#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-03-01

[00:00:36] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.ebay.com/itm/KingSpec-Mini-PCIE-sata-8GB-SSD-/350577920132?pt=US_Internal_Hard_Disk_Drives&hash=item51a0128884
[00:00:38] <r00t4rd3d> yeah
[00:01:11] <ds3> 4G decent for EMC2?
[00:01:22] <ds3> (RAM)
[00:01:24] <L84Supper> ds3: we use AMD just fine all the time with EMC
[00:01:38] <ds3> L84Supper: I am using an AMD K6-3 so it is a tad bit slow
[00:01:46] <andypugh> ds3: 4G is more than enough. 2G would be fine.
[00:01:51] <ds3> oh
[00:01:52] <ReadError> im using 6.4 right now
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[00:02:49] <r00t4rd3d> the 525 specs say you can only use 4gb but it will take 8gb
[00:03:10] <ReadError> oh
[00:03:15] <ReadError> i thought you meant HD
[00:03:20] <r00t4rd3d> i only have 4gb in mine and its fine
[00:03:25] <andypugh> r00t4rd3d: Do you know for sure that that drive works with the D525?
[00:03:36] <ReadError> show me 8gb in free -m r00t4rd3d
[00:03:44] <ds3> don't care... it is an embedded system/controller
[00:04:13] <r00t4rd3d> andypugh, no not for sure but according to the board specs it should
[00:04:25] <r00t4rd3d> mini pcie card
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[00:04:57] <andypugh> I know that http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KingSpec-8GB-SATA-DOM-MLC-KDM-SA-51-08GMJ-SSD-42-MB-S-Solid-State-Disk-/190703794464?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash=item2c66d4f920 will work.
[00:05:32] <r00t4rd3d> yeah but thats for the usb ssd header
[00:05:51] <andypugh> SATA
[00:06:01] <r00t4rd3d> oh
[00:06:04] <andypugh> (Not USB)
[00:06:29] <r00t4rd3d> pcie faster then sata port?
[00:07:41] <r00t4rd3d> real racing 3 on my nexus 7 is awesome game
[00:08:24] <jdh> any power problems with the nexus7?
[00:08:36] <jdh> I got my MiL one for xmas, it currently refuses to power on
[00:10:31] <ReadError> is there an easy way to change the speed of a gcode file?
[00:10:52] <ReadError> the feed override of 120% is not enough ;/ and i lost my cam save
[00:11:31] <jdh> search/replace is the easiest.
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[00:11:58] <jdh> unless you have tons of different F's
[00:12:57] <andypugh> ReadError: Change the max override? Mine goes to 10X because I mess up a lot :-)
[00:13:29] <ReadError> oh i can make it exceed the 120% ??
[00:13:42] <ReadError> thats exactly what i want
[00:13:51] <andypugh> [DISPLAY]MAX_FEED_OVERRIDE = 1.2 - The maximum feed override the user may select. 1.2 means 120% of the programmed feed rate.
[00:14:01] <ReadError> see im using old code from my mill on my new router
[00:14:07] <ReadError> which has a much faster spindle speed
[00:14:11] <ReadError> so i can really juice the speed up
[00:14:21] <ReadError> im shredding this g10 ;)
[00:16:36] <ReadError> awesome thanks i will change that once this is finished cutting
[00:19:14] <jdh> I usually change my F to use #666
[00:19:40] <jdh> though sometimes I change my Z to #666 and when I forget, it isn't pretty.
[00:23:26] <ReadError> whats #666 do?
[00:23:41] <jdh> it's just a variable
[00:23:56] <ReadError> also i wish there was a way i could just rotate my gcode easy
[00:23:57] <andypugh> The Parameter of The Beast
[00:24:09] <jdh> Read: G10 L2 R90
[00:24:11] <andypugh> ReadError: G10 L2 R?
[00:24:51] <ReadError> oh will that just rotate it on the z axis 180 ?
[00:25:05] <ReadError> R180
[00:25:08] <andypugh> Whatver R value you use, yes
[00:25:34] <jdh> pay attention when you touch off x/y
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[00:26:06] <ReadError> i wish hsmxpress did tabs like aspire
[00:26:31] <ReadError> some of the parts are small so the vacuum can suck them up pretty easy
[00:27:25] <ds3> on a different thing - how miserable is PCB milling at 6400rpm?
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[00:30:54] <ReadError> i milled mine at 10k
[00:31:04] <andypugh> Less miserable than at the 1000rpm my mill can handle
[00:33:42] <ds3> hmmm ok
[00:33:51] <ds3> trying to put off getting the sherline spindle
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[00:43:25] <jdh> I'm trying to arrange a free 30krpm spindle to mount on the side of my mill
[00:43:50] <pfred1> I put a router on the side of my mill once
[00:44:22] <Valen> We were planning on putting 3 spindles on our mill to avoid doing some toolchanges for one job
[00:44:36] <pfred1> that ought to look interesting
[00:44:49] <pfred1> don't get too close to it or it'll suck you right in!
[00:44:55] <Valen> job didn't happen but it was nifty
[00:45:16] <Valen> 2 were actually routers, the other one was the real spindle
[00:45:31] <pfred1> the way I did it was kind of half assed I had no way of easily adjusting the height or anything
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[00:46:55] <pfred1> man I'm stoked i found some RAM sticks kicking around in here and they're running in my new box
[00:47:07] <Valen> lol
[00:47:21] <Valen> I have a "sea shell" full of DDR1 ram
[00:47:24] <pfred1> but now I have to see if running different speeds in different banks impacts performance
[00:47:31] <Valen> nah
[00:47:37] <pfred1> it seems it depends on the motherboard
[00:47:41] <Valen> more ram will more than make up for slower ram
[00:48:02] <pfred1> well I'm going to try it one bank loaded then 2 and benchmark it
[00:48:35] <pfred1> that was what was wrong with this box when I picked it up some RAM was bad in it
[00:48:49] <pfred1> so when I fired it up all it would do was beep
[00:49:42] <pfred1> I looked online saw some folks say RAM said hey give it a shot so I pulled it all looked at the 4 sticks picked 2 and put them into bank 0 and it works now
[01:01:07] <r00t4rd3d> http://mycolorscreen.com/popular/?os=android
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[01:07:05] <pfred1> mobile devices are the new gold rush
[01:09:05] <r00t4rd3d> thanks to android
[01:12:59] <pfred1> thanks to massive stupidity
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[01:20:33] <ReadError> pfred1,
[01:20:39] <ReadError> i gotta have one for work
[01:20:45] <ReadError> emergency stuff
[01:22:40] <pfred1> ReadError thank you for sharing the minority opinion
[01:24:49] <Valen> I have a galaxy note 1, the missus has a note 2, in what way are we stupid?
