
[20:24:06] <alex_joni> you usually want 10-20% of headroom for STEPGEN_MAXACCEL
[20:24:06] <jepler> alex_joni: but stepconf wrote his inifile :(
[20:24:14] <jepler> so it's a stepconf bug
[20:24:14] <alex_joni> jepler: bummer ;)
[20:24:22] <Guest534> What is return data type of M-codes?
[20:24:27] <alex_joni> thought STEPGEN_MAXACCEL is not really needed anymore?
[20:24:37] <Guest534> is it boolean only?
[20:24:52] <alex_joni> Guest534: you get the value from the motion HAL pin into a variable (#5399 or something like that)
[20:25:05] <alex_joni> Exx is for analog (float) values
[20:25:06] <jepler> alex_joni: stepconf writes 5% headroom for maxaccel and does not write a stepgen maxvel
[20:25:19] <alex_joni> Pxx is for binary (bool) values
[20:25:24] <gefink> Guest534: maybe you can send your coordinates via streamer(9) halstreamer(1) to hal
[20:25:29] <alex_joni> jepler: ah, so it's MAXVEL the one that I remembered
[20:25:45] <alex_joni> jepler: so I guess the problem is 5% beeing too little for mm configs?
[20:26:17] <Guest534> And it is only possible to return a single value?
[20:26:40] <Guest534> from n M-code that is...
[20:26:44] <jepler> alex_joni: can't see why units would matter
[20:27:45] <Guest534> I was thinking that those values can be used as coordinates...
[20:28:02] <gefink> alex_joni: its possible one part of problem is the relative high acceleration
[20:28:03] <alex_joni> Guest534: sure.. you have multiple pins
[20:28:16] <alex_joni> motion.analog-input-00, 01, 02...
[20:28:35] <Guest534> Oh, I see...
[20:28:40] <alex_joni> you need one M66 to get each of them, but you can store them ..
[20:29:21] <Guest534> And theese motion.analog-input-00, 01, 02... can be filled with a single M-function call?
[20:29:49] <alex_joni> these are input to emc2
[20:30:03] <alex_joni> so you need to connect something to them (the output from your C++ code)
[20:30:09] <gefink> Guest534: use streamer hal-component to set analog-input
[20:30:24] <alex_joni> gefink: I doubt he has many values to write..
[20:30:37] <skunkworks_> jepler: I remember the ini saying 'a few percent higher' but I think even jmkasunich had issues with folling errors and he upped the overhead even more. I also usually use 10% or more.
[20:30:46] <skunkworks_> *following
[20:30:47] <Guest534> Only two
[20:30:55] <alex_joni> Guest534: you can also do (from your code): halcmd setp motion.analog-input-00 324.63
[20:31:04] <alex_joni> then the g-code will execute M66 E00
[20:31:10] <gefink> alex_joni: then write a own comp-file would help easy
[20:31:15] <alex_joni> and #5399 should have the value 324.63
[20:31:40] <alex_joni> gefink: comp as in the HAL comp tool.. yes
[20:31:56] <Guest534> and "halcmd setp motion.analog-input-00 324.63" can be triggered from M110 for example?
[20:32:14] <gefink> alex_joni: yes. i allwasy use serport.comp as start of experiments
[20:32:19] <alex_joni> Guest534: yes, but I don't see the point for that
[20:32:31] <alex_joni> but you can do M110 to trigger your component
[20:32:40] <alex_joni> which at the end does the setp..
[20:32:50] <alex_joni> but you still need to make g-code wait for this
[20:33:01] <Guest534> yes, that is precisley what would do the trick...
[20:33:12] <alex_joni> either a long G4, or a different M66 that waits for a digital pin
[20:34:06] <jepler> g4 is a terrible idea; someday your code will take longer to run than you wrote as a worst case
[20:34:07] <gefink> dont wait Mxxx for the end of usercommand?
[20:34:09] <Guest534> so I also need to use additional hal IO pin for this?
[20:34:12] <jepler> other days you'll wait longer than you need to
[20:34:30] <alex_joni> Guest534: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Mword
[20:34:41] <Guest534> than the G-code would look like M110 M66 ....
