#emc | Logs for 2009-03-24

[00:32:02] <Guest572> hello
[00:36:49] <Guest297> any one open for a q?
[00:39:07] <jepler> there are probably a few people watching
[00:39:20] <jepler> best to ask your question and see if someone has the knowledge to help
[00:40:52] <Guest297> k.. I have downloaded Ubuntu 6.06 with EMC2
[00:41:17] <Guest297> I have the machine up and running.. Everything works as expected except for one thing
[00:41:38] <Guest297> when I first fire up the app, the machine does not move via the arrow keys..
[00:41:50] <Guest297> I tried changing the speed etc...
[00:42:28] <Guest297> Only workaround I found si to load an start any gcode file... let it run for a few lines then hit cancel
[00:42:35] <Guest297> after that the arrow keys work..
[00:42:40] <Guest297> any Ideas?
[00:43:18] <jepler> that's a new one on me
[00:43:27] <jepler> which GUI are you using? axis, tkemc, mini?
[00:43:33] <Guest297> axis
[00:43:45] <Guest297> I dont know how to use others
[00:43:50] <jepler> that's fine
[00:43:56] <jepler> (axis is the best one anyway)
[00:44:00] <Guest297> kewl
[00:45:03] <jepler> from the time the axis window appears, do you click anything or press any other keys before you use the arrow keys?
[00:45:08] <Guest297> it is odd.. using the arrow keys or page up and down just do not work.. the motors just grumble a little
[00:45:15] <Guest297> no
[00:45:31] <Guest297> except for f1 and f2
[00:45:34] <jepler> ah, ok
[00:45:37] <jepler> it was a trick question
[00:45:40] <Guest297> :)
[00:45:48] <jepler> that's exactly what I wanted to hear (f1 and f2)
[00:46:00] <jepler> you say hte motors grumble .. when you are holding down a cursor key?
[00:46:06] <jepler> the motors
[00:46:07] <Guest297> yes
[00:46:08] <Guest297> yes
[00:46:27] <jepler> does the DRO (position display) change, or the cone move on the screen?
[00:46:35] <Guest297> that is why I thought speed so set it to F300
[00:46:45] <Guest297> yes.. the screen thinks its moving
[00:47:02] <Guest297> cove moves and leaves yellow trace line
[00:47:17] <Guest297> cone*
[00:47:54] <jepler> if you hadn't told me that it works as expected after you run a few lines of gcode, I'd say you had configured your acceleration too high
[00:48:54] <Guest297> it works great after I run a few lines
[00:49:04] <jepler> it doesn't make any difference to change Feed Override or Jog Speed?
[00:49:54] <Guest297> no.. the Jog is oddly set at 29% when it fires up.. I change it to 100 or any other setting
[00:50:03] <Guest297> does not help
[00:50:21] <Guest297> its odd
[00:50:34] <jepler> I agree!
[00:50:38] <skinnypup> Thats almost as strange as my 8.04 install "hunts" slowly back and forth in the backlash range if in mdi mode. 606 install works great though
[00:51:32] <Guest297> now my 8.04 at home works great.. I am almost almost almost thinking about upgrading work's cnc
[00:51:56] <jepler> Guest297: can you send me your config file (stepconf, or ini+hal)? the website http://pastebin.ca is nice for quickly sharing text files if you don't have an easy way to upload to some other website.
[00:52:25] <jepler> Guest297: are you using emc 2.2.x? did you go through the online update to make sure you have the latest (2.2.8)?
[00:53:08] <Guest297> No.. its not updated... maybe that is the issue
[00:53:21] <Guest297> do I do that via axis or the os?
[00:53:39] <jepler> you do it through the os
[00:53:54] <Guest297> ok.. that I did not do.. But mine at home is updated..
[00:54:01] <Guest297> Ohhhh.. I bet that will help
[00:54:02] <jepler> assuming you have a net connection, the top bar on your screen has an item to install updated packages
[00:54:21] <jepler> you can open that, then uncheck everything besides emc2 (there will probably be a *lot* of items listed if you've never done it)
[00:54:34] <Guest297> yes.. I have to do that... I skipped that part. I assumed that was more for the OS stuff than apps
[00:54:41] <jepler> I'm not saying this'll fix it, but there are a lot of bugs fixed since the cd was made
[00:54:55] <Guest297> k.... I will do that... :)
[00:55:00] <Guest297> dummy me :(
[00:55:04] <jepler> in ubuntu, the os and apps can both update through the same system -- in my opinion it's a strength of ubuntu, as opposed to other systems where each application has its own update
[00:55:18] <Guest297> thanks
[00:55:34] <Guest297> that is prolly mine at home is working perfectly
[00:55:42] <Guest297> now one more question..
[00:55:52] <jepler> if the update doesn't solve it, we can talk about that more later
[00:56:02] <jepler> fire away
[00:56:25] <Guest297> I want to be able to fire up ap, move the maching to what I think is home, how do I zero out axis and run the pattern?
[00:57:02] <Guest297> i tried like g92 (I think) but it puts a blue marker.. that is not really what I want
[00:57:21] <jepler> even if you don't have home switches, emc still has an idea of "home" which is separate from "0,0,0 on the material you want to cut"
[00:58:03] <jepler> when you start, you want to jog each axis to a place you can see by eye, and then click the "Home" button or press the HOME key
[00:58:22] <Guest297> oh...
[00:58:31] <jepler> that way, emc can apply the soft limits in your inifile so that you don't run into the ends of the machine's travel
[00:58:49] <jepler> it can be quite useful even if you can only repeat the same position to within 1/4 inch or 1mm
[00:58:50] <Guest297> so x,y,x will then read 0?
[00:59:21] <jepler> oh if only it were that simple :-/
[00:59:48] <skinnypup> on my bridgeport i call 0,0 the middle of the table, so i have -13 to +13 in X and -6 to +6 in y it makes sense for my converted machine
[00:59:49] <jepler> it can still read a different value than 0 if you have a previous G54 or G92 offset in effect
[01:00:16] <jepler> (those are preserved from session to session in the var file)
[01:00:46] <jepler> but after you do that, the cone will either point right at the blue symbol (which means "machine origin") or at the XYZ origin
[01:01:13] <jepler> the next step in setting up a job is to "touch off" each axis so that you cut in the right place
[01:01:23] <jepler> do that by jogging the axis, then clicking the Touch Off button or pressing the END key
[01:01:56] <jepler> if you hit END ENTER then it defines the current position as zero in that axis with respect to the material
[01:02:20] <Guest297> that is what I am looking for...
