#emc | Logs for 2011-12-23

[00:01:30] <andypugh> Yes, he has.
[00:01:36] <PCW> I guess the index/zero offset could be the wrong direction
[00:01:55] <andypugh> I think he has tried that too. He's pretty dogged.
[00:02:57] <PCW> The AMC Halls do make it more complicated
[00:03:35] <andypugh> I think a part of the problem is that, at this point, he is trying to do everything with the parport. I might try to sell him a 5i25/7i77
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[00:06:16] <PCW> It just seems like a lot of variables: HAL, AMC Halls, BLDC, startup alignment, PWM all setup up right
[00:08:41] <andypugh> How many 7i71 type cards can connect to the second 5i25 port?
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[00:11:41] <andypugh> Yes, he is certainly stretching what even I thought was possible
[00:16:29] <PCW> 8 with a 7I74
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[00:17:23] <PCW> 7I74 is 7I44 equiv for 5I25 (or other 25 pin FPGA cards)
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[00:17:58] <andypugh> OK, so that's a lot of IO..
[00:18:21] <PCW> Yeah but we have a cust using a 32 channel config
[00:18:42] <andypugh> He must be one of your favourite customers :-)
[00:19:26] <PCW> Well the do industrial knitting and what not, lots of I/O
[00:19:36] <PCW> they do
[00:21:04] <PCW> another customer needed 32 encoder inputs plus a bunch of I/O (We made 7I53 12 channel encoder card for them basically)
[00:22:07] <PCW> knitting guy uses real time linux but not EMC
[00:25:27] <skunkKandT> gasp!
[00:25:56] <JT-Shop> we work on hose knitters but they are all mechanical
[00:26:03] <PCW> I dont think Gcode is too suited to knitting
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[00:27:43] <elmo40> check out this price! http://tinyurl.com/72obdye
[00:28:14] <elmo40> it was re-posted to shopbot by a french site. they use , instead of . so it read it as thousands :P
[00:28:23] <elmo40> it is only $378.46
[00:32:02] <ds3> clearly, shipping things up north is expensive
[00:34:05] <elmo40> no doubt
[00:34:33] <elmo40> even though we have oil and make our own fuel we *still* pay market prices for the damn stuff... drives me nuts.
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[00:38:02] <JT-Shop> can you set a parameter in hal?
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[00:39:10] <JT-Shop> numbered parameter
[00:41:59] <JT-Shop> oh Sweet! you can do that in GladeVCP!!!!!
[00:42:10] <andypugh> I think you can do it in HAL.
[00:42:39] <andypugh> I think the possibility was introduced by one of maberler's changes
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[00:43:15] <Danimal_garage> hi
[00:43:31] <PCW> lo
[00:43:32] <JT-Shop> for example I can take #5403 and add #50 and do a G10 L1 P#5400 Z[#50+#5403]
[00:44:11] <JT-Shop> so if you need to change the offset by 0.001 you can without touching off or any of that nonsense
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[00:45:26] <Danimal_garage> hi John
[00:46:11] <JT-Shop> Hi Dan, how goes it?
[00:46:33] <Danimal_garage> pretty good, trying to keep warm, how about you?
[00:46:56] <JT-Shop> not bad just about ready to head in for some chow
[00:47:06] <JT-Shop> doing a few upgrades to the ballisa :)
[00:47:17] <Danimal_garage> ha, how's it coming?
[00:47:57] <JT-Shop> we tested it last week and it did well, the bolt was a bit heavy and a few minor things to improve the overall operation of it and it
[00:48:05] <JT-Shop> 's ready for the paint shop
[00:48:40] <JT-Shop> I have some 6061 tubing to make some new bolts from that should be easy 1/4 the weight of the wooden one
[00:49:00] <Danimal_garage> nice!
[00:49:19] <JT-Shop> we shot it 65 yards with the way too heavy bolt
[00:49:55] <Danimal_garage> my jeep's coming along, just scored another jeep i'm going to use for parts. it has bigger axles, bigger tires, more lift, lockers, etc already
[00:50:09] <Danimal_garage> i think i saw the vid, right?
[00:50:17] <JT-Shop> cool, I think so
[00:50:34] <JT-Shop> my buddy that rents Dad's house from me is a Jeep nut
[00:50:51] <JT-Shop> want's to make a pickup out of one
[00:50:55] <Danimal_garage> they're fun, i took it wheeling saturday
[00:51:34] <Danimal_garage> cool, they actually have jeep pickups already, they're pretty neat
[00:51:55] <Danimal_garage> my buddy rolled hit toyota on the trail lol
[00:52:24] <Danimal_garage> my other buddy snalled a cv axle and cracked his differential housing
[00:52:30] <Danimal_garage> napped*
[00:52:35] <Danimal_garage> snapped*
[00:52:59] <JT-Shop> sounds like some rough riding
[00:53:25] <Danimal_garage> pretty tough trails, black diamond
[00:53:49] <Danimal_garage> my jeep made it through undamaged thankfully
[00:53:50] <JT-Shop> be a good place for a honda 90 scrambler I bet with an oversize rear sprocket
[00:54:09] <andypugh> Danimal_garage: I found an interesting process looking for ways to make encoders. You can buy photosensitised anodised aluminium sheet. You expose it and develop like making a PCB, then apply dye, which only dyes the unmasked areas, then strip the remaining mask, and seal. You could make sprockets with faces on.
