#emc | Logs for 2011-11-08

[00:02:51] <JT-Shop> well the launch support vehicle is ready for operation...
[00:03:14] <Tom_itx> do you 'play' for a living?
[00:03:32] <JT-Shop> pretty much except when I'm working
[00:05:05] <JT-Shop> damm batteries are dead so I can't show you
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[00:10:00] <Danimal_garage> hmmm there's a little supermax cnc not far from here for like 1300 with a cnc control
[00:10:13] <Danimal_garage> knee mill, no toolchanger though
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[00:10:28] <Tom_itx> the tool could build that
[00:11:14] <Danimal_garage> eh
[00:11:17] <JT-Shop> Dan what kind of tooling?
[00:11:46] <Danimal_garage> dont really want another knee mill, but i can sell my manual mill for about that and replace it with the cnc
[00:12:07] <Danimal_garage> i dunno, i'd look, but this pc sucks
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[00:12:56] <JT-Shop> if it is Quick Switch or similar that is light years above R8 and you are the tool changer :)
[00:13:14] <Danimal_garage> i think it is
[00:13:29] <Danimal_garage> but for production, i want a toolchanger
[00:13:34] <JT-Shop> I have QS200 tooling on the Anilam BP conversion and I can set up as many tools as I like
[00:13:41] <JT-Shop> but I have to be there to change them
[00:13:44] <Danimal_garage> yea
[00:14:05] <Danimal_garage> i really need a vmc
[00:14:08] <Tom_itx> the old boss5 was like that
[00:14:47] <Danimal_garage> but like i said, this thing is cheap, might be worth it just to replace my manual mill
[00:15:00] * JT-Shop cruses flea bay for a surface grinder
[00:15:06] <PCW> Andy I saw a commit message for the autoconf sserial devices but fresh pull of 2.5 doesn't support them
[00:15:42] <PCW> Danimal did you see the Mighty Comet VMC
[00:15:56] <PCW> maybe a tad large
[00:16:04] <Danimal_garage> no i didnt
[00:16:12] <Danimal_garage> on ebay?
[00:16:23] <PCW> CL sunnyvale, 2000
[00:16:34] <PCW> 5 tons
[00:16:36] <JT-Shop> http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHEVALIER-6X18-M-SURFACE-GRINDER-/330614373048?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cfa26fab8
[00:16:43] <andypugh> PCW it doesn't? It was meant to :-(
[00:16:56] <Danimal_garage> PCW: 5 tons is a bit large
[00:17:27] <PCW> 24X40xsomething
[00:17:28] <andypugh> There was a DynamYte (or similar) for 4k
[00:18:28] <Danimal_garage> my limit is probably 1500 right now
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[00:18:48] <JT-Shop> be tough to get a vmc for that
[00:18:51] <Danimal_garage> i got a local guy with a small vmc, asking 3k for it
[00:19:03] <JT-Shop> beat him up a little
[00:19:11] <Danimal_garage> i can pay him whenever, but i think he wants to keep the controler
[00:19:15] <Danimal_garage> he's a dismantler
[00:19:27] <Danimal_garage> i forgot what it was
[00:19:31] <JT-Shop> he can have my controller too
[00:19:34] <andypugh> I guess you would be converting to EMC2 anyway?
[00:19:49] <Danimal_garage> i know it has fanuc servos, i think those might be a PITA right?
[00:19:54] <JT-Shop> so long as the drives are velocity and encoder feedback your golden
[00:20:03] <Valen> :-< servos are so expensive
[00:20:08] <PCW> Andy it does that "unrecognized card 7I76 thing"
[00:20:14] <JT-Shop> the CHNC has fanuc drives
[00:20:19] <JT-Shop> I think
[00:20:37] <Danimal_garage> did you have to get those converter boards for fanuc encoders?
[00:20:45] <andypugh> Danimal_garage: the bldc component understands Fanuc codes
[00:21:06] <Danimal_garage> fanuc codes?
[00:21:23] <andypugh> The 4-channel Hall-signal type thing
[00:21:25] <JT-Shop> no, just 5i20 and 7i33ta and a couple of 7i37ta's as they are +-10vdc velocity drives
[00:21:26] <Danimal_garage> ah
[00:21:39] <Danimal_garage> gotcha andypugh
[00:21:46] <Danimal_garage> that saves some money i guess
[00:22:45] * JT-Shop listens to the Hoosier HotShots
[00:22:48] <PCW> http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/bfs/2685680550.html is the big one
[00:23:06] <Valen> if only they had free shipping
[00:23:11] <Valen> (to australia)
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[00:24:06] <A2Sheds> Valen: when I checked that link you gave me the prices for used CNC were lower in Australia
[00:24:10] <Danimal_garage> ah way too big
[00:24:36] <Tom_itx> think big
[00:25:01] <Danimal_garage> think small shop
[00:25:01] <A2Sheds> Danimal_garage: I have lots of extra space you can use and I'll be glad to watch it for you
[00:25:02] <andypugh> PCW: Just as a check, what does line 201 of src/hal/drivers/mesa-hostmot2/sserial.c say?
[00:25:07] <Danimal_garage> ha
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[00:26:37] <JT-Shop> http://www.ebay.com/itm/130595138893?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
[00:27:12] <PCW> line 201 is
[00:27:13] <JT-Shop> I should not be on flea bay after a couple of glasses of red... last time I bought a VMC
[00:27:14] <PCW> switch (buff) {
[00:27:32] <Danimal_garage> hahah John
[00:28:08] <A2Sheds> hmm a breathalyzer for the BID button on ebay
[00:28:16] <JT-Shop> http://www.ebay.com/itm/HARIG-6-x-18-Hand-Feed-Surface-Grinder-/130595139646?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e6813b03e
[00:28:24] <JT-Shop> LOL at A2Sheds
[00:29:06] <andypugh> PCW: That doesn't match http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=emc2.git;a=blob;f=src/hal/drivers/mesa-hostmot2/sserial.c;h=3ee73b5cc916714122ee9ce953ed7fdbacecb096;hb=4e3c0e12cbc77f9bec6bba3191217aea9829e377
[00:29:24] <andypugh> I think you might be in Master, which hasn't had the changes merged into it yet.
[00:30:14] <PCW> Oops I bet I am, let me checkout 2.5
[00:30:25] <andypugh> JT-Shop: Hand feed? That sounds tedious.
[00:30:45] <andypugh> Would you automate?
[00:31:13] <JT-Shop> andypugh: I seldom need one for the occasional sizing of a hardened part
[00:31:20] <andypugh> I like the Gramaphone speaker on the Chevalier..
[00:31:32] <JT-Shop> I'm looking for something that takes up little floor space
[00:31:56] <andypugh> Neither of them seem to have coolant.
