#emc | Logs for 2009-12-12

[00:53:40] <Jymmm> Hey, if anyone needs to download anything from "docstoc.com" you can login using: thisisbullshit/password
[00:58:14] <tarzan> it works tks
[01:20:13] <GonMD> tarzan: why is it fail ? works for me
[01:33:38] <Jymmm> * Jymmm remembers why he hates carpetry - making this shelf and brackets is a pain
[01:34:05] <Jymmm> I found new muscles I never knew I had too - the hard way!
[01:34:28] <Jymmm> * Jymmm blames jt-plasma
[01:35:53] <jt-plasma> for what
[01:50:54] <tarzan> GonMD, lost it but timeout happened
[02:00:04] <Jymmm> jt-plasma: for the new muscles I found
[02:02:12] <jt-plasma> LOL
[02:44:57] <jt-plasma> say goodnight Gracie
[02:47:42] <Jymmm> Goodnight Gracie
[02:48:30] <LawrenceG> Jymmm, boing
[02:48:55] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: yo
[02:49:16] <LawrenceG> do you have any experience with bluetooth? specifically the receiving end of a headset
[02:49:46] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Yeah, I use the same headset for my cellphone and my PC
[02:50:20] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: you having problems pairing ?
[02:50:22] <LawrenceG> I want to mod my mobile 2m radio for handsfree.... but I need something like a dev kit to wire into the radio that will add vox
[02:50:41] <LawrenceG> and stream audio in/out
[02:51:00] <Jymmm> so you want a BT transceiver with PTT ?
[02:51:03] <Jymmm> err VOX
[02:51:27] <LawrenceG> I have a headset, but I need the other half.... yes, vox would be nice as radios are not full duplex
[02:51:52] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: give me a few moments to think...
[02:52:23] <LawrenceG> the only thing I have found is the usb dongles that plug into a computer..... damn... my radio doesnt have a usb port!
[02:52:52] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: give me a few moments to think...
[02:53:16] <LawrenceG> The local govt hear is bringing in a handsfree requirment... and so far it doesnt look like hams are exempt
[02:53:28] <Jymmm> that sucks
[02:53:29] <LawrenceG> s/hear/here
[02:53:53] <LawrenceG> $165/ ticket!
[02:54:30] <Jymmm> http://www.k7sfn.com/projects/bluetooth.html
[02:54:43] <LawrenceG> looking
[02:56:28] <Jymmm> and if your rig/ht doesn't have VOX built in, I'm sue you can find a little circuit easily.
[02:56:58] <LawrenceG> looks promising
[02:58:13] <Jymmm> http://www.blueparrott.com/products/blueparrottb250XT.html
[03:01:22] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: the key to is it this http://www.amazon.com/Jabra-A210-Bluetooth-Adapter/dp/B0006HES2I
[03:02:44] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: And you might want to buy a couple of them as it looks like they might be being discontinued http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/Jabra-A-210-Bluetooth-Adapter-for-Non-BT-Phones/2522208/product.html?ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=10740180
[03:03:48] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350236228071&rvr_id=&crlp=1_263602_263622&UA=M*F%3F&GUID=60a09c4e1250a03661d78e27ffccd0fc&itemid=350236228071&ff4=263602_263622
[03:05:00] <LawrenceG> cool.... I wonder how you pick which headset they will associate with
[03:06:39] <Jymmm> you pair it
[03:07:10] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Bluetooth has a "pairing" process
[03:07:21] <LawrenceG> what if you have 3 headsets and 3 radios in the same room.... there is no computer involved to pair them up
[03:07:50] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: usually you dont have the radios in pairing mode at the same time
[03:08:09] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Besides, there is a code you enter durign the pairing process for jsut that reason
[03:08:52] <LawrenceG> the a210 plugs into a radio that only knows audio and ptt..... the headset has no operator interface.... who does the pairing?