[01:02:22] <jepler> if you enter a number (END .25 ENTER) then it defines the current position as that value with respect to the material
[01:02:58] <jepler> so for instance you can use an edge finder to find the X edge of the material, then enter plus or minus the radius of the edge finder in the Touch Off window
[01:03:56] <jepler> here's a wiki article on coordinate systems -- if you used G92 offsets in MDI then you'll probably want to follow its suggestion and clear them out. When you use Touch Off, AXIS is figuring out G10 L2 ... commands which affect the G54 offset
[01:03:58] <Guest297> that sounds like what I want to to.. I want to move to a position by eye and say that is 0,0,0
[01:04:01] <jepler> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?CoordinateSystems
[01:04:09] <skinnypup> in the touchoff you'll be able to selset g54 g55 etc to whichever you want to use at the moment. G54 is what the machine is in when started
[01:04:26] <jepler> skinnypup: yes that's true
[01:04:32] <jepler> and very useful if you have several fixtures on your machine
[01:04:48] <jepler> my machine isn't so big or sophisticated
[01:05:25] <Guest297> mine at home is 4' x 8' and at work its 3' x 56"
[01:05:47] <skinnypup> router based ?
[01:06:30] <Guest297> Yes both.. At home it has only 1 router.. the one at work has 4 z's with two routers each for cutting foam
[01:06:56] <Guest297> and the Y axis's rotate.. x is back and forth
[01:07:12] <jepler> how's that work? cuts 4 copies of the same thing?
[01:07:26] <jepler> * jepler wants to see a picture of this
[01:07:54] <Guest297> yes... actually 8 at one time.. then it moves 18" and cuts another etc
[01:08:38] <Guest297> here are some of the rollers it makes http://www.texmaster.com/textools.html
[01:09:23] <skinnypup> cool
[01:10:24] <Guest297> the machine can do about 24 rollers in about 12 to 15 min depending on pattern
[01:10:37] <Guest297> some even faster if they are 2d
[01:12:13] <Guest297> kewl. well I am gonna try to update the app and play with "zeroing" out the maching..
[01:12:33] <skinnypup> where would you want your 0,0 on the part ? presuming one end and centered
[01:13:04] <Guest297> yes.. I want to move it to the end and say.. Zero it! :)
[01:13:10] <Guest297> then run parts all day :)
[01:13:25] <Guest297> actually not me.. but the operator can run them
[01:13:32] <skinnypup> do the spool locations change ?
[01:14:06] <Guest297> the depth changes depending on the roller thickness..
[01:14:54] <jepler> interesting stuff
[01:14:58] <Guest297> thansk
[01:15:32] <skinnypup> Thats cool , it should be easy enough to jog there and call it 0 or 1/2 the diamater of your touchoff tool
[01:16:01] <Guest297> kewl
[01:18:08] <Guest297> thanks for all the help folks... this channel rocks
[01:56:02] <DanielFalck> cradek: http://imagebin.org/42618
[01:57:34] <jepler> ooh cool
[01:57:43] <SWPadnos> yah. very nice
[01:57:46] <DanielFalck> we were playing with it last night
[01:58:08] <DanielFalck> we didn't have some settings optimized - I think
[01:58:21] <DanielFalck> now I need to ask cradek what it is :)
[01:58:31] <jepler> hm, shouldn't the first offset be different than the other offsets?
[01:58:41] <jepler> otherwise you're overcutting on all the passes but the first
[01:58:50] <jepler> or is my thinking meat broken again
[01:59:06] <DanielFalck> hmm not sure...
[01:59:44] <DanielFalck> it's just pocketing, so I guess I need to do profiles to the contours too
[02:00:01] <jepler> the first time you want to be 1/2 diameter away from thet rue edge of the piece .. the next pass in you want to move over 1 full diameter
[02:00:21] <jepler> a little less than that in reality, but I don't think equal amounts..
[02:00:51] <DanielFalck> I set the remaining allowance very small on this one
[02:01:25] <DanielFalck> I'm not doing it properly, but I'll keep playing with it
[02:01:41] <DanielFalck> the neat thing about this program is that it uses a lot of python :)
[02:02:02] <jepler> that's a big plus in my opinion
[02:02:28] <DanielFalck> the window that is labelled 'Program' has all the machining operations in python
[02:02:50] <DanielFalck> you can alter the code in it on the fly and do lots of cool stuff
[02:02:56] <DanielFalck> while loops ...
[02:03:34] <DanielFalck> so the graphical part of the program feeds the python panel and digs into the pocketing, profiling, surfacing libs
[02:04:19] <DanielFalck> I guess I'm very excited about it
[02:08:46] <jepler> when a program is scriptable it becomes much more powerful
[02:22:17] <eric_unterhause1> is that heekscad?
[02:25:41] <DanielFalck> eric_unterhause1: yes
[02:26:09] <eric_unterhause1> I have the "how to compile" directions up, lacked the energy to follow them yet
[02:45:58] <jmkasunich> hey heekscnc people!
[02:46:09] <jmkasunich> anybody want to make me some pocketing code?
[02:46:14] <DanielFalck> sure
[02:46:59] <jmkasunich> 1.25" x 2.25" pocket, 0.25" deep, 3/8" tool
[02:47:23] <DanielFalck> what size fillets in the corners?
[02:47:41] <jmkasunich> stepdown by say 0.085
[02:48:03] <jmkasunich> I suppose using the tool radius might make it chatter
[02:48:07] <jmkasunich> how about 0.2"
[02:48:11] <DanielFalck> ok
[02:48:37] <jmkasunich> I suppose I should be sure about that, hang on a sec
[02:48:45] <DanielFalck> where do you want x0 y0?
[02:49:31] <jmkasunich> in the middle would be fine (or one corner, whatever is easier for you)
[02:49:43] <jmkasunich> 0.25" radius would be better for the corners
[02:49:48] <DanielFalck> how about upper left hand corner of fixed vise jaw?
[02:49:57] <jmkasunich> sure
[02:50:22] <jmkasunich> the actual pocket is gonna be in the middle of a plate, clamped down - but I'll touch off to the scribed lines, so it doesn't really matter much
[02:50:40] <jmkasunich> location is non-critical, the pocket is just clearance
[02:51:23] <DanielFalck> 1.25 wide in X, 2.25 in Y right?
[02:51:51] <jmkasunich> 2.25 in X, 1.25 in Y
[02:52:05] <jmkasunich> (easier for me to clamp the work that way)
[02:56:29] <DanielFalck> what kind of step over do you want? like half the cutter diameter , 1/3?
