#emc | Logs for 2010-07-16

[00:00:25] <foxtrot> can anyone recommend a simple CNC controller
[00:00:29] <foxtrot> 3+ axis
[00:00:41] <foxtrot> that can give 2A per axis
[00:00:49] <cradek> do you mean stepper drivers?
[00:00:54] <foxtrot> yes
[00:01:12] <cradek> xylotex might be adequate - check the specs
[00:01:34] <foxtrot> i just want a simple one that works
[00:01:47] <foxtrot> right now ive got 3x stepper drivers breadboarded up and its a friggin nightmare
[00:01:54] <cradek> I think xylotex is about the cheapest that's actually worth buying
[00:01:58] <atmega> I have xylotex... no problems, but I wish I had spent a little more and gotten gecko
[00:02:07] <cradek> there are a lot of them that aren't even worth buying
[00:02:23] <cradek> yeah the new gecko whatever-it-is multi axis thing is probably a good buy
[00:02:40] <atmega> 540
[00:02:44] <cradek> what he said
[00:03:53] <atmega> never used one, but they seem to be much neater with the db9's and breakout for other pins
[00:04:19] <theorb> theorb is now known as theorbtwo
[00:04:42] <atmega> or, I should have spent more on the xylotex and gotten their enclosure stuff
[01:31:11] <tom3p> cradek, is that a Renishaw probe in your vid?
[01:32:26] <tom3p> sorry, reading old news, (yes it is a Renishaw )
[02:15:28] <cradek> yep
[03:27:43] <madsci44> would anyone happen to know any possible way of enlarging the fonts in Axis? I tried increasing my x-server dpi - which worked for everything but...
[03:30:05] <madsci44> er.. should have typed "worked for everything but axis."
[03:36:49] <madsci44> i guess i could just try lower res mode in Xorg but im kinda trying to avoid that
[04:07:15] <madsci44> quiet night in here - I've got to learn to ask my questions in the daytime :)
[04:10:46] <LawrenceG> madsci44, I was looking for the info..... there is a way... havent found it on the wiki or in the integrators manual..... try catching up to cradek when he is around.... under view, there is an option to make the axis position font larger
[04:12:14] <Jymmm> frenzel lens
[04:12:36] <LawrenceG> hey Jymmm
[04:12:48] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: ltns
[04:13:04] <madsci44> oh, thanks very much for trying anyway! I thought i had a link for an axisrc thing somwhere and I cant find it - also remember something about xrdb being its source for fonts but not sure how to override it
[04:13:51] <LawrenceG> yea the axisrc was the thing I was looking for..... not sure where to look for the details
[04:14:16] <madsci44> ill prolly find it - its buried in my bookmarks somehwere
[04:14:23] <madsci44> i loose more links than I find it seems
[04:14:56] <LawrenceG> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui_axis.html
[04:15:04] <madsci44> frenzel lens - whats that a compiz effect now? ;-)
[04:15:12] <LawrenceG> 1.11.4 axisrc
[04:15:52] <LawrenceG> but font stuff not detatiled
[04:17:08] <madsci44> yeah
[04:18:34] <LawrenceG> 1.11.2 The X Resource Database..... xrdb -merge /usr/share/doc/emc2/axis_big_dro
[04:20:05] <madsci44> the override thing is there!
[04:21:15] <madsci44> well its maybe a clue anyway
[04:22:16] <LawrenceG> the magic is in there somewhere
[04:30:36] <madsci44> i noticed in the code in emc2-dev/tcl/emc.tcl it seems to determine the font size there - setting ::emc::standard_font_size, based on a key it seems to be getting from gconftool -g /desktop/font_rendering/dpi - but on my emcbox i dont run gnome
[04:31:19] <madsci44> and not even sure if axis is using that value
[04:34:32] <madsci44> i knew i would regret not learning tcl/tk
[06:03:22] <madsci44> HAH I got it!
[06:47:55] <Jymmm> madsci44: Toss it in the wiki
[07:32:02] <madsci44> yeah i wil
[09:20:47] <alex_chally> madsci44, about a thousand hours too late
[09:20:51] <alex_chally> but what did you get?
[09:24:53] <madsci44> hey alex! how u
[09:25:05] <madsci44> i was trying to figure out how to enlarge the fonts in axis
[09:25:48] <madsci44> with the help of a pointer from someone who was on here earlier (LawrenceG)i managed to figure it out
[09:34:42] <alex_chally> ah
[09:34:46] <alex_chally> madsci44, doing pretty well
[09:35:06] <alex_chally> been working on the bearing mount for my Y axis ballscrew
[09:35:52] <alex_chally> just started squaring/roughing the stock so I don't spend quite so much time on the CNC
[09:36:59] <madsci44> did you decide to replace the whole yoke?
