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[00:42:59] <LawrenceG> cool .. http://www.pstoedit.net/ has accepted by gcode output patch ... convert pdf and ps to gcode!
[00:43:10] <LawrenceG> s/by/my/
[00:45:16] <LawrenceG> new driver for gcode (.ngc files) (tested with emc see http://linuxcnc.org). Contributed by Lawrence Glaister
[01:27:20] <roh> driver?
[01:38:03] <roh> hm.. somehow i am lost.. how do i implement something like a pll in hal?
[01:38:17] <roh> or rather a 'wait for lock'
[01:38:24] <roh> the pid loop does its job fine.
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[08:34:01] <maximilian_h> good morning
[08:34:19] <maximilian_h> Good a question
[08:34:56] <maximilian_h> is there a reason that I don't see yet why the adaptive_feed in control.c is limited to a max. value of 1.0 ?
[08:36:00] <maximilian_h> Or can I change that to, e.g. to a max. value of 1.5 to go faster than the programmed F word ?
[08:38:12] <micges_work> you can do that , but on some strange configuration you may have following error
[08:39:08] <maximilian_h> Good morning micges
[08:39:27] <maximilian_h> by strange configuration you mean what ?
[08:39:57] <micges_work> emc2 hasn't yet per joint limits implemented (work is in progress)
[08:40:23] <micges_work> maximilian_h: hi
[08:40:50] <micges_work> don't remember exacly what it was when I've messed with adaptive feed
[08:41:37] <micges_work> set clamp to 2.0 and see what happens
[08:42:41] <micges_work> originally AF was designed for EDM machines, maybe thats why it is only for slowing velocity
[08:44:26] <micges_work> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?ElectricalDischargeMachining
[09:05:03] <maximilian_h> A, thanks for the clarification
[09:05:36] <maximilian_h> so I'll just try that out and see what happens :)
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[12:33:44] <jthornton> http://www.linuxcnc.org/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,20/func,view/catid,18/id,780/lang,en/
[12:39:16] <fenn> O baleful url, whenceforth pointeth thee
[12:41:15] <jthornton> lol
[12:41:35] <fenn> i guess he could try raising the base thread period
[12:41:53] <jthornton> I'll tell him. thanks
[14:13:08] <archivist> hmm make a tool changer for a lathe or get a quick change tool post
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[14:49:28] <aystarik> I'm trying to make AXIS show visualization of XYZA program, but with G54 offsets being on a cylinder surface, not the rotational axis. The best way was to add fake W axis and offset W to half diameter. Is there any better way?
[14:53:53] <archivist> which version of EMC2
[14:57:45] <archivist> aystarik, 2.3 is better in that respect see geometry http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//config_ini_config.html#sub:[DISPLAY]-section
[14:57:59] <aystarik> 2.3.4 beta
[15:00:58] <archivist> you change the order of XYZA etc to get the visualization in order to suit your machine, or thats how it was explained one day /me not tried it yet
[15:01:19] <aystarik> archivist, what to look for on this page? I'm already using GEOMETRY=XAYZW, but this seems extremely ugly.
[15:02:37] <archivist> Ive kept mine at 2.2.8 so have not seen how it looks yet even though I run 5 axis
[15:06:24] <aystarik> well, we just set up A axis, but the shop is mostly engraving, so they used to have G54 on the surface. As soon as we tried to set G54 on the rotation axis, we broke the cutter by "automatic" MDI of G0X0Y0Z0...
[15:26:31] <Jymm> archivist: make me a clock that has no more than 10 components, is accurate to one second every ten years, and only has to be wound once every year. all for less than $1.99 USD
[15:26:52] <archivist> no
[15:27:05] <Jymm> Ok, $2.49 USD
[15:27:58] <archivist> 12999999999999999999 SD and I start work on it after the cash is cleared
[15:28:22] <Jymm> archivist: COD
[15:28:39] <Jymm> $2.499USD my final offer
[15:29:05] <archivist> * archivist too lazy to work for nothing
[15:29:08] <Jymm> you dont do watches do you?
[15:29:23] <archivist> not really no
[15:29:45] <archivist> although aI made a watch part the other week
[15:30:25] <Jymm> how do the watches that you have to move to wind work?
[15:31:29] <archivist> http://www.horlogerie-suisse.com/Theoriehorlogerie/fonction-anglais.html
[15:33:58] <Jymm> no no the kind you have to move your wrist to wind up
[15:35:13] <archivist> http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/clocks-watches/question285.htm
[15:36:12] <archivist> lovely ad ridden site for you there :)
[15:37:35] <Jymm> ABP ftw!
[15:38:10] <Jymm> you should install it if you use ff - works great
[15:38:27] <Jymm> Sorry... AdBlock Plus
[15:38:38] <archivist> firefox does ok as it is
[15:39:06] <Jymm> No where near as well as ABP.... you can even block js, flash, image ads etc
[15:39:18] <Jymm> ad frames, etc
[15:39:39] <Jymm> Actually speeds up surfing dramatically
[15:40:05] <Jymm> It's the only Ff plugin I'd highly recommend.
