#linuxcnc | Logs for 2012-09-09

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[00:09:40] <tjb1> hey r00t4rd3d
[00:09:53] <r00t4rd3d> hey
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[00:12:11] <Gabe_W> Hey everyone
[00:16:06] <Gabe_W> So the hal_gui is being tested, i want to add either threading or multiprocessing to improve performance
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[00:16:26] <Gabe_W> what route should i take?
[00:17:37] <r00t4rd3d> JT-Shop would be the guy to ask probably
[00:18:32] <jdh> you use a mac?
[00:18:55] <Gabe_W> no
[00:18:59] <Gabe_W> xubuntu
[00:19:02] <Gabe_W> 12.04
[00:19:08] <jdh> <oops>
[00:19:20] <Gabe_W> i eat mac and cheese though
[00:19:28] <Gabe_W> on occasion
[00:19:54] <Gabe_W> im just going to go with threading, its mainly for i/o functions any way
[00:21:01] <Gabe_W> I almost broke down and re-wrote it in C
[00:21:16] <Gabe_W> but i would like to go outside and see the sun sometime soon
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[00:22:04] <Gabe_W> im loosing pigmentation in my skin, and my pupils won't adjust to light any more
[00:22:26] <Gabe_W> i also have a strange twitch in my right thumb
[00:22:46] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: Replace the CCFLs in your monitor by UV ones.
[00:22:58] <Gabe_W> lol
[00:24:15] <Gabe_W> who knew programming was so fun?
[00:24:22] <Gabe_W> everyone kept telling me how boring it was
[00:24:53] <Gabe_W> ever since i learned it, i can't stop doing it. im addicted
[00:25:48] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: Rewriting linuxcnc all in the same language should keep you busy for a little while.
[00:26:00] <Aero-Tec> JT-Shop: sorry for the delay in getting back to you
[00:26:09] <jdh> what language?
[00:26:16] <Aero-Tec> yes Ubuntu
[00:26:21] <Gabe_W> im not that interested in LinuxCNC
[00:26:35] <Gabe_W> i just use it for 'hal"
[00:26:38] <Gabe_W> :)
[00:27:19] <Gabe_W> i decided to learn C and Python
[00:27:26] <Aero-Tec> Gabe_W: what computer language are you using for writing programs?
[00:27:28] <Gabe_W> i had already had experience in C
[00:27:42] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: They'd be my two choices too.
[00:27:47] <Aero-Tec> so your hooked on C?
[00:27:47] <r00t4rd3d> how you get it working with 12.04?
[00:27:58] <Gabe_W> magic :)
[00:28:20] <r00t4rd3d> i was just wondering your method as i know its possible
[00:28:28] <Aero-Tec> C or C++?
[00:28:51] <Gabe_W> actuall the code is( up, up, left, right, left, R1, R1,analog right)
[00:29:01] <Gabe_W> that will get it working on 12.04
[00:29:17] <r00t4rd3d> great, another smart ass to add to the group
[00:29:20] <Gabe_W> lol
[00:29:27] <Gabe_W> this WillenCMD
[00:29:34] <Gabe_W> this is my real name :)
[00:29:34] <r00t4rd3d> oh
[00:29:40] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: Did you use an old kernel or did you manage to hack realtime into a modern kernel?
[00:29:41] <Gabe_W> so i have been here a while
[00:29:55] <r00t4rd3d> did you follow a guide for 12.04?
[00:29:59] <r00t4rd3d> ive seen one
[00:30:07] <r00t4rd3d> never tried it though
[00:30:09] <Gabe_W> yes, but its not perfect
[00:30:17] <Gabe_W> i had to make a few changes
[00:30:31] <Aero-Tec> you should write up the corrections
[00:30:48] <r00t4rd3d> and rework a livecd
[00:31:06] <r00t4rd3d> so all can easily do it
[00:31:13] <Aero-Tec> get the corrections into the docs for EMC
[00:31:42] <Gabe_W> im still working on grub, it won't show the kernel in the menu at startup
[00:31:54] <r00t4rd3d> what guide did you follow?
[00:31:55] <Gabe_W> you have to select previous kernel
[00:32:18] <Gabe_W> you also can't get the linuxcnc-dev from the deb repo either
[00:33:01] <r00t4rd3d> http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.emc.user/34836
[00:33:03] <Aero-Tec> Gabe_W: what is it your doing with EMC?
[00:33:18] <Gabe_W> alot, i control my sprinkler system with it
[00:33:26] <ReadError> hacking the gibson
[00:33:31] <Aero-Tec> or the HAL part of EMC?
[00:33:33] <Gabe_W> all the machines i design and build, i write gui's and use hal
[00:33:55] <Gabe_W> its the coolest piece of software i have used besides solidworks
[00:34:01] <Gabe_W> im addicted to solidworks also
[00:34:12] <Aero-Tec> your writing GUIs ?
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[00:34:17] <Gabe_W> yep
[00:34:23] <Aero-Tec> what are you using to do that?
[00:34:25] <Aero-Tec> C?
[00:34:49] <Gabe_W> sometimes, but i write hal components to control any real time code
[00:35:00] <Gabe_W> python is the front end
[00:35:15] <Gabe_W> use the hal module
[00:35:21] <Gabe_W> to create pins
[00:35:22] <Aero-Tec> you should write up a how to manual so others can do the same thing
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[00:35:28] <Gabe_W> im doing one better
[00:35:46] <Gabe_W> i writing configurator software all in one for linuxCNC
[00:35:51] <Gabe_W> i posted some screen shots
[00:35:57] <Aero-Tec> cool
[00:36:10] <Aero-Tec> when do you think you will have it done?
[00:36:12] <Gabe_W> it will have an auto-net for linking hal components, along with a hal comp ide for writing components
[00:36:17] <Aero-Tec> and how is it going?
[00:36:47] <r00t4rd3d> where did you post the screenshots?
[00:37:10] <Aero-Tec> will you be selling it or will it be open source?
[00:37:50] <Gabe_W> free its the least i can do
[00:38:11] <Gabe_W> for all the help i was given by people on here
[00:38:24] <Gabe_W> https://plus.google.com/photos/108420335892310746315/albums/5784211124086428513
[00:38:34] <Aero-Tec> r00t4rd3d: are you going to keep testing my password?
[00:38:51] <Gabe_W> that was it last week, it has changed since then
[00:39:00] <Aero-Tec> had a message you had given it another try awhile ago
[00:39:07] <Gabe_W> now it pulls all the manual's up for the components when you load them
[00:39:29] <Gabe_W> i'll post more tomorrow
[00:40:19] <Aero-Tec> looks cool
[00:40:27] <Gabe_W> i want to improve the setup for first time user's
[00:40:50] <Aero-Tec> amen to that one
[00:41:09] <r00t4rd3d> Aero-Tec, ? password?
[00:41:23] <Aero-Tec> being a new guy and having to go through it
[00:41:54] <Gabe_W> once you understand the way it works, its super easy
[00:42:05] <Aero-Tec> your innocent I bet
[00:42:07] <Aero-Tec> lol
[00:42:15] <r00t4rd3d> i have no clue what you are talking about
[00:42:22] <Aero-Tec> lol
[00:42:35] <r00t4rd3d> enlighten me
[00:42:53] <Aero-Tec> I had got a message you had given it another try
[00:43:06] <r00t4rd3d> wtf are you talking about
[00:43:25] <Aero-Tec> maybe it was a repeat of a old message
[00:43:44] <r00t4rd3d> again
[00:43:45] <r00t4rd3d> wtf are you talking about
[00:43:49] <Aero-Tec> you had tried my old password for my name
[00:43:54] <r00t4rd3d> no, i did
[00:43:57] <r00t4rd3d> didnt
[00:44:47] <r00t4rd3d> still no fucking clue what you are even remotely talking about
[00:44:54] <r00t4rd3d> password for what
[00:45:28] <Aero-Tec> NickServ 1 failed login since last login.
[00:45:29] <Aero-Tec> NickServ Last failed attempt from: ReadError!readerror@ec2-50-19-189-163.compute-1.amazonaws.com on Sep 02 00:25:21 2012.
[00:45:34] <ReadError> i told you
[00:45:36] <Aero-Tec> that was the message
[00:45:36] <ReadError> i was testing
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[00:45:46] <Aero-Tec> lol
[00:45:48] <Aero-Tec> oops
[00:45:50] <Aero-Tec> sorry
[00:45:50] <ReadError> you had your password as "test"
[00:45:52] <ReadError> this was days ago
[00:45:57] <Aero-Tec> yes
[00:46:00] <ReadError> infact, almost a week ago
[00:46:19] <Aero-Tec> but got another message when I logged in
[00:46:27] <Aero-Tec> must be a old message
[00:46:50] <Aero-Tec> r00t4rd3d: sorry
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[00:47:39] <Aero-Tec> it was awhile ago for sure
[00:47:41] <r00t4rd3d> yeah, i dont try to hack people
[00:47:57] <jdh> anymore?
[00:48:01] <r00t4rd3d> try
[00:48:02] <Gabe_W> don't believe what he says
[00:48:05] <Gabe_W> he hacked all of my files
[00:48:10] <Gabe_W> they are all gone
[00:48:15] <Aero-Tec> I had posted my password by mistake
[00:48:20] <Gabe_W> all those free ipods i won
[00:48:38] <Aero-Tec> lol
[00:48:39] <r00t4rd3d> i would ghost you
[00:48:48] <r00t4rd3d> if you posted your pass
[00:49:16] <Aero-Tec> that is loging me out
[00:49:17] <Gabe_W> my passwod is r00t4rd3d
[00:49:18] <Aero-Tec> right?
