#emc | Logs for 2009-12-14

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[02:03:39] <danimal_garage> hi
[02:27:05] <eric_unterhausen> danimal_garage: after I saw your compressor, I can't convince myself to buy one retail
[02:48:51] <danimal_garage> haha
[02:49:00] <danimal_garage> deals are out there
[02:49:08] <danimal_garage> just have to be patient
[02:51:25] <roh> what kind do you have?
[02:53:37] <danimal_garage> curtis
[02:54:03] <danimal_garage> 5hp 80 gallon 2 stage 3 cyl
[02:54:47] <roh> uh
[02:54:49] <roh> loud
[02:54:57] <danimal_garage> not at all
[02:55:18] <danimal_garage> pretty quiet actually
[02:56:45] <danimal_garage> i had a cheap little 20 gallon before this, and THAT was loud
[02:57:19] <danimal_garage> time to go, my show is on
[02:57:21] <danimal_garage> adios
[02:58:36] <roh> i see.. bigger doesnt mean louder
[03:11:26] <DrMitch> do stepper motor drivers usually leave the current going to the motor at all times, or only when it needs to turn? i'm making my own steper driver, but if i leave the motors "on" all the time, the amplifiers get rather hot
[03:13:07] <DrMitch> and if i leave it to switching, i'm worried about latency problem due to the sink current delay
[03:13:55] <roh> DrMitch there seem to be 2 methods: leave it on, or have like a 'half current' setting which gets enabled on 'idle'
[03:14:27] <cradek> if you turn off the current, you lose position
[03:14:34] <roh> but that also makes the holding-force much smaller so if you dont have encoders you could loose steps when not moved to a full step or so i guess
[03:14:37] <cradek> real drivers handle the steady state current limit by chopping
[03:15:12] <DrMitch> i may just get a bigger heat sink for the l298n's then
[03:15:16] <DrMitch> and leave it on all the time
[03:15:28] <roh> our drivers have this 'lower the current on idle' feature.. they call it AMC .. but we have that disabled
[03:15:45] <cradek> are you running the L298 with a L297?
[03:16:05] <DrMitch> what's a few watts of power... right?
[03:16:16] <DrMitch> umm... i'm just doing L298 to amplify. and i'm controlling the stepping with a PIC mcu
[03:16:25] <roh> we dont have central heating, so the milling room is always one of the nice ones
[03:16:25] <cradek> ah
[03:16:29] <cradek> you're doing it wrong :-)
[03:16:29] <roh> temperature-wise
[03:16:35] <cradek> use a L297 and make a proper chopper
[03:16:36] <DrMitch> what? why?
[03:17:27] <cradek> for the reason you've already found - it works badly otherwise
[03:18:06] <DrMitch> wait a minute, the L297 converts the step/dir signal from EMC into a stepper sequence?!
[03:18:08] <cradek> you need high voltage to get current into the motors fast. but if you have high voltage, you need current limiting, otherwise it will all melt
[03:18:20] <cradek> DrMitch: yes, and more
[03:18:24] <DrMitch> JESUS! I spent a whole afternoon programming this damn PIC!
[03:18:30] <cradek> haha
[03:18:43] <DrMitch> hehehehe
[03:19:14] <cradek> the L297/L298 datasheets have a good 'reference implementation' schematic that shows you how to use the two chips together
[03:19:52] <DrMitch> well i may look into that. good thing it's going to take another week or so for the X and Y stages to ship to my place.
