#emc | Logs for 2010-05-23

[00:11:20] <pcw_home> mikeggg: the 7I33 enable output is always active high (you could use a MOSFET to invert it if needed, or just use a spare 7I37 output for AMP enable)
[03:51:34] <penguin> hi guys
[03:52:37] <penguin> i want to share with you this thread:
[03:52:40] <penguin> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=AANLkTikuBTyCTiyVxWIvTz10tZIHMpmsSXTHQ-EE49Cw%40mail.gmail.com&forum_name=emc-developers
[03:53:11] <penguin> please, tell me anything you want
[04:40:24] <morfic> do o word while loops screw with the cycle time in properties? i don't think 8962.something minutes looks right
[06:44:38] <Strum> g'day
[06:45:22] <Strum> can someone in here tell me where i can d/l MINI for windows?
[06:45:58] <Strum> would like to control EMC on a linux machine from my main windows desktop
[06:46:15] <Strum> found tkemc alright
[06:46:20] <Strum> but not mini
[06:46:29] <Strum> which is best?
[06:46:50] <Strum> anyone here run a similar setup?
[06:49:19] <archivist> most talk of that sort of remote control has been on the mailing lists from what I can remember
[06:50:02] <Strum> ok
[06:50:03] <Strum> cheers
[06:50:21] <archivist> and not many do it
[06:50:31] <Strum> really?
[06:50:53] <Strum> seems the way to go for me
[06:51:39] <Strum> having the comuter that controls the machine as a server that can be accesed from any remote computer on the local network
[06:52:42] <Strum> that way i can do all the design CAD and conversion to g-code all on one machine
[06:53:12] <archivist> you dont need remote control, just transfer the gcode
[06:53:16] <Strum> yeah
[06:53:34] <Strum> i know but it's easier to just go straight there
[06:53:41] <archivist> having the machine on the network is normal
[06:54:20] <archivist> you still need to go to the machine to load material
[06:54:33] <Strum> yeah
[06:54:46] <Strum> and be ready at the emergency stop
[06:58:02] <Strum> ok you convinced me
[06:58:10] <Strum> ;]
[06:59:03] <Strum> still could be a handy thing for developing and testing programs in simulation mode though
[07:02:50] <archivist> I hand code so tend to cut air on the real machine for testing
[07:04:30] <Strum> ah ha
[07:07:39] <Strum> how do you go hand coding complex stuff?
[07:08:54] <archivist> just imagine what the machine needs to do and code accordingly
[07:13:20] <Strum_1> sorry bout that
[07:13:23] <Strum_1> power out
[07:14:13] <Strum_1> so yeah i can see hand coding simple things but what complex curves, ie not simple arcs?
[07:14:36] <Strum_1> what about complex curves rather
[07:15:38] <archivist> I do gears and clock parts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge9_Qbd09zU&feature=related
[07:15:58] <Strum_1> still only simple geometrically though
[07:16:07] <Strum_1> no disrepsect
[07:16:22] <archivist> yes but cam does not cover that
[07:16:23] <Strum_1> big ups for the hand coding
[07:17:07] <Strum_1> Strum_1 is now known as strum
[07:19:39] <archivist> linux cad and cam is improving most being done for 3 axis mills
[07:20:32] <strum> what cad and CAM software is there for linux?
[07:20:41] <strum> i'm using rhino for the CAD part atm
[07:20:57] <strum> still looking at various CAM packages
[07:21:04] <archivist> a small selection of ideas http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Cam
[07:21:08] <strum> only used ace so far
[07:21:19] <strum> which it pretty limited
[07:21:37] <strum> and requires a fair bit of post conversion editing
[07:21:47] <archivist> some cam is to produce small section s of gcode to be added to other code
[07:22:32] <strum> ah there is CAD addition to blender
[07:23:42] <strum> hard to beat rhino for the CAD part though
[07:23:57] <strum> so accurate, clean , and easy to use
[07:24:22] <strum> blender is a bit of a mess and difficult to use imho
[07:24:51] <archivist> eg my first cam was http://www.archivist.info/gear/
[07:25:36] <archivist> I later stopped using that as it was just as simple for me to make the gcode take parameters and just work
[07:25:56] <strum> yeah
[07:26:19] <strum> i can see that if you knew G-code really well you could do most things directly
[07:26:41] <archivist> heekscad with the heekscnc is coming on some are making stuff with it now
[07:27:36] <archivist> it all depends on the sort of parts you want to make
[07:27:58] <strum> well i have lots of different ideas
[07:28:03] <strum> jewellery
[07:28:25] <strum> cut model planes and boats out of balsa sheets
[07:28:31] <strum> musical instruments
[07:28:49] <strum> want to get 4th axis setup to do flutes
[07:29:31] <archivist> soon after you add the 4th you see need for 5th :)
[07:29:39] <strum> yeah
[07:29:42] <strum> i can already
[07:30:12] <strum> building my first machine out of MDF and skateboard bearings
[07:30:39] <archivist> ah, not fine work then
[07:30:44] <strum> not at this stage
[07:31:14] <strum> can't afford to buy quality linear bearings and lead screws
[07:31:56] <strum> if i can get .1 mm accuracy i would be very happy
[07:31:57] <archivist> loose bearings will allow play, cause chatter and possibly broken tooling
[07:32:10] <Alex_7> hi
[07:32:23] <strum> hi Alex_7
[07:34:40] <sealive> morning from germany
[07:35:00] <strum> afternoon from australia
[07:35:29] <sealive> :D
[07:36:28] <Alex_7> afternoon on me
[07:36:37] <Alex_7> haha
[07:36:40] <strum> aus to beat germany in the group match of the world cup!!!
