#emc | Logs for 2010-02-14

[01:11:16] <jt-plasma> findux: I'm not sure what your asking
[01:11:53] <danimal_garage> how'd the mobo mount?
[01:12:10] <jt-plasma> Looking Good!
[01:12:21] <danimal_garage> pics?
[01:12:32] <danimal_garage> how'd you support the cards?
[01:12:36] <jt-plasma> stand by
[01:12:51] <danimal_garage> standing
[01:13:02] <jt-plasma> or sit your choice :)
[01:13:18] <Eric_K> standing at attention by my computer sir!
[01:17:25] <Eric_K> my son won the regional lego bubble gum machine competition
[01:17:34] <DaViruz> http://www.cnc4pc.com/Store/osc/product_info.php?cPath=40&products_id=162
[01:17:37] <DaViruz> anyone tried one?
[01:17:49] <jt-plasma> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/computer03.jpg
[01:17:50] <danimal_garage> Eric_K: congrats to him!
[01:18:20] <jt-plasma> Eric_K: Cool
[01:18:21] <danimal_garage> we used to have lego building competitions at the local mall when i was little
[01:18:39] <Eric_K> jt-plasma: looks nice
[01:19:13] <findux> jt-plasma: about emc2 controled robot arm .I saw a aplication .robotarm have a milling motor on head. and milling like to 3 axis machine. but I don't understand how to use gm code in robot arms. can I use directtly gm code in emc2 controled robot arm
[01:19:15] <jt-plasma> DaViruz: yes I tested one out to write the chapter in the manual on how to hook one up
[01:19:24] <jt-plasma> Eric_K: thanks
[01:19:48] <jt-plasma> findux: yes
[01:20:03] <danimal_garage> jt-plasma: looks good!
[01:20:13] <DaViruz> jt-plasma: oh, on a close look at that page i see the cnc4pc reference now.. :)
[01:20:17] <jt-plasma> danimal_garage: thanks
[01:20:33] <DaViruz> so what are your thoughts on it?
[01:20:37] <danimal_garage> you just have a bar going across the top of the 3 cards? is it pretty sturdy?
[01:21:25] <jt-plasma> DaViruz: worked for me... if I needed one I'd buy it from cnc4pc
[01:22:05] <jt-plasma> danimal_garage: seems to be, I plan on putting a couple of posts to the 6061 place just to tie it down in the Z plane
[01:22:24] <DaViruz> i'll try one then, thanks
[01:22:30] <danimal_garage> good idea
[01:22:59] <jt-plasma> DaViruz: don't forget the pendant interface card
[01:23:14] <danimal_garage> i like your HD mount... is that just one from a pc case?
[01:23:41] <danimal_garage> i tried to find one like that, but the only decent one was in a case i didnt feel like butchering
[01:23:44] <jt-plasma> yes, I just need to trim it down to a single wide
[01:23:54] <danimal_garage> nice
[01:24:10] <jt-plasma> I went through 6 cases to find that one LOL
[01:24:17] <danimal_garage> did you do the plate on your plasma?
[01:24:22] <danimal_garage> cases of beer?
[01:25:02] <jt-plasma> oh no, I went to my other shop and used the cnc BP
[01:25:17] <danimal_garage> you still need the processor, right? i'm going to the post office in a few
[01:25:30] <jt-plasma> I would not be typing after 6 cases of beer, drinking or toting
[01:25:39] <danimal_garage> ha
[01:26:23] <jt-plasma> yes, that is an old board that just barely squeaks by... in the cpu department
[01:26:57] <jt-plasma> the post office is still open?
[01:27:04] <danimal_garage> i just found that my 8mm 12 point ratcheting wrench fits perfect on a 1/2"-13 tap, making it extremely easy to clean the threads on my mill vice
[01:27:08] <danimal_garage> till 6
[01:27:16] <danimal_garage> it's 5:30 now
[01:27:28] <jt-plasma> no wonder cali is broke ours close at 11 on saturday
[01:27:37] <Jymm> Closed on Monday - holiday
[01:27:58] <danimal_garage> Jymm: i know, that sucks, i gotta ship stuff
[01:28:13] <danimal_garage> oh well
[01:28:18] <danimal_garage> got a good excuse anyways
[01:28:31] <jt-plasma> I never could figure why the P-Off delivered on Saturdays for free
[01:29:02] <danimal_garage> so people would use them
[01:29:28] <Eric_K> they keep talking about getting rid of that
[01:29:38] <danimal_garage> post office doesnt have too much business lately
[01:29:43] <Eric_K> at one time, almost everyone worked until noon on Saturdays
[01:29:47] <danimal_garage> online bill pay, email, etc
[01:29:57] <WalterN> danimal_garage: wait... where are you?
[01:30:04] <WalterN> cali?
[01:30:08] <jt-plasma> he's right there
[01:30:09] <danimal_garage> the whale's vagina
[01:30:17] <jt-plasma> LOL
[01:30:18] <mozmck> jt-plasma: you have had machines shipped haven't you?
[01:30:26] <danimal_garage> San Diego
[01:30:29] <jt-plasma> yep, two
[01:30:33] <WalterN> ok
[01:30:42] <mozmck> who did you use?
[01:30:48] <jt-plasma> danimal_garage: I'm sorry
[01:30:57] <danimal_garage> jt-plasma: why?
[01:31:04] <Jymm> jt-plasma: oh go smoke something!
[01:31:05] <jt-plasma> independent shippers each time
[01:31:11] <jt-plasma> just razzing you
[01:31:21] <danimal_garage> it was like 75-80 here today
[01:31:21] <mozmck> I'm looking for a mill to retrofit, but all the good ones are way away from me.
[01:31:41] <Jymm> finall
[01:31:42] <Jymm> y
[01:31:43] <mozmck> is there a place to go to find the shippers?
[01:31:51] <jt-plasma> the last one I bought the Hardinge I made the seller pay for shipping
[01:32:30] <jt-plasma> mozmck: you can borrow my trailer if you need it to pick your mill
[01:32:32] <Jymm> jt-plasma: FOB Bitch!
[01:32:51] <jt-plasma> Free On Board
[01:33:11] <Jymm> in your dreams =)
[01:33:28] <Jymm> but, I'd offer free local dleivery
[01:33:54] <mozmck> jt-plasma: thanks for the offer. Might not be easy though.
[01:33:56] <danimal_garage> it's probably cheaper to buy a truck and pick it up
[01:34:18] <danimal_garage> buy a full size chevy for $1500
[01:34:31] <danimal_garage> drive and get it, then sell the truck for what you paid for it
[01:34:34] <Jymm> car hauler
[01:34:36] <jt-plasma> the quote I got on the lathe (4500lbs) was $1000 from NJ to Missouri
[01:34:36] <cradek> mozmck: I found someone to ship my mill on uship.com
[01:34:38] <mozmck> I've seen some mills that look interesting out on the east coast. I wonder what shipping to Texas would cost.
[01:34:53] <danimal_garage> mozmck: thousands
[01:35:06] <jt-plasma> for a bp type mill?
[01:35:16] <danimal_garage> jt-plasma: that's really good, i got quotes for more than that for in state moves
[01:35:19] <mozmck> I saw uship the other day. cradek: what did it cost if you don't mind me asking?
[01:35:22] <cradek> mozmck: how bit of a mill do you want?