[15:40:51] <Jymm> archivist: http://adblockplus.org/en/
[15:42:25] <Jymm> you can easily edit/disable it completely, per domain, per page, etc
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[16:00:49] <alex_joni> what's a + after rwxrwxrwx ?
[16:01:36] <archivist> sticky bit?
[16:01:56] <Jymm> If no value is supplied for perm, the ``+'' operation has no
[16:01:56] <Jymm> effect. If no value is supplied for who, each permission bit spec-
[16:01:56] <Jymm> ified in perm, for which the corresponding bit in the file mode
[16:01:56] <Jymm> creation mask is clear, is set. Otherwise, the mode bits repre-
[16:01:56] <Jymm> sented by the specified who and perm values are set.
[16:02:24] <Jymm> man chmod
[16:03:23] <Jymm> alex_joni: It looks like you can allow a user certian extra perms
[16:03:55] <archivist> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sticky_bit
[16:04:07] <Jymm> alex_joni: http://codepad.org/fA9VvBZq
[16:05:45] <alex_joni> thx
[16:06:17] <Jymm> alex_joni: tr ls -le on the file
[16:06:19] <Jymm> try
[16:06:33] <archivist> so long since I looked at that seems to be a fork of it T and +
[16:11:30] <jepler> "+" in ls next to permissions indicates an extended access control list which can be listed with getfacl
[16:12:39] <jepler> this doesn't seem to be in the ls manpage :-/ it's in the coreutils info page, though
[16:12:51] <jepler> For a file with an extended access control list, a `+' character is
[16:12:51] <jepler> listed. Basic access control lists are equivalent to the
[16:12:51] <jepler> permissions listed, and are not considered an alternate access
[16:12:51] <jepler> method.
[16:13:16] <Jymm> jepler: does ls -le produce the same results as getfacl ?
[16:14:14] <jepler> my ls doesn't know the -e flag
[16:14:28] <Jymm> ok, might be a funky osx thing
[16:14:45] <Jymm> err osx/fbsd thing
[16:15:36] <Jymm> Oh fyi... the LiveCD download doesn't state the specific version of emc2
[16:17:45] <Jymm> unless there's a new "AJ" version that is =)
[16:20:24] <jepler> the version is "do an online update to the latest and greatest before reporting any problems".
[16:20:29] <jepler> but that's too big to put in the filename
[16:21:54] <Jymm> Yeah, i usually write the version of whatever iso I'm burnng o the cd itself, I couldn't this time is all =)
[16:22:02] <Jymm> s/o/on/
[16:23:57] <Jymm> jepler: Oh, in axis... is there any reason why I can't rotate the display 360 deg? It stops at 180deg.
[16:24:09] <Jymm> I wanted to see the underside.
[16:29:39] <cradek> Jymm: that's a feature - we did it on purpose because getting an upside-down view would be confusing.
[16:31:12] <Jymm> ok (I guess)
[16:32:01] <Jymm> Is there any built-in way to record the running state?
[16:32:11] <cradek> what do you mean?
[16:32:21] <Jymm> like a ScreenRecorder type thing
[16:32:36] <cradek> do you mean take a screen shot?
[16:32:46] <cradek> (I don't know what "ScreenRecorder" is)
[16:32:53] <Jymm> Not screen shot, but record the screen to an AVI
[16:33:14] <cradek> I know that can be done but I don't know how without extensive use of google
[16:33:22] <Jymm> okey dokey
[16:33:43] <cradek> I think it involved using vnc for the opengl to record right??
[16:34:10] <Jymm> well there is vnc2avi, but there might be others out there too
[16:34:29] <cradek> I bet so too
[16:35:33] <Jymm> http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/about.php
[16:36:55] <Jymm> demo here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recordmydesktop
[16:37:05] <Jymm> well sample video that is
[17:04:58] <Jymm> acceleration == MPH, velocity == 0 to 60 in 3.5s (corvette, or 12 days for a yugo) ?
[17:05:11] <cradek> no
[17:05:18] <Jymm> I always confus those
[17:07:05] <Jymm> cradek: reverse them?
[17:07:13] <cradek> yes
[17:09:34] <Jymm> So all cars can reach a velocity of 80MPH, but only high performance cars can reach an accelration of less than 4 seconds.
[17:09:55] <cradek> well I wouldn't say "all", but yes you have the right idea
[17:10:08] <Jymm> TY
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[19:40:36] <ZeroFlex_afk> loa peeps
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[19:45:43] <ZeroFlex> what is a good i/o breakout board to use with emc2 ?
[19:45:43] <ilya> "loa peeps"? sounds good. Bring me one, too.