[01:25:58] <pfred1> Valen well you're paying a good amount for a service of questionable total value
[01:26:08] <pfred1> but hey if money grows on trees
[01:26:18] <Valen> huh?
[01:26:19] <pfred1> what is an extra $80 a month?
[01:26:27] <Valen> I pay $19 a month
[01:26:38] <pfred1> some plans are considerably more
[01:26:49] <Valen> i baught my phone outright
[01:26:56] <Valen> so did she
[01:27:26] <Valen> and she pretty much flattens the battery on hers every day, so its getting used
[01:27:32] <pfred1> so is that $19 a month each or combined?
[01:27:37] <Valen> each
[01:27:52] <r00t4rd3d> I dont have any monthly fees
[01:27:59] <pfred1> I guess you can't do much with $456 these days
[01:28:03] <r00t4rd3d> and i can make free phone calls world wide
[01:28:18] <pfred1> maybe a nice weekend away
[01:28:45] <pfred1> it is still a lot of money to shell out and to have nothing to show for it
[01:28:51] <Valen> except that if we happened to wander into different parts of wherever we were when we were away we would spend 3 hours searching for the other
[01:29:03] <Valen> pfred1: how much do you spend for your internet connection?
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[01:29:30] <pfred1> Valen it is bundled with phone and TV so that is difficult to answer
[01:29:46] <Valen> never mind what do you pay for all of those
[01:29:52] <pfred1> quite a bit
[01:30:06] <Valen> and what do you have to show for them at the end of the year?
[01:30:10] <Valen> what physical product
[01:30:12] <pfred1> a lot of movies
[01:30:24] <r00t4rd3d> pirate
[01:30:25] <Valen> so that intangible is an asset then?
[01:30:28] <pfred1> hmm physical products
[01:30:57] <pfred1> well I make electronic circuits from time to time I'm using the information to work on this PC I just got
[01:31:08] <Valen> its still intangible
[01:31:12] <pfred1> not to me
[01:31:18] <Valen> you cant give me half a cup of internet
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[01:31:35] <pfred1> I have about a TB of internet here now
[01:31:48] <Valen> the point i'm making is the *service* provided gives you an intangible asset
[01:31:56] <pfred1> well if I consider burnt DVDs I can't say
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[01:32:17] <Valen> its something that holds value not because of its inherent value but because of the information provided
[01:32:27] <pfred1> Valen you're going to have to try harder to make your point
[01:32:30] <Valen> your movies are just information presented in a pleasing manner
[01:33:04] <pfred1> 2 weeks ago I did a show downtown and some joker came up and tried to research an item I was selling on his smart phone know what he ended up doing?
[01:33:06] <Valen> the inherent value in a burnt CD is about 1 cents worth of plastic
[01:33:19] <pfred1> wasting about 10 minutes of our combined time
[01:33:29] <Valen> irrelivent
[01:33:48] <pfred1> my point is sometimes a resource is less than resourceful
[01:34:23] <Valen> so all smartphone owners are stupid
[01:34:29] <pfred1> the Internet is great but do you need it when you walk out the door?
[01:34:38] <Valen> yes
[01:34:40] <pfred1> do I carry my refrigerator around with me?
[01:34:46] <pfred1> because i might want a bite to eat
[01:34:58] <jdh> are you an old fart?
[01:35:15] <pfred1> hey my uncle carries like 3 coolers around with him
[01:35:24] <pfred1> but man he can eat and drink whenever he wants to!
[01:35:35] <Valen> with my phone in my pocket i'm always in my office, so i can be out with my wife enjoying the sunshine and spend 10 minutes fixing somebodies computer then enjoy the rest of the day
[01:36:12] <pfred1> Valen if I'm going to fix someone's computer I take it home with me
[01:36:15] <pfred1> then it is mine!
[01:36:38] <jdh> many old folks don't seem to care for, nor appreciate ubiquitous interwebbes.
[01:36:45] <Valen> with her phone in her pocket when she is sitting on the train she is socalising with her friends on facebook, playing games, reading books and generally having fun
[01:37:05] <Valen> ok so its not perfect but then nothing is
[01:37:27] <pfred1> jdh I live at the beach and when I go downtown I see these idiots walking around completely disconnected from their present surroundings with their frigging phones up their asses
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[01:38:21] <Valen> actually you see a bunch of people doing things they want, regardless of their surroundings
[01:38:23] <pfred1> I mean it is like the 7th nicest place in the country and they could be walking around in the bottom of a dumpster for all it mattered to them
[01:39:05] <Valen> so because somebody likes different things to you they are stupid
[01:39:05] <jdh> it's ok.
[01:39:17] <DaViruz> i'd rather gave my phone up my ass than my head up my ass
[01:39:29] <pfred1> Valen no they're stupid because they're making manufacturers and providers rich
[01:39:32] <jdh> DaViruz: if you set it vibrate first?
[01:39:32] <r00t4rd3d> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.studioundici.rilievo
[01:39:39] <r00t4rd3d> make dxf's on your android :)
[01:39:46] <pfred1> people don't have time or money for anything else today
[01:39:47] <DaViruz> jdh: my head doesn't have a vibrate setting
[01:39:48] <Valen> so you have never spent any money in your life
[01:40:21] <jdh> why back in my day, we had Bell Phones and nothing else and we were glad to have them!
[01:40:23] <pfred1> Valen all I'm saying is it is changing the world and it is not for the better
[01:40:31] <jdh> s/the better/you/
[01:40:49] <Valen> its not for the betterment of you, because you don't want to
[01:40:55] <jdh> them young kids playing their god awful rock and roll music!
[01:40:59] <pfred1> jdh yeah well enjoy the brave new pussy worl
[01:41:02] <pfred1> jdh yeah well enjoy the brave new pussy world
[01:41:11] <Valen> I find having the knowledge of the world in my pocket quite handy
[01:41:16] <jdh> the worlds just going to hell in a handbasket
[01:41:20] <Jymmm> jdh: EVERYBODY POLKA!!!!
[01:41:27] <pfred1> jdh indeed rock music is god awful today
[01:41:33] <jdh> heh
[01:41:43] <pfred1> back in my day we could thrash it out
[01:41:47] <Tom_itx> question is, who put it in the hand basket?
[01:41:51] <Valen> like when a neighbour's son's car broke down I googled it and found the source of the leak on the ass side of the engine that 3 people had been looking for for 25 minutes
[01:41:53] <pfred1> what do you have justin beiber?
[01:42:02] <Jymmm> pfred1: Back in your day, fire didn't exist yet
[01:42:06] <pfred1> the frigging bee gees rocked harder than he can!
