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[00:03:37] <PetefromTn> Connor_CNC: Glad you got it working man, rigid tapping is pretty sweet. My RF45 would only float tap with Mach3 and I always had wished I had gone with LinuxCNC so I could do it for real LOL....
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[00:18:12] <Connor_CNC> skunkworks: Will do one once I get it all working..
[00:18:33] <Connor_CNC> Okay.. It threaded .25" MDF just fine.. now lets try some alum..
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[00:29:02] <Connor_CNC> Well.. no joy on 1/4-20 in 3/8" Alum with standard hand tap.. Not enough torque..
[00:30:09] <jmk-mcfaul> you don't want to CNC tap metals with hand taps - they don't evacuate chips properly
[00:30:20] <jmk-mcfaul> get yourself some spiral point taps (for thru holes)
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[00:30:37] <Connor_CNC> Just a experiment..
[00:31:30] <Connor_CNC> I don't have and spiral point taps..
[00:31:41] <jmk-mcfaul> ok
[00:31:45] <Connor_CNC> Looks like I need to get some..
[00:31:55] <jmk-mcfaul> get some, and you'll never look back (even for hand tapping)
[00:32:00] <jmk-mcfaul> so nice
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[00:35:59] <Connor> I may need to turn the torque pot up on the motor controller.. It's probably only set to 1HP
[00:36:38] <Connor> Tom_itx: 560oz steppers.
[00:37:14] <Tom_itx> what current is your drive set to?
[00:38:28] <Connor> I think the pot for the KBCC-R is about 1/2 way.. from factory.
[00:43:36] <Tom_itx> are they plenty big for the mill or have you missed any steps on heavy cuts?
[00:44:28] <Connor> Perfectly fine for the mill very well matched. Would be better with ball screws.. but.. no complaints.. I might upgrade to the digital stepper drivers but, the ones I'm using work great.
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[01:44:29] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, I tried to design stiff but not too expensive frame for my 30cm x 30cm x 20cm range CNC and I now calculated the cost to be $600 or so:/ Is that reasonable or I did something wrong (alu + some steel construction).
[01:44:41] <cradek> zultron: my comments from emc-users about what these things are like: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.emc.user/42692/focus=42699
[01:47:31] <Tom_itx> cradek, that's about what i would expect
[01:48:26] <cradek> some seem to expect vendors/classrooms/seminars, and I wanted to warn against that
[01:48:45] <Tom_itx> yeah
[01:49:04] <cradek> /salesmen
[01:49:27] <Tom_itx> i think you can learn more in that type of environment anyway
[01:49:44] <cradek> depends on your personality, probably
[01:49:49] <Tom_itx> i suppose
[01:51:14] <Tom_itx> so should i reply to the list if i plan to drop by for part of a day?
[01:51:48] <cradek> couldn't hurt, but totally not necessary
[01:52:22] <cradek> bbl
[01:52:23] <Tom_itx> i've been around big equipment before but maybe not quite that big
[01:53:04] <Tom_itx> does he get alot of those surplus or in need of repair?
[01:56:00] <Tom_itx> is part of it gonna be at SFI?
[01:56:13] <Tom_itx> Stuart mentioned that in his thread
[02:01:09] <L84Supper> how many might be there in Wichita this year?
[02:01:46] <Tom_itx> i'm gonna try to drop by probably toward friday or so but don't have anything really to show
[02:02:24] <Tom_itx> is KimK still helping him?
[02:02:56] <KimK> Helping who?
[02:03:39] <KimK> Ah, Stuart? Yes, I'm still here.
[02:04:22] <Tom_itx> i'll try to drop by for part of a day at least
[02:04:59] <cradek> KimK: how's the MS Jr coming? any progress on it?
[02:06:54] <KimK> Ha, not for a long time, it's usually the emergency of the hour/day/week instead. But that has been easing, so maybe progress will resume?
[02:07:52] <L84Supper> 11hr drive from Chicago
[02:09:24] <KimK> I'm looking forward to seeing everybody.
[02:09:44] <cradek> yep, it's been years
[02:11:33] <KimK> I went to the first(?) Ann Arbor workshop, but missed the rest of them, three total there, was it?
[02:11:58] <cradek> I think I did the same
[02:12:11] <cradek> it was nice to see the first time, but wasn't exactly what I was looking for
[02:12:24] <KimK> So yes, it has been a long time, especially for me.
[02:12:44] <cradek> they definitely had vendors/classrooms/seminars/salesmen there - more like a trade show than a hackfest
[02:13:11] <KimK> I suppose there's no middle ground?
[02:13:31] <cradek> a lot of people stopped by after talking to the mach salesmen and wanted us to sales at them too, so they could compare. sorry dudes.
[02:13:53] <KimK> Ha! I hadn't heard that.
[02:14:17] <Tom_itx> heh
[02:14:19] <cradek> could've been just my perception.
[02:15:13] <Tom_itx> well somebody new looking and not knowing may need a bit of leading
[02:15:19] <KimK> I have thought about putting together a presentation like that though, "Intro to Linux and LinuxCNC for Windows/Mach users" or some such. But where to give it, lol. An invitation is unlikely.
[02:15:36] <cradek> sure, I'm not saying they were wrong to want that
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[02:16:24] <Tom_itx> i've followed it somewhat since it was still a govt project so i sorta knew what i was getting into
[02:16:39] <cradek> KimK: put it online. youtube or the wiki or both.
[02:16:46] <Tom_itx> it's come a looonnngg ways
[02:17:20] <KimK> "Let's see, we (Windows/Mach) sell fee-paid software, and so we should invite a free software group because...?" (crickets chirping).
[02:18:05] <Tom_itx> issues are likely to be addressed quicker too
[02:22:02] <KimK> I haven't put out anything on the list yet (I'm way behind reading them), but I have asked Stuart to give a presentation on "Intro to APT programming"(?) (or similar) and Willie to give a presentation on "Intro to NCL Programming"(?), and they have both agreed. This is with the idea that *here* is where we are (with APT4), and *here* is where we *could* be. We'll see what happens.
[02:23:08] <KimK> Willie says that NCL is like "Super-APT".
[02:26:01] <cradek> stuart has tried to show me (and others?) ncl a couple times, I think. it never clicked.
[02:27:39] <KimK> Willie says that the most important thing is to be able to visualize the part in three dimensions and understand the geometry involved, the rest, he says, is easy.
[02:28:11] <KimK> So we'll certainly pick simple example parts, lol!
[02:28:48] <Tom_itx> i take it NCL is gcode programming?
[02:30:20] <KimK> NCl converts a solid model (like IGES, etc.) and a set of tool definitions, plus the programmer's ideas about how the cutting should be done, to g-code.
[02:31:43] <Tom_itx> not intended for your average 3 axis programming...
[02:32:33] <Tom_itx> is Willie one of their programmers?
[02:32:36] <KimK> No, it's probably a little unwieldy for simple jobs. I like LinuxCNCs subroutines and loops for that.
[02:34:05] <KimK> Yes, Willie's been programming molds and 5-axis work for many years. All the most difficult jobs, he's very good.
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[02:37:40] <KimK> If these seminars take place, I'll be watching too, because I know very little about either APT or NCL.
[02:37:48] <Tom_itx> same here
[02:38:01] <Tom_itx> hope somebody tapes them
[02:39:06] <KimK> I thought about that, I'll mention it and see if our presenters are OK with that. That would be helpful to those who want to see but can't be there.
[02:39:42] <Tom_itx> that would be nice
[02:41:04] <KimK> Ha, or for those who *were* there, and later ask, "...wait, *what* did he say?..."
[02:41:22] <Tom_itx> i'm sure it will be alot to absorb at once
[02:42:48] <KimK> It should be fun, I'm looking forward to it, and to seeing everybody, again or for the first time.
[02:46:20] <skunkworks2> can't wait
[02:47:47] <Tom_itx> does this run all day long?
[02:47:52] <KimK> Hi Sam, yes, it'll be good to see you again too. Bring baby pictures, lol.
[02:48:09] <Tom_itx> do they keep production going while the fest is going on or shut down for the week?
[02:48:18] <skunkworks2> I have this feeling it is going to be a bit bigger than the last Wichita fest...
[02:48:47] <Tom_itx> what was the previous head count?
[02:48:51] <KimK> Oh, no, the chip-making *must* continue, lol.
[02:49:03] <Tom_itx> cool
[02:49:36] <Tom_itx> yeah if it's anything like the place i was at, the parts are always _hot_
[02:49:56] <KimK> I'm not sure, maybe 12-15 total attendees, maybe 9-12 most at one time? Does that sound right?
[02:50:33] <Tom_itx> do we check in at the front office or what?
[02:50:37] <skunkworks2> KimK: http://electronicsam.com/gallery/index.php?/category/1
[02:50:58] <KimK> Well, maybe 9-12 total and 6-9 most at one time?
[02:52:05] <KimK> Ha, great, Sam, you've got them all up there!
[02:54:02] <KimK> They did a front office check-in in 2009 as I recall. We have two locations now and I'm not sure what the plans are. The new location has less CNC but more room?
[02:55:35] <Tom_itx> that must be the Santa Fe location he mentions
[02:55:55] <KimK> Yes, that's the one.
[02:56:18] <Tom_itx> that's up by the Purina plant i think
[02:57:39] <KimK> I don't know about Purina, but there is a Cargill vegetable oil plant near there also.
[02:57:51] <Tom_itx> it may have changed hands
[02:57:55] <Tom_itx> but yeah
[02:58:22] <Tom_itx> there's a handfull of other shops up there as well
[02:58:38] <KimK> It's perhaps a 15 minute drive between the two locations.
