#linuxcnc | Logs for 2012-08-26

[00:00:43] <r00t4rd3d> you live near PA? You got that pretty quick
[00:01:24] <r00t4rd3d> nvm
[00:01:28] <r00t4rd3d> maine
[00:01:30] <r00t4rd3d> so kinda
[00:01:33] <taiden> yeah
[00:01:45] <taiden> so
[00:01:54] <taiden> i'm not savvy on windows software
[00:02:05] <taiden> what's a decent free utility for making an *.iso from a drive?
[00:02:12] <taiden> i'm on wnidows 7
[00:02:28] <r00t4rd3d> what u trying to do
[00:02:59] <Tom_itx> you can't make one from linux?
[00:03:11] <taiden> i have a usb drive with a disk image that i need to maintain
[00:03:25] <taiden> i will be replacing the contents with the linuxcnc image
[00:03:38] <taiden> normally I would use Disk Utility under OS X to achieve this
[00:03:53] <taiden> at this moment I only have Windows 7 available to me
[00:03:57] <r00t4rd3d> do you just want to add the livecd to a usb drive?
[00:04:01] <taiden> negative
[00:04:07] <taiden> i want to make an image from the USB drive
[00:04:13] <Tom_itx> and make it bootable?
[00:04:16] <taiden> nope
[00:04:18] <taiden> alright
[00:04:23] <taiden> i have Lion disk image on this USB drive
[00:04:35] <taiden> for the purposes of booting my macs up from it for installs and restores etc
[00:04:39] <Tom_itx> you just wanna keep the image
[00:04:40] <taiden> it's the only usb drive i have on me
[00:04:44] <taiden> i just want to revert it to that
[00:04:47] <taiden> after i do linux cnc install
[00:04:54] <Tom_itx> you can't get another thumb drive?\
[00:04:58] <taiden> so i'd like to make an iso from of the USB drive
[00:05:04] <taiden> from the**
[00:05:12] <taiden> that i can use to restore it afterwards
[00:05:24] <taiden> my computer situation is all kinds of screwed up and complicated so just assume this is my only option
[00:05:55] <taiden> i just want a free utility that can make and 'burn' ISOs from and to disks
[00:06:06] <taiden> the apple equivalent is Disk Utility
[00:06:29] <r00t4rd3d> you cant just redownload a new mountion lion image?
[00:07:12] <r00t4rd3d> magic iso will probably work but its not free
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[00:12:07] <tjb1> Why would someone put ballscrews on a machine made out of plywood?
[00:12:40] <jdh> why not
[00:13:37] <r00t4rd3d> ball screws are cheap
[00:13:50] <tjb1> seems a little overkill
[00:13:54] <r00t4rd3d> as long as you dont go too long
[00:15:01] <taiden> i'm considering belt drive seriously
[00:18:49] <tjb1> belt on belt or just belt?
[00:38:46] <taiden> either or
[00:38:49] <taiden> but mostly just belt
[00:39:02] <taiden> belt on belt is like that 'servodrive' or whatever that guy calls it, right?
[00:39:09] <taiden> supposed to reduce stretch and oscillation
[00:41:36] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=97d_1345938269
[00:41:39] <r00t4rd3d> lol
[00:42:04] <taiden> <3 windows
[00:42:08] <taiden> can't format my usb drive
[00:42:11] <taiden> wont say why
[00:42:16] <taiden> probably because it's HFS+
[00:42:28] <taiden> you'd think that it'd be able to format whatever it wanted to
[00:42:32] <taiden> into FAT32
[00:45:48] <r00t4rd3d> unetbootin wont format it?
[00:46:18] <ReadError_> right click
[00:46:20] <ReadError_> format
[00:46:21] <ReadError_> then try
[00:48:50] <Tom_itx> that would be my suggestion
[00:50:42] <taiden> unetbootin just throws the files into the usb drive
[00:50:53] <taiden> it doesn't actually 'burn' the image onto the drive
[00:51:06] <taiden> right click format does not work
[00:51:18] <taiden> it gives errors on every format type or quick vs not quick format
[00:51:22] <taiden> USB drive is HFS
[00:51:42] <ReadError_> you dont have like 20 extra usb drives laying around?
[00:51:48] <taiden> (i thought it was hfs+ but windows claims it's hfs)
[00:51:50] <taiden> I do not
[00:51:59] <taiden> I only have need for one
[00:52:01] <taiden> so I only own one
[00:52:20] <Tom_itx> not now :D
[00:52:32] <taiden> i only have need for one that works :)
[00:52:33] <ReadError_> shoot
[00:52:36] <ReadError_> i have a gaggle of them
[00:52:47] <taiden> i hate software that doesn't work
[00:52:50] <ReadError_> 32gb down to 128mb (OG)
[00:52:51] <taiden> for what it's worth
[00:53:12] <ReadError_> usb 3.0 down to USB 1.0 (or w/e)
[00:53:18] <ReadError_> you need to keep a stash !
[00:53:24] <ReadError_> goto walmart
[00:53:27] <ReadError_> grab one, they are like 4$
[00:54:02] <taiden> i *hate* walmart
[00:54:26] <taiden> if I wanted to walk into an airplane hanger filled with imported crap and men with bigger tits than angelina jolie I would go to walmart
[00:55:09] <taiden> plus dont you guys also have the insatiable need to fix things?
[00:56:35] <ReadError_> well throw it in your mac
[00:56:40] <ReadError_> and deleted the partition
[00:56:51] <taiden> lol
[00:57:18] <taiden> here's the part where i tell you that my mac's system folder is corrupt because the battery in my laptop decided to go and it shut down repeatedly while I was using it causing serious file corruption
[00:57:35] <taiden> brb
[00:57:36] <ReadError_> and you havnt fixed it yet?
[00:57:51] <taiden> i coudl tell you exactly what's going on with my computers right now
[00:57:54] <taiden> and why it's the case
[00:57:55] <ReadError_> fine, PXE network boot
[00:58:02] <taiden> but we'd be here for 72 hours
[00:58:14] <taiden> brb
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[01:06:31] <r00t4rd3d> i got more usb drives and memory cards and readers then i know what to do with
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[01:06:40] <taiden> well that was fun
[01:06:54] <taiden> got it reformatted using lion's strange recovery partition it makes
[01:07:12] <ReadError_> should you like uhhh
[01:07:15] <ReadError_> fix the mac 1st
[01:07:18] <ReadError_> then format it?\
[01:08:20] <taiden> haha
[01:08:20] <r00t4rd3d> hit that bitch with a hammer
[01:08:29] <taiden> i gave that bitch an australia
[01:08:34] <taiden> bitches love australias
[01:09:29] <taiden> so now unetbootin is apparently taking 50 times longer than before when it just threw everything direclty into the usb drive alongside lion install stuff
[01:10:24] <r00t4rd3d> unetbooting is not known for speed
[01:10:45] <r00t4rd3d> just for working
[01:11:14] <r00t4rd3d> copying files to usb is never really a fast process anyway you do it
[01:13:20] <ReadError_> you can single user and fsck the disk maybe taiden
[01:14:01] <r00t4rd3d> lol
[01:14:12] <r00t4rd3d> that sounds perverse
[01:14:58] <ReadError_> your mind has too many orphaned inodes, sir
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[01:22:15] <taiden> i might fsck the disk regardless of anything we talked about here
[01:22:37] <taiden> do any of you guys run a cnc mill?