[09:38:47] <alex_chally> nope, got it bored out, hopefully :D
[09:39:30] <alex_chally> but the nut fits nice, and if it is not quite on the nose I can always shim
[09:40:12] <madsci44> cool
[10:37:52] <alex_chally> madsci44, more 3d printing madness http://mrsec.wisc.edu/Edetc/nanolab/3D_print/index.html
[11:00:38] <genehacker> now all you have to is adjust the optics so you make really really small stuff
[11:01:42] <genehacker> and then you make yourself a batch of world's smallest violins...
[11:03:57] <alex_chally> genehacker, I was thinking a focused UV laser and a spinny mirror thingy
[11:04:05] <alex_chally> * alex_chally is too lazy to google
[11:04:38] <alex_chally> damn, 4am
[11:05:58] <genehacker> that's harder to control
[11:06:09] <genehacker> also the projector method is faster
[11:07:15] <genehacker> you can actually exposed semiconductor photoresists with a DLP projector like that
[11:08:12] <mrsun_> hmm, image-to-gcode should be multithreaded =)
[11:08:16] <mrsun_> have 3 cores totaly not utalized :/
[11:08:46] <genehacker> slicing?
[11:09:06] <mrsun_> ?
[11:11:05] <genehacker> slicing is taking a 3d model and converting it into slices that the project could project or a 3d printer could use to generate toolpaths from
[11:12:31] <mrsun_> gah i need a smaller ballmill :/
[11:13:05] <mrsun_> 3.2mm is to big .. need like 1mm :P
[11:13:31] <genehacker> what are you ball milling?
[11:13:47] <mrsun_> a photograph =)
[11:13:58] <mrsun_> that is ... a ballnose mill :P
[11:14:04] <mrsun_> not ballmill as in grinding thingie :P
[11:14:06] <genehacker> oh that type of ball mill
[11:14:11] <mrsun_> aye =)
[11:14:22] <mrsun_> well i need a ballmill to grind up bensonite also =)
[11:15:02] <mrsun_> and clay
[11:15:13] <mrsun_> i have like an unlimited supply of dried clay i could grind up =)
[11:15:26] <mrsun_> and rehydrate =)
[11:36:58] <mrsun_> gaah stupid mill!
[11:37:03] <mrsun_> with the new stuff its far to strong
[11:37:18] <mrsun_> ripped my temporary motormount to shreads due to slow computer that didnt stop when it should :P
[11:37:25] <mrsun_> need to upgrade the cnc computer :P
[11:43:04] <Valen> would have to be very slow for that to be a problem
[11:45:01] <mrsun_> well the gcode loaded is HUGE :P
[11:45:06] <mrsun_> so its a problem due to axis =)
[11:45:45] <Valen> ahh
[11:45:50] <Valen> you can turn off the preview
[11:49:02] <mrsun_> ye but then i dont know where i am :P
[11:49:23] <mrsun_> and where i should be (no gah what are they called to turn off motors at the end of the table :P )
[11:50:09] <mrsun_> i think ill just buy myself a new computer later ... its like $150 for mobo, cpu, ram and psu ... and then i have a psu laying around here also :P
[11:50:15] <mrsun_> its like dirt cheap today =)
[11:53:01] <Valen> the atoms are nice
[11:53:15] <Valen> though if you have massive gcode you might want a nvidia card
[11:54:58] <mrsun_> Valen, aye ... in the mobo im looking at, micro atx with built in tho nvivia etc
[11:55:00] <mrsun_> nvidia
[11:55:07] <mrsun_> no bare bone mobos anymore :/
[11:55:38] <mrsun_> would be HEAPS better then the on ei have now that is like 1ghz with a graphics card sent directly from the middle ages (its like a retrofitted laptop inside of it)
[11:56:21] <Valen> nobody has tried that yet though so be a bit carefull
[11:56:25] <Valen> although I have one
[11:56:27] <Valen> I should try it
[11:56:36] <Valen> but I dont have the download anymore
[11:56:49] <mrsun_> Valen, i dont think built in graphics is a problem, tho the powersaving stuff can be i am told =)
[11:59:16] <mrsun_> chassie i go to the local garbage heap .. always discarded computers there =)
[11:59:21] <mrsun_> and i always get to take as long as i ask
[11:59:39] <mrsun_> had alot of computers from there with no problem ... or some minor problems but harddrives etc is fine =)
[11:59:51] <mrsun_> can be alot of fun stuff on the harddrives ;P
[12:01:37] <Valen> I have the intel atom mbo in my mill its pretty good
[12:01:44] <Valen> but i also have a zotac ion mbo here
[12:01:59] <Valen> its got the dual core atom and a nvidia card built in
[12:02:09] <Valen> with the SMP i think the nvidia card works well
[12:02:27] <alex_chally> hmm
[12:02:35] <alex_chally> HTC Incredible
[12:02:45] <alex_chally> do I want a phone that is the size of... something larger then a phone?
