#emc | Logs for 2010-02-13

[00:01:39] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma wanders around looking for a mobo
[00:03:39] <Guest779> Guest779 is now known as beee
[00:05:19] <beee> I have a small router, good servos, good spindle, bad drives and bad controller. What do I need to start refitting usin EMC?
[00:05:31] <beee> Spindle drive is OK
[00:05:39] <beee> Yaskawa
[00:07:26] <WalterN> andypugh: yeah... blowdown is simpler by design, lot less can go wrong
[00:07:50] <WalterN> if I want to build anything bigger, then I would probably want a pump
[00:08:02] <WalterN> for weight reasons
[00:08:37] <WalterN> but that is all quite some time away
[00:08:38] <WalterN> heh
[00:08:42] <andypugh> beee: What do you mean by "controller"?
[00:09:58] <andypugh> beee: And why do you think your drives are bad?
[00:10:48] <beee> The controller is a PC running Win2000 and "SoftServo 140M", it tried to use firewire to communicate with the drives, never workedright
[00:10:53] <andypugh> Typically EMC would become your controller, and might be able to work with your drives, depending on how their "badness" is manifested
[00:11:40] <beee> Ormec won't support the drives, neither would softservo
[00:12:34] <andypugh> What input do the drives require?
[00:12:41] <beee> Ormec made the drives specifically for softservo, but they had a falling out
[00:13:44] <beee> Input via firewire, but I can't get any help from anyone on how they specifically communicate
[00:14:13] <andypugh> That sounds tricky.
[00:14:26] <beee> politics
[00:14:35] <andypugh> How are your electronic skills?
[00:14:50] <beee> Not great
[00:15:10] <beee> Never had to do any major electronic repairs
[00:15:26] <beee> I do have a multimeter, no 'scope
[00:16:28] <andypugh> (At this point I feel I should point out I am not a spokesman for EMC, nor especially proficient, all I am is the other user of EMC who is currently talking to you. Nearly everyone else here knows more than me)
[00:16:48] <beee> 'cept of course, me :)
[00:17:34] <andypugh> Is there any chance you could find somewhere on the drives where there is a PWM or analogue voltage signal?
[00:17:39] <WalterN> never used EMC before, so exclude me from that list too
[00:17:40] <WalterN> :P
[00:17:56] <andypugh> There is basically no chance of making EMC work with Firewire.
[00:18:12] <WalterN> write your own driver!
[00:18:16] <WalterN> weut!
[00:18:20] <andypugh> But I would guess the power electronics stages are basically sound.
[00:18:28] <beee> No, and that's why I've dismissed these drives as NFG
[00:19:06] <beee> Walter, how would one write their own driver?
[00:19:22] <WalterN> with C and a good programming book of corse
[00:19:31] <andypugh> Without documentation, they wouldn't.
[00:19:32] <WalterN> course
[00:19:55] <WalterN> not something I would recommend BTW :P
[00:20:14] <WalterN> unless you really really like to program
[00:21:00] <andypugh> Actually, it is not entirely impossible. I think Firewire has decent realtime capability.
[00:21:20] <WalterN> I think some of the fighter jets use firewire
[00:21:45] <WalterN> thats what I heard anyway
[00:21:49] <andypugh> Beee: Do you have more time than money, or more money than time?
[00:22:04] <beee> Wha about replacing the drives with something like a GeoBrick (delta tau)?
[00:22:12] <beee> I have more time than $$$
[00:23:56] <andypugh> If it was me, I would be looking at the drives for where Firewire becomes voltage or frequency, and trying to hook in EMC there. But I am a hobbyist with spare time. If your time is money, then buy new drives.
[00:25:28] <andypugh> <Google>
[00:25:49] <beee> looking
[00:26:13] <andypugh> Geobrick has a lot more capability than you need I think.
[00:26:42] <andypugh> That <google> wasn't an instuction, it was me saying why I had gone quiet.
[00:27:26] <skunkworks> what are the servos? brushless or brushed?
[00:27:44] <beee> brushless, i think
[00:28:00] <skunkworks> do you know anything about voltage? what kind of comutation?
[00:28:08] <skunkworks> commutation
[00:28:48] <andypugh> For an easy life with EMC it makes sense to stick with products from Mesa electronincs, and Pico Systems.
[00:29:08] <andypugh> http://www.mesanet.com/
[00:29:13] <beee> 230 vac
[00:29:38] <andypugh> http://www.picosystems.com/
[00:29:42] <skunkworks> is that what is on the servo? or are you reading the input to the servo drives?
[00:29:49] <jt-plasma> I guess I'm going to have to purchase a new mobo for the hardinge
[00:30:05] <Danimal-office> why??
[00:30:16] <Danimal-office> nfg?
[00:30:24] <beee> servos are in in my shop, i'm at home
[00:30:49] <andypugh> That is not to say that they are the best, but they do all work with EMC and the people behind both companies are generally online here and on the mailing list
[00:31:16] <beee> do they have drives?
[00:31:44] <Danimal-office> John E. is on here?
[00:31:51] <Danimal-office> what's his nick?
[00:32:19] <andypugh> He might be mailing-list only
[00:32:21] <skunkworks> he isn't on here much
[00:32:42] <jt-plasma> Danimal-office: can't find another proccesor or another mobo that works and is newer than the 80's
[00:32:49] <Danimal-office> jt-plasma: what are you going to get? those atoms are pretty reasonibly priced
[00:32:53] <jt-plasma> been through 6
[00:32:59] <Danimal-office> i told ya i have a processor
[00:32:59] <skunkworks> atom!
[00:33:00] <jt-plasma> dunno
[00:33:21] <skunkworks> small and smells pretty good.
[00:33:24] <skunkworks> ;)
[00:33:25] <jt-plasma> if you don't mind posting me one over I'll give it a try
[00:33:46] <skunkworks> email?
[00:33:47] <Guest779> Guest779 is now known as beee
[00:33:50] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: you've been thru 6 what?
[00:33:58] <andypugh> beee: You can run a servo system through the parallel port alone, depending on the number of axes and how well you want it to work, but you will need a drive.
[00:34:06] <Danimal-office> no problem... i have 2, i think one *might* be bad, but i'll send both and you can try them
[00:34:38] <Danimal-office> however, if both are good, i wouldnt mind having one back as a spare
[00:34:39] <Jymmm> skunkworks: MOLECULE!