[07:37:07] <Alex_7> world cup rock
[07:37:36] <sealive> we will see
[07:37:45] <strum> ;]
[07:37:46] <sealive> may the berst team win
[07:37:54] <strum> just pulling your leg
[07:37:57] <sealive> best
[07:38:13] <strum> be very surprised if we win
[07:38:36] <sealive> ther is always a chance its a game
[07:38:42] <Alex_7> haha
[07:38:45] <sealive> a lucky shot
[07:38:45] <strum> see the cup final last night?
[07:38:57] <sealive> how did not
[07:38:59] <strum> cheating italian dogs
[07:39:01] <Alex_7> u bet
[07:39:28] <sealive> the italien did the tribel as the germans wantet to
[07:39:41] <sealive> so no looser
[07:39:52] <sealive> it has to be one
[07:40:06] <sealive> the fgermans it a hell of e season
[07:40:12] <strum> massive hand ball in the box by the inter defender
[07:40:18] <strum> no penalty
[07:40:31] <strum> heaps of professional fouls
[07:40:59] <strum> dirty cheating italian dogs
[07:41:08] <strum> they are a disgrace to the game
[07:41:21] <strum> wouldn't be surprised if it was rigged
[07:41:21] <sealive> there is always a no penalty Rule in such a game
[07:42:00] <sealive> penaltie does turn a Game in different ways
[07:43:05] <sealive> Ej did anyone ever millt intu UREOL or Necuron?
[07:44:26] <strum> alloys?
[07:44:30] <strum> or plastics?
[07:48:02] <sealive> strum: http://shop.ebay.de/?_from=R40&_trksid=p3907.m570.l1313&_nkw=ureol&_sacat=See-All-Categories
[07:49:12] <strum> sorry don't read german
[07:49:16] <strum> will google
[08:25:42] <strum> NECURONĀ® is the market name of a group of special high-performance polyurethane materials developed and manufactured by the German company NECUMER
[08:26:02] <strum> looks like ti was made to be milled
[08:26:20] <strum> should be easy
[08:26:29] <strum> All NECURONĀ® products can be machined with standard wood and metal processing tools and allow not only a very high cutting speed and feed but also create practically no dust.
[09:36:02] <motioncontrol> good morning.i want compile the 2.4.0 version, but when run in terminal ./autogen.sh have error ./autogen.sh: line 6: autoconf: comando non trovato
[09:36:02] <motioncontrol> , because ?
[09:36:50] <archivist> comando non trovato in english ?
[09:37:28] <motioncontrol> command not understand or not know
[09:37:33] <archivist> probably because you have not installed the dependencies
[09:38:24] <motioncontrol> but first in 2.3.4 i compile with ./configure , in 2.4.0 not fuction ?
[09:41:46] <archivist> have you installed the autoconf package
[09:41:55] <motioncontrol> archivist, when can dowload the 2.4.0 .tar.gz ?
[09:42:05] <archivist> no idea
[09:43:03] <motioncontrol> i dowloat it of git , but i thing have dowload a incomplete version
[09:43:09] <micges> motioncontrol: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2#On_Ubuntu_with_EMC2_package_already_installed
[09:43:43] <micges> there is info what do yuo need to install to compile 2.4.0
[09:44:16] <archivist> heh you beat me to that url micges :)
[09:44:34] <micges> ha
[09:45:38] <archivist> !wench learn building on ubuntu is http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2#Preparing_Ubuntu_to_compile_emc2
[09:45:39] <the_wench> I have learnt building on ubuntu is http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2#Preparing_Ubuntu_to_compile_emc2
[09:45:57] <motioncontrol> micges, is possible have a .tar.gz version the 2.4.0 release i can compile it
[09:46:28] <micges> motioncontrol: git doesn't work ?
[09:47:15] <motioncontrol> no i don't know git is complex for me. Is possible have a tar.gz file for unzip it ?
[09:47:59] <micges> motioncontrol: http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=emc2.git;a=snapshot;h=10815acca9ce38311b71414db238d9f83b206309;sf=tgz
[09:48:26] <micges> ^^ 2.4.0 snapshot in tgz
[09:49:14] <motioncontrol> micges ok thanks
[09:52:06] <motioncontrol> micges, i have decompress the file and start ./configure , but not fuction.i have start ./autogen.sh nut have error line 6 : autoconf not know because ?
