#emc | Logs for 2010-11-25

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[00:16:19] <WalterN> http://apina.biz/36434.jpg
[00:27:13] <Jymmm> Valen: a dust collector's worth =)
[00:44:25] <Valen> asstonnes you mean
[00:44:42] <Valen> I'd look at using foam rather than pellets
[01:13:02] <nathan> hi
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[01:23:04] <ries> WalterN: on TED there was recently a talk about just that... Math is to theoratical... Mr Wolfram want's to promote Math from a more real world point of view
[01:23:30] <WalterN> s/to/too
[01:23:40] <WalterN> /g
[01:24:01] <WalterN> TED?
[01:35:38] <PCW> www.ted.com
[01:51:42] <WalterN> ries: http://www.ted.com/talks/conrad_wolfram_teaching_kids_real_math_with_computers.html ?
[01:52:14] <WalterN> ries: I'd agree with that.. though if followed, math turns into physics, more or less
[02:06:06] <WalterN> then again, learning math from a physics point of view would make things more enjoyable
[03:09:54] <ries> WalterN: yup.. that's the one
[03:23:33] <Valen> I think that kids should in high school have a core of maths/science, english (comprehension, not art) and life competency (how to apply for a home loan, bank account, manage your finances) then they should undertake projects
[03:24:05] <Valen> might throw in some sort of compulsory arty subject as well
[03:24:26] <Valen> but most of their time should be spent learning to actually do things
[03:26:20] <WalterN> I wish piano lessons had extended longer than 6months when I was little
[03:27:31] <WalterN> heh, when I turned 21 I insisted on a violin for a birthday present
[03:28:03] <Valen> I reckon they might also want to recognise that some people just aren't cut out to be rocket surgeons and let people be ok with that.
[03:28:29] <WalterN> rocket surgery.. heh
[03:29:06] <WalterN> rocket engines are fun to design and make too
[03:29:12] <Valen> http://www.threadless.com/submission/46364/It
[03:29:22] <Valen> http://vinteeage.com/it-s-not-rocket-surgery-t-shirt-vintage-t-shirt-review-snorg-tees-snorg-tees/
[03:29:52] <WalterN> erm.. I dont get it?
[03:29:58] <Valen> * Valen has a degree in space science
[03:30:20] <Valen> they are t shirts with the "its not rocket surgery" line on them
[03:30:30] <WalterN> right, why?
[03:30:48] <Valen> mixing brain surgery with rocket science
[03:30:50] <Valen> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THNPmhBl-8I
[03:30:57] <Valen> might add some backround
[03:35:43] <WalterN> heh, funny
[03:35:53] <WalterN> but, that does not make those shirts funny
[03:36:06] <Valen> I guess you had to be there
[03:36:29] <WalterN> be where?
[03:36:36] <Valen> on the internet
[03:36:50] <WalterN> you are confusing
[03:37:04] <Valen> most people seem to get rocket science and brain surgery
[03:37:12] <Valen> the shirt is mixing the two
[03:37:23] <Valen> IE mixing the two guys from that video
[03:37:29] <WalterN> I'm just going to pretend that I never saw that shirt/logo thing
[03:37:41] <Valen> thats probably for the best
[03:39:47] <Valen> you laughed at it when I said it the first time
[03:40:10] <WalterN> heh is not necessirly laughing
[03:40:17] <Valen> thats all it is
[03:40:32] <Valen> most tshirts don't involve rolling on the floor laughing
[03:40:40] <Valen> it'd be rather inconvenient
[03:40:40] <WalterN> I was 'chuckeling' to my self thinking about how lame it sounded
[03:40:48] <Valen> kinda the point
[03:41:01] <WalterN> oh, ok
[03:41:05] <WalterN> why didnt you say so?
[03:41:28] <Valen> you said building rockets was fun
[03:41:39] <Valen> I presumed you would get humor ;-P
[03:41:51] <WalterN> building rockets is fun
[03:41:56] <Valen> http://shirtoid.com/12592/nothing-is-unpossible/
[03:42:16] <WalterN> ugh
[03:42:23] <WalterN> thats worse
[03:42:40] <Valen> yup
[03:43:21] <WalterN> http://www.zazzle.com/saturn_v_t_shirt-235516630636639798 win
[03:43:41] <Valen> not actually funny though
[03:43:50] <WalterN> its not lame either
[03:44:06] <Valen> lame on purpose is funny
[03:44:10] <Valen> its my kind of funny
[03:44:17] <WalterN> its lame
[03:44:20] <Valen> and lame isn't really the right word
[03:44:24] <WalterN> it is
[03:44:36] <Valen> sardonic is better perhaps
[03:46:04] <WalterN> though I guess my "Fashion instuitute of Technology" shirt is kinda along the same lines
[03:46:15] <Valen> 's what I mean
[03:46:55] <WalterN> though it does not have a lame picture to go with it :P
[03:47:11] <Valen> guess it lacks some awesome then
[03:50:31] <Valen> you on AR?
[03:54:43] <WalterN> AR?
[03:55:24] <Valen> Amatuer Rocketry
[03:55:36] <WalterN> is that a channel or something?
[03:55:46] <Valen> has John Carmack, and a bunch of the other X-Prize competidors on it
[03:55:49] <Valen> mailing list
[03:55:55] <WalterN> no
[03:56:04] <Valen> googling amatuer is a bad idea
[03:56:12] <WalterN> I did start ##rocketry though :)
[03:56:33] <WalterN> and emailed that richard nakka guy a couple times
[03:57:00] <Valen> he is or was on it
[03:57:10] <Valen> i think the sugar guys started their own list
[04:00:07] <WalterN> http://store.xkcd.com/xkcd/#TechSupport awesome
[04:00:41] <Valen> heh yeah
[04:00:55] <Valen> I should set that as the desktop image for my clients
[04:01:23] <WalterN> they have that as a shirt
[04:01:37] <Valen> I saw
[04:02:12] <Valen> http://store.xkcd.com/xkcd/#Sudo is also good
[04:10:32] <WalterN> http://gilesbowkett.com/images/venn_diagram_example.gif would make a good shirt
[04:10:37] <WalterN> for college
[06:47:25] <elmo40> WalterN: I am confused about the 'those who get it and to not get it'.
