#emc | Logs for 2010-10-17

[00:45:47] <skunkKandT> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KplU8hkI0AQ
[01:22:19] <skunkKandT> the collet unclamp is 14 tons (5.75" cylinder and 1200psi)
[01:25:21] <skunkKandT> bbl
[01:28:41] <cradek> awesome
[01:31:37] <skunkworks> cradek: cool - huh?
[01:31:45] <cradek> extremely cool
[01:31:47] <cradek> congrats
[01:32:01] <skunkworks> Thanks. only about 600 more things to get working ;)
[01:32:06] <skunkworks> maybe 10
[01:32:44] <skunkworks> got the 1200psi pump running - so we could do the collet clam/unclamp test.
[01:32:46] <DaViruz> i'm trying to get my silly sinumerik to orient my spindle for toolchange
[01:32:55] <DaViruz> i'll need to emc2 this sooner or later
[01:33:06] <skunkworks> also lifted the b axis to see how much torque we are going to need.
[01:33:14] <cradek> all machines are destined to eventually run emc2...
[01:33:28] <skunkworks> isn't going to take much
[01:33:50] <skunkworks> heh
[01:34:38] <DaViruz> i kind of like this old sinumerik, it's pretty powerful, but it's waay too idiot-proofed and a bit too troublesome to configure
[01:35:03] <cradek> bbl
[01:35:30] <skunkworks> same here - time to go home and rest.
[03:37:27] <skunkworks> logger_emc: bookmark
[03:37:27] <skunkworks> Just this once .. here's the log: http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/2010-10-17.txt
[03:41:21] <skunkworks> The cover that keeps the chips out of one end of the tool arm makes a nice pop when it closes over the end
[03:41:24] <skunkworks> :)
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[07:57:42] <mk0> ubuntu 10.04 has no xorg.conf and emc2 cannot use proprietary nvidia driver. how can i get to know which driver is used and how to change frequency? because 1024x768@60 kills my eyes.
[08:34:51] <awallin> anyone worked with this kind of tooling-board: http://picasaweb.google.com/hankieberen/BouwOBSESSIONIOM#
[08:35:00] <awallin> any ideas on where to get it and what it costs?
[08:37:28] <archivist> is that just foam
[08:52:44] <fragalot> does balsa wood fall into that category?
[08:57:47] <Jymmm> Not foam, that has a grain to it.
[08:58:31] <Jymmm> No balsa, that has a reddish tint to it
[09:02:04] <Jymmm> I like the machine, but damn that's a heavy base plate
[09:06:42] <awallin> its some kind of epoxy tooling board. necuron or cibatool are trade-names I have heard. for making patterns it is easy to cut but fairly hard...
[09:06:46] <fragalot> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92SRZ4kmIQU&NR=1 is it me, or is the cutting rate faster than the G0 rate,
[09:06:49] <fragalot> :/
[09:15:02] <fragalot> Jymmm: http://www.vakuumtisch.de/index.php?page=product&info=369 + http://www.vakuumtisch.de/index.php?page=product&info=132
[09:15:17] <fragalot> Jymmm: Reckon I should order those next month? Or do you know of anything better
[09:15:46] <Jymmm> for what?
[09:15:52] <fragalot> maybe I should get http://www.vakuumtisch.de/index.php?page=product&info=98 that mat instead
[09:15:57] <fragalot> Jymmm: the vacuum table
[09:16:03] <Jymmm> what purpose?
[09:16:32] <fragalot> PCB and the occasional engraving job
[09:19:11] <fragalot> >.> I made smething yesterday, intended to clean up today and now my mum's pissed because I didn't do it yesterday.. at 2am ...
[09:24:38] <fragalot> I'm rather curios as to how flat it will be with that rubber mat though
[09:25:22] <fragalot> but if I can put pegs in to re-align the PCB that's not really an issue as I can just do the isolation tracks without it, put mat on, and then drill
[10:10:12] <atmega> how deep do you cut for isolation traces?
[18:17:46] <skunkworks> atmega: as shallow as you can
[18:17:57] <skunkworks> you just want to cut through the copper
[18:32:07] <Duckie> halo
[18:32:12] <micges> hi
[18:32:23] <Duckie> emc2 help hier? (dutch?)