[00:34:42] <jt-plasma> mobo's
[00:34:50] <jt-plasma> ok thanks
[00:34:53] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: different or the same mobo?
[00:35:22] <jt-plasma> just rummaging through all I have to see if I have a suitable mobo
[00:35:30] <jt-plasma> some real old ones LOL
[00:35:42] <andypugh> beee: Brushless servos need some cleverness to interpret the Hall sensors and drive the correct coils in the motor. That could be done in sofware, but generally isn;t.
[00:35:46] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: you againest the atom boards?
[00:35:55] <jt-plasma> no
[00:36:21] <andypugh> But even if it was, you need a drive to convert logic signals to serious volts and amps
[00:37:48] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: Well, if you're interested in those Intel server boards, let me know
[00:37:52] <Jymmm> these
[00:38:11] <jt-plasma> Jymmm: I gotta run now
[00:38:17] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: I got a bunch of them all the same
[00:38:24] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: hasta
[00:38:34] <jt-plasma> ok
[00:39:18] <jt-plasma> thanks
[00:39:35] <beee> Looking at pico systems now. I have to get more specific info on these motors and come back
[00:39:53] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: mobo+cpu+ram actually, cheap
[00:40:14] <Jymmm> plural
[00:41:10] <beee> does EMC connect directly to the sindle drive?
[00:42:21] <Jymmm> spindle OR single?
[00:42:23] <andypugh> beee: For an EMC based system the Geo Direct PWM drive is more appropriate than the GeoBrick. EMC will do all the clever stuff, it just needs some power electronics to turn PWM to motor power.
[01:04:25] <andypugh> Hmm, anyone here do commercial turnkey installs in Massachusetts?
[01:04:50] <andypugh> I suspect that might be what beee was needing for http://www.starlitegroup.com/HTML-NEW/CNCMILL316C.html
[01:49:10] <andypugh> Trawling eBay perhaps I should have bought those 6 motors anyway, the going rate seems to be more than I bid for 6, each.
[01:57:30] <DaViruz> http://daviruz.meeep.net/cncpanel.png
[01:57:37] <DaViruz> and then a numeric input panel to the right of the screen
[01:57:43] <DaViruz> any opinions?
[01:58:31] <andypugh> Why do you need rapid-override?
[01:58:58] <DaViruz> to fill out the space ;)
[01:59:19] <DaViruz> no but i borrowed some inspiration from http://www.broussardent.com/images/hust_new_panel.JPG
[02:00:17] <DaViruz> i suppose rapid override would be pretty useless
[02:02:04] <andypugh> That was what I was thinking. Use the space for "order pizza" or some other useful button.
[02:06:46] <DaViruz> i really like qcad for these sorts of things
[02:06:59] <DaViruz> the 0-100 scales were really easy and turned out pretty nice
[02:11:24] <Jymmm> http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged-in/old-nintendo-system-sells-for-13-105/1389101
[02:13:21] <DaViruz> wow the text mass in the item description on the auction page was pretty horrible
[02:18:50] <andypugh> I wonder if an original casette of "Johnny Reb" for the Sinclair Spectrum/ Timex (whatever) is worth that much?
[02:20:04] <andypugh> Or one of MattyMatts original "Manic Miner"s (much more likely, actually)
[02:21:52] <andypugh> Ok, gone.
[02:23:09] <DaViruz> http://www.ysnc.co.jp/siemens12_1/siemens/products/2_sin840Dsl/840DSL.jpg
[02:23:21] <DaViruz> interresting, they put the CTRL ALT DEL buttons in direct succession..
[03:17:08] <Guest425> Anyone have experience formatting/loading a USB stick on a Mac in order to load Ubuntu/EMC on it?
[03:19:06] <Guest425> Anyone here?
[03:20:41] <Guest425> nick tom
[03:22:19] <Guest425> <param name="nick" value="Tom">
[03:24:58] <Guest425> <param name="nick" value="tome">
[03:28:43] <tome> hello
[03:28:58] <tome> tome is now known as Guest66440
[03:29:18] <Guest66440> anyone have experience formatting/loading a USB memory stick in a Mac for installation of Ubuntu/EMC?
[03:30:00] <Guest66440> +j emc
[03:30:02] <WalterN> Guest66440: what is the USB stick for?
[03:30:18] <Guest66440> To boot my motherboard
[03:30:20] <WalterN> to boot ubuntu from?
[03:30:25] <WalterN> ah, k
[03:30:25] <Guest66440> ys
[03:30:37] <WalterN> you need a boot loader
[03:30:39] <WalterN> umm
[03:30:44] <WalterN> I dont remember the name
[03:30:46] <WalterN> just a sec
[03:30:50] <Guest66440> is there one for the mac?
[03:30:58] <Guest66440> I found one for Win and Linux...
[03:31:30] <WalterN> there is a special EFI bootloader you need
[03:31:34] <WalterN> I have it
[03:31:36] <WalterN> just a sec
[03:31:51] <WalterN> ah
[03:31:54] <WalterN> rEFIt
[03:32:31] <WalterN> get that, and when you boot up, you can choose any OS from any partition or whatever thats plugged into the computer
[03:32:49] <Guest66440> let me look...
[03:33:34] <Guest66440> so I get this, load it on the USB stick and away I go?
[03:34:09] <WalterN> no, you put rEFIt on the main hardrive that OSX is loaded on
[03:34:11] <WalterN> wait
[03:34:19] <WalterN> this is assuming you have an intel mac
[03:34:30] <WalterN> PPC you need yaboot I think
[03:35:02] <Guest66440> I have intel mac running 10.6.3 (a dev build)
[03:35:07] <WalterN> k
[03:36:39] <WalterN> then get rEFIt and follow instructions on how to install (its rather easy) and restart computer... then if you have an external drive with a different OS (ubuntu, fedora, windows XP, solaris... etc.) you can select it on startup
[03:37:22] <Guest66440> I'm confused (obviously)... I don't want my mac to run Linux, I want to format my usb stick to enable booting linux, then I want to out the EMC2 Live CD image onto the stick....
[03:37:31] <WalterN> yeah
[03:37:34] <WalterN> so
[03:37:35] <WalterN> heh
[03:38:03] <Guest66440> I will look at rEFIt. Thanks for the pointer....
