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[00:41:08] <Eartaker> name change huh
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[00:52:19] <AitalMAC> I have some questions on 5 axis machining, i have open the 5 axis machine available with emc, i have some questions, changing tool lenght with G43 will change the TCP (tool center point)???
[00:52:57] <AitalMAC> i think that it should but it does not look that way
[00:53:53] <AitalMAC> also new cams have kinematics of the machine already set in them, if i have a very good CAM would it be better if i used theyr kinematics intead of the EMC kinematics?
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[02:20:52] <Jymmm> emc 52, linuxcnc 49
[02:45:26] <clytle374> I'm willing to work on the wiki, but need some guidance first
[02:46:09] <pfred1> clytle374 talk to a priest for guidance this is IRC
[02:46:33] <clytle374> hehe, he said he don't care about the wiki
[02:46:45] <pfred1> wise individual
[02:47:24] <pfred1> well so far here it looks like Axis 0 tkemc 2
[02:48:11] <clytle374> ?
[02:48:37] <pfred1> I spent 2 days trying to get Axis not to crash tkemc just works
[02:48:55] <pfred1> well technically Axis didn't crash it just crashed my X session
[02:49:13] <Jymmm> pfred1: nvidia card?
[02:49:21] <pfred1> sadly no
[02:49:39] <pfred1> ATI
[02:49:46] <Jymmm> ah
[02:49:46] <pfred1> with the regular open source drivers
[02:50:19] <pfred1> hey tkemc is having no problems what so ever so I guess the problem is Axis
[02:50:31] <Jymmm> or gl
[02:51:03] <pfred1> I was getting these messages in syslog that didn't seem to have anything to do with GL
[02:51:43] <clytle374> can you share the messages?
[02:52:09] <pfred1> sure I'll pop a block of it onto pastebin
[02:52:42] <pfred1> http://pastebin.com/GJeAPhrA
[02:53:05] <pfred1> it looks bad but it doesn't happen when I use tkemc so I guess it is fixed
[02:54:51] <pfred1> now i just have to figure out why my motor spindle seems t obe spinning 10 times too little to cover the distance
[02:55:12] <pfred1> maybe if i just lie and say my lead screw is 100 TPI
[02:56:06] <clytle374> I never had cron running
[02:56:27] <clytle374> that's a heck of a time for it, it doesn't always happen does it?
[02:57:46] <pfred1> it bombed before cron ran
[02:58:05] <clytle374> Guess I could have looked at the time
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[02:58:44] <clytle374> if it's only in Axis, what does /var/log/Xorg.0.log
[02:58:44] <clytle374> say?
[02:59:00] <pfred1> bunch of indecipherable junk
[02:59:21] <pfred1> that does heavily mention GL
[02:59:44] <pfred1> but axis will happily run all day except when it is actually running a script
[03:00:18] <pfred1> so there is something bad going on between GL and the rt module I guess
[03:01:02] <clytle374> Now I'm going to go try changing my diy setup to tkemc
[03:01:09] <pfred1> next time I'm going to run glxgears and tkemc
[03:01:41] <pfred1> yeah the system I have isn't a CD image it's a home built on Debian lenny
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[03:01:55] <clytle374> Mine is homebuild gentoo
[03:01:56] <pfred1> ubuntu makes me ill
[03:02:09] <clytle374> YouBloatedToo?
[03:02:30] <pfred1> yesterday I had a RAM issue in the machine and it got me into X with 22MB of RAM :)
[03:02:49] <pfred1> which is awesome
[03:03:37] <pfred1> the new RAm I put into it seems better than the junk I swapped out so its all good I guess
[03:05:43] <pfred1> what does resched latency = 2944 ns. mean?
[03:06:04] <pfred1> I wish this box had 2944 ns latency
[03:07:58] <pfred1> well it just ran this ngc file that axis couldn't get through twice
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[03:09:28] <pfred1> now I'm going to run glxgears to see if I can't make it crash
[03:17:40] <clytle374> Well, it didn't solve my problem. I can only make mine work by not loading the mesa drivers.
[03:18:08] <pfred1> so far it isn't looking good for Axis tkemc is still chugging along with glxgears going
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[03:18:35] <pfred1> up I just got the message
[03:18:52] <clytle374> well, at least you have a lead... GL
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[03:19:38] <pfred1> well GL works the rtai module has issues though
[03:20:34] <pfred1> there is something up with it that is for sure
[03:21:36] <clytle374> I can run all the tests, and the parallel port stuff okay. Watchdog gets me on the 5i20 card
[03:22:03] <pfred1> it works for a while here
[03:22:20] <clytle374> are you running mesa?
[03:22:20] <pfred1> but it doesn't work forever or even long enough
[03:22:35] <pfred1> probably
[03:22:44] <clytle374> My latency doesn't show high thought.
[03:23:05] <clytle374> mesa fpga?