[02:58:42] <Tom_itx> yep
[02:59:38] <KimK> How are your LinuxCNC projects going?
[03:00:02] <Tom_itx> i got my sherline working
[03:00:11] <KimK> Great!
[03:00:31] <Tom_itx> i'd like to add a better spindle control for rigid tapping but it's just a _toy_ anyway
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[03:01:06] <KimK> Well, hey, we do it because we *can*, right?
[03:01:16] <Tom_itx> http://tom-itx.dyndns.org:81/~webpage/cnc/psu/psu_index.php
[03:01:24] <Tom_itx> there's the new supply
[03:02:08] <Tom_itx> a bit overkill but leaves plenty of room for growth
[03:03:35] <KimK> Sure, it looks good.
[03:04:04] <Tom_itx> all surplus except the mesa cards and geckos
[03:04:55] <KimK> Which Mesa card series did you use, the "25"?
[03:05:53] <ProxDem> Tom_itx: is there thermal paste between the diode bridges and the heatsink? (can't tell cause if there is you did a real nice cleanup job)
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[03:07:16] <ProxDem> Tom_itx: looks like a nice setup...what happened to those electrolytical capacitors?
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[03:08:16] <Connor> okay. That's getting to be a pain..
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[03:09:12] <KimK> What do you think is causing that, firewall problems on their end or something?
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[03:09:30] <Connor> Probably issue with a route..
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[03:10:44] <ProxDem> he could be the receiver of an attack
[03:11:01] <ProxDem> multiple targets attacking one person = one person being the Destination/source of excess flood
[03:11:37] <KimK> It says he's in Lombard, IL
[03:12:01] <KimK> Hi, linlin, did you get it to work?
[03:12:46] <KimK> Are you reading this, linlin ?
[03:13:14] <KimK> Well, welcome, if you can hear us.
[03:13:46] <KimK> I guess we'll continue?
[03:15:07] <KimK> Or maybe everybody's done?
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[03:16:47] <Tom_itx> ProxDem i can't recall if i ever went back and added paste or not... i should check them but they never run warm
[03:16:59] <Tom_itx> hardly pushing their rating at all
[03:17:34] <ProxDem> Tom_itx: well if they don't run warm and they are way under their rated nominal then might not be a need for it =)
[03:17:43] <ProxDem> I was just curious everything was so clean
[03:17:45] <Tom_itx> 7i43 7i47
[03:17:57] <Tom_itx> it was the plan to add it :)
[03:18:22] <ProxDem> Tom_itx: are those capacitors made like that?
[03:18:28] <Tom_itx> yes
[03:18:30] <ProxDem> the weird non cylindrical bumps
[03:18:43] <Tom_itx> some odd surplus ones i got
[03:18:53] <Tom_itx> they all checked good or better
[03:19:11] <ProxDem> I'm wondering if it's for expantion purposes when the electrolytical mixture decides togo the electrolysis way
[03:19:13] <Tom_itx> some phillips caps
[03:19:20] <Tom_itx> no idea
[03:19:32] <Tom_itx> they have 4 lugs on them but only 2 are used
[03:19:37] <ProxDem> kinda like the X or Y or K on top of normal ones to help them blow from the top
[03:19:43] <Tom_itx> yeah
[03:20:31] <ProxDem> since it's a linear PSU how's the current draw?
[03:20:46] <Tom_itx> i haven't checked it to be honest
[03:21:04] <Tom_itx> it's rated for somewhere around 18A
[03:21:26] <Tom_itx> i parallel'd the transformers
[03:21:35] <ProxDem> those almost look like MOTs
[03:21:45] <Tom_itx> no current draw (minimal) between them
[03:22:00] <Tom_itx> the windings are very close
[03:22:19] <Tom_itx> no idea what they were out of
[03:22:35] <ProxDem> I like how it's tons of extra stuff throw together
[03:22:57] <ProxDem> love the resourcefulness
[03:23:07] <KimK> Interesting on the 7i43, are you connecting via USB? How's that working out for you? (As far as realtime issues, latency issues, etc.)
[03:23:30] <Tom_itx> parallel port
[03:23:36] <Tom_itx> it works greate
[03:23:56] <Tom_itx> i'd have a 5i25 but i got these just before they came out
[03:24:16] <KimK> Ah, OK, that all makes sense now, thanks.
[03:24:55] <Tom_itx> probably a noob mistake on the 7i43 but it all worked out fine
[03:25:16] <Tom_itx> err 47
[03:25:42] <Tom_itx> with all the differential stuff
[03:25:50] <Tom_itx> i didn't need that but it worked out ok
[03:26:35] <KimK> No, the 7i47 is how I would have done it too. Sounds good to me.
[03:28:26] <Tom_itx> i did have to rewire all the original wiring with shielded wire
[03:28:36] <Tom_itx> steppers and switches are all shielded now
[03:29:04] <KimK> That sounds like a good idea.
[03:29:22] <Tom_itx> it cured the noise issues
[03:31:01] <ProxDem> Tom_itx: the wiring is shielded?
[03:31:15] <Tom_itx> all the steppers and limits are
[03:34:57] <ProxDem> Tom_itx: is that ferric chloride hexadryte or ammonium persulfate in your etchant tank?
[03:35:43] <r00t4rd3d> thats meth
[03:36:16] <ProxDem> ahh so he's heisenberg
[03:36:19] <Tom_itx> it's either ammonium or sodium persulphate... i have both
[03:36:38] <Tom_itx> fecl3 is brown and icky
[03:36:41] <ProxDem> Tom_itx: cupric chloride?
[03:36:49] <Tom_itx> no
[03:38:17] <ProxDem> hum AFAIK fecl3 = Ferric chloride...not ferric chloride hexahydrate
[03:38:39] <ProxDem> or am I mistaken?
[03:39:03] <Tom_itx> i'm no chemist
[03:39:32] <ProxDem> sooo then is that Sodium Metasilicate?
[03:39:40] <r00t4rd3d> lol
[03:39:46] <ProxDem> I'm curious to know what you use for etching! =P
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[03:41:02] <Tom_itx> http://www.circuitspecialists.com/photo-chemicals
[03:41:11] <ProxDem> oh I read Neither instead of either
[03:41:12] <ProxDem> silly me
[03:41:57] <Tom_itx> i'm out..
[03:42:10] <ProxDem> take care sorry for the confusion =)
[03:49:28] <toastydeath> hey dudes, i have an oddly topical question - what are the best mills and lathes in the 500-1000 pound range?
[03:49:43] <toastydeath> bridgeports and the stuff i'm familiar with are all about a ton each
[03:51:25] <L84Supper> andy's mill setup looks like it's in that 1K lb range, ask him in a few hours
[03:51:36] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=157_1366515404
[03:52:46] <L84Supper> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQlGAGt_zcM&list=UUexvgsGz_QFvOublovDYoTQ&index=9
[03:53:15] <toastydeath> hm, do you have a link anywhere?
[03:53:39] <L84Supper> toastydeath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47y6RgAK--8&list=UUexvgsGz_QFvOublovDYoTQ
[03:53:57] <toastydeath> wow that looks awesome
[03:54:03] <L84Supper> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhICrb0Tbn4&list=UUexvgsGz_QFvOublovDYoTQ
[03:54:04] <toastydeath> that's damn near perfect
[03:55:13] <toastydeath> jesus, that IS perfect
[03:56:47] <toastydeath> that is, if the base comes off
[03:57:37] <toastydeath> damn, it doesn't, and it's still 1200 lbs
[03:58:35] <toastydeath> lathes weigh less though, i might be able to make up in weight there
[04:02:12] <toastydeath> i guess a seig x3 type machine might not be murder
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[04:12:19] <L84Supper> i should talk to Seig about offering EMC right from their factory
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[04:13:20] <L84Supper> http://www.siegind.com/gallery_detail/newsId=598817c3-63b6-477a-8910-4b3fb591871d.html
[04:14:03] <L84Supper> toastydeath: http://www.siegind.com/products_detail/&productId=56f672be-fdd6-4afc-a1bc-1dfae832eac2.html this big enough?
[04:14:23] <toastydeath> like, a tiny bed mill is exactly what i'm looking for but a used Hardinge or similar mill will fit under the weight limit and is a bit more sturdy
[04:14:29] <toastydeath> too wimpy, unfortunately
[04:15:04] <toastydeath> it would be a ship's mill and lathe, for repair work underway
[04:15:14] <toastydeath> so it's cutting stainless and naval brass
[04:15:37] <toastydeath> small windlass gears, reboring and rethreading block components, etc
[04:16:13] <toastydeath> in this situation a mill/lathe combo would be IDEAL because of line boring
[04:16:41] <toastydeath> but it's not going to happen, they're just not sturdy enough
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[04:24:38] <toastydeath> hm, syil looks fairly solid and small, too
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[04:44:15] <GammaX> evenin all
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[06:36:15] <GammaX> Im starting to realy like solidworks...
[06:42:31] -!- Simooon [Simooon!~simon@h196.natout.aau.dk] has joined #linuxcnc
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[11:15:16] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@macbook.stiwoll.mah.priv.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[11:27:03] <cncinator> am i supposed to work with G0 when using tool nose radius correction in lathe mode?
[11:34:05] -!- stsydow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[11:37:22] <jthornton> you don't cut with G0
[11:38:39] <jthornton> can you restate the question?
[11:38:43] -!- Icekiller [Icekiller!icekiller@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[11:43:59] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop you gonna make it to the fest this year?
