#emc | Logs for 2010-11-19

[00:00:49] <andypugh> Testing will have to wait till tomorrow now.
[00:01:22] <jepler> ok
[00:01:28] <jepler> please let me know if you run into problems
[00:01:35] <andypugh> Thanks for making it.
[00:01:45] <jepler> you're welcome
[00:02:03] <andypugh> It lets me assess one more aspect of what is shaping up to be the most complex of the comps
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[12:48:45] <psha> Bonny: so let's continue here
[12:48:53] <Valen> http://www.vapourforge.com/temp/17112010117.jpg
[12:50:23] <psha> Bonny: current camview is not able to work with 'strange' cameras
[12:50:43] <psha> i'll mail camunits devs today with that fix
[12:51:16] <Bonny> How to get it to work under ubuntu (hardy)
[12:51:43] <Bonny> Valen nice parts!
[12:51:52] <psha> with hardy it's a bit more problems since prepackaged versions are only for squeeze (debian) and lucid (10.04)
[12:51:54] <Valen> yeah they came out well
[12:52:31] <psha> but you are second who asks for hardy packages so it seem that i have to setup hardy builds too
[12:52:45] <Bonny> but I have EMC on hardy
[12:52:53] <psha> hope it won't cause problems
[12:53:20] <psha> but it will take some time to create build images and to run builds for camunits, python-camunits and plugins
[12:53:21] <Bonny> And intend to do that as newer versions doesn't like my old laptop
[12:53:45] <Bonny> ... and hardy just works :D
[12:55:27] <Bonny> I'm have installed from here http://code.google.com/p/camunits/downloads/list
[12:55:35] <psha> you may try to build camunits with my last modifications
[12:55:41] <Bonny> I install 1 and 2 package
[12:55:50] <psha> http://psha.org.ru/cgit/psha/camunits.git
[12:56:11] <psha> everything but last fixes are in upstream svn
[12:56:22] <psha> only difference is in fix for strange cameras
[12:56:53] <Bonny> huh I'm on windoze now.
[12:57:39] <Bonny> I will check if I can IRC from EMC machine
[12:57:41] <psha> so there are two ways for you :) build camunits with two patches from here http://psha.org.ru/cgit/psha/camunits.git/log/?h=libv4l
[12:58:02] <psha> Bonny: you may install either mozilla plugin (chatzilla) or native client
[12:58:42] <Bonny> Warming up machine
[13:02:07] <psha> also you need to install libv4l-dev as additional dependency
[13:03:32] <Bonn1> Does work ?
[13:03:39] <psha> yes
[13:04:15] <Bonn1> How to see history you mention
[13:04:29] <psha> http://psha.org.ru/cgit/psha/camunits.git/log/?h=libv4l
[13:04:43] <psha> git clone git://psha.org.ru/psha/camunits.git
[13:04:49] <Bonn1> I had two computers on every corner of my shop
[13:06:07] <Bonn1> My wife say that lunch is ready so I got on pause.. I will try GIT after lunch
[13:10:21] <psha> it seem that libdc1394 and libv4l are missing from hardy...
[13:26:33] <Bonn1> psha I got git problem...
[13:26:36] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ git clone http://psha.org.ru/cgit/psha/camunits.git camunits
[13:26:36] <Bonn1> Initialized empty Git repository in /home/slavko/camunits/.git/
[13:26:36] <Bonn1> /usr/bin/git-clone: 374: curl: not found
[13:27:01] <psha> git://psha.org.ru/psha/camunits.git
[13:27:03] <psha> not http
[13:27:27] <psha> wait for 5 minutes
[13:27:33] <psha> i've built hardy pacakges
[13:27:34] <psha> packages
[13:27:46] <Bonn1> ok
[13:28:18] <psha> amd64 package already landed, i386 is on it's trip
[13:29:53] <psha> i386 one landed
[13:30:09] <psha> add http://psha.org.ru/debian repository (see README there)
[13:30:21] <psha> deb http://psha.org.ru/debian hardy contrib
[13:30:24] <psha> and this ppa
[13:30:29] <psha> https://launchpad.net/~libv4l/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=hardy
[13:36:28] <psha> Bonn1: i'll be back in ~20-30 minutes
[14:20:20] <psha> Bonn1: here?
