#emc | Logs for 2009-08-07

[01:44:02] <skunkworks_> only 2 more windows to go and all the big gaping holes are plugged. ;)
[01:45:17] <Valen> funkey!
[01:57:11] <jymm> skunkworks_: Well gab the sawzall and make big ones!
[02:08:18] <skunkworks_> they are already big enough
[02:08:28] <jymm> lol
[02:08:48] <jymm> just toss a skunk or 20 in there to fill up the hole
[02:08:58] <skunkworks_> 4 4'X4' windows - 2 access doors - 3 garage dorrs
[02:08:59] <skunkworks_> doors
[02:09:28] <jymm> and a partridge in a pear tree
[02:10:19] <skunkworks_> Can't wait for it to be done. soon. seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
[02:11:04] <jymm> Well, you still have to install the 400A service and wire in the 120/220 outlets every 4ft cube
[02:11:16] <jymm> Yes, even on the eceiling =)
[02:12:02] <skunkworks_> done
[02:12:21] <jymm> the 52" big screen?
[02:12:28] <skunkworks_> other than the 400 amp service. and the outlets every 4 ft. (even on the ceiling)
[02:12:46] <skunkworks_> we don't even have a big screen in the house.
[02:12:57] <jymm> See, there ya go...
[02:15:27] <skunkworks_> 0h well - I think it is time for bed
[02:15:44] <jymm> G'Night =)
[02:19:41] <skunkworks_> night jymm
[06:41:58] <jymm> http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=66150
[06:55:40] <jymm> skunkworks_: Something else to install in the garage... http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=66747
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[12:38:32] <wildlife_> Can MASTERCAM from www.mastercam.com has a fully-functional (for example, withing the first month of use) trial version (for Linux)?
[12:39:38] <archivist> one month of use is not worth free
[12:40:21] <wildlife_> archivist: it's ok for me.
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[12:44:35] <wildlife_> Again, are there any free-from-charge programs for creating the gcode for lathe?
[12:45:34] <archivist> wildlife_, http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Cam
[12:45:47] <wildlife_> OK
[12:46:08] <gezar> its also good to learn how to do it by hand, in case you need to make conversions from machine generated code
[12:46:28] <gezar> fine 3d surface paths are very time consuming to generate by hand however.
[12:46:30] <wildlife_> archivist: mommy pays for a non-cheap Internet access, I would google in another situation ;)
[12:48:49] <wildlife_> gezar: I have made some modifications to gcode made in by means of a dxf-to-gcode conversions. I also have a book with recommendations about the optimal speeds of cutting, depths and feedrates in longitudinal directions
[12:49:21] <gezar> sweet, then your on the right track
[12:49:41] <wildlife_> I will write this table to a .txt-file and upload to my website and give kanzure a link
[12:50:17] <wildlife_> gezar: yeah. I just want to know more how-to-build and set up the machine
[12:50:58] <wildlife_> I don't even know what does the mill bit looks like. I used to be a student before...
[12:52:49] <gezar> you will get there for sure then, tons of resources on the net
[12:53:17] <wildlife_> In my `demo' gcode, 5 mm drill bit have a `standard' cutting height of 15 mm and I imagine I have a 1000x500 mm metal sheet which isn't `ideally' plain.
[12:53:56] <wildlife_> gezar: yeah.
[12:58:04] <gezar> its always a good choice to use a spot drill whenever drilling, it will allow a better drilled hole always.
[12:59:34] <wildlife_> ...so I wanted to mill the 5 mm thick sheets, say, in two traces with -2.5 and -5 mm depths, but the reality says we use some cheap deformed sheets and such a mill probably need a less feedrate and only one trace with same -15 mm depth
[13:01:06] <wildlife_> gezar: whenever drilling the holes, or at any start of the new contour? I'm using something like g00 x- y-, then g01 z-- f-
[13:01:25] <wildlife_> at the beginning of each new contour.
[13:01:53] <gezar> well, you want rapid g00 to position then g00 down to above material, then g01 feed into the material, yeah
[13:02:26] <gezar> so if your surface of your material varries, then you can use a min down to height, and a max back up height
[13:03:24] <wildlife_> uh... what?
