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[10:57:13] <jthornton> mhaberler: :)
[10:57:18] <mhaberler> hi!
[10:58:01] <jthornton> canned cycles, how would that work?
[10:58:08] <mhaberler> at attempt #11, the cat is finally clawed into the grinder ;-)
[10:58:36] <mhaberler> well, think of some G-code with some parameters - I understand fanuc has some facing routines
[10:59:17] <mhaberler> when that gcode is remapped, the correspoding ow-ord subroutine file is called with all the parameters needed, and you're free to do there as you see fit
[10:59:17] <jthornton> my BP 308 has a bunch of them
[10:59:38] <jthornton> cool
[11:00:07] <jthornton> so you can write custom canned cycles on the fly?
[11:01:04] <mhaberler> hm, currently I need to know which codes and parameters they get, and hard-code that, but making that confgurable through ini 'is left as exercise for ..', well I guess, me
[11:02:41] <jthornton> so in function it would work similar to ngcgui as far as the subroutine goes
[11:02:57] <mhaberler> yes, pretty much
[11:03:15] <andypugh> Except, I assume, called with a single G-code line?
[11:03:28] <mhaberler> canned cycles follow a general scheme though and it should be straightforward to remap several of them through ini, including params
[11:03:47] <mhaberler> andypugh: that I dont understand?
[11:04:10] <mhaberler> ah, I see, yes like 'G84.1 P4 Q7', whatever
[11:04:35] <mhaberler> I dont know if G84.1 is the proper candidate, some gcde along these lines
[11:05:32] <jthornton> on my 308 the control does something like this G78 X1.0 Y1.0 Z1.0 Z0.5 P1. P2. P3.
[11:05:45] <mhaberler> any refernce to what it does?
[11:05:53] <jthornton> so the order of the Z's and P's ect make a difference
[11:06:06] <jthornton> yes I have the book out in the shop
[11:07:27] <jthornton> like xy center, z clearance, z depth, z step, p offset, p something, f mill feed, f plunge feed, f finish feed
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[11:16:05] <mhaberler> drop me a scan or link or something
[11:16:41] <jthornton> ok, I may even have the fanuc manual in a pdf too
[11:18:23] <mhaberler> super
[11:19:47] <jthornton> it doesn't appear to be in a shared folder... I'll have to go out in the shop to see where it is...
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[12:27:06] <CIA-34> EMC: 03jthornton 07v2.5_branch * r37af77126ffd 10/ (11 files in 2 dirs): Configs: add Mesa THCAD plasma config
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[12:54:35] <jthornton> mhaberler: do you know if is it possible to have two rows of tabs in Axis when using ngcgui?
[12:55:29] <mhaberler> hm.. is it a tab like 'DRO' and 'Preview' ? I havent looked at it yet
[12:55:39] <mhaberler> if it is, very likely yes
[12:56:00] <jthornton> when you embed ngcgui into axis and have a bunch of tabs you run out of room
[12:57:05] <mhaberler> 'DRO' type tab?
[12:57:22] <mhaberler> or like pycp?
[12:57:26] <jthornton> http://www.linuxcnc.org/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,20/func,view/catid,40/id,3408/lang,english/
[12:57:32] <jthornton> DRO tab
[12:57:45] <mhaberler> I see.
[12:58:15] <jthornton> I need to take a screen shot of my lathe one and you will really see :)
[12:59:05] <mhaberler> no easy answer: I think this needs to be reworked such that tab selection comes from a dropdown menu.
[12:59:28] <mhaberler> the video shows it, I see
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[13:06:22] <mhaberler> psha: ahoi!
[13:19:04] <psha> hi
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[13:32:18] <jthornton> mhaberler: look at the ngcgui screenshot on this page http://gnipsel.com/shop/emc2/emc2.xhtml
[13:33:07] <mhaberler> yep, pretty cramped
[13:33:38] <jthornton> lol, yea
[13:33:48] <mhaberler> I understand the problem; this is Tkinter and it's out of my capabilities, really - sorry
[13:34:06] <jthornton> ok, I should bug Dewey really
[13:34:15] <mhaberler> psha: you have a long and confusing mail for review ;-)
[13:47:33] <psha> yea, i've tried to read it but have not succeded yet :)
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[20:11:41] <mhaberler> cradek: around?
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[22:46:09] <Gensor> ***Request*** Encoder record option (servo power not needed), this would allow robotic arm learning capability with a human teaching the motion, further optimized with encoders on each joint and not mechanically attached to servo to minimize mechanical drag
[22:47:43] <andypugh> I think that is already possible if you put the parts together in the right ways.
[22:49:35] <Gensor> if so, it has not been documented very well. A very small portion of the robotic arm software available supports this capability
[22:50:05] <andypugh> I doubt it has been done, so it is unlikely to be documented explicity.
[22:51:16] <andypugh> what I meant was that I think all the parts are there, it is just a matter of putting together a configuration with a logger in it.
[22:52:01] <andypugh> (I think you should even be able to log cartesian positions of non-cartesian machines.
[22:52:04] <Gensor> since I have your attention, can you tell me more about why you like the lenze servos
[22:53:26] <Gensor> true, however emc is already logging the the rotation characteristics. Why not utilize this feature
[22:53:28] <andypugh> They were very cheap on eBay.
[22:53:45] <Gensor> good answer :)
[22:53:58] <andypugh> I got 3 540W servos for £50
[22:54:10] <andypugh> (that's £50 for three, not each)
[22:55:24] <Gensor> wow! some time I would like to hear more about your power supply and how you sized it to your steppers
[22:55:30] <andypugh> So I spent £700 on a machine to fit them to, £200 on a touchscreen and PC, £400 on ballscrews and bearings, £50 on a resolver convertor and 6 months writing software and drivers to use them. A real bargain.