[03:21:42] <DrMitch> thanks for the info
[03:21:49] <cradek> welcome
[05:40:51] <Valen> So I was thinking, would a neural net be a good way to drive a mill, rather than PID
[05:44:14] <Valen> it could "learn" the mills intracisies then
[05:44:36] <Valen> IE theres a sticky bit 2/3d of the way down the X axis
[06:04:22] <MattyMatt> prebias tables would be enough I think
[06:07:02] <MattyMatt> 1d tables could be in the motor driver itself
[06:08:05] <MattyMatt> 2d would be a bit more complicated, if it's only a certain combo of X&Y that sticks
[06:08:58] <MattyMatt> but the 1d tables would both learn to peak the torque, so the 2d problem would be partially dealt with by 2x 1d solutions
[06:09:34] <Valen> they work for that specific problem
[06:09:49] <Valen> but thats what I like about the neural net, it works for most problems
[06:10:09] <MattyMatt> my worry is all the errors it has to make, in order to learn :)
[06:10:38] <MattyMatt> you'd have to let the mill play with lego for years before you trust it with power tools
[06:10:53] <Valen> bound it with a PID
[06:11:41] <Valen> IE make a PID that gets you within a mm or so, then let it go, IF it tries to push outside the bounds of the PID then drop back to the PID
[06:13:50] <MattyMatt> ah build a retractable diamond lap into the slide and apply feedback through that :)
[06:14:06] <eric_unterhausen> nn is not a bad idea for your counterbalance problem
[06:14:10] <eric_unterhausen> fuzzy would also work
[06:15:04] <Valen> I'm wonding if NN might work as a general purpose thing
[06:15:21] <Valen> IE would it give emc abilities it doesn't have now
[06:15:22] <eric_unterhausen> training is a bit of a problem
[06:15:43] <MattyMatt> it could be partially trained in a simulator
[06:16:07] <Valen> and constrained when on the machine
[06:16:36] <eric_unterhausen> well, for the lifting problem you could tune two pids, one for up and one for down
[06:16:53] <eric_unterhausen> then train the nn to simulate both
[06:17:40] <Valen> I think the training should be fairly easy as well as you have a nice simple error
[06:18:34] <MattyMatt> well if it boils down to a simple problem that a 1d or 2d table can deal with...
[06:19:27] <MattyMatt> even 3d on a single axis, if speed, mass and accel are all params
[06:19:40] <MattyMatt> hmm
[06:22:01] <Valen> yeah but you need to fill all that stuff out
[06:22:12] <Valen> and it depends on which way the error is
[06:22:19] <Valen> it gets quite complex quite fast
[06:22:41] <Valen> a phat pool of neurons with some outputs seems simple by comparison
[06:22:52] <Valen> the tool can do the work itself to get better ;->
[06:23:19] <Valen> heck you could even have a base net, then "train" it on specific jobs
[06:23:42] <Valen> you could have the net trained for job A with lots of weird cuts in it, or something perhaps
[06:24:25] <MattyMatt> train the net to convert .3ds into metal at minimum cost
[06:24:44] <MattyMatt> press the punishment button every time it spends money :)
[06:27:25] <Valen> lol
[06:27:55] <Valen> looking to do that whole solid to Gcode thing now
[06:28:30] <MattyMatt> it helps a lot if the solid is represented nicely first
[06:29:07] <MattyMatt> converting a triangulated cylinder back into a drill hole is a nightmare
[06:30:49] <MattyMatt> I'm having a go at doing sth like that in blender
[06:31:39] <MattyMatt> all the blender devs are obsessed with 2.5 atm tho
[06:32:00] <MattyMatt> biggest shake up in years. everything is broken again
[06:51:11] <Valen> do they have units in bender 2.5?
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[08:30:44] <MattyMatt> I don't think so
[08:31:11] <MattyMatt> they really aren't moving in the CAD/CAM direction at all. I fear a fork may be needed
[08:31:52] <MattyMatt> or I'll just finish my modeller instead :)
[08:32:19] <MattyMatt> call it SolidHomes
[08:32:40] <eric_unterhausen> work on heekscad
[08:52:42] <MattyMatt> I'll look at opencascade first
[08:53:09] <MattyMatt> survey starts at the foundations :)
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[09:34:56] <Valen> I just cant see how they can model anything without units
[09:35:05] <Valen> i mean anything inorganic is based on numbers
[09:58:25] <findor> greetings
[09:58:32] <findor> anyone on now?
[10:00:02] <Valen> nobody here but us chickens
[10:00:58] <findor> wondering if the chickens here are smart enough ;)
[10:01:45] <Valen> i can count to 3 5 times out of 10
[10:01:58] <findor> woot good enough!
[10:02:39] <findor> any idea how to home A axis? its up to 800 degrees and will turn all the way to 0
[10:03:02] <findor> way too long...
[10:03:10] <Valen> there was some discussion on the emc-users list about this recently
[10:03:18] <Valen> I think the consensus was it sucked lol
[10:03:25] <findor> damn lol
[10:03:32] <findor> so no solutions to that eh
[10:03:52] <Valen> I'm rembering there may have been a solution
[10:04:07] <findor> any log of that list?
