#emc | Logs for 2008-02-21

[01:41:31] <jepler> micges: (yes, I know you're gone) I don't think that the current commanded feed rate is available in HAL. but in your description I thought you wanted to change it by a percentage, so the actual value is unimportant
[01:43:13] <skunkworks_> he looks at the irc history as much as I do.. :) I think that makes sense - he is going to set the feedrate at higher amount and then totally use the adaptive feed control to adjust the actual feedrate
[01:43:29] <skunkworks_> jepler: step_config is very nice.
[01:45:12] <jepler> skunkworks_: it worked when you used it? you must be the first person for whom that's been true
[01:45:28] <jlmjvm> worked for me also
[01:45:41] <skunkworks_> heh - your only going to hear from the complainers ;)
[01:45:57] <skunkworks_> it is nice not having to do the math :)
[01:46:09] <skunkworks_> (not that it is hard)
[01:46:29] <jlmjvm> thats where i got most of my stuff for my current setup
[01:47:17] <jlmjvm> jepler:figured out my tlo.py problem
[01:47:47] <skunkworks_> jepler: this is double_freq on a lowley 866mhz pentium III http://www.electronicsam.com/images/866mhzyum.JPG
[01:47:56] <jlmjvm> have to set the path for the nml and the tool.tbl
[01:48:02] <jepler> jlmjvm: oh that makes sense
[01:48:38] <jlmjvm> finally found it
[01:50:47] <jlmjvm> everything is working pretty good now,but i need to get matched encoders with an index,my homing varies a bit
[01:53:59] <jlmjvm> i even copied the setp lines for the step timings from my step conf setup to my dual setup
[01:54:58] <jlmjvm> seemed to help on some positional float i was having,but doesnt do anything about the homing
[01:56:30] <jlmjvm> skunkworks:would i be able to tell anything about my steppers if i had a scope
[01:59:05] <skunkworks_> I don't know - that do you want to know?
[02:00:16] <jlmjvm> just trying to make the most accurate stepper mill ever
[02:02:40] <jlmjvm> so far the repeatability looks great,just have a small homing issue,an index would probably solve the problem
[02:03:54] <JymmmEMC> SWPadnos: Ug
[02:04:05] <SWPadnos> JymmmEMC, too late :)
[02:06:35] <skunkworks_> jlmjvm: what are you using to home now?
[02:06:49] <gezar> home cooked soft tacos, with home devised beef seasoning, home made tortilas,
[02:07:52] <jlmjvm> the factory micro switches
[02:07:54] <JymmmEMC> SWPadnos: Not really
[03:35:22] <gezar_> whoot, lab 5 assignment :) should be fun
[03:35:44] <gezar_> and you guys have been ultra quiet tonight
[03:35:49] <gezar_> gezar_ is now known as gezar
[03:45:17] <SkinnypuppY34> sshhhhhhh, might hear a pin drop
[03:45:46] <gezar> ive got scooter blasting in my ears :), I cant hear much right now
[03:48:19] <gezar> in a few months i should be able to start getting my mind into the emc code
[03:48:54] <SkinnypuppY34> Wish I had time to learn some programing other than G's and M's. One day
[03:49:06] <gezar> which I can imagine is going to scare the hell out of some folks
[03:49:52] <gezar> SkinnypuppY34: I dont know all of emc's g codes :(
[03:50:04] <gezar> but they dont seem any harder then anything ive already done
[03:51:14] <SkinnypuppY34> I'm certain I'll have a few more to get used to soon. I finally have a ballscrew for my quill coming, I've got an asain BP clone with steppers and geckos
[03:51:37] <gezar> dont ask me about tool comp though, I dont understand it completely yet, but soon very soon I will
[03:51:53] <gezar> you every program a cnc machine before?
[03:52:24] <toastydeath> what about tool comp?
[03:52:26] <gezar> s/every/every
[03:52:27] <SkinnypuppY34> A Haas SL20 lathe and a BP with a heidenhein controller at school
[03:52:30] <toastydeath> greatest thing ever imho
[03:52:48] <gezar> yeah, ive always had issues with each time I needed it for something critical.
