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[01:41:29] <MattyMatt> w00tz. lathe is operational. the delrin plug in the nut worked with a bit of epoxy (it was screwing itself out while I was trying to drill & tap it before then)
[01:44:33] <MattyMatt> now I need some tooling. can you get insert tools for a 1/4" toolpost?
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[01:58:39] <MattyMatt> meh, toolpost is 3/8" so 10mm won't fit
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[02:03:11] <danimal_garage> i did not realize photoshoots were an all day afair
[02:03:27] <Valen> heh
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[02:30:18] <MattyMatt> neat. I've found some 3/8" insert holders
[02:31:26] <MattyMatt> but I also found some sets of TCT much cheaper, which would get me started
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[09:36:14] <mrsunshine_> gah question is, get the mill up and running even tho vibrating some to be able to make parts that is ALOT more exact even due to vibrations then i can do by hand, or wait and descide what to do :P
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[10:16:01] <mrsunshine_> when are reprap people gonna figure out that you cant use plastic that melts under 200 deg C in applications that need over 200 deg C :P
[10:16:07] <mrsunshine_> (like extruder nozzle stuff etc)
[10:16:17] <mrsunshine_> they just insist on using plastic close to the hot parts :P
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[11:21:37] <robh__> a new video for your morning viewing pleasure , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JybVN7VYSx8
[11:22:16] <jthornton> good morning Rob
[11:23:10] <robh__> dunno about good lol
[11:24:01] <awallin> cold morning...
[11:24:51] <jthornton> 21F here but climbing to 55F and sunny today :) good roofing weather
[11:25:25] <robh__> 9c and abit sunny
[11:25:44] <robh__> just mix them units up
[11:26:13] <jthornton> lol
[11:26:19] <archivist> warmer this side 13deg c
[11:27:49] <archivist> Im waiting for it to be dry enough to paint the garage door
[11:28:21] <jthornton> archivist: you ever get all the equipment inside?
[11:28:46] <archivist> jthornton, yes its indoors now, new doors fitted
[11:29:16] <archivist> the old Southbend is still a runner!
[11:30:01] <robh__> see u all later
[11:30:35] <jthornton> ok
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[13:57:05] <JT-Shop> 28F outside 35f inside... not quite warm enough to start roofing :)
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[14:25:39] * archivist hides the beer till the roof is done
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[14:42:51] <jthornton> lol, I don't need to be drinking up there :)
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[16:03:10] <skunkworks> heh - look at this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTc8yEITnqc
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[16:04:01] <skunkworks> rack mount!
[16:04:34] <cradek> that's sure a low accel machine...
[16:04:47] <cradek> (I sure do hate when they add music like that)
[16:06:13] <archivist> toolchange as an unneeded move
[16:06:16] <archivist> has
[16:06:26] <JT-Shop> I don't have any speakers on this computer...
[16:06:37] <archivist> silly wipe graphics
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[16:10:27] <jrshaul> I have an old-school machining problem. I have a few feet of an oval-shaped pipe roughly 3" tall and 6" wide, and I'd like to cut several 6" sections of it. Is there an appropriate tool for this?
[16:11:20] <skunkworks> tough room ;)
[16:11:50] <skunkworks> I wonder how they are doing the tool changes
[16:12:07] <archivist> cutting disk as its low pressure
[16:12:13] <JT-Shop> jrshaul: chop saw?
[16:12:21] <JT-Shop> band saw
[16:12:28] <skunkworks> 2nd the band saw
[16:12:30] <archivist> less vice force too
[16:12:52] <jrshaul> I have access to a band saw, but I'm not sure it's up to it.
[16:12:53] <JT-Shop> you could put a block of wood inside to support it in the vise
[16:12:59] <jrshaul> Any particular sort of blade?
[16:13:08] <JT-Shop> what kind of material?
[16:13:11] <archivist> fine
[16:14:05] <archivist> and does accuracy of the cut matter much
[16:14:29] <jrshaul> It's aluminum, and it just has to look pretty.
[16:17:02] <archivist> best cuts on ally are overarm saw with carbide tips, was the tips before the cut
[16:17:11] <archivist> was/wax
[16:17:40] <archivist> I use to do a lot of ally cutting in my youth...