[10:04:08] <Valen> but its probably not in a release
[10:04:13] <Valen> probably lol
[10:04:20] <Valen> nfi where off the top of my head
[10:04:32] <Valen> where are you located anyway
[10:04:38] <findor> hong kong
[10:04:57] <findor> and you?
[10:05:21] <Valen> sydney
[10:05:30] <Valen> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=emc-users
[10:05:40] <findor> ohhh hows it going down uner
[10:05:42] <findor> under*
[10:05:52] <Valen> not too bad
[10:05:58] <Valen> bit warm
[10:06:15] <findor> i was in melbourne for around 5 years
[10:06:17] <findor> miss it
[10:06:24] <alex_joni> findor: there's code for wrapped rotaries in emc2 master
[10:06:28] <alex_joni> not in any releases
[10:06:32] <alex_joni> yet
[10:06:36] <Valen> I figured as much
[10:06:44] <Valen> was trying to find the thread
[10:08:16] <Valen> cant see it, I know it mentioned fanuc a whole bunch but thats probably not too helpfull
[10:08:35] <Valen> or how about there are 2 posts on it today
[10:09:04] <Valen> Re: [Emc-users] Wrapped rotary axes, Fanuc style: for testing
[10:09:45] <Valen> and the thread that spawned that was uestion qabout using a rotary table
[10:09:55] <Valen> sorry question about using a rotary table
[10:12:15] <Valen> there we go
[10:12:15] <Valen> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_name=4AC3B759.5060104%40ntlworld.com
[10:14:54] <findor> ty
[10:19:03] <piasdom> g'mornin all
[10:20:13] <Valen> zuo
[10:20:16] <Valen> zup rather
[10:24:50] <MattyMatt> blender has numbers, just not units
[10:25:27] <fenn> MattyMatt: http://heekscad.googlecode.com
[10:25:41] <MattyMatt> the screw wizard assumes mm
[10:26:06] <MattyMatt> fenn yeah I'm looking into opencascade now. it looks OK but C++
[10:26:14] <fenn> heekscnc.googlecode.com too
[10:26:21] <MattyMatt> no C++ in blender, which is how I like it
[10:26:36] <fenn> i hate c++ too but the python bindings to opencascade aren't quite up to snuff yet
[10:26:43] <fenn> * fenn wasted a few months this summer on that
[10:27:52] <fenn> the grand final product: http://designfiles.org/lab/fenn/pngs/lego_snapping2.png
[10:28:40] <MattyMatt> does it animate the fea? :)
[10:29:15] <fenn> oh yeah and my aggravated attempts to make a screw thread: http://designfiles.org/lab/fenn/pngs/occ_loft_bug.png http://designfiles.org/lab/fenn/pngs/thread_helix.png
[10:29:36] <MattyMatt> neat
[10:29:49] <fenn> the lego thing was about connectivity and defining interfaces which play nice with each other
[10:30:00] <fenn> so a pin goes in a hole for example
[10:30:17] <fenn> and you can run it on random for a while: http://designfiles.org/lab/fenn/pngs/lego_snapping4.png
[10:30:19] <MattyMatt> if all mechanisms were reduced to a python class that worked in heeks & blender wrappers, that would rock
[10:30:51] <fenn> yeah well it turns out they do things sort of weirdly a lot in opencascade
[10:31:24] <fenn> a direct translation is not "pythonic" and you end up looking at the C++ documentation a lot
[10:31:52] <fenn> i got a lot of segfaults which i never figured out
[10:33:53] <fenn> anyway heekscad is the closest free software i've seen to actual solid modeling 3D cad
[10:35:13] <MattyMatt> it's the file format that counts
[11:07:59] <fenn> STEP stores b-rep which says 'this is a trimmed cylindrical surface' but it's not CSG
[11:35:39] <MattyMatt> yeah I like heekscad :)
[11:35:54] <Jymmm> Anyone know the value of the pot and how many turns it is? http://cgi.ebay.com/LM317-In-DC-or-AC-4V-30V-Out-DC-1-5V-27V-1A-Converter_W0QQitemZ390131133745QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item5ad5a0ad31
[11:36:14] <Jymmm> scroll down for big pic
[11:37:41] <Jymmm> I *think* I see 103 (10K)
[11:38:58] <archivist> 103 is most likely
[11:43:42] <Jymmm> Number of turns?
