#emc | Logs for 2010-01-14

[00:02:21] <LawrenceG> IARU Region 2 Area C Emergency Coordinator, Arnie Coro, CO2KK, is
[00:02:21] <LawrenceG> coordinating a multi-national response by hams. There are organized
[00:02:21] <LawrenceG> nets on 7.045 and 3.720 MHz; amateurs are asked to monitor the
[00:02:21] <LawrenceG> frequencies, but to also keep them clear of non-essential traffic.
[00:02:39] <LawrenceG> Amateur Radio operators should also be aware that emergency traffic
[00:02:39] <LawrenceG> pertaining to the Haitian earthquake is expected on the SATERN
[00:02:39] <LawrenceG> frequencies of 14.265 MHz, 7.265 MHz and 3977 MHz, according to
[00:02:39] <LawrenceG> SATERN's leader, Major Pat McPherson.
[00:02:49] <LawrenceG> Jymmm, fyi
[00:03:01] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: I dont have any HF gear
[00:03:21] <LawrenceG> Haiti is a long hop for 2meters
[00:03:33] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Ya think? lol
[00:03:39] <LawrenceG> hey
[00:03:53] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: you on echolink?
[00:04:05] <LawrenceG> irlp
[00:04:26] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: any traffic?
[00:05:00] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: irlp is illegal
[00:05:39] <LawrenceG> I havent had the radio on....IRLP is quite legal... is always ham radio to ham radio
[00:06:06] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: The codec is propritary
[00:06:30] <LawrenceG> there is no codec in the current version.... no compression artifacts
[00:06:30] <alex_m> hello, is there a way for EMC to read gcode input from a serial connection
[00:06:51] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: oh, sorry I'm thinking D-star
[00:07:17] <andypugh> alexm: I believe so
[00:07:21] <LawrenceG> ya... dstar is somewhat different, but suppossedly open protocal through JAL
[00:07:38] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: JAL ?
[00:08:09] <LawrenceG> cloesest dstar is about 2 hours drive from here... JAL... something like Japan Amateur League
[00:09:03] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: JAL started dstar, but the codec is still closed and licensed
[00:10:10] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: You dont like echolink, or just never bothered to get verified?
[00:10:39] <tom3p> alex_m: tell us more, maybe you have a serial streaming box ( a dripper ), that would need some custom work outside of emc to handle.
[00:10:49] <andypugh> alex_m: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Emcrsh
[00:11:55] <LawrenceG> echolink was too computer to computer... I would not embarass my callsign by allowing someone on a computer to use my transmitter
[00:12:11] <alex_m> tom3p, yea, possibly...but is it possible to just point it to a serial port and have it run from that?
[00:12:22] <LawrenceG> there is haiti traffic being passed on 14.265 usb
[00:12:37] <LawrenceG> got a SW receiver?
[00:12:47] <skunkworks> the neighbor here likes to use 'slow scan' for sending pictures
[00:12:53] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Heh, I feel the same way. But for monitoring seems ok.
[00:13:01] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: No, just 144/440
[00:13:02] <tom3p> alex_m: no, emc expects a file, and you'd need to make the serial connection device a file ( possible in unixes )
[00:13:39] <tom3p> alex_m: no as in 'just point' ;)
[00:13:44] <alex_m> tom3p, yea, I am using python as well
[00:13:45] <LawrenceG> not very strong here... sounds like a guy in Cuba
[00:14:20] <alex_m> was thinking of using the python api to read from a serial port and then just write out to emc
[00:15:05] <tom3p> alex_m: im looking for 'drip feed' or 'spooling' on emc, i think its possible, never did it
[00:15:25] <alex_m> tom3p, cool - that would be great...
[00:15:42] <alex_m> if it can just read from a file, can I just have it scan for a file and wait for a change to be made?
[00:17:41] <andypugh> I have never used emcrsh, but my impression was that that could be used to send MDI commands?
[00:22:04] <tom3p> alex_m: i dont think so, (re: file updated and emc usinf 'next' line) and i didnt have luck finding refs to DNC on emc. it seemed 'anonimousu' tried it.
[00:22:19] <tom3p> usinf/using
[00:22:35] <alex_m> tom3p, aah - I will probably just try using the python libraries
[00:22:46] <tom3p> lurk till a dev shows up, maybe they know
[00:22:58] <alex_m> ye :)
[00:23:01] <alex_m> thanks
[00:31:36] <alidigitalis> is it ok to ask about controller cards here?
[00:31:56] <alidigitalis> i'm trying to get my sherline running.... i know pretty close to nothing
[00:32:08] <andypugh> Then you are in good company
[00:32:15] <alidigitalis> hi andy :)
[00:32:26] <alidigitalis> i know you from the email list
[00:32:48] <alidigitalis> i read it, just know so stinkin' little it's a bit silly
[00:33:30] <alidigitalis> well anyhow, i'll just throw it out there, and if anyone knows anything fire away :)
[00:33:31] <andypugh> You need to learn to bluff, that's what I do.
[00:33:44] <alidigitalis> :P
[00:33:54] <alidigitalis> fake it till you make it huh :)
[00:34:06] <andypugh> So, what's the question?
[00:34:15] <alidigitalis> well i've got the motors - they came with the machine
[00:34:32] <alidigitalis> however upon arrival the k179 stepper controllers were busted (or i busted them..)
[00:34:56] <alidigitalis> in any case i need to get a three (am thinking 4 in case i get the expansion eventually)
[00:35:02] <alidigitalis> cnc controller...
[00:35:17] <alidigitalis> and i really don't know what considerations i need to consider
[00:35:18] <andypugh> You have unipolar motors?
[00:35:26] <alidigitalis> brb let me check
[00:36:17] <alidigitalis> i don't know
[00:36:28] <alidigitalis> there's two of them that are astrosyn miniangle
[00:37:27] <alidigitalis> and one other that's stepsyn? or stepsan - they all have 6 wires
[00:37:59] <andypugh> OK, 6 wires means that they can be used Unipolar, so the K179 would have worked.
[00:38:26] <andypugh> What makes you sure that they are broken?
[00:38:27] <alidigitalis> yeah, dropping and stepping on them and crushing several of the ibts probably wasn't the best plan
[00:38:39] <andypugh> Ah, that sort of broken.
[00:38:47] <alidigitalis> very very broken
[00:39:10] <alidigitalis> i kicked their digital behinds...really showed 'em who's boss etc...
[00:39:32] <andypugh> Do you know the current rating of the motors?
[00:40:05] <andypugh> I take it you are looking to drive it from the parallel port?
[00:40:54] <alidigitalis> the large one is 4.5volts and 1.4 amps, the two small ones are 3 volts and 2.4 amps
[00:41:11] <alidigitalis> yes - running from the parallel port makes sense..
[00:41:29] <andypugh> With a modern controller you can ignore the voltage rating, you want to run at 10 or 20x the stated voltage
[00:42:17] <andypugh> That voltage is the voltage at which the rated current will flow connected DC, and that's no way to get decent speed out of the motors
[00:42:35] <alidigitalis> right on
[00:42:43] <alidigitalis> so is this an option? http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Axis-CNC-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Board-Controller-TB6560_W0QQitemZ180455537511QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2a03fcfb67
[00:43:10] <andypugh> Yes, I used one very much like that myself at first.
[00:43:31] <andypugh> Much more expensive, and rather better is http://www.geckodrive.com/product.aspx?c=3&i=14469
[00:44:06] <alidigitalis> ok - i've heard of gecko - why do people like them so much?
[00:44:32] <andypugh> I got bored of accidentally blowing up my eBay driver board, but that was mainly carelessness on my part.
[00:44:48] <andypugh> Dunno, I am just repeating wat others say.
[00:44:53] <andypugh> Where are you?
[00:44:54] <alidigitalis> so the gecko is gonna last longer?
[00:44:58] <alidigitalis> i'm in charlottesville va
[00:45:05] <andypugh> I didn't go for Gecko myself as there was no UK distributor
[00:45:50] <alidigitalis> wow - they want like 400 on ebay...
[00:46:53] <alidigitalis> i'm certain they do something nice... although if i can learn for 80 that's kinda nice
[00:47:16] <andypugh> Yeah, I would probably go for the cheapy in your position.
[00:47:51] <alidigitalis> thanks andy - really appreciate it....
[00:47:59] <alidigitalis> ignorance is only a bit lbissful
[00:48:07] <alidigitalis> the rest is mostly just boring imo
[00:48:35] <andypugh> There is a good chance you will be swapping it for something else further down the line, but at that point you will have a lot more idea what you need.
[00:48:45] <alidigitalis> fair enough
[00:48:57] <alidigitalis> all i'm trying to mill at this point is styrofoam
[00:49:15] <alidigitalis> (i've got a small aluminum foundry and want to make casts....
[00:49:25] <andypugh> There should be little difficulty there then
[00:50:01] <alidigitalis> that's what i'm hoping... i've been to my friend's wood shop and they've got a massive cnc mill, but that's for carving wood and light metal... totally different scene
[00:50:20] <andypugh> Though You might well end up milling the raw casting too, then casting parts for your mill, and before you know where you are you will have forgotten what the original project was.
[00:50:39] <alidigitalis> certainly would be nice
[00:51:10] <alidigitalis> i'm thinking i can cast the pieces the use the mill to "clean them up" a bit using a similar tool path
[00:51:42] <alidigitalis> ie similar to the one used to carve the styrofoam... thus hopefully not straining the machine too much
[00:51:43] <andypugh> Possibly, though the casting shrinkage will probably mean you miss...
[00:51:59] <alidigitalis> interesting... yeah, that'll be part of the next few years of learning
[00:52:04] <andypugh> What is the machine?
[00:52:12] <alidigitalis> it's a sherline 5400
[00:52:38] <alidigitalis> probably about the smallest cnc around?