[02:57:53] <jmkasunich> hmm
[02:58:03] <DanielFalck> how about .125"?
[02:58:06] <jmkasunich> this isn't a very rigid machine - probably 1/3 would be good
[02:58:08] <jmkasunich> yeah
[03:06:01] <DanielFalck> ran into my first problem - arc error, I need to change to 4 decimal places
[03:06:08] <jmkasunich> I really gotta get me some 2-4-6 blocks
[03:06:28] <jmkasunich> this machine has 3.3" of Z travel, and no knee
[03:06:49] <DanielFalck> I am making the clearance height .150"
[03:07:45] <jmkasunich> ok
[03:08:50] <jmkasunich> I've got the plate on a 4-1/4" high stack-o-crap, with Z all the way up I have about 2-7/8" clearance
[03:09:19] <jmkasunich> so I'll be using 3.125 of my 3.3" of down travel
[03:09:28] <jmkasunich> should have added more crap to the stack
[03:13:35] <DanielFalck> where do you want me to send the program?
[03:13:55] <jmkasunich> pastebin?
[03:14:00] <DanielFalck> ok
[03:14:33] <DanielFalck> http://pastebin.ca/1369938
[03:14:36] <jmkasunich> I really appreciate the help
[03:14:59] <jmkasunich> this is the last real machining on this job, and I am so burned out I just couldn't face writing the code tonight
[03:15:02] <DanielFalck> it's just using the pocketing routine- I ran into problems contouring
[03:15:24] <DanielFalck> look at the feeds, Tool numbers (T1M06) etc...
[03:15:32] <jmkasunich> will do
[03:15:38] <DanielFalck> it's set for F100
[03:15:52] <jmkasunich> gonna have to fix that ;-)
[03:15:55] <DanielFalck> there's M3S7000 in there too
[03:16:16] <DanielFalck> hope it works for you- if not, let me know and I'll try again
[03:18:17] <DanielFalck> I see a lot that needs work now- it's geared mainly towards metric units and it wants to go up in Z too much too
[03:20:05] <jmkasunich> it seems to be doing two passes for depth
[03:20:23] <jmkasunich> one at -0.170, one at -0.250
[03:20:42] <jmkasunich> is that an off-by-one thing, that skipped doing a pass at -0.085?
[03:20:48] <DanielFalck> ok, let me alter the step down to -.08333
[03:21:03] <DanielFalck> oh, I see what i did
[03:21:09] <DanielFalck> let me try again
[03:22:40] <DanielFalck> http://pastebin.ca/1369948
[03:24:13] <jmkasunich> three layers now
[03:24:28] <DanielFalck> error on my part
[03:24:44] <jmkasunich> I think I'm gonna manually edit out some of the upping and downing
[03:25:00] <DanielFalck> that would be good, I'm trying to figure that one out in the source
[03:25:04] <jmkasunich> (for example, between each loop it goes up, rapids over, and then plunges down
[03:25:09] <DanielFalck> yep
[03:25:16] <DanielFalck> pretty annoying it is too
[03:25:29] <DanielFalck> it should just feed at the same Z to the next corner
[03:26:05] <jmkasunich> not hard to fix
[03:26:41] <DanielFalck> I'll mess around with the source and see if I can affect it (and maybe fix it :)
[03:27:19] <jmkasunich> if you are doing that for your own benefit, or to improve the program, have fun - I'm gonna tweak what I have and run with it
[03:27:22] <jmkasunich> thanks again!
[03:27:34] <DanielFalck> you're welcome
[03:29:58] <DanielFalck> jmk, I changed it -
[03:30:20] <DanielFalck> http://pastebin.ca/1369960
[03:30:35] <jmkasunich> what did you change? the up/down?
[03:30:42] <DanielFalck> the first line should be a rapid though
[03:31:10] <DanielFalck> whoops nevermind
[03:31:42] <DanielFalck> I still have some Z ups that shouldn't be there
[03:37:16] <jmkasunich> got all the extra Z moves out, and added ramps instead of plunges between levels - looks good in preview
[03:37:39] <DanielFalck> cool
[03:41:47] <jmkasunich> touched off - everything looks good, here goes
[03:43:52] <cradek> are you using 2.3 on that yet?
[03:50:10] <jmkasunich> its a pocket!
[03:50:13] <jmkasunich> no
[03:50:18] <DanielFalck> ?
[03:50:30] <jmkasunich> no I'm not using 2.3
[03:50:34] <jmkasunich> the pocket is great
[03:50:40] <DanielFalck> ok
[03:50:55] <jmkasunich> the corners are a bit distorted, but that is machine flex and backlash
[03:51:22] <jmkasunich> if this mattered, I'd rough the pocket 0.010 undersize on all sides, then do a full-depth pass to clean up the walls
[03:52:07] <DanielFalck> I was attempting that one at first, and gave up when I had problems profiling- the lead in lead out is kind of weird
[03:52:14] <jmkasunich> ah
[03:52:30] <jmkasunich> also, having run it once, next time I'd do 2/3 stepover I think
[03:52:37] <DanielFalck> the program is geared towards metric units and there are some hard coded values in it for lead in out
[03:52:46] <kc6lbj> kc6lbj is now known as notranc
[03:52:49] <jmkasunich> it actually was happier during the ramp (cutting full width) than during the rest of the cut
[03:52:57] <DanielFalck> cradek and I found that out last night
[03:53:34] <cradek> glad I've never made a mistake by testing code only in my native units
[03:53:49] <DanielFalck> I've been trying a lot of stuff using metric units in it and actually used some G21 code mixed in with a G20 program on my Centroid here
[03:54:31] <Optic> what does it mean if i've just spent an hour watching cnc videos on youtube?
[03:54:53] <DanielFalck> that you're a lot like us :)
[03:55:18] <Optic> ooo waterjet
[04:14:11] <jmkasunich> woo-hoo! jig #1 is assembled
[04:14:30] <jmkasunich> still needs 4 dowel pin holes drilled and reamed, but that's nothing
[04:14:44] <jmkasunich> #2 needs the pocket milled, and a bit of fitting and assy
[04:14:57] <jmkasunich> should be able to finish tomorrow evening
[04:15:58] <jmkasunich> on that note, goodnight
[04:16:03] <jmkasunich> and thanks again DanielFalck
[04:16:14] <DanielFalck> goodnight- glad it worked!
