#emc | Logs for 2010-01-29

[00:03:23] <Valen> air into the hydraulics ay?
[00:04:20] <tom3p> i think just air pushing cylinders squeezing hydr fluid out uncapped lines
[00:06:58] <Valen> yeah that still sounds messy
[00:07:37] <tom3p> i think you could have a mux4 with 4 speeds, and the 2 buttons (plus some others) could decide which of the 4 would get to the stepgen or servo velocity input.
[00:09:05] <tom3p> the speeds might be normal, none, high (fixed value) and slow (another fixed value). not even fixed, but call it 'already set'
[00:10:03] <terrylm> ladder question: when I use the properties box to change the variable associated with a contact, from say %B0 to %I0, when I hit enter it becomes CLinB0. Am I missing something? or is this normal and I just don't understand something?
[00:18:12] <john_f_> numen: I don't know if this what you want but look at http://www.machineability.com/Bridgeport_series_II.html scroll down to the postgui.hal file I have some hal stuff to increase or decrease the speed with 2 buttons
[00:32:27] <tom3p> john_f_: not only is your machine beautiful so is you documentation!
[00:32:49] <numen> john_f_ there i mean, it was done with an command which sets the axis speed to a fixes value
[00:33:07] <numen> and i want to switch with two buttons on my joypad between 200 and 1500
[00:33:13] <numen> how can i do that?
[00:33:36] <tom3p> numen: yes, see john_f's bridgeportS2I2_postgui.txt file and attached fixed rates to the mux4's inputs, select which with your joypad buttons
[00:34:02] <john_f_> ok that is easier there is an example in the wiki
[00:34:36] <numen> john_f_ first i used the joypad.hal, but this stops too slow
[00:34:42] <numen> so i used joypad2
[00:34:48] <numen> joypad_v2.hal
[00:34:56] <numen> but it is at work, so i dont have here...
[00:36:48] <numen> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/uploads/joypad.hal
[00:36:54] <numen> this was first i tried
[00:37:02] <john_f_> I think this may be close to what you want: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Simple_Remote_Pendant
[00:37:22] <john_f_> Look at step 5
[00:37:23] <numen> the other one used an .comp file, too
[00:40:56] <numen> http://nopaste.info/32123f1722.html
[00:40:58] <numen> this i used
[00:41:25] <numen> i want to switch # setp halui.jog-speed 1500 # desired maximum jog speed mm/min with 2 buttons to 200 and 1500
[00:43:08] <colbq200> gnight all
[00:46:16] <john_f_> numen: I would use the set and reset inputs on a flip flop hal component
[00:46:44] <john_f_> connect one swith to set the flipflop and the other to reset the flipflop
[00:47:13] <john_f_> Then use the output of the flipflop to control the select input on a mux component
[00:47:37] <john_f_> the 2 input to the mux will be your speed values of 200 and 1500
[00:47:46] <john_f_> 2 inputs
[00:48:40] <john_f_> The output of the mux is the jog speed
[00:50:44] <numen> http://nopaste.info/90c265afe0.html i tried
[00:50:56] <numen> this is my modification i did
[00:51:21] <tom3p> (so when joypad is active, ONLY one of those 2 speeds are possible, not sure that was a desired feature )
[00:53:35] <numen> hmmm
[00:54:24] <tom3p> what was the result of  http://nopaste.info/90c265afe0.html ? looks ok so far
[00:55:26] <numen> no moving possible with the 2 joysticks
[00:56:16] <tom3p> put 'net speed mux2.0.out => halui.jog-speed' after 'loadrt mux2' just for good form
[00:56:40] <numen> but it should work like this, too?
[00:57:15] <tom3p> i'd never use 'variable1' before declaring it, but thats just me
[00:57:54] <numen> ok, so if i put the net speed mux2.0.out => halui.jog-speed to the end of the file?
[00:58:05] <tom3p> you connect it before it exists, understand? it may not matter in this language, but i'm not sure
[00:58:48] <tom3p> you can try :) and you can use the halconfig tool to see if the pins really exist, and what values are on your signals
[00:59:26] <john_f_> numen: you also need to addf yourmux and addf flipflop
[01:00:04] <tom3p> yep, they're just loadrt'd, they need to be addf'd
[01:00:31] <tom3p> the sequence is loadrt addf net
[01:00:44] <john_f_> the loadrt needs the number or name
[01:05:04] <numen> ?
[01:05:30] <numen> so i would have to add loadrt mux2
[01:05:30] <numen> loadrt flipflop
[01:05:31] <numen> ?
[01:05:56] <numen> or what would i have to add?
[01:06:41] <numen> or like this?
[01:06:43] <numen> # Attach realtime functions to threads
[01:06:43] <numen> addf flipflop.0 servo-thread
[01:06:43] <numen> addf mux2.0 servo-thread
[01:07:18] <john_f_> yes that is what you need for addf
[01:08:30] <john_f_> loadrt flipflop count=1
[01:09:15] <numen> for what is the loadrt?
[01:09:43] <john_f_> I think that is right I always use loadrt fipflop names=uflipflop1
[01:10:07] <john_f_> then uflipflop1.reset for example
[01:10:35] <numen> for what do i need the loadrt?