[00:55:25] <Danimal_garage> JT-Shop: i used to ride my dirtbikes there
[00:55:31] * JT-Shop hears the dinner bell ringing
[00:55:38] <Danimal_garage> seeya John
[00:55:41] <andypugh> Danimal_garage: Do you like the look of this trail? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaNBuqSuNqk
[00:55:43] <JT-Shop> see you later
[00:57:15] <Danimal_garage> cool andy, not sure if i understand the process though, i've never made pcb's before
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[00:58:49] <Danimal_garage> figures, computer wont play the vid, it's been on too long without rebooting
[00:59:26] <andypugh> Anyway, for the anodised graphics, google "Metalphoto"
[00:59:42] <Danimal_garage> will do
[00:59:54] <Danimal_garage> can you do the process yourself?
[01:01:36] <andypugh> I don't know. I found a pdf instruction sheet, and I have a feeling that they have a clever layer to stop the photo-resist soaking into the anodising.
[01:02:00] <Danimal_garage> hmm
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[01:13:52] <ds3> clearly, shipping things up north is expensive!mmo
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[01:46:06] <jsr__> We used to use metalphoto where I worked. Had problems with the lettering being opaque, and something there caused the lettering to fade over the years.
[01:47:13] <andypugh> It is only as permanent as the dye, at best.
[01:47:41] <jsr__> The contrast ratio I saw would not be good for an encoder. This was a good fifteen or so years ago, so the process may be better now.
[01:48:12] <andypugh> I actually get the feeling that it is falling into disuse.
[01:48:34] <andypugh> Anyway, time to log. I am unlikely to be around much now until the New Year.
[01:49:07] <andypugh> So, Merry Christmas / Saturnalia / Ramadan / (err the other one)
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[02:32:25] <mikegg> duurrrr. why is my stepper dead
[02:33:00] <mikegg> normally, no matter what I muck with, the tool will always jog in the AXIS plot
[02:33:42] <mikegg> but it's frozen, and I don't know what I changed to break it
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[02:42:44] <Danimal_garage> feed hold?
[02:44:03] <mikegg> I checked that. The other two axes work...
[02:44:22] <mikegg> but it acts exactly like feed hold
[02:44:53] <mikegg> I watch the stuff in hal. command position etc... all zeros
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[02:52:05] <FinboySlick> Is it possible to start EMC witout having the 'real time' window being displayed? I'm trying to start it through remote X.
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[07:59:21] <Tectu> when is IchGucksLive online here mostly?
[08:04:06] <archivist> for a short period after his work and before going home
[08:04:13] <archivist> .de time
[08:05:12] <archivist> but there are plenty in here to answer general questions
[08:19:43] <Tectu> na, its a personal thing
[08:19:46] <Tectu> but thank you anyways
[08:20:09] <Tectu> but i do have an other question: is someone here who successfully uses a RepStrap? You know, a reprap with EMC2 software
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[09:21:40] <Loetmichel> re @ home
[09:27:39] <Tectu> hey Loetmichel. Didn't know that you are here
[09:28:54] <Loetmichel> i am now...
[09:29:42] <Loetmichel> did 67.5hrs work this week (since monday morning to day).. now i have holydays 'til 02.01.12 ;-)
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[09:38:31] <Tectu> good for you :)
[09:38:57] <Tectu> well, i have to work until 16:15, then i have holydays until 08.01.2012
[09:42:01] <Loetmichel> ... and i am SERIOUSLY Sleepy now. btw: its friday morning 1:41 over here
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[09:52:09] <Tectu> wtf Loetmichel tought you are from germany?
[09:52:34] <Loetmichel> i am
[09:52:49] <Loetmichel> 10:52 now
[09:52:53] <Loetmichel> typo
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[13:04:26] <awallin> Tectu: I did some experiments with ecm2 + 3d printing (extruder). based on an Isel router and a home-built extruder
[13:04:52] <Tectu> how did that work, awallin
[13:05:28] <awallin> ok, the extruder had a stepper motor which was configured as the A-axis
[13:05:42] <awallin> and then I did a pid-controller for the extruder temperature in HAL
[13:06:04] <Tectu> you didn't had the orginal reprap electronics?
[13:06:04] <Tectu> have*
[13:06:10] <awallin> no
[13:06:35] <Tectu> what did you do on the software side?
[13:07:32] <awallin> for g-code generation either skeinforge or ...
[13:07:57] <Tectu> but did you use your "orginal" emc2?
[13:08:28] <awallin> yes, standard emc2 with XYZA axes, and the custom HAL for temperatre control
[13:09:12] <Tectu> interesting
[13:09:27] <Tectu> did you write any blogs or something about your work?
[13:10:23] <Mjolinor> pictures
[13:10:27] <Mjolinor> instantly
[13:10:32] <Mjolinor> and build instructions :)
[13:11:42] <awallin> http://www.anderswallin.net/tag/reprap/
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[13:13:17] <Tectu> awesome, thank you awallin!
[13:13:22] <awallin> suprisingly one of those videos have 26k views. someone must have posted it on some very active reprap forum or blog
[13:13:27] <Tectu> how were the results from your printings?