[14:20:30] <Bonn1> yes
[14:20:45] <Bonn1> I have trouble installing ppa
[14:21:32] <psha> what kind of trouble?
[14:21:59] <Bonn1> I started with link you give me..
[14:22:09] <Bonn1> and installin key is done
[14:22:31] <Bonn1> after that the 'manual' is just out of my knowledge
[14:22:32] <psha> what line have you added to sources.list?
[14:22:59] <Bonn1> sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com C3FFB4AA
[14:23:08] <Bonn1> that's is done
[14:23:51] <Bonn1> and I can see camutils in package manager but can't install it as has not valid dependency
[14:24:07] <Bonn1> ...mostly libv4
[14:24:18] <psha> you have not added ppa
[14:24:20] <psha> only key
[14:24:26] <Bonn1> yes..
[14:24:40] <Bonn1> I stuck here as I don't know how to proceed
[14:24:43] <psha> have you added 'deb http://psha.org.ru/debian hardy contrib' to sources.list?
[14:25:42] <Bonn1> yes it's here
[14:25:49] <psha> hardy or testing?
[14:25:59] <psha> next you need to add this line
[14:26:05] <Bonn1> testing contrib
[14:26:21] <psha> deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/libv4l/ppa/ubuntu hardy main
[14:26:24] <psha> not testing
[14:26:26] <psha> you need hardy
[14:26:30] <psha> testing is for debian/testing
[14:26:35] <psha> hardy is for ubuntu/hardy
[14:26:36] <Bonn1> I add this trougte software source manager
[14:27:25] <psha> and then run update
[14:28:34] <atmega> I checked my cam stuff again... YUY2 is the same as YUV 4:2:2 reversed bytes
[14:29:20] <psha> and still only freezed frame?
[14:29:34] <atmega> yep, and only sometimes at that.
[14:29:51] <atmega> seems to be a pretty crappy camera also
[14:30:04] <psha> what video driver? vesa?
[14:30:24] <psha> qq- reported that vesa is not playing good with textured uploads
[14:31:13] <Bonn1> ok
[14:32:04] <psha> Bonn1: you have not changed 'testing' to 'hardy' in psha.org.ru line
[14:33:33] <Bonn1> now it is
[14:34:05] <psha> now correct
[14:34:15] <psha> is camview now installable?
[14:35:25] <Bonn1> seems to be... downloading..
[14:35:47] <Bonn1> ok
[14:36:33] <atmega> how do you tell what video driver?
[14:36:48] <Bonn1> nobody ask?
[14:37:10] <psha> hm
[14:37:16] <psha> what your video card?
[14:37:19] <psha> lspci | grep VGA
[14:37:26] <Bonn1> and camview starts but I can't find camera.
[14:38:15] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ lspci | grep VGA
[14:38:16] <Bonn1> 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility U1
[14:38:16] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$
[14:38:47] <Bonn1> Its HP compaq nx9005 lapop
[14:38:49] <psha> Bonn1: that was for atmega :)
[14:39:32] <Bonn1> No problem.. Then you have another one detail about my computer
[14:40:05] <Bonn1> camview is installed but doesnt show any image...
[14:40:20] <psha> is you camera listed in input plugins (on the left)?
[14:40:28] <Bonn1> no
[14:40:32] <psha> alongside with example and log?
[14:40:35] <Bonn1> just example and log
[14:40:42] <psha> that's bad
[14:40:47] <Bonn1> I know.
[14:40:51] <psha> any error messages when starting camview?
[14:40:56] <Bonn1> no
[14:41:16] <psha> please show ldd /usr/lib/camunits/input_v4l2.so
[14:41:30] <Bonn1> ?