[01:12:01] <numen> how could i add set x axis to zero?
[01:12:21] <numen> to an button
[01:12:37] <numen> http://nopaste.info/fc3a1bdc8d.html
[01:12:38] <numen> ?
[01:13:38] <Danimal-office> i always learn alot just by watching this channel
[01:13:41] <Danimal-office> :)
[01:14:44] <john_f_> numen: you need: loadrt flipflop count=1
[01:14:57] <john_f_> and loadrt mux2 count=1
[01:16:20] <numen> john_f_ for what is the count=1?
[01:17:06] <john_f_> one instance of the item that you are loading. IF you wanted 2 mux2's then count=2
[01:19:44] <tom3p> numen: you code re-organized http://pastebin.ca/1770141 making it in columns makes things easier to see (UNTESTED!)
[01:20:58] <numen> http://nopaste.info/7bf57f08e7.html
[01:21:02] <numen> like this better?
[01:21:02] <tom3p> numen: count=1 is for 'how many mux2 devices do you want' (when it is 1 you dont need to say anything, when >1 you must specify it with count=... )
[01:22:35] <numen> is it possible, to use only one button for switching spindle on and off?
[01:24:00] <john_f_> use toggle
[01:24:46] <Danimal-office> what if you want a reverse button?
[01:24:55] <Danimal-office> then it would be weird with 1 button
[01:25:34] <Danimal-office> well i guess you can have a fwd and rev button, and both toggle to off
[01:25:59] <numen> john_f_ how will i have to write this?
[01:26:54] <john_f_> loatrt toggle
[01:27:11] <john_f_> addf toggle....
[01:27:22] <numen> so # net spindleOff joypad.button.1 => halui.spindle.stop
[01:27:22] <numen> # net spindleOn joypad.button.3 => halui.spindle.start
[01:27:27] <Danimal-office> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?One_Button_Toggle
[01:27:47] <john_f_> net buttonX toggle.0.in
[01:28:49] <john_f_> oops - net inputnet buttonX toggle.0.in
[01:29:06] <lilalinux> lilalinux is now known as lilalinux_away
[01:29:27] <john_f_> net spindleOff toggle.0.out ........
[01:29:35] <tom3p> numen: try one thing, and see if it works. see if the order of creating assigning and wiring devices matters or not.
[01:30:23] <john_f_> numen: when I do this I just add a little bit at time. It is easy to make mistakes
[01:32:57] <tom3p> hal only has bit s32 u32 and float data types. we now have serial devices ( like the arduino ) and often such devices have a 'command language' , simple ascii commands that need to be delivered, received and modified. how could this be handled in hal?
[01:34:16] <numen> john_f_ but there are 2 signals need, one for spindle on and one for spindle of
[01:34:23] <john_f_> numen: Ok sorry I didn't read your post carefully. you will also need a "not" on the output of toggle so that you will have 2 signals
[01:34:28] <numen> could i do this with the inverted signal
[01:35:07] <numen> so i add öpadrt not
[01:35:11] <numen> addf not
[01:35:53] <numen> then net spindleoff not => spindleoff
[01:35:56] <numen> like this?
[01:37:51] <john_f_> you need to connect the signal from the output of the toggle to the not.0.in
[01:39:12] <numen> net toggleout toggle.0.out =>not.0.in
[01:39:12] <john_f_> and also connect the same signal to the spindle start. Then connect the output of the not, not.0.out to the spindle stop pin.
[01:39:13] <numen> ?
[01:39:32] <danimal_garage> i'm looking to mount an encoder on my mill's spindle, and i was thinking of making an encoder wheel that mounts to the spindle pulley, and having a optical encoder off to the side to read it. the encoder wheel would have to be relatively large in diameter, i'm assuming about 4-6 inches. can anyone tip me off to an optical encoder that i can do this with?
[01:39:52] <danimal_garage> all the ones i've seen are small and self contained with the encoder wheel
[01:40:35] <tom3p> a ring encoder wheel?
[01:40:48] <danimal_garage> i guess, never made one before
[01:41:09] <danimal_garage> i figued i'd just make a disk with a bunch of slots around the od
[01:41:36] <danimal_garage> out of metal
[01:41:45] <danimal_garage> then mount it to the pulley
[01:41:48] <john_f_> you need to rows of overlapping slots to get a quadrature signal
[01:41:57] <john_f_> two rows
[01:42:06] <danimal_garage> ah ok thanks
[01:42:32] <danimal_garage> do i need a quadrature signal?
[01:42:39] <danimal_garage> i just want to be able to rigid tap
[01:42:41] <john_f_> Ohterwise if you stop on an edge, noise will make it look like it is rotating
[01:42:48] <danimal_garage> ahh ok
[01:43:22] <john_f_> your can't tell which way it is sipnning with just one row of slots
[01:43:29] <john_f_> spinning
[01:44:14] <john_f_> for ridgid tap you also need an index pulse
[01:44:23] <john_f_> rigid
[01:44:34] <danimal_garage> really
[01:44:35] <danimal_garage> hmm
[01:44:51] <danimal_garage> so this is likely to be more of a PITA than i was expecting, huh
[01:44:54] <john_f_> that is what the experts have told me
[01:45:28] <john_f_> maybe a timing belt and an enclosed encoder
[01:46:03] <tom3p> many companies make rotary ring encoders, they are pretty much precision devices, hard to diy. alex joni even printed on with one of those printing cd burners ( no idea of result )
[01:46:08] <danimal_garage> well i can put one on the end of the motor's shaft, but i kinda wanted to go directly to the spindle
[01:47:15] <tom3p> one of the guys here tried making one with a slitting saw but was disappointed
[01:47:45] <john_f_> do you have belt drive? if so then there is always some slip.
