#emc | Logs for 2007-04-22

[00:45:04] <bytecolor> is there a way to supress the EMC splash screen?
[00:45:30] <cradek> yes it's configured in your ini
[00:45:40] <bytecolor> ok, thanks cradek
[00:45:58] <cradek> welcome
[00:50:57] <bytecolor> cradek, what is the option called, cant grep anything like splash or screen
[00:51:28] <cradek> # Introductory graphic
[00:51:28] <cradek> INTRO_GRAPHIC = emc2.gif
[00:51:28] <cradek> INTRO_TIME = 5
[00:51:38] <bytecolor> ah
[00:56:56] <bytecolor> I'm running: emc ~/.emc2/configs/sim/axis.ini' file.ngc and editing the INTRO_TIME in that .ini, but it's not doing anything
[00:57:00] <bytecolor> tried 0 and -1
[00:58:22] <bytecolor> hrm I've got a ~/.emcrc, does that override all other .ini ?
[00:58:27] <bytecolor> so maybe add the section there?
[00:58:55] <bytecolor> I've not installed EMC btw, still running from the source dir
[01:50:17] <Skullworks_PGAB> OK - Youtube - I'll play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lnqeodIIUw&NR=1 HDD vrs Thermite.
[01:58:54] <Skullworks_PGAB> or the "Screensavers" TV show clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PKB5nnHGAk&mode=related&search=
[03:26:55] <chr0n1c> yo, what's shakin...
[03:28:05] <chr0n1c> i just posted my first g-code with mastercamX... the resutling file does have R output for arcs.. but no i,j or k words in it... any ideas on how to fix this?
[03:28:21] <cradek> emc accepts either format
[03:28:26] <chr0n1c> i scanned through the post proc. file in mcam and i didn't see any thing to change
[03:28:37] <chr0n1c> well.. it's giving me an error
[03:28:46] <cradek> what error?
[03:28:54] <chr0n1c> if i pastebin the g-code.. can someone take a look and maybe try it?
[03:29:05] <cradek> what error??
[03:29:06] <chr0n1c> leme run it again.. 2 secs.
[03:29:33] <chr0n1c> it sez...
[03:29:41] <chr0n1c> rijk words all missing for arc...
[03:29:49] <chr0n1c> but it has R words?
[03:29:54] <cradek> it must not on that line
[03:31:01] <chr0n1c> http://pastebin.ca/452220
[03:31:06] <chr0n1c> that;s the proggie
[03:31:11] <cradek> what line is the error?
[03:31:18] <chr0n1c> it sez.. near line 320
[03:31:26] <chr0n1c> but.. near line 320 has a r word
[03:31:42] <cradek> I agree line 320 is an arc that does not have an R word
[03:31:47] <cradek> so is 321
[03:32:09] <cradek> so something about your post is bogus
[03:32:16] <chr0n1c> hrrmm...
[03:32:45] <chr0n1c> you know anything about posts?
[03:33:00] <cradek> yeah: sometimes they are bogus
[03:33:00] <chr0n1c> i can decipher some of it
[03:33:02] <chr0n1c> but not much
[03:33:03] <cradek> (sorry)
[03:33:08] <cradek> nope I don't know anything
[03:33:09] <chr0n1c> lol
[03:33:20] <cradek> call your vendor, you paid for that software and it's busted
[03:33:43] <chr0n1c> ya...
[03:34:12] <Jymmm> cradek: I installed 768mb ram and now that box crashes x instantly =)
[03:34:22] <bytecolor> try another post, should be a slew of them on the CD/DVD
[03:34:50] <skunkworks> try a fanuc post.. should get you close i would think
[03:35:42] <chr0n1c> it is..
[03:35:50] <chr0n1c> i tried the mpfan post
[03:35:50] <skunkworks> oops :)
[03:35:56] <cradek> that gcode looked great except there was a missing G1 or G0 on that line
[03:35:56] <chr0n1c> and the generic 3 axis post
[03:36:05] <chr0n1c> that's what i thought
[03:36:12] <chr0n1c> maybe it should have switched back to g1
[03:36:55] <chr0n1c> i can always save the drawing then post it back in v9 .. uhh.. fun
[03:36:57] <bytecolor> R's can be modal like I and J, but the Z move throws a curve ball
[03:37:49] <chr0n1c> yeah.. looks odd
[03:38:05] <chr0n1c> looks like the rest would be ok (i haven't gone through all of it yet)
[03:38:14] <chr0n1c> ... if i add a g1 on that line
[03:38:34] <chr0n1c> the code is making a dial for my ghetto rotary/divider head
[03:38:38] <chr0n1c> engraved on a cd
[03:38:45] <chr0n1c> or.. was gonna make
[03:39:01] <bytecolor> cool
[03:39:33] <chr0n1c> i re-used the spindel out of the mini drill press i ripped out of it.. the same one i used the fram for my cnc..
[03:39:37] <bytecolor> I man have on of my old Haas posts, dunno, but it would be for ver 7.2
[03:39:55] <bytecolor> havent mucked with mc in a long time
[03:39:55] <chr0n1c> i have one for v9 that works great
[03:40:07] <chr0n1c> so i should be able to save in mc9 and post from there
[03:40:13] <chr0n1c> not too much trouble
[03:40:25] <chr0n1c> i like v9 better anyways
[03:40:32] <chr0n1c> but x has some fancy shit
[03:40:43] <chr0n1c> *to draw with
[03:42:10] <toastydeath> doing anything in mastercam is a pain in the ass
[03:42:24] <toastydeath> i reccomend using solidworks or autocad to do your dirty work and just making the toolpath in mc
[03:43:00] <toastydeath> * toastydeath hands out unsolicited opinions
[03:45:06] <chr0n1c> i like drawing in mc
[03:45:21] <toastydeath> uh, why
[03:45:23] <chr0n1c> it works the same way my brain does
[03:45:28] <chr0n1c> difficult
[03:45:37] <toastydeath> have you used autocad 2007 or solidworks
[03:45:41] <chr0n1c> i alway do things the hard way first anyways
[03:45:43] <toastydeath> or any recent version of autocad, i guess
[03:45:53] <chr0n1c> i use 2008 at work
[03:46:01] <toastydeath> then why use mastercam to draw
[03:46:21] <chr0n1c> it's not bad... but i used mc for like 4 years running a machine at work and got used to doing everything in it
[03:46:42] <chr0n1c> i can't draw in autocad as quick as i can mc
[03:47:01] <toastydeath> impressive
[03:47:16] <chr0n1c> if i knew more of the shortcuts maybe
[03:47:17] <chr0n1c> but in mc...
[03:47:25] <chr0n1c> v9 that is
[03:47:38] <chr0n1c> you can type the first letter of the command and skip through menus
[03:47:58] <chr0n1c> so if you want line endpoints.. you type c,l,e then click away
[03:48:09] <toastydeath> that's kind of how autocad works
[03:48:18] <chr0n1c> or arc with a centerpoint and a diameter.. you type c,a,c
[03:48:33] <chr0n1c> i know.. dimlinear
[03:48:37] <chr0n1c> and line
[03:48:40] <chr0n1c> and arc
[03:48:51] <chr0n1c> and a few other for ac.. but not as many as i do for mc
[03:49:43] <toastydeath> lol
[03:50:53] <chr0n1c> sooo.. i figured out that the head of my mini drill press/cnc xyza conversoin project.. was only being held from going down on the head post was a shady roll pin
[03:50:55] <bytecolor> I usually model in solidwork and export as a wireframe iges, then just start chaining the imported wireframe
[03:51:09] <chr0n1c> i knocked it out earlier and now i ca set z with out zeroing!
[03:51:24] <chr0n1c> i wish i knew/had solidworks
[03:52:34] <toastydeath> it is good stuff
[03:52:44] <toastydeath> i wish we used pro/e at work instead though
[03:52:50] <toastydeath> i like it better
[03:52:53] <toastydeath> you can do more crap
[03:53:33] <chr0n1c> more crap.. my brain is already scattered as it is.. lol
[03:53:54] <chr0n1c> but... i did just now save that as a v9 mc file and did the posting there.. worked fine
[03:54:09] <chr0n1c> axis verified it as a good g-code program
[03:54:25] <chr0n1c> now.. i gotta pee.. then set zero and run it!
[03:54:26] <chr0n1c> wooho
[03:54:28] <chr0n1c> ooo
[05:18:57] <chr0n1c> 3ds to dxf or iges? anyone got any ideas?
[05:22:46] <bytecolor> autodesk 3d studio?
[05:34:34] <chr0n1c> hmmm...
[05:35:23] <chr0n1c> what i was tryin to do is take a 3ds model of a car and mount a chunk of wax in my rotary axis and cut it...
[05:35:42] <chr0n1c> and mastercam can import iges
[05:35:57] <chr0n1c> and take care of my rotary axis code...
[05:35:59] <chr0n1c> hmm..
[07:21:03] <chr0n1c> cya
[08:22:50] <Skullworks_PGAB> toasty
[08:37:48] <anonimasu> cradek: agreed, it misses some moves..
