#emc | Logs for 2008-02-07

[01:26:19] <eric_U> I could learn to hate photobucket
[01:59:07] <Guiseppi> hello, can anyone offer me help on setting up the hardware for emc?
[02:00:16] <SWPadnos> that depends on the hardware
[02:02:46] <Guiseppi> Well, I havn't started anything, I don't know much about it. I know I can build it, but interfacing with would be the problem, all information I can find is about the software
[02:03:23] <skunkworks> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl
[02:03:35] <SWPadnos> do you know what kind of motors you expect to use? (steppers vs servos)
[02:03:40] <skunkworks> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/
[02:04:04] <Guiseppi> ok, on the hardware not the software
[02:04:06] <SWPadnos> once you know that, you can pick drives, then the hardware to talk to those drives (could be a parallel port, could be an analog servo controller) ...
[02:04:26] <SWPadnos> you need to choose what you want to use, then people can give you help setting it up
[02:05:09] <SWPadnos> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?EMC2_Supported_Hardware
[02:07:22] <Guiseppi> well I can do step A, build it, I know what step Z is. I don't want go blind it to something an waste a good some of money for nothing
[02:07:49] <Guiseppi> that is a great start there
[02:07:55] <SWPadnos> "build it" is roughly steps A-W :)
[02:08:10] <SWPadnos> (if you include "design it" as A-E or so)
[02:17:02] <Guiseppi> thank you for your help, if I just looked around a little more I might have found it, I might be back in the near future.
[02:17:10] <SWPadnos> ok - come back any time
[02:22:05] <jlmjvm> http://imagebin.org/13760
[02:22:11] <jlmjvm> emc in action
[02:23:37] <SWPadnos> hot chips you've got there
[02:24:48] <jlmjvm> yep,they were pretty warm
[02:25:59] <jlmjvm> that was the last bridgeport i did
[02:26:46] <SWPadnos> odd - is that some strange column riser on that machine?
[02:28:09] <jlmjvm> naw,standard boss bridgeport,lemme past another 1,better view of entire machine
[02:28:30] <SWPadnos> ok - I have a manual machine, so the column looked different
[02:31:13] <jlmjvm> http://imagebin.org/13761
[02:37:18] <cradek> how do the original steppers work? did you use geckos?
[02:38:17] <cradek> (is that an equation-of-time cam?)
[02:48:20] <jlmjvm> using 203v geckos,working good
[02:48:32] <jlmjvm> yep its a cam
[02:49:42] <jlmjvm> i thought it was a cool part for yall to see your work in action
[02:54:04] <eric_U> you have geckos or hillbilly?
[02:54:33] <eric_U> is that an immense divot milled out of the table?
[02:54:59] <Jymmmm> Some SOB attorney gave out my email address as his, so now I've been getting all their confidential case information. In December I replied with a specific "notice" to remove the all address from their records. They haven't. So, here's my response (Um, NSFW or the easily disgusted) http://tinyurl.com/yrs3vh
[02:56:04] <jlmjvm> actually my bridgeport has the same slot in the table
[02:57:21] <jlmjvm> cradek:does your boss have that slot in the center of the table also?
[04:02:38] <Jymmmm> jello?
[04:03:01] <eric_U> we all had to leave after we saw your link
[04:03:07] <ds2> machining jello with EMC?!
[04:03:21] <eric_U> yumm, machinable jello
[04:04:14] <ds2> that might be cheaper then doing acrylic
[04:08:20] <Jymmmm> eric_U: I gave big warning =)
[04:09:02] <ds2> Jymmm: any comments on those things?
[04:09:32] <Jymmmm> on what?
[04:09:50] <gezar> no, Im the only one doing sugar machining, if i get beat to that, then ill never build my micro machine
[04:11:37] <ds2> Jymmmm: the plastic thing I drop the URL on yesterday
[04:11:49] <Jymmmm> what url?
[04:12:00] <ds2> gezar: are you also the one that did the RP thing with sugar?
[04:12:19] <ds2> Jymmmm: http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~huny/Lunarrat3.jpg
[04:12:22] <ds2> and with the lights
[04:12:32] <ds2> http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~huny/clip.mpg
[04:12:52] <ds2> since you do plastic more then I do, I am interested in comments
[04:13:00] <Jymmmm> like?
