#emc | Logs for 2008-03-13

[00:49:19] <jtr> logger_emc: bookmark
[00:49:19] <jtr> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2008-03-13.txt
[02:01:52] <tomp2> fenn: (oh keeper of the emc wiki cad list) some cad functions in python for blender http://utenti.lycos.it/paoloprovenda/PROCAD_17.py
[02:03:08] <tomp2> and instructions (in Italian) http://utenti.lycos.it/paoloprovenda/PROCAD17.pdf
[02:05:07] <fenn_> hrm. if it were html i could googolate it
[02:06:32] <fenn_> anyway, i'm still not convinced that blender will ever make a good cad program
[02:10:22] <DanielFalck> is there even a way of drawing an arc or line in Blender? Just a simple line would be nice.
[02:12:47] <owhite> hey people. I made some documentation of a custom card that interfaces with the M5i20. its at http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?M5i20_Laser
[02:13:06] <owhite> nuffin much to it.
[02:15:23] <SWPadnos> cool
[02:16:04] <SWPadnos> though it seems like it might have been easier (maybe) to do a custom FPGA config instead of using an AVR on the daughtercard
[02:16:13] <owhite> thought it might be useful to other people who are more at the elementary level.
[02:16:54] <owhite> yah that'd be great. I thought only EMC only loaded MOT-4 or whatever its called.
[02:17:08] <SWPadnos> well, that is mostly true :)
[02:17:25] <owhite> note emphasis on 'elementary' :-)
[02:17:53] <SWPadnos> when I have the chance (probably in a month or two), I'll clean up and post the FPGA code to drive my analog boards, plus the HAL driver source for that 5i22 config
[02:18:19] <owhite> that'd be nice.
[02:18:19] <SWPadnos> I probably need to take out some customer-specific stuff before I can post them, which is why I haven't yet
[02:20:24] <tomp2> actually i thought of blender not for cad, but for machine visulatization (like vismach)
[02:20:42] <fenn_> right
[02:20:48] <fenn_> fenn_ is now known as fenn
[02:27:34] <owhite> /exit
[04:59:53] <Unit41> fly cuttin some beaznuss
[10:15:50] <micges> hi all
[10:16:57] <alex_joni> hi micges
[10:29:56] <micges> alex_joni: how is it going with 2.2.4 release ? are you working with it too ?
[10:31:09] <alex_joni> micges: I must admit that not really
[10:31:22] <alex_joni> I've been way too busy lately, to find time for it
[10:32:30] <micges> what you are doing in job ? (If I may ask)
[10:34:40] <alex_joni> oh, a lot of things..
[10:34:49] <alex_joni> but usually I work with welding robots
[10:36:38] <micges> programming or using ?
[11:19:35] <alex_joni> programming and servicing
[11:22:46] <alex_joni> and selling :P
[11:25:22] <archivist> * archivist offers £1 for a robot :)) whats my chances of getting one?
[11:32:25] <alex_joni> archivist: maybe for a kitchen-robot
[11:32:39] <archivist> hehe
[11:33:22] <archivist> I think the only way I would get one is make it myself, with my current wages
[11:34:56] <BigJohnT> how is motion transfered to most robots arms?
[11:35:31] <BigJohnT> is it planetary gears?
[11:58:16] <micges> (going to work)
[11:58:17] <micges> bbl
[14:41:54] <alex_joni> bbl
[15:47:57] <gene> Hi guys; its nice out today, 63F, lots of sunshine for a change
[15:48:53] <gene> I just made a discovery that reduces the utility of the charge_pump signal
[15:50:10] <gene> Running the axis logo, and hitting the keyboard esc key for an e-stop doesn't kill the charge_pump, on;ly the F1 off does.
[15:50:33] <gene> Is there a command I can add to the halfile that will effect that?
[15:57:50] <SWPadnos> the charge pump is meant to show the hardware that the software is alive and ready to run
[15:58:42] <SWPadnos> which it is, if it's out of estop
[16:07:14] <gene> unforch, the esc key doesn't stop it
[16:07:27] <SWPadnos> no, it just stops the running program
[16:07:35] <SWPadnos> it's "abort", not "estop"
[16:07:59] <SWPadnos> (even leaving out the question of whether a PC key should ever be called Estop :) )
[16:08:02] <gene> Oh, I thought it did stop everything at one time back up the log...
[16:08:24] <SWPadnos> I don't think so. it maybe should stop the spindle, but not the charge pump
[16:08:59] <SWPadnos> realize that on a servo system, the charge pump would likely control servo drive power, which may also mean it controls encoder power, and you don't want to lose that when you stop a program
[16:09:10] <gene> I agree, and before I'm done with this, there will be a couple of those e-stop switches they use on the mini lathe hooked up here. But they havn't arrived yet from LMS
[16:09:18] <SWPadnos> heh
[16:11:32] <gene> Now, I have another question, I not that with the ratios set to .2 and .8 in the stepconf's last setup page for spindle, I can hit the plus key until it locks pwmgen up at 100%, and the PMDX-106 of course drops out at that pointt, leaving it here a sing;lle tap of the - key would restart it at full speeed
[16:11:51] <gene> have it miss-configured that some how?
[16:11:56] <SWPadnos> hmmm
[16:12:03] <SWPadnos> that may be a Steve S question
[16:12:26] <SWPadnos> I don't know if the PMDX-106 can handle 100% duty cycle on the PWM
[16:12:53] <gene> It is set for ignoring the charge_pump ATM, and without pulses, that is a stop signal.
[16:13:14] <SWPadnos> charge pump and spindle PWM are separate though ...
[16:13:26] <gene> it doesn't care about the logic level, just the presence of the pulses.
[16:13:43] <SWPadnos> for the spindle PWM, or for the charge pump?
[16:13:53] <gene> treu, I'm just trying to figure out the interactions here.
[16:14:17] <gene> Let se set it to use the charge_pump and see if it still stops at 100%
[16:14:24] <SWPadnos> hold on
[16:15:13] <SWPadnos> the charge pump should actually control all of the outputs, not just the spindle drive
[16:15:34] <gene> sh--, can't, taint hooked up at the xylotex output yet.
[16:15:41] <SWPadnos> (though I guess I should look at the PMDX-106 manual before saying that :) )
[16:16:35] <gene> I have, and its not described quite as clewarly as I'd like. Could be my grokking it though.
[16:17:10] <SWPadnos> one sec
[16:17:29] <SWPadnos> argh - phone
[16:18:13] <gene> invention of the devil, particularly when the politicians are 'in season'
[16:18:27] <SWPadnos> worse - mother
[16:18:33] <gene> ooops
[16:20:31] <SWPadnos> ok, the manual does say that the duty cycle should be between 5% and 99%
[16:21:01] <gene> so we need a limit to preevent 100% somehow...
