#emc | Logs for 2010-02-24

[01:41:49] <aa-danimal-shop> man i never realized how unlevel my mill was. no wonder the coolant would always pool up in the front right corner
[01:42:04] <aa-danimal-shop> maybe she'll leak less now
[01:42:09] <pfred1> aa-danimal-shop makes it easier to clean though don't it?
[01:43:33] <pfred1> I'm stoked my first soldered up motor driver works! http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/2581/motordriver.jpg
[01:44:07] <pfred1> one down two to go
[01:52:29] <aa-danimal-shop> na, it leaks on the floor when it pools up like that
[01:53:04] <pfred1> aa-danimal-shop your table doesn't have a drain?
[01:53:12] <aa-danimal-shop> nice work on the motor driver!
[01:53:22] <aa-danimal-shop> it does, but not where it pooled up
[01:53:32] <pfred1> aa-danimal-shop it'd have been nicer with etched boards next ones
[01:54:23] <aa-danimal-shop> hey as long as they work
[01:54:39] <aa-danimal-shop> brb
[01:54:42] <pfred1> aa-danimal-shop well it is working on my bench I'll see on a machine
[02:15:41] <Eric_K> i had to watch my cousin on American Idol, she did good
[02:16:28] <aa-danimal-shop> cool
[02:17:54] <Eric_K> I need an alerter service so I don't have to watch a moment longer than necessary
[02:18:26] <aa-danimal-shop> lol
[02:21:10] <aa-danimal-shop> no need to make up excuses why you're watching it, we wont judge you
[02:21:28] <Eric_K> I can't stand it
[02:21:50] <pfred1> can't say as I've ever watched American Idol
[02:21:59] <Eric_K> if they used it to torture me, i'd talk immediately
[02:22:36] <pfred1> but it is impossible not to hear about the show's "winners"
[02:22:50] <Eric_K> it's impossible to ignore, no doubt about that
[02:23:04] <Eric_K> but it's interesting to have a relative in it
[02:23:16] <pfred1> it wort of makes me feel as if hellen Keller might have been blessed ....
[02:24:47] <Eric_K> I had an aunt named Helen Keller
[02:25:06] <pfred1> Eric_K was she deaf dumb and blind?
[02:25:39] <Eric_K> not that I noticed
[02:25:45] <clytle374> I haven't had a TV in years, don't miss it at all.
[02:26:06] <pfred1> clytle374 sometimes I put it on to fall asleep to
[02:26:11] <aa-danimal-shop> i just watch netflix
[02:26:23] <aa-danimal-shop> but usually just when i go to bed
[02:26:32] <aa-danimal-shop> i canceled my satelite
[02:27:44] <pfred1> aa-danimal-shop I had satelite it was great whenever the weather was bad and I couldn't go outside i couldn't watch any TV either!
[02:28:15] <Eric_K> aa-danimal-shop: I finished a new frame today but I was in such a hurry I didn't get pics before it went to powder coat
[02:28:33] <clytle374> My dad has direct TV so I can fast forward through commercials. Otherwise I won't watch it at all.
[02:28:42] <john_f_> Hi all, a G code question. What if I want to make the current location zero, execute a subroutine that ends with the position zero, then restore the location back to the original?
[02:30:04] <john_f_> Is there a way to read the current location and use it to apply the offset with G92 ?
[02:30:48] <cradek> g92, then later g92.1
[02:31:20] <john_f_> but if I don't know the current location what will I use for G92?
[02:31:23] <cradek> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html/gcode.html
[02:31:42] <cradek> to set the current location to zero, you'd use G92 X0 Y0 or similar
[02:31:49] <cradek> then to get back to normal, you'd use G92.1
[02:32:23] <cradek> I'm not sure I understand your question, but that sounds like how to do the task you described
[02:33:39] <john_f_> yes I think that is what I want So I just wasn't sure if that was how G92 worked. Thanks. I will try it now.