[01:35:51] <mozmck> oh, a bp series two would be nice, or a small vmc with toolchanger
[01:35:52] <cradek> mozmck: I think it was $700 from wichita to lincoln
[01:36:13] <cradek> ok, I think those are both too heavy for a pickup and car-hauler trailer
[01:36:44] <jt-plasma> the bp would be ok or a toolroom size vmc if you have real trailer tires
[01:36:44] <danimal_garage> i rented a penskee to pick up my shizuoka from the bay area
[01:36:46] <cradek> you can do something like a series 1 on a car hauler if you go slow and are careful
[01:36:51] <mozmck> $700 is not too bad. It would cost me $1000 in diesel and food to go to the east coast and back I bet.
[01:37:06] <cradek> yes the fuel cost is huge.
[01:37:08] <jt-plasma> mozmck: you eat too much
[01:37:14] <jt-plasma> LOL
[01:37:18] <mozmck> I've got a dually 1-ton truck with a goosneck hitch.
[01:37:26] <danimal_garage> jt-plasma: a series 2 BP is pretty hefty
[01:37:27] <cradek> I bet half of what I paid went right to the diesel pump
[01:37:31] <mozmck> :) my truck eats more.
[01:38:02] <cradek> mozmck: the best part was he picked it up and drove it straight to my driveway
[01:38:24] <mozmck> I can pull 30,000 lbs anyhow, if I can get a trailer that will haul it.
[01:38:27] <jt-plasma> my double axle will haul 6k but you don't stop real fast with that kind of load LOL
[01:38:53] <mozmck> My trailer is good for 5k.
[01:39:04] <cradek> mozmck: he called along the way and kept me updated, and I had a forklift/teleoperator rented and waiting when he got here. it let me concentrate on that part instead of a bunch of 50mph white-nuckled driving.
[01:39:07] <jt-plasma> mozmck: south east texas?
[01:39:12] <mozmck> A good gooseneck with brakes is what I need.
[01:39:23] <mozmck> nah, north of Dallas about an hour
[01:39:44] <jt-plasma> not too far from me then, just Arkansas between us
[01:39:50] <cradek> mozmck: have you tried the used machinery places in wichita?
[01:39:53] <mozmck> yep!
[01:40:03] <mozmck> no, do you have links?
[01:40:11] <cradek> no :-/
[01:40:18] <jt-plasma> Texarkana?
[01:40:28] <mozmck> there a series II bp on ebay for 1850
[01:40:29] <cradek> ask stuart s. there's at least one big place. I looked at a bridgeport there.
[01:41:20] <cradek> those are great for one-offs but without a tool changer I wouldn't want to use one for any production
[01:41:48] <mozmck> I probably wouldn't be doing much production.
[01:41:51] <jt-plasma> you want at least a QC spindle not R8
[01:42:04] <mozmck> QC?
[01:42:05] <cradek> and for small tools and aluminum, their spindles aren't fast enough
[01:42:10] <jt-plasma> anyone want a refill while I'm inside
[01:42:14] <jt-plasma> Quick Change
[01:42:15] <cradek> yes don't get an R8 cnc for gods sake
[01:42:25] <jt-plasma> you can preset your tools for the job
[01:42:35] <Jymm> jt-plasma: coffee, double sugar, double cream
[01:42:44] <cradek> QC30 is not bad to use, but some stuff is a little hard to find
[01:42:57] <jt-plasma> Jymm: brb
[01:43:33] <mozmck> cradek: how fast do you want?
[01:43:42] <jt-plasma> look up Kwik-Switch 200 it was poplar on the BP's
[01:43:50] <Jymm> * Jymm secretly changes his nick. Let's see if jt-plasma notices.
[01:43:58] <Jymm> Jymm is now known as Jymmmm
[01:44:17] <cradek> mozmck: depends if you want to use 1/4 or 1/8 tools for anything. at least 8k is nice, if so
[01:44:45] <mozmck> I see.
[01:44:56] <Jymmmm> HEY... If anyone finds a 1/4" to 1/8" collet, let me know please
[01:44:59] <cradek> you can survive with a 4krpm bp spindle, but you have to be pretty slow and careful.
[01:45:13] <cradek> Jymmmm: for what?
[01:45:16] <mozmck> yeah,
[01:45:30] <Jymmmm> cradek: pcb
[01:45:55] <cradek> but if you do everything with 3/4 hss tools, that 1500 rpm sweet spot is perfect
[01:46:13] <Jymmmm> cradek: was that to me?
[01:46:24] <cradek> Jymmmm: I mean what kind of collet?
[01:46:28] <jt-plasma> Jymmmm: hmmm
[01:46:31] <mozmck> hmm, might be doing a bit of small stuff, so I may want a faster spindle.
[01:46:42] <Jymmmm> cradek: Just a straight shank
[01:46:53] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma hands Jymmmm a cup of fresh ground Columbian Joe
[01:47:02] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: danka
[01:47:18] <cradek> Jymmmm: don't you have access to a lathe? just turn one up and split it on a band saw
[01:47:54] <Jymmmm> cradek: I have 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" collets. No 1/8" available. No lathe either.
[01:48:01] <beee> Quick question - can I correct for orthagonal error in EMC?
[01:48:28] <danimal_garage> i hate the fact that my mill tops out at 4k rpm
[01:48:30] <cradek> beee: you could write a kinematics module to do it, but it's better to just fix your machine
[01:49:34] <beee> is that module just a file?
[01:49:59] <cradek> it's C code that you write and build into a module that you then load in hal
[01:50:11] <cradek> there are some samples in the source tree
[01:50:26] <danimal_garage> c code?
[01:50:29] <beee> ok thanks
[01:50:33] <beee> ybe
[01:50:35] <Eric_K> c code
[01:50:45] <danimal_garage> oh, c code
[01:50:51] <Eric_K> yah
[01:50:59] <danimal_garage> always forget about that
[01:52:35] <jt-plasma> I don't think danimal_garage will make it to the USPS today :)
[01:53:47] <jt-plasma> Jymmmm: what kind of collet?
[01:54:08] <Jymmmm> For a router motor - straight shank
[01:54:53] <cradek> but there's still actually a collet, right?
[01:55:05] <cradek> ideally you'd get a real 1/8 collet
[01:55:41] <Jymmmm> Doesn't exist afaik, I can stop by Bosch next week and ask
[01:55:47] <jt-plasma> Jymmmm: like this http://www.cadcamcadcam.com/sleeve-adaptor14to18.aspx
[01:56:43] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: Probably. I JSUT read that those have a lot of runout *shrug*
[01:56:51] <Jymmmm> the "adapters"
[01:57:05] <jt-plasma> a Bosch one http://www.acetoolonline.com/Bosch-92821-1-8-to-1-4-Collet-Adapter-p/bos-92821.htm
[01:57:06] <cradek> bbl
[01:58:53] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: thanks, I take that PN to the Bosch office next week
[01:59:02] <jt-plasma> cool
[01:59:52] <Jymmmm> I bought my ruter from Sears (Craftsman), but it's really a Bosch router. and sears didn't even offer a 3/8" collet, but bosch did =)
[02:03:19] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma thinks it is time to switch on the magnetass button on the lazyboy and kick back a while
[02:03:55] <Jymmmm> That button has been stuck on the ON position for decades!