[12:03:10] <Valen> i have a htc touch pro 2
[12:04:04] <alex_chally> what version of android does that run?
[12:04:09] <alex_chally> oh
[12:04:11] <alex_chally> winmo?
[12:04:13] <alex_chally> :(
[12:04:38] <Valen> yeah :-<
[12:04:45] <Valen> still its more my phone than an iphone
[12:05:14] <alex_chally> Valen, I am not so into the apple app store policys on.. most things
[12:05:25] <Valen> you want th ejiggly boob ap?
[12:05:26] <alex_chally> and I decided to vote the only way I knew how, which was by buying something else
[12:05:33] <alex_chally> thank fuck it is not 3 years ago
[12:05:42] <Valen> there is an android port for tp2
[12:05:48] <Valen> its coming along
[12:06:11] <alex_chally> I am up for a renewal, and my birthday is next month
[12:06:17] <alex_chally> so I really do see an Incredible in my future
[12:06:19] <Valen> i dont "do" contracts
[12:06:25] <Valen> have you seen that dell thing?
[12:06:28] <Valen> 5" screen
[12:06:30] <alex_chally> noes?
[12:06:57] <Valen> http://content.dell.com/us/en/corp/d/videos~en/Documents~Dell%20Streak%20-%20The%20versatile%205-inch%20Android%20tablet.aspx.aspx
[12:08:42] <alex_chally> I don't think I can actually fit that in my pocket...
[12:08:54] <Valen> i reckon it'd just fit in mine
[12:09:22] <Valen> i have a 3.6" screen on my phone now
[12:10:14] <Valen> I think it'll be my next phone
[12:10:53] <alex_chally> so it actually is a phone?
[12:10:58] <alex_chally> was there a price point?
[12:12:13] <Valen> 350 quid or so it seems
[12:12:20] <Valen> yeah tis a phone
[12:12:45] <alex_chally> 0.o
[12:13:07] <alex_chally> at current exchange that is $537
[12:13:10] <alex_chally> D:
[12:13:23] <alex_chally> although it would probably be $350 here
[12:13:27] <Valen> that is cheap for a phone
[12:13:52] <alex_chally> Valen, with contract subsidization the HTC incredible is $200
[12:13:55] <Valen> mine was worth $1000 when i got it (for free ;->)
[12:19:41] <Valen> the 10" isnt going to fit in my pocket though
[14:10:49] <elmo40> * elmo40 is listening to: Nickelback - Breathe
[14:11:04] <theorbtwo> What, on purpose?
[14:11:39] <elmo40> ...
[14:13:04] <celeron55_> 8))
[14:13:15] <celeron55_> celeron55_ is now known as celeron55
[14:16:19] <elmo40> * elmo40 is listening to: The Offspring - Conspiracy Of One... on purpose
[14:21:39] <user__> Is is possible to control a Hal parameter from a hal pin? If not, is it possible to dynamically alter a hal parameter? I need to change
[14:21:41] <user__> the max and min values for a limit3 component. -- thanks .. this is Dave911 operating remotely
[14:22:05] <elmo40> on the fly?
[14:22:18] <elmo40> odd
[14:22:18] <user__> Yes I guess so
[14:22:26] <cradek> unfortunately no. you'd have to change those params to pins
[14:22:43] <elmo40> is the hal file only read once?
[14:22:48] <cradek> yes
[14:22:55] <jepler> since limit3 is a comp it's very easy to change and not likely to introduce bugs
[14:23:16] <elmo40> then a restart of the program everytime is also needed. not something i would want to do
[14:23:17] <cradek> I wonder if there's any special handling required when the value changes
[14:23:36] <user__> ok ..
[14:23:38] <elmo40> user__: what is altering all the time?
[14:24:06] <jepler> I don't recall the details, but if you change them on the fly it's possible to get limit3 into a state where it oscillates instead of settling
[14:24:11] <elmo40> can you not use a ladder function, or some form of if/then in the gcode? just tossing ideas ;)
[14:24:12] <user__> Actually it is not changing all of the time... only during setup.. but I don't want to restart emc2
[14:24:25] <jepler> I think that I did this by setting the goal far from the current position, letting it get up to a good velocity, and then setting acceleration very low
[14:24:50] <jepler> not only couldn't it stop in time, but it overshot when trying to come back
[14:24:54] <jepler> this may have been on stepgen, not limit3
[14:25:03] <user__> ok
[14:25:56] <jepler> untested: http://emergent.unpy.net/files/sandbox/0001-make-limit3-pins-into-parameters.patchhttp://emergent.unpy.net/files/sandbox/0001-make-limit3-pins-into-parameters.patch
[14:26:08] <jepler> argh, I mean http://emergent.unpy.net/files/sandbox/0001-make-limit3-pins-into-parameters.patch
[14:26:23] <user__> ladder logic is possible but handling ramping would be a pain... the limit3 is really handy if I can use it.. by altering it a bit
[14:26:35] <user__> Oh my gosh .. you have docs on this!!!