[11:44:50] <jthornton> don't know... when is it?
[11:45:15] <Tom_itx> june 17-23
[11:46:06] <Tom_itx> this was posted yesterday here: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.emc.user/42692/focus=42699
[11:46:31] <jthornton> I missed it
[11:46:42] <Tom_itx> i figured you may have
[11:47:28] -!- emel has quit [Excess Flood]
[11:48:15] <Tom_itx> stuart's posts give the locations
[11:49:54] <jthornton> heck that is only 7 hours from me
[11:50:10] <Tom_itx> yeah, only about 5 min for me
[11:50:36] <Tom_itx> nice bike ride
[11:50:56] <jthornton> be a good ride on the Bluewing for sure
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[12:34:50] -!- skunkworks [skunkworks!~skunkwork@68-115-41-210.static.eucl.wi.charter.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[12:36:29] <skunkworks> Connor, you are going to have to post a rigid tapping video in hoss's thread... :)
[12:37:03] <jdh> got torque?
[12:39:07] <skunkworks> I do...
[12:39:23] <jdh> sure, but you don't have a $995 mill
[12:39:33] <skunkworks> heh
[12:42:36] Cylly is now known as Loetmichel
[12:46:33] <jthornton> I just got an email and the subject is "help! I don't know how to register..." and the sender is 3 Chinese characters
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[12:59:46] <L84Supper> jthornton: http://translate.google.com/
[12:59:55] -!- FinboySlick [FinboySlick!~shark@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[13:05:21] <jthornton> the message is in English
[13:25:21] -!- cncinator [cncinator!~christoph@194-024-138-210.dyn.orange.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:25:34] <cncinator> hello?
[13:27:57] -!- syyl [syyl!~syyl@p4FD10468.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #linuxcnc
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[13:44:44] <JT-Shop> hello
[13:45:45] -!- tmcw has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[13:49:54] -!- Icekiller [Icekiller!icekiller@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[14:44:08] <generic_nick> hi
[14:47:02] -!- Tecan has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[14:48:06] <PetefromTn> hey nick...
[14:48:51] <jdh> being late is Not Nice.
[14:48:55] <jdh> <urk>
[14:49:05] -!- arekm [arekm!~arekm@pld-linux/arekm] has parted #linuxcnc
[14:51:17] <Loetmichel> jdh: but perfectly normal... for me ;-)
[14:52:22] <generic_nick> i have a fairly small (13lb/ft) brushed dc servo for the z axis on my fairly large knee mill. it's a 4000rpm motor. i wonder if i can get away with using it if i go 2:1 with the gear reduction on it.
[14:52:58] <generic_nick> it's only moving the quill
[14:55:55] <jdh> why not 4:1?
[14:56:37] <generic_nick> i need some speed out of it
[14:57:17] <generic_nick> i want at least 300ipm rapids
[14:57:41] -!- ravenlock has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[14:57:44] <generic_nick> 2:1 will peak at 400ipm
[15:07:47] <JT-Shop> 400IPM rapids on a knee mill... WOW
[15:10:27] -!- erictheise has quit [Quit: erictheise]
[15:10:32] <generic_nick> yea i know, a bit fast. gotta be able to run production till i can buy a vmc though
[15:12:20] <generic_nick> i had it going at about 350ipm but a drive died
[15:13:01] <JT-Shop> jamming an end mill into the vise at 200IPM is exciting enough for me :)
[15:13:24] <L84Supper> generic_nick: what are you cutting?
[15:13:59] <generic_nick> i dont even use a vice lol
[15:14:02] <generic_nick> aluminum
[15:14:35] <JT-Shop> fixtures?
[15:15:14] <generic_nick> yes
[15:15:43] <generic_nick> i will be running the same programs all day so crashing shouldnt be an issue
[15:16:10] <JT-Shop> I'm in a long production run for me 7 of each part
[15:16:30] -!- olafveerman has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
[15:16:36] <JT-Shop> for making the same parts all day you can't go fast enough between parts
[15:20:10] -!- syyl_ws [syyl_ws!~sg@p4FD10468.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:20:22] -!- IchGuckLive [IchGuckLive!~chatzilla@95-89-97-224-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:20:27] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[15:21:12] -!- stsydow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[15:24:27] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:27:27] -!- capricorn_1 has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
[15:33:21] <ssi> anyone have any experience with centroid drives that have some kind of optical connection to the control?
[15:33:25] -!- gimpswork [gimpswork!~gimps@] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:33:45] <ssi> I'm gathering info for a retrofit of an older centroid-controlled mill to linuxcnc, and I was hoping to reuse the drives, but I'm starting to be worried that I won't be able to
[15:34:13] <ssi> I don't have the original control on hand yet (should be here wednesday), but I've got the books (which don't contain much useful info), and they allude to optical data/sync fiber cables from the control
[15:34:20] <ssi> and this: http://www.cncsnw.com/Drives.htm seems to confirm it
[15:35:45] -!- Tecan [Tecan!~fasdf@ip-216-234-182-80.wireless.tera-byte.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:35:45] -!- Tecan has quit [Changing host]
[15:35:45] -!- Tecan [Tecan!~fasdf@unaffiliated/unit41] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:36:06] <IchGuckLive> first get the number of the board then worry about
[15:36:19] <IchGuckLive> time to go home till later BY
[15:36:24] -!- IchGuckLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 20.0/20130329043827]]
[15:37:00] <Connor> skunkworks: Why in Hoss's thread?
[15:37:59] <generic_nick> JT-Shop: yea definitely cant go fast tnough
[15:38:05] <generic_nick> enough*
[15:38:21] <skunkworks> He is looking at linuxcnc and the only way he can rigid tap is with a servo spindle... (using it as an A axis)
[15:38:23] <generic_nick> ill be doing about 2000 parts a month, all the same
[15:38:55] <ProxDem> ssi: maybe they are refering to optical limit switches?
[15:39:23] <generic_nick> just picked up a 4th axis to help speed things up
[15:39:34] <ssi> no, it's not that... it looks like the drive is one board for all three servos, and there's optical comms between the drive and the control
[15:39:38] <ssi> looks terribly proprietary
[15:39:42] <ssi> I think I'm going to have to find some suitable drives
[15:40:25] <ProxDem> oh crap
[15:40:30] <ProxDem> ssi: nvm just saw your url
[15:40:44] <ProxDem> check the label on the square PAL chip just behind the fiber optic sockets.
[15:40:49] <ProxDem> that says it all =(
[15:41:23] <ssi> I can't read it in the picture
[15:41:28] <ssi> I don't have the control on hand yet, sadly
[15:42:43] <ssi> I have some brushed servo drives on hand, but they're 80V/30A drives, and I think the servos on this machine are probably higher voltage than that
[15:42:45] <ProxDem> yeah I meant "Fibre Optic Sockets"...kinda kills my theory that it was refering to optical limit switches =)
[15:42:46] <ssi> 140V maybe
[15:43:30] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S01060014d19d0b68.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:43:32] <ssi> yea looks like the servos are 140V, 18A
[15:44:47] -!- kthk [kthk!~eddie6929@n219079250114.netvigator.com] has parted #linuxcnc
[15:45:22] <ssi> so here's something I don't really know... if I have a drive with an 80VDC vupply voltage max, and I use it to power a 140V servo, will it work?
[15:45:28] <ssi> I would imagine it'd just give me a reduced top speed
[15:47:10] -!- psha[work] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[15:48:01] <generic_nick> http://www.antekinc.com/pdf/AN-15458.pdf
[15:48:02] <pcw_home> Yep 80/140 max speec
[15:48:10] -!- stsydow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[15:48:15] <ssi> makes sense
[15:48:28] <ssi> seems like most of the drives I can find are 80V drives
[15:48:56] <ssi> pcw: I just ordered a 7i77 kit for this project... looking forward to trying the smartport stuff :)
[15:49:00] <skunkworks> Connor, and he has the same machine.
[15:49:10] <generic_nick> i have that transformer.... i know its an elementary question for you guys, but just want to confirm... should i be hooking up both 115v inputs in parralel to 115v, or in serries to 220v?
[15:49:24] <ssi> generic_nick: correct
[15:49:31] <ssi> make sure the phase is correct
[15:49:37] <generic_nick> and i assume i should be hooking the 58v outputs in parralel?
[15:49:38] <Connor> skunkworks: I think I missed something in that conversation..
[15:49:59] <generic_nick> i want 58v out of it
[15:50:03] <skunkworks> heh
[15:50:21] <Connor> You say anything before this ? (11:49:01 AM) skunkworks: Connor, and he has the same machine.
[15:50:22] <ssi> yeah parallel them... tie the greens together and the blues together on the secondary, and the reds together and blacks together on the primary
[15:50:30] <Connor> The and make me think so..
[15:50:36] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[15:52:41] <generic_nick> thanks ssi. i just wanted to confirm before i burned my house down. i dont mess with ac very much
[15:53:01] <ssi> :D
[15:54:47] <generic_nick> i have the cap and rectifiers from my old power supply. both the outputs on the rectifiers are wired in series. both the inputs on one rectifier are used, but only 1 on the second one is. any idea why?
[15:55:27] <ssi> full wave vs half wave? Not really sure what you're looking at
[15:58:00] <generic_nick> uploading a pic now.
[15:59:06] <generic_nick> http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8523/8672662446_737dd00e0c_h.jpg
[15:59:34] <ssi> right side of the pic is to the transformer?
[15:59:57] <generic_nick> correct i believe
[16:00:19] <generic_nick> i dont have the original transformer
[16:00:35] <ssi> strange...