[03:09:10] <Jymmm> It's always numeric, 4 to 10 digits. headsets are usually '0000'
[03:09:17] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: RTFM =)
[03:10:10] <LawrenceG> the a210 may pair with any headset..... could be a lot of fun mobile.... some guy pulls up beside you and starts talking on the ham radio
[03:11:54] <LawrenceG> Answer/end calls via headset ... there is some magic signally beyond the audio in/out
[03:12:24] <Jymmm> yes
[03:14:03] <Jymmm> http://www.jabra.com/sites/Jabra/GNImages/Products/Adapter/A210/Documents/User%20Manual/A210_UM_EM_EN_3741.pdf
[03:15:12] <LawrenceG> sent the epay guy a question to see if he will ship to Canada
[03:15:43] <Jymmm> I wouldn't. too much of a pita
[03:15:56] <LawrenceG> :o
[03:16:26] <Jymmm> Yeah, I'm not going to wait in line at the PO for 40 minutes to ship to .ca
[03:16:40] <Jymmm> or longer now that it's xmas time
[03:17:37] <LawrenceG> http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-MOTO-MOTOROKR-CAR-KIT-BLUETOOTH-SPEAKER-T505-T-505_W0QQitemZ250530188584QQcategoryZ80077QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp4340.m8QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DMW%26its%3DC%26itu%3DUCC%26otn%3D5%26ps%3D63
[03:18:06] <LawrenceG> the fm radio connection is an interesting idea for a handheld
[03:18:09] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: how do you plan on connecting that to your radio?
[03:18:21] <LawrenceG> that to a210 to radio
[03:18:25] <Jymmm> ah
[03:18:53] <Jymmm> so any background noise can trigger the VOX =)
[03:19:31] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: there ya go, play some muther fscker gangsta rap yo
[03:19:46] <Jymmm> and forget to turn off the vox
[03:20:07] <LawrenceG> yea... the article you sent a link to talks about very good noise canceling headsets.... very important in the car
[03:20:39] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: all you need now is VOX circuit (easy shit)
[03:21:07] <LawrenceG> I think the current law says you cant use handheld electronic devices... mabe a tin can and a string would be OK
[03:21:38] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: a mic is not a electric device
[03:21:43] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: a mic is not a electronic device
[03:21:55] <Jymmm> or every EMS worker is breaking the law
[03:22:44] <LawrenceG> motorola ones are.... well, emergency vehicles are exempt.... I work with the local fire cheif.... I could probably get Vol. fire dept. plates
[03:23:08] <Jymmm> bummer
[03:23:29] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: is this all of canada or just BC ?
[03:24:16] <LawrenceG> BC, but several other provinces have the same issue
[03:24:21] <Jymmm> ah
[03:25:06] <LawrenceG> the law has passed for Jan 1, but they havent written the regulations yet (IE... they dont have the tickets figured out yet)
[03:25:16] <Jymmm> heh
[03:27:27] <LawrenceG> http://cgi.ebay.com/Lot-of-5-Defective-Jabra-A210-Bluetooth-Adapters_W0QQitemZ280358911341QQcmdZViewItemQQptZBluetooth_Wireless_Products?hash=item4146b17d6d
[03:27:54] <LawrenceG> sounds like top quality electronics
[03:30:18] <LawrenceG> lots of those on ebay.......
[03:32:11] <LawrenceG> more dead ones than live ones
[03:33:12] <DaViruz> "This is a GENUINE Jabra Product, beware of 3rd party knock offs and Chinese fakes!!!"
[03:33:22] <DaViruz> yeah that seems to be worth a lot :)
[06:14:59] <Jymmm> LawrenceG: Maybe that's why it's on overstock.com - shitty rebranded oem product
[09:54:39] <MarkusBec_away> MarkusBec_away is now known as MarkusBec
[13:33:45] <[1]awallin> hi all
[13:33:54] <[1]awallin> someone is asking about cutter-knife control
[13:34:09] <[1]awallin> something that would keep the blade tangentially aligned at all times to a path in the XY plane
[13:34:16] <[1]awallin> has anyone done that with EMC?
[13:36:29] <archivist_emc> I remember it being discussed
[13:36:43] <micges> [1]awallin: that would be great feature in emc
[13:36:47] <archivist_emc> either let the knife follow
[13:37:22] <archivist_emc> free bearings
[13:38:32] <archivist_emc> I would generate the gcode to rotate the knife as a post process probably
[13:40:58] <[1]awallin> ok...