[01:48:00] <danimal_garage> i'm going to have a cogged belt on there
[01:48:17] <john_f_> also you would need to know what the gear ratio is
[01:48:40] <john_f_> if it is fixed then I think the timing belt drive would be OK
[01:49:42] <danimal_garage> i'll know what the ratio is, i'll be buying the pullies
[01:51:25] <tom3p> look at heidenhain or renishaw for ideas (even DIY mounting of a hollow ring encoder onto a device sounds tricky)
[01:53:12] <tom3p> the 'Z' phase ( index) is a separate track anyway, so could the index be on the spindle, and the AB phases be remote on a cheap pulley driven encoder? ( not sure of the relation between Z and AB)
[01:56:11] <LawrenceG> danimal_garage, http://members.shaw.ca/swstuff/spindle-encoder.html
[01:56:52] <tom3p> cool!
[01:57:35] <LawrenceG> gcode for cutting encoder wheel is pretty configurable.. see top of gcode file for variables
[01:57:35] <tom3p> and forget separating index from a&b, the belt wobble'd kill your homing accuracy
[01:58:01] <LawrenceG> http://members.shaw.ca/swstuff/spindle-encoder.ngc
[01:59:55] <john_f_> danimal_garage: now I am learning something too. Another way to make the quadrature signal!
[02:03:27] <danimal_garage> cool thanks, i'm checking it out now!
[02:05:12] <danimal_garage> says you need a scope, can i use hal scope?
[02:07:35] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzz up!
[02:08:02] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Check out the new toy for my netbook I ordered... http://www.microbarn.com/details.aspx?rid=102431
[02:08:12] <Jymmm> It supports DOS!!!!!!!!
[02:08:41] <john_f_> you can use halscope if you turn the wheel slowly I just ahs a slow (for scopes) sample rate
[02:09:00] <john_f_> It just has
[02:09:14] <danimal_garage> thanks john_f_
[02:09:50] <danimal_garage> the spindle encoder will complete my mill (for now)
[02:12:27] <danimal_garage> cradek: i'm pretty sure you would have tried this already and would have used it if it wored, but what's the deal with the pulse generator on the hnc's spindle? can that be used as an encoder?
[02:12:33] <danimal_garage> worked*
[02:14:33] <danimal_garage> LawrenceG's page is added to my favorites :)
[02:15:46] <Jymmm> and added to my blacklist
[02:17:31] <danimal_garage> you mean spank bank
[02:18:36] <cradek> danimal_garage: mine was 12v so I didn't bother trying
[02:18:54] <cradek> I don't remember for sure but it might not have had an index either
[02:19:04] <cradek> I only remember it was very odd
[02:19:45] <danimal_garage> channel a, channel b, and marker pulse
[02:19:55] <cradek> mine was missing at least one of the channels
[02:19:57] <danimal_garage> not differential it looks like
[02:20:18] <cradek> but I have no idea where it is now to check for sure...
[02:20:21] <danimal_garage> has amp supply and lamp supply voltage inputs
[02:21:10] <danimal_garage> hmmm well it looks like there is no channel a on it
[02:21:30] <cradek> those light bulbs weren't cheap...
[02:21:33] <danimal_garage> the sticker says it's on pin 6, but pin 6 isnt there
[02:21:57] <danimal_garage> i was just curious
[02:22:10] <cradek> so you could thread but not tap with it
[02:22:13] <LawrenceG> danimal-garage halscope will work if you use the high speed base thread and a slower spindle speed (like <1000rpm)
[02:22:46] <danimal_garage> i have the whole resolver assembly out, it'd be easy to mount the new encoder, like you said
[02:22:49] <LawrenceG> Jymmm, a real serial port.....
[02:22:55] <danimal_garage> cool, thanks LawrenceG
[02:23:17] <danimal_garage> exactly what i was looking for
[02:23:42] <LawrenceG> np
[02:24:04] <danimal_garage> do you think i can use aluminum, and anodize it black?
[02:24:17] <danimal_garage> or would that still be too shiny
[02:24:38] <danimal_garage> i can scotchbrite it before i anodize it to make it dull
[02:24:44] <LawrenceG> shiny should not be a problem... the sensors are thru beam
[02:24:51] <danimal_garage> oh ok
[02:25:07] <danimal_garage> is there a thickness i need to maintain for the disk?
[02:25:41] <LawrenceG> something that fists through the detector slots is best :}
[02:25:49] <danimal_garage> haha
[02:26:11] <LawrenceG> the material I used was about 0.045"
[02:26:49] <danimal_garage> not too bad
[02:28:40] <danimal_garage> cool, i think i'll do that
[02:29:32] <danimal_garage> do you tihnk that's accurate enough for rigid tapping?
