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[00:35:53] <danimal_garage> damn, it's raining pretty good out there
[00:40:55] <Emcrules_Laptop> pcw, how far away can a daughter board be away from the board it connects to?
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[00:42:13] <PCW> depends...
[00:42:18] <danimal_garage> i run about 3 feet of ribbon with no issues
[00:42:45] <PCW> 3-5 feet is ok for most, 10 ft is ok for 7I37
[00:43:35] <PCW> 100ft is ok for 8I20,7I64 (7I66,7I69,7I70,7I71,7I73)
[00:44:10] <Emcrules_Laptop> What if the cable is sheilded?
[00:44:41] <PCW> Which daughtercard?
[00:45:17] <Emcrules_Laptop> I was thinking of going 50pin idc header to 50pin dsub, 7i48,7i33,7i37
[00:47:48] <Emcrules_Laptop> the 50 pin dsub would be in an empty pci slot and then use a 50 pin cable to another enclosure with the daughter cards and drives
[00:50:59] <PCW> 7I48 is probably the most length sensitive since it has a muxed signal and returned muxed data but
[00:51:00] <PCW> is probably ok with 10 Ft or though you may have to reduce the mux rate (default is Clocklow/8 so ~4 MHz on 5I20, 6 MHz on others
[00:51:20] <PCW> s/or/ or so/
[00:52:31] <PCW> I have tested most things to 15 feet or so but dont reccomend it if you have a noisy environment
[00:53:06] <Emcrules_Laptop> Thanks good to know!!1
[00:54:21] <PCW> If you want another box maybe you want a 6i71/3X20/7I68 then you can have a 7 meter PCIE cable to the box...
[00:58:27] <Emcrules_Laptop> huh you lost me at the 6i
[01:00:16] <Emcrules_Laptop> ah i get it
[01:00:30] <PCW> 6i71 = PCIE slot to cabled PCIE adpater
[01:01:03] <Emcrules_Laptop> emc supported?
[01:01:58] <PCW> yes
[01:02:37] <Emcrules_Laptop> nice!!!
[01:04:32] <PCW> bbl ttgh
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[01:35:36] <Tom_L> anyone have any experience with the minibox M350 enclosure?
[01:35:57] <Tom_L> for an atom with the standard heatsink on the cpu
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[02:14:42] <danimal_garage> not me
[02:15:14] <danimal_garage> i just have mine in a large electrical enclosure with my servo drives and whatnot
[02:15:31] <Tom_L> you have the D510?
[02:15:35] <danimal_garage> yea
[02:15:44] <Tom_L> i was looking at the D525
[02:15:48] <Tom_L> not decided yet
[02:16:01] <danimal_garage> i just got the 510 maybe 2 weeks ago
[02:16:16] <Tom_L> you like?
[02:16:22] <danimal_garage> yea seems ok
[02:16:24] <Tom_L> you running it fanless?
[02:16:29] <danimal_garage> yea
[02:16:36] <Tom_L> no heat issues?
[02:16:48] <danimal_garage> not yet, but i dont have the door on the enclosure yet
[02:17:00] <danimal_garage> i doubt i will though, it's a decent sized box
[02:17:15] <danimal_garage> the servo drives barely put out any heat
[02:17:24] <Tom_L> i just get tired of changing fans
[02:17:28] <danimal_garage> yea
[02:17:39] <danimal_garage> there's 2 big ones mounted on the door
[02:17:42] <Tom_L> i run my itx 24/7
[02:17:48] <danimal_garage> but i havent decided if i'll hook them both up
[02:17:50] <Tom_L> and it has a cpu and psu fan
[02:18:05] <Tom_L> if i keep the dust out it does ok
[02:18:14] <danimal_garage> easier said than done
[02:18:39] <Tom_L> it'll shut down if the cpu cooler gets too clogged up
[02:18:47] <danimal_garage> yea
[02:18:52] <danimal_garage> my laptop does that
[02:20:51] <Tom_L> how much ram did you get?
[02:22:01] <danimal_garage> 1 gig
[02:22:40] <Tom_L> i think the D525 takes different sticks
[02:22:44] <Tom_L> so dimm
[02:23:14] <danimal_garage> yea, i went cheap
[02:23:28] <danimal_garage> what is the difference? more cores, right?
[02:23:42] <danimal_garage> quad vs dual?
[02:23:43] <Tom_L> 1.8G
[02:23:47] <danimal_garage> ah
[02:23:49] <Tom_L> i think they're both dual
[02:23:59] <danimal_garage> yea the 510 is
[02:24:09] <danimal_garage> i'd save my money personally
[02:24:10] <Tom_L> the 510 1.6Ghz?
[02:24:17] <danimal_garage> yea
[02:24:24] <Tom_L> they're only $5 difference
[02:24:32] <danimal_garage> ram isnt any more?
[02:24:47] <Tom_L> i don't think so
[02:24:49] <danimal_garage> my ram was $19
[02:24:57] <Tom_L> someone said they thought the sodimm was cheaper
[02:25:07] <danimal_garage> hmm
[02:25:13] <Tom_L> i haven't really compared side by side
[02:25:23] <danimal_garage> i just got the 510 because they had it in stock locally
[02:25:31] <Tom_L> 2g is about $35
[02:25:49] <danimal_garage> i like being able to go to the store and buy something
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[02:28:48] <Tom_L> well, i'm not so much after speed as i am fanless
[02:29:11] <Tom_L> what psu did you use?
[02:29:20] <danimal_garage> just one i had
[02:29:23] <Tom_L> i might get a picopsu for it but i'm not sure
[02:29:28] <Tom_L> i have some around here too
[02:29:41] <Tom_L> it doesn't use the extra 4pin plug does it?
[02:29:53] <Tom_L> the D525 does i think
[02:29:55] <danimal_garage> no, i use a 20 pin
[02:30:05] <Tom_L> i wonder if it's required
[02:30:36] <danimal_garage> it has a socket for a 24pin but you can get away with a 20 pin on the 510
[02:30:46] <danimal_garage> not sure on the 525
[02:35:25] <danimal_garage> man i did a lot of anodizing this week
[02:36:02] <Tom_L> i did alot of nothing
[02:36:09] <danimal_garage> lol
[02:36:20] <Tom_L> worked on a tan a bit
[02:36:28] <Tom_L> was on vacation :D
[02:39:35] <danimal_garage> where?