[13:41:16] <[1]awallin> apparently Mach has something like that by default
[13:42:06] <archivist_emc> I have seen it demoed in mach
[13:42:30] <archivist_emc> or something like it
[13:56:36] <roh> what about using a hot-wire?
[13:57:58] <micges> roh: it is for cutting and press thick paper
[13:58:28] <roh> uh. i see.. so like a cutting-plotter?
[13:58:33] <micges> yes
[13:59:06] <roh> how thick paper? ive heard there are cool cheap cutting plotters from china with some 'printer driver'
[13:59:23] <roh> seem to work fine from dxf i've heard
[14:00:14] <micges> I not heard of 'fine' working chinese control program for machines ;)
[14:00:54] <micges> every chinese machine we boy must convert to emc to be usable :D
[14:01:04] <micges> buy*
[14:01:25] <micges> but who knows
[14:25:55] <roh> micges it works as a simple printer as far as ive heard... got etherent and a cups module
[14:26:30] <micges> oh I see
[14:26:37] <micges> this could work
[14:27:15] <Jymmm> a drag knife
[14:27:58] <roh> ah.. i see... seems to speak hpgl like dialect on usb or serial (the cheaper versions)
[14:29:31] <micges> bbl
[14:29:45] <roh> http://cgi.ebay.de/COGI-Schneideplotter-E-720-Standfuss-USB-RS232-TOP_W0QQitemZ270498768549QQ such stuff
[15:40:44] <frallzor> yoyoma
[15:41:32] <frallzor> anyone into spindles?
[15:43:21] <jmkasunich> dataja
[15:45:03] <Jymmm> Hey jmkasunich
[15:47:35] <jmkasunich> hey
[15:47:47] <Jymmm> jmkasunich: LTNS
[15:48:16] <jmkasunich> been doing a lot more RL stuff, hiking and such - less basement dwelling
[15:48:47] <Jymmm> jmkasunich: Ah, don't most do that in the summer/spring and not fall/winter time?
[15:49:01] <jmkasunich> I've been doing it since spring
[15:49:31] <Jymmm> Yeah, I guess haven't seen you much around since then. Cool =)
[15:49:42] <Jymmm> jmkasunich: What's her name?
[15:49:59] <jmkasunich> heh, no her involved
[15:50:38] <Jymmm> Heh, just sounded like it is all =)
[15:53:32] <cradek> hi jmk
[15:53:40] <jmkasunich> http://jmkasunich.com/pics/buddy-081609-blue-hen-falls.jpg
[15:53:51] <jmkasunich> hi cradek
[15:54:28] <cradek> get me down from here!!
[15:54:38] <jmkasunich> heh, doesn't bother him a bit
[15:54:56] <jmkasunich> I have another pic around where he is on the next ledge up, and I'm where he is
[15:55:13] <jmkasunich> I'm sure he would have been happy to go all the way up, if I did the same
[15:55:32] <cradek> looks like a fun place
[15:55:43] <cradek> also, looks warmer than now
[15:55:44] <skunkworks> hmm - someone had to take the picture.... ;)
[15:56:17] <jmkasunich> august, and yes, there were others - I hike with a group that ranges from 3 to 30 people and a similar number of dogs
[15:56:50] <jmkasunich> pretty much every sunday morning
[15:58:10] <skunkworks> that sound neat
[15:59:21] <jmkasunich> http://www.everytrail.com/my_trips.php?user_id=58556&activity_id=5
[16:06:21] <dgarr> micges: a patch for tlo_all_axes branch that adapts tooledit for unified tool table file and adds a utility to convert tbl files to unified format:
[16:06:24] <dgarr> http://www.panix.com/~dgarrett/stuff/0001-adapt-tooledit.tcl-for-unified-tool-format.patch
[16:06:59] <Jymmm> That fall looks "man made", like someone poured out concrete - but I suspect it's just the low-res image
[16:07:19] <Jymmm> it's cool though
[16:13:17] <jmkasunich> the falls is shale- thin layers that erode into a bunch of little ledges
[16:18:06] <cradek> dgarr: neato
[16:42:17] <issy> thanks , i will try
[16:42:44] <issy> cradek , what can i do for the gaintry?