[20:35:47] <alex_joni> Guest534: right.. something like that
[20:36:50] <jepler> probably on multiple lines
[20:38:24] <alex_joni> M110 Pxx Qyy
[20:38:32] <alex_joni> M66 P01 L3 Q10
[20:38:36] <alex_joni> M66 E00
[20:38:37] <Guest534> and motion.analog-input-xx filled from custom M-Code will have no effect on code executin until M66 is called?
[20:38:40] <alex_joni> #1 = #5399
[20:38:44] <alex_joni> M66 E01
[20:38:45] <alex_joni> ...
[20:39:01] <alex_joni> Guest534: you can always change motion.analog-input-xx
[20:39:14] <alex_joni> the only time it matters is when you call M66 Exx
[20:39:50] <Guest534> where Exx denotes xx of motion.analog-input-xx ? (Sorry for stuid question)
[20:40:51] <alex_joni> yes
[20:41:00] <alex_joni> Guest534: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Mword <- read that
[20:41:49] <Guest534> Mr. Alex, you have been so helpful and I am greatly in your depth.
[20:42:44] <Guest534> Thank you all very much.
[20:44:40] <alex_joni> heh, no problem
[20:44:55] <alex_joni> I'll be around when you'll need further info
[20:45:57] <gefink> bedtime
[20:46:01] <Guest534> Tnx.
[20:46:03] <gefink> by
[20:57:17] <kirk_wallace> Are there any known issues that would give me "insmod: error inserting '/usr/realtime-2.6.15-magma/modules/emc2/motmod.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module"?
[20:58:19] <cradek> yes, check dmesg
[20:58:44] <cradek> also, this was discussed on the mailing list recently
[20:58:46] <alex_joni> kirk_wallace: did you load trivkins ? :P
[20:59:38] <kirk_wallace> I didn't see anything on the list,sorry.
[20:59:50] <kirk_wallace> I'll check dmesg.
[21:00:23] <kirk_wallace> No, I did not explicitly load trivkins.
[21:01:41] <cradek> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.emc.user/6981/focus=7038
[21:02:16] <cradek> it's in the middle of an unrelated thread since someone doesn't know how to start a new thread. this is probably why you missed it.
[21:03:17] <kirk_wallace> I still need to catch up on the previous lines but I go this in dmesg:
[21:03:22] <kirk_wallace> [ 9025.396846] RTAPI: Init complete [ 9025.444617] motmod: Unknown parameter `num_joints' [ 9025.623051] RTAPI: Exiting
[21:03:39] <cradek> what are you trying to do?
[21:03:58] <cradek> is this a very old config you are bringing forward?
[21:04:20] <aaron_> Hi all.. I've been trying for days to get a 3 axis stepper machine to do something sensible. Is it at all possible that EMC is corrupt in some way?
[21:04:50] <cradek> aaron_: there's no answer to your question because there's no information in it
[21:05:19] <cradek> what insensible thing is happening?
[21:05:44] <kirk_wallace> I amjust loaded a new computer for my Shizuoka, did a liveCD install, did updates, loaded my previoius, config files, deleted lines in .hal to see if I could get rid of the error, so far.
[21:06:03] <alex_joni> kirk_wallace: what was your earlier emc2 version?
[21:06:20] <alex_joni> you should check the wiki for things that changed.. you probably have 2.2.x right now
[21:06:37] <jepler> (I glanced at http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?UPDATING but don't see num_joints mentioned)
[21:06:46] <cradek> I just did the same thing...
[21:06:47] <alex_joni> jepler: even for 2.0 ?
[21:07:25] <kirk_wallace> I have a liveCD install, and update from a couple of weeks ago.
[21:07:40] <jepler> alex_joni: unless it was a change from pre-2.0 to 2.0.0 .. everything else should be on that page.
[21:08:35] <alex_joni> jepler: it's in 1.103 on motion.c
[21:09:08] <alex_joni> that's between 2.1 and 2.2
[21:09:33] <alex_joni> commit note says: "Also change the insmod param from max_joints to num_joints."
[21:09:42] <aaron_> Sorry.. I am trying to use the machine to write EMC2 axis text asa test. The x axis of the text never lines up. At the moment it is not making any rapid moves, and very rarely can I use stepperconfig to test the axis
[21:11:36] <aaron_> Could my EMC be corrupt?