[16:00:58] <generic_nick> yea
[16:01:12] <generic_nick> perhaps i should just use one?
[16:02:03] <ssi> ok lets back up a tick... what are you trying to get, 50VDCish?
[16:02:05] <generic_nick> i think possibly the old transformer was 3 phase
[16:02:11] <generic_nick> 70vdc
[16:02:15] <ssi> ok
[16:02:19] <ssi> so you have a 58VAC secondary
[16:02:22] <generic_nick> right
[16:02:27] <ssi> and you want to fullwave rectify and smooth
[16:02:29] <ssi> no regulation I guess
[16:02:39] <generic_nick> right
[16:02:44] <ssi> and you're not gonna use the 18v or 12v secondaries?
[16:02:51] <ssi> you only need the one bridge rectifier then
[16:02:51] <generic_nick> no
[16:02:58] <ssi> you may be right about it being 3ph before
[16:03:02] <generic_nick> thats what i thought
[16:03:06] <ssi> ok sorry
[16:03:12] <ssi> you threw me off for a minute :)
[16:03:24] <generic_nick> i just wanted to make sure i was in the ballpark lol
[16:03:58] <generic_nick> thanks, that helped a lot. i just didnt want to let the smoke out :)
[16:04:59] <ssi> no problem :)
[16:05:27] <generic_nick> the 2 rectifiers just didnt make sense to me wired the way they were
[16:05:37] <ssi> yea that threw me too
[16:06:30] <Connor> skunkworks: What's a good RPM to tap a 1/4-20 at ?
[16:07:09] <jdh> connor: using stock motor + kb + belt?
[16:07:09] <ssi> depends on the material :P
[16:07:44] <Connor> jdh: No. Treadmill motor + kbcc + belt + 1:1
[16:08:26] <Connor> 6061 Alum for testing..
[16:08:37] <ssi> aww connor you have your 704 running
[16:08:40] <ssi> I'm jealous
[16:08:44] <ssi> I haven't made any progress on mine
[16:09:07] <Connor> I've had it running for a while.. just got the spindle working with a encoder.
[16:09:46] <ssi> awesome
[16:11:00] <generic_nick> and just to be sure, i run the capacitior in parrallel to the rectifier outputs and servo drive inputs
[16:11:03] <Connor> I need to add my limits/home for Z and Y
[16:11:48] <ssi> generic_nick: yes. in parallel shorts AC to ground. In series would block DC, but allow AC to pass; the opposite of what you want :)
[16:11:53] <pcw_home> That looks like a 3 phase rectifier setup
[16:12:30] <Connor> Looks like I'll be using a single input for all Axis.. because I only have 1 input left.. 3 for the encoder, 1 for E-Stop.. which I MIGHT be able to do away with since I'm using the charge pump.. and then 1 for the limits/homes
[16:12:40] <ssi> Connor: what are you using for IO?
[16:12:45] <generic_nick> got it. thanks! pcw_home, i believe it was. just based on what i saw that was left from the machine i scavanged the parts from
[16:12:47] <Connor> parport for now.
[16:13:00] <ssi> Connor: need to get some mesa gear... I'll never screw with parport again
[16:13:02] <Connor> I have a 2 other parports.. but.. I don't have a breakout board.
[16:13:28] <Connor> ssi: Would love to go to a 5i25 + 7i76.. You wanna donate the funds? :)
[16:13:31] <jdh> they are like $10 on ebay?
[16:13:31] <generic_nick> ssi: i agree, the mesa stuff makes life easy
[16:13:44] <ssi> Connor: it's $200... man up ;)
[16:14:06] <ssi> worth every penny
[16:14:12] <jdh> someone order 5 sets of 5i25+7i76 for the discount and I'll take one.
[16:14:20] <generic_nick> lol
[16:15:12] <generic_nick> ok back to the dungeon to wire this up. thanks again ssi.
[16:15:15] <Connor> At this point.. It's working.. I have a few upgrades in mind.. but.. I need to do the following first. Finalize my Power Draw bar, get it in a enclosure.. and get my pendant built.
[16:15:38] <Connor> at which point.. I'll upgrade to ball screws and the 5i25 + 7i76
[16:19:37] <ssi> ah you're running stock screws still too huh
[16:19:45] <ssi> I have ballscrews for mine, and the machine is in pieces
[16:19:46] <ssi> hahah
[16:21:09] <jdh> I have ballscrews on mine, but stock spindle/gears
[16:23:11] <Connor> Goal was to get it CNC'd asap.. then do upgrades as $$$ and time permited.
[16:23:26] <Connor> permitted
[16:25:33] <Connor> Right now.. I need to clean up my shop.. It's a disaster zone.. and I can't function when it's a complete mess.. it's too small..
[16:26:43] <jdh> heh, I know the feeling. I was planning on straightening up this w/e, but after looking around for a few mins, I went back inside.
[16:30:21] -!- andypugh [andypugh!~andy2@cpc16-basl9-2-0-cust685.20-1.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:30:35] -!- wboykinm has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[16:31:35] <jdh> is there a reason to mount a vise in the center of the table vs. off to one side?
[16:32:10] <Connor> Depends on what your doing.. I have my offset ATM because I had the rotary table mounted at some point..
[16:32:16] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@macbook.stiwoll.mah.priv.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:32:19] -!- mackerski has quit [Quit: mackerski]
[16:33:03] <jdh> mounting it off to one side would allow the rest of the table to be used without having to remove/re-align the vise
[16:34:08] -!- bedah [bedah!~bedah@g224242245.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:39:18] <mrsun> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28YXq5DXN0A yeah! gantry in place =) clicking sound is just some metal filing that is stuck somewhere on a bearing :P
[16:39:19] <Tecan> (28YXq5DXN0A) "Router Gantry" by "Tomas Wilhelmsson" is "Tech" - Length: 0:00:23
[16:39:26] <mrsun> and ... bad camera :P
[16:39:31] <archivist> moving vices around for jobs is normal, make a jig so alignment is easy
[16:39:50] <GammaX> Anyone familiar with hardinge HC chuckers?
[16:40:41] <mrsun> http://build1.cncdiaries.com/files/2010/04/gantry3.jpg someone just became a milionare and descided to buy bolts for every single penny ? ;P
[16:40:54] -!- gene77 [gene77!~gene@] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:41:34] <archivist> at last an attempt at rigid construction
[16:42:27] <jdh> woudln't longer linear bearing blocks have also helped. Or pairs of them
[16:42:41] <PetefromTn> mrsun: Is that a plasma cutter setup?
[16:42:49] <mrsun> PetefromTn, hopefully a router in the end :P
[16:42:57] <mrsun> if it wont hold up for that, yes it will be a plasma :P
[16:43:21] <PetefromTn> LOL yeah it looks great but the Z is kinda short for a router?
[16:43:34] <mrsun> PetefromTn, 1200x1200mm
[16:43:38] <mrsun> is the working area
[16:43:43] <gene77> This is nuts, I just installed that Dell monitor behind the lathe, and its complaining it can't display the video mode, but it is!
[16:44:00] <mrsun> its what i have room for atm :/ cant build a fullblown one :/
[16:44:04] <PetefromTn> what's the Z
[16:44:12] <mrsun> oh
[16:44:17] <mrsun> about 100mm
[16:44:23] <mrsun> or alittle less
[16:44:51] <PetefromTn> nice man...what kinda rails did you use?
[16:44:58] <mrsun> depending on where i put the actual spindle i can get a maximum of like 100mm ... but i can make spacers later if its to low :P
[16:45:04] <mrsun> PetefromTn, V rails .. homeground
[16:45:12] <PetefromTn> from what?
[16:45:15] <mrsun> angle iron
[16:45:24] <PetefromTn> Aah.... skate bearings?
[16:45:27] <mrsun> no
[16:45:29] <mrsun> V groove bearings
[16:45:36] <PetefromTn> cool...
[16:45:39] <mrsun> like the mechmate uses =)
[16:45:53] <PetefromTn> Like the looks of the mechmate...
[16:46:09] <mrsun> mine is modeled of a mechmate but made with the tools i have on hand :P
[16:46:23] <mrsun> as in .. no press brake ... no plasma ... :P
[16:46:40] <mrsun> small bandsaw, MIG welder, angle grinder and drill press =)
[16:47:28] <PetefromTn> Woke up last night when my youngest daughter came to bed with us saying she could not sleep. Glad she woke me up because I heard a funny sound coming from downstairs like static or something. Went downstairs and found that my water heater had blown a hose in the closet under the stairs. THAT WAS FUN.... just got it fixed and now cleaning up the mess LOL..
[16:47:54] <PetefromTn> mrsun: Hey man we do what we can with what we have LOL...
[16:48:03] <mrsun> yeah =)
[16:48:19] <mrsun> and add some wiggle room for bolts etc and one can make it quite accurate in the end :P
[16:48:47] <GammaX> PetefromTn sorry to here that!
[16:49:01] <PetefromTn> Yeah man so was I LOL...
[16:49:14] <GammaX> atleast your house didnt flood!
[16:51:11] <GammaX> when using a lathe... whats the usual amount of tools that you would be using? Im in the process of designing some gang style tool holders and I need to think about how many holders I would need...
[16:51:23] <Connor> PetefromTn: Oh damn.. How much water ?