[01:42:23] <Valen> then i used my phone to stick back there and take a picture of it, verified the broken plastic bit and gave him the part number to give to BMW for a replacement
[01:42:26] <jdh> they haven't made any good music since benny goodman quit playing
[01:42:53] <Valen> another time i pulled up to help somebody whose car had broken down, it kept blowing the ignition fuse
[01:42:56] <pfred1> I would much rather listen to a steady diet of the bee gees than what passes for popular music today
[01:43:06] <Jymmm> Bach rocks your world bitches!
[01:43:07] <jdh> and you can, on the internette!
[01:43:17] <Valen> googled it, common problem with that make/model was the condenser shorting
[01:43:21] <jdh> pfred: fire up the beegee channel on pandora
[01:43:37] <Valen> disconnected the condenser, they got to a service station and replaced it
[01:43:45] <Jymmm> jdh: Um, it's sad that you know there even exists a beegees channel on pandora
[01:43:49] <pfred1> jdh this is what the world was like before the advent of cell phones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-H_Fw7zU3I
[01:43:53] <jdh> everything exists on pandora
[01:44:13] <Jymmm> jdh: No clue, I just listen to my squuezebox
[01:44:18] <Valen> internet in the pocket, saved people several thousand dollars in towing and mechanic fees
[01:44:54] <jdh> from the rant, I would have guessed lawrence welk
[01:45:05] <Jymmm> jdh: shutup butthead!
[01:45:23] <Jymmm> heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
[01:45:41] <pfred1> running no condenser will burn out your points
[01:45:58] <jdh> yeah, things were better when we had points!
[01:46:05] <Valen> it gets you to the servo though
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[01:46:16] <r00t4rd3d> http://sktechworks.ca/2011/11/29/project-showcase-touchcnc-android-app/
[01:46:18] <Valen> new distributor was like $50 anyway
[01:46:28] <ReadError> well
[01:46:31] <Jymmm> Valen: the whole thing of just the cap
[01:46:31] <ReadError> my work shits free
[01:46:37] <ReadError> but i use my iphone for derpage
[01:46:40] <ReadError> and personal calls
[01:46:45] <jdh> me too
[01:46:51] <jdh> I have a BB for work
[01:46:56] <pfred1> jdh things were better when folks knew how to fix their cars
[01:47:17] <pfred1> I've built a couple so that helps
[01:47:19] <jdh> yeah, and when cars lasted 100kmiles, they were gone
[01:47:39] <jdh> do you miss outdoor plumbing also?
[01:47:41] <pfred1> jdh I own the same model as the current world record holder
[01:47:55] <jdh> what about women voting? are you still pissed about that?
[01:47:58] <pfred1> jdh I enjoy places where all they have is outdoor plumbing
[01:48:02] <Jymmm> pfred1: I have no clue what your talking about http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1220835-replace-fuel-pump-without-dropping-gas-tank.html#post12786465
[01:48:43] <Valen> cap is like $5
[01:48:47] <pfred1> jdh when I was camping in Maine the ranger came and dug us a new pit and when he left he told us you'll be able to count the seconds!
[01:48:53] <Jymmm> Valen: ah, good deal then.
[01:49:13] <Valen> towing to a mechanic $300, mechanic $200
[01:49:47] <pfred1> my old 142 was rather particular with which condenser it would run on for it it was Bosch or nothing
[01:50:10] <jdh> I had to replace a rear brake line on an old PoS Explorer a few weeks ago, $14 vs towing + whatever
[01:51:09] <Valen> I'm going to replace my missus 199something 250cc 4 cylinder zeal carb+distributor with a megasquirt+spark
[01:51:12] <Jymmm> jdh: $700-$1100 to replce the in-tank fuel pump on mine, $100 doing it myself including jack stands, electrical manual, fuel filter, fiel line release tools
[01:51:15] <Valen> EFI + electronic ignition
[01:51:27] <skunkworks> Jymmm: did that fix it?
[01:51:31] <Valen> oh thanks for reminding me, i need to replace my fuel pump
[01:51:35] <jdh> I paid $300ish to replace the one in my old suburban
[01:51:44] <Jymmm> skunkworks: Yep http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1220835-replace-fuel-pump-without-dropping-gas-tank.html#post12786465
[01:51:56] <Valen> its got a whine to it that i'm unhappy about
[01:52:11] <pfred1> worry when it stops whining
[01:52:36] <skunkworks> Jymmm: great!
[01:52:49] <pfred1> the very first car I owned was EFI I was never too keen on it
[01:53:07] <Jymmm> skunkworks: Yeah, I did that writeup to help some other poor bastard out as I couldn't find anyhting on it myself.
[01:53:11] <pfred1> I finally got a mechanical injection system I liked that a lot better
[01:53:48] <pfred1> as much as i may like electronics I don't like running down the road with any more than I absolutely have to
[01:53:53] <pfred1> although I do like spark boxes
[01:54:13] <jdh> you don't have to.
[01:54:21] <pfred1> I pur an MSD into one car I had and it could shoot little blue flames out of the tail pipe when you hit the gas i thougth that was pretty cute
[01:54:24] <jdh> but, you don't have to whine about people that choose to do so.
[01:55:33] <pfred1> those spark boxes work
[01:57:01] <skunkworks> Jymmm: nice
[01:57:22] <Jymmm> skunkworks: Yeah? Thanks =)
[01:57:44] <skunkworks> I only replaced an in-tank fuel pump once.. but it was accessable though a pannel in the trunk
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[01:58:04] <Jymmm> skunkworks: no such luck for me, not even if I wanted to make one
[02:00:18] <Jymmm> Two rows down, 4 to go
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[02:31:26] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OLDMLEfhmQ
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[03:21:36] <r00t4rd3d> http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-atom-x86-image-for-android-4-2-jelly-bean-installation-instructions-manually
[03:32:16] <Valen> well now thats kinda interesting
[03:32:21] <Valen> i wonder if it has google maps
[03:32:33] <Valen> I want a car computer, but I also want it to have google maps
[03:35:50] <jdh> get a 7" tablet, tape it to the dashboard
[03:36:15] <Valen> I've found some nice in dash double din PC's
[03:36:43] <skunkworks> at work they had a 15hp vfd go bad - shorted out the 3phase bridge. all 6 diodes. took out one of the main breakers.
[03:36:59] <Valen> make a noise skunkworks?
[03:37:09] <skunkworks> I don't know if anyone was around.
[03:37:17] <skunkworks> it was running a vaccum pump
[03:38:17] <Valen> bigass pump
[03:38:21] <jdh> what do you do with a 15hp vaccum pump?
