#linuxcnc | Logs for 2012-04-20

[00:04:16] <pfred1> whoah not in the data you say?
[00:07:11] <ReadError> http://www.kelinginc.net/KL23H276-30-8B.pdf
[00:07:37] <ReadError> see, i used blue/red & brown/black
[00:07:51] <ReadError> for what i hope is bipolar half winding
[00:08:44] <pfred1> are your motors high inductance?
[00:09:19] <ReadError> http://i.imgur.com/mWbRr.jpg <-- me
[00:09:58] <pfred1> well the main reason to go half winding is to reduce resistance and inductance
[00:10:22] <pfred1> it nets you some top end performance at a loss of lower end
[00:10:35] <ReadError> well the motors are a bit strong
[00:10:35] <Jymmm> parallel would be the same effect
[00:10:39] <ReadError> 280oz
[00:11:02] <ReadError> and the mill is like 20TPI
[00:11:06] <pfred1> no half is different than parallel
[00:11:46] <ReadError> so i have no idea what to use for the resistance value
[00:12:02] <Jymmm> 1 / (1/x + 1/y)
[00:12:08] <pfred1> if you're only using half your coils you have to figure for half current
[00:12:32] <ReadError> so 2.1A
[00:12:35] <pfred1> makes sense doesn't it?
[00:13:51] <pfred1> hey why don't you just gear them?
[00:14:02] <pfred1> that way you use all your motor and get higher speed?
[00:14:30] <ReadError> my mill is nema23 ready
[00:14:35] <ReadError> im not ready for modding it ;)
[00:14:48] <pfred1> so make it timing belt ready
[00:14:54] <ReadError> ;(
[00:15:00] <ReadError> i want to get up and running 1st heh
[00:15:08] <djdelorie> CUT STUFF! :-)
[00:15:10] <pfred1> it is your best solution though not the easiest
[00:15:44] <pfred1> well something to think about down the road
[00:15:53] <pfred1> remember you can always trade torque for speed though
[00:16:51] <ReadError> ya but since the TPI is pretty high
[00:16:56] <ReadError> i dont think ide need tooo much torque
[00:17:16] <pfred1> you need what you need
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[00:18:40] * djdelorie still thinks parallel is your best bet
[00:18:52] <pfred1> it is
[00:19:11] <pfred1> but parallel is the most current costly too
[00:19:31] <pfred1> you don't get nuthing for nuthing
[00:19:59] <djdelorie> parallel lets him max out his G540 but still has the fastest speed
[00:20:14] <pfred1> yup
[00:20:22] <ReadError> hmmmm
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[00:20:39] <pfred1> although if you have a high winding motor one really inductive they tend to resonate lower
[00:20:58] <pfred1> see some stepper motors are just built to run faster
[00:21:09] <pfred1> they are low ohms and low inductance and high amps
[00:21:21] <pfred1> they're the fastest running stepper motors going
[00:21:39] <pfred1> there is another kind that has more low end torque but can't do the high Rs
[00:22:01] <pfred1> those run better if you half winding them at higher speeds
[00:22:37] <pfred1> but you lose your bottem end torque adtanvates if yo udo that ot them
[00:22:46] <ReadError> so, if i keep it how it is
[00:23:00] <ReadError> ide need 2.1A, or ~2.1k resistor
[00:23:35] <pfred1> ReadError what is the resistance and uH of your motors?
[00:24:08] <ReadError> well im not sure since i got a custom config
[00:24:19] <pfred1> it should be printed right on them
[00:24:24] <pfred1> right on the label
[00:24:37] <ReadError> nothing but the part # on mine
[00:24:48] <pfred1> oh then the manufacturer should have the specs
[00:25:05] <ReadError> yea but not for bipolar half winding
[00:25:12] <ReadError> unless i can assume its just 1/2 of parallel
[00:25:17] <pfred1> doesn't matter yo ucompare apples ot apples
[00:25:25] <djdelorie> should be the same as unipolar
[00:25:46] <pfred1> you can wire 8 lead motors any which way
[00:26:17] <pfred1> half bipolar unipolar series or parallel
[00:26:43] <ReadError> oh i didnt realize it was the same as unipolar
[00:26:57] <pfred1> yeah yo ucan turn an 8 lead motor into a unipolar
[00:27:13] <pfred1> but half bipolar isn't unipolar
[00:27:30] <pfred1> because you're only using half the coils
[00:27:37] <djdelorie> it's not the same layout, but with unipolar, you're only driving one coil at a time
[00:28:15] <pfred1> wouldn't it depend on what kind of sequencing you were using?
[00:28:34] <pfred1> some step sequences unipolar drive mor than one coil at a time
[00:29:04] <pfred1> I think full step is the only one that doesn't but it has been a while since I've studied any charts
[00:29:09] <djdelorie> I meant the inductance and resistance listed on the spec should be the same as unipolar
[00:29:15] <pfred1> ah OK yes
[00:29:18] <pfred1> a coil is a coil
[00:29:39] <ReadError> what is this "COM" the spec sheet speaks of?
[00:29:56] <pfred1> the common unipolar leads?
[00:29:57] <ReadError> i figured it was ground
[00:30:00] <ReadError> oh ok
[00:30:13] <pfred1> which don't have to be ground
[00:30:28] <pfred1> usually they aren't in fact
[00:30:40] <pfred1> they usually go to your high
[00:31:30] <pfred1> it depends on the driver but most semicondustors seem to like to sink rather than source current
[00:31:43] <pfred1> so it is easier to switch the ground
[00:31:48] <ReadError> i should just go parallel
[00:31:52] <ReadError> this would be much easier hehe
[00:32:00] <pfred1> it is the most performance
[00:32:39] <pfred1> other wiring schemes are only used in rare cases
[00:33:02] <pfred1> like if you're making a conveyor belt or something
[00:33:58] <pfred1> radar dish for your model railroad setup
[00:34:18] <pfred1> Christmas anamatronics ..
[00:37:41] <joe9> in the gcode G46 (tool offset code) the H or D value stores the offset of the tool. How is that offset entered in linuxcnc?
[00:37:49] <joe9> or, is there a command to set that value?
[00:39:40] <joe9> also the G41 or G42 codes
[00:40:51] <Jymmm> animatronics? where?
[00:41:32] * pfred1 is fascinated by blinkers
[00:41:42] <Jymmm> turn?
[00:41:49] <pfred1> I spent a week once just surfing pages of blinker sites
[00:42:01] <pfred1> no people who go way over the top with christmas lights
[00:42:01] <Jymmm> pfred1: ???
[00:42:08] <Jymmm> oh, heh
[00:42:20] <pfred1> they have websites
[00:42:33] <djdelorie> pfred1: http://www.delorie.com/electronics/usb-gpio/led-raster-1.jpg
[00:42:37] <djdelorie> have some blinky lights :-)
[00:42:42] <Jymmm> My cousin just has limos go down her street
[00:42:49] <pfred1> djdelorie no man these people like they have 400 amp services installed
[00:43:03] <pfred1> they are waaaay out there
[00:43:19] <pfred1> rooms dedicated to the controls
[00:43:32] <Jymmm> what wrong with that?
[00:43:36] <pfred1> nothing
[00:43:41] <Jymmm> =)
[00:43:50] <pfred1> except that yo ucen see their properties from space
[00:44:10] <Jymmm> sounds good to me
[00:44:37] <pfred1> I have to admit when I first discovered it I couldn't get enough of it
[00:44:45] <Jymmm> heh
[00:44:48] <pfred1> it was much like watching a train wreck i couldn't pull myself away
[00:44:53] <MattyMatt> one thing I don't understand about 6 wire steppers. if they are wired N-S-N so they work on a unipolar motor, then can you wire them as bipolar parallel by joining the 2 ends of the coil?
[00:45:07] <MattyMatt> ^on a unipolar driver
[00:45:24] <pfred1> because of the coil arrangement yo ucan only use them in half coil bipolar I think it is
[00:45:26] <djdelorie> no because the two coils' fields would cancel each other out
[00:46:23] <MattyMatt> ah so the 2 halves are 180 phase, so in a unipolar they're never both active at the same time?
[00:46:45] <djdelorie> right, you energize one or the other depending on which way you want the field
[00:47:01] <MattyMatt> got it
[00:47:37] <pfred1> it was a whole ago I built it let me see how the sequencer works on my half stepping driver
[00:48:34] <MattyMatt> pfred you can use the full coil too, which gives the equiv of bipolar serial. that works but the impedence is quite high
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[00:49:10] <Jymmm> pfred1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zjXr6Qnpcw
[00:49:15] <MattyMatt> it usually makes it hard to get high speed on 12V, which is what repraps are usually trying to do
[00:49:30] <pfred1> I thought 1-2 phase stepping was 2 coils at once
[00:50:01] <MattyMatt> it is if you use the full coil and ignore the common
[00:50:07] <pfred1> ful step sequencing sucks
[00:50:41] <pfred1> I can never get motors to run much more than 226 RPM in full step mode
[00:50:46] <pfred1> before they resonate out
[00:51:23] <pfred1> it drove me nuts the first drivers I made
[00:51:23] <MattyMatt> I think full step sequencing these days means "just the half steps" so you get sqrt(2) more torque for 2x the power
[00:51:44] <pfred1> I was like how do you make these things go fast?
[00:52:12] <pfred1> it wasn't until I made a half step sequencer that i saw some real speed
[00:52:52] <ReadError> joe9
[00:53:08] <ReadError> did you do anything special on the db9s?
[00:53:14] <pfred1> supposedly there are resonance sensors yo ucan add to full step drivers
[00:53:17] <ReadError> or just make sure the + is consistent
[00:53:36] <ReadError> like pin 9 = black/white
[00:53:44] <ReadError> pin 7 = red/green
[00:54:25] <MattyMatt> I've been getting around 300rpm max on my mill for 2 years, and it's all down to the crappy opto-isolators :p with them shorted I can get higher speed and use 1/16 steps
[00:54:51] <pfred1> this is a nice page about stepper motors http://www.orientalmotor.com/technology/articles/step-motor-basics.html
[00:55:31] <pfred1> it even shows how steppers can run better under load than free
[00:55:52] <pfred1> man stepper motors are like is someone with no common sense at all designed a motor they're completely backwards
[00:56:27] <joe9> ReadError: check the motor specs and the g540 specs.
[00:56:41] <ReadError> yea they are right
[00:56:46] <joe9> ReadError: nothing special other than using a 3ft extra wire
[00:56:59] <ReadError> but the g540 doesnt specify which pin is + & -
[00:57:09] <ReadError> but i assume as long as i have them the same it should be ok
[00:57:13] <pfred1> bipolar?
[00:57:15] <ReadError> yea
[00:57:16] <djdelorie> for the stepper drives?
[00:57:23] <joe9> and, my resistor was closer to 4K, bipolar parallel.
[00:57:24] <pfred1> well bipolar it switches
[00:57:32] <ReadError> http://www.charter-controls.com/uploads/G540_REV4_MANUAL_V2.pdf
[00:57:36] <pfred1> that is what makes it bipolar
[00:57:50] <ReadError> see the g540 doesnt denote which side is which on the A/B
[00:57:56] <MattyMatt> nice article pfred1. /me shares w reprappers. I'm trying to convince them of the benefits of 5 phase steppers already :) this supports my manifesto
[00:58:06] <pfred1> it is usually A and A prime and B and B prime
[00:58:13] <joe9> make sure that you check the pins and wires again and again.