[14:26:45] <user__> incredible!
[14:27:02] <jepler> docs on .. what?
[14:27:19] <user__> I mean you have something already done on this!
[14:27:32] <jepler> that's just 30 seconds of search and replace, plus knowing where to look
[14:28:13] <user__> you make it sound easy ... :-)
[14:28:25] <user__> cool.. let me take a look
[14:31:27] <user__> Well that could not be much easier ... I'll patch it and see what happens... I'll report back later.. Thanks!!!!!
[14:44:39] <user__> That patch went in nicely..
[14:46:26] <user__> Classic Ladder has float input and output pins which I have never used ... I thought that there was a problem using these float pins in hal?? Am I wrong?
[15:19:32] <skunkworks_> cradek: I thought your probe didn't work with your tool changer....
[15:30:48] <cradek> skunkworks_: it does now - stuart and I made a holder for it earlier this year when seb/stuart/jeff were visiting
[15:32:18] <skunkworks_> ah - ok
[15:32:20] <skunkworks_> neat
[15:33:44] <cradek> yeah, it's sure nice
[15:40:32] <JT-Work> had a bit of a storm yesterday, internet connection tower (ISP's) took a hit and the power cycled about the same time as I was boring one of the parts... The X axis is no longer the first to home :/
[15:41:05] <cradek> what do you mean?
[15:41:30] <JT-Work> I hit the home button while my boring bar was inside of the part...
[15:41:54] <JT-Work> servos very powerful! boring bar not so powerful
[15:42:19] <Jymmm> bent?
[15:42:45] <cradek> argh!
[15:43:12] <JT-Work> bent the screw and perhaps the insert pocket and tore part of the tool holder off that lip that hangs over the turret
[15:43:33] <alex_joni> ouch
[15:43:41] <Jymmm> what he said
[15:43:49] <cradek> pics or it didn't happen!
[15:44:02] <cradek> or not :-)
[15:44:11] <JT-Work> when I get my internet back I'll have a pic
[15:44:21] <cradek> there's no right order to home on a lathe - the user has to ... pay attention (sorry)
[15:44:45] <Jymmm> JT-Work: Then you can do a video re-creation just like the old murder cop shows do!
[15:44:58] <alex_joni> heh
[15:45:58] <JT-Work> as soon as I hit the home button I knew I didn't do the right thing but it was too late... I even told myself to back to tool out before homing
[15:47:22] <Jymmm> Is there a way to customize the homing sequence to have a SAFE operation per machine?
[15:49:23] <elmo40> i was using a 1" endmill that did a profile cut on the housing of a transmission. i was reading another program while this one was running. i pressed 'Cancel' (or whatever. it was 8 years ago) and the tool stoped cutting and started to go Home. It went in X-Y direction before Z (silly macro error). Busted the housing beyond repair :( Tool was fine, though ;)
[15:50:04] <elmo40> it made a HUGE snap sound. boss came rushing in.
[15:50:23] <cradek> on your control the cancel button would cause motion? what control was it?
[15:50:23] <elmo40> these were drag racing transmissions. not your typical ford escort models ;)
[15:50:32] <elmo40> Haas
[15:50:40] <elmo40> i dont work there any more.
[15:51:02] <elmo40> i really dont know what happened. i have no clue why it would go Home.
[15:52:57] <JT-Work> Jymmm: yes just unplug the machine and it is safe to operate otherwise brains must be added :)
[15:53:57] <cradek> Jymmm: yes you can set the homing sequence however you want. but there is no sequence that is always correct (especially on a lathe)
[15:54:18] <cradek> JT-Work: is right that brains must be used :-)
[15:55:20] <JT-Work> * JT-Work wanders over to the mill to make some 6061 chips
[15:55:40] <Jymmm> What if you setup the homing sequence based on the tool being used?
[15:56:42] <Jymmm> It might not catch all scenarios, but it may help.
[15:57:57] <cradek> I think that would just add unpredictability (user who's supposed to be using his brain wouldn't know for sure which way it would home, so wouldn't know if it's safe)
[15:58:06] <pcw_home> Maybe limit torque during homing (if you have torque mode drives or torque feedback)
[15:58:07] <Jymmm> If the tool is a drill, more than likely it's an "inny", so retract X, then Y.
[15:58:26] <cradek> and making the user think about the tool table before homing...
[15:58:57] <cradek> limiting torque could be nice
[15:59:18] <Jymmm> cradek: No, I mean add an entry to the tool table if it's an "inny" or an "outty" or "both"
[15:59:18] <cradek> you sure could do that now, if your drives let you somehow
[15:59:44] <cradek> Jymmm: I understand what you're suggesting - I think it would make the problem worse instead of better
[16:00:03] <cradek> also some (most?) machines don't yet know what tool is loaded at homing time
[16:00:56] <Jymmm> but can't they just read the current tool in use and go from there?