[03:38:11] <Guest66440> RTFM and all :-)
[03:38:12] <WalterN> all that rEFIt does is allow you to select the OS on startup
[03:38:41] <WalterN> with the default bootloader that Apple gives, you are limited with how it can be configured
[03:38:58] <WalterN> rEFIt will default to boot your OSX install
[03:39:13] <WalterN> but you have the option to select another OS if you want
[03:39:37] <Guest66440> Let's start again.
[03:39:40] <Guest66440> :)
[03:40:05] <WalterN> I think default time to select something other than OSX is 20seconds
[03:40:11] <Guest66440> I have an Intel ATOM motherboard sitting here beside me (as I type on my Mac).
[03:40:11] <WalterN> before booting OSX
[03:40:48] <Guest66440> I have a hard disk attached to that motherboard that has nothing on it
[03:40:53] <WalterN> ohhh
[03:41:10] <Guest66440> I have a USB stick that I want to load Ubuntu/EMC onto (while plugged into my mac)
[03:41:13] <WalterN> you dont want to boot ubuntu on your mac
[03:41:23] <Guest66440> Then take it out and plug it into the ATOM motherboard
[03:41:27] <Guest66440> Right!
[03:41:33] <WalterN> should have said something :P
[03:41:42] <Guest66440> Sorry, my bad totally
[03:42:27] <Guest66440> I found a page that talked about syslinux under Windows or Linux.
[03:42:34] <WalterN> herm... there is an application that will install ubuntu to a USB stick... never used it before so I donno
[03:42:42] <Guest66440> That will install the boot partition on the USB stick.
[03:43:01] <Guest66440> But I don't have Win or Linux (yet).
[03:43:04] <WalterN> I think the ubuntu live CD comes with that program too
[03:43:10] <Guest66440> Oh.
[03:43:15] <Guest66440> I didn't look there...
[03:43:28] <WalterN> so you need a cd burner
[03:44:02] <Guest66440> I have a cd burner on my mac
[03:44:07] <WalterN> hmm
[03:44:20] <WalterN> is there a cd drive attached to the other computer?
[03:44:51] <Guest66440> No cd on the ATOM motherboard
[03:45:45] <WalterN> ok, I think you can get away without rEFIt and boot ubuntu from your mac
[03:46:09] <WalterN> or find out if there is a program compiled for OSX that will install to the USB stick
[03:47:10] <WalterN> Guest66440: check this out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick
[03:48:15] <Guest66440> Excellent. This looks like what I need.
[03:48:20] <WalterN> looks like there is an OSX section too
[03:48:29] <Guest66440> Yes, that is what I was missing before.
[03:48:37] <WalterN> Mac OS X
[03:48:37] <WalterN> Note: this procedure requires an .img file that you will be required to create from the .iso file you download.
[03:48:49] <Guest66440> cool, I'll give it a try.
[03:49:00] <WalterN> happy ubuntuing
[03:49:10] <Guest66440> BTW, I don't see anything in the release that helps - just fyi
[03:49:16] <Guest66440> thanks
[03:49:39] <WalterN> btw I'm so awesome
[03:49:40] <WalterN> because
[03:49:56] <WalterN> today I got a costco membership and a kitchenaid mixer :D
[04:35:05] <Jymmm> SAW 6 is great as usual
[04:46:31] <tome> +j emc
[04:46:46] <tome> tome is now known as Guest13079
[04:47:25] <Guest13079> Walter still here?
[04:48:38] <Guest13079> This link didn't work for me: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick
[04:48:53] <Guest13079> I was able to get the files onto the USB stick, but it isn't bootable
[04:49:37] <Guest13079> Anyone else here?
[04:50:51] <Guest13079> +j #emc
[04:51:34] <WalterN> what happened?
[04:51:53] <Guest13079> Not sure, I followed the instructions and all went well
[04:52:00] <Guest13079> I got all the files on the stick
[04:52:05] <Guest13079> but it isn't bootable
[04:52:24] <WalterN> hmm... is the bios configured to boot from USB?
[04:52:29] <Guest13079> there must be a trick to make the partition bootable that isn't in the instructions
[04:52:39] <WalterN> have you tried booting from it on your mac?
[04:52:45] <Guest13079> That is what I mean
[04:53:00] <Guest13079> I am sure the bios isn't configured right on my ATOM board
[04:53:13] <Guest13079> but I should see it as a bootable option in MacOS
[04:53:33] <WalterN> not necessarily
[04:53:44] <WalterN> you might need rEFIt to boot from it
[04:53:49] <WalterN> on your mac
[04:54:08] <Guest13079> Oh
[04:54:15] <Guest13079> yeah you are right
[04:54:21] <Guest13079> or bootcamp or something...
[04:54:23] <WalterN> donno, thats all I can help you, never tried booting from a USB stick before
[04:54:43] <Guest13079> I also couldn't boot from the CD image I made from the ISO download either.
[04:54:57] <WalterN> you gotta use disk utility
[04:55:01] <WalterN> so
[04:55:08] <Guest13079> Hmm
[04:55:11] <WalterN> mount the .iso image
[04:55:20] <WalterN> and while its mounted open disk utility
[04:55:37] <WalterN> insert the blank CD or DVD
[04:56:01] <Guest13079> I used Toast, I wonder if that was my problem...
[04:56:04] <WalterN> click on the .iso image that shows up in disk utility, and click on burn
[04:56:08] <WalterN> donno
[04:56:14] <Guest13079> I will try it in disk utility
[04:56:19] <Guest13079> thanks again....
[04:56:22] <WalterN> I just use disk utility via that method
[04:56:38] <Guest13079> will give it try
[04:57:02] <WalterN> you should be able to boot from the CD on your mac without installing rEFIt
[04:57:17] <Guest13079> I would think so...
[04:58:00] <WalterN> when restarting hold down the option key (I think) to bring up a selection of OSs to boot from
[04:58:29] <WalterN> or soemthing like the c key to force boot from cd/dvd drive
[04:58:38] <WalterN> double check that
[05:08:28] <danimal_garage> rodger one niner
[05:08:55] <WalterN> hey danimal_garage
[05:09:37] <danimal_garage> hey WalterN
[05:12:36] <WalterN> danimal_garage: I just got a bunch of kitchen stuff today, including a kitchenaid mixer :)
[05:13:41] <spastic_teapot> I'm hoping to help a friend convert a mill to CNC.
[05:14:12] <spastic_teapot> Strictly speaking, it's already CNC, but it's from the early 80s - apparently, it was one of the first cnc machines.