[17:06:55] <dmess> have you slaved the 2 drive??
[17:07:28] <dmess> to follow the first or master drive
[17:26:53] <issy> it is not problem to slave the drives , for to work as it has to be , must be homed separetely with its own home swith , otherwice the gaintry cannot be aligned to the table
[17:31:20] <issy> but what i found thill now , is that there is no solution that can be made with the standart hal components , i will have to study the sources to find solution
[18:09:18] <cradek> are you homing to just switches, or is it servo with index?
[18:11:26] <cradek> for just switches, I think you can do it in hal
[18:11:31] <cradek> for index, it's much more complex
[18:17:44] <issy> it is servo with index and separately home switches for each axes
[18:18:17] <issy> i am trying to make a profesional machine
[18:20:39] <issy> it is 7i43 + 4 servos and 2500 pulses encoders
[18:21:37] <oddname> anyone into reasonably priced spindles?
[18:21:50] <oddname> oddname is now known as frallzor
[18:22:23] <frallzor> as in tops around $900
[18:24:07] <cradek> issy: sorry I don't know a good way to home two servos to index together. seems like you will have to dig in.
[18:25:25] <issy> this is an isue that must be solved
[18:25:47] <cradek> great, keep us updated on your progress
[18:26:51] <issy> let me send you some pictures of the machine , in 1 min , just to upload them
[18:27:09] <cradek> neat, give us the url here
[18:27:09] <eric_unterhausen> is homing 2 steppers a solved problem?
[18:27:49] <cradek> eric_unterhausen: I think it's fairly easy to home to two switches (stop the "behind" motor until it hits its switch too, then tell emc the switch has been hit)
[18:28:00] <cradek> er no, stop the "ahead" one until the "behind" one catches up
[18:28:02] <cradek> you know what I mean
[18:28:10] <cradek> you can do that just in hal - easy
[18:28:15] <issy> http://imagebin.ca/view/cVtTzMY.html
[18:28:36] <eric_unterhausen> why couldn't that be done in a servo? something changes state like a "switch" there too
[18:28:39] <cradek> issy: neat!
[18:28:55] <cradek> eric_unterhausen: perhaps it can, but I think the index part is more challenging
[18:29:21] <eric_unterhausen> I would try to solve that mechanically so the indexes are very close
[18:29:47] <eric_unterhausen> issy, nice machine
[18:30:41] <issy> http://imagebin.ca/view/lAAXioLO.html
[18:30:43] <eric_unterhausen> should be able to rotate the motor in a coupling
[18:31:29] <issy> this is the control , made with touch screen lg monitor and dedicated kbd fo the machine , works fine , just the 2gaintry is not solved yet
[18:31:32] <eric_unterhausen> issy: now you're just trying to hurt our feelings :) nice
[18:31:44] <cradek> no jog wheel?
[18:31:55] <issy> no need
[18:32:26] <issy> the jog is separately and usb plugable , so it can be used at any place of the machine
[18:32:43] <cradek> ah
[18:33:00] <issy> the usb connectors are placed on the front panel and in both sides of the gaintry
[18:33:32] <eric_unterhausen> what drive system? belts?
[18:33:38] <issy> i am using pic microchip + ftdi , so it comes to the main PC as virtual com port , then is easy
[18:34:08] <issy> noooo , no belts , the 2X and 1 Y is rack and pinion , the Z is ballscrew
[18:35:09] <issy> this is working at 45meters per minute and the gaintry is 200 kg. no way to use belts , and then with the rack and pinion , i can make machines up to 20 meters long
[18:36:22] <eric_unterhausen> so you are using a key to hold the drive gear on the servo shaft?