[08:37:52] <anonimasu> that's my problem
[08:38:05] <anonimasu> after drilling..
[09:03:21] <Jymmm> Is there anything I should be aware of if I install on a dual cpu system?
[09:03:55] <Skullworks_PGAB> someone else did this
[09:04:05] <Jymmm> were they succesful?
[09:04:16] <Skullworks_PGAB> required a custom build of RTAI
[09:04:46] <Skullworks_PGAB> but they got it working, didn't take long
[09:06:02] <Skullworks_PGAB> had to get source that handled SMP combined with realtime
[09:07:43] <Skullworks_PGAB> I may try it myself on a dual pIII-600 setup (the only dual I have which doesn't have integrated SCSI)
[09:09:13] <Jymmm> I have some dual system with scsi,a dn some with ide raid controller onboard.
[09:09:21] <Skullworks_PGAB> would be neat to separate motion from screen/gui i/o
[09:10:39] <Jymmm> I have no idea why X keeps crashing on me when I run RTAI test + glxgears, and nothing in the logs
[09:10:40] <Skullworks_PGAB> RTAI and SCSI don't get along well - if you don't have anything connected to the SCSI bus then it might be OK
[09:12:05] <Skullworks_PGAB> which video card and driver?
[09:13:48] <Jymmm> onboard
[09:14:03] <Jymmm> oh, the crashing system, ATI mach64 agp
[09:14:14] <Jymmm> iirc
[09:16:58] <Skullworks_PGAB> strange
[09:18:03] <Jymmm> I did a virgin install from the livecd too. resolution is now at 1600x1200 finally, but I just don't know. cradek said HW failure, but no clue.
[09:18:34] <Skullworks_PGAB> wow
[09:18:43] <Jymmm> ?
[09:19:08] <Skullworks_PGAB> I'd almost stuff an old PCI vid in there as a test...
[09:19:52] <Skullworks_PGAB> I keep an old Trident card for such issues
[09:19:55] <Jymmm> I guess I could, but this card is about the only one I have that X likes.
[09:20:16] <Skullworks_PGAB> X is picky
[09:20:49] <Skullworks_PGAB> was sooo much grief on my laptop
[09:20:55] <Jymmm> Heh, tell me about it. The sad part is that most of the board sI have are PCI only, no agp slots
[09:21:43] <Jymmm> They are mostly server boards, video is not a big deal.
[09:22:08] <Skullworks_PGAB> ended up lying to X - told it I was using a big samsung CRT
[09:22:31] <Skullworks_PGAB> then it worked on the LCD
[09:22:41] <Jymmm> eeeesh
[09:23:02] <Jymmm> The ONe thing that M$ does good that nix doesn't... video
[09:23:17] <Skullworks_PGAB> not M$
[09:23:34] <Skullworks_PGAB> vendors who want M$ certifed drivers...
[09:24:09] <Skullworks_PGAB> they want that Windows sticker for the box...
[09:24:25] <Jymmm> I asked earlier how I can tell what resolution I was at currently, nobody could tell me how to find out. M$, right-click the desktop and click on properties.
[09:25:00] <Skullworks_PGAB> and I feel your server board pain...
[09:25:43] <Jymmm> I bought this one systme becasue it doens't have ANYTHING onboard, all cards.
[09:25:57] <Jymmm> not even soundcard
[09:26:05] <Skullworks_PGAB> I have 3 GTW 6400's pair of 933's, pr of 1.0 and a single 933
[09:27:19] <Skullworks_PGAB> then a Dell Precision 530 with dual 2.8 p4 xeons, but that has and AGPpro slot...
[09:28:59] <Skullworks_PGAB> The board I want to try EMC on is a Tekram dual slot 1 - has the scsi silk screened, but not populated.
[09:29:07] <Jymmm> I just have way too many period.... most are dual cpu's, and at least 768
[09:29:39] <Jymmm> well, except for one that is.
[09:30:15] <Skullworks_PGAB> would love to fill up my Dell - but PC800 ECC RDram at 40ns is VERY Pricey
[09:30:30] <Jymmm> all mine are pc100
[09:31:01] <Jymmm> woohoo
[09:31:29] <Skullworks_PGAB> those GTW 6400's use the ASUS cur-dls motherboard - requires Reg-ECC PC133 SDram
[09:32:11] <Skullworks_PGAB> used to cost a fourtune to fill one up
[09:32:50] <Jymmm> Just a place to consider.... http://www.oempcworld.com/
[09:36:31] <Skullworks_PGAB> 1gb reg ecc - $180
[09:37:26] <Skullworks_PGAB> I don't use them much anymore
[09:38:03] <Jymmm> they have good customer service
[09:38:19] <Skullworks_PGAB> them= servers
[09:38:28] <Skullworks_PGAB> used to
[09:38:39] <Jymmm> oempcworld i mean
[09:38:51] <Jymmm> ah gotcha
[09:39:03] <Skullworks_PGAB> que up Video conversion from raw to Mpeg2 mastered DVD's
[09:39:26] <Skullworks_PGAB> one job would take 30 hours
[09:40:38] <Skullworks_PGAB> on a dual pIII-933, 2gb ram, dual raids - read for source raid - process - write to ouput raid.
[09:41:30] <Skullworks_PGAB> same job using 2 IDE hdd instead of SCSI raid added 6hrs
[09:44:07] <Skullworks_PGAB> I'm off to bed...
[09:50:07] <Jymmm> g night, me in 15 minutes too
[09:50:19] <Jymmm> Nite folks!
[11:30:32] <jimlas53>
[11:30:36] <anonimasu> hi
[11:31:00] <jimlas53> good morning
[13:15:22] <anonimasu> hm
[13:28:28] <phil_tls> hi room from France ;)
[13:28:51] <phil_tls> please, i need help to update my EMC2
[13:29:36] <phil_tls> nobody ?
[13:34:03] <cradek> hi phil
[13:36:05] <cradek> what update do you need help with phil?
[13:36:26] <phil_tls> hi cradek, happy to c u again ;=)
[13:37:02] <phil_tls> hi "need" to update to 2.1.13
[13:37:22] <cradek> 2.1.4 maybe?
[13:37:27] <phil_tls> but when i try with the auto update of ubuntu, it says me that there is no update available !
[13:37:35] <phil_tls> yep last one
[13:37:49] <cradek> what version of emc do you have now?
[13:38:43] <phil_tls> emc 2.0.5
[13:39:01] <phil_tls> axis 1.4a0
[13:39:02] <cradek> ah ok
[13:39:15] <cradek> for those instructions go to wiki.linuxcnc.org
[13:39:27] <cradek> near the top in the News area is a link
[13:39:47] <cradek> "Instructions for upgrading from 2.0.x to 2.1.4"
[13:40:47] <phil_tls> ok i look at now
[13:40:49] <cradek> be sure to read that whole page because there are two things to do - first the install, then you have to make a few changes to your configuration
[13:42:24] <phil_tls> i want only update .. ( newbie with linux ... u have already help me to install this version last year ! .. )
[13:42:51] <phil_tls> it say that i must only change the depositary .. right ?
[13:44:36] <cradek> sorry I don't understand what you're asking
[13:45:00] <cradek> that page says just what to do - what part do you have a question about?
[13:45:41] <phil_tls> on the wiki page, there is write that i only need to set the repositories
[13:46:23] <phil_tls> i dont find where in the synaptic ! :(
[13:46:51] <cradek> please read the instructions more carefully
[13:46:59] <cradek> it says "go to Settings/Repositories"
[13:47:33] <cradek> that means on the Settings menu select Repositories
[13:47:48] <cradek> brb
[13:50:24] <phil_tls> i find only this url : http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu
[13:50:47] <phil_tls> oups error ..
[13:52:11] <phil_tls> ok i think its ok
[13:52:21] <cradek> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?UpdatingTo2.1
[13:52:26] <cradek> you are at this page right?
[13:52:52] <phil_tls> yep
[13:54:11] <phil_tls> it update the package names ..
[13:56:37] <phil_tls> i have a problem with : file:///home/phil/gcc-3.4/./Packages.gz ...
[13:56:46] <phil_tls> is it a prob for emc2 ?
[14:00:21] <phil_tls> may i enable update for emc2 & axis ( it say me that first it will delete emc2 ! .. the configuration will be safe ?? )
[14:03:04] <phil_tls> cradek ?
[14:03:45] <cradek> the sample configurations in /etc/emc2 will be updated
[14:04:09] <cradek> the configuration in your home directory will not be touched - you have to update it yourself following the instructions on that next page
[14:06:15] <phil_tls> ok i try to understand the UPDATE wiki page .. but my english is bad ..
[14:08:23] <phil_tls> i dont understand all .. i read that the script do not all the changes :(
[14:08:35] <phil_tls> may
[14:08:52] <phil_tls> ay i update only Axis to have the frecnh translation ?