[16:18:14] <archivist> 20" blade 3k rpm...noisy
[16:26:08] <jrshaul> :O
[16:28:40] <archivist> ew dewalt stopped making them in 1989.. I was doing this in the early 1970's
[16:29:20] <jrshaul> Well, that ain't gonna help me much. :P
[16:30:28] <archivist> with a metal blade a table saw or cut-off saw could be used
[16:31:31] <jrshaul> I think it'd shear up 1/8" aluminum pretty good.
[16:32:14] <jrshaul> Honestly, I'm wondering if a hacksaw isn't he way to go - all I'd need is a really good miter box....
[16:32:22] <archivist> I was cutting 7x5 channel section for lorry tipper chassis parts
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[17:02:26] <elmo40> hi room. I have a g-code question.
[17:03:38] <elmo40> what is the W for in this context? G65 P1005 M4 X0 Y-2. Z2. W-180.
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[17:05:43] <elmo40> it is only a 3-axis machine
[17:07:13] <cpresser_> what is g65 anyway?
[17:07:32] <cpresser_> i cant find it in the EMC2 docu
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[17:29:08] <JT-Shop> elmo40: what kind of control is that for?
[17:30:05] <skunkworks> G65 Custom macro simple call
[17:30:49] <skunkworks> not in emc
[17:31:01] <skunkworks> probably done with o-words instead
[17:32:51] <jrshaul> Anyone here good with Eagle? I'm having some weeeeeird problems.
[17:33:05] <elmo40> regular Fanuc 18i controller
[17:33:05] <jrshaul> I designed a 2x4 PCB that some folks are apparently opening as 35x65mm.
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[18:02:51] <cpresser_> jrshaul: you can set units in eagle
[18:03:30] <cpresser_> there is no real internal unit. i am working metric for PCB dimensions and imperial for routing and parts-placement
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[18:08:34] <cpresser_> but reading your question for the 2nd time, i get your problem. it sould be 51x102mm
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[18:52:13] <JT-Shop> HOT Dam! the last gable end is in place :)
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[18:52:31] * JT-Shop wanders in to take a well deserved nap
[18:54:46] <archivist> must be beer oclock!
[18:58:53] <elmo40> already? did I miss it? I hope I didn't miss beer-o'clock!
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[19:04:36] <psha> JT-Shop: you've done everthing correct? :) this autumn i was changing small (~6mx10m) and next day i realized that _whole_ roofing material was screwed incorrectly ;)
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[19:15:24] <danimal_garage> yawn
[19:16:20] <Jymmm> psha: only becasue you used left handed screws
[19:21:00] <skunkworks> he is on the other side of the world...
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[19:22:41] <Jymmm> skunkworks: Then he shouldn't have been laying screws from the inside out
[19:31:42] <danimal_garage> do the toilets really flush backwards over there?
[19:35:47] <psha> danimal_garage: not here, in australia
[19:36:00] <psha> at least i'm living on up side of the earth
[19:36:53] <Jymmm> you keep telling yourself that
[19:38:27] <psha> Jymmm: sure it's true! otherwise i'd fell away long time ago
[19:38:52] <skunkworks> wow - finally we can close the electrical boxes on the k&t :)
[19:38:58] <cpresser_> just imagine the view from a spaceship, europe is always on top
[19:39:05] <skunkworks> the last was the network cable that was hooked in :)
[19:39:35] <Jymmm> YOU CAN DO IT WITH PANDUIT!
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[19:42:47] <danimal_garage> you can do it, put your back in to it
[19:43:12] <danimal_garage> i'm working on my new enclosure now. I cant close my current enclosure.
[19:43:42] <danimal_garage> i decided to use 2 enclosures, even though it would probably all fit in the big one
[19:44:06] <danimal_garage> one for the pc, mesa stuff, and servo drives, and one for all the high voltage stuff
[19:44:43] -!- elmo40 has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[19:44:43] <danimal_garage> this should elinate my electrical noise issues
[19:45:27] <danimal_garage> and yes Jymmm, i'll use panduit
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[20:13:59] <skunkworks> http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/panel/electricalbox.jpg
[20:14:00] <skunkworks> scary?