[02:24:17] <danimal_garage> just like your jerk button :)
[02:24:24] <danimal_garage> j/k
[02:35:08] <skunkworks> we think we know one of the reasons why the cnc we got the servos off was scrapped.
[02:35:10] <skunkworks> http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/servo/brushes.JPG
[02:35:57] <skunkworks> the middle brush is what they should look like
[02:37:20] <skunkworks> this was the yeckiest.
[02:38:04] <skunkworks> http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/servo/yeck.JPG
[02:38:38] <skunkworks> http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/servo/servo.JPG
[02:39:02] <skunkworks> http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/servo/tach.JPG
[02:39:28] <danimal_garage> awesome lol
[02:42:21] <skunkworks> we figure - if they didn't destroy them - they will probably last us a while ;)
[02:42:34] <skunkworks> all the brushes where hung up - crud
[02:45:02] <danimal_garage> ahh that'll do it
[02:45:56] <danimal_garage> i scored on a bunch of 4340 yesterday, i'm excited
[02:46:10] <danimal_garage> perfect sizes for my fixtures
[02:46:16] <skunkworks> type of aluminum?
[02:46:22] <danimal_garage> alloy steel
[02:46:25] <skunkworks> ah
[02:46:32] <danimal_garage> heat treated and annealed
[02:46:53] <danimal_garage> much better than cold roll and a36
[02:47:00] <skunkworks> ncie
[02:47:02] <skunkworks> nice
[02:47:49] <danimal_garage> local metal yard aint doing so hot, so they let me pick through the rems and they give me an awesome cash price
[02:48:34] <WalterN> anybody want to buy an M82A1 for $6,000?
[02:49:15] <WalterN> new in the box
[02:49:43] <danimal_garage> dont even know what that is
[02:49:55] <WalterN> a simi auto .50BMG rifle :D
[02:50:20] <WalterN> never seen one for less than $8,000
[02:50:22] <danimal_garage> i'll make my own
[02:50:39] <WalterN> good luck making the barrel :P
[02:51:58] <danimal_garage> thought about making my own gun
[02:52:10] <danimal_garage> there's plenty of gunsmithing forums
[02:52:19] <danimal_garage> i'm not a gun guy though
[02:52:38] <WalterN> as long as its not full auto you can make whatever you want and own/shoot
[02:52:52] <WalterN> I'm working on some 10/22 receivers for myself
[02:53:26] <danimal_garage> do you have to register them?
[02:53:28] <WalterN> no
[02:53:35] <danimal_garage> i wanna be able to take them to a range
[02:53:41] <danimal_garage> what about permits?
[02:53:42] <WalterN> no problem
[02:53:45] <WalterN> no permits
[02:53:48] <WalterN> or licenses
[02:53:54] <danimal_garage> in California?
[02:53:56] <WalterN> or serial numbers
[02:53:59] <WalterN> uhh
[02:54:03] <WalterN> move
[02:54:05] <WalterN> :P
[02:54:14] <WalterN> I think its still fine
[02:54:19] <danimal_garage> and loose my 70 degree winters? :)
[02:54:31] <WalterN> move to AZ
[02:54:38] <danimal_garage> no thanks
[02:54:40] <WalterN> :P
[02:54:54] <danimal_garage> i'd rather skip the 110 degree summers lol
[02:55:17] <WalterN> I thought that was the fun part
[02:55:39] <WalterN> anyway, I dont think you could own a .50BMG without a special license
[02:55:44] <WalterN> in cali
[02:56:04] <danimal_garage> i was just thinking a small hand gun
[02:56:10] <WalterN> but you can for a .338 lapua, which is just as good almost
[02:56:14] <WalterN> oh
[02:56:17] <WalterN> pistols
[02:56:20] <danimal_garage> yes
[02:56:24] <WalterN> here, you would like this...
[02:56:41] <danimal_garage> just in case someone broke in and managed to get through the dogs
[02:57:19] <WalterN> danimal_garage: http://www.acmearms.com/80percentfaq.php
[02:57:24] <danimal_garage> but there isnt anything in here worth enough to deal with them
[02:58:08] <WalterN> you can get a 1911 pistol basically done, just need to cut the slides and maybe drill a couple holes, then assemble
[02:58:18] <WalterN> no serial numbers or other garbage
[02:59:04] <danimal_garage> well i'd like to build it myself entirely
[02:59:41] <WalterN> then do it :)
[02:59:50] <danimal_garage> when i have time
[03:00:07] <danimal_garage> i have a 306 on it's way this month
[03:00:07] <WalterN> there are plain casting floating around too
[03:00:45] <danimal_garage> i'd like to be able to carry it at all times
[03:00:58] <danimal_garage> (not the 306, the pistol)
[03:01:12] <WalterN> you need a license to conceal carry, which is nearly impossible to get in cali
[03:01:38] <danimal_garage> how about in plain sight?
[03:02:00] <WalterN> open carry? I doubt thats legal in cali, but check
[03:02:18] <danimal_garage> can i sit on my front portch with a shot gun? lol
[03:02:29] <WalterN> http://www.californiaopencarry.org/faq.html
[03:03:16] <WalterN> on your own property it should be legal, but then again, its cali
[03:04:54] <danimal_garage> damn, cant take it to the post office
[03:05:05] <WalterN> thats a federal thing
[03:05:08] <WalterN> for any state
[03:05:11] <danimal_garage> yea
[03:05:24] <danimal_garage> i needed it for the trip to the post office lol
[03:05:26] <WalterN> cause the BATF wants to control everything gun related
[03:05:37] <danimal_garage> bunch of gang bangers hang out on the bike path
[03:06:03] <WalterN> dont get me started on the BATF
[03:07:46] <WalterN> all federal ground is off limits for 'normal' people to take their guns with them
[03:08:42] <danimal_garage> lame
[03:08:50] <WalterN> even after being finger printed, background checked, eye scanned and DNA tested for a conceal carry permit
[03:11:44] <WalterN> bleh
[03:12:04] <WalterN> * WalterN goes to the store to get a few thing to make cookies
[03:14:12] <danimal_garage> hmmm ya know, it might not be too good of an idea to have a fast braking spindle on the hardinge if i'm using a chuck on the tapered spindle nose
[03:14:57] <danimal_garage> i might make a plug that i can thread into the collet closer to keep the chuck from falling off accidentally
[03:58:59] <cradek> danimal_garage: I thought tapered spindles are the safe ones for braking
[04:02:50] <frysteev> hey
[04:03:06] <Optic> mooo
[04:03:12] <frysteev> whats a good diy way of changing spindle mounts
[04:03:58] <cradek> more details
[04:04:26] <danimal_garage> cradek: i suppose it's better than threads
[04:04:35] <danimal_garage> but it could still come off
[04:05:08] <cradek> seems like braking and cutting forces are going to work against it exactly the same way
[04:05:30] <cradek> does your homemade taper match really well?