[14:09:06] <etla> hi all. just finished wiring some encoders to my m5i20... now let's see if they work
[14:09:17] <phil_tls> hi etla
[14:10:34] <jimlas53> cradek, I ran into something yesterday regarding G2 or G3 motion. Does emc2 require all axes defined in the block? I thought it was necessary only if the axis position changes? I kept getting errors for not all axes in motion..
[14:15:10] <cradek> jimlas53: http://www.linuxcnc.org/handbook/RS274NGC_3/RS274NGC_33a.html#1002442
[14:16:07] <cradek> that tells what is required for the different formats of arcs
[14:17:26] <etla> is anyone up to date on the latest m5i20 driver work ?
[14:18:43] <etla> specifically, is the hostmot-4 with a 100MHz pwm clock now a standard choice? or do I have to load it manually like before
[14:20:37] <phil_tls> bbl ty cradek
[14:22:39] <jimlas53> cradek: Yes, I knew emc adheres to RS274, so maybe I will need to look at the post processor more closely. This is Bobcad. Seems that when I enable only changed axes, I get errors in emc because (I assume) the post is not generating clean code. I need to re-create this.
[14:23:56] <cradek> phil_tls: bye
[14:24:34] <cradek> jimlas53: yeah if you have an example line we can check it to see if it makes sense
[14:25:58] <jimlas53> Firing up vmware/XP to get to Bobcad. Hmmm, kinda slow when emc is running <grin!> Still, good to have a little horsepower.
[14:35:39] <jimlas53> cradek: OK, I created a pocket, the G-code and emc complains "All axes missing with motion code". This is the first time I've used IRC, so how do I get this file to you?
[14:36:03] <cradek> go to http://pastebin.ca
[14:36:23] <cradek> paste it in the window there, and submit it. That gives you a URL - then paste the URL here.
[14:38:31] <jimlas53> http://pastebin.ca/452777
[14:39:29] <cradek> yep looks bogus doesn't it
[14:40:17] <cradek> line 19 has a center but no endpoint specified
[14:40:42] <cradek> that doesn't fully specify an arc
[14:42:17] <jimlas53> So this is a post problem. I have to make it generate all axes to get around it.
[14:42:32] <cradek> seems like
[14:42:38] <cradek> unless you can fix it
[14:43:02] <cradek> maybe all axes for arc only would be enough
[14:43:09] <cradek> (if you have that choice)
[14:46:39] <jimlas53> I need to dig into the post and see if I can fix it. I hat having to dive into that. Still waiting for a simple CAM program. GCAM looks promising, although it just isn't there yet. I tried generating a similar pocket last night and it generated several hundred lines of code. I didn't try to run it.
[14:48:05] <cradek> what happens if you ask bobcad to fix it? the software's not cheap - seems like you shouldn't have to fix it
[14:49:24] <cradek> they may not know how many emc users are using bobcad - because emc users are more likely to try to fix it themselves
[14:49:32] <cradek> maybe you ought to at least let them know
[14:51:21] <jimlas53> True - I don't recall seeing this problem in the past. Maybe they "fixed" the post at some time.
[14:51:46] <jimlas53> This is a very recent install, so the post might have changed.
[14:55:40] <etla> where is halmeter when I compile --enable-run-in-place ??
[14:55:45] <jimlas53> Hey, just some feedback. I recently (maybe a month?) moved from emc to emc2. Did the complete install from the live CD, figured out the hal and connections, got both my mill and router up and going with only minor pain. Very nice!! The mill uses Steve's PMDX-120 board with API servos, the router is HobbyCNC steppers. Both machines run well.
[14:56:39] <cradek> that's great! thanks
[14:57:14] <etla> damn... the 2.1.4 halmeter does not want to work with my TRUNK
[14:57:57] <cradek> nope you can't mix and match hal tools
[14:58:12] <cradek> jimlas53: are you going to do anything new with emc2, like add jogwheels etc?
[14:58:30] <etla> cradek: should halmeter be in emc2/bin ? I can't find it
[14:59:13] <cradek> yes, it is for me
[14:59:30] <cradek> it may not have been built if you were missing build requirements
[14:59:41] <cradek> try running configure again and check the output
[14:59:45] <etla> yep, "no such file"
[15:00:34] <etla> warning for ncurses missing
[15:00:48] <cradek> that's not it - it would be gtk something
[15:00:57] <etla> Xaw lib missing
[15:01:24] <etla> ah: checking for GTK 2.4.0 or above... configure: WARNING: GTK2 not found, some utilities (halscope, halvcp, classicladder) will not be built
[15:01:36] <cradek> aha
[15:01:42] <etla> that is something that must have changed fairly recently
[15:01:47] <etla> for 2.2
[15:01:59] <jimlas53> A jogwheel would be pretty cool, especially when trying to get the tool positioned. I assume it could be configured for speed with the slider? Kind of hard to play with the keyboard or mouse when locating center or positioning a cutter. I've seen recent mentions on the user list. Is this a currently available feature?
[15:02:02] <cradek> maybe you have gtk 1?
[15:02:26] <cradek> jimlas53: yes jogwheels are available and working great
[15:02:35] <etla> cradek: probably... I'll try searching for gtk2.4 with the packet manager
[15:03:04] <cradek> jimlas53: you select the scale with another hal input, so you can switch between .001 and .0001 per jogwheel click for instance
[15:03:49] <cradek> there's also joystick jogging but I haven't tried it yet
[15:04:35] <cradek> be back later...
[15:04:42] <etla> cradek: this seems to be Ubuntu 5.10 is it worth trying to get TRUNK to compile?
[15:06:55] <etla> ... looks like I need to ugprade from 5.10 to 6.06lts
[15:07:57] <cradek> etla: 5.10 will still work fine, but it is no longer supported by ubuntu
[15:08:06] <cradek> we will make packages for 5.10 throughout the EMC2.1 cycle
[15:08:14] <cradek> we will not make 2.2 packages for 5.10
[15:08:47] <cradek> so you'll want to upgrade one of these days.
[15:09:28] <cradek> beware the upgrade will mess up EMC/realtime packages - you will have to fix them afterward
[15:09:32] <etla> so it's 6.06lts I want ? not the latest and gratest 7.04
[15:09:42] <cradek> yes
[15:10:00] <cradek> the LTS release is good for 4? more years which is really nice
[15:10:30] <phil_tls> cradek, is there a script to fix realtime package after update to 6.06 or later ?
[15:10:59] <cradek> not really, the best way is to uninstall emc2, the realtime kernel, and rtai before the upgrade
[15:11:07] <cradek> then you can install using the installation script afterward
[15:11:22] <cradek> OR, use the emc2 CD to do a fresh install which is very easy
[15:12:10] <cradek> ok, I'm really going for breakfast now :-)
[15:12:12] <etla> so... if I don't want to upgrade right now, can I run the realtime system of 2.1.4? where is the 'realtime' script when isntalled?
[15:12:23] <phil_tls> ok i can do a fresh install .. i need only save my home/config ?
[15:12:58] <phil_tls> ok ty cradek, hace a good break ! ;)
[15:22:32] <etla> yay! at least one encoder works
[15:23:28] <etla> 4000 counts/rev... that should be enough!
[15:52:19] <skunkworks> 1000 line encoder?
[15:53:09] <skunkworks> oopse
[18:30:17] <awallin> hi all, anyone know the detailed difference between Y- and Delta-wiring for an AC motor ?
[18:30:44] <awallin> there's a lathe I've been looking at which has a 400V motor, but I'd like to run it off a 230V vfd
[18:31:01] <awallin> the plate on the motor says it's possible to wire it for both 400V and 230V
[18:31:07] <eric_u> some motors can be rewired
[18:31:31] <eric_u> don't think there is any difference from the vfd's perspective
[18:31:54] <Skullworks_PGAB> lots-o-amps...
[18:32:10] <eric_u> good point, amps go up
[18:34:12] <awallin> it's a 1.5hp motor, so about 1.1 kW I think. shouldn't be that bad on 230V
[18:34:54] <jmkasunich> awallin: 230 * sqrt(3) = 400
[18:35:06] <Skullworks_PGAB> * Skullworks_PGAB was picturing something much larger...
[18:35:19] <jmkasunich> so 230V is the delta connection, and 400 is the wye (which has 230V line-to-neutral)
[18:35:39] <jmkasunich> the current at 230V will be sqrt(3) times higher than at 400V
[18:36:07] <jmkasunich> both sets of current ratings are probably on the nameplate, as long as the 230 amps is less than your vfd rating you should be good to go
[18:37:25] <awallin> it's rated at about 1500rpm with the 400V wiring. will that change with delta wiring at 230V ? what about torque ?
[18:37:59] <Sapote_reloaded> Sapote_reloaded is now known as Sapote
[18:38:48] <eric_u> doesn't change the speed and torque will not change
[18:39:46] <awallin> ok, great. sounds like I just need a new vector vfd then. (+throw out the 400V cables and stuff that come with the lathe)
[18:51:59] <awallin> anyone used an Optimum D320 lathe ? any good? (http://www.optimum-maschinen.de/produkte/drehmaschinen/d-320/index.html) I bet basically the same machine is sold worlwide just with different names...