[20:14:45] <skunkworks> (camera sort of distorts...)
[20:15:50] <archivist> I am not scared :)
[20:16:14] <JT-Shop> psha: this ain't my first building rodeo :)
[20:17:25] * skunkworks still has to screw in the relays in the lower left
[20:17:36] <skunkworks> they are just hung on 1 screw
[20:18:42] <archivist> I was contemplating mentioning the squareness/lack of on the lower left...but was far too polite :)
[20:18:51] <skunkworks> heh
[20:19:20] <archivist> and the two power resistors!
[20:19:34] <skunkworks> that was by design
[20:19:40] <skunkworks> so it fit on the angle iron that is holding them
[20:19:45] <archivist> I cant talk with my fugly control :)
[20:20:19] <skunkworks> for the most part - the high and low level signals are separated
[20:20:32] <skunkworks> :)\
[20:25:27] <skunkworks> bbl
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[20:36:20] <danimal_garage> i wonder what the lightswitch does
[20:36:31] <danimal_garage> and the one lonely servo amp
[20:37:11] <danimal_garage> i'm guessing for a future rotary table
[20:37:24] -!- maximilian_h [maximilian_h!~bonsai@stgt-4d03a1d7.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #emc
[20:37:35] <danimal_garage> no panduit, Jymmm would be sore
[20:48:00] -!- maximilian_h1 [maximilian_h1!~bonsai@stgt-5f70cef4.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #emc
[20:48:53] -!- maximilian_h has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[20:52:23] <mrsunshine_> some new stuff ordered, Z axis setter and some endmills and an edge finder, good stuff to have :P
[20:52:40] <mrsunshine_> and i still freakin dont have the mill running ... sigh, havent even used the last stuff i ordered :P
[20:53:17] <danimal_garage> haha
[20:53:20] <mrsunshine_> oh well now i have a real reason to get it together =)
[20:53:23] <danimal_garage> you sound like me
[20:53:31] <danimal_garage> who?
[20:53:41] <mrsunshine_> danimal_garage, well if it wasnt for "industry standard" it would be running
[20:53:47] <danimal_garage> did you order a cradek?
[20:54:02] <mrsunshine_> everything is freakin to hell ...
[20:54:11] <mrsunshine_> one would expect pulleys etc to be round ... but nooo :P
[20:54:17] <mrsunshine_> its like its retards making em :/
[20:54:26] -!- psha has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[20:54:27] <danimal_garage> if i had my own cradek, my machine would be running smoothly
[20:54:29] <mrsunshine_> i would do a better job with files and a grinder :P
[20:54:46] <danimal_garage> lol... they have someone making $3 an hour making them
[20:55:48] <mrsunshine_> so now im gonna build myself a A axis when i get it running again (i can just change pulley back to the one i had that is lighter but still a bit off to make a crude but better pulley :P )
[20:56:30] <mrsunshine_> but it vibrates like heck so not very good :P
[20:58:07] <danimal_garage> yea, i make my own pullies
[20:58:18] <danimal_garage> way better than the crap i've bought
[20:58:34] <danimal_garage> at least they're concentric
[20:59:21] <danimal_garage> well i just welded the studs in my enclosure for my electrical plannel. Now to lay out the board.
[20:59:29] <danimal_garage> pannel*
[21:01:13] <danimal_garage> harbor freight has these imitation kennedy toolboxes on sale for $149 right now... i'm so tempted, but i dont think i can bring my self to buy a knockoff
[21:01:26] <danimal_garage> i have morals, somewhat
[21:14:53] -!- Guest833 [Guest833!~Guest833@78-83-51-185.spectrumnet.bg] has joined #emc
[21:17:17] -!- maximilian_h1 has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[21:18:26] -!- garage_seb [garage_seb!~seb@174-16-125-123.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #emc
[21:18:52] <garage_seb> there's something I'm missing with tlo & coord system offsets
[21:19:26] <garage_seb> i'm in axis, i've got a tool loaded, and at the bottom of the axis window it says "Tool 100, offset 0, diameter 0.125", just like i'd expect
[21:19:36] <garage_seb> tool 100, z tlo 0, perfect
[21:19:36] <mrsunshine_> ough just came to the realization ive spent about 3000$ on my mill and so far all it has done is build itself and some backplates for some audio stuff for a firend :P
[21:19:59] <garage_seb> i jog down and roll a .500 dowel pin between the work and the tool
[21:20:22] <garage_seb> i hit "Z" then "End" in axis, and the Touch-Off window pops up
[21:20:44] <garage_seb> I select "P1 G54" and enter a Z coordinate of 0.5
[21:20:54] -!- Guest833 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:21:21] <garage_seb> when i hit enter, the dro in the Axis preview window shows Z = -2.5811, not 0.5 like i'd expect
[21:21:26] <garage_seb> what am i missing?