[04:13:33] <Jymmmm> I'm not trying to be difficult, but if you have questions I need for the 2 sillyables
[04:13:40] <Jymmmm> more than
[04:14:07] <gezar> ds2 nope
[04:14:09] <ds2> like things that might be obviously wrong
[04:23:08] <Jymmmm> ds2: I dont see anythign wrong
[04:24:05] <Jymmmm> i cant open the video though
[04:25:13] <Jymmmm> anyone around that knows about safety relays by chance?
[04:27:58] <Jymmmm> I have one of these... http://www.sti.com/relays/SR16AM/index.htm
[04:28:20] <eric_U> what about safety relays?
[04:28:55] <Jymmmm> I have a NO bitton between S14 & S13
[04:29:38] <Jymmmm> Correction... I have a NC button between S14 & S13
[04:29:44] <eric_U> I have a login at their site, forget what it is
[04:29:49] <eric_U> ok
[04:30:12] <Jymmmm> I have a NO button between x1 & x2
[04:30:37] <eric_U> ok
[04:30:50] <Jymmmm> A jumper between s23 & s24
[04:31:27] <Jymmmm> And a light on 13 & 14 contacts
[04:31:48] <eric_U> ok
[04:31:56] <Jymmmm> I apply power, pwr led on realay goes on - np there
[04:32:35] <eric_U> ok
[04:32:37] <Jymmmm> I press the NO button (reset) and both K1 & K2 energize, lighting the bulb
[04:32:50] <eric_U> ya
[04:33:18] <Jymmmm> I hit the NC button (estop) and K! contact disengagese, but K2 stays energized
[04:33:28] <Jymmmm> I hit the NC button (estop) and K1 contact disengagese, but K2 stays energized
[04:33:48] <eric_U> that don't look right
[04:34:03] <ds2> Jymmm: okay, thanks. donno how to evaluate plastics
[04:34:26] <Jymmmm> I bought the realy off of ebay, and I've never used one before. But the functionality doesn't sound right to me
[04:34:45] <Jymmmm> ds2: if you have more specific questions I can try to answer them sometime
[04:35:09] <Jymmmm> eric_U: But, I could be misunderstanding how it should be wired up too
[04:35:29] <eric_U> isn't k1 nc and k2 no?
[04:36:16] <Jymmmm> from the diagram it looks like it's three independant SPST relays internally
[04:36:17] <eric_U> i didn't say that right
[04:36:39] <eric_U> the circles with an arrow are coils I guess
[04:36:55] <Jymmmm> which pdf?
[04:37:06] <eric_U> 2583
[04:37:16] <Jymmmm> ok, pdf pg 2
[04:38:08] <eric_U> is everything I see in that schematic internal to the relay?
[04:38:24] <Jymmmm> except the (M) motor
[04:38:30] <Jymmmm> and L123
[04:38:45] <Jymmmm> L123 is an external contactor
[04:40:25] <ds2> Jymmm: not really, I donno enough to even ask that
[04:40:32] <Jymmmm> ds2: =)
[04:42:35] <eric_U> it looks to me that k1 is energized closed and k2 is energized open but I am really confused
[04:42:53] <eric_U> that would correspond to what you are seeing
[04:43:08] <Jymmmm> try this http://www.sti.com/ltr2/access.php?file=pdf/4796.pdf
[04:44:40] <eric_U> I've wanted a safety relay since I knew there was such a thing, but I'm too lazy to track one down
[04:45:01] <Jymmmm> heh
[04:46:49] <eric_U> k1 and k2 contacts are in series, so does it matter if k2 is closed?
[04:48:10] <eric_U> and you know K2 is closed because the LED is on?
[04:48:24] <Jymmmm> yes, BOTH have to be closed to operate external device (bulb in this case) it's to prevent the contacts from staying closed if ine is arced (welded)
[04:49:58] <eric_U> it's a little strange that there is no way to verify k2 open
[04:56:32] <Jymmmm> Ok, a tad strange.....
[04:56:37] <Jymmmm> What I found out is....
[04:57:35] <Jymmmm> If either S13/S14 pair -OR- S23/S24 pair is opened, K1 or K2 open respectively.