[04:05:37] <danimal_garage> seems to
[04:06:04] <danimal_garage> i got the data from someone who got it from hardinge
[04:06:14] <danimal_garage> 3 deg 48 min 57 sec
[04:06:47] <cradek> wtf
[04:07:15] <cradek> oh I bet that's some inches-per-ft
[04:07:24] <danimal_garage> i blued it and it seems like it has good contact
[04:08:28] <danimal_garage> the t slot could keep it from falling off, but it's still gunna get loose in order to move down to the reverse part of the t
[04:08:39] <frysteev> right now i have a bunch of different spindle plates,
[04:08:48] <frysteev> one with a rotozip mounted on it and another with a dremel
[04:09:07] <frysteev> and then those have 6 bolts to mount it to the z axis plate
[04:09:15] <frysteev> takes some time to change
[04:10:39] <cradek> danimal_garage: that's 0.8 inch/ft taper
[04:11:45] <danimal_garage> hmm
[04:12:43] <danimal_garage> everyone always says 4 degrees, but it's definitely not
[04:15:35] <cradek> well 0.8 inch/ft is 3.819 degrees. 3'48''57 is 3.816 degrees
[04:15:51] <cradek> but yeah, neither is close to 4 :-)
[04:16:33] <cradek> I bet a dollar the taper was originally specified as in/ft
[04:16:40] <cradek> nobody would pick 3'48''57
[04:16:59] <Jymmmm> what's that in metric?
[04:17:07] <cradek> er 3o48'57'' or however you write it
[04:17:32] <cradek> Jymmmm: I'm not sure how tapers are normally called out in metric
[04:18:14] <Jymmmm> Well, if it was in/ft wouldn't metric be mm(or cm)/m ?
[04:18:45] <danimal_garage> cradek: you dont think hardinge wouldnt pick some oddball number to make it difficult for people to clone?
[04:19:11] <danimal_garage> would*
[04:19:37] <danimal_garage> i didnt not use a double negative
[04:20:10] <cradek> in the old days I think tapers were always in/ft, and the number you gave is very suspiciously close to a round number in that format
[04:22:30] <danimal_garage> as long as it doesnt fly through that thin plastic door lol
[04:22:47] <danimal_garage> that thing could give a false sense of security
[04:23:22] <danimal_garage> i really wish the door didnt open in the back when the front door is open
[04:23:38] <danimal_garage> i dont really wanna soak my walls with cutting oil
[04:24:07] <danimal_garage> i need to put something in the attached to the door so it runs back in the machine
[04:24:16] <cradek> B&S taper is .5"/ft, Jarno and Morse are about .6"/ft
[04:24:18] <danimal_garage> in the machine*
[04:24:56] <danimal_garage> good to know
[04:25:14] <cradek> I can't find any common one that's around .8
[04:25:15] <danimal_garage> in case i need to make a morse taper
[04:25:28] <Valen> I'm thinking of adding a laser to the mill
[04:25:31] <cradek> well every size of morse is a different taper...
[04:25:32] <Valen> make it a laser cutter
[04:25:45] <danimal_garage> my lathe is a 3
[04:26:24] <Valen> there (used to be at least) ~40W IR LED's on ebay
[04:29:57] <danimal_garage> Valen: do you know anything about laser engraving?
[04:30:08] <Valen> not much why?
[04:30:23] <danimal_garage> i'd like to set up a desktop mill with a laser or something for engraving
[04:30:52] <Valen> some of the IR Laser LED modules you could put straight into the mill as another tool I think
[04:31:01] <Valen> last time I looked at them anyway
[04:31:13] <danimal_garage> the surfaces i need to engrave are slightly 3d
[04:31:27] <Valen> what material?
[04:31:37] <danimal_garage> probably pretty slow for engraving metal, huh?
[04:31:45] <danimal_garage> anodized aluminum
[04:31:55] <danimal_garage> or ti
[04:31:58] <danimal_garage> or stainless
[04:32:19] <Valen> might have some difficulty tuning it for anodised stuff
[04:32:33] <Valen> the different colours will probably respond differently to the laser
[04:32:48] <Valen> the big ones seem to do a good job of cutting the stuff
[04:33:05] <danimal_garage> i wonder how many watts i'd need
[04:33:10] <Valen> though your probably going to want to vaporise it rather than just melting it
[04:33:31] <Valen> probably not many, lasers are pretty scary powerfull
[04:33:57] <Valen> like a big propper cutter might be 200w continious
[04:34:03] <danimal_garage> how do you control the burn? feed, or is the beam's power usually controlable?
[04:34:34] <Valen> controllable with a certain minimum
[04:34:38] <Valen> theres 2 modes of operation
[04:34:46] <Valen> theres pulsed and CW (continious wave)
[04:34:54] <Valen> most gas lasers run pulsed
[04:35:08] <Valen> the average power is about the same but the instantanious power is much much higher
[04:35:09] <danimal_garage> yea i think our laser engraver did
[04:35:19] <Valen> like they run a 5-10% on time tops
[04:35:29] <Valen> but are still putting out 40W or 100W
[04:35:46] <Valen> so each pulse is like 2000W or something
[04:35:49] <danimal_garage> interesting
[04:35:52] <danimal_garage> wow
[04:35:54] <Valen> probably better for your engraving I'd think
[04:36:25] <Valen> the pulses would get hot enough to vapourise the metal without heat affecting that much else
[04:36:46] <Valen> I was looking at using a IR LED + wax/metal/etc to make a 3d printer
[04:37:35] <danimal_garage> cool
[04:37:54] <Valen> but yeah, didn't really have enough power
[04:38:33] <danimal_garage> what kind of controls or power supply is needed for a laser like what i need?
[04:39:00] <Valen> I'm not too certain for gas lasers
[04:39:07] <Valen> I have only really looked at LED
[04:39:13] <danimal_garage> ahh
[04:39:22] <Valen> its big and hairy though
[04:39:23] <danimal_garage> i guess i should google this
[04:39:33] <Valen> the LED's run at a few volts and a few amps
[04:39:42] <Valen> the gas ones are all high voltage scary stuff
[04:39:46] <Valen> like neons
[04:40:09] <danimal_garage> high voltage as in over 100, or over 10,000?
[04:40:35] <Valen> 10,000 + last I saw
[04:40:40] <Valen> like 40-70k
[04:41:20] <danimal_garage> like coils on a car
[04:41:45] <danimal_garage> (which suck if you get zapped)
[04:41:58] <Valen> yeah
[04:42:05] <Valen> they work basically the same
[04:42:14] <Valen> well kinda
[04:42:22] <Valen> theres a few different ones
[04:42:32] <Valen> xenon pumped ruby might be cheap these days
[04:48:49] <tom3p> WalterN: Vermont State Rep. Fred Maslack has a sensible gun bill, it taxes those who do not have guns, says the constitution doesnt 'allow' bearing arms, it >mandates< bearing arms, and those without guns must pay.
[04:49:12] <cradek> haha
[04:49:30] <tom3p> 500$
[04:51:34] <cradek> that's a very creative interpretation - does he say what part of the constitution he thinks says this?
[04:56:22] <tom3p> cradek: "Maslack read the "militia" phrase of the Second Amendment as not only affirming the right of the individual citizen to bear arms, but as a clear mandate to do so. He believes that universal gun ownership was advocated by the Framers of the Constitution as an antidote to a "monopoly of force" by the government as well as criminals ""
[04:57:01] <tom3p> its some newspapaer article, so isnt 1st person, isnt a direct quote
[04:57:26] <WalterN> in certain parts of Alaska, you are required to have a gun on hand
[04:57:46] <tom3p> law or survival?