[18:34:05] <Duckie> is Chris Radek of Alex Joni online?
[18:34:09] <micges> yes this is english language emc2 support channel
[18:34:29] <Duckie> ow no dutch people online?
[18:34:55] <skinnypup> Alex and Chris are both logged in to the channel
[18:34:55] <willeo6709> in pyvcp stuff, radio button, can choices have decimal points?
[18:35:37] <Duckie> well i tell my problem
[18:35:46] <Duckie> i got a mile cnc
[18:36:00] <andypugh> willeo6709: I think that they are type "bit". So unless I have misunderstood the question, the answer is "no"
[18:36:33] <Duckie> How toolchange in emc2? (i'am a beginner)
[18:36:48] <andypugh> Duckie: M6?
[18:36:58] <willeo6709> what kind of toolchanger duckie?
[18:37:18] <andypugh> Are you trying to run an automatic toolchanger, or just alter the tool offsets to sit the new tool after a manual change?
[18:37:36] <Duckie> can i send a picture? (3tools)
[18:37:45] <Duckie> automatic tools
[18:37:46] <andypugh> Normally toolchange would be M6 T2 G43
[18:37:57] <andypugh> (for tool 2)
[18:38:07] <Duckie> (i'am a beginner->Info)
[18:38:25] <andypugh> Aye, put a picture up on imagebin.ca or similar
[18:38:36] <Duckie> ok
[18:39:32] <Duckie> http://imagebin.ca/view/w8r-EcA.html
[18:39:38] <Duckie> my cnc machine :D
[18:41:06] <Duckie> see my picture?
[18:41:41] <andypugh> Aha! Rack Toolchanger
[18:42:30] <Duckie> how it works? no idea
[18:43:09] <Duckie> tutorial?
[18:43:18] <andypugh> There is some very out-of-date info here:
[18:43:19] <andypugh> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/emcinfo.pl?RackToolChanger
[18:43:40] <andypugh> But it is quite likely that most of it is now incorporated in the main branch.
[18:44:14] <andypugh> You could try the Step 2 instructions on a recent version of emc2 and see what happens.
[18:44:40] <andypugh> It might be wise to remove the tools and/or unbolt the rack for testing, though.
[18:46:05] <Duckie> no step 1? download
[18:47:41] <willeo6709> in hal - setp just sets value of a pin? or creates it initially as well?
[18:47:42] <andypugh> Hmm, actually, I don't see the tool-locked and tool-flush HAL pins in the current version.
[18:48:18] <andypugh> willeo6709: Sets the value. Pins either already exist, or can be created when you "loadrt" a module that creates pins.
[18:48:21] <willeo6709> trying to get something to connect to for pyvcp stuff
[18:48:57] <Duckie> @willeo have you see the picture
[18:49:09] <willeo6709> can i create a pin without a module?
[18:49:23] <willeo6709> no duckie but i know rack toolchangers
[18:50:04] <andypugh> willeo6709: Pyvcp creates pins.
[18:51:08] <Duckie> my mill must got to 3 coordinates (drill x10 y20, drill2 x10 y30,..)
[18:51:10] <andypugh> Duckie: I think you might need to patch emc2 as decribed in that link.
[18:51:26] <andypugh> To do an automatic toolchange
[18:51:58] <Duckie> ok
[18:52:15] <andypugh> Automatic toolchangers are quite an advanced topic.
[18:52:44] <andypugh> EMC can drive them, but there are so many different designs..
[18:53:19] <Duckie> @ andypugh you have see the picture?
[18:53:36] <skinnypup> Duckie, you may also want to join the mailing list
[18:53:39] <skinnypup> https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/emc-users
[18:53:43] <andypugh> The big question is going to be whether that patch will work on the current emc2 version.
[18:54:04] <andypugh> Aye, I think that a query to the mailing list might be wise for this one.
[18:54:35] <andypugh> Duckie: Yes, I saw the picture. I think I have seen that style of toolholder somewhere before.
[18:54:55] <willeo6709> there are pretty good examples of creating the widgets, buttons and python code but not really jack on making the postgui halfile work for python components
[18:56:03] <Duckie> ok, what is that mailing list?
[18:56:05] <andypugh> willeo6709: You have a pyvcp button that you want to link to a HAL pin?