[16:53:42] -!- dway has quit [Quit: NOOOOOOooooooooo……]
[16:54:21] <PetefromTn> Thankfully since my Daughter woke us up and I kinda went to bed late watching recumbent trike youtube videos LOL it musta broke within about an hour or so of when we woke up. I bought those braided lines for the water heater because I have seen what a plain rubber hose breaks like and it is not pretty. So I was lucky that the leak was just kinda like someone shot a hole in the hose with a pellet gun or something at it
[16:54:21] <PetefromTn> sprayed against the sheetrock underneath the stairs and deflected back onto the water heater for the most part. I was able to suck up almost all of the water with my wet or dry vac and we left a powerful fan in there to dry it out as we slept....
[16:55:03] <generic_nick> PetefromTn: that sucks. ive been waiting for mine to blow, it's almost 25 years old
[16:58:21] <pcw_home> if the tank springs a leak a pan/drain will help (no help for pipes leaking though)
[16:58:22] <PetefromTn> Well hell don't wait a blown water heater can really screw up your house if it blows when you are away. I ALWAYS turn of the water and flick the breaker on my water heater whenever we are gonna be gone for more than a day or two but even a day of a leaking water heater can destroy your house pretty good. My next door neighbor was out of town for a week one time and my kids were playing frisbee in the yard and I heard a
[16:58:22] <PetefromTn> hissing sound from their garage area. I looked inside the window and could see the water shooting up and hitting the ceiling so I ran and grabbed my water shutoff valve and turned off their water. The danger there is that the heating element can overheat if there is no water in there so we watched it until they came back. It still really screwed up their whole house downstairs and they had to pay people to come in a redo
[16:58:22] <PetefromTn> their drywall and flooring in the whole downstairs....
[16:59:43] -!- morfic [morfic!~morfic@unaffiliated/morfic] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:00:59] -!- IchGuckLive [IchGuckLive!~chatzilla@95-89-97-224-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:01:04] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[17:03:45] <generic_nick> my tank is gas, it's a pain to shut it off since you have to light the pilot every time
[17:04:05] -!- Icekiller [Icekiller!icekiller@] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:04:07] -!- kmrhb has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[17:07:21] -!- Keknom [Keknom!~monkeky@c-76-125-214-194.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:07:35] -!- motioncontrol [motioncontrol!~io@host27-37-dynamic.33-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:13:43] <PetefromTn> GammaX: hey man....?
[17:14:49] <GammaX> Try not to fill up chan with possible useless stuff haha
[17:15:15] <GammaX> can you look at this and tell me what you think the dimensions would be. im confused as hell
[17:15:15] <GammaX> http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Position-Gang-Tool-Bar-OmniTurn-805-Tool-Holder-/290901939425?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43bb1b54e1
[17:15:15] <GammaX> Only reason being that they state 5/8 diameter on 1/2 center line...
[17:15:25] <PetefromTn> sorry...
[17:16:34] <PetefromTn> are they talking 1/2 inch center line from bottom to top?
[17:17:08] <GammaX> I have no idea lol thats why im askin...
[17:18:07] <IchGuckLive> gamma for a gun lathe or a toolholder mill
[17:18:54] <GammaX> IchGuckLive gang tool style
[17:19:00] <IchGuckLive> the 8 holes are 5/8 with a 1/2 zoll distance
[17:19:15] <GammaX> IchGuckLive the lovely anilam... crusader 2 lathemate mounted to a hardinge hc bed...
[17:19:17] <PetefromTn> welll I dunno really but just guessing from the looks of that stock if that is indeed a 5/8 inch hole the stock is most likely 1" high so half inch would be on center...?
[17:19:35] <ssi> GammaX: I have an HNC
[17:19:40] <ssi> I can do most jobs with 8 tools
[17:19:44] <ssi> (have an 8 tool turret)
[17:20:10] <IchGuckLive> turret is the best
[17:20:35] <GammaX> ssi what controller? Linuxcnc?
[17:20:36] <ssi> and the hardinge chucker tooling comes in two flavors: 5/8 and 1/2"
[17:20:38] <ssi> yeah linuxcnc
[17:20:48] <ssi> retrofit from the original NC garbage
[17:20:59] <IchGuckLive> GammaX: why dont you do this yourself with the mill its only holes in a given diameter at a gibven distance
[17:21:19] <GammaX> IchGuckLive I plan on it. just makin drawing now in SW
[17:21:39] <IchGuckLive> solid works is good to go
[17:21:40] <PetefromTn> That's what I said....you could even use the lathe to do it if you're clever...
[17:21:59] <GammaX> im not paying someone 250 to buy that! lol
[17:22:00] <ssi> is keling's website gone?
[17:22:31] <IchGuckLive> http://www.kelinginc.com/
[17:22:36] <jdh> ssi: http://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/
[17:22:48] <IchGuckLive> im on
[17:23:07] <jdh> the new web site sucks differently
[17:23:18] <ssi> aha
[17:23:26] <ssi> I can't get kelinginc.com to work, but http://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/ works
[17:26:29] <IchGuckLive> update ypur browser
[17:27:35] <ssi> oh well, I was looking to see what they have in the way of servo drives, but all they show is the gecko 320x
[17:27:55] -!- hardwire has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[17:28:36] <Icekiller> question guys if i have a tr12x3 should i just mill both ends to 8mm? or does the front end need to be "2" different sizes, (i usually see 10mm and then 8mm)
[17:28:39] -!- cradek has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[17:28:43] -!- jfire has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:29:23] <jdh> larger diameter for the bearing, smaller threaded for the locknut?
[17:29:24] <IchGuckLive> it is up to you Icekiller
[17:29:58] <IchGuckLive> jdh thats what i did
[17:30:16] <IchGuckLive> Icekiller: why not 16x4
[17:30:34] <Icekiller> price, overall size
[17:30:38] <IchGuckLive> tr16x4 gives you a better and faster performance
[17:30:43] <Icekiller> machine is only 50cm by 50cm and 15cm high
[17:30:54] <Icekiller> (x,y = 42cm linear guides, z = 15mm)
[17:30:57] <Icekiller> (x,y = 42cm linear guides, z = 15cm)
[17:31:01] <IchGuckLive> thats good for 16x4
[17:31:22] <IchGuckLive> Icekiller: where are you from
[17:31:24] <Icekiller> the problem i have in my head is the 16x4 = wider so i'll loose even more X travel
[17:31:29] <Icekiller> you know where i'm from :P
[17:31:35] -!- cradek [cradek!~chris@outpost.timeguy.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:31:40] <IchGuckLive> asorry
[17:31:40] <Icekiller> i'll come for a cup of coffee :p
[17:31:59] <Icekiller> just found an old stash of 608z :p
[17:32:06] <Icekiller> thats why i was wondering ;)
[17:32:29] <Icekiller> IchGuckLive belgium
[17:32:31] <IchGuckLive> Icekiller: http://stores.ebay.de/Metallbau-Pietrzak
[17:32:53] <IchGuckLive> all ready made as you only neet to drive 20km towards mönchengladbach
[17:33:38] <Icekiller> yea i know him :)
[17:33:51] <Icekiller> but i don't know if the rods i buy from him will be modified at the ends?
[17:33:55] <IchGuckLive> ok so up to you
[17:34:02] <Icekiller> read above
[17:34:15] <Icekiller> i send him an ebay message asking about how the ends where.. never got a responds
[17:34:22] <IchGuckLive> you can tell him your needs and it will be made as you want
[17:34:33] <Icekiller> well i send him 2 messages never got a responds..
[17:34:38] <Icekiller> so don't really care to order from him :)
[17:34:49] <IchGuckLive> the parts are 3m and cut ,turned to your neeeds
[17:35:03] <IchGuckLive> NP
[17:35:12] <IchGuckLive> go for 10mm
[17:35:46] <Icekiller> i'm just annoyed xD
[17:35:48] <IchGuckLive> Icekiller: Maedler inside 2
[17:36:02] <IchGuckLive> as prices are falling
[17:36:09] <Icekiller> what ?
[17:36:29] <IchGuckLive> http://maedler.de/
[17:37:02] <Icekiller> ah :)
[17:37:11] <IchGuckLive> http://maedler.de/product/1643/1620/din-103-trapezgewindespindeln-und-muttern-eingaengig-rechts
[17:37:16] -!- tmcw has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[17:38:00] <IchGuckLive> on your length next shop or internal ending is best to go for
[17:38:17] <Icekiller> yea to expensive that store to be honest
[17:38:26] <Icekiller> i'm able to get better prices for the rods
[17:38:38] <IchGuckLive> at this quality
[17:39:03] <IchGuckLive> there are precisan differences
[17:39:16] <Icekiller> well more around pietrzak his price
[17:40:33] <IchGuckLive> up to you as i said , n maedler 3m Tr20x4 i use for most i never gad problems with backlash at all
[17:40:40] <Icekiller> sorry if i seem a pain in the ass :)
[17:40:48] <IchGuckLive> no
[17:40:54] <IchGuckLive> good discussion
[17:40:56] <Icekiller> but the 16x4 = bigger so wider so i'll loose more on my Zaxis on the width
[17:41:05] <IchGuckLive> do you share your supplyer
[17:41:10] <Icekiller> and its basicly _bigger_ than my rails (15mm)
[17:41:18] <Icekiller> so thats just.. bad ;)
[17:41:31] <Icekiller> sharpcoffeedev.net/cnc/totalguides.jpg <-
[17:41:36] <IchGuckLive> rails from cnc discount
[17:41:48] <Icekiller> i got rails..? :p
[17:42:12] <Icekiller> the ballscrew/trapezium is kinda the problem
[17:42:18] <Icekiller> for the ballscrews i need would be
[17:42:22] <Icekiller> ~250 usd
[17:42:31] <Icekiller> including bk/bf/nut/shipping
[17:42:41] <Icekiller> 2x 550mm 1x 250
[17:43:16] <IchGuckLive> nice price
[17:43:28] <IchGuckLive> i got 140Eur on one
[17:43:43] <IchGuckLive> http://www.ebay.de/itm/Kugelumlaufspindel-1605-x-500mm-komplett-CNC-Frase-Spindel-Festlager-Loslager-/221211717286?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item33813eeea6
[17:45:25] <IchGuckLive> your are in a lucky position if you get this prices on that quality parts
[17:45:40] <Icekiller> i can't compare the quality..