[11:44:22] <archivist> 10 ish
[11:44:33] <Jymmm> not 25 ish ?
[11:44:39] <archivist> no
[11:45:19] <Jymmm> http://www.taydaelectronics.com/servlet/the-617/10K-OHM-TRIMMER-POTENTIOMETER/Detail
[11:45:27] <Jymmm> That's why I ask.
[11:45:50] <Jymmm> both look awfully close
[11:46:03] <archivist> 25 turn is less common
[11:46:27] <archivist> in fact I dont remember ever using a 25 turn
[11:46:57] <Jymmm> ME neither, but this is ebay, straight from china too =)
[12:32:23] <MattyMatt> I can't find the receipt for my spindull. time to take it apart
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[13:50:00] <MattyMatt> haha. only sign of heat damage is a dry joint on the mains input
[13:55:46] <MattyMatt> http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/5715/p1010046m.jpg
[13:56:48] <MattyMatt> http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/1934/p1010047fn.jpg
[14:02:41] <MattyMatt> A few of the joints look crusty there
[14:02:44] <celeron55> MattyMatt: i burned some of the coils of a similar one
[14:03:08] <MattyMatt> I haven't even started milling with mine yet :)
[14:03:08] <celeron55> by overloading it
[14:03:45] <MattyMatt> that grinder in the pic is the tool I was using at the time
[14:04:58] <MattyMatt> 20 quid is cheap yeah, but to me it looks like a dimmer switch, 2 skate bearings and a small hoover motor :)
[14:05:28] <celeron55> that's exactly what it is
[14:05:40] <MattyMatt> the rubber ring around the top bearing suggests lack of structural confidence
[14:06:02] <celeron55> but they're surprisingly good
[14:06:34] <MattyMatt> 36krpm is quite posh
[14:07:09] <MattyMatt> it's not really balanced enough to run that high tho, tbh
[14:07:17] <MattyMatt> I never go above 4
[14:08:19] <celeron55> the one i broke was very well balanced
[14:08:31] <celeron55> now i got an another one (for free) and it's not
[14:10:02] <archivist> IR had a dremel commutator fly apart at full revs one day
[14:11:40] <MattyMatt> I thought they looked a bit thin :)
[14:12:05] <MattyMatt> I can't tell if they're brass or bronze
[14:13:13] <MattyMatt> probably brass. that's what the unburnt ends look like
[17:10:32] <issy> hi all
[17:11:23] <bill20r3> yo.
[17:14:36] <skunkworks_> bill20r3: did you see http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/pcbmill/tableanddisp.JPG
[17:14:42] <skunkworks_> part part and more parts
[17:16:15] <bill20r3> * bill20r3 looks
[17:16:37] <bill20r3> what is/was that?
[17:16:46] <bill20r3> a plotter?
[17:17:00] <bill20r3> no, to heavy-duty for a plotter.
[17:17:29] <skunkworks_> it was a dispencing machine
[17:17:32] <bill20r3> a fraction collector?
[17:17:48] <bill20r3> like lab equipment?
[17:18:22] <skunkworks_> na - we used it to put a clear coating over material
[17:18:49] <bill20r3> how's the precision, good enough for pcb's?
[17:19:19] <skunkworks_> no - I am switching to leadscrews. (as it is - .015 per step)
[17:19:29] <bill20r3> oof.
[17:20:10] <bill20r3> can you switch out the motors to something geared low, and keep the cable-drive system?
[17:20:36] <bill20r3> then you could avoid the pain that is parallel-aligning the leadscrews
[17:21:27] <skunkworks_> heh - I will probably run duel lead screws with a timing belt.. If I am really energetic - I might try a dual servo setup.
[17:22:02] <skunkworks_> the cabling would have to be re-designed as it will not work as is on the new table
[17:22:31] <bill20r3> ahh.
[17:22:42] <bill20r3> do you know what you're going to do for a spindle yet?
[17:23:25] <skunkworks_> I don't know... I was thinking about getting a dremel but it sounds like they built pretty crappy.
[17:24:04] <skunkworks_> I want something reletively light and cheap..
[17:24:16] <bill20r3> uhm, one sec.