[13:03:28] <gezar> that way you always avoid colisions, but you want to use a spot drill so that your real drill doesnt drift down a surface, or start to wobble
[13:04:32] <gezar> well, your talking about drilling some holes in a non flat surface right?
[13:05:51] <wildlife_> gezar: in a bit deformed metal sheet. In a non-flat surface, I would use g01 z- - f- with a small feedrate
[13:06:07] <gezar> yes
[13:06:22] <wildlife_> ok.
[13:07:38] <gezar> and by small feedrate you want enough to keep a chip load etc, so if your in mm, you want to keep it moving probably better then .01mm/rev
[13:07:41] <wildlife_> gezar: what can be an XY-plane feedrate for 5 mm drill bit for 5 mm thick metal sheet of construction steel?
[13:08:20] <gezar> none, 0, you dont want to move a drill bit in any xy motion when drilling down in Z
[13:09:10] <gezar> if by drill bit you mean mill, to achieve a flat surface, then that would depened on the bit and wether or not your material has scale on it or not...
[13:09:35] <gezar> and if your talking about a lathe operation, facing, then same thing
[13:10:04] <gezar> I dont really know what your wanting to do
[13:10:30] <wildlife_> gezar: yeah, to drill with g95, `g01 z-5 g95 f.01'
[13:10:55] <gezar> in mm?
[13:11:13] <gezar> so yeah, that feed is way too slow I believe in g95
[13:11:27] <wildlife_> gezar: I'm learning how to create good gcodes for XY and lathe machines
[13:11:30] <gezar> it would need to be .01*rpm=feed
[13:11:48] <wildlife_> oh, ok
[13:11:50] <gezar> if you are wanting a .01 feed per rev
[13:12:04] <gezar> hell, I think I havent programed in a few years now
[13:12:12] <wildlife_> i'll remember that. I will also check out another chapter of that book
[13:12:39] <wildlife_> gezar: are you using programs?
[13:12:42] <gezar> its important to matain a chip load, the effective amount of force on the tool
[13:13:12] <gezar> I dont use anything in all honesty, I worked as a machinist for 15 years, now im changing careers
[13:13:56] <gezar> and I have not used any g-code generating programs
[13:14:00] <archivist> "changing careers" is hitting us all
[13:14:22] <gezar> this is hobby stuff for me now
[13:14:39] <wildlife_> I plan to buy some car from my first salaries and also tune cars as a hobby
[13:15:16] <gezar> cool
[13:15:31] <wildlife_> I actually hate computers. They're weird electronic machines.
[13:15:35] <gezar> I have to go now, have a final today, I didnt study as much as I should have though,
[13:16:01] <wildlife_> I live in Russia, so it will be a stock car with stock engine.
[13:16:08] <wildlife_> OK
[13:18:53] <wildlife_> Poor wildlife_ saves the source code of many pages he visits. Stupid Soviet Government haven't thought about the Internets at all!
[13:21:35] <wildlife_> *hasn't
[13:33:40] <wildlife_> cradek: which photo from http://timeguy.com/cradek-files/cnc/lathe/DSCN6xxx.JPG shows the whole machine?
[13:46:43] <wildlife_> http://alphag.fly.to/
[13:47:05] <wildlife_> oh...
[14:04:56] <jepler> wildlife_: http://timeguy.com/cradek-files/cnc/lathe/DSCN6295.JPG has about the whole machine visible. here's sherline's photo of the original manual lathe: http://sherline.com/images/4000pic.jpg
[14:05:10] <wildlife_> Ok. thanks
[14:07:18] <wildlife_> What can be a price for http://sherline.com/images/4000pic.jpg ?
[14:07:31] <cradek> wildlife_: I bet you can find that information on sherline.com
[14:07:46] <wildlife_> yeah.
[14:11:41] <jepler> http://sherline.com/4000pg.htm
[14:13:26] <wildlife_> Oh... I can afford it. I would buy a showel and dig a tonnel into the bank, then buy the machine! :P
[14:42:02] <wildlife1> What does `DRO' means?
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[14:43:01] <SWPadnos> Digital Read Out
[14:43:41] <wildlife1> reads out from the motor and returns data to EMC2?
[14:44:18] <SWPadnos> no. it's the position display
[14:44:32] <wildlife1> oh...