[13:13:42] <Mjolinor> soem serious machining in that extruder head
[13:14:15] <awallin> didn't have time to play with it much. mostly problems with lost steps on the isel table. then it's a matter of tuning the g-code for extruder temp/speed/feed etc
[13:14:15] <Tectu> holy hell @ extruder
[13:14:21] <Tectu> wanna break some walls with it?
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[13:14:38] <Mjolinor> it is aproper can of worms setting them up
[13:14:53] <Mjolinor> I thin kthat is the main reason I havent got involved htey seem to o fiddly
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[13:16:53] * Mjolinor thinks it will be next christmas before there are enough snow flakes for a tree
[13:18:33] <Mjolinor> do oyu have threaded axis or belt?
[13:19:27] <Mjolinor> I thought it may be possible to add this to the pcb mill i am making but from wehat I ahve read you can't get enough speed from the lead screws, you have to use belts
[13:20:34] <archivist> speed is motor related more than screw/belt technology
[13:20:50] <Mjolinor> yup but the max is too slow from what I have read
[13:20:59] <Jymmm> gear ratio?
[13:21:07] <Mjolinor> ok, :) direct drive
[13:21:17] <Mjolinor> my little mill has direct drive
[13:21:28] <Jymmm> as opposed to the scenic route
[13:21:39] <archivist> the mistake is to expect speed from steppers
[13:21:57] <Mjolinor> there seems to be problems with different melt temperatures amon different colours of plastic and even from same colour different batch
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[13:22:04] * Tom_itx dunks Jymmm in chocolate and bites his head off like a chocolate bunny
[13:22:20] <Jymmm> archivist: Awwwww, what you mean I cant get 250 ipm
[13:22:49] <Mjolinor> I thought that the best way to fix that is from a probe in the meltted stream connected to a piezo crystal that will measuere the viscocity of hte plastic adn could adjust temperature with a feedback loop
[13:23:20] <Mjolinor> make for a complicated melt head though :)
[13:23:33] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: Hey now, your letting a breeze in!
[13:23:48] <archivist> measure torque or pressure instead
[13:24:16] <Mjolinor> could do but I dont think it would be as fast
[13:24:29] <Mjolinor> it has to be better to measure it at the business end I would think
[13:24:50] <archivist> I mean the feeder motor torque!
[13:24:59] <Mjolinor> yup I know
[13:25:42] <Mjolinor> would it be fast enough though
[13:26:05] <Mjolinor> maybe I suppose and certainly a lot easier than measureing the viscocity
[13:27:27] <archivist> will also measure build quality though (any friction in the drive)
[13:42:38] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[13:47:38] -!- SWPadnos_ [SWPadnos_!~Me@74-92-8-208-NewEngland.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #emc
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[13:48:11] SWPadnos_ is now known as SWPadnos
[13:48:38] <Jymmm> SWPadnos: !!!!!
[13:48:48] <Jymmm> SWPadnos: Merry Ho Ho
[13:49:09] <SWPadnos> ho merry happy to you as well
[13:50:02] <Jymmm> =)
[14:13:36] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #emc
[14:15:41] <A2Sheds> Mjolinor: that's usually the case with plastic, if you want consistency you need to be working with material from the same batch and supplier
[14:18:10] <A2Sheds> Mjolinor: viscosity and surface tension are the two issues with reprap, yet everyone tends to only focus on temp vs viscosity
[14:34:54] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #emc
[14:38:08] -!- skunkKandT [skunkKandT!~chatzilla@184-158-20-19.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #emc
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[14:41:19] -!- i_tarzan [i_tarzan!~i_tarzan@] has joined #emc
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[14:46:35] -!- vezza [vezza!~andrea__@host181-47-dynamic.16-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #emc
[15:07:24] -!- vezza [vezza!~andrea__@host181-47-dynamic.16-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has parted #emc
[15:11:19] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #emc
[15:13:03] -!- syyl [syyl!~syyl@p4FD14903.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #emc
[15:13:26] -!- acemi [acemi!~acemi@unaffiliated/acemi] has joined #emc
[15:31:23] -!- FinboySlick [FinboySlick!~shark@] has joined #emc
[15:32:23] <awallin> anyone know how an smb-share can be mounted so it looks like a normal directory? I'm on ubuntu 11.10 and the share works fine at smb://
[15:32:39] <awallin> but a number of programs (e.g. firefox) don't seem to want to save files there
[15:36:03] <SadMan> mount -t cifs -o username=user //server/share /mount/point
[15:41:05] <awallin> trying... fs type seems wrong
[15:41:51] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[15:42:12] <FinboySlick> awallin: Look in ~/.gvfs if you want to access one already mounted by nautilus.
[15:42:57] <awallin> FinboySlick: firefox says no free space when trying to write to .gvfs (should be plenty of free space on the NAS)
[15:43:39] <FinboySlick> awallin: Hmmm, that's odd.
[15:44:13] <SadMan> awallin: check if cifs is in /proc/filesystems, if not, try modprobe cifs
[15:44:38] <SadMan> but mount error messages are usually confusing, it's best to check dmesg too
[15:44:46] <awallin> "nodev cifs"
[15:44:55] <awallin> this is a buffalo linkstation quad..