[09:52:36] <micges> motioncontrol: read wiki link I've posted earlier
[09:53:49] <motioncontrol> micges, ok thanks
[09:57:00] <motioncontrol> micges, ok i have install autoconf dependens. more thenaks for help
[09:57:23] <micges> sure
[11:14:08] <frallzor> heyhey
[12:18:59] <MattyMatt> bezier_is_arc_in_xy http://pastebin.com/GjfphE7V
[12:19:10] <MattyMatt> that wasn't so hard
[12:19:32] <JT-Dev> * JT-Dev is off on a bike ride with some friends
[12:19:33] <frallzor> lo martymart
[12:19:47] <MattyMatt> harlo frarlzor
[12:21:28] <frallzor> harlo
[12:22:44] <MattyMatt> how's the big blue beast? sitting idle waiting for gcode?
[12:23:39] <MattyMatt> I can't stand it when mine's not running now :)
[12:25:03] <MattyMatt> I lost all the toolpath drawing I did this week, so I'm working on the auto code some more
[12:25:41] <MattyMatt> I'm not drawing those zigzags and spirals by hand again, if I can help it
[12:27:23] <MattyMatt> ah I still have the gcode for nearly all of it. so if I get the gcode importer working, it's back
[12:28:24] <MattyMatt> then I'll need is_bunch_of_tiny_G1_moves_really_an_arc()
[12:28:43] <MattyMatt> no_I_mean_really()
[12:29:22] <frallzor> kind of marty =P
[12:29:36] <frallzor> but I got vectricsoftware now so I am working on stuff!
[12:30:05] <MattyMatt> proprietary files :) careful as you go
[12:30:17] <awallin> MattyMatt: if you find or make a good arc-filter that would be useful for me too, could you post on emc-devel or smthn?
[12:30:19] <MattyMatt> export often
[12:30:55] <MattyMatt> awallin, you want it in C?
[12:32:15] <MattyMatt> bleh, I bet you want to pass it an STL list of <vector2d> :)
[12:32:49] <frallzor> * frallzor doesnt like STL anymore
[12:33:02] <MattyMatt> I'll try it in python first. never mind the speed feel the ease
[12:33:45] <awallin> some reasonably good algorithm will do, in any language...
[12:34:20] <MattyMatt> it's very similar to the bezier one I think
[12:35:07] <MattyMatt> you just go along the path comparing pairs of G1
[12:35:28] <MattyMatt> or triplets
[12:35:46] <MattyMatt> a triplet can show concentricity
[12:37:13] <MattyMatt> triplets or more, you try and add more to the arc until you find a segment which is not a tangent
[12:37:23] <frallzor> * frallzor loves vectrics simulations
[12:43:46] <tom3p> MattyCNC, dunno if this is of use, a bezier curve python code, breaks curve into n straight lines. from a pyvcp widget i use in custom dgets.py
[12:43:57] <tom3p> http://pastebin.com/c9NyeJGM
[12:44:27] <tom3p> dgets.py / pyvcpwidgets.py
[12:46:27] <strum> surely there is existing software to do this?
[12:50:45] <awallin> do you have a screenshot of the output?
[12:58:42] <MattyMatt> ah it's OK, I got that bit anyway. that's gcode output
[12:59:30] <MattyMatt> it's the n (or X) straight lines to arc/bezier that's trickier :)
[13:00:17] <MattyMatt> someone in #blendercoders has just written a curve smoothing func. I'll have to look at that
[13:28:09] <cradek> if using emc2.4 maybe you can try the nurbs gcodes instead?
[13:28:31] <strum> emc can do that?
[13:33:49] <cradek> new in emc2.4, pretty untested so far
[13:33:50] <strum> i just draw a nurbs curve in rhino , exorted it as DXF into ACE and it produces g-code made up of lots of G1 movements, lines
[13:33:54] <strum> drew
[13:38:28] <strum> not ideal
[13:38:31] <strum> but it works
[13:39:07] <cradek> breaking into lines is kind of ok because emc blends them, but tangent arcs are a better export
[13:39:19] <cradek> but I'd try the nurbs gcodes
[13:39:22] <strum> yeah
[13:39:31] <strum> looks like the go
[13:39:42] <strum> but getting them from the CAD file might be tricky
[13:40:03] <strum> still looking into CAM solutions
[13:40:49] <cradek> you can't export as dxf, because you've already lost your nurbs when you do
[13:40:58] <cradek> you need a more direct export
[13:41:21] <strum> there is an openNURBS standard file format isn't there?
[13:42:58] <strum> rhino 3dm isn't it
[13:43:31] <strum> Rhino http://www.rhino3d.com/ has made available C++ libraries to read and write their native .3DM format through the OpenNURBS initiative http://www.opennurbs.org/ .