[02:39:46] <Tom_L> caribbean
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[02:40:22] <Tom_L> actually it's pretty reasonable this time of year
[02:40:24] <danimal_garage> nice
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[02:41:37] <danimal_garage> yea, i went there in april/may about 7 or 8 years ago, it was pretty cheap
[02:41:43] <danimal_garage> i went to puerto rico
[02:43:02] <Tom_L> we were on the western side
[02:43:10] <Tom_L> umm cosumel etc
[02:45:44] <pcw_home> man its cold and wet in sunny CA
[02:46:19] <Tom_L> left in -14F temps and came back to 74F today
[02:47:26] <danimal_garage> yea, it's raining here now
[02:47:35] <danimal_garage> in San Diego, CA
[02:48:52] <pcw_home> probably warmer down there, its about 42F and raining here
[02:49:50] <danimal_garage> probably 55ish
[02:50:21] <danimal_garage> 65 in my garage
[02:51:51] <pcw_home> Well, shouldn't have gotten rid of your step motors :-)
[02:51:59] <danimal_garage> haha
[02:52:15] <danimal_garage> hey i'm having trouble with the new pid thing
[02:52:31] <danimal_garage> cradek says it's because it's not in 2.4
[02:52:53] <danimal_garage> what do i have to do to get it? get 2.5?
[02:53:17] <pcw_home> You can just download the comp I think
[02:54:50] <pcw_home> Not sure though. I'm afraid all the EMC gurus are asleep
[02:55:44] <danimal_garage> ah ok
[02:56:07] <danimal_garage> the machine is working fine, it's just noisy
[02:56:17] <danimal_garage> especially the z axis servo
[02:57:00] <pcw_home> Its not too hard to just get the master source and compile (with the RIP option you wont bust anything)
[02:57:42] <danimal_garage> cool, i'll look into it when i get some time
[02:57:52] <danimal_garage> i still gotta get my pendant wired up
[02:57:57] <danimal_garage> thanks
[02:58:04] <pcw_home> yeah the stock derivative term is really noisy (because its count change/period)
[02:58:26] <danimal_garage> ah
[03:00:33] <pcw_home> so if you have a 1 KHz sample rate and 750 Hz encoder count rate your velocity will be something like .2 .2 .2 0 .2 .2 .2 0 (the 0 is when there was no count per sample interval)
[03:01:35] <pcw_home> so you get a nasty beat between the sample rate and the encoder output count rate
[03:01:51] <danimal_garage> yea
[03:02:02] <danimal_garage> it's scary sounding sometimes :)
[03:03:16] <pcw_home> pretty raspy
[03:03:45] <pcw_home> or crunchy
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[03:05:14] <danimal_garage> yea
[03:05:26] <danimal_garage> it's definitely the d
[03:07:18] <pcw_home> And if you want torque mode you normally need a little higher sample rate (which makes the stock derivative term even noisier)
[03:07:36] <danimal_garage> yea, it's in torque mode
[03:08:03] <danimal_garage> velocity mode relys a lot on the drive's parameters, it was a PITA to tune
[03:08:46] <danimal_garage> at least for the drives i have (fully digital)
[03:09:49] <pcw_home> torque mode is nice also since you know what % of your drives capacity you are using
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[03:10:32] <pcw_home> and you can do tricks like limiting torque when homing
[03:11:40] <danimal_garage> ah neat
[03:11:45] <danimal_garage> didnt think of that
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[03:14:04] <pcw_home> Might as well have EMC control the torque instead being controlled by a velocity loop in the drive where its invisible
[03:19:42] <skunkworks> you can get it from git... I am running trunk right now.
[03:21:42] <danimal_garage> lol
[03:21:54] <skunkworks> does that sound wierd? ;)
[03:22:01] <danimal_garage> i never know what you guys are talking about, but the names sure are funny
[03:22:58] <skunkworks> I like rip (run in place) I can have a few different builds to play with. they are contained in their own directorys and don;t mess with one another.
[03:23:09] <Tom_L> what's the difference between ddr2 and ddr3 ram? just the physical configuration?
[03:23:45] <pcw_home> voltage too I think
[03:23:53] <skunkworks> keyed different ;)
[03:24:03] <Tom_L> idiot proof :D
[03:26:08] <danimal_garage> eh, i can make it fit :)
[03:26:51] <danimal_garage> i wonder how long it's gunna take me to saw cut 24 pieces of 4" diameter 17-4ph stainless steel
[03:28:40] <Tom_L> solid bar?
[03:28:44] <danimal_garage> yea
[03:28:48] <Tom_L> hehe
[03:28:51] <Tom_L> good luck
[03:29:11] <danimal_garage> lol
[03:29:20] <danimal_garage> it's not my first rodeo
[03:29:25] <danimal_garage> i just never timed it before
[03:29:40] <danimal_garage> i'm guessing 5-6 hours
[03:29:52] <Tom_L> we stuck those ti forgings on the bandsaw with a jig and put a counterweight off the other side to put pressure on it and let them cut away
[03:30:17] <danimal_garage> i dont have counterweights on it
[03:30:24] <danimal_garage> i have the feed set pretty slow
[03:30:33] <danimal_garage> it's a small saw
[03:30:41] <Tom_L> those landing gear trailing links...
[03:30:42] <danimal_garage> 9'7" blade
[03:30:56] <danimal_garage> we water jet them
[03:31:09] <Tom_L> that might not be so bad
[03:31:13] <danimal_garage> and wire edm'd them
[03:31:36] <Tom_L> does that work harden it at all?
[03:31:51] <danimal_garage> not enough to matter if it does
[03:32:53] <danimal_garage> took about 10 minutes to cut the first piece
[03:33:36] <Tom_L> what are you making from them?
[03:33:40] <Tom_L> sprockets?
[03:35:13] <danimal_garage> yea
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[03:46:12] <danimal_garage> the worst part about the rain is that my dogs still bug me to take them to the dog park
[03:48:46] <pcw_home> Our dog gets gradually crazier with many rainy no long walk days in a row
[03:49:41] <danimal_garage> same here
[03:49:48] <danimal_garage> mine are nuts to begin with
[03:50:07] <danimal_garage> boxer/lab mix and some sort of shepard mix puppy
[03:50:17] <danimal_garage> chock full of energy
[03:51:00] <pcw_home> Ours is a flat retriever from the pound
[03:51:24] <danimal_garage> pound dogs are the best, both of mine are as well
[03:53:56] <danimal_garage> these lennox bi metal blades are the best
[03:54:14] <danimal_garage> i'm sure carbide would be better, but i havent seen them in this size
[03:55:04] <danimal_garage> 2 down, 22 to go
[03:55:32] <danimal_garage> i'll probably cut the whole bar if my blade holds up
[03:56:47] <danimal_garage> but that's only 40 pieces
[04:00:37] <pcw_home> Hes been wonderful and trustworthy with our chickens and sheep and rabbits
[04:00:38] <pcw_home> (not something I can say about all our dogs we've had, there have been some bad chicken incidents)
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[04:09:36] <Tom_L> are you using the parport on your D510?