[18:53:04] <toastydeath> depends
[18:53:08] <toastydeath> what would you like to do with it
[18:53:21] <toastydeath> and yes, that lathe is sold under different names
[18:53:30] <toastydeath> I've used one that looks almost idential to it
[18:53:55] <Skullworks_PGAB> toasty
[18:54:40] <toastydeath> sup
[18:54:41] <Skullworks_PGAB> or anyone - Is there a simple way to handle a BHC in solidworks?
[18:54:48] <toastydeath> a bhc?
[18:54:57] <toastydeath> i don't know what that stands for
[18:54:58] <Skullworks_PGAB> bolt hole circle
[18:55:03] <toastydeath> yes
[18:55:12] <toastydeath> make one hole
[18:55:17] <awallin> toastydeath: well, it would be mostly small parts in alu or brass. not thinking about large parts in steel or something
[18:55:25] <toastydeath> then do a circular pattern
[18:55:43] <toastydeath> if you need a bolt circle in the middle of nowhere, you'll have to create a reference axis
[18:55:59] <toastydeath> before you do the circular pattern, so it has something to pattern around
[18:56:15] <Skullworks_PGAB> so do a single hole complete, use it as the reference then use the circle pattern wiz?
[18:56:39] <Skullworks_PGAB> around as in center point?
[18:56:48] <toastydeath> yep
[18:57:18] <Skullworks_PGAB> ok - knew there had to be a simple solution
[18:57:37] <toastydeath> indeed!
[18:57:47] <toastydeath> there's usually a simple way to do things in solidworks
[18:57:58] <toastydeath> until you start getting into to more complex revolved and lofted surfaces
[18:58:10] <Skullworks_PGAB> (Hurco mode - Pattern loop rotate...)
[18:58:28] <toastydeath> huh?
[18:59:31] <Skullworks_PGAB> Hurco conversational programing had full pattern functions - was outstanding... (still is, I just don't have one that works anymore...)
[19:00:03] <toastydeath> oh
[19:00:16] <toastydeath> isn't like uh
[19:00:21] <toastydeath> g73 or something
[19:00:23] <toastydeath> bolt hole circle
[19:00:27] <toastydeath> or is it 83?
[19:00:29] <toastydeath> i forget, whatever
[19:00:59] <Skullworks_PGAB> Maybe Someday GWiz will be that evolved
[19:01:18] <toastydeath> there is a mirror function
[19:01:21] <Skullworks_PGAB> In conversational mode Hurco had no G-codes.
[19:01:23] <anonimasu> toastydeath: that's also easy..
[19:01:54] <toastydeath> lolz
[19:02:09] <Skullworks_PGAB> Was a hard transition - not having an MDI mode for doing setups...
[19:02:42] <Skullworks_PGAB> but once you get your head on straight it was fantastic
[19:03:24] <anonimasu> :)
[19:03:25] <feoc> hurco comuters are crap to
[19:03:26] <toastydeath> i really want to learn to cam and set screw machines
[19:03:26] <feoc> tho
[19:03:29] <Skullworks_PGAB> Kinda like SolidWorks - I'm constantly having to unlearn the old rules to make it work
[19:03:48] <anonimasu> I love the heidenhain converstaional.. when doing stuff on the machine..
[19:04:07] <feoc> gutted mine to fit EMC
[19:04:18] <anonimasu> it's 20 times more efficient then g-code imo..
[19:04:32] <Skullworks_PGAB> sorta
[19:04:38] <toastydeath> depends on the application
[19:04:44] <toastydeath> we use conversational for limited runs
[19:04:52] <anonimasu> it's more like g-code then conversational..
[19:04:54] <Skullworks_PGAB> many of the conversational cut alot of air
[19:05:19] <anonimasu> you still need to do your loops/stuff manually but creating loops macros/using variables is easy
[19:05:27] <Skullworks_PGAB> not optimal for speed - but they will have the part running sooner than the full CAD?CAM route
[19:05:52] <Skullworks_PGAB> and if your only doing a few - its the way...
[19:06:21] <anonimasu> well, cad/cam is probably as fast.. depending on what kind of part..
[19:06:40] <toastydeath> a conversational/manual hybrid is fastest
[19:06:48] <toastydeath> for lone parts
[19:06:51] <anonimasu> did you see the heidenhain conversational?
[19:06:55] <Skullworks_PGAB> Prototrak...
[19:07:14] <Skullworks_PGAB> I have not
[19:07:29] <anonimasu> toastydeath: also, you are just learning solidworks..
[19:07:43] <chr0n1c> howdy folks
[19:08:02] <toastydeath> ?
[19:08:06] <Skullworks_PGAB> afternoon
[19:08:07] <toastydeath> no, i've been using it for some time
[19:08:21] <Skullworks_PGAB> (here GMT -6)
[19:08:37] <anonimasu> ah that was skullworks..
[19:08:37] <Skullworks_PGAB> * Skullworks_PGAB is just learning
[19:10:08] <Skullworks_PGAB> was needed to make a replacement side case for a Harley - we built in a PTO to drive a micro supercharger that fit between the cylinders...
[19:10:41] <Skullworks_PGAB> trying to replicae the casting plus add the needed features...
[19:10:47] <Skullworks_PGAB> SW was the only way
[19:11:35] <Skullworks_PGAB> thankfully I had someone with 5+ years exp using SW to help
[19:11:50] <chr0n1c> okay.. i have been looking at steppers online... i can't seem to find a chart to tell me what fram size my motors are
[19:12:24] <Skullworks_PGAB> what is the hole to hole distance
[19:12:40] <Skullworks_PGAB> for the 4 mounting holes
[19:12:40] <chr0n1c> as soon as i find my calipers i'l tell ya
[19:13:16] <chr0n1c> 1.875"
[19:13:27] <chr0n1c> 48 mm?
[19:13:52] <chr0n1c> 47.62 mm?
[19:14:05] <chr0n1c> is that nema 23?
[19:14:13] <toastydeath> where'd the dude asking about that manual lathe go
[19:14:31] <Skullworks_PGAB> 47.1 wouldbe a nema 23
[19:14:39] <toastydeath> awallin:
[19:14:42] <toastydeath> you still here
[19:14:49] <Skullworks_PGAB> brb
[19:15:30] <chr0n1c> i think i need a bigger oz/in on my X.. because it's moving A Lot of weight...
[19:15:48] <chr0n1c> i can hardly carry the x/y bolted together by myself...
[19:15:56] <chr0n1c> they don't look that heavy...
[19:16:09] <awallin> toastydeath: sure
[19:16:20] <toastydeath> you will be able to do generic work on it
[19:16:24] <toastydeath> you just won't be able to go fast
[19:16:35] <chr0n1c> it has to move the ballscrew.. which alone is a lot for this motor... and then all of the y slide.. and all of the table and whatever is on it
[19:16:56] <chr0n1c> i figured out at 10 ipm last night i loose steps
[19:17:02] <anonimasu> ouch
[19:17:03] <toastydeath> in my experience, that class of manual machine requires a pedantic setup
[19:17:06] <alex_joni> lose
[19:17:05] <chr0n1c> if i do 5 ippm i am fine
[19:17:07] <anonimasu> how fast are you spinning it?
[19:17:11] <chr0n1c> 5-7 ipm is ok
[19:17:27] <chr0n1c> direct drive to a 5tpi leadscrew
[19:17:36] <anonimasu> ouch¤!"#
[19:17:42] <anonimasu> gear more..
[19:17:44] <chr0n1c> but.. i don't have the chopper driver done yet...
[19:17:53] <anonimasu> you will get more speed and more torque..
[19:17:59] <anonimasu> up to a limit
[19:18:04] <chr0n1c> i was thinking about buying a couple gear sets from mcmaster-carr
[19:18:21] <anonimasu> seriously, it makes a big difference in being able to use your motors..
[19:18:24] <chr0n1c> 2:1 or mor?
[19:18:27] <chr0n1c> more*
[19:18:35] <anonimasu> you have a data sheet for your motor right?
[19:18:41] <chr0n1c> nooo
[19:18:46] <anonimasu> ://
[19:18:51] <Skullworks_PGAB> chronic - you will be able to get 65 ipm with that chopper
[19:18:56] <Skullworks_PGAB> or more
[19:19:02] <anonimasu> chr0n1c: well, trial and error..
[19:19:02] <chr0n1c> really?
[19:19:12] <Skullworks_PGAB> sure
[19:19:13] <anonimasu> I'd guess your motor stops at around 2000rpm max..
[19:19:21] <anonimasu> I think that was limit for my steppers..
[19:19:22] <chr0n1c> that's amazing to think i could do 65 and only getting 7 or so now
[19:19:33] <anonimasu> you dont want to go over the peak torque rpm for your motor..
[19:19:48] <Skullworks_PGAB> your running only 5V now - Volts is speed
[19:19:48] <anonimasu> err "torque peak" that is..