[00:49:22] <r00t4rd3d> yeah
[00:49:25] <Gabe_W> i have used it for years
[00:49:41] <Aero-Tec> some did that to me as well
[00:49:46] <Aero-Tec> someone
[00:50:07] <Aero-Tec> can not remember who
[00:50:24] <r00t4rd3d> -NickServ- Invalid password for Aero-Tec.
[00:50:31] <r00t4rd3d> msg nickserv ghost Aero-Tec test
[00:50:49] <Aero-Tec> I have changed it
[00:50:55] <r00t4rd3d> to test123?
[00:51:00] <Aero-Tec> lol
[00:51:09] <Aero-Tec> try and see
[00:51:35] <FinboySlick> go for asdf, asdf is a real cool, quick password.
[00:51:39] <FinboySlick> I use it everywhere.
[00:51:45] <Gabe_W> loop is great too
[00:52:11] <FinboySlick> Then I got a dvorak keboard and couldn't log in for a week.
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[00:53:26] <ReadError> dvorak is too hipster
[00:53:42] <ReadError> i have 0 problems typing on a qwerty board ;)
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[00:54:29] <Gabe_W> carpel tunnel thats a serious condition
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[01:03:29] <Gabe_W> JT-Shop on here?
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[01:06:05] <Gabe_W> is it cool to log in under two names? if so i'm a loser
[01:06:38] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: I don't think there are any strict rules on that.
[01:07:22] <wooo> hey guys i want to make some project of database management and i want to include some linux in in means to make some database of linux files or something else...please suggest me something..
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[01:07:56] <FinboySlick> wooo: huh?
[01:08:00] <Aero-Tec> what is the DB for?
[01:08:07] <Aero-Tec> db
[01:08:23] <Aero-Tec> and also huh?
[01:08:41] <Gabe_W> make that three huh's?
[01:08:47] <Aero-Tec> you need to explain your project more
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[01:09:31] <Gabe_W> Aero-tec is your name of any relevance?
[01:09:38] <Gabe_W> a company name?
[01:09:46] <r00t4rd3d> i mute nascar when they pray
[01:09:46] <Aero-Tec> yes
[01:09:52] <Aero-Tec> my company
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[01:10:07] <FinboySlick> Aero-Tec: You make those bubbly chocolate bars?
[01:10:15] <wooo> actually i want to make a cool project pf database management as my college project...but i cant find some topic...i want to make some database of linux files or project related to linux..
[01:10:16] <Gabe_W> lol
[01:10:18] <Aero-Tec> lol
[01:10:43] <Gabe_W> there is an Aero-Tec shop here locally
[01:10:59] <Aero-Tec> where do you live?
[01:11:05] <wooo> please help
[01:11:25] <Aero-Tec> there are tons of EMC files you can play with
[01:11:41] <r00t4rd3d> Dennis?
[01:11:46] <wooo> Aero-Tec: are you asking me?
[01:11:50] <Gabe_W> Im not supposed to give my address to stranger's
[01:11:59] <Aero-Tec> lol
[01:12:00] <Gabe_W> so what's your real name?
[01:12:09] <Gabe_W> then we won't be stranger's
[01:12:09] <Aero-Tec> Stan
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[01:12:13] <r00t4rd3d> lol
[01:12:26] <r00t4rd3d> immediatly think of south park
[01:12:30] <Gabe_W> alright lol stan i live in st. louis missouri
[01:12:33] <ReadError> STAANNNNNNNN
[01:12:43] <ReadError> </randy>
[01:12:49] <r00t4rd3d> who is fat and can be cartman?
[01:13:19] <Aero-Tec> not my company
[01:13:20] <ReadError> r00t4rd3d, is mr garrison
[01:13:26] <Aero-Tec> I am in Canada
[01:13:32] <ReadError> you are ike then
[01:13:33] <Gabe_W> so it is your shop then
[01:13:34] <r00t4rd3d> i wouldnt tell people that
[01:13:37] <FinboySlick> ReadError: Respect my authorithay.
[01:13:56] <Aero-Tec> that does your local Aero-Tec do?
[01:14:33] <r00t4rd3d> too many companies names aero-tec/tek
[01:14:33] <Aero-Tec> yes it is my little home shop here in Canada
[01:14:40] <r00t4rd3d> where in canada?
[01:14:44] <Aero-Tec> true
[01:14:48] <r00t4rd3d> ontario?
[01:14:52] <Aero-Tec> west caost
[01:14:55] <r00t4rd3d> oh
[01:14:59] <Aero-Tec> coast
[01:15:21] <Aero-Tec> I have had this name for just about 30 years
[01:15:56] <wooo> please help guys!!
[01:16:01] <Aero-Tec> maybe over 30
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[01:16:15] <Aero-Tec> will have to check the exact date
[01:16:17] <FinboySlick> wooo: You're probably not in the best channel for this sort of help.
[01:16:31] <r00t4rd3d> i still have no clue what he is talking about
[01:16:49] <FinboySlick> r00t4rd3d: My guess is a database for database's sake because that's his homework.
[01:17:18] <Aero-Tec> woo is doing some sort of db project for school
[01:17:32] <Aero-Tec> so he is looking for something to db
[01:18:02] <wooo> Aero-Tec: but also want to include some sort of linux in it..
[01:18:03] <ReadError> why the hell did he join here?
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[01:18:05] <ReadError> ;p;
[01:18:07] <ReadError> lol
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[01:18:22] <Aero-Tec> maybe he can be of help and db something for EMC
[01:19:00] <ReadError> but emc needs no db
[01:19:09] -!- Gabe_W [Gabe_W!~GabeW@99-195-150-57.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[01:19:14] <r00t4rd3d> sure it does
[01:19:17] <r00t4rd3d> tools
[01:19:35] <ReadError> but thats loaded in a file is it not?
[01:19:36] <Aero-Tec> there is always a use for a db
[01:19:42] <FinboySlick> r00t4rd3d: But there's no linux in those tools.
[01:19:49] <Gabe_W> lol
[01:19:59] <jdh> lot of overhead for a tool table.
[01:20:06] <Gabe_W> FinBoySlick: out of nowhere with the jokes man
[01:20:10] <Gabe_W> love it
[01:20:13] <Aero-Tec> he can include linux stuff as well
[01:20:18] <Gabe_W> like .txt files
[01:20:37] <Gabe_W> oh oh and maybe search the directory
[01:21:46] <Aero-Tec> wooo: there are tons of files on the server you can download
[01:22:14] <Gabe_W> i don't think you can weigh a file, so a ton is an inaccurate measurement
[01:22:21] <Aero-Tec> some linux stuff as well
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[01:22:23] <Gabe_W> i would say there are several
[01:22:42] <wooo> Aero-Tec: what are these EMC files you are talking about?
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[01:22:57] <Gabe_W> like the X files only better
[01:23:04] <Aero-Tec> lol
[01:23:05] -!- jthornton has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[01:23:19] <FinboySlick> But the filesystem *is* the database.
[01:23:30] <Aero-Tec> the server has a ftp option does it not?
[01:23:50] <Aero-Tec> where he can lookk at the files
[01:24:42] <Aero-Tec> it is a list of files in a file system order, but it is not a db
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[01:25:17] <Gabe_W> woo: i only kid
[01:25:44] <Gabe_W> i once seek project to make linux to database format also
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[01:27:04] <Gabe_W> i can't get motivated
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[01:29:29] <Gabe_W> im trying to change the touchpad driver to decrease the touchpad area on my laptop
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[01:29:58] <Gabe_W> this laptop has a touchpad the size of an ipad, and its a pain to type on
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[01:30:19] <Gabe_W> either that or i have really wide palms
[01:30:31] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: I hate trackpads. I always go for lenovo trackpoint (or whatever pro laptop has them).
[01:30:46] <FinboySlick> And I disable the trackpad.
[01:30:57] <FinboySlick> Or just use it as a large scroll wheel.
[01:31:15] <Gabe_W> i remember those eraser looking things in the center of the keyboard
[01:31:22] <Gabe_W> they still have those?
[01:31:23] <FinboySlick> Yup. They rock.
[01:31:23] <Gabe_W> :)
[01:31:48] <FinboySlick> It's right on home row.
[01:32:20] <FinboySlick> And it won't drag when you're trying to click or other trackpad-y nonsense.
[01:32:48] <Gabe_W> i love when i type, and it randomly jumps like 400 lines up
[01:32:55] <Gabe_W> thats my favorite
[01:33:14] <FinboySlick> So yeah. Next laptop, go for something that has one of those, you won't regret it.
[01:33:19] <Gabe_W> its a game, i play when i want to edit line 37 i got to 400 and try to magically get up there
[01:34:04] <Gabe_W> i can disable it while typing but then i have to wait for it to release and i don't have the patients
[01:34:48] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: To me, that's just a bandaid solution on a poor design.
[01:35:06] <Gabe_W> i can say that about half the things i own
[01:35:40] <Gabe_W> except for linux, i really am pleased with how stable it is, linuxcnc, is bullet proof
[01:35:51] <Gabe_W> i first started using cough cough "mach3" cough
[01:36:05] <Gabe_W> even payed for it.... i know shame on me
[01:36:13] <Gabe_W> but i was ignorant
[01:36:38] <Gabe_W> actually the customer paid for it
[01:36:56] <Gabe_W> i have only paid for one piece of software, that was pro-tools 9
[01:37:11] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: And Solidworks, right?