[14:44:42] <SWPadnos> there are devices that only display position, which are used for accurate positioning on manual machines
[14:45:09] <jymm> mornin
[14:45:53] <wildlife1> `crosslide' = table for squeezing tools?
[14:48:23] <wildlife1> and `pulley' is a kevlar or rubber belt?
[14:49:19] <cradek> cross slide is the part of a lathe that moves the tool along the work's radius
[14:49:34] <cradek> pulley is the thing a belt goes around
[14:49:47] <wildlife1> cradek: thanks
[14:57:33] <wildlife1> http://sherline.com/8730pg.htm -- it can bear a mill in a tangential to the detail plane?
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[15:07:57] <igalkin> Can `g01 z-"depth" g95 f1' and with a thread bit as a tool create a thread?
[15:08:11] <cradek> no, use g76
[15:08:31] <cradek> (or g33, but it's much more work)
[15:08:48] <igalkin> i mean a three-axis mashine
[15:08:52] <igalkin> *machine
[15:09:19] <cradek> I don't understand
[15:09:35] <igalkin> holes, then another tool, and a thread like M6x1
[15:10:05] <cradek> are you asking how to tap?
[15:11:26] <igalkin> is it possible on a *usual* machine (if spindle offers some range of low speeds)?
[15:11:48] <cradek> sorry, is what possible?
[15:12:22] <igalkin> to create a thread using *usual* 3rd axis
[15:12:36] <cradek> I don't know what *usual* means
[15:12:49] <BJT-Work> are you talking about a thread mill?
[15:13:02] <cradek> you can tap a hole manually, or with a tapping head, or with a tension/compression holder, or with a rigid holder (rigid tapping) in emc2
[15:13:03] <igalkin> those not specially intended to cut threads after all
[15:13:18] <igalkin> OK
[15:13:32] <igalkin> rigid tapping = ?
[15:13:36] <archivist> igalkin, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C740zS9R9kk yes
[15:14:02] <igalkin> no... no... http is huge... no youtube! never!!!
[15:14:10] <skunkworks> heh
[15:14:53] <archivist> only a 46 sec vid
[15:15:00] <igalkin> tension/compression holder -- what does it mean? a tolerances like -100 micrometers?
[15:15:36] <igalkin> archivist: no... or mom will not give money to buy some milk another day
[15:15:42] <igalkin> ;)
[15:15:52] <cradek> it means the tap is allowed to move a bit, parallel to the spindle
[15:17:03] <igalkin> cradek: what if I program g01 z-10 g95 f1 to move a bit 1mm per revolution?
[15:17:39] <cradek> even if that would work, how do you expect to get it back out of the hole?
[15:17:48] <cradek> to rigid tap, use g33.1
[15:18:31] <igalkin> cradek: 1. spin the spindle "backwards"
[15:18:49] <igalkin> cradek: what is 'rigid tap'?
[15:19:24] <SWPadnos> that's where you synchronize Z axis motion to the rotation of the spindle
[15:19:25] <igalkin> backwards + low or negative tolerances for holes, positive for rods
[15:19:41] <igalkin> SWPadnos: yeah
[15:19:44] <SWPadnos> and you have a tap in the spindle (similar to the ones you'd use by hand)
[15:22:33] <igalkin> "G33 Z-1 K.0625" is equal to "g01 z-1 g95 f0.0625", isn't it?
[15:23:33] <igalkin> without moving the spindle backwards...
[15:23:33] <SWPadnos> G33 and G1 are not equivalents
[15:24:00] <igalkin> SWPadnos: no, i meant those commands
[15:24:18] <SWPadnos> K0.0625 is a distance per revolution of the spindle. F0.0625 is a feed rate, which is independent of spindle speed
[15:24:51] <SWPadnos> I interpret "is equal to" as meaning "does the same thing as"
[15:24:56] <SWPadnos> and the answer to that is no
[15:25:17] <igalkin> SWPadnos: g95 f0.0625 depends on a spindle's speed
[15:25:35] <SWPadnos> oh - G95. I didn't see that
[15:25:38] <SWPadnos> I don't kjnow taht one
[15:25:40] <SWPadnos> that one
[15:26:03] <igalkin> "z one" ;)
[15:26:12] <igalkin> z1
[15:26:49] <igalkin> What is a straight probe?
[15:29:29] <DaViruz> a probe moments before it crashes
[15:30:18] <igalkin> what does it mean in other English words? (I have no dictionary.)