[03:52:57] <gezar> mainly on fanuc controls, and not enough time to master it
[03:53:27] <gezar> its just finiky
[03:53:38] <toastydeath> i guess!
[03:53:41] <toastydeath> i have not had problems yet
[03:53:51] <gezar> and when your doing it in material thats 46rhc you dont get many screw ups
[03:54:05] <toastydeath> I GUESS.
[03:54:23] <SkinnypuppY34> Ha ! tip gone and tool is next
[03:55:29] <SkinnypuppY34> Do you have a machine running EMC gezar?
[03:56:45] <fenn> north americans: go look at the moon if you haven't yet
[03:57:34] <SkinnypuppY34> Yep it was just about 1/10 uneclipsed about 10 mins ago .
[03:58:19] <gezar> SkinnypuppY34: no, but Ive always had an emc version up and running
[03:58:41] <SkinnypuppY34> Cool !
[03:59:57] <SkinnypuppY34> WIsh I could have seen this but I'm eastcoast
[03:59:58] <SkinnypuppY34> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080221/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/dead_satellite
[03:59:59] <gezar> wow, I used to be in the channel linpeople http://freenode.net/history.shtml
[04:00:06] <gezar> they hit it?
[04:00:08] <gezar> awsome
[04:00:16] <SkinnypuppY34> :o)
[04:09:46] <fenn> great so now instead of a nice tidy package we have a massive debris cloud instead
[04:10:34] <gezar> it should burn completely up
[04:11:01] <fenn> they just wanted a chance to show up china :P
[04:11:18] <gezar> I agree with that
[04:12:10] <fenn> notice that you dont hear any clamoring for orbital tug-tethers and repair services
[04:13:15] <gezar> I dont know why they didnt schedule a shuttle launch to fix it
[04:14:03] <gezar> then again, gov > military, gov > nasa, nasa != military, I guess, if you want it in space you got to do it yourself
[04:14:09] <toastydeath> because a launch costs 400+ million
[04:14:13] <toastydeath> the missle costs 10 million
[04:14:42] <fenn> launch doesnt cost that much, i think its more like 50 million
[04:14:55] <toastydeath> a quick google gave me 400 from a couple places
[04:15:00] <toastydeath> 400-500
[04:15:22] <toastydeath> but it is google, so eh
[04:15:50] <fenn> hm i'm wrong, nevermind
[04:16:47] <fenn> stupid shuttle
[04:17:03] <gezar> it was neat, for like the first 2 launches
[04:17:17] <fenn> it looks like a candy bar with fins
[04:17:24] <fenn> stuck to the side of a rocket
[04:17:32] <gezar> we could have sent hoards of folks willing to go to mars since the 80s
[04:17:43] <gezar> Ide jump at a one way ticket to mars
[04:18:11] <fenn> why mars?
[04:18:12] <toastydeath> i'd eat a candy bar with fins
[04:18:17] <toastydeath> if it was nougat
[04:18:37] <gezar> fenn the moon would rock as well
[04:18:48] <fenn> mars is just like earth, except its colder, darker, and not really any air or water..
[04:19:10] <gezar> the point is that, instead of going somewhere, we have been going up and down
[04:19:59] <fenn> i'm disappointed by the total absence of any space industrial development
[04:20:08] <gezar> same
[04:20:27] <gezar> I think thats all related to the anti louis and clark of space exploration
[04:20:41] <fenn> orbiting the earth isnt space exploration
[04:20:51] <gezar> I agree
[04:21:06] <gezar> its just a trampoline to zero G
[04:21:15] <fenn> real exploration will always be done by robots and crazies, not governments
[04:21:47] <fenn> for example what happens when you go in a black hole? only one way to find out
[04:22:24] <fenn> er, unless you pop out the other side that is
[04:22:43] <gezar> nearest one of those is what, 100lightyears away?