[06:49:37] <Valen> elmo40: that places you into another group, perhaps the center
[07:15:53] <psha> logger_emc: bookmark
[07:15:53] <psha> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2010-11-25.txt
[08:18:22] <Bonn1> psha here?
[08:38:25] <psha> Bonn1: yea
[08:41:06] <Bonny> I can't find controlls for flip
[08:42:04] <Bonny> and get-apt update,get-apt install camview-emc says that software is already up to date.
[08:42:19] <Bonny> I mean apt-get :D
[08:42:38] <psha> you have to build chain manually with camview
[08:43:13] <Bonny> ?
[08:44:05] <psha> create and save chain with camview
[08:44:35] <psha> input, flip, output
[08:44:43] <psha> and crosshair
[08:50:47] <Bonn1> camview-emc -C ~/emc2/camviewcfg
[08:50:53] <Bonn1> works from terminal
[08:51:06] <Bonn1> but not from axis (no image at all)
[08:51:18] <Bonn1> EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -C ~/emc2/camviewcfg -w {XID}
[08:53:11] <psha> how it complains?
[08:53:42] <Bonn1> doesn't complains just no image
[08:53:57] <Bonn1> not even blackbox
[08:54:10] <Bonn1> just empty tab.
[08:54:27] <psha> run emc from console
[08:54:46] <psha> there will be some errors in output if something goes wrong
[08:57:01] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~/emc2-new$ source scripts/emc-environment
[08:57:01] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~/emc2-new$ emc
[08:57:01] <Bonn1> EMC2 - 2.5.0~pre
[08:57:01] <Bonn1> Machine configuration directory is '/home/slavko/emc2/configs/IronCncII'
[08:57:01] <Bonn1> Machine configuration file is 'Caa3Axis.ini'
[08:57:01] <Bonn1> Starting EMC2...
[08:57:01] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkVBox.orientation
[08:57:02] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[08:57:02] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: CamUnitChainGLWidget.orientation
[08:57:03] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[08:57:03] <Bonn1> Traceback (most recent call last):
[08:57:04] <Bonn1> File "/usr/bin/camview-emc", line 232, in <module>
[08:57:51] <psha> that's all? there is something interesting :)
[08:58:15] <psha> after 'File....'
[08:58:35] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/i7xBymB9
[08:59:02] <Bonn1> I violated forum rules :(
[08:59:11] <Bonn1> ... and message got stripped
[08:59:52] <psha> ~ substitution is performed by shell
[09:00:25] <psha> so you have either to give absolute path or place that config file in INI dir and give relative one
[09:02:51] <Bonn1> ok I stripped ~/emc/ and put that config to ini folder
[09:02:58] <Bonn1> seems workable
[09:03:27] <psha> segfault when start camview with -g flag was caused by uninitialized RTAI
[09:03:37] <psha> you have to start emc before starting camview-emc -g
[09:03:47] <Bonn1> ?
[09:04:34] <Bonn1> it works
[09:05:10] <psha> so you may bind buttons somewhere (for example custom MDI commands in halui)
[09:05:40] <psha> also imagebin.ca is dead now and i've lost your images without crosshair
[09:06:11] <Bonn1> how to bind buttons?
[09:06:55] <Bonn1> yesterday i twigling how to offset to se image withow disturbed MDI
[09:07:33] <Bonn1> and wit help here we was find solution. just need 2 MDI lines for each button.
[09:07:40] <psha> yes
[09:08:30] <psha> add G0 Xtool-pos Ytool-pos and G0 Xcam-pos Ycam-pos as HALUI MDI commands
[09:08:53] <psha> then net camview.hal_button1 => halui.mdi-command-0 (or which index it has)
[09:09:03] <Bonn1> And how to incorporate that buttons (in real need 3 of them. 1 to save camviev config (right color and crosshair circle) and 2 to cam offset on/off
[09:09:23] <psha> you may edit colors in chain config
[09:10:19] <Bonn1> ok for color can be done. but croshair circle is little odd way.
[09:11:45] <psha> ?
[09:12:15] <Bonn1> How to save croshair circle diameter when in EMC?
[09:13:09] <Bonn1> quit emc, start camview and setup right one, save config, quit camview, start EMC2
[09:13:22] <psha> it's easier to just edit config file :)
[09:13:25] <Bonn1> little long way
[09:13:41] <psha> it's xml but very simple
[09:13:47] <Bonn1> I think but how big is just right?
[09:14:38] <Bonn1> with slider set right one, edit xml, write right....
[09:14:40] <Bonn1> ehh
[09:14:54] <Bonn1> Is Save button that hard?
[09:15:05] <psha> no, but i don't see place for it now :))
[09:15:08] <psha> i'll add it
[09:15:18] <Bonn1> btw the button's aren't here at all.