[01:37:13] <Gabe_W> the rest i have found on the ground or one in give aways
[01:37:18] <Gabe_W> won*
[01:37:49] <Gabe_W> no i found solidworks on a cd someone dropped at the machine show
[01:38:01] <Gabe_W> crazy i know... but finder's keepers
[01:40:06] <Gabe_W> there are 3 of the .conf for synaptics
[01:40:32] <Gabe_W> any idea how to determine the appropriate one, i wonder if its in the .profile in the home directory
[01:41:16] <Gabe_W> im becoming pretty familiar with linux... a slow and steady process i actually prefer command line. its like going back in time but its faster i swear
[01:41:54] <Gabe_W> i can copy or make a link to a file faster than if i used nautilus anyone else agree?
[01:42:34] <Gabe_W> im talking to my self again... damn sometimes late at night i use this irc as a diary when no on is on
[01:42:48] <Gabe_W> dear diary: today was a good day
[01:43:57] <Gabe_W> or captains log: stardate 9/8/2012 i encountered an unusual phenomenon
[01:44:00] <jdh> except
[01:46:49] <Gabe_W> maybe its a sign
[01:46:52] -!- pjm__ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[01:47:09] <Gabe_W> like 'if we act like we can't hear him maybe he will leave"
[01:47:38] -!- pjm [pjm!~pjm@] has joined #linuxcnc
[01:54:43] -!- Gabe_W_was_taken [Gabe_W_was_taken!~Gabe_W@99-195-150-57.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #linuxcnc
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[02:04:59] <r00t4rd3d> we tried that with you already, doesnt work.
[02:08:53] -!- alpha1125 [alpha1125!~textual@] has joined #linuxcnc
[02:15:06] -!- wooo has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
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[02:18:43] -!- phreak4257 [phreak4257!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
[02:22:47] <FinboySlick> Anyone has a simple drilling/breakoff .py routine all coded up?
[02:23:46] <FinboySlick> Nevermind.
[02:24:15] <FinboySlick> Hehe, should have just looked at the site ;)
[02:33:50] <Gabe_W> it worked for a while but im back
[02:39:42] <Gabe_W> i think the saying "why re-invent the wheel" is a horrible phrase
[02:41:14] <Gabe_W> I'ts just like when my boss tells me "thats the way we have been doing it for years, why should fix it if it
[02:41:21] <Gabe_W> s not broken
[02:41:21] <Jymmm> No, but "We need to talk" is.
[02:41:56] <Gabe_W> my comment back is are you still watching a black and white tv? they said no, well did your's break or did you just want a color.
[02:42:23] <Gabe_W> if we lived by those philosophies we would still be primitive cave dwelling creatures
[02:42:39] <Gabe_W> we build a house when this cave is already here
[02:43:09] <Jymmm> but thats inventing a house, not another cave.
[02:43:48] <Gabe_W> no the cave is a house, a dwelling place where one lives, a house doesn't have a material requirement
[02:43:53] <Jymmm> The "if it aint broke" is mostly the definition of "broke"
[02:44:08] <toastydeath> "why re-invent the wheel" is usually an admonishment against "not invented here" syndrome
[02:44:22] <Jymmm> a cave is a dweeling for millions of bats for millions of years
[02:44:41] <Gabe_W> so i should move out of my cave then?
[02:44:47] <Gabe_W> because bats where here first?
[02:45:07] <Jymmm> Which point are you arguing? wheel or broke?
[02:46:08] <Gabe_W> both
[02:46:20] <Jymmm> you cant, they are diffeent things.
[02:47:19] <Gabe_W> true but both are incorrect
[02:47:37] -!- archivist_herron has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[02:47:42] <Gabe_W> just saying in general... most don't make any sense
[02:48:06] <toastydeath> rather than seeking to understand advice, it looks like you're merely arguing against it without first considering it
[02:48:15] <Jymmm> theres no need for a school kid to go out and make their own pencils, when you can buy 24 for $1 (wheel). But if the kids wants a mechanical pencil so no have to ha a sharpener, sure (broke)
[02:50:25] <Gabe_W> so since you can buy 24 pencils for $1 you should just accept that?
[02:50:44] <Jymmm> shouldn't reinvent the wheel
[02:51:18] <Gabe_W> i disagree say you develop a material that is just like the led or graphite but never breaks or needs sharpening
[02:51:32] <Gabe_W> now you only need one
[02:51:35] <Jymmm> that's not wheel, that's broke
[02:51:48] <Jymmm> "if it aint broke, but it is!"
[02:52:06] <Jymmm> Like I said, they are two different things.
[02:52:25] <toastydeath> password storage.
[02:52:38] <Jymmm> One is replication the other is innovation.
[02:52:41] <toastydeath> nearly every website develops their own crypto and password storage/transmission
[02:52:47] <toastydeath> despite having NO domain knowledge.
[02:53:02] <Jymmm> toastydeath: Nah, that's just ego
[02:53:04] <toastydeath> now, the developers could decide that they NEED to be domain experts
[02:53:19] <toastydeath> in which case they can innovate.
[02:53:32] <toastydeath> in most cases, they wind up with a shittier solution than exists elsewhere and is prone to more failures.
[02:53:35] <Jymmm> they're too stupid to innovate on that
[02:54:07] <Jymmm> "You know you're a dumbass... when you say that MD5 is encryption"
[02:54:17] <Gabe_W> so since Edison developed the light bulb and the use of DC current, then Tesla should of just said oh well with Alternating Current?
[02:54:49] <toastydeath> Gabe_W, that's not the issue at hand
[02:54:59] <Gabe_W> im confused now lol
[02:54:59] <toastydeath> Tesla wasn't wheelwright for wagons.
[02:55:11] <Jymmm> Edison stole the lightbulb, like he stole many things.
[02:55:17] <toastydeath> If tesla decided he wanted to make wheels, he had NO reason to think he could do it as well or better.
[02:55:21] <toastydeath> his wheels are going to be shit.
[02:55:24] <Jymmm> stole/boughtout, whatever =)
[02:55:46] -!- Adventsparky has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[02:55:48] <jdh> I don't think that's what it means.
[02:55:51] <toastydeath> and if he wants to make a wagon wheel of merely equal quality
[02:55:58] <toastydeath> he has to invest a shitload of time learning how to do it properly
[02:56:14] <jdh> it's wheel as a concept, not wheel as a manufactured item.
[02:56:15] <toastydeath> when he can just go out and for far less cost, buy a damn wheel.
[02:56:27] <toastydeath> jdh, I'm using the literal example because it illustrates the concept
[02:56:47] <jdh> no it doesn't.
[02:56:56] <toastydeath> okay, what does it mean?
[02:57:00] <jdh> it illustrates something completely different.
[02:57:14] <toastydeath> actually, I don't want to discuss this anymore
[02:57:17] <Gabe_W> wow, look i was just complaining
[02:57:20] <jdh> it means a wheel is just round
[02:57:21] <Gabe_W> lets move on lol
[02:57:27] <toastydeath> this is a stupid discussion and I'm annoyed i got into it
[02:57:57] <Jymmm> toastydeath: blame gabe and thru your poo at him for strting it!
[02:58:01] <Jymmm> throw
[02:58:04] <jdh> that's the point of the interwebbes
[02:58:22] <Gabe_W> i'll take the blame thats fine, just not the poo
[03:00:05] -!- archivist_herron [archivist_herron!~herron@] has joined #linuxcnc
[03:00:09] <Gabe_W> note to self, don't discuss 'figure's of speech' on irc
[03:01:10] <jdh> what is a "figure of speech" anyway?
[03:01:19] <jdh> is it a drawing, or a mannequin?
[03:01:29] <Jymmm> jdh: yo momma!
[03:01:37] <jdh> a bust of benjamin franklin orating?
[03:02:24] <Gabe_W> speaking of mannequin check this out http://youtu.be/DQpq1_pfIgk
[03:02:29] <Gabe_W> hilarious
[03:02:46] -!- Adventsparky has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[03:02:54] <Gabe_W> it was at a lake near buy
[03:02:58] <Gabe_W> by*
[03:10:38] -!- factor has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[03:12:31] -!- phreak [phreak!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[03:31:34] -!- phreak [phreak!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
[03:36:13] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: The driver swinging to the left is pretty priceless.
[03:41:21] <r00t4rd3d> Just finished reading No Easy Day, pretty good book.
[03:43:42] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@extern-183.stiwoll.mah.priv.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[03:43:44] -!- taiden [taiden!taiden@] has joined #linuxcnc
[03:43:48] <taiden> whats up gents
[03:47:21] -!- sumpfralle has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[03:52:28] -!- tlab has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[04:01:05] <Gabe_W> i know
[04:01:38] <Gabe_W> i watched it like 10 times,
[04:02:43] -!- phreak has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[04:03:07] -!- phreak [phreak!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:03:14] <r00t4rd3d> anyone do dovetail or finger joints on their router?
[04:05:14] <r00t4rd3d> im trying to figure out how to do it
[04:08:00] -!- i_tarzan_ has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[04:08:22] -!- i_tarzan [i_tarzan!~i_tarzan@] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:10:16] <Gabe_W> they sell a dovetail cutter
[04:10:26] <Gabe_W> do you have one?
[04:10:32] <r00t4rd3d> nope
[04:10:53] <r00t4rd3d> i want to make project boxes and stuff
[04:11:12] <FinboySlick> I could use someone with a bit of drilling experience myself (just to further my understanding).
[04:11:14] <Gabe_W> with sliding tops?