[04:22:56] <fenn> dunno, i'm not an astronomer
[04:23:03] <fenn> note that i'm talking on irc instead of watching the moon
[04:23:15] <gezar> its cloudy here
[04:23:24] <SkinnypuppY34> Here Fenn have an eclipse
[04:23:26] <SkinnypuppY34> http://imagebin.org/14176
[04:25:30] <gezar> prety neat
[04:26:08] <toastydeath> hey that means i do not have to go outside to see it
[04:26:08] <toastydeath> ty
[04:26:18] <fenn> it looks better irl
[06:14:07] <micges> logger_emc: bookmark
[06:14:07] <micges> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2008-02-21.txt
[07:31:44] <micges> hi everyone
[07:32:39] <fenn> hello
[07:37:17] <fenn> letter spacing fixed: http://fennetic.net/pub/irc/cxf2cnc-scripts.png
[08:05:48] <SkinnypuppY34> Nice fenn ! http://imagebin.org/14179
[08:16:22] <micges> fenn: have any idea why AF is in range 0..1 ?
[08:17:56] <jmkasunich> because allowing it to exceed 1.0 could result in violating machine constraints
[08:20:35] <fenn> jmkasunich: feed override can be > 1.0 so is there any real difference between the two?
[08:34:01] <micges> fenn: in my idea speed can be changed dynamically by setting pin
[08:34:41] <micges> fenn: when AF is allowed > 1.0 and speed is setting by F there is no way to set speed while moving
[08:35:22] <fenn> um, use F?
[08:35:38] <fenn> instead of setting a hal param
[08:36:35] <fenn> g1 x2 y3 f600
[08:36:49] <micges> someone (You ?) mentioned that when AF can > 1.0 then enough is set speed by F not by my M code
[08:37:36] <fenn> cursive is hard to program :(
[08:39:55] <micges> ok when I describe in every detail my way to compensate beam, then we will improve it (if it can be ;))
[08:40:09] <micges> must back to work
[08:40:10] <micges> bbl
[09:19:43] <fenn> yay i got cursive working (except for t's and i's)
[09:20:03] <fenn> i'll just blame the computer for being lazy
[10:48:09] <fenn> http://fennetic.net/pub/irc/sloppy-splash.png http://fennetic.net/pub/irc/neat-splash.png
[11:03:41] <archivist> add coming into and out at an angle as a hand engraver would and vary the depth depending on stroke, would be very like hand engraving then
[11:03:54] <fenn> oh sure, SMOP
[11:05:39] <fenn> archivist: for that level of detail i'd go with a pixel based approach to find the skeleton of a truetype font
[11:05:58] <archivist> actually a hand engraving bit in the head and controlled direction, hmm........
[11:06:47] <archivist> I should put up a pic of real hand engraving on a clock plate
[11:07:14] <fenn> i'd be interested as i dont know what you mean by 'at an angle'
[11:09:20] <fenn> not enough detail really, google is spotty on hand engraved letters http://www.armourwinston.co.uk/Products/308.jpg
[11:09:42] <archivist> www.archivist.info/clock/P3282911.JPG
[11:10:27] <archivist> the backplate to that clock is something else!
[11:11:16] <fenn> wow
[11:11:31] <archivist> www.archivist.info/clock/clock/P3282919.JPG picture is not up to much though
[11:13:31] <fenn> ehh did you cast the name plate yourself?
[11:14:48] <archivist> cast, no its hand engraved hard brass then filled with hard wax and silvered
[11:16:10] <fenn> ok, there were specks that look like the porosity you get in aluminum castings
[11:17:37] <archivist> errors in hand engraving and particles stuck in wax from rubbing down
[11:20:27] <archivist> another pic i a few minutes
[11:23:07] <micges> logger_emc: bookmark
[11:23:07] <micges> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2008-02-21.txt
[11:25:54] <archivist> fenn www.archivist.info/cnc/stage5/P2200015.JPG that clocks backplate
[11:29:13] <jlmjvm> BigJohnT:did you ever get the tlo9.py to work?