[09:16:06] <Bonn1> (we didn't finish it)
[09:16:39] <psha> set -u path-to vcp-file
[09:16:53] <psha> you've downloaded from http://psha.org.ru/tmp
[09:17:09] <Bonn1> for save I think right place is under controls->main->Save
[09:23:31] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~/emc2-new$ camview-emc -u ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/camview-emc.ui
[09:23:31] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkVBox.orientation
[09:23:31] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[09:23:31] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: CamUnitChainGLWidget.orientation
[09:23:31] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[09:23:32] <Bonn1> Traceback (most recent call last):
[09:23:32] <Bonn1> File "/usr/bin/camview-emc", line 232, in <module>
[09:23:33] <Bonn1> view = EmcView(options)
[09:23:33] <Bonn1> File "/usr/bin/camview-emc", line 53, in __init__
[09:23:34] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[09:23:34] <Bonn1> gobject.GError: Invalid object type `HAL_Button'
[09:23:35] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~/emc2-new$
[09:24:14] <psha> -g
[09:24:30] <psha> flag is needed for gladevcp widgets
[09:24:53] <Bonn1> hmm RTAPI err
[09:26:07] <psha> start EMC
[09:26:09] <Bonn1> I start EMC without camview and after that camview in terminal
[09:26:12] <Bonn1> and got
[09:26:15] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~/emc2-new$ camview-emc -u ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/camview-emc.ui -g
[09:26:15] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkVBox.orientation
[09:26:15] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[09:26:15] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: CamUnitChainGLWidget.orientation
[09:26:16] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[09:26:16] <Bonn1> Active: 0; Widget: 0x82ceef8; Chain: 0x8344950
[09:26:16] <Bonn1> Active: 1; Widget: 0x82ceef8; Chain: 0x8344950
[09:26:17] <Bonn1> Active: 1; Widget: 0x82ceef8; Chain: 0x8344950
[09:26:17] <Bonn1> RTAPI: ERROR: version mismatch 0 vs 1
[09:26:18] <Bonn1> RTAPI: ERROR: bad module ID: -22
[09:26:18] <Bonn1> HAL: ERROR: could not open shared memory
[09:26:19] <Bonn1> RTAPI: ERROR: bad module id
[09:27:25] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/WETk6Rvi
[09:28:32] <psha> both started in RIP environment?
[09:28:46] <psha> seem no
[09:33:04] <Bonn1> ehh mee.. How to do that.
[09:34:04] <psha> open two terminals
[09:34:06] <Bonn1> I just want to resend images for you but imagebin service is dead. some other?
[09:34:24] <psha> type 'imagebin' in google, there are many of them
[09:35:04] <Bonn1> do I need to source emc environment in both terminals?
[09:35:38] <psha> yes
[09:35:45] <psha> that's how RIP is working
[09:36:08] <psha> some extra steps to do before running but ensures that you have separate environments
[09:38:15] <Bonn1> ok I have 2 terminals with emc environment set
[09:38:44] <psha> run emc in one and camview in other
[09:39:38] <Bonn1> http://imagebin.org/124794
[09:40:23] <Bonn1> you mean camview-emc
[09:41:39] <psha> yes
[09:41:45] <Bonn1> ok it works (no image but got buttons
[09:41:54] <psha> thanks
[09:41:59] <psha> and one with PCB please
[09:42:01] <Bonn1> I will try inside emc
[09:42:04] <psha> since PCB is you main task?
[09:42:07] <Bonn1> on the way
[09:43:03] <Bonn1> http://imagebin.org/124796
[09:43:19] <Bonn1> hole offcenter to have shadows to make thing harder
[09:44:06] <Bonn1> http://imagebin.org/124797
[09:44:11] <Bonn1> pcb
[09:47:01] <psha> thanks
[09:47:27] <psha> i'll upload screenshots of detected circle in a minutes
[09:47:43] <Bonn1> http://imagebin.org/124798
[09:47:50] <Bonn1> is result for buttons.
[09:48:24] <Bonn1> the 1'st one is ok. but second one I like to be left or right of 1'st one instead bottom. Is that plausible?
[09:52:00] <psha> yes, but they'll eat place from controls
[09:53:09] <Bonn1> hmm can hide buttons when controls is oppened
[09:55:02] <psha> so maybe just create tab for control buttons? :)
[09:55:35] <psha> and just leave it opened?
[09:56:56] <psha> Bonn1: check images in http://psha.org.ru/tmp/
[09:56:59] <psha> detect-*
[09:57:14] <psha> second one is _much_ better
[09:57:23] <psha> since it has very contrast border
[09:59:12] <Bonn1> yeah contrast is function of just correct height and light.
[09:59:52] <psha> i'll now try pcb
[10:00:05] <psha> it's much more difficult since holes are very small
[10:00:09] <Bonn1> as area under cam is dark the sharp portition is shallow. If I put some recent light here then image is better.
[10:01:23] <Bonn1> about buttons.. If they are in own tab then will eat same or more space as it's eat now.
[10:01:56] <Bonn1> but if controls are oppened there are no need to be that buttons visible.
[10:02:01] <psha> true
[10:02:18] <psha> so if buttons and controls are mutable exclusive everything is all right
[10:02:51] <Bonn1> I think yes
[10:03:17] <psha> let's try
[10:03:32] <Bonn1> I must now try to route to halui to see if that's works
[10:04:11] <Bonn1> maybe the one checkbox will make same thing with less screen occupied.
[10:07:15] <psha> better way is to use togglebutton
[10:08:11] <Bonn1> I can't chang that as is not working on hardy
[10:08:18] <Bonn1> so please :D
[10:08:49] <Bonn1> funny is that I can't find the signal with halmeter
[10:09:44] <Bonn1> buttons should be connected to hal_buton1 and hal_button2 but can't find it in emc!
[10:11:13] <psha> they are only available when camview is up and running
[10:11:19] <psha> pins are camview.*
[10:13:00] <psha> i'll change commandline flags a bit
[10:13:24] <Bonn1> ok I see action in halmeter
[10:13:39] <Bonn1> now I need to connect with commands
[10:38:11] <Bonn1> seems there are chicken-egg problem
[10:38:22] <Bonn1> hal line net cam1 camview.hal_button1 => halui.mdi-command-00
[10:39:15] <Bonn1> cause error as camview isn't initiated..