[04:59:24] <Jymmmm> So you can have setup as BRB (Big Red Button or estop), and the other as an interlock on a cabinet. But if either set open, you can NOT just hit the reset button to reset the whole chain. You either have to a) open the other pair, or remove power from the relay completely.
[04:59:47] <eric_U> right, it does say that
[05:00:10] <eric_U> but I don't really see the either/or on the opening
[05:00:34] <Jymmmm> Kinda silly in a way... If I hit ESTOP, I have to open the interlock too? that doens't makes sense.
[05:00:44] <Jymmmm> to reset the whole thing I mean
[05:01:28] <eric_U> that is weird
[05:01:28] <Jymmmm> Unless of course my BRB is DPST (NC both contacts)
[05:01:42] <eric_U> I guess you have to have them actuate both
[05:01:56] <eric_U> I don't see much problem with that
[05:02:20] <eric_U> probably supposed to estop before opening interlocks
[05:02:28] <Jymmmm> It's not dual start buttons, it's dual stop buttons to reset the system.
[05:02:33] <eric_U> I know
[05:02:48] <eric_U> but they are trying to keep you from being crushed inside the machine
[05:03:11] <Jymmmm> if either is tripped, it kills the circuit, but to reset the circuitI have to trip both of them
[05:03:43] <eric_U> right, think giant machines, and what should happen when you open the door and go inside
[05:04:04] <eric_U> should be hard to start the thing again
[05:04:49] <Jymmmm> but If I hit ESTOP, I should have to go to the interlock, open and close it. so I can reset the sytem, should I ?
[05:04:50] <eric_U> what you should do is open both at the same time, which might be a problem with your brs
[05:04:56] <Jymmmm> but If I hit ESTOP, I should NOT have to go to the interlock, open and close it. so I can reset the sytem, should I ?
[05:05:07] <eric_U> understood, it's a little strange
[05:07:02] <Jymmmm> I mean, my start button has One NO and one NC set of contacts. I guess I could wire it up that once I hit ESTOP, I have to hit START to reset the system, then again to start it up I suppose. Sounds bad, but....
[05:07:24] <Jymmmm> No, that wouldn't work either (on the START part) of the circuit
[05:07:26] <eric_U> that's why I have a batch of relays
[05:07:52] <Jymmmm> I'd have to either kill power or have a secondary ESTOP/RESET button
[05:09:48] <eric_U> or get a double pole reset button
[05:12:23] <Jymmmm> Hmmm, I'm still trying to figure out what 33/34 are for though?
[05:13:02] <eric_U> another set of k1k2
[05:14:14] <eric_U> when it's on and reset, they should be shorted
[05:15:00] <Jymmmm> Ah...23/24 & 33/34 = S23/S24
[05:24:03] <Jymmmm> Ok, I think I'm getting it.... I'll have to call them tomorrow to ask about the setting inside the relay though (there's a switch for AUTO/MAN) reset
[05:25:08] <eric_U> auto just means you open both contacts and close, I believe
[05:25:11] <eric_U> no reset button
[05:26:16] <eric_U> but both contacts must be closed synhronously
[05:26:31] <eric_U> also synchronously
[05:37:58] <Jymmmm> Ah, I think I got it this time....
[05:38:21] <Jymmmm> Instead of having a jumper, replace it with a ON/OFF switch.
[05:39:03] <Jymmmm> When you hit ESTOP, you still have to flip from ON/OFF to reset, then hit the START button
[05:39:42] <Jymmmm> Just releasing ESTOP and hitting START wont do it
[05:40:18] <Jymmmm> For example... Say the START button is defective, and is ALWAYS shorted.
[05:40:32] <eric_U> that's a good feature
[05:40:33] <Jymmmm> releasing ESTOP won't start the machine backup
[05:41:34] <Jymmmm> Ok, we got the functionality down.... Now for the switch inside the relay. I'll call them tomorrow about that
[05:42:01] <eric_U> looks like it's easier to run manual
[05:42:30] <Jymmmm> but I changed it to AUTO just to see what would happen, and I didn't notice any difference.
[05:44:55] <eric_U> still needs reset?
