#emc | Logs for 2006-11-23

[00:03:14] <Jymmmm> nah, more like the 1/16th stuff
[00:04:05] <mikejradz> still substantial drag, maybe two passes
[00:09:34] <mikejradz> I got to run. Thanks for the chat and info. Later...
[00:48:47] <robin_sz> meep?
[00:52:58] <Jymmmm> Happy Thanksgiving!
[00:54:12] <Rugludallur> Reminds me of that muppet show sketch, where Big Bird was .. missing
[01:06:17] <Jymmmm> As lone as it wasn't MR Snuffleupagus
[01:06:20] <Jymmmm> long
[01:06:54] <Rugludallur> yahh, I bet big bird tasted great
[01:06:55] <Jymmmm> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aloysius_Snuffleupagus
[01:07:15] <Jymmmm> lil tougt I'd bet
[01:07:21] <Jymmmm> tough
[01:25:55] <Rugludallur> ok time for bed, GN everyone
[02:43:16] <CIA-8> 03cradek 07HEAD * 10emc2/src/emc/rs274ngc/interp_convert.cc: allow feed override during the appropriate parts of g76
[03:00:09] <ejholmgren> assuming I'm 1/10th microstepping ...
[03:00:17] <ejholmgren> how do I accomodate for that in the ini?
[03:00:53] <ejholmgren> * ejholmgren needs to get a wifi card for the emc comp in the basement
[03:00:52] <cradek> you just need 10x the INPUT_SCALE
[03:01:09] <ejholmgren> bbiab
[03:01:10] <ejholmgren> thanks
[03:01:22] <cradek> EMC doesn't care whether you are microstepping - it just needs to know how many steps to send to move you a length unit
[03:06:33] <ejholmgren> ah
[03:06:35] <ejholmgren> so ...
[03:06:56] <ejholmgren> 1.8 degree motor is 200 steps
[03:07:09] <ejholmgren> so 2000 steps at 1/10th microstepping
[03:07:19] <ejholmgren> assuming a 1 tpi leadscrew
[03:08:11] <cradek> so 2000 steps per inch right?
[03:08:29] <ejholmgren> guess so
[03:08:53] <ejholmgren> the stepper is just sitting on the workbench downstairs right now
[03:09:07] <ejholmgren> not connected to drive anything yet
[03:09:31] <ejholmgren> it does work though!
[03:09:33] <cradek> good
[03:09:48] <ejholmgren> I take it the "tort" file stands for torture?
[03:10:19] <ejholmgren> will be more fun once I get the other two axis hooked up
[03:10:39] <cradek> yes it was a torture test for the trajectory planner development
[03:16:29] <tomp> in the 'simple tp notes', it's suggested that 'current position is fed more or less directly to axis.X.motor-pos-cmd HAL pins' but the statement ends with a question mark as if the author was unsure... any comments?
[03:20:16] <ejholmgren> I assume the "joint 0 error" means my measly PII 333mhz can generate enough pulses @ 20000 steps/inch 30 ipm
[03:20:24] <ejholmgren> er can't
[03:31:15] <skunkworks> ejholmgren: most likely not - do you have accelleration and velocity headroom in the ini for stepgen?
[03:42:32] <ejholmgren> <-- noob
[04:30:07] <CIA-8> 03jmelson 07HEAD * 10emc2/src/hal/drivers/hal_ppmc.c: completed extra port digital output functions
[05:16:55] <CIA-8> 03jmkasunich 07HEAD * 10emc2/docs/src/hal/ (9 files): moved .dxf source files for documentation drawings into CVS
[07:35:20] <ejholmgren> oh feck
[07:35:37] <ejholmgren> I think I buggered up my nice lambda power supply
[08:26:18] <Dallur> morning
[12:23:43] <paragon36> Hello All
[12:24:25] <alex_joni> hello
[12:25:26] <paragon36> I am having trouble setting up a small servo using etch-servo do you have any experience with this at all?
[12:28:31] <alex_joni> what kind of problems?
[12:28:35] <paragon36> Alternativly could someone point me documentation regarding setting up the emc2 .ini file
[12:28:39] <alex_joni> I never tried it out, but I am aware of the concepts
[12:28:51] <paragon36> OK here goes ;-
[12:29:50] <paragon36> I have hooke up the motor and its encoder to the printer port. I can controll the motor via emc and read from the encoder 500cpr = 2000 eges
[12:29:55] <paragon36> but
[12:30:44] <alex_joni> but?