[02:29:42] <danimal_garage> assuming i machine it accurately
[02:30:20] <LawrenceG> mine was 90 holes or 1 edge every degree, so yes... should be fine for tapping
[02:30:37] <danimal_garage> cool
[02:30:40] <ries> Hey guys, I am working on a little python script to create dovetails, I need to create some 'dynamic' routing because of the size of the dovetail can change and cannot be routed in one pass. Should I create the g-code by means of python looping generating gcode, or by means of g-code loops, what is better?
[02:31:25] <jmkasunich> whatever you are more comfortable with
[02:31:51] <ries> for now... python, I don't understand both really :)
[02:32:06] <jmkasunich> doing it in python adds another step, but OTOH, you can have nice prompts and such asking you to enter the needed data
[02:32:26] <jmkasunich> g-code is self contained, but a more primitive language
[02:33:19] <ries> I am just learning both, but if there is an advantage to use gcode.. I would do that, if not then I will do pythin first I think... I am with both not confortable
[02:34:27] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Yeah, no doubt.
[02:45:41] <Valen> only time G code would be better to my mind is if you gained more precision out of it, or you wound up with massive files
[02:56:28] <WalterN> you can do variables with G and M code
[02:56:35] <WalterN> and sub programs
[02:56:40] <WalterN> reminds me of BASIC
[02:56:43] <WalterN> heh
[03:22:56] <Valen> except not as wasy
[03:24:36] <mozmck> Anyone here need a Tamagawa FA-SOLVER?
[03:27:27] <tom3p> ive used tamagawa motors, whats a FA-SOLVER?
[03:28:02] <mozmck> I think a resolver?
[03:28:21] <tom3p> (3R Caxis uses tamagawa brushed dc motors)
[03:28:21] <tom3p> used (likely out of productions now )
[03:28:30] <mozmck> Type 800123-R 26V 2400 Hz
[03:29:26] <mozmck> It looks like a small motor but it's some sort of encoder or resolver.
[03:29:33] <tom3p> FA-SOLVER hits http://www.smartdrive.co.uk/resolve.pdf
[03:30:13] <tom3p> looks like it?
[03:31:11] <mozmck> Not quite, but that's what it is. I just opened the panel on the side and it says it's a resolver.
[03:31:50] <mozmck> This one has a 1/2" shaft sticking out about 2"
[03:32:41] <tom3p> at end of pdf are more 'motor like' configurations
[03:33:01] <Tome> Tome is now known as Guest59828
[03:33:26] <tom3p> anyway, i dont have a use for it, and Jon Elson has an interface from resolver to emc2
[03:34:59] <mozmck> me neither, I just have it!
[03:37:51] <cradek> I have an extra pico resolver board but no use for a resolver to go with it...
[03:38:10] <mozmck> heh, I found one on Ebay: 360225996272
[03:38:25] <mozmck> mine is just like it
[03:38:42] <tom3p> i need to send ascii strings to a serial device connected to emc2. I'd like to format the string based on widget settings in pyvcp. any ideas how to kludge this?
[03:38:55] <cradek> mozmck: maybe you ought to try selling yours for only $900
[03:39:03] <mozmck> Another one! 260326994710
[03:39:09] <mozmck> :) Maybe so!
[03:39:25] <cradek> are they super special somehow?
[03:40:53] <mozmck> I don't know! It's large for sure. The mounting flange is about 6.5" diameter
[03:41:04] <cradek> wonder if it's ultra high resolution somehow
[03:42:09] <mozmck> don't know. says 2400 hz, does that tell you anything about resolution?
[03:42:39] <cradek> doesn't tell ME anything... :-)
[03:42:46] <mozmck> is that 2400 cycles/rev? I'm not sure how a resolver works...
[03:43:14] <cradek> you excite them with an AC signal (of 2400 Hz 26V for yours) and read out the proportions on sine and cosine windings
[03:43:38] <cradek> sometimes they are set up to have many (like 50) poles per revolution
[03:43:51] <cradek> I think you can get crazy resolution that way, much more than an encoder
[03:44:27] <cradek> maybe these are for one of those measuring laser machines? I'm wildly guessing now.
[03:45:25] <mozmck> interesting. I'm reading a little on resolvers right now. I may try putting it on Ebay!
[03:46:21] <cradek> couldn't hurt...
[03:46:56] <cradek> if you can excite it with AC you could sure read it out on a dual channel scope and see if it's functional
[03:47:22] <cradek> you could also see how many poles it has - might be informative
[03:48:06] <mozmck> yeah, I may play with it some and see what I can do.
[03:48:36] <tom3p> heres an idea of value (these guys are always outrageous price wise) http://www.plccenter.com/buy/BALDOR/8001231R
[03:50:15] <mozmck> that's crazy!
[03:50:43] <cradek> might sure be worth $500 that you can spend on something you actually want! that's cool.
[03:51:14] <cradek> I bet it's extremely high resolution.
[03:51:35] <mozmck> That would be neat! Then I would just need a $500 dollar cnc mill to convert to emc.
[03:51:46] <mozmck> Probably so for those kind of prices.
[03:52:04] <cradek> are there $500 mills worth having...?
[03:52:36] <mozmck> I've seen a few (far away from me) that were supposed to be in good shape except for the controls.