[00:53:02] <andypugh> Yes, it is fairly twiddly.
[00:53:30] <alidigitalis> fair enough... i really just figure i need a few years of practice before trying to work my way in to a machine shop
[00:53:37] <tom3p> alidigitalis: maybe spend just a bit more but be safer. add in a parallel port pcu card( <20$), that'll protect the computer. add in teeny fuses on the load lines, that may protect the 80$ card. so like 100$ and safe-ish. their manual doesnt show much.
[00:54:14] <alidigitalis> tom3p: great idea - sold
[00:54:34] <andypugh> I think I see a row of opto-islators on that $80 eBay controller
[00:55:09] <alidigitalis> what are those?
[00:55:32] <tom3p> damn just closed that doc file
[00:55:40] <andypugh> Ah, was that "parallel port PCI card"? ie drive it through disposable hardware? That makes sense
[00:55:56] <tom3p> yes pci not pcu :(
[00:56:02] <alidigitalis> i've got a spare parallel port pci card in my garage...
[00:56:27] <alidigitalis> well unless anyone starts screaming now i'm ordering that piece
[00:57:06] <andypugh> It looks usefully better than the one I bought, and mine was fine until I shorted it phase-to-phase once too often.
[00:57:08] <tom3p> yes, Full closed-type optical isolation to protect the user's computer and equipment
[00:57:45] <andypugh> There was no opto-isolation on my board, so that one already outdoes the one I had.
[00:57:48] <tom3p> and Overload, over-current and over-temperature safety - Full protection for your computer and peripheral equipment! (trust that as far as you like)
[00:58:01] <alidigitalis> excellent - should be here in four days....
[00:58:11] <tom3p> hong kong?
[00:58:43] <alidigitalis> maybe a week :)
[00:58:53] <tom3p> yah hk
[00:59:11] <alidigitalis> i'm really stoked - thanks ya'll
[00:59:22] <andypugh> Claims resonance avoidance too, The paper spec is pretty good.
[00:59:35] <tom3p> alidigitalis: i've had good luck from taiwan/hongkong/thailand
[00:59:59] <alidigitalis> i would gloat.... except that none of that means anything yet.. time to spend some time with my friend google
[01:00:53] <andypugh> Right, I should have been asleep an hour ago.
[01:01:06] <alidigitalis> hasta amigo - thank you :)
[01:05:06] <tom3p> alex_m: i asked the devs, there aint no DNC in emc :( but, you can write it :)
[01:05:30] <tom3p> bbl
[01:09:47] <cradek> DNC is a workaround for controls with limited program space. we do not have that limitation.
[01:10:21] <cradek> also, DNC is only possible on controls that don't loop or have subroutines, because the drip feed is linear. we have those so DNC is incompatible.
[01:10:40] <cradek> if you think you want DNC, IMO you should back up and reevaluate what problem you are trying to solve
[01:11:02] <tom3p> cradek: some people have systems that output streams of gcode. its not 'wrong'.
[01:11:24] <tom3p> they'd like to hook emc controlled machines to that stream
[01:11:55] <cradek> they just have to capture it in a file then
[01:12:00] <tom3p> ok, thx
[01:12:21] <cradek> I didn't say it was 'wrong', I said it's a system that's incompatible with EMC and I explained why
[01:12:27] <tom3p> alex_m ^^^
[01:12:47] <tom3p> cradek: sorry
[01:12:55] <cradek> np
[01:14:31] <alex_m> :)
[01:14:37] <cradek> if the problem is you want to use a gcode generating program from that generation, I wasn't being snide - the solution is probably to just capture the output. same as if you had a program on tape - the answer then is read it in to a file, too
[01:15:07] <cradek> plus now you have all sorts of useful new things, like networking and usb sticks
[01:15:21] <cradek> who really wants to run rs232 cables anymore
[01:15:27] <danimal_garage> cradek: seems like and2 works ok with the home switch, at least for z so far
[01:15:36] <cradek> danimal_garage: cool
[01:15:49] <danimal_garage> doing x now
[01:15:55] <alex_m> cradek: so, the best thing is to capture the whole thing to a file and then read it? I was thinking of taking the serial input and then feeding it as it comes in through python
[01:16:21] <cradek> yes, just get your program to spit it out, and then load it in emc
[01:17:14] <cradek> a drip feed is incompatible with emc for the reasons I said. it needs to be what is called "seekable" which means that EMC can skip to any place in the program anytime it wants.
[01:17:17] <alex_m> cradek, better to do that then to use the python libs
[01:17:34] <alex_m> ?
[01:17:40] <cradek> that's how we do looping, subroutines, conditionals
[01:17:58] <cradek> easy with a gcode file - impossible with a serial drip
[01:18:14] <alex_m> yea...ok
[01:22:30] <danimal_garage> w00t home switches are done and working
[01:25:13] <danimal_garage> next thing to tackle is the turret i suppose
[01:26:01] <danimal_garage> cradek: have you replaced your servo belts? mine are all dryrotted and cracked
[01:28:18] <cradek> nope
[01:38:24] <danimal_garage> i think i want to redo the air selanoids for the collet chuck so that collet open is only momentary
[01:38:32] <danimal_garage> collet closer*
[01:39:34] <danimal_garage> i think it has a 4 way in there now
[01:39:58] <danimal_garage> i'll exchange it for 2 3 ways
[01:40:22] <danimal_garage> unless i'm mistaken, havent really gotten into it too much
[01:40:36] <danimal_garage> i hate wasted air
[01:55:31] <jfigie> I am trying to increase a signal value in hal when I press a keyboard key. I am not using ladder. I was thinking of using the edge detector last value inverted AND edge detector input current value to make a one servo-thread pulse. Then use a mux and sum2 to add the current value to itself plus 0 unless the one cycle pulse occurs then use to mux to add my increment value. Do think something like this will work?
[02:10:26] <GonMD> http://gonmd.com/uploads/display.php?type=image&file=_MG_6829.jpg&size=md
[02:10:42] <GonMD> i am now ready for engraving. that was a test block. awesome results
[02:12:12] <jfigie> Nice
[02:12:43] <jfigie> Did you buy or make the engraving too?
[02:12:56] <tom3p> nice, what did you think of the serif'ed test ( the foreground )?
[02:14:10] <jfigie> tool
[02:14:39] <GonMD> jfigie: bought. well, rather, my brother brought me one home from the machine shop he works at.
[02:15:22] <GonMD> tom3p: i didnt like it as much. that code was generated with engrave.py. the other, in focus was generated with Stick Font.
[02:15:36] <jfigie> I need one of those tools. What RPM?
[02:15:51] <GonMD> stickfont seems to handle the arcs in "S" much better, and cuts the whole letter in one go, rather then several
[02:16:23] <GonMD> i honestly dont know the RPM. just set it on 3 of 8 on the little dial on the router. its not VFD :(
[02:17:36] <GonMD> anyway, im going to be engraving some of my firearms. ATF requires that the lettering be 1/8th inch tall and .003 deep. i still need to indicate it, but it looks about .005/6ish
[02:18:26] <toastydeath> why does the ATF care about the size of engraving?
[02:25:48] <GonMD> no idea. its the ATF. they have more guns then i do :/
[02:31:55] <cradek> yay, my "new" scope seems to work
[02:32:35] <GonMD> O scope?
[02:32:49] <cradek> yeah, I finally got a tek 2232 like I've been wanting
[02:33:18] <GonMD> sweet. my dad has a few old ones in our garage. and by old, i mean, older then me (22)
[02:33:37] <GonMD> but they seem to do the job well.
[02:33:53] <cradek> heh, 22 is not old for test equipment
[02:35:05] <alidigitalis> aloha - i've been trying to figure out what to do with some point cloud data and have found this url
[02:35:07] <alidigitalis> http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=197574
[02:35:32] <alidigitalis> whoops - wrong forum... i apologize
[02:35:55] <alidigitalis> (actually the point cloud data is eventually part of the cnc project... so it's not that big a faux pas
[02:36:03] <alidigitalis> :P
[02:37:32] <cradek> heh, this model is from '89, so it actually is >20 years old
[02:40:41] <Danimal> god 1990 is already 20 years ago
[02:40:43] <Danimal> wtf
[02:40:50] <cradek> hah
[02:40:52] <cradek> no kidding
[02:41:58] <GonMD> you guys must be old :p
[02:42:37] <cradek> not really - I was just in high school in '90
[02:42:59] <cradek> I do plan on being old someday though, fwiw
[02:45:21] <GonMD> forget the hearse cause i neva die
[02:52:44] <jfigie> OK I know my previous question was probably confusing. I did sort of get my idea to work but had to change some things.
[02:54:10] <jfigie> Now what I really want to know is if there is a way to initialize a signal in Hal to a value that just once at startup?
[02:55:32] <danimal_garage> cradek: you were in high school in 1990?
[02:56:00] <danimal_garage> guess you're not a whole lot older than i
[02:56:09] <danimal_garage> i graduated in 99
[02:57:41] <danimal_garage> ok time to wire up the turret
[03:19:07] <GonMD> i want a turret on my machine :(
[03:20:13] <danimal_garage> i just want mine working :(
[03:20:29] <danimal_garage> just figured out what wire does what, so i can at least wire it tonight
[03:21:25] <danimal_garage> if i can figure this one out, maybe the toolchanger on my mill wont be too bad
[03:22:21] <cradek> jfigie: if you want to set a value initially, just put a sets command in your hal file
[03:22:35] <danimal_garage> cradek: do you use oil or water solulable coolant in yours?