[21:12:00] <alex_joni> aaron_: no, most likely you don't have it configured correctly
[21:12:26] <kirk_wallace> aaron: Did it work okay at some point?
[21:12:29] <cradek> another possibility is a problem with your machinery
[21:13:33] <aaron_> It has never worked correctly. It is home made by me and i,m just a chippie
[21:14:39] <aaron_> When I swap the drives of the new axis has the same problem
[21:14:40] <kirk_wallace> aaron: what about at low speeds where the stepper has more torque?
[21:15:09] <cradek> kirk_wallace: num_joints is accepted by motmod since EMC 2.2.0. I wonder if you mistakenly have installed 2.1.x somehow
[21:15:27] <aaron_> Nope, I've tried every speed under the sun
[21:15:44] <cradek> kirk_wallace: (in which case: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?UpdatingTo2.2 )
[21:16:20] <cradek> aaron_: then it's possible that your motors are incorrectly sized, or your motor drivers or power supply are inadequate or misconfigured
[21:16:46] <cradek> or, the machine itself binds so the motors stop turning
[21:18:03] <aaron_> why would the fault follow the drive?
[21:18:11] <cradek> we all tend to try changing software settings first when we have a problem -- but often that is not the place to start
[21:18:26] <cradek> say again? did you move a drive to another axis, and the problem stayed with the drive?
[21:18:38] <aaron_> yes
[21:19:03] <cradek> that's a good idea. it means something is wrong with the drive itself, or one of its inputs
[21:19:26] <cradek> so you can narrow it down further by keeping all the inputs the same
[21:20:05] <cradek> if you eliminate your breakout board and power supply wiring this way, you know the drive is bad
[21:20:35] <aaron_> Can you explain what you mean by inputs,,I make all the drive settings the same
[21:21:03] <cradek> the step and direction signals and wiring, and the power supply and wiring
[21:21:26] <cradek> bbl
[21:26:00] <aaron_> Should the stepconfig wizard be able to test an axis every time. for me it only does so occasionally.
[21:26:16] <jepler> yes, it should work every time.
[21:27:48] <aaron_> Think i'm going to relaod EMC. Thanx all
[21:28:49] <jepler> personally I think the odds that your installation has damaged files are pretty low
[21:29:02] <jepler> linux and emc2 don't randomly corrupt themselves
[21:29:55] <kirk_wallace> FWIW I do have loadrt trivkins on the line before loadrt motmod. Still checking other items.
[21:30:08] <alex_joni> kirk_wallace: check the package version
[21:30:13] <alex_joni> kirk_wallace: dpkg -l emc2
[21:33:19] <kirk_wallace> Damn your good. 2.1.7, sorry. (Sound of the cd hitting the bottom of the round file), Thanks. Now I need to find the good one.
[21:33:41] <alex_joni> kirk_wallace: ;)
[21:34:05] <jepler> ooh I should get out of the office while the chance presents itself
[21:41:09] <BigJohnT> is this the DA collet kirk_wallace?
[21:47:18] <kirk_wallace> Oops, I was away. Yes, I was looking for DA collets.
[21:48:08] <kirk_wallace> I am thinking now that ER's and TG's are a better investment.
[21:54:57] <BigJohnT> ok I sent the two spare ones I had to you today
[21:55:08] <BigJohnT> I'm back and forth making some parts
[21:55:29] <BigJohnT> cost less than a gallon of gas in 2007
[21:55:54] <BigJohnT> at least you can play with them until you get some real ones
[21:56:37] <kirk_wallace> Thank you. I hope it wasn't a bother.
[21:58:24] <kirk_wallace> I am hoping to get some ball end mills today to see if I can make some airplane flap mounts.
[21:59:00] <BigJohnT> no problem I had to go to the post office to mail a package to Ray Henry... just glad to help a fellow gear head
[21:59:27] <rayh> Thanks BigJohnT I'll look for it.