[00:58:18] <djdelorie> it shouldn't matter which way you wire up the stepper wires for each coil; the stepper just runs in the other direction
[00:58:21] <pfred1> but if you mess up you switch one
[00:58:23] <joe9> I re-did those connections
[00:58:36] <ReadError> which motors did you go with?
[00:58:38] <pfred1> then your motor may run in reverse but it'll run
[00:59:19] <pfred1> djdelorie yeah if you "mess up" either it stalls or runs in reverse
[01:00:08] <ReadError> it says if its above 3.5, a resistor would not be necessary
[01:00:12] <pfred1> well universal motors are kind of tricky to get everything sorted out with them
[01:00:22] <ReadError> and my motors in parallel are 4.2A
[01:00:36] <djdelorie> if you wire them in parallel, they can take 4.2 amps, more than 3.5, so yeah, no resistor needed
[01:00:45] <ReadError> oh crap
[01:00:49] <ReadError> i hope thats the MAX
[01:00:55] <ReadError> since my PSU is only 12.5A
[01:01:02] <pfred1> the driver is only going to put out what it puts out
[01:01:19] <djdelorie> the geckos are current-limiting, right?
[01:01:23] <pfred1> of course
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[01:01:48] <pfred1> mariss deals with lots of idiots so he has designed his drivers accordingly
[01:01:59] <joe9> what djdelorie says is correct about the "no resistor". but, I read somewhere that adding one is a good idea.
[01:02:16] <ReadError> so your are 4A motors?
[01:02:17] <pfred1> ReadError just obey this one rule never ever disconnect a coil wire of your motor from the drive while the drive is powered
[01:02:28] <joe9> ReadError: i have the same motors that you have.
[01:02:35] <ReadError> oh really lol
[01:02:40] <pfred1> seriously
[01:02:51] <djdelorie> technology is a constant race between engineers making their stuff more idiot-proof, and the universe making better idiots...
[01:02:53] <pfred1> makes sure the drive is completely disconnected from power
[01:02:54] <ReadError> what PSU joe9?
[01:03:28] <pfred1> djdelorie most people that buy geckos shouldn't even change lightbulbs
[01:03:41] <ReadError> aww ;(
[01:03:47] <ReadError> you are probably right
[01:03:48] <pfred1> I don't know how mariss deals with it but he does
[01:04:31] <joe9> i went with a toroidal. it is pretty solid. barely heats up.
[01:04:34] <pfred1> his site is a wealth of info for hooking steppers up too
[01:04:59] <pfred1> joe9 a wise choice
[01:05:10] <pfred1> expensive and not very flexible but solid
[01:05:36] <joe9> pfred1: it was recommended by the good folks on this channel. probably you, too.
[01:05:52] <pfred1> and you have a bridge and a filter cap right?
[01:06:14] <pfred1> 3 parts bang done
[01:06:46] <djdelorie> my motor supply is toroidal too
[01:06:55] <djdelorie> bridge, caps, fuse, done.
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[01:07:05] <pfred1> yeah sometime in the far flung future when the filter cap goes replace it abd be back in business
[01:07:07] <MattyMatt> I got a nice 9A 25V toroidal cheap but thought that meant peak-to-peak not RMS so now I need a cheap variac in front of it :p
[01:07:38] <djdelorie> nah, just let the controller do current limiting :-)
[01:07:47] <pfred1> yeah after yo urectify and filter a transformer you get higher V
[01:08:13] <djdelorie> yup. Mine is 84 VAC but 120 VDC
[01:08:36] <pfred1> that'll curl your hair
[01:09:12] <pfred1> I use a transformer I scrapped out of a PDP 11/34
[01:09:21] <djdelorie> I try to avoid letting my hair get that close to it when it's on :-)
[01:09:32] <pfred1> I ganged up the coils for the 5 volt rails
[01:09:44] <pfred1> they were 12.5 VAC each?
[01:09:52] <djdelorie> I did build a switching power supply but it was audibly noisy
[01:09:56] <MattyMatt> I'm tempted to tap my output coils
[01:10:35] <djdelorie> MattyMatt: you should be getting about 40 VDC, right?
[01:10:37] <pfred1> djdelorie yeah with your setup if your state ever decides to put in an old sparky you can lend them the hardware
[01:10:44] <joe9> pfred1: i think the filter caps and bridge are part of the psu. www.antekinc.com/details.php?p=185
[01:10:45] <MattyMatt> not highly tempted tho. I don't want to risk ruining it
[01:11:01] <pfred1> joe9 oh you bought a complete kit?
[01:12:00] <MattyMatt> estimated 38V, but the caps I got for it are 35V rated, and my drivers are TB6560. they turn into anti-personnel devices if you get near the 36V rating
[01:12:07] <pfred1> joe9 an unregulated transformer power supply is pretty easy to make
[01:12:23] <pfred1> it is 2 pairs of connections
[01:13:07] <pfred1> MattyMatt I run mine at 24V so far so good here
[01:13:30] <MattyMatt> I've seen several pics of exploded TB6560s, generally all on the same board I've got :p
[01:13:50] <MattyMatt> pfred1 yeah that was my target
[01:13:55] <djdelorie> MattyMatt: is it center tapped?
[01:13:59] <MattyMatt> nope
[01:14:02] <pfred1> MattyMatt this is what I run mine off of I think it can take 45V input? http://www.instructables.com/id/300-Watt-Linear-Power-Supply/
[01:14:03] <MattyMatt> primary is
[01:14:22] <joe9> pfred1: http://www.antekinc.com/pdf/PS-4N48R.pdf
[01:14:23] <pfred1> and it'll out anything down to 2.5V
[01:14:29] <joe9> it is unregulated.
[01:14:29] <MattyMatt> primary is split, so I could double the output, but not halve it
[01:14:43] <joe9> pfred1: does it have to be regulated?
[01:14:55] <pfred1> joe9 no your drivers do that
[01:15:31] <pfred1> joe9 pretty neat unit
[01:16:39] <joe9> i think it was a good buy. thanks to the folks here.
[01:16:54] <pfred1> it should last you a long time
[01:17:36] <pfred1> what brand are those big black caps?
[01:17:58] <joe9> pfred1: don't know. haven't checked them.
[01:18:13] <pfred1> I can't tell for sure but they look like nice ones to me
[01:19:01] <joe9> i cannot tell either. the brand seems hidden.
[01:19:25] <pfred1> if they ever give you any troubles get some Spragues and it'll outlive you
[01:19:47] <joe9> ok, thanks.
[01:20:06] <pfred1> well any japanese cap would be a good choice too
[01:20:13] <Jymmm> They look like this to me... http://i54.tinypic.com/zloxg.jpg
[01:20:24] <pfred1> in industry regular maintanence is to change caps after 5 years of service
[01:21:32] <A0Sheds> oh, neat they have a spare inside for backup
[01:21:33] <pfred1> Jymmm hey at least the caps inside are rubycons
[01:21:42] <jdhnc> pfred1: what industry is that?
[01:21:51] <pfred1> jdhnc any
[01:22:02] <pfred1> where the equipment is worth keeping
[01:22:32] <ReadError> so your PSU is 8A joe9 ?
[01:22:34] <jdhnc> I still have two pdp 11/73's running with their orignal PS's
[01:22:40] <jdhnc> 24x7
[01:22:41] <pfred1> high end electronics recapping is maintenence
[01:22:55] <joe9> not sure, 7A maybe.
[01:23:13] <ReadError> hmmm so i should be okay with 12.5 in parallel then i hope
[01:23:18] <joe9> ReadError: 8A, yes.
[01:24:24] <pfred1> jdhnc it is a good thing they oversized the caps in it then
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[01:24:53] <jdhnc> yeah, old DEC power supplies (and cases) are amazing
[01:25:18] <pfred1> I scrapped an 11/34 here i use the stuff out of it but I don't expect it to be brand new
[01:26:27] <alex4nder> yoh
[01:27:07] <ReadError> yo
[01:27:10] <jdhnc> PCW?
[01:27:16] <ReadError> alex4nder, i couldnt figure out the math on that custom setup
[01:27:24] <ReadError> so i put them in parallel ;/
[01:27:33] <alex4nder> the math?
[01:27:37] <ReadError> yea
[01:27:40] <alex4nder> there's no math
[01:27:44] <ReadError> to figure out what resistor i need
[01:27:54] <alex4nder> it's just the unipolar current
[01:27:55] <ReadError> i wasnt sure if it was just 1/2 parallel
[01:28:00] <ReadError> oh ok
[01:28:05] <ReadError> i can go back then
[01:28:06] <alex4nder> 3 amps
[01:28:15] <ReadError> same impedance ?
[01:28:24] <ReadError> or inductance
[01:28:29] <alex4nder> it's the unipolar inductance
[01:28:30] <ReadError> sorry im fried its been a long day
[01:28:42] <alex4nder> if you wired it parallel, it'll work
[01:28:48] <alex4nder> I mean, you can do all your tests and ish
[01:28:56] <ReadError> yea but i dont want to burn up anything
[01:30:48] <alex4nder> you won't kill anything
[01:30:53] <alex4nder> I doubt the G540 will let you
[01:31:30] <ReadError> alex4nder, it took you 4 hours to assemble?
[01:31:35] <ReadError> (the taig)
[01:31:37] <alex4nder> yup
[01:31:48] <ReadError> cool i found some youtube vid on it
[01:31:52] <ReadError> going to watch that first
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[01:42:41] mhaberler_ is now known as mhaberler
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[01:54:06] <PCW> jdhnc here
[01:54:56] <ReadError> inside of my taig box stinks
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[02:09:51] <jdhnc> PCW: is there anything special about the 7i43/7i47 bitfile, or is it just like the others, but different pin assignments and max enc/step/pwm?
[02:10:41] <PCW> Just that the pinout matches the 7I47
[02:11:09] <jdhnc> I changed the fpga size in the -4's xml file and pncconf seemed to generate a decent hal. It put everything I need on port 4
[02:12:09] <PCW> (of course there are many possible 7I47 pinouts with PWM/stepgen/sserial/UART/encoder/SSI/BISS options)
[02:12:31] <PCW> SPI 3pwm etc etc
[02:13:00] -!- sumpfralle1 has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[02:13:36] <jdhnc> someday maybe. This should be all I need for this machine. Thanks for the assitance and I'll try to leave you alone, for a while :)
[02:13:37] <PCW> but the standard SVST 7I47 pinout is the same for all (50 pin I/O) FPGA cards
[02:14:08] <PCW> and the -2 is identical to the -4 config
[02:15:02] <PCW> if in doubt of a pinout, remove all daughtercards start LinuxCNC and then check the pinout in dmesg
[02:15:43] -!- stevegt_ [stevegt_!~stevegt@] has joined #linuxcnc
[02:17:19] <jdhnc> dmesg says p4-41 for pwmgen0. Is that the 7i47 pin or the 7i43 pin?