[15:45:03] <SadMan> then check dmesg output, last lines
[15:46:13] <awallin> nothing about smb I can see in dmesg
[15:47:08] -!- factor has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[15:47:09] <SadMan> and what was the error that mount produces? does your mount point exist?
[15:48:26] <awallin> "frong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on smb;//, or other error.."
[15:50:01] -!- i_tarzan has quit [Read error: No route to host]
[15:50:02] <SadMan> try user= instead of username, my bad
[15:50:23] <FinboySlick> SadMan: username= is valid for cifs.
[15:50:53] <SadMan> well, i'm used to that too but manpage says user=
[15:50:55] <SadMan> weird
[15:51:02] <awallin> nautilus automounts it into .gvfs without any username or password
[15:51:24] <SadMan> if it's public share then drop that -o username= part
[15:52:19] <FinboySlick> Most public shares are read only though.
[15:52:44] <FinboySlick> You might need authentication for write permissions, which might explain the 'no free space'.
[15:53:32] <FinboySlick> if you go to ~/.gvfs/sharename/ and 'touch somefile.txt' does it work?
[15:53:34] <awallin> it's just weird that nautilus mounts it and read/write works ok, but then "save as" doesn't have the mounted NAS as an option from firefox
[15:53:57] <awallin> yes, I can write to .gvfs/share
[15:54:17] <awallin> any way to find out the command that nautilus uses to mount the drive?
[15:54:50] <FinboySlick> nautilus uses gvfs-mount
[15:55:04] <FinboySlick> Which is pretty unfamiliar to me.
[15:57:49] <awallin> hm, gotta run, back later to this..
[15:58:01] <awallin> hmm http://buffalo.nas-central.org/wiki/Main_Page
[15:59:25] -!- e-ndy has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
[16:01:24] -!- syyl_ws [syyl_ws!~sg@p4FD14903.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #emc
[16:03:29] <A2Sheds> anyone ever hear back from the guy who was building that giant shredded milk bottle 3DP for that boat contest?
[16:04:19] <FinboySlick> That's pretty awesome.
[16:04:21] <A2Sheds> he was going to 3d print an entire boat from recycled PET milk containers
[16:04:44] <A2Sheds> I'm sure the rules to the contest were changed after he showed up
[16:08:16] -!- tlab [tlab!~tlab@c-98-223-22-156.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[16:09:18] -!- tlab has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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[16:34:54] -!- dgarr [dgarr!~dgarrett@adsl-75-61-74-108.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net] has joined #emc
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[16:49:37] -!- skunkKandT has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.24/20111107173218]]
[17:01:01] -!- Antichip [Antichip!~yaaic@83.sub-174-252-135.myvzw.com] has joined #emc
[17:01:23] <Antichip> Hello
[17:02:08] <Antichip> I am looking at fetro fitting a mid 80 fanuc 11m system with emc
[17:03:40] <jthornton> with velocity drives and encoder feedback?
[17:04:44] <Antichip> I actually have a hurco kmb1 knee mill that i may do first. Use the old amps and servos and swap out higher res encoders on the motors.
[17:05:14] <Antichip> I believe the fanuc motors are resolver
[17:05:30] <jthornton> resolver back to the drives or to the controller?
[17:06:23] <Antichip> I am almost sure back to control, i will look again this afternoon.
[17:06:54] <jthornton> there are resolver converter boards and other solutions for resolvers
[17:07:18] <jthornton> iirc Mesa has a new cost effective resolver solution
[17:10:56] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #emc
[17:13:02] <Antichip> Yay i saw that last night.
[17:15:46] <Antichip> The parts i am doing have a ton of surfacing and there is just nothing about the 11M control can keep up with.
[17:17:05] <Antichip> I am blessed by having wiring diagrams and ladder logic charts.
[17:19:07] -!- acemi has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
[17:19:33] -!- acemi [acemi!~acemi@unaffiliated/acemi] has joined #emc
[17:21:43] -!- Antichip has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]
[17:33:15] -!- skunkKandT [skunkKandT!~chatzilla@184-158-20-19.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #emc
[17:34:26] <skunkKandT> well - that is annoying... seems something happened and now my shared directory isn't shared anymore. if I restart samba it shows up but I cannot write to it... The only thing I think I did was install some updates..
[17:38:32] <skunkKandT> hmm now it works - but I bet if i restart for some reason samba isn't starting
[17:42:58] <A2Sheds> anyone know how the Mesa 8i20 handles commutation since it doesn't have HALL sensor feedback?
[17:43:40] <pcw_home> it gets it from EMC
[17:44:03] <A2Sheds> pcw_home: how does EMC get it from the AC servo?
[17:44:29] <pcw_home> encoder,halls,resolvers, whatever
[17:44:48] <A2Sheds> pcw_home: HAll sensors to the say 5i20?
[17:45:40] <pcw_home> Sure or just encoder if you don't mind a search phase at startup
[17:45:57] <A2Sheds> encoders to 7i33, but what if you want/need Hall??