[05:45:59] <Jymmmm> yeah... if I hit ESTOP, I still have to break the jumper. Just switched it back to MANUAL (R), and no difference in functionality
[05:46:54] <eric_U> strange, maybe reset is an alternative to flipping the switches synchronously
[05:47:40] <Jymmmm> No, I don't have to do it simultanously
[05:47:52] <Jymmmm> Just BOTH have to be hit to reset
[05:48:02] <Jymmmm> BRB & Jumper
[05:48:08] <Jymmmm> in any order
[05:48:34] <eric_U> Normal operation can only be resumed after
[05:48:34] <eric_U> both inputs are open and then closed synchronously. When in manual
[05:48:34] <eric_U> reset mode, a reset button connected to X1-X2 must be pressed to reset.
[05:48:53] <Jymmmm> X12 is where I have BRB
[05:48:59] <Jymmmm> NC
[05:49:13] <Jymmmm> wait...
[05:50:00] <eric_U> I think that switch just connects x1-x2
[05:51:37] <eric_U> BRB should be on s13-s14 or s23-s24
[05:52:50] <Jymmmm> I stand correcnted... it is on S23/S23
[05:53:21] <Jymmmm> START is on X1/X2
[05:56:52] <eric_U> I would test for continuity between x1-x2 for the two positions of that switch, I think that it is an internal short
[05:56:57] <Jymmmm> Ah, got it.... If the start button is held down and power is restored when in AUTO mode, the system to go. If the start button is held down when in MANUAL mode and power is restored, you still have to reset
[07:42:03] <fenn> * fenn mumbles something about 'rent a machinist'
[09:12:09] <archivist> me puts up a for rent sign
[12:23:33] <eric_U> too bad I don't know anyone with machine tools
[12:24:04] <BigJohnT> why
[12:24:28] <eric_U> need machining
[12:25:14] <BigJohnT> too bad your not in south east Missouri
[12:29:32] <BigJohnT> is it a small part
[12:30:19] <archivist> make the machine tool, hacksaw/file/drill, then make a better one with it
[12:30:46] <BigJohnT> archivist so how did the gear measure up?
[12:31:07] <archivist> "the" 7 yesterday
[12:31:15] <archivist> two today
[12:34:29] <archivist> I can produce gears a lot faster now than the old manual method
[12:35:07] <BigJohnT> i bet
[12:49:18] <fenn> how come you only made 7!
[12:49:27] <archivist> hehe
[12:51:31] <archivist> dont want to set a working fast precident (certainly not on these wages!)
[12:53:18] <fenn> so who owns this machine you built?
[12:54:16] <archivist> me
[12:54:53] <fenn> then why dont you charge a usage fee?
[12:54:55] <archivist> I was careful only used my material for 99% of it
[12:56:55] <archivist> heh this is the british clock trade, with an 1890's atitude to a worker supplying his own tools
[12:57:52] <fenn> hmm.. so what's the economic incentive for you to use this machine?
[12:58:09] <fenn> do you get paid based on your productivity?
[12:58:34] <archivist> I get to rest more, and take it home to make make things for me
[12:59:17] <archivist> "economic incentive" thats not a good description of pay here!
[12:59:45] <fenn> perhaps, but if you're producing 7x your usual output, that ought to count for something
[13:00:40] <archivist> one has to rub the bosses nose in a new technology to get it into use
[13:01:14] <archivist> plus the self learning for me
[13:12:21] <fenn> to paint or not to paint
[13:13:26] <fenn> archivist: you know, a coat of machine enamel really unifies a cobbled together pile of junk
[13:13:58] <archivist> still lots to finish yet
[13:14:59] <archivist> actually paint removal from the lathe parts would help
[13:15:20] <fenn> angle grinder with knotted cup/wheel brush
[13:15:56] <archivist> noo, chemical removal less surface damage
[13:16:07] <fenn> pooh
[13:16:23] <archivist> I luv angle grinder method in the correct place
[13:16:36] <fenn> do you think it has bondo under the paint?