[02:17:40] <PCW> 7I43
[02:17:52] <jdhnc> and the 7i47 has termination jumpers, all set to on. Should they be off for stepgen/pwmgen/encoder?
[02:18:22] <PCW> The driver has no idea whats connected to the FPGA, only the FPGA card pins
[02:19:01] <jdhnc> <PCW> if in doubt of a pinout, remove all daughtercards start LinuxCNC and
[02:19:17] <jdhnc> why remove the daughtercard for that?
[02:19:21] <Jymmm> do a lil dance!
[02:19:24] <PCW> they are for inputs only so do not affect PWM/STEPGENS other outputs
[02:19:50] <PCW> termination that is
[02:21:13] <PCW> I guess you could disable all functions but you dont want a conflict (daughterboard output fighting FPGA output)
[02:21:31] <jdhnc> oh, to check the actual signals, not just the config?
[02:21:36] <PCW> (diable by (stepgens=0 pwmgens=o etc)
[02:22:31] <jdhnc> so, lastly ( I hope). How do I map the 7i43 pins (say P4-41) to the 7i47pins... 1-1?
[02:23:05] <PCW> no if you load a config the stepgen and pwmgen and other outputs will get enabled by the driver and may conflict if the config is not for the right daughtercard
[02:26:10] <PCW> well p4-41 is going to connect to 7I47 pin 41 which page 4 of the 7I47manual says is TX0
[02:26:55] <jdhnc> oh, I missed that just looking at P2,3,4
[02:27:30] <PCW> which is brought out to 7I47 terminal block P4 (pins 19 and 20)
[02:27:39] <jdhnc> so I shoudl be able to scope P4-19/20 and see the pwm
[02:28:25] -!- sumpfralle [sumpfralle!~lars@31-16-21-63-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[02:29:08] <jdhnc> or 19-21
[02:29:10] <PCW> Yep if the watchdog is happy and some pwm value is set
[02:31:26] <PCW> on 7I47 P4, 19 is TX0 20 is /TX0 (true and inverted PWM with this config)and 21 is GND
[02:31:48] -!- PCW has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:39:47] -!- koax has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[02:41:10] <djdelorie> sweet! Took apart an old "bad" cdrom drive, found a tiny 12v bipolar stepper and a tiny 12v BLDC motor with hall sensors :-)
[02:41:38] <jdhnc> get a bluray next time, you get a nice laser too
[02:42:10] <djdelorie> none of my blurays are already broken yet :-)
[02:42:33] <jdhnc> I only have one afaik
[02:42:46] * ReadError wonders why they call it bluray when the laser is purple...
[02:42:54] <jdhnc> I have a HD-dvd somewhere, wonder if they have more power than normal ones
[02:43:03] <djdelorie> or "ultraviolet" with it's just data
[02:44:33] -!- demacus [demacus!~demacus@erft-d932f2e3.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[02:44:46] -!- r00t4rd3d [r00t4rd3d!~XX@cpe-67-249-21-218.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[02:44:46] -!- r00t4rd3d has quit [Changing host]
[02:44:46] -!- r00t4rd3d [r00t4rd3d!~XX@unaffiliated/r00t4rd3d] has joined #linuxcnc
[02:47:14] -!- demacus_ has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[02:50:12] -!- sumpfralle has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[02:53:41] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[02:58:42] <pfred1> I've heard of people making cutters out of lasers out of CD burners
[02:59:54] <djdelorie> a couple cdrom drives and you've got enough parts for a tiny milling machine...
[03:00:34] <pfred1> I think it has been done
[03:00:43] <djdelorie> yeah, I know
[03:02:06] <pfred1> for a while I was getting maybe a year out of a CD burner lately they've been holding up a little better for me
[03:02:56] <pfred1> but I must have a half a milk crate of dead drives here
[03:03:33] -!- elmo40 has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[03:03:56] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[03:04:40] <pfred1> I keep my scrap electronics in my junk box http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/8210/72363334.jpg
[03:05:46] <Jymmm> pfred1: you STILL hven't finished the sides yet?
[03:06:04] <pfred1> Jymmm what do you mean? They are finished!
[03:06:21] <Jymmm> all I see is tar paper
[03:06:26] <pfred1> yup
[03:06:30] <Jymmm> lol
[03:07:57] <pfred1> one year we got a lot of snow and that thing stood up under like 2 foot of it on the roof
[03:08:11] <pfred1> I couldn't believe it it is just sitting on bricks
[03:10:07] <pfred1> for some reason OSB is really cheap here maybe we make the stuff or something
[03:10:21] <pfred1> but it goes for like $5.24 a sheet
[03:11:12] <pfred1> that whole shack cost me $50 to slap up
[03:11:37] <pfred1> well excluding the tar paper
[03:12:51] -!- ThadiusB [ThadiusB!~tj@cdm-75-109-182-138.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[03:18:18] <ThadiusB> anyone have a link where i might find help fixing my parallel port problem with 10.04?
[03:27:09] <jdhnc> what is your parallel port problem?
[03:28:31] <ReadError> ThadiusB,
[03:28:33] <ReadError> check fireball
[03:28:38] <ReadError> and paste the results
[03:28:47] <ReadError> lspci
[03:28:52] <ReadError> and do a lsmod|grep parport
[03:29:06] -!- capricorn_one [capricorn_one!~raffi@zima.linwin.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[03:37:23] <Jymmm> pfred1: doesnt leak?
[03:37:23] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[03:37:36] <pfred1> Jymmm in places
[03:37:36] -!- dimas_ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[03:38:15] <Jymmm> pfred1: 5 places by chance?
[03:38:25] <pfred1> depends how hard it rains
[03:38:27] <Jymmm> pfred1: N S E W top
[03:39:04] <Jymmm> Why not metal roof?
[03:39:10] <Jymmm> corrigated
[03:39:20] <pfred1> because OSB is cheap
[03:39:29] <pfred1> and easy to work with
[03:39:37] <Jymmm> and leaks
[03:39:40] -!- ThadiusB [ThadiusB!~tj@cdm-75-109-182-138.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[03:39:55] <pfred1> only because of how i have it attached to a trailer it is just a leanto
[03:40:38] <Jymmm> I really hate modern roofing materials. the same thing for the pst 30+ years
[03:41:14] <Jymmm> TAR paper, really?
[03:41:38] <Jymmm> roofinh tiles with rock
[03:42:16] <Jymmm> We ca make decking from recycled milk jugs that last like forever, but can't do roofs???
[03:42:47] <pfred1> there is PVC roofing material
[03:42:59] <Jymmm> uncommon
[03:43:11] <pfred1> yeah because of what it costs
[03:43:30] <pfred1> a good tar roof will last a long time
[03:43:42] <Jymmm> 50 years? 100 Years?
[03:44:04] <pfred1> I don't know I've done some pretty old roofs
[03:44:35] * pfred1 was a Barrett boy when he was younger
[03:44:38] <Jymmm> Well, What I'm saying is if I dont have to replace the walls every 20 years, why should I have to replace the roof in 20 years?
[03:44:48] <Jymmm> doesnt make sense
[03:44:55] <pfred1> because the Sun beats on the roof
[03:45:12] <Jymmm> and he walls too
[03:45:14] <djdelorie> and the rain, and snow, and hail, and trees
[03:45:18] <pfred1> not at the same angle
[03:45:22] <Jymmm> just like the walls do
[03:45:28] <pfred1> nope fraid not
[03:45:37] <pfred1> that isn't how direct radiation works
[03:46:02] <pfred1> we get winter and summer because of a 6 degree axis tilt of the planet
[03:46:09] <Jymmm> I dont care how it works, we have synthetic everything these days
[03:46:26] <pfred1> so the angle the light hits matters that much
[03:46:27] <djdelorie> biodegradable roofs...
[03:46:42] <Jymmm> djdelorie: pretty much, which is bs
[03:47:04] <pfred1> if you want a roof that lasts a long time you can get it but it'll cost you
[03:47:06] <Jymmm> Hell, spray on silicon
[03:47:14] <djdelorie> sand roofs?
[03:47:23] <pfred1> well tar roofs are stoned
[03:47:41] <djdelorie> yup, here our roofs are made of the same thing as our roads
[03:47:51] <pfred1> we did a roof once and by mistake got an extra truckload of stone
[03:48:09] <pfred1> I swear we put 6 inches deep of riverstone up on that roof
[03:48:18] <pfred1> it was crazy!
[03:48:38] <pfred1> the boss was like screw it put it down
[03:48:53] <pfred1> they didn't want ot admit they'd made a mistake
[03:49:36] <pfred1> pretty bad huh?
[03:50:23] <pfred1> but as long as it doesn't snow too much that roof is going to last a long time
[03:51:58] <pfred1> I wonder if harry corby still works for them? http://www.barrettroofs.com/
[03:52:10] -!- skunkworks__ has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[03:52:45] <pfred1> one of the foremen was a porn star too
[03:52:54] <pfred1> bobby kinellie
[03:53:08] <pfred1> I don't know what his porn name was
[03:54:41] <pfred1> he was an artist with a hot tar mop
[03:55:02] <pfred1> could draw a straight line up the parapit wall
[03:56:43] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[03:58:30] -!- ThadiusB [ThadiusB!~tj@cdm-75-109-182-138.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:02:22] <Jymmm> heh
[04:02:40] <Jymmm> Yeah, oil too expensive now to still be using tar
[04:02:42] <pfred1> hot tar mopping ain't easy
[04:03:07] <pfred1> tar is the sludge they can't turn into anything else it is a waste byproduct
[04:03:29] <Jymmm> seriously?
[04:03:38] <pfred1> pretty much yeah
[04:03:42] <djdelorie> it's gunk
[04:03:56] <djdelorie> sticky waterproof gunk
[04:03:59] <Jymmm> I'm sure they can make SOMETHING useful other than roofs out of it
[04:04:01] <pfred1> stuff comes in paper cylinders we'd have to chop them with an axe
[04:04:11] <djdelorie> roofs *are* useful
[04:04:12] <pfred1> to throw int othe kettle
[04:04:35] <Jymmm> djdelorie: wat part of OTHER THAN didn't you nderstand?
[04:04:38] <pfred1> hard it kind of looks like obsidian glass
[04:04:57] <pfred1> its sludge
[04:05:10] <djdelorie> I understood the whole thing
[04:05:21] <pfred1> heck it takes a lot of energy just to get it into a workable state
[04:05:56] <pfred1> that was one job I was glad I never went on
[04:06:04] <Jymmm> use it to waterproof trofts or waterways or something
[04:06:17] <Jymmm> sewer pipes
[04:06:21] <pfred1> guys out of my union hall went down to the refining plant to chip out the pipes
[04:06:22] <djdelorie> or roofs
[04:06:41] <pfred1> they'd send you down the pipes with a chipping hammer and you'd chip the gunk out
[04:06:46] <Jymmm> \ignore djdelorie
[04:07:22] <pfred1> it was good money though 12 hour shifts
[04:07:45] <Jymmm> pfred1: chip out tar?