[05:14:26] <spastic_teapot> It's based around a proprietary system using a heavily modified IBM PC using an 8086.
[05:14:44] <cradek> I just converted an early 80s cnc mill - it works great
[05:14:52] <spastic_teapot> Is there some sort of interface box I can buy?
[05:15:02] <cradek> early 80s is decently modern
[05:15:18] <spastic_teapot> Alternately, is it possible to construct DIY servos by directly accessing the DC motors in the drives and adding some sort of encoder?
[05:15:32] <cradek> what's on it now?
[05:16:35] <spastic_teapot> I'm getting information on it right now - it was described to me as "proprietary weridness".
[05:16:43] <spastic_teapot> The computer that drives it hasn't even got a screen.
[05:17:21] <cradek> you may be able to reuse most of it except the computer - but you need a lot more information than that
[05:17:23] <spastic_teapot> It's also a 2.5-axis mill, so it's going to need some sort of homemade Z-axis - thankfully, the owner is a competent machinist.
[05:17:49] <spastic_teapot> cradek: He had trouble finding any - I was hoping to make use of the DC motors and gearboxes and add an outboard encoder.
[05:17:52] <spastic_teapot> Would this work?
[05:18:30] <cradek> if it's cnc, it surely has encoders
[05:18:53] <WalterN> spastic_teapot: is it something like a bandit?
[05:18:56] <WalterN> mill
[05:19:32] <cradek> if you aren't familiar with early 80s cnc technology take a bunch of photos - lots of us are familiar.
[05:19:59] <cradek> it may be less weird than you think (or it may be more weird than I think) - no way to guess
[05:20:07] <WalterN> I worked with a bandit mill for quite some time... very annoying
[05:20:19] <WalterN> it could have used #emc :)
[05:20:31] <cradek> manual Z would suck - no peck drilling
[05:20:39] <cradek> but at least you could cut arcs
[05:20:59] <WalterN> mine (well, not mine, but yeah) was 2.5 axes
[05:21:07] <WalterN> so you could do drilling fine
[05:21:19] <WalterN> pecking
[05:21:38] <spasticteapot> @#$@#$ java....
[05:21:53] <WalterN> but not tapping
[05:21:55] <spasticteapot> Anyway - is it possible to make a DIY servo by combining a geared DC motor and an encoder?
[05:21:57] <WalterN> which is too bad
[05:22:11] <WalterN> or tool offsets
[05:22:14] <WalterN> lol
[05:22:23] <spasticteapot> Also, can anyone suggest an example of a homemade Z-axis for a mill?
[05:22:30] <WalterN> there were a few that I did with three tools manually put in the program
[05:22:35] <spasticteapot> Preferably one approximately shierline-size?
[05:22:53] <WalterN> spasticteapot: does it happen to be a bandit controller?
[05:24:12] <cradek> sherline size? is this a small mill?
[05:24:34] <cradek> you typically can't use a geared motor as a servo because it has slop in the gearbox.
[05:24:45] <cradek> that's why cnc machines use those toothed belts for gearing
[05:25:20] <spasticteapot> cradek: Sorry...I meant "bridgeport." :P
[05:25:23] <spasticteapot> Great big sucker.
[05:25:38] <WalterN> unless it dosent use ball screws
[05:25:49] <spasticteapot> Also, the geared motor in this case is the servo that came with the mill - I'm willing to bet it's pretty obscure.
[05:25:58] <spasticteapot> The owner got it for a song because nobody could make it work.
[05:26:01] <WalterN> spasticteapot: does it happen to be a bandit controller?
[05:26:25] <spasticteapot> I'm not sure - the current owner said he couldn't find any information on it anywhere, so I'll assume it's pretty obscure.
[05:26:34] <WalterN> hmm
[05:26:36] <cradek> spasticteapot: lots of people don't know what they're doing... take photos and come back here
[05:26:40] <spasticteapot> Will do.
[05:27:00] <spasticteapot> The second issue is one of the Z axis - it's a "2.5 axis" mill, and will need some modification for use as a proper 3-axis mill.
[05:27:24] <cradek> when you say 2.5 axis do you mean Z is manual, or Z moves only by itself?
[05:27:28] <spasticteapot> Z is manual.
[05:27:38] <spasticteapot> Weird, eh?
[05:27:42] <cradek> ok that's what you'd typically call a 2 axis cnc
[05:27:53] <cradek> 2.5d means Z is cnc controlled but only moves when x/y aren't
[05:28:03] <cradek> many old mills are like this
[05:28:23] <WalterN> 2.5 is where you can move x and y at the same time, but not x... if you stop the x and y movement you can move z - thats 2.5 axes
[05:28:35] <spasticteapot> How odd.
[05:28:37] <cradek> right that's the general usage
[05:28:49] <cradek> a lot of basic gcode programming is done that way
[05:29:21] <spasticteapot> I presume it's mostly a case of attaching a ballscrew and a great big stepper? The current owner is not much for computers or electronics, but he's a skilled machinist.
[05:29:37] <cradek> does it not have ballscrews now?
[05:29:47] <spasticteapot> ACME screw, IIRC.
[05:29:53] <cradek> huh
[05:30:09] <cradek> are you sure you don't have a system with power feeds and a DRO?
[05:30:17] <spasticteapot> I'm not even sure what those are.
[05:30:22] <WalterN> heh
[05:30:24] <WalterN> take pics
[05:30:31] <cradek> you keep saying things that don't sound right or make sense together
[05:30:44] <WalterN> pics or it didnt happen
[05:30:45] <cradek> yep pics :-)
[05:30:48] <cradek> haha
[05:30:51] <frysteev> right now
[05:30:51] <spasticteapot> Will do.
[05:31:23] <spasticteapot> In any event, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be necessary to use both servos and steppers on the same machine - is this advisable?
[05:31:47] <WalterN> pics first
[05:31:50] <spasticteapot> Also, can anyone recommend an inexpensive EMC-capable controller capable of a LOT of power?
[05:31:56] <cradek> that is possible but I can't imagine a situation where it would be *necessary*
[05:32:18] <cradek> what do you mean controller?
[05:32:28] <WalterN> less talking more pictures :P
[05:32:56] <spasticteapot> cradek: One of those gizmos with a parallel port on one end and a plug for a stepper motor on the other.