[14:41:37] <psha> 'ldd ....' is command
[14:41:50] <psha> it shows dynamic linkage deps for library
[14:41:59] <psha> everything is satisfied?
[14:42:29] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ ldd /usr/lib/camunits/input_v4l2.so
[14:42:29] <Bonn1> linux-gate.so.1 => (0xb7f75000)
[14:42:29] <Bonn1> libv4l2.so.0 => /usr/lib/libv4l2.so.0 (0xb7f4d000)
[14:42:29] <Bonn1> libc.so.6 => /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6 (0xb7dfe000)
[14:42:29] <Bonn1> libv4lconvert.so.0 => /usr/lib/libv4lconvert.so.0 (0xb7d93000)
[14:42:30] <Bonn1> libpthread.so.0 => /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libpthread.so.0 (0xb7d7b000)
[14:42:30] <Bonn1> /lib/ld-linux.so.2 (0xb7f76000)
[14:42:31] <Bonn1> librt.so.1 => /lib/tls/i686/cmov/librt.so.1 (0xb7d72000)
[14:42:31] <Bonn1> libm.so.6 => /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libm.so.6 (0xb7d4c000)
[14:42:32] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$
[14:42:38] <qq-> paste
[14:42:56] <psha> thanks
[14:43:10] <atmega> oh... mine is a radeon 9200
[14:43:19] <Bonn1> I exit camview before this command
[14:44:27] <psha> atmega: is example input in 30fps mode running fine?
[14:44:50] <atmega> never tried the example. I'm not at home now.
[14:45:26] <psha> Bonn1: please run CAM_DBG=input,driver camview and post output at http://pastebin.com/
[14:45:40] <psha> sorry for difficulties but you are the first hardy user here
[14:46:22] <qq-> psha, hi , my cam use works correct only for 8.5-12 fps , if that count
[14:47:27] <psha> vesa + glx?
[14:47:33] <qq-> yes
[14:47:34] <psha> or no difference?
[14:48:45] <qq-> i'll come back with X and nv
[14:49:33] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/y5sZkfgf
[14:50:48] <Bonn1> psha did you mean last?
[14:53:07] <qq-> (**) NV(0): *Driver mode "1280x800": 71.0 MHz, 49.3 kHz, 59.9 Hz
[14:53:33] <qq-> qq-, but same as in vesa
[14:54:03] <psha> Bonn1: Input: v4l2 driver opened /dev/video0
[14:54:04] <psha> Input: /dev/video0 is not a V4L2 device (maybe V4L1?)
[14:54:13] <psha> pretty strange
[14:55:04] <Bonny> I don't know
[14:55:22] <Bonny> is it v4L1 or L2
[14:55:27] <psha> is there file /usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so
[14:56:11] <psha> ?
[14:57:06] <Bonn1> yes
[14:57:53] <psha> try LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so camview
[14:58:08] <psha> this adds compatibilty layer above v4l1
[14:58:41] <Bonn1> nope
[14:58:48] <Bonn1> stil no input
[14:59:21] <Bonn1> ...and gqcam still working
[14:59:57] <Bonn1> so cam is operational
[15:00:00] <qq-> kill gqcam first
[15:00:28] <Bonn1> I just start it now to check and already kill it.
[15:01:45] <Bonn1> I know that I have some stupid question but hope to not make so stupid mistakes (to leave other application on webcam :(
[15:03:07] <psha> i'm trying to find way to determine what's v4l version is used
[15:03:22] <Bonny> ok I can wait!
[15:03:43] <psha> btw what is kernel version?
[15:03:43] <Bonny> Have stuff to do on this computer...
[15:03:43] <psha> uname -r
[15:04:16] <Bonn1> 2.6.24-16-rtai
[15:05:03] <psha> thanks
[15:09:23] <psha> is there v4l-utils package available?
[15:12:43] <Bonn1> no
[15:15:36] <psha> since QUERYCAP failes it seem that it's v4l1
[15:15:50] <psha> so i'll rebuild camunits to include v4l1 plugin
[15:16:05] <Bonny> ok
[15:29:17] <Bonn1> .