[12:31:59] <paragon36> the motor runs very slow! I have the etch.ini configured for mm. When playing with the INPUT_SCALE I can get the motor to turn faster but then I receive following errors also the motor does not seem to ramp up to this speed but excelerates to quicky
[12:33:38] <paragon36> For example INPUT_SCALE = 2000 / 0 will turn the motor shaft by one rev per mm displayed by EMC2 the motor run slow.
[12:33:54] <alex_joni> did you change max speed?
[12:33:59] <alex_joni> and max accel?
[12:34:24] <alex_joni> the etch.ini was initially for inches
[12:34:39] <alex_joni> if you have still the speeds (not multiplied by 25.4) then it would be very slow
[12:35:11] <paragon36> Looking at .ini now ...
[12:36:38] <paragon36> [AXIS_0]
[12:36:39] <paragon36> TYPE = LINEAR
[12:36:41] <paragon36> UNITS = 1
[12:36:42] <paragon36> #UNITS = mm
[12:36:44] <paragon36> #UNITS = 0.03937007874016
[12:36:46] <paragon36> HOME = 0.000
[12:36:47] <paragon36> MAX_VELOCITY = 4
[12:36:49] <paragon36> MAX_ACCELERATION = 50
[12:36:51] <paragon36> #MAX_ACCELERATION = 150
[12:36:52] <paragon36> BACKLASH = 0.000
[12:36:53] <paragon36> CYCLE_TIME = 0.001000
[12:36:54] <paragon36> INPUT_SCALE = 30000.0 000
[12:36:56] <paragon36> #INPUT_SCALE = 2000 787.4
[12:36:57] <paragon36> #INPUT_SCALE = 1700 0
[12:37:00] <paragon36> OUTPUT_SCALE = 1.000 0.000
[12:37:00] <paragon36> MIN_LIMIT = 0.0
[12:37:03] <paragon36> MAX_LIMIT = 600
[12:37:03] <paragon36> FERROR = 0.4
[12:37:05] <paragon36> MIN_FERROR = 0.10
[12:37:06] <paragon36> HOME_OFFSET = 0.0
[12:37:09] <paragon36> HOME_SEARCH_VEL = 0.0
[12:37:11] <paragon36> HOME_LATCH_VEL = 0.0
[12:37:13] <paragon36> HOME_USE_INDEX = NO
[12:37:15] <paragon36> HOME_IGNORE_LIMITS = NO
[12:37:17] <paragon36> P = 100.0
[12:37:18] <paragon36> I = 0.0
[12:37:20] <paragon36> D = 0.5
[12:37:22] <paragon36> BIAS = 0.0
[12:37:25] <paragon36> FF0 = 0.0
[12:37:26] <paragon36> FF1 = 1.0
[12:38:52] <paragon36> As you can see I have been playing around with this file with little understanding ;-)
[12:56:28] <anonimasu> paragon36: change your input scale ;)
[12:57:04] <anonimasu> oh, you shoulÃd have lots of steps..
[12:57:49] <paragon36> That slow the motors dowm to much. Originaly I had it set to 2000 / 0 which equates to 1 rev of motor per mm displayed by emc2
[12:58:47] <anonimasu> paragon36: your setup seems weird?
[12:58:54] <anonimasu> how many pulses do you have per mm?
[13:00:02] <paragon36> encoder is 500cpr with 2000 edges so input_scale 2000 / 0 > one rev per mm displayed
[13:00:27] <anonimasu> set your input scale to that :)
[13:00:31] <paragon36> ie if I move x by 1mm the motor turns 1 rev
[13:00:37] <anonimasu> and change your max_velocity..
[13:00:45] <paragon36> but the motor runs too slow
[13:01:01] <paragon36> oh max_velocity
[13:01:04] <anonimasu> yeah..
[13:01:25] <paragon36> Increase it ?
[13:01:28] <anonimasu> yes..
[13:01:32] <anonimasu> i have mine at 33.3
[13:01:41] <anonimasu> that's about 2m/min
[13:01:53] <paragon36> 2000 mm?
[13:01:56] <anonimasu> take about half of that..
[13:02:22] <anonimasu> 16.65
[13:02:35] <paragon36> was that 2 meter a min?
[13:02:54] <anonimasu> 2000mm/min
[13:02:59] <anonimasu> yeah..
[13:03:03] <anonimasu> 33.3 is 2m/min
[13:03:06] <anonimasu> 33.3 units/s
[13:03:22] <paragon36> wow so your motors are turning some .... is this with the etch-servo?
[13:03:48] <anonimasu> it's not how fast they should be actually
[13:04:16] <paragon36> 33.3 * 60 = 1998 (2000mm) is this correct calc?