[03:52:48] <mozmck> Which I wouldn't want anyhow...
[03:53:15] <cradek> being nearby sure does add to the price sometimes
[03:53:42] <cradek> (I bet you have it even worse than me)
[03:53:51] <mozmck> yep. I have a 6000 lb manual mill I need to get running.
[03:53:55] <mozmck> how's that?
[03:54:43] <cradek> seems like availability of used machinery is inversely proportional to the distance to detroit
[03:55:06] <mozmck> oh, yeah it does. There has been some nearby a few times.
[03:55:21] <danimal_garage> i got a mill for 700 once that was worth having
[03:55:45] <danimal_garage> with a dro, power feed, and power drawbar
[03:56:32] <cradek> nice
[03:56:49] <mozmck> My mill cost me 250, and it was running when I bought it. It's a bit worn though and needs some work in the head.
[03:58:38] <danimal_garage> there's some really good deals to be had
[03:58:44] <danimal_garage> in this economy
[03:59:59] <mozmck> yeah, I need to get rid of several machines though so I can fit a better one. My shop is waaay too small.
[04:00:30] <tom3p> i can use pyserial and string data in a hal component, i just cant have the string data on any hal pins. thats ok. the pins can be numeric, and the string formatting internal to the component.
[05:12:14] <Jymmm> cradek: alex_joni Let's leave +R for a few days, this is just getting old now.
[05:13:44] <Jymmm> Actually, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea just to leave it perm. would save a lot of grief.
[05:15:33] <toastydeath> hey, i think i knew lqxb from a long time ago
[05:15:58] <Jymmm> Well, tell him he's infected with malware/virus
[05:16:34] <toastydeath> it could be just a random nick
[05:16:41] <toastydeath> wrong network and all
[05:16:43] <toastydeath> w/e
[05:19:08] <tom3p> aha! to get multiple lines in a pyvcp label widget use a newline escape "this is one line\nthis is a second line\nthis is another"
[05:19:34] <Jymmm> tom3p: That's how you normally add a nl
[05:19:37] <Jymmm> .
[05:26:19] <Jymmm> tom3p: this is a TAB \t
[05:27:18] <Jymmm> in case yu want to indent something
[05:33:09] <tom3p> i know escape chars it was not obvious that python took its formatting from c
[05:33:32] <tom3p> there are a couple more languages that dont do it that way
[05:33:43] <tom3p> thx for the tips tho
[05:35:14] <tom3p> try adding ^L onto a script to hide it
[09:17:59] <numen> can anyone explain me, what is wrong with this?
[09:18:00] <numen> http://nopaste.info/0bf2c81b2e.html
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[11:01:07] <e-jones|away> e-jones|away is now known as e-jones
[12:13:10] <WalterN> I like my new files :)
[12:13:24] <itheos> :)
[12:13:50] <WalterN> seems like here at work they dont like good files... or something
[12:14:03] <WalterN> ended up getting a few of my own :/
[12:14:50] <itheos> nice
[12:17:05] <WalterN> now all I need is my own CNC machine running EMC
[12:17:41] <itheos> wow
[12:17:52] <itheos> looks cool
[12:18:00] <WalterN> ..?
[12:18:02] <WalterN> wat?
[12:18:15] <itheos> having your own cnc machine
[12:18:46] <WalterN> isnt that what this channel is about? lol
[12:18:56] <numen> can anyone explain me, which hal cmd i can use for set an axis to zero?
[12:18:56] <itheos> yeah but i just joined
[12:19:11] <WalterN> oh
[12:19:27] <itheos> kind of newbee
[12:19:52] <itheos> i made a cnc myself sometime back but ubuntu cudnt make it run :(
[12:20:07] <itheos> emc showed some jitter or something
[12:40:57] <MattyMatt> itheos: what happened to the machine? did you dismantle it?
[12:41:19] <itheos> yes dismantled it for stepper motors :D
[12:41:30] <itheos> and some nuts and rods
[12:42:01] <WalterN> I want to make a real machine, with ball screws and servos
[12:42:22] <WalterN> eventually
[12:42:38] <itheos> basically i wanted to use emc2 for it. but when i checked for some jittering or something, it was beyond the limit. so the laptop cudnt do it in real time i think.
[12:43:11] <itheos> i again want to build the machine and check it out
[12:43:37] <MattyMatt> you can always run a stepper machine with any laptop, but you may be speed limited
[12:44:10] <MattyMatt> there's no feedback loop to worry about, like with a servo
[12:44:35] <WalterN> yeah
[12:45:03] <WalterN> used a stepper based CNC mill before where I used to work for 4 years
[12:45:10] <itheos> what is jittering?