[19:20:14] <chr0n1c> i guess i just need to go ahead and test this bitch and solder the amp chips in then.. lol
[19:20:21] <chr0n1c> i been putting it off
[19:20:38] <anonimasu> that's quite ok speed for cutting..
[19:20:47] <chr0n1c> yeah 5 ipm is ok
[19:20:48] <anonimasu> 5-7 ipm..
[19:20:49] <anonimasu> that is..
[19:20:57] <anonimasu> 200mm/min is sane when cutting with a limited spindle speed.
[19:20:59] <Skullworks_PGAB> you hook up a 24v unreg pws and you will have almost 34V after the cap
[19:21:00] <chr0n1c> but my spindle is 8,000 - 32,000
[19:21:03] <chr0n1c> a dremel
[19:21:09] <chr0n1c> i need to go faster so i don't melt things
[19:21:13] <anonimasu> ouch..
[19:21:38] <anonimasu> I keep my rapids at 4000mm/min..
[19:22:02] <chr0n1c> 8,000 melts lexan in about 30 seconds with coolant
[19:22:09] <chr0n1c> at 5ipm
[19:22:15] <anonimasu> ouch
[19:22:14] <Skullworks_PGAB> even if you still use that ATX pws - switching to 12V will show an improvement
[19:22:27] <anonimasu> chr0n1c: that's a way too low chipload
[19:22:34] <chr0n1c> oh yeah i got an e-mail form laidman.. the stepperworld guy
[19:22:50] <chr0n1c> he says i can use a 12v w/resistors on his card
[19:22:54] <chr0n1c> i forget the ohms
[19:23:07] <chr0n1c> *the driver i have now
[19:23:14] <chr0n1c> but.. i got the email saved
[19:23:49] <chr0n1c> that should give me a few more ipm's
[19:23:54] <chr0n1c> w/this card
[19:24:06] <Skullworks_PGAB> they are likely BIG resistors
[19:24:16] <chr0n1c> yeah...
[19:24:26] <Skullworks_PGAB> carbon - can't be wirewound
[19:24:33] <chr0n1c> power resistors... he uses the aluminum framed ones
[19:24:44] <chr0n1c> about 2 inches long
[19:24:50] <Skullworks_PGAB> wirewound are inductive... - thats a no-no
[19:25:51] <chr0n1c> ok... so where to get a bigger stepper for the nema 23 frame... without gouging my pocket of 200 bux
[19:26:01] <chr0n1c> i looked on ebay.. they are all tiny or huge
[19:26:08] <alex_joni> get some gecko's
[19:26:10] <Skullworks_PGAB> keling
[19:26:19] <anonimasu> agreed
[19:26:23] <alex_joni> oh, you said stepper.. not driver
[19:26:39] <chr0n1c> ya... i got the hobby cnc 4aupc board almost finished
[19:26:46] <chr0n1c> so i got a better driver almost done
[19:26:52] <anonimasu> hm, steal them off a big plotter..
[19:26:59] <Skullworks_PGAB> http://www.kelinginc.net/
[19:27:14] <chr0n1c> i been trying to think of what businesses would throw away stuff wth parts i could use
[19:27:22] <chr0n1c> for dumpster diving parts*
[19:28:05] <chr0n1c> ...in dayton, ohio.
[19:28:46] <chr0n1c> here is what laidman said
[19:28:48] <chr0n1c> See the attached, you will get a bit better performance by running with 12v and 2.5 ohm power resistor. Not a huge difference, but a bit better. If you run it with the FET3 board you will see about 20% improvement in torque.
[19:29:20] <chr0n1c> 20 watt minimum
[19:29:24] <chr0n1c> :o
[19:29:45] <chr0n1c> 20% should get me close to ten ipm
[19:29:46] <Skullworks_PGAB> KL23H276-30-8B (1/4" Dual Shaft with flat) Specification Price: $39
[19:29:59] <chr0n1c> i'm on that page now..
[19:30:12] <Skullworks_PGAB> 282 oz Bipolar 200 oz-in unipolar
[19:30:40] <Skullworks_PGAB> I have these and the bigger 425 oz-in
[19:31:03] <Skullworks_PGAB> the 425 is way overkill
[19:31:15] <chr0n1c> 500v?
[19:31:31] <Skullworks_PGAB> how much voltage to cause a short
[19:31:41] <Skullworks_PGAB> burn thru
[19:31:46] <chr0n1c> ahh
[19:31:48] <anonimasu> I've had that happen once..
[19:31:59] <anonimasu> dead gecko..
[19:32:01] <chr0n1c> so it could handle the 42v max of my driver no prob
[19:32:06] <anonimasu> it looked like a nuclear explosion
[19:32:11] <chr0n1c> lol
[19:32:14] <Skullworks_PGAB> no problem
[19:32:45] <Skullworks_PGAB> remember a chopper can dump 20-30x the rated voltage
[19:33:08] <chr0n1c> wow... the datasheet says they have .025 thou play in the bearings...
[19:33:10] <Skullworks_PGAB> it cuts it off once the coils reach staturation
[19:33:13] <chr0n1c> that's a lot!
[19:33:38] <chr0n1c> oh...
[19:33:39] <chr0n1c> mm
[19:33:45] <chr0n1c> i read that wrong
[19:34:07] <Skullworks_PGAB> and thats a MAX spec
[19:34:15] <Skullworks_PGAB> mine are tight
[19:34:21] <chr0n1c> yeah...
[19:34:30] <chr0n1c> after i reallized there was a mm after that #
[19:34:42] <chr0n1c> i just saw .025 and peed myself
[19:34:44] <chr0n1c> lol
[19:34:57] <chr0n1c> then i read the rest of the line
[19:35:00] <Skullworks_PGAB> you want to test one - I have some that are not mounted.
[19:35:21] <Skullworks_PGAB> I could send you one to play with
[19:36:48] <chr0n1c> hmm..
[19:37:18] <chr0n1c> i'm gonna bookmark that page and test these with the chopper drive and see what i can come up with
[19:37:26] <Skullworks_PGAB> ok
[19:37:30] <chr0n1c> thanks..
[19:37:36] <chr0n1c> those looks beautiful!
[19:37:49] <Skullworks_PGAB> that alone will show an improvement
[19:38:16] <chr0n1c> whose's page is that?
[19:38:23] <chr0n1c> do you guys know the person who runs it?
[19:38:46] <Skullworks_PGAB> you do need to find out what the current rating of your existing motors are to set the chopper
[19:38:53] <alex_joni> bbl
[19:39:11] <chr0n1c> 1A
[19:39:17] <chr0n1c> they have a tag on em
[19:39:19] <Skullworks_PGAB> his name is John - never met him but he's a great guy to do business with
[19:39:29] <chr0n1c> ok, i was jsut curious
[19:39:32] <chr0n1c> just
[19:40:15] <Skullworks_PGAB> 1a - thats good - if you set it for .8a you might be able to forgo the heatsink if you have a fan on it.
[19:40:39] <feoc> what sorta size steppers will i need for a plasma table?
[19:41:16] <Skullworks_PGAB> I stole/salvaged the heatsinks out of blown ATX pws for my driver chips...
[19:41:57] <Skullworks_PGAB> feoc - what drive method - belt, rack/pinion and gantry weight?
[19:43:58] <chr0n1c> i took a p2 slot1 heatsink and cut sections of it out
[19:44:39] <chr0n1c> a little section for the power section... (three transistors?) and 4 bigger sections for the amp chips
[19:45:06] <chr0n1c> the sections just need screw holes tapped in them and they are ready to mount after i get some more thermal paste
[19:46:07] <Skullworks_PGAB> those rectifiers get warm - but not terrible hot - I didn't sink mine - the driver chips I sinked cause I'm running the full 3A/coil
[19:46:16] <chr0n1c> ahh..
[19:46:17] <feoc> Skullworks_PGAB erm not sure yet
[19:46:43] <chr0n1c> i figure they will jsut last that much longer and that much more efficient if i heatsinked them
[19:46:46] <feoc> altho ballscrew would be nice
[19:47:17] <chr0n1c> balscrews are so smooth...
[19:47:22] <chr0n1c> and less friction
[19:50:09] <feoc> yeah
[19:50:26] <feoc> my mill and lathe runs on ballscrews there nice :)
[19:50:46] <Skullworks_PGAB> plasma... only fighting inertia...
[19:51:32] <Skullworks_PGAB> how about some .5 pitch double start acme with delrin anti-backlash nuts...
[19:52:52] <Skullworks_PGAB> also you will need to use shielded cable - plasma is RF noisy
[19:53:05] <chr0n1c> so my ghetto dividing head dial worked out great... i cut it last night on the back of an old CD
[19:53:23] <chr0n1c> but i broke it in half wheni was filing it :(
[19:53:27] <Skullworks_PGAB> get the G-code bug figured out?
[19:53:43] <feoc> Skullworks_PGAB yah i will shield it
[19:53:45] <chr0n1c> no...