[13:04:19] <anonimasu> yes
[13:05:11] <anonimasu> :)
[13:05:45] <paragon36> but if I keep INPUT_SCALE 2000 / 0 and I gear the motor to say 5 - 1 ie I wish the motor to turn 5 revs for every 1mm then would I not need to have 10000 / 0 ?
[13:06:14] <anonimasu> yes..
[13:06:19] <anonimasu> as you gear 2000*5
[13:07:05] <anonimasu> you need to change your input scale accordingly
[13:07:06] <paragon36> this will increase the rotation speed of the motor but then it keeps going into 'following error'
[13:07:16] <anonimasu> you need to increase your ferror
[13:07:27] <anonimasu> :)
[13:08:22] <paragon36> by how much ? for instance your motors must be turning at some speed what ferror do you have set anonimasu?
[13:08:53] <anonimasu> let me check..
[13:09:16] <anonimasu> ferror = 1.0 and min_ferror = 0.5
[13:09:36] <paragon36> Also I thing it gets to this speed to quickly and that may be why is going into following errors how do I set the motors ramp time speed
[13:09:53] <anonimasu> should be around 0.01 or something.. but I havent bothered with the PID stuff yet..
[13:10:00] <anonimasu> max_acceleration
[13:10:06] <anonimasu> and default_acceleration
[13:11:12] <paragon36> on the axis in question or in the TRAJ section .... not to sure how these interact with each to be honest
[13:11:36] <paragon36> thanks for the ferror info :-)
[13:11:43] <anonimasu> the global ones are global [TRAJ]
[13:11:49] <anonimasu> and the axis ones are for each axis
[13:12:06] <paragon36> so do the axis ones override the global?
[13:12:12] <paragon36> if set
[13:12:43] <anonimasu> no
[13:13:19] <paragon36> so what do the global setting represent in real terms
[13:14:05] <anonimasu> what do you mean?
[13:14:25] <paragon36> oh and should I set the max_accel / default_accel in the Traj or axis error
[13:14:34] <paragon36> error = area
[13:14:36] <anonimasu> just a sec
[13:14:46] <paragon36> no problem
[13:15:33] <anonimasu> machining some stuff so need to keep watch :)
[13:16:34] <paragon36> what I am confused about regarding Traj vs axis is that there are duplicate varibles between them ie max-accel is in traj and axis0
[13:16:35] <anonimasu> well where it is in the default config :)
[13:16:43] <anonimasu> everywhere..
[13:16:52] <paragon36> machining no problem ... I apreciate you help here :-)
[13:17:41] <anonimasu> the global ones are the max allowable for any axis..
[13:17:48] <anonimasu> and the axis ones are per axis..
[13:18:01] <paragon36> so if the max_accell is higher in the axis section than it is in the traj would it only get to the max set in traj
[13:18:09] <anonimasu> yeah
[13:18:25] <paragon36> just saw your answer after I sent ... lol
[13:19:58] <paragon36> OK i get it! .... so velocity is total speed .... accel is the ramp up and I guess ramp down speed
[13:20:05] <anonimasu> yeah
[13:20:07] <paragon36> I think I get it ... ;-)
[13:20:14] <anonimasu> I think the accel is units/s^2
[13:20:18] <anonimasu> but I cant remember :)
[13:21:19] <paragon36> so if I want a slow ramp would I set the the Accel to a low figure ... I gues I would right
[13:21:59] <anonimasu> yeah
[13:22:02] <anonimasu> I'm using 250
[13:22:54] <paragon36> Out of interest what resolution encoders are you using?
[13:23:52] <anonimasu> 1000 ppr
[13:25:31] <paragon36> my DEFAULT_ACCELERATION = 15.0 and is only MAX_ACCELERATION = 20.0 so this should ramp up really slow I would expect
[13:25:46] <anonimasu> yeah 20 units/s^2
[13:26:09] <paragon36> but it doesn't ;-)
[13:26:38] <anonimasu> slow is relative ;)
[13:27:32] <paragon36> 20 unit would be 20mm per second per second right .... so this is quite fast for a small motor I would think ?
[13:27:54] <anonimasu> hm it's not that fast
[13:28:34] <paragon36> and at 5 rev per mm 100 rev in a second the motor would have to do ... ???
[13:29:09] <paragon36> 5 * 20 = 100
[13:30:06] <anonimasu> hold on..
[13:30:23] <paragon36> No proble anonimasu .. :-)
[13:32:25] <anonimasu> 100/5
[13:32:45] <anonimasu> err how many rev per mm?
[13:32:53] <paragon36> 5
[13:33:37] <anonimasu> ok
[13:33:49] <anonimasu> how fast did you want to go?