[04:57:47] <cradek> huh, it's really amazing how many ways that one sentence has been interpreted
[04:57:51] <Valen> yeah cos they don't want to clean your remains up after you get eaten by a bear
[04:58:05] <WalterN> there wouldent be anything to clean up :P
[04:58:33] <Valen> yaknow australia has ~5% of USA gun crime and that's after scaling it for population
[04:58:47] <WalterN> tom3p: it might be a county requirement, not sure
[04:59:21] <Valen> danimal_garage http://cgi.ebay.com.au/50W-Diode-Pumped-Nd-YAG-Laser-Modules-DPSS-laser-head_W0QQitemZ280462410218QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item414cdcc1ea#ht_786wt_941
[04:59:33] <tom3p> i bet gun crime is a function of people per square mile, as you get closer, feet get stepped on
[05:00:13] <Valen> I bet that everybody having a gun has something to do with it too
[05:00:19] <WalterN> heh
[05:00:30] <Valen> although farming communities here have no real issues either
[05:01:51] <Valen> probably find if the americans couldn't shoot each other there would be more stabbings, or rockings/whatever is handy ;->
[05:02:07] <Valen> the right to bear clubs with spikes on
[05:02:38] <WalterN> stoning
[05:02:50] <frysteev> what is a bear club?
[05:02:51] <Valen> rocking sounded more american ;->
[05:02:57] <frysteev> !google bear club
[05:02:57] <the_wench> http://lmgtfy.com/?q=bear+club
[05:03:10] <tom3p> bear cub, thats chicago talk
[05:03:31] <WalterN> stoning I think has a better ring to it :P
[05:04:42] <Valen> danimal_garage this is a pulsed one http://cgi.ebay.com.au/30mJ-Pulse-High-Power-QCW-DPSS-Laser-Module-Cavity_W0QQitemZ270266773968QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3eed27b1d0#ht_1010wt_941
[05:07:04] <danimal_garage> how come i'm having a hard time setting a second work offset in x on my lathe?
[05:07:24] <danimal_garage> thanks Valen, checking them out now
[05:10:19] <danimal_garage> ouch! i can buy a laser engraver for that much (used)
[05:10:54] <WalterN> make the laser :P
[05:10:59] <WalterN> I know a guy making one
[05:11:07] <frysteev> im having a hell of a time getting the cutting tip on my lathe dead center
[05:11:07] <WalterN> 100watt input
[05:11:11] <frysteev> damn mini lathe
[05:11:58] <Valen> they used to be like $40 danimal
[05:12:09] <danimal_garage> what happened??
[05:12:13] <Valen> btw the bit that wears out in the laser engraver is the laser module itself
[05:12:22] <Valen> dunno, havent looked in quite some time
[05:12:24] <cradek> frysteev: stick your 6" scale between the tool and work, and adjust the height until the scale sits vertical
[05:12:48] <frysteev> i cant find anyway to adjust it on my lathe other then making shims.
[05:13:06] <cradek> ah, no adjustment
[05:13:10] <cradek> what kind of tool post?
[05:13:23] <frysteev> its a 7x12 mini lathe
[05:13:32] <frysteev> no up down adjustment that i can see
[05:13:48] <danimal_garage> cradek: i'm trying to use a different work offset on the lathe, but i cant seem to get it to zero in x.... it always goes to some oddball number
[05:14:03] <frysteev> its a cheap thing where you can mount 4 tools on it and rotate it to switch
[05:14:14] <danimal_garage> like -4.2156 inches or something
[05:14:27] <cradek> g10 l2 p2 x0 => clear g55's x offset to 0
[05:15:06] <danimal_garage> what about 56,57,etc?
[05:15:18] <cradek> p3, p4
[05:15:26] <danimal_garage> oh duh ok
[05:15:30] <danimal_garage> thanks
[05:17:07] <danimal_garage> what's the 12?
[05:17:29] <cradek> l2
[05:17:33] <jmkasunich> that's L2
[05:17:34] <cradek> L2
[05:17:49] <cradek> get a better font, yikes!
[05:18:03] <danimal_garage> ohh
[05:18:13] <frysteev> 1-900-gcode-mmm
[05:18:15] <danimal_garage> makes more sense lol
[05:18:25] <danimal_garage> gracias
[05:20:40] <danimal_garage> crap i should probably eat dinner
[05:28:11] <Jymmmm> danimal_garage: Another pizza, or pop-tarts this time?
[05:35:10] <Valen> http://www.geekologie.com/2010/02/zippity_zap_killing_mosquitos.php
[05:35:17] <Valen> want
[05:36:22] <WalterN> I had another burrito
[05:37:26] <frysteev> you guys see the cnc pizza maker?
[05:38:02] <WalterN> I can imagine
[05:38:50] <Valen> I was thinking you could stick one in the back of a van and do away with the pizza store all togther
[05:40:36] <WalterN> heh
[05:41:19] <WalterN> http://discovermagazine.com/2006/apr/anything-oil is a process I would like to stick in the back of a van
[05:42:16] <WalterN> diesel on demand
[06:33:35] <tom3p> http://www.biggreentruckpizza.com/ if i can find a Dodge Power Wagon again, pizza comes to you
[06:34:50] <Valen> sounds like that one is just an oven on a truck
[06:35:08] <Valen> truck goes to venue, people make pizza in it, truck leaves a few hours later
[06:35:12] <tom3p> yep,
[06:35:45] <Valen> not quite as cool as a CnC pizza oven that takes web orders, and updates the route on the GPS for you
[06:52:55] <tom3p> i found this early today, nice simple electronic simulator http://sol.gfxile.net/atanua/ and a nice explanation http://sol.gfxile.net/files/atanua080326.pdf
[07:00:09] <Jymmmm> tom3p: Needs Java http://www.falstad.com/circuit/e-index.html
[07:01:48] <tom3p> Jymmmm: good resource, i may reinstall java 1.6 just to look, thx
[07:02:13] <Jymmmm> tom3p: All the circuits are simulated, even with electron flow
[07:02:48] <tom3p> the other url was interesting in the connected box theme that goes along with the hal gui
[07:03:10] <tom3p> electron flow? ben franklin or the other way? :)
[07:03:51] <tom3p> gotta crash, too many hours staring at asm code
[07:03:53] <tom3p> gnite
[07:15:26] <Mantrid> Jeez.
[07:16:24] <Mantrid> I naively thought that there'd be five people in here, max.
[07:16:30] <Mantrid> Clearly I was wrong.
[07:27:05] <WalterN> Mantrid: why would you think that?
[07:30:46] <alex_joni> actually there are no people in here
[07:33:50] <Mantrid> I don't know why really. I found out there's a channel on IRC from a forum, so its my first time here.
[07:34:43] <WalterN> :-)
[07:37:38] <Mantrid> I'm sure there's a wealth of information available here.
[07:49:30] <frysteev> there is information here?
[07:49:43] <frysteev> why does my cnc taste minty?
[07:50:51] <alex_joni> 'cause it's cute [1]
[07:50:59] <alex_joni> [1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minty_(toy_pony)
[07:51:20] <Jymmmm> * Jymmmm smacks alex_joni
[07:51:42] <frysteev> Jymmmm how goes?