[03:38:29] <skunkworks> we have a lot of vaccum tables
[03:38:40] <skunkworks> for holding sheet stock
[03:38:49] <skunkworks> (we print stuff)
[03:38:52] <jdh> or vacuum
[03:38:57] <skunkworks> right
[03:39:05] <Valen> you pump a whole lot of nothing jdh ;->
[03:39:53] <jdh> we have lots of vacuum pumps at work... sometimes, people keep adding oil when it gets low and never bother to think about why the oil is low
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[07:17:01] <Jymmm> What do you mean you cant catch a shark with it?! http://dx.com/p/fish-everywhere-pocket-pen-style-fishing-rod-and-reel-kit-silver-extended-length-90cm-58567
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[07:38:42] <Jymmm> Not bad for $6 http://dx.com/p/solar-powered-sporty-wrist-watch-6020
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[07:59:30] <DJ9DJ> moin
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[08:20:09] <Loetmichel> mornin'
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[15:32:33] <IchGuckLive> hi all around the world B)
[15:39:57] <Vq> hi specific place in the world :o)
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[15:45:09] <IchGuckLive> wher ever you are O.O
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[15:56:44] <IchGuckLive> ok by till later
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[16:45:32] <Loetmichel> re @ home
[16:45:48] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S01060014d19d0b68.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
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[16:56:17] <R2E4> woohoo.... received my 5i25 and 7i77 cards.
[17:08:45] -!- andypugh [andypugh!~andy2@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[17:11:54] <Jymmm> R2E4: Well, have them all connected up, configed, and running yet?
[17:15:29] <cradek> R2E4: are you retrofitting a bridgeport r2e4?
[17:21:08] -!- tronwizard has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
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[17:45:09] <R2E4> yes I am refitting a Bridgeport series 1 R2E4 boss 9
[17:47:40] -!- stsydow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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[17:54:04] <R2E4> Jymmm: well, i made a mistake of asking for low profile, and my computer with low profile is not good with latency. I had to change computers, I now have a good one but it's not low profile.
[17:54:34] <cradek> that's just a matter of the bracket, right?
[17:55:04] <jthornton> yea, just a different bracket
[17:55:06] <cradek> and that's cool, seb & I did one with those NC400 drives, it works nicely
[17:55:38] <R2E4> I just have to figure out where I cutout the controller on the Bridgeport.
[17:56:02] <cradek> we had all our ducks in a row, and we ran our first test cuts 11 hours after we started the retrofit. it was late. :-)
[17:56:09] <R2E4> IS there docs somewhere or someone that has documented this? i checked the drawings.
[17:56:25] <cradek> we had full wiring diagrams for the machine
[17:56:40] <cradek> this was a boss8, not boss9. difference is just a crt??
[17:56:51] <R2E4> I have all the diagrams, but don't know what I need and dont need. re: FMDC boards etc...
[17:57:31] <R2E4> I have to study the scenario. I have two weeks before the Bridgeport gets here so i have some time.
[17:58:17] <jthornton> on my Anilam converted BP I kept the drives and the power supply
[17:58:51] <R2E4> Thats what I am going to attempt.
[17:58:52] <jthornton> I added the 5i25 7i77, 24vdc and 5vdc power supplies and a computer.
[17:59:09] <jthornton> oh I also kept the MPG but ditched the serial board from it
[17:59:23] -!- IchGuckLive [IchGuckLive!~chatzilla@95-89-98-181-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:59:40] <cradek> on seb's machine we replaced the 3phase main transformer with a huge single phase, and ran the spindle on a vfd, so the result was all single phase 240
[18:00:02] <R2E4> I allready purchased my vfd....
[18:00:19] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[18:00:46] <jthornton> mine is only 1 1/2HP so a 240v automation direct GS-2 vfd was used so I have spindle control
[18:01:28] <R2E4> Mine is setup for 480 3 phase. i have that in my shop, should I use that or go 220 single phase?
[18:01:55] <cradek> heh, certainly use the 3 phase then. this was for a home shop.
[18:01:56] <jthornton> if you have 480 3 phase use that
[18:02:15] -!- dway has quit [Quit: NOOOOOOooooooooo……]
[18:02:22] <cradek> I worked pretty hard to find the appropriate transformer in this case.
[18:02:31] * jthornton is jealous for sure with home made phase converters for the 3 phase
[18:03:41] <R2E4> I was going to convert my colchester student lathe to a vfd also. Didnt think about using the existing 3 phase.
[18:04:39] <andypugh> The Student has enough gears that a VFD might not be needed. Though CSS is easier with a VFD
[18:08:09] -!- kwallace [kwallace!~kwallace@smb-54.sonnet.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:09:12] <IchGuckLive> is the gs2 from automotion available in europ ?
[18:10:06] <jthornton> I don't know if you can get them over there or not
[18:11:41] <R2E4> I wasnt going to do it for the speed, I was thinking of the 480v 3hase motor.
[18:14:12] <IchGuckLive> jthornton: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/man/man1/gs2.1.html speed-command (float, in) isent it out as speed sent to VFD
[18:14:18] -!- mephux has quit [Excess Flood]
[18:18:50] -!- bedah [bedah!~bedah@g224075103.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:20:18] <andypugh> Gah! The Homeplug network to my garage has stopped working. My CNC machine doesn't understand USB flash drives. I wonder how I can get round this?
[18:21:08] <cradek> the advice for technical problems 100 years ago was "get a horse"; today it's "get a wire"
[18:21:27] <andypugh> A very long wire.
[18:21:44] <IchGuckLive> andypugh: NAS
[18:22:00] <andypugh> Not sure how a NAS would help
[18:22:04] <R2E4> I dont know if I have a bracket to makde the low profile into normal pci card. Will have to check the computer graveyard in my basement.
[18:22:51] <IchGuckLive> R2E4: mashine at your garage ?
[18:23:05] <andypugh> Wierdly, ssh can communicate
[18:23:10] <R2E4> it will be in two weeks. the 16th.
[18:23:19] <andypugh> ls
[18:23:26] <IchGuckLive> ao you order parts without mashine in hand
[18:23:45] <R2E4> yes.
[18:24:04] <R2E4> why? bad idea?
[18:24:10] <IchGuckLive> cand await the first part to be milled ;-)
[18:24:46] <R2E4> hehe.... something like that.
[18:25:24] <IchGuckLive> get 3 steppers and some pipes and tomorrow you are on millng
[18:25:40] -!- mattions has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[18:25:50] <AR_> lol
[18:25:54] <R2E4> I have a cnc router I built so i have a fix..... at least.
[18:26:09] <IchGuckLive> O.O
[18:26:21] <R2E4> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FadI53SivOg
[18:26:22] <IchGuckLive> so hevy chipping is the future
[18:27:00] <R2E4> yeah, I'm throwing some light dust around now, but plan on throwing .25" chips soon.