[15:31:21] <micges> it is straight move until external switch is pressed
[15:31:34] <micges> like tool measure button
[15:32:02] <igalkin> is it syops itself?
[15:32:04] <igalkin> *stops
[15:32:34] <micges> yes it stops at the moment that switch was pressed
[15:33:09] <igalkin> micges: it measures an actual tool length?
[15:33:22] <cradek> you can use a probe for many things
[15:33:30] <cradek> finding an edge, finding the center of a hole, etc
[15:33:38] <micges> it's up to you
[15:34:03] <igalkin> how does it differ from g00?
[15:34:47] <igalkin> it stops when the tool reaches an obstacle?
[15:34:50] <cradek> you can use the probe more than once
[15:35:11] <cradek> you don't use a regular tool, you use a special device called a probe which has an electrical switch
[15:35:31] <cradek> the electrical switch is activated when the probe touches something
[15:35:36] <cradek> what it touches is up to you
[15:35:39] <igalkin> oh... It's quite useful
[15:35:43] <cradek> yes very
[15:36:03] <cradek> can replace the use of edge finder and indicator in many cases
[15:38:44] <igalkin> and i find coordinates at the DRO display or ~/configs/var.tbl or something, dp I?
[15:39:10] <cradek> you can do several things with the probed coordinates - see the documentation
[15:39:26] <igalkin> OK
[15:39:51] <igalkin> Were this machines so `cheap' for example 10 years ago?
[15:39:56] <igalkin> *these
[15:40:27] <igalkin> like that 4000 sherline lathe (500-800 USD)?
[15:42:16] <igalkin> So, do they have same price since '00 ?
[15:53:18] <motioncontrol> Good evening.I have a question for use the emc2 with convenzional maschine, with only one drives and 3 encoder on axis.
[15:53:22] <igalkin> Many people here think these machines cost more ten years ago. have they become cheaper withing last ten years?
[15:54:47] <motioncontrol> is possible on emc2 open the closed loop on a axis when switch the analog the another axis on drives?
[15:55:48] <igalkin> motioncontrol: people usually go work from home at this hour. Few minutes ago they all was here, now they're not
[15:56:32] <motioncontrol> ok i wait thanks
[15:56:54] <igalkin> motioncontrol: if you want to improve your English very quickly and in a cheerful mood, you can ask any native human in #english channel to revise and rephrase your phrase.
[15:57:44] <motioncontrol> one question witch select my name motioncontrol : ?
[15:58:37] <igalkin> it's a nice name.
[15:59:13] <igalkin> my name is my surname with first letter of my name before it.
[16:00:15] <motioncontrol> excuse for my english. i want select your name (igalkin) , and write the message.Witch taste you pusch for slect the name?
[16:00:25] <igalkin> ok, need to restart
[16:00:36] <archivist> just type the name
[16:01:05] <archivist> your irc client detects and does the highlight
[16:02:28] <motioncontrol> normali i write the name exaple: archivist : message.exist a metod more simple for write archivist : ?
[16:03:11] <archivist> type ar[tab] and your client should complete
[16:03:45] <archivist> motioncontrol, my client adds a , and space
[16:04:52] <motioncontrol> archivist,
[16:12:44] <motioncontrol> Good evening.I have a question for use the emc2 with convenzional maschine, with only one drives and 3 encoder on axis.the axis switch gear on only one motor. the question is: is possible open the closen loop with a hal command .because i want close the loop position only on the select axis.thanks
[16:14:00] <archivist> I would not advise that because EMC is maintaining counts for each axis
[16:14:53] <archivist> uncontrolled axes could move, you couls have a step change on moving control to another axis etc
[16:18:42] <igalki1> ´╗┐Is this device: sherline.com/8730pg.htm is a rotary table for detail? Can one mill a wheel using this rotary table?
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[16:19:10] <igalkin_> msg nickserv 1
[16:19:58] <igalkin_> omg
[16:20:22] <archivist> not a good password
[16:20:43] <igalkin_> archivist: heh, have to wait few minutes or so...