[21:21:48] <danimal_garage> go into mdi and type g54
[21:21:56] <garage_seb> i'm in g54
[21:22:13] <garage_seb> according to the Active G-Codes list in the F5 mdi tab
[21:22:16] <danimal_garage> try g43h100
[21:22:31] <garage_seb> ah
[21:23:06] <garage_seb> still no change
[21:23:08] <danimal_garage> the proper tool offset needs to be selected for the tool
[21:23:18] <danimal_garage> you may need to touch it off again
[21:23:44] <danimal_garage> you likely touched it off with the wrong tool offset
[21:25:54] <garage_seb> that worked, thanks
[21:25:59] <garage_seb> but i dont understand why
[21:26:33] <danimal_garage> because the machine thought it had a different tool loaded
[21:26:34] <garage_seb> i did t100 m6 g43, which moved to the tool-change position but did not request a tool change (since i already had t100 loaded)
[21:27:28] <danimal_garage> you can have a t100m6 g43h99 and it'll use the offset for t99
[21:27:52] <danimal_garage> you always have to type in g43h#
[21:28:00] <danimal_garage> before you touch off
[21:28:59] <danimal_garage> if you don't, it will use the tool offset for the last tool used
[21:29:19] <danimal_garage> and that'll screw it all up
[21:29:27] <garage_seb> g43 without an h uses the tlo of the currently loaded tool, right?
[21:29:48] <danimal_garage> not that i know of, but i always use g43h# no matter what
[21:29:56] <danimal_garage> better safe than sorry imo
[21:29:57] <garage_seb> ok, thanks :-)
[21:30:08] <danimal_garage> i never looked into it though
[21:30:27] <danimal_garage> no prob
[21:34:49] <garage_seb> yes indeed "T#<t> M6 G43" appears to use the z tlo from the tool that was loaded just before that block started executing, ie not tool #<t> but the tool before it
[21:35:02] <garage_seb> that's not what i expected
[21:35:09] <garage_seb> did that change between 2.4 and master?
[21:36:04] <danimal_garage> i dont know, i have 2.3.6 and it's been the same for at least 2 years
[21:36:32] <danimal_garage> i'm not sure what version i started with but it was 2 years ago
[21:40:17] <garage_seb> urgh, i'm an idiot
[21:40:32] <garage_seb> i'm calling someone else's subroutine, and it programs g49
[21:40:37] <garage_seb> wow that was confusing
[21:42:56] <danimal_garage> lol
[21:43:10] <danimal_garage> dont worry, i've done dumber stuff
[21:43:44] <Jymmm> aint that the truth ;)
[21:47:06] <danimal_garage> at least one of them wasnt living in the bay area
[21:50:01] <Jymmm> Yeah, because nobody wants to enjoy 70F weather
[21:50:36] <danimal_garage> it's warmer than that here
[21:51:00] <Jymmm> there ya go
[21:51:21] <danimal_garage> i like it about 80
[21:51:36] <danimal_garage> 70 is cold for me
[21:55:16] <Jymmm> It's still much nicer than these bastards that are snowed in!
[21:55:26] <danimal_garage> hahah hell yea
[21:55:50] <danimal_garage> which reminds me, i need to call my parents in Maine and rub it in
[21:55:56] <Jymmm> lol
[22:04:23] <danimal_garage> should i put in a line filter for the servo drives for the a/c power?