[11:13:33] <Bonny> Someone know if custom_postgui.hal need some other configuration to run or just placing it to the ini folder is enougth
[11:18:52] <Bonn1> just to answer myself. It need to be declared POSTGUI_HALFILE = custom_postgui.hal
[11:49:09] <SadMan> how do you mount webcam to cnc?
[12:28:32] <Bonny> SadMan I just make housing from PCB material (soldered together) and glued to router
[13:01:58] <Bonny> SadMan just look to post #80 on http://tinyurl.com/38rkc9k
[13:02:19] <Bonny> There is how cam is mounted..
[13:02:27] <Bonny> psha hello.
[13:07:25] <SadMan> Bonny: interesting, thanks
[13:07:39] <Bonny> you welcom
[13:11:57] <psha> Bonny: i'm back
[13:12:07] <psha> my provider is nearly dead :)
[13:12:10] <Bonny> Hello...
[13:12:23] <Bonny> :(
[13:12:55] <Bonny> Ok I can test if all works and it's works. But have problems.
[13:13:24] <Bonny> I can't include required line in hal as camview pins isn't live
[13:13:38] <Bonny> so I typed that manulay every time.
[13:13:58] <psha> -H flag of camview takes HAL file to execute after component is ready
[13:14:08] <Bonny> but here is place for postgui_halfile
[13:14:24] <psha> this is known problem :(
[13:14:30] <psha> and not only camview affected
[13:14:42] <psha> postgui_halfile is executed strictly before loading tabs
[13:15:18] <Bonny> I find no help from him .. so only -H?!
[13:15:37] <psha> now - yes
[13:15:49] <psha> i hope we'll find more general solution for tabs
[13:16:08] <psha> but currently only way is to pass additional commands to components
[13:16:26] <psha> camview-emc with save button & place for custom VCP is building
[13:16:59] <Bonn1> -H doesn't work
[13:18:06] <Bonn1> Caa3Axis.hal:83: Pin 'camview.hal_button1' does not exist
[13:18:49] <Bonn1> does need to be in regular hal or in postgui one?
[13:19:32] <psha> create new HAL file
[13:20:05] <Bonn1> and?
[13:21:21] <psha> and place net commands there
[13:21:30] <psha> then give it as argument to -H
[13:26:01] <Bonn1> :D
[13:26:03] <Bonn1> works
[13:26:08] <psha> nice
[13:26:19] <psha> than upgrade camview-emc :)
[13:26:25] <psha> everything will break again :)
[13:26:33] <Bonn1> I have lunch...
[13:26:37] <psha> ok
[13:26:39] <Bonn1> latter
[13:26:52] <psha> hope i'll still have link alive :)
[13:29:54] <psha> i've uploaded two example VCP panels to http://psha.org.ru/tmp/
[13:30:05] <psha> example-vcp.ui is one toggle button
[13:30:16] <psha> example-vcp-3b.ui - three ordinar buttons
[13:38:53] <boelkmoeller3_> boelkmoeller3_ is now known as boelkmoeller3
[13:51:08] <jthornton> my 7 year old grandson painted this for me from a picture I put on facebook http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/?action=view&current=P1010007.jpg
[13:54:17] <jthornton_> here is the photo http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=100741193294106&set=a.100741189960773.1661.100000746761607
[13:54:44] <i_tarzan> blocked
[13:56:51] <jthornton> oh darn
[14:01:45] <jthornton_> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=100741193294106&set=a.100741189960773.1661.100000746761607
[14:01:55] <jthornton_> http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/?action=view&current=Jan312010.jpg
[14:02:11] <jthornton_> I can't even hit ctrl c this morning lol
[14:03:39] <Bonn1> psha it's broken :(
[14:03:53] <Bonn1> EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -C camviewcfg -w {XID}
[14:03:58] <Bonn1> that works
[14:04:15] <Bonn1> EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -C camviewcfg -u example-vcp-3b.ui -g -w {XID}
[14:04:27] <Bonn1> this is not working (no output)
[14:06:42] <Bonn1> Starting EMC2...
[14:06:42] <Bonn1> Traceback (most recent call last):
[14:06:42] <Bonn1> File "/usr/bin/camview-emc", line 265, in <module>
[14:06:42] <Bonn1> view = EmcView(options)
[14:06:42] <Bonn1> File "/usr/bin/camview-emc", line 73, in __init__
[14:06:42] <Bonn1> window.connect('destroy', gtk.main_quit)
[14:06:42] <Bonn1> AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'connect'
[14:19:53] <psha> yes, it's broken :)
[14:20:05] <Bonn1> sad
[14:20:07] <psha> download example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:20:22] <psha> http://psha.org.ru/tmp/example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:20:22] <Bonn1> Is it new?
[14:20:43] <psha> it's 3 gladevcp buttons in a row
[14:20:54] <psha> there is also togglebutton laying around
[14:20:55] <Bonn1> ok done
[14:21:08] <psha> remove -u flag
[14:21:34] <psha> cmdline will be EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -C camviewcfg -g example-vcp-3b.ui -w {XID}
[14:23:39] <Bonn1> doesn't work
[14:24:32] <Bonn1> Starting EMC2...