[08:37:29] <JustinXJS2_> JustinXJS2_ is now known as JustinXJS2
[09:05:16] <piasdom> g'mornin all
[09:06:35] <pjm__> good morning
[09:07:55] <micges_emc> good morning
[09:37:11] <alex_joni> 'lo
[09:52:02] <archivist> its morning?
[10:00:12] <piasdom> til afternoon
[10:02:19] <alex_joni> archivist: daily, it seems
[10:02:56] <archivist> being awake is overrated
[10:03:23] <piasdom> i agree
[10:03:40] <piasdom> to bad i can't work in my sleep
[10:03:44] <archivist> at least I can sit back and let the cnc make a gear for me while I rest
[10:04:08] <piasdom> go cnc go
[10:04:43] <archivist> cutting 136 tooth gear for a music box
[10:05:08] <piasdom> you're right..good thing for the cnc
[11:37:06] <JymmmEMC> or a trained beaver
[12:02:27] <fenn> robin_sz: do your lasers (or one of them, years ago) use RF excited annular krypton flash lamps?
[12:02:56] <robin_sz> no
[12:02:58] <robin_sz> :)
[12:03:06] <robin_sz> dc excited
[12:03:25] <robin_sz> 4 x 15kw lamps ...
[12:03:27] <fenn> so why were you mucking around with high power RF?
[12:03:44] <robin_sz> that was the other lasers
[12:03:51] <robin_sz> rf excited cavities
[12:05:23] <robin_sz> a CO2 laser is basically a big glass tube ... vacuumed out, 125mbar of He/N/CO2 .. stick some electrodes to th side ... pump 20Kw of rf into it to make the low pressure gas glow
[12:05:48] <robin_sz> gas glows ... mirrors ... zap etc
[12:06:12] <robin_sz> k?
[12:06:50] <fenn> why does it have to be RF?
[12:08:38] <alex_joni> so you can listen to a catchy tune
[12:08:55] <alex_joni> robin_sz: did you see there's a commercial 100kW laser available ?
[12:09:04] <robin_sz> yeah, well, mil one
[12:09:15] <alex_joni> about 20% efficiency
[12:09:20] <robin_sz> its actually several 15Ks combined
[12:09:25] <robin_sz> yeah, thats pretty stunning
[12:09:43] <alex_joni> seen some fiberlasers you can easily combine
[12:09:49] <robin_sz> i dont know how they managaed 20%
[12:10:00] <fenn> good for CNC machining rogue missiles?
[12:10:06] <robin_sz> basically
[12:10:11] <alex_joni> fenn: engraving
[12:10:18] <robin_sz> anyway it doesnt have to be rf
[12:10:21] <alex_joni> this one's all MIIIINE
[12:10:27] <robin_sz> can be DC, but then you have to have electrodes
[12:10:35] <robin_sz> electrox did soem DC excited ones
[12:10:35] <Optic> Moo
[12:10:41] <fenn> oh, no electrodes, that's convenient
[12:10:52] <robin_sz> then the electrodes sputter the glass etc
[12:10:53] <alex_joni> Optic: how many times did I have to insist on the "apt-get" prefix?
[12:11:29] <Optic> apt-get moo
[12:11:35] <alex_joni> yeah, that
[12:11:50] <alex_joni> $ apt-get moo
[12:11:50] <alex_joni> (__)
[12:11:50] <alex_joni> (oo)
[12:11:50] <alex_joni> /------\/
[12:11:50] <alex_joni> / | ||
[12:11:53] <alex_joni> * /\---/\
[12:11:55] <alex_joni> ~~ ~~
[12:11:58] <alex_joni> ...."Have you mooed today?"...
[12:12:06] <Optic> Nice asciicow
[12:12:29] <Optic> Have you installed cowsay?
[12:12:40] <alex_joni> nope
[12:13:02] <Optic> Should be a package
[12:43:50] <Optic> hi
[13:28:21] <BJT-Work> any ideas ? http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?p=587472#post587472
[13:30:54] <SWPadnos> I wonder if one of the advanced probing moves would do it
[13:31:15] <SWPadnos> tie the probe input "on", then use the move that doesn't error if the probe is already tripped
[13:31:38] <BJT-Work> I don't think I understand...
[13:31:57] <SWPadnos> well, he wants to jog to a spot and then have the G-code know where that spot is
[13:32:07] <SWPadnos> (at least that's my understanding)
[13:32:20] <archivist> I understand the pain of needing to edit the file on each loop
[13:32:24] <BJT-Work> that's the way I understand too
[13:33:03] <SWPadnos> so move to the spot, then issue G38.1 or G38.2 or whatever, and the probe move will not cause any motion, but will just put the current position into #50xx, since you tied the probe input high
[13:33:03] <BJT-Work> then step down to the finished height... no matter the start point.
[13:33:09] <SWPadnos> (setp motion.probe-input 1)
[13:33:24] <BJT-Work> ok I'm following you now
[13:33:51] <SWPadnos> I don't know if it would work right - I'm not positive that the necessary probe move exists
[13:34:06] <SWPadnos> (move until probe tripped, bdon't error if probe is already tripped)
[13:34:49] <BJT-Work> I can't test it here :(
[13:35:00] <SWPadnos> I might be able to - hold on
[13:35:06] <BJT-Work> ok
[13:35:09] <skunkworks_> G30.1 stores the current absolute position into parameters 5181-5186.
[13:35:32] <BJT-Work> ok, there you go
[13:35:38] <SWPadnos> or they could use that!
[13:35:47] <SWPadnos> that's in 2.3 though, is it in 2.2?
[13:35:57] <BJT-Work> looking
[13:36:40] <BJT-Work> don't look like it is
[13:36:45] <skunkworks_> crap
[13:36:51] <skunkworks_> sorry
[13:37:02] <BJT-Work> he could upgrade :)
[13:47:21] <piasdom> is there somewhere i can read about 2
[13:47:34] <piasdom> 2.3 ?the differences
[13:47:51] <BJT-Work> wiki
[13:48:00] <piasdom> thanks
[13:48:37] <alex_joni> piasdom: http://cvs.linuxcnc.org/cvs/emc2/debian/changelog?rev=1.62
[13:48:39] <SWPadnos> also this, for very short listings: http://cvs.linuxcnc.org/cvs/emc2/debian/changelog?rev=1.62
[13:48:43] <SWPadnos> heh
[13:48:48] <BJT-Work> heh
[13:56:21] <piasdom> alex_joni; thanks
[13:56:45] <cradek> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?p=587472#post587472
[13:57:29] <cradek> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?p=587472#post587472
[13:58:12] <cradek> dangit, sorry
[13:59:35] <SWPadnos> hello, Guest932 from NIST
[13:59:48] <Guest932> Hello, just checking out IRC
[13:59:53] <alex_joni> hi
[14:00:01] <SWPadnos> it seems to be causing you some trouble :)
[14:00:17] <Guest932> This is przemek klosowski, I am on the mailing list more than IRC
[14:00:23] <Guest932> What trouble do you see there?