[12:45:17] <itheos> like it said to move windows and abuse the pc
[12:45:32] <WalterN> steppers are not good for that size of mill... heh
[12:46:08] <itheos> i made a small handy laser cutter cum driller
[12:46:13] <MattyMatt> jittering is when the real-time response has occasional spikes of fail
[12:47:07] <MattyMatt> for smooth motion it'll be annoying (from what I've read, my first machine is still not finished)
[12:48:01] <itheos> my laptop cant do it in real time i think. jittering was beyond the max point
[12:48:40] <anonimasu> laptops are in general crap for doing this kind of stuff
[12:49:18] <anonimasu> it's better to buy a used pc.. and run emc at then use something with lots of jitter and realtime delays
[12:50:48] <MattyMatt> my Win box is very noisy 2200+ which occasionally eats its hdd. I should use that for mine
[12:51:57] <MattyMatt> I'll try the k6-2 500 first tho, but that'll be borderline
[12:52:05] <anonimasu> well, the cnc will be more noisy then the box :)
[12:52:19] <MattyMatt> yep :)
[12:53:04] <MattyMatt> I'm enclosing it for noise & dust control, but it'll still drown out the PC
[12:53:57] <MattyMatt> the only thing that tempts me to use a lappy is the ability to bring it into the warm room for config etc
[12:54:25] <anonimasu> network your control
[12:54:26] <anonimasu> :)
[12:54:54] <theos> theos is now known as itheos
[12:54:58] <MattyMatt> I will eventually, but the initial install needs me at the machine
[12:55:35] <MattyMatt> I have KVMs but no cables long enough yet
[12:55:48] <WalterN> I wonder if I could get the machine to play a game or something
[12:55:50] <DaViruz> SSH + X forwarding
[12:55:52] <DaViruz> <3
[12:56:13] <WalterN> that would be awesome
[12:56:16] <WalterN> lol
[12:56:20] <itheos> lol
[12:56:38] <MattyMatt> I'll bring the PC into my computer room to install the actual OS, then I'll have wifi for SSH
[12:57:10] <MattyMatt> I hate typing with cold fingers
[12:57:16] <WalterN> time for work, TTFN
[12:59:26] <DaViruz> i hate doing anything with cold fingers :/
[13:02:39] <MattyMatt> physical work is OK, you warm up quickly enough if you're chopping firewood etc
[13:03:21] <DaViruz> i have really bad circulation in my hands
[13:03:51] <MattyMatt> machine shops are universally warm. you need it for any fine work I suppose
[13:04:40] <MattyMatt> mm it's snowing again, but the ground is too warm to let it stick I hope
[13:04:41] <DaViruz> i helped a friends brother with his car a couple of weeks back, <25 centigrades and handling fiddly screws and such
[13:04:55] <DaViruz> -25
[13:06:16] <MattyMatt> I ran a bicycle repair shop in Holland in the winter. no fun at all. business was good tho, the Dutch still ride every day on ice
[13:06:37] <DaViruz> i'm too clumsy for biking on snow
[13:07:00] <DaViruz> the hospital bills would quickly eat up the gas money i save :P
[13:07:03] <MattyMatt> :)
[13:08:24] <MattyMatt> I had to go inside every now and then to thaw my hands enough to see where they were bleeding
[13:08:35] <ries> Seems liking the voting on the right side is not working, I get 'You are not authorised to view this resource.'
[13:08:57] <MattyMatt> are you logged in?
[13:09:36] <DaViruz> woho, my DRO kit has been shipped
[13:09:59] <DaViruz> i'm reeeally looking forward to trying it out
[13:19:24] <lilalinux> lilalinux is now known as lilalinux_away
[13:34:58] <lilalinux_away> lilalinux_away is now known as lilalinux
[13:46:27] <numen> re
[14:05:50] <MarkusBec> MarkusBec is now known as MarkusBec_away
[14:29:34] <MarkusBec_away> MarkusBec_away is now known as MarkusBec
[15:22:10] <numen> re
[15:22:36] <itheos> whats re?
[15:23:37] <numen> returned
[15:23:49] <itheos> ok :)
[15:53:40] <Danimal-office> yawn
[15:53:51] <Danimal-office> morning
[15:53:56] <itheos> morning
[17:14:02] <lilalinux> lilalinux is now known as lilalinux_away
[17:17:32] <Danimal-office> jthornton: how's the lathe coming?
[17:27:24] <Danimal-office> * Danimal-office slaps Danimal-office around a bit with a large trout
[17:27:34] <Danimal-office> * Danimal-office slaps danimal_garage around a bit with a large trout
[17:27:42] <bill2or3> you'll go blind.
[17:27:42] <Danimal-office> ha
[17:28:06] <Danimal-office> as long as it's not a salmon
[17:28:17] <Danimal-office> * Danimal-office slaps bill2or3 around a bit with a large trout
[17:39:25] <numen> re
[17:44:19] <numen> thx to every one, who helped me last night, now my hal works gread
[18:30:53] <lilalinux_away> lilalinux_away is now known as lilalinux
[19:55:19] <Danimal-office> wow this board has been dead lately
[19:55:29] <Danimal-office> what am i supposed to do with my day?
[19:55:31] <Danimal-office> work?
[19:55:34] <Danimal-office> pfft
[19:55:37] <archivist_emc> yes!
[19:56:32] <Danimal-office> that's for the birds
[19:57:37] <Danimal-office> is pvc typically a PITA to machine?