[14:24:32] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkVBox.orientation
[14:24:32] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[14:24:32] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: CamUnitChainGLWidget.orientation
[14:24:32] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[14:24:33] <Bonn1> Active: 1; Widget: 0x82d12f8; Chain: 0x8346f50
[14:24:33] <Bonn1> Traceback (most recent call last):
[14:24:34] <Bonn1> File "/usr/bin/camview-emc", line 265, in <module>
[14:24:34] <Bonn1> view = EmcView(options)
[14:24:35] <Bonn1> File "/usr/bin/camview-emc", line 176, in __init__
[14:24:35] <Bonn1> self.builder.add_objects_from_file(options.gladevcp, ['vcp1'])
[14:24:36] <Bonn1> AttributeError: 'gtk.Builder' object has no attribute 'add_objects_from_file'
[14:24:47] <jthornton> I think we will cut out some Christmas ornaments on the Plasma today with the grandkids
[14:26:04] <Jymmm> jthornton: Don't forget to toss in the sexy MrsSanta mud flaps too
[14:26:04] <Bonn1> you re happy. You got plasma cutter and I just want to have it... :)
[14:27:21] <Jymmm> jthornton: Hey,
[14:27:38] <psha> Bonn1: Bonn1: try http://psha.org.ru/tmp/camview-emc
[14:27:44] <psha> instead of one from package
[14:27:54] <psha> if it works i'll upload fixed package
[14:27:55] <jthornton> hey Jymmm
[14:28:12] <Jymmm> jthornton: I got the penn state DC, but it spikes to 18A on startup and doesn't fit in the air scrubber box I've made.
[14:28:19] <jthornton> Bonn1 I had to build the plasma cutter from scratch
[14:28:42] <Bonn1> psha how to start it? where to save?
[14:29:12] <jthornton> Jymmm: most ac motors will have a start current much higher than the run current
[14:29:33] <jthornton> want me to e-mail you a hammer so it will fit
[14:29:34] <Jymmm> jthornton: I groveled to return the HF DC last month, and I'm 2hours away from going to buy it again, less current draw, and will fit in the air scrubber, just vibrates, but I can put the scrubber on whells instead of on the laser legs.
[14:29:46] <Bonn1> jthornton I just thinking how to make small one (100cm x 50cm) for 2mm thick sheetmetal
[14:30:12] <jthornton> Bonn1 have you seen my build?
[14:30:15] <psha> save in ini dir and use ./camview-emc as command
[14:30:27] <Jymmm> jthornton: I really dont have the floor space for the big DC, what do you think?
[14:30:29] <Bonn1> jthornton NO
[14:31:06] <jthornton> http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Plasma%20Cutter/
[14:31:11] <Jymmm> jthornton: plus I spend SO much time and effort making the scrubber I really dont want my efforts to go to waste.
[14:31:34] <jthornton> it can handle a 4' x 8' sheet but only cut 36" in Y axis at a time
[14:31:48] <jthornton> Jymmm: I can understand that
[14:32:27] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ ./camview-emc
[14:32:27] <Bonn1> bash: ./camview-emc: Permission denied
[14:32:27] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$
[14:33:32] <psha> chmod +x
[14:33:36] <psha> chmod +x ./camview-emc
[14:33:45] <Jymmm> jthornton: Any thoughts on the whole thing? Do I get the HF one? Keep the PennState?
[14:34:30] <jthornton> I really don't know enough information to formulate an answer to that question Jymmm
[14:35:03] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ ./camview-emc -C ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/camviewcfg -u ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:35:03] <Bonn1> Traceback (most recent call last):
[14:35:03] <Bonn1> File "./camview-emc", line 266, in <module>
[14:35:03] <Bonn1> view = EmcView(options)
[14:35:03] <Bonn1> File "./camview-emc", line 53, in __init__
[14:35:03] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[14:35:04] <Bonn1> gobject.GError: Invalid object type `HAL_Button'
[14:35:04] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$
[14:35:45] <Jymmm> jthornton: I understand. But give your best shot, I just need another's viewpoint.
[14:37:01] <Jymmm> HF has a 25% off any one item today
[14:37:16] <Bonn1> wrong switch -u instead -g
[14:37:22] <Bonn1> but still got error
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ ./camview-emc -C ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/camviewcfg -g ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> ./camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkVBox.orientation
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> ./camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: CamUnitChainGLWidget.orientation
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> parse error?
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> Unable to instantiate [input.v4l:0]
[14:37:27] <Bonn1> ===
[14:37:27] <Bonn1> Traceback (most recent call last):
[14:37:28] <Bonn1> File "./camview-emc", line 266, in <module>
[14:37:28] <Bonn1> view = EmcView(options)
[14:37:29] <Bonn1> File "./camview-emc", line 82, in __init__
[14:37:31] <jthornton> if your only issue with the HF one is the vibration then I would take it apart and balance the rotor better
[14:37:36] <psha> too much :) pastebin
[14:37:51] <Bonn1> jep
[14:38:00] <jthornton> then mount it on isolation mounts if possible
[14:38:11] <jthornton> as it does fit in your box now that is a plus
[14:38:32] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/e1hkg0nT
[14:38:45] <Bonn1> i still didn't realize what is to much
[14:38:55] <Jymmm> jthornton: I had it on 3/4" tall rubber mounts. I designed the box to fit the contents. the HF DC uses brushes.
[14:39:05] <psha> Bonn1: that's not related to hal/vcp/etc
[14:39:06] <Bonn1> .. the emc is running in other terminal
[14:39:08] <Jymmm> Bonn1: anything more than 3 lines is too much.
[14:39:10] <psha> is plain camview-emc running?
[14:39:34] <Bonn1> old or latest?
[14:40:43] <Bonn1> both runs but no image
[14:41:11] <psha> is /dev/video0 present?
[14:41:22] <psha> i've not changed anything in input_v4l
[14:42:51] <Bonn1> present and gqcam still work
[14:44:09] <Bonn1> even EMC work with EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -w {XID}
[14:44:18] <psha> hm
[14:44:37] <psha> it seem that old gtk.Builder don't know how to merge UI files...
[14:44:57] <psha> hm
[14:45:07] <psha> wc -l example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:45:31] <psha> how long?
[14:45:41] <psha> 47 lines?