[16:01:48] <cradek> sure, some machines could possibly tell which tool is loaded
[16:02:54] <Jymmm> Or even a simple dialog like "Is tool inside material? Y/N" after you hit the HOME button
[16:03:08] <cradek> heh, suggest that one to steve b
[16:03:28] <cradek> IMO the machine should do a predictable (always the same) thing when homing
[16:03:29] <skunkworks_> Are you sure you want to home? Y/N
[16:03:31] <skunkworks_> ;)
[16:04:00] <cradek> you must always make sure the way is clear before you home ... or do any motion
[16:04:11] <skunkworks_> I think in JT-Work case - z should home first.
[16:04:23] <Jymmm> cradek: Sure, based on the tool being used.
[16:04:44] <Jymmm> cradek: whats the inside joke regarding steve b?
[16:04:56] <cradek> he'll yell at you about the nanny state
[16:05:16] <cradek> it's a way of saying that prompt would be very irritating after the hundredth time
[16:05:44] <cradek> in fact you wouldn't read it after the first two or three times - you'd always just mumble under your breath that it's asking you this stupid question again, and hit ok
[16:06:03] <Jymmm> well, I see it more as adaptive per machine/tool to prevent problems.
[16:07:05] <skunkworks_> I think 95% of the time, on the lathe, if z homed first most issues short of ring cutters would be a non issue.
[16:07:13] <Jymmm> Or replace HOME with "HOME INTERNAL" and "HOME EXTERNAL"
[16:07:44] <skunkworks_> well and contouring
[16:07:45] <cradek> jog tool clear of work if necessary - home both axes at the same time
[16:08:27] <skunkworks_> heh
[16:09:38] <Jymmm> Well, that's the nice thing about software, you can do anything you like.
[16:19:01] <skunkworks_> You just have to remember to jog clear of work. ;) JT-Work!
[16:19:44] <cradek> I have a feeling JT-Work really doesn't need our help figuring out what he did wrong
[16:20:02] <skunkworks_> heh
[16:20:26] <skunkworks_> I have never done anything like that. (and I have the mangled parts to prove it)
[16:21:07] <skunkworks_> anytime you turn a cnc into a press/sheer/bender - it makes things interesting
[16:21:53] <cradek> the stupid bridgeport required rehoming after any estop - I homed "into" something and pushed stuff out of the vise several times
[16:22:46] <cradek> if it was at the top of travel, it would go down some amount first (to get off the home switch)
[16:23:42] <cradek> you also couldn't use the wheel until it was homed, so moving to a safe place was a pain
[16:24:15] <skunkworks_> yeck
[16:24:19] <JT-Work> I think the correct order is 1. Engage Brain 2. Push Buttons as needed
[16:24:37] <cradek> Is brain engaged? [OK] [Cancel]
[16:24:46] <elmo40> skunkworks_: we have a few guys who are confused as to the function of our cnc mills... they must have come from Amada or something, since they tend to turn them into punch presses
[16:24:51] <cradek> cancel -> Tray again later. [OK]
[16:24:52] <JT-Work> LOL
[16:24:58] <cradek> errr Try
[16:25:00] <cradek> ha
[16:27:18] <JT-Work> * JT-Work heads back to the other shop to see if the parts have arrived...
[16:36:22] <MattyMatt> http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/hardinge-cnc-collet-lathe-/200495528036
[16:36:40] <MattyMatt> anyone want to lend me 800 quid? :)
[16:36:56] <foxtrot> * foxtrot lends mattymatt 800 quid
[16:37:58] <MattyMatt> "not really that heavy" gotta remind momma the ad said that when her car is in for a service
[16:38:02] <cradek> join the club!
[16:38:26] <cradek> it's really not that heavy - easy to move on a car hauler type trailer
[16:39:24] <cradek> one day all of these remaining in the world will be run by emc2
[16:40:37] <MattyMatt> that's why I mentioned it :)
[16:40:49] <MattyMatt> the controls look OK as they are tho
[16:41:29] <cradek> well it doesn't really say it works...
[16:41:38] <MattyMatt> well I'm not bidding, so feel free anyone
[16:42:27] <MattyMatt> hopefully around xmas I'll be looking for a nice lathe
[16:44:01] <JT-Hardinge> well, they got the radio fixed on the tower :) and my internet is back up here
[16:44:55] <Jymmm> DialupBoy retires for another day!
[16:51:51] <foxtrot> hey guys check out my mill
[16:51:59] <foxtrot> http://epicstuff.50webs.com/cnc
[16:52:21] <foxtrot> click the JPGs, your browser will need to autoresize them though as their default resolution is blurry/huge
[16:54:51] <cradek> neat - what are the little stepper drivers?