[04:11:56] <FinboySlick> Twist drills never go in where they're supposed to, apparently, so one needs to spot-drill, correct?
[04:12:11] <Gabe_W> what are you drilling?
[04:12:44] <FinboySlick> Relatively soft plastic, I think it's probably ABS.
[04:13:00] <Gabe_W> screw length drills or standard length
[04:13:06] <FinboySlick> I'm about 0.003" off on a 5/64 drill.
[04:13:16] <FinboySlick> Bog standard.
[04:13:20] <Gabe_W> thats not uncommon for plastic
[04:13:32] <Gabe_W> the head causes expansion
[04:13:34] <Gabe_W> heat*
[04:14:12] <FinboySlick> I'm off in terms of position, not diameter.
[04:14:30] <FinboySlick> (might be off there too, but it's not that big a deal)
[04:14:40] <Gabe_W> is it supported or does it flex?
[04:15:03] <Gabe_W> thats a small drill to not spot drill
[04:15:19] <Gabe_W> especially if its sticking out of the chuck more than an inch
[04:15:38] <FinboySlick> Gabe_W: Yeah. I was mostly just interested in what's going on there though.
[04:15:52] <FinboySlick> (this was a test hole)
[04:16:04] <Gabe_W> i could easily see this drill walking off
[04:16:56] <FinboySlick> The flex doesn't just mean my hole is in the wrong spot, right, it also means the hole isn't straight, doesn't it?
[04:17:24] <Gabe_W> it could be if the drill walks off i would bet its out of round and not straight
[04:18:18] <FinboySlick> Would spot drilling be enough to aleviate all of that?
[04:18:38] <Gabe_W> if you could pick up a #1 center drill
[04:18:55] <Gabe_W> drill about .083 deep
[04:19:05] -!- phreak has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[04:19:11] -!- taiden has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[04:19:31] -!- phreak_ [phreak_!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:19:57] <Gabe_W> the tip on a #1 is .051 if my memory serves me correctly
[04:20:16] <FinboySlick> I don't have a spot drill that small.
[04:20:27] <Gabe_W> #2?
[04:20:35] <Gabe_W> you can't go higher than a #2
[04:20:41] <Gabe_W> #3 pilot is .125
[04:21:00] <FinboySlick> That's the smallest I got if that.
[04:21:23] <Gabe_W> you could just try making a small plunge in with a number three
[04:21:41] <FinboySlick> OK, the cone is enough, I don't need a wall?
[04:22:08] <Gabe_W> talking about .03 max just don't put the pilot in
[04:22:39] <Gabe_W> i can't guarantee that the drill won't come out of that though
[04:22:45] <Gabe_W> what's your feed rate?
[04:23:05] <Gabe_W> i presume this is on a CNC
[04:23:13] <FinboySlick> I calculated 16ipm at 6000rpm.
[04:23:15] <FinboySlick> Yes.
[04:23:23] <Gabe_W> way to fast
[04:23:34] <Gabe_W> of a feed rate
[04:24:02] <FinboySlick> Went through 3/4 of plastic like butter though.
[04:24:42] <Gabe_W> i feed a .125 through delrin at about 50ipm but its a screw length drill
[04:25:52] <FinboySlick> The rule of thumb formula says 5/64 * 10 ipm.
[04:26:06] <FinboySlick> at 3000 rpm.
[04:26:26] <FinboySlick> I can't spin at 3k, so I went 6k and doubled the feedrate.
[04:26:40] <Gabe_W> speeding the rpm's up is not a problem
[04:27:30] <FinboySlick> I don't want it to melt its way through though, it has to do some cutting.
[04:27:31] <Gabe_W> its the feed rate you want to drill it plastic well flex you want to let the drill cut not push
[04:28:04] <Gabe_W> i would say 10ipm sounds okay, keep the rpms where they are
[04:28:15] <FinboySlick> 10ipm at 6k?
[04:29:47] <Gabe_W> yea give that a try hell you would be save at 6 or 8 ipm also is this a production part?
[04:30:03] <FinboySlick> Nah, one of two.
[04:30:11] <FinboySlick> But I have some scraps I can test in.
[04:31:51] <FinboySlick> With my previous params, the hole is loose at the entry and snug at the end.
[04:32:00] <FinboySlick> That's what made me wonder what's going on.
[04:32:30] <Gabe_W> typically that means it got hot
[04:32:37] <Gabe_W> how sharp is your drill?
[04:32:53] <FinboySlick> Brand new, but it's hardware store grade.
[04:32:59] <Gabe_W> should be fine
[04:33:32] <Gabe_W> as long as it wasn't used on steel previously
[04:34:08] <Gabe_W> try slow that feed down, chuck that drill up as high as possible
[04:34:23] <Gabe_W> rigidity rigidity rigidity
[04:34:25] <Gabe_W> :)
[04:34:47] <FinboySlick> It's in a R11 collet.
[04:35:02] <Gabe_W> thats good
[04:35:05] <FinboySlick> I still need to have it stick out 3/4" though since this is a through hole.
[04:35:24] <Gabe_W> try not to chuck up on the flutes
[04:35:45] <Gabe_W> so as short as possible without chucking up on the flutes
[04:35:55] <FinboySlick> Makes sense.
[04:36:13] <FinboySlick> They're Ti coated, but in that grade, I don't think it's meaningful. Might make them a bit more slippery.
[04:36:54] <Gabe_W> titanium nitrated absolutely worthless unless working in high temperature's
[04:37:38] <FinboySlick> Makes one wonder why they bother in bits that'll be chucked in battery powered hand-tools.
[04:37:39] -!- phreak_ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[04:38:01] <Gabe_W> because they will get excessively hot in a hand drill
[04:38:05] -!- phreak_ [phreak_!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:39:24] <FinboySlick> Anyway. Seems I've got everything ready for tomorrow.
[04:39:39] <FinboySlick> I'll look into getting video up of the part being born.
[04:40:07] <FinboySlick> milling tests were very promising.
[04:40:25] <FinboySlick> I'm getting awesome finish at the speed/feed I planned.
[04:41:26] <Gabe_W> thats good
[04:42:50] <FinboySlick> This soft plastic is really fun to work with.
[04:43:52] <Gabe_W> yeah cheap too
[04:44:33] <Gabe_W> i can fly through that stuff
[04:45:07] <FinboySlick> busybee has a 'Pla-Sticks' special. 10 bucks you get x pounds of random plastic stuff.
[04:46:14] <FinboySlick> Any time I order there, I get a pack or two.
[04:46:38] <FinboySlick> It's mostly flat stock and random extrusions.
[04:48:42] <Gabe_W> not to bad, i get it free :)
[04:49:51] <FinboySlick> Well, time for bed.
[04:49:55] <FinboySlick> Thanks.
[04:50:29] <FinboySlick> I'll see about getting straight holes in the morning, then I'll play the gcode isn't going to put a dent in my vise ;)
[04:50:41] <FinboySlick> :s/play/pray/.
[04:51:12] -!- FinboySlick has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
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[06:53:47] <DJ9DJ> moin
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[09:20:26] -!- mazafaka1 [mazafaka1!~mazafaka_@unaffiliated/mazafaka] has joined #linuxcnc
[09:21:19] <mazafaka1> hello! I have bought an Ural here, I only need to register it officially. I plan to use it as a single motorcycle.
[09:24:51] -!- bedah [bedah!~bedah@g224153141.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[09:46:34] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@macbook.stiwoll.mah.priv.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[10:23:30] -!- grummund [grummund!~user@unaffiliated/grummund] has joined #linuxcnc
[10:25:49] -!- FredrikHson [FredrikHson!~Silverwol@90-230-36-147-no43.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #linuxcnc
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[11:05:59] -!- Thetawaves has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
[11:11:04] <jthornton> I've driven a Ural before... very interesting ride
[11:19:37] -!- joe9 has quit [Quit: leaving]
[11:26:15] <mazafaka1> you have told about it already, jthornton But I have 2 motorcycle and 4-meter-long SUV in 3.6x5.6 meters garage
[11:27:03] <jthornton> sounds like my garage before I built the shop
[11:27:36] <mazafaka1> neigbours were laughing and helped to roll it out of the truck, using wooden bar
[11:28:04] <jthornton> the ural?
[11:28:29] <mazafaka1> Iplan to buy a bigger, almost 2-storey garage with a new UAZ 31512 in it at my parents soon.
[11:29:13] <jthornton> what is a UAZ?
[11:30:13] <mazafaka1> https://www.google.ru/search?q=UAZ+31512&hl=ru&newwindow=1&client=firefox-nightly&hs=gd1&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:unofficial&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=t31MULynNoXJrAfdroHoAQ&ved=0CCIQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=709
[11:30:47] <jthornton> resembles a jeep
[11:31:07] <mazafaka1> Problem is 35'' is probably the biggest 'reliable' diameter of the tyres for UAZ
[11:33:21] <mazafaka1> i have bouth it without a sidecar, I hope I can perform necessary for its registration actions. It must be registered and only then you can modify it, it must be in their database.
[11:33:45] <psha> jthornton: closer to willys
[11:34:30] <mazafaka1> psha: hello
[11:34:37] <psha> hi
[11:35:00] -!- gmagno [gmagno!~gmagno@a213-22-30-249.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[11:35:59] <mazafaka1> That's how I rode my bike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDyYbrEmSh0&feature=channel&list=UL That evening coal miners were celebrating their professional celebration, The Coal Miners Day...