[19:57:24] <ZeroFlex> hmm
[20:01:14] <micges> someone plug out cable ;)
[20:01:53] <archivist_attic> * archivist_attic blames jymm
[20:02:19] <Jymm> archivist: Muhahahahaha... vlans rule!
[20:03:34] <micges> someone have idea how to isolate 15kV from computer ports? opto max isolation is somewhat 5-8kV
[20:03:50] <archivist_attic> * archivist_attic grmbls about Yamakawa not having distributors for their chuck spares
[20:04:40] <archivist_attic> micges, you should be able to get better optos or make up your own
[20:04:47] <Jymm> damn, wikipedia kinda spares for acceleration
[20:05:02] <Jymm> double em up?
[20:05:24] <archivist_attic> no, add spacing to standard parts
[20:05:44] <aystarik> micges, problem with 15kw is that it is 5mm of air, which makes an arc.
[20:05:47] <micges> opto available in Poland are up to about 10kV
[20:06:02] <aystarik> it is basically 30kw for 1cm
[20:06:22] <micges> ok
[20:06:39] <aystarik> so, you will need something with contacts more than 5mm apart :)
[20:06:56] <aystarik> probably, better than 10 :)
[20:06:58] <archivist_attic> use separate led and opto transistors at 12mm spacing
[20:06:58] <Jymm> archivist: you any good in explaining acceleration (math/units wise) ?
[20:07:32] <micges> I have naughty plasma that killed 3 my pc's ;)
[20:07:35] <archivist_attic> Jymm, nah there are plenty of web resources for that
[20:07:47] <Jymm> archivist_attic: name 2
[20:08:04] <Jymm> and wikipedia aint one of them
[20:08:10] <christel> [Global Notice] Hi all, re-hubbing nearing completion, I will also need to move services to a different location, this means NickServ, ChanServ and other *Serv's will go down for a few minutes. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for using freenode.
[20:08:14] <archivist_attic> Im at an archive too busy to do your google for you
[20:09:01] <archivist_attic> Jymm, thats a school/uni type of site you want
[20:09:02] <Jymm> an archive?
[20:09:53] <archivist_attic> jymm http://www.magicattic.org.uk/
[20:10:23] <Jymm> archivist_attic: then WTH you doing on irc?
[20:10:52] <archivist_attic> bunking off while writing the code
[20:13:23] <pcw_home> micges: What are you isolating? If measuring plasma voltage,
[20:13:24] <pcw_home> use a high voltage divider at the source (this can also filter out HF)
[20:14:34] <aystarik> micges, what if you cat opto-interrupter in half, move parts for 2cm and insert some acrylic bar with painted sides in between?
[20:15:08] <aystarik> * aystarik hopes that base of optical interrupter is just a piece of plastic :)
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[20:16:22] <micges> pcw_home: yes plasma voltage
[20:16:26] <archivist_attic> he wants to improve isolation pcw_home
[20:16:59] <pcw_home> There are also some 50KV opto isolators, basically just a LED and phototransistor
[20:17:00] <pcw_home> at both ends of a black soda straw
[20:17:16] <archivist_attic> micges, you may be getting induction instead
[20:17:48] <micges> maybe..
[20:18:00] <micges> pcw_home: some link for 50KV?
[20:18:31] <micges> every source have a voltage divider?
[20:18:54] <aystarik> http://www.secheron.com/uk/products-services/gamm26-miu10-measuring-amplifier.html
[20:20:04] <micges> archivist_attic: it is well grounded (25mm^2)
[20:20:07] <ZeroFlex> hmmzz
[20:20:25] <ZeroFlex> what are you doing with that mucht kv to your pc/board ?
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[20:20:59] <ZeroFlex> *what is mean is = why is it connected that close to your electronics*
[20:21:02] <micges> ok thanks for some tips, I will see if they works
[20:21:07] <Jymm> he's trying to revent that
[20:21:16] <Jymm> prevent
[20:21:20] <archivist_attic> wire makes coils/inductors
[20:21:44] <pcw_home> For plasma voltage I would choose some high voltage resistors
[20:21:45] <pcw_home> to divide the 300 v or so plasma to about 10V
[20:21:47] <pcw_home> This will limit the peak voltage need to isolate to 500V
[20:21:48] <pcw_home> but more importantly limit the slew rate of the arc voltage
[20:21:50] <pcw_home> (arc can have rise/fall time shorter than a nanosecond
[20:21:51] <pcw_home> first line of defense is a high value series resistor
[20:21:53] <pcw_home> -brute force filters will be of no use
[20:21:54] <ZeroFlex> i'm aware he is trying to prevent is.
[20:22:21] <aystarik> micges: good luck... how do you going to test it ? :)
[20:22:25] <ZeroFlex> but what i mean, how can it be that the voltage of your plasma cutter is reaching the electronics ?