[15:30:15] <psha> building...
[15:30:20] <psha> clean builds are not fast
[15:30:41] <Bonny> It's not for you
[15:31:01] <Bonny> I just test if I get audiable if chat is minimized
[15:31:36] <psha> :))
[15:31:52] <psha> done
[15:32:07] <psha> install new version of libcamunits6
[15:32:16] <Bonny> ok
[15:32:43] <psha> wait a bit
[15:33:38] <Bonn1> how long
[15:34:21] <psha> it seem i've set invalid version so built packages were removed :)
[15:35:45] <Bonn1> what I can do? :D
[15:39:23] <psha> wait for another 5 minutes :)
[15:39:36] <psha> i've killed previous packages so there will be no version conflict
[15:39:52] <Bonny> just don't hurry
[15:40:13] <psha> sadly but hardy/i386 build is gone to slowest machine :)
[15:41:11] <Bonny> ?!?
[15:44:01] <psha> i use several different machines for builds
[15:44:31] <psha> done
[15:44:38] <psha> install new version of libcamunits6
[15:44:51] <psha> there is v4l1 driver
[15:46:33] <Bonn1> I can't reinstall
[15:46:41] <Bonn1> that option gone out
[15:46:56] <Bonn1> just can remove or completly remove
[15:47:26] <psha> after update?
[15:48:20] <Bonn1> reload package information or something other?
[15:48:23] <psha> yes
[15:48:32] <Bonn1> I do that
[15:48:32] <psha> new version is 0.2.0-5.2~hardy~ubuntu8.04
[15:49:20] <psha> please type 'apt-cache policy libcamunits6' in console
[15:49:33] <psha> it shows only one version or two?
[15:50:42] <Bonn1> in property I got two! +ubpro and ~hardy
[15:51:28] <Bonn1> libcamunits6:
[15:51:29] <Bonn1> Installed: 0.2.0-5+ubpo-8.04~ubuntu8.04
[15:51:29] <Bonn1> Candidate: 0.2.0-5+ubpo-8.04~ubuntu8.04
[15:51:29] <Bonn1> Version table:
[15:51:29] <Bonn1> *** 0.2.0-5+ubpo-8.04~ubuntu8.04 0
[15:51:29] <Bonn1> 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
[15:51:29] <Bonn1> 0.2.0-5.2~hardy~ubuntu8.04 0
[15:51:30] <Bonn1> 500 http://psha.org.ru hardy/contrib Packages
[15:51:30] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$
[15:52:10] <psha> that's bad :)
[15:52:27] <psha> so remove libcamunits6 (it will remove all camunits packages) and install it back
[15:52:34] <psha> i promise not to screw versions again :)
[15:52:58] <psha> it's strange that 5+ubuntu is higher then 5.2
[15:53:09] <psha> i always thought that .2 is higher...
[15:57:09] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$ apt-cache policy libcamunits6
[15:57:09] <Bonn1> libcamunits6:
[15:57:09] <Bonn1> Installed: 0.2.0-5.2~hardy~ubuntu8.04
[15:57:09] <Bonn1> Candidate: 0.2.0-5.2~hardy~ubuntu8.04
[15:57:09] <Bonn1> Version table:
[15:57:09] <Bonn1> *** 0.2.0-5.2~hardy~ubuntu8.04 0
[15:57:09] <Bonn1> 500 http://psha.org.ru hardy/contrib Packages
[15:57:10] <Bonn1> 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
[15:57:10] <Bonn1> slavko@emc2:~$
[15:57:18] <Bonn1> .. stil doesn't work
[15:57:24] <psha> no input?
[15:57:29] <Bonn1> no input
[15:57:36] <psha> run it with CAM_DBG=input,driver and pastebin
[15:57:54] <Bonn1> yes boss
[16:00:56] <psha> :)
[16:00:56] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/TSXWM48S
[16:00:59] <psha> thnaks
[16:01:49] <psha> there is nothing about v4l1...