[11:30:12] <jlmjvm> if not i know what the problem is
[11:30:53] <BigJohnT> no I didn't
[11:31:35] <jlmjvm> there are 2 lines that have to changed,the path to your nml and to the tool.tbl
[11:31:35] <BigJohnT> I didn't name it that so now I can't find it...
[11:32:06] <jlmjvm> will repaste and put some comments in it,gimmee a sec
[11:33:10] <BigJohnT> ok
[11:36:07] <jlmjvm> http://pastebin.ca/912432
[11:38:17] <jlmjvm> place it on desktop and create a launcher,change the 2 lines to your file locations,start emc,click launcher
[11:39:08] <BigJohnT> ok
[11:39:42] <jlmjvm> i had forgotten about setting the correct path for the nml and tool.tbl
[11:59:15] <jlmjvm> you will also need the tool.tbl file in your config folder
[11:59:20] <jlmjvm> http://pastebin.ca/912458
[11:59:33] <jlmjvm> heres a tool.tbl file
[15:09:21] <tomp> fenn: re the cursive... the hektor project used fontographer. Hektor generated fairly large, non plotting loops to get to the next bit of plotting ( like crossing the t )
[16:03:51] <gezar> be back shortly
[16:05:40] <skunkworks> logger_emc: bookmark
[16:05:40] <skunkworks> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2008-02-21.txt
[16:12:30] <skunkworks> dave_1: !
[16:12:42] <dave_1> yep ... and almost awake
[16:12:55] <dave_1> first cup of coffee
[16:13:54] <skunkworks> heh - you west coaster
[16:14:16] <dave_1> is SWP admiting exsistence this morning?
[16:14:45] <dave_1> skunkworks ... actually I'm 400 mi from the coast
[16:15:05] <dave_1> well maybe more like 300
[16:15:36] <dave_1> less as the crow flies
[16:15:41] <skunkworks> heh
[16:16:19] <dave_1> skunkworks ... you are where?
[16:18:31] <micges> finally end of work :)
[16:19:25] <dave_1> micges ... you are gmt +2?
[16:20:29] <skunkworks> dave_1: WI
[16:20:34] <micges> yes
[16:20:45] <dave_1> tnx
[16:20:50] <skunkworks> * skunkworks -6
[16:21:03] <dave_1> -8 here
[16:21:30] <micges> in work ?
[16:21:41] <skunkworks> gmt
[16:21:58] <dave_1> micges ... I'm retired :-)
[16:22:30] <micges> really ?
[16:22:42] <dave_1> have been for 15 yrs
[16:22:59] <dave_1> older than the average bear
[16:24:13] <dave_1> is anyone using SATA drives with emc?
[16:25:14] <micges> why ?
[16:26:16] <dave_1> the new boards come with SATA. I'm looking at a board with 2 SATA and only one ATA
[16:26:40] <dave_1> and screaming fast memory
[16:28:33] <micges> wonder if EMC works with SATA ?
[16:28:56] <dave_1> ...or does one get delays?
[16:30:22] <micges> dont know..
[16:30:41] <micges> with USB there are some delays
[16:30:52] <micges> on slower machines
[16:32:30] <dave_1> ah! second cup of coffee and a couple of Starbucks chocolate covered beans. :-)
[16:33:10] <dave_1> guess I'll try posting on the list and see if I get some answers.
[16:34:17] <dave_1> have a good one...
[16:34:58] <jepler> micges: I have had good luck on one machine with sata (the only one I've tried). 00:0e.0 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP51 Serial ATA Controller (rev a1)
[16:36:13] <micges> jepler: hope dave_1 read this :)
[16:36:45] <jepler> unfortunately he left too quickly
[16:36:56] <micges> oh
[16:37:26] <micges> jepler: do you know of my beam shape story ?
[16:37:47] <jepler> micges: only a tiny bit of it
[16:38:14] <micges> I did important observation
[16:38:32] <micges> what resolution have adaptive-feed pin ?
[16:39:07] <micges> jepler: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Laser_Beam_Compensation
[16:39:55] <micges> its my own hal module to control velocity dynamically by AF pin
[16:40:33] <jepler> it's a float, so about 7 digits of precision. 0.9999999 is different from 1.0, but .99999999 is not.