[17:45:43] * Icekiller is a studnet
[17:45:49] <Icekiller> don't have the cash to spend 140euro on one xD
[17:45:57] <Icekiller> that would mean starving for a month ;)
[17:46:19] <IchGuckLive> agree on that price is high
[17:46:46] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:47:09] <IchGuckLive> Icekiller: the university hase most time student support on mashining
[17:47:14] <IchGuckLive> if you studdy mashining
[17:47:21] <Icekiller> nah
[17:47:28] <IchGuckLive> as we do parts all the time for our students
[17:47:30] <Icekiller> programmer
[17:47:35] <Icekiller> and its not that kind of school :)
[17:47:44] <IchGuckLive> ask asking is free
[17:48:17] <IchGuckLive> so next shop and 10Eur for the cofee desk
[17:48:21] <Icekiller> IchGuckLive :) they own a cnc machine
[17:48:22] <Icekiller> thats it ;)
[17:48:32] <Icekiller> i'm in every student council @ my school
[17:48:38] <IchGuckLive> mill or lathe or both
[17:48:46] <Icekiller> only for PCB's
[17:48:53] <Icekiller> they only do pcb stuff
[17:48:58] <Icekiller> i have access to a small cnc machine
[17:49:38] <IchGuckLive> my students work,train on this http://mechmo.de/lothar/cnc_4.JPG
[17:49:45] <IchGuckLive> 2students 1 mashine
[17:49:50] <Icekiller> i know
[17:49:52] <Icekiller> you showed me that :)
[17:49:58] <IchGuckLive> 25mashines in classroom
[17:50:34] <Icekiller> yea we don't have anything like that
[17:51:37] <IchGuckLive> most students are trying to brake the bit
[17:51:56] <IchGuckLive> but it does not reatch the part B) O.O
[17:52:11] <GammaX> If I made a sketch with multile holes, how can I extrude that sketch and make those holes go through the extruded piece?
[17:52:21] <GammaX> in Sw...
[17:53:17] <IchGuckLive> GammaX: this are 15 lines of gcode yust direct programming
[17:53:28] <IchGuckLive> use heekscnc
[17:53:58] <GammaX> IchGuckLive well im using Sw... lol
[17:54:17] <IchGuckLive> more work on sketching then milling
[17:55:26] <GammaX> figured it out.
[17:55:32] <IchGuckLive> B)
[17:57:09] -!- ds3 [ds3!noinf@netblock-66-245-251-24.dslextreme.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:58:56] <IchGuckLive> ok have a nice day where ever you are im off
[17:58:58] <Tom_itx> IchGuckLive do you build those?
[17:59:05] <IchGuckLive> yes
[17:59:11] <IchGuckLive> 140 now in use
[17:59:18] <Tom_itx> nice
[17:59:30] <Tom_itx> all classrooms?
[17:59:35] <IchGuckLive> yes
[18:01:08] <tjb1> hello all
[18:01:52] <IchGuckLive> Tom_itx: you cand use them real no force
[18:04:59] <pcw_home> Thats a very nice compact teaching router
[18:05:02] <tjb1> how is your plasma IchGuckLive
[18:05:26] <IchGuckLive> still on full fire
[18:05:49] <IchGuckLive> about 50qm that suturday
[18:06:09] <IchGuckLive> no THC its working at 2500mm/min
[18:08:16] <Icekiller> anyone got a spare 608z xD
[18:08:39] -!- kthk [kthk!~eddie6929@n219079250114.netvigator.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:10:23] <Loetmichel> Icekiller: abot 100 pcs, why?
[18:10:24] <Loetmichel> ;-)
[18:10:29] <Icekiller> got 8 :p
[18:10:30] <Icekiller> need "9"
[18:10:31] <Icekiller> :p
[18:10:51] <Loetmichel> to far away
[18:10:55] <Icekiller> pf :p
[18:11:03] <Icekiller> i'm in brussel 3 times a week :p
[18:11:42] -!- IchGuckLive [IchGuckLive!~chatzilla@95-89-97-224-dynip.superkabel.de] has parted #linuxcnc
[18:12:03] <Loetmichel> still to far to drive there for one 50ct baering
[18:12:30] <Icekiller> xD
[18:13:35] -!- gimpswork has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
[18:20:17] <GammaX> if you guys had gang tooling would you rather have 5/8 or 3/4 boring bars?
[18:21:53] <generic_nick> bigger the better in most cases, as long as it fits in the hole you're boring
[18:22:10] <generic_nick> more rigidity is always better
[18:23:22] <generic_nick> ssi: power supply seems to be working. thanks for the help. im getting 80vdc at the cap.
[18:23:36] <archivist> boring a 1.2 mm hole is rather difficult with those sizes :)
[18:23:45] <generic_nick> indeed
[18:25:00] <generic_nick> now i get to wire up the servo drives. i hate wiring.....
[18:25:09] -!- L33TG33KG34R has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[18:25:33] -!- L33TG33KG34R [L33TG33KG34R!~L33TG33KG@S010674ea3aa162f7.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:31:27] <r00t4rd3d> i like it
[18:31:47] <r00t4rd3d> ocd anal about it
[18:33:41] -!- krusty_ar has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[18:34:48] -!- kthk [kthk!~eddie6929@n219079250114.netvigator.com] has parted #linuxcnc
[18:35:08] <ssi> generic_nick: excellent
[18:35:17] <ssi> I'm looking into what I need to do for a power supply now
[18:36:45] -!- syyl_ws has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
[18:41:01] <GammaX> ANyone know what size bolts might be on this? :D http://cncmentor.com/wp-content/uploads/HLIC/5c966b74972e85cdeaa24c82f0545120.jpg
[18:42:25] <frallzor> M12 maybe
[18:42:36] <archivist> is that a midget or a giant holding it
[18:43:09] <GammaX> lol thats one of my problems...
[18:43:22] <cradek> heh 3/8-24
[18:43:47] <cradek> (how the heck would we know?)
[18:44:03] <GammaX> good eyes? idk!! lol
[19:06:35] -!- kmrhb has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[19:13:14] -!- cradek has quit [Changing host]
[19:13:14] -!- cradek [cradek!~chris@emc/board-of-directors/cradek] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:13:14] -!- mode/#linuxcnc [+v cradek] by ChanServ
[19:20:48] -!- ve7it has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[19:23:52] -!- frallzor has quit []
[19:24:37] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S01060014d19d0b68.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:26:28] -!- DJ9DJ [DJ9DJ!~Deejay@unaffiliated/dj9dj] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:26:43] <DJ9DJ> namd
[19:37:07] -!- kmrhb has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[19:40:55] <Tom_itx> 2-56
[19:41:03] <Tom_itx> it's a giant
[19:42:33] <generic_nick> i wish this manual for my drives had legible numbers for the inputs
[19:45:03] <ssi> love that game
[19:46:17] <GammaX> Need your guys opinion... I have the oppurtunity to get a older hardinge hc chucker manual machine for about 500 bucks... it runs and I dont know what the tollerances are... pictures look decent... I would have to take a 10 hr drive to go pick it up though... :/
[19:47:16] <Tom_itx> and a dump truck to take it home
[19:47:34] <jdh> nah, rent a trailer
[19:47:42] <GammaX> yeah I got that covered.
[19:47:50] <Tom_itx> the only ones i've seen were specialized machines
[19:47:54] <ssi> are you wanting to convert it?
[19:48:05] <generic_nick> nice lathes
[19:48:24] <GammaX> ssi I dont know at this point cause I already have a hc with a anilam cnc on it...
[19:48:29] <generic_nick> one of my favorites.
[19:48:38] <ssi> I love my HNC
[19:48:43] <ssi> (although it's down at the moment :()
[19:48:55] <GammaX> this would be to fix and keep and use possibly convert to cnc... use as spare parts if they fit... or to fix it up and sell it locally...
[19:50:41] <generic_nick> i love my hnc too.
[19:50:52] <generic_nick> great little lathe with emc on it
[19:50:58] <ssi> mine's been broken for about six months
[19:51:02] <ssi> pneumatics are screwed up
[19:51:06] <ssi> and I haven't spent any time working on it
[19:51:36] <generic_nick> i use mine daily but i need to work on the x axis. the servo is really rough in one direction and ferrors.
[19:51:48] <ssi> clean the tach
[19:51:52] <generic_nick> i can only run it at like 70ipm
[19:52:01] <generic_nick> hmm
[19:52:08] <generic_nick> what part of it?
[19:52:23] <generic_nick> can you take it apart?
[19:52:38] <generic_nick> it's intermittent
[19:52:38] <GammaX> what brand servo?
[19:52:39] <ssi> yeah
[19:52:53] <ssi> it's like a little motor
[19:52:57] <ssi> but it's a generator
[19:52:59] <ssi> tachogenerator
[19:53:03] <generic_nick> i dont know, the stockers on an hnc. it has the hiak drives
[19:53:11] <ssi> it gets greasy inside and starts to give erratic tach signals
[19:53:14] <ssi> screws up the drives
[19:53:32] <ssi> if you watch halview it looks like it oscillates
[19:53:44] -!- Nick001-Shop [Nick001-Shop!~chatzilla@] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:53:47] <generic_nick> gotcha. it's only in one direction and is intermttent. sometimes it runs fine
[19:53:53] <GammaX> would it be easy to convert to cnc?