[13:34:29] <paragon36> motor is rated at 24v 6000 rpm
[13:35:25] <anonimasu> 6000/5 is you absolute max..
[13:35:29] <anonimasu> but dot forget your iron
[13:35:56] <anonimasu> :)
[13:35:58] <paragon36> Oh I have no iron connect as yet it just a stand alone motor for testing
[13:36:07] <paragon36> ;-)
[13:36:14] <anonimasu> well, play away :)
[13:36:51] <paragon36> Id be happy if the thing turned at 3000 rpm with going into 'following error' .. lol
[13:37:19] <anonimasu> set your ferror high..
[13:37:42] <anonimasu> or start to look into how to tune PID :)
[13:38:43] <Dallur> Anyone ever heard of G6.2 ? supposed to be a standard to express splines in g-code but I can't find much info on it
[13:39:03] <paragon36> ill give it ago when I get home this evening ... thanks very much for your help anonimasu .... oh y the way how fast would you say you have your motors rpm?
[13:39:50] <paragon36> Hello Dallur .... sory can't help you with that one!
[13:40:06] <Dallur> hey paragon36 :D
[13:40:16] <anonimasu> 1000rpm
[13:40:45] <paragon36> Still trying to get my head around the etch.ini config .... lol anonimasu has been a great help today :-)
[13:41:11] <paragon36> 1000rpm thanks anonimasu !!!
[13:41:26] <anonimasu> 2mm screws
[13:41:48] <anonimasu> though the motors should do 6000 :)
[13:41:52] <anonimasu> but that's bloody fast.
[13:42:04] <anonimasu> I machine at about 300mm/min usually
[13:42:09] <paragon36> using etch-servo
[13:42:11] <paragon36> ?
[13:43:03] <anonimasu> no
[13:43:08] <anonimasu> univstep
[13:43:39] <anonimasu> hardware pulsegenerator
[13:44:10] <anonimasu> I wont be able to crank that many pulses out..
[13:44:26] <paragon36> OK .... another issue regarding the following error is that etch-servo may not be able to keep up? not sure what its max encoder count ability is ?
[13:44:34] <anonimasu> max pulse output
[13:44:39] <anonimasu> * anonimasu has no idea
[13:45:14] <paragon36> Hardware pulse .... like a pulse multiplier that * parallel port pulses ?
[13:46:37] <anonimasu> no
[13:46:48] <anonimasu> it generates pulses..
[13:46:50] <anonimasu> * anonimasu sighs
[13:46:55] <anonimasu> I have so much chips here now
[13:47:29] <anonimasu> 1cm of alu chips around the machine :)
[13:47:30] <paragon36> I salt and vinegar ... ;-)
[13:48:03] <Dallur> jepler: you there by any chance ?
[13:48:17] <anonimasu> Dallur: thanks on the plasma feeds and speeds
[13:48:19] <paragon36> Talking of chips I need to go eat .... Thanks again for your advice .... speak soon guys!
[13:48:33] <anonimasu> laters
[13:48:44] <Dallur> anonimasu: np, read the logs :D
[13:49:03] <anonimasu> I saw it, though I dont know if you saw that I thanked you :)
[13:49:17] <Dallur> I noticed, thank you for thanking me :D
[13:49:39] <anonimasu> I need a 10krpm spindle.
[13:50:00] <Dallur> anonimasu: metal or wood ?
[13:50:05] <anonimasu> metal
[13:50:14] <anonimasu> aluminium is tedious with slow rpm
[13:51:10] <Dallur> anonimasu: I bet, but most of the time with alu you can just use woodworking stuff though
[13:51:22] <anonimasu> im going to gear this a bit..
[13:51:31] <anonimasu> unto 6krpm..
[13:53:29] <anonimasu> this spindle works really nice
[13:55:09] <anonimasu> 1.5mm with a 50mm facemill :)
[13:55:28] <Dallur> (I don't know anything about milling really)
[13:55:34] <anonimasu> though the chips are getting hot :)
[13:55:54] <Dallur> is it a dry setup ?
[13:55:58] <anonimasu> yes.. for now
[13:56:17] <anonimasu> using wd40 right now
[13:57:04] <Dallur> That probably works well, most kerosene based lubricants work well with alu
[13:57:23] <Dallur> The other two I have used are soap and wax
[13:57:27] <anonimasu> :)
[13:58:23] <anonimasu> final pass now
[13:58:23] <anonimasu> yay
[13:58:29] <Dallur> :D
[13:59:22] <anonimasu> 3 hours of cutting :/
[13:59:35] <Dallur> big piece ?