[16:01:53] <Bonn1> I get CAM_DBG from previous test as this las one wasn't work
[16:02:32] <Bonn1> (I mean I execute previous command not to copy same output )
[16:02:43] <psha> previous rest was withoug input.v4l1
[16:02:50] <psha> so it's not that interesting
[16:03:48] <Bonn1> I run CAM_DBG=input,driver camview
[16:04:05] <Bonn1> instead CAM_DBG=input,driver
[16:04:33] <Bonn1> .. as you type in last request
[16:04:42] <psha> yes :)
[16:05:00] <Bonn1> I hope it's right one
[16:05:03] <psha> that's from last version?
[16:05:09] <Bonn1> yes
[16:07:43] <psha> and there is file /usr/lib/camunits/input_v4l.so?
[16:08:35] <Bonn1> yes
[16:11:31] <psha> may you run camview with CAM_DBG=input,driver,manager
[16:11:36] <psha> and pastebin output
[16:14:07] <Bonn1> http://pastebin.com/ysSxXttg
[16:14:52] <psha> thanks
[16:15:22] <Bonn1> that's strange
[16:15:24] <Bonn1> Input: v4l2 driver opened /dev/video0 Input: /dev/video0 is not a V4L2 device (maybe V4L1?)
[16:16:10] <psha> yes, but strange is not this error
[16:16:15] <psha> but missing of input.v4l
[16:17:59] <psha> i've just installed camview in 8.04 livecd
[16:18:12] <psha> and during camview start it shows me this
[16:19:02] <Bonny> ?
[16:19:50] <psha> uploading :)
[16:20:15] <Bonny> ok waiting
[16:20:59] <ubuntu> http://pastebin.com/zYCHu0ZP
[16:21:01] <psha> here is link
[16:21:03] <psha> :)
[16:21:48] <psha> see difference?
[16:21:57] <psha> there are input.v4l (without 2) entries
[16:25:00] <ubuntu> ubuntu is now known as psha[live]
[16:26:11] <Bonny> is this something for me?
[16:26:12] <psha> try to chmod -x /usr/lib/camunits/input_v4l.so
[16:26:26] <psha[live]> oops
[16:26:31] <psha[live]> i've missed terminal :)
[16:28:10] <psha> i have +x only localy
[16:28:15] <psha> so it does not matters
[16:28:54] <psha> Bonny: try to remove (you always may reinstall pacakge) file /usr/lib/camunits/input_v4l2.so
[16:35:05] <psha> input_v4l works fine with vivi (it's testing video driver)
[16:37:22] <Bonn1> I delete file and same result - no input device (has phone so it take little longer)
[16:38:50] <Bonn1> but this all is strange.. the gqcam works cheese works ...
[16:42:06] <psha> yes
[16:42:07] <psha> Manager: Checking /usr/local/lib/camunits for plugins...
[16:42:18] <psha> you have installed some stuff into /usr/local
[16:42:32] <psha> and now packages are considered after your local stuff
[16:42:38] <psha> remove it first and then reinstall package
[16:42:47] <psha> and i hope everything will work :)
[16:43:18] <psha> you need to kill /usr/local/bin/camview and libs from /usr/local/lib/ (libcamunits*, camunits)
[16:49:07] <psha> Bonny: here?
[16:50:40] <Bonn1> yes
[16:50:46] <Bonn1> jus do all
[16:50:56] <Bonn1> and got my cam on input!
[16:51:23] <Bonn1> but no image
[16:51:31] <Bonn1> just black box
[16:52:29] <psha> via v4l1?
[16:52:41] <atmega> that's what mine does.. what format is your cam input?
[16:52:55] <psha> you need to add convert to rgb plugin
[16:52:56] <Bonn1> no V4L
[16:53:06] <psha> on the left
[16:53:46] <Bonn1> nothing happend
[16:54:53] <psha> you need order input -> convert.rgb8 -> opengl
[16:54:55] <psha> right?