[00:32:14] <andypugh> (I assume you want the hardened parts to stay hardened?
[00:32:25] <Danimal_garage> you dont need coolanty
[00:32:28] <Danimal_garage> -y
[00:32:30] <JT-Shop> yea, you don't take much of a cut
[00:32:49] <Danimal_garage> you can if you do it right ;)
[00:32:52] <JT-Shop> I've run one for a few years making nail machine tooling
[00:35:07] <JT-Shop> and have the right grit wheel :;
[00:35:15] <JT-Shop> hmm
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[00:35:24] <JT-Shop> :'
[00:35:29] <JT-Shop> :"
[00:35:36] <JT-Shop> :`
[00:35:55] <JT-Shop> :*
[00:35:58] <JT-Shop> hmmm
[00:36:11] <Danimal_garage> i still think anythnig over 1k is too expensive
[00:36:12] <JT-Shop> :,
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[00:36:32] <JT-Shop> yea, it you have a surplus supply
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[00:37:27] <Danimal_garage> they dont have surface grinders lol
[00:37:28] <JT-Shop> well I've tried all the key combinations I can think of to make the winky thingy
[00:38:27] <JT-Shop> I know these three :P :/ :0 :) :( :? well five
[00:38:43] <andypugh> JT-Shop: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Covel-6-tool-and-cutter-universal-grinder-angle-table-swivel-head-110v-surface-/230696351448
[00:39:12] <andypugh> Can be configured as a surface grinder, but will do other jobs. It's also small and cheap
[00:39:27] <JT-Shop> and close to me
[00:39:57] <PCW> OK thanks Andy. works fine (and i see you folded the names into lower case)
[00:40:05] <andypugh> Though, it would be better with accessories, it looks like it should have a chuck, tailstock, internal spindle.
[00:41:07] <JT-Shop> yea a magnet chuck would be nice
[00:41:42] <Danimal_garage> mag chucks cost as much as the grinder
[00:41:51] <JT-Shop> yea
[00:42:31] * JT-Shop goes inside to be chef of the day
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[01:01:48] <elmo40> I want to use parts of a surface grinder on my lathe... turn parts.
[01:03:17] <andypugh> elmo40: Toolpost grinder?
[01:03:47] <elmo40> pins. cam lobes. whatever
[01:03:52] <elmo40> just to have :)
[01:03:56] <andypugh> http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=toolpost+grinder&_sacat=See-All-Categories
[01:05:17] <andypugh> I made one. In fact, I might have made two.
[01:06:17] <elmo40> ill send you my address...
[01:06:40] <elmo40> do they bold where a lathe tool goes?
[01:07:08] <andypugh> Yes, exactly. Either in place of the toolholder, or in place of the compound slide.
[01:07:39] <andypugh> They do put abrasive grit all over your slides...
[01:08:24] <elmo40> I know
[01:09:33] <elmo40> we polish the parts at work with a belt sander
[01:09:43] <elmo40> some parts need a 32 finish!
[01:10:02] <elmo40> difficult to do on a 30" dia x 60" long piece... unless you use the sander
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[01:10:57] <Tom_itx> syyl didn't you make a rotary table?
[01:11:00] <andypugh> And you are unlikely to find a cylindrical grinder with that work envelope
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[01:11:03] <Tom_itx> link please if you did?
[01:11:53] <syyl> http://madmodder.net/index.php?topic=5870.0
[01:11:54] <syyl> :)
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[01:15:27] <Valen> thats rather nice looking
[01:16:08] <Tom_itx> yeah i'm kinda jealous
[01:16:32] <Tom_itx> i think he should leave it sitting outside one day
[01:18:30] <Valen> i just like the machining
[01:18:39] <Tom_itx> yeah
[01:18:41] <andypugh> I have made two, much simple and uglier than that.
[01:20:01] <Valen> only thing i don't like about it is theres no real base to it
[01:20:22] <andypugh> One is a generic rotary table with a stepper motor (though I did completely change the worm shaft bearing and support arrangement) and the other is a pure belt driven ER32 collet chuck from eBay in a block of aluminium (the latter is the one I used for hobbing)
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[01:23:10] <andypugh> Valen: Did you scroll down to post 20?
[01:24:59] <andypugh> Or, actually, 17. Even his foundry pattern is nice (though it is the wrong colour, I think)
[01:25:38] <Valen> it'll do i spose ...
[01:25:39] <Valen> ;-P
[01:28:49] <andypugh> Valen: Where in Aus are you? A friend of mine just sailed out of Geraldton, and will be landing in the Gold Coast just before Christmas.
[01:29:06] <Valen> goldcoast is 1000km north
[01:29:09] * Valen is in sydney
[01:29:21] <Tom_itx> ahh you're near rifraf
[01:29:26] <Valen> ?
[01:29:31] <Tom_itx> you don't know him
[01:29:35] <Valen> going to be stinking hot up there ~xmas
[01:29:39] <Tom_itx> dude that used to be in #robotics
[01:29:40] <andypugh> I think they bypass Sydney (they go via Tauranga in NZ)
[01:30:42] <Tom_itx> err no i guess you're not, he's near gold coast
[01:30:45] <Valen> sydney is going to be further from anywhere in the northern hemisphere
[01:32:20] <andypugh> The next leg of the race is going to be a killer, weather-wise. From a Gold Coast summer, up through the South China Sea to a winter in Qindao.
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[01:42:23] <emcrules_w700> So i bought some heidenhain EXE boxes to convert my scales to TTL level signals. Should I just add them to the feedback loop along with the motor encoders or just use them standalone without the motor encoders?
[01:43:29] <A2Sheds> what servo controller are you using?
[01:44:37] <A2Sheds> why use the motor encoders if you are using the scales for position?
[01:44:51] <emcrules_w700> Teco. thats what i was thinking
[01:45:32] <emcrules_w700> the drives can use the motor encoders and the controler can use the scales
[01:46:28] <Danimal_garage> digital drives, huh
[01:46:34] <emcrules_w700> yep
[01:46:42] <A2Sheds> as long as you can tune it
[01:46:47] <Danimal_garage> yea, mine drive me nuts
[01:46:50] <A2Sheds> see what works better
[01:47:39] <emcrules_w700> Danimal: Why do they drive you nuts?
[01:47:53] <Danimal_garage> emcrules_w700: your drives dont send an encoder output to go to the control?
[01:48:19] <Valen> your best bet is to use both
[01:48:21] <emcrules_w700> Yes thats what i am doing now
[01:48:27] <Danimal_garage> because the encoder output is simulated and isn't perfect. when the drives get even a little warm, it looses position
[01:48:38] <Valen> we are using scales and it doesn't work as well as we'd like
[01:48:47] <Valen> mainly because velocity feedback is crap
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[01:49:16] <Valen> the "best" is to use the motor feedback for velocity and the scale feedback for position
[01:49:37] <emcrules_w700> That would be fun to tune
[01:50:00] <emcrules_w700> I assume that means 6 pid functions.