[18:27:09] <R2E4> metal ones at that.
[18:28:01] <R2E4> I have a chance at a hitachi sieki vm40II, if all goes well with the bridgeport.
[18:28:33] <IchGuckLive> r2e4 bad boy mach3 :-(
[18:29:06] <R2E4> I tried emc2 and couldnt get the kin to work. I have two motors on y axis.
[18:29:51] <R2E4> They were working on it and I couldnt find anyone who has done it at that time, so I fell back on mach3
[18:30:24] -!- rizo [rizo!~klemen@BSN-61-56-24.dial-up.dsl.siol.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:30:32] <R2E4> I will change once I get the bridgeport up and runing on linuxcnc and I learn it better.
[18:31:52] <IchGuckLive> you can output the signal to more then one pin
[18:32:08] <IchGuckLive> or even with servos use brigeport kinetics
[18:32:30] <IchGuckLive> R2E4: is it a timing belt or a tread system at that speed
[18:32:49] <R2E4> acme lead screws
[18:33:05] <R2E4> 8-8 .5"
[18:33:18] <R2E4> 425oz/in steppers at 48volts.
[18:33:29] <rizo> I am getting the "Exceeded positive limit on joint 0". My position is 29.9 and The max_limit is 400 and min_limit = -5. Any idea why?
[18:33:56] <IchGuckLive> rizo G92 is cleard
[18:34:56] <IchGuckLive> metric/inch problem G21/G20
[18:36:27] <rizo> will check that, thank you
[18:36:47] <IchGuckLive> move G53 to your axis zeros if you can reatch it
[18:37:00] <IchGuckLive> rizo: then in mdi get G92.1
[18:40:00] -!- sumpfralle has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[18:42:08] -!- andypugh_ [andypugh_!~andy2@cpc16-basl9-2-0-cust685.20-1.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:43:11] -!- andypugh has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[18:43:11] andypugh_ is now known as andypugh
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[18:51:56] <R2E4> The 5i25 and 7i77 are really nicely done boards. I was surprised....
[18:52:05] -!- tmcw has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[18:52:31] -!- micges [micges!~micges@aboz197.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:52:46] <Tom_itx> those are mesa boards right?
[18:52:54] <R2E4> yeah....
[18:52:56] <Tom_itx> then why the surprise?
[18:53:07] -!- IchGuckLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 18.0/20130108033621]]
[18:53:19] <R2E4> I've never used them.... didn't know what to expect.
[18:53:39] <Tom_itx> everything else is just second rate
[18:53:55] <rizo> now i get the joint following error, even though the min_ferror and ferror are set to 500, which is far more than actual following error.
[18:56:18] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:59:40] -!- zzolo has quit [Quit: zzolo]
[19:01:28] <andypugh> Does the "machining time" estimator struggle with CSS mode on a lathe? 25,000 minutes seems a long time to wait.
[19:02:20] <Tom_itx> what's the rush?
[19:02:30] <Tom_itx> mine doesn't work that well either
[19:03:19] <R2E4> 17.3 days is long?
[19:03:30] <Tom_itx> mine says 700.54 min andy
[19:03:31] <andypugh> I need it done by saturday night!
[19:03:32] <cradek> yeah it probably doesn't know about css.
[19:03:52] <andypugh> And the last one fitted into a 3minute Youtube video :-)
[19:04:27] <Tom_itx> this one is shorter
[19:04:28] <R2E4> I'm fitted to go home. Friday yoohoo......
[19:04:35] <Tom_itx> the other one says 1187 min
[19:04:40] <Tom_itx> for reference
[19:05:31] <Tom_itx> i haven't tweaked the acutal run time factor in the cam though
[19:06:32] <andypugh> But I took the surface speed to 400 and cut to 0.1mm per rev :-)
[19:07:15] <Tom_itx> i'm not real familiar with lathe speeds yet, especially metric
[19:07:34] <Tom_itx> i probably have a slide rule here somewhere for it though
[19:08:01] <andypugh> 100 is aluminium. I normally run .15 cut per rev.
[19:08:13] <Tom_itx> that's movin right along
[19:08:33] <Tom_itx> i had .15 at first and jt suggested that was a bit much
[19:09:28] <andypugh> I think the file says 0.015?
[19:09:32] <Tom_itx> we only had a handfull of lathe jobs to run so once they were set, we just ran the code
[19:09:34] <Tom_itx> yes
[19:09:46] <Tom_itx> it originally was .15
[19:10:18] <andypugh> 0.015 is very small. You might run that on a big lathe in Imperial.
[19:10:36] <Tom_itx> maybe a bit more even
[19:10:39] <andypugh> Right, off to the shop.
[19:10:41] <L84Supper> tjtr33: ~$60K for a trunnion and rotary table for EDM with 10 arc sec accuracy or better
[19:11:41] <R2E4> Is the 5i25 included now in the PncConf?
[19:12:16] <L84Supper> http://www.haascnc.com/we_spec1.asp?id=TR310&sizeID=310MM_ROTARY ~$50K for a beefier one with 30 sec accuracy
[19:13:30] <andypugh> R2E4 I don't think so, but you can add it: http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/39-pncconf/21670-5i25-firmware-xml-files-for-pncconf
[19:13:36] <L84Supper> http://www.haascnc.com/we_spec1.asp?id=TRT210&sizeID=210MM_ROTARY only $26K but not enough clearance
[19:15:12] <andypugh> L84Supper: Probably far too strong for EDM too.
[19:15:42] <R2E4> yeah, I was in that thread. I noticed the dates was middle last year so I was wondering if they added it. but I can read....:-)
[19:15:43] <L84Supper> andypugh: I'm using it for contactless 3d printing
[19:15:43] <andypugh> (Not that that is a disadvantage, but you would trade mass/stiffness for angular accuracy I expect?)
[19:15:59] <R2E4> thanks
[19:16:46] <R2E4> I think I read I can upgrade to the latest in the buildbot page and that would house it correct?
[19:17:24] <L84Supper> andypugh: just comparing prices, but for the size parts we are planning 10 arc sec is the repeatabilty needed, but there no real off the shelf units available with so little loads in mind
[19:17:46] <tjtr33> L84Supper, mmk japan? didja ask Pete @ hman?
[19:17:56] <L84Supper> ours are only 3Kg vs maybe the 200Kg they all seem to support
[19:18:14] <L84Supper> tjtr33: yeah, they had the highest prices :)
[19:18:23] <tjtr33> haha, sorry
[19:18:35] <L84Supper> no problem, they are nice units
[19:18:50] <tjtr33> wait > 50K no way! want me to ask?