[14:47:19] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ wc -| ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:47:20] <Bonn1> bash: /home/slavko/emc2/configs/IronCncII/example-vcp-3b.ui: Permission denied
[14:47:33] <psha> wc -l
[14:47:34] <psha> :)
[14:47:40] <psha> it's small letter L
[14:47:42] <psha> not pipe )
[14:49:02] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ wc -l ~/emc2/configs/IronCncII/example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:49:02] <Bonn1> 47 /home/slavko/emc2/configs/IronCncII/example-vcp-3b.ui
[14:49:02] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$
[14:49:24] <psha> i'm loading livecd to check it myself
[14:49:34] <Bonn1> ok
[14:50:31] <Bonn1> works within EMC with EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -C camviewcfg -w {XID}
[14:51:44] <Bonn1> jthornton Can I put plasma on my CNC? I see problem with speed as is only 1000mm/min. (to slow?!?)
[14:52:24] <jthornton> what is the thickness of the material
[14:52:45] <Bonn1> I plan to cut only 0.8mm to 1mm
[14:54:22] <jthornton> for my Hypertherm 1250 with a 40amp nozzle 0.8 is 8255 mm/min and 1.3 is 5156 mm/min optimum speeds
[14:54:35] <Bonn1> I had plan to make another CNC to carve some wood and to have wattertable and plasma as option (aprox 100cm X 50cm)
[14:54:51] <jthornton> my plasma will go in excess of 10,000 mm/min
[14:55:15] <jthornton> the thicker the material the slower you go
[14:55:20] <Bonn1> This my 'toy' just came out too good for wood.
[14:55:51] <psha> Bonn1: camview-emc without arguments working or not?
[14:55:53] <Bonn1> So I need to make one bigger and sloopyest one. :D
[14:57:11] <Bonn1> ??? that's strange.. I tried camview-emc in terminal and doesn't work then I try in EMC it's works and now again in terminal works...
[14:57:33] <Bonn1> seems that just got hiccups. :D
[14:58:04] <Bonn1> but has warnings
[14:58:26] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ camview-emc
[14:58:27] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkVBox.orientation
[14:58:27] <Bonn1> builder.add_from_file(options.ui)
[14:58:27] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/camview-emc:53: GtkWarning: Unknown property: CamUnitChainGLWidget.orientation
[14:58:28] <psha> sometimes cheap cams refuse to work
[14:58:39] <psha> but on next attemtp they work again
[14:58:46] <Bonn1> can be
[14:59:25] <Bonn1> I do have such problems with that cam on winXp computer but not here till now.
[15:01:01] <Bonn1> EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -C camviewcfg -g example-vcp-3b.ui -w {XID}
[15:01:01] <Bonn1> doesn't work still
[15:01:59] <psha> try without -w, it's faster to restart plain camview and not whole EMC thingie
[15:02:39] <Bonn1> do I need working emc in background?
[15:04:06] <psha> yes
[15:04:30] <psha> i've tested with this cmdline: camview-emc -c camview -g vcp-3b.ui -w {XID}
[15:04:33] <psha> inside EMC
[15:04:38] <psha> and it's working
[15:04:47] <psha> vcp-3b.ui is symlink to same file as yours
[15:07:35] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/Y8zLeq7Y
[15:07:53] <Bonn1> started EMC with
[15:08:06] <Bonn1> EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -C camviewcfg -g example-vcp-3b.ui -w {XID}
[15:08:30] <Bonn1> when I click tab it's shows as usual
[15:09:38] <Bonn1> after aprox second i got gray window like noise and after next second dissapear (in time when normaly image came on)
[15:09:41] <psha> you have to use ./cavmiew-emc instead of 'camview-emc'
[15:10:00] <psha> file you've downloaded from http
[15:10:28] <Bonn1> can do that from EMC?
[15:10:44] <psha> yes, replace camview-emc with ./camview-emc
[15:11:06] <psha> but you've only to check that this fixes problem for you
[15:11:17] <psha> if it is i'll build another package with this fix
[15:12:04] <psha> time for some food:)
[15:13:08] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/24pdLGik
[15:13:38] <Bonn1> with EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = ./camview-emc -C camviewcfg -g example-vcp-3b.ui -w {XID}
[15:15:46] <psha> that's better
[15:16:00] <Bonny> ?
[15:16:11] <Bonny> You eat even faster tham I
[15:17:03] <psha> http://psha.org.ru/cgit/psha/emc2.git/commit/?h=gladevcp-modules
[15:17:08] <psha> please apply last patch to emc
[15:17:45] <psha> i'll be back soon )
[15:18:00] <Bonn1> ok
[15:18:16] <Bonn1> hmm git say it's up to date
[15:18:46] <psha> git pull git://psha.org.ru/psha/emc2.git gladevcp-modules:master
[15:18:57] <psha> one patch will be downloaded
[15:19:57] <Bonn1> building
[15:30:46] <Bonn1> now work... I mean ./camview-emc work but not camview-emc. All tested from EMC
[15:31:12] <psha> ok
[15:31:17] <psha> building fixed package
[15:31:19] <Bonn1> I be back for 30 minutes
[15:31:55] <Bonn1> (maybe 1 hour as my wife say to need my hand for 30 minutes) :D
[15:32:08] <psha> :)
[15:32:32] <psha> new packages will be there already so just upgrade
[15:46:00] <skunkworks> psha: nice work on the camera plugin!
[15:53:10] <psha> skunkworks: thanks :) maybe auto-adjusting will be available to some extent :)
[16:00:50] <Bonn1> psha now works
[16:00:56] <psha> Bonn1: great :)
[16:01:16] <Bonn1> just the buttons aren't mutaly exclusive with controls
[16:01:53] <psha> not hiding when controls are expanded?