[04:07:55] <pfred1> I guess I didn't do it
[04:07:58] <Jymmm> or gunk
[04:08:04] <Jymmm> k
[04:08:11] <pfred1> a buddy of mine did and the horror stores he told me I'm glad i didn't
[04:08:38] <Jymmm> ok plastic decking has a 25yr waranty
[04:08:41] <pfred1> he said the lights would go out and you'd be in the dark
[04:09:00] <Jymmm> lovely
[04:09:00] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[04:09:13] <pfred1> all kinds of crack addicts were on that job too
[04:09:13] <Jymmm> how long do metal roofs last?
[04:09:34] <Jymmm> other than outhouses
[04:09:56] <pfred1> I've seen metal roofs in pretty sad shape
[04:10:14] <Jymmm> rust?
[04:10:16] <pfred1> usually what happens is the fasteners rust out and then the wind catches them
[04:10:22] <Jymmm> ah
[04:10:31] <Jymmm> well that sounds more human error
[04:10:43] <pfred1> yeah could be people using the wrong fasteners
[04:11:01] <djdelorie> even stainless steel will rust eventually
[04:11:07] <pfred1> if there is any difference in the metal though you're going to get galvinization going on
[04:11:29] <pfred1> djdelorie I live by the beach and here they have stainless phone booths and they're torn up
[04:11:50] <pfred1> right by the beach stainless doesn't hold up
[04:11:52] <Jymmm> pfred1: pic sometime
[04:12:06] <pfred1> yeah it is shocking
[04:12:21] <pfred1> I mean if I hadn't seen it I'd have never thought it was possible
[04:12:47] <pfred1> stuff turns into gray dust though
[04:12:52] <Jymmm> Not really, salt water is some nasty shit when it comes to metal. I've had it start rusting in 30s inthe reef tank
[04:13:17] <pfred1> the houses on the coast it is unreal how bad a beating they take
[04:13:31] <pfred1> like every other year you're up for major repairs
[04:13:36] <Jymmm> can't they make concrete waterproof?
[04:13:39] <pfred1> cedar shakes it doesn't matter
[04:13:47] <djdelorie> concrete doesn't last long up north
[04:13:56] <Jymmm> djdelorie: snow?
[04:14:00] <djdelorie> ice
[04:14:01] <pfred1> concrete can be funny too
[04:14:08] <djdelorie> and salt
[04:14:10] <pfred1> it all depends on the mix
[04:14:10] <Jymmm> ah, thermal expansion
[04:14:23] <Jymmm> fiberglass + concrete?
[04:14:29] <pfred1> kitty hair
[04:14:30] <djdelorie> yup. That's why roads down south can be concrete, but up here we're limited to asphalt
[04:14:46] <pfred1> that is what we call fiberglass in concrete
[04:14:52] <pfred1> heh listen to this this is funny
[04:15:03] <pfred1> once we poured a floor for a factory that had robots in it
[04:15:11] <pfred1> and we used fiber concrete
[04:15:16] <pfred1> well the fibers stuck up
[04:15:24] <pfred1> and they totally screwed their robots up
[04:15:35] <Jymmm> ooops, someone didn't float it
[04:15:36] <pfred1> so we had to burn all the hairs with torches
[04:15:45] <Jymmm> how?
[04:15:47] <pfred1> nah the hairs just stick up nothing you can do about it
[04:16:17] <djdelorie> the siding on my house is cement and fiber
[04:16:20] <Jymmm> how did it screw up the rbots?
[04:16:37] <pfred1> heck if i know they used some kind of floor tracking and the fibers threw them off
[04:16:48] <Jymmm> oh, heh
[04:16:56] <Jymmm> I thought they were bolted down
[04:17:01] <pfred1> I guess they kind of worked like optical mise or something
[04:17:08] <pfred1> mice even
[04:17:19] <pfred1> yeah it was a warehouse so they were picker robots
[04:17:36] <Jymmm> I was thinking welding bots
[04:17:42] <pfred1> yup
[04:17:50] <pfred1> nah these rolled around
[04:18:03] <pfred1> and they needed a really smooth floor for whatever reason
[04:18:06] <Jymmm> Yeah, they have a drug dealing one at the hospita;
[04:18:23] <Jymmm> I was fucking with it too,
[04:18:37] <pfred1> the future drug dealing robots
[04:18:45] <Jymmm> stand it it's way, it move around me.
[04:18:57] <Jymmm> do it again, and it would just pause for 5m
[04:19:22] <Jymmm> no alarm on the drug door though
[04:19:43] <Jymmm> It's how the hospital pharmacy disense drugs to nursing stations
[04:19:56] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:20:05] <pfred1> I wonder why they didn't just use pneumatic system?
[04:20:19] <Jymmm> or an $8/hr gopher
[04:20:37] <pfred1> well i know why they wouldn't use a gopher
[04:20:39] <Jymmm> be faster too
[04:20:42] <pfred1> they'd be stealing the drugs
[04:20:57] <Jymmm> maybe
[04:20:58] -!- ThadiusB [ThadiusB!~tj@cdm-75-109-182-138.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:21:00] <pfred1> but pneumatic systems are pretty secure
[04:21:12] <Jymmm> thats a hell of an installation
[04:21:21] <Jymmm> two stories, dozens of depts, etc
[04:21:26] <pfred1> not really it is just piping
[04:21:41] <Jymmm> not even banks are sing those now
[04:21:47] <Jymmm> using
[04:21:48] <pfred1> once i saw a street dug down in NYC and it was amazing they had pneumatic systems there
[04:22:12] <pfred1> like between buildings
[04:22:18] <Jymmm> heh
[04:22:26] <pfred1> oh it was laughable
[04:22:42] <pfred1> I don't know what they were digging for but it was way the hell down there
[04:22:54] <pfred1> and there were pipes on top of pipes around pipes
[04:23:10] <pfred1> it was another one of those things you just had to see
[04:23:30] <pfred1> it was right in front of NYU by the park
[04:23:52] <pfred1> that hole was so deep I don't know how there wasn't water in it
[04:23:57] <Jymmm> some of the crap they have underground in NY is scary shit
[04:24:20] <pfred1> it had to have been below the water table
[04:24:40] <Jymmm> there were pipes holding the water back =)
[04:24:51] <pfred1> and as far down as yo ucould see it was just a jungle of pipes
[04:25:36] <pfred1> manhatthan is one artifact
[04:26:01] <pfred1> when i looked into that hole I was sure of it
[04:26:10] <pfred1> it is all connected
[04:38:04] -!- WalterN has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[04:38:27] -!- WalterN [WalterN!~walter@host-174-45-122-145.bzm-mt.client.bresnan.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:52:43] -!- bedah [bedah!~bedah@g224241113.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[04:59:37] -!- FinboySlick has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[04:59:38] -!- dimas [dimas!~dimas@] has joined #linuxcnc
[05:13:44] -!- vladimirek [vladimirek!~vladimire@bband-dyn177.95-103-5.t-com.sk] has joined #linuxcnc
[05:27:24] <ThadiusB> ok, so I think i need to blacklist paraport_pc in order to get my parallel card to read, any suggestions, advice, confirmation?
[05:39:48] -!- psha has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[05:39:50] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[05:43:40] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #linuxcnc
[05:47:41] -!- ThadiusB [ThadiusB!~tj@cdm-75-109-182-138.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[05:50:58] -!- cevad [cevad!~davec@host-174-45-229-40.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[05:52:06] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Client Quit]
[05:53:45] -!- ThadiusB [ThadiusB!~tj@cdm-75-109-182-138.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[06:03:24] -!- ve7it has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[06:07:09] <awallin> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw6m9VbJW7s
[06:09:28] <ThadiusB> anyone know why linuxcnc might not communicate with my machine? using ubuntu 10.04, pci-e parallel card. Seems i'm not getting signal to my board
[06:10:40] -!- asdfasd [asdfasd!~grgrgrgrg@87-194-58-242.bethere.co.uk] has joined #linuxcnc
[06:11:48] <awallin> ThadiusB: check that you are using a parport config, and that the pp-address is right. the check what actually comes out of the port with a voltmeter or oscilloscope
[06:15:47] <ThadiusB> havent read anything on "paraport config"
[06:16:10] <ThadiusB> would you mind explaining a lil more, sorry quite new to ubuntu and linuxcnc
[06:21:52] e-ndy|afk is now known as e-ndy
[06:23:35] <alex4nder> gents
[06:25:55] <awallin> ThadiusB: check your BIOS or maybe the parport-card at bootup. it should have a hex address like 0x278 or something similar. That must go in the HAL-file on the line that loads the parport driver.
[06:27:18] <ThadiusB> is there a terminal command to show my address?
[06:30:54] <archivist> yes and I cannot remember its name
[06:32:42] <archivist> lspci
[06:35:07] <ThadiusB> ok, in the linuxcnc.conf file i need this "install parport_pc /bin/true" correct?
[06:39:43] <pfred1> lspci -vvv
[06:42:52] -!- tiago [tiago!~tiago@] has joined #linuxcnc
[06:44:42] <ThadiusB> talk about confusing, i'm so lost
[06:48:49] <archivist> pastebin the output
[06:49:24] <ThadiusB> 4:00.0 Parallel controller: Oxford Semiconductor Ltd Device c110 (prog-if 02)
[06:49:24] <ThadiusB> Subsystem: Oxford Semiconductor Ltd Device c110
[06:49:24] <ThadiusB> Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 10
[06:49:24] <ThadiusB> I/O ports at df00 [size=8]
[06:49:25] <ThadiusB> I/O ports at de00 [size=4]
[06:49:25] <ThadiusB> Capabilities: <access denied>
[06:49:27] <ThadiusB> Kernel modules: parport_pc
[06:49:44] <ThadiusB> thats my pci-e parallel card
[06:50:03] <Jymmm> ThadiusB: http://codepad.org/ if more than two lines please
[06:51:59] <ThadiusB> ok
[06:54:04] <ThadiusB> what else should i post in order to help out?
[06:56:19] <archivist> you will get better output doing sudo lspci -vvv
[06:58:27] -!- capricorn_one has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[07:00:12] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #linuxcnc
[07:03:13] <ThadiusB> http://codepad.org/G5o03PgJ
[07:09:29] <ThadiusB> reboot
[07:09:32] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[07:11:21] -!- ThadiusB [ThadiusB!~tj@cdm-75-109-182-138.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[07:12:01] -!- fliebel [fliebel!~fliebel@ip54507982.speed.planet.nl] has joined #linuxcnc
[07:12:56] -!- rob__H [rob__H!~rob_h@5ace7005.bb.sky.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[07:13:19] <pfred1> ThadiusB your port is either df00 or de00
[07:14:02] <pfred1> you might have to enter it as 0xdf00 or 0xde00 though I forget
[07:20:25] <ThadiusB> in my conf file right?
[07:22:01] <pfred1> you can't use stepconf?
[07:22:46] <ThadiusB> i made my initial, thought i could just edit it
[07:22:51] <ThadiusB> could start over though
[07:23:54] <pfred1> no you load your file
[07:24:13] <pfred1> in the beginning just pick your config and modify it
[07:24:22] <pfred1> then save it again
[07:24:25] <ThadiusB> ok, so instead of standard 0x378 plug in one of those addresses listed?
[07:24:29] <pfred1> right
[07:24:40] <pfred1> you probably have a 2 port card
[07:24:48] <pfred1> try one if it doesn't work go back try the other
[07:25:08] <pfred1> you can try it right in stepcong use the axis test
[07:25:14] <pfred1> stepconf even
[07:25:44] <ThadiusB> we have lift off!!!!