[03:22:49] <cradek> definitely oil
[03:23:03] <danimal_garage> yuck
[03:23:04] <cradek> it runs everywhere and lubricates the slidey part
[03:23:12] <cradek> you cannot use water in these
[03:23:36] <cradek> it's not so bad - 5 gal will fill the sump
[03:23:44] <cradek> well, not full, but full enough to circulate
[03:23:51] <danimal_garage> it's still full from the previous owner
[03:24:00] <cradek> eww
[03:24:05] <danimal_garage> still looks pretty clean too
[03:24:34] <danimal_garage> yea, i figured it would be gross, but it isnt
[03:24:44] <cradek> that's a big advantage of oil IMO
[03:24:59] <cradek> water based stuff is so hard to keep from getting nasty
[03:25:26] <danimal_garage> true, but when you anodize your parts, they need to be surgicaly clean, and oil is a bitch to get 100% off easily
[03:25:36] <cradek> oh, yuck
[03:25:44] <cradek> yeah it sure stays in holes
[03:26:03] <danimal_garage> yea, luckly i dont have any small holes in my parts
[03:26:31] <GonMD> we used naptha at our machine shop for cleaning parts
[03:26:53] <danimal_garage> the wiring of this machine has gone suprisingly well considering i have no schematics
[03:27:15] <danimal_garage> i'm happy
[03:27:37] <cradek> neat
[03:27:53] <GonMD> i had to take part of my machine apart tonight before i did that engraving
[03:28:05] <GonMD> i installed the gantry backwards >.<
[03:28:17] <danimal_garage> ouch
[03:28:35] <GonMD> but its fixed now. i just need to resurface my table tomorrow morning before i do any serious engraving
[03:29:04] <GonMD> now im practicing with solidworks
[03:29:41] <danimal_garage> solidworks is fun
[03:29:48] <GonMD> 8 hours or so. never used it before. http://i46.tinypic.com/34o274l.jpg
[03:30:16] <danimal_garage> nice, looks great
[03:31:10] <danimal_garage> i took a course in it a couple years ago
[03:31:23] <GonMD> i cannot find any decent tutorials on the web
[03:31:43] <GonMD> so after i get a bit better im gonna make some. cause ive been just having to play with things till i figure it out
[03:32:16] <danimal_garage> it's pretty user friendly, the biggest thing is learning how to be efficent with it
[03:32:38] <GonMD> im really enjoying it. some of the errors can be rather cryptic though :/
[03:33:48] <danimal_garage> there's a way to build the models.. typically using as few sketches as possible... so it's easy to alter things without having to change a bunch of stuff just because you need to change one dimension
[03:34:05] <danimal_garage> it's all about the use of relations
[03:34:31] <GonMD> well, lucky for me, everything im going to be modeling for the most part, are going to be things out of video games for props, so things would really need to be 100% accurate
[03:37:09] <GonMD> im also looking forward to cutting some foamy RC airplanes. enough of this cutting by hand nonsense
[03:38:42] <danimal_garage> that'll be cool
[03:44:27] <GonMD> arg. a 3 flute 1/16th 1" flute length endmill is 50 bucks
[04:28:20] <danimal_garage> what in the world would you use one that long for
[04:36:04] <GonMD> prop cutting
[04:36:37] <Jymmm> GonMD: And you gonna test the final results too?
[04:37:43] <Jymmm> Oh, I thought you were fabricating puddle jumper props
[04:38:05] <GonMD> nope. movie props. or items from video games mostly
[04:38:18] <Jymmm> k
[04:39:53] <GonMD> id also like to build a rotocaster and a vac table
[04:55:35] <tom3p> GonMD: you did that peice after 8 hrs in solidworks? congrats go watch 3dudes (a solidworks web comedy ) http://www.solidworks.com/pages/3dudes/
[04:56:04] <tom3p> (well as funny as solidworks can get )
[04:58:58] <danimal_garage> ok i got everything done but the ladder for my turret
[04:59:06] <danimal_garage> hopefully i can finish that tomorrow
[04:59:16] <danimal_garage> then i can use it :)
[05:08:10] <GonMD> keep working!
[05:09:53] <danimal_garage> just found an incorrect parameter for my vfd
[05:10:09] <danimal_garage> no wonder it seemed like i had a short rpm range
[05:10:47] <danimal_garage> it's time to retire for the evening
[05:10:52] <danimal_garage> it's beer thirty
[05:11:06] <danimal_garage> well, to be honest it was already beer thirty
[05:11:39] <danimal_garage> but nonetheless
[05:11:45] <danimal_garage> adios
[06:39:00] <kevinh> anyone here?
[06:56:15] <GonMD> nope
[06:59:42] <kevinh> damn
[06:59:45] <kevinh> spoil my hopes and dreams
[07:01:57] <GonMD> whats up
[07:03:45] <kevinh> so a client came to me with this idea for porting emc2 to mac os x. I've been browsing over the source, but i wanted to know if someone had an outline of the code. I'm trying to get a feel for the apps overall structure before i start reading the code itself.
[07:04:13] <GonMD> id donate to ti
[07:04:55] <GonMD> linux is cool and all, but i really like os x
[07:04:58] <kevinh> i've been wanting something like it too.
[07:05:13] <GonMD> id like to write my own engraving app for osx sort of like StickFont
[07:05:15] <kevinh> so when he came to me with the idea and a backer, i decided it was worth investigating.
[07:15:45] <tom3p> kevinh: basic resources to emc http://www.linuxcnc.org http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl specific to structure http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/code_Code_Notes.html
[07:16:54] <kevinh> I've compiled a new build already on my ubuntu 9.10 machine
[07:18:55] <kevinh> the code notes are exactly what i needed! thank you
[07:19:00] <tom3p> the basic hardware framework of emc2 uses parallel ports and/or pci slots, i have no idea about the hardware possibilities of macintosh.
[07:26:01] <kevinh> we have native parallel block devices similar to linux
[07:26:19] <kevinh> they just aren't included on macs. a usb device creates a pass through though
[09:16:50] <EbiDK> EbiDK is now known as EbiDK|AWAY
[09:24:42] <lilalinux_away> lilalinux_away is now known as lilalinux
[10:17:56] <piasdom> g'morning all
[10:18:19] <micges_work1> hi
[10:35:46] <jasenk> hi
[13:23:36] <tlab2> tlab2 is now known as tlab
[13:50:26] <skunkworks_> This web based irc client on freenode is cool also.
[13:51:57] <skunkworks_> Well - one of the 4 amps being bad - the guy is sending us $50 back... And dad picked up the same model (without the power supply) for 51 dollars. (just don't think about shipping)
[13:57:11] <skunkworks_> and who knows - maybe we can fix the bad one.
[14:18:41] <micges_work1> micges_work1 is now known as micges
[14:29:51] <tom3p> kevinh: usb wont work, the realtime data has to pass thru the usb to the parport. it cant be done on realtime. this is highly arguable on the newbie end, but ALL devs agree it cannot be done. you must have hardware supported by emc http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?EMC2_Supported_Hardware
[14:35:58] <kevinh> tom3p: the thing is, they have cnc software for windows... so it has to be possible to do this type of thing without a realtime os, even if it's not with emc
[14:36:08] <kevinh> and without realtime output.
[14:36:33] <kevinh> besides that though, for a test bed all i need is blinking lights anyway.
[14:41:55] <tom3p> kevinh: i own several professional cnc 'programs' for pc machines. aerotech, pmac, inav, & some others. they talk to hardware that are realtime computers. thats how they manage realtime, the program is just a terminal with no realtime needs. other systems either are realtime (special os) or screw up cuts by stalling when the cutter/plasma should be moving. do as you like, i was only warning of a pitfall. nuff said.
[15:02:40] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: So, where on the planet are you today?
[15:02:48] <Jymmm> JT-Work: Mornin
[15:03:01] <JT-Work> Jymmm: hey
[15:04:49] <SWPLinux> Jymmm: I'm at O'Hare airport, headed for Los Angeles
[15:05:13] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Coming up this way at all?
[15:05:18] <SWPLinux> not this trip
[15:05:22] <SWPLinux> (or the next one)
[15:05:34] <Jymmm> heh
[15:05:45] <SWPLinux> I'll probably go to ESC though, at the end of April
[15:05:50] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Bummer, I was gonna have you pick me up cheese spread =)
[15:05:56] <SWPLinux> maybe I'll be able to convince my wife to go too, she has that week off
[15:06:00] <SWPLinux> heh
[15:06:08] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Very cool
[15:06:23] <SWPLinux> I'll fax you a fiver, you can get some cheez wiz locally :)
[15:07:20] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: No, this http://www.clearmansrestaurants.com/cheesespread.html they sell it in the grocery stores in SoCal. The BEST stuff ever!!!
[15:07:58] <Jymmm> OH HAWT DAMN! They sell it up here now - now to actually find it
[15:08:17] <SWPLinux> yeah, there's a location in SFO
[15:08:50] <Jymmm> I;m not driving to SF for a $2 cheese spread (probably)
[15:08:57] <SWPLinux> heh
[15:09:05] <SWPLinux> maybe when we hit the House of Prime Rib ...
[15:10:12] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Maybe. I Saw soem recipes, but most of them are not exact.
[15:10:23] <Jymmm> The shit is awesome thugh
[15:10:29] <ries> Hey guys... I have 3 wires running from a PMDX 122 to a Gecko driver.... for shielding these 3 wires would it be best to put the shield on the 0V on the PMDX or on the ground plate of the gecko driver? IMHO on the 0V of the PMDX because it's best to shield at the start of the signal... any opinions + resoning?
[15:11:03] <SWPLinux> ries: you are correct - ground the shield at the signal source
[15:11:39] <SWPLinux> Jymmm: I'm not much of a cheese spread kind of guy, but I'd definitely try it
[15:11:52] <ries> SWPLinux: I thought so already.... I just cannot help wondering why the company that created the PMDX didn't create any provisions for it....