[14:00:27] <alex_joni> Guest932: the IRC java client is just for convenience, there are lots of good irc clients out there
[14:00:36] <alex_joni> depending on the platform you use
[14:00:55] <SWPadnos> Guest932, just the few connects and disconnects - nothing serious :)
[14:00:56] <Guest932> Heh, how do you know I am using the browser/java client?
[14:01:12] <alex_joni> the name gave you away :)
[14:01:16] <SWPadnos> most people use a name other than Guest###
[14:01:35] <Guest932> Yeah, my box is linux so I should be using a native client but it's at work and I don't have it installed (yet :)
[14:01:52] <alex_joni> Guest932: if this is ok for you, don't sweat it
[14:02:01] <SWPadnos> what version of Linux? (you probably do have something installed already)
[14:02:05] <alex_joni> just for the record: some of use use irssi here :)
[14:03:01] <Guest932> F10 (I am at a place that does a lot of data acquisition and we used Linux since early 90s
[14:03:30] <SWPadnos> ah, ok. I'm not sure what that has with it
[14:06:03] <Guest932> yeah, I didn't mean to interrupt your conversaton, just checking IRC, I will be back later.
[14:06:15] <SWPadnos> we were pretty idle actually
[14:06:29] <Guest932> By the way, it's a pleasure to talk to you gents, I met some of you at the EMC meeting at NIST few years back.
[14:06:47] <SWPadnos> oh cool. that was my first "Fest" :)
[14:08:41] <archivist> I use xchat
[14:10:10] <skunkworks_> I use what Guest932 is using :)
[14:12:37] <archivist> as I lurk 24/7 all over the place, proxy does not cut it for me
[14:13:31] <BJT-Work> I use a string and two tin cans
[14:13:54] <archivist> wet string at that :)
[14:16:48] <alex_joni> BJT-Work: wireless ftw :P
[14:16:55] <alex_joni> * alex_joni only uses 2 cans
[14:30:09] <SWPadnos> haha - great quote: "Raising teenagers is like being pecked to death by chickens"
[14:32:26] <cncjerry> good morning. when will 2.3 be released?
[14:33:00] <alex_joni> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Emc2.3Status
[14:34:32] <cncjerry> so I was staring at Axis yesterday trying to find a way to modify the interface so a shift + arrow key goes into higher speed jog
[14:35:29] <SWPadnos> and ...
[14:46:15] <jepler> I agree, that'd be a nice feature
[14:53:11] <cncjerry> doesn't look hard, i will be messing with it today. I also want to get it to go incremental when ctrl is pressed.
[15:49:57] <skunkworks_> http://www.autoartisans.com/ELS/
[15:52:56] <SWPadnos> wow. that thing sure has gotten complex
[15:58:40] <alex_joni> doesn't look that bad
[16:02:39] <skunkworks_> wow - I cannot find any great motherboard/processor combos at the moment <$100
[16:02:48] <skunkworks_> How good is the atom?
[16:03:17] <SWPadnos> it seemed good in JMK's robot
[16:03:27] <SWPadnos> the D945GCLF2 motherboard, I think
[16:03:48] <skunkworks_> * skunkworks_ should do some research
[16:03:49] <SWPadnos> it's the ICH7 chipset though, which is a complete dog for PCI access (relative to PCI, not relative to parallel port)
[16:03:52] <jepler> the goal3 motherboards are gone?
[16:04:08] <skunkworks_> they don't come up in a search at newegg
[16:04:20] <SWPadnos> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813121359&Tpk=D945GCLF2
[16:05:05] <skunkworks_> that is a dual core?
[16:05:09] <SWPadnos> yes
[16:05:12] <skunkworks_> wow
[16:05:20] <SWPadnos> the D945GLCF (no 2 at the end) is single core
[16:05:27] <SWPadnos> GCLF
[16:06:12] <skunkworks_> huh - the atom has been out side of my perifrial
[16:06:19] <SWPadnos> almost the same cost as the GOAL3+, but no memory
[16:07:41] <jepler> aw gee, it has a fan? I thought atom was supposed to be low power
[16:07:56] <SWPadnos> heh, yeah
[16:08:34] <SWPadnos> it looks like it's supposed to be 8W TDP
[16:08:56] <SWPadnos> so you'd think that adding a 3-4W fan wouldn't be a great improvement
[16:11:51] <skunkworks_> wow - that has video out
[16:12:17] <pcw> SWP: Fan is on video chip...
[16:12:33] <skunkworks_> I was thinking - 1 pci would not be enough... but with video out - I don't have to add a video card
[16:12:36] <SWPadnos> oh. that's part of the chipset, isn't it?
[16:13:03] <SWPadnos> the system power spec is like 45W, so I guess the chipset is the big culprit there :)
[16:13:07] <pcw> Yes 2-3 time cpu power dissipation :-(
[16:13:58] <pcw> I think those MB are built with leftovers (SMC superIO not even available anymore)
[16:14:12] <alex_joni> lol @ pcw
[16:14:53] <SWPadnos> I note that the atom 330 isn't going to be around for a long time - Intel lists it as not "available for 7 years production"
[16:15:03] <alex_joni> * alex_joni imagines Intel running around looking for 50 SMC's for another batch fo boards
[16:15:25] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: what CPU was available for 7 years production?
[16:15:42] <SWPadnos> they have long-term production for embedded chips
[16:15:43] <alex_joni> except maybe a C51 or such
[16:15:50] <SWPadnos> like the 386SX (you may still be able to get that actually)
[16:16:05] <SWPadnos> http://ark.intel.com/cpu.aspx?groupId=35641
[16:16:07] <alex_joni> Z80 anyone?
[16:17:01] <pcw> Intel has a atom based SOC but its too much power to be very practical
[16:17:47] <SWPadnos> "has" or "will have"? :)
[16:17:55] <pcw> Has
[16:18:16] <SWPadnos> interesting. I'll have to ask about that at ESC
[16:18:52] <pcw> I think the Marvel Arms are more interesting in that space (Kirkwood or 76100--> 78200)
[16:19:09] <SWPadnos> depends on how much image processing you want to do I guess :()
[16:19:16] <alex_joni> Lincroft will be a SOC
[16:19:29] <alex_joni> Q4/2009
[16:20:21] <pcw> The 76100-78100 are probably ok for image processing
[16:20:47] <SWPadnos> what company?