[16:02:00] <Bonn1> no
[16:02:07] <Bonn1> just get ugly
[16:02:49] <psha> that's bad
[16:04:09] <Bonn1> http://imagebin.org/124833
[16:04:47] <psha> looks like gtk issue...
[16:05:08] <psha> i'm 'hiding' panel when controls are expanded
[16:06:09] <Bonn1> it's strange
[16:07:02] <Bonn1> when I click in area od button1 and save button the halmeter show's that button is registred and in sametime the file save window appear where to save config
[16:07:25] <psha> ah, found
[16:07:42] <Bonn1> yipeee
[16:10:07] <psha> download camview-emc from my site
[16:10:14] <psha> check if it works
[16:11:56] <psha> if it's ok - i'll bump version
[16:12:21] <Bonn1> yep now work
[16:12:32] <psha> bumping
[16:13:05] <psha> check for 0.0.30 version
[16:13:10] <psha> ~15 minutes
[16:13:22] <Bonn1> ok
[16:14:19] <psha> i'm roaming somewhere nearby
[16:14:44] <Bonn1> ok just I thinking how togglebutton wil triger custom code
[16:15:43] <Bonn1> I need one o<foron>call and other for o<off>call. with two buttons is very nice but can triger twice
[16:27:08] <Bonny> .
[16:41:57] <Bonn1> psha here?
[16:46:56] <Bonny> don't worry it work's! Another type of question. :-)
[16:53:07] <Bonny> cd ..
[17:18:42] <IchGuckLive> Hi all in the USA hope the Turky is in the oven
[17:21:36] <psha> Bonny: here
[17:21:43] <Bonny> yes
[17:21:58] <psha> one possible way is to split singal into to lines
[17:22:07] <psha> first pipe through not component
[17:22:21] <psha> and then it goes to second MDI command
[17:22:28] <Bonny> I'm already thinking on this way
[17:22:33] <psha> when one goes up other goes down
[17:22:45] <psha> other way is to add -not pin in gladevcp
[17:22:53] <Bonny> I just want to have overlay in image with DRO now,...
[17:22:59] <psha> may be useful for single toggles
[17:23:03] <Bonny> -not pin is better option
[17:23:10] <Bonny> I think
[17:23:20] <Bonny> I had ubuntu 10.04 now here
[17:23:30] <Bonny> (not for machine)
[17:23:38] <Bonny> just to edit that files...
[17:23:42] <psha> now you are able to use glade :)
[17:23:47] <Bonny> but can't get it working
[17:23:47] <psha> and to run tests in simulator :)
[17:24:22] <Bonny> glade opens but can't open ui files (from you)
[17:24:35] <psha> vcp ones?
[17:24:39] <Bonny> Seems that few packages is missing
[17:24:48] <Bonny> gladevcp sure
[17:24:55] <psha> camunits.xml and RIP env of emc2
[17:25:06] <psha> you may install emc2-sim there
[17:25:14] <psha> it's completely userspace without any kernel deps
[17:25:29] <psha> i have one on my dev box
[17:26:12] <Bonny> I have installed from live CD so emc is working (not hardware
[17:27:28] <Bonny> got catalog gladevcp unavailable
[17:28:14] <Bonny> I didn't track how I got all that stuff in hardy
[17:29:13] <psha> you'd fetched development versoin
[17:29:15] <psha> version
[17:29:28] <psha> there are prebuilt packages of master branch
[17:30:14] <Bonny> http://imagebin.org/124841
[17:31:41] <Bonny> Wrong EMC? I need to get latest one?!? GIT? Not plausible today :D I had only 15 minutes of time left.. Can yo give me instructions for tomorov?
[17:32:20] <psha> http://emc2-buildbot.colorado.edu/~buildmaster/
[17:32:41] <psha> here are builds of master branch
[17:32:44] <psha> with pretty small lag
[17:33:24] <psha> i've added -not pins to gladevcp
[17:33:37] <psha> for ToggleButton, RadioButton and CheckButton
[17:34:07] <Bonny> so what I need to reinstall? (on hardy)
[17:34:50] <psha> on hardy just update git repo
[17:39:49] <Bonn1> ?!? don't get .not pins
[17:39:57] <psha> from my branch
[17:40:18] <Bonn1> cmdline please .
[17:40:32] <psha> somewhere ~1-2hrs ago :)
[17:40:41] <psha> you was already pulling fix for idname from there
[17:41:13] <Bonn1> I lost commandline as this computer was powered down...
[17:41:22] <Bonn1> .. by mistake
[17:41:29] <Bonn1> and not loged
[17:43:37] <psha> git pull git://psha.org.ru/psha/emc2.git gladevcp-modules:master
[17:44:28] <Bonn1> wery hhanks
[17:44:31] <Bonn1> thanks
[17:46:20] <Bonn1> seems working... had a go.. bye and thanks.
[17:46:46] <psha> bye
[19:58:28] <dimas> what would be "hello world" for 2d test milling? any ready to mill gcode file?
[19:58:50] <dimas> actually not mill but pen
[20:00:55] <psha> default 'axis' one?
[20:02:09] <dimas> it complains
[20:02:18] <dimas> Linear move on line 20 would exceed joint 2's positive limit
[20:02:43] <psha> too large
[20:03:13] <dimas> may be something simpler and smaller?
[20:03:23] <psha> there is spiral one in examples
[20:03:40] <dimas> looking
[20:04:07] <micges> dimas: so you have pen or small z axis?
[20:04:49] <psha> mhaberler: good evening
[20:05:27] <mhaberler> psha: buona sera
[20:06:11] <dimas> micges, i've put pen on z axis, I saw in axis.ngc that I need to toggle off z-axis but do not know how to do that yet
[20:07:14] <micges> dimas: just remove Z axis from ini file
[20:08:00] <dimas> oh, i thought it is available from the ui
[20:08:45] <micges> nope
[20:09:22] <ries> hey all, anybody ever milled acrylic?