[15:12:04] <SWPLinux> remind me to bring some of the local smoked cheddar
[15:12:24] <SWPLinux> there are screw terminals, put the shield conductor in the same terminal as the ground wire
[15:12:33] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Be careful, you might have extra luggage charge - I LUST good cheese
[15:12:39] <SWPLinux> err - ok then
[15:12:56] <SWPLinux> this stuff has won the award for best smoked cheese for the last three years
[15:13:05] <SWPLinux> (since they started making it ...)
[15:13:26] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: If you like garlic cheese bread (all nice and toasty), you would love this.
[15:14:00] <SWPLinux> the cheese spread? (does it have garlic in it?)
[15:14:18] <SWPLinux> oh, remind me to bring some nice chevre as well
[15:14:21] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Garlic, worcheser, onion, and more
[15:15:31] <SWPLinux> this is a bummer - all the USB ports on my laptop are fried
[15:15:37] <SWPLinux> or there's suddenly a driver problem
[15:15:39] <Jymmm> ?
[15:15:50] <SWPLinux> yeah
[15:15:53] <SWPLinux> ?
[15:15:53] <Danimal> ouch!
[15:15:56] <Jymmm> I'm gonna say driver (craptop)?
[15:16:07] <SWPLinux> no, the driver picks up internal USB devices
[15:16:18] <Jymmm> reboot?
[15:16:26] <SWPLinux> I may have fried at least one port last night when checking cameras
[15:16:33] <Jymmm> ouch
[15:16:36] <SWPLinux> yeah, I'll have to do that at some point
[15:17:07] <SWPLinux> I'm just surprised that they're all dead - they're in two very different locations, and they're also supposed to be short-circuit protected (I think that's in the spec)
[15:17:17] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: you on the craptop?
[15:17:23] <SWPLinux> no, it's a laptop
[15:17:28] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: you on the craptop?
[15:17:31] <SWPLinux> no, it's a laptop
[15:17:38] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: you on the craptop?
[15:17:39] <SWPLinux> no, it's a laptop
[15:17:54] <SWPLinux> (how long must this go on? :) )
[15:18:01] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: I'll tak that as a yes
[15:18:04] <kevinh> tom3p: thank you for the warning. I'll take it under advisement.
[15:18:31] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: What's the battery life on that craptop of yours, 30 minutes?
[15:18:49] <SWPLinux> 1:45 or so
[15:18:52] <SWPLinux> of actual use
[15:18:58] <Jymmm> ah
[15:19:11] <Jymmm> I still think you should get a netbook
[15:19:17] <SWPLinux> it's not far off from new ones of the same power
[15:19:43] <Jymmm> you still bringing a full sized kybd?
[15:19:46] <SWPLinux> (dual-core 2.2 GHz, nvidia 8600M graphics, 200GB HD, 4GB RAM, 17" display ...)
[15:19:53] <SWPLinux> probably
[15:20:05] <SWPLinux> especially if I get a netbook/subnotebook
[15:20:16] <SWPLinux> I've been looking, but I'm pretty picky
[15:20:45] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: You didn't like mine?
[15:20:53] <Jymmm> even has an expresslot
[15:20:57] <SWPLinux> too small for the kind of things I Do
[15:21:13] <Jymmm> it's a netbook
[15:21:25] <SWPLinux> exactly - I need more screen real estate
[15:21:36] <Jymmm> you should carry a 23" LCD too =)
[15:21:39] <SWPLinux> so one of the 14-15" little notebooks might do
[15:21:40] <SWPLinux> yeah, I should
[15:21:54] <SWPLinux> once they come out with the rollable ones, I probably will :)
[15:22:07] <SWPLinux> (roll-up, that is - I already have a carry-on)
[15:22:15] <Jymmm> lol
[15:22:47] <SWPLinux> the Acer Aspire 5810 (or something like that) looks pretty good to me
[15:23:14] <SWPLinux> there's one that supposedly gets ~8 hours battery life, has a reasonable screen size, and a dual-core CPU of reasonable speed
[15:23:53] <Jymmm> it's 15" though, think you can handle that?
[15:24:08] <SWPLinux> I can probably live with it for short trips ;)
[15:24:31] <SWPLinux> I've been using the Droid a lot, for stuff like email and whatnot, so the laptop is less necessary while actually traveling
[15:24:37] <cradek> I'd believe 8hr battery life when I see it
[15:24:39] <SWPLinux> yeah
[15:24:51] <SWPLinux> the NewEgg reviews actually support the claim though
[15:24:58] <cradek> that's impressive, if so
[15:25:22] <SWPLinux> they have another one that's going to be rated at 11 hours, but I think it requires some (Windows only) driver
[15:25:23] <Jymmm> Hmmm, it has a real numpad http://img.alibaba.com/photo/263249833/Brand-New-ACER-Aspire-5810T-Keyboard-US-GLOSSY.jpg
[15:26:04] <cradek> I'd rather have insert/home/pgup/del/end/pgdn and arrows in the normal configuration
[15:26:25] <cradek> a battery driver??
[15:26:36] <Danimal> my laptop sucks... only a year old and i can barely make it into the next room before the battery dies
[15:26:37] <Jymmm> cradek: I'ce never seen a laptop with those, unless it's a 17"+
[15:26:48] <SWPLinux> yeah -that's one thing that bugs me about this laptop too - those functions are FN+arrow keys, so you can't page up with one hand
[15:26:53] <cradek> yeah, but some have numpads. numpad is useless to me.
[15:27:04] <cradek> SWPLinux: I'd never have bought that then
[15:27:07] <Jymmm> I use NUMPAD all the time
[15:27:08] <SWPLinux> the numpad is usually usable as navigation keys too
[15:27:13] <cradek> that's the main reason I won't buy a mac laptop
[15:27:18] <SWPLinux> I might not have if I had noticed
[15:27:44] <SWPLinux> that and the non-changeable hardware
[15:27:47] <Jymmm> cradek: Yeah, but the ext kybd is AWESOME, even if you dotn have a mac
[15:27:59] <SWPLinux> I can't stand their keyboards, personally
[15:28:28] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Have you played with the flat kybd? It's a damn nice eplacement for my IBM kybd
[15:28:31] <SWPLinux> (and yes, I've used several, from imac, powermac, mac pro, macbook, macbook pro, and some other one)
[15:28:38] <SWPLinux> yeah, I don't really like it
[15:28:48] <Jymmm> Oh man, that thing is nice
[15:28:52] <Jymmm> feels good too
[15:29:19] <Jymmm> That Acer kybd I linked above looks like a rubber membrain though
[15:29:24] <cradek> if it has the same bad layout as normal macs (no pgup/pgdn)...
[15:29:39] <Jymmm> cradek: No it has normal layout and more
[15:29:53] <SWPLinux> right up through F14 or F16
[15:30:16] <cradek> I bet my IBM Model M would beat it in a fight
[15:30:26] <Jymmm> http://cache.gizmodo.com/assets/resources/2007/07/imac-slim-keyboard-1.jpg
[15:30:30] <Jymmm> cradek: ^^^^^
[15:30:42] <cradek> looks flat
[15:30:42] <Danimal> well that depends if it's prison rules
[15:30:57] <Jymmm> cradek: It is. solid alum plate
[15:31:05] <cradek> keyboards should be curved
[15:31:10] <Jymmm> lol
[15:31:15] <SWPLinux> heh
[15:31:43] <SWPLinux> yes, the keys shouldn't be level, but they should press straight down
[15:31:53] <SWPLinux> rows shouldn't be level with each other, that is
[15:31:54] <cradek> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/57/ModelM.jpg
[15:32:00] <Jymmm> Mr Radek, please step into 1st Century at the white courtesy phone
[15:32:05] <cradek> this is the best keyboard ever made in the history of the world
[15:32:24] <Jymmm> cradek: Yes, I have two of them right now
[15:32:27] <Danimal> you guys are pretty serious about your keyboards. i bet you dont chicken peck
[15:32:28] <cradek> notice all the keys are in the right places, and there are no extra keys
[15:32:46] <Jymmm> cradek: one of mine even has eraser mouse too
[15:32:56] <SWPLinux> I like the extra keys - they let you do cool things if you have compiz or similar installed
[15:33:03] <cradek> Jymmm: neat - that's an uncommon one. too bad they don't have three buttons though.
[15:33:16] <Jymmm> cradek: I've even burned out the LED's =(
[15:33:36] <cradek> the one I'm typing on right now is so old it has no LEDs - I've never seen another one like it
[15:33:41] <SWPLinux> you can replace those ;)
[15:33:43] <Jymmm> but not one key has it's characters rubbed off
[15:33:54] <cradek> yeah they don't rub off
[15:34:12] <Jymmm> cradek: I even have the IBM tool to remove the keys =) lol
[15:34:24] <cradek> this one has the square IBM logo on the right, instead of the tilted oval on the left
[15:34:30] <Danimal> http://cgi.ebay.com:80/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160392199667&_trksid=e11010.m203&_trkparms=algo%3DCRX%26its%3DI%252BS%26itu%3DSI%252BUCI%26otn%3D4&ssPageName=ADME:B:WNA:US:1348
[15:34:35] <cradek> I think it might be an AT model (pre-PS2)
[15:34:39] <Danimal> what do you think about those drives
[15:34:48] <Danimal> overkill for my mill?
[15:34:49] <Jymmm> cradek: Ah, mine are PS/2
[15:34:59] <SWPLinux> AT keyboards have the larger 5-pin DIN plug
[15:35:02] <cradek> Danimal: no idea
[15:35:12] <Danimal> 45 amps
[15:36:11] <cradek> have you found data on them?
[15:36:16] <Danimal> yea
[15:36:28] <Danimal> seems like they should work
[15:36:35] <Danimal> with emc
[15:36:40] <cradek> do they require tachs?
[15:36:43] <Danimal> velocity mode
[15:36:44] <Danimal> yea
[15:37:01] <cradek> do you have motors picked out too?