[16:21:46] <pcw> Marvell
[16:21:48] <pcw> Marvell used to be really snotty about CHIP info but they have seen the light...
[16:21:48] <SWPadnos> hmmm. any recommendations on an ARM or similar chip with USB2 HS host and ethernet?
[16:21:50] <SWPadnos> ok
[16:22:29] <alex_joni> nvidia tegra?
[16:22:44] <pcw> If you dont need a bus or FP, Kirkwood
[16:22:45] <pcw> (same as in wall-wart CPU)
[16:23:00] <alex_joni> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nvidia_Tegra
[16:23:24] <SWPadnos> FP shouldn't be needed, memory bus may be, but not PCI/PCIe or anything like that
[16:24:20] <alex_joni> no eth on the tegra though :(
[16:24:27] <SWPadnos> heh, yeah
[16:24:30] <alex_joni> only: SB 2.0 OTG, USB 2.0 ULPI, HDMI, MIPI CSI/DSI/HSI, UART, SPI, SDIO, I2C, I2S
[16:24:42] <SWPadnos> it looks like there's no real single-chip solution at the moment, though OMAP comes pretty close
[16:25:00] <SWPadnos> to get the HS USB speeds, I think you need an external PHY
[16:25:29] <jepler> SWPadnos: why USB2 + ethernet?
[16:25:51] <SWPadnos> USB2 host to connect to a DSLR camera, ethernet to move the data
[16:25:55] <pcw> I think Kirkwood has USB2 phy(s)
[16:26:17] <pcw> + gig enet
[16:26:30] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: get a proper DSLR with wifi
[16:26:34] <pcw> (no gig Enet phy however)
[16:26:41] <SWPadnos> alex_joni, too bad 50 of them can't all talks at once ;)
[16:26:47] <SWPadnos> -s
[16:27:09] <alex_joni> so you want to have 50 ARM systems?
[16:27:14] <SWPadnos> yes
[16:27:17] <SWPadnos> :)
[16:27:24] <alex_joni> or 1-2 DSLRs/system?
[16:27:25] <SWPadnos> but will it run on a beowulf cluster?
[16:27:49] <SWPadnos> 50 DSLRs, each with at least a small controller
[16:28:00] <SWPadnos> then some way to network the data back to a central location
[16:28:15] <SWPadnos> and also to set some settings on the cameras and the controllers (like timing, etc)
[16:28:28] <SWPadnos> there are 3 basic options:
[16:28:58] <SWPadnos> 1) separate processors, connected via ethernet or similar (the subject of my original question)
[16:29:21] <SWPadnos> 2) simpler processors for timing only, and the cameras connected to SFF computers of some sort
[16:29:48] <SWPadnos> 3) central timing control (like with a 5i2x card), and cameras connected to SFF computers for data
[16:30:14] <SWPadnos> each has its pluses and minuses, I'm trying to figure out which is most plus :)
[16:31:56] <pcw> How about the Marvel PlugCPU (512M FLash 512MRam 1.2 GHz Arm USB 2.0 GigE)
[16:31:57] <pcw> $99
[16:32:18] <SWPadnos> that sure could work :)
[16:32:38] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: http://www.canon.co.jp/imaging/wft/wft-e2/index.html
[16:32:45] <SWPadnos> wtf?
[16:32:48] <SWPadnos> or, wft :)
[16:33:02] <alex_joni> The new WFT-E2/E2A/E3/E3A/E4/E4A Wireless Transmitter allows you to connect to wireless and wired LANs, and supports FTP, PTP, and HTTP. Thanks to a connection wizard with broad compatibility, network access is sharply improved. The new WFT-E2/E2A/E3/E3A/E4/E4A is a premier work tool with expanded capability to link up with external storage media and GPS devices and others.
[16:33:12] <alex_joni> lots more expensive than 99$ though
[16:33:15] <SWPadnos> yep, Nikon has one of those too, though it isn't in the nice vertical grip form factor
[16:33:25] <SWPadnos> yeah, closer to $500 I bet
[16:33:55] <SWPadnos> I also want to provide power to the camera, so the plug thingie is definitely closest so far
[16:34:38] <SWPadnos> too bad Marvell won't be at ESC
[16:36:14] <alex_joni> are the cameras known already?
[16:36:35] <SWPadnos> yes, Nikon D300, possibly changing to D700
[16:37:34] <alex_joni> http://www.nikond700.com/nikon-d700-review/accessories/
[16:37:52] <SWPadnos> you're not showing me the WT-4/WT-4A are you? :)
[16:38:16] <SWPadnos> oh, the D10. would you like photos of the whole one, or the one I took apart? ;)
[16:38:57] <alex_joni> :)
[16:39:25] <SWPadnos> I can already tell the Nikon techs more about the operation of those bottom connectors than they can (or may) tell me :)
[16:45:38] <SWPadnos> gah. Marvell still needs an NDA to access their "extranet" site
[16:46:09] <Optic> hiya
[16:46:37] <skunkworks_> Optic: how is the half stepping?
[16:46:48] <Optic> it worked very well
[16:46:58] <Optic> the system is smoother and quieter
[16:47:03] <Optic> and the curves and diagonals are perfect now
[16:47:47] <Optic> the resonance is pretty much gone
[16:47:59] <skunkworks_> good
[16:48:15] <Optic> http://www.flickr.com/photos/hilarity_ensues/3378706393/
[16:48:22] <Optic> this is a test of rastering on the side of a pc case
[16:49:20] <skunkworks_> using digital i/o to turn the laser on and off?
[16:49:53] <Optic> yes
[16:49:58] <Optic> well, using z-axis
[16:50:07] <skunkworks_> ah - ok - very cool :)
[16:50:41] <skunkworks_> how long did it take? ;)
[16:50:47] <Optic> oh, i think quite a while
[16:51:35] <Optic> this worked really well because the laser can't touch the steel
[16:51:51] <Optic> but we still have inconsisant power when we want to etch a surface
[16:51:58] <Optic> due to accelleration and such
[16:52:17] <Optic> i think the guy just cranked the laser ower here
[16:52:18] <Optic> power
[16:53:14] <skunkworks_> can you control the power level from the computer?