[11:36:31] -!- theos has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
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[12:29:53] -!- alpha1125 [alpha1125!~textual@] has joined #linuxcnc
[12:30:47] <r00t4rd3d> this is what the linuxcnc forums need
[12:30:48] <r00t4rd3d> http://imgur.com/a/8UFHM#0
[12:31:04] <r00t4rd3d> that will keep the spam bots out
[12:32:09] <DJ9DJ> hrhr
[12:36:32] <psha> r00t4rd3d: but with caption 'assemble 3-axis mill'
[12:39:06] <r00t4rd3d> something
[12:46:55] -!- defaultro has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[12:48:59] <jthornton> I think random questions would stop any automated spammers from registration
[12:49:30] <jthornton> all the capchia in the world has been solved by India
[12:50:58] <psha> so you need come captcha which may not be solved by India
[12:51:03] <psha> for example - you have to kill cow
[12:51:43] <psha> and eat it
[12:52:36] -!- alpha1125 has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
[13:02:10] -!- phreak__ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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[13:36:44] <r00t4rd3d> http://watertown.craigslist.org/ele/3226194174.html
[13:36:53] <r00t4rd3d> thats one expensive computer!
[13:39:38] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@extern-183.stiwoll.mah.priv.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:41:06] <archivist> still cheaper than US.govs Sage system of old
[13:41:48] -!- toudi_ [toudi_!~toudi@efm147.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:42:34] toudi_ is now known as micges
[13:42:39] -!- maddogma [maddogma!~quassel@76-206-41-143.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #linuxcnc
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[14:07:02] -!- alpha1125 [alpha1125!~textual@] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:18:02] <JT-Shop> the Bpeast has lost it's head and brain
[14:19:23] -!- taiden has quit []
[14:19:57] <jp__> morn
[14:21:02] <jp__> got a print off last night!!
[14:31:00] <r00t4rd3d> what does that mean?
[14:31:37] <r00t4rd3d> a print off
[14:31:47] <jp__> it means i got my extruder working
[14:31:56] <r00t4rd3d> oh
[14:32:13] -!- alpha1125 has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
[14:32:19] <r00t4rd3d> i thought you got into a printing competition.
[14:32:51] <jp__> lol ah no
[14:33:59] <mazafaka1> So, there are 5 elements: B-boying, DJing, MCing, Graffiti. and... SKIIIILLLSSSSS!!! And also a printing///
[14:34:55] <mazafaka1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIX4c0vdcAM
[15:05:07] -!- defaultro has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[15:13:10] -!- geo01005 [geo01005!~chatzilla@] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:13:24] <JT-Shop> the Bpeast just lost more weight!
[15:15:03] <jdh> you shouldn't talk that way about your wife/girlfriend/mother.
[15:16:55] <Jymmm> jdh: He thinks he's King Henry or a zombie. Or maybe a zombie King. who knows.
[15:17:22] <Jymmm> "2012-09-09 07:18:02 JT-Shop: the Bpeast has lost it's head and brain"
[15:20:05] <JT-Shop> who knows
[15:20:08] -!- gmagno has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[15:22:05] <jdh> nor a predator.
[15:22:14] <jdh> <urk>
[15:23:22] -!- gmagno [gmagno!~gmagno@a213-22-30-249.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:30:20] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[15:39:54] -!- tlab [tlab!~tlab@c-98-223-22-156.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:42:54] -!- FinboySlick [FinboySlick!~shark@squal.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:47:08] -!- defaultro has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[15:48:33] -!- gmagno has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[15:51:01] -!- gmagno [gmagno!~gmagno@a213-22-30-249.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:14:20] -!- Keknom has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[16:21:35] Cylly2 is now known as Loetmichel
[16:36:40] -!- Nick001-Shop [Nick001-Shop!~chatzilla@] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:44:40] <JT-Shop> http://imagebin.org/227788
[16:45:25] <Tom_itx> new conversion?
[16:45:27] <skunkworks__> JT-Shop: yay!
[16:45:47] <JT-Shop> http://imagebin.org/227789
[16:46:30] <Tom_itx> what board is that?
[16:46:46] <JT-Shop> in the panel? 7i77
[16:47:08] <Tom_itx> oh, the 5i25 is in the pc
[16:47:55] <FinboySlick> Those are some beefy motors.
[16:48:06] <JT-Shop> well I've been putting it off for months and finally got some motovation from somewhere
[16:48:30] <JT-Shop> the back half is the tacko and encoder
[16:49:41] <FinboySlick> Hehe, I see you still have your balista.
[16:50:40] <JT-Shop> this came off the back and is full of nema contactors and transformers http://imagebin.org/227791
[16:51:02] <FinboySlick> So much room...
[16:51:21] <FinboySlick> I have 8'x8'
[16:51:45] <JT-Shop> only a couple of things to put in this panel http://imagebin.org/227792
[16:51:59] <JT-Shop> yea, the ballista is a fun toy
[16:53:21] -!- tlab has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[17:00:44] <JT-Shop> I started with the top shelf of a small coat closet as my shop
[17:02:17] <JT-Shop> with that back panel off I can move it back 4' closer to the wall
[17:03:08] <archivist> what's next years project...another shop extension ? :)
[17:03:37] <JT-Shop> it's all downhill, no flat ground left at this level
[17:04:10] <JT-Shop> probley convert the VMC to LinuxCNC after I get it moved into the shop
[17:04:15] <archivist> gravity helps moving machines in
[17:04:49] <JT-Shop> yes it does but you can't let it get going too fast
[17:05:31] -!- IchGuckLive [IchGuckLive!~chatzilla@95-89-101-95-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:05:36] <IchGuckLive> Hi all
[17:06:23] <JT-Shop> the mounting hole pattern on the back of monitors does it follow some metric standard?
[17:07:31] <archivist> http://www.ergoindemand.com/about_VESA_standard.htm
[17:08:32] <JT-Shop> this one looks like 100mm x 100mm
[17:09:16] <archivist> top right in that page is 100x100
[17:13:04] <JT-Shop> thanks
[17:14:12] -!- syyl [syyl!~syyl@p4FD12E9E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:14:44] <FinboySlick> IchGuckLive: Yo.
[17:15:08] <IchGuckLive> HI
[17:15:36] <r00t4rd3d> omfg , dont look at this:
[17:15:38] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/zlnhp/at_837am_this_morning_after_4_days_of/
[17:16:03] <r00t4rd3d> r/wtf, youve been warned
[17:16:16] <FinboySlick> r00t4rd3d: Mexican flag.
[17:16:46] <r00t4rd3d> lol u looked
[17:17:15] <FinboySlick> I shouldn't have, I'm eating breakfast.
[17:17:21] <r00t4rd3d> haha
[17:17:35] <r00t4rd3d> its not that bad, we all do it, just not to that extent
[17:18:02] <r00t4rd3d> i almost feel sorry for the guy
[17:18:55] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@extern-183.stiwoll.mah.priv.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:19:19] <r00t4rd3d> welp, girl*
[17:19:58] <r00t4rd3d> oh wait, gay guy*
[17:20:17] <r00t4rd3d> that explains it
[17:21:07] <FinboySlick> This is exactly why Al Gore invented the Internet.
[17:23:05] <ReadError> dang JT-Shop
[17:23:08] <ReadError> you got a forklift?
[17:24:28] <JT-Shop> yes, but not at this shop
[17:24:59] <FinboySlick> You have more than one shop?
[17:25:06] <JT-Shop> I built this to move things around with http://gnipsel.com/shop/gantry/gantry.xhtml
[17:25:12] <JT-Shop> yes
[17:25:34] <JT-Shop> we assemble and paint and wire at the other shop
[17:25:49] <FinboySlick> Envy.
[17:26:38] <JT-Shop> I had the beam and the 4" square tubing so all I needed was some wheels and chain falls
[17:27:28] <FinboySlick> In a pickle (and in plastic), is it okay to use a 90° chamfer mill as a spot drill?
[17:27:39] <JT-Shop> I think it will pick up 6 tons if I did my cyphering correctly
[17:27:42] -!- factor has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:27:51] <JT-Shop> on a drill press?
[17:27:54] <FinboySlick> mill
[17:28:22] <JT-Shop> I don't spot drill on the mill but I use screw machine lenght bits usually
[17:28:46] <FinboySlick> I have a 5/64 hole to drill and just a regular drill bit to do it with.
[17:28:49] <archivist> I would use a centre drill bit
[17:28:59] <FinboySlick> I figured I'd prevent walking by touching that chamfer on the spot.
[17:29:30] <JT-Shop> yea, that is tiny
[17:30:49] <FinboySlick> The only center drill bit that I have is too big and quite worn out.
[17:31:15] <archivist> but rigid
[17:32:10] <FinboySlick> It won't cut though. That's why I asked about the chamfer, that one's bran new.
[17:32:49] <JT-Shop> never tried one, let us know how it works
[17:40:27] <IchGuckLive> gmagno: are you ready for the milling with image-g-code
[17:41:34] <mrsun> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UmL7xZZSUk&feature=g-vrec cnc on a new scale :P
[17:43:27] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, already milling a simple mountain, yesterday didn't go well
[17:43:31] <gmagno> :)
[17:43:57] <IchGuckLive> O.O
[17:45:21] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, http://bambuser.com/v/2969369
[17:45:33] <IchGuckLive> http://foengarage.de/gray_test.png
[17:45:47] -!- factor [factor!~factor@r74-195-187-142.msk1cmtc01.mskgok.ok.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:46:20] <IchGuckLive> gmagno: i told you to simulate the output first
[17:47:57] <IchGuckLive> gmagno: my problem is that i can only get a 128-255 out of blender
[17:48:07] <IchGuckLive> so its sad
[17:48:22] <IchGuckLive> the heekscad does a foll STL 3D toolpath
[17:48:32] <IchGuckLive> full ! B)
[17:48:52] <gmagno> hmm
[17:49:02] <gmagno> 128-255?