[01:50:07] <A2Sheds> it's usually not so bad
[01:50:09] <emcrules_w700> for a 3 axis machine
[01:50:29] <Valen> the problem with not doing it that way is any lash in your setup means your motors build up velocity before the scales notice a change
[01:50:43] <Danimal_garage> i got some encoders, when i set up my belt drive, i'm hooking them up to bypass the feedback from the drives to the control
[01:51:28] <emcrules_w700> why not just tap the motor encoders danimal?
[01:51:31] <Valen> I think you can have the usual 1 PID loop, but just use the velocity number from the encoder as the velocity input to it
[01:51:52] <emcrules_w700> Ah
[01:53:10] <emcrules_w700> guess this means i get to put my six axis mesa card to use!!!
[01:53:16] <Valen> yay!
[01:53:30] <Valen> knew there was a reason you got the big one?
[01:53:51] <emcrules_w700> been collecting dust for a while
[01:54:23] <Valen> don't ask me too much *how* you do all that stuff
[01:55:08] <emcrules_w700> I can bash that out when needed. Ill wait for the EXE boxes first!!
[02:00:15] <elmo40> syyl_: that is a tiny 4th axis. but very well designed! would you mind me borrowing that concept and making a larger unit? 8 - 10cm in diameter :)
[02:00:35] <syyl_> if it fits you, go for it :)
[02:00:49] <elmo40> I will use a servo, though.
[02:01:04] <elmo40> and make a tailstock :)
[02:01:34] <syyl_> tailstock is cast
[02:01:39] <syyl_> only need to machine it ;)
[02:01:55] <Valen> http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Magmotor-21231-Servo-Motor-Brushed-Nema-23-720102811-/170721875511?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27bfd11637#ht_4235wt_1165 is cheap
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[02:02:44] <elmo40> because the encoder is busted
[02:02:54] <Valen> $30 for a new encoder
[02:03:13] <elmo40> tiny servo. looks weak
[02:03:43] <Valen> its not going to push a 5000 kg gantry no
[02:03:53] <Valen> but don't understimate magmotors
[02:03:55] <elmo40> then I don't want it :-P
[02:04:32] <elmo40> it would be fine for a 4" 4th axis... don't think it would work on the one I want to make.
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[02:10:58] <Tom_itx> hmm, i have a heds encoder that would fit that
[02:14:44] <pcw_home> looks like it has 1/2 an encoder already
[02:14:55] <Tom_itx> yeah if the wheel isn't bent
[02:15:55] <pcw_home> Yeah was the encoder removed by gravitational ablation?
[02:17:00] <Tom_itx> the wheel has to come off to get the rest off
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[02:54:15] <FinboySlick> Hey, is there a new dependency on lib-boost?
[02:55:43] <pcw_home> Yep
[02:56:04] <FinboySlick> but that's very mean on my little ALIX.
[02:57:14] <pcw_home> libboost-python1.40-dev is needed
[02:57:35] <FinboySlick> This from the last few days, no?
[02:58:15] <pcw_home> Yep
[02:58:53] <FinboySlick> how would I git clone the tree prior to that? I'm not building boost on an alix just to run a latency test.
[03:04:51] <pcw_home> Sorry not a git guru... (maybe git revert?)
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[03:34:32] <FinboySlick> Oh well, tomorrow.
[03:34:36] <FinboySlick> Time for bed.
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[09:28:52] <Loetmichel> moin
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[13:53:43] <JT-Shop> what is the command to test a harddrive in Ubuntu?
[13:56:07] <Valen> define test a hard drive
[13:56:57] <JT-Shop> check for bad sectors
[13:57:01] <Valen> badblocks
[13:57:12] <Valen> read the manual for it first
[13:57:24] <Valen> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badblocks for overview
[13:57:24] <JT-Shop> ok
[13:57:45] <Valen> (the wrong options it will do a destructive write test)
[14:01:13] <archivist> see also smartmontools
[14:03:23] <Valen> that'll tell you if its already found some
[14:03:27] <Valen> sorta kinda
[14:04:45] -!- Valen has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[14:05:18] <Loetmichel> re vom Zahnklemptner... das wird TEUER.... (doppelkrone über den abgebrochenen und den benachbarten zum stabilisieren, 500 eur eigenanteil... *autsch*)
[14:05:37] <Loetmichel> sorry
[14:06:55] -!- skunkworks [skunkworks!~skunkwork@68-115-41-210.static.eucl.wi.charter.com] has joined #emc
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[14:27:56] <JT-Shop> there is a build in disk check that pops up every 30 boots or something, can that be run from a command prompt?
[14:28:33] <JT-Shop> this is the symptom "Everything seemed perfect then all of sudden the system locked up. After that it hasn’t been the same. We immediately notice that the tool offsets were missing when we turned it back on. Since then it’s been doing all sorts of crazy things and just won’t run no matter what we do. The start buttons (machine and emc interface) don’t work. Just when I think they...
[14:28:34] <JT-Shop> ...worked...
[14:28:37] <JT-Shop> ...it keeps give me errors that don’t make sense. For example it tells me the linear move on certain line have exceed joint 2 limit when I know it hasn’t. Also EMC just closes without warning. "
[14:29:04] <cradek> run memtest
[14:29:10] <cradek> check dmesg
[14:29:18] <JT-Shop> ok
[14:30:13] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #emc
[14:30:15] <JT-Shop> I told him to boot from the livedc and when the two icons show up press a key and run memtest, is that the same one your referring to?
[14:30:54] <JT-Shop> oh, a brand new Foxcon d525 computer with new memory and hard drive
[14:32:03] -!- roberth_ [roberth_!~robert@5ace70f8.bb.sky.com] has joined #emc
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[14:35:43] <JT-Shop> I found this googling sudo touch /forcefsck
[14:36:12] <JT-Shop> and he is real confidant "should force a check on reboot"
[14:37:22] <skunkworks> also - check to see if there is any smart errors in the disk manager...
[14:38:09] <skunkworks> I had a HD on the k&t go bad (it was a used one to begin with) and it did all kinds of funky stuff. (var file disapeared... stuff like that)
[14:38:28] <JT-Shop> "smart errors"?
[14:38:38] <skunkworks> s.m.a.r.t
[14:39:23] <skunkworks> if you go into disk manager -> click on the drive -> then click on view smart info.. (paraphrasing.)