[18:56:45] <willeo6709> for example - my machine has a washdown pump for chip removal - I want to be able to disable it easy with a bit i click that will disable the pump coming on by being last tiem in the ladder rung
[18:56:54] <andypugh> That is the emc-users mailing list, basically the same as this IRC channel, but a bit less immediate, with the advantage that people who are not now online will see it.
[18:57:04] <willeo6709> i can create the button "washdown-check"
[18:57:16] <Duckie> ah ok
[18:57:17] <willeo6709> but what the devil do i connect it to
[18:57:38] <andypugh> willeo6709: Are you using classic ladder, or just HAL?
[18:57:53] <willeo6709> both
[18:58:23] <willeo6709> have not written the ladder yet - wanting to get a bit into everything so i don't do something the hard way
[18:58:34] <willeo6709> have a few rungs started
[18:58:42] <willeo6709> have most of the io in the halfile
[18:59:01] <willeo6709> but additional features are my stumbling right now
[18:59:30] <andypugh> If I was doing it (I just use HAL) I would add an and2 compenent to my hal file (loadrt and2 count=1 ; addf and2.0 servo-thread )
[18:59:42] <willeo6709> there is the washdown pump, augers that bring chips to the conveyor that carries chips out of machine, a manual tool unclamp button
[19:00:08] <andypugh> which EMC pin currently controls your washdown pump?
[19:01:23] <andypugh> Duckie: You could create G-code subroutines to load each tool (using G53 to move in machine space). It isn't elegant, but it would work.
[19:01:44] <Duckie> can you help me how?
[19:02:03] <andypugh> Duckie: For the moment, though, you might as well stick with the manual toolchanger and swap the tools by hand, until you are a lot mor familiar with emc2
[19:02:39] <Duckie> but i have to do it automatic (school)
[19:02:58] <andypugh> Ah
[19:03:28] <willeo> you shuld be able to use a g30 position for one of them
[19:04:16] <Duckie> @andypugh must i send you the (config files from my cnc)
[19:04:23] <Duckie> to see?
[19:04:27] <willeo> andy - looked at the and2 and it makes as much sense as the us tax code to me...
[19:04:38] <willeo> why an and2?
[19:06:22] <willeo> or should i be net these to classicladder b bits?
[19:06:38] <andypugh> You would wire the current controlling pin to and2.0.in0 and the pyvcp button to and2.0.in1, then the and2.0.out to the GPIO pin that switches on the pump. Then the pump only works when emc2 _and_ the pyvcp button say so.
[19:07:40] <micges> andypugh: tool-locked and tool-flush are machine specific
[19:08:06] <andypugh> Duckie: It will take a bit more than the config files, I think you need to modify and compile emc2. I can't find that rack toolchanger code in the current emc2 source code.
[19:08:56] <micges> there is no rack tool changer code in 2.4.x or master, it was too much machine specific
[19:10:17] <andypugh> Duckie: How good are you at C-programing?
[19:11:11] <willeo> i'd rather be able to see it in the ladder if possible - so if net classicladder.0.in-01 nets to input %I1, what do i replace in-01 with for a %B1 connection?
[19:11:11] <Duckie> sorr not so good only visual basic 2010
[19:12:17] <andypugh> I like Visual Basic (which might be heresy here) but it is not much help in this case.
[19:12:47] <andypugh> I think your easiest plan would be to write G-code subroutines.
[19:12:51] <Duckie> but i think i doesn't need it for my auto toolchange problem
[19:14:16] <Duckie> http://rapidshare.com/files/425650451/Terco_V3_2011.7z
[19:14:20] <Duckie> my config files
[19:14:50] <willeo> duckie - you could use some work coordinate systems for tool change positions and just use z machine coordinates - trick is putting existing tool away first
[19:15:51] <andypugh> You could write some G-code programs (for example unload1.ngc, load2.ngc etc), put them in your PROGRAM_PREFIX directory (from the INI file) and then call them in your main G-code program with O<unload1> CALL
[19:15:57] <andypugh> For example.