[17:02:56] <Optic> not currently
[17:03:04] <Optic> we don't have enough bits on the parallel port :P
[17:03:16] <Optic> right now it's done from the control panel
[17:10:34] <JymmmEMC> That make a nice TVPC
[17:10:57] <JymmmEMC> just use a 1U PS
[17:14:35] <skunkworks_> JymmmEMC: that is the plan :)
[17:15:32] <JymmmEMC> Though, the pwr connector is 22 pins, not 20 or 24
[17:16:27] <skunkworks_> well - I ment a tvpc - I don't think i have any 1u ps here :)
[17:20:05] <JymmmEMC> "Use only ATX12V-compliant power supplies"
[17:21:04] <JymmmEMC> Oh, nice... you can use a 20p + 4p
[17:22:15] <JymmmEMC> Even supports dual-colored power LED
[17:30:46] <JymmmEMC> skunkworks Yeah, I have a couple here. They are too hard to get a hold of, so I salave one any chance I get.
[17:30:53] <JymmmEMC> salvage
[17:32:22] <maddash> gmail
[17:32:31] <JymmmEMC> hmail
[17:40:17] <JymmmEMC> I wish it gave the height with heatsinks
[17:41:44] <toastatwork> hey who can tell me off the top of their head what a 20"
[17:41:52] <SWPadnos> me me
[17:41:53] <toastatwork> " ballscrew would cost, something like .0005" per foot
[17:41:58] <SWPadnos> oh. not me
[17:41:58] <toastatwork> rolled
[17:42:03] <toastatwork> haha =(
[17:42:11] <toastatwork> i admire your hutzpah though
[17:42:27] <toastatwork> i don't know if hutzpah is a word, for the record
[17:42:35] <JymmmEMC> $300
[17:42:36] <SWPadnos> well, most people put a c in front
[17:42:37] <toastatwork> but you've got it in spades, my friend
[17:42:40] <SWPadnos> thank you
[17:42:50] <SWPadnos> it really depends on the diameter though (the screw)
[17:43:13] <toastatwork> oh, maybe 5/8" or something small
[17:43:45] <SWPadnos> $9.73/foot
[17:43:45] <toastatwork> the person asking will find out regardless
[17:44:37] <toastatwork> ...
[17:44:42] <JymmmEMC> laptops now for < $500, touch screens still in the $300 range, eeeeeesh
[17:45:01] <SWPadnos> almost no laptops have touch screens - apples and oranges
[17:45:22] <JymmmEMC> bull
[17:45:29] <SWPadnos> whatever you say
[17:45:44] <SWPadnos> the only laptops I've seen with touch screens are also tablet PCs, and those are rarely in the $500 range
[17:45:53] <robin_sz> ahh, I see nothing changes :)
[17:46:01] <SWPadnos> bullshit. go home!
[17:46:02] <SWPadnos> :)
[17:46:13] <robin_sz> hehe
[17:47:36] <robin_sz> i suppose I could ask if JymmmEMC has finally finished that router ....
[17:47:47] <SWPadnos> d'oh!
[17:47:59] <robin_sz> well, its been a few years ....
[17:48:35] <robin_sz> I'll ask again in a few more
[17:48:40] <alex_joni> hell freezes over when he'll do
[17:48:51] <SWPadnos> no, that's waiting for my conversions to finish
[17:49:23] <robin_sz> I saw a mazak twin pallet VMC go for 4K today
[17:49:42] <SWPadnos> 4k pounds?
[17:49:54] <robin_sz> yeah
[17:50:07] <robin_sz> pounds, euros, same thing
[17:50:18] <JymmmEMC> Ok, a kiosk without a touchscreen, Trackpad maybe?
[17:50:22] <SWPadnos> bummer. I knew I should have bought some UKP when it was around $1.30
[17:50:24] <SWPadnos> yeah, almost
[17:50:42] <SWPadnos> kiosks are a different story. those are ridiculously expesneive :)
[17:50:52] <SWPadnos> or expensive or something
[17:51:25] <robin_sz> tobe fair, I picked up a touchscreen thing for £50 last week
[17:51:47] <robin_sz> mini PC with a 10" touchscreen,
[17:51:56] <SWPadnos> 10". ick
[17:52:01] <JymmmEMC> I was thinking of using a laptop to make a kiosk, but not sure on the User IO. $400 laptop, $300 touchscreen just doens't seem right.
[17:52:27] <robin_sz> was supposed to be a intelligent door entry thing, fingerprint reader, camera blah
[17:52:34] <robin_sz> the guy had a few
[17:53:44] <archivist> there is one on fleabay up in yourk
[17:53:54] <archivist> http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=280324887839
[17:54:10] <robin_sz> JymmmEMC, great idea .. laptop and an external touchscreen ...
[17:54:18] <alex_joni> robin_sz: swipe model?
[17:54:26] <alex_joni> the fingerprint reader
[17:54:39] <JymmmEMC> robin_sz: ?
[17:54:48] <robin_sz> might me easier to mount the keyboard as a plug in USB one too
[17:55:56] <robin_sz> archivist: looks errm .. nicely maintained ...
[17:56:09] <archivist> well used is a better term!
[17:56:29] <archivist> ripe for conversion
[17:57:08] <robin_sz> this was a Matsuura., my mistake
[17:57:16] <robin_sz> http://www.apexauctions.com/lot/3538772/view
[17:58:22] <maddash> 'fleabay'?
[17:59:12] <JymmmEMC> robin_sz: I meant remounting the LCD from a laptop and using an add-on touch panel overlay to it.
[17:59:25] <robin_sz> yeeuuuuw
[17:59:26] <robin_sz> http://www.apexauctions.com/lot/3538774/view
[17:59:57] <robin_sz> you can buy a desktop with LCD for less
[18:00:16] <geo01005> http://www.touchscreens.com/products-addon.html
[18:01:45] <robin_sz> archivist: is amazing isnt it . people keep machines in that condition and then wonder why the spindle controller goes tits up
[18:01:54] <robin_sz> probably full of swarf
[18:02:09] <archivist> robin_sz, probably yes
[18:02:20] <robin_sz> we picked up another Beaver NC35
[18:02:34] <robin_sz> got two of them now
[18:02:57] <robin_sz> good SOLID machines
[18:03:15] <robin_sz> paid 1000 for one, 300 quid for the other :)
[18:05:13] <archivist> http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/cnc-machining-centre-BEAVER-PARTSMASTER_W0QQitemZ250391476073QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM?hash=item250391476073&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1688|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318
[18:05:45] <skunkworks_> you said beaver :)
[18:06:09] <archivist> cnc beaver :)
[18:06:36] <SWPadnos> beaver MASTER!
[18:06:58] <robin_sz> being sold by an idiot ....