[14:39:48] <skunkworks> it is info directly on the drive. (redirected sectors and such)
[14:40:08] <JT-Shop> ok brb
[14:42:49] -!- servos4ever has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [SeaMonkey 2.0.11/20101206162726]]
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[14:54:18] <Nick001> cradek-on your hardinge-were you able to get rid of the axis tachs when you used the GE servo amps with the mesa card?
[14:56:58] <cradek> no, velocity amps don't work without velocity feedback
[14:57:07] <cradek> tachs are the easy way
[14:57:36] <cradek> failing that, you could generate the velocity signal and feed it out extra dacs. I've done this on another machine but it's not for the meek.
[14:57:58] -!- stormlight [stormlight!~jasonandt@c-50-131-96-59.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[15:00:05] -!- stormlight [stormlight!~jasonandt@c-50-131-96-59.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has parted #emc
[15:02:24] <Nick001> the tachs are the biggest problem for me-they wick in oil mist thru the front bearing and foul the brushes so I'm always disassenblim and cleaning them.
[15:05:11] <cradek> bizarre, they're sealed pretty neatly and kept away from oil on mine. is yours set up different?
[15:07:55] -!- stormlight [stormlight!~jasonandt@c-50-131-96-59.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[15:08:24] <Nick001> don't know but they've been doing this for years now. The one machine I.m converting using Pico controller and amps seem to be working out well excpt I have to try the plc to control the turret.
[15:10:15] <JT-Shop> do you need my plc program for my CHNC turret as a sample?
[15:11:22] <Nick001> Got it from your webpage- trying to decypher it to use with Pico
[15:11:56] <JT-Shop> should just need to change the I/O names
[15:12:53] <JT-Shop> hmm, it is using a feature in 2.5...
[15:14:16] <Nick001> Which ladder in clp is for the turret - I'm no genuis with this stuff - Just know enough to be dangerous to myself
[15:14:34] <skunkworks> I also have used virtual tach signals from the mesa dacs. works great.
[15:14:57] <Nick001> I should be able toupdate to 2.5
[15:15:20] -!- mrsun has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
[15:16:17] -!- JT-Hardinge [JT-Hardinge!~chatzilla@216-41-156-49.semo.net] has joined #emc
[15:16:35] <Nick001> skunkworks trying to get things to work with the pico stuff - don't want to toss them too
[15:16:45] <JT-Hardinge> Nick001: are you at your lathe now?
[15:17:13] <Nick001> no I'm home -
[15:17:38] <JT-Hardinge> all but the last three rungs are the turret ladder
[15:18:00] <JT-Hardinge> last one is the oiler and the other two are for feed override
[15:19:01] <JT-Hardinge> if you open up the Symbols window you can see the hal pin names and find them in the .hal file to connect the dots so to speal
[15:19:05] <JT-Hardinge> speak
[15:19:26] -!- JT-Hardinge has quit [Client Quit]
[15:20:36] <Nick001> slow typer - opend the file and under the first ladder is _/FILE-rung_11.csv
[15:20:37] <Nick001> _FILE-sections.csv
[15:20:55] <skunkworks> JT-Shop: was it your emc that was acting goofy?
[15:23:12] <JT-Shop> no Sam a friend on the left coast
[15:23:20] <Nick001> guess i'm lost - have to go to the symbols window and see what I've got. Will this work under 2.3.5?
[15:24:48] <JT-Shop> I think you will get one error about a pin missing or something like that... let me look
[15:25:10] <JT-Shop> you should be running 2.4.7 :)
[15:26:37] <JT-Shop> it was something to do with a failed tool change and don't recall if a pin was involved or not
[15:27:44] -!- mrsun [mrsun!~mrsun@c-c03de253.4551536--62697410.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #emc
[15:28:33] <Nick001> Guess I'd better update - last time I did that I had to start over again - wallace's turret script wouldn't work one the new emc and he had to modify it.
[15:30:14] <skunkworks> ah - the iocontrol 2.0?
[15:30:16] <JT-Shop> there is one or two things to do when updating from 2.3 to 2.4
[15:31:57] <Nick001> uh-oh
[15:32:14] <JT-Shop> do you know where they are on the wiki?
[15:33:09] <JT-Shop> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?UpdatingTo2.4
[15:33:20] <JT-Shop> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?UPDATING
[15:33:51] <JT-Shop> bbl
[15:35:46] <Nick001> i'll check it out after I go to the shop - thanks
[15:39:20] -!- syyl_ [syyl_!~sg@p4FD13309.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #emc
[15:41:45] <awallin> heh here's a story on the chinese CO2 that was broken a while back http://www.ruuvipenkki.fi/2011/11/06/kiinalainen-laserleikkuri (in finnish...) the guy got a replacement tube from the seller
[15:41:58] <awallin> 550euros for that cutter. doesn't sound too bad if it works.
[15:42:37] <Jymmm> Yu can get them for $550 USD
[15:42:51] <Jymmm> also, you should replace the controller in them.
[15:43:22] <Jymmm> Hmmm, that one has USB, maybe not.
[15:44:14] <Jymmm> VERY small actual work area though.
[15:46:35] <Jymmm> awallin: how many watts does it say?
[15:46:38] <awallin> it says 260x220mm on the ebay page..
[15:46:40] <awallin> 40W
[15:47:06] -!- grommit [grommit!~chatzilla@adsl-99-69-199-77.dsl.sfldmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #emc
[15:47:45] <grommit> anyone know where docs are to install gladevcp in 2.4.6?
[15:48:01] <grommit> 2.4.7 actually...
[15:48:17] <Jymmm> awallin: sounds like it's grinding when it moves =)
[15:51:09] <grommit> I sound the 2.5 documents but it doesn't mention how to install it (since it is already in 2.5)...
[15:51:14] <grommit> sound==found
[15:52:14] <psha> grommit: gladevcp is added in 2.5
[15:52:22] <psha> it's not that simple to install it into 2.4
[15:52:41] <grommit> even in the 2.4.7 train?
[15:55:21] <grommit> How stable is 2.5? Is it possible to have both 2.5 and 2.4.7 on the same system?
[15:57:45] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S0106001c10b7770f.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #emc
[15:59:52] <psha> yes
[15:59:53] -!- frysteev has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[15:59:56] <psha> 2.5 in rip
[16:00:03] <psha> i guess 2.5 is stable
[16:00:04] <grommit> in rip?
[16:00:09] <psha> run in place
[16:00:16] <grommit> ah
[16:00:24] <psha> only known blocker is in docs
[16:00:34] <psha> and thus not affecting functionality or stability
[16:00:57] <grommit> sorry for the dumb question, but how do I go about getting 2.5 (in rip?)?>
[16:01:45] <cradek> there are instructions on the wiki
[16:01:54] <grommit> if I put emc into synaptic I only see 2.4.x
[16:02:00] <grommit> ok will look in wiki
[16:02:04] <grommit> thx
[16:03:13] <psha> for rip you have to checkout source and build it localy
[16:03:29] <grommit> oh. i might attempt that
[16:04:28] <grommit> is rip the same as master-sim vs master-rt (that I see on buildbot)?