[04:10:38] <danimal_garage> retrievers are great dogs
[04:10:48] <danimal_garage> Tom_L, no
[04:11:06] <Tom_L> is it a standard .1" header?
[04:11:51] <Tom_L> i wonder if it outputs 3.3v or 5v
[04:12:32] <danimal_garage> i believe it's a standard header
[04:12:37] <danimal_garage> not sure on the voltage
[04:12:56] <danimal_garage> i'll likely never use it
[04:13:02] <danimal_garage> i have mesa stuff
[04:13:06] <Tom_L> oh
[04:13:12] <Tom_L> well you're using servos too
[04:13:20] <Tom_L> i'll prolly stick with steppers
[04:13:30] <Tom_L> at least for now
[04:14:28] <danimal_garage> probably a better reason to go with the mesa stuff
[04:14:52] <danimal_garage> then you don't have to rely on the latency as much
[04:15:12] <Tom_L> i wish their site showed what boards were suited for what a bit better than it does
[04:15:41] <danimal_garage> also, i just cant imagine being able to build a practical machine with only 1 parport
[04:16:03] <Tom_L> how does your mesa board interface to it?
[04:16:06] <danimal_garage> just ask pcw_home or call them, they were pretty helpful
[04:16:11] <danimal_garage> pci
[04:16:22] <danimal_garage> i have a 5i20
[04:16:32] <danimal_garage> and a few daughter boards
[04:17:28] <danimal_garage> 7i42, 7i33, and 7i37
[04:17:43] <danimal_garage> 7i42 was good for the steppers
[04:17:54] <danimal_garage> they might have something better now though
[04:20:46] <Tom_L> i'm gonna call it a night
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[04:22:17] <danimal_garage> me too
[04:22:19] <danimal_garage> nite
[04:23:02] <Tom_itx> gnite
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[11:32:48] <jthornton> hmm this WESD51 is nice
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[12:08:36] <jthornton> after reading several tutorials on SMD soldering they all say you need a temperature controlled solder iron... none mention what temp to set it at or how to determine the best temperature
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[12:28:51] <cpresser_> jthornton: you dont really need one
[12:29:46] <cpresser_> its not mandatory, but advisable
[12:29:55] <jthornton> well yea I did as I can't find tips for my old one so might as well get a nice one so I did get the WESD51
[12:30:11] <jthornton> and the old one had two settings "too cold" and "too hot"
[12:30:15] <cpresser_> when doing smd soldering, i use Pb-Solder (non RoHS) at about 300-330 degrees celsius
[12:30:52] <jthornton> Pb-Solder? is that a brand?
[12:31:05] <SWPadnos> lead
[12:31:11] <cpresser_> no, its a solder which contains lead
[12:31:13] <SWPadnos> as opposed to nlead free
[12:31:16] <SWPadnos> -n
[12:31:22] <SWPadnos> I generally set my ir
[12:31:33] <SWPadnos> iron to 750-800F
[12:31:43] <SWPadnos> but I don't touch the components for long
[12:31:50] <jthornton> ok
[12:32:20] <cpresser_> you will kill some parts if you are new to smd soldering. especially when desoldering :)
[12:32:39] <jthornton> I have Kester "44" rosin core 60/40 0.031 diameter solder
[12:33:03] <cpresser_> ah, found a picture of the wesd51. i use the same station.
[12:33:37] <cpresser_> when doing smd-ICs, dont try to solder each pin seperately. do all at once and then clean the briges with desoldering wick
[12:33:48] <jthornton> seems to heat up fast and the cord to the iron is very flexible
[12:33:50] <cpresser_> its much easier for beginners
[12:34:44] <jthornton> yea, I saw that method on a tutorial
[12:35:21] <jthornton> I've been soldering for a zillion years but today is my first SIOC component :)
[12:36:01] <cpresser_> then you wont have much problems. smd soldering isnt that hard :)
[12:36:20] <jthornton> I think I'll practice with the through hole parts first to get used to the new iron
[12:36:42] <jthornton> doesn't look hard in the tutorials
[12:37:48] <cpresser_> its about skil and good tools
[12:38:11] <cpresser_> try getting a solder-flux-pen(dont know the exact english word)
[12:39:59] <cpresser_> http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/812049/FLUSSMITTELSTIFT-TYP-X33S-07I
[12:40:08] <cpresser_> (in german, sorry)
[12:40:28] -!- cradek has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[12:40:37] -!- cradek [cradek!~chris@outpost.timeguy.com] has joined #emc
[12:40:41] -!- Valen has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[12:41:11] <jthornton> http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Cat=1311241&k=solder%20flux%20pen
[12:43:31] -!- psha has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[12:43:37] <SWPadnos> the Wellers are prett ygood solder stations, but they don't seem to have much power
[12:44:04] <SWPadnos> so you can solder most any pad that doesn't have a heavy ground connection with one of those
[12:44:25] <SWPadnos> but a pad tied to a plane in too many places just won't work
[12:44:37] -!- pcw_home has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[12:44:48] <cpresser_> right, SWPadnos. but that is mostly an issue with desoldering
[12:44:50] <SWPadnos> (and that's with "professional" boards with tin plating and solder mask, I wouldn't even try a home-made milled one)
[12:44:58] <SWPadnos> no, it's a problem with soldering too :)
[12:44:58] -!- pcw_home [pcw_home!~chatzilla@ip-66-80-167-54.sjc.megapath.net] has joined #emc
[12:45:14] <cpresser_> i my experienece, 50Watts is enough for most applications
[12:45:43] <SWPadnos> I actually had a board that couldn't be made properly with a Hakko station, but a Pace could do it
[12:45:45] <cpresser_> there were only few times i wished for more power
[12:46:00] <SWPadnos> and Hakko has quite aq bit more power and better regulation that Weller
[12:46:03] <SWPadnos> than
[12:47:39] <SWPadnos> I had made a mistake on that particular board, because I had a ground thermal connection, but also had a wide diagonal trace to the pad, and it was connected to a large ground plane in 2oz copper
[12:49:37] <cpresser_> i agree, there are boards which require more then 50Watts. but in most cases you are fine with such a station
[12:50:07] <cpresser_> http://ca.rstenpresser.de/~cpresser/tmp/pictures/atmo_madness.jpg
[12:50:14] <jthornton> that's when I pull out my torch and heat up grandpa's soldering iron
[12:50:24] <cpresser_> thesee wer all done eith the 50watts weller station
[12:50:41] <cpresser_> ground planes can be worked with heating up the whole board :D
[12:51:08] <SWPadnos> yep
[12:51:13] <SWPadnos> and reworked :)
[12:51:22] <cpresser_> got2go. bbl
[12:52:08] <jthornton> YEA! new computer parts are on the way for the other shop's computer
[12:52:40] <SWPadnos> nice. did you get what I picked out for you?