[17:24:38] <bill20r3> I've started on one of these: http://mtm.cba.mit.edu/toolheads/spindle/makeit.html
[17:24:57] <bill20r3> it's light & cheap, although I don't know how good it'll be yet.
[17:25:12] <bill20r3> but I have some spare motors, if you need one.
[17:25:12] <skunkworks_> heh - someone just posted that link earlier..
[17:25:42] <bill20r3> I just used drill rod, I suspect I'll be making another later using better parts.
[17:25:50] <mozmck_work> I have heard that the Black & Decker RTS (I think?) is much better than the dremel, and cheaper too.
[17:26:13] <skunkworks_> neat - I was hoping for something in the 30+rpm... I don't ask for much.
[17:26:21] <bill20r3> currently I'm using a Bosch Colt, it's not awful.
[17:26:22] <skunkworks_> 30k+
[17:26:48] <bill20r3> I was thinking about turning some pulleys to up the speed, and using 2 motors if I need more power.
[17:27:00] <bill20r3> I got like 5 motors in an ebay lot.
[17:27:31] <bill20r3> the Bosch is super loud at full speed, and my mill is in the house, other wise I'd just keep using that.
[17:30:46] <skunkworks_> this? http://www.blackanddecker.com/ProductGuide/Product-Details.aspx?ProductID=10951
[17:31:19] <bill20r3> I have this: http://www.amazon.com/Bosch-PR20EVSK-1-Horsepower-Variable-Router/dp/B000ANQHTA
[17:33:46] <mozmck_work> skunksworks: yes. I have one and it does seem pretty nice. I haven't used it enough to see if it lasts much longer than a dremel, but it does seem tighter.
[17:34:24] <mozmck_work> I have a dremel that does pretty well, but I had to put foil around the bearings because they were loose in the housing.
[17:34:50] <mozmck_work> The mounting on the B&D is the same thread as the dremel
[17:36:44] <mozmck_work> It says 3 speed, but mine is really variable. There are just 3 detents on the knob, but you can put it in between to get variable speed and it will stay...
[17:38:30] <bill20r3> how loud is it at 30k rpm?
[17:40:48] <mozmck_work> not too bad, I think about the same as my dremel or maybe a little quieter
[17:42:00] <mozmck_work> for $25 at walmart it's hard to beat :)
[17:43:26] <bill20r3> yeah, that's cheap.
[17:43:39] <bill20r3> I haven't actually measured the runout on my dremel, maybe I'll do that tonight.
[17:44:19] <bill20r3> I measured the bosch at a hair under 0.004. (measured with a 1/4" to 1/8" bushing in, so that may not be helping)
[17:46:16] <mozmck_work> I haven't either. I guess you mount it securely and use a dial indicator to measure runout?
[17:48:55] <bill20r3> yeah, I just put a dti in a vise, and turned the spindle by hand.
[18:08:04] <skunkworks_> that is why we went to the rotozip style (sears brand) on the gantry - we started using a router - after reducing it down to 1/8 inch - it had almost .007 runout.
[18:08:37] <skunkworks_> at that much - .029" carbide drills start breaking after a few holes.
[18:13:08] <cradek> yikes
[18:13:51] <bill20r3> oof.
[19:12:42] <numen> re
[20:01:51] <alex_joni> http://failblog.org/2009/12/14/safety-product-fail-2/ ROFL
[20:03:30] <Jymmm> alex_joni: I dont get it
[20:06:18] <alex_joni> Jymmm: seems a tiny bit overpriced
[20:08:16] <Jymmm> Eh if someone wants one for $40 and doesn't make it themselves out of pvc,bailing wire and duct tape...
[20:14:58] <JT-Work> alex_joni: always finds the cool stuff
[20:17:45] <awallin> latest machining video from over here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyFK235W-h0
[20:21:31] <JT-Work> it has a magic tool changer :)
[20:26:00] <cradek> what's with the generic rock music in so many machining videos? I'd rather hear the machine.
[20:26:15] <JT-Work> me too
[20:26:39] <cradek> I feel that way about porn too
[20:26:47] <cradek> same problem
[20:26:47] <JT-Work> LOL
[20:27:07] <Jymmm> cradek: you would rather hear the MACHINE on pr0n ?
[20:27:15] <Jymmm> s/on/in/
[20:28:13] <cradek> well I've already said too much.