[19:54:01] <GammaX> I have a vfd already....
[19:54:07] <ssi> GammaX: the HC you mean?
[19:54:12] <ssi> GammaX: what sort of screws are in it?
[19:54:13] <GammaX> ssi yes sir
[19:54:16] <GammaX> dont know
[19:54:23] <generic_nick> i wouldnt convert it.
[19:54:24] <GammaX> im assuming stock acme type?
[19:54:26] <ssi> the HNC is an NC machine, but it's ballscrew stock
[19:54:32] <ssi> I'd assume acme also
[19:54:47] <ssi> if you want a CNC one, I'd get an HNC or a CHNC
[19:55:02] <generic_nick> it would need ball screws. too good of a manual machine to mess it up with a conversion
[19:55:09] <ssi> I agree with nick
[19:55:14] <GammaX> im missing the 5c collet closer on my hc and I figure I can buy this one that has it and take it off...
[19:55:36] <GammaX> or just keep it as a manual...
[19:56:08] -!- fllr has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:56:26] <GammaX> and use the pneumatic closer on the one I have already
[19:56:38] <generic_nick> if it comes with any faceplates id be interested in one.
[19:57:34] <ssi> I want a 5 or 6" chuck for mine
[19:57:39] <GammaX> http://postimg.org/image/iqe1n67av/
[19:58:30] <jdh> how long is the bed on those?
[19:58:33] <GammaX> http://postimg.org/image/we7kyvvp7/
[19:58:40] <GammaX> im not really sure...
[19:59:05] <jdh> they are just made for short pieces?
[19:59:11] -!- Icekiller has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
[19:59:18] <GammaX> well its not an engine lathe
[19:59:29] <GammaX> i think about 1 foot piece could be worked on...
[19:59:55] <jdh> no tailstock/etc?
[19:59:59] <GammaX> comes with a phase converter and an extra motor...
[20:00:36] <GammaX> jdh nutin like that
[20:00:50] <jdh> do you only work from the end? Does the turret allow tools from the side?
[20:01:36] <GammaX> you cna do side
[20:03:48] <GammaX> Only thing with that hc is it comes with not tooling...
[20:05:52] -!- motioncontrol has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[20:06:01] -!- skunkworks has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:06:41] -!- motioncontrol [motioncontrol!~io@host216-84-dynamic.7-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:06:52] -!- psha has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[20:10:02] <ssi> the chuckers are set up for short work
[20:10:10] <ssi> and not for work between centers
[20:10:47] <Nick001-Shop> ssi - do you have your ini and hal files posted somewhere? don'twant to reinvent the wheel
[20:11:01] <ssi> Nick001-Shop: I'll try to dig them up for you when I get home
[20:11:10] <ssi> I was just thinking last night that I need to archive them online in case of catastrophe
[20:11:29] <ssi> I want to find someone who will let me pay them to come make my pneumatics work
[20:13:27] <Nick001-Shop> you would have to start cleaning things starting with the lube system. Have you tried bypassing that with some filtered air?
[20:13:51] <ssi> well it's worse than that at this point
[20:14:06] <ssi> I took apart the pneumatics on the backside of the X carriage, that run the turret
[20:14:11] <ssi> there was a broken checkvalve in there
[20:14:19] <ssi> so I got a new part from hardinge at considerable expense
[20:14:26] <ssi> reassembled, and now it is broken-different
[20:14:31] <ssi> I just get air leaking
[20:14:41] <ssi> and when I try to run a tool change, the air leak changes tone for a second
[20:14:44] <GammaX> nylon tape!
[20:14:59] <ssi> problem is, I know next to nothing about pneumatics
[20:15:15] <Nick001-Shop> air valve to the collet - have you cycled it?
[20:15:31] <ssi> think so, yes
[20:15:35] <ssi> it's been months since I've messed with it
[20:15:46] <GammaX> ssi where do you live?
[20:15:51] <ssi> atlanta, ga
[20:16:02] <GammaX> too far from me otherwyse id help
[20:16:04] <ssi> if anyone in the southeast wants to help me with it, I'll come pick you up :P
[20:16:09] <ssi> in my airplane even
[20:16:11] <ssi> ;)
[20:16:12] -!- kmrhb has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[20:16:26] <GammaX> Im in denver
[20:16:31] <ssi> that's a smidge far
[20:16:49] <Nick001-Shop> mine can leak on occasion and just open and close it to stop the leak
[20:16:58] <r00t4rd3d> im in ny and ill fly back
[20:17:00] <GammaX> and I know nothing about machining but I just got 2 cnc machines and opened a shop... havntmade a piece yet! lol I think you can figure out some pneumatics! :D
[20:17:00] <ssi> Nick001-Shop: no I think I just reassembled the valve block wrong
[20:17:25] <ssi> r00t4rd3d: fly what back?
[20:17:38] <r00t4rd3d> to your shop :)
[20:17:40] <r00t4rd3d> in your plane
[20:17:42] <ssi> hahah
[20:17:52] <ssi> ny is doable
[20:17:54] -!- PetefromTn has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[20:17:55] <ssi> would cost me a pile tho
[20:18:05] <r00t4rd3d> i dont even know what you want to do
[20:18:09] <GammaX> ssi you said youd pay!
[20:18:09] <ssi> yeah
[20:18:16] <r00t4rd3d> i just wanna fly your plane
[20:18:18] <ssi> I want to have my machine run again
[20:18:25] <ssi> I'd let you fly if you can fix it :P
[20:18:33] <Nick001-Shop> no discount on areo fuel - how cruel
[20:18:36] <r00t4rd3d> id probably be better at flying
[20:18:36] <GammaX> ssi just take it a part and take lots of photos!
[20:18:53] <ssi> I'll dive back into it soon enough
[20:19:03] <r00t4rd3d> what kinda machine is it?
[20:19:05] <ssi> right now I have machines to build with paying customers
[20:19:08] <ssi> r00t4rd3d: hardinge HNC
[20:19:46] <r00t4rd3d> hmm, looks like there would be a learning curve to that
[20:19:51] <GammaX> are we allowed to do system updates but NOT system upgrades or neither?
[20:20:03] <ssi> r00t4rd3d: I have a handle on the machine... I did a full conversion already
[20:20:13] <ssi> the pneumatics for the toolchanger are busted and I don't know pneumatics
[20:20:27] <ssi> I even have pneumo schematics for it
[20:21:34] <r00t4rd3d> its not working at all?
[20:21:48] <r00t4rd3d> or you are not sure how to work it
[20:22:00] <ssi> it was working, and then it broke
[20:22:06] <GammaX> when trying to test an axis in stepconf I ge
[20:22:11] <ssi> and then I took it all apart and replaced a broken part and put it back together, and now it's different broke
[20:23:20] <GammaX> when trying to test x axis in stepconf I get typeerror: %d format: a number is required, not nonetype. on the other axis I get broken pipe but im assuming thats because the machine is not hooked up to the steppers. Any thoughts?
[20:24:28] <JT-Shop> on a stepper config it don't matter if the steppers are hooked up or not
[20:24:58] <r00t4rd3d> sim mode?
[20:26:17] -!- motioncontrol has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:26:26] <r00t4rd3d> ssi fly over to the uk and get andypugh
[20:26:36] <r00t4rd3d> he is probably the guy to help you with that
[20:27:22] <ssi> yeah, I wish I could
[20:27:34] <ssi> someone I was talking to on here was in sweden :/
[20:27:34] <Nick001-Shop> is the tool changer doing anything?
[20:27:37] <ssi> I forget who it was
[20:27:53] <ssi> Nick001-Shop: so before I took it apart, it acted like it had no power
[20:27:59] <r00t4rd3d> he has some of those lathe/mill/cnc monstrosities
[20:28:11] <ssi> the turret would attempt to lift up, but it couldn't get off the dogs
[20:28:18] <ssi> and if I helped lift it up, it would half-heartedly turn
[20:28:27] <ssi> and I think that was due to the broken checkvalve which was causing it to leak internally
[20:28:33] <ssi> now I've replaced that checkvalve
[20:28:38] <ssi> ($300)
[20:28:48] <GammaX> r00t4rd3d no sim mode....
[20:28:50] <ssi> but now something in the valveblock leaks as soon as I turn the machine on
[20:29:01] <GammaX> JT-Shop any thoughts?
[20:29:15] <r00t4rd3d> do you have a controller hooked up?
[20:29:18] <Nick001-Shop> disconnect one inlet line at a time and put an airgun to it to see if it operates or leakes
[20:29:21] <GammaX> ssi, spray some carb cleaner on it... look for leaks...
[20:29:27] <GammaX> or wd-40.
[20:29:30] <ssi> Nick001-Shop: have you been in that stuff yet?