[01:22:43] <Tom_itx> yes
[01:22:47] <taiden> i've got a RFQ out on cnczone
[01:22:52] <taiden> maybe someone here would be interesteD?
[01:24:00] <Tom_itx> not on my little mill
[01:24:52] <Tom_itx> what do you need?
[01:28:56] <Jymmm> taiden: you are using unetbootin to put an image on to the usb stick you have Lion on?
[01:30:56] <tjb1> What kind of bits are they using here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhkWINPRK3A&feature=related
[01:31:04] <Jymmm> taiden: I guess you dont use time machine huh?
[01:36:38] <Jymmm> threading the side of the pipe is pretty cool
[01:37:23] <tjb1> Id rather know what kind of material the bit is
[01:37:29] <Jymmm> tjb1: expensive ones =)
[01:37:38] <tjb1> I figured that ;)
[01:38:38] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.ebay.com/sch/Manufacturing-Metalworking-/11804/i.html?_nkw=Center+drill
[01:39:36] <ReadError_> http://p.twimg.com/A1MAHknCAAAoBDq.jpg:large
[01:39:45] <ReadError_> my latest enginfjearing project
[01:41:28] <tjb1> Thats not a center drill r00t
[01:42:07] <tjb1> ReadError_: Does it blend?
[01:42:33] <Jymmm> tjb1: http://centerdrill.de/englisch/technics/flow-punch-tools/the-process/process-cycle.html?&=
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[01:42:56] <taiden-cnc> So
[01:43:00] <ReadError_> tjb1, only the souls and minds of ginger children
[01:43:05] <taiden-cnc> it appears that the d525mw kicks ass
[01:43:44] <ReadError_> model name : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D525 @ 1.80GHz
[01:43:44] <ReadError_> model name : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D525 @ 1.80GHz
[01:43:47] <tjb1> No prices sadly Jymmm
[01:43:50] <ReadError_> ./exec -o cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep CPU
[01:43:56] <ReadError_> awww yea ;)
[01:44:12] <taiden-cnc> i can't break 8k/8k so far
[01:44:29] <taiden-cnc> the SSD is snappy
[01:44:29] <ReadError_> did you do the mod
[01:44:37] <ReadError_> to dedicate 1 cpu ?
[01:44:41] <taiden-cnc> nope
[01:44:44] <ReadError_> u should ;)
[01:44:47] <ReadError_> i do around 5k
[01:44:53] <taiden-cnc> how do you do that?
[01:45:10] <ReadError_> ermm i dont have a link on this box
[01:45:17] <taiden-cnc> i will poke around
[01:45:24] <taiden-cnc> i'm doing 6.2k / 8.0k right now
[01:45:34] <ReadError_> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?action=browse&diff=1&id=The_Isolcpus_Boot_Parameter_And_GRUB2
[01:45:36] <ReadError_> shazam
[01:46:19] <r00t4rd3d> what does that do?
[01:48:50] <Jymmm> tjb1: doenst look like it does aluminum too well but the Cr Ni Ti was pretty cool.
[01:49:01] <tjb1> yeah
[01:50:12] <taiden-cnc> alright done
[01:50:17] <taiden-cnc> can i test this somehow?
[01:50:22] <taiden-cnc> other than latency test
[01:50:53] <taiden-cnc> going to restart brb real quick
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[01:52:40] <tjb1> think I am going to bed
[01:52:54] <tjb1> I am so bored that I am tired
[01:52:58] <Jymmm> g'night
[01:53:10] <Jymmm> go make something
[01:53:17] <tjb1> Where am I going to do that?
[01:53:37] <Jymmm> anywhere?
[01:53:44] <tjb1> Im at college in the dorm
[01:53:47] <tjb1> got nothin
[01:54:17] <Jymmm> be creative and resourcefu
[01:54:41] <Jymmm> raid other rooms for parts
[01:55:04] <tjb1> Ha I have my enclosure here
[01:55:09] <tjb1> but no electronics to go in it
[01:55:25] <Jymmm> raid the elecronics stroage room for part
[01:55:41] <tjb1> electronics storage room?
[01:55:44] <tjb1> I need a g540
[01:55:47] <Jymmm> you'll give em make at the end of the semester =)
[01:56:07] <Jymmm> they dont have a cnc machine on campus?
[01:56:48] <tjb1> In a locked building
[01:56:52] <taiden> so funny story
[01:56:59] <tjb1> I need all of this - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3090951/Screen%20Shot%202012-08-25%20at%209.56.17%20PM.png
[01:57:01] <taiden> i did the mod
[01:57:02] <taiden> and now
[01:57:05] <taiden> i have no video
[01:57:13] <taiden> when i get past the ubuntu splash screen
[01:57:19] <taiden> 8k/10k is good enough for me thanks haha
[01:57:57] <taiden> ReadError_
[01:58:19] <Jymmm> taiden: again, be creative... you gonna let a lil 1/2oz of brass slow you down?
[01:58:30] <ReadError_> hmm
[01:58:32] <ReadError_> worked here
[01:58:40] <ReadError_> let me paste my grubz config
[01:59:21] <ReadError_> if you look at grub.cfg
[01:59:24] <ReadError_> whats default?
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[02:01:35] <tjb1> Im out, peace
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[02:02:04] <r00t4rd3d> did you just edit the grub config?
[02:02:12] <r00t4rd3d> you have to update grub after a text edit
[02:02:26] <r00t4rd3d> sudo grub update or someshit
[02:03:48] <r00t4rd3d> sudo update-grub
[02:04:39] <ReadError_> ya
[02:04:47] <ReadError_> u gotta update grub too :)
[02:05:05] <r00t4rd3d> that is in the instructions on that site though
[02:05:42] <ReadError_> did you do it r00t4rd3d ?
[02:05:45] <r00t4rd3d> no
[02:05:53] <r00t4rd3d> i wouldnt
[02:06:17] <r00t4rd3d> based on thought, not on fact.
[02:08:21] <r00t4rd3d> and probably only would help if someone was having issues. like a last ditch attempt to get decent latency.
[02:09:13] <r00t4rd3d> d525 just works so i dont see any reason to mess with it
[02:14:03] <r00t4rd3d> does it really make anything run better?
[02:14:33] <r00t4rd3d> http://i.imgur.com/2a8tP.gif
[02:14:35] <r00t4rd3d> LOL
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[02:17:24] <taiden> I did that
[02:17:29] <r00t4rd3d> i bet
[02:17:40] <Connor> okay, I need to do a internal thread for a M20x1.0
[02:17:41] <taiden> that =
[02:17:44] <taiden> everything in the document
[02:17:46] <taiden> so
[02:17:51] <taiden> I am just going to run the d525 as is
[02:17:54] <r00t4rd3d> oh i thought you was talking about the gif
[02:17:55] <taiden> because i need something that works
[02:17:56] <Connor> need help on figuring on the g-code.