[21:59:46] <tomp2> http://www.cs.cmu.edu/%7Ejohnny/projects/wii/ broadcast a whiteboard
[22:00:07] <BigJohnT> oh, there you are yep it is on the way
[22:00:48] <BigJohnT> we took a side trip to the post office on the way to by bait to go fishing opps I mean catching this afternoon
[22:02:15] <dmess> what are ya catchin??
[22:02:39] <tomp2> in python, ported to linux http://fuelnatchos.webng.com/gtkwhiteboard/
[22:03:06] <rayh> I find that catching gets in the way of napping.
[22:04:04] <tomp2> video of Johnny Lee Chung using the whiteboard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s5EvhHy7eQ
[22:06:09] <BigJohnT> bluegill and sunfish
[22:06:28] <BigJohnT> but they are as good as lays potato chips
[22:06:35] <dmess> bass not started there yet??
[22:07:02] <BigJohnT> they just get in the way of bluegill catching we through them back
[22:07:17] <BigJohnT> unless it is real big
[22:07:25] <dmess> ya there was a perch festival last weekend near hear... they are tasty too
[22:07:46] <BigJohnT> mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them
[22:07:47] <dmess> HAHAH.... really
[22:08:11] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is off to bed
[22:08:14] <alex_joni> good night all
[22:08:16] <dmess> im off for pickeral/walleye next weekend
[22:08:21] <BigJohnT> good night alex
[22:08:29] <dmess> bonne nuit
[22:08:38] <BigJohnT> dunno what they taste like...
[22:08:42] <rayh> Night alex.
[22:09:07] <BigJohnT> well I better finish drilling and plugging these Holly main jets
[22:09:08] <dmess> really... they are the finest fish in fresh water in my eyes
[22:09:39] <dmess> drill plug and re-drill you mean
[22:11:07] <kirk_wallace> Does anybody use carbs anymore?
[22:11:28] <fenn> not since that at-kins diet
[22:12:04] <kirk_wallace> I walked into that one, toche'
[22:12:08] <dmess> hard to find old original equipment
[22:12:33] <fenn> tomp2: wii whiteboard is very cool.. maybe emc2 could interactively track wii input somehow
[22:13:26] <fenn> you can get 6dof out of it by tracking multiple led's
[22:13:45] <BigJohnT> yes I redrill them to 0.010"
[22:14:17] <BigJohnT> its for a leak rate tester for Briggs & Stratton engines
[22:14:40] <BigJohnT> like an aircraft leak rate tester sept lots faster...
[22:15:05] <BigJohnT> we test an engine every 6 seconds
[22:17:32] <jepler> wiimote + wminput + hal_input = hook your wii to emc
[22:17:48] <ds2> Hmmmmm
[22:18:09] <ds2> wiiremote + power hammer + emc == modern blacksmithing tool?
[22:18:38] <ds2> scale free iron from smithing in an inert atm!
[22:19:08] <fenn> titanium smithing
[22:19:18] <ds2> magnesium smithing ;)
[22:19:23] <fenn> uh.. sodium smithing
[22:19:40] <tomp2> jepler: set whiteboard behind Ray & broadcast it (use wiimote and figertip infrared leds as pointers to anything in filed of biew, machie, desktop, slides )
[22:20:13] <tomp2> fee: its multitouch like that bar it switzerland
[22:21:06] <tomp2> but i cant find ubuntu libbluez2 :(
[22:22:36] <jepler> tomp2: I recently installed wminput on hardy, I dunno how it was back on dapper or whatever ubuntu you might be on.
[22:22:49] <jepler> I'm not sure what library it uses
[22:24:49] <tomp2> needs... libbluez2, bluez-firmware, bluez-pin, bluez-utils, python, pybluez (also called python-bluetooth), python-xlib, wxpython (for the gtk interface)
[22:25:13] <jepler> apt-cache show wminput | grep Depends
[22:25:13] <jepler> Depends: python-cwiid, libbluetooth2 (>= 3.12), libc6 (>= 2.6.1-1), libcwiid1, python2.5 (>= 2.5)
[22:25:16] <tomp2> yeh., maybe hardy heron
[22:25:41] <jepler> ah looks like "libbluetooth2" could be what you called libbluez2
[22:26:21] <tomp2> yeh, naming inconsistancies
[22:28:04] <tomp2> the wiimote can be gotten separately near 40$ , dang too many projects already
[22:29:31] <ds2> wii remote and jogging...