[19:58:03] <Danimal-office> i gotta do some deep pocketing in the mill, and alot of turning
[20:00:39] <archivist_emc> some plastics get out of the way and bend, heat from a blunt cutter causes all sorts of distortion
[20:08:57] <ds3> ]
[20:16:15] <Danimal-office> i might have to make a fixture
[20:16:24] <Danimal-office> they're thin wall thickness
[20:43:35] <Md> [GlobalNotice] Hi all, just a quicks heads up that the ircd migration will go ahead tomorrow night (UTC) as planned. The blog and faq will have information as the changeover happens, tor users may wish to check the blog out sooner as there are some changes affecting them. The new ircd will also solve the spamming attacks of the last few days. Thank you for using freenode and have a good evening!
[21:22:57] <anonimasu> Danimal-office: there are special strategies for cutting that kind of stuff tooo
[21:23:00] <anonimasu> too...
[21:40:34] <bill2or3> boo plastics
[21:55:06] <alex_joni> if all fails you can try to freeze it :D
[22:01:58] <jthornton> Danimal-office: making progress despite the blizzard
[22:24:40] <WalterN> Danimal-office: PVC is nice stuff to machine, same with acetal, the one thats most annoying is UHMW (at least in a lathe, mill is not so bad).
[22:25:33] <WalterN> Danimal-office: the key thing for cutting plastic is make sure the tool does not get hot, and make sure the tool is uber sharp
[22:26:45] <WalterN> for plastic work on a lathe, my favorite tool is a carbide shear geometry insert
[22:27:48] <WalterN> <3 shear geometry
[22:55:05] <alex_joni> night all
[23:03:55] <andypugh> and another test
[23:04:09] <andypugh> W00t! It is letting me post again.
[23:04:38] <andypugh> Is it just horribly quiet tonight, or is freenode suddenly demanding nick registration?
[23:05:12] <bill2or3> Shhhh!
[23:05:14] <WalterN> nick registration because of a spambot
[23:05:18] <jepler> andypugh: many channels are now set to require registration to talk (+R)
[23:05:19] <bill2or3> be vewy vewy quiet
[23:05:30] <andypugh> http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup
[23:05:31] <jepler> andypugh: because, as WalterN says, of some kind of spambots
[23:05:39] <andypugh> For anyone else feeling excluded
[23:05:41] <jepler> Jymmm set ours to be +R, it looks like
[23:05:48] <Jymmm> Yep
[23:05:57] <WalterN> I had to set +R in one of my channels too
[23:06:11] <Jymmm> but anyone trying to speak gets a notice as what they need to do
[23:06:15] <andypugh> The embeded client on the web page now makes it look like there is nobody there.
[23:06:21] <Jymmm> if they're not registered
[23:06:35] <WalterN> * Received a CTCP VERSION GNAA > j00 from ofk (to ##objc)
[23:06:35] <WalterN> * Received a CTCP VERSION GNAA > j00 from ofk (to ##objc)
[23:06:35] <WalterN> * ofk has quit (K-lined)
[23:06:49] <andypugh> The notice really was not terribly clear. I needed to google.
[23:06:52] <WalterN> only tons of those CTCP thins
[23:07:15] <Jymmm> Yeah, infected bot net been attacking in here for a couple of days
[23:07:23] <WalterN> and random nicks and random IPs
[23:07:45] <andypugh> It has broken the web-page java client, but not in a way that visitors can see.
[23:07:47] <Jymmm> Maybe after the upgrade tomorrow should resolve that.
[23:08:11] <Jymmm> andypugh: jsut ident in the client
[23:08:21] <andypugh> So those fun visitors from linuxcnc.org will not be able to talk to us any more.
[23:08:36] <frallzor> can you see me? :P
[23:08:41] <Jymmm> frallzor: no
[23:08:44] <frallzor> =(
[23:08:48] <andypugh> Yes
[23:09:02] <WalterN> I'm just using Xchat :)
[23:09:09] <andypugh> But try it as guest889 or whatever, the default thingy
[23:09:16] <Jymmm> andypugh: jsut ident in the client
[23:09:16] <ds3> just ignore all CTCP's by default
[23:09:23] <ds3> or have a proper client that rate limits
[23:09:35] <Jymmm> ds3: That's not the issue, they are looking for vulnerable clients.
[23:10:01] <ds3> Jymmm: and I am effectively saying, ban clients that don't do that properly
[23:10:17] <andypugh> Jymmm: I think you are missing my point. If a newbie user tries to get help via the web-page embedded client, I think they will fail.
[23:10:21] <Jymmm> dont do what?
[23:10:30] <ds3> that don't rate limit their responses
[23:11:29] <Jymmm> alex_joni: ping
[23:11:49] <ds3> even the really old clients do it
[23:12:39] <Jymmm> I odnt even know where this java client is on the wbesite
[23:12:58] <andypugh> OK, so maybe it does still work.
[23:13:11] <andypugh> But it failed to work earlier
[23:13:51] <andypugh> No, it doesn't
[23:14:22] <andypugh> andy_the_pugh sent some text. It appears in the embedded java client, but does not appear here.
[23:14:36] <Jymmm> you have to IDENT
[23:15:14] <andypugh> It's an embedded client in the web page, many folk will have never used IRC before.
[23:15:46] <WalterN> Java? hmm... what about mibbit?
[23:15:47] <andypugh> Heck, I had never used IRC until I started here, and I had my own web server in 1992.