[17:45:57] <pcw_home> Take a look and The BLDC comp
[17:46:59] <pcw_home> if you need HALL then GPIO will do (but you may or may not depending on your startup requirements)
[17:47:10] <A2Sheds> I was using Parker servo amps that handled the HALL, now I'd like to see about replacing the Parker amps with mesa
[17:48:13] -!- Antichip [Antichip!~yaaic@184.sub-174-252-136.myvzw.com] has joined #emc
[17:48:48] <A2Sheds> http://www.linuxcnc.org/images/fbfiles/files/bldc.comp
[17:48:58] <pcw_home> All I'm saying is that the Hall signals are not strictly needed with EMC and BLDC comp
[17:49:39] <Antichip> The hurco on the other hand looks lime a good starter servo project. I should only require 5120 and the 4 channel servo analog 10v output board.,,!
[17:49:41] <A2Sheds> ok, I have some reckonin to do
[17:50:36] -!- tlab has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[17:51:18] <A2Sheds> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47y6RgAK--8 Comparison of brushless DC motor control with EMC2 using trapezoidal commutation and sinusoidal commutation.
[17:51:19] <A2Sheds> The motor is a 100 oz.in / 0.7Nm Rapidsyn NEMA23, the drive hardware is a Mesa 7i43 FPGA board with the 7i39 dual 3-phase H-bridge daughter card running at 27V
[17:54:52] <A2Sheds> I have $1k of ebay AC servos and ball screw positioners with EMC working more precisely than a $125K pro materials deposition system
[17:57:54] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S0106001c10b7770f.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #emc
[18:03:04] -!- IchGucksLive [IchGucksLive!~chatzilla@95-89-244-199-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #emc
[18:03:33] <Antichip> The hurco has some serious control issues that need resolved. I think i also have all the wiring diagrams for it.
[18:04:14] <alex4nder-> Antichip: thats' rad.
[18:04:42] -!- isssy [isssy!WebseitenU@78-83-54-41.spectrumnet.bg] has joined #emc
[18:05:55] <alex4nder-> er A2Sheds
[18:06:05] <IchGucksLive> hi all last day for mill shopping ! B) O.O
[18:06:12] <alex4nder-> A2Sheds: what're you using that for?
[18:07:56] <Antichip> Both machines are good solid machines. The 11m controlled vmc likes to pop power supply fuses.
[18:08:36] <IchGucksLive> 11m is great eats alot of gcode speceals
[18:08:51] <Antichip> Tool changer is also"stuck" in mid cycle.
[18:09:10] <IchGucksLive> grease gone help on this
[18:09:57] <Antichip> 11m would be ok if not stuck at 9600 on huge surface files
[18:10:11] <Antichip> 9600 baud
[18:10:16] <IchGucksLive> hurco has a mutch greater poterntial as it is more stable
[18:11:11] <IchGucksLive> you need to get a new RS"§" on the board for more speed 11500 is available
[18:11:19] <IchGucksLive> RS232
[18:11:44] <Mjolinor> way to forget the shiftkey :)
[18:11:44] <A2Sheds> alex4nder-: inkjet deposition, conductive inks, protein/DNA growth media etc etc
[18:11:56] <Mjolinor> that is one strange keyboard layout you have there
[18:12:31] <IchGucksLive> Germans do it the other way Metric
[18:14:06] <alex4nder-> A2Sheds: nice, so inkjet instead of spindle?
[18:14:38] <A2Sheds> alex4nder-: inkjet, nozzle, laser etc
[18:14:46] <IchGucksLive> ive seen a car printer on emc control
[18:14:54] <alex4nder-> cool
[18:15:48] <IchGucksLive> the dot came from a knitting machine
[18:16:08] <A2Sheds> http://www.epson.com.sg/resource/mediacenter/image_library/events/Micro_Piezo_Tour_Photos_zip/Micro_Piezo_Tour_Photos/Epson_SurePress_Micro_Piezo_print_head_array_2_N.jpg
[18:16:27] <A2Sheds> 100K's of nozzles or just 1
[18:16:45] -!- Antichip has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[18:18:02] <A2Sheds> http://www.orbitalresearch.com/images/braille_fig2.jpg
[18:19:06] -!- isssy has quit [Quit: Bye Bye]
[18:19:53] <A2Sheds> http://memsjournal.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8345225f869e20133f2008d83970b-800wi or these much like a fuel injector
[18:22:38] <IchGucksLive> A2Sheds: there is a printing head for carpaint available
[18:23:21] <A2Sheds> microvalve nozzle
[18:24:49] <A2Sheds> or continuous type inkjets CIJ http://www-mat.ee.tu-berlin.de/research/inkjet/scheme2.gif
[18:25:55] <IchGucksLive> it holds 8 paint colors and prints 0,5mm dots
[18:28:45] <A2Sheds> http://www.baumgartner-trading.com/de/index.html?id=2
[18:29:33] <IchGucksLive> A2Sheds: are you here in Germany ?
[18:30:17] <A2Sheds> heh, no. I've been working with inkjets and related for quite a while
[18:31:28] <IchGucksLive> as you link to german pages and factorys i meen
[18:31:47] <A2Sheds> when my parents left Germany there were more Fascists there than here, maybe it's time to move back? :P
[18:32:11] <A2Sheds> seems we fought some big war over this
[18:35:08] -!- emc2-buildmaster has quit [Client Quit]
[18:35:10] -!- tlab [tlab!~tlab@c-98-223-22-156.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[18:36:14] <alex4nder-> haha
[18:36:23] <alex4nder-> A2Sheds: that's a good metric for moving.