[15:37:07] <Danimal> well, i know they have tach connections
[15:37:15] <Danimal> not yet, i was just browsing
[15:37:46] <Danimal> i still have no clue how big of motors my mill needs
[15:38:08] <cradek> was there a servo model of that mill?
[15:38:19] <Danimal> good point, there was
[15:38:35] <cradek> belt reduction or direct drive?
[15:39:08] <Danimal> direct drive for the ones i've seen
[15:39:32] <SWPLinux> well, time to head for the next flight. see you guys later
[15:39:43] <Danimal> adios SWPLinux
[15:40:56] <Danimal> what;s the amperage on your bridgeport?
[15:44:17] <Danimal> there's another set of similar drives on ebay, but they are 20A. they are also half the price
[15:44:28] <Danimal> no power supply though
[15:53:26] <JT-Work> Oh boy I have a pile of Mesa stuff :)
[15:57:40] <Danimal> yay!
[15:57:58] <Danimal> is it running yet?
[15:59:42] <Danimal> i got my turret wired up last night, and i got the hal setup for it, now i just gotta figure out the ladder
[16:00:41] <Danimal> i got the home switches, spindle vfd, hi/lo gear all done
[16:01:09] <archivist> video of it running yet :)
[16:01:13] <Danimal> all i got left is the coolant pump and lube (easy), and the turret
[16:01:54] <Danimal> archivist: as soon as i get the lube and turret working at least
[16:02:16] <archivist> you are making good progress
[16:02:27] <cradek> yeah sounds like it's going fast
[16:02:54] <Danimal> yea, getting there...had a bit of a learning curve
[16:03:27] <Danimal> getting more comfortable with HAL now
[16:03:48] <Jymmm> hal now brown cow
[16:04:33] <Danimal> i'm hoping to finish it this week
[16:04:53] <cradek> Danimal: answering earlier question: amps on my bridgeport are 14A continuous 30A peak (5 seconds) at 100VDC output
[16:05:02] <Danimal> hmm
[16:05:16] <cradek> all axes have belt reduction, not sure how much - probably about 3:1
[16:05:27] <Danimal> oh ok
[16:05:43] <Danimal> maybe i will need the bigger ones then
[16:05:56] <Danimal> if i go direct drive
[16:06:00] <cradek> yeah for direct drive, 45A sounds like it might be sane
[16:06:08] <Danimal> yea
[16:06:37] <Danimal> for $300 bucks for 3 and the power supply, plus all the documentation is avalible, that didnt seem too bad
[16:07:04] <cradek> 100+A at 100+V takes an awfully big transformer
[16:07:14] <Danimal> 144A power supply
[16:07:27] <cradek> nice
[16:07:41] <Danimal> shipping is $75
[16:07:46] <Danimal> not too bad
[16:07:50] <Danimal> considering
[16:07:59] <cradek> no xformer though - you'll have to find one
[16:08:20] <cradek> wonder how big it was
[16:08:23] <Danimal> no xformer? isnt that on the PS?
[16:08:55] <cradek> no way
[16:09:02] <Danimal> hmm guess your right, didnt notice
[16:09:02] <cradek> if it's single phase it probably weighs 100lb
[16:09:26] <Danimal> wow
[16:09:26] <cradek> or more
[16:09:38] <cradek> you should ask what its rating was
[16:09:53] <cradek> or possibly this PS is nonisolated - what voltage are the drives?
[16:10:16] <Danimal> 100 i thought
[16:10:29] <Danimal> lemme dig up the pdf again
[16:10:30] <cradek> yeah there's a big transformer somewhere then.
[16:12:10] <Danimal> they still make and sell the same drive
[16:12:29] <Danimal> oh wait nm it says discontinued
[16:15:01] <Danimal> well it says it can opperate on bus voltage of 80-225v
[16:15:10] <Danimal> doesnt seem like i need a transformer
[16:15:42] <cradek> the amp can, or the PS can?
[16:16:09] <cradek> if the amp can, they're talking about the DC voltage
[16:17:54] <Danimal> amp can
[16:21:24] <Danimal> still looking for PS info
[16:25:15] <Danimal> well i'll wait and see if anyone bids on them. if not, i'll see if he'll do 300 shipped
[16:26:16] <Danimal> not sure if i'll find much cheaper for that big of drives
[16:28:25] <cradek> if the amps can take 160-180 DC in, you can use a cheap/plentiful 240->120 transformer
[16:28:30] <cradek> you can find these anywhere
[16:28:41] <cradek> other voltages can be much much harder to find
[16:29:23] <Danimal> cool
[16:29:50] <Danimal> wasnt there a 240-120 transformer in the hnc, or is it too small?
[16:30:16] <cradek> way too small
[16:30:18] <cradek> http://www.hgrindustrialsurplus.com/sub/product_detail.aspx?id=10-728-029
[16:31:02] <Danimal> i got my step chuck and closer from them
[16:31:16] <Danimal> cool
[16:31:28] <Danimal> then i just gotta find motors
[16:31:44] <cradek> maybe you can find a xformer locally
[16:31:52] <Danimal> pretty sure i can
[16:31:57] <cradek> have any industrial junk dealers around?
[16:32:13] <Danimal> electrical surplus yard
[16:32:23] <cradek> perfect
[16:32:31] <Danimal> thats where i got my braking rsistors and some other stuff
[16:33:08] <Danimal> yea, they got tons of transformers
[16:34:33] <Danimal> they got that neat little sony desktop circuit board mill too
[16:35:00] <cradek> oh right - you were gonna go get that and send it to me, right?
[16:35:14] <Danimal> :)
[16:35:28] <Danimal> you pay for it and i'll get it for ya
[16:36:19] <cradek> I just bought a scope with my play money - I'm too poor for a while again
[16:36:28] <Danimal> oh nice
[16:36:39] <Danimal> they had some there too
[16:37:24] <Danimal> i'd get one if i knew what the hell i was looking at
[16:38:49] <Danimal> i'm sure that mill will be there for a long time
[16:39:09] <Danimal> they dont seem to have much traffic through there
[16:39:36] <Danimal> they make and sell phase converters, i think thats the bulk of their business
[16:39:42] <Danimal> convert-a-phase
[16:41:16] <Danimal> bbiaf, time to walk the dogs
[16:44:00] <Danimal> before i go, how compatable are touch screen monitors with emc?
[16:44:27] <Danimal> i found a acnodes industrial one for cheap
[16:45:37] <cradek> driver support is hit and miss
[16:47:32] <Danimal> ah ok
[16:47:52] <Danimal> i'll wait till i have time for that
[16:47:57] <jepler> "Ever wondered what the SysRq key on your keyboard does? Lenovo has decided it's so rarely used that it has started removing the key from some new Thinkpad Edge laptops"
[16:48:23] <Danimal> what does it do?
[16:48:55] <Danimal> nothing on mine lol
[16:48:56] <Jymmm> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_request
[16:49:33] <jepler> on linux alt+sysrq can do some special things like remount all filesystems readonly, sync all data to disk, and reboot. It's called the "magic sysrq key"
[16:49:37] <jepler> on windows, I don't think it does much
[16:50:21] <Jymmm> For the Windows NT remote kernel debugger, it can be used to force the system into the debugger.[6]
[17:02:09] <archivist_attic> archivist_attic is now known as archivist
[17:04:17] <Jymmm> jepler: Interesting http://support.microsoft.com/kb/900093
[17:04:34] <Jymmm> jepler: Item #7
[17:25:35] <danimal_garage> up to 40% off on metalworking stuff at msc today only. promo code MWMANIA40W
[17:26:40] <JT-Work> * JT-Work wonders what the green cross looking thing is that came with the 7i33 card and the 7i37's
[17:27:09] <JT-Work> danimal_garage: I just placed and order 5 minutes ago LOL
[17:33:44] <skunkworks_> cradek: what kind of scope
[17:33:46] <skunkworks_> ?
[17:35:56] <cradek> tek 2232
[17:36:05] <cradek> one of the few digital/analog ones
[17:36:54] <skunkworks_> Neat!
[17:37:11] <isssy> hi all
[17:37:32] <cradek> yeah seeing before the trigger is the big feature I missed on my analog storage scope (zoom is nice too)
[17:37:36] <cradek> isssy: hi
[17:39:09] <danimal_garage> JT-Work: i was wondering what those things are myself... mine are orange though
[17:39:21] <danimal_garage> speak of the devil
[17:39:43] <skunkworks_> does this make any sense? http://cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97302
[17:39:48] <danimal_garage> pcw_home: what are those cross looking things that come with the mesa boards?
[17:39:49] <pcw_home> JT-Work: little flat breakaway things?
[17:39:57] <danimal_garage> yes
[17:40:27] <pcw_home> Keys for the plugable screw terminal blocks
[17:40:54] <danimal_garage> oh ok
[17:41:08] <cradek> skunkworks_: if he's saying software can't remove the effects of backlash in all cases, he's sure right
[17:41:16] <pcw_home> (you nip tabs on the plug to match the keys in the receptacle)
[17:41:47] <cradek> skunkworks_: I bet his whole machine is flexing, so cutting force does more than just push his screws from one side of the backlash to the other
[17:51:50] <jepler> backlash works by adding half the backlash value when travelling in one direction and subtracting half of it when travelling in the opposite direction. Instead of introducing a jump when the axis reverses, it changes it "over a short period of time".
[17:55:19] <lilalinux> lilalinux is now known as lilalinux_away
[17:57:26] <MarkusBec_away> MarkusBec_away is now known as MarkusBec
[18:04:36] <lilalinux_away> lilalinux_away is now known as lilalinux
[18:27:18] <JT-Work> pcw_home: yes
[18:27:39] <JT-Work> keys?