[19:53:50] <chr0n1c> i posted it from mc9
[19:54:03] <feoc> tbh even my mill's wiring is shielded on the feedback stuff
[19:54:08] <chr0n1c> saved as mc9 from mcx and posted it with the mpfan post in v9
[19:54:13] <Skullworks_PGAB> and errors were from MC-X
[19:54:16] <chr0n1c> i still don't know what's up with mcx
[19:54:17] <Skullworks_PGAB> ?
[19:54:22] <Skullworks_PGAB> ok
[19:54:50] <chr0n1c> but... i should print both posts out and compare them
[19:54:57] <chr0n1c> to see what's up..
[19:55:25] <feoc> gonna need a post for MCx soon
[19:55:32] <chr0n1c> it's all the crazy code at the bottom that confuses me
[19:55:33] <feoc> tis what im planning on using
[19:55:46] <Skullworks_PGAB> BTW newer CD's shouldn't break
[19:55:47] <chr0n1c> the options part at the top is decipherable somewhat
[19:56:14] <Skullworks_PGAB> too many lawsuits from damaged hardware.
[19:56:40] <chr0n1c> the generic post with mcx works fine... except it doesn't put g1 after an arc line sometimes
[19:56:52] <chr0n1c> what i found out last night*
[19:57:01] <chr0n1c> i haven't tested it any farther than that...
[19:57:02] <Skullworks_PGAB> even M$ got hit by a bad batch of W95 cd's - exploding in drives...
[19:57:12] <chr0n1c> lol.. exploding cd's
[19:57:20] <chr0n1c> i thought that was jsut a myth
[19:57:27] <Skullworks_PGAB> nope
[19:58:07] <chr0n1c> putting cd's in the microwave is fun for like 10 seconds.. i can tell ya that much
[19:58:08] <Skullworks_PGAB> I worked Warranty tech support - shipped out a bunch of replacements for that
[19:58:45] <Skullworks_PGAB> * Skullworks_PGAB would only use the nuker at a 7-11 for that...
[19:59:03] <chr0n1c> gee, i'd go to radio shack down the road and buy my power resistors.. but they only sell ipods now.. :(
[19:59:44] <chr0n1c> but... we already know about that ...
[20:02:04] <chr0n1c> anyone have any ides on how to get this old-as-dirt isa paralell card working on ubuntu so i can have a second par. port?
[20:02:08] <chr0n1c> ideas*
[20:02:37] <Skullworks_PGAB> it have jumpers with silk screened lables?
[20:02:43] <chr0n1c> yup
[20:02:54] <chr0n1c> but how to get ubuntu to recognize it?
[20:03:02] <Skullworks_PGAB> can you set it for 0278 address?
[20:03:07] <chr0n1c> or do i just need to find the address and it's working?
[20:03:55] <chr0n1c> i gotta shut the emc box down.. i already stuck it in and was tryin to figure it out
[20:04:02] <chr0n1c> to look at it*
[20:04:20] <Skullworks_PGAB> also - you could pop it in and use MSD if you have a dos 6.2~ floppy laying around
[20:04:58] <chr0n1c> i have a freedos live cd...
[20:05:10] <chr0n1c> but it's been so long since i touched dos...
[20:05:19] <chr0n1c> i forget how to set things up
[20:05:23] <Jymmmmmmm> dos it have DEBUG on it?
[20:05:27] <Jymmmmmmm> does
[20:05:33] <Skullworks_PGAB> yup
[20:05:40] <chr0n1c> i always used to have to set up my dads soundcards and crap in dos for him... 12 yrs ago
[20:05:49] <Skullworks_PGAB> but MSD can just give you a list...
[20:06:08] <Jymmmmmmm> d0400 or d0040 will show the address
[20:06:19] <chr0n1c> in debug?
[20:06:23] <Jymmmmmmm> yep
[20:06:31] <Skullworks_PGAB> for the base port or second port?
[20:06:41] <Jymmmmmmm> everything it sees
[20:06:42] <chr0n1c> lemme boot the freedos live and messaround
[20:07:01] <chr0n1c> i been tryin to figure out how to add turbocnc to the live cd...
[20:07:09] <Skullworks_PGAB> been along time since i did the debug stuff
[20:07:10] <chr0n1c> but i can't get winiso to read the iso file
[20:08:22] <Skullworks_PGAB> use to probe the video chipsets to identify which card was in the box, so I didn't have to move/unhook etc.
[20:08:42] <Jymmmmmmm> my bad it's d0:400
[20:09:38] <Jymmmmmmm> http://www.du.edu/~etuttle/electron/elect51.htm
[20:09:47] <Skullworks_PGAB> is that D0:400G
[20:10:04] <Jymmmmmmm> nah, just d0:400<enter>
[20:10:59] <Jymmmmmmm> -d0:400
[20:10:59] <Jymmmmmmm> 0000:0400 F8 03 F8 02 E8 03 E8 02-BC 03 78 03 78 02 C0 9F ..........x.x...
[20:11:21] <Jymmmmmmm> f8 03 is 03f8 or the first serial port
[20:11:42] <Jymmmmmmm> after the '-' is the paraports
[20:12:26] <Jymmmmmmm> BC 03 is 03BC, the next one is 78 03 = 0378, etc
[20:12:32] <chr0n1c> ok i got the card out
[20:12:54] <chr0n1c> ... whaat irq's and crap should i set?
[20:13:05] <Jymmmmmmm> any sound card?
[20:13:11] <chr0n1c> yes
[20:13:17] <chr0n1c> i dunno why though
[20:13:20] <Jymmmmmmm> heh
[20:13:27] <chr0n1c> it wil lonly play the ubuntu boot sounds
[20:13:44] <chr0n1c> no music or youtube sound
[20:13:45] <chr0n1c> :(
[20:13:55] <chr0n1c> but who needs that on a emc box?
[20:14:10] <chr0n1c> but that's another subject
[20:14:15] <Jymmmmmmm> you could try IRQ9, but that's shared with IRQ2 and you'll need to reserve the IRQ in BIOS too
[20:14:38] <chr0n1c> it sez 5 or 7
[20:14:38] <Jymmmmmmm> If you don't need serial port, you could try that
[20:14:50] <Jymmmmmmm> 7 is the existing paraport
[20:15:03] <Jymmmmmmm> try 5, which is usually shared with sound card.
[20:15:37] <Jymmmmmmm> that's kinda why I asked if you had a sound card, if not needed you could always yank it out
[20:15:55] <chr0n1c> jp4 is labeled: 123 jp3 is labeled nor/bi-dir jp2 is irq 5/7 jp1 :26c/27c/268/278/378/3bc
[20:16:17] <Jymmmmmmm> try 3bc
[20:16:28] <Jymmmmmmm> assuming this isn't a ibm thinkpad =)
[20:16:50] <chr0n1c> sun 6311?
[20:16:56] <Jymmmmmmm> nfc
[20:16:59] <chr0n1c> is what's screened on the card
[20:17:52] <Jymmmmmmm> did you pull up debug yet?
[20:18:02] <chr0n1c> can you guys all just come hang out at my house for the weekend?
[20:18:07] <chr0n1c> lol, i'll buy the beer
[20:18:17] <Jymmmmmmm> sure, send the limo over
[20:18:35] <Jymmmmmmm> and all the hawt chicks too
[20:19:29] <chr0n1c> ehh i chased all the chicks away, they were getting me in trouble
[20:19:49] <Jymmmmmmm> instead of guessing whats available, before setting the jumpers, you should pull up debug
[20:19:50] <chr0n1c> seriously.. all the trouble i ever got in could be linked back to a woman
[20:20:08] <Jymmmmmmm> with the card removed
[20:20:36] <chr0n1c> yeah... i am booting er up now
[20:20:45] <chr0n1c> card's on the bench
[20:22:45] <Jymmmmmmm> what you get debug going, type in: d0:400<enter> then paste the whole line in here
[20:25:45] <chr0n1c> ehhh.. it's like 8 lines of binary?
[20:25:55] <Jymmmmmmm> just the first line
[20:26:41] <Jymmmmmmm> it'll start with 0000:0400
[20:27:08] <chr0n1c> first half all zeroes
[20:27:20] <Jymmmmmmm> before the hyphin?
[20:27:25] <chr0n1c> second half after the - is 78 03 00 00 00 00 80 9f
[20:27:39] <Jymmmmmmm> you don't have any serial ports?
[20:27:44] <chr0n1c> i turned trhem off in bios
[20:27:53] <chr0n1c> and reserved irq 5
[20:27:57] <chr0n1c> for the isa
[20:27:59] <Jymmmmmmm> ok, that makes sense then the first half is all zeros
[20:28:11] <Jymmmmmmm> those are serial port addresses
[20:28:13] <chr0n1c> ohh..
[20:28:29] <Jymmmmmmm> ok, your existing paraport is at 0378
[20:28:42] <Jymmmmmmm> do you see that?
[20:28:47] <chr0n1c> so 9f80?