[18:36:54] <issy> yes\
[18:37:42] <eric_unterhausen> assuming commercial parts, I would also assume that the index would be very close on both axes
[18:37:56] <issy> the system is made X- 2 motors 3000rpm/4Nm + 2 servo gearbox atlanta 6,8 div + gear mod1,5
[18:38:52] <issy> the y is made wyth same motor , but planetry gear box
[18:40:00] <issy> and the index can be anywhere , because there is no shaft on the coupling of the motor and gearbox
[18:40:28] <eric_unterhausen> then you can adjust the index relative to the gearbox
[18:40:54] <eric_unterhausen> but I would set up a "virtual index" by finding the relationship between the two
[18:40:58] <issy> but this is not a problem , when alaining the system , i can stop the motors at index and then to fix thenm to the rack , so can be asumed that the indexes are too close
[18:41:50] <issy> with the fanuc systems i use in the past the homing use the folowing procedure
[18:42:55] <issy> at homming both motors searh the home index , the firtst trigger the swith , and stops waiting the seccond , when the seccond trigger , both are looking for the index
[18:43:50] <issy> then is important to watc the unaligment while working in certan number of impulses from the encoders
[18:44:22] <issy> only this will asure you that when you cut sqare it will be square , not romb
[18:44:28] <cradek> I agree that's the way to do it
[18:45:05] <cradek> to start the search for switch, you only have to move them together - one might be slightly ahead, but not much, since it will still be nearly aligned from last time
[18:45:47] <issy> exactly , as big is the gaintry , big is the elasticity
[18:48:20] <eric_unterhausen> I didn't exactly follow, but it doesn't seem to be that difficult of an extension of the current system
[18:49:06] <issy> 1 isue is that the 2 motor is not an axis , it must be jointed
[18:49:31] <eric_unterhausen> that part is done as I understand it, the homing is a little different for servos
[18:49:39] <issy> and the command from the axis to be copied to him , bit controled separately
[18:50:14] <cradek> yes, one command from emc goes to two pid/motors
[18:50:20] <issy> then in the hal , it is not a problem to create a comparator for the both encoders to see the unaligment
[18:50:49] <issy> and to push it back tho the gui
[18:51:30] <eric_unterhausen> I don't see a need to push it back through the gui
[18:51:45] <issy> so , my first problem is haw to create join to existing axis and haw to copy the command
[18:52:48] <issy> to push it back , is in case you want to see the behavior during it's work
[18:53:28] <eric_unterhausen> that is something best done with the halscope or the pyVCP
[18:53:45] <issy> in my interface there is a special page for all the parameters to be analized and aligned
[18:53:45] <eric_unterhausen> once you get it to work, you will not care
[18:54:10] <issy> yes , but you must get it to work first!!!!
[18:54:24] <eric_unterhausen> that's why you set up a VCP
[18:55:17] <issy> it can be also
[18:55:25] <issy> but this is not the problem
[18:56:30] <issy> i have to go on the sources to fix the gaintry isue , any sugestions from where to start?
[18:56:49] <eric_unterhausen> do you have the command going to both axes?
[18:57:06] <issy> yes
[18:57:18] <eric_unterhausen> homing is the only problem?
[18:57:24] <issy> yes
[18:57:47] <issy> in the ini file must have all 4 axis
[18:58:10] <issy> for the backlash and the other thinks
[19:01:21] <issy> cradek , haw to create the joint to existing axis?
[19:29:15] <issy> cradek , is there any planes to support this in the future versions?
[20:03:45] <MattyMatt> a Mechmate etc would be identical setup wouldn't it? how are they done?
[20:04:09] <frallzor> mechmate, what what
[20:04:28] <MattyMatt> 2 servos on the gantry
[20:05:50] <frallzor> yes
[20:06:48] <frallzor> what about it? :)
[20:06:59] <MattyMatt> so you have separate home switches for each end?
[20:07:29] <MattyMatt> ^do you. I don't want to presume, I'd just have one myself :)
[20:07:29] <frallzor> I think not, but not sure
[20:07:44] <frallzor> Im not that far yet :PÅ
[20:08:06] <frallzor> but seems "overkill" if both motors are linked to one axis
[20:08:21] <MattyMatt> It seems dodgy using the 2 motors to align the gantry
[20:08:40] <frallzor> I used 2x motors for my first build
[20:08:46] <frallzor> worked like a charm
[20:09:12] <eric_unterhausen> 2 motors on an axis is the way to go for a big gantry
[20:09:19] <MattyMatt> yeah but the stiffness of the gantry should keep them aligned?