[12:52:44] <jthornton> solder flux no clean or?
[12:52:46] <jthornton> yes
[12:52:49] <jthornton> thanks
[12:52:52] <SWPadnos> not no-clean
[12:53:02] <SWPadnos> cool. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed
[12:53:18] <jthornton> I'm sure I won't be disappointed
[12:53:20] <SWPadnos> you could get a faster CPU, but then the CPU itself would be about the cost of the whole computer
[12:54:04] <jthornton> it was time to upgrade to winblows 7 anyway Solidworks is phasing out support for XP
[12:54:26] <SWPadnos> make sure you have Win7 Professional or Enterprise
[12:54:34] <jthornton> what would you pick from this http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Cat=1311241&k=solder%20flux%20pen
[12:54:38] <jthornton> professional
[12:54:48] <SWPadnos> even Ultimate (which has all the features of Enterprise) will only have support through 2015
[12:54:54] <SWPadnos> ok, good. support through 2020
[12:54:58] <jthornton> 64
[12:55:23] <jthornton> same thing I'm running out in my shop here at home
[12:55:26] <SWPadnos> oh. I don't use flux. couldn't tell you
[12:55:36] <jthornton> ok
[12:55:44] <SWPadnos> err, wait, those are flux remover pens
[12:55:52] <SWPadnos> (haven't had my coffee yet ...)
[12:55:58] <jthornton> I saw some tutorials that used it, but it seems like...
[12:56:07] * jthornton hands SWPadnos a cup of joe
[12:56:31] <SWPadnos> a toothbrush, lint-free or low lint cloth/napkin, and rubbing alcohol work pretty well
[12:57:38] <pcw_home> 99% IPA is better than rubbing alky if you have it
[12:57:38] <jthornton> to clean the board before soldering or after soldering
[12:57:48] <SWPadnos> after
[12:57:51] <SWPadnos> or before I guess
[12:57:53] <jthornton> yea, I have 99%
[13:01:43] <jthornton> now if I can just remember where it is :/
[13:06:48] <jthornton> as much as I want to start soldering I can see further planning is required to make sure everything is in the correct place... so it's off to the roof I go to start shingling
[13:08:33] -!- tsingi1 [tsingi1!~tsingi@CPE30469a09ac47-CM00195eefbbb8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #emc
[13:08:43] -!- alex_jon1 [alex_jon1!~alex_joni@] has joined #emc
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[13:09:17] -!- skunkworks_ [skunkworks_!~chatzilla@str-bb-cable-south2-static-6-412.dsl.airstreamcomm.net] has joined #emc
[13:10:45] <jthornton> everyone is welcome to come by this weekend BYOH
[13:11:08] <skunkworks_> byoah?
[13:11:20] <jthornton> Bring Your Own Hammer
[13:11:39] <jthornton> actually I have plenty of hammers for all
[13:11:39] <skunkworks_> maybe byoan
[13:11:53] <jthornton> I have them too
[13:11:57] <skunkworks_> (bring your own air nailer.)
[13:12:07] <skunkworks_> ;)
[13:12:40] <jthornton> yea, I don't have a roofing nailer... I borrowed one from a buddy when I built Dad's house
[13:13:02] <jthornton> comes in handy if someone is slinging shingles at you as fast as you can nail them down
[13:13:04] <skunkworks_> yah - they are nice.
[13:13:10] <skunkworks_> right
[13:13:26] <jthornton> by myself the hammer works better
[13:13:32] <archivist> are you paying air fare and beer
[13:13:50] -!- tsingi has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
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[13:13:52] pcw_home_ is now known as pcw_home
[13:13:53] <jthornton> just beer and steerage class transport
[13:13:59] skunkworks_ is now known as skunkworks
[13:14:21] <jthornton> beer and crawfish soon
[13:15:06] <jthornton> I'm off to the shop now guys
[13:15:21] <skunkworks> good luck!
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[15:13:00] <mrsunshine> what is the pwm frequency out if you chose to drive the vfd using pwm on parport? :)
[15:22:43] -!- Tom_L [Tom_L!~Tl@unaffiliated/toml/x-013812] has joined #emc
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[16:03:56] <pcw_home> kenneth?
[16:06:40] <danimal_garage> mornin
[16:07:02] <JT-Shop> morning Dan and Peter
[16:09:49] <danimal_garage> morning John
[16:10:45] <pcw_home> morning, hows the roof?
[16:12:45] <danimal_garage> wow, emc does telepathy?
[16:13:05] <danimal_garage> there's an update called telepathy-gabble
[16:13:28] <danimal_garage> i new it was advanced, but i didnt think it was supernatural
[16:13:54] <Tom_itx> do tell what telepathy is
[16:14:27] <danimal_garage> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telepathy
[16:14:31] <danimal_garage> mind reading
[16:14:50] <Tom_itx> :/
[16:15:40] <danimal_garage> :)
[16:20:36] <danimal_garage> so i want to get that new pid feature. Do i need to install git to get it?
[16:20:50] <danimal_garage> or at least is that the most idiot proof way?
[16:28:09] <pcw_home> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Git
[16:28:17] -!- psha has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[16:30:55] <danimal_garage> yea, i'm on that page, i just didn't know if i actually had to install it to get that pid thing
[16:31:34] <danimal_garage> or if there was a better way
[16:32:14] <pcw_home> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2 is better
[16:33:35] -!- servos4ever [servos4ever!~chatzilla@173-87-48-6.dr01.hnvr.mi.frontiernet.net] has joined #emc
[16:35:29] <danimal_garage> thanks, reading it now
[16:38:17] <pcw_home> Wwere are the EMC gurus when you need them! this is a little blind-leading blind
[16:38:19] <pcw_home> I've done this but am incompetent to really tell you how
[16:38:23] <pcw_home> where
[16:39:30] <danimal_garage> its ok, i'm not doing it right this moment, just checking it out
[16:39:44] <danimal_garage> i'm trying to install my mpg pendant now
[16:41:02] <pcw_home> section 2.1.2 in important
[16:41:45] <SWPadnos> there are experimental packages built from git
[16:42:11] <SWPadnos> but I never remember where they are :)
[16:42:42] <danimal_garage> lol
[16:42:43] <SWPadnos> ah - maybe here: http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/dists/
[16:42:57] -!- DaViruz [DaViruz!daviruz@c-8f90e455.26-0042-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #emc
[16:43:53] <SWPadnos> http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/~buildmaster/ has instructions on how to use those
[16:44:13] <SWPadnos> bbl
[16:44:20] <danimal_garage> thanks!