[13:48:01] <cradek> I don't know about any of that stuff, but if you have a dxf exporter you can change, you should be able to do gcode more directly
[14:11:42] <strum> messing with freemill now
[14:12:47] <archivist> * archivist stabs Grizzly and South Bend for not making it easy to get a drive belt :(
[14:13:41] <archivist> I was just running the old beast up getting the oil around and the flat belt snapped
[14:33:48] <frallzor> weey I allready got 2 clients
[14:33:57] <frallzor> signs for both
[14:34:44] <strum> what sort of machine?
[14:34:52] <frallzor> a mill :P
[14:35:05] <frallzor> more or less info? =)
[14:35:27] <strum> more
[14:35:33] <frallzor> a mechmate
[14:35:36] <strum> conversion?
[14:35:54] <strum> ot native buitl for CNC
[14:35:59] <frallzor> www.mechmate.com this built from scratch
[14:36:02] <strum> or native built
[14:36:23] <strum> you built it yourself?
[14:36:30] <frallzor> with help
[14:36:37] <strum> well done
[14:36:47] <frallzor> I dont have all the tools so I built it at a local shop with all the tools one could Imagine =)
[14:36:55] <strum> think i looked at this site once before
[14:37:26] <strum> wow
[14:37:27] <strum> big
[14:37:32] <frallzor> few months ago I dreamed about making one, never thought I'd actually make one =)
[14:37:51] <strum> few months?
[14:37:56] <strum> i have been dreming for years
[14:37:59] <strum> lol
[14:38:17] <frallzor> dreamed about it for 1 month, 5 months later here I am :P
[14:38:26] <strum> how much it cost to build?
[14:38:41] <frallzor> all in all incl software for it?
[14:38:55] <frallzor> or just the machine ready to go?
[14:39:45] <strum> just the machine
[14:39:48] <frallzor> 9k
[14:39:54] <frallzor> USD
[14:39:55] <strum> ouch
[14:40:10] <frallzor> but im swedish, currency differences is a bitch
[14:40:10] <strum> way beyond my budget
[14:40:41] <frallzor> I thinks its quite pricey in my currency but still hell of a lot cheaper than factory made ones of the same caliber
[14:40:49] <strum> for sure
[14:41:59] <frallzor> 2 clients the day after I got software to design with is pretty nice too
[14:42:24] <frallzor> they just knew I was building a machine, didnt know if it was done =)
[14:42:29] <frallzor> shitluck
[14:45:12] <strum> i'm planning a desktop sized machine
[14:45:22] <strum> from mdf and skatebord bearings
[14:46:08] <strum> see if i can get work for it then save up for better parts to build better machine
[15:27:41] <MattyMatt> plywood
[15:28:11] <strum> not mdf?
[15:28:13] <MattyMatt> I prefer it anyway :) same sort of price
[15:28:25] <strum> nah mdf is more stable
[15:28:34] <strum> and machines much better
[15:28:50] <strum> good qual plywood is v expensive here
[15:28:56] <MattyMatt> as long as you don't breathe the dust
[15:29:05] <strum> yeah i know about that
[15:29:09] <strum> use dust mask
[15:29:11] <MattyMatt> mind you plywood is bad enough
[15:29:46] <frallzor> MDF is nice
[15:29:53] <frallzor> but messy
[15:30:02] <frallzor> * frallzor milled some of it recently
[15:30:03] <MattyMatt> does HDF exist?
[15:30:04] <frallzor> messy messy
[15:30:06] <frallzor> yup
[15:30:31] <MattyMatt> I've never seen it, what's it like?
[15:30:38] <frallzor> dont know if its pure "wood" like mdf but they HDF ive seen is layered with alu sheets
[15:31:14] <MattyMatt> sounds good for a machine :) coolant resistant
[15:31:23] <frallzor> inside though
[15:32:25] <MattyMatt> I can mill alu. I proved it on my vice
[15:32:47] <MattyMatt> took a corver of quite neatly
[15:32:53] <MattyMatt> corner off
[15:33:20] <MattyMatt> my vice could be potmetal
[15:34:05] <strum> surely a decent vice wuld be cast iron
[15:34:21] <MattyMatt> =decent price
[15:35:15] <MattyMatt> this is an ultracheap drill vice
[15:35:35] <MattyMatt> just like the Silverline one you see on ebay
[15:36:29] <MattyMatt> it does the job while I'm practicing on small bits of scrap
[15:37:38] <MattyMatt> I was almost ready to clamp a big sheet down but blender crashed last night, and autosave failed
[15:38:05] <MattyMatt> I lost 4 days of toolpath composition
[15:38:36] <strum> you heard the one about jesus and the devil having a hacking competition?