[05:33:24] <WalterN> spasticteapot: does it look like this? http://www.beamon.com/img/shizuokaban.jpg
[05:33:52] <spasticteapot> I don't have any pictures ATM. :(
[05:33:58] <spasticteapot> Long, long story.
[05:34:35] <danimal_garage> WalterN: that's my machine
[05:35:04] <danimal_garage> well, not the machine i actually own, but the same exact machine, and same controler (before i emc'd it)
[05:35:13] <WalterN> danimal_garage: yeah, its also the one I got to use for 4 years with that BLASTED CONTROLLER!
[05:35:26] <WalterN> bah
[05:35:30] <danimal_garage> ha
[05:35:37] <danimal_garage> great machine with emc
[05:35:45] <WalterN> yes
[05:36:01] <WalterN> for the money + a little work, its probably the best value
[05:38:19] <danimal_garage> maybe as far as knee mills go, but i wish i had a bed mill
[05:38:43] <danimal_garage> however this has quite a bit smaller footprint than a bed mill
[05:39:15] <danimal_garage> i need to find a mori like cradek's :)
[05:39:18] <WalterN> not a whole lot of things that you would need more than 4" of throw
[05:39:22] <WalterN> I would imagine
[05:39:49] <danimal_garage> yea, i havent had issues where i didnt have enough z travel yet
[05:39:56] <WalterN> there were a couple things that I had trouble with because the spindle couldent go far enough
[05:40:08] <WalterN> really oddball stuff
[05:40:11] <WalterN> lol
[05:40:59] <danimal_garage> yea my bridgeport usually fills the gap
[05:41:22] <danimal_garage> it has less quill travel, but it's a bit more versatile
[05:41:39] <danimal_garage> well i gotta eat, adios
[10:52:02] <i_tarzan> 06:02 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- If you do not complete registration within one day, your nickname will expire.
[10:53:53] <Jymmm> Jymmm is now known as jym
[14:40:41] <pfred1> hey i just noticed emc has a new logo mascot its much nicer than I remember the old one being
[14:47:40] <jt-plasma> well, lets see if I can make some progress with this loaner P3
[15:19:43] <jt-plasma> hmm, if I unplug the hd then it will boot from the cd... when plugged in somehow the hd draws the power down or something as the cd won't even open when the hd is plugged in
[15:21:50] <jt-plasma> Sweet! I finally found a proper plug for the open bay on the plasma power supply case :) things got to get better now
[16:28:43] <jt-plasma> anyone buy from this guy? http://cgi.ebay.com/Desktop-PC-Screw-kit-m3-6-32-standoff-screw-red-washer_W0QQitemZ290397238269QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item439d0633fd
[16:30:15] <archivist> 8000 100% positive, cant see a problem, but no
[16:31:03] <jt-plasma> thats what I was thinking
[16:31:39] <jt-plasma> wonder how long it takes to ship from Hong Kong
[16:32:03] <archivist> is it faster to raid an old pc
[16:32:31] <jt-plasma> I've raided 6 some two or three times LOL
[16:32:40] <frallzor> if you run emc dry and just use fast speeds etc etc will it perform as good as it would do with steppers attached?
[16:33:18] <frallzor> or it wont say anything on how it will perform in real use
[16:33:54] <jt-plasma> frallzor: what are you trying to figure out?
[16:34:29] <frallzor> well I configured emc for my future mill and want to see if it will like the speeds I try
[16:34:39] <frallzor> the computer that is
[16:34:41] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma kicks myself to remember to save my config to the thumb drive
[16:34:44] <frallzor> or if it will hit and miss
[16:34:58] <frallzor> it doesnt complain about latency-issues at least
[16:35:07] <jt-plasma> that's a good sign
[16:35:23] <frallzor> and i did try at 10000mm/min, but that might be as good as trying 100000000mm/min?
[16:35:30] <frallzor> if you cant really test it?
[16:35:57] <jt-plasma> for steppers EMC won't know if they are connected or not
[16:36:21] <frallzor> so running dry is equally good as full working machine then
[16:36:32] <frallzor> besided that the steppers might fail
[16:36:41] <jt-plasma> AFAIK your base thread will limit your speed
[16:36:45] <jt-plasma> yep
[16:37:05] <frallzor> it did jog at my set speed
[16:37:15] <frallzor> so I guess it will jog that speed later then too
[16:37:35] <jt-plasma> as you say so long as your drives and steppers can keep up
[16:37:53] <frallzor> they should be, but thats nice, now I love my cheap ebay computer more =)
[16:38:25] <jt-plasma> my plasma will run at 11,430mm/min with steppers
[16:38:35] <frallzor> woho just did a firt test of my psu, got me the voltage I intended to get =)
[16:38:40] <frallzor> *first
[16:39:46] <jt-plasma> I borrowed the mobo out of my wifes computer to work on my Hardinge, do you think she will notice?
[16:40:15] <frallzor> =P
[16:40:36] <frallzor> "it aint working dear" "try again, your doing it wrong" "ok"
[17:08:54] <jt-plasma> Sweet! I just found the box I've been looking for a week now and it had exactly 3 6/32 x M3 standoffs in it, just the amount I need to finish the Hardinge install
[17:11:20] <frallzor> =P
[17:33:25] <Danimal-office> nice!
[18:03:17] <jthornton> Danimal-office: Hi
[18:10:23] <Danimal-office> hey jthornton
[18:10:31] <Danimal-office> how goes it
[18:10:56] <Danimal-office> i see you swapped mobo's
[18:11:23] <jthornton> doing better today, I have a downer mobo so I can continue the install until I get the other one up and going or something esle
[18:11:25] <jthornton> else
[18:11:45] <Danimal-office> great!
[18:12:23] <Danimal-office> i'll be dropping the processors in the mail later today so you'll probably get them in a few days
[18:12:34] <jthornton> ok, thanks
[18:12:45] <Danimal-office> one is an xp2600, i have no clue what the other one is, but it came from the same socket
[18:13:06] <Danimal-office> it could be my old xp2000 which is bad.
[18:13:21] <Danimal-office> but it could be one i salvaged from a different pc which is probably good
[18:13:34] <jthornton> ok, I don't have a clue what I have in there now LOL
[18:13:36] <Danimal-office> i dont think it's the bad one
[18:14:26] <Danimal-office> doesnt matter, either one will be more than enough
[18:14:49] <Danimal-office> my mill only runs a 1.4ghz P3 snd does fine
[18:14:58] <Danimal-office> and these are a bit faster
[18:17:00] <jthornton> with servos you don't need a real fast one
[18:18:17] <jthornton> the one I have borrowed is a bit slow on the graphics but I can still use it to work on my configs and stuff
[18:18:18] <Danimal-office> yea? so i should have the faster pc on the mill since it's stepper?