[07:25:49] <pfred1> easy peasy
[07:26:20] <ThadiusB> dude, thank you so much
[07:26:26] <ThadiusB> i've been at this for 3 hours
[07:26:29] <pfred1> now you can fool with the axis test
[07:26:42] <pfred1> figure out your accel and max rate and all that good stuff
[07:27:44] <pfred1> if the max speed maxes out on you just close the pop up then it gives you a little more headroom the next time you pick test axis
[07:27:55] <pfred1> it is kind of strange
[07:28:40] <pfred1> I spent a lot of time in stepconf tweaking my drives
[07:28:46] <ThadiusB> awesome
[07:29:06] -!- pingufan [pingufan!~rainer@goliath.hantsch.co.at] has joined #linuxcnc
[07:29:07] <pfred1> it is great when things start happening
[07:29:17] <Jymmm> http://www.sweex.com/en/assortiment/connectivity/pci-cards/PU005V2/
[07:32:08] <ThadiusB> man i'm stoked
[07:32:15] <pfred1> heh glad to hear it
[07:32:15] <ThadiusB> now i just need to learn A LOT more
[07:32:25] <Jymmm> ThadiusB: which address was it?
[07:32:41] <pfred1> they got it so fast must have been the first one they picked
[07:32:59] <pfred1> ThadiusB I'd have helped you sooner but I was playing Quake in my other screen
[07:33:06] <Jymmm> lol
[07:33:14] <ThadiusB> dude, i understand
[07:33:14] <pfred1> well it traps my mouse
[07:33:23] <ThadiusB> <---quake, unreal, counterstike
[07:33:24] <pfred1> I can't get it back to this screen
[07:33:26] <ThadiusB> oldies but goodies
[07:33:36] * Jymmm introduces pfred1 to the PAUSE feature.
[07:33:40] <pfred1> on Linux you can run mod engines I use Darkplaces
[07:33:51] <pfred1> nah yo ustay trapped til you shut the game down
[07:34:02] <pfred1> though LordHavoc says i can run windowed
[07:34:29] <pfred1> 03:04 <@LordHavoc> honest and on his ISP
[07:34:37] <ThadiusB> ok, so limit switches aside, how do i go about setting limits in linuxcnc?
[07:34:41] <pfred1> he wrote Darkplaces
[07:34:53] <pfred1> in stepconf
[07:35:05] <pfred1> each axis page you have travel limits
[07:35:35] <pfred1> they are you machine's soft limits
[07:36:25] <ThadiusB> ahh, ok
[07:37:16] <pfred1> your Z you may have to go for a negative number to be in rage of some of the examples
[07:37:24] <pfred1> in the range even
[07:37:31] <pfred1> I think I had to use -2
[07:38:28] <pfred1> that drove me batty for a bit
[07:38:43] <ThadiusB> ahh, and what is "touch off"
[07:38:53] <ThadiusB> that for setting up against material on z?
[07:39:03] <pfred1> you have ot do that to get axis going
[07:39:25] <pfred1> you have to home each axis then touch off Z
[07:39:33] <Jymmm> pfred1: But "what is it?"
[07:39:37] <pfred1> then it'll run a program
[07:39:53] <ThadiusB> so its basically running down to your material for positioning?
[07:40:10] <pfred1> beats me but if yo udon't do it axis doesn't run
[07:40:24] * Jymmm lol @ pfred1
[07:41:10] <ThadiusB> ok, lol
[07:41:50] <pfred1> some people have those touch probes so maybe they can compensate for the thickness of them?
[07:42:21] <pfred1> there seems to be two scales relative and absolute or something
[07:42:43] -!- pingufan has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
[07:42:44] <pfred1> as in you can offset everything
[07:43:33] <pfred1> which makes sense because what if you want to make multiple parts
[07:44:47] <Jymmm> As I see "Touch Off", it's basically the difference between absolute and relative position.
[07:46:52] <Jymmm> The corner of the material might be clamped at absolute 4,4 you want the relative position to be 0,0
[07:47:09] <alex4nder> yes
[07:47:22] <Jymmm> so the gcode/machine has a "valid" starting point.
[07:47:44] <ThadiusB> ahh
[07:48:15] <ThadiusB> so what i'm thinking of isnt touch off, its homing on the z axis?
[07:48:20] <pfred1> yeah it gives the machine a place to start scribbling
[07:48:30] <ThadiusB> when you touch down to the top of your material
[07:48:31] <ThadiusB> ?
[07:49:26] -!- factor has quit [Read error: No route to host]
[07:49:37] <pfred1> cut some air see how it goes
[07:50:09] <pfred1> then move up to a felt tipped pen they're popular to start off with
[07:50:22] <pfred1> cheaper than bits if you break them
[07:52:22] <Jymmm> ThadiusB: Also, think of a block that might be 4" or 6" tall as example and you want the "top of material" to be Z == 0
[07:53:35] <pfred1> well the top relative to the end of your bit right?
[07:54:07] <Jymmm> and typically a negative z move being "into" the material.
[07:54:19] <Jymmm> pfred1: yes
[07:55:24] <pfred1> in nay event it is a good idea to do some dry runs before you create your masterpiece
[07:55:35] <pfred1> just so you get familiar with the wteps
[07:56:10] <pfred1> well I'm out late here hitting the sack
[07:56:21] -!- pfred1 has quit [Quit: goodnite]
[07:59:52] <ThadiusB> thanks for the help
[08:00:00] <ThadiusB> i'm just running through air :)
[08:00:08] -!- mozmck has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[08:20:14] -!- ThadiusB has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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[10:12:11] <MattyMatt> pfred1 only one tyhing lacking in that stepper tute. pentawired 5 phase. I really don't get that. fortunately I don't need to to make the driver, I just need to make 5 half-bridges
[10:12:30] <MattyMatt> and worry about sequencing later
[10:14:14] <MattyMatt> I'd like to get by with fewer than 10 comparitors but I can't think how to do the current sensing except with a comparitor in both legs
[10:14:43] <archivist> just buy a 5 phase driver
[10:14:51] <MattyMatt> buy? what's that?
[10:14:54] <MattyMatt> :)
[10:15:14] <archivist> you have to get parts whichever way!
[10:15:16] <MattyMatt> I've got some nice microstepping but puny 0.7A ones
[10:15:45] <MattyMatt> I've got a bag of mosfets and I can dig up some LM339 somewhere
[10:16:41] <MattyMatt> 5 phase drivers cost a bomb. even non-current controlled half stepping ones are £50 used on ebay
[10:16:56] <MattyMatt> I can build as good as that easy
[10:17:28] <MattyMatt> 3x L298s and an arduino
[10:18:46] <MattyMatt> if there's a single chip driver available which can do 2A I'd like to know
[10:23:40] <MattyMatt> all the reprap people are buying new 2-phase motors, and the 5 phase motors don't cost much more, or didn't until recently 2-phase nema17 have got really cheap this year
[10:24:04] <MattyMatt> £6 each
[10:28:52] <MattyMatt> if 5 phase can do 3krpm under load, we can ditch the belts
[10:29:33] <Loetmichel> mornin'
[10:29:46] <MattyMatt> guten tag
[10:32:55] <Loetmichel> 3krpm out of a nema17 stepper?
[10:33:03] <Loetmichel> 2 or 5 phse: no way
[10:33:17] <Loetmichel> 2 phase: maximum 1000 RPM, 5phase maybe double
[10:33:37] <MattyMatt> I've seen nema23 doing 3k on youtube, with no load
[10:33:51] <Loetmichel> or you have to go WAAAAY beond the specs voltage-wise
[10:36:42] <MattyMatt> meh, that means I'll need those 10 comparitors
[10:37:37] <Loetmichel> MarkusBec: do you know how mutch voltage in the drives?
[10:37:50] <Loetmichel> and what voltage thhe motor is speced?
[10:37:55] <Loetmichel> grr
[10:37:59] <Loetmichel> MattyMatt was meant
[10:39:04] <Loetmichel> because ANY stepper can turn really fast if supplied with enough voltage... (until arcing /isolatioon failure occures)
[10:39:42] <Loetmichel> its the stepper principle
[10:40:01] <Loetmichel> Large inductances in the windings swiitcvhed REALLY fast
[10:40:07] <Loetmichel> switched
[10:40:10] <MattyMatt> the ones I want to make drivers for are 2.2A 0.28Ω penta wired
[10:40:47] <Loetmichel> any inductance resists current change.
[10:41:18] <Loetmichel> so to magnetize (let a current flow) fast into a inductor you need to get the voltage up
[10:41:36] <MattyMatt> I just noticed my nema17 ones (which I have drivers for) are 0.36deg :p that's halves the top speed
[10:41:45] <Loetmichel> and when you want to turn faster you have to switch faster
[10:42:00] <MattyMatt> yep
[10:42:30] <MattyMatt> 0.28Ω is low tho, for any stepper. these big ones should go fast
[10:44:09] <MattyMatt> if I give them 38V
[10:46:45] <Loetmichel> i've build a driver for a stepper (just out of curiosity) a very crude way: 325V DC supply, unipolar "4 phase" stepper nema17, 4 resistors for 500mA 320V ( 4 times 47 ohms 50W in series for each ) and 4 BU508 HOT to the gnd...
[10:47:18] <Loetmichel> works grat and the stepper can suddenly turn 4krpm... but not long, as it has heated um you could HEAR it arciong inside ;-)
[10:47:31] <MattyMatt> :)
[10:47:43] <MattyMatt> 325V = 230V rectified?
[10:53:46] <MattyMatt> I might hack one of these into a 10 wire, so I can play around with other styles of driver, but most of the available ones are penta-wired now, so maybe that's the best option in the end
[10:54:20] <MattyMatt> star wired is the simplest to drive tho
[10:54:36] <MattyMatt> and the easiest to understand
[10:59:51] <Loetmichel> MarkusBec: right
[10:59:54] <Loetmichel> grrr
[10:59:57] <Loetmichel> MattyMatt
[11:00:48] <Loetmichel> but isolatet (tisolation transformer in between)
[11:00:59] <Loetmichel> its a nicke room heater btw ;-)
[11:01:03] <Loetmichel> nice
[11:07:41] <MattyMatt> my mill is made of wood
[11:07:59] <MattyMatt> so gotta be a bit careful with the hot stuff :)
[11:10:59] <MattyMatt> I heard the guy who invented starlite died last year, taking his secret to the grave (allegedly). I bet he gave it to the military tho.
[11:14:20] <Jymmm> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4nnLP--uTI
[11:15:48] <Valen> I did wonder what that stuff was
[11:16:04] <Valen> were its temperature claims ever verified?