[16:07:32] <psha> no
[16:07:47] <psha> rip is mode when you run custom build in same dir where you've compiled it
[16:07:53] <psha> just not installing
[16:08:02] <psha> master-sim/master-rt are build configurations
[16:08:12] <grommit> gotcha, thanks.
[16:08:58] <grommit> can I have a master-rt and rip without screwing up the kernel/install for 2.4.7?
[16:09:39] <psha> sure, that's why it's called run in place
[16:09:53] <psha> you can have as much different builds as you want
[16:10:12] <grommit> figured but just being safe. the guy i am working with would not be happy if I trashed the machine right now :-)
[16:10:38] <psha> if you found 2.5 stable for you - install it from buildbot
[16:11:08] <grommit> oh, so i can use buildbot to install to compile?
[16:11:14] <grommit> can==can't
[16:11:40] <psha> buildbot provides packages, not source
[16:11:46] <grommit> ok
[16:18:57] -!- e-ndy has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
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[16:43:18] <JT-Shop> grommit: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2
[16:44:52] bootnecklad__ is now known as bootnecklad`
[16:56:49] -!- Nick001-Shop [Nick001-Shop!~chatzilla@clsm-74-212-32-75-pppoe.dsl.clsm.epix.net] has joined #emc
[16:57:45] <grommit> thanks, yes, I have it built. Now rebooting to try it out...
[16:57:56] -!- grommit has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.23/20110921065534]]
[17:00:41] -!- vladimirek [vladimirek!~vladimire@adsl-dyn-132.95-102-159.t-com.sk] has joined #emc
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[17:17:14] <skunkworks> JT-Shop: like this http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=183164
[17:20:47] <JT-Shop> I looked at my 525 and it had all green lights :)
[17:21:05] <skunkworks> Great :)
[17:21:22] <skunkworks> Have you heard back?
[17:21:24] <JT-Shop> dunno about my friend, I've not heard back from him
[17:21:32] <skunkworks> heh
[17:22:25] <JT-Shop> wow, powered on 26.8 days
[17:22:30] <skunkworks> heh
[17:24:54] <skunkworks> iirc - I actaully had 2 hd (old) go bad in the K&t. This last one (new) has not had any problems.
[17:25:30] <skunkworks> The thing would pause for ages too.. I know once the mesa watchdog bit.
[17:25:39] -!- grommit [grommit!~chatzilla@adsl-99-69-199-77.dsl.sfldmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #emc
[17:25:42] <JT-Shop> wow
[17:30:24] <JT-Shop> now I've gone and done it... I've done broke the 2500 post barrier
[17:43:09] <grommit> 2.5.0-pre2 seems to be running fine...
[17:45:40] -!- rizo [rizo!~klemen@BSN-77-78-202.static.dsl.siol.net] has joined #emc
[17:48:26] <grommit> I get this error when I try to run the gladevcp demo, but it does come up: http://pastebin.com/E3991gfm
[17:48:47] -!- odiug [odiug!~guido@pD9F70E2B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #emc
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[18:28:41] -!- isssy [isssy!~isssy@78-83-51-185.spectrumnet.bg] has joined #emc
[18:28:52] -!- IchGucksLive [IchGucksLive!~chatzilla@95-89-244-199-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #emc
[18:28:57] <IchGucksLive> Hi all
[18:34:56] -!- isssy has quit [Quit: Visitor from www.linuxcnc.org]
[18:36:26] <IchGucksLive> today i shot a china driver tb6560 it simply blow up on 5 1,5 A steppers
[18:37:25] <JT-Shop> I think that is China's master plan
[18:37:33] <IchGucksLive> B)
[18:37:45] <JT-Shop> sell us enough junk that won't work till we run out of money then take over the world
[18:37:47] -!- Poincare has quit [Quit: changing servers]
[18:37:54] <IchGucksLive> the 3 axis work for me at the education router never had trouble
[18:38:14] -!- Poincare [Poincare!~jefffnode@2001:470:cb24:4::2] has joined #emc
[18:38:35] <IchGucksLive> does geckodrive also send to Germany ?
[18:39:01] <JT-Shop> I imagine they have presence over there
[18:39:07] <A2Sheds> it's the "just good enough at a price you'll pay" business philosophy
[18:39:20] -!- bootnecklad__ [bootnecklad__!~bootneckl@host-89-240-125-54.as13285.net] has joined #emc
[18:39:27] <IchGucksLive> A2Sheds: agree
[18:39:34] <IchGucksLive> i gave it a try
[18:41:53] -!- bootnecklad_ has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[18:42:25] <IchGucksLive> JT-Shop: do you got a link for the european side
[18:43:01] <IchGucksLive> And someone got expierence with the gecko system ?
[18:43:32] <IchGucksLive> i got 1,5A Steppers at 2,4 ohm running at 24V
[18:44:15] <IchGucksLive> do i need a optocopler seperate bord
[18:44:22] -!- acemi [acemi!~acemi@unaffiliated/acemi] has joined #emc
[18:45:19] -!- factor has quit [*.net *.split]
[18:45:55] bootnecklad__ is now known as bootnecklad`
[18:46:17] -!- factor [factor!~factor@] has joined #emc
[18:48:55] <JT-Shop> sorry, I don't have a link
[18:49:03] <IchGucksLive> NP
[18:49:22] <IchGucksLive> i can not find a european deler
[18:49:34] <JT-Shop> you looking at the G540?
[18:50:10] <IchGucksLive> the cheepest that works for this stepper cause i need 5 of them
[18:50:30] <cncbasher> IchGucksLive> why Gecko ?
[18:50:52] <IchGucksLive> cncbasher: make another destributor
[18:51:03] <IchGucksLive> where shoudt i go ?
[18:51:04] <cncbasher> i use ZappAutomation.co.uk or MotionControlproducts.co.uk
[18:51:12] -!- crib- [crib-!~chris@port-92-202-9-112.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #emc
[18:51:18] <Spida> *g*
[18:51:43] <IchGucksLive> cncbasher: is this the same or diverent stors ?
[18:51:56] <cncbasher> mostly use the MSD752 style of stepper controllers , not had a bad one yet
[18:57:01] <IchGucksLive> cncbasher: Thanks i got to find out what is the price here in Germany with all the vat and coustom ans delivery
[19:07:38] -!- isssy [isssy!~isssy@78-83-51-185.spectrumnet.bg] has joined #emc
[19:07:40] <A2Sheds> http://reprap.org/wiki/4_Axis_TB6560_CNC_Stepper_Motor_Driver_Board_Controller do any of these actually work?