[16:20:53] <motioncontrol> yes i thing the counter is active, but i open the loop position the axis when it not move, example i have 3 encode on x y and z, but have only one motor for move the 3 axis. the gear switch on the motor with meccanical sistem.i have 3 encoder on the 7i33 card.i select the x axis.the gear the x axis is connect at the motor. the analog the motor can switch with relays on 3 analog out the 7i33 card.when i secect the x axis ,
[16:20:53] <motioncontrol> close gear the x on the motor , and switch the relay for analog on x analog out.i want in this moment open the loop position the y anz , because if the encoder for some motive move the analogthe y or the z move up(about 10 volt) and when i swith on the y or z axis the axis move fast.is possible open the loop position?
[16:21:47] <igalkin_> archivist: so, did these machines have almost same price ten years ago (it's very interesting to me!)?
[16:22:37] <archivist> how the hell should I know
[16:23:13] <igalkin_> archivist: you're the Master Archive Man, one of Archive Men Crew!
[16:23:19] <igalkin_> *the
[16:26:35] <igalkin_> cradek: Sherline's line of machines seems is about to produce small parts, am I right to say so?
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[16:55:28] <jymm> Enjoy a good laugh... http://blogs.static.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/25215.html?cnn=yes
[16:59:06] <micges> hehe, 7 is from my country :)
[17:07:37] <igalkin_> is it a big webpage?
[17:08:39] <micges> nope but it has 3 emedded links to youtube
[17:19:12] <igalkin_> oh :(
[17:23:30] <geo01005> anybody used a vision system with EMC?
[17:23:56] <archivist> geo01005, had a quick go at one with a webcam
[17:24:13] <geo01005> opencv?
[17:25:06] <archivist> wasnt using that no
[17:27:36] <archivist> I need the right optics before I try again, a telecentric lens
[17:28:13] <geo01005> I see, what software were you using?
[17:29:32] <archivist> I used some odd (its a long time ago on another box) web cam app, just to grab pics, then add cross hairs in php and view
[17:29:46] <geo01005> oh, ok.
[17:29:58] <archivist> was for cutter centering
[17:30:36] <archivist> single edge is not the right way for touch off for a gear cutter
[17:31:23] <archivist> at the scales I work it needs some good optics, or as now trial and error
[17:32:36] <archivist> currently I cannot get optics close enough to the job and tool and use the machine
[17:33:06] <SWPadnos> you need a camera with a good telephoto-ish lens
[17:33:12] <SWPadnos> a webcam won't do it
[17:33:40] <archivist> telecentric, not telephoto different animal
[17:34:07] <SWPadnos> something that can show you a narrow field of view while being somewaht distant from the subject
[17:34:10] <igalkin_> archivist: close to the tool center's axis?
[17:34:11] <SWPadnos> ie, not wide-angle
[17:34:19] <SWPadnos> whether it's telecentric or not is another story
[17:34:49] <SWPadnos> since you probably don't need to measure distances over the entire image, telecentric is probably not necessary
[17:35:06] <SWPadnos> (you only need low distortion near the center of frame)
[17:35:14] <archivist> any lens not telecentric has a fixed measuring plane
[17:36:55] <SWPadnos> for measurement, that's important
[17:37:01] <SWPadnos> for centering, it shouldn't be
[17:37:07] <archivist> I do need to write up my positioning problems
[17:37:18] <SWPadnos> (of course telecentric is better, but it may not be absolutely necessary)
[17:37:39] <archivist> I dont know depth of cut till the tool is measured
[17:38:01] <SWPadnos> oh. if you're aligning depth then you do need telecentric :)
[17:38:09] <SWPadnos> for hitting the right target point, you don't :)
[17:38:15] <archivist> and the measurement should include mounting errors
[17:38:17] <SWPadnos> (like using it as an optical comparator, of sorts)
[17:38:24] <igalkin_> archivist: can you apply a probe as tool #1 and manually change tools
[17:39:09] <archivist> you lot done realise Im looking for the cut width of a milling cutter and its centerline
[17:39:27] <SWPadnos> nope
[17:39:28] <archivist> which is a few thou wide
[17:41:19] <archivist> blank is made over size and the cutter is depthed to leave points at the od
[17:43:20] <archivist> form is http://gears.archivist.info/gears/p1010063.jpg
[17:44:43] <archivist> or more obvious http://www.csparks.com/watchmaking/CycloidalGears/parts.gif
[17:49:56] <igalkin_> Can I create gear wheels on stock 3-axis machines without changing the ratioby means of other pairs of pulleys
[17:50:22] <igalkin_> i mean, for example, a line of Sherline machines.