[15:38:48] <MattyMatt> nope
[15:39:02] <strum> nahg five i'll see if i can find it
[15:39:05] <strum> hang
[15:40:21] <strum> http://humorsection.blogspot.com/2007/04/christian-humor-jesus-vs-devil.html
[15:41:12] <strum> you worked 4 days and didn't save your work once?
[15:41:25] <strum> i save every change i make
[15:41:37] <strum> sometimes in sequential numberings
[15:41:48] <strum> so you have a complete record of the project
[15:41:57] <strum> and can go back if something stuffs up
[15:42:10] <MattyMatt> I was relying on autosave, or imagining everythime I exported gcode it saved like my C editor :)
[15:42:47] <strum> well i guess you have learned your lesson now
[15:42:55] <strum> remember Jesus Saves
[15:42:59] <MattyMatt> it's set to autosave every finutes, but it's pretty hopeless, always failing for me
[15:43:09] <MattyMatt> ^every 5 mins
[15:43:21] <strum> you can't trust autosaves
[15:43:35] <MattyMatt> Ah I got the gcode, and milled it. job done :)
[15:44:00] <strum> what was it took 4 days to make the tool path?
[15:44:16] <MattyMatt> several parts for mendel
[15:44:22] <MattyMatt> reprap mendel
[15:44:39] <strum> cool
[15:44:57] <strum> your first one?
[15:45:09] <MattyMatt> first 3
[15:45:18] <MattyMatt> I'm making 3 of everything
[15:45:49] <MattyMatt> selling 2, so I can afford to build the 3rd
[15:46:00] <strum> ah ha
[15:46:08] <strum> got buyers lined up ?
[15:46:21] <MattyMatt> there's a general clamour
[15:46:35] <strum> reallty
[15:46:43] <strum> seems like a bit of a toy to mee
[15:46:44] <MattyMatt> they can fetch $500 for a set on ebay
[15:46:45] <strum> me
[15:47:39] <strum> parts they produce look neither accurate or strong from what i have seen on the net
[15:47:39] <MattyMatt> they are, but potentially useful
[15:48:05] <MattyMatt> they can always be finished by "subtractive processes"
[15:48:45] <strum> why not just start from there
[15:48:56] <MattyMatt> more material
[15:49:29] <strum> sure
[15:49:49] <MattyMatt> have you seen the price of big blocks of plastic? it'd make your eyes water
[15:49:54] <strum> but the benefits outweigh the extra material cost imho
[15:50:04] <strum> really?
[15:50:10] <strum> would have thought it was cheap
[15:50:25] <strum> what about the stock for the reprap extruder?
[15:50:34] <MattyMatt> granules are cheap, but dense blocks seem not to be
[15:51:01] <MattyMatt> ah the stock for the extruder is overpriced compared to granules
[15:51:19] <MattyMatt> that's a problem that's being worked on
[15:52:56] <MattyMatt> maybe the answer for machining it is press your own granules in a piston
[15:53:32] <MattyMatt> square piston, ideally, for a mill :)
[15:54:00] <strum> yeah that was my first thought
[15:56:00] <fragalot> question.. should I buy a proxxon MF70 milling machine and retrofit it to run with EMC2?
[15:56:06] <fragalot> found it for abt 150eur
[15:56:24] <MattyMatt> use the same piston with inserts, for injection moulding
[15:56:48] <strum> good thinking MattyMatt
[15:56:53] <fragalot> >.> someone beat me to it :(
[15:56:58] <MattyMatt> fragalot: yeah that's a great price for a working mill
[15:57:01] <strum> fragalot sounds too cheap
[15:57:08] <strum> must be something wrong with it
[15:57:35] <MattyMatt> naah, sometimes someone wants rid of it, and nobody else sees it
[15:58:00] <strum> have you been and had a look at it?
[15:58:29] <MattyMatt> I'd think of it as a kit of parts anyway
[15:59:04] <MattyMatt> if the leadscrews are shot, go straight to ballscrews etc
[15:59:25] <MattyMatt> they're never good enough :)
[16:01:06] <MattyMatt> even slop in the ways can be attended to, in the worst case
[16:01:32] <MattyMatt> shims & gibbs and whatnots
[16:02:12] <strum> http://www.rpmechatronics.co.uk/products/leadscrews.html
[16:02:18] <strum> porn for engineers
[16:02:34] <fragalot> * fragalot looks for something else
[16:03:08] <fragalot> anyone here have any suggestions? all I really need it for is to engrave/drill PCB's..
[16:03:34] <MattyMatt> http://www.slidesandballscrews.com/ball-screws-c-39.html
[16:04:04] <fragalot> i've already made the controllers and have stepper motors etc, just looking for a 'reliable' base now as i lack the time to make it all from scratch
[16:04:13] <MattyMatt> fragalot, Sable2015
[16:04:29] <MattyMatt> $500+ shipping from Taiwan
[16:04:43] <fragalot> * fragalot looks
[16:04:44] <MattyMatt> so 300 quids
[16:05:01] <fragalot> so.. about 350 eur?