[02:18:07] <taiden> we might be able to help you figure on the gcode
[02:18:43] <r00t4rd3d> were you able to restore your grub and boot normally?
[02:21:13] <r00t4rd3d> or are you reinstalloling ?
[02:21:19] <Jymmm> taiden: you used unetbootin to put an image on to the usb stick you have Lion on?
[02:22:21] <r00t4rd3d> it didnt work he had to format it
[02:26:00] <taiden> i am just reinstalloling
[02:26:05] <taiden> eff that noise
[02:26:13] <taiden> the whole point of this was to have something reliable
[02:26:47] <taiden> good news is ubuntu loves the single 4gb stick
[02:26:50] <taiden> against intel wishes
[02:26:51] <taiden> go figure
[02:28:53] <r00t4rd3d> it will take another 4gb chip to
[02:29:00] <taiden> yeah i just dont see the value
[02:29:05] <taiden> for what i am doing
[02:29:08] <taiden> here's a dumb question though
[02:29:19] <taiden> could i make a lightweight gaming pc out of this thing with a pcie video card?
[02:29:27] <r00t4rd3d> probably not
[02:29:32] <r00t4rd3d> its a pci-e header
[02:29:40] <r00t4rd3d> not a pci-e slot
[02:29:52] <Jymmm> hdpc
[02:30:11] <taiden> hdpc would be nice
[02:30:17] <r00t4rd3d> you could add a pci video card and probably game alittle
[02:30:22] <Jymmm> taiden: what dont you like aboutit?
[02:30:28] <taiden> about what?
[02:30:58] <taiden> the only thing i can think of that i don't like right now is the fact that i have to move the house and the shop 2 hours in about 6 days
[02:31:37] <Jymmm> taiden: "taiden: i am just reinstalloling; eff that noise; the whole point of this was to have something reliable"
[02:31:55] <taiden> i did the isclolololoples mod or whatever
[02:31:58] <taiden> and video quit working
[02:32:03] <Jymmm> ah
[02:32:10] <taiden> so i suppose i didn't like the grub2 isclolpelellselspdl mod
[02:32:15] <taiden> :]
[02:32:30] <Jymmm> taiden: so got your mac fixed yet?
[02:32:49] <taiden> going to 'burn' the mountain lion usb stikc tonight
[02:32:52] <taiden> and tackle that tomorrow
[02:32:59] <taiden> also get my stupid iphone working too haha
[02:33:05] <taiden> everything i own is rigged
[02:33:06] <Jymmm> taiden: dont use time machine huh?
[02:33:12] <taiden> negative
[02:33:21] <Jymmm> taiden: you should,
[02:33:31] <Jymmm> would have savd you a lot of grief
[02:33:34] <taiden> how do you prefer to have it set up?
[02:33:44] <Jymmm> taiden: the mac?
[02:33:52] <taiden> time machine
[02:34:04] <taiden> network disk / partition / onboard disk / external disk
[02:34:08] <Jymmm> taiden: Get a USB ext hdd, one that does NOT requires a ps
[02:34:48] <Jymmm> taiden: Create a 10-15GB partition on it
[02:34:57] <taiden> that's it?
[02:35:04] <Jymmm> taiden: use disk util to copy the install media to that partition
[02:35:13] <taiden> ah yes
[02:35:30] <taiden> clever
[02:35:37] <Jymmm> taiden: What that allows you to do is actually boot from the usb hdd in the future if you ever need it and no need to find the usb install stick
[02:35:48] <taiden> yeah it's a good solution
[02:35:49] <taiden> i like it
[02:36:02] <taiden> so totally unrelated
[02:36:10] <taiden> if any of you guys cook regularly
[02:36:16] <taiden> snag a 8" Lodge cast iron pan
[02:36:25] <taiden> it's $10 with amazon prime shipping
[02:36:28] <taiden> and this thing is incredible
[02:36:30] <Jymmm> After that, when you replug it in tie machine will pop up and ask if you want to sue this drive for backups, say yes and it'll format the balance of the drive into your new backup partition
[02:37:07] <Jymmm> taiden: Then every 10 days it'll nag you to backup, plugin your usb hdd andit backs up for you
[02:37:36] <Jymmm> taiden: LOCK your hdd away in a safe place when not in use.
[02:37:58] <taiden> do you have a preferred hdd to use?
[02:37:59] <Jymmm> taiden: If your mac dies/stolen, you can restore to any mac
[02:38:12] <Jymmm> as you can boot from it as well.
[02:38:40] <Jymmm> Wd and hitachi
[02:38:50] <Jymmm> well, hitachi, then WD
[02:39:28] <Jymmm> You can even install multiple OS version on the same hdd and boot from any of them
[02:40:05] <Jymmm> lion, Mnt Lion, Seal Lion, Walrus, Hippo, Anteater, blah blah blah
[02:40:58] <Jymmm> taiden: try to get the largest size you can,
[02:41:45] <Jymmm> taiden: I say the PS-less ones only to make it easy and convientant to use.
[02:42:24] <Jymmm> Makes it easy to toss in a pelican box too
[02:44:39] <Jymmm> taiden: yo an resote from a blank hdd in about 40m, even where the icons are on your desktop, your data, apps, OS, etc
[02:49:43] <Jymmm> Neil Armstrong died today
[02:53:33] <taiden> what a legend
[02:53:44] <taiden> he was on dancing with teh stars not a few years ago
[02:54:05] <r00t4rd3d> you watch that?
[02:54:16] <jdh> and admit it?
[03:01:30] <r00t4rd3d> im sure he just seen the commercials while watching his regular show, Ellen.
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[04:10:30] <taiden> alright
[04:10:40] <taiden> r00t4rd3d what kind of latency times do you get with your d525mw
[04:11:27] <taiden> because with glxgears running i'm getting 30k, no bueno
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[06:55:54] <DJ9DJ> moin
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[08:38:02] <awallin> anyone done electronic circuit simulations on linux? I just learned about Qucs, but I can't find IC555 which I'd like to simulate. Also there seems to be LT Spice that people run under WINE. Anything else?
[08:41:32] <archivist> have you seen http://spins.fedoraproject.org/fel/#portfolio
[08:42:08] <archivist> do you mean the NE555 as in the timer?
[08:50:41] <awallin> archivist: yes
[08:51:31] <awallin> cool I did not know fedora was so into electronics design
[08:51:38] <awallin> they must have some big-name paying customers?
[08:53:40] -!- JT-Shop has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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[11:22:06] <awallin> in the news: usa shipping containers with rapid-prototyping equipment to war-zones.... anyone seen pics of the insides of these?