[17:51:01] <archivist> you need a rotary axis
[17:51:22] <igalkin_> archivist: what if w/o the rotary axis?
[17:51:38] <archivist> gears are rouns
[17:51:42] <archivist> round
[17:51:58] <igalkin_> archivist: the reality isn't the idealistic one
[17:52:23] <archivist> else wire erode the shape
[17:52:51] <igalkin_> microsteps?
[17:53:37] <igalkin_> jumpers > microsteps, othere pairs of pulleys can improve the tolerances
[19:05:52] <igalkin> igalkin is now known as potato_as_GUI
[19:42:51] <Gamma-X> Has anyone repaired there oscilloscope before?
[19:43:47] <potato_as_GUI> I don't, but I would left to my own devices, I probably would have a try.
[19:44:05] <gezar> I have 2 I need to repair, and they both are old and scare the hell out of me.
[19:44:22] <archivist> dont be afraid
[19:44:33] <archivist> I have manuals if you need
[19:44:50] <gezar> I have one of the manuals, the hp I dont think I have them though
[19:45:05] <archivist> model?
[19:45:07] <gezar> I would rather finish up school and have the money to buy a new one
[19:45:14] <gezar> 1250 I think,
[19:45:20] <Gamma-X> archivist, theres one on ebay that wont power up, its a tektronix
[19:45:22] <skunkworks> Gamma-X: you should ask your meter question on #electronics
[19:45:42] <gezar> the other is an old batter/wall military tek,
[19:46:27] <archivist> http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv10.php?searchv4page=1&errlev=0&searchstr=tektronix
[19:47:38] <gezar> but I get a week of talking with you guys then its on to fall semester
[19:47:56] <gezar> gotta run, you guys take it easy
[19:54:48] <Gamma-X> archivist, Check PM.
[19:57:24] <archivist> I have so mant windows open I dont see pms
[19:57:31] <archivist> many
[20:24:13] <jymm> archivist: Just tell your better half that you just bought a $40,000 Home Theater system, THEN you'll see PMS! I guarntee it!!!
[20:34:17] <archivist> jymm, Im old free and single and no intention of seeing that kind of pms
[20:35:21] <jymm> lol
[20:46:28] <pilotltd> Hi guys - is the mail list down?
[20:47:12] <archivist> * archivist notes a ukian
[20:48:25] <archivist> pilotltd, steve blackmore ?
[20:48:31] <pilotltd> yep
[20:48:48] <archivist> Im dave we spoke on the phone the other night
[20:49:38] <cradek> I think, but am not sure that http://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/sourceforge/ is their status page now. It does not mention any outage.
[20:49:42] <pilotltd> Ahh - gotcha
[20:49:56] <frallzor> http://www.pici.se/p/jaQFoUqQz/ its this purty or what? =)
[20:49:58] <jymm> No, I'm Dave we spoke on the phone the other night
[20:50:08] <archivist> * archivist slaps jymm
[20:50:45] <archivist> did you get the speed working?
[20:50:48] <pilotltd> Hi cradek - has a look and message list on line shows 4 messages yesterday, which don;t show when you try to view them and nothing for the last 24hrs??
[20:51:48] <pilotltd> archivist - yes thanks
[20:51:53] <cradek> does seem a bit light
[20:52:26] <archivist> my last incoming seems to be 23 hours ago
[20:52:34] <cradek> gmane agrees
[20:52:51] <cradek> maybe there's just no traffic - not too unusual for there to be no posts in a day
[20:53:37] <archivist> pilotltd, what I forgot to say is I was only 20 miles away with scope and meter etc
[20:55:09] <jymm> and archivist even had a ice cold pony keg in the passanger seat too
[20:55:26] <archivist> I wish
[20:56:59] <jymm> I just pcked up 3 of these for $2.99/ea. Wouldn't you know it, the LCD is connected to the PCB via soft contact, instead of a ribbon cable =(
[20:57:03] <jymm> http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?function=Search
[20:57:32] <jymm> http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=90899
[20:58:18] <mozmck> I'm going to stop by an auction of a place where they repaired machinery tomorrow. Anyone need anything in particular that I could look for?