[18:07:19] <robin_sz> A good lathe in excellent condition. ... its a lathe? wow.
[18:07:20] <archivist> he has a beaver lathe on as well
[18:07:44] <robin_sz> oh probably a cut paste error then
[18:08:02] <robin_sz> and a spelling mistake:
[18:08:11] <robin_sz> "Previously used as a programing aid to teach students at a Bristol college, so hasn't had a hard life."
[18:08:32] <robin_sz> he mis-spelt "repeatedly had the spindle rammed into the table"
[18:09:08] <archivist> you know the seller then?
[18:09:17] <robin_sz> hehe, guessing
[18:09:38] <robin_sz> based on knoweldge of people from bristol and college kids
[18:10:07] <archivist> cant actually see the craters on the table
[18:11:12] <archivist> TC10 he has does look shiny
[18:11:17] <robin_sz> does indeed
[18:11:32] <archivist> * archivist too poor though
[18:12:36] <JymmmEMC> I wish they would stop making these look like toasters... http://newspaperads.mercurynews.com/ROP/ads.aspx?advid=32664&adid=7653657&subid=25425948&type=
[18:14:15] <robin_sz> errr
[18:14:31] <robin_sz> "access your stored files over the internet" ...
[18:15:01] <robin_sz> they obviously havent heard of dropbox
[18:15:28] <robin_sz> http://www.getdropbox.com
[18:15:34] <robin_sz> ubercool
[18:31:26] <skunkworks_> I bought a few of the atom boards. :) see what they are like.
[18:34:34] <SWPadnos> you're starting to be like me :)
[18:53:59] <motioncontrol> good evening.i have crate un pyvcp led control.i write in my hal file: loadusr -W pyvcp -c mypanel vcp.xml.the problem is: when start emc the vcp mypanel is open ok, but in terminal i have the message :waiting for component 'pyvcp' to become ready.....because?
[18:54:36] <SWPadnos> you need the -Wn option, not just -W
[18:54:47] <SWPadnos> since you named the panel "mypanel"
[18:55:14] <SWPadnos> loadusr -Wn mypanel pyvcp -c mypanel vcp.xml
[18:55:43] <SWPadnos> (this is explained in the halcmd manpage, as well as the PDF documentation)
[18:56:41] <motioncontrol> ok very more thank SWPadnos.Is ok now.
[18:56:53] <SWPadnos> you're welcome
[18:59:50] <motioncontrol> SwPadows i stay create one new simply interface in python.For start the new interface i write only in ini.file section Display = newinterface and save the new code python in emc2/src/emc/usr_intf ?
[19:01:38] <SWPadnos> I don't know if the location of the display program is important
[19:01:46] <jepler> look at what the scripts/emc shell script does
[19:02:19] <jepler> in version 2.3 and TRUNK, it assumes that the display program is on the $PATH
[19:02:19] <SWPadnos> yeah - things are a little different for programs that aren't known to the script, and I don't exactly how they're handled
[19:02:36] <jepler> (there are other special cases, but yours will take the default case, written '*)'
[19:02:37] <jepler> )
[19:02:45] <SWPadnos> jepler, does it look like a fully qualified file name would work?
[19:02:47] <jepler> src/emc/usr_intf is NOT on the path by default
[19:02:57] <jepler> SWPadnos: yes, probably
[19:03:10] <jepler> but the key, as always, is experimentation
[19:03:14] <SWPadnos> ok - wasn't sure if it specifically searched the path for the named file ...
[19:03:18] <SWPadnos> indeed
[19:03:43] <jepler> (oh, and it has to be directly executable .. i.e., chmod +x and put #!/usr/bin/python as the first line)
[19:05:35] <motioncontrol> ok thanks for info, when the simple example is finisch i will see at you.
[19:42:21] <JymmmEMC> What was the name of that USB rotary encoder that had a blue led lighting on it?
[19:42:35] <alex_joni> yay 2.6.29 kernel
[19:42:36] <SWPadnos> Griffin Powermate
[19:42:39] <JymmmEMC> ty
[19:42:49] <alex_joni> now one can safely run machines with 4096 CPUs
[19:43:04] <SWPadnos> welcome. I don't think they make it any more though - I was just looking for it a week or so ago
[19:43:22] <JymmmEMC> $45 BUY NOW http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/powermate/
[19:43:45] <SWPadnos> ok, cool. I just didn't find it by going through their products tree
[19:44:01] <JymmmEMC> I just googled
[19:44:05] <JymmmEMC> cheaper on amazon
[19:44:08] <SWPadnos> sure, me too :)
[19:44:23] <SWPadnos> ok, it is there now
[19:44:30] <SWPadnos> I must not have looked hard enough
[19:45:47] <JymmmEMC> SWPadnos: *might* be an alternative User IO for kiosk
[19:45:54] <SWPadnos> sure
[19:46:17] <SWPadnos> push button plus encoder, plus variable brightness LED (not sure if the PWM is accessible to the Linux input layer though)
[19:46:18] <JymmmEMC> Anyone have 1GB DDR1 SO DIMM?
[19:47:36] <SWPadnos> not me - got a few DDR2 though
[19:47:49] <JymmmEMC> same here
[20:04:23] <BJT-Work> * BJT-Work wanders off to work on the tractor
[20:15:39] <alex_joni> this is interesting: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/24/gdc09_onlive_launch/
[20:28:58] <Optic> moo
[20:45:05] <alex_joni> good night all
[21:45:17] <JymmmEMC> If you ever work on laptops, this is really good. They sell them at Fry's too all different colors. http://www.homedepot.ca/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CatalogSearchResultView?D=936473&Ntt=936473&catalogId=10051&langId=-15&storeId=10051&Dx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntx=mode+matchall&recN=113186&N=0&Ntk=P_PartNumber
[23:05:33] <KimK_> KimK_ is now known as KImK
[23:32:55] <jepler> http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/03/the_micro_cnc_from_lumenlab.html
[23:37:32] <skunkworks> nea
[23:37:33] <skunkworks> neat
[23:37:39] <skunkworks> Ni?
[23:47:39] <|newbie|> hi all
[23:47:46] <|newbie|> |newbie| is now known as dareposte
[23:47:55] <dareposte> hi all
[23:52:06] <dareposte> so i checked out a series II ez-track and it has 29 in-lb servos on it
[23:52:33] <dareposte> can't seem to find many that big online to buy, any suggestions?
[23:52:54] <dareposte> the biggest i've come across so far is the 15 in-lb servos that are nema34 sized