[11:22:32] <awallin> I'd like a 40foot container workshop outside my house :)
[11:23:32] <awallin> 4-axis Roland MDX-40 for sale for 5 keur... http://www.nettimarkkina.com/roland-mdx-40-cnc-jyrsin/1043238
[11:24:26] -!- Tom_L has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[11:25:26] <andypugh> I am very tempted to go to this next weekend. Anyone else? https://www.emfcamp.org
[11:27:54] <Jymmm> andypugh: Sound like http://makerfaire.com/newyork/2012/index.html
[11:27:57] <r00t4rd3d> too far away
[11:28:42] <r00t4rd3d> well the one in NY isnt
[11:29:12] -!- joe9 has quit [Quit: leaving]
[11:29:13] <andypugh> I imagi9ne that the UK one will be a bit like the NY one, but more chaotic and amateur.
[11:29:36] <Jymmm> andypugh: What, no belt sander races?
[11:30:10] <Jymmm> andypugh: no cordless drill racing?
[11:30:19] <andypugh> No idea.
[11:30:29] <Jymmm> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmVpvr-a4uQ
[11:30:29] -!- sumpfralle [sumpfralle!~lars@c.mail.systemausfall.org] has joined #linuxcnc
[11:30:38] -!- sumpfralle1 [sumpfralle1!~lars@31-16-113-17-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[11:31:03] <andypugh> But, if I am going to go anywhere I need to get my bike a bit more structurally sound, it currently uses far too much gaffer tape.
[11:31:27] <r00t4rd3d> first time i have ever seen ticket prices then a fee
[11:31:35] <r00t4rd3d> http://makerfairenyc.eventbrite.com/
[11:32:08] <r00t4rd3d> why not just include the fee in the damn ticket price?
[11:32:09] <andypugh> I gues that is th ticket agent commisions.
[11:32:09] <awallin> huh? what's the difference between price and fee?
[11:32:44] <r00t4rd3d> about 2 bucks
[11:34:37] -!- sumpfralle has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[11:35:02] <Jymmm> andypugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z8dFlVNrY8&NR=1&feature=endscreen
[11:47:23] -!- pjm has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[11:47:26] -!- pjm__ [pjm__!~pjm@] has joined #linuxcnc
[11:51:53] <r00t4rd3d> http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/
[11:54:21] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[13:05:14] <MattyMatt> £95 for camping? it was £3.50 a tent last time I went
[13:06:05] <MattyMatt> are Hawkwind playing?
[13:06:48] * MattyMatt thinks set-aside subsidy is quite enough for farmers tyvm
[13:07:57] * MattyMatt organises MakerFaire Sahara. aka Sunburnt Man Festival
[13:09:41] <MattyMatt> loverly tickets, come and get yer loverly tickets
[13:10:15] <Jymmm> s/Sunburnt/dead/
[13:10:42] <Jymmm> DMF! DMF! DMF!
[13:11:12] <Jymmm> MattyMatt's Dead Man Festival!
[13:11:27] <Jymmm> 2012
[13:11:58] <Jymmm> Heh, I even have a logo in mind for it already
[13:12:33] -!- taiden [taiden!~taiden@cpe-76-179-135-80.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:15:20] * MattyMatt negotiate sunblock concession
[13:17:07] * Jymmm offers free ice cream and spray on sunblock to the nakid chicks
[13:17:54] <MattyMatt> no nekkid, this is almost certainly a muslim country
[13:18:47] <Jymmm> Venue change to clothing optional area
[13:19:18] <MattyMatt> I can only afford a patch of sahara
[13:19:37] <MattyMatt> it's a feature to the solar energy exhibitors
[13:19:58] <Jymmm> Mojave Desert
[13:20:17] <MattyMatt> hard to rent a camel
[13:20:26] <r00t4rd3d> http://style-files.com/2008/06/27/885/
[13:20:32] <Jymmm> Solar Camel?
[13:21:38] <MattyMatt> ah what do I care if you can afford to get there, after I've banked the ticket money
[13:23:09] <MattyMatt> r00t4rd3d, why? why not just get a real woodpile. cheaper and burns longer
[13:23:13] <Loetmichel> mornin'
[13:23:44] <Jymmm> MattyMatt: Loetmichel said he's gonna come hunt you down!
[13:24:11] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:24:32] <MattyMatt> what did I do?
[13:24:40] <Jymmm> MattyMatt: Free Hijab with every ticket?
[13:25:22] <MattyMatt> no, I negotiated that concession too. you can burchase one at the gate
[13:25:40] <MattyMatt> I employed the religious police as salesmen
[13:25:41] <Loetmichel> MattyMatt: the table: a pile of wood would be MUCH heavier, hosts eventualley some 6 or 8 legged houseguests AND isnt cheaper
[13:25:56] <Loetmichel> ... and you have no hidden storage ;-)
[13:26:04] <Jymmm> BURN IT DOWN TO THE GROUND!
[13:26:45] <MattyMatt> the last thing I made with a box like that was a privy
[13:26:58] <Loetmichel> privy`?
[13:27:03] <MattyMatt> earth closet
[13:27:21] <MattyMatt> long drop toilet
[13:28:08] -!- theos [theos!~theos@unaffiliated/theos] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:28:18] <Jymmm> I wonder how long it lasts per battery charge? I'll rent them at MattyMatt's event instead of his hag camels that spit at you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z8dFlVNrY8&NR=1&feature=endscreen
[13:29:15] -!- tjb1 has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[13:29:33] <MattyMatt> are they BLDC in those drills?
[13:30:24] <MattyMatt> I'm getting tired of motor brushes
[13:31:37] <r00t4rd3d> switch to brushless
[13:32:46] <Loetmichel> brushed
[13:33:03] <MattyMatt> I have a BLDC drill/driver cooking in my head already. reprap printable. variable speed trigger etc
[13:38:38] <MattyMatt> meh. my little lathe's replacement headstock makes the bed gap unusable. I gotta hope this 4th axis faceplate is milled round
[13:39:05] <MattyMatt> I can mill the edges once it's assembled and running I guess
[13:41:53] -!- taiden has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[13:42:47] <r00t4rd3d> http://www.smallwind.co.uk/index.php
[13:45:12] -!- joe9 [joe9!~joe9@c-24-126-150-243.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:48:22] -!- taiden [taiden!taiden@cpe-76-179-135-80.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[13:51:18] <jthornton> anyone know what this means? USRMOT: ERROR: command timeout
[13:52:31] <andypugh> MattyMatt: Some cordless drill are brushless, but most aren't
[13:53:36] <andypugh> http://toolguyd.com/buy-a-cordless-drill-now-or-wait-for-brushless/
[13:56:24] <r00t4rd3d> suicide ring:
[13:56:25] <r00t4rd3d> http://i.imgur.com/XzJpg.jpg
[13:57:34] <andypugh> I suspect it would blow the fuse harmlessly
[13:57:41] <jthornton> finally my stripped down ini and gui loads
[13:59:51] <mrsun> andypugh, that ring is not made of metal is it? :P
[14:00:07] <mrsun> r00t4rd3d,
[14:00:08] <mrsun> even
[14:00:50] <taiden> r00t4rd3d; what are your latency numbers on your 'unmodded' d525?
[14:01:29] <r00t4rd3d> never checked
[14:03:24] <r00t4rd3d> everyone said it just worked so I didnt bother with that stuff
[14:03:37] <taiden> how did you set up stepconf without checking latency?