[20:29:42] <Jymmm> * Jymmm can imagine cradek watching pr0n and you hear him saying "Oh yeah baby, work that tool changer... "
[20:30:47] <mikegg> cool, my dad has an old RC sail boat
[20:30:58] <awallin> yes the ATC is indeed magical...
[20:31:02] <mikegg> ... and I think the rudder post is broken
[20:31:28] <Jymmm> Then cradek moaning... "Slap that E-Stop! harder baby, HARDER!"
[20:38:44] <cradek> wow that's a lot of coolant
[20:39:23] <Jymmm> lol
[20:39:42] <jmkasunich> Jymmm: you have a dirty mind
[20:40:01] <Jymmm> jmkasunich: Hey, it's all cradek, not me
[20:45:58] <Jymmm> * Jymmm returns to his R lesson
[20:46:44] <frallzor> Arrrrr
[20:47:56] <Jymmm> .-.
[20:51:42] <alex_joni> Yarrrr
[20:52:55] <frallzor> shiver me timbers matey
[20:53:25] <Vq> Keelhaul the swabs!
[20:54:43] <frallzor> land ohoy
[20:55:13] <jmkasunich> avast ye scurvy dogs
[20:56:00] <alex_joni> Begad!
[20:56:18] <Vq> Get out o' me way, yeh landlubber
[21:03:00] <archivist_attic> * archivist_attic rounds up the lazy lot and makes them walk the plank
[21:12:21] <frallzor> and my spindle is finally ordered!
[21:12:27] <frallzor> happy x200000
[21:12:53] <skunkworks_> jmkasunich: didn't you have a simple formula for calculating shaft deflection? On something like this.. http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/pcbmill/cablegantry.JPG
[21:12:59] <skunkworks_> 'simple'
[21:29:57] <Danimal> hi
[21:30:21] <frallzor> * frallzor is dreaming of his 2kW of happieness
[21:34:29] <skunkworks_> ^ shaft is aprox 25" long, travel is 18" .75" diam
[21:46:53] <jmkasunich> skunkworks: http://www.engineersedge.com/beam_bending/beam_bending2.htm
[21:47:57] <jmkasunich> http://www.engineersedge.com/material_science/moment-inertia-gyration.htm
[22:02:17] <skunkworks_> jmkasunich: thanks
[22:24:42] <MattyMatt> skunkworks, I'm impressed with my cheapo dremulike again now that I fixed it so easy :)
[22:25:27] <MattyMatt> It's reassuring to know I can get a replacement in 20 minutes anytime the store is open too
[22:30:34] <MattyMatt> hopefully this one will last until I can afford sth with a 1/4" collet too
[22:33:02] <MattyMatt> my old metal cased B&D fits the bill in all ways except speed
[22:34:21] <skunkworks_> 1/8 is pretty much all I need if I mainly do circuit boards..
[22:34:30] <skunkworks_> time will tell
[22:35:42] <MattyMatt> and you get a nice set of usable tools, like a 2.5mm endmill and a similar ball mill
[22:36:22] <MattyMatt> not quite enough to justify the whole purchase, but enough to soften the blow :)
[22:37:56] <MattyMatt> I'd rather have 3 of these, than one a360 one
[22:38:10] <MattyMatt> 60gbp one.
[22:38:25] <MattyMatt> dammit gotta fix my %a3 key :)
[22:44:19] <frallzor> guess what I did today MattyMatt! :P
[22:54:21] <jimbo8388> When pressing mist and flood buttons in Touchy interface 800X600 mode the interface will expand and gooversize.
[22:56:19] <MattyMatt> frallzor: ordered a good spindle? well with a mechmate it's a different story :)
[22:56:49] <MattyMatt> pcb milling is my sort of ambition with this one
[22:58:34] <frallzor> ordered the one suitabile for both drilling and milling
[22:58:46] <frallzor> but I noticed they had a 2kW one of it too
[22:58:51] <frallzor> so I had to get that one :P
[22:59:29] <MattyMatt> you'll be glad of that when you're making tungsten turbines
[22:59:42] <frallzor> not with a mechmate I wont :P
[23:00:25] <MattyMatt> really? they look tough enough to me. it's all relative I suppose
[23:00:35] <frallzor> arent turbines quite big? :P
[23:00:45] <frallzor> heightwise
[23:00:46] <MattyMatt> not always
[23:01:00] <MattyMatt> ome are only 100mm diameter
[23:01:05] <MattyMatt> ^some
[23:01:21] <MattyMatt> cruise missile style
[23:01:27] <frallzor> I see
[23:01:44] <frallzor> Im allmost regreting it all now :P
[23:02:15] <MattyMatt> what? the whole mechmate?