[11:16:05] <Jymmm> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starlite
[11:18:21] <Valen> lazer doesn't = actual temperature though
[11:18:50] <Valen> laser
[11:19:18] <Jymmm> 10,000 degrees Celsius
[11:19:30] <MattyMatt> blowtorch is hot, even in the hands of a TV presenter
[11:19:39] <Valen> 1200C isn't that hot
[11:19:47] <Valen> aerogel would do that
[11:20:11] <Jymmm> add a zero
[11:20:12] <Valen> he should have just started selling the stuff
[11:20:13] <MattyMatt> yeah I'm assuming that stuff turns into an aerogel when it's baked
[11:20:35] <Valen> blow torch isnt 12,000 degrees
[11:20:41] <Jymmm> laser is
[11:20:48] <Valen> and a laser doesn't actually have a temperature
[11:21:19] <Valen> if you shine the laser at a mirror what is its "temperature"
[11:21:20] <Jymmm> oh, is THAT why my laser has 5 fans?
[11:21:39] <Valen> photons don't have a temperature
[11:21:42] <Valen> they carry energy
[11:21:53] <Jymmm> yes dear
[11:22:17] <Valen> the targets absorption and dissipation of said energy makes things hot
[11:22:28] <Jymmm> anything you say dear
[11:22:46] <Valen> if his stuff is reflective or highly dissipative, then it wont be 10,000C on its surface now will it?
[11:22:59] <Valen> dear
[11:23:09] <Jymmm> whatever you say dear
[11:23:28] <Valen> Jymmm: you go measure the temperature of your laser beam then mmkay
[11:23:38] <Jymmm> I have
[11:24:09] <Valen> I bet you haven't
[11:24:20] <Jymmm> I bet you I have
[11:24:28] <Valen> please enlighten me
[11:24:57] <Jymmm> laser power meter
[11:25:12] <Valen> giving you a wattage i presume?
[11:26:10] <Jymmm> the meter gave wattage and other things
[11:26:36] <archivist> wattage <> temperature
[11:27:12] <Valen> how hot is 500W?
[11:27:43] <archivist> how big is the heatsink
[11:27:54] <Valen> according to Jymmm it doesn't matter
[11:28:00] <archivist> he dummmm
[11:28:05] <Valen> his light has a temperature
[11:28:36] <archivist> well a colour temperature maybe
[11:28:37] <Valen> white light has a "temperature" i spose
[11:28:41] <Valen> yeah
[11:28:53] <Valen> but laser is a single wavelength, not a blackbody radiator at all
[11:30:51] <Valen> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/5158972/Starlite-the-nuclear-blast-defying-plastic-that-could-change-the-world.html
[11:31:03] <Valen> " It wasn't clear how Starlite worked: was it diffusing the heat? Absorbing it? Repelling it? "
[11:35:42] <MattyMatt> it seems crazy that it could disappear without a trace, but then you hear about NASA grinding Hubbles mirror wrong while in the very next room the DoD were grinding almost identical ones correctly and they never helped
[11:36:58] <Valen> you know the cause of that was a paint chip right ;->
[11:37:05] <Valen> that and not testing it
[11:37:09] <Valen> that was the dumb part
[11:37:47] <MattyMatt> not a paint chip, a slip of cardboard used to protect the anvil of the measuring jig
[11:38:02] <Valen> different to what i heard
[11:38:06] <MattyMatt> and they thought they were testing it, I guess
[11:39:34] <Valen> A commission headed by Lew Allen, director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was established to determine how the error could have arisen. The Allen Commission found that the main null corrector, a device used to measure the exact shape of the mirror, had been incorrectly assembled—one lens was wrongly spaced by 1.3 mm.[56] During the polishing of the mirror, Perkin-Elmer had analyzed its surface with two other null correctors,
[11:39:38] <Valen> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubble_Space_Telescope#Flawed_mirror
[11:42:32] <Valen> (a 25 MHz radiation hardened Intel 486 with two megabytes of RAM)
[11:43:17] <Valen> damn now that's the sort of computer that runs hubble and you whinge when your quad core can't play flash videos smoothly because of all the other flash ads
[11:47:36] <MattyMatt> crazy, well if the MoD are listening, I'd still like a bucket of Starlite to paint my wooden mill. I promise not to give any to the russians
[11:51:06] <MattyMatt> I did the opto-bypass on my mill's chinese tb6560 board, it must be a different model they're not wired the same. time to trace the tracks myself
[11:52:14] <MattyMatt> there's a few resistors need removing while I'm at it, the output of the 74hc14 buffers can go straight into the tb6560
[11:55:17] <MattyMatt> these boards are pretty dreadful design. I'm half tempted to take the chips off and start again
[11:58:14] <MattyMatt> can a PC parport reliably drive a PC817 opto over a 6ft cable without needing buffers?
[12:01:29] <MattyMatt> ah I don't care. slow optos can bite me. the pc came from dump and the driver might be headed that way. as long as the cable doesn't melt I don't care if it dumps the motor volts+emf right through it
[12:02:47] <MattyMatt> I'll lurk on ebay.de for some pre-loved vexta drivers
[12:03:31] <Loetmichel> i dont use optos as well
[12:03:54] <Loetmichel> i just plug a driver in between PC and stepper board
[12:04:16] <MattyMatt> powered by the PC 5V?
[12:04:16] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=4325
[12:04:22] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=4322
[12:04:33] -!- pjm has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[12:04:36] -!- pjm__ [pjm__!~pjm@] has joined #linuxcnc
[12:05:00] <Loetmichel> (made that for "error handling" for a machine of a fiedn who had problems with to weak PC port
[12:07:25] -!- pjm__ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[12:07:47] -!- pjm__ [pjm__!~pjm@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[13:27:10] <archivist> !wench learn er collet dimensions is http://www.rego-fix.ch/eng/katalog/ti/ti_fs.htm
[13:27:10] <the_wench> I have learned er collet dimensions is http://www.rego-fix.ch/eng/katalog/ti/ti_fs.htm
[13:35:09] <djdelorie> ER collets are *always* 8 degrees?
[13:36:14] <djdelorie> looks like making an ER holder is just "drill a hole, bevel the inside, thread the outside" ?
[13:36:54] <Valen> wouldn't off the shelf driver /isolation boards be relativley cheap?
[13:37:13] <Valen> for parallell port
[13:37:22] <djdelorie> only if there's enough demand for them
[13:37:43] <Valen> I imagine there would be enough for somebody in china to turn out a few thousand of em
[13:38:31] <djdelorie> is there enough demand for us to design one as open hardware?
[13:38:58] <Valen> open hardware doesn't really work
[13:39:08] <Valen> there are innate costs and tools involved
[13:39:17] <djdelorie> it works, it just doesn't do what *you* want :-)
[13:39:34] <Valen> if you say so
[13:39:56] <djdelorie> I mean, I could design it and build a handful for me and "my friends", and publish the designs. Then anyone else who wanted one could build one or have one built
[13:40:04] <Valen> sure you could
[13:40:05] <djdelorie> including the Chinese ;-)
[13:40:13] <Valen> or people could spend $30 and buy one
[13:40:26] <djdelorie> if you can find a $30 one, go for it. If you can't...
[13:41:04] <djdelorie> now, a DB25 surge/emi supressor would be relatively easy...
[13:41:14] <Valen> sb25 opto board is easy too
[13:41:33] <Valen> https://probotix.com/breakout_boards/pbx-rf_isolated_breakout_board/
[13:41:37] <Valen> db254
[13:41:39] <Valen> ffs
[13:41:41] <Valen> db25
[13:42:12] <Valen> 2nd result for "parallel port opto isolator board"
[13:42:12] <djdelorie> that's a digital isolator, even better
[13:42:25] <archivist> djdelorie, that company invented er collets according to some site I found that link from
[13:42:50] * djdelorie wonders if my machining skills are good enough to make a collet holder for my lathe
[13:43:18] <archivist> djdelorie, they are cheap to get chinese holders
[13:43:35] <djdelorie> except my 1922 lathe has a 1-7/8 x 8 thread
[13:43:41] <djdelorie> very rare
[13:44:03] <archivist> use the morse taper in the spindle
[13:44:08] <Valen> a full set of collets is something like $50 in ER23 i think
[13:44:38] <djdelorie> My machinist friend told me to avoid using the MT4 for anything but work-between-centers, to avoid wearing out or damaging the taper
[13:45:04] <archivist> ! for an old beast like that!
[13:45:20] <djdelorie> a not-replacable-not-repairable spindle on that beast
[13:45:44] <archivist> anything is replaceable with care and moneyz
[13:45:46] <Valen> I'd be tempted to put something in it and leave it there, do all your work in the collets
[13:45:59] <Valen> put a collet chuck in if thats what you want
[13:46:23] <djdelorie> I figured I'd need to learn to turn inside threads *anyway*, so...
[13:46:39] <archivist> epay like 220733937400
[13:47:06] <djdelorie> http://www.ebay.com/itm/ER32-MT4-Collet-Chuck-/310178351444
[13:47:26] <archivist> well cheap
[13:47:26] <Valen> yup one of those
[13:47:41] <djdelorie> something to worry about *after* I figure out how to add a Z axis to the carriage :-)
[13:48:01] <Valen> vertical milling table?
[13:48:03] <Valen> we have one
[13:48:06] <Valen> its a pita
[13:48:12] <djdelorie> that fits in a 1922 southbend lathe :-)
[13:48:21] <archivist> you can get them with parallel shafts to make spindles with
[13:48:25] <djdelorie> better than "I have no milling machine" though :-P
[13:49:03] <archivist> right angle plate on the carriage and then you do have a mill on the lathe
[13:49:17] <djdelorie> although I haven't tried milling in my new drill press yet, the old one wasn't sturdy enough. Need to see if I have a drawbar hole for it.
[13:49:38] <djdelorie> right, usually folks add a screw/slider type thing on it
[13:49:53] <archivist> morse does fall out when milling, draw bar is a must have
[13:50:20] <djdelorie> http://www.micromark.com/Mini-Lathe-Milling-Attachment,8184.html
[13:50:26] <archivist> this is experience talking :)
[13:50:55] <Valen> morse falls out when drilling half the friggin time
[13:51:37] <djdelorie> checked, no drawbar in the drill press :-P
[13:52:15] <djdelorie> something like http://www.amazon.com/Taig-T-1220-1220-Milling-Attachment/dp/B003YM8D6Y but I'd have to see how it attached
[13:52:37] -!- psha[work] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[13:52:56] <archivist> or home brew something like that ish
[13:52:59] <djdelorie> (and possibly bigger, it's a 13" lathe)
[13:53:33] <archivist> scrap yard run for a slide/bits off something
[13:54:13] <djdelorie> maybe. Not a priority at the moment ;-)
[13:55:40] <archivist> I just ordered some bearings for an er holder type spindle and the silly supplier sent sealed not shielded!
[13:56:17] <Valen> archivist: whats the difference?
[14:02:53] <djdelorie> grizzly has a bunch of compound slide tables in the $120 range, I could cut one in half ;-) http://www.grizzly.com/catalog/2012/Main/676
[14:05:21] -!- Valen has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[14:14:57] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[14:15:46] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[14:18:32] -!- Connor [Connor!~Connor@] has joined #linuxcnc
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[14:25:46] e-ndy is now known as e-ndy|afk
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[14:25:47] -!- mode/#linuxcnc [+v alex_joni] by ChanServ
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[15:22:30] <alex4nder> hey
[15:23:40] <ReadError> mornin
[15:24:16] <alex4nder> how's it going?