[14:03:38] <jthornton> hmm a new one when I press the e-stop emc/task/emctaskmain.cc 2781: can't initialize motion
[14:03:50] <r00t4rd3d> i left those settings as is
[14:04:37] -!- syyl_ [syyl_!~syyl@p4FD14259.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:05:21] -!- syyl has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[14:05:23] <r00t4rd3d> and it worked so i didnt mess with it
[14:05:32] -!- Tom_itx [Tom_itx!~Tl@unaffiliated/toml/x-013812] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:09:12] <r00t4rd3d> i left the "Base Period Max Jitter" at 15k
[14:18:09] -!- syyl_ has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[14:24:44] -!- syyl [syyl!~syyl@p4FD156F2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:26:37] <anonimas2> wonderful someone gave me wrong drawings, wrong spec, and out of tolerance cut parts.
[14:28:57] <Tom_itx> charge them
[14:37:37] <anonimas2> worse part is that as usual they need them as soon as possible.. not a problem simple parts, but they are watercrap cut, so they wont fit a fixture due to random kerf all over..
[14:41:40] <jthornton> how can I limit a 700 watt electric heater to 300 or so watts?
[14:42:25] <mrsun> pwm ?
[14:42:50] <jthornton> how can I incorporate that into the heater?
[14:43:20] <jthornton> it has to be invisible to the user as she leaves the heater on 24/7 with the window open
[14:43:21] -!- mhaberler has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:43:24] -!- mhaberler_ [mhaberler_!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:44:04] <taiden> make an inline box that has a pwm circuit
[14:44:23] <taiden> and have her use that to control power
[14:44:23] -!- mhaberler_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:44:31] <taiden> alternately
[14:44:37] <jthornton> there is some room under the cover but how do you make a pwm circuit?
[14:44:39] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:44:46] <bpuk> we use a box at work that does exactly that - it has 1 3 pin IC and a pot in... and I'm trying to remember the part number (shifts the phase angle from memory)
[14:44:47] <taiden> you could buy a cheap PID controller
[14:44:55] <taiden> and use that to control the heat directly
[14:44:58] <taiden> with PID logic
[14:45:06] <taiden> ebay sells some decent chinese ones for about $25
[14:45:06] <jthornton> I've all ready disconnected the 900 watt element and she still turns both on
[14:45:16] <taiden> you can't fix stupid
[14:45:28] <taiden> PID/PMW can't either
[14:45:29] <jthornton> she is 85 not stupid
[14:45:41] <taiden> what about a big arrow that says
[14:45:44] <taiden> 'dont turn this on"
[14:45:53] <jthornton> won't work with old people
[14:45:58] <Tom_itx> get a preset thermostat for it
[14:46:04] -!- mhaberler has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:46:19] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:46:29] <taiden> alright then PWM/PID controller
[14:46:33] <taiden> :]
[14:47:11] <taiden> is it 120v?
[14:47:25] <jthornton> Tom_itx, that's a good idea, take a thermostat off of another heater and put it under the cover and leave the original one for her to twiddle with
[14:47:26] <bpuk> ah-ha - it's an SCR I was thinking of - somewhat less complex than a PID controller
[14:47:27] <jthornton> yes
[14:47:55] <jthornton> but disconnect the original thermostat
[14:47:55] -!- mhaberler has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:47:57] <taiden> yeah you could have PID controller with a 25a 120v SSR
[14:48:05] <taiden> parts only for about $40
[14:48:11] <Tom_itx> that would give her a preset limit below what she thinks she's getting
[14:48:11] -!- gmagno [gmagno!~gmagno@a213-22-30-249.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:48:14] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:48:40] <taiden> but Tom_itx's idea is really better
[14:48:47] <jthornton> I don't think that 'thinking' is in the equation any more very often
[14:49:27] <taiden> if you had the thermostats wired in seires the preset one would limit
[14:49:28] -!- mhaberler has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:49:30] -!- mhaberler_ [mhaberler_!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:49:30] <taiden> and the other one would still work
[14:49:33] <taiden> for lower temps
[14:49:49] <jthornton> easier to just set it low and forget it
[14:50:10] <Tom_itx> make sure the tip over part stays in tact
[14:50:13] <taiden> is this a neighbor?
[14:50:18] <jthornton> MIL
[14:50:31] <jthornton> it's an oil filled heater
[14:51:20] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:51:21] -!- mhaberler_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:52:20] <Tom_itx> oh
[14:52:24] <Tom_itx> better yet
[14:54:54] <jthornton> thanks for the ideas
[14:55:12] -!- mhaberler has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:55:22] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:56:45] -!- mhaberler_ [mhaberler_!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:56:47] -!- mhaberler has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:56:48] mhaberler_ is now known as mhaberler
[14:57:45] <MattyMatt> or nail the window shut
[14:58:07] <MattyMatt> call it burglar-proofing
[14:59:17] -!- mhaberler_ [mhaberler_!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[14:59:18] -!- mhaberler has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[14:59:19] mhaberler_ is now known as mhaberler
[15:01:00] <MattyMatt> time switch sounds effective, so it's turned off at night at least
[15:02:46] <MattyMatt> I've got a pile of the old clock type with pins. too dumb for any use for myself but for regulating eldsters they'd be ideal
[15:10:55] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[15:22:54] -!- morfic has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[15:36:44] -!- gmagno has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[15:39:12] -!- chamoda [chamoda!chamoda@] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:40:05] -!- chamoda [chamoda!chamoda@] has parted #linuxcnc
[15:40:05] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@178-191-247-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:40:18] <ries> archivist: I used a kernel with RTAI 3.8 in the end.. all patches for Debian where available, so it was fairly easy to compile in the end.. Now compiling emc2 from git (2.4.6)
[15:40:52] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:41:04] -!- tjb1 has quit [Client Quit]
[15:49:58] <ReadError_> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxYvq75OI5A&feature=related
[15:50:04] <ReadError_> holy cow that guy is pro
[15:51:39] <Loetmichel> who the fu** is hank hill?
[15:51:49] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:51:51] <ReadError_> 0_0
[15:54:08] -!- gmagno [gmagno!~gmagno@a213-22-30-249.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:54:11] <ReadError_> hank hill is AMERICA
[15:57:18] -!- FinboySlick [FinboySlick!~shark@squal.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:03:25] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:03:49] <taiden> ReadError_
[16:04:05] <taiden> can you help me out with the isocpules mod?
[16:04:12] <taiden> it seems like it might be a necessity afterall...
[16:04:34] <ReadError_> yes
[16:04:52] <taiden> alright so
[16:05:50] <ReadError_> did you wget the file?
[16:06:36] <taiden> last time i did it
[16:06:43] <taiden> oh
[16:06:45] <taiden> i actually
[16:06:50] <taiden> saved it from firefox instead of wget
[16:06:54] <taiden> wget is probably a much better idea
[16:06:55] -!- tjb1 has quit [Quit: tjb1]
[16:07:10] <ReadError_> ya
[16:07:13] <ReadError_> fire up a terminal
[16:07:19] <ReadError_> just su -
[16:07:22] <ReadError_> be easier as root...