[19:19:00] <L84Supper> the best accuracy except for something custom from Aerotech
[19:19:14] <tjtr33> want an aerotech 32 axis control?
[19:19:35] <L84Supper> tjtr33: they even invited me to their showroom in Schaumburg
[19:19:58] <tjtr33> hman? aerotech is in the wilds of PA last visit
[19:20:18] <L84Supper> aerotech is way under 1 arc second for repeatability
[19:20:28] <tjtr33> all laser stuff, yep
[19:20:42] <tjtr33> the ctl was crap for edm, spent a lot on that project
[19:21:20] <L84Supper> http://www.aerotech.com/product-catalog/stages/rotary-stages/axr.aspx?p=%2fproduct-catalog%2fstages%2frotary-stage.aspx%3fpage%3d3
[19:21:41] <tjtr33> theres a noce german unit at Mitsubishi in EGV, not near 50K, a tiny trunnion, 'one armed'
[19:21:55] <L84Supper> well 1 arc sec anyway
[19:22:34] <L84Supper> i need to clear 370mm / 2 = 185mm radius
[19:23:02] <tjtr33> joe, the professor behind aero is a nice guy, but we couldnt get good results
[19:23:30] <tjtr33> lemme ask at mits about 370m dia
[19:26:03] <L84Supper> no rush
[19:26:05] <tjtr33> answers slow ( friday at a big co... )
[19:27:10] <tjtr33> dang found a stuck bit on an avr, cant prescale at one, try 0, haha still runs, so stuck bit damnit
[19:27:27] <L84Supper> nobody has a solution to take a system like this into production, >1000 systems a year
[19:27:41] <L84Supper> at least not one that people will pay for :)
[19:28:48] <tjtr33> at that qty, you might get 3R/Erowa/Hman to make custom, anyway, i'd find a good house in Taiwan to make 'em to spec
[19:29:39] <L84Supper> don't laugh, but we'd have to make them in China, Taiwan is considered an import there
[19:29:56] -!- cmorley1 has quit [Ping timeout: 257 seconds]
[19:30:45] -!- cmorley [cmorley!~chris@S010600c09fc019c2.no.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:31:23] <tjtr33> ? oh your mfctr is China based
[19:31:49] <L84Supper> production yes, R&D is in the USA
[19:32:20] <L84Supper> unfortunately it's difficult to make anything like this here
[19:34:12] <L84Supper> we actually it's easy to make in the USA but hard to sell it here
[19:34:30] <L84Supper> it's difficult to make in China but easy to sell there
[19:35:02] <L84Supper> and it's difficult for Chinese manufacturers to import from the USA
[19:35:58] <tjtr33> thats bad! US makes money by selling to other countries!
[19:36:25] <tjtr33> else we are just redistributing the cash inside our borders
[19:37:26] <L84Supper> go back 30 years and tell the Reagan administration that :)
[19:38:59] <L84Supper> patents stifle innovation here, China protects itself by taxes on imports and controls the export of money, the USA doesn't ..
[19:39:03] <tjtr33> maybe of use: most Taiwan mfctrs are money hungry as any others, so have mfctring in China as well
[19:39:15] <L84Supper> 0 import duties to the USA from China
[19:39:47] <tjtr33> ? i pay for Taiwan imports! like 12% iirc
[19:39:54] <L84Supper> they have the same exact machine tools in China as anywhere else
[19:40:25] <L84Supper> it's just their work ethic doesn't include consistent quality
[19:41:41] <L84Supper> Taiwan to US?
[19:41:59] <L84Supper> China to US for most things is 0%
[19:42:12] <tjtr33> TW->US as parts
[19:42:52] <tjtr33> sorry, as new good, label it parts and get in free
[19:44:00] <tjtr33> i'll get you info on any small precise one-armed trunnions, l8r
[19:44:09] -!- tjtr33 [tjtr33!~tjtr33@76-216-189-23.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net] has parted #linuxcnc
[19:44:17] <L84Supper> oh and USA to China is generally 10%
[19:44:30] <L84Supper> if they allow the purchase there
[19:45:17] <L84Supper> the banks in China are government owned, so they make it very difficult for funds to leave China
[19:47:40] <L84Supper> Carter was right back then, but nobody listened and most don't believe in facts today
[19:50:03] <pcw_home> So much for free trade
[19:50:14] <R2E4> free trade?
[19:51:14] <R2E4> I bought a stepper motor for 49.00 from Keling in the US. I am ion Canada. Free trade was for Canada/US/Mexico, I paid 63.00 in taxes and customs, over and above the 49.00 for the motor.
[19:51:30] <R2E4> Thats fre enterprise for someone, certainly not free trade.
[19:54:03] <L84Supper> China --> USA --> Canada
[19:54:31] <R2E4> China wasn't in the free trade agreement....
[19:54:51] <L84Supper> yeah, NAFTA
[19:55:37] <R2E4> North America Free Trade Agreement....... Since when is China in North America?
[19:55:38] <L84Supper> whenever I hear the name of some new proposed legislation I assume it to mean just the opposite
[19:55:45] <R2E4> haha
[19:56:36] -!- zzolo has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[19:56:42] <R2E4> Whatever, whomever, It is far from FREE!!!
[19:58:10] <pcw_home> unless you have the right lobby
[20:08:04] -!- Wildhoney has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[20:15:32] -!- tjb1 has quit [Quit: tjb1]
[20:19:05] -!- mourner has quit [Quit: mourner]
[20:22:35] <R2E4> hostmot2 latest to get the 5i25 configs?
[20:24:09] <pcw_home> HOSTMOT2 is the generic name of the firmware set for HOST based MOTion control
[20:25:23] <L84Supper> R2E4: it's similar to unlimited internet.. with limits
[20:25:24] <R2E4> The manual is saying upgrade the hostmot2 firmware images or continue using an allready-installed emc2-firmware-mesa *2.3 package
[20:25:42] <pcw_home> If you ordered a 5I25 with a daughter card, it will aready have the firmware installed
[20:25:51] <R2E4> ah, ok
[20:26:23] <pcw_home> the 5I25/6I25/7I80 are differernt in that thay have on card firmware storage
[20:26:54] <pcw_home> so unless you need to change/update the firmware you dont need any firmware files
[20:27:03] <R2E4> So the only thing I have to worry about is getting the latest config files
[20:27:22] <pcw_home> For pncconf, yes
[20:28:00] <R2E4> which I can get on the buildbot site
[20:28:31] <pcw_home> there are also some example stepper and servo HAL/INI files for the 5I25 if you want to cobble up your configuration by hand
[20:29:42] <R2E4> What would you suggest?
[20:30:50] <R2E4> I originally thought I was going with JT's configs, but found out he is using 7i37 or something different.