[15:24:49] <ReadError> good
[15:25:04] <ReadError> is it normal for a bit of 'cog' to be on the lead screws?
[15:26:09] <alex4nder> are thesteppers attached?
[15:26:38] <ReadError> nope
[15:26:56] <ReadError> but its on all the axis
[15:28:39] <alex4nder> which one and how are you turning it?
[15:29:54] <ReadError> just with my hand
[15:30:00] <ReadError> the x axis
[15:30:06] <ReadError> its not a hard cog
[15:30:09] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[15:30:16] <ReadError> but a bit of resistance then it goes
[15:30:27] <ReadError> like turning a stepper but not as hard
[15:30:27] <alex4nder> it's probably fine.. maybe you're just feeling the gibs/ways drag
[15:34:14] <ReadError> whats good for cleaning oil off my accessories
[15:34:18] <ReadError> bucket of gas?
[15:34:25] <ReadError> my blocks and square
[15:34:51] <Jymmm> charcoal lighter fluid removes lithium grease
[15:35:01] <alex4nder> ReadError: how much oil is on there?
[15:35:15] <ReadError> alex4nder: just on my square and 1-2-3 blocks
[15:35:18] <ReadError> not the machine
[15:35:22] <alex4nder> but how much
[15:35:28] <ReadError> like a decent coating
[15:35:31] <alex4nder> because you don't want to remove it if it's a light coat
[15:35:34] <ReadError> enough to cover your hands when you pull it out
[15:35:35] <alex4nder> that shit will rust instantly
[15:35:43] <alex4nder> just wipe it off with a soft rag
[15:35:48] <alex4nder> and leave most of it on there
[15:35:48] <ReadError> the 1-2-3 blocks are bad
[15:35:58] <ReadError> they are like floating in it almost
[15:36:10] * alex4nder shrugs.
[15:36:37] <alex4nder> humidity is a iller
[15:36:38] <alex4nder> +k
[15:36:51] <ReadError> oh for sure
[15:37:00] <ReadError> i have a de-humidifier in my workshop i can turn on
[15:38:57] <ReadError> resistor options i have, 3.9k and 4.7k
[15:39:09] <ReadError> but not much in between
[15:39:15] <ReadError> i could combine another with the 3.9
[15:41:02] <joe9> any feedback on this gcode program: http://codepad.org/DkzM6a7D
[15:41:07] <joe9> please?
[15:41:22] -!- kb8wmc has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[15:41:24] <ssi> ReadError: is it oil or cosmoline?
[15:41:40] <ssi> if it's light oil, just wipe it off
[15:41:47] <ssi> if it doesn't wipe easily, try WD-40
[15:41:52] <ssi> WD-40 takes cosmoline off like nobodys' business
[15:42:12] -!- kb8wmc [kb8wmc!~chatzilla@nat.mtp.cmsinter.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[15:43:45] <ReadError> oh wow joe9
[15:43:49] <ReadError> you have a coolant setup?
[15:45:24] <joe9> ReadError: no, i don't
[15:51:23] <joe9> G20 G10 L1 P1 Z1 R0.5
[15:51:31] <joe9> (tool length offset = 1 inches and radius of cutter bit = 0.5 inches)
[15:51:47] <joe9> is the above command a good way of setting the tool length offset and cutter radius/
[15:52:15] -!- phantoxe has quit []
[15:52:24] <joe9> cradek: any thoughts, please?
[15:53:20] <cradek> not sure what you're asking - yes that's how you can set entries in the tool table
[15:54:09] <joe9> cradek: would you consider this good gcode? http://codepad.org/2cyD82aV
[15:54:33] <cradek> um do you have a more specific question?
[15:55:03] <joe9> cradek: instead of trying to use the tool.tbl, I want to set the tool parameters in the gcode itself in the top of the program.
[15:55:16] <joe9> i want to check if G20 G10 L1 P1 Z1 R0.5
[15:55:22] <cradek> ok
[15:55:26] <joe9> this takes effect when a G41 is used.
[15:55:33] <joe9> and P1 corresponds to D1?
[15:55:49] <cradek> g41 does cutter radius comp. to use the length offset you need g43.
[15:56:24] <joe9> the R0.5 -- isn't that the cutter radius comp.?
[15:56:44] <cradek> that's the radius for the tool table, yes
[15:57:13] <joe9> is that stored in D1, so that value can later be used by G41?
[15:57:32] -!- pgf [pgf!~pgf@pool-173-48-97-5.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has parted #linuxcnc
[15:57:34] <joe9> i am trying to figure out where the D1 value comes from.
[15:57:37] <cradek> it's stored in the tool table
[15:57:58] <cradek> http://linuxcnc.org/docview/html/gcode.html
[15:58:00] <cradek> go here
[15:58:04] <cradek> click G41
[15:58:15] <cradek> and bookmark that quickref page! it's the best.
[16:00:23] -!- tiago has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[16:00:35] -!- bedah has quit [Quit: bye]
[16:01:21] <joe9> cradek: ok, thanks.
[16:07:34] e-ndy is now known as e-ndy|afk
[16:18:28] -!- syyl has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[16:21:36] -!- sumpfralle [sumpfralle!~lars@31-16-21-63-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:30:17] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S0106001c10b7770f.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:33:42] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:41:20] <alex4nder> gents
[16:48:24] <ReadError> PSU works, outputting 47.9v
[16:48:54] <alex4nder> nice
[16:55:22] <alex4nder> so that discussion yesterday got me thinking
[16:55:30] <alex4nder> the mill would be a pretty good coil winder
[16:55:59] <ReadError> hmm yea if you used another motor?
[16:56:02] <ReadError> or the spindle?
[16:56:11] <ReadError> another motor you could count the turns i suppose
[16:56:21] <alex4nder> yah, I'd use a stepper to control the rate a bit better
[16:56:51] <alex4nder> and since I already have an extra one, and an open channel on the G540.. score
[16:57:06] <ReadError> i love the vids where they are cutting threads
[16:57:33] <alex4nder> http://www.andern.org/alexander/images/coilwinder/spool_holder.jpg
[16:57:45] <alex4nder> that's going to chuck up into the spindle, to act as the source wire spool
[16:58:00] <alex4nder> http://www.andern.org/alexander/images/coilwinder/cone.jpg <- I milled those guys to center the source spool
[16:58:06] -!- fliebel [fliebel!~fliebel@ip54507982.speed.planet.nl] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:58:39] -!- isssy [isssy!~isssy@78-83-51-185.spectrumnet.bg] has joined #linuxcnc
[16:59:16] <archivist> we did have a user doing coil winding on emc
[16:59:51] <alex4nder> archivist: how did he configure his 'winder' axis?
[17:00:09] <alex4nder> treat it like some sort of rotary table?
[17:00:46] <archivist> worth a look in the mail archives, iirc he chucked pics up on his blog
[17:01:08] <archivist> or irc archives
[17:01:24] <alex4nder> cool
[17:03:43] <archivist> not in my log on this box so before 2010
[17:05:21] <archivist> his nick was mr_boo
[17:06:19] <archivist> mid september dunno the year as xchat was not logging the year
[17:07:38] -!- sumpfralle has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[17:08:44] <archivist> bah he no longer has the image on his site
[17:09:18] <archivist> old url I found in my logs http://www.carmi.se/misterstarshine/img/DSC00217.JPG
[17:09:34] <alex4nder> yah
[17:09:37] <alex4nder> well cool
[17:09:57] <alex4nder> the only thing I haven't looked into yet is how I'm going to configure axis A
[17:10:57] -!- IchGuckLive [IchGuckLive!~chatzilla@95-89-236-191-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:11:05] <IchGuckLive> hi all around the globe !
[17:11:28] <IchGuckLive> 30Deg Celsius in LA today Whow
[17:11:35] <alex4nder> what're you doing in LA?
[17:12:01] <pcw_home> baking?
[17:12:29] <archivist> alex4nder, iirc the spindle has the coil and your source should freely give off the wire
[17:12:30] <IchGuckLive> im not there sitting in germany april wether with Snow Rain Sun ant thunder in one Day B)
[17:13:10] <alex4nder> archivist: in my case the spindle is going to hold the source, the spindle's motor is going to stay off, but provide needed drag
[17:13:39] <alex4nder> and I'm going to mount the stepper doing the actual winding on the table
[17:13:41] <archivist> I assume very thick wire then
[17:13:53] <alex4nder> it's not that much drag
[17:14:12] <pcw_home> IchGuckLive: like they say in the midwest if you dont like the weather, wait 5 minutes
[17:14:33] <archivist> the rotational inertia of the spindle is not needed and may snap the wire
[17:15:03] <alex4nder> I don't think it's going to be a problem.
[17:15:11] <alex4nder> but I'll let you know how it works out
[17:15:27] <IchGuckLive> pcw_home: anchorage alaska is the best to do this
[17:15:33] <archivist> alex4nder, usually coil winders pull through a couple of washers with felt to provide a little friction
[17:15:47] <alex4nder> archivist: yah, I've seen that, that might be the next step
[17:16:03] <alex4nder> but right now I've got something basic that will chuck into a 1/4" collet
[17:16:24] <archivist> for thinner wires the pull off the side of the reel and dont rotate it at all
[17:16:34] <pcw_home> Never been to Alaska but would like to some day
[17:16:53] <IchGuckLive> pcw_home: by bicicle is great
[17:17:21] <IchGuckLive> or bike
[17:17:31] <IchGuckLive> Harley is not good
[17:18:10] <IchGuckLive> to mutch gravel
[17:18:39] <pcw_home> Ive done a few centuries on bikes in my younger days but I'm not up to it anymore
[17:19:01] <IchGuckLive> pcw_home: witch state ?
[17:19:06] <IchGuckLive> you live
[17:19:55] <pcw_home> CA
[17:20:29] <IchGuckLive> nice its warm there today
[17:21:16] <alex4nder> it's like 70 degrees here in Santa Barbara
[17:21:29] <pcw_home> Yeah the last two days have finally gotten warm here
[17:21:58] <IchGuckLive> if been in the first Februar week in Torrance, CA 90501
[17:22:09] <pcw_home> probably do some gardening this weekend
[17:23:02] <alex4nder> nice
[17:23:11] <alex4nder> it's almost time to hit the hills on the motorcycle
[17:23:18] <alex4nder> not too hot yet
[17:23:34] <pcw_home> I'm about 400 miles north of Torrance
[17:23:44] <IchGuckLive> i shoudt have meet some of you guys but i managed only cheescake factury on my todo list
[17:24:26] <pcw_home> well cheesecake sounds pretty good
[17:24:40] <alex4nder> pcw_home: you in santa cruz?
[17:24:56] <IchGuckLive> big bang theory where they all eat ineeded to do so
[17:25:21] <pcw_home> No, SFBA
[17:25:24] <alex4nder> ah
[17:31:01] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:31:12] -!- ktchk [ktchk!~eddie6929@n219073004186.netvigator.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:38:01] -!- tom3p [tom3p!~tomp@74-93-88-241-Illinois.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #linuxcnc
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[17:41:26] -!- Aero-Tec [Aero-Tec!~chatzilla@d64-180-77-164.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[17:45:50] -!- ktchk [ktchk!~eddie6929@n219073004186.netvigator.com] has parted #linuxcnc
[17:54:32] <ReadError> hey alex4nder
[17:54:38] <ReadError> got a copy of your configs handy?