[20:09:29] <eric_unterhausen> easy to get racking
[20:09:34] <frallzor> 1x motor works with the meachmate too though
[20:09:36] <frallzor> rigid enough
[20:10:02] <frallzor> but then again, you ned a bigger motor so 2x is better anyway
[20:11:37] <MattyMatt> I'd still prefer to have them linked mechanically, by a belt or sth, so a software/electronics fault can't twist the metal
[20:12:56] <MattyMatt> and servos, would a single encoder be sensible?
[20:13:27] <frallzor> wouldnt that be like using 1x geckor for 2 motors?
[20:13:29] <frallzor> *geckos
[20:14:13] <MattyMatt> you could run 2 geckos off one encoder I'm sure, if the motors are mechanically connected
[20:14:59] <MattyMatt> and I'm still not convinced you can't run 2 steppers in parallel off one driver :)
[20:15:14] <MattyMatt> I must see the magic smoke for myself
[20:15:51] <frallzor> should work but isnt the issue current and voltage? =)
[20:16:20] <MattyMatt> I have 3.5A driver and 1A motors
[20:16:30] <frallzor> either shitty performance or a magical smoke creator
[20:16:45] <MattyMatt> luckily the driver can be throttled to 25% and 50%
[20:19:29] <MattyMatt> anyway, I'm just trying to help deconstruct issy's problem now.
[20:23:33] <danimal_garage> hi guys
[20:25:08] <danimal_garage> today is machine upgrade day... gotta do limit switches and wire up my toolchanger and front pannel.
[20:25:25] <danimal_garage> actually home switches
[20:27:03] <danimal_garage> i need to find a good place for my 7i42, 7i33, and 7i37
[20:27:46] <danimal_garage> anyone have any cheap and easy ideas?
[20:27:59] <danimal_garage> computer case is kinda full
[20:29:45] <frallzor> hmm good quality 1.6kW spindle or dodgy 3kW chinese spindle
[20:30:26] <danimal_garage> what kind of machine?
[20:31:09] <frallzor> spindle for my mechmate build
[20:32:34] <danimal_garage> 1.6kw is solid
[20:32:57] <danimal_garage> not familiar with mechmates
[20:33:05] <frallzor> the 1.6kW seems to have bearings suitable for axial forces too
[20:33:15] <frallzor> while chinese seems to be more of a radial one
[20:33:56] <danimal_garage> what kind of rpm's is your tool going to be running primarily?
[20:34:20] <frallzor> cant really say now
[20:34:27] <danimal_garage> for milling?
[20:34:29] <frallzor> depends on the sizes
[20:35:01] <frallzor> both do go 24000rpm max
[20:35:10] <danimal_garage> oh
[20:36:00] <danimal_garage> i probably cant help ya, i'm more of a heavy iron guy
[20:36:42] <danimal_garage> my motors are 1700-3400rpm and 3 phase
[20:37:03] <frallzor> well at least 1 thing in common
[20:37:04] <danimal_garage> totally different torque curve :)
[20:37:05] <frallzor> 3 phase =)
[20:37:19] <frallzor> got a nice danfoss to get it going too
[20:38:48] <danimal_garage> my mill is 2.2kw and it'll take a heavy cut
[20:39:16] <danimal_garage> my manual mill is 1.5kw and it's pretty solid too
[20:39:27] <frallzor> ill go with the 1.6kW then so i can do drilling too then =)
[20:40:12] <MattyMatt> and use a ball-end without worry
[20:41:53] <frallzor> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGQ2J4GgXkg theyre using a router to do that, but a nice 1.6kW spindle should have no issue with that type of milling?
