#emc | Logs for 2010-12-27

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[01:29:54] <leo> jt - still working on it
[01:30:11] <leo> works open loop but still ironing out closed loop
[01:34:05] <Connor> Okay, I was doing some drilling operations with my CNC.. (Drilling holes in my spoiler board to be exact).. and right at the end of each hole.. it would kinda "pop" a little.. after it was done, I looked at the holes and they're a little out of round.. I'm trying to figure out if my dust shoe was causing too much resistance when it got that far down or what...
[01:35:16] <leo> but 300 rpm still says 170 on the drive lcd
[01:35:22] <leo> and 200 says 50
[01:35:35] <leo> but 500 and up are witihin 20 rpm
[01:36:25] <leo> thinking i need to work in the drive'
[01:55:39] <leo> can I watch the wave of the spindle encoder in halmeter?
[01:55:51] <leo> as in seeing a,a-, b,b-, etc
[01:59:16] <leo> it looks like the pid is doing nothing
[01:59:22] <leo> have to figure out why
[02:10:03] <leo> when I try to load a mux16 or time it crashes on load saying it can't find that component
[02:10:18] <leo> but says version 2.4.26 screen says 2.4.6
[02:10:26] <leo> so what version am I running?
[03:55:52] <Dave_n> open Emc2 is the Best...
[03:56:13] <Dave_n> but still not as good as http://zombo.com/
[03:56:33] <Dave_n> ...
[06:43:35] <Connor> Is there a way to "nest" Mach3 has ability to clone a part so you can cut multiple out at one time.. how do you do this in emc?
[07:00:55] <Connor> Anyone?
[07:04:55] <psha> ask 12 hours later :)
[07:05:27] <Connor> Yea. I know. it's 2am here.. and I'm bored..
[07:05:32] <psha> channel is not very active at 7:00 UTC :)
[10:34:10] <archivist> Connor, a subroutine in your Gcode
[10:39:55] <Jymmm> I was lasering some thing cardboard and without realizing it I set off the smoke alarm across the room. oooops!
[10:40:00] <Jymmm> thin
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[17:06:18] <___red___> http://red.pwn.me/ring.jpg
[17:06:35] <___red___> figured you guys might want a laugh at my first CNC project
[17:06:41] <___red___> done with emc of course
[17:07:55] <___red___> it's about a half inch across
[17:08:15] <___red___> and eaten way too many < 1mm milling bits
[17:08:20] <cradek> what is the material?
[17:09:05] <___red___> copper sheet
[17:09:19] <___red___> I want to do silver at some point in the future
[17:09:20] <cradek> ooh, copper is very nasty to cut
[17:09:28] <___red___> but copper is a nice soft metal dfor me to prototype on
[17:09:34] <archivist> copper is sticky
[17:09:44] <archivist> and work hardens
[17:09:46] <___red___> hah, I sabotaged myself then?
[17:09:46] <cradek> you will have much better luck with brass
[17:09:52] <cradek> most definitely
[17:09:56] <cradek> :-)
[17:09:59] <archivist> brass is better to learn on
[17:10:08] <___red___> I would have preffered brass too :-P
[17:10:25] <___red___> I started with US quarters
[17:10:33] <___red___> I'm not sure what they're made from
[17:10:38] <cradek> same here
[17:10:46] <archivist> and having seen that pic, was the design symetric
[17:10:54] <___red___> no it wasn't
[17:11:07] <___red___> it was explicitly designed not to be symmetric
[17:11:16] <archivist> eyes?
[17:11:26] <___red___> oh, and the bit cut out on the right side of the "cheek" is a design error
[17:11:28] <___red___> not a cnc issue
[17:11:34] <archivist> im looking for machene errors
[17:11:47] <archivist> machine
[17:12:05] <___red___> honestly, I snapped my last milling bit
[17:12:17] <___red___> so I just let the rest of the design run with the snubby end
[17:12:24] <___red___> which iks why everything looks concave
[17:12:50] <___red___> so I need a source of cheaper bits (my local tool shop will bankrupt me at my current rate)
[17:12:59] <___red___> and to move away from copper
[17:13:47] <tom3p> /join #emc-devel
[17:13:50] <archivist> depth of cut may be too large for your set up
[17:14:49] <___red___> I'
[17:14:52] <___red___> m still learning
[17:14:59] <___red___> still very, very new to this
[17:15:32] <___red___> trying to think more like a machineist and less like a programmer
[17:15:59] <___red___> Although I do see me writing some gcode software in the near future
[17:16:08] <___red___> just looking for a "back plotter" for linux
[17:16:42] <___red___> I did however successfully manage to mill my first pcb
[17:16:51] <archivist> what do you mean by "back plotter"
[17:16:58] <___red___> well, first successful one to be more accurate :-)
[17:16:59] <cradek> emc in sim mode is much better than any program that's not emc for previewing gcode that will run on emc
[17:17:27] <tom3p> ^^ there already is a backplotter
[17:17:34] <tom3p> itds called emc
[17:18:29] <___red___> by backplotyter I mean something that will show me what will happen to the material
[17:18:37] <___red___> I see the toolpaths in emc for sure
[17:18:47] <___red___> I should probably eat the manual more
[17:19:05] <___red___> btw, I appreciate the LaTeX ;-)
[17:20:19] <archivist> there are a few things around to show material removal but they are incomplete at the moment
[17:21:08] <tom3p> simulated stock removal, aka 'nerf stock', some work had been done, search archives, search for stuff like voxels
[17:21:45] <cradek> after a while you kind of learn to see it from the tool paths...
[17:23:32] <___red___> makes sense to me