#emc | Logs for 2009-10-04

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[00:53:00] <tlab> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_bore
[00:53:14] <tlab> 4 is better than 2 yes? lol
[00:53:15] <Valen> it just seems to not be http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/ there
[00:53:25] <andypugh> A woman's weapon :-)
[00:54:59] <andypugh> (meaning no offence to any female emc-ers out there)
[00:57:07] <tlab> I'm debating on if I want to work for a company or go teach
[00:57:58] <tlab> discuss
[00:58:00] <tlab> ..
[00:58:15] <andypugh> Voluntary or involuntary students?
[00:58:24] <tlab> ?
[00:58:38] <andypugh> School or college teaching
[00:58:41] <tlab> involuntary.. like grade school
[00:58:59] <tlab> crap pay, probably a crappy school too
[00:59:25] <andypugh> Personally I can imagine few things worse, and I was on the track to be a university lecturer until I gave up.
[00:59:29] <tlab> company I'll be force to squeeze a dime out of a penny
[01:00:00] <tlab> I got a new job, which I thought would be more technical... but I'm a damn salesman.
[01:00:19] <andypugh> Have you considered freelance gigolo, international jewel thief, yogic flier?
[01:00:31] <tlab> yogic flier?
[01:01:22] <andypugh> Not sure it pays well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yogic_flying#Yogic_Flying
[01:02:50] <tlab> http://www.alltm.org/yogic-flying.php good video
[01:03:12] <tlab> alpha frequencies
[01:03:32] <tlab> LOL OMG
[01:05:36] <andypugh> I might have to send that link to my friends at the Functional Imaging Laboratory (they MRI scan peoples brains to see what bits do what)
[01:09:17] <Valen> be kinda hard to fmri them when they are hopping al over the shop
[01:09:49] <andypugh> Actually, it all seems fair enough, as presented there. I think it was oversold a few years ago.
[01:10:27] <andypugh> You would need a huge robotic arm to hold the MRI scanner in the right place. SOunds like a job for EMC
[01:10:34] <Valen> lol
[01:10:46] <Valen> to within a few protons
[01:10:51] <Valen> need some good encoders
[01:11:02] <andypugh> Tuning the loop would be a challenge.
[01:11:38] <Valen> moving the several tonne mri machine would be a challenge
[01:11:55] <Valen> especially if you are using metal actuators
[01:12:06] <tlab> http://www.hizook.com/blog/2009/08/03/high-speed-robot-hand-demonstrates-dexterity-and-skillful-manipulation
[01:12:47] <Dave911> tlab>Kokomo .... I'm probably one of the few guys here who knows where that is... ;-)
[01:12:49] <Dave911> I was there on Wednesday! Purdue - a great school - my wife is a prof at IPFW (Fort Wayne) Small world
[01:14:00] <Dave911> Teaching at a University is not a bad job.... My wife has no regrets about that.
[01:14:28] <tlab> ya my wife wants to teach at university... but I'm assuming I'd need atleast a masters to do that
[01:14:52] <tlab> she has her phd, so she shouldn't have a problem doing so
[01:16:22] <Dave911> I PhD is pretty much required to become an associate Prof or a full Prof. You can teach with Masters for sure but there is another name for that position..
[01:16:37] <Valen> heh it would be interesting working in a factory full of those style of robots
[01:16:55] <Dave911> The trick is getting a job..
[01:16:57] <Valen> throwing tools and parts around with wild abandon
[01:17:25] <Dave911> Do you remember what board shop did your PCB
[01:17:29] <tlab> ya and I don't wanna get a phd... so teaching school is probably more my speed
[01:17:38] <tlab> 4pcb.com ?
[01:18:15] <tlab> it's out of CO
[01:18:30] <Dave911> If you were with her when she got her PhD, you know how tough that process is.. :-O I decided I would never do that!!!
[01:18:30] <andypugh> So, step one is to do postdoc work and get a PhD. There are lots of great projects out there (like that high speed robot hand) and if you get lucky you can be paid to do it
[01:18:55] <tlab> ya my wife got paid to do her phd
[01:19:00] <andypugh> Having a PhD is great, the cops let you off speeding.
[01:19:05] <tlab> and we met while she was working on her phd
[01:19:07] <Dave911> There is a board shop in Kokomo, they keep calling me about doing boards for me.... I asked them for some pricing on a custom job a while back
[01:19:47] <Dave911> She was paid to get her PhD... I guess my wife was paid also - I paid her!! ;-) She'd kill me if she heard me say that...
[01:19:50] <tlab> http://www.csielectronics.com/ ?
[01:20:01] <andypugh> (only of you have the title on your driving license and don't correct them when they think you are a doctor on call)
[01:21:01] <tlab> was the board shop CSI dave?
[01:21:06] <Dave911> CSI - yep those are the guys...