[02:33:49] <cradek> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//gcode_main.html#sub:G92,-G92.1,-G92.2,
[02:33:58] <cradek> here's the explicit text about how G92 works
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[02:35:40] <john_f_> cradek: yes I was looking at that. Sometimes the expiicit text is confusing to me and it helps for me to ask a clarifiing question Thanks for your help.
[02:35:59] <cradek> welcome
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[03:14:55] <aa-danimal-shop> wow, no jt-hardinge all day. He must be working hard on his lathe
[03:32:19] <aa-danimal-shop> hmm just figured out that the fan shaped nozzle for my lockline creates less splash when the coolant hits the endmill than the regular round nozzles
[03:32:37] <aa-danimal-shop> and it gets more coolant!
[04:02:48] <clytle374> And less chip removal too.
[05:01:56] <clytle374> Anyone know when the code for the 7i48 is going into git?
[05:02:10] <clytle374> Or where to get the patch?
[05:54:31] <dmess> Hi all
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[07:31:19] <i_tarzan> h
[10:32:04] <piasdom> g'mornin all
[13:05:47] <sealive> hi from germany
[13:06:18] <sealive> i do not have internet connection on the Pc that shoud control the CNC with emc2
[13:06:29] <sealive> there is xubuntu 8.04 on it
[13:07:06] <sealive> is there a packege to install the emc2 on this computer transportet via USB-stick ?
[13:08:43] <alex_joni> sealive: it's more than one package
[13:10:17] <alex_joni> sealive: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2#without_an_internet_connection
[13:10:25] <alex_joni> maybe that works for you
[13:11:45] <sealive> thanks
[13:14:54] <beaver> www.search2.net
[13:17:22] <sealive> i do have karmic running on the inet pc it seams that the installing page dont pack the packiges on the usbmedia
[13:20:04] <sealive> i'am neu to linux so that all little confuses me
[13:22:30] <sealive> coudt somewone help me pass this http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2#without_an_internet_connection
[13:23:11] <alex_joni> sealive: it probably won't work on karmic
[13:23:26] <alex_joni> you need emc2 packages (easy to download), but also hardy dependencies
[13:23:51] <sealive> i got xubuntu hardy on the offline pc
[13:24:04] <alex_joni> can't you take it online just for the install?
[13:24:22] <sealive> i downloadet the tar.gr from 2.3.3
[13:24:33] <alex_joni> source is no good for you
[13:24:54] <alex_joni> hmm.. I only have a dapper machine in reach, but maybe someone else with hardy can generate that list
[13:25:19] <sealive> i tryd no 2 days 4pcmcia cards and 6 usb wlan sticks it seams not to work out with the onlineconnectin of the pc
[13:25:57] <alex_joni> don't you have ethernet?
[13:26:08] <sealive> ok i will wait the mashine is running propper on winXP
[13:26:10] <alex_joni> ethernet ports almost always work
[13:26:26] <sealive> no here is no ethernet available
[13:26:46] <sealive> the armada500 has also no ethernet conector
[13:27:01] <alex_joni> * alex_joni shrugs
[13:30:06] <sealive> so i need a other pc this one did the mashine for 4jears but sdimply the dataport bit 1 went off now i do not have a X axis
[13:30:38] <sealive> and milling without xaxis is no fun
[13:31:47] <alex_joni> sealive: http://juve.ro/~juve/emc/package_list
[13:32:53] <sealive> what do i have to do with this?
[13:33:31] <sealive> do i have to find this packeges manuell and copy it to the pc thats offlineƟ
[13:36:09] <sealive> alex_joni: my kernel is
[13:36:31] <sealive> 2.6.24-16 des this wor
[13:36:44] <sealive> wiork out for me
[13:44:29] <MrSunshine_> my X and Y axel motor mounts will be soo beautiful :P
[14:16:50] <MrSunshine_> hmm, moving around epoxy while it hardens ... bad idea? :)
[14:17:07] <MrSunshine_> doesnt have to be THAT much strenght in the parts tho but still want it to stick together good =)
[14:29:05] <anonimasu> MrSunshine_: in general yes
[14:32:11] <tom3p> anonimasu: hello, didnt you have a TNC124?