[16:41:56] <micges> in theory can set every available speed
[16:42:10] <micges> but practically it doesn't
[16:45:11] <micges> I'll try make examle of this..
[16:51:11] <jepler> I hooked a sine wave to the adaptive-feed pin then did a linear move at 60IPM along X. Here's what I saw in halscope: http://emergent.unpy.net/files/sandbox/halscope-adaptive-feed.png
[16:51:48] <jepler> the light color curve is the adaptive-feed value; the red curve is the actual speed
[16:52:04] <cradek> wow that's neat
[16:52:14] <jepler> the red curve is a little "later than" the other one; this is because of the acceleration limit
[16:52:33] <jepler> it is like a limited gain in an op-amp circuit, and causes a phase shift (and probably a decrease in amplitude)
[16:52:52] <jepler> hal file to hook up the sine wave to adaptive-feed: http://emergent.unpy.net/files/sandbox/af.hal
[16:53:06] <jepler> then I just did MDI G53 P1 / G1 X5 F60 after setting up the capture in halscope
[16:53:25] <micges> 60 inch per min ?
[16:53:54] <jepler> yes, my machine is an inch machine
[16:54:05] <jepler> that would be pretty slow in mm
[16:54:52] <jepler> I chose that because then the expected velocity in units/second would match the value of the adaptive-feed pin; otherwise, it would have been necessary to scale the traces in halscope (e.g., if I did F300, then set the scale for XYZvel to 5/div and the scale for af to 1/div)
[16:58:12] <micges> understand
[17:01:22] <jepler> have you written your algorithm as a real-time component (.c or .comp file)?
[17:02:18] <jepler> have you used halscope to find out whether it's the output from your component that is not varying as smoothly as you hope it would?
[17:02:39] <micges> yes
[17:03:15] <micges> halscope no..
[17:04:22] <micges> (checking with halscope)
[17:10:25] <micges> jepler: F x AF = correct value always
[17:10:26] <skunkworks> jeepers - emc is neat :)
[17:11:16] <micges> but in axis Vel value in preview is different
[17:13:34] <jepler> in my example, XYZvel is calculated from a hypot component which has Xvel, Yvel, and Zvel as inputs. It may be more accurate than the "Vel:" line that can be shown in axis.
[17:14:09] <jepler> (this is configs/sim/axis.ini; I think XYZvel is available by default in that configuration, though I've made some other customizations)
[17:15:54] <micges> ok
[17:19:40] <micges> I found mistake
[17:20:33] <micges> AF is scale 0..1 of value in [AXIS_n] MAX_VELOCITY
[17:21:22] <micges> not [TRAJ] MAX_VELOCITY
[17:23:40] <micges> jepler: thanks
[17:39:47] <tomp2> i just got a .mcx file ( mastercam), any viewers for linux?
[17:40:30] <tomp2> (and a really crappy fax with fadede numbers)
[17:42:17] <archivist> fax, they still have those in 2008
[17:43:07] <tomp2> yeh, i'm not sure whatthe acronym was, but got an idea for the first letter :)
[17:43:54] <jepler> "facsimile"
[17:44:26] <tomp2> no sense of humor
[17:44:30] <jepler> me? no.
[17:44:33] <archivist> effing awful xperience
[17:44:51] <tomp2> yeh thats more like it
[17:45:25] <archivist> * archivist eats cake while cutting a gear
[17:49:15] <skunkworks> * skunkworks has his cake and eats it too
[17:50:49] <archivist> cutting my second steel pinion on the beast
[17:51:27] <archivist> I need better light and better stiffness
[17:53:33] <micges> bbl
[17:54:08] <archivist> hmm run out of swiss roll error
[18:15:40] <skunkworks> little debbie swiss roll?
[18:18:19] <archivist> little! it started out nearly a foot long :))
[18:19:06] <archivist> 4 inches scoffed on sunday
[18:20:16] <skunkworks> oh - a real swiss roll :)
[18:21:42] <archivist> why yes
[18:22:22] <archivist> I was hungry
[18:22:53] <tomp2> any ideas on reading a .mcx file? ( or should i drop the 99$ for mastercam's 'LT' windows vrsn and pray it can handle it?)