[20:22:28] <Jymm> Hes controlling a 30KV plasma cutter wiht a PC
[20:22:45] <micges> aystarik: another old pc ;)
[20:22:50] <Jymm> they are interconnected, and he wants to isolate them
[20:23:09] <archivist_attic> home time here
[20:23:22] <ZeroFlex> yha, but are you getting the voltage troughout the entire frame of your plasma cutter ?
[20:23:24] <micges> pcw_home: interesting thanks
[20:23:40] <Jymm> 30KV plasma cutter spits out a lot of EMI/RFI too
[20:24:21] <Jymm> ZeroFlex: If somethin were to fail, he doens't want the 30KV to hit th ePC
[20:24:31] <Skullworks> * Skullworks does not want to even think about trying to sample an arcs voltage!
[20:24:58] <ZeroFlex> get a bougie of an engine
[20:25:05] <ZeroFlex> ist about 25 kv
[20:25:07] <Jymm> Skullworks: wanna HEAR 500KV arc????
[20:25:50] <Jymm> Skullworks: Do you want to HEAR a 500KV arc????
[20:26:08] <ZeroFlex> but aint it much easier to isolate the electroinic engines/switches, so it doesnt touch the metall ?
[20:26:39] <Jymm> ZeroFlex: 30kv arcs - as in jumps across things
[20:27:05] <Jymm> Skullworks: got bandwidth?
[20:27:09] <ZeroFlex> yha, but thats right off your pistol/torch
[20:27:33] <Jymm> ZeroFlex: where do you think the voltage is generated at?
[20:27:43] <Jymm> not the tip
[20:27:56] <ZeroFlex> of the workpiece ?
[20:28:05] <Jymm> the power supply
[20:28:09] <micges> if something is wrong arcs jumps acros the source and material ;)
[20:28:15] <Skullworks> I used to go hang out at the Griffith Observatory and play with florescent tubes and the BIG Tesla coil when I was a kid - now that area is off limits without a guide...
[20:28:21] <micges> and computer too
[20:28:43] <ZeroFlex> whehe lol (sorry :) )
[20:29:33] <Jymm> Skullworks: http://filebin.ca/trkprj (turn up the volume)
[20:30:02] <ZeroFlex> i still think, that it might be easier/better to isolate your workpiece better against the electronical parts of your machine
[20:30:03] <Skullworks> The Observatory is up on the Hills near the Los Angeles Zoo.
[20:30:55] <Jymm> Skullworks: eh, I used to go up to Mnt Wilson and do that =)
[20:31:08] <micges> ZeroFlex: you must somehow send measured voltage to pc
[20:31:22] <ZeroFlex> owhz, that i didnt know
[20:31:30] <Skullworks> Jymm - file type?
[20:31:39] <Jymm> mpeg
[20:31:50] <ZeroFlex> is that because you can then adjust (automaticly your amp's ?)
[20:32:06] <Skullworks> Red box stsation - great motorcycle ride.
[20:32:27] <ZeroFlex> holey crap, thats a nice arc (movie)
[20:32:33] <pcw_home> For a arc voltage divider probably best to assume the low side can have considerable
[20:32:35] <pcw_home> HF noise as well, so it needs a HV series resistor as well
[20:32:57] <Jymm> Skullworks: Used to go Glendora Ridge Road (Angeles NF), Followers Camp up there used to have overnighters
[20:34:39] <aystarik> does anyone has experience with XYZA program visualization AXIS?
[20:34:42] <Skullworks> good old days
[20:35:33] <micges> pcw_home: I'm noting carefully
[20:35:46] <Jymm> Skullworks: We were there and they started the wet tshirt contest. It started turning into a strip show and then all of a sudden all the lights went out. We thought it was the Sheriffs that had the lights killed to calm the crowd and they started booing the sheriff's. Well one sheriff was parked on a hill and he turned his spotlight on the stage and everyone started cheering! Turns out one of the junction boxe
[20:35:46] <Jymm> s got disconnected.
[20:36:24] <micges> pcw_home: I see you have experience with plasmas
[20:36:49] <Skullworks> Up Angeles Crest, down Angeles Forest, come out in Big Tajunga canyon rd. back down to Foothill blvd - that was our standard Sunday ride.
[20:37:06] <aystarik> I'm trying to see the program with Z and Y near zero, and initially it shows as thin line along X. If I then touch off Z to be 10 mm higher, program redraws itself as a barrel...
[20:38:15] <Jymm> Skullworks: Sunday?! Shit, we did this all the time on GRR =)
[20:39:10] <ZeroFlex> nope sorry aystarik i'm not very familier with the program yet
[20:40:14] <Jymm> Skullworks: though I avoided noght rides on GRR, too many bears, and more so bear cubs
[20:40:25] <Jymm> cute lil buggers
[20:41:01] <Jymm> How do you determine what is a good/safe acceleration setting?
[20:41:34] <pcw_home> I have som experience in measuring signals in nasty electrical environments
[20:42:02] <Jymm> pcw_home: Like when you hear the local Spanish station on the printer?