[20:09:36] <ries> I wonder if this is teh same as wood... or that I need to change feedrate
[20:10:03] <dimas> psha, same error. I have about x-200 y-150 mm travel
[20:11:25] <dimas> and gcode is done in inches, does it convert automatically?
[20:12:11] <micges> no
[20:13:33] <dimas> ok will write simplest gcode for test
[20:13:58] <archivist_attic> dimas you can set inches in gcode
[20:15:54] <dimas> i thought it was done already
[20:33:26] <Defhammer> hello i just installed ubuntu 10.04 EMC2 edition and i am getting a segmentation fault http://pastebin.com/TaKzJKGw
[20:35:22] <micges> Defhammer: please pastebin.com whole dmesg output
[20:35:58] <Defhammer> ok wherewould i get that
[20:36:27] <micges> open terminal and type 'dmesg'
[20:36:35] <Defhammer> ok
[20:38:09] <micges> Defhammer: you should also try update emc to newest version 2.4.5 and see if that helps
[20:39:11] <Defhammer> ok i will try that
[20:39:17] <Defhammer> brb
[20:41:49] <Defhammer> should i be careful in what I update?
[20:42:02] <Defhammer> like only EMC2 for example
[20:44:49] <micges> you can update all
[20:45:37] <Defhammer> ok I will take awhile with 182 packages to update
[20:45:55] <Defhammer> be back when it is done
[20:46:04] <Defhammer> bye
[20:53:52] <mhaberler_> mhaberler_ is now known as mhaberler
[20:55:34] <psha> mhaberler: i'll try to package plugins for 10.04 so you may play with them on your own
[20:55:42] <psha> for example to find better light direction etc
[20:56:13] <mhaberler> I'm confident with source, dont worry
[20:56:50] <psha> then checkout cu-plugins and build everything that build
[20:57:14] <psha> particluar interest is in convert_canny.so which performs canny edge detecion on the image
[20:57:25] <psha> detect_hough.so which performs Hough circle detection
[20:58:05] <psha> it may be used with or without canny preprocessing
[21:01:15] <psha> i'm trying to limit processing area now
[21:01:26] <psha> but current way is not very elegant
[21:01:48] <psha> there is (untested) crop plugin
[21:02:50] <mhaberler> ok, will try
[21:38:20] <Jymmm> J Teeeeee! J Teeeeee! J Teeeeee! J Teeeeee!
[21:41:15] <Jymmm> jthornton: STEP AWAY FROM THE SMOKER!!!
[21:41:53] <Defhammer> hello i am getting a segfault when starting EMC 2.4.5 http://pastebin.com/L5nQfhXv
[21:45:25] <micges> Defhammer: try disabling video driver
[21:45:47] <micges> errors in dmesg looks like you have some video driver problems
[21:45:59] <Defhammer> ok
[21:46:36] <Defhammer> and how would i do that?
[21:47:44] <Jymmm> micges: where do you see video driver?
[21:48:22] <Jymmm> micges: I see libBLT.2.4.so, as in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/blt/+bug/359857
[21:48:29] <Jymmm> micges: but I could be mistaken.
[21:49:31] <Jymmm> micges: line 485 of the pastebin
[21:50:34] <Defhammer> there are no proprietary drivers installed
[21:50:53] <Defhammer> so where would i go to disable this driver
[21:51:32] <Defhammer> ps. this comp is using a intel IGP from 2000
[21:57:46] <Defhammer> micges?
[21:58:56] <dgarr>
[22:01:08] <micges> Jymmm: line 467
[22:01:44] <micges> Defhammer: so then maybe try install video driver
[22:02:28] <Defhammer> well there are no proprietary drivers on this system so I would need help in finding it
[22:03:24] <micges> oh
[22:03:46] <Defhammer> let me show you lspci
[22:04:59] <Defhammer> http://pastebin.com/4Div8ZR3
[22:05:31] <micges> lsmod also
[22:06:52] <Defhammer> http://pastebin.com/v38UJQNB
[22:08:03] <micges> hmm
[22:09:27] <Defhammer> because this hardware is 10 years old I wonder if the hardware has degrated
[22:09:34] <micges> I would think that it is some video problem. maybe too old hw maybe something else
[22:10:06] <micges> brb
[22:30:07] <micges> Defhammer: do you have any newer pc to test?
[22:31:35] <Defhammer> not any with parallel ports
[22:31:53] <Defhammer> I have an core i7 system i made a year ago
[22:32:02] <micges> get pci card with lpt port
[22:33:08] <Defhammer> I can try that but the computer i am taking about is a gaming machine/workstation
[22:33:31] <Defhammer> but I could try to find newer part
[22:33:34] <Defhammer> parts
[22:34:15] <Defhammer> but i can run a livecd of EMC2 on it to see if it works
[22:34:28] <micges> yes
[22:45:27] <Defhammer> yeah EMC is working perfectly on my main desktop\
[22:46:02] <Defhammer> but that computer has too may important jobs to do for the machine shop
[22:46:30] <Defhammer> but I will look for parts to make a better computer
[22:47:08] <micges> cool
[22:50:18] <Defhammer> well anyway thanks for helping come to the comclusion that the HW is too old
[22:51:18] <micges> welcome
[22:52:27] <Defhammer> anyway happy holidays
[22:52:29] <Defhammer> bye
[23:55:52] <Valen> atom mbos solve all
[23:56:11] <Valen> and cheap too
[23:56:46] <Valen> any suggestions for spindles for me?
[23:56:53] <Valen> 2-3Kw, for cutting metal
[23:57:01] <Valen> with some RPM