[20:30:55] <pcw_home> pncconf can save a lot of time for people just starting but at some point you will likely need to learn HAL
[20:31:41] <pcw_home> especially for servo configs, machine with tool changers etc
[20:31:52] <R2E4> I downloaded and printed the HAL manual..... along with the getting started manual.
[20:32:38] <R2E4> because I am am at the point where I dont see the 5i25 or 7i77 in the manual....hehe
[20:32:44] <pcw_home> that and a example HAL file may be all you need (some people get along better with HAL than others)
[20:33:54] <R2E4> I will be singing HALlelujah when I get this completed......
[20:34:41] <pcw_home> Theres nothing really special about the 5I25,7i77. the HM2-servo demos will work for the combo except for a few signal names and 2 lines in the .ini file changed
[20:36:06] <R2E4> In the config selector when I first startup? Thats a good place to start then.
[20:38:40] <pcw_home> freeby.mesanet.com/7i77.zip is a hm2-servo based demo (if you have the hostmot2 stuff installed, you can unzip this in ~/linuxcnc/configs/hm2-servo/)
[20:39:48] <pcw_home> but you can also try pncconf (get the lastest and install the appropriate xml files)
[20:41:47] -!- micges has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[20:46:51] <L84Supper> http://tinyurl.com/agaydsd I just don't see paying ~$45K for this and having to wait 12+ weeks
[20:47:53] <L84Supper> million count encoder and some nice bearings is most it
[20:49:08] -!- zenek [zenek!~zenek@aboz197.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:50:05] zenek is now known as micges
[20:53:53] -!- skunkworks_ [skunkworks_!~skunkwork@68-115-41-210.static.eucl.wi.charter.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:56:20] -!- skunkworks has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[21:01:17] -!- skorasaurus3 has quit [Quit: left the building.]
[21:02:50] -!- skunkworks_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:05:11] -!- jepler has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[21:05:20] -!- jepler [jepler!~jepler@emc/developer/pdpc.professional.jepler] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:11:29] <andypugh> L84Supper: Would servo control and very good feedback work? 1 arc-second: http://www.renishaw.com/en/resolute-rotary-angle-absolute-encoder-options--10939
[21:12:25] <andypugh> I can't read: The RESA offers impressive accuracy with resolution to 0.00075 arc second
[21:12:26] <cradek> "resolute" is a great name for an encoder.
[21:13:06] <L84Supper> andypugh: I think so
[21:13:56] <L84Supper> $5k in materials tops
[21:14:17] <L84Supper> why pay somebody $35k more to deliver in 3 months
[21:15:03] <L84Supper> even if the materials are $10k
[21:15:45] <L84Supper> plus they have an office 30 minutes from me
[21:16:07] <L84Supper> Hoffman Estates
[21:16:23] <L84Supper> actually 3 minutes from Keling
[21:20:20] <L84Supper> China office is also nearby
[21:20:56] <pcw_home> I'll make the BISS HM2 interface work if someone 'loans' me a Resolute encoder
[21:20:59] <L84Supper> that's another smart thing about China, they are keeping lots of the tech in the same area
[21:22:05] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[21:22:48] -!- nunya [nunya!~nunya@173-160-167-74-Washington.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:23:39] * JT-Shop checks his desk for a Resolute encoder...
[21:24:05] <pcw_home> REXA preferred :-)
[21:24:08] <andypugh> They are strangley sexy, aren't they?
[21:24:45] <andypugh> Serious suggestion. why not ask Renishaw for one?
[21:24:49] <pcw_home> Yes absolue and +-0.22 arc second accuracy
[21:25:31] <cradek> I've successfully asked for hardware gifts in order to add support and then continue to use it myself...
[21:26:01] <cradek> sometimes it's really good business to give stuff away
[21:26:54] <pcw_home> Well these are multi K$ encoders but I guess it would not hurt to ask
[21:28:18] <pcw_home> They must have used/blems/demos around
[21:29:38] <andypugh> And your interfaces are a natural for the sorts of uses they are intended for.
[21:30:09] <andypugh> I am currently using the oven to solder some pewter...
[21:30:18] <andypugh> It seems to be working.
[21:30:25] <pcw_home> For L84Suppers app you probably want encoder like that and 1:1 torque motors
[21:30:57] <pcw_home> (linear motor bent into a large ring)
[21:31:01] <andypugh> cradek: I hate to admit how many "sample" Mesa cards I am using.
[21:31:33] <pcw_home> Isnt pewters melting point very close to solder?
[21:35:10] <andypugh> Yes, which is why I am using the oven and a thermocouple rather than a blowtorch
[21:38:41] -!- p2800-de [p2800-de!~chatzilla@pD9F9F1E1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:43:04] <pcw_home> is this the replacement tankard lid?
[21:46:16] <andypugh> Indeed it is.
[21:46:38] <andypugh> _nearly_ there, just soldering on the crown/handle
[21:47:31] -!- ravenlock has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:47:38] -!- grummund [grummund!~user@unaffiliated/grummund] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:54:03] -!- bedah has quit [Quit: bye]
[21:54:45] <Tom_itx> andypugh, get both halves spun?
[21:56:22] <andypugh> aye.
[21:57:05] <Tom_itx> apparently the 2nd gcode ran ok..
[21:59:04] <andypugh> Indeed it did. Things would have gone better if my block of wood had been big enough.
[21:59:15] <andypugh> But I muddled through.
[22:00:10] -!- tmcw has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:01:40] <andypugh> I also now know that my oven is badly-calibrated.