[07:52:16] <Jymmmm> frysteev: not bad, messing with arduino
[07:52:20] <frysteev> spindle mounts for my rotozip and dremel done and done
[07:52:33] <alex_joni> Jymmmm: howdy
[07:52:42] <frysteev> arduinos are fun
[07:53:28] <Jymmmm> alex_joni: =)
[07:53:39] <alex_joni> frysteev: didn't want to tell you the obvious answer why it's tasting minty.. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=minty
[07:54:50] <Jymmmm> alex_joni: I don't think I want to know how you know that.
[08:30:10] <frysteev> cnc timing belts,
[08:30:22] <frysteev> do you just by them by the foot?
[08:31:06] <archivist> number of teeth as they are continuous
[08:31:30] <frysteev> hmmm
[08:32:02] <frysteev> i have a ton of gears and pulleys for a certain size, but not sure what size it is.
[08:33:05] <frysteev> i have one belt which fits the teeth and it is labeled 0911-0920 214
[08:33:33] <frysteev> i need soemthing with that, but twice as wide..
[08:33:39] <archivist> measure the circumference divide by no of teeth
[08:34:00] <archivist> that gets you the pitch
[08:35:57] <frysteev> hmm
[09:23:54] <Jymmmm> http://www.youtube.com/group/wiring#p/a/10/fAZ6ATVItbc
[09:32:39] <frysteev> Jymmmm: do you ever sleep?
[09:32:57] <Jymmmm> once in a while
[09:33:27] <frysteev> so what cnc toys do you have anyways? :P
[09:36:11] <WalterN> yay for cornbread and cookies
[09:57:19] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: Thought of you when I saw this.... http://media.youdrivewhat.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/funny_Car_68.jpg
[12:18:57] <frallzor> heh forgot I was logged in allready :P
[14:15:30] <jthornton> are the example ngc files located somewhere on the web?
[14:22:43] <jthornton> http://www.linuxcnc.org/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,20/func,view/catid,9/id,1892/lang,english/#1892
[14:28:54] <Jymmmm> jthornton: http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb
[14:29:32] <jthornton> Jymmmm: thanks
[14:30:28] <Jymmmm> http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=emc2.git;a=tree;f=nc_files;h=23fbd6bc4424562348d2da7ea54d09ad6a1933ec;hb=HEAD
[14:30:36] <Jymmmm> jthornton: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[14:31:52] <Jymmmm> jthornton: Use the RAW option if you don't want the line numbers.
[14:32:45] <jthornton> Jymmmm: thanks, got it now
[14:33:19] <jthornton> a guy on the forum was wanting to look at example files when booting from the LiveCD
[14:33:45] <jthornton> I just checked and they are not on the LiveCD AFAICT
[14:34:33] <Jymmmm> Since you can install from the LiveCD, I suspect they are.
[14:35:23] <jthornton> I mean without installing
[14:50:29] <cradek> yes they are on the live cd
[14:50:39] <cradek> /usr/share/examples/emc2 maybe?
[14:53:06] <Jymmmm> /usr/share/emc/ncfiles/
[14:53:24] <Jymmmm> along with some python scripts too
[14:54:36] <cradek> thanks
[14:54:40] <jt-plasma> I didn't see that but I'll try again in a bit
[14:54:51] <cradek> the scripts are input filters and can be opened in AXIS directly
[14:55:22] <Jymmmm> cradek: Heh, I had to DL the iso and create a VM. I thought they were there "somewhere" =)
[14:56:07] <cradek> that's dedication
[14:56:46] <Jymmmm> LOL, it's not that bad.
[14:57:57] <Jymmmm> Took MUCH longer to DL, than actually config and boot
[14:59:03] <archivist> * archivist stops for coffee, a lathe has moved 5 ft towards the garage
[14:59:18] <cradek> archivist: unloading your haul today?
[14:59:26] <archivist> yup
[14:59:51] <cradek> neat!
[15:00:46] <Jymmmm> archivist: spin the tires and left off on the brake. betcha it'll move more than 5 feet =)
[15:01:04] <archivist> they are all on the ground
[15:01:28] <Jymmmm> archivist: Then use the reverse gear
[15:30:54] <tom3p> archivist: how are you moving them over the ground? i have to move a 2660+lb machine into my garage ( if i can get someone to lower it from their truck onto my driveway )
[15:34:33] <jt-plasma> tom3p: I used two come alongs to move my 4500lb lathe off the trailer and a floor jack and some round stock to move across the floor
[15:35:10] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: Thought of you when I saw this.... http://media.youdrivewhat.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/funny_Car_68.jpg
[15:35:32] <skunkworks> we have used stratigically placed holes in the floor for pull points...
[15:36:14] <Jymmmm> 1/4" diameter rods work well too
[15:36:20] <jt-plasma> [IMG]http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/hardinge04.jpg[/IMG]
[15:36:22] <Jymmmm> lots of em
[15:37:01] <Jymmmm> That how we moved 3000lb safes
[15:37:07] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma goes back to building a retaining device for a hard drive
[15:37:33] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: duct tape
[15:37:57] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: velcro?
[15:38:04] <skunkworks> duct tape is too insulating.. wire-ties
[15:38:12] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: CRAZY GLUE!!!!
[15:38:30] <Jymmmm> Tig welder?
[15:39:39] <Jymmmm> skunkworks: Stop making sense, you'll confuse the noobies.
[15:47:50] <tom3p> skunkworks: i like the idea of holes in floor for pull points, the interior of the garage is plaster & lath, so its difficult to use any of the framing ( also have a full length hot water radiator along long wall,... 1900's garage for washing car indoors :)
[15:52:06] <skunkworks> nice!
[15:59:11] <tom3p> the sellers name got me to look, cnc this tool! http://tinyurl.com/yzvxln7
[15:59:34] <jt-plasma> one more piece of the Hardinge puzzle done!
[17:06:55] <danimal_garage> what'd u get done jt-plasma?
[17:08:57] <MrSunshine> jt-plasma, stop pasting the [IMG] tags!
[17:13:08] <Guest369> Guest369 is now known as skunkworks
[17:14:28] <danimal_garage> yea, that's a PITA
[17:27:07] <skunkworks> so - who has a good source for brushes? http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/servo/brushes.JPG
[17:29:30] <skunkworks> and cheap.. Need atleast 9 (8 per servo)
[17:29:30] <skunkworks> ;)
[17:38:13] <skunkworks> we now know Y is also 3 threads per inch ball screw
[17:38:34] <skunkworks> the only thing we don't know is z. but we are assuming it is the same.
[17:39:13] <tom3p> skunkworks: maybe you could find a bit of copper-graphite from a shop that does edm, and cut some up, the rear end of an electrode is useless after the tool is used up, it's just grip stock.
[17:40:03] <isssy> hi all
[18:00:51] <jt-plasma> did I do that
[18:02:30] <jt-plasma> danimal_garage: I got the HD mount done
[18:03:14] <skunkworks> jmkasunich: you were right about this servo http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/yservomaybe.JPG
[18:03:44] <skunkworks> it took about 80amps to create 20ft-lbs of torque.
[18:03:49] <skunkworks> stall
[18:04:49] <skunkworks> (dc welder as the supply ;))
[18:08:31] <archivist> tom3p, we considered a hole in the floor, but rollers reduce the fiction enough, lever, jack and a small electric hoist pulling sideways
[18:08:57] <archivist> one machine in the garage!
[18:10:11] <skunkworks> tomp: do the edm elecrodes have wires cast into them?
