#emc | Logs for 2009-09-12

[00:00:01] <ZeroFlex> that are the servo's i can buy
[00:00:46] <ilya> ZeroFlex: I'm newbie in CNC, ask masters as crade.k or alex_jon.i or Jym.m or jeple.r
[00:01:11] <ZeroFlex> what i cant figure out is that i see more steppers with high torque (12nm) then servo's
[00:01:42] <ZeroFlex> could it be that the servo's nm is totally different compared to how the nm number is on a stepper ?
[00:02:03] <ilya> ZeroFlex: You will probably want high-speed machining for small details.
[00:02:15] <ZeroFlex> yha
[00:02:27] <ilya> With small depths of suts but with large amount of passes of the tool
[00:02:48] <ZeroFlex> i want a fast (if possible) machine
[00:03:01] <ilya> ZeroFlex: it's not fast
[00:04:27] <ilya> it makes many passes while one huge machine can milling bigger depth.
[00:05:27] <ZeroFlex> hmmm
[00:05:48] <ZeroFlex> i realy dont know what to do :)
[00:06:24] <ZeroFlex> cant find the fricking machines wich are build the same as mine and are retrofitted with servo's
[00:06:26] <ilya> ZeroFlex: Also, threads with big modules need powerful machine
[00:06:41] <ZeroFlex> you mean the spindels ?
[00:07:16] <ilya> spindle and also Z-axis
[00:07:25] <ZeroFlex> ballscrew spindel with a 360turn and movement of 4mm needs stronger motor then a 360turn and movement of 2mm
[00:08:02] <ilya> off course!
[00:08:21] <ZeroFlex> yes that i do understand
[00:08:32] <ilya> Let's wait what people say.
[00:08:36] <ZeroFlex> yha
[00:08:51] <ZeroFlex> when are they normally online ?
[00:09:12] <ilya> ZeroFlex: USA's or Canada's daytime
[00:09:18] <ZeroFlex> owkeej
[00:09:36] <ZeroFlex> [02:09:11] that is the time over here at the moment :P
[00:10:47] <ilya> Here, it's about 7:09 a.m.
[00:11:20] <ilya> oll korrect, you're in the Netherlands.
[00:11:33] <ZeroFlex> and you are behind your pc at that time ?
[00:11:45] <ZeroFlex> thats pretty sick (dont misunderstand me :D)
[00:12:15] <ZeroFlex> are you a night person ?
[00:13:03] <ilya> ZeroFlex: Worked at the garden at evening, have woken up at about 5 to eat
[00:15:29] <ilya> ZeroFlex: Friday's evening... People from IRC usually take their wifes and children to restauraunts...
[00:15:44] <ilya> *wives
[00:16:14] <ZeroFlex> lol
[00:16:57] <ZeroFlex> gardening
[00:17:00] <ilya> Not who call themselves computer geeks, but ...
[00:17:01] <ZeroFlex> for a living ?
[00:17:25] <ilya> gardening... For potato, carrot, apples, . . .
[00:17:36] <ilya> for saving money and stay wild
[00:18:08] <ilya> no, everyone has a garden with a cottage here...
[00:18:43] <ilya> Although, cottages has no water supplied, only hand-powered pumps...
[00:21:08] <ZeroFlex> hmmm
[00:21:15] <ZeroFlex> over here not anymore
[00:21:27] <ZeroFlex> when i was little we did it too (much)
[00:24:13] <ilya> Having tomatoes, cucumbers, and apple trees kind of saves money.
[00:25:22] <ilya> I plant a few other trees, also. And have created some compost from grass...
[00:26:51] <ZeroFlex> hehe
[00:29:47] <ZeroFlex> pff
[00:29:52] <ZeroFlex> i'm gonna sleep
[00:30:04] <ilya> Ok
[00:30:23] <ilya> I'm going to celebrate fellow's birthday today...
[00:30:25] <ZeroFlex> my eyelids need sticks to keep them open
[00:30:38] <ilya> No, they don't
[00:30:47] <ZeroFlex> ah, wel congratiolations then
[00:30:52] <ZeroFlex> and have a naais day/party
[00:31:13] <ZeroFlex> will speak you later.