[20:42:07] <micges> oh ok
[20:42:07] <Skullworks> We were a motley crew - ex marine, a JPL techy, a Dover Elevator man, a few guys from Pac Bell, an myself. - Sundays was about the only time we could all get together.
[20:42:49] <Jymm> Skullworks: Ah, well a friend was a MC member, so we had lawyers, doctors, pimps, drug dealers, hookers, etc
[20:43:16] <Jymm> but it was all fun
[20:43:28] <Skullworks> lawyer - that covers all the others...
[20:43:36] <Jymm> LOL, true
[20:43:37] <aystarik> jymm: set-up indicator, then run off it to max speed, then slowly return. if you return to same value on indicator, increase accel value. Use half of it as production setting :)
[20:44:06] <Jymm> aystarik: I'm working on a spreadsheet actually, so that wouldn't work in this respect.
[20:45:36] <aystarik> oh... then you need maximum moving weight, momentum of motor at maximum speed,
[20:46:46] <Skullworks> for accel testing exceed the max weight you would eve use and test with that - your fighting inertia so testing with max mass + should give you some good real useable numbers
[20:46:57] <Jymm> What I REALLY need is some refernce in dumbass speak =)
[20:47:20] <pcw_home> jymm: we used to get hit with a ground based radar on mount Tam,
[20:47:21] <pcw_home> you could hear it with just a headphone, a diode an a 4" loop of wire...
[20:47:23] <Skullworks> Jymm - too many variables
[20:47:59] <Jymm> pcw_home: Radar originating from?
[20:48:02] <pcw_home> Sounded like a mosquito...
[20:49:00] <pcw_home> Military San Francisco bay area, not sure if its still running
[20:49:03] <archivist> then you learn screening
[20:49:06] <Jymm> pcw_home: BTW, I noticed you're in the Bay Area as well.
[20:50:00] <Jymm> Soouth Bay if I'm not mistaken.
[20:50:24] <pcw_home> North bay, been here most of my life
[20:50:33] <Jymm> ah
[20:51:18] <micges> pcw_home: can you describe more: slew rate of the arc voltage?
[20:51:39] <aystarik> jymm: http://www.engineersedge.com/gears/screw-axial-thrust-load-calculation.htm
[20:52:29] <pcw_home> A arc is an almost ideal switch so the DV/DT when starting an arc can be extremely high
[20:52:58] <Jymm> aystarik: that's axial thrust load, but thanks =)
[20:53:22] <micges> ok thanks
[20:54:12] <Jymm> I think I'm just going to play around till it sounds safe
[20:54:17] <pcw_home> So part of the job of sampling the arc voltage is to filter out the high frequencies
[20:54:19] <pcw_home> the series resistors do this quite well
[20:54:52] <Jymm> I have yet to actually SEE when my machine fubars, but I can always HEAR when it does.
[20:57:21] <ZeroFlex> what kind of breakout boards do you people use ?
[21:03:10] <ilya> .wgloomy
[21:03:13] <ilya> .w gloomy
[21:03:34] <ilya> blat'!!!
[21:04:35] <eric_unterhausen> ZeroFlex: no specific kind, lots of brands out there
[21:04:36] <ZeroFlex> i'm looking for the electronics for a retrofit of a maho mill
[21:04:36] <ZeroFlex> but i'm reading all sorts of things
[21:04:36] <ZeroFlex> steppers are good
[21:04:36] <ZeroFlex> servo's are good
[21:04:36] <ZeroFlex> etc
[21:04:37] <pcw_home> bbl movie time
[21:04:40] <ZeroFlex> wha ?
[21:06:58] <aystarik> ZeroFlex -- best is StepServo, closed loop step motor design :)
[21:11:33] <ZeroFlex> hmm
[21:11:35] <ZeroFlex> owkeej
[21:11:50] <ZeroFlex> is that budget wise ? or control wise ?
[21:12:30] <ZeroFlex> the machine i can buy, is fitted with a heidenhain nc system
[21:12:46] <ZeroFlex> glas scales ar mounted on it
[21:12:53] <aystarik> zeroflex: both, you pay for Stepmotor setup (cheap), then add encoders, etc.
[21:13:46] <ZeroFlex> all i can see (the max nm) with steppers is 12nm
[21:14:04] <aystarik> then probably you should just reuse it with servo setup.
[21:14:18] <archivist> ZeroFlex, servos for bigger machines
[21:14:26] <ZeroFlex> wil it be sufficient for a mill like this one ? http://www.maschinensucher.de/ma2/bilderanzeigen-A413389-1-english.html
[21:15:09] <archivist> EMC? yes
[21:15:22] <ZeroFlex> 12nm steppers
[21:15:51] <archivist> steppers can be too slow
[21:16:03] <ZeroFlex> ok
[21:16:27] <ZeroFlex> that was what i was thinking too (but its my first retrofit/playing arround with cnc)
[21:17:08] <ZeroFlex> What kind of servo's do i need to look for, i've seen some with 50nm (pretty naais price tag too)
[21:18:07] <archivist> are you going to fit ballscrews
[21:18:20] <ZeroFlex> are already fitted
[21:18:30] <ZeroFlex> its an older type industrie machine
[21:19:34] <aystarik> what motors were used ?