[19:07:58] <A2Sheds> heh "NOTE: During tests I managed to kill 3 different TB6560 drivers (one by just hooking scope to the output)"
[19:08:57] -!- JT-Shop_ [JT-Shop_!~chatzilla@216-41-156-49.semo.net] has joined #emc
[19:10:49] -!- JT-Shop has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[19:10:54] JT-Shop_ is now known as JT-Shop
[19:10:56] <archivist> does someone need lessons in static electricity
[19:11:12] <archivist> and grounding
[19:13:16] <cncbasher> those stepper drives should carry a govmt health warning
[19:15:29] <IchGucksLive> A2Sheds: i got 16 working since maybe 2years 5 houres a day
[19:23:01] <A2Sheds> it's a pretty simple board, maybe they do die mostly to improper handling
[19:25:42] <IchGucksLive> A2Sheds: thats what it is the dip swiches are not clear in the given text also the pinlayout of the parport is not good
[19:26:15] <IchGucksLive> and if emc is not running and you give power to the divise you got may power on the steppers
[19:27:02] <A2Sheds> it doesn't help if the documentation is poor
[19:27:18] <IchGucksLive> agree
[19:28:43] <Jymmm> http://codepad.org/5ONuhRPh
[19:30:59] <IchGucksLive> A2Sheds: http://www.pictureupload.de/originals/pictures/081111203029_tb6560_a.jpg picture of the pinconnector
[19:33:25] <IchGucksLive> by for today going tv!
[19:33:29] -!- IchGucksLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.23/20110921065534]]
[19:34:03] -!- issy [issy!~isssy@78-83-51-185.spectrumnet.bg] has joined #emc
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[19:45:51] -!- Goslowjimbo [Goslowjimbo!~jsr@in-184-1-118-203.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #emc
[19:51:18] -!- Quack [Quack!~chatzilla@c-50-131-153-208.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #emc
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[20:11:22] -!- andypugh [andypugh!~andy2@cpc2-basl1-0-0-cust492.basl.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #emc
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[20:24:20] <Danimal_garage> Jymmm: did you see the details i posted on that laser yesterday?
[20:27:04] -!- JT-Shop_ [JT-Shop_!~chatzilla@216-41-156-49.semo.net] has joined #emc
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[20:27:46] JT-Shop_ is now known as JT-Shop
[20:29:58] <Danimal_garage> anyone ever convert a roku roku mill?
[20:30:51] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #emc
[20:31:08] <andypugh> "Singing we will we will roku, oku"?
[20:31:22] -!- bootnecklad has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.2.6]
[20:32:48] -!- bootnecklad [bootnecklad!~bootneckl@vm4.telegraphics.com.au] has joined #emc
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[20:33:06] <bootnecklad> IMMMMMMMM BACK
[20:34:16] -!- bootnecklad has quit [Client Quit]
[20:34:23] -!- bootnecklad [bootnecklad!~bootneckl@vm4.telegraphics.com.au] has joined #emc
[20:45:15] -!- bootnecklad_ [bootnecklad_!~bootneckl@host-89-240-125-54.as13285.net] has joined #emc
[20:47:03] <Danimal_garage> hmmm i may be getting a vmc
[20:48:34] <andypugh> nice one?
[20:48:52] <bootnecklad> .b 4
[20:49:03] crib- is now known as crib
[20:56:00] -!- issy has quit [Quit: Visitor from www.linuxcnc.org]
[20:59:02] <Danimal_garage> i dont know yet
[20:59:04] <Danimal_garage> we'll see
[20:59:20] <Danimal_garage> it's a roku roku
[20:59:25] <Danimal_garage> smaller one
[21:00:02] <Danimal_garage> a local dismantler has it, i'll let him have the controler and all that shite
[21:00:08] <Danimal_garage> emc2 it
[21:00:49] <Danimal_garage> going to look at it now
[21:01:19] <Danimal_garage> he wants like 3k for it, but i think i can trade some labor for it
[21:01:30] <Danimal_garage> it's a little steep
[21:02:09] <Danimal_garage> he keeps saying the drives would be a pain to use
[21:02:12] <Danimal_garage> they're fanuc
[21:03:00] <Danimal_garage> he said they have all kinds of feedback from the control which would make it hard to integrate
[21:03:25] <Danimal_garage> does that make sense?
[21:04:38] -!- factor has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:05:54] -!- ries has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[21:06:59] <skunkworks> depends. they have made a few different drives
[21:12:04] <andypugh> Danimal_garage: Worst case you can plug the motors into any other drive. (Including Pico or Mesa)
[21:14:11] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[21:16:14] -!- vladimirek [vladimirek!~vladimire@adsl-dyn-132.95-102-159.t-com.sk] has joined #emc
[21:16:32] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[21:24:23] <PCW> Andy, running the 7I76+7I71 for a day now at 5KHz update rate. everything looks OK (no logged errors)
[21:24:25] <PCW> I cant go a lot faster because my test system has around 75 usec latency
[21:24:27] <PCW> my over-the weekend test failed because we had a power failure :-(
[21:24:28] <PCW> Note the 7I76 manual is still wrong on the spindle ENA and DIR pinouts (fixed in V1.4)
[21:24:57] <andypugh> Do you want a 7i49 patch to test?
[21:25:10] <PCW> Sure
[21:25:22] <andypugh> Probably an hour or so away.
[21:25:49] <andypugh> I found why it wasn't writing the excitation frequency, there was no call to the function...
[21:26:43] <PCW> Well that necessary but not sufficient
[21:26:49] <PCW> thats
[21:27:16] <andypugh> Indeed. The function was in the resolver.c file, bur never being called by the main driver.
[21:27:38] -!- mrsun has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:29:48] <PCW> I still should do some work on the resolver firmware but every time I look at the ASSY language it looks foreign to me (even though I wrote it a year or so ago)
[21:31:45] <andypugh> Aha! Caught out by the C "switch" statement _again_
[21:31:59] <PCW> It works fine but could have some niceties added (signal level normalization, auto phase compensation for best S-N ration)
[21:32:50] <PCW> C switch statements are butt ugly
[21:33:16] <andypugh> The interesting thing is how they fall through...
[21:34:22] -!- mrsun [mrsun!~mrsun@c-c03de253.4551536--62697410.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #emc
[21:38:24] -!- Goslowjimbo has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:41:38] <JT-Shop> andypugh: what did you mean? "Is this thing on? www.linuxcnc.org/component/option,com_ku.../lang,english/#14678"
[21:42:09] <andypugh> It just seemed that the .axisrc suggestion was being totally ignored.