[16:21:42] <gene> resarting the stopped motor will probably clear the fuse
[16:21:57] <SWPadnos> also, from the reading I'm doing (while somewhat listening to my mother), it looks like the PMDX-106 doesn't actually havea charge pump on it
[16:22:18] <gene> no, it detects it from emc
[16:23:39] <SWPadnos> um - one second here :)
[16:24:04] <SWPadnos> EMC outputs a square-wave (or something like it) using its "charge-pump" component
[16:24:34] <SWPadnos> presumably, there's an external charge pump safety circuit which will shut things down if that signal is lost
[16:25:10] <SWPadnos> if there is no such circuit, then the software component and squarewave output are unnecessary
[16:25:20] <gene> and that is what is in the PMDX-106
[16:25:41] <SWPadnos> the PMDX-106 manual says that it has a charge-pump interface for use with the PMDX-131 and others
[16:25:54] <gene> The wqveform is pretty fast, almost too fast for the halscopes rise & fall time
[16:26:12] <gene> its a flat topped triangle
[16:27:05] <SWPadnos> I'd ask Steve S, but it looks to me as though the 106 has no charge pump
[16:27:14] <alex_joni> gene: do you have a PMDX-131?
[16:27:27] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: otherwise it's hard to connect the 106 to anything
[16:27:40] <SWPadnos> it will pass a software signal through to another board, and can disable with the CPOK input (which would come back from a 131 or 122)
[16:27:57] <gene> looks to be at base thread speed for its rep rate. 100khz in other words, no, hooking direct to the parport breakouut in the xylotex
[16:28:01] <SWPadnos> alex_joni, it looks like it has screw terminals for a lot of it
[16:28:29] <gene> It does, and that is what I'd using
[16:28:49] <alex_joni> gene: it only has a charge pump ok input
[16:28:53] <gene> damn i'd/i'm
[16:28:57] <SWPadnos> ok, in that case I'm pretty sure ypu have no charge pump
[16:29:04] <SWPadnos> you
[16:29:06] <alex_joni> so it has to rely on another charge pump component\
[16:29:12] <alex_joni> I don't think the xylotex has one?
[16:29:41] <gene> its setup and connected to parport 17, which is on the breakout terms of the xylotex
[16:30:01] <alex_joni> gene: the PMDX-106 doesn't hava a charge pump component on it
[16:30:20] <alex_joni> if you're feeding a chargepump signal to it (square wave), all you accomplish is that you confuse it
[16:30:31] <gene> it doesn't generate it, it detects it
[16:30:40] <SWPadnos> no, it does not
[16:30:45] <alex_joni> gene: please try to read what I wrote
[16:30:59] <alex_joni> forget the name chargepump for a second
[16:31:02] <gene> then why is the dip switch even there for that?
[16:31:25] <alex_joni> because you can connect the PMDX-106 to a PMDX-131 or PMDX-122
[16:31:40] <alex_joni> the 131 and 122 have logic on it for a chargepump detector
[16:31:55] <alex_joni> and they also have some logic which can notify the 106 that the chargepump is ok
[16:32:25] <SWPadnos> and the 106 can disable its outputs if that input tells it that something is wrong
[16:32:32] <alex_joni> think of it like a daisy chain.. once the 131 notices that the CP signal is not ok, it tells all connected boards (like the 106) to switch off
[16:32:43] <SWPadnos> it would be better if we called the signal from the PC something like "heartbeat"
[16:32:44] <gene> so it doesn't detect the pulses, only the logic level?
[16:33:02] <alex_joni> yes
[16:33:11] <alex_joni> which is useless if coming directly from the PC
[16:33:12] <gene> ah so
[16:33:32] <alex_joni> because the PC can get stuck on either level..
[16:33:36] <gene> dump that idea then unless I make it part of the e-stop I have yet to build
[16:33:37] <SWPadnos> a charge pump is a circuit that will detect the loss of a heartbeat signal, and the output from that is generally used in an estop chain
[16:33:51] <gene> gotcha
[16:34:16] <gene> Now, how do I prevent the pwm from going to 100%?
[16:34:35] <SWPadnos> well, the simple way is to add a line to custom.hal:
[16:34:45] <SWPadnos> setp pwmgen.0.max-dc 0.98
[16:34:51] <SWPadnos> or similar
[16:35:00] <gene> ok hang a few
[16:35:44] <alex_joni> gene: I agree that the 106 manual is a bit confusing
[16:35:58] <alex_joni> page 16 at the bottom is not that clear about the charge-pump
[16:36:32] <SWPadnos> it seems pretty clear in the table
[16:36:55] <SWPadnos> it says that the 131 or 122 is used, and it outputs an "OK" signal to the 106
[16:37:04] <SWPadnos> or set the 106 to ignore it :)
[16:37:27] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: shouldn't have said parport pin 17
[16:37:51] <alex_joni> it's assuming that the user has a 131 or 122 quite a bit
[16:38:22] <alex_joni> table 4 is *way* clearer on this
[16:38:48] <gene> That works, now I can dance on the + button forever
[16:39:09] <gene> Yes, I see that now
[16:40:02] <gene> I'd assume I could setup a net in hal to duplicate that?
[16:40:11] <alex_joni> I think even max-dc 0.99 should work :)
[16:40:31] <gene> without the dither, maybe...
[16:40:40] <alex_joni> you gain 1% of speed with that..
[16:40:48] <alex_joni> they say 99.9% pwm is ok
[16:40:55] <alex_joni> only 100% is considered off
[16:41:36] <gene> Thats adjustable, both in the VSR, and in the 106 as it has range pots for that, and I can give the motor 100% at .8 from pwmgen
[16:42:09] <gene> so I don't see that as a problem.
[16:42:33] <alex_joni> ok
[16:43:11] <SWPadnos> I thought it said 99%, somwhere toward the beginning
[16:43:15] <jepler> I haven't been watching the whole conversation, but I think that in terms of emc's software pwmgen the important thing is that at least one BASE_PERIOD is off out of every output cycle of the pwmgen. If there are only 25 BASE_PERIODs, then values above (24.5/25)*100% might give all 25 periods on, and zero off, dependingdepending how rounding is done inside pwmgen.
[16:43:28] <gene> I do see that the first click looks like a bit of a speed jump though. It should maybe be less of an increment, but auto-repeating as long as the click is held down?
[16:43:58] <alex_joni> gene: I think that's a feature of the 106
[16:44:11] <SWPadnos> the PMDX-106 manual also says that 5% is the minimum, so it may do nothing until you get to 5%
[16:44:32] <alex_joni> and it discards a couple of toggles, until at least 3-4 are consistent
[16:44:32] <SWPadnos> then jump to whatever you set it to, like 8% (if you had two, 4% increments)
[16:44:43] <gene> And I think I set it at the default this time, .2 and .8
[16:45:57] <gene> Nother silly Q: if i put, in the custom.hal, the pwggen type=1, will that override what in the maqin hal?