[20:29:33] <ssi> it's not easy to do that way
[20:29:53] <ssi> there's an aluminum block that's got a mess of holes machined in it
[20:29:59] <ssi> there's an 8-port clipper valve screwed to it
[20:30:11] <ssi> it's possible that valve is dead
[20:30:15] <ssi> but I have no good way to test it
[20:30:19] <Nick001-Shop> a littel - need to remove the x axis cover to get at them
[20:30:54] <ssi> yeah
[20:30:57] <Nick001-Shop> or the front top cover to get at another valve
[20:31:39] <ssi> I haven't been in that side yet
[20:31:51] <ssi> I think that's the side that runs the turret cushion or some such nonsense
[20:31:59] <ssi> that whole system scares the crap out of me
[20:32:07] <Nick001-Shop> or ship the machine to my shop so I can fool mess it
[20:32:08] <ssi> also I actually took the turret off when I was troubleshooting it
[20:32:10] <ssi> kinda wish I hadn't
[20:32:18] <ssi> I don't mean the turret top
[20:32:20] <ssi> I mean the turret
[20:32:23] <ssi> it's scary as hell under there
[20:32:39] <ssi> it's possible I might have screwed up some o-rings in that
[20:32:52] <ssi> anyway, point is, I wonder what it'd cost to pay someone who knows wtf they're doing to come put it right
[20:32:57] <Nick001-Shop> did you mark the gear location?
[20:33:08] <ssi> nope
[20:33:12] <ssi> shouldn't matter
[20:33:15] <ssi> I've had the air motor out too
[20:33:39] <ssi> the only thing that's position-sensitive is the encoder, and I can always readjust that when I'm done if necessary
[20:33:51] <Nick001-Shop> it does - I did that and it took days to get the timing right
[20:33:59] <ssi> timing of what
[20:35:17] <generic_nick> positioning the toolchanger encoder is a PITA
[20:35:42] <Nick001-Shop> the turret indexing - the turret can be out of position when the cylinder goes down
[20:35:43] <ssi> yeah, but that's the least of my worries right now
[20:35:52] <ssi> that should just be encoder timing
[20:36:05] <generic_nick> ok im reading the manual and maybe i missed it, but on the 7i48 for connectors p2-p4, is pin #1 on the bottom or the top?
[20:36:14] <generic_nick> i would guess bottom, but i want to make sure
[20:36:24] <Nick001-Shop> slow typer so it takes me time to answer
[20:36:36] <ssi> I'm working from memory, but I think it's the side of the board opposite the 5Vdc terminal block
[20:36:40] <ssi> if that answers your question
[20:37:20] <generic_nick> yea i think you're right, i just noticed a schematic that points to that
[20:37:25] <generic_nick> gracias
[20:37:52] <generic_nick> a few minutes away from testing a servo
[20:37:59] <generic_nick> hope these drives are good lol
[20:38:04] <ssi> what machine are you working on?
[20:38:17] <ssi> HNC?
[20:39:29] <generic_nick> shizuoka
[20:39:32] <generic_nick> mill
[20:39:39] <ssi> oh ok
[20:43:59] -!- skunkworks [skunkworks!~chatzilla@str-broadband-ccmts-ws-26.dsl.airstreamcomm.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:46:31] <ssi> so I'm working on an atrump machine
[20:46:38] <ssi> it was a centroid-retrofit machine from the early 90s
[20:46:44] <ssi> and I'm converting it over to linuxcnc
[20:46:57] <ssi> trying to find servo drives that'll work, and it's not as easy as I'd like :(
[20:49:06] -!- pjm_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:49:28] <skunkworks> what are the servos?
[20:49:36] <L84Supper> what type?
[20:49:47] -!- pjm_ [pjm_!~pjm@uhfsatcom.plus.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:49:54] <ssi> they're SEM MTS30F4-52 servos
[20:50:04] <ssi> brushed DC, 140V, 18A max, 3.4A continuous
[20:50:04] <skunkworks> brushed?
[20:50:07] <ssi> 2700rpm
[20:50:14] <ssi> 95% of all servo drives are 80V
[20:50:26] <ssi> and I'm guessing the power supply that I'll have in the old control will be 80V
[20:50:29] <ssi> er
[20:50:32] <ssi> 140V
[20:50:36] <L84Supper> ssi: and you want to keep those motors?
[20:50:42] <ssi> in a perfect world, yes
[20:50:58] <ssi> although it may be cheaper to get different motors and cheap 80v drives than to try to get 140v drives
[20:52:00] -!- mhaberler has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[20:52:27] <L84Supper> ssi: anything unique about the motor mounts, case, output shafts?
[20:52:37] <ssi> nothing that I'm aware of yet
[20:52:40] <L84Supper> if not why not just change them?
[20:52:42] <ssi> I haven't disassembled anything about it yet
[20:52:52] <ssi> I'm doing this conversion as a contract
[20:53:28] <ssi> changing out at least one of the servos will require disassembling the machine to some degree I think
[20:53:31] <ssi> and that's not ideal
[20:54:03] <ssi> AMC BX15A20 drives look like they'd work for me
[20:54:08] <ssi> and there's a guy on ebay that has at least two of them
[20:54:10] <L84Supper> the Mesa 7129 should be able to drive them
[20:54:53] <ssi> I don't know anything about mesa's motor drivers
[20:55:21] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[20:55:22] <L84Supper> http://www.mesanet.com/pdf/motion/7i29man.pdf take a look, ask pcw
[20:55:33] <L84Supper> pcw_home: ^^
[20:55:44] -!- tandoori has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:56:12] -!- tandoori [tandoori!~Nunya@unaffiliated/tandoori] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:57:11] -!- DJ9DJ has quit [Quit: bye]
[20:58:34] <Connor> Okay, so, any major issues using a single input for all homes and limits besides only being able to home a single axis at a time, and not knowing via software which axis tripped the limit ?
[20:59:17] <ssi> nah, it's fine
[20:59:30] <ssi> plenty of machines home one axis at a time anyway
[21:03:24] -!- ve7it has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[21:07:26] -!- tjb1 has quit [Quit: tjb1]
[21:08:08] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:09:14] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S01060014d19d0b68.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:14:24] -!- adb [adb!~IonMoldom@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:15:07] -!- chillly has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:17:23] <generic_nick> wasnt there a hostmot2 section in the hal and integrator manual?
[21:20:11] -!- syyl has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:21:17] -!- FinboySlick has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[21:21:50] <generic_nick> did the whole manual change?
[21:26:04] <JT-Shop> it has been reorginized several years ago
[21:26:23] <JT-Shop> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/drivers/hostmot2.html
[21:28:36] <generic_nick> thanks, fingered it out (hopefully)
[21:31:13] -!- odogono has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:36:27] <generic_nick> ugh now my pins all changed with the 7i48.
[21:37:52] <generic_nick> anyone know what firmware im supposed to use with the 7i48?
[21:37:57] <generic_nick> on a 5i20
[21:40:16] -!- toudi_ [toudi_!~toudi@efl147.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:40:51] toudi_ is now known as micges
[21:42:32] -!- Tecan has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:42:37] <generic_nick> SV12_2X7I48_72/
[21:42:39] <generic_nick> ?
[21:42:40] <r00t4rd3d> lasered paper http://imgur.com/a/hcbkW
[21:42:59] <Tom_itx> generic_nick wait for pcw_home he knows
[21:44:11] -!- Tecan [Tecan!~fasdf@unaffiliated/unit41] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:44:27] <generic_nick> now im getting an error for dos style line endings
[21:44:33] <generic_nick> ugh.
[21:45:13] <JT-Shop> that usually means you opened a file in windblows...
[21:46:16] <generic_nick> nope, this file was used for years and i just changed it on linux in gedit
[21:46:23] <generic_nick> now its throwing the error
[21:46:31] <generic_nick> ill see if ican figure it out
[21:46:46] -!- kmrhb has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:50:39] <r00t4rd3d> best way to learn
[21:57:06] -!- Icekiller [Icekiller!icekiller@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:59:38] -!- LawrenceG [LawrenceG!~LawrenceG@S01060014d19d0b68.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:59:50] -!- zzolo has quit [Quit: zzolo]
[22:00:23] -!- servos4ever [servos4ever!~chatzilla@173-87-50-96.dr01.hnvr.mi.frontiernet.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:01:36] -!- LawrenceG has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:01:42] -!- ve7it has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
[22:01:47] -!- bedah has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
[22:02:22] <generic_nick> k figured that out, however the motor runs away when the drive has power
[22:02:32] <generic_nick> instantly, full rpm
[22:02:51] <generic_nick> if the tach was reversed, would it do that?
[22:04:22] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S01060014d19d0b68.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:04:57] -!- Tecan has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:07:11] -!- sparr has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[22:08:10] <generic_nick> hmm that seems to be it, now its holding with it reversed
[22:08:22] -!- odogono has quit [Quit: odogono]
[22:16:15] -!- wboykinm has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:17:01] -!- L33TG33KG34R has quit [*.net *.split]
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[22:38:46] <generic_nick> pcw_home: are there supposed to be any flashing amber lights on the 7i48?
[22:40:54] <generic_nick> it's reading the encoder properly, but im not sure if its supplying +-10v to the drive when i try to jog.
[22:41:11] <Tom_itx> put a meter on it
[22:41:41] <generic_nick> yea thats the plan, i just have to increase the ferror so i can actually do that without it giving a following error
[22:41:58] <generic_nick> i was just curious about the flashing amber led's.
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[22:52:31] <generic_nick> i see no voltage
[22:53:31] <generic_nick> the motor moves when i supply 9v from a small power supply, and reverses when i reverse the polarity so i know it isnt the drives
[22:54:55] -!- erictheise has quit [Quit: erictheise]
[22:55:54] <generic_nick> ah maybe its the enable inputs
[22:58:57] <generic_nick> well crap, the enable outputs have no voltage either.
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[23:18:35] <JT-Shop> GammaX: making chips?
[23:19:01] -!- hdokes [hdokes!~IceChat77@173-165-40-177-Illinois.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #linuxcnc
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[23:52:14] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71ZoTmtdn2U&feature=share
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