[18:28:01] <JT-Work> * JT-Work should read back before hitting the enter key
[18:31:58] <JT-Work> * JT-Work doesn't have the cards in front of him but guesses it is to make it so you can't plug the wrong plug in the wrong hole or something like that :)
[18:39:24] <pcw_home> Yep, when we went to the 8 wide plugs instead of 24, you end up with
[18:39:26] <pcw_home> 720 possible wrong arrangments instead of just 2 (If my math is right)
[18:39:27] <pcw_home> Figured the keys would help the odds
[18:39:55] <JT-Work> pcw_home: thanks
[18:40:35] <pcw_home> (actually those would be to total arrangements, just one being right)
[18:45:35] <danimal_garage> hmm little confused on one part of the ladder..... probably very simple but i think i'm over analyzing it.
[18:46:27] <JT-Work> ladder in general?
[18:46:39] <danimal_garage> i want to turn on the turret up/rotate coil when both tool prepare and tool change inputs are active
[18:48:08] <danimal_garage> i figured inputs would be linked to latch coils, and have the estop pin and the signal from the compare variable break the latch
[18:48:28] <JT-Work> we never did get a copy of robh's ladder did we?
[18:48:37] <danimal_garage> nopers
[18:49:08] <JT-Work> as I understand you spin till your compare is correct then drop and lock
[18:49:36] <JT-Work> maybe cradek has an example from his convert
[18:55:33] <JT-Work> looks like you use iocontrol.too-change to know a tool change is requested
[18:56:19] <JT-Work> and iocontrol.tool-number and when sucuessful iocontrol.tool-changed to resume the program
[19:15:32] <danimal_garage> yea i know the hal stuff already
[19:15:50] <danimal_garage> i'm trying to figure out the coils in the ladder
[19:20:21] <danimal_garage> i'm not sure how to "wire" it so that output 1 is on only when both input 1 and 2 are triggered
[19:21:06] <cradek> -||--||------()-
[19:21:27] <danimal_garage> i figured inputs 1 and 2 would be wired to N.O. latch coils, and there would be a reset coil to unlatch them
[19:22:36] <danimal_garage> cradek: thats all?
[19:22:47] <danimal_garage> i didnt think that would be that easu
[19:22:50] <danimal_garage> easy*
[19:23:55] <JT-Work> yep
[19:24:07] <cradek> if you want an output when two things are on, sure that's it
[19:24:22] <JT-Work> I normally don't use a latched output unless I really need one
[19:25:04] <danimal_garage> do i need a latch coil or are the toolprepare and toolchange true till the toolchanged or toolprepared pins are true?
[19:26:08] <jepler> except in the case of abort/estop, prepare will stay TRUE until some time after prepared goes TRUE. The same for change/changed.
[19:26:18] <danimal_garage> cool
[19:26:24] <danimal_garage> that makes it easy
[19:27:09] <danimal_garage> ok i'm gunna give it a shot
[19:28:20] <danimal_garage> thanks
[19:34:30] <JT-Work> danimal_garage: get someone to hold your beer and take a video :)
[19:37:11] <archivist> * archivist is happy to hold beer :)
[19:44:36] <skunkworks_> me! me! - pick me!
[19:47:06] <JT-Work> I'll stand way off and watch
[19:48:31] <skunkworks_> anyone know anything about yaskawa servos? are they normal 3 phase with 3 wire hall sensors?
[19:48:42] <skunkworks_> ;) still searching...
[19:58:39] <danimal_garage> jt-plasma: soon enough grasshopper
[19:58:55] <JT-Work> :)
[19:59:08] <danimal_garage> i'd like to at least pick up some of my mess before i video tape it :)
[19:59:22] <danimal_garage> actually i guess i'm the grasshopper
[20:00:00] <danimal_garage> i think i finished the ladder, but something is screwy with hal, double checking pins now
[20:00:39] <cradek> that was fast
[20:02:09] <danimal_garage> thats what she said
[20:02:29] <danimal_garage> well i dont know if it's right, we'll see
[20:02:49] <cradek> that's what she said
[20:03:02] <danimal_garage> zing!
[20:03:11] <cradek> what an easy joke that is
[20:03:18] <cradek> and somehow, it's still funny
[20:03:37] <cradek> I think it's funny because it's so easy and stupid, not because it's funny itself
[20:03:45] <cradek> metafunny
[20:04:51] <danimal_garage> it's my benchmark of jokes
[20:05:01] <danimal_garage> it works for almost everything
[20:05:27] <skunkworks_> danimal_garage: the irc client on freenode seems to work great also... http://webchat.freenode.net/
[20:05:48] <skunkworks_> it is html
[20:05:59] <skunkworks_> html'ish
[20:06:22] <frallzor> http://www.pici.se/p/xTegITfOb/ any comments on my "shooting from the hip" model? :P
[20:06:23] <danimal_garage> ok when i do a t#m6, and i look at the iocontrol toolchange pin in hal configuration, it still says false
[20:06:45] <danimal_garage> skunkworks_: cool
[20:06:45] <cradek> which pin?
[20:07:12] <danimal_garage> iocontrol.o.tool-change
[20:08:28] <danimal_garage> as well as iocontrol.o.tool-changed
[20:08:49] <cradek> they're not hooked together or something are they?
[20:08:53] <danimal_garage> shouldnt one be true if the other is false?
[20:09:12] <danimal_garage> i dont think so unless i missed something
[20:09:31] <danimal_garage> i'll double check
[20:11:53] <danimal_garage> hmm when i closed classicladder, i hit save, but when i restarted emc and opened ladder editor, it shows nothing
[20:13:24] <danimal_garage> dammit
[20:20:08] <danimal_garage> hmm how come when i preview, it shows nothing?
[20:20:27] <danimal_garage> i redid the ladder and hit save but i dont think its saving
[20:20:56] <cradek> how are you starting the classicladder gui?
[20:22:54] <cradek> (it is probably saving but not where you expect)
[20:23:18] <danimal_garage> i have a line in hal
[20:23:40] <danimal_garage> well the file name shown is the file it's supposed to save to
[20:23:50] <cradek> the hal should start with no gui, then use the file menu in axis to start the gui
[20:27:15] <JT-Work> I thought you just used the nogui option after you are done debugging...
[20:27:56] <danimal_garage> oh yea i opened the gui in file
[20:28:15] <danimal_garage> ladder editior in file
[20:28:53] <danimal_garage> ok i must be doing somethnig wrong, it shows nothing in preview
[20:48:17] <danimal_garage> maybe i'm still in edit mode or something
[20:49:23] <cradek> oh I bet so
[20:49:28] <cradek> you have to click OK to get out of edit mode
[20:49:30] <cradek> then save
[20:50:59] <danimal_garage> yep thats what it was
[20:51:08] <cradek> arg
[20:51:10] <danimal_garage> it's always the simple stuff that gets me
[20:53:31] <danimal_garage> i'm like rainman
[20:53:42] <danimal_garage> except i'm horrible at blackjack
[20:54:41] <alex_joni> at least you know how many matches you have in your house
[20:55:40] <danimal_garage> yea, well that's easy, i used the last one last night doing some shrink tubing
[21:00:31] <SWPLinux> hey Jymmm (or anyone else) - where would you go for laptop replacement parts?
[21:00:39] <skunkworks_> SWPLinux: that was a quick flight
[21:00:43] <SWPLinux> heh
[21:00:47] <SWPLinux> Chicago to LAX
[21:00:58] <SWPLinux> about 3.5 hours I think
[21:01:08] <SWPLinux> much warmer here than at home, I'll tell you that
[21:03:53] <ries> Anybody uses pro engineer ?
[21:04:16] <SWPLinux> it's probably about 20000 times too expensive for this crowd :)
[21:05:35] <ries> SWPadnos: could be that they have a school version?
[21:05:54] <SWPLinux> could be
[21:06:07] <ries> I know some are using SW.. and both prices are the same....
[21:06:26] <SWPLinux> oh, I didn't realize that ProE had come down that far
[21:06:45] <SWPLinux> it used to be $20k or something (at least for the full package, or maybe the Unix version)
[21:07:33] <ries> Indeed...
[21:07:39] <ries> nowdays it's a 4000K package
[21:07:47] <ries> 5 years ago 8K euro...
[21:07:49] <SWPLinux> 4 million dollars! :)
[21:07:52] <ries> sorry, 4K
[21:07:53] <SWPLinux> heh
[21:07:53] <ries> :D
[21:08:18] <ries> They had to go down because SW was stealing there markets
[21:08:34] <SWPLinux> true
[21:08:43] <SWPLinux> competing it away, I'd say
[21:08:48] <SWPLinux> (much as I dislike SW the company)
[21:08:57] <frallzor> * frallzor is using SW
[21:10:12] <ries> hey frallzor How's the build?? I am ready for painting :) EMC2 runs fine now on my laptop... so I am almost ready to roll....
[21:10:27] <frallzor> done some more painting to day
[21:10:33] <frallzor> not much happening
[21:10:40] <frallzor> trying to find springs too
[21:10:41] <ries> what about rail grinding?
[21:10:48] <frallzor> if I cant find ill custom-order
[21:10:58] <ries> I was lucky.. apparently here they make springs for 4 USD each according to spec
[21:11:02] <frallzor> got some prices for custom springs
[21:11:13] <ries> my current mayor problem is finding teh gas spring of 20pound
[21:11:17] <frallzor> i have to pay $300 for 6
[21:11:55] <ries> :S
[21:11:58] <ries> I can export :D
[21:12:45] <frallzor> =P
[21:14:56] <frallzor> still no grinding done, sucky weather
[21:15:28] <ries> what about electronics?
[21:16:41] <frallzor> will get that later
[21:17:19] <frallzor> got the comp up and running atleast
[21:18:57] <ries> took me a while for me...