[14:33:55] <anonimasu> tnc310
[14:34:59] <tom3p> ah, thx.
[14:35:24] <anonimasu> why are you wondering?
[14:35:47] <anonimasu> I think the 124 is the same but without 3 axis interpolation
[15:22:16] <tomp> do we need to login with all the new stuff every netsplit?
[15:23:01] <tomp> tomp is now known as tom3p
[16:07:24] <sealive> hi from germany someone from the development team in the chat channel?
[16:07:53] <sealive> or someone that can help me with a totel offline istallation of the emc2
[16:08:47] <sealive> i downloadet all the 70 packages that youri has in its list and putet it on the offline PC that is connacktet to the cnc
[16:09:03] <sealive> ther is no way to put these pc online!
[16:09:19] <cradek> why not just use the live cd?
[16:09:47] <sealive> the live cd does nead more then 360MB ram! ther is only 128mb
[16:10:05] <cradek> get more ram
[16:10:07] <archivist> get a better pc
[16:10:11] <sealive> systrem is xbuntu 8.04 hardy
[16:11:32] <sealive> it wars good enove for 4years running the cnc with win98se and nc-frs
[16:12:14] <cradek> then you could keep using it that way
[16:12:21] <sealive> but i lost now my x-axis and want to try out emc2 so i can move the x-axis to data 6/7 on the lpt
[16:12:54] <cradek> oh you're the one who's doing this because you have a bad parallel port?
[16:13:15] <sealive> yes
[16:13:42] <cradek> that sounds like a lot of work to save extremely little money
[16:14:15] <cradek> as you get further along, if you have specific questions, I will try to help you
[16:14:20] <sealive> if the .sh thakes the packiges out of the folder then it shoudent be a lot of work
[16:14:47] <cradek> maybe this can help you: http://batmat.net/apt-offline/index.html
[16:14:59] <sealive> or do i have to install all the 70th packages manuell
[16:22:22] <sealive> isent it a way to tell the iinstall.sh that all the packages needet are in a folder?
[16:22:41] <cradek> sealive: read that url
[16:22:52] <cradek> sealive: you are asking about a function of apt, not a function of install.sh
[16:24:39] <sealive> the link you providet says only to use with to mashines as i understand but ther is only one PC
[16:25:32] <cradek> since you got the packages from the internet, obviously you have a second machine connected to the internet
[16:25:48] <archivist> he has no network
[16:26:04] <sealive> yes but there is no connection to the pc thats on the cncn
[16:26:52] <archivist> remember we dont work that way as connecting is not that hard
[16:27:03] <cradek> archivist: apt-offline talks about how to get packages from a net-connected machine to a non-net-connected machine
[16:27:23] <cradek> I am 100% sure sealive has access to a net-connected machine
[16:28:01] <cradek> (you can guess how I know this...)
[16:29:01] <archivist> someone is expecting use of a spoon
[16:29:10] <celeron55> i guess the other machine is not a linux box
[16:29:26] <sealive> i both a new pc last week for 50dollars 32Euros
[16:30:04] <sealive> but there is no way to put thease mashiine online i tyd 4days using 6pcmcia cads and 4 usb sticks
[16:30:24] <archivist> chapter 3
[16:30:25] <sealive> i am in the outback
[16:30:41] <sealive> our town has a super connection to a provider
[16:30:55] <sealive> the router is at the townhall
[16:31:02] <sealive> i got 4ip's
[16:31:12] <sealive> and a max of 1GB/week
[16:31:19] <aa-danimal-shop> mornin
[16:33:57] <tomp> tom3p sings (in his head) "good morning, good morning, the best to you this morning, good morning, good morning, to you" and wonders where its from
[16:34:20] <archivist> an advert
[16:34:38] <archivist> or was used on an advert as well
[16:41:13] <sealive> by till i got rid of this problem
[18:31:00] <aa-danimal-shop> hmm my machine has been freezing up lately.