[16:05:18] <MattyMatt> roundabout there yeah
[16:05:23] <fragalot> neat.
[16:05:47] <fragalot> hold on
[16:05:53] <fragalot> that's INCLUDING the drivers etc?
[16:05:53] <fragalot> :O
[16:06:07] <MattyMatt> not including drivers, but including motors
[16:06:26] <MattyMatt> I think he likes you to have glossy black motors
[16:06:34] <fragalot> oh, site i'm looking at now says includes stepper driver, steppers, etc
[16:06:47] <MattyMatt> dunno, maybe that's new
[16:06:47] <fragalot> oh.. it's 900eur too
[16:06:48] <fragalot> >.>
[16:07:55] <fragalot> sable 2015 on belgian ebay: 0 results.. figures :(
[16:07:57] <MattyMatt> look on ebay
[16:08:12] <MattyMatt> try ebay.uk or .com :)
[16:08:21] <MattyMatt> ebay.co.uk
[16:08:30] <fragalot> trying .com
[16:09:06] <fragalot> shipping's going to be a pain as usual :/
[16:09:20] <MattyMatt> oh yes. it's heavy
[16:09:31] <strum> the prices on that site are excellent MattyMatt
[16:09:39] <strum> http://www.slidesandballscrews.com
[16:09:44] <MattyMatt> yep
[16:10:05] <MattyMatt> the one you posted didn't have prices :) that made me suspicious
[16:10:10] <strum> yeah
[16:10:11] <fragalot> when ebay says 'freight' as the shipping price, wtf does that mean o.O
[16:10:21] <MattyMatt> it means arm & leg
[16:10:28] <strum> was just a random selection
[16:10:51] <fragalot> MattyMatt: both? :(
[16:11:49] <MattyMatt> write and ask him
[16:12:17] <fragalot> k
[16:12:18] <MattyMatt> I doubt you'll be the first in europe
[16:12:45] <fragalot> :P
[16:13:35] <MattyMatt> tom3p paid $150 shipping to US iirc
[16:13:55] <fragalot> >.<
[16:14:44] <MattyMatt> well, you've got a photo :) clone it in MDF and paint it black. it'll work nearly as well :)
[16:15:10] <fragalot> already have the base etc, but lately i've been lacking in time to finish the build
[16:15:13] <MattyMatt> it's the proportions that make it so pretty and solid
[16:15:47] <fragalot> yeah I was building something along that design a while back but never really found the time to finish it
[16:15:47] <MattyMatt> and the fact that it's made of slabs of aluminium
[16:15:56] <fragalot> hehe
[16:16:34] <MattyMatt> so, find the time. dig it out, dust it down
[16:17:05] <fragalot> if I coul do that i'd have done it already lol
[16:17:07] <fragalot> ohwell
[16:17:54] <MattyMatt> woodfiller hides many shames
[16:18:29] <MattyMatt> anyway. zigzags
[16:21:09] <MattyMatt> 32 pound for a ballnut housing. they're having a laugh
[16:38:03] <strum> anyway thanks for the info and advice people
[16:38:09] <strum> i'm of to bed
[16:38:13] <strum> see ya all tomorrow
[16:39:51] <fragalot> gnite strum
[16:43:49] <fragalot> O hallo toastydeath
[16:44:01] <toastydeath> hi
[17:59:26] <frallzor> * frallzor cuddles with himself
[21:24:00] <morfic> "G10 L1 reloads the tool table. " Does this mean that calling G10 L1 w/o further parameters reloads the tool table, so the tool table could be modified externally and a G10 L1 before each tool change could make sure the next G43 H1 would get the new tool length of Tool1?
[21:52:08] <frallzor> I love this software, easy to make nice parts for stuff
[21:52:35] <pfred1> frallzor what kind of stuff?
[21:52:57] <frallzor> woodenstuff
[21:53:17] <frallzor> or whatever floats ones boat
[21:53:30] <pfred1> most wood floats
[21:54:11] <pfred1> frallzor do you have any pictures of any woodenstuff you've made?
[21:54:25] <frallzor> not more that the deer scene
[21:54:34] <frallzor> got the software yesterday
[21:54:36] <pfred1> frallzor link?
[21:54:38] <frallzor> still learning
[21:54:44] <frallzor> youve seen it
[21:54:54] <pfred1> I have?
[21:54:55] <frallzor> deers in wood with pinetrees and shit
[21:55:29] <pfred1> frallzor I haven't seen naything you've posted since yesterday
[21:55:36] <frallzor> http://www.pici.se/p/aBwpEvRwD/
[21:55:39] <frallzor> sure you have
[21:56:04] <pfred1> I never saw this
[21:56:55] <pfred1> frallzor you drew that?
[21:57:02] <frallzor> nope
[21:57:11] <frallzor> I bought that
[21:57:14] <pfred1> example file?
[21:57:52] <pfred1> wait a minute did you buy the piece or the file?