[18:37:01] <IchGucksLive> 240.000 people came to North America this year from Germany
[18:38:07] <A2Sheds> I keep hoping for a spaceship
[18:41:49] <FinboySlick> Philosophically, I'd prefer fixing it to leaving, even if that means the end of me.
[18:42:25] <FinboySlick> We haven't done very good as societies (worldwide) when it comes to living up to the principles we claim to have.
[18:43:11] <A2Sheds> food, water and a raygun for everyone on the planet
[18:43:49] <FinboySlick> Good start, so long as each is responsible for producing their own.
[18:44:02] -!- antichips [antichips!~antichips@rrcs-97-78-126-56.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #emc
[18:45:05] <A2Sheds> peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind..... it's a Festivus Miracle!
[18:45:47] <antichips> https://picasaweb.google.com/kzairsoft/FanucControl?authuser=0&feat=directlink
[18:46:26] <FinboySlick> antichips: Lovely beast.
[18:46:57] <antichips> really it is for the most part
[18:47:27] <FinboySlick> antichips: Making wheels?
[18:49:12] <IchGucksLive> i prefare little ones more
[18:53:07] <FinboySlick> IchGucksLive: What's your typical step size?
[18:53:22] <IchGucksLive> 400
[18:53:48] <IchGucksLive> at TR12x3
[18:54:01] <FinboySlick> What does that come up to in mm per step?
[18:54:49] <IchGucksLive> 0.01
[18:55:22] <IchGucksLive> 0.0075
[18:55:52] <IchGucksLive> for education more then egnoph
[18:56:12] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[18:56:17] <FinboySlick> That's a pretty fine screw...
[18:56:45] <IchGucksLive> 600mm/min max
[18:57:00] <IchGucksLive> at 12Euros per stepper
[18:57:12] <IchGucksLive> epson laserjet
[18:57:20] <FinboySlick> cute
[18:58:18] <IchGucksLive> 24V amplifier 2.4V 1,5A stepper
[18:58:26] <IchGucksLive> Nema23
[18:58:29] <FinboySlick> so a 3mm screw lead?
[18:58:50] -!- maximilian_h [maximilian_h!~bonsai@] has joined #emc
[19:01:22] <IchGucksLive> yes
[19:05:29] <IchGucksLive> if you go to TR20x4 you need to add a Timepelt 1:2
[19:05:45] <IchGucksLive> 2:1 B)
[19:06:05] <IchGucksLive> or stay with 0.01
[19:06:09] <antichips> yes wheels
[19:06:16] <IchGucksLive> at max speed
[19:06:19] -!- LawrenceSeattle [LawrenceSeattle!~lawrence@] has joined #emc
[19:06:29] -!- CmdrData [CmdrData!~CmdrData@ip72-199-20-172.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #emc
[19:06:57] <IchGucksLive> oh leonard nimoy did use emc ?
[19:07:44] -!- OpenSpace has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[19:07:45] <IchGucksLive> on ubuntu its the entertainment managment center
[19:10:11] <IchGucksLive> if it gets more in use in the new Reposities maybe this channes needs to move to emc2
[19:12:53] <IchGucksLive> bye for me today Happy Holiday
[19:12:57] -!- IchGucksLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111115192257]]
[19:14:23] -!- tlab has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:14:30] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #emc
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[19:29:31] -!- ball [ball!ball@grex.cyberspace.org] has joined #emc
[19:55:49] -!- Turtl3boi [Turtl3boi!~chatzilla@ip72-199-20-172.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #emc
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[20:51:39] <A2Sheds> IchGucksLive: how much torque do those epson steppers put out?
[20:51:47] <A2Sheds> ah gone
[20:57:27] -!- rob_h [rob_h!~rob_h@5ace7094.bb.sky.com] has joined #emc
[21:00:24] -!- SWPadnos_ [SWPadnos_!~chatzilla@emc/developer/SWPadnos] has joined #emc
[21:01:31] <SWPadnos_> hey pcw_home (or anyone who knows) - what is normally used to interface an FPGA card to stepper drives? IIRC, the 7i37 is too slow for that
[21:02:58] <SWPadnos_> (step/dir drives such as Geckos in this case, but I guess the real question is about higher-speed, maybe not-so-isolated digital I/O)
[21:05:58] <pcw_home> You can use the bare FPGA pins, (sometimes needing open drain mode if the OPTO anodes are returned to 5V)
[21:06:20] <SWPadnos_> ok, and that's reasonably noise-immune?
[21:07:09] <pcw_home> Yes pretty good (Geckos are not the best for noise immunity though, best is differential drive)
[21:07:50] <pcw_home> but Geckos have common opto pins so dont support differential drive
[21:08:18] <SWPadnos_> ok, good to know
[21:08:25] <SWPadnos_> what do you recommend on the input side?
[21:08:37] <SWPadnos_> since we don't need 12 stepgens on that bare header :)
[21:09:12] <pcw_home> If you want 5V signals you could use a buffered card like a 7I47 (and just use 1/2 of its differential outputs)
[21:09:30] <SWPadnos_> ?