[18:35:06] <anonimasu> hm, skf sells open frame motors...
[18:38:09] <archivist> the bearing company?
[18:40:52] <anonimasu> yeah
[18:41:35] <anonimasu> 900w 60krpm...
[18:44:43] <MrSunshine_> open frame ?
[18:45:10] <archivist> to build in your case
[18:45:28] <MrSunshine_> 60krpm shuld be penty enough for most stuff? :)
[18:46:04] <celeron55> i guess open frame = http://quality-deal.com/osCommerce/images/MOT-012.jpg
[18:46:08] <celeron55> a bit bigger though...
[18:46:44] <MrSunshine_> hmm, wtf .. magnetic bearings? :)
[18:47:43] <MrSunshine_> sounds awsome
[18:47:50] <MrSunshine_> can they hold cutting forces also ? :)
[18:54:39] <anonimasu> expensive controllers
[18:55:12] <anonimasu> in this case open frame is just the windings without stator included
[18:55:45] <anonimasu> and a 50mm hole in center or
[18:55:48] <anonimasu> something lik ethat
[18:56:56] <MrSunshine_> anonimasu, but how are they against forces? :) the bearings
[18:57:35] <anonimasu> MrSunshine_: I didnt look I assumed they were $$$$$$$$$$
[18:58:30] <archivist> when you are spinning at that speed, inertia of the cutters mass is probably most of the force
[19:01:27] <anonimasu> hm.. you think so until you start loading the cutter :)
[19:02:01] <anonimasu> http://quality-deal.com/osCommerce/images/MOT-012.jpg
[19:02:07] <anonimasu> whoops
[20:20:41] <i_tarzan> open frame work as steppers?
[20:21:08] <anonimasu> open frame motors are motors to build into spindles or other special applications
[20:21:23] <anonimasu> in the case of the skf ones brushless ac motors
[20:23:19] <bosko> Hello !
[20:23:44] <micges> hi
[22:45:46] <aa-danimal-shop> what would cause the arrow buttons on my keyboard to have very poor response when jogging, and also the coordinate display on the preview screen in axis to update very slowly? The machine isnt loosing step, it's an EMC/PC issue
[22:46:25] <aa-danimal-shop> i'm running steppers and i have all mesa stuff, including a 5i20
[22:46:30] <aa-danimal-shop> version 2.3.4
[22:47:40] <aa-danimal-shop> wow, just got an email stating that fadal is out of business
[22:47:50] <aa-danimal-shop> they're liquidating everything
[22:49:09] <jackc> aa-danimal-shop: increase base_period methinks
[22:51:51] <frysteev> ola
[22:52:16] <frysteev> anyone have some time to helkp me figure out thje homing setup?
[22:53:13] <aa-danimal-shop> jackc: i dont see base period anywhere, just SERVO_PERIOD in my ini
[22:54:09] <aa-danimal-shop> should i add a line for BASE_PERIOD?
[22:55:32] <frysteev> i measure my work area size on my table, and still having an issue making my machine home in nthe right side
[22:55:43] <cradek> aa-danimal-shop: pastebin the output of halcmd show thread?
[22:56:14] <cradek> frysteev: does it go the wrong way always, or just when homing?
[22:56:59] <aa-danimal-shop> cradek: will do
[22:57:24] <frysteev> when i manually jog it in emc is goes in the correct directions
[22:57:42] <frysteev> but it homes to the baCK RIGHT INSTEAD OF FRONT LEFT
[22:57:45] <frysteev> oops caps
[22:58:04] <cradek> ok good, so you have a few things to check: are your homing velocities set right (correct sign) and is the sense of the home switch inputs correct
[22:58:21] <cradek> you can test the home switch inputs using halmeter
[22:58:35] <frysteev> the inputs themselves work
[22:58:50] <frysteev> i have limit switches on the end of both axis' that i also want to use as home
[22:58:52] <cradek> ok but are they true when on the switch and false when off the switch
[22:59:24] <cradek> ok, so you're sharing home/limit
[22:59:31] <frysteev> i havent done any setup stuff oputside of the stepconf qwizard
[22:59:51] <cradek> ok, bring up emc, run halmeter, check axis.0.home-switch-in or however it's spelled
[23:00:04] <cradek> it should be FALSE until you poke the switch, when it should turn to TRUE
[23:00:39] <aa-danimal-shop> http://pastebin.com/Y9qWs3JD
[23:01:08] <ds3> is tkemc likely to go away anytime soon?