[22:03:20] -!- p2800-de has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[22:04:28] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[22:04:29] -!- tshirtisinthemai has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com]
[22:05:41] -!- DJ9DJ has quit [Quit: bye]
[22:05:50] -!- Cylly [Cylly!cylly@p54B115BC.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:06:20] -!- Loetmichel has quit [Disconnected by services]
[22:06:28] Cylly is now known as Loetmichel
[22:07:22] -!- pikeaero [pikeaero!~quassel@216-167-252-197.eastlink.ca] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:13:02] -!- FinboySlick has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[22:14:44] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJlyMFCX9CA
[22:20:26] <andypugh> Tom_itx: https://plus.google.com/photos/108164504656404380542/albums/5849768999973574065?banner=pwa
[22:33:06] -!- tjtr33 [tjtr33!~tjtr33@76-216-189-23.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:34:07] <tjtr33> L84Supper, if you want extreme accurate position ( not motion ) NASA loved these hurth gear indexers http://newbould.com/stainlessindexer.htm
[22:34:12] -!- Keknom [Keknom!~monkeky@c-76-125-214-194.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:34:36] <tjtr33> they talked about an nc version ( stop, unclamp plates, index, reclamp )
[22:34:58] <tjtr33> curvic/hirth
[22:40:06] <L84Supper> tjtr33: those look nice
[22:41:27] <L84Supper> I can also spend the $30K saved on a VMC to make more
[22:44:38] <tjtr33> maybe a newbould with encoders and motors, you could talk to him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQKieek9Jrg his stuff is good
[22:46:53] <L84Supper> much of what I've looked at and used is what is also used in the semiconductor industry for submicron work
[22:47:47] <andypugh> Spinning the lid inner: http://youtu.be/IOBxmGZR3j0
[22:47:49] -!- skunkworks [skunkworks!~chatzilla@str-broadband-ccmts-ws-26.dsl.airstreamcomm.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:47:55] <tjtr33> yeh precise and small dia is ok, but your 15 inch dia... is touchy
[22:48:15] <andypugh> (I didn't use the one I videoed)
[22:51:12] -!- jthornton_ [jthornton_!~john@184-63-140-99.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:51:12] -!- JT-Shop-2 [JT-Shop-2!~John@184-63-140-99.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:51:13] -!- JT-Shop has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:51:14] -!- jthornton has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:51:15] <L84Supper> http://imagebin.org/248619 it will end up looking similar to this, only with the rotary table up higher
[22:52:18] -!- Keknom has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[22:54:12] <L84Supper> skunkworks: what board is this on? http://imagebin.org/248609
[22:54:14] <andypugh> L84Supper: How about a lever arm and a preloaded ballscrew. Working closed-loop on a good encoder, you don't even need kinematics.
[22:55:07] <L84Supper> oh yeah, all closed loop with good encoders
[22:55:33] <L84Supper> there's also going to be a camera with 2um res for alignment
[22:56:08] <skunkworks> L84Supper: it peaked at about 5k after a few hours
[22:56:25] <skunkworks> L84Supper: let me find it
[22:56:56] <L84Supper> skunkworks: is that with the 3.5 kernel and RTAI?
[22:57:32] <skunkworks> yes
[22:57:53] <skunkworks> it isn't quite stable yet - But it has worked on 2 systems I have tried
[22:58:14] -!- motioncontrol has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
[22:58:38] <Loetmichel> L84Supper: hmm, seems like a slow graphics board...
[22:58:39] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=12334&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
[22:58:40] <L84Supper> nice, RTAI, xenomai and RT
[22:58:56] <Loetmichel> mine with onboardgrapics...
[22:59:09] <Loetmichel> seems sufficient ;-)
[22:59:27] -!- odogono has quit [Quit: odogono]
[23:00:46] <skunkworks> L84Supper: F1A75-M PRO R2.0 Motherboard with the amd
[23:00:48] <skunkworks> A4 3400 apu
[23:01:03] <skunkworks> That was with idle=poll boot param
[23:01:20] <skunkworks> without it 30+k
[23:02:32] <tjtr33> andypugh, i expected to see your face reflected, http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/300px-Hand_with_Reflecting_Sphere.jpg
[23:03:01] <skunkworks> the video seems quite good - the gears at full screen are smooth
[23:03:11] <L84Supper> we have been getting <5K with everything AMD for the past few years even with integrated graphics
[23:03:22] <andypugh> L84Supper: In your picture, drop the mystery motor down about a foot, and put a lever on the pivot end. You need to mount the motor on a pivot, and have another pivot on the end of the lever, and those might take some engineering to be completely lash-free.
[23:04:35] <skunkworks> L84Supper: recently - I have not seen that without tweeking
[23:04:54] <L84Supper> andypugh: that was just a stock file
[23:09:16] -!- nunya has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[23:10:32] <L84Supper> http://www.newport.com/XM-Series-Ultra-Precision-Linear-Motor-Stages/369840/1033/info.aspx#tab_Specifications
[23:12:23] <andypugh> No indication of stiffness, but then you probably don't care.
[23:15:07] <L84Supper> the load of the other parts of the stage are more than the parts being made
[23:16:38] <L84Supper> making one of these isn't too hard, it's the making 100+ that is like shopping for the best Lego's
[23:18:51] <L84Supper> it usually ends up being the supplier that sells the most. So for this it's probably whoever supplies the semiconductor wafer foundries with automation
[23:26:02] -!- Thetawaves_ [Thetawaves_!~Thetawave@] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:28:30] <andypugh> This is so lilluminating: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRuSYQ5Npek
[23:30:50] -!- rizo has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[23:35:55] <andypugh> This went for real money: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bridgeport-Romi-EZ-Path-CNC-Lathe-/190803529045?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=RGj8BoJc8UEIThJUQzrXMMTaeE0%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
[23:36:32] <andypugh> Despite being in Thurso. https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=thurso&hl=en&ll=56.267761,-3.493652&spn=13.754682,32.739258&sll=51.79671,0.638411&sspn=1.909317,4.092407&hnear=Thurso,+Highland,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=6
[23:36:47] <andypugh> I know the UK is relatively small, but that is still the middle of nowhere.
[23:37:16] <andypugh> Piy, it would have amused me to have a Bridgeport lathe and a Harrison Mill :-)
[23:40:50] -!- L84Supper has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[23:41:45] -!- racycle has quit [Quit: racycle]
[23:43:52] <PCW> Andy: dont power up new 8I20
[23:44:32] <PCW> Assembly person made big mistake on last 25
[23:44:36] -!- L84Supper [L84Supper!~Larch@unaffiliated/l84supper] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:44:58] <andypugh> Luckily I have been otherwise engaged :-)
[23:45:10] <Connor> Eek. What did they do?
[23:45:11] <andypugh> Wil I see sparks and smoke?
[23:45:38] <PCW> left out shoulder washer and silpad on brake transistor
[23:46:39] <andypugh> That sounds like sparky-time
[23:46:45] <PCW> the anodization makes is sort of isolated (ohmmeter wise)
[23:46:54] <PCW> but not safe
[23:49:34] <andypugh> That's Q2 (the Q previoulsy known as Q1)?
[23:52:01] <PCW> Yes
[23:52:58] <andypugh> I can get the parts from RS and retrofit
[23:54:43] <andypugh> http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/thermal-gap-pads/1692177/ ?
[23:55:29] <andypugh> Hmm, though I end up with 50 of them...
[23:57:23] <andypugh> Aha! A cheaper alternative; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TO220-power-transistor-mount-kits-x-2-sets-/181084179179?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item2a29754aeb
[23:59:06] <ReadError> is there a pretty gui tool that will let me rotate/move gcode?
[23:59:27] <ReadError> im using grecode right now but it wont let me keep the same origin
[23:59:54] <tjtr33> andypugh, mica :)