[16:45:56] <JT-Shop> trying to get the first square of shingles up so I can start looking for the last square
[16:53:57] <danimal_garage> lol
[16:54:09] <danimal_garage> wont happen any faster on irc
[16:59:52] -!- cabvm has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[17:05:48] -!- psha [psha!~psha@ppp109-252-217-88.pppoe.spdop.ru] has joined #emc
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[17:30:28] -!- awallin [awallin!~quassel@cs27061165.pp.htv.fi] has joined #emc
[17:31:53] <danimal_garage> for my pendant, should i use a gpio pin for the encoder, or should i use the 7i33? the example in the wiki uses a parport
[17:32:32] <danimal_garage> i dont want to waste a 7i33 channel if i dont have to, but i want the pendant to work well
[17:33:07] <alex_jon1> depends on the encoder and how fast you'll be spinning it'
[17:33:07] <danimal_garage> would an input on the 7i37 be fast enough?
[17:33:30] <SWPadnos> which FPGA card are you using?
[17:33:35] -!- cassmodiah has quit [Changing host]
[17:33:35] -!- cassmodiah [cassmodiah!cassie@fedora/cassmodiah] has joined #emc
[17:33:36] <danimal_garage> 5i20
[17:34:27] <danimal_garage> i dont neccesarily care about accuracy unless i'm moving slow
[17:34:30] <SWPadnos> you can use GPIO then. the 5i20 read function can be put into a faster thread than the servo thread (or you can increase the servo thread rate)
[17:34:49] <SWPadnos> you should always care about accuracy :)
[17:34:50] <danimal_garage> cool
[17:35:34] <SWPadnos> but you don't need to. the 5i20 can have many encoders, and you don't need to use the 7i37 for it - you can connect to the encoder pins (like you would connect to a GPIO), and turn on the encoder
[17:35:48] <danimal_garage> well if i spin the mpg fast, i don't care if it misses a few clicks. it's when i'm indicating a part and i'm moving .0001" at a time where i care
[17:36:09] <SWPadnos> ie, use the pins that would be for the next encoder input after the 4 on the 7i37 for your input, and enable 5 encoders
[17:36:19] <danimal_garage> ah
[17:36:46] <danimal_garage> ok, thanks
[17:37:12] <danimal_garage> oh wait a minute, the firmware is going to delegate where the pin is going to be, huh
[17:37:14] <SWPadnos> it's better to maintain accuracy in all cases. you could e.g. spin the knob so that 000 is up (assuming you have a graduated dial), and then spin as fast as you want for a while, then slowly move back to 000, and you know that the machine will be at the right spot
[17:37:28] <danimal_garage> good point
[17:37:48] <SWPadnos> yes. you would need to use something like SVST8_8 (that's 8 servos 8 steppers)
[17:37:57] <SWPadnos> or however it's spelled :)
[17:38:11] <SWPadnos> then look at the dmesg output to see where the pins are
[17:38:18] <SWPadnos> or consult some manual somewhere ahead of time
[17:38:38] <danimal_garage> darn. i dont want to change a bunch of stuff, if it isnt in a convenient spot, i'll probably just use my 7i37
[17:39:27] <danimal_garage> i just rewired my machine, i dont want to do it again :)
[17:40:43] <danimal_garage> i guess i'm lazy
[17:41:15] <pcw_home> I think normal MPGs are low enough resolution that you are unlikely to out-spin the software encoder
[17:42:07] <pcw_home> Aren't they normally 25 lines = 100 counts / turn ?
[17:44:39] <pcw_home> thats only 1 KHz count rate at 600 RPM (probably about as fast as you can spin it without a motor or a string)
[17:45:04] <danimal_garage> yea, 100 counts per rev
[17:45:35] <danimal_garage> i figured that, but it's really gunna depend on where the pin falls on my board
[17:46:14] <pcw_home> with the software encoder you can put the pins anywhere
[17:47:14] <pcw_home> you might need a base thread however depending on how fast you servo thread is
[17:50:10] <danimal_garage> i can? i thought it was like the stepgen where the firmware delegates the pins
[17:51:22] <pcw_home> EMC has a software encoder counter that reads GPIO bits
[17:51:43] <danimal_garage> ah cool
[17:52:38] <danimal_garage> it's already all wired using the 7i33, but i'll keep that in mind for when i eventually add a spindle encoder
[17:52:57] <pcw_home> so QA.QB can be on any input pin (say a couple of 7I37 inputs)
[17:53:53] <danimal_garage> neat, good to know!
[17:54:05] <danimal_garage> thanks
[17:58:38] <pcw_home> Thank EMC
[17:59:02] <danimal_garage> that too
[18:16:39] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S0106009027972e37.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #emc
[18:17:33] <JT-Shop> Whew the first 5 rows are done (the slowest) next 5 rows are the scariest... standing close to the edge of the roof
[18:18:23] <danimal_garage> drink lots of beer before, it gives you courage
[18:20:31] <Tom_itx> try setting floor trusses on a 2nd story wall walking on a 2x6 walls
[18:21:50] <danimal_garage> try bombing down the side of a mountain at 30+mph on a bicycle, dodging rocks and trees (and people)
[18:21:53] <Tom_itx> i helped a friend one summer build some apt buildings. we did all the floors
[18:22:32] <Tom_itx> danimal_garage, this is a popular road for that: http://tom-itx.dyndns.org:81/~webpage/deathroad/deathroad_index.php
[18:26:38] <danimal_garage> lol
[18:26:50] <danimal_garage> how many people fall off the edge?
[18:26:54] <Tom_itx> quite a few
[18:27:03] <Tom_itx> they do actually give bike tours
[18:28:10] -!- cradek [cradek!~chris@outpost.timeguy.com] has joined #emc
[18:28:52] -!- cradek has quit [Changing host]
[18:28:52] -!- cradek [cradek!~chris@emc/board-of-directors/cradek] has joined #emc
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[18:39:22] -!- Tom_itx [Tom_itx!~Tl@unaffiliated/toml/x-013812] has joined #emc
[19:01:34] <Jymmm> What is a good way to read a radius on a piece?
[19:01:56] <danimal_garage> radius gage
[19:02:50] <danimal_garage> i use drillbits sometimes to check the radius
[19:03:12] -!- ries [ries!~ries@] has joined #emc
[19:03:15] <danimal_garage> depending on which direction the radius is
[19:04:19] <Jymmm> Hmmm, drillbit would work for this, thanks.
[19:04:25] <Jymmm> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYsP8BSvqtg&NR=1
[19:06:06] <danimal_garage> nice
[19:06:50] * JT-Shop admits I'm too old to fall off the roof and gets out a 1/2 dozen roof jacks :?