[23:01:19] <cradek> ds3: free software never goes away
[23:01:38] <frysteev> the switches all work
[23:01:51] <cradek> ds3: tkemc currently doesn't have a maintainer, so it will not get new features, but otherwise it's here to stay
[23:02:25] <frysteev> right now ity homes to the back right. then thinks that is the home location aS WELL, and wants to think as that as the front left, but its at the end of its movement
[23:02:40] <cradek> frysteev: just to be clear, you checked axis.0.home-switch-in, .1, .2, and they are TRUE only when you poke the switches?
[23:02:49] <frysteev> correct
[23:02:53] <ds3> cradek: so there is no active desire to get rid of it? it'll just sit and rot
[23:02:54] <cradek> ok good
[23:03:16] <cradek> ds3: exactly, unless a maintainer steps up, then it can be kept up
[23:03:22] <frysteev> my x= 305mm y=460mm and z=120mm of movement
[23:03:45] <cradek> frysteev: so if you home X, you want it to move in the minus direction to find the switch, but it moves plus?
[23:04:06] <ds3> good enough... that'll at least buy me some time before I have to figure out what is really wrong with axis
[23:04:17] <frysteev> i think so..
[23:04:23] <frysteev> im very noob at this.
[23:04:26] <cradek> aa-danimal-shop: looks like you're spending 20-40% of the machine's time servicing the servo thread
[23:04:42] <cradek> aa-danimal-shop: how about halcmd show funct
[23:05:38] <cradek> frysteev: just to be clear, when you home X, you want to move negative, which means the table itself goes right, right?
[23:06:33] <frysteev> my table is stationary, its a gantry router,..
[23:06:41] <cradek> ok, that's easier then
[23:06:52] <cradek> you want it to home X with the tool to the left?
[23:06:54] <frysteev> so i want to home front left instead of back right
[23:07:02] <cradek> ok
[23:07:20] <cradek> pull up http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config_ini_homing.html
[23:07:42] <cradek> in the HOME_SEARCH_VEL section it says that means you should have a negative HOME_SEARCH_VEL. do you?
[23:08:38] <aa-danimal-shop> cradek: it completely locked up now
[23:08:38] <frysteev> can i config this in the wizard or do i need to open up something else?
[23:08:52] <aa-danimal-shop> lemme restart it quick
[23:09:10] <cradek> I think you have those same settings in the stepconf wizard, so you should be able to look there
[23:10:12] <cradek> aa-danimal-shop: hm, wonder if you have a hardware problem or something
[23:10:19] <frysteev> its a positive number
[23:10:47] <cradek> ok do you see from that section in the docs how that means it should search in the positive direction? make it negative.
[23:10:57] <cradek> then, go on to check HOME_LATCH_VEL
[23:11:21] <frysteev> ok lemmie try this
[23:11:21] <cradek> ... to do what you want - there are several ways it can work.