[17:49:14] <gmagno> heightmap values?
[17:49:27] <IchGuckLive> shoudt i give you a g-code for the Lion at 78x69x8mm with a 2mm Ballend
[17:49:49] <IchGuckLive> yes
[17:50:01] <IchGuckLive> imagegcode says 0-188
[17:50:32] <gmagno> wanna help? Have you heard of Settlers of Catan?
[17:50:46] <gmagno> or Pioneers (open source game in linux)
[17:51:03] <IchGuckLive> i play OpenTTD
[17:51:23] <gmagno> :D
[17:51:29] <gmagno> that's ok
[17:51:40] <gmagno> but let's focus on settlers of catan now
[17:51:43] <gmagno> :)
[17:51:55] <IchGuckLive> gmagno: G-code ?
[17:51:59] <gmagno> yup
[17:52:06] <IchGuckLive> shoudt i generate some for you
[17:52:16] <IchGuckLive> max stepdown
[17:52:28] <gmagno> you could make a tree, a clay, a stone, and soething else i cant remember now
[17:52:39] <IchGuckLive> tooledge hight is 6mm ?
[17:52:47] <gmagno> I'm willining to make the game pieces with wood
[17:52:57] <gmagno> 8mm
[17:53:16] <IchGuckLive> i generate at 80x70mm or more
[17:53:22] <gmagno> wait a sec
[17:55:18] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, Im sending u an email
[17:55:31] <IchGuckLive> ok
[17:56:23] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:58:05] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, you got mail
[17:58:33] -!- phreak__ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[17:58:53] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, do you use inkscape?
[17:58:59] -!- phreak__ [phreak__!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:59:03] <IchGuckLive> most gimp
[17:59:29] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, I use gimp for bitmap images, but you need something else for vector images
[17:59:42] <IchGuckLive> agree on incscape
[18:00:18] <gmagno> anyway, the svg I sent you has an hexagon with the exact dimensions of the final wood piece
[18:01:57] <gmagno> the hexagon should fit a 78x69 [mm] rectangle
[18:02:07] <gmagno> fit in*
[18:03:09] -!- cncbasher [cncbasher!~quassel@cpc15-hart9-2-0-cust101.11-3.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:03:35] <IchGuckLive> gmagno: you cant combine a svg and a image 2 gcode option
[18:04:13] <IchGuckLive> as i think you will mill the thunder ontop of a hexagon ?
[18:04:46] <IchGuckLive> this is a cloudy image
[18:06:02] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, ignore the fact that I sent you vector image. I just wanted you to know the dimensions of it
[18:07:03] <gmagno> bascially, the image has to fit an hexagon with those dimensions which will be milled in a 78x69 mm rect
[18:08:02] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, look at this: http://roboawesome.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/settlers.jpg
[18:08:17] <gmagno> I wanna make each piece of the game in wood
[18:08:27] <gmagno> they are mainly hexagons
[18:08:48] <IchGuckLive> 200 cutter ß
[18:08:52] <IchGuckLive> 2mm
[18:09:05] <gmagno> drill diameter = 2mm
[18:09:33] <IchGuckLive> isent it a ballend
[18:09:40] <gmagno> cilinder
[18:10:02] <IchGuckLive> how can you mill at this dimantion with a Cylinder
[18:10:16] <IchGuckLive> i woudt use a 1mm ballend on this mdF
[18:10:34] <gmagno> IchGuckLive, I would too, but I don't have any :D
[18:11:28] <gmagno> on the other hand 1mm drill would increase the time for milling
[18:12:12] <IchGuckLive> but the output is best
[18:12:26] <gmagno> it's a tradeoff
[18:16:37] -!- skramy has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[18:19:51] -!- zlog has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[18:19:55] -!- Tom_itx has quit []
[18:20:57] -!- maddogma has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[18:22:03] -!- Tom_itx [Tom_itx!~Tl@unaffiliated/toml/x-013812] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:22:46] -!- zlog [zlog!~zlog@ip68-102-196-2.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:22:55] <gmagno> im on last step
[18:23:00] <gmagno> :)
[18:23:10] <gmagno> pass*
[18:23:54] -!- micges has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:24:18] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[18:32:11] <FinboySlick> JT-Shop: Chamfer bit didn't make a difference, I'm still off by roughly the same ammount.
[18:33:33] <IchGuckLive> gmagno: http://foengarage.de/mounton.png Not worth a mill !
[18:33:47] <IchGuckLive> its only a obscure
[18:34:07] <IchGuckLive> take some clue and a plate and moell it
[18:34:22] <FinboySlick> In an experienced driller's opinion, if I'm off bt about 0.003" going in, will I the through hole be in the same (off) spot?
[18:34:38] <FinboySlick> Or will the bit flex in the hole too?
[18:34:54] <IchGuckLive> BYE im off
[18:35:29] -!- IchGuckLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713225625]]
[18:36:21] <gmagno> see ya
[18:40:56] -!- motioncontrol [motioncontrol!~io@host55-74-dynamic.16-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:41:32] -!- ktchk [ktchk!~eddie6929@n219079127075.netvigator.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:41:56] -!- tlab [tlab!~tlab@c-98-223-22-156.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:45:16] <skunkworks__> wow - Some day i will make a hexapod.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nebJ59TcYlQ
[18:48:35] -!- Thetawaves [Thetawaves!~Thetawave@7-139-42-72.gci.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:56:05] -!- ktchk [ktchk!~eddie6929@n219079127075.netvigator.com] has parted #linuxcnc
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[19:11:33] -!- gmagno has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[19:21:24] -!- ktchk [ktchk!~eddie6929@n219079127075.netvigator.com] has parted #linuxcnc
[19:24:05] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@extern-183.stiwoll.mah.priv.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:32:04] -!- motioncontrol has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
[19:34:08] <archivist> FinboySlick, once the drill is off it gets worse
[19:42:33] <FinboySlick> This is frustrating.
[19:44:04] <FinboySlick> I have a 1/16 endmill, maybe I could bore a starter hole with it.
[19:44:17] <archivist> but how do you know you are .003 off, measurement can be just as hard
[19:44:36] -!- psha has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[19:45:10] <archivist> is your touching off good enough too
[19:45:21] <FinboySlick> My indicator gives me consistent results at a few depths in the hole. I just can't go deep enough to know it's the same all over.
[19:45:32] <FinboySlick> The hole is the reference.
[19:45:50] <FinboySlick> I'm off with respect to the spindle.
[19:46:03] <archivist> how can it be off if it is the reference :)
[19:46:21] <FinboySlick> Well, it's not in line with the spindle.
[19:46:29] <archivist> is this a spinning indicator
[19:46:33] <FinboySlick> No.
[19:47:06] <archivist> are you rotating the spindle to check if in line
[19:47:20] <FinboySlick> Yes.
[19:48:17] <FinboySlick> Then I line up the spindle to confirm the measurement and get 0 all around.
[19:49:04] <FinboySlick> Displacement needed to get the same measurement around the hole is what I consider being off by.
[19:49:31] <archivist> any x/y backlash that needs fixing
[19:50:16] <FinboySlick> Nope. And indicator feedback to change of direction is consistent with that claim.
[19:51:54] <archivist> is the Z axis inline with the spindle axis and at 90 to the table precisely
[19:52:06] -!- toudi_ [toudi_!~toudi@efm147.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:53:24] <Aero-Tec> I am setting up my mill to work with lxcnc
[19:53:46] <FinboySlick> archivist: I haven't measured that, but I'm pretty sure it is. The hole would be at an angle, sure, but the indicator would still tell me if the hole and spindle are in line.
[19:53:48] <Aero-Tec> would like to make sure I have it all done right before making parts
[19:54:09] <Tom_itx> cut some air first
[19:54:13] <Tom_itx> or wood
[19:54:15] <Aero-Tec> is there a check list of things I should be looking at before making parts?
[19:54:33] <Aero-Tec> yes cut air for sure
[19:54:44] <Aero-Tec> I have set the back lash
[19:54:50] <Tom_itx> home the axis, set any fixture offsets, set any tool length offsets
[19:54:51] <archivist> FinboySlick, no because the indicator and drill point can be at different distances therefore off by any taper amount
[19:55:09] <Aero-Tec> BTW there is only one place you need to set that right?
[19:55:34] <Tom_itx> look at jt's tutorial for that
[19:55:36] <Aero-Tec> I need to tweek the scale
[19:55:56] <Aero-Tec> any helpfull hints as to the best way to set the scale?
[19:56:46] <Aero-Tec> coot, where do I find jt's tutorial?
[19:56:48] <Tom_itx> calculate it based on stepper, microstepping, leadscrew etc
[19:57:03] <archivist> Aero-Tec, mount a dial indicator o show amount of movement, does it agree with the display
[19:57:23] <Aero-Tec> it is off by a tadd
[19:57:31] <Tom_itx> i'm not sure where he hid it
[19:57:48] <Aero-Tec> is it on you tube?
[19:58:59] <Tom_itx> http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/g-code/index.html
[19:59:11] <Tom_itx> touch off and fixture offsets
[19:59:14] <Tom_itx> etc
[19:59:54] -!- phantoxeD has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:00:12] -!- phantoxeD [phantoxeD!~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:01:20] <archivist> FinboySlick, any pictures of you machine online?