[19:16:38] <Duckie> yes that i need it, but how i write that code
[19:16:58] <Duckie> can you write my a example for my cnc (see config files)
[19:17:14] <andypugh> The subroutines would be G53 moves up, left and down to the right place, using M62 digital output to operate the toolholder clamp. http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode_main.html#sec:M62-to-M65
[19:17:51] <andypugh> Well, you will need to be able to write G-code to run the machine, so you need to learn it at some point.
[19:18:30] <Duckie> Can you write the first tool for me (cord tool place :x10 y20 load in: x40 y30)
[19:18:38] <Duckie> please :)
[19:20:27] <andypugh> Z?
[19:20:55] <andypugh> How does the tool clamp work?
[19:21:12] <Duckie> oo oep ztool : 50 load in : 40
[19:21:50] <andypugh> Is this in machine coordinates?
[19:21:58] <andypugh> G53 G0 Z50
[19:22:11] <andypugh> G53 G0 X40 Y40
[19:22:19] <andypugh> G53 G0 Z40
[19:22:37] <andypugh> is up, across, and down.
[19:24:09] <Duckie> yes i think
[19:26:17] <andypugh> That G-code will do the move. But it won't open/close the toolholder.
[19:26:36] <andypugh> Have you read the emc2 documentation?
[19:26:46] <Duckie> +-
[19:27:06] <Duckie> open and close is air
[19:27:08] <andypugh> You might need http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/EMC2_Integrator_Manual.pdf
[19:28:27] <Duckie> some dutch tutorial
[19:28:30] <Duckie> ?
[19:28:50] <andypugh> We can do you french, if that is any help
[19:29:10] <Duckie> oo noo french :p
[19:31:03] <andypugh> Toolchangers like yours are a bit difficult, as they involve moving the machine axes in a way that is not under the control of the main G-code program.
[19:31:48] <andypugh> I assume that the tool clamp pneumatics are controlled by a parallel port pin (or similar?)
[19:32:07] <Duckie> parallel port pin
[19:32:29] <Duckie> pin 7
[19:34:00] <Duckie> what do you mean: "not under the control of the main G-code program."
[19:34:12] <Duckie> can i not solve my problem with G -code?
[19:34:22] <andypugh> Then you need a line in your hal that says: net clamp motion.digital-out-00 => parport.0.pin-07-out
[19:34:43] <willeo> anybody ever hooked a pyvcp button to a %B in classicladder
[19:34:44] <andypugh> then M62 should turn on the air, and M63 should turn it off.
[19:35:14] <willeo> duckie - you can program it simply with g code - but if you mix up the tool order next part program you do it allover again
[19:35:23] <andypugh> willeo: I haven't. Can you see the classic ladder pins in machine->view hal config?
[19:37:06] <willeo> all it shows is ins outs, floats, and s32's
[19:38:03] <willeo> i hate to use a hard io for it - seems the hard way
[19:38:08] <jthornton> Dave911: if your still around it was <23 max watt density for oils and yes watts per square inch
[19:38:28] <andypugh> jthornton: he's over on devel
[19:38:52] <jthornton> he is here too, I see him :)
[19:39:12] <andypugh> willeo: what is a %B, a bit?
[19:39:26] <willeo> internal coil or contact
[19:39:38] <willeo> used for conditions normally
[19:39:51] <willeo> but useful as it does not require real io
[19:39:57] <jthornton> yea, is a bit
[19:39:59] <andypugh> Sorry, you have lost me, I thought we were talking software
[19:40:11] <jthornton> %B
[19:40:12] <the_wench> http://www.wench.archivist.info/index.php?chan=%23emc to see any factoids (select channel if needed)
[19:40:19] <willeo> andy - how familiar are you with ladder?
[19:40:40] <andypugh> I can spell both words of the name. That's it.
[19:40:57] <jthornton> he didn't ask me lol
[19:41:02] <andypugh> I use HAL for everything, and comp when that gets too silly.
[19:41:59] <willeo> internal contacts are used in all commercial plc's. Its a way to say output one can be on except when thei condition is met - and you can have complex interacting conditions - so you don't have to ladder code each one each time
[19:42:50] <willeo> in this case i could connect to a mesa output - looped to an input to get it back in the ladder but seems silly to do so if i can connect to a %b bit
[19:43:03] <andypugh> I feel sure that you can.
[19:43:34] <andypugh> But that would require your ladder bit to have an associated HAL pin. Does it?