[18:23:37] <BigJohnT> I might be able to convert it for you...
[18:24:49] <tomp2> thx, can i post someplace, email someplace? I have Acad MDT 2000 and maybe a solidworks
[18:24:57] <tomp2> all windows
[18:25:17] <BigJohnT> you can email me jthornton@jandjautomation.com
[18:25:28] <tomp2> thx BigJohnT
[18:26:28] <BigJohnT> don't thank me till I send it back converted LOL
[18:29:29] <tomp2> ;) getting it of our lan now
[18:30:37] <BigJohnT> ok
[18:40:33] <tomp2> BigJohnT: it's sent
[18:41:03] <BigJohnT> ok
[18:43:05] <BigJohnT> it will take me a few minutes, I have to watch my mill for the next couple minutes...
[18:44:32] <BigJohnT> what kind of file can you import? iges, step etc
[18:50:11] <BigJohnT> tomp2: sent back a couple of ACAD file versions....
[18:51:33] <tomp2> woohoo! you da man!
[18:52:01] <BigJohnT> tomp2: you get what you need?
[18:52:52] <tomp2> i gotta read em, on this box i gotta reboot into windows ;)
[18:55:00] <BigJohnT> ok
[18:55:16] <BigJohnT> let me know if you need something different...
[19:00:07] <tomp2> woof! i can open it in Qcad, i think you did great, but it's a hell of a print! not as good as a paper napkin design
[19:00:17] <tomp2> thx again, gotta study it :)
[19:02:22] <BigJohnT> ok bbl
[19:05:02] <tomp2> me too! this is just Qcad's 2D looking at Maastercam's 3D... gotta swx to ACAD MDT
[19:22:46] <krycekuo> sera
[19:24:44] <krycekuo> ah bhom non ci sta nessuno
[19:43:43] <fogl22> Can someone please help me with one problem. The is "lshw" doesnt show the lpt port, even though it is there (bios shows it). Why is that?
[19:44:53] <bill20r3> is it in /proc/devices ?
[19:46:05] <fogl22> no
[19:46:32] <bill20r3> is it actually enabled in the bios?
[19:47:41] <fogl22> i dont know, but when i start the pc, it shows "parallel port 378"
[19:49:38] <fogl22> I will check..
[19:54:50] <tomp2> BigJohnT: it opened fine in MDT, a real 3D dwg, thx
[20:05:45] <fogl22> i checked the bios, and the lpt port is enabled, but linux still doesnt shows it. When i run emc, i get an error "PPMC: ERROR: no boards found on bus 0, port 0378".
[20:05:56] <cradek> quit
[20:06:01] <cradek> oops
[20:06:04] <skunkworks> heh
[20:07:41] <skunkworks> cradek: remember when I said the computer will do 50khz? well - it does 40khz. ;)
[20:08:09] <skunkworks> 50khz gives a latency error every so often
[20:16:06] <jepler> fogl22: make sure the BIOS is set to EPP version 1.9.
[20:18:43] <BigJohnT> tomp2: glad I could help...
[21:05:15] <BigJohnT> what happens when you press X instead of Y... 200IPM, 2000RPM...http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Machine%20Shop/HPIM0598.jpg
[21:07:22] <bill20r3> ouch
[21:07:45] <BigJohnT> I feel better today...
[21:08:34] <skunkworks> at least it wasn't a curt vise ;)
[21:08:47] <BigJohnT> I just shut it down and left after that, not much point in thinking
[21:09:02] <BigJohnT> yea, could have been a curt on a HAAS
[21:09:44] <jepler> what that pic doesn't tell us is .. how it sounded
[21:10:26] <cradek> bonk
[21:10:37] <bill20r3> I'm gonna guess "bad"
[21:10:48] <cradek> is the spindle taper ok?
[21:12:21] <quiteBIGeye> BigJohnT: what diameter what the mill?