[20:02:55] <FinboySlick> archivist: Just a youtube video I made. It's full of fail though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQWaDXjdtCI
[20:04:13] <archivist> is it a commercial type machine modded
[20:04:32] <FinboySlick> Not modded.
[20:04:51] <FinboySlick> I bought it new like this.
[20:05:30] <archivist> model? so I can google what it looks like complete
[20:05:37] <FinboySlick> It passed inspection and everything. There shouldn't be anything off unless something managed to shift two linear rails at once during transport.
[20:06:35] <FinboySlick> http://www.syilamerica.com/machine_x5speed.php
[20:07:18] <FinboySlick> I'd be much keener on blaming my inexperience than the machine at this point anyway.
[20:09:49] <cncbasher> finboy:have you checked the adjustment of gibs since you got it
[20:10:08] <archivist> at that price you can afford a new centre drill :)
[20:10:27] <archivist> gibs it is on rails
[20:11:16] <FinboySlick> archivist: I had a deal, and yeah, I already ordered the centre drills, I'm just trying to gain experience in the meantime.
[20:16:11] <archivist> their positional accuracy is a bit undefined, .00019" but does not give any direction or envelope to the error nor any angular error
[20:17:08] <FinboySlick> The inspection report is a fair bit more detailed.
[20:17:23] -!- toudi__ [toudi__!~toudi@dhr222.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:17:24] <FinboySlick> I got a number for each axis.
[20:17:54] <archivist> hopefully all better than that number in the brochure
[20:19:02] <FinboySlick> Well, I'm too much of a noob to have very high expectations but as long as it's smaller than what I'm able to measure I'll endure.
[20:20:51] -!- toudi_ has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[20:24:25] <archivist> if it passes and within 2 tenths, 3 thou is showing a problem in use, here short stubby drills help
[20:31:50] toudi__ is now known as micges
[20:46:17] <FinboySlick> archivist: Could it be that the plastic is so soft that my my attempts with a 90° chamfer (which is very sturdy) just didn't help?
[20:47:24] -!- defaultro has quit [Changing host]
[20:48:13] -!- phreak__ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[20:48:14] <archivist> if chamfer device is too blunt then there wont be a reliable start taper
[20:48:39] <FinboySlick> I have a 60° too, maybe that'd work better.
[20:48:40] -!- phreak__ [phreak__!~phreak@] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:49:32] <FinboySlick> Or did you mean its tip? The tip of the chamfer tool is a lot sharper than that of the drill bit.
[20:49:45] <archivist> its tip
[20:51:16] <archivist> do a test with the chamfer drill but dont follow up by drilling it, then look at the indentation, has it got a pip in the middle
[20:51:41] <archivist> needs a magnifier
[20:52:11] <archivist> that pip will push a drill to one side
[20:52:44] <FinboySlick> archivist: To help my french brain here... What do you mean by a pip?
[20:53:03] <archivist> a small mountain
[20:54:54] <FinboySlick> Right at the tip of the cone?
[20:55:11] <FinboySlick> That to me would suggest a crooked tool.
[20:55:32] <archivist> exactly
[20:56:03] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[20:56:39] <FinboySlick> That's one thing that sort of gets me... A twist drill has two edges, wouldn't the first edge that bites send it off centre?
[20:57:08] -!- DJ9DJ has quit [Quit: bye]
[20:57:09] <archivist> cheap ones do certainly
[20:57:36] <FinboySlick> I think I'll buy some good drill bits along with the center drills.
[20:57:45] <archivist> also makes then drill the wring sized hole
[20:57:53] <archivist> wrong
[20:58:54] <FinboySlick> I never put much attention to drilling since you can just bore holes with cnc but now I realize how important it is.
[20:59:28] <archivist> if you need a hole size a few thou from the drill you have, rub a flat on a stone, can adjust the drilled hole just enough
[21:00:41] <archivist> or if producing over size, rub the shorter of the two flats to balance, should then drill closer to size
[21:05:00] <jdh> shorter at the tip.
[21:05:01] <jdh> ?
[21:06:38] <archivist> the cutting edge of the tip
[21:23:09] -!- chillly has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:38:30] <Aero-Tec> so basically, set pins, set scale, set backlash and your done setting up lxcnc and your ready to cut parts, after setting your part zero and homing
[21:38:46] <Aero-Tec> that about cover it?
[21:39:05] <Aero-Tec> any cool tricks for setting scale?
[21:39:33] -!- Roguish has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]
[21:39:50] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:39:58] <tjb1> its a good week already...
[21:42:08] <Aero-Tec> the first day and it is a good week, must be some day
[21:42:40] <Aero-Tec> so any help with mill setup?
[21:42:51] <Aero-Tec> did I miss anything?
[21:43:18] <Aero-Tec> also would like some help with scale setup ideas
[21:44:02] <Aero-Tec> also when setting up backlash
[21:44:39] <Aero-Tec> anyway to reload thew INI file for the new setting to kick in with out shutting down lxcnc?
[21:44:53] <tjb1> Sarcasm, forgot stuff I needed 2 hours away
[21:44:57] <tjb1> Also lost some stuff...
[21:45:41] <Aero-Tec> sad to hear, I was hoping to hear some great news
[21:45:53] -!- factor has quit [Disconnected by services]
[21:45:54] <Aero-Tec> new born kid
[21:46:09] <Aero-Tec> or some very cool thing that happened
[21:46:36] -!- tlab has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:46:43] <Aero-Tec> sorry to hear your week has started in such a bad way
[21:46:52] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[21:47:11] <tjb1> oh and draftsight just killed itself...
[21:47:38] <Aero-Tec> what is draftsight?
[21:48:36] <tjb1> free cad
[21:51:31] -!- grummund has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[21:53:29] -!- grummund [grummund!~user@unaffiliated/grummund] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:55:46] <Aero-Tec> so when setting up scale and back lash
[21:56:00] <Aero-Tec> what one would you do first and how?
[21:56:31] <Aero-Tec> you set backlash, it will change when you change the scale
[21:57:01] <Aero-Tec> if you use the machines readouts for measuring backlash
[21:57:07] -!- tjb1_ [tjb1_!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:57:09] -!- tjb1_ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[21:57:18] -!- tjb1 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:57:21] <Aero-Tec> but if you do not know the backlash it is hard to setup scale
[21:57:44] <Aero-Tec> I have close to 10 th backlash
[21:57:47] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:57:57] <Aero-Tec> 10 tho
[21:58:22] <Aero-Tec> any help out there?
[21:58:39] <FinboySlick> Aero-Tec: Do you have opposing nuts?
[21:58:51] <Aero-Tec> no
[21:59:14] <FinboySlick> That might help a bit, but only if you have good quality screws.
[21:59:14] <Aero-Tec> I do have a backlash adjuster
[21:59:55] <Aero-Tec> a slit in the brass nut with a allen screw to bend part of the nut to take up the backlash
[22:00:23] <FinboySlick> That's pretty much the same thing.
[22:00:33] <Aero-Tec> but that will wear out quickly
[22:00:50] <Aero-Tec> a second nut would be much better
[22:01:13] <FinboySlick> That's why screw quality matters. That said, you could find some ballscrews and be pretty much done with it.
[22:01:24] <Aero-Tec> lol
[22:01:35] <Aero-Tec> as soon as I make enough money to do that
[22:02:11] <Aero-Tec> been using mach as a controller and I have not been able to make much money with it
[22:02:22] <Aero-Tec> to many problems and rejects
[22:02:37] <Aero-Tec> mach lathe threading sucks
[22:03:02] <Aero-Tec> and the mill take off at full speed right through the part at times
[22:03:20] <Aero-Tec> not good for mill, cutters or part
[22:04:07] <Aero-Tec> in mid run, have run the same program 10 or more times and all of a sudden, it takes off in mid part run
[22:04:46] <Aero-Tec> make it where I do not want to run machine as I can not trust it
[22:05:48] <Aero-Tec> I have limited my production work as I am scared every time I hit the go button
[22:06:10] <Aero-Tec> I hate not trusting my machine
[22:06:33] <Aero-Tec> but have resisted moving 100% to lxcnc
[22:07:04] <Aero-Tec> been running mach for all Gcode I had already written
[22:07:35] <FinboySlick> It's pretty well behaved once you tame it.
[22:07:41] <Aero-Tec> but have bit the bullet and have started rewriting all Gcode and wanting to run 100% lxcnc
[22:08:09] <FinboySlick> Aero-Tec: I'm not sure you'll need that much re-writing, but then again, I don't know what you mostly do.
[22:08:10] <Tom_itx> shouldn't be much to rewrite
[22:09:01] <Aero-Tec> mach the subs are after the end of program code, m2 and m30
[22:09:13] <Aero-Tec> but lxcnc all subs are before
[22:09:24] <Aero-Tec> I run tons of subs
[22:10:10] <Aero-Tec> I like lxcnc subs better as you have conditional branches, mach does not
[22:10:51] <Aero-Tec> also lxcnc needs spaces between Gcode, mach did not
[22:11:25] <tjb1> hey r00t4rd3d
[22:11:34] <Aero-Tec> lxcnc is more fussy about Gcode layout and format
[22:12:20] <Aero-Tec> so no quick and simple lxcnc mill scale setup tricks?
[22:12:50] <Aero-Tec> also how does one get the INI file reread and use with out a lxcnc restart?