[01:21:08] <Dave911> My wife got a ticket a year ago - speeding. PhD didn't help....
[01:21:24] <tlab> ya my wife got a speeding ticket.. phd didn't help
[01:21:48] <tlab> I know a gal at the school who works there... seems like they are hurting for business...
[01:21:59] <tlab> she only works like 5 hours a day... 3-4 days a week
[01:22:44] <Dave911> CSI - that is my impression also - the one salesguy has been very persistent. Isn't all of Kokomo pretty much in the dumper?? There was a special on CNN about Kokomo a while back. Did you see that?
[01:22:49] <andypugh> Dave911: Did I see you asking about accessing current X.Y.Z as #5xxx parameters?
[01:23:12] <Dave911> Yep, that was me.. :-)
[01:23:26] <andypugh> I have asked if it can be added as a feature.
[01:23:34] <tlab> ya kokomo is in the dumper, chrysler and delphi have cut a lot of people... it will stable out at some point tho
[01:23:49] <Dave911> Yep, I saw that also. Terry I believe...
[01:24:06] <tlab> I missed the CNN thing
[01:25:07] <Dave911> Kokomo .. oh yeah, there is a lot of talent in Kokomo. That is something that was pretty much overlooked in the CNN show. It was on at night a few times earlier this year. It was a very good show but as usual they miss a few things. I've done work at Chrysler and Delco in the past...
[01:25:29] <andypugh> I have some generic G-code facing and turning blocks, I want to be able to put work in the chuck, jog to the corner and say "Make this 50mm dia and 50mm long". Currently I use G28.1 and read those paramenters, then subtract the axis ofsets and the G92 offsets, but there is no way to handle tool length offsets.
[01:25:38] <tlab> blech GM electronics sucks.. and delphi/delco are at the heart of it
[01:26:49] <andypugh> I am quite happy with Delphi diesel injection kit right now. I just wish they would get their act together with software releases actually working properly.
[01:26:52] <tlab> I worked 10 years at chrysler... to many lazy ppl worked there
[01:28:18] <andypugh> I am part of the lazy people problem at Ford.
[01:28:18] <Dave911> tlab.... well I have been into Delco/Delphi over the last 20 years many times and they ran the company like they were a government agency. Tons of overhead. Managers that did virtually nothing etc. I'm surprised the company is still running. Still besides all of that there was some very talented people there also. But they were buried beneath layers of managerial crap.... which...
[01:28:20] <Dave911> ...really hindered them.
[01:28:55] <tlab> it's like that at many places I believe
[01:29:07] <andypugh> Anywhere big, I think
[01:29:08] <tlab> I've met some really really talented people
[01:29:12] <tlab> ya
[01:29:28] <Dave911> Ford - my wife, father in law, uncle, and cousin worked at or work for Ford...... I'm originally from Livonia, MI just west of Detroit...
[01:29:30] <Dave911> Oh yeah - I worked at GM for a while also..
[01:29:41] <tlab> I knew an electrican that was top notch... I've see people work on stuff for days. and he fixes it in hours
[01:30:29] <tlab> then you have the ones you have to show them which sensor is bad for them to fix it or the machine will be down all day
[01:30:43] <andypugh> I work for the European bit, which is almost seperate. But we are sending you out tiny cars next year, so please buy them :-)
[01:31:00] <tlab> lol
[01:31:06] <tlab> i just bought a car so sorry
[01:31:14] <Dave911> Basically most of my family that lived in and around Detroit worked in one way or another in the Auto biz... I got out in 1982 as I could see the big slide coming.... it sure got a lot worse than I thought it would!
[01:31:26] <andypugh> But is it tiny, cute and brightly coloured?
[01:31:42] <tlab> and I'm poor so no
[01:32:01] <jymm> tlab: sell/rent your body
[01:32:13] <tlab> I do to my wife
[01:32:13] <Dave911> Lets see..... how many Fords do I have here right now .... 5... I think... ;-)
[01:32:25] <andypugh> We all rent our bodies in one way or another
[01:33:09] <tlab> that's why I have this delema... work at a company or teach at school
[01:33:19] <andypugh> Considering what my job is, it is maybe a little odd that I have never owned a car.
[01:33:21] <tlab> I just hate the thought of ripping people off
[01:33:40] <tlab> 200 bucks to remove that virus from your computer sir... thank you
[01:33:47] <tlab> wtf 200!?!
[01:33:48] <andypugh> There are other options.
[01:34:06] <Dave911> >>But we are sending you out tiny cars next year, so please buy them :-)
[01:34:08] <Dave911> If you are still going to require money in exchange for them ... uh... that might be a problem..
[01:34:09] <andypugh> Research, your own company, begging...
[01:34:38] <Dave911> tlab> The real problem you have is that there are not many good jobs where you are at - or for that matter in the midwest ..
[01:34:38] <tlab> a begging company?