[19:43:53] <jthornton> you can only connect to inputs and outputs just like a real PLC the %B are only internal bits for Classicladder
[19:45:33] <andypugh> There should still be no need to connect them through actual physical wires though.
[19:47:20] <andypugh> willeo: You were talking about creating a pin? You can create a signal and link a pin to it in one HAL file, then link another pin to the same signal in another HAL file. But as both HAL files can see the pins, that doesn't gain you much.
[19:47:37] <Duckie> are there things I should watch for the toolchange?...
[19:48:09] <andypugh> Not picking up one tool when another is still in the chuck...
[19:48:19] <jthornton> manual tool change or tool changer?
[19:48:22] <Duckie> And what must do first? (tomorow when i arrive to my school cnc)
[19:48:31] <Duckie> automatic toolchange
[19:49:05] <willeo> i think i just need to link to a classicladder input - and it will be an arbitrary number - just tried it and it says pyvcp.washpumpon does not exist
[19:49:17] <Duckie> @jthornton http://imagebin.ca/view/w8r-EcA.html (picture)
[19:49:50] <willeo> so back to drawing board on python stuff
[19:50:45] <jthornton> did you link to an input that you have as there is a limit to the number of inputs
[19:51:24] <jthornton> the default is 15 inputs
[19:51:50] <Duckie> ?
[19:52:10] <jthornton> Duckie: for some reason firefox is not working here and I can't see your link
[19:52:26] <Duckie> wait send a other link
[19:52:46] <jthornton> it is not your link but my computer needs to be rebooted
[19:53:05] <willeo> i linked to an input i have - right now it does not like the xml file i don't think
[19:53:36] <Duckie> http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/8847/92893719.png
[19:53:51] <jthornton> willeo: ok, comment out lines till it works the back from there one line at a time to fix your typos
[19:56:22] <andypugh> willeo: Aye, it's almost always a miss-spelled signal.
[19:56:37] <andypugh> putting show all in your hal file can be handy
[19:57:42] <andypugh> Duckie: Well, first make sure the machine will jog, then that it will move in MDI mode, then switch to world coordinate view and see if the tool change positions really are exactly where you think they are.
[19:58:11] <andypugh> Then edit the HAL to make M62 and M63 operate the air valve like I suggested.
[19:59:22] <Duckie> ok next?
[19:59:44] <andypugh> write the tool load and tool unload G-code programs
[19:59:51] <JT-Hardinge> so your machine needs to go to three different places to pick up tool 1,2 or 3
[20:00:12] <Duckie> @JT-Hardinge Yes
[20:00:31] <Duckie> ok next?
[20:01:22] <JT-Hardinge> never seen one like that before
[20:01:31] <Dave911_> Dave911_ is now known as Dave911
[20:02:13] <JT-Hardinge> andypugh: what does show all do in a hal file? and do you have to run it from terminal for that to work?
[20:02:28] <andypugh> Duckie: Then scour the emc website for info on subroutines and how to call them
[20:03:01] <andypugh> JT-Hardinge: It lists all the pins etc that exist at that time. I think it all ends up in dmesg
[20:03:19] <JT-Hardinge> so it needs to be at the end of your file?
[20:03:23] <andypugh> I tend to forget that you can start emc other than from the command line
[20:03:29] <JT-Hardinge> lol
[20:03:49] <andypugh> I tend to put is after the loadrt section, before the HAL file has a chance to crash
[20:04:27] <andypugh> Certainly while configuring HAL files, from the CL is better, as you see more info when it goes wrong
[20:04:37] <JT-Hardinge> ok, I got it now... that needs to be in the manual somewhere
[20:06:43] <Duckie> ok, that all?
[20:06:50] <andypugh> I just checked, the output goes to stdio, so you do need to start from the CL to see it.
[20:06:59] <Duckie> then i come tomorrow back here
[20:07:10] <andypugh> Duckie: How long are you there for? I can see that being a day's work
[20:07:17] <Duckie> to tell what my next problem :p
[20:08:00] <JT-Hardinge> Duckie: I would guess you would need somehow to call a different subroutine for each tool possibly with classicladder
[20:08:25] <JT-Hardinge> then report back tool change complete from classicladder
[20:08:36] <andypugh> i was suggesting a different subroutine to load and unload each tool. It's not elegant, but it would work.