[03:23:16] <pfred1> the latency on that box can spike up to about 22300ns which isn't great
[03:23:35] <pfred1> but hey for free I'm not complaining
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[03:27:26] <clytle374> I'm working with the live disk now. Kinda gave up on the homebuilt system. I'm mostly convinced something will be found by the next release
[03:28:33] <pfred1> if I could work out this one problem I'm pretty happy with the system
[03:28:45] <clytle374> Same here, but fought it for a couple weeks now
[03:29:02] <pfred1> really I'll just tun tkemc
[03:29:12] <pfred1> run even
[03:29:14] <clytle374> Every kernel/ rtai combo 32bit/64bit fails the same
[03:29:55] <pfred1> I need to finish up my machine I just did this so I could hook up my Z axis and make sure it works
[03:31:42] <clytle374> I started a mini mill 2 years ago and got busy. Now boss bought a '81 Mycenter-4 and I'm starting it
[03:32:00] <clytle374> Found clutches in the head today. Thought about crying
[03:32:21] <pfred1> I'm making a router from scratch
[03:33:31] <clytle374> sounds neat. Sister is big into wood working, keep telling her we need to build her one.
[03:33:51] <clytle374> Never had the money to finish the mini mill, boss has the moeny.
[03:33:52] <pfred1> yes for woodworking
[03:34:18] <pfred1> well one of the parameters of my project is do it on the cheap
[03:35:22] <clytle374> The minimill was to be a demo, so servos were a must
[03:35:43] <pfred1> I just have surplus steppers
[03:35:52] <clytle374> lots of iron aroud here that people would love to convert/retrofit
[03:35:54] <pfred1> they cost me $12 a piece
[03:39:37] <clytle374> can't beat that
[03:39:59] <pfred1> could get them for free I've some of those too
[03:40:44] <pfred1> stepper motors are sort of backwards the way they work though
[03:42:16] <clytle374> Lets just say they wouldn't get a machine shop owner to invest money in a retrofit ;)
[03:42:50] <pfred1> I'm using them because they are cheap and simple
[03:43:12] <pfred1> and I can get a fair amount of performance out of them
[03:44:58] <clytle374> I understand completely, different purposes for our projects.
[03:45:15] <clytle374> If I was building a router, I'd probably go steppers too
[03:46:02] <pfred1> most do
[03:46:25] <pfred1> I've seen people get over 2000 ipm out of steppers on routers
[03:46:52] <pfred1> that'd pretty much knock you into a wall before yo ucould blink
[03:47:33] <clytle374> You might blink, but that won't help you
[03:47:58] <clytle374> I get a little nervous working on fast machines.
[03:48:23] <pfred1> search 2000 ipm on youtube and if yo ufind the one video I saw there it is hilarious
[03:48:36] <pfred1> the guy knocks one of the limit switches off his machine
[03:49:29] <cstop> is there an equivalent to "following error" with steppers?
[03:50:20] <pfred1> I'm not sure if I'm following you with that
[03:50:23] <clytle374> I'd say no
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[03:51:33] <cstop> rounding and overshoot are part of servo response. The stepper controller "should ramp up and down to prevent that in stepper systems
[03:52:13] <cstop> that 2000 ipm must use most of the movement in accel and decell
[03:52:38] <pfred1> oh yeah that's why the guy did it he coiuldn't max it out easily on his 8 foot table
[03:52:51] <pfred1> but it was fast
[03:52:59] <pfred1> smack!
[03:53:38] <cstop> good fast or cheap...pick one ;-)
[03:53:45] <pfred1> well he was manually jogging it and obviously was overriding his limits
[03:54:13] <pfred1> that switch went flying
[03:54:35] <cstop> ahhh... jog would have no "look ahead" feature ....
[03:55:14] <pfred1> yeah in his case he should have relabled the button sprint
[03:55:33] <cstop> or "stupid"
[03:56:03] <pfred1> I can understand where he's coming from I'm into the speed aspect of it all
[03:56:12] <clytle374> I've seen mills that fast, and they don't JOG that fast
[03:56:39] <pfred1> speed is where servos shine
[03:57:03] <clytle374> yeah, but they should jog faster than a person can handle
[03:58:24] <cstop> jog velocity is a programmable value.
[03:58:42] <clytle374> sorry, I meant should not
[03:58:59] <pfred1> cstop not when you're making a youtube video of how fast your router is it isn't
[03:59:19] <cstop> reprogram for effect!
[03:59:49] <pfred1> yeah the guy should have just made a program
[04:00:04] <pfred1> I think that is how the video started out
[04:00:11] <cstop> sitcom?
[04:00:21] <pfred1> but then he was making all kinds of excuses and just manually jogged it for effect
[04:00:34] <pfred1> until he broke it
[04:01:02] <pfred1> gotta hand it to him he still had the guts to post it
[04:03:16] <cstop> someone (not me) needs to make a stepper driven "speed ring" Sort of like the CERN. Just for boasting rights
[04:03:46] <pfred1> cstop oh its there believe me
[04:04:15] <cstop> I can see the youtube banner Stepper driven super collider
[04:06:14] <clytle374> The search for the smallest stepper particle?
[04:06:32] <cstop> at least the fastest
[04:07:13] <clytle374> Probably grant money in it, if worded properly
[04:08:13] <clytle374> /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/emc.so not owned by any package is broken !!!
[04:08:20] <clytle374> wonder how that got there
[04:09:42] <clytle374> must have been something python-updater did
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[04:42:42] <clytle374> well, gotta get up early and see how impossible it is to gut the head on the Kitamira.
[04:42:54] <clytle374> Maybe I'll get it done by July ;)
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