[16:46:02] <gene> main
[16:46:38] <SWPadnos> no
[16:46:47] <SWPadnos> the step type needs to be known at load time
[16:47:02] <SWPadnos> but you probably don't need the type 1 anyway
[16:47:10] <gene> so I have to put that in everytime I rerun stepconf..
[16:47:26] <SWPadnos> I think all of the direction stuff can be found in HAL - there's a spindle-fwd and spindle-rev signal
[16:47:47] <gene> it takes the output_type = 1 to give me the reverseable spindle controls
[16:47:49] <SWPadnos> you can use the absolute value of the spindle speed forthe PWM input
[16:48:07] <alex_joni> gene: then I guess you're better off by not using stepconf anymore :)
[16:48:08] <SWPadnos> it would take some extra stuff in custom.hal, but I'm pretty sure it can be done
[16:48:43] <gene> in gcode, na MS-100 would run reverse without that if I hace pin 14 set for CCW?
[16:49:04] <SWPadnos> what?
[16:49:10] <gene> damn, not looking at the screen while I type grrrr
[16:49:13] <SWPadnos> heh
[16:49:58] <gene> in gcode, an "MS-100" would run reverse without that if I have pin 14 set for CCW?
[16:50:08] <SWPadnos> what is an MS-100?
[16:50:16] <SWPadnos> oh, nevermind :)
[16:50:19] <SWPadnos> M3S-100 :)
[16:50:26] <SWPadnos> I don't think so
[16:50:31] <SWPadnos> but maybe
[16:50:39] <gene> whatever the spndle commands are, not fam since I've not used them till now.
[16:50:42] <jepler> reversible spindle isn't supported in stepconf, despite the ability to chose both CW and CCW outputs.
[16:50:43] <SWPadnos> M3 and M4 are spindle forward vs. reverse codes
[16:50:44] <cradek> gene: applications/cnc/gcode quick reference
[16:51:09] <jepler> if you want a reversible spindle, remove the spindle outputs in stepconf and put the setup that is correct for your machine in custom.hal
[16:51:10] <cradek> "Spindle Control"
[16:54:17] <gene> humm, the one page I can find says its an error if the S number is negative, and I haven't found the M3-4 stuff yet, still looking
[16:54:44] <cradek> that's why I like to start with the gcode quick ref. you can click any gcode for more details
[16:55:27] <gene> found it, so I don't really need the type=1 then?
[16:55:35] <SWPadnos> I don't think so
[16:55:45] <gene> let me check
[16:56:12] <SWPadnos> you'll need to connect spindle-fwd (or spindle-rev, depending on the polarity of the PMDX-106 input) to the direction output
[16:57:25] <jepler> I am pretty sure that the hal value spindle-speed-out will be negative in one direction and positive in the other.
[16:57:31] <jepler> if you want a speed-controlled reversible spindle, remove the spindle outputs in stepconf and put the setup that is correct for your machine in custom.hal
[16:57:52] <gene> I have that, spindle-ccw on parport 14, and it looks like I still have both buttons?????
[16:57:54] <SWPadnos> that's probably the best bet :)
[16:58:12] <jepler> reversible, speed-controlled spindle isn't supported in stepconf, despite the ability to chose both CW and CCW outputs.
[16:59:03] <alex_joni> 18:41 < alex_joni> gene: then I guess you're better off by not using stepconf
[16:59:08] <alex_joni> anymore :)
[16:59:17] <gene> I know, as you indicated in the email :(
[16:59:35] <jepler> I'm not saying you can't use stepconf at all -- but you're going beyond stepconf's abilities with respect to the spindle control.
[16:59:40] <SWPadnos> you can take all the spindle stuff out of stepconf, and just do that part in custom.hal
[16:59:45] <jepler> that's why custom.hal exists -- it usually lets you use stepconf for the portions it can do, and then add the rest
[17:00:05] <jepler> stepconf is not and will never be able to configure all possible setups. that's not its goal.
[17:00:07] <gene> That and fix the one cable I have that needs a - sign in front of the screws tpi to make it run the right direction... :)
[17:01:11] <gene> I just checked and with output_type=0, I still have both buttons (I didn't have, only the fwd button before)
[17:01:42] <gene> Is that because I asked for the CCW output signal that I get both buttons now?
[17:01:52] <SWPadnos> buttons in axis appear when you have certain pins connected to signals. it's immaterial if those signals actually do anything
[17:02:18] <gene> ahh, so asking for the CCW gets me the other button.
[17:03:11] <SWPadnos> connecting spindle-rev to anything gets you the button :)
[17:04:06] <gene> gotcha. I'll get this figured out yet if you don't loose patience with me ;)
[17:04:22] <SWPadnos> too late. err, I mean, I think I'll get more coffee :)
[17:04:32] <gene> but sub spindle_ccw for spndle_rev I think
[17:04:53] <SWPadnos> oh, I don't know. use halcmd to see the actual motion.whatever pin names :)
[17:05:00] <gene> Yeah, I ned something to eat too, bbl
[17:05:27] <alex_joni> any opera fans in here?
[17:05:34] <SWPadnos> no, I hate opera
[17:05:37] <SWPadnos> and country
[17:05:42] <SWPadnos> :)
[17:10:28] <alex_joni> too bad ;)
[17:11:26] <alex_joni> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGsYrfqV9SQ
[17:13:02] <alex_joni> quite a decent voice, without majour training :)
[17:13:06] <SWPadnos> heh
[17:35:37] <karl1>
[17:38:11] <skunkworks_>
[17:41:45] <alex_joni>
[17:42:49] <SWPadnos> I disagree
[17:43:22] <skunkworks_> That is my white font.
[17:44:51] <alex_joni> skunkworks_: you are assuming things again
[17:44:55] <skunkworks_> *(my background is white.. )
[17:45:02] <alex_joni> not everyone has a white background :)
[17:45:02] <skunkworks_> Heh - just thought about it.
[17:45:21] <alex_joni> maybe you could say it's your transparent font :P
[17:45:29] <skunkworks_> the font is auto-learning - it matches what ever your background is..
[17:45:39] <skunkworks_> That would have been better ;)
[17:45:52] <alex_joni> like a cameleon
[17:46:03] <skunkworks_> I was up until 2:00am grouting the countertop tiles.
[17:46:08] <skunkworks_> But slow.
[17:46:20] <skunkworks_> *bit
[17:52:35] <SkinnYPuppY> http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2008/03/12/woman.scalped.by.gocart.ksl
[17:53:55] <fenn> is this something i want to watch?