[21:42:34] <JT-Shop> I missed it completely, sorry
[21:43:25] <JT-Shop> you would still need to know what to put to change the key mapping
[21:43:32] <MDesade> hello hello
[21:44:23] <MDesade> solution to my problem is en route. ordered a ASUS Atom AT5NM10-i
[21:44:25] <JT-Shop> so by this "If it exists, the contents of ~/.axisrc are executed as Python source code just before the AXIS gui is displayed." if you put something in axisrc it overrides the keybinding in axis.py?
[21:45:00] <andypugh> I think so. You can probably unbind then rebind, if Python makes any sense to you.
[21:45:43] <JT-Shop> a little I wrote (stumbled through) writing the simple g code generators in python
[21:45:46] <Tom_itx> doesn't 'switch' and if elseif translate into the same code anyway?
[21:45:47] <andypugh> So, it is probably a case of finding the key bindings in Axis, then copying that section to .axisrc.
[21:46:20] <JT-Shop> I scanned axis.py and it didn't jump out at me
[21:46:30] <andypugh> Tom_itx: Probably, but switch is a lot clearer when there are lots of options.
[21:46:54] <andypugh> I always do state machines as a switch (and I do a lot of state machines)
[21:49:06] <andypugh> Yes, that does mean I should have learned how to use them by now...
[21:49:21] <JT-Shop> someone has done keymapping switching before, but I forget where I read it :/
[21:50:02] -!- rizo has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:50:59] <Tom_itx> i'd like to see an elegant menu system for C's
[21:51:04] <Tom_itx> i hate menus
[21:51:52] <Tom_itx> making em
[21:52:03] <andypugh> JT-Shop: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.emc.user/12642/match=axisrc
[21:52:30] <JT-Shop> andypugh: neat!
[21:52:59] <andypugh> That does seem to be the exact answer required
[21:53:02] <skunkworks> JT-Shop: did you hear back from the guy on the left coast?
[21:53:28] <JT-Shop> no, and I was upside down he is on the right coast
[21:53:35] <JT-Shop> strange really
[21:53:35] <skunkworks> heh
[21:53:43] <skunkworks> the other left?
[21:54:11] <JT-Shop> yea, no that is the wrong foot, yes that is the right foot
[21:56:54] -!- FinboySlick has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[21:59:06] -!- acemi has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
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[22:08:49] -!- Quack [Quack!~chatzilla@c-50-131-153-208.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[22:12:05] -!- WalterN [WalterN!~walter@host-174-45-106-117.bzm-mt.client.bresnan.net] has joined #emc
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[22:23:25] -!- emcrules_w700 [emcrules_w700!~emcrules_@CPE0022b0b54c58-CM001bd71cb794.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #emc
[22:30:43] -!- factor [factor!~factor@] has joined #emc
[22:33:58] -!- skunkworks has quit []
[22:39:36] -!- Guest589 [Guest589!~Guest589@host63-53-static.5-79-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #emc
[22:39:56] <Guest589> hi all
[22:40:17] <andypugh> Hi
[22:40:35] <Guest589> i need help about the capabilty to use emc for a plotting machine
[22:41:19] <andypugh> What is your input file format?
[22:41:37] <Guest589> free to chose
[22:41:43] <Guest589> the problem is that
[22:41:47] <Guest589> instead of a tool
[22:41:56] <Guest589> i have a inkjet head printer
[22:42:04] <Guest589> when i was drawing line
[22:42:11] <andypugh> Hmm, interesting
[22:42:15] <Guest589> i 'm always in a mode
[22:42:29] <Guest589> where i print a simple dot
[22:42:53] <Guest589> and emc control draw the interpolated line
[22:43:00] <Guest589> but some times
[22:43:09] <Guest589> i need to print a text
[22:43:19] <Guest589> so i need to change the mode
[22:43:24] <Guest589> of the printer
[22:43:38] <Guest589> i have to load a string trough a serial port
[22:43:56] <Guest589> and than i need to go striaght
[22:43:59] <andypugh> Is there a HPGL driver for the plotter?
[22:44:06] <Guest589> no
[22:44:09] <Guest589> the printer
[22:44:30] <Guest589> is operated trough a serial port with at commands
[22:44:37] <andypugh> I think that EMC2 is a bad choice to be a printer driver/
[22:44:55] <Guest589> my be
[22:45:04] <andypugh> serial port commands sounds like HPGL to me
[22:45:43] <Guest589> but my printer is a trolley tha travel over a concrete 100 mt long
[22:45:48] <Guest589> :)
[22:46:46] <Guest589> what i can't understand is
[22:47:30] <Guest589> how i can tell trough emc to change the printer to text mode
[22:47:49] <Guest589> suppose that i 'm able to write an hal component
[22:48:00] <Guest589> whit some pin
[22:48:22] <Guest589> one pin is "free painting"
[22:48:33] <Guest589> and the other pin is "text mode"
[22:48:42] -!- odiug has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[22:48:42] <A2Sheds> I'm using EMC to control the gantry on an inkjet printer, the inkjet head data is controlled outside of EMC
[22:48:56] <andypugh> I just don't think that EMC2 is the right tool for this job.
[22:49:08] <Guest589> perfect is the same that i wan to do
[22:49:10] <A2Sheds> so EMC just controls the movement of the heads of of the stage
[22:49:16] <Guest589> exactly
[22:49:23] <andypugh> The AT command syntax, doesn't that have PU and PD and GOTO commands?
[22:49:42] <A2Sheds> the printhead can't be controlled by EMC
[22:50:05] <Guest589> yes for sure
[22:50:21] <Guest589> but whati i want to try to understand with your help is:
[22:50:26] <A2Sheds> the printhead work more like a raster device
[22:50:37] <Guest589> from the EMC point of view
[22:50:40] <Guest589> a text
[22:50:46] <andypugh> I have a Roland Plotter that I used for CAM (paper-layer). I controlled that with HPGL (well, RDGL) and that was simple.
[22:51:01] <Guest589> is a simple stright line
[22:51:33] <Guest589> i need to communicate to an external process or control
[22:51:48] <Guest589> when i start to drive a particular line
[22:52:09] <A2Sheds> is your printhead just a pen (a single nozzle) ?