[13:17:46] <archivist> its crappo ally casting, I removed the paint where it stand on the base
[13:19:36] <archivist> fenn my big descision with the lathe parts is "shall it be returnable to lathe" later
[13:20:04] <eric_U> my understanding is the filler contains flour and glue
[13:20:23] <archivist> the strongest part then
[13:20:34] <eric_U> right
[13:20:53] <archivist> * archivist not impressed with the donor hobbymat lathe
[13:22:08] <archivist> Ive just been testing the springyness of the column this morning and it needs stiffening
[13:25:25] <fenn> ooo made in east germany
[13:27:18] <fenn> lathe parts arent really designed to be loaded horizontally
[13:28:47] <fenn> ok the spackle is probably dry now - hiyaa1
[13:28:59] <fenn> * fenn trips over the paint can
[13:48:29] <skunkworks_> logger_emc: bookmark
[13:48:30] <skunkworks_> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2008-02-07.txt
[15:20:02] <tomp> dangIt! i listen to bbc7 while working. BBC began appending cookies to thier .ra live streams ( to collect info on users).
[15:20:13] <tomp> Mplayer didnt like them (wouldn't run with cookie, and would drop out if cookie stripped) .
[15:20:20] <tomp> All you gotta do is to quote the entire url
[15:20:21] <tomp> eg mplayer "rtsp://rmv8.bbc.net.uk/bbc7/1130_sun.ra?BBC-UID=74879abab958e5fb088c0d97a04007007ba61e58c00061e4743fea2acdaf087f_n&SSO2-UID="
[15:20:38] <alex_joni> real* is evil
[15:20:44] <tomp> yes
[15:20:50] <alex_joni> I usually prefer shoutcast feeds
[16:25:21] <gezar> http://www.di.fm/aacplus/harddance.pls is enough to keep me perked up
[16:26:00] <gezar> if you just clicked on that, its about to become very agressive
[16:26:41] <gezar> one of these days im going to die from a heart attack listening to that sort of stuff
[16:27:42] <gezar> anywho, im giong to run to the store, and get a free cup of coffee then come back and learn how to open, and read a file into a program then spit out a new file
[16:28:36] <archivist> kitchen is nearer
[16:28:59] <gezar> thats just it i dont need a full pot
[16:29:28] <SWPadnos> yes you do, you just don't know it yet
[16:29:44] <archivist> programming takes time
[16:29:56] <archivist> coffee++
[16:29:56] <gezar> ill switch to tea after noon
[16:30:05] <skunkworks_> I found I get a lot more work done on the weekend when I drink a pot of coffee.
[16:30:14] <skunkworks_> * skunkworks_ wasn't a coffee drinker
[16:30:26] <gezar> okay, ill just brew a pot
[16:30:35] <SWPadnos> thank yo
[16:30:37] <SWPadnos> u
[16:30:46] <archivist> while(program not finished){drink( coffee);}
[16:31:05] <SWPadnos> Programmer: (n) a machine which converts caffeine to code
[16:33:20] <fretless85_> lol
[16:53:07] <gezar> sung to all in the family, "coffee coffee coffee time, coffee coffee it is mine"
[16:54:02] <gezar> I do not like how the dr hu is wanting me to open a file, and read its contents into specific fields in a program without any parsing at all
[16:54:57] <gezar> and I laugh when he is talking about data scopes, he says it as scope .....of ice cream?
[16:58:08] <jepler> archivist: surely you mean this: while not program.finished: coffee.drink()
[16:58:22] <jepler> on the other hand, you'll get to drink much less coffee if you program python than C/C++
[16:58:52] <archivist> bleh /me is currently a puthon free zone
[16:58:53] <BigJohnT> too busy typing?
[16:59:04] <archivist> python even
[17:00:20] <gezar> this is seriously a bad way to learn this
[17:00:31] <cradek> jlmjvm: yes my table has that slot from front to back too
[17:00:48] <jlmjvm> jepler:what kind of vid card are you using?
[17:00:50] <cradek> my vise has holes for keys to line up with that slot, but I haven't made them
[17:00:51] <gezar> input data from a file, and park each hunk of data into loop, and with zero parsing get it right this is going to suck
[17:01:39] <jlmjvm> cradek:thanks for the reply,i thought the boss tables had that slot
[17:02:06] <jlmjvm> what kind of vid card are you using
[17:02:13] <cradek> also has the flat spot at the origin
[17:02:35] <cradek> the manual says you can bore a hole there to put (something) at the origin if you want (I don't know why you would)
[17:03:18] <jepler> jlmjvm: on my linux box that controls hardware, I apparently have '0000:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV11' with 'Driver "nv"' in /etc/X11/xorg.conf (that's the open-source driver with only 2D support).