[21:19:45] <aystarik> why don't you reuse them?
[21:20:31] <ZeroFlex> because, i'm told that this machine (just like a deckel fp2) does use one motor to move all axis, but one axis at the time
[21:22:58] <ZeroFlex> cant find online a manual of that machine maho mh300
[21:23:09] <john_f_> ZeroFlex: I have a bridgeport with servos. 3.2 nM. 1 rev of the motor moves the table 2.5mm
[21:24:16] <ZeroFlex> hmm and how is that going ? fast slow ? just fine ?
[21:25:06] <john_f_> Just fine .That is the way it was from the factory. Max table speed it 5000 mm/min
[21:25:25] <john_f_> is 5000
[21:25:50] <ZeroFlex> and is it strong enough ?
[21:26:36] <ZeroFlex> ive read lots of people have had / ran into problems with less then 5nm steppers on a bigger machine
[21:27:01] <ZeroFlex> thats why i'm wondering
[21:27:02] <john_f_> Yes this was a Brigdeport Series 2 interact 2 set up from bridgeport with a heidenain TNC 151 It worked fien
[21:27:31] <ZeroFlex> hmm
[21:27:56] <john_f_> The sevo motors have a 2:1 reduction to the ball screws
[21:28:08] <john_f_> The ball screws are 5mm pitch
[21:28:12] <ZeroFlex> ah
[21:30:16] <ZeroFlex> i just want to do the job good, but kind find any reference retrofit that fits my machine
[21:31:20] <ZeroFlex> how did you connect the drivers to your pc ?
[21:31:55] <john_f_> Mesa 5i20 I/O
[21:32:21] <ZeroFlex> not a breakout board ?
[21:32:34] <john_f_> I am using the existing servo amps. They use +/-10 V analog input
[21:33:57] <ZeroFlex> ?
[21:34:30] <ZeroFlex> (i'm dutch, the technical translation at my side is a bit under level)
[21:34:57] <ZeroFlex> servo amps = driver ?
[21:35:03] <john_f_> Yes
[21:35:09] <john_f_> I think
[21:35:19] <ZeroFlex> ok
[21:35:21] <ZeroFlex> hmm
[21:35:45] <ZeroFlex> that is directly connected to your mesa card
[21:36:12] <john_f_> Servo amps take a control voltage as the input and drive the motors to a velocity proportional to the voltage
[21:36:19] <ZeroFlex> so signals wil go back and forth between. and the amps wil be fitted with a power supply
[21:36:48] <john_f_> The servo amps have their own power supply
[21:37:05] <ZeroFlex> yep, those amps are the drive's i have in my mind. i get it :)
[21:37:38] <ZeroFlex> how many mesa cards can emc2 controll ?
[21:38:04] <ZeroFlex> i've read in the man that it can control 2 paralel ports
[21:38:06] <john_f_> I only have one mesa card it can control up to 8 axis
[21:38:23] <john_f_> + 32 I/o points
[21:38:31] <ZeroFlex> owkeej
[21:38:40] <ZeroFlex> thats more then i need :)
[21:38:45] <john_f_> me too
[21:38:47] <alex_joni> ZeroFlex: up to 8 parallel ports
[21:38:52] <alex_joni> and 4 mesa's I think
[21:39:04] <ZeroFlex> whats the bennefit of a mesa card over a par port ?
[21:39:12] <john_f_> faster
[21:39:23] <alex_joni> if you're doing steppers
[21:39:41] <alex_joni> if you're doing servos then parport is not really an option
[21:39:58] <Skullworks> Alex - you know when the next Ubuntu LTS is due out?
[21:40:32] <ZeroFlex> ah i understand, communication is quiker/more direct
[21:41:10] <alex_joni> 10.04 will be a LTS
[21:42:07] <Skullworks> >12 months | <12 ?
[21:42:30] <ZeroFlex> how is the closed loop (with encoder or glass scales), does it give its readings back to emc2 or just to the Amp's/drive's
[21:42:49] <alex_joni> Skullworks: 10.04 = 2010 april
[21:43:06] <Skullworks> Ah - Thanks much!
[21:43:13] <alex_joni> ZeroFlex: usually you close the loop in the PC
[21:43:16] <alex_joni> e.g. emc2
[21:44:11] <alex_joni> Skullworks: the current LTS 8.04 is ...