[19:06:56] <danimal_garage> so i'm looking at pendant examples in the wiki, and the one i'm using uses the base thread
[19:07:27] <JT-Shop> :)
[19:07:38] <Jymmm> wth is a roof jack?
[19:07:42] <danimal_garage> do i need to add the base thread? because when i start emc, it gives me an error saying it cant find the base thread
[19:08:01] <danimal_garage> or can i change it to servo thread
[19:09:30] -!- toastydeath [toastydeath!~toast@c-69-140-223-139.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[19:09:53] <archivist> JT-Shop, was watching the neighbour opposite walking on his garage roof demolishing it earlier
[19:13:46] -!- psha [psha!~psha@] has joined #emc
[19:13:54] <pcw_home> how fast is your servo thread?
[19:14:34] <danimal_garage> 1,000,000
[19:15:00] <pcw_home> are you using the software encoder
[19:15:04] <pcw_home> ?
[19:15:08] <danimal_garage> trying to, yes
[19:15:59] <pcw_home> ok you will be limited to I think 300 RPM if you use the servo thread
[19:16:16] <danimal_garage> that should be fine
[19:18:29] -!- tsingi [tsingi!~tsingi@CPE30469a09ac47-CM00195eefbbb8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #emc
[19:19:30] <pcw_home> You can also speed up your servo thread if you need faster (it will probably improve your servo performance slightly as well)
[19:20:05] <danimal_garage> i had issues with ferrors if i dropped that number much lower
[19:20:27] -!- adb has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[19:21:57] <pcw_home> Thats strange you should be able to run it at 250,000 or so and it should run noticeably better
[19:23:15] <danimal_garage> hmm
[19:23:41] <danimal_garage> i'll try it again, that was on the old PC i believe
[19:24:19] <danimal_garage> well the encoder is working
[19:24:22] <pcw_home> running at higher servo rates may make the D term noisier (until you update ti the new PID comp)
[19:24:24] <danimal_garage> not jogging yet though
[19:24:32] <danimal_garage> ahh
[19:24:37] <danimal_garage> good to know
[19:28:43] <JT-Shop> Jymmm: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.hometime.com/Hometime_4.0/media/howto/Roofing/Roof_Jack.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.hometime.com/Howto/projects/roofing/roof_5.htm&usg=__KbBUxG57eKnxXBGnnpa_5oOt-mg=&h=162&w=223&sz=38&hl=en&start=3&zoom=1&tbnid=BjtNcysNXMU9gM:&tbnh=78&tbnw=107&ei=xhlgTcOJAYbWgQfQsZi2AQ&prev=/images%3Fq%3Droof%2Bjack%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1083%26bih%3D853%26gbv%3D2%26t
[19:28:44] <JT-Shop> bs%3Disch:1&itbs=1
[19:29:04] <JT-Shop> http://www.hometime.com/Howto/projects/roofing/roof_5.htm
[19:30:00] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: GET A ROPE!
[19:30:37] <Jymmm> In all these centuries, I still dont get why they still use the same damn materials for roofing
[19:30:40] <Tom_itx> yeah, tie a rope around your neck and hook it to the opposite side truss's. it'll help break the fall
[19:31:01] <Tom_itx> because it works?
[19:31:33] <Jymmm> It doesn't, that's the problem. Lasts maybe 10years then fucking leaks and expensive to repair/replace
[19:31:54] <Jymmm> tar goes on roads, not roofs
[19:32:07] <Tom_itx> put on a copper roof then
[19:32:22] <Tom_itx> that'll last
[19:32:43] <Jymmm> http://www.rhinolinings.com/
[19:32:57] -!- micges [micges!~micges@cez47.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #emc
[19:33:07] <Tom_itx> they used some of that stuff on stormchaser vehicles
[19:33:27] <Jymmm> If you can beat the crap out of a spray on bed liner with cncrete rocks, lumber, etc, surely it'll last on a roof
[19:33:40] -!- adb [adb!~Moldovean@178-211-232-101.dhcp.voenergies.net] has joined #emc
[19:34:08] <Tom_itx> expansion may be an issue
[19:34:13] <Tom_itx> i dunno
[19:34:35] <Jymmm> doubtful, plus they hve more than one type.
[19:35:09] <Jymmm> Also, if you get a rip in it, scruff it up and spray on more
[19:35:33] <Tom_itx> moght work fine
[19:36:08] <Jymmm> kinda like bonding expoxy to epoxy sort thing
[19:36:29] -!- bootnecklad_ has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[19:36:32] <Jymmm> add some sand or gravel if you want texture
[19:37:50] <Jymmm> No need to haul rolls of paper or bundles of tiles, just some bastard with a spray gun and a really long hose =)
[19:38:29] <Tom_itx> spray the neighbor's car while you're at it
[19:38:40] <Jymmm> that too!
[19:39:07] <Jymmm> then maybe have a spray can of it too for touch ups
[19:39:25] <Jymmm> it'll surely bond to itself
[19:40:21] -!- Tom_sbc [Tom_sbc!~Tl@unaffiliated/toml/x-013812] has joined #emc
[19:42:05] <Jymmm> http://www.rhinoliningsindustrial.com/products/foam_and_roof_coating/rhino_eco-coat%E2%84%A2_%28aluminized_hybrid_polyurea%29/48/62
[19:42:22] <danimal_garage> definitely doesnt count fast enough
[19:42:23] <Jymmm> fire rated too - nce
[19:42:28] <Jymmm> nice
[19:43:42] -!- Tom_itx has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[19:43:52] Tom_sbc is now known as Tom_itx
[19:43:57] <Tom_itx> how rude
[19:45:13] <Jymmm> add that fire prof paint and you have a perfect combination
[19:46:41] <Tom_itx> why would i need more than 2G ram on an itx?
[19:47:28] <pcw_home> windows?
[19:48:00] <Tom_itx> the plan is to get the d525 for emc and playing around
[19:48:15] <Tom_itx> i may end up using this itx for emc, i dunno
[19:48:23] <Tom_itx> and the other for irc and playing
[19:49:19] <Tom_itx> this is running xp atm
[19:50:35] <Tom_itx> wow i though i had more than 512M ram in it though
[20:16:28] <JT-Shop> Whew! the dreaded 10 row is done... time for a nap
[20:17:16] <danimal_garage> how many rows left?
[20:17:23] <JT-Shop> 32
[20:17:33] <JT-Shop> LOL I just calculated it
[20:18:19] <JT-Shop> after the 10th row I don't spend as much time and effort not falling off the roof so I can concentrate on slinging shingles and nailing
[20:20:08] <danimal_garage> nice
[20:20:17] <danimal_garage> you'll have it done this weekend, huh?