[17:03:27] <cradek> I have older matroxes
[17:03:36] <cradek> millenium II, G400/G450
[17:05:21] <jepler> I have also used ATI PCI cards successfully (again using the open-source drivers)
[17:21:27] <jlmjvm> ive acquired a s3 pci vid card from an old machine,is it even worth the time to try it
[17:22:47] <cradek> can you tell how much ram is on it? if it's more than a couple meg it'll probably be fine
[17:23:01] <jlmjvm> 2meg
[17:23:22] <cradek> be sure to use 16 bit color, not 24 or 32
[17:23:30] <jlmjvm> k
[17:25:19] <skunkworks_> I have had problems with s3 cards.. (just not booting) but it might have been my linux newbieness at the time
[17:31:54] <micges> logger_emc: bookmark
[17:31:54] <micges> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2008-02-07.txt
[17:43:53] <tomp> black coffee will get you goin' god these guys were great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqsMKvkzdwc
[17:52:36] <skunkworks_> look - its the year I was born.. ;)
[17:53:13] <archivist> does the internet go that far back?
[17:57:08] <gezar> ill be back next week
[18:45:37] <skunkworks_> 10 times microstep http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showpost.php?p=406364&postcount=149
[18:45:48] <skunkworks_> he says 29.99 or so.
[21:40:38] <BigJohnT> I have a friend down the road with a Fanuc control on a swiss and they send out a servo to get rebuilt. When they put it back in they get error messages. Anyone familar with Fanuc?
[21:41:06] <SWPadnos> the only swiss I know is cheese or chocolate
[21:41:42] <BigJohnT> this one is tasty but...
[21:42:13] <SWPadnos> and the only Fanuc I know is a PLC with some annoying modbus register map
[21:43:04] <cradek> sorry if this seems obvious, but it sounds like a hardware problem if the software worked before you changed hardware stuff
[21:55:43] <alex_joni> I met a couple of swiss, but they were still mostly organic
[21:55:50] <alex_joni> no "controls" on them
[21:56:05] <BigJohnT> the swiss seemed a little uppity to me when I was there
[21:56:32] <alex_joni> did you mention you're from the US?
[21:56:39] <BigJohnT> i was just seeing if anyone was familiar with them
[21:56:50] <BigJohnT> I think they knew it right off LOL
[21:57:27] <cradek> what's the error message anyway?
[21:58:07] <BigJohnT> something about parameters
[21:58:20] <cradek> huh
[21:59:10] <BigJohnT> I didn't write them down I just passed by during lunch to have a look at it
[21:59:47] <cradek> I hear some of them forget their programming if they're off for more than a couple days, but I have no experience with that
[22:00:06] <BigJohnT> If you just replace a servo is it normal to have to set new parameters?
[22:00:20] <cradek> seems a bit unlikely doesn't it
[22:00:54] <cradek> I'd only know how to do the obvious things - make sure the encoder signals look right if it has one, make sure the tach signals look right if it has one
[22:01:41] <BigJohnT> I do remember it had both position and velocity feedback
[22:01:53] <cradek> does it have batteries? are they ok?
[22:02:16] <BigJohnT> I don't know it was powered up when I passed by
[22:04:47] <SWPadnos> if it's a smart drive, and the motor was replaced (not repaired), it may need retuning / parameter changes
[22:05:10] <BigJohnT> ok, that makes some sense
[22:05:15] <SWPadnos> if it was re-wound, it's unlikely (unless they used different wire or something, changing the rotor/winding inertia)
[22:05:29] <SWPadnos> if they replaced magnets, it could be more powerful now, and need retuning
[22:06:29] <BigJohnT> SWPadnos, thanks for the info
[22:06:39] <SWPadnos> sure. I hope it's accurate ;)
[22:06:59] <BigJohnT> it's more than I knew a few minutes ago...
[22:07:08] <SWPadnos> I hope it's accurate ;)
[22:07:33] <SWPadnos> (I say a lot of things from background knowledge and inference, not experience)
[22:23:47] <ds2> ewwww fanuc
[22:23:53] <ds2> horrible place to get lost in
[22:24:56] <BigJohnT> looked like it
[22:25:29] <BigJohnT> I think that Gamma-X could convert it faster than fixing it...
[22:35:40] <BigJohnT> bbl
[22:55:51] <alex_joni> good night all