[16:55:02] <Bonn1> I got some image but its scattered
[16:55:13] <Bonn1> I just realize that
[16:55:24] <psha> try selecting different formats in camera's checkbox
[16:56:04] <Bonn1> even worse
[16:56:13] <Bonn1> image is slanted
[16:56:28] <Bonn1> like on old tv without sync
[16:57:38] <psha> vertical garbage or horizontal?
[16:58:24] <psha> it seem that it lies about strides in format...
[16:58:31] <Bonn1> hard to say. like every other line is drawed in wrong direction (vertical)
[16:59:29] <Bonn1> seems to be 3 images in 3 columns interlaced
[16:59:37] <Bonn1> .. but dad to go.
[16:59:56] <Bonn1> maybe I be back in aprox 2 hours or tomorov
[17:00:12] <Bonn1> Thanks for now,..
[17:00:30] <Bonn1> .. at least some improvment
[17:01:03] <psha> good luck
[17:01:10] <psha> i'll try to fix input_v4l though
[17:01:16] <psha> i already see some bad places
[17:02:39] <Bonn1> ok bye
[17:10:28] <psha> atmega: maybe your problem is also caused by invalid row_strides
[17:12:15] <atmega> perhaps, I have no idea what that means :)
[17:12:48] <atmega> isn't mplayer using the same thing though?
[17:14:13] <psha> no
[17:14:18] <psha> may you make a screenshot?
[17:14:47] <atmega> not until next thursday... I'm headed to florida for 5 days of cave diving.
[17:15:09] <psha> cool
[17:15:49] <atmega> but.. a screen shot of what?
[17:15:57] <psha> of garbage frame
[17:16:08] <atmega> oh, it is different each time
[17:16:22] <atmega> 640x480 is always black
[17:16:29] <psha> but it's damage may show something
[17:16:40] <psha> for example i have strided image
[17:17:02] <psha> (i had until i've fixed strides)
[17:17:03] <atmega> any of the smaller ones are that show any image are interlaced and only the bottom half
[17:19:52] <psha> interlaced image may be caused by invalid stride size
[17:19:57] <psha> r
[17:25:10] <psha> grommit: good evening
[17:27:19] <grommit> go afternoon psha :-)
[17:27:27] <grommit> go==good
[17:31:22] <psha> any progress on documenting install? :)
[17:31:40] <psha> i've guided another user today
[17:31:45] <psha> but he has 8.04
[17:31:54] <grommit> haven't started to do it yet
[17:31:54] <grommit> will hopefully get to it later today
[17:32:04] <psha> cool
[17:32:09] <psha> btw there are hardy packages now
[17:32:16] <grommit> does it work on 8.04 out of curiosity?
[17:32:29] <grommit> ah
[17:32:54] <psha> but not all
[17:33:01] <psha> i've not yet managed to build python-camunits there
[17:33:11] <psha> so only stock camview
[17:33:27] <grommit> very inferior ;-)
[17:34:37] <psha> main problem is that's too old :)
[17:34:53] <psha> it's hard to satisfy build deps on it
[17:36:00] <psha> hope i'll don't have requests for 6.06 :)
[17:36:06] <grommit> yikes!
[18:35:52] <psha> grommit: camview-emc will be available on hardy :)
[18:44:06] <IchGuckLive> hi all
[18:47:05] <IchGuckLive> coudt someone open please on the wiki a tread named "inch to metric value converting" thewn i will post the python conversion into it
[18:47:44] <IchGuckLive> maybe NC-Value
[18:48:33] <IchGuckLive> if there is a ? then i can do this but i do not now to open a general trad
[18:50:04] <seb_kuzminsky> IchGuckLive: here's instructions on how to edit the wiki: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?BasicSteps
[18:50:18] <IchGuckLive> thanks
[18:50:52] <IchGuckLive> i did alot on the wiki but i want to have someone to do the first item
[19:13:22] <IchGuckLive> can someone check the spelling please im not eng born !