[21:59:15] <frallzor> file
[21:59:27] <pfred1> and where'd you buy it?
[21:59:31] <frallzor> online
[21:59:42] <pfred1> that narrows it down
[21:59:55] <pfred1> to about 50 billion web pages
[22:00:50] <pfred1> sp when you bought it how did it come? like what file format?
[22:01:25] <frallzor> in vectrics own format
[22:01:30] <frallzor> their model site
[22:01:55] <pfred1> and you were able to convert it into g-code?
[22:02:28] <frallzor> well its pretty much the purpose of those models
[22:02:34] <frallzor> to be milled =)
[22:02:47] <frallzor> import into the right software and voila
[22:02:53] <morfic> i wouldn't put it up in my house, but the work looks pretty interesting on that deer piece
[22:03:24] <frallzor> I could see it on the mantle in an old cabin, not much more =)
[22:03:25] <pfred1> morfic the deer on the right looks like he just got his ass kicked and neck broken by the deer on the left
[22:03:29] <morfic> what are they? STL? or something?
[22:04:05] <morfic> vectrics own format.....wonder what "right software" could handle that
[22:04:09] <pfred1> frallzor how long did it take you to mill?
[22:04:30] <frallzor> well vectrics own software can handle vectrics own formats =)
[22:04:40] <frallzor> if you dont like it, get it in stl =)
[22:04:48] <frallzor> 2-3 choices of files
[22:04:51] <pfred1> frallzor can you sell them files?
[22:05:00] <frallzor> milled yes
[22:06:26] <pfred1> gimp can od something called bump mapping which this reminds me a lot of
[22:06:53] <pfred1> I wonder if there is a way to convert a bump map into a file to mill?
[22:09:35] <pfred1> like here's somebody's head bump mapped well the preview window of it at least: http://www.mahvin.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/ScreenShot012.png
[22:17:24] <pfred1> here's something I drew and then later bumpmapped: http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/6636/lizemboss.jpg
[22:20:09] <frallzor> is that one of those manga lizzards that rape ppl?
[22:20:16] <frallzor> it looks fishy
[22:20:22] <pfred1> it predates manga so I donno
[22:20:32] <pfred1> I was listening to a bit too much iggy pop at tha time
[22:20:42] <pfred1> its my idea of iggy iguana
[22:21:48] <frallzor> four files of G-code done for my first signduty
[22:23:28] <pfred1> I did a couple rough sketches of how I want ot do my Z axis nothng is jumping out at me yet though
[22:23:39] <pfred1> though i feel I'm getting closer lately
[22:25:12] <pfred1> so far everything starts out simple but as i connect it all it quickly gets overly complicated and I find the solutions all too inelegant
[22:30:01] <pfred1> what is iggy's secret? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-j39KyobYI
[22:30:18] <pfred1> he's as crazy today as he was in 1969!
[22:32:28] <frallzor> was he dead back in 69 then?
[22:32:38] <pfred1> he died?
[22:32:45] <frallzor> pretty sure he did
[22:33:12] <pfred1> I don't think so
[22:33:36] <pfred1> lieast wikipedia doesn't list a date of death
[22:34:10] <frallzor> nm
[22:34:17] <frallzor> was thinking about dio
[22:34:26] <pfred1> heh well no one is the iggster
[22:36:24] <pfred1> ah it don't rock quite as hard today I must admit
[22:37:08] <pfred1> this is Iggy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuT5kMoYc1w&feature=related
[22:37:14] <Dave911> I think he is still rockin' ;-) http://www.iggyandthestoogesmusic.com/
[22:39:23] <pfred1> iggy inventor of the stage dive
[22:39:37] <pfred1> and original crowd surfer
[22:41:24] <Dave911> Hard to believe these guys can still function, let alone perform, 40 years later ....
[22:41:52] <pfred1> hard to believe iggy is still kicking at all
[22:42:41] <pfred1> years ago I went to go see jimmy page figuring he was going to be all washed up but he put on a hell of a show i was pretty impressed
[22:43:07] <pfred1> when i went to go see chuck berry he was pretty washed up but still remembered half the worlds i guess
[22:43:16] <pfred1> words even
[22:43:31] <Dave911> The Who, during the superbowl put on a great show .. I didn't think they could still pull that off
[22:43:46] <pfred1> well their drummer is dead
[22:44:05] <pfred1> kieth was a big part of the band
[22:44:20] <pfred1> I doubt they'd have amounted ot much without him
[22:44:22] <Dave911> Yep, but they still sounded good !
[22:44:48] <pfred1> the stones seem to put on an OK show too but it's over produced
[22:45:08] <pfred1> like they're on stage but I don't really know how much of the music they really make
[22:45:32] <Dave911> Yep electronic wizardry can cover up a lot of stuff ..
[22:45:44] <pfred1> that and 5 guitarists in the wings
[22:46:06] <Dave911> oh, those guys ... ha ha ..