[21:19:24] <ries> I had to re-compile a kernel and rtai... then go from there, the ubuntu CD didn't work for me.... but now it's very fast and I am happy with it :)
[21:19:34] <ries> currently learning g-code and g-code generation
[21:19:39] <ries> seems to be a world on it's own
[21:22:01] <ries> come to think of it.... I wonder if I can use my iphone to jog the machine....
[21:23:24] <frallzor> there are some apps that you can make custom interfaces with and add the keys that jog
[21:23:45] <frallzor> so you could make a cnc-interface and assing letters from the keyboard to the buttons on the iphone-app
[21:24:36] <SWPLinux> that sounds like one of the worst ideas I've ever heard
[21:24:52] <frallzor> dont blame me
[21:24:58] <frallzor> Im just saying what there is =)
[21:24:59] <SWPLinux> here you are jogging, and you get an SMS ...
[21:25:00] <ries> you can blame me :)
[21:25:32] <SWPLinux> does the machine keep jogging until you can get back to the app and hit the stop button (or tap and release the jog button) ...
[21:25:53] <SWPLinux> maybe not the worst, but it ranks right up there :)
[21:25:56] <ries> SWPLinux: you get a message from the iphone OS when that happens, so you can take action....
[21:26:16] <SWPLinux> yeah. the message is "you're about to die, better save in 5 seconds or I'll kill you instead"
[21:26:28] <ries> besides you can properly make something on the Linux side that when it looses communication with the iphone it stops...
[21:26:40] <skinnYPuP> rtos phone sounds like a pita
[21:26:41] <SWPLinux> and you'd network with wifi?
[21:26:54] <ries> yup...
[21:27:14] <SWPLinux> well, let me know if you come out with an Android version. I can scare people with my Droid ;)
[21:27:27] <ries> hahahaha
[21:28:01] <ries> I can also make a jog box with a couple of buttons..... if only they sell multi-core cable here :D
[21:28:15] <SWPLinux> Germany?
[21:30:29] <ries> Ecuador, south america
[21:30:35] <SWPLinux> oh. hmmm
[21:30:51] <SWPLinux> I suggest an ethernet cable or two
[21:31:01] <SWPLinux> or maybe some multi-pair phone cable, like 25-pair
[21:31:19] <SWPLinux> (too many conductors, but you can often find scraps by the roadside :) )
[21:33:27] <ries> scraps??
[21:33:34] <ries> they don't have that here :)
[21:33:46] <SWPLinux> heh
[21:33:52] <ries> a phone cable can be used yes....
[21:33:55] <SWPLinux> look around if you see construction somewhere
[21:34:16] <SWPLinux> actually, just stick a couple of RJ45 jacks on the thing and use ethernet patch cables
[21:34:16] <ries> I didn't find any cables for my steppers... so that I might need to import when I find that my current cables are no good...
[21:34:43] <ries> will do that, for teh jog thing that would be fine...
[21:34:51] <SWPLinux> yeah, not for steppers
[21:41:07] <skunkworks_> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIOr0INIDkg
[21:41:57] <cradek> * cradek makes a wanking motion
[21:42:06] <SWPLinux> TMI
[21:42:38] <cradek> glad we discussed that on the list for emc and forgot about it already
[21:43:06] <SWPLinux> you can see the delay before the machine stops moving
[21:43:07] <skunkworks_> ;)
[21:43:19] <cradek> I like how he jumps when he crashes it into the end of travel somehow
[21:43:22] <ries> bad idea then :)
[21:43:38] <SWPLinux> oh. I thought he said the crash was a homing operation
[21:43:43] <SWPLinux> but I can't hear very well here
[21:43:50] <cradek> not like any I've ever seen
[21:44:04] <SWPLinux> it's the "thunk it 'til it stops" method
[21:44:08] <SWPLinux> it's been discussed on the list
[21:44:33] <cradek> ouch
[21:44:43] <cradek> floppy-drive homing?
[21:44:56] <skunkworks_> exactly!
[21:45:19] <cradek> I'd go slower in this case - looks violent
[21:45:51] <SWPLinux> and it's not even a video game
[21:45:53] <SWPLinux> or a movie
[21:49:07] <jepler> now I regret that the time I spent adding unary minus to gcode wasn't spent making emc be controlled by my wii
[21:49:29] <SWPLinux> ooooh - back to manual machining with the wii "make it fit"
[21:49:48] <SWPLinux> where you have to do a cranking motion continuously to make the axes move
[21:49:58] <jepler> my favorite is Wario Touch Off!
[21:50:03] <SWPLinux> heh
[21:50:13] <SWPLinux> World of Chips
[21:50:39] <jepler> but yeah, just imagine the jogwheel wiimote mode .. as you rotate it, simulated detents can be felt from the rumble pack
[21:50:49] <SWPLinux> hmmmmm
[21:51:09] <SWPLinux> I wonder if there's a way to integrate Guitar Hero into this
[21:51:41] <SWPLinux> "try to keep up as the lines of G-code come streaming towards you"
[21:51:43] <jepler> sure. One fret is G0, one fret is G1, and so on
[21:51:54] <SWPLinux> it's the whammy bar I'm concerned about
[21:52:09] <jepler> tool change!
[21:52:16] <SWPLinux> that's what drums are for
[21:52:56] <SWPLinux> huh. you can get a pretty hopping fast laptop for $3455
[21:54:13] <jepler> or you can get 8 or 9 perfectly respectable desktop PCs
[21:54:25] <SWPLinux> or 15 Atom-based machines
[21:54:40] <jepler> or 35 refurb last-generation netbooks
[21:54:55] <SWPLinux> or a working car of some wort
[21:54:56] <SWPLinux> sort
[21:55:02] <jepler> or as many 15" CRTs as you want plus you still have the $3455
[21:55:03] <alex_joni> beowulf anyone?
[21:55:18] <SWPLinux> what's the point of clustering a single laptop? :)
[21:55:20] <cradek> I bet I could get at least 5-6 perfectly great thinkpads
[21:55:34] <alex_joni> the atoms I mean
[21:55:41] <SWPLinux> but none of them would have a 2.53 GHz quad-core CPU
[21:55:46] <SWPLinux> or 8GB of RAM
[21:55:52] <skunkworks_> I would use it for a trip someplace tropical
[21:55:58] <alex_joni> 15 atoms beat that
[21:56:01] <SWPLinux> there's an idea
[21:56:17] <SWPLinux> yes, though they probably don't run for as long on a single charge
[21:56:19] <alex_joni> not the trip
[21:56:28] <SWPLinux> and they definitely don't fit under the seat in front of you
[21:56:42] <alex_joni> depends on the seat
[21:56:54] <SWPLinux> well, I don't want to be behind *that* behind!
[21:57:20] <alex_joni> :P
[21:58:13] <alex_joni> btw, I read today about a big machine with atoms
[21:58:43] <SWPLinux> I imagine you could get a pretty good supercomputer going, for quite low power
[21:59:47] <alex_joni> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/01/14/atom_processors_in_supercomputing/
[22:01:18] <SWPLinux> I can say from experience that a many-node atom system would perform very nicely
[22:01:53] <SWPLinux> the computers I put together draw about 26-29W under load (including graphics and disk), with 2GB RAM each
[22:02:09] <alex_joni> getting rid of flash for youtube sure is nice
[22:02:53] <alex_joni> * alex_joni uses a plugin which strips the flash player and embeds the h264 file as a HTML5 entity direclty
[22:04:28] <alex_joni> * alex_joni says bye-bye to commercials for now
[22:04:36] <SWPLinux> heh
[22:04:58] <alex_joni> even if only for that and it's worth the trouble
[22:09:52] <SWPLinux> huh. this one doesn't work for me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc7Wih6zMGg
[22:09:59] <SWPLinux> sadly, the shopbot/iphone thing did
[22:11:09] <SWPLinux> huh. I reloaded and now it works
[22:14:45] <danimal_garage> can i have an output be NC on one line, then use that output as an input on a line below it and have it NO down there?
[22:15:43] <jt-plasma> yea
[22:15:46] <danimal_garage> in classicladder
[22:15:50] <danimal_garage> ok cool
[22:15:51] <jt-plasma> yes
[22:15:54] <danimal_garage> thanks
[22:16:05] <jt-plasma> np
[22:16:28] <jt-plasma> dang it says I have do a size 10 boot on this computer
[22:17:03] <jt-plasma> * jt-plasma waits for Hank Williams Jr to finish All for the Love of Sunshine
[22:17:58] <maxster> any #hackerspaces folks here?
[22:18:37] <maxster> http://www.greatamerican.com/auctions/AuctionEventDetails.aspx?EventID=460
[22:18:51] <maxster> a whole car factory for auction
[22:20:48] <alex_joni> cool ;)
[22:20:54] <alex_joni> probably a bit too expensive ..
[22:21:21] <maxster> yes, for the cnc equipement, but smaller stuff could be interesting
[22:21:32] <SWPLinux> Alex - maybe you guys could open a Delaware branch :)
[22:22:09] <archivist_emc> ooo lots of shiny
[22:22:17] <alex_joni> http://marketing.greatamerican.com/ga/Admin/EventAttachments/460/A_Img/IMG_5045.jpg
[22:22:25] <alex_joni> haha, wonder if the bots needs the fan in summer
[22:22:44] <SWPLinux> maybe I could get some parts for my Jeep
[22:23:12] <alex_joni> do they plan to auction parts of it, or the whole deal?