[18:18:58] <Danimal-office> ha mine's really slow on the graphics... it cant even use most of the screen savers in ubuntu
[18:19:28] <Danimal-office> it's a server, probably not ment for much more than text and whatnot
[18:20:02] <Danimal-office> it's in an ISA slot i think lol
[18:20:40] <jthornton> no, but a low latency number if your using the parallel port to drive the steppers
[18:21:10] <Danimal-office> yea figured it didnt matter a ton since i'm using mesa stuff
[18:21:17] <Danimal-office> 5i20 and whatnot
[18:35:01] <jthornton> did you do anything to support the top of the cards?
[18:35:35] <Danimal-office> yes, i welded that "bridge" to the base plate that the mobo is mounted to
[18:35:49] <Danimal-office> the cards screw to that bridge just like a computer case
[18:35:55] <jthornton> Ok, I remember now
[18:36:48] <Danimal-office> took about 20 minutes to do, and if you have a bad mobo and some bad cards, you can use those to mock it up while welding
[18:37:18] <jthornton> I bet I can find a mobo I don't care much about any more LOL
[18:37:28] <Danimal-office> i didnt do that, but it would have made it easier
[18:38:14] <Danimal-office> i just marked it before i welded it, then i tweaked it a hair in a vice to get it where i needed, and drilled and tapped the holes last
[18:39:05] <Danimal-office> yea, we all got some antique computer crap laying around lol
[18:39:27] <Danimal-office> i used an old 4 gig HDD to weld up the HDD bracket
[18:40:23] <Danimal-office> i wonder if i should ebay all these power supplies i got
[18:43:12] <jthornton> can't hurt
[18:54:27] <geo01005_home> anybody on right now that has used the CUI AMT102 or AMT103 Encoders?
[18:58:42] <geo01005_home> I have some brushed DC motors that I want to use them on, but the motors don't have a bolt hole pattern that matches the encoders. I wondering if I can get away with using double stick tape.
[19:04:50] <geo01005_home> I'm not thrilled about drilling an tapping holes in the back of the motor because the back plate is very thin.
[19:10:00] <danimal_garage> cant find the correct encoders?
[19:12:36] <geo01005_home> The motor came with an encoder on it. But it outputs a sine wave 100mv peak to peak quadrature signal.
[19:13:34] <geo01005_home> I made a little board that converts that to ttl square wave, but It dosen't work great at high speeds.
[19:13:34] <danimal_garage> can you make an adapter plate?
[19:13:59] <geo01005_home> I can make an adapter plate, I just don't want to if I don't have to.
[19:14:45] <geo01005_home> I noticed that some of the usdigital encoders have the option to be attached using adhesive tape. So I though that this CUI encoder might be able to do the same.
[19:14:47] <danimal_garage> i wouldnt use double sided tape, the penalty for failure will be far more costly than making an adapter plate
[19:15:07] <danimal_garage> hmm
[19:15:30] <geo01005_home> These are kit encoders that don't have bearings or anything.
[19:16:37] <geo01005_home> I suppose the right thing to do is just put holes in the motor, or make an adapter.
[19:17:01] <danimal_garage> yea, depends on what you're doing with it i suppose
[19:17:08] <John_f> many encoders mount rigidly by the shaft but have some kind of flex plate for the encoder body
[19:17:21] <geo01005_home> Motors for my gantry router.
[19:17:53] <John_f> so double sided tape is kind of the right concept but I wouldn't trust it for a long time
[19:18:15] <geo01005_home> http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Cat=1114163&k=amt102
[19:18:26] <danimal_garage> perhaps hot glue :)
[19:20:27] <geo01005_home> I'm going to order one encoder and try out the double stick tape. If it feels like it will work great, I might use it for the rest.
[19:20:44] <geo01005_home> otherwise I suppose I'll drill and tap some holes in the motor.
[19:21:06] <danimal_garage> i suppose double stick tape holds half the emblems on my car ok
[19:23:01] <jt-plasma> there are different grades of double stick tape and some stick real good
[19:23:16] <cradek> are there any holes on the motors already?
[19:23:57] <jt-plasma> not that I would recommend it for holding an encoder on...
[19:24:05] <geo01005_home> Yes there are holes on the motor right now.
[19:24:27] <geo01005_home> I'm not sure about dimensions, but I can figure that out if need be.
[19:24:47] <cradek> cool, then you can just make an adapter plate
[19:25:04] <geo01005_home> The encoder shaft is only about .375 long.
[19:25:15] <geo01005_home> ( 0.375" )
[19:25:15] <cradek> if your encoder falls off or becomes misaligned, the machine will crash, no doubt about it
[19:25:50] <geo01005_home> I can't find anything in the amt102 data sheet about how long the shaft has to be.
[19:26:32] <frallzor> http://pici.se/p/large/vOFKQapFA/ im getting there, slow and steady
[19:26:35] <danimal_garage> a sheet metal adapter plate wont make a difference for your shaft length
[19:26:58] <danimal_garage> probably can get away with .125" thick
[19:28:14] <geo01005_home> Well I think I would rather drill and tap the motor.
[19:28:31] <danimal_garage> dont get chips inside of it
[19:28:43] <geo01005_home> yeah, that is the worry.
[19:28:49] <frysteev> i have tapping my shaft, it hurts
[19:29:03] <frysteev> err hate
[19:29:25] <danimal_garage> maybe use grease instead of oil so the chips stick to the tap instead of falling inside
[19:29:34] <cradek> form tap
[19:29:40] <danimal_garage> good call
[19:29:45] <danimal_garage> form tap
[19:29:46] <jt-plasma> frallzor: looking nice... how much voltage is the transformer?
[19:29:47] <cradek> that doesn't help you drill though
[19:29:52] <cradek> no such ting as a form drill :-)
[19:29:53] <geo01005_home> I don't plan on drilling a through hole.
[19:30:02] <cradek> thing
[19:30:06] <danimal_garage> cradek: punch and hammer :)
[19:31:10] <geo01005_home> I have taken an extra motor apart, there are a couple of places in the back of the motor than I could drill a .25" deep hole.