[20:28:50] <Jymmmmmmm> no
[20:29:00] <chr0n1c> well what does that part mean?
[20:29:20] <Jymmmmmmm> try setting your isa card to 03BC
[20:29:25] <chr0n1c> if i pop this card in the second half would change to this cards addy?
[20:30:07] <Jymmmmmmm> it'll add it just after the 78 03
[20:30:16] <Jymmmmmmm> where those are 00 00 now
[20:30:53] <Jymmmmmmm> when you pop in the isa card, it should say 78 03 BC 03
[20:31:01] <Jymmmmmmm> after the hyphin
[20:31:29] <Jymmmmmmm> did you pull out the sound card?
[20:33:15] <chr0n1c> no.. it's still in there
[20:33:35] <Jymmmmmmm> is it pci sound card?
[20:34:24] <Jymmmmmmm> if it's an isa sound card with hard coded IRQ, it might conflict with the paraport
[20:34:34] <Jymmmmmmm> hard code meaning jumpers
[20:34:54] <chr0n1c> it's pci and i took it out
[20:34:55] <Jymmmmmmm> if it's in PnP mode, thenyou should be ok
[20:35:08] <Jymmmmmmm> k
[20:35:09] <chr0n1c> i didn't get anything from debug changed
[20:35:13] <chr0n1c> maybe the cardis dead?
[20:35:36] <Jymmmmmmm> pull the card and verify the jumpers
[20:35:46] <Skullworks_PGAB> where was the old jumper set?
[20:35:48] <Jymmmmmmm> also, set that 1/2/3 jumper to 2
[20:36:47] <chr0n1c> the 123 is only 3 pins
[20:36:57] <chr0n1c> it's either 1+2 or 2+3
[20:37:06] <Jymmmmmmm> try 2+3
[20:37:14] <chr0n1c> ok, it's there
[20:37:18] <chr0n1c> bi-dir or normal?
[20:37:34] <Jymmmmmmm> try Bi,
[20:37:47] <Jymmmmmmm> if your into that kinky stuff =)
[20:41:25] <toastydeath> :o
[20:42:31] <Jymmmmmmm> toastydeath: we know you are
[20:42:53] <Jymmmmmmm> chr0n1c: how ya doin over there?
[20:43:19] <chr0n1c> well.. i went to the restroom
[20:43:25] <chr0n1c> and the card is dead i guess
[20:43:39] <chr0n1c> i got it out of an old old oc i had in the garage...
[20:43:49] <chr0n1c> i'd guess bad caps
[20:44:19] <chr0n1c> or who know..maybe static electricity over the years somehow
[20:44:21] <Jymmmmmmm> beige power on the caps, and the tops are not flat?
[20:44:24] <Jymmmmmmm> powder
[20:44:30] <chr0n1c> no..
[20:44:44] <chr0n1c> they look fine
[20:45:00] <Jymmmmmmm> what address did you set it to?
[20:45:05] <chr0n1c> ubuntu should jsut pick it up anyways if it's not completely dead right?
[20:45:22] <chr0n1c> it's at 03bc
[20:45:46] <Jymmmmmmm> k
[20:45:51] <chr0n1c> anyways... i'm giving up and buying a new card ;)
[20:45:56] <chr0n1c> thanks for all your help!
[20:46:20] <chr0n1c> i mean... compusa had some for like 40 bux
[20:46:26] <chr0n1c> that says it's good in linux
[20:46:34] <Jymmmmmmm> pci?
[20:46:39] <chr0n1c> yes
[20:46:47] <chr0n1c> should be ok right?
[20:47:29] <chr0n1c> i think this card is from 1980 something
[20:48:02] <chr0n1c> 27 yrs old.. lol
[20:48:27] <Jymmmmmmm>
[20:49:09] <Skullworks_PGAB> For $40 that better be a Siig dual parallel card...
[20:49:10] <Jymmmmmmm> what is the FCC ID ?
[20:51:21] <Jymmmmmmm> well shit.... I had glxgears going, whaited 20 minutes then started rtai test and X choked argh
[20:52:12] <chr0n1c> h9m sun 6311
[20:52:56] <Skullworks_PGAB> maybe we need another room - emc hardware....
[20:53:09] <toastydeath> emc jibba jabba
[20:53:21] <chr0n1c> a general cnc/emc hardware?
[20:53:26] <Skullworks_PGAB> alt emc
[20:53:30] <toastydeath> I PITY THE FOOL
[20:53:39] <chr0n1c> i searched yesterday for a cnc chatroom...
[20:53:54] <chr0n1c> this is alli could come up with besides command and conquer
[20:54:05] <Skullworks_PGAB> for that MCX bug?
[20:54:23] <chr0n1c> just in general
[20:54:36] <chr0n1c> to chat cnc instead of pervo's tryin to pick up ho's
[20:55:08] <toastydeath> i do believe you have begun to rap
[20:55:13] <chr0n1c> you should start a #cnc room and post it on the emc website
[20:55:13] <Jymmmmmmm> http://www.sunix.com.tw/it/en/PC_Peripherals.html
[20:55:21] <chr0n1c> lol, rap..
[20:55:26] <Jymmmmmmm> thats the company who made that card
[20:56:01] <chr0n1c> yeah.. they don't even have isa on thier site anymore lol
[20:56:19] <Skullworks_PGAB> is a what?
[20:56:23] <Skullworks_PGAB> isa
[20:56:24] <chr0n1c> and the server is slow and a 80 yr old lady drivin a caddy
[20:56:47] <chr0n1c> as a*
[20:57:13] <chr0n1c> ok.. i found an isa card on the site
[20:57:16] <chr0n1c> i lied
[20:57:50] <chr0n1c> ohhh they make a 2 port parallel card
[20:59:32] <Jymmmmmmm> wheres the bookmark logger
[21:01:07] <Jymmmmmmm> supports linux http://koutech.com/proddetail.asp?linenumber=48
[21:01:36] <Jymmmmmmm> I think alex or anonimasu has one of these too
[21:01:57] <chr0n1c> hmm.. i'm going to get some dinner... and i'm gonna drive 20 miles to the computer store and buy another par port card i think...
[21:02:13] <Jymmmmmmm> chr0n1c: before driving 20 miles...
[21:02:27] <Jymmmmmmm> make sure whatever you get is supported by linux, many are not
[21:02:38] <chr0n1c> yeah...
[21:02:41] <Jymmmmmmm> look at that link I gave
[21:02:47] <chr0n1c> i pulled it up
[21:02:57] <Jymmmmmmm> Re-map function for legacy ports for backward compatibility with legacy parallel port peripherals
[21:03:00] <chr0n1c> looks slick
[21:03:08] <Jymmmmmmm> 5 year warranty too
[21:07:12] <Jymmmmmmm> http://cablesunlimited.resultspage.com/search?w=2NP&x=0&y=0
[21:07:29] <chr0n1c> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815124018
[21:07:42] <alex_joni> chr0n1c: if it reads netmos, then it's probably good to go
[21:07:47] <chr0n1c> damn 70 bones
[21:08:06] <Jymmmmmmm> well, from one retailer, i think it was $40 elsewhere
[21:08:46] <Jymmmmmmm> I dont see mention of linux on that $15 one
[21:09:22] <chr0n1c> Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/NT4.0, Linux & DOS Operating System
[21:09:40] <Jymmmmmmm> http://www.atxcases.com/item.asp?referid=162164&id=2194
[21:09:42] <chr0n1c> newegg has quite a fe choices for linux supported cards
[21:09:43] <Jymmmmmmm> $32
[21:10:06] <Jymmmmmmm> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=wPO&q=koutech+2np&btnG=Search
[21:10:26] <chr0n1c> ;)
[21:11:02] <chr0n1c> ty.. i want to add switches and stuff to the machine so i'll hafta buy on eventually
[21:11:09] <chr0n1c> but now.. it's dinner time
[21:11:19] <chr0n1c> have a good evening!
[21:11:23] <Jymmmmmmm> $31.35
[21:11:32] <Jymmmmmmm> http://aztekcomputers.com/detail.php/part_num/ASI10179
[21:12:33] <alex_joni> good night all
[21:12:48] <Jymmmmmmm> nite alex, was it you that has that card?
[22:06:02] <feoc> damn lathe has about a gazzilion IO's to setup
[22:06:34] <feoc> wonder if its really worth bothering with stuff like door lock's tho
[22:09:52] <eric_u> depends on where the lathe will be used
[22:10:02] <Skullworks_PGAB> door locks are a pain
[22:10:17] <Skullworks_PGAB> chuck open...thats needed
[22:10:43] <Skullworks_PGAB> * Skullworks_PGAB assumes a power drawbar
[22:11:02] <eric_u> lots of door locks wired open
[22:12:46] <anonimasu> eric_u: I guess that all depends if you make machines for selling
[22:12:46] <anonimasu> :)
[22:12:54] <anonimasu> if it's for yourself I guess nothing keeps you from ignoring it ,)
[22:13:48] <feoc> lathe will be used in my workshop
[22:14:15] <feoc> Skullworks_PGAB my lathe is power everything
[22:14:19] <feoc> all runs on hyds
[22:14:27] <anonimasu> feoc: you should probably consider it..