[22:13:21] <Aero-Tec> would like not have to re zero after every startup
[22:13:33] <Aero-Tec> no home switches
[22:13:51] <Aero-Tec> so manual zero setup
[22:15:53] <Aero-Tec> I do gun parts and snow mobile parts as well as other ATV parts and wepons
[22:16:18] <Aero-Tec> want to start some production lines of my own
[22:16:34] <Aero-Tec> guns parts and survival stuff
[22:16:40] <Aero-Tec> as well as other things
[22:17:17] <Aero-Tec> I have tons of ideas for airgun parts and accessories
[22:17:54] <FinboySlick> Aero-Tec: I'm not entirely sure why you'd need to reload the .ini for lack of home switches.
[22:18:12] <FinboySlick> You can just lxcnc to home at a certain position and be done.
[22:18:22] <Aero-Tec> setting up back lash
[22:18:35] <FinboySlick> That's a one-time deal.
[22:18:49] <FinboySlick> You measure backlash, you input it, and you're done.
[22:19:06] <Aero-Tec> need to test the backlash and reset it, but need the new backlash to be acted upon
[22:19:43] <Aero-Tec> what do you use to maesure back lash?
[22:19:58] <FinboySlick> An indicator usually does the job.
[22:20:11] <Aero-Tec> I use a dial and the machines DRO FOR THE AMOUNT OF BACHLASH
[22:20:15] <Aero-Tec> oops
[22:21:10] <Aero-Tec> so I see when the dial moves and go by the DRO of lxcnc to say just how much things have moved
[22:21:27] <Aero-Tec> but setting up scale will throw things off by a tad
[22:22:05] <Aero-Tec> the error amount my not be worth worrying about
[22:22:53] <FinboySlick> You could try to measure your backlash in the number of steps.
[22:22:54] <Aero-Tec> will see
[22:23:14] <Aero-Tec> how?
[22:23:30] <FinboySlick> Calculate how much is the distance of a step.
[22:23:42] <FinboySlick> (gearing, screw pitch, etc)
[22:24:03] <Aero-Tec> old china mill
[22:24:04] <FinboySlick> Then move by that much until the needl of your indicator moves.
[22:24:22] <FinboySlick> Well, it should still be a fairly straightforward value.
[22:24:24] <Aero-Tec> screw pitch not very good
[22:25:08] <Aero-Tec> they run some whacked value
[22:25:34] <Aero-Tec> different for all 3 axis
[22:26:11] <Aero-Tec> they did some custom in house thread matching of nut and screw
[22:26:49] <Aero-Tec> we are talking 1994 vintage
[22:27:10] <Aero-Tec> QC was not that great
[22:27:34] <Aero-Tec> china stuff now days seams much better
[22:27:57] <FinboySlick> Well, you have to make do with what you have, I guess. I'm not sure how to tell lxcnc to move just one step.
[22:28:35] <Aero-Tec> I will figure it out
[22:28:57] <FinboySlick> Might be easier to make it move 100 steps and measure that.
[22:28:59] <Aero-Tec> was hoping to have some kind of cool trick that would speed things up
[22:29:22] <FinboySlick> Or a full turn.
[22:29:34] <Aero-Tec> I used the step count from mach for lxcnc
[22:29:45] <FinboySlick> lxcnc sort of assumes that you'll know what your machine does ;)
[22:29:46] <Aero-Tec> but that seams off a tadd
[22:30:37] <Aero-Tec> lxcnc sure runs smoother and faster then mach
[22:31:04] <Aero-Tec> I can get the motors to run so much faster in lxcnc
[22:31:52] <Aero-Tec> in mach they would start to move fast when slow right down and stop with a hell of a growl
[22:32:22] <Aero-Tec> lxcnc they just spin so much faster and not miss a step
[22:33:10] <FinboySlick> Aero-Tec: Make sure you don't have surprise jitters on that PC though.
[22:33:18] <Aero-Tec> the step train must be much smoother
[22:33:34] <FinboySlick> Some will be smooth for hours and then have a jump in jitters.
[22:33:35] <Aero-Tec> how does one test that?
[22:34:07] <Aero-Tec> there is the jitter test
[22:34:22] <Aero-Tec> but not sure what to do with the test results
[22:34:51] <Aero-Tec> I know some of the programs to run when testing for jitter
[22:34:52] <FinboySlick> Yeah. Leave it running in the background at least 24h. Though this would be better if you were actually doing stuff on the PC at the same time.
[22:34:59] <Aero-Tec> like the graphics one
[22:35:09] -!- micges has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[22:35:11] <FinboySlick> Yeah.
[22:35:17] <Aero-Tec> do not remember the name or how to start it right now
[22:35:26] <FinboySlick> You on the livecd?
[22:35:29] <Aero-Tec> will have to look that up again
[22:35:42] <FinboySlick> It's called latency test if I remember, it should be in the linuxcnc menu.
[22:36:05] <Aero-Tec> I know how to fins and run that
[22:36:22] <FinboySlick> Just make sure there are no surprises.
[22:36:25] <Aero-Tec> it is the graphics program I will have to find
[22:36:42] <FinboySlick> Well, it's just a window with numbers on it.
[22:36:52] <Aero-Tec> so what do I do with the numbers after running the test?
[22:37:13] <FinboySlick> The setup wizard should ask for your maximum jitter.
[22:37:33] <Aero-Tec> the labling on the test results do not match the wizard
[22:38:16] <Aero-Tec> the test has several jitter results if I remember right
[22:38:32] <Aero-Tec> but no max jitter
[22:38:48] <Aero-Tec> wil have to run the test again
[22:39:11] <FinboySlick> It's the two numbers that only change upward.
[22:39:17] <FinboySlick> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Latency-Test
[22:39:25] <Aero-Tec> also I have added stuff to the INI manually and the wis will rewrite it all
[22:42:31] <FinboySlick> Aero-Tec: You can probably set it in the .ini directly, but I don't know how. My setup is simple enough that the wizard did everything I needed.
[22:43:06] <Aero-Tec> what about messing with SMI
[22:43:20] <Aero-Tec> is that still something one needs to do?
[22:43:45] <FinboySlick> I don't think there's much you can do about them beyond tweaking your bios.
[22:43:58] <FinboySlick> Whatever gets you the best jitter numbers.
[22:44:17] <Aero-Tec> there is a configuration setting you can do
[22:45:14] <Aero-Tec> anyone remember that the graphic program one runs when testing jitter?
[22:45:48] <Aero-Tec> it is run from command prompt, or terminal
[22:46:41] <Aero-Tec> guess one could do a new setup in the wiz and move the results over to the older setup
[22:47:48] <FinboySlick> Aero-Tec: You're not running the linuxcnc distro?
[22:48:00] <FinboySlick> If you are, it's right in the ubuntu menu.
[22:48:05] <FinboySlick> It's called latency test.
[22:48:42] <jp__> how do you get axis to preview the tool path?
[22:49:05] <jp__> nevermind just missing % sign
[22:55:11] <Aero-Tec> gl gears or something like that is the graphic program
[22:55:38] <Aero-Tec> there is the servo thread and the base thread
[22:56:14] <Aero-Tec> last I looked it is 9910
[22:56:20] <Aero-Tec> the base
[22:56:43] <Aero-Tec> servo was 8K somewhere in there
[22:57:00] <Aero-Tec> I would guess you use the base one
[22:57:24] <FinboySlick> Oh, glx-gears is just to see if putting your video card through opengl will cause a spike in jitter.
[22:57:33] <FinboySlick> It's not really related to lxcnc.
[22:57:43] <Aero-Tec> I thought I had set this computer up more
[22:57:51] <Aero-Tec> looks like it was not
[22:58:04] <Aero-Tec> will have to check it out more
[23:01:34] <Aero-Tec> the backlash was missing, will have to check the other setting to see if they are missing as well
[23:01:43] <Aero-Tec> but I would guess they are
[23:02:37] <Aero-Tec> FinboySlick: I installed the live cd in the computer so I do not need the live cd
[23:02:47] <Aero-Tec> will have to check the version
[23:03:08] <Aero-Tec> I may have updated and that is my the loss of settings info
[23:03:25] -!- rob_h has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]
[23:09:33] -!- plushy has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[23:11:47] <FinboySlick> Sheesh, been shopping for professional drill bits... 50 bucks a pop.
[23:13:57] <FinboySlick> Makes your standard set of 13 from 1/16 to 1/14 pretty darn expensive.
[23:14:20] <FinboySlick> :s|1/14|1/4|
[23:14:24] -!- archivist_herron has quit [*.net *.split]
[23:14:24] -!- JT-Shop has quit [*.net *.split]
[23:14:24] -!- uwe_ has quit [*.net *.split]
[23:14:24] -!- Aero-Tec has quit [*.net *.split]
[23:15:33] -!- archivist_herron [archivist_herron!~herron@] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:15:33] -!- JT-Shop [JT-Shop!~John@184-63-140-99.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:15:33] -!- uwe_ [uwe_!~uwe_@dslb-088-064-209-125.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:15:33] -!- Aero-Tec [Aero-Tec!~chatzilla@d172-218-0-214.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:18:26] <tjb1> r00t4rd3d:
[23:18:30] -!- Keknom [Keknom!~monkeky@c-76-125-214-194.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc
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[23:49:32] <r00t4rd3d> WHAT
[23:49:38] <r00t4rd3d> http://i.imgur.com/DYzP3.gif
[23:49:44] <r00t4rd3d> i need one of them
[23:49:52] <tjb1> wanna measure something for me? :D
[23:50:20] <FinboySlick> r00t4rd3d: You should have voted for Herman Cain then ;)
[23:51:20] <tjb1> Cmon root :)
[23:52:06] <FinboySlick> It so reminds me of The Onion's feedbags.
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