[19:31:12] <danimal_garage> frysteev: why would you tap your shaft? sounds painful.
[19:31:34] <geo01005_home> The should be plenty deep.
[19:32:26] <geo01005_home> *that
[19:32:37] <jt-plasma> frallzor: [IMG]http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f163/johnplctech/Plasma%20Cutter/Plasma005.jpg[/IMG]
[19:33:33] <jym> heh, cpu heatsink
[19:33:42] <jym> jym is now known as Jymm
[19:33:46] <jt-plasma> yep
[19:35:07] <John_f> My band saw blade just broke for the third time, each in a different spot. Guess it is time to give up for now and order a new one :-(
[19:35:31] <frallzor> jt-plasma its 38V
[19:36:14] <jt-plasma> lower than 3 amps?
[19:36:31] <frallzor> will be getting max 14A from the transformer
[19:36:41] <jt-plasma> above 3 amps with a 203 and you need a heat sink
[19:36:47] <frallzor> not even that since I dont wanna max it =)
[19:37:39] <jt-plasma> just make sure your current set resistor is for 3 amps or lower
[19:38:19] <frallzor> 3 will be plenty enough I'd assume
[19:38:51] <jt-plasma> bbl
[19:49:58] <John_f> Is an S curve motion profile something that might be coming in a future release?
[19:50:15] <LawrenceG> cradek, it seems boring (G85) does not support xz plane on lathe.... what do you use for boring on the lathe?
[19:50:55] <cradek> canned cycles support all the planes
[19:51:00] <cradek> do you get an error?
[19:51:44] <LawrenceG> ok... i get Y value unspecified in xz plane canned cycle
[19:52:22] <LawrenceG> during g code loading
[19:52:59] <danimal_garage> go you have a G18?
[19:53:15] <LawrenceG> this is in one of the last cvs versions of pre 2.4
[19:53:29] <LawrenceG> yes G18 ( xz plane )
[19:54:31] <danimal_garage> in the ini or in the program? for some reason mine doesnt regognize the one in the ini so i gotta add it to the program
[19:54:40] <LawrenceG> just trying to figure out how to bore out a hole in the end of a part in the lathe... thought I would get fancy and try to decipher the canned cycle docs
[19:54:45] <danimal_garage> probably something i'm doing wrong
[19:55:17] <LawrenceG> in the program... will try a few more things....
[19:55:42] <LawrenceG> I can always write a subroutine to do what I want
[19:57:59] <LawrenceG> interesting.... if I add a Y value, it gives me a "bad character y used"
[19:58:28] <cradek> if you want motion to be in Z, that's G17
[19:58:53] <cradek> g18 canned cycles have the motion *normal* to xz (ie in Y)
[19:59:10] <cradek> g17 canned cycles have motion in Z, like a mill
[19:59:10] <LawrenceG> that would do it!
[20:03:38] <LawrenceG> thankyou sir... the cnc lathe is still very new... made lots of chips yesterday.... turned a shaft adaptor for a new z axis drive for the shoptask... along the lines of the jmk design
[20:04:14] <cradek> slick
[20:04:57] <LawrenceG> the last part is to bore the end of it to fit the ball nut
[20:10:39] <danimal_garage> cool
[20:10:46] <danimal_garage> good to know, thanks cradek
[20:11:15] <danimal_garage> i dont write code too often by hand but it helps to know it
[20:12:27] <LawrenceG> yea... with the o word subroutines, the canned cycles are not really required... its sometimes faster to write a simple subroutine and call it as required
[20:13:23] <cradek> np
[20:13:41] <cradek> it feels weird to switch to g18 for arcs and g17 for canned cycles, but that's a lathe for you
[20:15:16] <LawrenceG> another lathe question for you Chris... on the shoptask, there doesnt seem to be a foolproof position to home to because of the variable locations of the tailstock and tool holder
[20:15:50] <danimal_garage> cradek: did you try the vfd yet?
[20:16:06] <LawrenceG> depending on the setup, there always seems to be something to run into
[20:17:30] <cradek> danimal_garage: nope... working on a steady rest for the hnc
[20:18:21] <cradek> LawrenceG: maybe there's no point in homing Z on that. X would be nice though?
[20:18:48] <LawrenceG> I havent really been using homing, but the touch off feature works great.... round up a piece of material, measure and touch off
[20:20:32] <LawrenceG> because the tool holder slides on the x axis (T slot) there really isnt a good home position.... in out or centered can all cause issues depending on the situation
[20:22:04] <Jymm> LawrenceG: http://www.mtv.com/shows/jersey_shore/cast_member.jhtml?personalityId=13195
[20:22:06] <cradek> LawrenceG: yeah maybe there's no point to it then
[20:22:09] <LawrenceG> its not a problem.... emc is configurable enough to make it work... I am very pleased with the 2 lathe projects I have attempted so far
[20:22:17] <cradek> danimal_garage: I'm more excited about the braking resistor for the mill - I'll do that first
[20:23:25] <LawrenceG> Jymm, cute... mtv will not let me watch videos because I am outside the US.. damn protectionism!!!!
[20:23:34] <danimal_garage> cradek: steady rest?? you can turn stuff long enough to need one?
[20:24:12] <danimal_garage> cradek: dont blame you, the resistors were the best thing i did to the mill besides the ATC
[20:24:22] <danimal_garage> still gotta put one on the lathe
[20:24:33] <danimal_garage> i got one, just havent installed it yet
[20:24:39] <Jymm> LawrenceG: Nice... NOT! (but no video to watch, you said "The Situation" who is a character on the show)
[20:25:16] <cradek> danimal_garage: I need to part off a bunch of 3/16 dia disks. I can only do 5-6 per chucking. if I get a steady going, I'll be able to do 150
[20:25:59] <cradek> I can't figure out what I want so the design is evolving while I'm going
[20:26:09] <cradek> usually a bad idea :-P
[20:35:33] <Jymm> heh
[20:37:25] <WesBaker> I'm trying to configure EMC to control a new CNC router. I'm have a Mesa 5i20. I've been able to set the parameters for the card and force GPIO off and on and watch those signals with a volt meter. I am trying to froce the inputs and see the results in the HAL configuration window but can't see any state changes.
[20:37:54] <WesBaker> The above should be "trying to force" not "trying to froce"
[20:39:12] <danimal_garage> cradek: nice!