[16:56:45] <foxtrot> crappy
[16:56:48] <foxtrot> too small
[16:56:55] <foxtrot> 60oz/in torque
[16:57:04] <Jymmm> foxtrot: brand? model? link?
[16:57:18] <Jymmm> foxtrot: the drivers, not the motors
[16:57:20] <foxtrot> they are 24v but only running at 12v
[16:57:23] <foxtrot> ohhh
[16:57:37] <foxtrot> those are the pololu.com Allegro 4983 driver carriers
[16:58:00] <foxtrot> it doesnt actually work right now
[16:58:12] <foxtrot> i dont know if you guys see anything on cnccontroller3.JPG
[16:58:27] <foxtrot> it turns on and then starts pulsing on/off a few seconds later
[16:59:11] <Jymmm> foxtrot: do you have the direct link to those drivers by chance?
[16:59:56] <foxtrot> http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1201
[17:00:16] <Jymmm> TY =)
[17:00:22] <foxtrot> they are 2A max iirc
[17:01:04] <foxtrot> my threaded rod drive is way harder to power than a belt drive would be
[17:01:33] <Jymmm> lil more pricy, but simpler http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1202
[17:04:41] <foxtrot> im pretty sure 2 of my 3 are fried
[17:06:57] <foxtrot> maybe i have the current max turned up too high
[17:07:03] <foxtrot> naa i dont think that matters
[17:07:40] <foxtrot> i have these motors: http://www.alltronics.com/cgi-bin/item/28M042/55/Lin-Engineering-4018L-01S-01-bipolar-stepper-motor
[17:09:58] <foxtrot> its 4.2A
[17:16:38] <elmo40> foxtrot: hey man. how goes it?
[17:17:35] <moop> Anyone know why axis does not like illegal character z?
[17:17:37] <foxtrot> pretty good dude
[17:17:43] <foxtrot> i was milling there for a couple days until i tried to redo my setup because i wasnt getting good Z torque
[17:18:03] <elmo40> then everything stopped working?
[17:18:06] <JT-Hardinge> moop: did you copy and paste some g code?
[17:18:21] <foxtrot> now it just turns on and then the PSU starts pulsing on and off
[17:18:40] <moop> no copy and paste, i am just tryiong to load up some of the example programs
[17:18:47] <foxtrot> elmo40: did you see my pictures?
[17:19:18] <moop> I have a standard 8.04 livecd install
[17:19:33] <micges> moop: if you don't have axis z and there is it in gcode file, you'll get this error
[17:21:09] <elmo40> foxtrot: I see the images. as for the power supply pulsing, make sure the back switch is in the correct voltage for your region. don't forget proper grounding.
[17:22:10] <foxtrot> ive got all the GNDs tied together
[17:22:21] <foxtrot> what do you mean backswitch
[17:24:27] <JT-Hardinge> yea, my $7.50 tiny screw is here
[17:53:21] <MattyMatt> foxtrot, time to get your drivers on PCBs I think :)
[17:54:44] <MattyMatt> strip/perf/card board
[18:00:53] <MattyMatt> 60 oz-in is quite impressive for nema17. my nema23 are only that much
[18:03:48] <MattyMatt> current up too high should fry a pololu unless you don't have enough heatsink, IMO
[18:03:58] <MattyMatt> ^shouldn't
[18:06:05] <MattyMatt> ak, my hardinge listing got pulled
[18:06:17] <MattyMatt> MY hardinge :)
[18:08:56] <JT-Hardinge> * JT-Hardinge is back to making parts :)
[18:09:34] <cradek> was your boring bar ok?
[18:10:28] <JT-Hardinge> yes, just the screw suffered... I'm amazed that it didn't get messed up in the insert pocket
[18:11:22] <JT-Hardinge> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/ToolHolder.jpg
[18:13:47] <cradek> wow! I can't believe it sheared that
[18:14:11] <JT-Hardinge> yep, are your tool holders like those?
[18:14:24] <cradek> yes more or less
[18:14:31] <cradek> (I have a variety of brands)
[18:15:51] <JT-Hardinge> I'm talking about the part that screws to the turret
[18:16:14] <JT-Hardinge> I didn't know anyone else made that part
[18:16:15] <cradek> yeah that's what I meant
[18:16:31] <JT-Hardinge> mine are all Hardinge or homemade
[18:16:33] <cradek> I have at least one other marked brand (forget what), and some unmarked
[18:16:57] <cradek> is your turret .5 below centerline or .375?
[18:17:26] <JT-Hardinge> my turret uses 1/2" tools
[18:17:43] <cradek> that would be nice - mine is .375
[18:18:28] <JT-Hardinge> I think they have 3 turrets 3/8", 1/2" and 10mm. The overall height determines what tools you use
[18:18:46] <cradek> oh you just replace the top plate part? cool.