[23:11:32] <aa-danimal-shop> cradek: this is a really long g code program, it's like a 2.5 hour cycle time at mostly 15-17ipm. i wonder if that has anything to do with it
[23:11:53] <cradek> aa-danimal-shop: a crazy big preview can make AXIS slow
[23:12:10] <cradek> aa-danimal-shop: you could put (AXIS,stop) in the program to make it not do the preview
[23:12:27] <frysteev> oso far so good
[23:12:38] <cradek> (shouldn't lock up your computer, but it can make keyboard response worse)
[23:14:28] <aa-danimal-shop> cradek: my keyboard is acting up now lol
[23:14:29] <aa-danimal-shop> i cant even enter my full user name
[23:14:29] <aa-danimal-shop> it leaves out half the letters
[23:14:29] <aa-danimal-shop> lemme try to swap it
[23:14:29] <frysteev> cradek: x and why are awesome now
[23:14:29] <frysteev> er y
[23:14:29] <aa-danimal-shop> i blew it out and it works, i think it had chips in it
[23:14:30] <cradek> ha
[23:14:33] <frysteev> z i need to home positive,
[23:15:13] <frysteev> it does, it moves all the way up then homes, and calls its its start position instead of the end of its travel.
[23:15:34] <cradek> ok, keep reading the homing docs at that url :-)
[23:15:54] <cradek> probably HOME_OFFSET and HOME are what you need to set
[23:16:28] <aa-danimal-shop> cradek: i updated the pastebin
[23:16:32] <aa-danimal-shop> http://pastebin.com/Y9qWs3JD
[23:16:56] <cradek> aa-danimal-shop: can you add halcmd show funct?
[23:17:06] <cradek> oh I see it, http://pastebin.com/5zwE5BP8
[23:17:24] <cradek> weird, I thought show funct showed the timings for the individual functs
[23:17:38] <cradek> guess not
[23:17:41] <cradek> gotta run - dinner
[23:20:55] <alex_joni> show thread maybe?
[23:23:16] <aa-danimal-shop> i did show thread, it's in the pastebin
[23:23:58] <aa-danimal-shop> hmm so my machine puts out 58,666 steps per second, max
[23:24:58] <MrSunshine_> is there any other user interfaces to emc then axis? :)
[23:29:54] <alex_joni> MrSunshine_: a couple
[23:30:01] <MrSunshine_> names? :)
[23:30:12] <alex_joni> xemc, yemc, tkemc, mini, keystick, halui, touchy, mocca
[23:30:18] <alex_joni> to name a few
[23:30:29] <alex_joni> probably left out a couple
[23:30:43] <MrSunshine_> ough =)
[23:30:46] <jepler> mmm touchy http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.4/html/gui_touchy.html
[23:31:01] <jepler> bbl
[23:31:24] <aa-danimal-shop> do you think 58,666 steps per second could be causing my issues?
[23:31:36] <aa-danimal-shop> i'm using a mesa 5i20
[23:31:37] <alex_joni> aa-danimal-shop: sorry, just came in..
[23:31:51] <alex_joni> what's the issue?
[23:32:06] <aa-danimal-shop> emc is really sluggish sometimes
[23:32:14] <alex_joni> define emc...
[23:32:20] <alex_joni> user interface?
[23:32:47] <aa-danimal-shop> well mostly when jogging with the keyboard
[23:32:53] <aa-danimal-shop> it'll be somewhat irratic
[23:33:14] <aa-danimal-shop> thenm i noticed the dro was updating pretty slow
[23:33:55] <aa-danimal-shop> and it completely locked up on me when i had a large program loaded
[23:34:13] <alex_joni> hmmm
[23:34:36] <alex_joni> did you try another gui?
[23:34:37] <aa-danimal-shop> whenever i change a work offset or tool offset, it takes forever to reload
[23:34:44] <aa-danimal-shop> nope
[23:35:00] <MrSunshine_> aa-danimal-shop, slow computer? :)
[23:35:29] <aa-danimal-shop> it's been sluggish with the jogging for a long time, but now that i'm trying to run this program, it's giving me alot more issues
[23:36:02] <aa-danimal-shop> MrSunshine_: it's an older compaq server, 1.4ghz P3. had about 13000 for latency
[23:36:27] <MrSunshine_> graphics card?