[20:42:57] <MattyMatt> in MDF sure
[20:43:51] <frallzor> well yeah wouldnt use one of those in metall or something =P
[20:44:04] <MattyMatt> it's a rather large too :)
[20:44:07] <MattyMatt> tool
[20:44:13] <danimal_garage> thats what she said
[20:46:47] <danimal_garage> hmm i need to put in a 3 way selanoid for my spindle brake
[20:47:24] <frallzor> wonder if the chinese spindle really is 3kW
[20:47:31] <danimal_garage> doubt it
[20:47:42] <frallzor> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=390119265838
[20:47:44] <MattyMatt> sure, it'll draw 3kW. that's easy to measure :)
[20:48:30] <MattyMatt> how much of that is turned into torque and how much into heat is another matter.
[20:48:59] <MattyMatt> I reckon the quality of the bearings, and the ease of obtaining new brushes are the key
[20:49:01] <frallzor> probably more heat, why else the watercooling :P
[20:49:18] <frallzor> brushes? :)
[20:50:20] <frallzor> if im not mistaken this type doesnt use brushes
[20:52:41] <MattyMatt> it doesn't look that dodgy to me
[20:52:41] <frallzor> but this sealed the deal kind-of "DB- Double angular contact bearing in spindle nose and tail" for the 1.6kW one =)
[20:53:15] <MattyMatt> yeah, like a bicycle wheel :) (probably what I'll be replacing my dremel with)
[20:53:31] <MattyMatt> ah 2 sets, even better
[20:54:10] <frallzor> and then it comes fron .Nl, so support should be better than from china
[20:54:38] <MattyMatt> yep. certainly quicker
[20:54:50] <MattyMatt> and with more consumer rights
[20:55:32] <MattyMatt> or at least it's easier to sue them, if it's commercial
[20:55:34] <frallzor> yeah a seller on ebay probably wouldnt care about that =)
[20:56:00] <MattyMatt> oh the 1.6kW one is there too?
[20:56:12] <frallzor> nah
[20:56:21] <frallzor> its just the "dodgy" on
[20:56:24] <frallzor> *one
[20:56:28] <frallzor> others are from damencnc
[20:57:09] <MattyMatt> well you pays your money and takes your chance. my 30e dremel thing never even got on my machine
[20:57:34] <frallzor> I know damen is ok so I guess ill go with him =)
[20:57:34] <MattyMatt> and I can't find the receipt. I'll have to fix the damn thing
[21:00:03] <MattyMatt> now that IS the brushes :) or the speed controller
[21:02:45] <frallzor> =P
[21:02:50] <frallzor> brushes are evul!
[21:05:02] <MattyMatt> sometimes. I'd rather trust a lump of graphite than a crappy transistor
[21:05:25] <MattyMatt> VFD is the way to go at the high quality end tho
[21:05:52] <frallzor> yup I got a cheap danfoss vlt 6011 =)
[21:06:10] <frallzor> 7.5kW and like 16kVA
[21:06:51] <frallzor> overkill, yes, but the price was right and I could upgrade in the futurer :P
[21:07:44] <MattyMatt> yep, a mechmate looks strong enough to carve engine blocks
[21:08:47] <MattyMatt> with a 5axis thingy and one of those long ball mills
[21:09:08] <frallzor> maybe =)
[21:09:12] <MattyMatt> oval pistons!!
[21:09:34] <frallzor> will be interesting to see what it can do
[21:12:39] <MattyMatt> I wonder if you can still get parts for that oval-piston Jaguar
[21:14:16] <celeron55> wouldn't square pistons be optimal when considering the space needed? 8)
[21:14:42] <MattyMatt> rounded squares, to avoid hotspots and stress
[21:16:16] <MattyMatt> if the bore was curved, you could lose one joint in the connecting rod
[21:17:52] <MattyMatt> ah the oil will run out before it's built :)
[21:38:54] <frallzor> wooow "only" 805 euro for the 1.6kW spindle :P
[21:41:27] <frallzor> time to rethink I guess!
[22:04:36] <micges> hi issy
[22:04:57] <micges> can you describe again what is your problem with gantry?