[23:16:30] <andypugh> linuxcnc.org -> Community -> embedded Java client
[23:16:55] <Jymmm> Ok, will have alex_joni just disable the java client for a while and redirect them to http://webchat.freenode.net/
[23:17:09] <WalterN> the Java client I used in the past really _really_ sucked
[23:17:16] <andypugh> Might be the best bet
[23:17:48] <andypugh> We are not talking about a generic Java client, we are talking of the one which is part of the Linucnc web pages
[23:18:17] <Jymmm> And there ARE instructions on how to use IRC too.
[23:18:43] <WalterN> the one I used was the one on the freenode server
[23:18:46] <Jymmm> If you can work a CNC, you can surely figure out an IRC client.
[23:19:15] <WalterN> Jymmm: not if you happen to be my previous boss... lol
[23:19:24] <Jymmm> WalterN: Works for me =)
[23:19:40] <WalterN> he couldent figure out computer anything
[23:19:40] <Jymmm> WalterN: Keeps the idiots guessing =)
[23:19:46] <WalterN> lol
[23:19:49] <andypugh> Maybe, but the thing is that you get no clue it isn't working. Try it, log in to that client (on the linuxcnc community page) with a new random username. It just looks like a completely empty room. You see your chat, but there are nobody else does
[23:20:06] <WalterN> except how to write an alright CNC program with the stuff he has
[23:20:06] <andypugh> OK, so it is just me then? :-)
[23:20:24] <Jymmm> andypugh: Yes, Ok, we get it. Already siad what were going to do. you dont need to keep rambling and running it in the ground.
[23:20:41] <andypugh> Ah, no, wee see the guests arrive, but I don't hink we see what they write
[23:20:51] <WalterN> andypugh: try using Xchat instead? :-)
[23:21:03] <Jymmm> andypugh: Enough
[23:21:13] <Jymmm> andypugh: deal with it. it's for 48 hours.
[23:21:27] <andypugh> Jymmm gets it. WalterN is missing my point still.
[23:21:38] <Jymmm> andypugh: DROP IT please
[23:22:03] <andypugh> <dropped>
[23:22:13] <WalterN> *my foot!>
[23:22:23] <WalterN> :P
[23:24:34] <WalterN> time to go deposit a check and pick up 10lbs of rice and 3lbs of cheese that I ordered
[23:24:51] <Jymmm> WalterN: and one spoon?
[23:25:03] <WalterN> spoon?
[23:25:10] <Jymmm> WalterN: for your rice and cheese
[23:25:17] <Jymmm> WalterN: single serving?
[23:25:23] <WalterN> I dont use a spoon for rice or cheese
[23:25:35] <Jymmm> not even for 13lbs of it?
[23:25:55] <Jymmm> guberment cheese =)
[23:26:03] <WalterN> normally I dont mix the two
[23:26:13] <WalterN> sometimes for leftover rice
[23:26:32] <WalterN> I just need both products :)
[23:27:05] <WalterN> basmati rice and Tillamook medium cheddar cheese
[23:27:58] <Jymmm> andypugh: if linux, you can use pidgen
[23:28:24] <Jymmm> OSX == LimeChat, M$ == Mirc
[23:28:28] <Jymmm> or pidgen
[23:28:41] <WalterN> really? I like Xchat on all those platforms
[23:29:02] <WalterN> Xchat aqua for OSX, Xchat for linux, and Xchat2 for windows
[23:29:10] <andypugh> I use Colloquy, it's working fine. My client isn't the issue, it's that newbs can't talk to us through the web page.
[23:29:35] <Jymmm> andypugh: STOP, really. the two having nothing todo with each other
[23:30:12] <WalterN> jymm: do you work in a machine shop? (or have you in the past?)
[23:30:30] <Jymmm> WalterN: I wouldn't call it a machine shop.
[23:30:41] <andypugh> Can I stop after asking what the "two" are?
[23:30:58] <Jymmm> andypugh: no
[23:32:41] <andypugh> Do I need to read back through the archive to work out why you are being so testy?
[23:33:32] <Jymmm> andypugh: I asked you multiple times to stop talking abut the fuckign web interface and you keep on running it into the dman ground.
[23:34:09] <Jymmm> andypugh: let it he fuck alone already. We know abut and will deal with it, quit bitching abut it already, it's getting old.
[23:35:12] <andypugh> I am not bitching. But I am puzzled about why there are so many suggestions of other clients I could use. I have't used the web interface for several months.
[23:36:25] <Jymmm> andypugh: BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR CLIENTS --> 2010-01-29 15:27:23 andypugh: Sorry old chap. But I was still getting suggestions of alternative clients, which really wasn't the issue. I thought I was being unclear, so kept re-phrasing.
[23:36:33] <andypugh> But anyway, I think I know where your ire is coming from now. So I apologise.
[23:37:35] <andypugh> That's the confusion. I have never asked for alternative clients for myself.
[23:37:53] <Jymmm> * Jymmm headdesks
[23:38:25] <andypugh> It was the suggestions of alternative clients which kept me trying to explain why I didn't have any need for an alternative client.
[23:38:34] <Jymmm> alex_joni: PM me when you get around
[23:39:55] <andypugh> If I needed a client you wouldn't even be able to hear me!
[23:40:09] <andypugh> I can see how right now that might suit you all.
[23:58:43] <lilalinux> lilalinux is now known as lilalinux_away