[23:36:34] <MrSunshine_> software rendering? :)
[23:36:41] <aa-danimal-shop> sub par, i'm sure
[23:36:57] <MrSunshine_> as axis shows everything in 3d ... a slow graphics card can be a pita :P
[23:37:18] <aa-danimal-shop> it's built into the raid controller, and has ethernet as well
[23:37:37] <MrSunshine_> got a slow graphics card in my cnc computer and it goes sluggish when offsetting etc
[23:37:46] <aa-danimal-shop> hmm
[23:38:01] <MrSunshine_> like if you have a cirius logic 4mb it wont do very well in graphics :P
[23:38:18] <aa-danimal-shop> i have no clue what it is
[23:38:35] <aa-danimal-shop> probably bare minimum since it was a server
[23:38:42] <MrSunshine_> try like they say with some other gui for it ?
[23:38:50] <MrSunshine_> and see if jogging etc still is slow
[23:40:38] <aa-danimal-shop> is there any way to just change the graphics acceleration or any of that stuff to make it better?
[23:41:39] <MrSunshine_> aa-danimal-shop, check with glxinfo if you have sw render or not
[23:41:45] <MrSunshine_> and check performance in glxgears =)
[23:42:20] <aa-danimal-shop> i have no clue what that is or how to check it
[23:43:07] <MrSunshine_> type "glxinfo" in a terminal
[23:43:13] <MrSunshine_> and paste the output to a paste bin :P
[23:43:23] <MrSunshine_> and if you run glxgears in a terminal you will see how many fps you have
[23:43:31] <MrSunshine_> aka graphics card performance test =)
[23:46:30] <aa-danimal-shop> http://pastebin.com/yXysANRd
[23:47:42] <aa-danimal-shop> glxgears started at 224 and went down to 137 eventually
[23:48:21] <aa-danimal-shop> basically at 137-138
[23:48:34] <aa-danimal-shop> is that bad?
[23:50:06] <MrSunshine_> getting ~2700 frames per 5 seconds here
[23:50:14] <aa-danimal-shop> lol
[23:50:19] <aa-danimal-shop> showoff
[23:50:25] <MrSunshine_> aa-danimal-shop, you are on sw render atleast
[23:50:29] <MrSunshine_> no direct rendering
[23:51:06] <MrSunshine_> is the server supposed to be just for cnc ? :)
[23:51:24] <MrSunshine_> if it got agp or something get a cheap 3d accelerated graphics card =)
[23:51:25] <aa-danimal-shop> yes
[23:51:33] <MrSunshine_> so cpu wont have to work so hard to render
[23:51:34] <aa-danimal-shop> no agp
[23:51:46] <MrSunshine_> well, there is 3d accelerated old cards for PCI also =)
[23:51:47] <aa-danimal-shop> pci only
[23:52:10] <MrSunshine_> strange with a P3 with only PCI imo =)
[23:52:49] <aa-danimal-shop> well there's isa too lol
[23:53:58] <MrSunshine_> :P
[23:54:05] <aa-danimal-shop> my lathe runs about 870
[23:54:09] <MrSunshine_> aa-danimal-shop, get a used real computer for like $10 insted :P
[23:54:49] <MrSunshine_> aa-danimal-shop, or see if you can find a pci 3d accelerated graphics card =)
[23:55:21] <MrSunshine_> has to be some used working parts somewhere, i usaly go the recycle center and ask if i can take something when i need something for an old computer =)
[23:55:45] <aa-danimal-shop> yea i'll look around
[23:56:26] <aa-danimal-shop> maybe i'll just spend the $100 and get an atom
[23:57:12] <MrSunshine_> a good computer as cnc workstation is a good thing imo =)
[23:57:32] <Jymmmm> O_o
[23:58:44] <aa-danimal-shop> do you usually have to reinstall ubuntu when you get a new pc, or can i just swap over the HDD?
[23:59:11] <Jymmmm> It never hurts to do a fresh install, but you cold always try it.
[23:59:15] <Jymmmm> could
[23:59:37] <Jymmmm> Some have good luck, other's don't.
[23:59:55] <Jymmmm> but I'd backup your data first.