[22:57:43] <Gensor> correction, sized it to your servos...
[22:58:55] <Gensor> I have seen some gecko/equivalent documentation on how to size a power supply for steppers and the components needed
[22:59:09] <andypugh> It's more sized to my mains supply. I think any more than 10A is getting a bit much. So it's a 10A rectifier and a lot of big capacitors that were (you guessed it) cheap on eBay.
[22:59:39] <andypugh> My servos are 300V, you can afford a lot more voltage ripple at 300V than at 12V
[23:00:02] <Gensor> so each servo is 7.5amps, 3 servos, and you have a 10amp supply?
[23:00:24] <andypugh> Yes. I don't expect to be running them all flat out at the same time.
[23:00:40] <andypugh> They are actually 7.5A peak, 1.2A nominal.
[23:00:47] <Gensor> what voltage are the servos
[23:00:53] <andypugh> 375V
[23:02:18] <Gensor> so... a big toroid, one of those diode things, and some capacitors similar in design to the stepper motor power supply
[23:03:02] <andypugh> No transformer. (Though a 1:1 might be wise for isolation)
[23:04:31] <Gensor> you lost me. I have limited electrical experience but had no problem running 60amp 220v from breaker to garage :)
[23:05:23] <andypugh> A 1:1 transformer would "float" the 300V, so that it would be safe to touch any one terminal.
[23:05:24] <Gensor> what do you mean 1 to 1
[23:06:17] <Gensor> hmmmm more things to research
[23:06:44] <andypugh> A transformer with the same output voltage as input voltage
[23:07:29] <Gensor> but thank you for the 101 lesson. If you find a similar servo deal in the US I would be happy to bid on them with your thumbs up approval.
[23:09:54] <Gensor> I am encouraged about your comment on the forum regarding emc2.5 supporting more ac servo amp/drivers
[23:10:59] <andypugh> pncconf has some support too, in the 2.5 version.
[23:14:08] <KimK> Are either of you gents git gurus? Or are any git gurus lurking?
[23:14:21] <Gensor> do you see any "significant" gain from high end servo amps than one from pico/mesa
[23:14:40] <Gensor> sorry kimk
[23:15:08] <andypugh> Gensor: No, quite the reverse. EMC2 works best with completely "dumb" amps.
[23:15:31] <andypugh> Any amp with its own internal PID is just more trouble.
[23:15:56] <andypugh> KimK: I suspect that I know less than almost anybody about git, but ask...
[23:16:59] <andypugh> Gensor: You might want to look at the IRAMS link here: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?BLDC
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[23:19:14] <KimK> I'm having some trouble with git that I think is due to line endings (LF/CRLF/etc.) and the setup values in ~/.gitconfig [core] "autocrlf = input" and "safecrlf = true". I have read the git docs, but the light hasn't come on yet. Or, failing a proper tutorial, I was hoping to find someone to take a peek in their ~/.gitconfig and tell me what their settings are.
[23:20:11] <andypugh> As I suspected, you are way in advance of me. Perhaps try the dev mailing list too?
[23:20:28] <andypugh> I assume you have googled for the answer?
[23:23:42] <Gensor> are you are implying with code I might be able to extract encoder data
[23:24:35] <andypugh> If you switch the DRO to show feedback position, then you can move the joints, and the onscreen display updates.
[23:25:12] <Gensor> Good enough, it is not a fantasy :)
[23:25:25] <andypugh> But even without that, you should be able to log the encoder position values with halstreamer.
[23:26:15] <andypugh> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/man/man1/halsampler.1.html
[23:26:52] <Gensor> I will need another year or so to catch up to you, I just need to know the software is there or really close. I would so much enjoy a robot arm that followed a human motion
[23:28:36] <KimK> Yes, but the light remains dark, lol. BTW, I'd like to chat with you sometime about your work with the new Mesa card and driver, etc. I have (ambitiously) volunteered to work on the driver for the Mesa 7i49 six-input resolver card (after being assured by Seb that it would be reasonably easy, lol). Sometime I'd like to hear about your Mesa dev basic how-to. I may be able to build upon your work in some way.
[23:28:39] <Gensor> hmmm... I see, You have some skill
[23:30:48] <andypugh> The 7i49 looks quite easy.
[23:31:38] <KimK> Ah, but I have a lot to learn. That's why I volunteered, though.
[23:31:44] <andypugh> I assume it is just a new GTAG and a set of 6 registers that need turning into a pin.
[23:31:49] <Gensor> hehehe on that note, I will leave you two to discuss the pleasantries of the 7i49
[23:32:06] <andypugh> I need to log in the next few minutes
[23:32:38] <andypugh> KimK: Have a look at "encoder", which I assume it will end up looking exactly the same as.
[23:32:56] <KimK> Gensor: I didn't mean to run you off. I'm here a lot and Andy's time is limited (I know it's getting late there).
[23:34:02] <Gensor> Andy has given me enough info for a week or two, and am greatful
[23:34:24] <KimK> andypugh: Thanks, I'll take a look. We can chat more some other time, perhaps.
[23:34:39] <andypugh> Aye, I am here most evenigns.
[23:34:54] <KimK> this is encoder in mesa source?
[23:36:21] <andypugh> Yes, src/hal/drivers/mesa_hostmot/encoder.c
[23:37:00] <KimK> OK, I'll definitely take a close look at it. Thanks!
[23:37:57] <KimK> And goodnight, I'll be nearby for a while yet.
[23:38:16] <andypugh> You need a data structure in hostmot2.h, links and references in hostmot.c (just searchfor "encoder" then tag a "resolver" on the next line, basically) and a section added in pins.c to print out the header pinout.
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[23:38:31] <andypugh> And goodnight.
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