[22:04:56] <danimal_garage> the downside would be less room in the enclosure, making things closer together
[22:17:10] -!- garage_seb has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[22:31:31] -!- rob_melb [rob_melb!~rob@c114-77-46-131.brodm3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has parted #emc
[22:35:36] -!- me345 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:52:03] -!- jrshaul [jrshaul!~joseph@76-250-34-198.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #emc
[22:53:02] -!- Fox_Muldr has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[22:53:16] -!- Valen [Valen!~Valen@ppp121-44-99-14.lns20.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #emc
[22:54:42] -!- Fox_Muldr [Fox_Muldr!quakeman@frnk-5f746d81.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #emc
[22:59:22] -!- micges [micges!~micges@adff157.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #emc
[23:02:48] -!- micges has quit [Client Quit]
[23:06:39] <danimal_garage> do computer power supplies and hard drives cause a lot of electrical noise?
[23:06:53] -!- coldelectrons has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[23:07:01] <Jymmm> PS especially
[23:07:10] <danimal_garage> dang
[23:07:30] <Jymmm> They're switching ps, so produce lots of noie
[23:07:35] <Jymmm> They're switching ps, so produce lots of noise
[23:07:37] <danimal_garage> i wonder how far i need it away from the feedback cables from my servo drives
[23:07:48] <Jymmm> shield it/them
[23:08:26] <danimal_garage> they cables are
[23:08:31] <danimal_garage> the*
[23:08:52] <Jymmm> faraday cage?
[23:09:22] <Jymmm> are boht ends of the cable shields grounded?
[23:09:57] <danimal_garage> yes
[23:10:06] <danimal_garage> not much room for a cage
[23:10:12] <Jymmm> You should only ground ONE end, not both
[23:10:17] <danimal_garage> ah
[23:10:21] <danimal_garage> ok
[23:10:42] <danimal_garage> thanks
[23:10:47] <Jymmm> np
[23:11:00] <danimal_garage> i'm definitely not an electrical engineer or any sorts
[23:11:08] <Jymmm> me neither
[23:11:10] <danimal_garage> but i want to do this enclosure right
[23:11:53] <danimal_garage> the manual says separate the feedback wires from a/c lines by at least an inch
[23:12:08] <danimal_garage> i wonder if 3" would be enough for the power supply
[23:17:59] <danimal_garage> i wonder if the feedback cables make their own noise. like i wonder if i'd have issues if the encoder cables ran right next to the resolver cables
[23:20:15] <cpresser_> danimal_garage: most of this stuff could be caclulated in some way. but reality is always another thing than the values on the paper
[23:21:08] <cpresser_> some digital signals (for example spdif-audio) make more noise than the PSU itself
[23:21:39] <danimal_garage> hmm interesting
[23:22:12] <danimal_garage> do the ribbon cables between my 5i20 and daugther boards need to be somewhat isolated?
[23:22:32] <danimal_garage> i've never had problems with them running near ac lines, but figured i'd ask
[23:22:38] <cpresser_> basically, the amount of noise depends on: signal frequency (lower frequ, less noise); amperage, voltage (lower-> less noise)
[23:23:28] <danimal_garage> that would explain why i got more reedback issues when my spindle was running at 120hz than it did at 60hz
[23:23:35] <danimal_garage> feedback*
[23:23:42] <cpresser_> depends on the kind of signals they transport. if a signal itself has 'high power' (voltage, amperage) it is less prone for noise
[23:24:22] <danimal_garage> it's probably all 5v
[23:25:05] <danimal_garage> where's pcw_home when you need him!