[21:44:23] <john_f_> ZeroFlex: The mesa card has inputs for the encoders or scales
[21:45:32] <ZeroFlex> hmm, mach3 usbcnc cannot do anything with the data from the encoder/glass scale, what ive read the amp's/drive's must use it then
[21:45:42] <ZeroFlex> ah K.
[21:45:49] <alex_joni> ZeroFlex: that's not closed loop
[21:45:50] <ZeroFlex> that sounds better john_f_
[21:45:55] <alex_joni> that is bogus ;)
[21:46:01] <ZeroFlex> owz
[21:46:04] <ZeroFlex> ok
[21:46:05] <ZeroFlex> :)
[21:46:29] <alex_joni> from the PC point of view it's just like running steppers
[21:46:49] <ZeroFlex> ok
[21:47:00] <ZeroFlex> so i need a mesa card like you mentioned
[21:47:08] <ZeroFlex> some drive's/amps
[21:47:21] <alex_joni> motors and encoders
[21:47:23] <ZeroFlex> and servo's or steppers (thinkin about servo's)
[21:47:24] <alex_joni> some cabling
[21:47:33] <alex_joni> and a lot of good will
[21:47:38] <alex_joni> and the knack
[21:47:47] <Skullworks> Alex yeah system is out away from any net connection - we updated it to v2.3.0 and that pooched things up - Latency used to be about 9900, but since 2.3.0 it spikes up to 355000. :(
[21:48:19] <ZeroFlex> whehe good wil
[21:48:26] <alex_joni> Skullworks: all with 8.04 ?
[21:48:51] <Skullworks> Was a pIII-1GHz system
[21:48:55] <Skullworks> yeah
[21:49:07] <ZeroFlex> i have a hope in a guy, who is a cnc service engineer
[21:49:09] <alex_joni> ZeroFlex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlJsPa6UwcM
[21:49:17] <alex_joni> Skullworks: odd
[21:49:18] <Skullworks> 6.06 gave us promising results
[21:49:34] <alex_joni> I can't imagine 2.3.x having anything to do with that
[21:49:56] <alex_joni> maybe you got a graphics driver update too, or something like that
[21:50:23] <Skullworks> so now I'm going to try an Athlon XP2200+ and try our luck again
[21:51:14] <ZeroFlex> haha the knack
[21:51:35] <Skullworks> I will dig into the driver settings for the vid before we pull the plug
[21:52:38] <ZeroFlex> hmmmzz darn exited feeling about beginning a cnc chapter in my life
[21:53:02] <acemi> I need to upload some files to linuxcnc.org, is there any admin?
[21:56:59] <Skullworks> ZeroFlex - Took me 30 years, but I finally scored my own CNC Mill - bought a fully functional machine while hunting for some good dead iron to retrofit to EMC - found a deal too good to pass up.
[21:58:10] <ZeroFlex> hmmm
[21:58:24] <archivist> I could never afford a complete one so I made mine from scrap and odds, its fun, I just this weekend collected my second project a lathe
[21:58:31] <ZeroFlex> i was looking the last couple of years at bf20 (tabletop machines)
[21:58:42] <ZeroFlex> but it never felt right to buy such a machine
[21:59:13] <archivist> ex industrial is a lot better
[21:59:13] <ZeroFlex> so i ended up with nothing untill the last couple of weeks
[21:59:57] <acemi> upload wish details: http://paste.debian.net/45987
[22:00:02] <ZeroFlex> a college of mine, knew a machine wich was of a little highschool in the neighbourhood, he had always done the electrical service on the machine and knew it wassnt used that much
[22:00:23] <Skullworks> I have a Seig X3 that I have torn apart to design the retro fit parts I will need to make - Now it will just be easier to finish with a real CNC to make those parts.
[22:00:28] <ZeroFlex> so no i have an little industrial machine witch nc on it
[22:01:08] <ZeroFlex> http://www.maschinensucher.de/ma2/bilderanzeigen-A413389-1-english.html <<-- exactly this one it will be
[22:01:28] <ZeroFlex> or... it wil be just as that milling machine
[22:02:59] <Skullworks> I only got it here last week - still don't have it in its final spot - and then I'm going to have to get a new sub panel installed to get power to it. $$$
[22:03:01] <ZeroFlex> i found already a tech manual of the heidenhain system on it
[22:03:31] <ZeroFlex> x3 is a little one aint it ?
[22:03:40] <ZeroFlex> the bf20 is a bit bigger i think
[22:05:10] <ZeroFlex> those kind of machine's are in my budget, i never looked at the bigger ones, too expensive, or to much work on it, worn out parts etc
[22:05:48] <ZeroFlex> but the maho is a bit of good luck, i can buy the machine for 1600 euro's
[22:06:02] <ZeroFlex> in good working order (they say)
[22:07:07] <twice2> Hi all, just re-installed from latest livecd. Trying now to get wireless network up. Here are driver requirements: http://pastebin.ca/1557741
[22:07:09] <twice2> Has anyone done this before?