[16:07:41] <ReadError_> wget http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/uploads/07_rtai
[16:07:54] <ReadError_> cp 07_rtai /etc/grub.d
[16:07:56] <taiden> alright im going to head downstairs to the cncpc and get moving
[16:08:03] <ReadError_> chmod +x /etc/grub.d/07_rtai
[16:08:12] <taiden> brb
[16:08:12] <ReadError_> update-grub
[16:08:15] <ReadError_> k
[16:15:11] -!- tlab [tlab!~tlab@c-98-223-22-156.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:16:22] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:36:05] -!- tlab has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[16:37:24] -!- chris_99 [chris_99!~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:39:20] -!- mhaberler_ [mhaberler_!~mhaberler@188-23-90-127.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:42:41] -!- mhaberler has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
[16:42:41] mhaberler_ is now known as mhaberler
[16:50:23] <taiden> got side tracked
[16:50:26] <taiden> heading down there now
[17:01:39] -!- skunkworks__ [skunkworks__!~chatzilla@str-broadband-ccmts-ws-26.dsl.airstreamcomm.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:05:29] <skunkworks__> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwega6qbDes
[17:06:13] -!- psha has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[17:11:27] -!- IchGuckLive [IchGuckLive!~chatzilla@95-89-101-95-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:14:03] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[17:15:32] <andypugh> skunkworks__: He hasn't got realtime working yet though, regardless of the video title.
[17:16:10] <skunkworks__> right - I think that was misleading
[17:16:44] <skunkworks__> Hi andypugh
[17:16:59] <andypugh> To be fair, he is trying.
[17:17:32] <IchGuckLive> gas price will be rising in the USA as the TC is nearing the Golfcost
[17:17:38] <IchGuckLive> http://www.nrlmry.navy.mil/TC.html
[17:17:51] <Tom_itx> yeah yeah
[17:18:07] <Tom_itx> plant in Ca blew up couple weeks ago an they went up
[17:18:15] <Tom_itx> they'll use any excuse to raise prices
[17:18:45] <IchGuckLive> Venezuela oil refine went off 2 last night
[17:19:27] <Tom_itx> we plug our wells and get most of ours from 3rd world countries we envade
[17:19:33] <Tom_itx> sad to say
[17:20:21] <Tom_itx> in the 70's there were hundreds of active wells within 30 mi of me, now it's down do dozens
[17:20:29] <Tom_itx> to*
[17:20:42] <IchGuckLive> on thursday the Texas windpower reatched a 5GWH first time
[17:21:06] <Tom_itx> they are putting in alot more of those around here now too
[17:21:21] <Tom_itx> there's a new plant just N of me that builds them
[17:21:24] <pcw_home> I suspect Good Old Standard Oil has paid for the fire repairs about 100 times because of the price increase
[17:21:51] <Tom_itx> no doubt
[17:22:10] <IchGuckLive> the companys make Bil out of it and now go green to the Backdoors
[17:22:15] <Tom_itx> there are plenty of other refineries around the country they could rely on
[17:23:34] <IchGuckLive> there is also a plan to shoudt down Niagra completly from 22:00 to 06:00
[17:25:32] -!- tjb1 has quit [Quit: tjb1]
[17:26:11] <pcw_home> Reminds my of the Epoxy B shortage in the 90's Memory prices more than doubled
[17:26:52] <IchGuckLive> as now with the Newodyne on Harddrives
[17:31:03] <pcw_home> Theres a neodymium shortage?
[17:32:08] <skunkworks__> didn't some of the epoxy factorys blow up...
[17:32:14] <IchGuckLive> China holds on there rear earth
[17:33:27] <IchGuckLive> i just googled the power needs of NY City max for one day
[17:33:31] <IchGuckLive> WHO
[17:34:01] <IchGuckLive> 45GWH one day
[17:34:47] <pcw_home> Yes is 1992/3? a Epoxy precursor (cresol) factory in Japan exploded
[17:35:20] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:36:17] <pcw_home> look like ND is ~$120 a Kg now ($210 in Feb)
[17:36:46] <Tom_itx> living off the land in Alaska is looking more inviting every day
[17:37:15] <pcw_home> wonder how much I have in that pile of 5" drives in the Mesa Junk room
[17:37:26] <IchGuckLive> pcw_home: you are wright its starting to easy
[17:37:51] <pcw_home> Into the wild!
[17:38:55] <Tom_itx> any good links for a successful linuxcnc reprap control?
[17:39:03] <IchGuckLive> in Feb a 320GB HDD wars near Double the price now
[17:39:40] <IchGuckLive> Tom_itx: why not reprap themself
[17:39:48] <pcw_home> http://www.metal-pages.com/metalprices/neodymium/
[17:40:15] <Tom_itx> i figured i may get further asking in here
[17:40:19] <IchGuckLive> Tom_itx: or do you mean to get the G-code
[17:40:40] <Tom_itx> just use my cnc and add a print head to it
[17:40:50] <Tom_itx> a couple have done it i believe
[17:40:52] <pcw_home> I think awallin made one
[17:40:52] <IchGuckLive> B)
[17:40:57] -!- jy76 [jy76!46103fb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:41:07] <Tom_itx> not sure how much trouble it would be
[17:41:52] <IchGuckLive> only trouble is cluespeed
[17:42:33] <Tom_itx> controlling the hot end temp is what's lacking i think
[17:42:41] <pcw_home> I think someone on the forums was doing it as well (they wanted lookahead for the extruder rate)
[17:43:08] <Tom_itx> it's just a curiosity right now
[17:43:39] <IchGuckLive> Tom_itx: there are extrusion ready made all over ebay
[17:44:55] <IchGuckLive> see reprap.org
[17:45:27] <IchGuckLive> they got also a wiki page layout to all things you need to know
[17:45:54] -!- jy76 has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[17:48:11] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[17:48:30] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:48:53] -!- bedah [bedah!~bedah@g224157199.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:54:44] -!- JT-Shop-2 [JT-Shop-2!~John@184-63-140-99.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:54:45] -!- jthornton_ [jthornton_!~john@184-63-140-99.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:54:45] -!- jthornton has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:54:45] -!- JT-Shop has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:57:24] <IchGuckLive> have a nice sunday by
[17:57:28] -!- IchGuckLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713225625]]
[18:15:44] -!- morfic [morfic!~morfic@unaffiliated/morfic] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:17:38] <tjb1> 2 hours 15 minutes until I can eat :/
[18:38:45] <ReadError_> why?
[18:38:50] * r00t4rd3d shoves a handful of bacon in his mouth.
[18:39:36] <tjb1> dining unit isn't open
[18:39:50] <r00t4rd3d> are you in prison?