[22:06:18] <issy> well , generaly to work corectly , it must be homed separately , with own home switch for each motor
[22:06:33] <issy> and the system use servos with index
[22:08:19] <MattyMatt> frallzor -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqLFtpJQakM&NR=1
[22:09:15] <MattyMatt> and he's a swede
[22:10:35] <MattyMatt> doesn't say whether he sells them tho
[22:11:02] <frallzor> if it is the person i think its just a project =)
[22:11:17] <frallzor> (from a swedish electronics forum"
[22:11:17] <micges> issy: homing and jogging gantry issues will be fixed in emc 2.4.0 (I hope we make it in time ;))
[22:11:18] <frallzor> )
[22:12:51] <frallzor> it is :P
[22:13:35] <MattyMatt> 805e would buy a cheap lathe :)
[22:13:39] <issy> when you think it will be?
[22:13:51] <frallzor> or a good small spindle :P
[22:14:06] <MattyMatt> ah but then you'd have a lathe too
[22:14:17] <frallzor> but no spindle :P
[22:14:24] <MattyMatt> until you make it
[22:14:51] <micges> issy: it's huge work half done
[22:14:54] <frallzor> first a working mill, then other machines =)
[22:15:13] <issy> maybe I can help?
[22:15:26] <MattyMatt> that was my plan, until I tried to drill my own solid motor connectors
[22:15:46] <MattyMatt> and started to wish I had a lathe first :)
[22:15:51] <frallzor> :P
[22:15:57] <frallzor> i want that spindle! :P
[22:16:08] <frallzor> ruin the euro for me please
[22:16:18] <frallzor> it costs to much
[22:16:59] <MattyMatt> use a black & decker until you've earned enough
[22:17:20] <MattyMatt> >:)
[22:17:23] <frallzor> cant to, doing electronics now too :P
[22:17:38] <frallzor> so no proper spindle, no vfd setup :P
[22:18:13] <MattyMatt> any syncronous AC motor should do
[22:18:28] <MattyMatt> vacuum cleaner?
[22:18:28] <frallzor> if it is speced the same that is =)
[22:19:00] <frallzor> I borrowed a nice old asea
[22:19:48] <jt-plasma> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swulPjzzRQA
[22:25:27] <MattyMatt> mm fitted with emc2. that's a telling expression :)
[22:27:26] <MattyMatt> I'm not the only one who wants it embedded in rom
[22:27:58] <eric_unterhausen> you guys should get together and make it happen
[22:28:17] <MattyMatt> well I got the eprom programmer :)
[22:28:39] <eric_unterhausen> what uses an eprom nowadays?
[22:28:40] <MattyMatt> or do you mean jt & hardinge man?
[22:29:36] <MattyMatt> old printers do. the plan was to use the printer cpu as-is
[22:29:50] <MattyMatt> 80188. thought it would be useful
[22:30:10] <MattyMatt> and if the stepper drivers were bigger, it probably would be
[22:31:20] <MattyMatt> and you can program flash chips in the same programmer. handy for bootstrapping without jtag
[22:31:56] <MattyMatt> or if I brick a mobo trying to put coreboot on it
[22:32:12] <eric_unterhausen> you can just use the hot swap on mobos
[22:32:58] <MattyMatt> unless you want to use both halves for coreboot
[22:33:56] <MattyMatt> well hopefully I'll do sth useful with it one day
[22:34:02] <jt-plasma> LOL
[22:36:35] <MattyMatt> right now, I want CF in my emc machine. IDE drives aren't worth buying anymore
[22:41:18] <frallzor> hmm ER20 vs ER25
[22:41:22] <frallzor> any ups and downs?
[22:41:26] <frallzor> besides sizes
[22:43:58] <MattyMatt> googlefight them
[22:45:19] <MattyMatt> ER25 won by 1.4m to 750k, but there's an earplu called ER25
[22:45:48] <celeron55> and also one named ER20
[22:46:21] <celeron55> so the result is basically random
[22:46:50] <MattyMatt> "ER20 collet" v "ER25 collet" is even more emphatic win for ER25
[22:46:51] <celeron55> but random isn't that bad way of choosing things!
[22:50:51] <frallzor> too random for making a choice this big =)
[22:52:38] <frallzor> size is the only difference it seems
[22:53:04] <frallzor> max 16mm tool instead of 13mm for ER20
[23:25:03] <roh> we got ER25, and it seems nice