[21:10:16] <SWPadnos_> oh, 7i47
[21:10:17] <pcw_home> (7I47 is 12 channel diff output 12 channel diff input card)
[21:10:20] <SWPadnos_> I read 7i37
[21:10:46] * Jymmm hands SWPadnos_ two Coke (bottles) and a smile!
[21:10:51] <Jymmm> and a glass cutter
[21:10:58] <SWPadnos_> and an eye patch
[21:11:03] <Jymmm> Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[21:11:09] <SWPadnos_> and a partridge in pear sauce
[21:11:12] <SWPadnos_> or something like that
[21:11:21] <pcw_home> But probably just the bare pins are OK (or 7I42TA if you are careless with wires)
[21:11:27] <Jymmm> SWPadnos_: Got Margarita?
[21:11:50] <SWPadnos_> ah, ok. the 7i42 is what I was looking for. I wonder if I have one sitting around somewhere
[21:12:29] <SWPadnos_> do those *TA units come with the terminal strips now?
[21:12:54] <pcw_home> have for a couple of years
[21:13:38] -!- servos4ever has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [SeaMonkey 2.0.11/20101206162726]]
[21:14:15] <pcw_home> There 5I25 pinout that matches the G540 so all you need is a parallel cable
[21:14:27] <pcw_home> there's a
[21:16:27] <skunkKandT> SWPadnos: what is the project?
[21:16:50] <SWPadnos_> a friend is looking at converting his DeskCNC machine to EMC
[21:16:53] <skunkKandT> pcw_home: how do I set it in epp mode? ;)
[21:17:48] <SWPadnos_> so I'm providing a bunch of Mesa stuff to make it easier (in trade for a Yaskawa drive I probably don't need :) )
[21:18:13] <SWPadnos_> he has G320X's
[21:18:31] <SWPadnos_> not a G540 (though I have one of those, since I never sent it to Jymmm)
[21:19:15] * Jymmm pm's SWPadnos_ his shipping address
[21:19:20] <SWPadnos_> heh
[21:19:33] <SWPadnos_> if I remember, I can bring it in March/April (ESC time)
[21:19:58] <Jymmm> SWPadnos_: Cool, Maybe you can stop by my work (if you like)
[21:20:38] <Jymmm> brb
[21:27:18] -!- GoSebGo has quit [Quit: Bye]
[21:27:32] -!- GoSebGo [GoSebGo!~Seb@184-229-165-133.pools.spcsdns.net] has joined #emc
[21:28:30] -!- FinboySlick has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[21:28:49] -!- factor [factor!~factor@] has joined #emc
[21:32:00] <pcw_home> skunkKandT I think the reason the G540 needs EPP mode is a design botch (not using low current OPTOs on the charge pump)
[21:33:24] <A2Sheds> SWPadnos: did you make it to Kiel, Wi for hot slabs of beef?
[21:38:35] <SWPadnos_> leaving Sunday :)
[21:39:55] <SWPadnos_> Jymmm: let's hope so
[21:41:11] <A2Sheds> I was in Buffalo yesterday at http://ebgreens.com/ rated #4 of the US Top 10, not as good as www.schwarzsupperclub.com IMHO
[21:46:19] <A2Sheds> I can inkjet print using interlaced sinewave scans! Look Ma, no banding!
[21:53:52] -!- El_Matarife [El_Matarife!~El_Matari@adsl-68-88-74-210.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #emc
[22:02:54] <Mjolinor> bit more upmarket than the last place I went for a drink in the US
[22:02:57] <Mjolinor> http://www.saltydogsaloon.net/
[22:05:04] -!- SWPadnos_ has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]]
[22:06:58] -!- FinboySlick [FinboySlick!~shark@squal.net] has joined #emc
[22:26:11] <skunkKandT> pcw_home: :) he never makes mistakes.. ;)
[22:32:22] -!- packrat has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[22:33:47] -!- morfic has quit [Quit: BOOM]
[22:37:25] -!- packrat [packrat!~packrator@c-98-209-146-133.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[22:42:48] -!- morfic [morfic!morfic@] has joined #emc
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[22:51:33] -!- packrat [packrat!~packrator@c-98-209-146-133.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #emc
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[22:58:56] -!- Mjolinor has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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[23:00:19] -!- GoSebGo [GoSebGo!~Seb@184-229-165-133.pools.spcsdns.net] has joined #emc
[23:00:54] <GoSebGo> Bummer, i thought i fixed that
[23:08:34] <jthornton> I think GoSebGo swapped tabs and didn't know it :)
[23:09:19] <GoSebGo> Oops
[23:10:08] -!- awallin has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]
[23:11:02] <syyl_ws> hrm
[23:11:09] <syyl_ws> my spindle encoder only counts backwards
[23:11:19] <syyl_ws> no matter what direction its turned Oo
[23:11:48] <jthornton> missing a phase?
[23:12:53] <syyl_ws> mh, they are both to be changing in the hal viewer
[23:13:59] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #emc
[23:15:02] -!- packrat [packrat!~packrator@c-98-209-146-133.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[23:15:16] <jthornton> you will have to speak to my supervisor, that is above my pay scale
[23:15:25] <syyl_ws> good answer ;)
[23:15:34] <jthornton> lol
[23:16:01] -!- FinboySlick has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[23:18:45] * Jymmm is jthornton supervisors manager, and says GO FOR IT!