[20:58:36] <SWPadnos> yeah - stuff
[20:58:46] <mozmck> The ad says there are hundreds of drives and motors
[20:58:47] <jymm> 300Watt CO2 laser system
[20:58:50] <archivist> one of each please
[20:59:14] <pjm> ohh a CO2 laser would be a nice thing to play with
[20:59:25] <pjm> (in a safe way of course)
[20:59:33] <jymm> where's the fun in that?
[20:59:59] <pjm> hehh well to quote an old gag, u want to still be able to see with your remaining eye
[20:59:59] <archivist> mozmck, just take a truck and enjoy yourself
[21:00:06] <SWPadnos> hmmm. some Baldor MTE-4070-BLBCE or MTE-4090-BLBCE would be nice, if they're not too expensive
[21:00:20] <pilotltd> archivist - had those in front of me - just my lack of understanding with EMC/Linux in general and having no internet connection to check anything. It's sorted now apart from pulley speeds, that can wait until my annoyance level has dropped some ;)
[21:00:32] <jymm> what do you mean 'a' truck? A Fleet of trucks perhapse
[21:00:42] <SWPadnos> and there's an Allen Bradley version of that as well, in the 1326AB series (but you have to be careful to get the DC ones)
[21:00:43] <cradek> mozmck: I could use one or more yaskawa CPCR-MR "servopack" drives
[21:01:27] <mozmck> I'll write stuff down and see what I find.
[21:01:29] <SWPadnos> pilotltd, I don't think I did a good job with the instructions for the gearchange component (like, I'm not sure I wrote any :) )
[21:01:34] <cradek> mozmck: also BT40 to JT, BT40 T/C tapping, or any other oddball BT40 tooling
[21:01:55] <mozmck> what's T/C tapping?
[21:01:56] <pilotltd> SWP - there are none :)
[21:01:57] <SWPadnos> did you have a hard time connecting it, setting the scale, trying to extend it to 3 gears ...?
[21:02:04] <SWPadnos> ok - there you go
[21:02:17] <SWPadnos> there should be an automatically generated manpage with some information
[21:02:18] <jymm> Y'all need to email him yur list, phone numbers, and dollar limits
[21:02:21] <cradek> tension/compression - where it holds a tap for driving it, but it can move up/down freely in the holder
[21:02:25] <SWPadnos> man gearchange
[21:02:54] <SWPadnos> and HNC tooling plates / tool holders
[21:03:04] <alex_joni> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//man/man9/gearchange.9.html
[21:03:04] <pilotltd> No problem extending to three gears, just confliciting pins and such
[21:03:06] <cradek> yeah, me too me too
[21:03:17] <SWPadnos> an MPG or three
[21:03:19] <cradek> the boring bar holders
[21:03:23] <cradek> yep MPGs
[21:03:24] <cradek> :-)
[21:03:27] <SWPadnos> heh
[21:03:35] <SWPadnos> and of course lights and switches that look cool :)
[21:03:37] <mozmck> heh, I'll need to rent a semi...
[21:03:38] <jymm> I'll take 3 sides of beef and a small diet coke.
[21:03:39] <archivist> just buy the lot...
[21:03:51] <SWPadnos> jymm, come on, it's diet. get a large
[21:04:11] <mozmck> SWPadnos: what kind of lights and switches? I might have some...
[21:04:17] <jymm> SWPadnos: I have to watch my figure
[21:04:19] <SWPadnos> nothing specific :)
[21:04:23] <SWPadnos> jymm, ew
[21:04:26] <SWPadnos> I mean - ok
[21:04:55] <archivist> I cannot believe an american watches his figure
[21:05:13] <SWPadnos> usually we watch the figures of the other gender
[21:05:19] <cradek> do you know how to tell CAT40 from BT40? it's easy to tell, but I can't find a comparison photo
[21:05:20] <SWPadnos> or I do anyway
[21:05:55] <SWPadnos> mozmck, and analog servo drives that go above 80V, like 150V, 25-40 A
[21:06:18] <SWPadnos> (which would perfectly match the Baldor motors I mentioned)
[21:06:55] <cradek> http://www.pctooling.com/catalog/Blanks/
[21:07:52] <cradek> CAT is symmetrical around the groove on the flange, and has mismatched keys - BT is thicker on the top side and the keys match
[21:08:37] <archivist> no mention of the old ISO40
[21:10:19] <cradek> mozmck: here is a bad picture of the drive: http://www.yaskawa.com/site/dmservo.nsf/link2/TKUR-5EJQ5Z/$file/TSE-C717-13E.pdf
[21:12:32] <mozmck> I'll save some of that to take with me. I don't really know what all will be there. There are some machines, but I don't know if they are running or even fixable.