[22:08:22] <ZeroFlex> nope soz
[22:15:12] <Jymm> Skullworks: Nah, all you need is an 400ft 18/2 extension cord
[22:25:38] <ZeroFlex> lol
[22:28:20] <maddash_> maddash_ is now known as maddash
[22:29:33] <maddash> maddash is now known as fluorine
[22:29:58] <cradek> twice2: did you install linux-ubuntu-modules and see if it just works?
[22:30:35] <clip9> twice2: isent madwifi in apt?
[22:35:28] <Skullworks> Jymm - 10hp on 3ph - nope.... ain't going to happen
[22:37:20] <Jymm> Skullworks: You're just not trying hard enough.. so just use two 400 foot runs of 18/2 zipcord... that'll get you your 3ph plus earth ground - no problem.
[22:38:31] <Jymm> Isn't it sad that the PVC isulation on most wire is far thicker than the copper it contains.
[22:41:42] <twice2> cradek/clip9: no wired connection to the box. does it look like i need to bring it in and wire it to get wifi going? i've got madwifi drive on cd.
[22:45:11] <Jymm> sneakernet
[22:59:40] <clip9> right
[23:03:46] <ZeroFlex> ZeroFlex is now known as ZeroFlex_afk
[23:11:48] <dan_the_welder> Hello
[23:13:30] <dan_the_welder> can I use G41 when I am in the XA "plane"?
[23:14:17] <ilya> "HOME_SEQUENCE numbers start with 0 and there may be no unused numbers." means that I can assign 0 for Z, 1 for X, and 2 for Y?
[23:15:22] <ilya> It is an error if: the D number is not an integer, is negative or is larger than the number of carousel slots, the YZ plane is active, or cutter radius compensation is commanded to turn on when it is already on.
[23:15:59] <dan_the_welder> ilya, yeah I read that, what to do about?
[23:16:09] <ilya> dan_the_welder: It doesn't work only at YZ plane, see (G17, G18, G19, G17.1, G18.1, G19.1 Plane Selection)
[23:16:54] <ilya> dan_the_welder: All I can say, itworks even for a Lathe. I'm a newbie to be true... :(
[23:17:09] <ilya> dan_the_welder: G17 XY (default) G18 ZX G19 YZ G17.1 UV G18.1 WU G19.1 VW
[23:17:42] <dan_the_welder> ilya, I think I have to do it on the CAM side. thanks
[23:18:37] <dan_the_welder> easy enough for X but to do A is gonna take some thinking.
[23:19:01] <ilya> What CAM do you use?
[23:19:24] <dan_the_welder> I am writing one for my application in RUby
[23:21:29] <ilya> I plan to learn programming at www.ocw.mit.edu this autumn...
[23:23:33] <dan_the_welder> cool. I am teaching my self. I have a program that will make me a gcode file. It's my first program that does anything.
[23:23:58] <ilya> Does it make you a coffee? ;)
[23:24:11] <dan_the_welder> ha ha I wish
[23:24:12] <ilya> I want to create one, and become rich!
[23:24:19] <dan_the_welder> a coffe robot?
[23:24:24] <ilya> yeah!
[23:25:11] <ilya> Just some poor kid from Africa called A.W.E.S.O.M.O.
[23:25:36] <dan_the_welder> http://www.motoman.com/products/entertainment/robobar.php
[23:26:21] <ilya> I saw it on TV. A barmen?
[23:26:31] <dan_the_welder> does coffee too
[23:26:56] <dan_the_welder> RoboBar NA (non-alcholic)
[23:27:46] <dan_the_welder> are you making a SouthPark joke?
[23:28:46] <ilya> yes ;)
[23:28:59] <dan_the_welder> awesome! I love South Park!!!!
[23:30:06] <dan_the_welder> I tease my baristas about the Robobar. They responded by making a poster that said, "I am not a coffee robot"
[23:31:35] <ilya> Who is baristas?
[23:32:00] <dan_the_welder> Coffee serving employees?
[23:32:17] <ilya> Oh, I didn't know they are called so...
[23:32:27] <dan_the_welder> yup.
[23:51:17] <ilya> Am I right to understand that each level of HOME_SEQUENCE must have "HOME_IS_SHARED = 1" -- for H_S=0, for H_S=1, and for H_S=2 if I set one?
[23:54:43] <dan_the_welder> Ilya, where are you reading that?
[23:56:06] <ilya> I have compiled emc2-2.3.1 in /simulator/ mode with "./configure --enable-simulator --enable-run-in-place --enable-build-documentation=html" I am reading it in e.g. file:///home/ilya/emc2-2.3.1-version1/docs/html/index.html
[23:56:30] <ilya> www.wiki.linuxcnc.org or similar
[23:58:49] <ilya> ´╗┐each level of HOME_SEQUENCE must have "HOME_IS_SHARED = 1"... Yeah, it is easy...