[21:12:35] <quiteBIGeye> *where
[21:12:58] <cradek> looks like 3/4 shank to me
[21:13:35] <BigJohnT> 1/2" shank, 3/4 diameter endmill for aluminum
[21:13:38] <quiteBIGeye> and it looks like a hss-co mill soo it can't have been that bad :)
[21:14:02] <cradek> I'm surprised a 1/2 did that much damage before breaking
[21:14:07] <BigJohnT> yep hss, ordered it by mistake...
[21:14:19] <quiteBIGeye> hss, is crap!
[21:14:28] <BigJohnT> 200IPM, 2000RPM does some damage
[21:14:51] <cradek> ah I didn't know it was running
[21:15:01] <BigJohnT> It was supossed to be a rapid to Y 0.5 instead I put in X 0.5
[21:15:10] <cradek> no blood on the machine means it was the good kind of mistake
[21:15:20] <BigJohnT> only tears
[21:15:28] <skunkworks> I have done that - except I transposed x and z ;)
[21:15:35] <cradek> be sure to check the spindle taper and that tool holder
[21:15:36] <BigJohnT> ouch
[21:15:45] <quiteBIGeye> i have to take my camera with me... we have some neat stuff at my work :)
[21:15:57] <BigJohnT> spent 2 hours this morning lining everything up LOL
[21:16:11] <BigJohnT> I hate tramming the head...
[21:16:25] <quiteBIGeye> tramming?
[21:16:57] <BigJohnT> setting the head back square to the table
[21:17:24] <BigJohnT> the head moves 6 ways
[21:18:07] <BigJohnT> and if you bump something it's sure to move in at least two directions...
[21:18:21] <quiteBIGeye> 6!! i just have 2 joints in mine, but that is bad enough...
[21:19:13] <cradek> heh, I have zero joints ("rigid ram")
[21:19:31] <cradek> it won't move unless something very serious happens
[21:19:48] <BigJohnT> yep it will nod up and down, swivel right and left, move in and out, and the whole thing moves in an arc left and right so that is 8 ways
[21:27:06] <fenn> BigJohnT: what's this? http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/?action=view&current=Testing01.jpg
[21:27:59] <skunkworks> engine starter?
[21:28:01] <skunkworks> ;)
[21:28:02] <BigJohnT> that is an automatic to install two screws into an engine
[21:33:50] <skunkworks> this you? http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/?action=view&current=June30200602a.jpg
[21:36:56] <BigJohnT> nope, it's my partner, I took the shot. He was cooking some fish and chips after we finished the two machines in the background
[21:37:23] <BigJohnT> The automatics cycle every 5-6 seconds!
[21:38:04] <BigJohnT> blowfeed two screws and locate the part then drive the screws then get the heck out of the way...
[21:38:26] <BigJohnT> jlmjvm: I got the py file to work and made some additions to it.
[21:39:19] <jlmjvm> what did you add
[21:40:53] <BigJohnT> I added a pad to the output so it maintains a lenght of 8 so the columns line up and make it easier to read
[21:41:41] <BigJohnT> skunkworks: this is me http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/hunting/HPIM0281.jpg
[21:41:51] <jlmjvm> cool,paste it so i can check it out
[21:42:18] <BigJohnT> jlmjvm: it's at home I'll have to do it this evening
[21:42:27] <BigJohnT> did something else but forgot
[21:42:57] <jlmjvm> k,cant wait to see it,glad you got it working
[21:43:13] <BigJohnT> was looking to see if I could read in the directory instead of hard coding it but didn't get that far this morning
[21:43:46] <jlmjvm> improvements are always welcome
[21:44:27] <BigJohnT> that is the way I feel, if you can improve what I've done we all benifit
[21:44:44] <jlmjvm> jepler:does linksp and linkpp still work
[21:45:10] <jlmjvm> BigJohnT:exactly
[21:45:46] <jepler> jlmjvm: yes -- and they will remain in the foreseeable future -- but I always encourage use of the 'net' command
[21:45:58] <jepler> er, wait -- linkpp will be removed sooner rather than later
[21:46:26] <jepler> linkps, linksp are the ones that will stay for awhile; linkpp is on the way out
[21:46:37] <jlmjvm> so i can update a working usc with 2.1.7 and it should still work?