[22:52:09] <PCW> I'm pretty sure you could control an inkjet printhead from EMC (HAL Streamer feeding a FIFO FIFO output clocked by encoder)
[22:52:12] <Guest589> that is the starting signal for begin the printing
[22:53:00] <Guest589> my printhead is 16X16 dot
[22:53:19] <Guest589> when i'm drawing shape
[22:53:38] <Guest589> i continously print a Asterisk char '*'
[22:55:50] <Guest589> suppose that i need to rise up a pin when i start a new straight line
[22:56:01] <Guest589> where i need to print
[22:56:07] <Guest589> how i can do that
[22:56:07] <A2Sheds> so you're using text/characters to print crude larger images
[22:56:27] <Guest589> simple shape like stright line and circle
[22:57:03] <Guest589> adn whe occoursa date and time
[22:57:09] <Guest589> when occours
[22:57:35] <Guest589> my idea was
[22:57:43] <Guest589> into the G-code proram
[22:58:15] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[22:58:30] <Guest589> insert a pause command before the starting point of a new text line
[22:59:11] <Guest589> rise up an output for the external plc
[22:59:56] <Guest589> or communicate some kind of code
[23:00:05] <Guest589> then the plc set the printer
[23:00:22] <Guest589> and then the resume the program
[23:00:24] <A2Sheds> what you're doing is the same as a laser cutter, move x-y and laser on/off, only you need a print character trigger
[23:00:36] <Guest589> exacty
[23:00:40] <Guest589> exactly
[23:01:10] <A2Sheds> there are some laser cutter examples in the forums
[23:02:34] <A2Sheds> also see http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode_main.html#sec:M62-to-M65
[23:03:09] <A2Sheds> I'm not sure how short M62 and M63 can be
[23:04:46] <andypugh> PCW's idea of clocking out bytes from a comp had some merit.
[23:05:51] <A2Sheds> andypugh: what were your thoughts on why EMC would not be the right tool for this?
[23:06:11] <A2Sheds> maybe I'm missing something
[23:06:23] -!- MOGLI [MOGLI!~MOGLI@] has joined #emc
[23:06:56] <andypugh> It's the coordination of movement with the 16 bits of data at the printhead.
[23:07:01] <PCW> Not sure how fast streamer is but it might also be a solution for laser raster operations (up to a few Mbit/sec or so)
[23:07:21] <andypugh> I don't see data streams and G-code fitting well together
[23:07:42] <Guest589> yes for sure M62 and M63 can be used
[23:07:52] <Guest589> for start and stop printing
[23:08:12] <Guest589> looking butter there is another great solution
[23:08:29] <andypugh> A printer driver
[23:08:56] <Guest589> no
[23:09:06] <andypugh> There might even be an open-source inkjet driver out there.
[23:09:14] <andypugh> With built-in RIP
[23:09:38] <Guest589> i can use M100 to M199 to setup the ink head
[23:09:54] <Guest589> and start printing with M62 and M63
[23:10:04] <Guest589> it can work
[23:10:06] <andypugh> But _what_ does it print?
[23:10:14] <Guest589> simple
[23:10:24] <andypugh> How do you synch the ink nozzles to movement?
[23:10:24] <Guest589> i can parse the cad drawing
[23:10:30] <A2Sheds> a 16 x16 bimap
[23:10:31] <PCW> For laser like stuff you could even do a bidirectional "painting" type of output modulator based on encoder count and a line buffer
[23:10:45] <Guest589> the print head
[23:10:49] <A2Sheds> sync with encoder
[23:10:49] <PCW> Andy encoder count
[23:10:52] <Guest589> has an encoder input
[23:11:20] <Guest589> or you can set internally the printing translation's speed
[23:11:39] <A2Sheds> my printers are just more complicated, i use several heads and have thousands of nozzles
[23:12:16] <andypugh> Well, have fun. It sounds like you are reinventing the wheel, but starting with a spade.
[23:13:29] <Guest589> thank you for your suggestion
[23:14:36] -!- JT-Shop [JT-Shop!~chatzilla@216-41-156-49.semo.net] has joined #emc
[23:14:49] <A2Sheds> all the heads needs is data for what it will fire, and an encoder pulse telling it when
[23:15:43] <A2Sheds> getting the data into the head is different for just about every printhead, his 16 x 16 is probably pretty simple
[23:16:31] <PCW> Yea a FIFO and an encoder (may with arm-count/antireverse/rate_multiplyer etc)
[23:16:46] <PCW> maybe
[23:17:28] <JT-Shop> 5i20 status led's should off for good?
[23:17:52] <PCW> yes when firmware is loaded
[23:18:09] <JT-Shop> ok, thanks Peter
[23:18:50] <PCW> andy apply resolver patch to master?
[23:19:05] <andypugh> 2.5
[23:19:08] <A2Sheds> Guest589: I don't believe M100 to M199 are real time and synchronized to movement
[23:19:33] <andypugh> M67 is float, but could be converted into 16 bits.
[23:19:42] <andypugh> That is synchronised to movement
[23:23:08] -!- jsr [jsr!~jsr@103.sub-75-205-106.myvzw.com] has joined #emc
[23:23:21] <A2Sheds> Guest589: how does your printhead get its data? 1 bit serial using some simple protocol or 16 bit parallel with strobe for each line or??
[23:30:03] <PCW> Well I never seem to have luck with patches (patch fails at hostmot2.c:84)
[23:30:05] <PCW> fresh pull of 2.5
[23:31:33] <andypugh> Let me try
[23:31:39] -!- Valen [Valen!~Valen@ppp121-44-245-188.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #emc
[23:33:11] <andypugh> PCW: It might work if you are in the src directory.
[23:35:07] <PCW> That's where I did git am patch from
[23:35:40] <andypugh> I just sent a new one, which I created in emc2-dev
[23:36:47] -!- Quack has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[23:37:19] <JT-Shop> I usually just put the patch in the top most directory
[23:37:23] <PCW> same md5 checksum
[23:37:29] <JT-Shop> the few times I've patched
[23:37:51] -!- Quack [Quack!~chatzilla@c-50-131-153-208.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[23:38:08] <PCW> Yeah so the patch files are identical
[23:45:18] <andypugh> They shouldn't be identical, I made docs changes...
[23:49:09] <JT-Shop> PCW did you say the V1.4 7i76 manual still has an error?
[23:49:45] <JT-Shop> never mind I found it
[23:51:07] -!- Guest589 has quit [Quit: Visitor from www.linuxcnc.org]
[23:53:13] <A2Sheds> PCW: any chance of an FPGA anything IO board with a few megs of DDR?
[23:54:39] <JT-Shop> from the guy with the weird computer problems "So I ran all these tests and everything looks fine. I’m not sure what’s up. "
[23:54:52] <A2Sheds> or a SATA interface?
[23:56:07] <PCW> md5s are the same
[23:57:02] <PCW> A2Sheds possibly starting a bunch of new FPGA stuff now
[23:57:48] <PCW> Spartan6 has a built in 16 bit wide DDR RAM controller
[23:58:23] * JT-Shop swims to the house to start some chow cooking