[17:55:17] <fenn> a kid at my high school stole a go-kart and went on a joy ride at night. they took the roll cage off so it would go faster. he never saw the wire cable across the path...
[17:55:27] <skunkworks_> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54410
[17:55:38] <SkinnYPuppY> YiKes!
[17:56:17] <SkinnYPuppY> This is a don't get yer hair in the lathe video
[17:59:06] <fenn> oh well, apparently firefox isn't cool enough for CNN
[18:16:05] <lerman> Anyone have any comments on my email to the developer list about when to commit changes?
[18:18:11] <SWPadnos> any time if you make a branch
[18:18:37] <SWPadnos> any time it "seems to work and not break stuff" on trunk, I'd say
[18:18:48] <SWPadnos> and only for bugfixes on a release branch
[18:23:46] <alex_joni> lerman: I would say (after reading your email) go ahead and commit it
[18:24:11] <alex_joni> it will only prove if hidden bugs still lurk
[18:26:47] <lerman> Thanks for the feedback. I'll run a few more tests and then commit it.
[18:27:23] <cradek> lerman: if you have some gcode test programs, it's easy to add regression tests
[18:27:37] <cradek> then you could run them before and after your changes.
[18:28:32] <lerman> I don't have any real good tests (although I generally run flowsnake). Is there some easy way to run them without using a gui?
[18:29:03] <cradek> yes that's what the test infrastructure does
[18:29:24] <lerman> I didn't know we had one. Tell me more, please.
[18:29:24] <cradek> if flowsnake is currently generating the right output, make a flowsnake test
[18:29:48] <cradek> look at the tests directory in the toplevel
[18:29:51] <cradek> cd ccomp
[18:30:00] <cradek> runtests .
[18:30:15] <cradek> % runtests .
[18:30:16] <cradek> Running test: ./lathe-comp
[18:30:16] <cradek> Running test: ./mill-g90g91g92
[18:30:16] <cradek> Running test: ./mill-line-arc-entry
[18:30:16] <cradek> Running test: ./mill-zchanges
[18:30:18] <cradek> Runtest: 4 tests run, 4 successful, 0 failed + 0 expected
[18:30:36] <cradek> these are gcode programs that exercise cutter compensation for mill and lathe
[18:31:38] <cradek> do you still have ed nisley's program that helped us find problems introduced in (iirc) 2.1?
[18:31:50] <cradek> that was a pretty extensive program
[18:32:01] <lerman> Not likely that I would have it.
[18:33:15] <cradek> I have ed.ngc which is a minimal test case he sent, but I don't have the one I'm thinking about
[18:39:18] <cradek> aha! I do have ed's complex program
[18:46:13] <lerman> Are you going to keep it a secret?
[18:46:37] <cradek> I'm adding it as a test
[18:46:52] <lerman> Way to go.
[18:47:01] <cradek> done
[18:47:29] <lerman> How do I get it into my tree? cvs update in the proper directory?
[18:47:39] <cradek> yes a regular update will get it
[18:48:17] <cradek> I'm sure it doesn't test everything, but it's fairly complex.
[18:48:22] <lerman> I just ran tests and most failed. I assume that's because I'm running in a simulator environment.
[18:48:32] <cradek> no, they should work
[18:48:58] <lerman> What is the new test called?
[18:49:06] <cradek> interp/cam-nisley
[18:49:47] <cradek> lerman: Runtest: 23 tests run, 22 successful, 0 failed + 1 expected
[18:49:59] <cradek> the tests all work right on my trunk/sim build
[18:50:01] <jepler> Runtest: 23 tests run, 22 successful, 0 failed + 1 expected
[18:50:23] <jepler> (the one that "fails" is actually testing that part of the testing script works properly)
[18:51:04] <jepler> lerman: the test only works if you used configure --enable-run-in-place
[18:51:20] <lerman> I am running in place.
[18:51:25] <jepler> OK
[18:51:30] <lerman> Runtest: 22 tests run, 5 successful, 16 failed + 1 expected
[18:51:35] <SWPadnos> and presumably sourced emc-environment ...
[18:52:40] <jepler> SWPadnos: actually it looks like you can get away without doing that
[18:52:50] <SWPadnos> ok
[18:53:01] <cradek> lerman: what's one of the failures? maybe there is one shared cause
[18:53:24] <SWPadnos> I suppose I could try it on my sim /RIP "install" on 7.10
[18:53:27] <lerman> tests/abs.0
[18:53:40] <jepler> look at the files "stderr" and "result" in the directory with the failure
[18:53:41] <lerman> tests/and-or-not-mux.0
[18:54:40] <lerman> I did my update and didn't get the new file. I did 'cvs update'
[18:54:56] <SWPadnos> -dP
[18:54:57] <cradek> cvs update -dP
[18:55:01] <SWPadnos> you need the new directory
[18:55:07] <jepler> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?CVS#cvsrc
[18:55:57] <lerman> Still get a flock of failures but the new one passes.
[18:56:32] <jepler> let's figure out why those tests are failing, then. look at tests/abs.0/stderr or put it on pastebin
[18:56:46] <jepler> maybe there's a smoking gun, like an error that it can't start the realtime environment at all
[18:57:22] <jepler> before chris's addition, there were 5 gcode tests and the rest were tests of realtime components -- curiously, that's the same split you got between successes and failures
[18:57:44] <lerman> Precisely. stderr was empty.
[18:58:09] <jepler> what's in 'result'?
[18:58:46] <lerman> Realtime already running. Use 'halrun -U' to stop existing realtime session.
[18:59:01] <jepler> there you go -- do you have emc running? if so, shut it down before running the tests.
[18:59:11] <lerman> I guess I should stop the one that's running upstairs. I'll be right back.
[18:59:37] <jepler> if it's executing on the same machine you're using for tests, yes.
[19:00:07] <jepler> or you can just remember this for the future. you can run a single test by specifying it on the runtests commandline -- e.g., runtests tests/ccomp/mill-zchanges
[19:01:06] <lerman> Runtest: 23 tests run, 22 successful, 0 failed + 1 expected
[19:01:39] <jepler> that's much better
[19:01:54] <cradek> this is with your new interpreter changes?
[19:02:10] <lerman> Yes, it is.
[19:02:16] <cradek> cool, that's a good sign
[19:02:44] <lerman> I'm very impressed. By the test infrastructure. I'll commit those changes with confidence.
[19:02:49] <cradek> I doubt that program tests everything, but it's somewhat complex
[19:02:58] <lerman> If we find any bugs, I'll blame the test program. :-)
[19:03:14] <cradek> haha, we'll blame you for not making a test that finds it
[19:03:32] <lerman> I see that sub.0 passed. So, I can mark that bug as fixed.
[19:03:47] <cradek> what as wrong with sub?