[23:25:08] <cpresser_> worst-case: try wrapping the ribbon-cables in aluminium-foil :)
[23:25:39] <danimal_garage> haha
[23:25:41] <cpresser_> if the design itself is good (every second cable is 0V or 5V static), ribbon cables are less suspective to noise
[23:25:50] <danimal_garage> ah ok
[23:25:52] <cpresser_> thats the reason there were those ide80 cables
[23:27:19] <cpresser_> the aluminium-foil was no joke. that really helps
[23:27:39] <danimal_garage> i hope 2 inches is far enough away for my harddrive from my feedback cables
[23:27:56] <danimal_garage> i know, i still couldnt bring myself to do that though
[23:28:01] <cpresser_> thats 5centimeters. that sould suffice
[23:28:12] <danimal_garage> cool
[23:28:36] <danimal_garage> i got the power supply about 5-6" away at it's closest corner
[23:28:49] <cpresser_> the worse electomagnetic stuff goes with 1/r³
[23:29:05] <cpresser_> so double the disctance: get 1/8 of the noise
[23:29:27] <cpresser_> the PSU itself sould be shielded. that also helps
[23:29:29] <danimal_garage> ah cool
[23:29:59] <danimal_garage> i think i got the pannel figured out
[23:30:11] <danimal_garage> thanks for the info
[23:30:15] -!- jrshaul has quit [Quit: jrshaul]
[23:30:25] <cpresser_> take some pictures when you are done :)
[23:30:33] <danimal_garage> will do!
[23:30:39] <danimal_garage> hopefully the mill runs again
[23:30:53] <cpresser_> what kind of mill is it?
[23:31:06] <danimal_garage> shizuoka AN-S
[23:31:36] <danimal_garage> it was already running on emc, but it had steppers. i just convered it to servos and i'm building a new enclosure for it
[23:31:58] <cpresser_> i am also thinking about switching to servos
[23:32:10] <danimal_garage> what kind of machine?
[23:32:15] <cpresser_> its a gantry
[23:32:24] <danimal_garage> cool
[23:32:24] <cpresser_> DIY-Design, ballscrews
[23:32:30] <danimal_garage> nice
[23:32:39] <danimal_garage> servos made a big difference
[23:32:51] <danimal_garage> mine's a big knee mill
[23:32:56] <cpresser_> in which aspect? (the servos)
[23:33:09] <danimal_garage> it had clunky old 1300 oz/in steppers, slower than snot
[23:33:30] <cpresser_> that would be in metic? :D
[23:33:41] <danimal_garage> it's MUCH faster and more accurate (provided there's no electrical noise)
[23:33:45] <cpresser_> oz = ?
[23:34:17] <danimal_garage> 9.2 nm i think?
[23:34:54] <cpresser_> ah, its torque :)
[23:35:29] <cpresser_> since the mill is that big, yes i can think of its speed
[23:36:08] <danimal_garage> it was 100in/min before in rapid
[23:36:27] <danimal_garage> it's now at 300ipm, and it's not fully tuned yet. i think i can get more out if it
[23:36:36] <JT-Shop> Sweet Dan
[23:36:39] <cpresser_> 300 is quite fast :) nice
[23:36:55] <danimal_garage> it's getting towards "fast enough"
[23:37:05] <JT-Shop> that has got to scare you a bit when you rapid down to within 0.100 of the work piece
[23:37:11] <danimal_garage> 400-500ipm would be nice
[23:37:28] <danimal_garage> haha yea, i'm getting used to it
[23:38:03] <danimal_garage> the best part of servos is no missed steps
[23:38:15] <danimal_garage> i had problems with that
[23:38:24] <cpresser_> yeah, that sucks
[23:38:41] <cpresser_> fortunately i dont have issues with misseing steps
[23:39:24] <cpresser_> so no real reason to get servos. i also got around 200in/min rapid. thats not the fastest, but it suffices
[23:39:44] <danimal_garage> yea, thats not too bad
[23:39:56] <danimal_garage> my acceleration was horrible with the steppers
[23:40:00] <JT-Shop> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Shop%20Addition/P2120001.jpg
[23:40:09] <JT-Shop> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Shop%20Addition/P2120002.jpg
[23:40:16] <JT-Shop> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Shop%20Addition/P2120003.jpg
[23:40:42] <JT-Shop> of course I had to climb down to take the photos
[23:40:43] <danimal_garage> oh no! part of it fell down!
[23:40:51] <danimal_garage> :)
[23:40:54] <JT-Shop> LOL it fell up
[23:41:15] <cpresser_> hehe, as a european, i always wonder how people can build houses without using stones and concrete :)
[23:41:15] <danimal_garage> depends on which one i looked at first!