[00:31:15] <ZeroFlex> bye
[00:31:21] <ilya> oll korrect! know go for bad party!
[00:31:27] <ZeroFlex> ZeroFlex is now known as ZeroFlex_afk
[00:31:28] <ZeroFlex_afk> haha
[00:31:29] <ZeroFlex_afk> laterz
[00:31:37] <ilya> :)
[00:59:47] <Jymm> SWPadnos: I'm baaaaack
[01:10:12] <dareposte> hello all
[01:10:14] <Jymm> SWPadnos: I think I found one.
[05:48:13] <skunkworks> http://cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89508
[05:57:34] <Jymm> skunkworks: you aare over there WAY TOO MUCH!
[07:12:53] <ZeroFlex_afk> morning
[07:16:58] <MIke3800> * MIke3800 is here
[08:01:54] <ZeroFlex_afk> zie ginds komt de stoomboot uit spanje weer ana
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[12:13:04] <i--pink> hii
[12:13:20] <ZeroFLex> lo
[12:13:32] <i--pink> how i can find the LPT phiysical adress
[12:14:12] <i--pink> ZeroFLex, ?
[12:15:19] <i--pink> i have a laptop with LPT but i dont know how to find the LPT phiysical adress
[12:15:29] <i--pink> is a pink laptop
[12:15:56] <i--pink> someone here?
[12:18:41] <archivist> laptop often make bad cnc controllers due to the power management
[12:19:04] <i--pink> is ok
[12:19:33] <archivist> lspci is the command to learn about
[12:19:36] <i--pink> i need only to know the LPT phiysical adress
[12:19:37] <jthornton> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//common_Linux_FAQ.html#r1_7_1
[12:19:43] <i--pink> only lspci??
[12:20:04] <i--pink> no.. is not give me the phiysical adress
[12:20:55] <i--pink> mmm lspci -v ???
[12:21:14] <i--pink> i remember in my past
[12:21:28] <archivist> man lspci to teach you the options
[12:21:42] <i--pink> some command with short output
[12:21:53] <jthornton> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//common_Linux_FAQ.html#r1_7_1
[12:22:08] <archivist> -vvv
[12:22:12] <i--pink> look, man is for man
[12:22:25] <jthornton> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Hooking_Up_A_MPG_Pendant
[12:22:26] <i--pink> is alot of text in gibrish
[12:22:47] <archivist> reading is part of the learning process :)
[12:23:10] <jthornton> did you read the links?
[12:23:35] <i--pink> only the title, is alot of text
[12:24:52] <archivist> ah lazy
[12:25:57] <i--pink> no, i am not a lazy, i am normaly woman without hasbend
[12:26:56] <archivist> man lspci tells you that lspci -v is verbose -vv more and -vvv even more
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[15:22:24] <jthornton> well lets see if an $80 video card solves my graphic problems with the Gateway
[15:44:09] <jthornton> oh boy it worked now it is update time
[15:46:39] <jthornton> hmmm, still don't have a network connection... but the video is working
[16:00:05] <alex_joni> jthornton: cool
[16:16:04] <ZeroFLex> lalala lilili
[16:39:46] <ZeroFLex> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq1ysHlmysU&NR=1 cewl
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[17:21:48] <jthornton_> jthornton_ is now known as jthornton
[17:23:22] <jthornton> well I found where I buried that 10-2 wire that powered up my shop for the last few years :/
[17:23:36] <jthornton> with the backhoe
[17:27:44] <MarkusBec_away> MarkusBec_away is now known as MarkusBec
[17:33:29] <Jymm> jthornton: Nice, you should look for the fiber optic, water main, and sewer line next
[17:34:47] <Jymm> jthornton: Oh, and if you can find my lost suitecase of gold, I'd appreciate if you could ship that back to me.