[22:32:06] <tomp2> tell ray there a wiimote shotgun version , he can point it at...
[22:35:53] <dmess> i have a blue tooth reciever... abd it sees my phone etc. so should JUST WORK
[22:36:15] <dmess> a little 10 dollar usb thingy
[22:38:48] <dmess> im not seeing software download anywhere on the site yet
[22:41:05] <BigJohnT> ha, I have to cut out some header flanges for zr1 Corvette on my plasma table...
[22:41:18] <BigJohnT> for custom made headers
[22:41:33] <BigJohnT> didn't know anyone had one around here...
[22:41:45] <dmess> get em right there ist ANY room on that power plant
[22:42:13] <dmess> Big J whats your email... you gotta see this..
[22:43:17] <BigJohnT> jthornton@jandjautomation.com
[22:43:58] <BigJohnT> dmess usually that is preceded with hold my beer
[22:44:50] <dmess> ok hold my beer...
[22:45:24] <BigJohnT> got it
[22:45:29] <BigJohnT> the beer that is
[22:46:07] <dmess> if that dont bring a tear to a gearhead's thigh i dont know what would... and all with a 'G' licence....
[22:46:28] <dmess> check your mail
[22:46:33] <BigJohnT> checking
[22:47:01] <BigJohnT> nuttin so far
[22:48:30] <dmess> my bad... forgot to hit SEND
[22:49:01] <BigJohnT> ok something coming down the pipe now
[22:49:26] <dmess> in an ideas guy... not so good with some of the minor details sometimes...
[22:51:47] <BigJohnT> dang thing has a governor on it...
[22:52:55] <dmess> oh ya baby... or if you cranked out the wings... she's pretty enuf to fly..
[22:53:49] <dmess> i like the 12 minute - fuel tank mention...LOL:(
[22:54:17] <dmess> 100 l tank 1.30 a liter...
[22:54:24] <dmess> you do the math
[22:55:05] <BigJohnT> I'm thinking you don't go to the beach in this ride...
[22:55:14] <dmess> a ride at the midway is more bang for your buck... ;)
[22:55:43] <BigJohnT> I'm thinking you can restore a P51 for less money
[22:56:07] <dmess> 122 m per second ... its hard to pick up chicks at that speed im sure...
[22:56:39] <BigJohnT> well time to go home
[22:56:52] <dmess> be well my friend
[22:57:05] <BigJohnT> my other brother John is finished cleaning fish and I have my parts made
[22:57:12] <BigJohnT> thanks
[22:57:31] <dmess> twins.. just like me... ;)
[23:01:17] <tomp2> the wiimote whiteboard binary & src is available for Ubuntu Hardy Heron http://code.google.com/p/linux-whiteboard/
[23:25:47] <dmess> im goin' in.... ;)
[23:27:52] <dmess> wish me luck.... i have an i/r remote that works fine so i should be ok.... is it ok to use the i/r on a crt??
[23:28:57] <dmess> its an ATI allin wonder card and remote... just have never gotten the TV in working...
[23:36:30] <tomp2> dmess: the wiimote whiteboard idea is to use an ir camera (in the wiimote) to track an ir device or reflection, and to map it onto an image ( like your desktop ) to simulate a mouse ( or to draw / markup ). you may not have enuf of those element in your i/r remote by itself. best o luck
[23:38:52] <tomp2> the application here might be for that idea to be used with a videocast of tutorials at the Fest.
[23:49:31] <dmess> yes.. and i have wiifi remote cam.. with mouse pad that the kids use to mess with ME
[23:49:58] <dmess> r/f remote.. imean... LOL
[23:50:23] <dmess> the wiifi cam is still an experiment
[23:51:57] <tomp2> cool, i dont know if this interests me because it's like teaching or because it's like a carnival ( step right up, step right up & see the incredible EMC )
[23:53:41] <dmess> maybe im reinventing the wheel here.... if it currently works as a mouse and pointer... maybe we just havent documented this option of this card...
[23:55:27] <dmess> its cheap thease days