[21:46:46] <jlmjvm> to 2.2.2-1
[21:47:11] <BigJohnT> anyone know how to read in the config directory when Axis is running in python?
[21:47:33] <jepler> jlmjvm: the incompatabilities between 2.1.7 and 2.2.2 are listed here: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?UPDATING
[21:48:23] <jepler> jlmjvm: I don't see any that apply specifically to usc.
[21:51:08] <jlmjvm> i think it will probably work,the linksp lines in the sample config wont work for the index,but i have the net lines for them
[21:51:20] <jlmjvm> i will ghost what i have monday,then load the new iso,if i bomb out i can reload
[21:52:13] <jlmjvm> i was afraid all the linksp stuff would have to be changed
[21:53:10] <skunkworks> BigJohnT: where are the horns?
[21:53:21] <jepler> if you are on the internet, you can upgrade to 2.2.x without a full reinstall. You can also revert *back* to 2.1.7 if you later decide to, again without a reinstall. this is the magic of apt-get and dpkg.
[21:53:36] <jepler> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?UpdatingTo2.2
[21:54:23] <jepler> to downgrade later, it's something like: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install emc2=1:2.2.7-1 after reversing the changes to sources.list
[21:54:25] <tomp2> BigJohnT: sorry about the vise
[21:54:43] <fenn> jepler: what's the 1: for?
[21:54:44] <jepler> but if you are more comfortable with backup & reinstall, go right ahead -- it has its advantages as well
[21:54:57] <jlmjvm> i still had a windows partition i had forgotten about on the hd,was just gonna do a reload with the new iso
[21:55:38] <jepler> fenn: I don't know the details of why we had to use it in the emc2 package, but it's something that goes "earlier" than the version string that is normally shown, so that when the package version number does something weird you can make dpkg still order the versions properly
[21:56:11] <jlmjvm> if it wasnt for that i would just do the internet connection,did that yesterday
[21:56:21] <jlmjvm> woked well
[21:56:32] <BigJohnT> tomp2: it just got a divit it still works now with some experiance marks
[21:56:45] <fenn> now it has 'character'
[21:56:49] <BigJohnT> yep
[21:57:49] <tomp2> 'experience marks' :) like the tool makers marks on a buck knife
[21:58:06] <tomp2> always look for one with more than 5 dots
[21:59:00] <jlmjvm> BigJohnT:is that a knight
[22:00:29] <jepler> fenn: I'm striking out on a link to the debian documentation on the 1:... version numbering, sorry
[22:02:42] <fenn> thanks for looking
[22:03:47] <BigJohnT> jlmjvm: what is that
[22:04:49] <BigJohnT> the black powder gun is an Electra, by CVA
[22:05:52] <BigJohnT> * BigJohnT headed to the house talk to you guys later
[22:06:05] <jepler> fenn: aha. it's called the "epoch". http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Version
[22:08:20] <jepler> fenn: and we had to use it because before the release of 2.0.0 we had made releases with names like TESTING-2006-05-22 and 2.0.0-alpha21
[22:08:52] <jepler> but according to the debian version numbering system, both of those are newer than 2.0.0 or 2.0.0-1, so we had to bump the epoch number and use a version number like 1:2.2.0-1
[22:27:03] <micges> night
[22:40:33] <fenn> huh. apparently emc's interp has a maximum line length of 252
[23:05:52] <lerman_> lerman_ is now known as lerman
[23:14:27] <cradek> whee, my $9.50 tape drive actually works right
[23:14:54] <cradek> fenn: A permissible line of input RS274/NGC code consists of the following, in order, with the restriction that there is a maximum (currently 256) to the number of characters allowed on a line.
[23:15:04] <cradek> (/ngc spec)
[23:15:10] <cradek> 252 is pretty much like 256 isn't it?