[20:20:40] <danimal_garage> then just doors, windows, siding, and electricity?
[20:21:05] <JT-Shop> LOL yea the East side will be done this weekend
[20:21:21] <Tom_itx> do those intel boards require both mem slots populated?
[20:21:26] <danimal_garage> no
[20:21:29] <JT-Shop> I still might make it for Mardi Gras
[20:21:38] <danimal_garage> well if they do, i'm not using both
[20:21:54] <Tom_itx> heh
[20:22:16] <danimal_garage> i'm not one to read directions
[20:22:21] <danimal_garage> :)
[20:22:40] <Tom_itx> i just wanna make sure i'm gettin the right stuff
[20:22:45] <danimal_garage> yea
[20:23:20] <Tom_itx> some comments said it's picky with ram
[20:23:27] <danimal_garage> realy
[20:23:31] <danimal_garage> what does it do?
[20:23:39] <Tom_itx> craps out
[20:23:43] <Tom_itx> programs don't work
[20:23:57] <Tom_itx> i've had good luck with kingston
[20:24:00] <danimal_garage> hmm
[20:24:08] <danimal_garage> i just got the cheapest crap they had
[20:24:16] <danimal_garage> $19 for a gig
[20:24:28] <Tom_itx> i'll prolly get 2 or 4G
[20:26:22] -!- tlab [tlab!~tlab@c-69-243-187-136.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #emc
[20:27:55] -!- pjm has quit [Quit: TTFO]
[20:28:11] <JT-Shop> is the D525 a newer one than the D510MO?
[20:28:20] <Tom_itx> 1.8Ghz
[20:28:21] -!- pjm [pjm!~pjm@host81-146-71-253.btremoteinternet-dsl.bt.net] has joined #emc
[20:28:34] <Tom_itx> i dunno, probably
[20:29:58] <Tom_itx> i took someone's suggestion here for the Apex MI-008 case
[20:30:13] <Tom_itx> what are the dimensions of it?
[20:30:31] <JT-Shop> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811154091&Tpk=Apex%20MI-008
[20:30:43] <Tom_itx> yep
[20:31:29] <JT-Shop> anyone do a latency test on a D525? is it as good as the D510?
[20:32:22] <Tom_itx> now how did i miss the dimensions the first time :/
[20:33:00] <Tom_itx> it's bigger than my current one
[20:35:38] -!- e3m [e3m!~IceChat7@] has joined #emc
[20:35:43] <psha> JT-Shop: i've unchecked reports about worse latency
[20:35:48] <psha> however info is not trusted
[20:37:39] <JT-Shop> hi psha
[20:37:54] <Tom_itx> is the latency test in cpu-z reliable?
[20:37:57] <psha> hi jt
[20:38:00] <psha> ;-P
[20:38:15] <psha> you won't catch me this time ;)
[20:39:10] * JT-Shop is all rested up and heads back up to the roof
[20:43:13] <danimal_garage> i got my pendant working, but it's jerky
[20:43:28] <danimal_garage> is there any way to slow down the acceleration just for the mpg?
[20:43:49] <danimal_garage> default accel in the ini?
[20:44:21] <danimal_garage> otherwise, it's gunna beat the crap out of my machine
[20:45:53] <Tom_itx> is ddr3 1.5v?
[20:47:20] -!- e3m_ [e3m_!~IceChat7@] has joined #emc
[20:48:30] -!- e3m has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[20:54:16] e3m_ is now known as e3m
[21:03:06] <danimal_garage> i'm having fun playing with my pendant
[21:03:08] <danimal_garage> :)
[21:03:22] <Tom_itx> are you using a laptop hdd with yours?
[21:03:27] <danimal_garage> no
[21:03:48] <danimal_garage> i have a 500gb sata drive i got for cheap
[21:05:03] <Tom_itx> how much?
[21:05:08] <danimal_garage> $39
[21:05:16] <Tom_itx> nice
[21:05:21] <danimal_garage> seagate
[21:05:31] <danimal_garage> barracuda
[21:06:09] <danimal_garage> we have a big warehouse store for electronics here, sometimes they have some good deals
[21:06:32] <danimal_garage> pretty close to the online prices like newegg.com
[21:07:23] <Tom_itx> 1.5Tb $89
[21:07:46] <danimal_garage> nice
[21:07:55] <Tom_itx> out of stock :(
[21:08:07] <danimal_garage> i figured 500gb was overkill as it was
[21:08:23] <danimal_garage> 2gb would probably work
[21:08:35] <Tom_itx> yeah
[21:08:48] <danimal_garage> i have a 40gb on my lathe i think
[21:10:37] <danimal_garage> time for lunch, bbl
[21:13:50] <Tom_itx> are the plugs different for sata3?
[21:14:10] <Tom_itx> or just more gnd wires
[21:15:28] <Tom_itx> i've been outta the loop too long
[21:21:44] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[21:23:16] -!- jrshaul has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:23:27] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[21:27:25] -!- jrshaul_ [jrshaul_!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[21:27:25] -!- jrshaul has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:27:26] jrshaul_ is now known as jrshaul
[21:31:39] -!- bassogigas [bassogigas!~bassogiga@] has joined #emc
[21:32:42] -!- bassogigas has quit [Client Quit]
[21:32:59] -!- mk0 [mk0!~bassogiga@] has joined #emc
[21:34:43] <JT-Shop> Tom_itx: different than what?
[21:35:08] <Tom_itx> sata sata 2 sata 3
[21:35:17] <Tom_itx> looks like these are sata2 anyway
[21:35:25] <JT-Shop> that I don't know
[21:35:44] <Tom_itx> the pinout is likely the same but i dunno if they twist the pairs or not etc
[21:35:59] <Tom_itx> tighter twist like cat6 over cat5
[21:37:38] <Tom_itx> i wanted right angle ends for a better fit
[21:39:03] -!- tlab has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:43:34] -!- psha has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[21:43:52] -!- jrshaul has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:44:14] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
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[21:48:38] -!- OoBIGeye [OoBIGeye!~kent@81-235-188-139-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #emc
[21:48:49] -!- odiug [odiug!~guido@p57BD0F7A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #emc
[21:51:06] <danimal_garage> look at you getting all fancy
[21:51:20] <danimal_garage> i just used the sata cables that came with the mobo
[21:51:32] <danimal_garage> they also came with the hdd
[21:51:56] <danimal_garage> along with the power adapter so i can use any powder supply
[21:51:57] <Tom_itx> i suppose i'll have to get a sata dvd too
[21:52:07] <danimal_garage> why?
[21:52:08] <Tom_itx> can't use the old dvd's i have right?