[23:41:20] <JT-Shop> I should get the lookouts done tomorrow
[23:41:31] <danimal_garage> nice! looking good
[23:41:38] <JT-Shop> over here you build it with barky sticks
[23:41:42] <JT-Shop> thanks Dan
[23:42:26] <danimal_garage> my house is mostly concrete
[23:42:35] <danimal_garage> stucco
[23:42:45] <danimal_garage> it's a sort of concrete
[23:43:02] <JT-Shop> that is some tough stuff to drill through
[23:43:09] <danimal_garage> yea
[23:43:33] <danimal_garage> i went through a couple sawzall blades when i put the doggy door through the wall
[23:43:42] <JT-Shop> 23 days till Mardi Gras I think I'll have the roof done before then
[23:45:12] <danimal_garage> nice, are you going to throw beads off your roof for your topless neighbors?
[23:45:18] <JT-Shop> cpresser_: I used concrete http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Shop%20Addition/P1010042.jpg
[23:45:31] <JT-Shop> I can't throw that far LOL
[23:45:40] <danimal_garage> ha
[23:45:57] <JT-Shop> but if I could you could not miss one of them
[23:47:31] -!- Valen has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[23:47:53] -!- Valen [Valen!~Valen@ppp121-44-99-14.lns20.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #emc
[23:47:59] <danimal_garage> haha
[23:48:06] <danimal_garage> a couple bigguns?
[23:48:19] -!- acemi has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
[23:48:26] <JT-Shop> more than a couple LOL a herd of them
[23:48:36] <danimal_garage> i know you southerners like to eat some hearty food
[23:48:50] -!- odiug has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
[23:48:51] <Valen> topless neighbours?
[23:48:56] <Valen> pics or it didnt happen
[23:49:12] <JT-Shop> this ain't the south... you can't get grits in a restaurant
[23:49:27] <JT-Shop> Valen: I don't want to break my poor camera :P
[23:49:28] <danimal_garage> arent you in a southern state?
[23:49:37] <JT-Shop> mid west
[23:49:44] <danimal_garage> JT-Shop, wide angle lens!
[23:49:47] <Jymmm> Yeah, just roadkill possum stew
[23:49:47] <danimal_garage> ah ok
[23:49:55] <JT-Shop> Missouri
[23:50:03] <danimal_garage> thats right
[23:50:32] <Valen> JT-Shop: oh, not the good kind of neighbour topless :-0
[23:50:59] <danimal_garage> Valen, depends, do you like them below the waist line?
[23:51:15] <Valen> theres a couple of uni students 2 doors up from me, the tall blonde one and her little brunette friend who seems to sleep over some nights
[23:51:23] <Valen> mmmmmmmmmmm
[23:51:35] <danimal_garage> valen, pics or it didnt happen
[23:51:41] <Valen> I *wish*
[23:52:00] <danimal_garage> stop dicking around on irc and get on it
[23:52:04] <Valen> need that stealth quadcopter with gopro 1080p camera on it lol
[23:52:33] <Valen> rofl "get on it ay" my missus might take issue with that for some reason, even if i invited her to join in
[23:52:52] <JT-Shop> they never seem to understand
[23:52:54] <Jymmm> GIT ER DONE!
[23:53:04] <Valen> got your encoder working any better?
[23:54:46] <danimal_garage> yea, it was working, now it's all apart so i can wire my new enclosure
[23:56:47] <JT-Shop> what did you end up getting?
[23:56:49] <danimal_garage> me?
[23:56:49] <danimal_garage> i didnt have to get anything, i got the old resolver working
[23:56:49] <JT-Shop> enclosure
[23:56:52] <danimal_garage> oh
[23:57:14] <danimal_garage> i got one from a local machinery dismantler. it's an old fanuc enclosure
[23:57:25] <danimal_garage> $20 with 2 fans in it
[23:57:31] <JT-Shop> cool
[23:58:04] <danimal_garage> it's like 30x22x12
[23:58:13] <danimal_garage> it looks like it will work out
[23:58:25] <JT-Shop> i love it when a plan comes together
[23:58:30] <danimal_garage> i got the pannel layed out, now i just have to drill and tap
[23:58:47] <danimal_garage> JT-Shop watches the a-team
[23:59:25] <JT-Shop> well guys it has been a long day and time for me to vegetate