[20:08:40] <Duckie> i'am ad school 4 hour
[20:08:47] <Duckie> work time
[20:09:09] <Duckie> @JT-Hardinge how does it work?
[20:09:21] <JT-Hardinge> what is "it"?
[20:09:41] <andypugh> You could write a cleverer G-code routine with IF THEN ELSE type stuff. It could probably read the requested tool from a memory location, and go to the right place according to that.
[20:09:44] <Duckie> classicladder you say
[20:10:05] <andypugh> JT-Hardinge: Can Classic Ladder move an axis?
[20:10:05] <Duckie> i think it is difficult
[20:10:07] <JT-Hardinge> just like a real PLC but it is inside of EMC
[20:10:21] <Duckie> oo PLC :D
[20:10:33] <JT-Hardinge> andy's way might be easier to do
[20:10:33] <Duckie> (learn ad school)
[20:10:59] <Duckie> i will choose <andypugh> solution , thx
[20:12:21] <JT-Hardinge> * JT-Hardinge goes back to fixing my face subroutine
[20:13:44] <Duckie> see you tomorow! thx (seam time as today, mybeen a little earlier)
[20:15:54] <andypugh> Good luck
[20:16:10] <Duckie> thx bye
[20:20:24] <JT-Hardinge> anyone know how to display a variable in a message using a g code comment like (msg, dia #5410)?
[20:21:23] <micges> I think change msg->dbg
[20:21:36] <JT-Hardinge> for debug
[20:23:31] <JT-Hardinge> ok, (debug, tool #5400) works thanks micges
[20:27:55] <willeo> in pyvcp - <checkbutton> <halpin>"wpon"</halpin> <text>"washpump on"</text></checkbutton>
[20:28:12] <willeo> but it tells me pin wpon does not exist
[20:28:39] <JT-Hardinge> are you trying to link to wpon before it is created?
[20:29:02] <JT-Hardinge> you have to link to pyvcp pins in the postgui.hal file
[20:29:06] <willeo> net wpon classicladder.0.in-100 => pyvcp.wpon
[20:29:17] <JT-Hardinge> which file is it in?
[20:29:34] <willeo> postgui halfile as called in regular halfile
[20:29:55] <willeo> excuse me called from ini
[20:30:17] <willeo> named sabrepyvcp.hal
[20:30:43] <willeo> tells me pyvcp.wpon does not exist
[20:31:02] <willeo> first posted line is from xml file
[20:31:10] <willeo> second from postgui halfile
[20:32:52] <JT-Hardinge> you have POSTGUI_HALFILE = post-gui.hal in the [HAL] section of your ini?
[20:33:23] <willeo> postgui-halfile = sabrepyvcp.hal
[20:34:13] <JT-Hardinge> ok, then comment out the net line and run EMC and open up the Show Hal Configuration window to be sure your pin is there
[20:34:41] <JT-Hardinge> and what the spelling is...
[20:35:37] <andypugh> put "show all" as the first line in your postgui.hal file...
[20:36:09] <JT-Hardinge> a checkbutton will have more to the name on the hal pin
[20:37:40] <JT-Hardinge> willeo: your checkbutton follows the syntax like here http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//hal_pyvcp.html#r1_6_3
[20:37:45] <willeo> no check buttons on the axis interface and no pyvcp pins of any type
[20:39:37] <JT-Hardinge> then your checkbutton syntax is wrong
[20:40:09] <JT-Hardinge> copy the example I linked to you and change the names to make you happy then run EMC to see the checkbuttons
[20:41:29] <willeo> where do pyvcp pins show up at?
[20:42:03] <JT-Hardinge> to view the pins open up Show Hal Configuration from the Machine menu in Axis
[20:42:11] <awallin> it's all in the HAL...
[20:42:40] <JT-Hardinge> drill down Pins/pyvcp and you will see all the pyvcp pins
[20:44:09] <willeo> no pyvcp section in pins
[20:44:16] <andypugh> pyvcp is hopeless are error messages, you get none.
[20:44:53] <Jymmm> what?!
[20:45:17] <willeo> in display in ini i have pyvcp=sabre.xml
[20:45:19] <Jymmm> Is that yoda speak?