[19:13:26] <IchGuckLive> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Converting_Tools
[19:21:31] <andypugh> There is probably a standard wording for your disclaimer.
[19:22:23] <grommit> psha?
[19:22:35] <psha> ?
[19:22:41] <IchGuckLive> andypugh: if you now it right it down
[19:23:05] <psha> andypugh: you are popular editor :-P
[19:23:19] <grommit> I am installing and am wondering (consider this a note ;-), do I need to install camunits first, or just go to your readme and go from there?
[19:23:45] <psha> you don't need to install camunits first
[19:23:57] <psha> just add repo and install camview-emc
[19:24:08] <psha> if you need halio - install camunits-plugins-emc too
[19:24:44] <psha> IchGuckLive: colors are excelent :)
[19:24:48] <grommit> on this page: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Axis_Embed_Video the first reference is to camunits
[19:24:55] <psha> that's Huge-Red-Bar is cool :)
[19:25:11] <psha> i think page have to rewritten from scratch :)
[19:25:52] <psha> it was written when i first found camunits and patched camview to embed in axis
[19:26:07] <psha> now there is full fledged alternative to camview (camview-emc) so patching stock camview is not needed
[19:26:41] <IchGuckLive> psha: Thanks
[19:26:59] <grommit> so this link is still correct, yes? http://psha.org.ru/debian/README
[19:27:05] <IchGuckLive> psha: as at G12/13 and G159
[19:27:09] <IchGuckLive> 150
[19:27:11] <psha> grommit: yes, repo README is corret
[19:27:19] <psha> i've updated it hour ago (added hardy)
[19:27:21] <grommit> I just need to edit sources.list...?
[19:27:26] <psha> yes
[19:27:39] <psha> and download key
[19:27:49] <psha> btw all hardy packages are landed there
[19:28:17] <psha> IchGuckLive: but i think users will be tired with that cool Huge-Red-Bar :)
[19:29:19] <IchGuckLive> psha: its just open and safe not mor to do
[19:29:41] <IchGuckLive> ther is no button
[19:31:37] <psha> also you've hardcoded sizes of left and right panes
[19:31:51] <IchGuckLive> so by till tomorrow -> buttens to play with -> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Simple_EMC_G-Code_Generators#Grid_Rectangular_Circular_SpiderNet_G_code_Generator
[19:32:04] <psha> so when i open it i get panes of different size
[19:35:18] <andypugh> IchguchLive: I have put a reworded statement at the bottom of your page
[20:25:16] <psha> atmega: i've spotted another bad place in input video driver so hope everything will work better when you'll be back
[21:23:05] <grommit> psha: where does public key go?
[21:23:58] <psha> it's used by apt-get when checking what packages are being installed
[21:24:06] <psha> every repository is signed
[21:24:15] <grommit> right, I saw the error when I didn't have it :-)
[21:24:20] <grommit> where do I put it?
[21:24:38] <psha> you have to feed apt-key with it
[21:24:59] <psha> typical command looks like wget -O- http://key/url | sudo apt-key add -
[21:25:06] <psha> another one is via keyserver
[21:34:53] <grommit> psha: by the way, camunits-plugins-emc are going to be installed with camview-emc...
[21:35:49] <grommit> oh, no sorry, it is camunits-plugins-emc-misc (not camunits-plugins-emc).
[21:36:35] <psha> yes
[21:36:42] <psha> i've split halio
[21:36:55] <psha> it's separate package since it depends on emc2
[21:37:02] <psha> camview-emc is indepenendent one
[21:37:16] <psha> take notes! :)
[21:37:21] <psha> make
[21:37:22] <grommit> I am
[21:52:21] <grommit> psha: I can run camview-emc and it works but when I run Axis it doesn't show up in the tab. what am I missing?
[21:52:47] <psha> axisrc?
[21:53:42] <grommit> I have .axisrc but does it need execute priv?
[21:53:51] <psha> no
[21:54:02] <psha> other stuff like mplayer embedding?