[22:23:18] <alex_joni> * alex_joni suspects the later
[22:23:45] <maxster> parts
[22:23:45] <archivist_emc> I enjoyed myself after the auction at the Jaguar plant in Coventry
[22:24:17] <maxster> yes, I imagine there is probably some great stuff that is too crappy/cheap to auction
[22:26:11] <alex_joni> anyone can spot what's wrong with this crontab entry? '27 * * * * wget http://juve.ro/weather.php?city=Timisoara -O /usr/share/radio/weather.forecast'
[22:27:30] <archivist_emc> mismatched '
[22:27:42] <alex_joni> that's not part of the crontab
[22:27:49] <alex_joni> just for pasting purposes
[22:29:07] <archivist_emc> did you forget a dir to run it from
[22:29:45] <SWPLinux> yeah, I was just going to ask if a full path to wget would help
[22:29:55] <archivist_emc> ./
[22:30:38] <alex_joni> * alex_joni tries the full path
[22:31:02] <SWPLinux> but apparently you can put SHELL and PATH statements in the crontab file as well (at least in the system crontab)
[22:31:06] <alex_joni> SWPLinux: this one's a bit slower than your quad-core laptop earlier
[22:31:10] <SWPLinux> (according to man 5 crontab)
[22:31:12] <SWPLinux> heh
[22:31:18] <alex_joni> BogoMIPS : 237.56
[22:31:27] <alex_joni> cpu model : BCM3302 V2.9
[22:32:04] <SWPLinux> huh. my current laptop has dual cores at 4389
[22:32:07] <SWPLinux> each
[22:32:36] <SWPLinux> Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz stepping 0a
[22:32:50] <alex_joni> uname -a
[22:32:51] <alex_joni> Linux OpenWrt #3 Mon Dec 1 17:35:57 PST 2008 mips unknown
[22:32:56] <SWPLinux> heh
[22:33:02] <SWPLinux> more network ports though I'll bet :)
[22:33:04] <alex_joni> notice the 'mips' in there ;)
[22:33:11] <alex_joni> 5 interfaces
[22:33:22] <SWPLinux> that's 3 more than this machine
[22:33:29] <SWPLinux> (including wifi)
[22:33:33] <alex_joni> wireless, 4 lans, 1 wan
[22:33:42] <SWPLinux> ah, 6 interfaces then
[22:33:49] <alex_joni> asus wl-520gU
[22:33:56] <SWPLinux> can you re-task the LAN vs WAN ports with dd-wrt?
[22:34:01] <SWPLinux> or openWRT
[22:34:13] <alex_joni> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3203/2950280015_910ea93e73.jpg
[22:34:30] <alex_joni> currently I'm using the wlan and one of the lan's
[22:34:35] <SWPLinux> I bet it uses less power too
[22:34:37] <alex_joni> didn't try any of the others
[22:34:48] <alex_joni> I think it's < 5W
[22:34:54] <alex_joni> 5V, 1A PSU
[22:35:45] <SWPLinux> I think the fan on this is > 5W
[22:35:55] <SWPLinux> or at least all the fans combined
[22:37:11] <alex_joni> heh
[22:37:28] <alex_joni> yay, it worked
[22:37:38] <alex_joni> I think it might have been /usr/bin/wget
[22:37:41] <SWPLinux> cool
[22:37:43] <alex_joni> or restarting cron ;)
[22:37:46] <SWPLinux> heh
[22:37:59] <SWPLinux> hmm. not many SATA 6Gb/s drives to choose from yet
[22:38:13] <alex_joni> my radio now does weather forecasts :D
[22:38:31] <alex_joni> 3.5" ?
[22:38:44] <SWPLinux> any size (but yes, 3.5" is ideal)
[22:39:03] <SWPLinux> there appears to be exactly one drive on the market, a Seagate 2TB
[22:41:00] <alex_joni> SWPLinux: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2010/01/13/review_storage_seagate_barracuda_xt/
[22:41:28] <alex_joni> they mention WD Caviar and Hitachi Ultrastar
[22:41:31] <SWPLinux> yeah, that's the one
[22:41:39] <SWPLinux> hmm. I don't see them for sale though
[22:42:05] <alex_joni> hmm.. although it doesn't explicitely say they are SATA 3.0
[22:42:09] <SWPLinux> right
[22:42:19] <SWPLinux> they're all 2TB, but this is the only 6Gb model
[22:43:26] <alex_joni> not much of a difference between sata 2 and sata 3 for this hdd
[22:43:49] <SWPLinux> no, not too much
[22:43:56] <alex_joni> the caviar black is better even if sata 2.0
[22:44:25] <SWPLinux> though I saw some SSD review that talked about how the gains for 6Gb would be much better on new SSDs
[22:44:36] <SWPLinux> with multi-channel access to the flash
[22:44:43] <alex_joni> or HW RAID boxes
[22:45:13] <SWPLinux> yep
[22:45:21] <alex_joni> I think I saw some RAID 5 cages with only one SATA interface
[22:56:21] <MarkusBec> MarkusBec is now known as MarkusBec_away
[22:58:52] <maxster> cam question, im using gcnccam, is there a way customize the lead in move for g40s correction
[23:00:21] <maxster> ?
[23:30:26] <Goslowjimbo> Wht is gnome-system-monitor? It seems to be taking up around 50% of my processor's time. Sometimes up to 95%
[23:30:42] <Goslowjimbo> What
[23:30:54] <frallzor> well dont start it then :P
[23:32:11] <jackc> that would be the system monitor youre looking at ;-)
[23:32:24] <jackc> use 'top' in the terminal instead
[23:33:18] <Goslowjimbo> OK. How?
[23:34:35] <SWPLinux> open a terminal, then type top
[23:34:56] <SWPLinux> it shows the process list just like the system monitor does, but not disk/network (or pretty graphs)
[23:36:46] <Goslowjimbo> Ah, thanks. I'll use that from now on. THis is a 600 Mhz VIA computer, and when I got it out to the barn and ran EMC, the displays on laddermaster were all grayed out, and it wasn't running well.
[23:37:06] <andypugh> I think I need one of these, but I don't know why yet.
[23:37:07] <andypugh> http://toolmonger.com/2010/01/13/its-just-cool-underwater-chainsaw/
[23:39:43] <Goslowjimbo> Cutting up sunken boats?
[23:40:48] <Goslowjimbo> Wow, now everything is down in the tenths of a percent. Good deal. Well, that still doesn't explain the problem.
[23:46:13] <andypugh> I think I like gedit-autocomplete. With a hal dump also open, it auto-completes hal pins. Admittedly it only knows about pins that existed when the dump was made, bit it does save a lot of that "is it HM2_7i43.0.encoder.01.position-scale or position_scale" stuff
[23:49:16] <andypugh> My "new" oscilloscope has a GPIB port, I wonder if I can do anything fun with it?
[23:49:29] <cradek> duh yeah, hook it to your hpib plotter
[23:49:40] <cradek> :-)
[23:49:49] <SWPLinux> or your expensive GPIB PCI card
[23:49:59] <archivist_emc> gpib cards cost too much
[23:49:59] <cradek> (you can get gpib-to-usb thingies but they cost a lot)
[23:50:06] <andypugh> It's got dedicated outputs for a plotter :-)
[23:50:34] <archivist_emc> I didnt win the dead HP scope
[23:50:34] <SWPLinux> oh. here's one for $67.00
[23:51:05] <andypugh> I went for the Tek 366. It is so cute I couldn't resist.
[23:51:18] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: what parts you need?
[23:51:19] <SWPLinux> oh, that reminds me
[23:51:22] <andypugh> GPIB
[23:51:41] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: USB RIP ?
[23:51:45] <andypugh> Ignore that, wrong wondow
[23:51:48] <SWPLinux> Jymmm: I happened to use a TDS2xx scope last weekend. It was ok, but not really great
[23:52:04] <SWPLinux> Jymmm: motherboard, most likely
[23:52:05] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: why not?
[23:52:21] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: PCMCIA slot?
[23:52:48] <SWPLinux> I called the company, it looks like the only way to get it repaired is to send it to them, have them diagnose it (3 business days), then have them repair it (5-7 additional business days)
[23:53:08] <SWPLinux> I won't have 3 weeks I can be without the laptop until maybe March
[23:53:15] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: PCMCIA slot in it?
[23:53:27] <SWPLinux> expresscard actually, so I could get an adapter card
[23:53:40] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Yeah, if you need USB that is
[23:53:47] <SWPLinux> lack of thumb drives will be annoying
[23:54:07] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Get an expresscard USB card
[23:54:11] <andypugh> I wonder how much memory my scope has, and what that cost in 1984?
[23:54:31] <cradek> mine has 12k!
[23:54:32] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: What was wrong with the TDS2xxx?
[23:54:45] <SWPLinux> I wasn't used to it, so it was hard to use for me
[23:54:58] <SWPLinux> they have strange modal controls
[23:55:06] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: Other than UI, how was it?
[23:55:07] <SWPLinux> like sometimes the two channel position knobs move the cursors
[23:55:39] <andypugh> I was astonished to find that my little Tek has onscreen menus. (it's a CRT, so vector graphics)
[23:55:40] <SWPLinux> well, I can't really say, since the scope probe I was using was flaky, and the stuff I was looking at was slow
[23:55:56] <SWPLinux> AN/USM508 (?)
[23:55:59] <cradek> andypugh: did you buy a 2232 too? I just got one.
[23:56:10] <SWPLinux> that was an old analog Tek storage scope we used to use in the ARmy
[23:56:16] <SWPLinux> gotta run
[23:56:25] <Jymmm> SWPLinux: What size expresslot do you have?
[23:56:31] <Jymmm> doh
[23:56:33] <danimal_garage> ok i'm having ladder issues (big supprise).
[23:56:48] <cradek> heh
[23:56:51] <andypugh> No, I only need one, and the 336 will do all I need, and a lot more besides. I think I might even need a manual (external Z control?)
[23:57:43] <danimal_garage> when i do a t#m6, the input coils for tool change and tool prepare only turn on momentarily, then shut off. They do not turn on the output coil i have connected to them
[23:58:03] <danimal_garage> what am i doing wrong?
[23:59:06] <danimal_garage> basically it's -[]-[]---------()-