[17:50:06] <jthornton> Jymm: there is no fiber optic, water main or sewer main out here :)
[17:50:43] <jthornton> I was only off by a couple of feet... no biggy power has been swapped over to the new panel in the garage
[17:50:56] <jthornton> I was wondering what was in that suitcase
[17:51:12] <jthornton> * jthornton goes to take a nap now
[18:28:40] <jthornton> * jthornton goes back to digging in the dirt
[18:28:56] <ZeroFLex> hmmbz0rs
[18:47:52] <ZeroFLex> Someone in here retreofittet an deckel fp2 sort of mill ? i'm in search of some motor specs i can use
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[20:01:14] <robh_> if my spindle speed is 6000rpm @ 10v, scale is 10/6000=0.001667 when i use this on my mesa setup i get full 10v at 3000rpm, i have to make scale 0.001667 to correct it, any ideas why this happens?
[20:02:46] <jthornton> is this a plus minus vs 0-10 issue?
[20:02:48] <robh_> i mean make it 0.0001667
[20:02:56] <robh_> 0-10
[20:03:16] <jthornton> I mean a setting for the mesa card
[20:04:06] <robh_> a setting? i have ABS the value so its pos all time when goes to PWMvalue
[20:05:20] <robh_> here is hal file, http://pastebin.com/m10fd1950 Line76 is scale setting then used at L283
[20:16:42] <jthornton> I don't see anything that jumps out at me but suspect something is wrong somewhere
[20:19:40] <jthornton> there is some info here http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Analog_Spindle_Speed_Control
[20:20:10] <jthornton> you might have missed it... there is some info here http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Analog_Spindle_Speed_Control
[20:20:46] <robh_> thx ill look
[20:22:35] <robh_> aah yes i had seen that mainly for old M5i20
[20:23:04] <jthornton> ok, all I could find...
[20:25:55] <robh_> np ill see if cradek or one others pick it up later but yea that wiki shows same scale factor calulated im not sure why its 10times smaller i need
[20:28:20] <ZeroFLex> hmm what voltage gives the card out to the spindle drive ?
[20:29:14] <ZeroFLex> what i mean (sorry for me thinking) but if its 10volts out and the spindle turns @ half the rpm you want, isnt that the problem of your spindel drive/electronics ?
[20:31:35] <ZeroFLex> or to you mean, that the program/card is scaling it wrong ?
[20:32:34] <ZeroFLex> is so, you can solve it with a converter i think or not ?
[20:38:56] <robh_> no, when i give EMC S3000 i get 5v out mesa analog card, where should be 10v out at 6000rpm
[20:39:35] <pjm> can u not adjust the speed to voltage scale in your VFD so 5v = 6k rpm
[20:39:43] <robh_> so if i change scale factor ^ it gives me 10v @ 6000rpm command then, but its not to show all exsamples and caculation says it should be, why im confused
[20:40:50] <robh_> pjm, could do but does not explane why scale is wrong in first place no? just seems little odd why it does not work out if scale is made to 0.0001 instead of 0.001 it works fine
[20:41:31] <pjm> yeah that is a good question
[20:41:45] <pjm> have u set it at various speeds and measured with a dvm the voltage
[20:41:51] <pjm> just to make sure its doing what it should etc
[20:42:22] <pjm> i think when i did mine, i plotted 20 speeds from 100-6000rpm and graphed the result just to make sure it was roughly a straight line
[20:46:23] <EbiDK> EbiDK is now known as EbiDK|AWAY
[20:49:31] <robh_> yea, if i chane scale to 0.0001 6000 = 10v, 3000=5v etc etc, just out if use what "should" be right value
[21:28:27] <alex_joni> robh_: that's the value of spindle-speed in HAL?
[21:28:45] <alex_joni> motion.spindle-speed-out iirc
[21:35:45] <alex_joni> good night all
[21:42:32] <jthornton> good night alex
[21:53:03] <mozmck> jthornton: what image formats can you import with lyx?
[21:57:29] <jthornton> they normally use png
[22:06:51] <jepler> there are (at least) two sensible interpretations for a PWM/DAC with scale=1: 1 = 1V, or 1 = full scale. Based on what you've said, hostmot2 chooses the second.
[22:08:24] <jepler> (another possibility would be 1 = 1 DAC LSB, but I don't think any current driver does that)
[22:12:50] <robh_> hi jepler yes 1 = full scale as u say, if PWM value is 1 i see full scale of 10v out
[22:15:02] <robh_> aah yes as u say 6000x0.0001667=1.0 where 6000x0.001667=10.00