[20:39:29] <danimal_garage> i'd like to see it when your done (along with pics of your lathe, i've never seen it)
[20:40:17] <danimal_garage> i just found an awesome foot pedal switch ... it has 2 switches on it. might be good for collet closer open/close
[20:40:35] <danimal_garage> was in a box of old CMM parts
[20:40:40] <Jymm> danimal_garage: Well, that's stupid
[20:41:03] <Jymm> danimal_garage: Far better as Lager | Stout
[20:41:05] <danimal_garage> Jymm: what's stupid?
[20:41:22] <danimal_garage> hahha
[20:41:49] <danimal_garage> guess you already know me a little
[20:42:08] <Jymm> =)
[20:44:16] <danimal_garage> i need to get those rotating cup holders that you see on boats so my beer doesnt spill when my machine crashes (or durring the next earthquake)
[20:45:32] <danimal_garage> kidding
[20:45:47] <geo01005_home_> WesBaker: what are you using to monitor the HAL?
[20:46:24] <danimal_garage> i used to work for this shop that rebuild machinery, and the guy who stripped and repainted all the machines used to smoke and drink all day while working
[20:46:51] <danimal_garage> big cigar lit bending over a bunch of fumes from chemicals
[20:59:37] <WesBaker> Sorry I stepped away.
[21:00:40] <WesBaker> I am using the HAL configuration tool to setp the output pins and force them off and on. Using the same tool to monitor the inputs and try to see them change states when I put a jumper wire between the 5v input line and the common
[21:15:49] <geo01005_home_> what pin are you expecting to change?
[21:19:53] <geo01005_home_> WesBaker, you may try using the hal meter to look at the input status of the pin you are connecting the jumper to.
[21:23:31] <geo01005_home_> or use the watch tab rather than the show tab in the hal configuration tool
[21:24:35] <WesBaker> No difference.
[21:25:00] <WesBaker> I short the 5v input pin to the 0v common but the state on the screen stays the same.
[21:25:22] <jt-plasma> are you in the watch tab?
[21:25:43] <WesBaker> I know I have the correct pin because I can change the is_output parameter with a setp command and make that same pin an output and see it change states when I set it true and false.
[21:25:53] <WesBaker> Yes, I am looking at the watch tab.
[21:28:06] <geo01005_home_> is the gpio pin you trying to use used by any of the other modules (encoder, pwm, ect)?
[21:28:10] <jt-plasma> are you working directly with the 5i20 or with a daughter card?
[21:29:44] <micges> WesBaker: do you have both read and write function linked with servo-thread?
[21:29:49] <WesBaker> Well I guess I'm just not working with a brain.
[21:29:57] <WesBaker> I swear I did this three times.
[21:30:14] <WesBaker> I guess I must have had some parameter somewhere set because I have just rebooted and now it is working
[21:30:23] <WesBaker> simple and fine just like I would have expected
[21:30:36] <micges> cool
[21:30:42] <WesBaker> I did purchase the mesa daughter cards with the terminal adapters
[21:30:50] <geo01005_home_> watch dog could have bit?
[21:30:57] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma wanders off to drill the mobo plate for the hardinge
[21:31:26] <WesBaker> I guess coming from a windows background I should have tried "reboot and see what happens" before I made myself look stupid. (smile)
[21:32:24] <WesBaker> I'm using a sample configuration and trying to build my machine up off of that. It already has the read and write functions linked with servo-thread
[21:32:50] <micges> WesBaker: that's helps in windows, not linux
[21:33:16] <WesBaker> I wish there were a slower thread out there to attach some of my logic to. I'm implementing an "edge" function one of the guys told me about to accomodate the way my enable line needs to work. It doesn't need to be very fast.
[21:33:59] <micges> you can use threads component
[21:36:26] <geo01005_home_> I was serious about the watch dog biting, WesBaker, have you tested the latency of the computer you are using?
[21:37:55] <Lerman_> Lerman_ is now known as Lerman
[22:02:35] <WesBaker> geo: I ran the emc tool it discussed in the documentation. It said the machine was "good" or "excelent" but I dont' remember any of the times.
[22:15:02] <Roguish> hey there all. any good linux guys out there?
[22:15:03] <Roguish> compiling from a git pull, i get an error:
[22:15:05] <Roguish> checking match between tk and Tkinter versions... TCL mismatch: 8.5 vs 8.4
[22:15:06] <Roguish> configure: error: Python requires use of Tcl 8.4 and Tk 8.4.
[22:15:08] <Roguish> Install this version and specify --with-tclConfig and --with-tkConfig if necessary
[22:15:19] <Roguish> so, whaz up with this?
[22:28:14] <alex_joni> Roguish: I don't get what's hard to understand?
[22:28:34] <alex_joni> you have tcl 8.5 installed, and tkinter 8.4
[22:28:40] <Roguish> thought i had installed everything and done this before
[22:28:52] <alex_joni> use dpkg -l | grep tk
[22:28:56] <alex_joni> and grep tcl
[22:29:00] <alex_joni> to check for actual versions
[22:29:09] <alex_joni> maybe you have more than one installed
[22:29:54] <Roguish> yeah, have tk8.5
[22:30:16] <Roguish> musta got installed with something else.
[22:31:16] <Roguish> and tcl8.5
[22:31:48] <Roguish> ok, what's the easy way to get rid of the 8.5's?
[22:32:37] <alex_joni> do you still have the 8,4's installed?
[22:32:52] <Roguish> yes
[22:33:33] <alex_joni> then just use configure --with-tclConfig /usr/...*8.4/tclConfig.sh
[22:33:40] <alex_joni> or whatever the file is called ;)
[22:34:01] <alex_joni> you can find it with "dpkg -L tcl8.4 | grep -i -e tclconfig "
[22:36:18] <Roguish> how about just getting rid of the 8.5's ?
[22:37:54] <Roguish> uninstall using synaptic package manager??
[22:43:47] <Roguish> did it that way, compiling now. thank you alex_joni
[22:47:30] <alex_joni> that works too
[22:47:34] <alex_joni> g'night
[22:49:29] <findux> hello all
[22:50:13] <findux> I have a question
[22:50:59] <findux> How gm codes are processed in abb robot arm
[22:54:28] <findux> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JcvCZFG0L0&feature=related how is it works GM? How is it works emc2 controled robot arm?
[22:57:53] <izua_> izua_ is now known as izua