[19:03:49] <cradek> was
[19:04:37] <lerman> Something about parameters being messed up when a second level subroutine was called.
[19:04:51] <cradek> oh does sub.0 test that?
[19:05:17] <lerman> It claims to.
[19:06:14] <lerman> I don't think I ever saw the bug.
[19:06:37] <cradek> N..... STRAIGHT_TRAVERSE(1.0000, 2.0000, 3.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000)
[19:06:37] <cradek> N..... COMMENT("#1 #2 and #3 are now corrupted upon return from dummy subroutine")
[19:06:37] <cradek> N..... STRAIGHT_TRAVERSE(1.0000, 2.0000, 3.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000)
[19:06:46] <cradek> looks right (I think?)
[19:06:56] <lerman> Yes.
[19:11:41] <lerman> The changes have been committed.
[19:13:23] <emtffkev> Hey, wondering if anyone can help a new guy with what I hope is a simple question?
[19:13:49] <SWPadnos> we'll only know if you ask your question ...
[19:13:53] <lerman> Sure. The answer is 42. Now tell me the question. :-)
[19:14:02] <emtffkev> lol
[19:14:12] <cradek> I think that was already the simple question
[19:14:19] <SWPadnos> oh. darn
[19:14:25] <cradek> asking to ask a question is useless due to recursion problems
[19:14:38] <emtffkev> ok...I got Ubuntu installed, got EMC installed and was playing around with axis before I hooked up my machine
[19:14:56] <emtffkev> Now...I cannot use any other profile other than axis
[19:15:06] <cradek> why not?
[19:15:07] <emtffkev> when I try to load anything else it just loads right into axis again
[19:15:38] <cradek> please explain exactly what you mean by "try to load anything else"
[19:15:56] <SWPadnos> ahhh - runtests sources emc-environment for itself
[19:16:10] <SWPadnos> all that stuff works on my sim/7.10/trunk
[19:16:17] <emtffkev> Ok..I'll try as best I can, new to EMC so not sure if I'm using proper terminology here
[19:16:46] <cradek> no problem, just say what you are doing, and what you expect vs. what you see
[19:17:15] <emtffkev> I loaded EMC up with Axis Simulator to test it out...I am trying to load EMC up with a profile that is not a simulator
[19:18:01] <emtffkev> I've got it hooked up to my mill now and I'd like to actually control the machine as opposed to just running a simulator
[19:18:22] <SWPadnos> axis is not itself a simulator, it is a front end to EMC2, regardless of whether it is running in simulation mode or in "realtime" mode
[19:19:05] <emtffkev> Ok, well I've been using it as sim...It will not control my mill
[19:19:39] <emtffkev> I tried using one of the different "front ends" and it goes right back to axis and doesn't load the other ones
[19:19:45] <SWPadnos> ok, sorry for the interruption. can you tell us how you are running EMC, and what you do once you have run it?
[19:19:50] <cradek> on the config chooser, you can pick (for example) sim/axis, or stepper/stepper_inch
[19:20:00] <cradek> sim means it does not control hardware
[19:20:08] <emtffkev> I tried using stepper_inch
[19:20:11] <cradek> the rest of the sample configs are for various kinds of hardware
[19:20:11] <emtffkev> it won't load up
[19:20:23] <cradek> ok we're getting somewhere
[19:20:29] <cradek> what does it do?
[19:20:36] <emtffkev> loads right into axis
[19:20:46] <cradek> ok we've stopped getting somewhere :-)
[19:20:48] <SWPadnos> are you running from a desktop icon?
[19:20:59] <emtffkev> have tried both
[19:21:00] <cradek> AXIS will run in sim mode, or control hardware, either way
[19:21:46] <emtffkev> I think for some reason I am stuck in sim mode is what I'm saying
[19:22:01] <cradek> I understand but we need more information
[19:22:20] <cradek> if you are running emc from the menu, and then picking stepper/stepper_inch from the config chooser, you are NOT in sim mode
[19:22:35] <SWPadnos> if your machine isn't set up exactly like the stepper_inch configuration, it may not do anything. that would look a lot like sim mode even if it is in realtime mode
[19:23:03] <emtffkev> ok...
[19:23:15] <cradek> please say what is not working, or what you see wrong, instead of saying what your conclusion is ("stuck in sim mode")
[19:23:16] <jepler> for instance, if your stepper drivers require an "enable" before they will turn on and move the motors, stepper_inch probably isn't providing that enable output, so nothing happens when you press the keys to jog.
[19:23:24] <cradek> then maybe we can help
[19:23:59] <emtffkev> ok lemme see if I can phrase it better
[19:24:20] <SWPadnos> before you do that ...
[19:24:33] <SWPadnos> can you give us a step-by step account of what you do and what you see?
[19:24:54] <emtffkev> sure...will take a minute, I have to go to the controller computer and do it...
[19:24:55] <SWPadnos> (ie, click emc menu item, config pickjer appears, double-click stepper/stepper_inch, axis screen appears ...)
[19:25:14] <SWPadnos> ko, thanks
[19:25:17] <SWPadnos> err - ok
[19:25:20] <emtffkev> brb
[19:25:36] <fenn> this is why all computers should use command line interface :)
[19:35:02] <emtffke1> Ok, sorry bout the wait guys, I'm on the controller computer now
[19:35:30] <jepler> welcome back
[19:35:39] <SWPadnos> heh - that should make some things easier :)
[19:36:24] <emtffke1> from the main Ubuntu desktop I click the applications tab in the upper left...click cnc -> emc2.. this brings up the config selector
[19:37:14] <emtffke1> from here I use stepper -> stepper/inch, emc2 loads up and the config in use is axis
[19:37:27] <cradek> sounds good so far
[19:37:29] <SWPadnos> ok, there's the problem :)
[19:37:42] <SWPadnos> the user interface is AXIS, the config is stepper/inch
[19:38:06] <fenn> there's also the sim/axis config, which also uses the AXIS interface
[19:38:14] <emtffke1> Ok, I gotcha on that...
[19:38:30] <SWPadnos> basically, you can choose your user interface separately from the type of machine (or simulator mode)
[19:38:44] <emtffke1> so then I have some other problem that is not letting my machine work...
[19:38:48] <SWPadnos> many of the configs use AXIS, because it's pretty and very functional
[19:38:56] <SWPadnos> yep, that's the likely issue :)
[19:39:17] <SWPadnos> do you have all the information about what connects where on your machine?
[19:39:42] <emtffke1> Ok, well...I know the machine, steppers, controllers, and power supply work and are functional. They work fine under Mach, trying to get them to work in EMC though
[19:39:43] <jepler> emtffke1: if you want to verify that you've loaded a configuration that is intended to control hardware through the parallel port, you can choose Machine > Show Hal Configuration in the menu in AXIS. Then click the "+" next to "Components". You should see hal_parport shown in the list of Components.