[21:52:16] <Tom_itx> is there still a plug for them?
[21:52:24] <danimal_garage> is it going in a machine?
[21:52:34] <Tom_itx> pc
[21:52:38] <Tom_itx> or machine
[21:52:39] <danimal_garage> ah
[21:52:48] <Tom_itx> and i gotta be able to load the os
[21:52:55] <danimal_garage> if it's going in your machine, save your money.
[21:53:01] <danimal_garage> use a usb stick
[21:53:05] <danimal_garage> thats what i did
[21:53:07] <Tom_itx> oh
[21:53:16] <Tom_itx> yeah i might give that a shot first
[21:53:21] <danimal_garage> works fine
[21:53:29] -!- OoBIGeye has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[21:53:32] <Tom_itx> how do you copy the iso to it?
[21:53:51] <danimal_garage> tons of programs online to do it, i forgot which one i used
[21:53:56] <danimal_garage> it was free
[21:53:57] <Tom_itx> i'm using the live cd
[21:54:12] <danimal_garage> it works the same as the live cd
[21:54:34] <Tom_itx> will the mb boot from it?
[21:54:47] <danimal_garage> well actually if you're running the live cd on a computer now, you can use the startup disk creator in linux
[21:54:54] <danimal_garage> yes
[21:55:07] -!- jrshaul has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:55:16] <Tom_itx> i don't have any nice fancy new pc's :D
[21:55:21] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[21:55:27] <Tom_itx> always a slight learning curve
[21:55:35] <danimal_garage> yea i hear ya
[21:55:43] <danimal_garage> i'm not a computer guy whatsoever
[21:55:46] <Tom_itx> better to ask
[21:55:55] <Tom_itx> well, i've built every one i own
[21:56:03] <Tom_itx> just nothing new
[21:56:10] <danimal_garage> i just learn by doing, and i just installed it so it's still fresh in my head
[21:56:38] <Tom_itx> i can likely get one locally just as easy
[21:56:38] <danimal_garage> in bios, there's an option to boot from usb
[21:56:49] <Tom_itx> last laptop dvd i got was free :D
[21:56:52] <Tom_itx> used
[21:56:58] -!- OoBIGeye [OoBIGeye!~kent@81-235-188-139-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #emc
[21:57:05] <Tom_itx> works fine for installs
[21:57:12] <danimal_garage> yea
[21:57:40] <danimal_garage> this atom is only used for running my machine, so i never need a dvd/cd drive
[21:57:54] <Tom_itx> mine won't get heavy use
[21:57:59] <danimal_garage> it's connected to my network, so i can file swap that way
[21:58:10] <Tom_itx> either a irc client or emc or both
[21:58:14] <danimal_garage> you can also boot from network
[21:58:34] <Tom_itx> i've never tried that
[21:58:53] -!- the_wench has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[21:59:04] -!- archivist has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[21:59:20] <Tom_itx> ok, case, mem, hdd, mb
[21:59:23] <Tom_itx> that should do it
[22:00:22] <danimal_garage> and beer
[22:00:29] <Tom_itx> oh crap
[22:00:34] <Tom_itx> almost forgot that
[22:00:48] <danimal_garage> dont forget the parport if you're gunna use that
[22:00:57] <danimal_garage> or whatever you need to connect to that header
[22:01:02] <Tom_itx> it's on the backplane on the D525
[22:01:10] <danimal_garage> oh neat
[22:02:26] -!- tsingi has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[22:03:40] -!- tsingi [tsingi!~tsingi@CPE30469a09ac47-CM00195eefbbb8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #emc
[22:04:43] -!- awallin has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
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[22:05:40] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[22:14:52] <danimal_garage> here's my enclosure: http://www.homebrewedcomponents.com/machine_pics/electrical%20enclosure%203.jpg
[22:15:37] <danimal_garage> not perfect, but it works
[22:16:00] <danimal_garage> i have a smaller enclosure on the other side of the machine for all the higher voltage stuff
[22:16:29] -!- jrshaul has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:16:46] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
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[22:21:40] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[22:22:07] <Jymmm> The Human Body can just be amazing http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/world/2011/02/18/bower.china.brain.blade.cnn?hpt=C2
[22:25:52] -!- coldelectrons [coldelectrons!~coldelect@] has joined #emc
[22:32:29] <danimal_garage> welcome to yesterday
[22:32:48] <danimal_garage> :)
[22:32:50] <coldelectrons> Ugh. Umpteen different dxf-to-gcode conversion utilities, and none work like I want
[22:33:10] <coldelectrons> Good thing most of them are open source :)
[22:33:10] <danimal_garage> matercam for the win
[22:33:30] -!- jrshaul has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:33:43] <danimal_garage> Jymmm, did you see my enclosure?
[22:33:47] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[22:33:53] <danimal_garage> i used panduit
[22:34:03] <coldelectrons> danimal: I'll look at it, but if it's windows, uh-uh
[22:34:08] <danimal_garage> although it's a bit missmatched for now
[22:34:23] <danimal_garage> coldelectrons, it is windows based
[22:34:33] <Jymmm> cool
[22:34:34] <danimal_garage> but it's the standard
[22:34:59] <Jymmm> its not cheap stuff, thats for sure
[22:35:28] <danimal_garage> mastercam? yea, but if you run a business, it pays for itself
[22:37:17] -!- jrshaul has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:37:19] -!- jrshaul_ [jrshaul_!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[22:43:09] <JT-Shop> OneCNC is a lot less money than master cam
[22:44:02] -!- jrshaul_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:44:15] <JT-Shop> coldelectrons: what kind of conversion are you looking for?
[22:44:19] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@h66-222-51-1.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #emc
[22:44:21] -!- jrshaul has quit [Client Quit]
[22:47:12] <Tom_itx> coldelectrons, i have smartcam with several conversion utilities if you need some help
[22:47:58] * JT-Shop takes a sip of cerveza and heads back to the roof
[22:48:10] <Jymmm> liar
[22:51:26] -!- bassogigas [bassogigas!bassogigas@] has joined #emc
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[22:56:19] jrshaul_ is now known as jrshaul
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[23:41:03] * JT-Shop smacks Jymmm with a bundle of shingles
[23:43:10] <JT-Shop> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Shop%20Addition/P2190007.jpg
[23:44:23] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@76-250-34-140.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #emc
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[23:56:01] -!- Valen [Valen!~Valen@ppp121-44-85-167.lns20.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #emc
[23:57:02] <Tom_itx> is that 5/12 or 4/12?
[23:57:08] <Tom_itx> looks like 4/12 to me
[23:57:36] <Tom_itx> err 5/12
[23:57:51] <Tom_itx> aww shucks he left