[21:12:57] <cradek> don't hesitate to call if I can help :-)
[21:14:17] <igalkin> cradek: it seems sherline offers relatively small machines. What brand and website with machines capable to handle 1000x500x5 mm metal sheet of construction steel can you call?
[21:15:21] <archivist> igalkin, look locally
[21:15:33] <igalkin> locally?
[21:15:40] <pilotltd> alex - the man pages don't really help me as without an example I wouldn't know how to integrate into a hal file anyway, as my struggles trying to integrate SWP's hal with mine show, chased my tail for 6 hours and gave up in the end :(
[21:15:42] <archivist> near you
[21:15:46] <igalkin> the brand (for a start)
[21:16:11] <igalkin> One is a Sherline, another is ... I have forgot it
[21:16:13] <frallzor> ask a dealer (for a start)
[21:16:43] <archivist> he is in Russia, we would not know your local brands
[21:17:13] <igalkin> frallzor: i only want to be capable to say senceful notes to the potential employer. Here, locally, at the south of Western Siberia.
[21:17:52] <igalkin> archivist: I saw two names, Sherline and ... ah I wish I remember it.
[21:19:56] <igalkin> We probably have some dealers here at big cities (6-9 hours of drive on a car), but no one really cares, firms have money to buy whatever they want from whoever they want.
[21:22:09] <igalkin> I didn't know anything about it, now I see I can afford a lathe "using" my mean two-month-salary. With this lathe, I could create another axis for my mountain bicycle and many other things for motornikes and stuff.
[21:22:48] <archivist> go to an evening class get experience
[21:23:38] <igalkin> * igalkin buys a ticke to the American continent using half a price of a new lathe from sherline.
[21:23:57] <pilotltd> Largest sherline is about 5 times too small, only does 229x178x137
[21:24:45] <igalkin> * igalkin searches for classrooms and finds a class for male strippers, becomes sexy and therefore popular, becomes the president of the U.S. :)
[21:26:40] <archivist> * archivist wins a ballscrew on fleabay, now the wait.......
[21:26:55] <igalkin> fleabay?
[21:27:07] <archivist> ebay
[21:27:37] <igalkin> archivist: wins-but-for-money?
[21:27:41] <archivist> a merger of terms flea market and Ebay
[21:28:03] <archivist> yes nothing is free
[21:28:23] <igalkin> My love is free
[21:28:41] <archivist> * archivist backs away
[21:28:46] <igalkin> * igalkin loves archivist as one male can love another male
[21:29:11] <pilotltd> igalkin have a look here http://www.alibaba.com/countrysearch/CN-suppliers/Milling_Machine.html
[21:29:15] <igalkin> our intellectual intercourses makes me lol and smile
[21:29:26] <igalkin> pithanks
[22:01:53] <toastatwork> is anyone else upset at the tv show "deconstructed" for having horrible writing
[22:02:07] <toastatwork> also for being flat out wrong very often
[22:02:47] <archivist> no....because Ive never seen it :)
[22:03:19] <toastatwork> they take things apart and "explain" how they work
[22:03:58] <archivist> TV companies simplifying for the viewer is a common problem
[22:04:28] <toastatwork> but they're on like, after "build it bigger" and "how stuff works"
[22:04:38] <toastatwork> it's just confusing, is all
[22:05:18] <toastatwork> Quality show on how things work, quality show on how things work, show for third graders
[22:42:45] <archivist> just tried to make a test mandrel for a chinese ER16 BT30 holder, it would help if the lathe I used could turn parallel error is 1 thou in 500 thou
[22:45:34] <toastatwork> ouchies
[23:13:55] <archivist> made another, learnt a bit about how far into the er collet the mandrel has to be
[23:15:39] <archivist> +- 1 thou at about 3" probably ok for cheap chinese tooling