[19:40:14] <cradek> now hang on, you've skipped information again, jumping right to "not letting my machine work"
[19:40:55] <emtffke1> sorry...machine powers up, motors lock, all the good power up stuff, but...i get no control input from EMC
[19:41:13] <SWPadnos> what are you doing once the AXIS screen appears?
[19:42:39] <emtffke1> Well I toggle the E-Stop off, Toggle the machine power on, and then from there I'm a bit lost...I tried jogging and no movement, I tried running the EMC logo g-code that loads up automatically and nothing there either
[19:43:14] <fenn> you should put a meter on the parport pins
[19:43:18] <jepler> This might be a step worth trying: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?TroubleShooting#Parallel_port_no_longer_works_in_EMC_2_0_1_or_later_emc_starts_but_motors_don_t_turn
[19:43:22] <cradek> do you know the pinouts of your hardware? like what parallel port pins are step/direction for the various axes?
[19:43:35] <jepler> EMC appears to start, but no signals ever appear on the parallel port (the motors don't turn).
[19:43:38] <jepler> To fix this problem, upgrade to EMC 2.0.3 or newer. Then, add the command
[19:43:41] <jepler> loadrt probe_parport
[19:43:43] <jepler> before the line loading hal_parport in your hal file.
[19:43:52] <BigJohnT> if your step and direction pins are reversed it won't work
[19:44:02] <jepler> (but cradek is very right that it's also important to verify that your pinout hal file is correct)
[19:44:05] <emtffke1> yeah, I configured the pins
[19:44:05] <cradek> I have not seen any sign that you made sure the signals/pinouts are configured right
[19:44:12] <cradek> how did you do that?
[19:44:41] <emtffke1> emc stepconf wizard, updated existing conf
[19:45:08] <cradek> a config generated by stepconf will not be called stepper/inch
[19:45:24] <cradek> it will have the name you gave it
[19:45:41] <cradek> it will show up under "My Configurations" in the chooser
[19:46:38] <emtffke1> maybe thats the issue, when it said update existing config I assumed it updated the one you selected
[19:47:10] <cradek> I'm not sure what config you would update, since stepper/stepper_inch is not a config that was generated by stepconf
[19:47:18] <SWPadnos> stepconf actually can't read the sample configs - the "update" option is to update something you had previously generated with stepconf
[19:47:19] <cradek> maybe you should try creating a new config with stepconf.
[19:47:48] <SWPadnos> the default values may look like a valid configuration, but they aren't taken from any of the samples
[19:48:00] <emtffke1> yeah I'll try that then and see if it works...I thought I updated the config, guess not though
[19:48:03] <SWPadnos> (actually, the default alues are valid, but may not match your machine :) )
[19:48:18] <emtffke1> lemme try that out
[19:48:22] <SWPadnos> you probably did - just run emc again and select the first one at the top of the list
[19:48:45] <SWPadnos> "My-Configurations" / "My-Mill" (unless you changed the name to something else)
[19:51:31] <emtffke1> You guys rock
[19:51:33] <emtffke1> got it
[19:51:39] <emtffke1> I was using the wrong config
[19:51:50] <cradek> it moves now?
[19:52:15] <emtffke1> then when I attempted to use the custom config, I had left the limit switches with pins...i don't have any yet so they were erroring...removed them and it works like a charm
[19:52:44] <SWPadnos> excellent!
[19:52:47] <cradek> great. I bet you have some fine-tuning to do (velocity, acceleration) but it's good to hear that it's moving.
[19:53:11] <emtffke1> Yeah the fine tuning shouldn't be bad...Now I just need to learn what I'm doing lol
[19:53:17] <SWPadnos> heh
[19:53:19] <emtffke1> I'm getting anxious to cut my first part
[19:53:30] <SWPadnos> throw some wood on there and cut away! :)
[19:54:31] <emtffke1> Need to figure out how to get from design to wood now lol
[19:54:59] <SWPadnos> just jog around, it'll be satisfying ;)
[19:55:25] <emtffke1> any suggestions on a good cam program? preferably free or with a trial, my budget is just about gone for the month on this machine
[19:56:43] <SWPadnos> on Linux?
[19:57:07] <emtffke1> either or...my cad computer is windows
[19:57:19] <emtffke1> using autocad 2006 for cad
[19:57:27] <SWPadnos> I guess a better question would be what is the source of the designs?
[19:57:29] <SWPadnos> ok
[19:57:47] <SWPadnos> full 3D contouring or more like 2.5D stuff?
[19:58:21] <SWPadnos> cradek, does REALIZE work in ACAD 2006?
[19:58:59] <emtffke1> well, for now I'd 3d or 2.5 d would work
[19:59:16] <emtffke1> the stuff I am working on now is 2.5d, but I'd like to be able to do some contouring later
[20:00:01] <SWPadnos> hmmm. there was a link posted in the last day (here or in the #emc-devel channel) that had a long list of CAD-related programs for Linux
[20:00:47] <SWPadnos> there aren't a lot of good free options, there are some "not too expensive compared to CAD programs" options
[20:01:00] <anonimasu> the free alibre is fairly good
[20:01:08] <anonimasu> unless you need a heap of parts in one assembly
[20:01:10] <fenn> emtffke1: gcam.js.cx or ... (dammit, bookmark on different computer)
[20:01:15] <SWPadnos> I don't know which are really good, and that will depend somewhat on what you're doing, I imagine
[20:01:59] <SWPadnos> http://gcam.js.cx/index.php/Main_Page
[20:03:01] <emtffke1> well on the contouring aspect I eventually hope to be able to make rotors for my rc heli so I'd like to be able to do that
[20:03:09] <emtffke1> also some signs and stuff
[20:03:21] <SWPadnos> ouch. you'll probably need/want 5-axis for the propellers
[20:03:24] <emtffke1> but the blunt of my work is 2.5d just cutting out parts
[20:04:06] <emtffke1> I saw a video of a guy cutting them on a 3 axis and it worked out real nice
[20:04:15] <emtffke1> took a bit of extra work, but turned out great
[20:04:31] <SWPadnos> I suppose a ball end mill will do a good job for that
[20:04:45] <SWPadnos> I was thinking impellers/screws, but a propeller doesn't have any "overhang"
[20:04:58] <emtffke1> right
[20:05:08] <emtffke1> just need to do a flip of the stock once
[20:05:29] <SWPadnos> yeah. a fourth axis (A) would be really good though
[20:05:49] <emtffke1> do you guys know of any good "new guy" tutorials...Getting started kind of stuff
[20:06:05] <BigJohnT> SWPadnos: heli rotors are usually the same pitch from root to tip with some changes at the tip and root...
[20:06:43] <SWPadnos> BigJohnT, they have curvature on both sides though, no?