[22:14:49] <anonimasu> safety stuff is a pretty serious issue if anything happens
[22:14:56] <feoc> i guess
[22:15:10] <feoc> doubt anyone else would use it but me tho
[22:15:15] <anonimasu> the first thing anyone asks if anything happens is did XXABBYZ work as supposed?
[22:15:28] <anonimasu> though I'm not sure you need a door switch regulation wise..
[22:15:55] <feoc> its got the door switch and door locking ram fitted already
[22:16:10] <feoc> all i gotta do is hook up the io pins to the solid states to control em
[22:16:15] <feoc> and setup emc
[22:16:40] <anonimasu> :)
[22:16:42] <anonimasu> * anonimasu nods
[22:16:51] <feoc> would i need to do that via classic ladder or emc itself?
[22:17:29] <anonimasu> I guess it depends..
[22:18:25] <feoc> would need it to check switch depressed and activate solenoid to extend ram
[22:18:39] <anonimasu> that requires cl I think
[22:19:15] <feoc> be similar stuff with checking that the chuck brake is off and the c axis lock is retracted
[22:19:31] <anonimasu> that's a cl job..
[22:20:06] <feoc> thought so
[22:20:27] <feoc> damn i should be a CL expert by time im done with the mills tool change and all the hyds on the lathe
[22:20:29] <feoc> lol
[22:20:35] <anonimasu> hehe
[22:20:45] <anonimasu> I badly want realtime rs232 ;)
[22:20:53] <anonimasu> or can
[22:20:56] <feoc> so much for starting small and buying a mini mill
[22:21:02] <anonimasu> yeah..
[22:21:20] <feoc> tho that wouldnt have helped much i dont think
[22:21:48] <anonimasu> I've been craving a cnc since I saw my first part being made :)
[22:21:55] <feoc> so much difference working with big machines with all the big relays and hydraulics/pneumatics and servo's
[22:21:58] <anonimasu> yeah
[22:22:03] <feoc> aint gonna get much of that on a lil stepper mill
[22:22:22] <anonimasu> I love the feeling of being able to machine anything I want..
[22:22:24] <eric_u> there is a realtime driver for rs232
[22:22:33] <anonimasu> eric_u: really?!
[22:22:40] <anonimasu> I didnt think there was one..
[22:22:44] <eric_u> what are you going to use it for?
[22:22:48] <anonimasu> talking to a real plc..
[22:23:01] <eric_u> plc isn't realtime though is it?
[22:23:06] <feoc> iv almost gotten more interested in the machines and the way it all works than machining stuff up
[22:23:18] <anonimasu> you mean what I can do at the plc?
[22:23:21] <eric_u> don't mean to say that there is a hal driver
[22:23:38] <anonimasu> ultimately I want hal<>plc..
[22:24:00] <anonimasu> I really would rather have can..
[22:24:17] <anonimasu> but, rs232 would do fine..
[22:24:19] <anonimasu> that's much cheaper too
[22:24:24] <eric_u> affordable can is a misnomer
[22:24:35] <eric_u> not sure why though
[22:24:42] <anonimasu> me neither..
[22:24:55] <anonimasu> I built a rs232<>can with a plc off work a while back..
[22:25:00] <anonimasu> to debug some stuff..
[22:25:05] <anonimasu> though rs232 is a tab bit slow for it..
[22:25:14] <anonimasu> tad...
[22:25:30] <eric_u> Is classic ladder realtime?
[22:25:41] <anonimasu> I think so
[22:25:51] <eric_u> guess it kinda has to be or it isn't too useful
[22:26:42] <anonimasu> yep
[22:44:12] <Skullworks_PGAB> Feoc : one thing you might want to consider on your ATC setup - Okuma has a manual mode that lets you single step forward/backward thru a toolchange to clear jams etc.
[22:44:30] <Skullworks_PGAB> if there were a way to do this in CL then it would be really handy.
[22:44:45] <anonimasu> there is..
[22:45:00] <anonimasu> just add a variable that stops your "state" from advancing..
[22:45:21] <anonimasu> then it's all up to you how manu increments you want to use for your toolchange..
[22:45:22] <anonimasu> many..
[22:45:26] <anonimasu> :)
[22:45:36] <Skullworks_PGAB> thats the easy part - the step backwards is what worries me.
[22:47:07] <anonimasu> you can keep a secondary set of states..
[22:47:37] <anonimasu> StateF and StateR
[22:47:54] <anonimasu> where you reverse the last motion..
[22:48:10] <anonimasu> and just toggle a variable when you hit the step backwards button..
[22:48:16] <anonimasu> pretty easy to do also..
[22:49:29] <anonimasu> :)
[22:55:53] <Skullworks_PGAB> good
[22:56:12] <anonimasu> Skullworks_PGAB: does that approach seem sane?
[22:57:10] <Skullworks_PGAB> sort of - it would need to have pointers at each step for forward and back
[22:57:57] <anonimasu> yeah..
[22:58:08] <anonimasu> I guess it's the only way to do it..
[22:58:14] <Skullworks_PGAB> or after a single backstep it would not have the info to do another backstep.
[22:58:40] <anonimasu> you need a secondary "ladder"
[22:58:43] <anonimasu> with motion backwards..
[23:00:21] <Skullworks_PGAB> it also should require 2 keys - 1 for direction, 1 interlock override
[23:00:29] <anonimasu> yeah
[23:00:37] <anonimasu> hm, that's a fun piece of code..
[23:01:21] <Skullworks_PGAB> its a snap if written in basic...
[23:01:44] <anonimasu> * anonimasu suddenly hugs irc-61131-3
[23:01:48] <Skullworks_PGAB> not sure about CL - have not studied it much
[23:02:03] <anonimasu> it's a 10 minute piece of code :)
[23:02:07] <anonimasu> though in cl*ick*
[23:02:30] <anonimasu> it's more like 10 hours :D
[23:02:33] <anonimasu> just kidding
[23:03:04] <Skullworks_PGAB> well - its simple
[23:03:26] <anonimasu> if i ever get enough time I'm going to work on a iec-61131 softplc.
[23:04:11] <anonimasu> it's like pascal.. but object oriented..
[23:04:22] <anonimasu> rather "function block" oriented..
[23:04:28] <anonimasu> very easy to code complex stuff in..
[23:04:37] <Skullworks_PGAB> you just have to list EVERY thing that is required to happen in a top down list, then break it into step groups.
[23:05:06] <Skullworks_PGAB> then you know where the pointers need to be.
[23:05:39] <anonimasu> yep
[23:06:14] <Skullworks_PGAB> then start appling I/O to each component and figure out those requirements.
[23:06:57] <anonimasu> yep
[23:07:45] <Skullworks_PGAB> most don't need real time - or can get by with really long periods
[23:09:04] <anonimasu> Skullworks_PGAB: funny that you mentioned that about breaking it down into groups..
[23:09:05] <Skullworks_PGAB> unless its a fairly new machine with uberfast ATC...
[23:09:14] <anonimasu> that's what im working at work my work project..
[23:09:52] <Skullworks_PGAB> basic problem solving
[23:10:08] <anonimasu> yeah..
[23:10:48] <Skullworks_PGAB> reduce each step to its simplest state
[23:11:27] <anonimasu> that's where you need to start..
[23:11:27] <anonimasu> specift what you want done and in what order..
[23:11:27] <anonimasu> ye
[23:11:27] <anonimasu> yep..
[23:11:27] <anonimasu> I've got so many pressures/pwm/sensors in this..
[23:11:30] <anonimasu> :)
[23:11:31] <anonimasu> it dosent get much simplier..
[23:12:24] <Skullworks_PGAB> for a swing arm non fixed tool ATC...
[23:12:31] <Skullworks_PGAB> step 0 - reset
[23:12:41] <anonimasu> this isnt a atc ;)
[23:13:10] <Skullworks_PGAB> step 1 - rotate magazine to next tool
[23:13:20] <Skullworks_PGAB> yeah
[23:13:44] <Skullworks_PGAB> but feoc is going to have and do his ATC
[23:14:14] <anonimasu> ?
[23:14:47] <Skullworks_PGAB> step 2 - M5, drop pot, M19
[23:15:20] <Skullworks_PGAB> he is retrofiting EMC on a Hurco bedmill
[23:15:29] <anonimasu> :)
[23:15:52] <Skullworks_PGAB> it should be sweet when done
[23:16:16] <anonimasu> nice big machine
[23:17:12] <Skullworks_PGAB> yep - like 30 or 40" x axis
[23:20:18] <anonimasu> *yawns*
[23:20:44] <Skullworks_PGAB> * Skullworks_PGAB needs to go hang laundry...
[23:43:14] <chr0n1c> someday... i will own a hurco
[23:43:49] <chr0n1c> and it will be run by emc2/axis... or emc37/axis 42 by then who knows