[22:46:18] <pfred1> but new acts seem especially guilty of electronic trickery
[22:46:42] <Dave911> Some of the released music these days is close to impossible to do live..
[22:46:47] <pfred1> there's some gadget that makes people sound like they're singing in tune that lots appear to use today
[22:47:08] <pfred1> I remember reading an article accusing some big names of using it
[22:47:42] <Dave911> oh yeah .. I forget what that is called... very popular ... my daughters would know what that is called
[22:47:54] <pfred1> yeah it has a catchy name
[22:48:24] <pfred1> when i saw ZZ Top supposedly they used a lot of canned track but hey we all had fun
[22:48:25] <Dave911> They use whatever they can to make things sound "right" ...
[22:48:47] <Dave911> I'd like t see them. :-)
[22:49:02] <pfred1> as much as people carried on about it afterwards at the time I didn't feel ripped off
[22:49:21] <pfred1> they put on a pro show
[22:50:33] <pfred1> now another artist I like is very technical and i hear if things aren't exactly right he'll walk off stage and if I went to a show where he did that I'd feel pretty ripped off!
[22:51:07] <pfred1> which is why I'd never go to a show of his
[22:52:16] <Dave911> Molly Hatchet came to town last summer to a local outdoor theatre.... the band was 2 hours late showing up so the opening bands played untill they arrived. It was a 5 hour show.. Tickets were $10 !!
[22:52:44] <Dave911> Once they go there they played for 1 1/2 hours and put on a nice show... very loud though ...
[22:53:04] <pfred1> yeah i wear velocity plugs
[22:53:15] <pfred1> then you can actually hear what is going on
[22:53:30] <Dave911> good idea ... I learned
[22:53:44] <pfred1> it sounds better
[22:54:13] <pfred1> and you sure feel better 3 days later
[22:54:22] <Dave911> A lot of these older bands are still touring hitting the smaller theatres and they are still good ... nice to see guys older than me on stage .. ;-)
[22:54:39] <Dave911> Yep, my ears were ringing for a day or so ..
[22:54:44] <pfred1> yeah catching acts in small venues is the best
[22:54:45] <Dave911> not good
[22:54:56] <pfred1> yup 24 hours ring is perma damage
[22:55:40] <Dave911> Yep... I don't know how they can do that night after night ..
[22:55:48] <pfred1> they can't
[22:56:04] <pfred1> a lot speculate that rock and long hair was to hide ear plugs
[22:56:18] <Dave911> I would think so ..
[22:56:30] <pfred1> but I wouldn't fault anyone for wearing them
[22:57:11] <Dave911> I agree .. for the small theatre they were in, they really had too much sound ..
[22:57:51] <Dave911> You'd think they would use a meter to adjust their amps
[22:57:52] <pfred1> I can remember seeing a local band in a small theatre when i was young and finding out afterwards that they did structural damage to the building they played in
[22:58:22] <Dave911> That's crazy ...
[22:58:39] <pfred1> now what that damage consisted of I never found out
[22:58:47] <pfred1> maybe only a broken window I don't know
[22:59:22] <pfred1> often bands will play really loud to cover up a lack of skills
[22:59:36] <Dave911> Way back when I went to a Deep Purple concert in Detroit ... people where standing in front of the speakers on the stage and this was at cobo hall.. I can't believe they could hear for days after that
[22:59:41] <pfred1> because at some point you really can't hear what is going on exactly
[23:00:00] <pfred1> deep purple was the original decibal record holders
[23:00:20] <pfred1> clocking in somewhere around 155 db
[23:00:23] <pfred1> 115
[23:00:29] <Dave911> That was the unfortunate part as Molly Hatchet has a couple of really fine guitar players, no lacking of skills there
[23:01:14] <Dave911> Deep Purple ... yep we were in the nose bleed section and it was still really loud ...
[23:01:22] <pfred1> I guess i liked lyndard skynard back in the day but that is the extent of my southern rock enjoyment
[23:01:40] <Dave911> But that was back in 74 or so ??
[23:01:50] <pfred1> yeah the 70s
[23:02:26] <pfred1> by the later 70s I was getting into a less classic rock and a more alternative/progresive thing
[23:02:38] <Dave911> I really wish I would have seen the Allman Bros back then
[23:02:44] <pfred1> yeah they're OK
[23:03:03] <pfred1> but molly hatchet they're a bit too extreme in the genre for me to enjoy
[23:03:17] <Dave911> I was an Allman Bros nut, but I don't think they came to Detroit much .. mostly southern tour circuit
[23:03:34] <pfred1> well you could have seen the stooges
[23:03:49] <Dave911> Never been an iggy fan ..
[23:04:11] <pfred1> blasmephy!
[23:04:30] <Dave911> sorry ... ;-) oh well ... I gotta go .. bbl
[23:04:59] <pfred1> detroit could have saw the dead boys and MC5 too I think
[23:05:17] <pfred1> along with tons of cool motown