[18:18:53] <JT-Hardinge> I found a spare one once but they guy could not/would not measure it
[18:18:54] <JT-Hardinge> yes
[18:19:01] <JT-Hardinge> they are interchangable
[18:19:25] <cradek> some of the holders would be too (some not, like boring bar holders)
[18:19:50] <cradek> I should look and see if I have any .5 for you - seems like I have a few I couldn't use for some reason
[18:20:41] <JT-Hardinge> 1/2" is type CC- and 3/8 is type C- as far as I know
[18:21:52] <JT-Hardinge> oh, there is a 12mm plate too
[18:22:21] <JT-Hardinge> all the turret plates are the same except the overall height
[18:23:19] <JT-Hardinge> 3/8" = 1.3115" -0.0005 1/2" = 1.1865" -0.0005
[18:41:52] <fragalot> hey - can anyone here recommend a nice, productive (set-up wise) way to create multi-line text engraving gcode?
[18:42:51] <cradek> I fear your adjectives, but I'd use truetype-tracer. you have to assemble the output a line at a time (or you could script it).
[18:43:44] <JT-Hardinge> what about that post processor for truetype-tracer doesn't it give you the option of where the letters start or end or something like that???
[18:43:59] <fragalot> Hm.
[18:44:05] <cradek> not sure how that works
[18:44:27] <fragalot> I was looking at www.2linc.com/engraving_software_pro1.htm but they seem to be fairly pricey
[18:44:31] <cradek> (and I may have broken it in the 4.0 release - the output changed a lot)
[18:45:30] <JT-Hardinge> I hate when that happens
[18:45:35] <cradek> from 2linc: "The G-code programs use only G0 and G1 moves to ensure CNC control compatibility"
[18:45:48] <fragalot> basicly I'm trying to find a way to design / create lil' engraved tags to hang on structures we've built
[18:45:48] <cradek> considering this, truetype-tracer will give you much better quality output
[18:46:28] <cradek> and if you want things serial numbered etc, you could script it instead of clicking in some gui to make each one
[18:46:47] <fragalot> not going to bother with serial numbers, we only do one-off's
[18:47:11] <JT-Hardinge> with truetype-tracer where do the letters start as far as XY?
[18:47:21] <fragalot> only reason I like 2linc is because they seem to allow me to play around with multiple objects and move them around easilly
[18:48:08] <cradek> do you have a dxf-capable cad program that exports gcode already?
[18:48:29] <fragalot> only CAD program that i've got is autoCAD atm
[18:49:08] <cradek> tracer will make DXFs that you can read in to autocad
[18:49:30] <fragalot> Hm.
[18:49:31] <fragalot> * fragalot tries
[18:49:58] <fragalot> ... after i've rebooted my workstation as it somehow lost it's internet ocnnection.
[18:52:16] <fragalot> odd. seems only it's DNS crashed. pinging by IP works.
[18:53:51] <JT-Hardinge> so your saying use truetype 3.x :)
[18:54:05] <cradek> 4 has much better output
[18:54:16] <JT-Hardinge> ok
[18:54:19] <cradek> http://timeguy.com/
[18:54:23] <cradek> and filled letters (woo)
[19:01:07] <fragalot> * fragalot gives up troubeleshooting and reboots
[19:01:41] <fragalot> so that's the text bit covered if that works - how would I put a small logo in? Just draw it out in autocad too?
[19:02:00] <fragalot> and then find me a nice dxf->nc and run that?
[19:05:11] <fragalot> wait.
[19:06:04] <fragalot> cradek: is there a windows version of truetype tracer? :P or will I have to run down to the cnc machine, run that, come back up with a usb stick (cnc machine doesn't have networking atm), put generated dxf into autocad, etc..? :/
[19:06:33] <cradek> fragalot: sorry, I don't use or know anything about windows
[19:06:48] <fragalot> don't hold any grudges for that :P
[19:07:04] <fragalot> It's just that I haven't found any CAD program for linux that I liked yet.
[19:07:05] <cradek> I'm sure one could build it on windows
[19:07:18] <skunkworks_> hey - this is one of the guys from the fest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wor9dtNfaY
[19:07:29] <skunkworks_> tarhealtom
[19:07:52] <cradek> skunkworks_: yay!
[19:08:13] <skunkworks_> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_2ePZbKd4w
[19:09:11] <Tech_Talk> Tech_Talk is now known as Birdman3131
[19:10:49] <sliptonic> I'm trying to track down a problem with my home-built router. It looks like a backlash problem. If I cut a perfect square, 101.6mm on a side, it comes out about .2mm too long on the x axis. I would think if this was just backlash, it would be too short. Is there such a thing as negative backlash?
