#emc | Logs for 2010-05-24

[00:49:21] <Jymmm> Picked up a nice convertable hand truck for $20, And it's not even the cheap ones either =)
[00:50:07] <Jymmm> Has 1" tubing in certain areas, 3/4" in others.
[00:50:24] <Jymmm> maybe bigger than 1"
[11:07:40] <piasdom> hello
[11:08:38] <piasdom> how can i make this simpler; http://pastebin.com/QzjWWs82 ? thanks
[11:09:38] <piasdom> i've tried repeat ,while and something else(not understanding much of it) and i just can't see a better way
[11:18:31] <toast_> toast_ is now known as toastydeath
[11:27:40] <frallzor> bloody army, I cant wash the car :P
[11:29:41] <Jymmm> they used all the water?
[11:30:33] <frallzor> final manouver or what its called in english
[11:30:47] <frallzor> mechanized infantry warfare here now
[11:32:23] <frallzor> but theyre shooting so its fun :P
[11:35:41] <strum> warmongering little boys playing soldiers
[11:43:09] <MattyMatt> piasdom, can you make an algorithm to decide how many o109?
[11:44:01] <piasdom> Mattymatt; no, not good a algorithum
[11:44:23] <MattyMatt> so you probably can't simplify it much
[11:44:35] <MattyMatt> IMO
[11:44:45] <piasdom> Mattymatt; Thanks
[11:45:49] <MattyMatt> I've got Zigzag, Drill and Slot buttons in blender \o/
[11:46:17] <MattyMatt> and they all do something that works
[11:46:34] <MattyMatt> only horizontal slots work :)
[11:48:25] <MattyMatt> I just need Outline and Chamfer and I've got a full set I think, for a wood router
[11:56:40] <Jymmm> MattyMatt: WTH you talkin bout?
[11:57:11] <MattyMatt> blenderCAMpro(stitute)
[11:57:38] <MattyMatt> souped up blender script for milling
[11:58:19] <Jymmm> Ah
[11:59:41] <MattyMatt> http://pastebin.com/LaPAsuFh
[12:06:01] <Jymmm> So, have you drawn something 3D in Blender and machined it?
[12:07:43] <MattyMatt> yep
[12:08:13] <MattyMatt> not automatically. I still have to measure and position each cutting op
[12:08:17] <Jymmm> Got pics of drawing and final product?
[12:08:23] <MattyMatt> nope
[12:08:37] <Jymmm> Then it never happened.
[12:09:31] <MattyMatt> next pic session is when I've made 6 of them
[12:10:15] <MattyMatt> I still have to manually draw the outlining and chamfer passes, or do that script first
[12:10:54] <MattyMatt> chamfer pass should have been first, with plywood
[13:35:31] <MattyMatt> hint to self. don't chamfer plywood with an endmill
[13:36:16] <herron> direction of cut matters
[13:37:07] <MattyMatt> it was an operation intended for a ball. I just couldn't be bothered changing tools :)
[13:37:42] <MattyMatt> I know how to raise a nat on plywood now
[13:38:53] <MattyMatt> same trick would probably work on beech, to make brakeblocks
[19:23:51] <frallzor> http://pici.se/p/large/dXXbAdaxr/ a bit too big of a tool but pretty decent
[19:33:14] <Jymmm> frallzor: What/how did you do the edges?
[19:33:35] <Jymmm> and how thick is that?
[19:34:32] <frallzor> endmill
[19:34:41] <frallzor> around 40mm
[19:34:50] <frallzor> 1.6"
[19:34:57] <Jymmm> k
[19:35:33] <Jymmm> cool
[19:39:36] <frallzor> easier to coutout that I'd imagine with vectrics software
[19:39:39] <frallzor> *than
[19:51:21] <atmega> that is from aspire also?
[20:15:37] <frallzor> yup
[20:15:46] <frallzor> *vectric