[20:07:00] <BigJohnT> usually, yes
[20:07:07] <SWPadnos> ah-ha!: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=497025
[20:07:19] <BigJohnT> although flat bottoms will auto better...
[20:07:23] <SWPadnos> go to page 2 or 3, there's a long list of CAD-related stuff there
[20:07:50] <SWPadnos> I guess I think of military helicopters when people say heli - not models and that stuff :)
[20:08:11] <BigJohnT> emtffke1: you ever talk to HelicopterJohn over on CNC zone?
[20:08:29] <emtffke1> well. the heli I have has collective pitch, if I am just doing normal flying, I can fly with flat bottom rotors, if I am doing acrobatic flight I need the same pitch on both sides
[20:08:32] <emtffke1> no I hadn't
[20:08:34] <BigJohnT> the high performance helicopters have some wild blades!
[20:08:58] <anonimasu> :)
[20:09:15] <SWPadnos> (the last time I talked about helicopters, it was regarding some wear monitoring software for the Apache and similar :) )
[20:09:21] <BigJohnT> he has a HAAS CNC and is real friendly and likes to talk about machining helicopter parts and stuff
[20:09:52] <fenn> alright where'd the german dxf2gcode go
[20:10:12] <SWPadnos> here's the post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3001600&postcount=22
[20:10:26] <emtffke1> I'll have to look him up
[20:11:10] <cradek> SWPadnos: if someone tries it and lets me know, I'll know
[20:11:12] <BigJohnT> he just made an adapter for the 2.5 ghz transmitters so the neck strap was on the cg... it's cool
[20:11:20] <SWPadnos> heh, ok
[20:11:30] <emtffke1> cool
[20:11:45] <cradek> "REALIZE is now confirmed to run on Autocad 2005."
[20:11:51] <cradek> so, chances are probably good
[20:12:07] <BigJohnT> SWPadnos: should we add the list on the wiki site?
[20:12:31] <emtffke1> SWPadnos that is a great list...I'll have to check some of those out
[20:12:56] <BigJohnT> I just bought a copy of SolidWorks 2008 today...
[20:13:03] <BigJohnT> my ass hurts now LOL
[20:13:08] <SWPadnos> heh
[20:13:16] <BigJohnT> 5k
[20:13:42] <fenn> there already is a list on the wiki: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Cam
[20:13:49] <emtffke1> I'm gonna try a simple part first, just to get the hang of it...A bearing spacer that is 1/2 OD, 5/16ID, and 3/8 high out of HDPE...Sound easy enough?
[20:14:09] <BigJohnT> ok
[20:14:45] <emtffke1> Ouch...5k on solidworks...I've got a student edition of autocad 2006 and I fear the day I decide to upgrade to solidworks
[20:14:54] <BigJohnT> emtffke1: I would cut some air first then move on to wood then do the harder things once you get to know your machine
[20:15:42] <emtffke1> well I was gonna run a couple tests with the Z axis zero'd about 2 inches above the table and the router not running so I can test some stuff out
[20:16:11] <fenn> ok i found it.. http://www.christian-kohloeffel.homepage.t-online.de/dxf2gocde.html
[20:16:33] <fenn> that will let you cut outlines drawn in qcad
[20:17:11] <fenn> forget about full 3d cad software if you arent willing to pay for it
[20:17:17] <BigJohnT> will it cut profiles from a dxf file
[20:17:23] <fenn> yes
[20:17:52] <BigJohnT> better brush up on my german I guess
[20:18:34] <BigJohnT> cool it is python too
[20:19:46] <emtffke1> well eventually I'm willing to pay for it
[20:19:55] <emtffke1> just have to build the budget back up lol
[20:20:46] <MASEngr> Hi everyone.
[20:20:50] <BigJohnT> emtffke1 I missed some of the chatter but what kind of machine do you have?
[20:21:29] <emtffke1> well this is my first machine I'm working with right now....It's a small desktop mini mill that I built of my own design..
[20:21:36] <emtffke1> cutting area about 8"x8"
[20:21:49] <emtffke1> with about 4" of z movement
[20:21:54] <BigJohnT> cool, did you post some pictures on the wiki site?
[20:22:11] <emtffke1> no, had some pics posted on CNC zone
[20:22:32] <emtffke1> plan on getting some more and posting them and when I get it to cut I plan to put a video up also
[20:22:37] <MASEngr> That does sound pretty cool. Nice work.
[20:23:12] <emtffke1> the whole machine is built from HDPE cutting boards that I scrapped... All 1/2" thickness
[20:23:16] <anonimasu> brb reboot
[20:24:01] <BigJohnT> post some pictures here
[20:24:03] <BigJohnT> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Case_Studies
[20:24:43] <emtffke1> Ok, I'll throw some up there in a lil bit
[20:25:09] <BigJohnT> cool
[20:25:09] <emtffke1> I've got a website I'm working on for basically a journal of my new machine I'm working on.
[20:25:22] <emtffke1> this one will have a cutting area of 24x48"
[20:25:23] <BigJohnT> then just post a link
[20:25:42] <BigJohnT> are you going to use the little one to build the big one?
[20:25:49] <emtffke1> some of the parts
[20:25:54] <emtffke1> motor mounts and stuff like that
[20:26:07] <BigJohnT> cool
[20:26:13] <emtffke1> don't have a big working envelope, but for some of the smaller detailed parts it will work out real nice
[20:26:42] <BigJohnT> well I have to design and build a torque wrench adapter for my vaccum wrench... bbl
[20:28:09] <MASEngr> I did trace the axis following error I had last week. It turned out to be an MRP.
[20:28:19] <MASEngr> Mop Related Problem.
[20:29:53] <emtffke1> Well i'm gonna check back in a bit, got to go design that bearing spacer real quick and try to convert it to gcode
[20:29:57] <emtffke1> this ought to be fun
[20:30:19] <cradek> just write the gcode
[20:30:25] <cradek> it's very easy for simple parts
[20:30:38] <cradek> imagine how you would cut the part if machining manually
[20:30:45] <fenn> it's easy for simple parts if you know g-code
[20:30:51] <cradek> (except you're really good cranking out diagonals and circles)
[20:30:53] <fenn> and by 'simple' you mean 'easy to program in g-code'
[20:31:34] <fenn> <- g-code hater
[20:31:35] <cradek> fenn: I don't care to argue about that, but people who think they can program a cnc machine to make parts without knowing ANY gcode are probably going to have trouble.
[20:32:23] <cradek> learning the very basic gcodes (line, arc) is not hard at all. anyone who has turned cranks can do it.
[20:32:26] <BigJohnT> I programmed my CNC mill for years without knowing any g code
[20:32:30] <fenn> cradek: i'd argue that that situation is due to the g-code language itself and lack of standardization
[20:32:49] <emtffkev> cradek: Do you know of any good places that have a good g-code tutorial?