[19:11:36] <cradek> sliptonic: sometimes the force of cutting will push the machine
[19:13:07] <sliptonic> Slowing down the feed should lessen that force, yes?
[19:13:29] <cradek> it is unpredictable
[19:13:47] <cradek> is your backlash .2mm or more? if so you have to fix that if you want tolerance less than .2mm
[19:14:15] <cradek> .2mm doesn't sound like much for a router (cutting wood?)
[19:16:15] <sliptonic> It hasn't been a problem for what I've been making before but I'm cutting a bunch of pieces that tile a plane like a puzzle. That means the error is multiplied by the number of pieces. The Y axis comes out near perfect but the X is screwed up by over a mm after 7 pieces.
[19:16:16] <fragalot> cradek: found an old version for windows - this 'l do what I want I think ^__^ Thanks!
[19:16:46] <cradek> amazing - where?
[19:17:22] <cradek> sliptonic: if it's that consistent, maybe it's screw error that you could correct with scale
[19:17:26] <fragalot> www.edingcnc.com/index.php?pagina=8_download_nl&taalid=2
[19:18:03] <cradek> argh, redistributed without source
[19:18:10] <fragalot> yeah.
[19:18:16] <fragalot> don't even know which version it is
[19:19:29] <sliptonic> cradek: thanks. I'll try it.
[19:22:12] <sliptonic> Wait. If it was screw error the total error would get larger for larger pieces, no? I'm about .2mm too long whether I cut a 100mm square or a 200mm square.
[19:23:29] <cradek> you are right
[19:23:57] <sliptonic> I added BACKLASH = .2 to the ini and the problem got worse. What will happen if I put in a negative value?
[19:25:02] <ds2> using cutter comp?
[19:25:38] <sliptonic> ds2: no. Would that affect only one axis of cut?
[19:26:02] <ds2> nope
[19:26:44] <ds2> does the problem happen if you cut only 0.750"?
[19:27:15] <ds2> if so, have it move an indicator around. maybe that will shed some light?
[19:27:30] <cradek> adding BACKLASH=.2 making it worse means the problem probably isn't backlash
[19:27:36] <cradek> yes, you should debug the problem :-)
[19:27:40] <fragalot> I love how windows' tab-complete is alphabethical >.<
[19:27:41] <fragalot> rubbish.
[19:27:51] <cradek> something you don't expect is moving or flexing?
[19:28:04] <sliptonic> I cut a 1" test square and got similar results. Haven't gone smaller than that. I'm also going to try cutting foam to see if it's force related. Thanks all.
[19:28:36] <ds2> getting it under 1" could mean you can do it with an indicator (unless you have a long travel one)
[19:29:36] <ds2> but then 0.080 could almost be visible with the eye
[19:29:48] <ds2> nevermind
[19:29:54] <ds2> that's 0.008
[19:38:02] <fragalot> cradek: truetype trace == shiny. <3
[19:45:52] <Birdman3131> fragalot: In what windows program?
[19:46:38] <fragalot> Birdman3131: using ttt -> dxf dxf -> autoCAD .. have'nt found anything for dxf -> nc yet
[19:46:43] <fragalot> (haven't looked)
[19:47:26] <fragalot> I think it's going to be a lot of work for the dxf -> nc since I need to make sure all the small text comes out right ( check each path manually)
[19:47:51] <cradek> http://timeguy.com/cradek/autocad
[19:47:55] <Birdman3131> How would you prefer tab complete?
[19:47:57] <cradek> (what I use)
[19:48:09] <fragalot> Birdman3131: alphabethically.
[19:48:39] <fragalot> Birdman3131: eg. if I type i<tab> I want ia ib ic id and not ic ib id ia randomly each time I hit tab again.
[19:49:10] <fragalot> cradek: Shiny ^__^
[19:49:46] <Birdman3131> Ahh. You must have meant is not earlier. You seemed to be complaining about it being alphabetical.
[19:51:01] <Birdman3131> Or you were trying to incorparate sarcasm into your senrnce that I missed.
[19:51:11] <Birdman3131> Sentence*
[19:51:57] <fragalot> Birdman3131: the ">.<" should have indicated the sarcasm :P
[19:52:52] <JT-Hardinge> where does the font file need to be for truetype-tracer to find it?
[19:53:07] <fragalot> can be anywhere if you provide full path
[19:53:15] <JT-Hardinge> ah ok
[19:53:20] <fragalot> otherwise should be in the same dir as the app.
[19:53:59] <Birdman3131> I kinda missed that. I do that a lot with emotes because I don't really keep up with all of them.
[19:55:42] <fragalot> :) No worries.
[20:00:39] <JT-Hardinge> are there some stick fonts out there somewhere that can be used with truetype-tracer?
[20:02:37] <skunkworks_> seems to me fenn had found some... maybe
[20:03:04] <JT-Hardinge> looks like qcad has some if I can find them on the computer LOL