[23:02:21] <frallzor> the spindle :P
[23:02:39] <frallzor> bloody thing cost more then I've spent on the mate so far
[23:02:58] <MattyMatt> that was true for me too :)
[23:03:17] <MattyMatt> 2nd most expensive bits were the drawer slides
[23:03:36] <frallzor> life can be a bitch
[23:03:53] <frallzor> Its my personal christmasgift :P
[23:04:22] <MattyMatt> fair enough
[23:05:15] <frallzor> I love myself and I wanted to show myself that I do this year :P
[23:05:40] <MattyMatt> if it's any consolation, a body shop would charge even more to do a nice paint job
[23:05:54] <frallzor> that im doing myself! :P
[23:06:20] <MattyMatt> so you'll be ahead again then :)
[23:06:54] <MattyMatt> think realistically what a finished machine is worth. it has to be e4000 minimum
[23:07:28] <MattyMatt> probably much more if you had a professional reputation
[23:07:34] <frallzor> yeah im saving alot of money =)
[23:07:49] <frallzor> well I have quite a good one after building my old mill
[23:08:00] <frallzor> so Im not a n00b now =)
[23:08:31] <frallzor> But I could never sell the mate :P
[23:12:27] <MattyMatt> it's big enough to make custom kitchens in. that's how I'd raise cash with one
[23:13:21] <archivist_emc> I need a custom garage roof
[23:14:25] <frallzor> when I built my first I visited a local carpenter for wood
[23:14:45] <frallzor> he wanted a mill made for cabinetdoors and such
[23:14:54] <frallzor> Guess I could sell stuff to him :P
[23:15:29] <MattyMatt> see how much he'll pay for your 'mate. It might be worth starting again :)
[23:15:44] <frallzor> never!
[23:16:00] <MattyMatt> but yeah a milling service would work :)
[23:16:19] <frallzor> 1.6x2.7m can do some stuff
[23:16:34] <frallzor> a door or two
[23:16:38] <MattyMatt> a team of 3 could be rich doing kitchens. one to make, one to fit and one to sell
[23:17:02] <frallzor> or one to use as a bed since im going to bed now!
[23:17:02] <frallzor> GN
[23:17:09] <MattyMatt> gn :)
[23:19:06] <pilotltd> been playing with 2.4pre today, spindle syncronised movement seems better with low spindle encoder count :)
[23:22:29] <archivist_emc> yup the fixes made the world of difference to my little Denford
[23:24:08] <pilotltd> Only thing I found is it can't remember what tool is loaded, keeps asking to load a tool that's already loaded on restart of file.
[23:35:26] <dmess> I went to work yesteday to teak program.. was running over 8.5 hrs. today in a 9.5 hr shift the 3rd part is ready to roll in the AM all the probing is done and that take near 1/2 hour
[23:35:40] <dmess> tweak SP
[23:37:48] <pilotltd> Ran 30 parts, only two tools used, tool 1, a cut grip for turning and parting off and tool 2 a threading tool. After parting off with tool1, and M30 rewind, on restart, Axis stops and asks to load tool1, gets tedious quickly! Works in 2.3.4 but not in 2.4
[23:40:33] <MarkusBec> MarkusBec is now known as MarkusBec_away
[23:41:32] <ds3> anyone know if the current EMC can use NML to control instances running elsewhere on the network?
[23:41:47] <ds3> s/current EMC/current EMC UI/
[23:42:51] <bill20r3> nml?
[23:43:13] <bill20r3> that'd be nice, I've been using x11 forwarding with ssh, and it's kinda chunky
[23:45:59] <acemi> bill20r3: x11vnc is faster for most network
[23:46:07] <bill20r3> I'll give that a try.
[23:46:57] <ds3> I asked about it before and there were talk/suggestions about it... was hoping to find out if there is an update
[23:47:21] <ds3> not having multiple monitors to shield from chips would be a useful thing
[23:47:27] <pilotltd> Bed time GN