[18:04:25] e-ndy|afk is now known as e-ndy
[18:06:15] e-ndy is now known as e-ndy|afk
[18:07:20] -!- iwoj has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/]
[18:13:24] e-ndy|afk is now known as e-ndy
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[18:15:17] e-ndy is now known as e-ndy|afk
[18:22:52] -!- IchGuckLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 11.0/20120310193829]]
[18:27:12] <ReadError> stardard or enhanced parport?
[18:33:12] -!- DJ9DJ [DJ9DJ!~Deejay@unaffiliated/dj9dj] has joined #linuxcnc
[18:33:35] <ReadError> max jitter, ~50k ns
[18:33:38] <ReadError> acceptable?
[18:33:53] <DJ9DJ> namd
[18:33:56] <ReadError> thats on servo, base thread is 16k
[18:46:53] -!- isssy has quit [Quit: Bye Bye]
[18:48:52] -!- tom3p has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
[18:50:01] <alex4nder> ReadError: the configs are somewhere.. not sure where
[19:01:21] <ReadError> well this is no good
[19:01:25] <ReadError> fan on my video card died
[19:06:33] <MattyMatt> is it embedded in the heatsink?
[19:07:11] <ReadError> yea
[19:07:21] <ReadError> it happened right after i installed the nvidia drivers
[19:07:33] <ReadError> probably unrelated, since even before post it wont spin
[19:07:53] <MattyMatt> I had one like that on a GF4 so I gutted the fan parts out and glued a normal fan over the hole
[19:08:33] <MattyMatt> it takes 2 slots now, but it's worked for years since then
[19:08:57] <ReadError> i have 2 extra AGP cards
[19:09:14] <ReadError> but that does me no good
[19:09:32] <ReadError> and i dont think this PSU will support this ATI 6870
[19:09:59] <MattyMatt> ah bleeding edge stuff
[19:10:16] <ReadError> lol
[19:10:18] <MattyMatt> got a spare fridge? :)
[19:10:29] <ReadError> i got a beer fridge ;)
[19:12:15] -!- vladimirek [vladimirek!~vladimire@bband-dyn177.95-103-5.t-com.sk] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:13:56] <MattyMatt> I've got a dehumidifier I want to convert into a PC cooler, but for some reason it won't work. it makes the right noises and I cleaned the radiator, but it doesn't get cold
[19:14:55] <Loetmichel> no freon/butane left in device?
[19:15:17] <MattyMatt> the pump wouldn't make the right noise if it was dry
[19:15:32] <Loetmichel> dry?
[19:15:56] <Loetmichel> no, there is no liquid inside... until the conpressor starts to work
[19:16:01] <MattyMatt> yeah they're usually immersed in the working fluid
[19:16:26] <Loetmichel> that is a GAS
[19:16:31] <MattyMatt> ah
[19:16:42] <Loetmichel> it only gets fluid if compressed
[19:17:30] <MattyMatt> I thought it was the other way round. only a gas temporarily between the expansion chamber and the radiator
[19:17:46] -!- kb8wmc has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[19:19:17] <Loetmichel> depends on the amount of gas inside ;-)
[19:19:20] -!- kb8wmc [kb8wmc!~chatzilla@nat.mtp.cmsinter.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:20:23] -!- psha has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[19:20:38] <MattyMatt> well I shouldn't admit publically I know a dehumidifier is just a fridge, or else I might be culpable for regassing it myself :)
[19:20:54] <Loetmichel> and if the pressure in the system gets TO low it will not be compressed enough to liquify before the needle valve
[19:21:52] <Loetmichel> if you use butane: why not?
[19:22:44] <MattyMatt> gott alet the old stuff out first :)
[19:25:42] -!- bedah [bedah!~bedah@g224241113.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:26:02] -!- demacus has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[19:32:36] -!- demacus [demacus!~demacus@erft-d932f2e3.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:56:38] -!- olivius67 [olivius67!~olive@rob67-2-82-242-209-250.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[19:56:43] <olivius67> Hi All :)
[19:58:58] <olivius67> I'm trying to setup an ebay stepper driver using stepconf, this card requires an enable signal for each axis. For instance pin14 of the parallel port should be used as 'x enable'. However, I don't see this option in the setpconf select box for any pin. Any idea?
[19:59:14] <cradek> "amp enable"
[19:59:53] <olivius67> amplifier enable?
[19:59:58] <cradek> yes
[20:00:06] <olivius67> what does it means?
[20:01:18] <cradek> that is the signal that goes true when linuxcnc wants the servo amps/stepper drivers to be enabled
[20:01:46] <archivist> or set to false on an emergency stop
[20:02:06] <olivius67> ok, thx guys :-)
[20:02:11] <olivius67> trying now...
[20:04:33] <olivius67> ouch...
[20:06:02] <olivius67> looks like I'm not going to test my axis right know: http://pastebin.com/Fzq4n3qY
[20:06:57] <archivist> olivius67, have you done any latency tests yet
[20:07:07] <olivius67> actualy no
[20:07:24] <olivius67> guess what? when I tried it, it simply didn't launch
[20:07:39] <olivius67> do you know the cml to call the prog in terminal
[20:07:44] <olivius67> so that I can check the errors
[20:08:33] <archivist> latency-test
[20:08:43] <olivius67> thx
[20:09:22] <olivius67> insmod: error inserting '/usr/realtime-2.6.32-122-rtai/modules/rtai_hal.ko': -1 Operation not permitted
[20:10:56] <olivius67> does this inspires someone?
[20:11:25] <archivist> not me
[20:11:45] <alex_joni> olivius67: check dmesg
[20:11:53] <alex_joni> there should be a reason for that
[20:12:18] <archivist> are you using the live cd or are you building yourself on some odd OS
[20:12:48] <olivius67> live cd install
[20:13:02] <olivius67> no error logged in dmesg when I tail -f it
[20:13:12] <cradek> pastebin your full dmesg
[20:16:42] <olivius67> http://pastebin.com/WvTkLRzP
[20:17:34] -!- kb8wmc has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[20:17:52] <cradek> no APIC, boot with the "lapic" boot parameter to force-enable it.
[20:18:07] <olivius67> ho yes
[20:18:11] -!- kb8wmc [kb8wmc!~chatzilla@nat.mtp.cmsinter.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:18:18] <olivius67> how can I make it permanent?
[20:19:03] <cradek> http://www.google.com/search?q=lapic+linuxcnc
[20:19:21] <cradek> click first hit
[20:19:27] <cradek> brb
[20:20:32] <olivius67> yup, done, rebooting... brb
[20:20:34] -!- olivius67 has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
[20:22:57] -!- olivius67 [olivius67!~olive@rob67-2-82-242-209-250.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:26:22] -!- olivius67 has quit [Client Quit]
[20:28:04] <alex4nder> hey
[20:28:39] <ReadError> ok so i swapped the 6870 into the hackintosh
[20:28:49] <ReadError> pulled the 5770 out for linuxcnc
[20:30:12] -!- phantoxe [phantoxe!~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:30:16] -!- olivius67 [olivius67!~olive@rob67-2-82-242-209-250.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[20:30:17] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[20:31:30] -!- DJ9DJ has quit [Quit: bye]
[20:32:29] <alex4nder> ReadError: damn.. going upscale
[20:38:17] <ReadError> lol
[20:38:19] <ReadError> well
[20:38:30] <ReadError> it was that or spend like $30 on a new one
[20:38:51] <ReadError> 50k on servo, 16k ns on base
[20:38:53] <ReadError> acceptable?
[20:39:34] <ReadError> brb getting some mobil1 and a box
[20:40:01] <alex4nder> ReadError: kinda shitty
[20:40:03] <alex4nder> really
[20:40:09] <ReadError> aw ;(
[20:40:21] <ReadError> will it work if i go slow?
[20:40:27] <cradek> nothing at all wrong with 16k
[20:40:28] <ReadError> until i get an atom board builtup
[20:40:51] <cradek> anything under 20-25 is a fine result for most setups
[20:42:33] <alex_joni> ReadError: remember to really abuse it during the test
[20:45:42] <alex4nder> ReadError: my Pentium 3 that I pulled out of the trash gets 19k and 25k..
[20:45:46] <alex4nder> for comparison
[20:46:12] <olivius67> cradek: lapic fixed my prob, thx :-)
[20:46:12] <alex4nder> under as much loads it will take, while remaining the slightest bit responsive.
[20:46:47] <cradek> yay
[21:02:44] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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[21:20:14] <r00t4rd3d> hey what does "1 Start" mean for nuts
[21:20:28] <r00t4rd3d> 3/8-16 1 Start
[21:20:51] <djdelorie> it means there's one thread that goes around, so once around advances you one thread
[21:21:06] <djdelorie> on a four start, once around moves you *four* threads across
[21:21:40] <r00t4rd3d> ahh okay, ty
[21:23:28] <archivist> pcw_home, what's the polite way to tell people not to short stuff to test ! relay driver not working thread
[21:24:27] <joe9> how do i specify linuxcnc to load a particular gcode file at startup?
[21:24:39] -!- fliebel has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[21:24:46] <joe9> i could not see an entry in ~/.axis_preferences or ~/.linuxcnc
[21:25:00] <joe9> i use the axis GUI
[21:34:16] -!- kb8wmc has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[21:36:17] <ReadError> anything that can be done to lower the response?
[21:36:26] <joe9> you mean latency?
[21:37:55] <ReadError> yea
[21:38:38] <joe9> a lot.. http://codepad.org/yXnzr7TG
[21:39:40] <ReadError> strange i did the software update and it wiped out the linux cnc menu
[21:39:45] <ReadError> guess i need to reinstall it
[21:47:01] -!- micges has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:51:35] -!- FinboySlick [FinboySlick!~shark@squal.net] has joined #linuxcnc
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[22:07:49] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #linuxcnc
[22:09:09] <robh__> how did u find mach archivist
[22:16:02] -!- olivius67 has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
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[23:18:08] <A0Sheds> http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/tls/2961579685.html Harig 612 Auto Surface Grinder - $1200
[23:19:49] <ReadError> apparantly if you install with ethernet hooked up, it updates and installs the latest kernel
[23:19:55] <ReadError> and removes emc2
[23:27:06] <PCW> Doesn't it always ask permission to update?
[23:31:32] -!- kb8wmc [kb8wmc!~chatzilla@nat.mtp.cmsinter.net] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:31:50] <alex_joni> ReadError: it shouldn't remove emc2
[23:32:06] <alex_joni> but it might get you to run the wrong kernel
[23:34:35] -!- the-jub [the-jub!~root@cpc10-colc7-2-0-cust57.7-4.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:34:40] <alex_joni> you can check if linuxcnc is still installed with 'dpkg -l | grep emc2'
[23:36:09] -!- micges has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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[23:48:52] -!- CareBear\ [CareBear\!peter@stuge.se] has joined #linuxcnc
[23:48:59] <ReadError> automagically updated to a new kernel
[23:49:04] <ReadError> pae
[23:49:13] <ReadError> had to re-install emc2 and the kernel
[23:53:22] -!- zlog has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]