[18:41:33] <MattyMatt> zoo
[18:43:22] <MattyMatt> I just had an inspiration about a cheap induction heater - custom wound generator
[18:43:59] <MattyMatt> you'd get the right volts and freq without banks of watercooled capacitors
[18:46:36] <MattyMatt> it'd still cost more than a mapp gas torch tho :p that's all I really need
[18:46:57] <Jymmm> electric go cart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrdNxgcNlYA&feature=endscreen&NR=1
[18:48:18] <MattyMatt> nice clean build
[18:48:39] <Jymmm> Not sure if I like the battery sandwich too much though
[18:49:02] <MattyMatt> it might protect your legs in most situations
[18:49:14] <Jymmm> the battery acid you mean?
[18:49:20] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[18:49:32] <MattyMatt> no just the dead mass. you'd need acidproof knickers
[18:49:40] <Jymmm> heh
[18:50:18] <Jymmm> battery boxes/fenders would be nice
[18:51:28] <Jymmm> I'm kinda surprised it didnt go faster than 40 though
[18:51:47] <Jymmm> there should be some hall torque there
[18:51:54] <Jymmm> hella
[18:51:59] <MattyMatt> I had a bike with 2 batteries. did 15mph top
[18:52:10] <MattyMatt> similar size motor
[18:52:19] <Jymmm> huh
[18:52:32] <MattyMatt> I had the batteries in parallel tho, for range
[18:52:39] <Jymmm> ah
[18:52:48] <Jymmm> well they said 72v
[18:53:52] <Jymmm> those did look like marine batteries thugh, I wonder if they couldn't provide the amps
[18:54:48] <MattyMatt> you can draw enough amps off a starter battery to flatten it in 5 minutes
[18:55:06] <MattyMatt> dunno if marine is much different
[18:55:55] <Jymmm> no idea
[18:55:57] -!- cnc-desktop has quit [Quit: bye]
[18:56:20] <MattyMatt> gel batteries are much lower peak amps I know
[18:56:40] <Jymmm> yeah
[18:59:40] <Jymmm> http://www.batterystuff.com/batteries/ub16600-racing-series-12-volt-16-volt-agm-battery.html
[19:03:29] <taiden> alright
[19:03:37] <taiden> isolcpu or w/e mod
[19:03:42] <taiden> seems to have worked this time
[19:03:55] <taiden> does it just disable one of the cores?
[19:04:10] <taiden> why yes it does, slick
[19:07:14] -!- jy76 [jy76!46103fb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:08:18] -!- Skullworks [Skullworks!~Skullwork@63-234-48-168.dia.static.qwest.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:10:38] <Skullworks> Whats up with sourceforge bouncing submissions?
[19:11:54] <Skullworks> I mean "emc-users-request@lists.sourceforge.net"
[19:13:19] <taiden> so
[19:13:25] <taiden> 7.8k / 12.2k
[19:13:31] <taiden> with isocasoifapsflples mod
[19:13:34] <Skullworks> Oops - pasted wrong address, ( coffee deficiency )
[19:13:35] <taiden> vs
[19:13:40] <taiden> 30k/30k without
[19:13:43] <taiden> on the d525mw
[19:14:20] <taiden> and thats with me stressing the hell out of it
[19:14:43] -!- phantoneD [phantoneD!~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:15:14] <r00t4rd3d> i run firefox, xchat, sketchup while im cutting and I have no problems
[19:15:47] <r00t4rd3d> you need to quit worring about that and just use it
[19:15:48] -!- djdelorie has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[19:17:32] -!- tjb1 has quit [Quit: tjb1]
[19:17:41] <r00t4rd3d> using glxgears as a test point on a system with onboard video is really not ideal either.
[19:17:50] -!- phantoxeD has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[19:18:03] -!- gmagno has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[19:18:28] <r00t4rd3d> glxgears can be stressful on a system with a video card
[19:19:07] <taiden> yeah
[19:19:09] <taiden> no its fine
[19:19:12] <taiden> all is great
[19:19:20] <taiden> i just got
[19:19:48] <taiden> 10.4k / 14.5k while running a youtube video, doing a true loop to load cpu to 100%, pinging a server, and running glx gears
[19:19:54] <taiden> while writing a 1gb blank file to disk
[19:19:59] <taiden> i can't think of much else to test
[19:20:06] <taiden> oh and scrolling through a pdf
[19:20:08] <taiden> so i think im fine
[19:21:31] <r00t4rd3d> did you update to the newest bios?
[19:21:36] <taiden> not yet
[19:21:39] <taiden> i might as well huh
[19:21:46] <r00t4rd3d> its the only thing i did
[19:21:52] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:22:09] <taiden> Lol
[19:22:16] <taiden> idle i get 1.8k/1.6k
[19:22:20] <taiden> ridiculous
[19:22:26] <taiden> this board is awesome
[19:24:36] <taiden> ReadError_: is there a way to disable the isolcpu mod at startup? if i want to use this for other things the computer is much snappier without that
[19:24:48] <taiden> maybe i'll just run a different version of ubuntu in a separate partition
[19:25:57] <psha> taiden: add another grub entry without isolcpus option
[19:26:03] <psha> or just edit it at boot time
[19:26:38] <taiden> alright
[19:26:50] <taiden> i tried holding shift at startup but it booted into the 07_rtai settings
[19:26:53] <psha> it's just kernel boot flag
[19:28:19] <psha> somebody with ubuntu install nearby may help you
[19:28:27] <psha> bb
[19:28:29] -!- psha has quit [Quit: zzz]
[19:31:24] -!- taiden has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[19:34:17] -!- gmagno [gmagno!~gmagno@a213-22-30-249.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:44:19] <ReadError_> well he left ;/
[19:46:56] -!- Cylly2 [Cylly2!cylly@p54B13F3F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:47:30] -!- kvist has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[19:47:38] -!- Loetmichel has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[19:49:38] -!- chris_99 has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[19:51:23] -!- taiden [taiden!taiden@cpe-76-179-135-80.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:55:35] -!- jpk has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[19:59:35] -!- factor [factor!~factor@r74-195-182-168.msk1cmtc01.mskgok.ok.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:03:16] -!- chris_99 [chris_99!~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:03:45] -!- factor has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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[20:17:09] -!- tjb1 [tjb1!~tjb1@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[20:44:38] -!- Tom_L [Tom_L!~Tl@unaffiliated/toml/x-013812] has joined #linuxcnc
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[20:46:40] -!- Keknom [Keknom!~monkeky@pool-96-236-205-140.pitbpa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:46:48] -!- phantoxeD [phantoxeD!~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:47:07] -!- Tom_itx has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[20:48:12] -!- zlog [zlog!~zlog@ip68-102-198-10.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:57:56] -!- fragalot_ has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[20:59:42] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[21:00:15] -!- DJ9DJ has quit [Quit: bye]
[21:03:51] -!- micges [micges!~micges@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:05:31] -!- uncrtnmind has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:05:52] -!- theorb [theorb!~theorb@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:08:12] theorb is now known as theorbtwo
[21:16:46] -!- vladimirek [vladimirek!~vladimire@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:16:59] Tom_L is now known as Tom_itx
[21:22:58] <r00t4rd3d> the internet was so much better when it was just nerds
[21:24:31] <r00t4rd3d> aol soiled it
[21:24:51] <andypugh> Pah! It was better when it was just academics.