[20:33:01] <BigJohnT> but my mill is conversational...
[20:33:12] <fenn> emtffkev: just start looking at the g-code quick reference: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode.html
[20:33:51] <fenn> "Coordinated helical motion" means circles
[20:33:56] <BigJohnT> and take a look at the output from the g code generators on the wiki site
[20:34:41] <fenn> better yet, look at the sample files in the nc_files directory
[20:35:04] <MASEngr> Well, I was having a problem, but an obvious solution presented itself.
[20:35:14] <MASEngr> I guess being in the room make you smarter.
[20:35:19] <emtffkev> ok cool I'll check that stuff out
[20:35:33] <fenn> MASEngr: it's true
[20:35:55] <fenn> generally you get dragged up/down to the average intelligence of the group
[20:36:09] <MASEngr> In case it comes up later, if you try to start a manual (joystick-controlled) configuration without the joystick being plugged in, you get a "pin does not exist" error.
[20:36:56] <MASEngr> Now if you'll excuse me, the machinist would like to get back to work.
[20:36:59] <fenn> makes sense. hal doesn't know if the joystick is "mission critical" or not
[20:37:39] <cradek> I wish Ed Nisley's speech/tutorial/presentation was available. Seems like it was probably pretty good.
[20:37:52] <MASEngr> I think it would be tricky at best to run in "joystick mode" without the joystick being plugged in.
[20:39:30] <cradek> http://www.mail-archive.com/emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net/msg05348.html
[21:10:47] <emtffke1> anyone in here really familiar with ubuntu? Does it come with a samba server or do i need to install that seperate
[21:13:18] <SWPadnos> I'm not sure if the server is included (I think it is), but you should be able to connect to a Windows machine easily
[22:06:45] <alex_joni> g'night all
[22:07:33] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: just for the fun of it, the smb server is not included, but if you rightclick on a folder to share it, it asks you if you want to share it for doze PC's, and if so it'll get installed/configured mostly automatically
[22:07:58] <SWPadnos> oh, cool
[22:08:02] <SWPadnos> good night
[22:17:38] <dmess> hi all
[22:18:16] <micges> hi dmess
[23:23:17] <micges> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Micges_Laser
[23:39:19] <JymmmEMC> Hey, there is linux drivers for this... Think it could be used within EMC for jogging? I think it can do 4 or 5 axis... http://www.3dconnexion.com/3dmouse/spacenavigator.php#
[23:39:32] <SWPadnos> it should work with hal_input
[23:39:54] <SWPadnos> micges, nice looking machine there
[23:40:27] <JymmmEMC> micges: is that your laser?
[23:41:14] <micges> yes that is machine for my ideas testing
[23:41:21] <JymmmEMC> micges: as in you own and/or built it?
[23:42:04] <JymmmEMC> micges: BASTARD! =(
[23:43:15] <micges> I builded and programmed the thing :)
[23:43:15] <micges> not alone ofcourse :P
[23:43:42] <JymmmEMC> micges: You dont' have any idea how long I've wanted a laser; especially that size... That's how I got into CNC in the first place. We need to talk sometime =)
[23:43:46] <JymmmEMC> micges: Can you give me a rough idea at the laser power and the $ (USD) to get it at where it's at?
[23:45:06] <micges> JymmmEMC: For first I'm from Poland
[23:45:30] <micges> I know where to get in Europe
[23:45:41] <SWPadnos> so tell him the price in PLN ;)
[23:45:59] <micges> lol
[23:46:00] <SWPadnos> easy enough to convert (only 2.5:1 now though)
[23:46:05] <micges> ok
[23:46:36] <SWPadnos> I can't remember the name for the parts of a zloty (sorry for the wrong character set)
[23:46:42] <SWPadnos> (like cents in a dollar)
[23:47:04] <micges> groszy :)
[23:47:08] <SWPadnos> ah, thank you
[23:47:53] <micges> table + optic + software + electronics: 130.000 - 150.000 PLN
[23:48:11] <BigJohnT> micges: very nice work
[23:48:13] <fenn> if poland is part of EU why do you use PLN?
[23:48:42] <micges> source Co2 1000W - 1500W: 200.000 PLN
[23:48:51] <SWPadnos> ouch!
[23:49:04] <micges> smaller better source: 250.000 PLN
[23:49:09] <SWPadnos> ( JymmmEMC that's $80k)
[23:49:14] <SWPadnos> or $100k
[23:49:31] <SWPadnos> fenn, maybe for the same reason the UK still uses the pound
[23:49:52] <fenn> stubbornness? :)
[23:49:58] <BigJohnT> micges, your moving the work under the laser?
[23:50:02] <SWPadnos> yes, in the case of the UK ;)
[23:51:02] <micges> fenn: we will have euro in near future, now it will kill our all bisnes :)
[23:51:30] <SWPadnos> heh - you're about at the point the DM was when they switched to the Euro
[23:51:59] <SWPadnos> basically prices doubled overnight, because a lot of stores just didn't bother changing the numbers, and the Euro was worth about 2 marks
[23:52:13] <micges> BigJohnT: laser working 24h/day if that your asking
[23:52:46] <micges> euro = 3.5 PLN
[23:52:48] <BigJohnT> no I was asking if you moved the piece to cut while the laser stays still?
[23:53:02] <SWPadnos> oh right, I went the wrong way in my head :)
[23:53:07] <micges> yes moving table
[23:53:19] <BigJohnT> ok cool
[23:53:27] <SWPadnos> you can see the (very nice) way covers for the long direction in one of the images
[23:53:46] <BigJohnT> yes i see them
[23:54:10] <BigJohnT> is the laser critical to Z position?
[23:54:34] <micges> yes It has som sort of THC
[23:54:40] <micges> some*
[23:54:59] <BigJohnT> did you build the THC?
[23:55:42] <micges> external logic on stepper
[23:56:10] <BigJohnT> what are you using to sense the material height?
[23:56:16] <micges> THC is all our idea
[23:56:37] <micges> (dics
[23:56:52] <BigJohnT> top secret?
[23:56:59] <micges> resistance sensor
[23:57:13] <BigJohnT> hmmm
[23:57:14] <micges> no I searched the words :)
[23:57:24] <BigJohnT> ok it's cool
[23:58:02] <micges> sensor -> analog -> PWM -> stepper
[23:58:11] <micges> some sort of that
[23:58:21] <BigJohnT> ok, it's totally out of the EMC control?
[23:58:52] <micges> unfortunately yes
[23:59:19] <BigJohnT> I still want to integrate the THC with EMC
[23:59:33] <BigJohnT> I'm making some progress in the corner lock area
[23:59:44] <micges> I want it too but have no idea how