[23:18:52] -!- stormlight [stormlight!~jasonandt@c-50-131-96-59.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[23:19:14] <jthornton> I'm the boss here jymmm :P
[23:19:24] <jthornton> and my wife tells me so!
[23:19:24] <Jymmm> jthornton: You're FIRED!
[23:19:49] <jthornton> time to start drinking then
[23:19:56] <Jymmm> jthornton: Is that as she's handing you a cookie and patting you on the butt on the way out the door?
[23:20:16] <jthornton> not really
[23:20:31] -!- Calyp has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
[23:20:31] -!- GoSebGo has quit [Quit: Bye]
[23:20:39] <Jymmm> ...but sorta kinda
[23:20:54] -!- GoSebGo [GoSebGo!~Seb@184-229-165-133.pools.spcsdns.net] has joined #emc
[23:21:09] <Jymmm> s/cookie/poison of choice/
[23:21:20] <jthornton> lol
[23:21:58] -!- Calyp [Calyp!~Caly@unaffiliated/calyptratus-tzm] has joined #emc
[23:22:07] <skunkKandT> if it was missing a phase it would only dither between 2 counts
[23:23:21] <skunkKandT> are you using the hal encoder counter? (software)
[23:23:31] <syyl_ws> the mesa encoder
[23:23:39] <syyl_ws> i'm a bit curios
[23:23:49] <SWPadnos> is it in counter mode?
[23:24:05] <SWPadnos> that plus a disconnected phase would always count in one direction
[23:24:14] <jthornton> ahh the boss is here now
[23:24:18] <syyl_ws> i can watch the index signal in the general i/o viw
[23:24:30] <SWPadnos> time to pick up the food. bbl
[23:24:40] <jthornton> I'll take fish
[23:24:49] <Jymmm> jthornton: Really?
[23:25:00] <jthornton> yea, it's Friday
[23:25:11] <Jymmm> oh, I thought for the holiday
[23:25:13] <syyl_ws> no, not in counter mode
[23:25:39] <jthornton> it's better if your supportive you know
[23:25:41] <syyl_ws> if the a/b signal is shiftet to each other, i would get problems, right?
[23:26:33] <jthornton> yes, you get who's on first, what's on second, and I don't know is on third
[23:27:13] <syyl_ws> *gets out the oscilloscope*
[23:27:22] <skunkKandT> syyl_ws: heh - they would have to be exactly in phase for the mesa hardware not to count it.. IMO
[23:28:09] <syyl_ws> ok, thats unlikely
[23:30:38] -!- bootnecklad has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[23:32:41] <skunkKandT> what mesa hardware?
[23:33:35] -!- awallin [awallin!awallin@lakka.kapsi.fi] has joined #emc
[23:34:52] -!- ee [ee!~ee@178-211-235-133.dhcp.voenergies.net] has joined #emc
[23:35:23] <syyl_ws> only a 5i20
[23:35:50] <syyl_ws> homebrew optocouplercard, rs422 <-> rs422 connection, homebrew encoder
[23:35:57] <syyl_ws> many sources for error ;)
[23:36:12] ee is now known as adb
[23:36:17] <skunkKandT> heh
[23:38:41] <skunkKandT> you can buy 422 transmitters from digikey for cheap - <$10 I thinnk
[23:40:52] -!- Turtl3boi has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[23:41:44] <syyl_ws> ah ok
[23:41:57] <syyl_ws> in count mode, it counts in one direction
[23:42:09] <syyl_ws> in quad mode, it jumps just up/down
[23:42:16] <syyl_ws> my mistake
[23:42:59] -!- bootnecklad [bootnecklad!~bootneckl@vm4.telegraphics.com.au] has joined #emc
[23:43:05] -!- acemi has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
[23:43:14] <syyl_ws> seems like a problem with one phase for real...
[23:46:15] -!- adb has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[23:46:46] -!- antichips [antichips!~antichips@rrcs-97-78-126-56.se.biz.rr.com] has parted #emc
[23:50:14] <skunkKandT> http://search.digikey.com/us/en/products/CUI-102E-10/102-1787-ND/1923401
[23:50:26] <skunkKandT> boy - that took a second to find.
[23:50:59] -!- Eartaker [Eartaker!~Eartaker@unaffiliated/eartaker] has joined #emc
[23:51:04] <skunkKandT> we are using them on single ended encoders and then the mesa differential reciever on the other end.
[23:51:23] <skunkKandT> some of our encoders run >15ft
[23:52:33] <skunkKandT> they are for the cui encoders.. but they work great as a line driver
[23:54:31] <syyl_ws> hm i use a rs422 driver/receiver ic
[23:54:53] <syyl_ws> AM26LS31
[23:55:02] <syyl_ws> that seems to work fine
[23:55:51] <skunkKandT> sure - I am just saying half the work is done for less then 10
[23:56:14] <syyl_ws> i think i would have used that, if i knew it ;)
[23:56:53] <skunkKandT> you didn't ask.. ;)
[23:57:25] <syyl_ws> ;)