[21:54:06] <grommit> hmm, so that isn't it....
[21:54:28] <grommit> I don't have mplayer on this system but I guess I could install it ....
[21:54:36] <psha> xterm
[21:54:38] <psha> urxvt
[21:54:57] <psha> no need in mplayer
[21:55:01] <grommit> xterm?
[21:55:08] <grommit> just launch an exterm?
[21:55:11] <grommit> xterm
[21:56:38] <psha> check -h or man for flag
[21:57:52] <psha> for xterm it's -into
[21:58:04] <psha> xterm -into {WID}
[21:58:13] <grommit> ok, let me try it...
[21:59:20] <grommit> well, it launches an xterm but not into (no pun intended) the Axis tab
[21:59:28] <psha> issue is in axisrc
[21:59:43] <psha> is it .axisrc and leaves in home directory of user?
[21:59:47] <psha> lives
[22:00:16] <grommit> yes
[22:00:49] <grommit> there is also a .axis_preferences there...
[22:01:14] <grommit> a2ms@Klaatu:~$ more .axis_preferences
[22:01:16] <grommit> [DEFAULT]
[22:01:18] <grommit> block_delete = True
[22:01:19] <grommit> dro_large_font = False
[22:01:21] <grommit> show_distance_to_go = False
[22:01:22] <grommit> show_machine_limits = True
[22:01:24] <grommit> show_extents = True
[22:01:25] <grommit> show_rapids = True
[22:01:27] <grommit> show_live_plot = True
[22:01:29] <grommit> show_program = True
[22:01:31] <grommit> show_machine_speed = True
[22:01:33] <grommit> show_tool = True
[22:01:35] <grommit> optional_stop = True
[22:01:36] <grommit> recentfiles = []
[22:01:53] <psha> preference is for user settings
[22:02:08] <grommit> the .axisrc is the one off the wiki page, yes?
[22:02:09] <psha> axisrc downloaded from wiki?
[22:02:12] <psha> yes
[22:02:19] <psha> which version of emc?
[22:02:22] <grommit> yes that is where I got it from
[22:02:26] <psha> 2.4.*?
[22:02:42] <grommit> 2.4.5
[22:03:03] <grommit> just installed/updated today
[22:03:24] <psha> is there USER_COMMAND_FILE in INI?
[22:03:36] <psha> in DISPLAY section
[22:04:21] <grommit> no
[22:04:47] <psha> to test for sure if this file is called or not place 'print "Hey, i'm called!"' in the beginning of that file
[22:04:51] <psha> of .axisrc
[22:05:00] <psha> and start emc path-to.ini from terminal
[22:07:43] <psha> maybe you've added EMBED stuff not into DISPLAY section?
[22:07:55] <psha> or incorrect number of configuration params?
[22:08:00] <psha> it's sensible to this
[22:13:17] <psha> grommit: i'll have to part
[22:18:03] <psha> bb
[22:18:10] <psha> hope you'll set it up :)
[22:23:27] <grommit> sorry, psha, got pulled away for something else
[22:24:19] <andypugh> grommit: I got the tab working without much bother a couple of days ago
[22:25:35] <andypugh> But perhaps it is simpler in 2.5?
[22:35:36] <grommit> hmph, can't get it going. I will look up psha on Monday (or tomorrow)...
[22:39:32] <grommit> finally, go it. The command is: EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -w {XID}
[22:39:39] <grommit> not EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = camview-emc -wid {XID}
[23:51:16] <andypugh> How puzzling
[23:51:18] <andypugh> 5 bit OUT FALSE hm2_5i23.0.gpio.028.in ==> hall2
[23:51:18] <andypugh> 5 bit OUT FALSE hm2_5i23.0.gpio.028.in_not
[23:51:18] <andypugh> 5 bit IN FALSE hm2_5i23.0.gpio.028.out
[23:55:59] <andypugh> jmkasunich: I understand that you might know your way around HAL?
[23:59:03] <andypugh> Aha! Functions do a lot more attached to a thread....