[18:12:55] <frallzor> I love the fact that ppl are so odd. I try to give some constructive critisismen and suddenly Im jellous since I "cant afford the same things" :P
[18:14:36] <danimal_garage> frallzor: who'd you piss off?
[18:15:04] <frallzor> just answered a Q for an online "friend" with a common interest for filming
[18:15:23] <frallzor> suddenly since I didnt like what he showed Im jellous :P
[18:15:38] <frallzor> apparantly I'm poor too
[18:15:46] <DaViruz> frallzor: welcome to the world, enjoy your stay!
[18:16:21] <danimal_garage> was it a picture of his mother or girlfriend or something? lol
[18:16:32] <frallzor> cant say I agree with his comment since my build is like 20x the cost of the product he showed :P
[18:17:11] <frallzor> so I think ill bash his choice a bit more =P
[18:18:21] <frallzor> oh yeah DaViruz make a "manöver" too :P
[18:18:44] <DaViruz> that won't fit on 40mm
[18:18:50] <DaViruz> maybe we can call it Reset
[18:18:55] <frallzor> hmm shoot
[18:19:14] <frallzor> sure go with Reset then =)
[18:19:22] <DaViruz> you'll have to supply the font vectors again though
[18:19:32] <frallzor> which? :;P
[18:19:33] <DaViruz> if you want it to look uniform
[18:19:41] <frallzor> dxf?
[18:19:50] <DaViruz> yeah the first dxf
[18:20:16] <frallzor> I see
[18:20:30] <frallzor> do i need to add the "reset" to it?
[18:20:33] <frallzor> or you do that?
[18:21:52] <frallzor> mailed!
[18:23:12] <DaViruz> i'll have a look at it later, i'm heading out now
[18:23:18] <frallzor> ok =)
[18:31:14] <DaViruz> ..yeah you need to add the "Reset" text
[18:31:30] <frallzor> ok then ill send that later
[18:32:01] <DaViruz> and i need to find double sided tape that is stickier
[18:32:27] <DaViruz> it adhered fine to the laminate but not to the plywood backing..
[18:33:41] <tom3p> skunkworks: no wire, but wire and spring is suspenders and a belt
[18:38:44] <skunkworks> tom3p: are you saying that you really don't need the wire?
[18:39:18] <pcw_home> skunkworks: did you try Graphitestore.com?
[18:40:35] <skunkworks> pcw_home: not yet - just started.
[18:40:42] <skunkworks> thanks!
[18:41:06] <pcw_home> Not cheap but a _large_ selection
[18:41:26] <skunkworks> pcw_home: these are the servos. http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/servo/servo.JPG
[18:43:28] <pcw_home> Looks like they need to be taken to the car wash...
[18:43:43] <skunkworks> heh - yes. we are trying to de-carbonize them. ;)
[18:44:03] <skunkworks> http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/servo/servo.JPG
[18:44:23] <skunkworks> all the servos had brushes that where hung up.. No wonder they scrapped the machine.
[18:45:06] <pcw_home> Ran it into the ground I guess
[18:45:08] <skunkworks> actually - we did look at the graphite store yesterday. Looks like we could get 12 or so for around $80
[18:46:08] <pcw_home> Do they have an exact match? Maybe you can shop around for the same PN
[18:46:51] <skunkworks> is that what is stamped on the brush? they say e27 but I cannot find a match. we figured maybe it was the harness
[18:47:50] <pcw_home> Not sure, did you find it by motor manufacturer or size?
[18:48:28] <pcw_home> (Graphitestore lists the OEM PN)
[18:48:43] <skunkworks> let me try.
[18:51:11] <skunkworks> if you go by mfg - they only list 3 brushes for inland.
[18:51:44] <skunkworks> and I don't have the brush part number. http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/servotag.JPG
[18:54:13] <pcw_home> That might be a little old or obscure...
[18:55:08] <skunkworks> heh
[18:56:06] <skunkworks> you got that right
[19:02:05] <skunkworks> hmm - wonder if a dishwasher would work well ;)
[19:03:07] <pcw_home> Any of these right?
[19:03:08] <pcw_home> http://www.helwigcarbon.com/catalog/productlist.aspx?MFR=1541
[19:05:04] <skunkworks> close.. they need to be .25X.437X between .8 and .9 or close.
[19:05:21] <skunkworks> I wonder if the second one down could be trimmed width wize..
[19:06:40] <tom3p> old timer brushed motor cleanup: remove rotor, break off a piece of hacksaw blade whose width fits between sections, clean grooves, spin rotor & emery board the seat smooth, clean with dry air and dollar bills/ brake cleaner. ohm out or use growler, install new brushes... done.
[19:07:51] <skunkworks> you don't see a problem removing the rotor>
[19:07:52] <skunkworks> ?
[19:08:13] <skunkworks> this one for sure needs the comutators machined.
[19:08:18] <skunkworks> commutators
[19:08:21] <pcw_home> Looks like maybe your E27 is a "grade"
[19:08:23] <pcw_home> Maybe could be trimmed but ou may still find the eaxt fit
[19:08:29] <pcw_home> (exact)
[19:08:52] <skunkworks> right - I think the graphite store had some the exact size
[19:09:29] <skunkworks> they all have some resistance to ground. this one was the worse - about 13k. figure it is the carbon buildup.
[19:09:37] <skunkworks> the best one is 400k
[19:10:38] <pcw_home> Until you wash and bake dry, you probably wont know if there really is an insulation problem
[19:14:00] <skunkworks> the tachs look good also - they output 90v at 1200rpm (max rating of these servos)
[19:15:30] <skunkworks> we figure - if the previous owners didn't destroy them - we are not going to.
[19:18:25] <jt-plasma> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/computer04.jpg
[19:19:13] <skunkworks> they are about 1ft-lb per amp
[19:19:55] <skunkworks> jt-plasma: nice!
[19:20:29] <jt-plasma> skunkworks: thanks
[19:21:02] <jt-plasma> now I just need to figure out where and how to mount the power supply and I'm off and running
[19:23:19] <pcw_home> Not still your wifes Motherboard I hope...
[19:24:28] <jt-plasma> LOL, I was just kidding
[19:27:39] <pcw_home> Nice clean layout, must be a fairly old MB with no Ethernet
[19:29:00] <jt-plasma> yea, it still has an isa slot left on it
[19:29:07] <jt-plasma> at the bottom
[19:33:05] <danimal_garage> nice!
[19:33:10] <danimal_garage> looks good
[19:34:13] <jt-plasma> thanks, I just found a cool place to mount the power supply so it will be out of the way
[19:36:05] <danimal_garage> http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v20/danielwilcox/?action=view&current=DSCN0776.jpg&newest=1
[19:36:20] <danimal_garage> you can see the bracket i made there, works pretty good
[19:36:35] <danimal_garage> just some welded flat stock
[19:37:15] <danimal_garage> basically just an l bracket with a gusset
[19:41:57] <jt-plasma> I just need two pcs of angle to hang it from the top face :)
[19:42:26] <danimal_garage> that'll work!