[20:45:48] <JT-Hardinge> that is correct
[20:46:16] <willeo> and sabre.xml exists
[20:46:29] <willeo> took the first excerpt from that for first box
[20:48:00] <willeo> and they are in same folder as the ini and regular halfile
[20:48:25] <JT-Hardinge> can you pastebin your .xml file
[20:49:48] <willeo> pastebin.ca/1965140
[20:50:36] <JT-Hardinge> you need a closing pyvcp tag </pyvcp>
[20:50:54] <awallin> and a closing labelframe?
[20:51:10] <JT-Hardinge> and a checkbutton wrapper tag
[20:51:34] <awallin> none of the opening labelframe tags have matching closing tags. some indentation would help...
[20:52:41] <JT-Hardinge> willeo: start with one item and make sure it works then add the checkbox example from the manual and change one thing at a time
[20:54:39] <awallin> I guess some kind of pyvcp-designer gui would not be too hard to cook up... if someone had the motivation... there should probably be a better way to validate the XML
[20:54:40] <JT-Hardinge> willeo: http://pastebin.ca/1965148
[20:55:16] <JT-Hardinge> I just broke mine adding the checkbox example then removing it lol
[20:56:41] <Jymmm> just open the xml file in firefox
[20:56:47] <willeo> still no check butons in the window nor pyvcp pins in show hal config
[20:57:00] <JT-Hardinge> what did you do?
[20:57:37] <Jymmm> just open the xml file in firefox, it'll try to parse it and throw errors
[20:57:38] <willeo> added the</pyvcp> to end of file
[20:57:54] <JT-Hardinge> did you fix all the other errors?
[20:57:59] <willeo> and added </labelframe> where the labelframe ended
[20:58:10] <willeo> shows no errors but does not work
[20:58:25] <JT-Hardinge> you still have errors then
[20:58:27] <Jymmm> willeo: did you open it in ff?
[20:59:41] <willeo> whiskey tango foxtrot jymm what is ff?
[20:59:51] <Jymmm> Firefox
[21:00:32] <willeo> jt- buttons not showing but emc opens
[21:00:52] <JT-Hardinge> try the file I linked to above
[21:01:21] <Jymmm> http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_validator.asp
[21:02:06] <Jymmm> 5 Errors, 3 warning(s)
[21:02:19] <Jymmm> http://validator.w3.org/check
[21:09:47] <willeo> nothing showing anywhere
[21:13:22] <willeo> no pyvcp in pins or signals
[21:13:29] <JT-Hardinge> using the short file I linked to?
[21:13:32] <willeo> no button or labelfram on screen
[21:13:35] <willeo> yes
[21:13:57] <JT-Hardinge> should be one label only
[21:14:03] <JT-Hardinge> just to test with
[21:14:20] <JT-Hardinge> should say "This is a Label"
[21:14:48] <JT-Hardinge> do you have a pyvcp panel on the right side of Axis?
[21:16:16] <willeo> no
[21:21:19] <willeo> now its there
[21:21:27] <willeo> in ini file pyvcp has to be caps
[21:21:42] <willeo> pyvcp=sabre.xml
[21:22:40] <willeo> and I see it in ladder as well
[21:22:46] <willeo> mission accomplished
[21:23:08] <JT-Hardinge> cool
[21:24:23] <willeo> how about custom m codes? anybody gotten into them?
[21:29:06] <JT-Hardinge> m100?
[21:29:30] <willeo> for example - m71- hydraulic pallet clamp
[21:30:13] <willeo> programmable m codes are generally m70's
[21:30:23] <willeo> in my past experience
[21:30:35] <JT-Hardinge> you would have to modify the program to do that or use user defined m codes m100 - m199
[21:30:49] <JT-Hardinge> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//gcode_main.html#sec:M100-to-M199:
[21:31:11] <willeo> could use m100-199 - no real reason i can see for m70's
[21:35:44] <willeo> can i edit meaning of mcodes inside emc? the "standards" up to about 30 you never mess with past that they are all fair game
[21:37:05] <JT-Hardinge> not without changing the program itself
[21:37:05] <willeo> thinking if i can use existing postprocessor for cam it would eb cool
[22:11:48] <tom3p> part
[22:11:58] <tom3p> damn keyeating xchat