[21:25:30] <r00t4rd3d> like i said, nerds
[21:29:44] -!- syyl has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:32:36] -!- gmagno has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[21:33:47] -!- z0idberg [z0idberg!~AndChat@p54AEF828.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:39:02] -!- djdelorie [djdelorie!~dj@envy.delorie.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:44:05] -!- Nick001-Shop [Nick001-Shop!~chatzilla@] has joined #linuxcnc
[21:50:01] -!- micges has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[22:00:34] <r00t4rd3d> taiden, u cutting yet?
[22:04:04] -!- z0idberg has quit [Quit: Bye]
[22:04:16] uw is now known as uw_
[22:05:46] uw_ is now known as underw
[22:09:43] -!- jepler has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[22:11:52] underw is now known as uw
[22:17:51] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:22:22] <r00t4rd3d> do your initials stand for underwear?
[22:23:12] <r00t4rd3d> uw
[22:23:31] <r00t4rd3d> idle for 1860 minutes ?
[22:23:57] -!- adb has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[22:24:10] -!- adb [adb!~adb@178-211-226-40.dhcp.voenergies.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:24:33] <uw> ?
[22:24:44] <uw> underwater lol
[22:24:48] <r00t4rd3d> oh
[22:24:56] <r00t4rd3d> are you?
[22:24:59] <uw> i have a submarine :D
[22:25:56] <r00t4rd3d> i have to ask, do you really?
[22:26:13] <uw> lol yup!
[22:26:24] <uw> however, no i am not currently in it
[22:26:28] <r00t4rd3d> pics?
[22:27:09] <uw> i do. however they arent hosted right now :(
[22:27:17] <uw> perhaps later lol
[22:28:56] <r00t4rd3d> what do you do with it?
[22:29:44] <r00t4rd3d> and is it yellow
[22:31:31] <r00t4rd3d> is this you?
[22:31:32] <r00t4rd3d> http://nerdnirvana.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/personal-submarine-500x360.jpg
[22:35:03] <ReadError_> how did they train a whale to ride that thing?
[22:35:25] <andypugh> Don't be mean.
[22:36:01] <andypugh> She's barely a manatee.
[22:44:26] <uw> r00t4rd3d, i exploree lol
[22:44:37] <uw> no it isnt yellow, mostly clear plastic
[22:59:37] <andypugh> Night all.
[22:59:52] -!- andypugh has quit [Quit: andypugh]
[22:59:59] <r00t4rd3d> do you make parts for it with a cnc router?
[23:04:18] <taiden> r00t4rd3d; updated bios
[23:04:26] <taiden> dual core latency is better
[23:04:32] <taiden> than before
[23:04:42] <taiden> but not nearly as good as with isolcpu-1
[23:04:43] <taiden> =1
[23:05:08] <taiden> however, using the box suffers when you do anything but linuxcnc
[23:05:18] <taiden> significantly
[23:20:44] -!- taiden-cnc [taiden-cnc!~taiden-cn@cpe-76-179-135-80.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:21:13] <taiden-cnc> anyone else have a spindle that is turned on every time the computer is off?
[23:21:28] <taiden-cnc> I keep my estop disengaged when i'm not here, but it's still an awkward thing
[23:21:43] <Tom_itx> change the logic
[23:22:11] <Tom_itx> more than awkward... dangerous
[23:29:36] <r00t4rd3d> I can believe a mormon nut job from Utah is in the running to be president.
[23:29:46] <r00t4rd3d> how the hell does that happen
[23:30:22] <r00t4rd3d> first thing he will probably do is pardon warren jeffs
[23:31:47] <Tom_itx> well, they let the last one in...
[23:33:34] -!- gmagno [gmagno!~gmagno@a213-22-30-249.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:36:58] <tjb1> my parts are shipping out tomorrow! :D
[23:37:40] <cpresser> taiden-cnc: my control is wired the same way (spindle)
[23:38:05] <cpresser> i just wrote a small script to delay the shutdown if estop is not engaged
[23:40:49] <tjb1> How much travel is "ideal" on a router on the z-axis
[23:41:50] <Tom_itx> all you can get
[23:41:57] <cpresser> depends on your application :)
[23:42:05] -!- joe9 has quit [Quit: leaving]
[23:42:14] <tjb1> Well I don't need/want too much ;)
[23:42:21] <tjb1> and I know most router bits aren't that long
[23:42:23] -!- odogono has quit [Quit: odogono]
[23:42:51] -!- gmagno has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[23:43:42] <tjb1> With the parts I have now, I can probably squeak about 10" out max
[23:43:57] <cpresser> mine has 180mm travel in Z, which is okay for most applications
[23:46:06] <r00t4rd3d> tjb1, how low is your Y axis
[23:46:18] <tjb1> which one do you consider Y?
[23:46:33] <r00t4rd3d> left to right
[23:46:40] <tjb1> 80 total
[23:46:46] <r00t4rd3d> mm?
[23:46:46] <tjb1> 65 inside rails
[23:46:49] <tjb1> inch
[23:46:53] <r00t4rd3d> no how high
[23:46:55] <r00t4rd3d> off the table
[23:46:59] <tjb1> Oh...
[23:47:16] <r00t4rd3d> say you got 3 inches of space between your table and the bottom of your gantry
[23:47:19] <tjb1> I think its 7-8" to bottom of extrusion
[23:47:35] <tjb1> I would have to load water table and stuff to check
[23:48:08] -!- theorb [theorb!~theorb@] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:49:10] -!- theorbtwo has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[23:49:23] <tjb1> The z extrusion is 20" long
[23:49:24] theorb is now known as theorbtwo
[23:50:02] <r00t4rd3d> I measured my lowest point and doubled it and figured out my z axis travel
[23:50:11] <tjb1> By the time I stuff 2 bearing blocks and the locking rings and the motor coupler I am going to blow a lot of that
[23:50:26] -!- chris_99 has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[23:51:32] <r00t4rd3d> say you got 3 inches between your table and the bottom of your gantry, you can only go down 3 inches and only need to go back up 3 inches so 6 inches would be ideal, a touch more for play.
[23:52:03] <tjb1> If it was 3 inches, going down 3 and back up would only require 3 inches of travel :P
[23:53:22] <r00t4rd3d> true if you only used 1 pillow block for your z axis
[23:53:33] <r00t4rd3d> if you have 4 spaced apart
[23:54:00] <r00t4rd3d> you need room for the top set of blocks
[23:54:58] <r00t4rd3d> you get what i mean?
[23:55:07] <tjb1> Im trying
[23:58:34] <r00t4rd3d> http://i.imgur.com/EUiM2.jpg
[23:59:04] <r00t4rd3d> see how i have 4 sets of pillow blocks on my Z axis
[23:59:05] <tjb1> There we go
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[23:59:11] <tjb1> Picture is worth a thousand words :)
[23:59:14] <r00t4rd3d> yeah
[23:59:43] <tjb1> I switched to the 8" long carriages instead of the 4" ones on the Z