[19:44:16] <pcw_home> jt-plasma: is that inner box on a hinge or something? its at a funny angle
[19:46:49] <danimal_garage> the monitor goes in there, and it's at an angle facing the operator, i think
[19:47:28] <danimal_garage> maybe not
[19:47:51] <jt-plasma> pcw_home: that part is angled out a bit you can kinda see in this pic http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/hardinge01.jpg
[19:48:19] <jt-plasma> or here http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/hardinge02.jpg
[19:48:55] <jt-plasma> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/control01.jpg
[19:49:25] <jt-plasma> bbl guys
[19:49:37] <pcw_home> bye
[19:49:40] <danimal_garage> adios
[20:33:12] <skunkworks> I am sure they won't be the highest performance.. the rotors are pretty massive but the price was right and they are high torque :)
[21:00:14] <skunkworks> hello, goodbye, hello
[21:00:31] <SWPLinux> hi see you hi
[21:00:35] <SWPLinux> +,,
[21:14:26] <alex_joni> 'lo
[21:59:24] <andypugh> Hmm, DIY shrink-fit tooling heater?
[21:59:25] <andypugh> http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Henry-Induction-Heater-Generator_W0QQitemZ250578945440
[22:04:27] <LawrenceG> looks like a great start on a 2kw ham radio linear amp
[22:12:21] <danimal_garage> yawn
[22:21:07] <Jymmmm> LawrenceG: all bands at once too!
[22:21:58] <jt-plasma> hmm, the Hardinge just keeps rebooting...
[22:22:49] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: Thought of you when I saw this.... http://media.youdrivewhat.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/funny_Car_68.jpg
[22:23:18] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: Yo could put that on your goldwing
[22:23:24] <jt-plasma> Jymmmm: saw that earlier
[22:23:42] <jt-plasma> where would the stereo knobs go?
[22:23:53] <Jymmmm> Think it for a sec
[22:24:01] <Jymmmm> Think about it for a moment
[22:25:47] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: Just imagine having that and passing highway patrol =)
[22:27:48] <jt-plasma> I can imagine real clear coming over a hill at 100mph and accelerating and seeing a highway patrol pop over the next hill about 1/2 mile away... Goldwings have real good brakes
[22:29:01] <Jymmmm> heh
[22:29:39] <jt-plasma> I get long beeps with the memory out
[22:30:15] <Jymmmm> Is this the same mobo from the last time we troubleshooted?
[22:31:31] <jt-plasma> no, the one on the table I just put in the hardinge
[22:32:03] <jt-plasma> booting from CD now
[22:42:08] <jt-plasma> Jymmmm: do you think the hd got wacked while it was off the system?
[22:45:46] <jt-plasma> ok, time to clean this mess up... all ISA cards stand up and march to the trash can
[22:46:30] <skunkworks> NOOOOOOO!!! ;)
[22:47:48] <jt-plasma> you want them?
[22:47:54] <skunkworks> no.
[22:48:25] <skunkworks> I just went through that a year ago at work.. got rid of all the isa network cards/video....
[22:49:10] <skunkworks> still have like 30 pci network cards I probably will never use. (they only come in handy when the onboard network card goes south)
[22:49:48] <jt-plasma> I still have plenty of mobo's without onboard network
[22:50:06] <skunkworks> need any? :)
[22:50:10] <jt-plasma> no
[22:50:13] <skunkworks> heh
[22:50:28] <jt-plasma> I think this is a hayes 9600 baud modem!
[22:50:37] <danimal_garage> nice!
[22:50:49] <skunkworks> yikes.
[22:50:51] <danimal_garage> dont know what it is, but i like it!
[22:51:22] <skunkworks> we still have some timeclocks that get dialed into...
[22:54:40] <jt-plasma> holy crap there is a plasma cutter under all that junk!
[22:55:36] <danimal_garage> lol
[22:59:51] <jt-plasma> I think I can safely throw this mobo away it has more ISA slots than PCI slots
[23:01:22] <danimal_garage> i thought my pc was bad for having 1
[23:01:41] <danimal_garage> no built in ethernet, sound, or vga either
[23:01:52] <danimal_garage> only 2 usb ports
[23:05:00] <jt-plasma> Grub loading, please wait...
[23:05:03] <jt-plasma> Error 18
[23:05:10] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma wonders what is wrong now
[23:06:43] <danimal_garage> maybe turn everything off that you dont need in BIOS?
[23:08:31] <jt-plasma> ahh hard drive is too big for the bios
[23:08:40] <jt-plasma> I know how to fix that LOL
[23:08:48] <jt-plasma> .44 Magnum!
[23:11:05] <jt-plasma> heh it is snowing now
[23:12:30] <danimal_garage> LOL too big for bios, huh?
[23:12:43] <jt-plasma> yep it is 160gb
[23:12:45] <danimal_garage> wow, that's gotta be a pentium 1
[23:12:55] <danimal_garage> or an early amd
[23:13:25] <danimal_garage> how many mhz processor?
[23:13:26] <jt-plasma> socket 370
[23:14:20] <danimal_garage> oh maybe a p3 or celleron
[23:15:27] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma wonders how much to allocate for the install :?
[23:15:44] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: what were you asking be about now?
[23:16:02] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: last I knew you were booting rom a cd
[23:16:06] <Jymmmm> from
[23:16:47] <jt-plasma> I have a socket 370 something mobo temp in there and I get error 18 from grub bios can't handle the size of the hd
[23:16:57] <jt-plasma> so I'm installing again
[23:18:04] <jt-plasma> and I wonder how much to partition to the install
[23:18:09] <Jymmmm> how big is the hdd?
[23:19:00] <jt-plasma> 160gb
[23:19:40] <Jymmmm> and the socket 370 is what? Pentium 3?
[23:20:13] <jt-plasma> dunno atm
[23:20:44] <Jymmmm> Yep, P3 and celeron
[23:21:11] <jt-plasma> I'm trying 75gb partition size
[23:21:42] <Jymmmm> ok
[23:25:16] <Jymmmm> YOu could just try reinstalling grub too.
[23:26:04] <jt-plasma> TOO LATE for that LOL
[23:26:42] <jt-plasma> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/computer05.jpg
[23:27:28] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: what is that machine with the PC PS ?
[23:27:38] <jt-plasma> http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Hardinge/computer06.jpg
[23:27:44] <jt-plasma> for the PC
[23:27:57] <Jymmmm> No no, what was that originally?
[23:28:53] <Jymmmm> DUDE, I see the card with the 50p ribbon cable angling down - you need to give it some support.
[23:29:32] <Jymmmm> rip out the back of a PC case or soemthing
[23:30:13] <Jymmmm> jt-plasma: But, what was that enclosure originally?
[23:31:19] <jt-plasma> a siemens control
[23:34:44] <Jymmmm> oh its a cnc center
[23:35:59] <Jymmmm> or a lathe?
[23:41:33] <danimal_garage> cnc lathe
[23:41:51] <danimal_garage> newer version of mine
[23:42:13] <danimal_garage> and cradek's
[23:44:27] <jt-plasma> but it ain't running yet :?
[23:44:30] <jt-plasma> :/
[23:45:25] <danimal_garage> making good progress though
[23:45:36] <danimal_garage> took me over a month to do mine after i started
[23:49:48] <danimal_garage> wish i knew where iput my camera
[23:53:12] <jt-plasma> If I can get the 5i20 up and going tonight before I fall down and can't reach my beer I'll be a happy guy
[23:58:47] <danimal_garage> you dont drink beer i thought
[23:59:41] <danimal_garage> is all the machine wiring sorted out and ready to go into the mesa boards?
[23:59:42] <jt-plasma> sometimes I do