[13:59:37] <anonimasu> I regret not making a real program and going out to shop
[13:59:49] <anonimasu> not very..
[13:59:56] <anonimasu> im cutting pretty slowly because I dont have any real coolant
[14:00:14] <anonimasu> 20x100x170
[14:19:23] <paragon36> hello Chaps back from lunch ... Shepherds Pie Mmmmm
[14:21:41] <A-L-P-H-A> someone tell anon about WD40
[14:21:55] <paragon36> I noticed in an emc ini file that one can use the directive mm / Inch keywords what version of emc2 can this be used. When I use the default installed version from the ubuntu live cd EMC bobms out with these settings.
[14:22:11] <A-L-P-H-A> WD40 works fine. Otherwise use transmission fluid... but that stinks when it burns.
[14:29:41] <Dallur> You can also get kerosene based fluids with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) which works well with aluminum, used it for drilling aluminum but never tried with milling
[14:45:49] <jepler> Dallur: I'm just here for a moment
[14:45:56] <jepler> paragon36: that is only in the development version, not in 2.0.4.
[14:49:11] <Dallur> jepler: ok we can talk later if you can spare some time
[14:49:28] <Dallur> jepler: was wondering about G6.2 (splines in gcode)
[14:52:06] <jepler> Dallur: I can give you the short answer: there's no work on splines in the development version. we need a programmer who is willing to dedicate a substantial chunk of time to adding a spline feature, and even then the earliest it would probably be available to users is in the 2.2 series, because we've stopped adding new features for 2.1.
[14:53:09] <jepler> I am interested in it in the abstract, but to be honest I doubt I'll get around to working on it myself
[14:53:35] <Dallur> jepler: ok, but in general are people "ok" with adding a semi standard gcode ?
[14:53:53] <jepler> I have no clue about the details of G6.2.
[14:54:46] <Dallur> jepler: we can talk later if you have the time, it's proprietary and there is a patent on it .. ;(
[14:55:02] <jepler> I try never to look at patents
[14:55:02] <anonimasu> hm, im intrerested in the tp stuff but it seems like it's a steep learning curve
[14:55:17] <anonimasu> yep
[14:55:28] <alex_joni> Dallur: I find it odd people can patent the way to "control CNC with splines"
[14:55:41] <alex_joni> it sounds just like they would patent the usage of G-code
[14:55:44] <alex_joni> or whatever
[14:55:55] <anonimasu> it's a better yeah
[14:56:51] <Dallur> alex_joni: I doubt it would hold up but there is still a patent, and by the looks of it Fanuc paid the patent holder when they implemented G6.2
[14:57:27] <jepler> This is the paper I was reading recently. the trajectory planner can be adapted to do a new kind of interpolation as long as it satisfies a few simple properties: bounded acceleration, constant velocity, known tangents at endpoints. I think this paper gives a higher-order spline with those properties. http://www.saccade.com/writing/graphics/RE-PARAM.PDF
[14:57:43] <jepler> whether it's the method described in the patent, I have NFC
[14:57:46] <jepler> and I don't care
[14:57:54] <anonimasu> yeah, but what keeps somone else from building a algorithm..
[14:58:06] <anonimasu> does the patent cover the abstract or the way fanuc/them are doing it..
[14:58:17] <anonimasu> or is it the whole principle of using splines at all?
[14:59:06] <jepler> see you guys later
[14:59:11] <anonimasu> laters jepler
[14:59:12] <alex_joni> leter jeff
[14:59:19] <alex_joni> later even
[14:59:44] <anonimasu> though g6.2 is only useful if somone has a cam program that'll output splines..
[15:00:08] <Dallur> later
[15:00:12] <anonimasu> Dallur: ?
[15:00:49] <Dallur> anonimasu: it would only be usefull for that kind of work yes, but then again converting dxf to gcode with splines would not be a very hard task, etc doable with some time
[15:01:28] <anonimasu> yeah but tolerance errors from the generated gcode would stack..
[15:01:31] <Dallur> anonimasu: at least is much easier than converting dxf with splines to arcs and lines by approximation
[15:03:32] <Dallur> aninomasu: the trick with G6.2 is that you can define splines in the g-code, so the spline is rendered to x/y/z coordinates by something that already knows the resolution, which means you get the best available resolution and paths which are very smooth
[15:03:57] <Lerneaen_Hydra> 'lo
[15:04:03] <Dallur> hey LH
[15:04:12] <Lerneaen_Hydra> emc has support for splines?
[15:04:15] <Lerneaen_Hydra> nice!
[15:04:18] <Dallur> Lh: no :(
[15:04:23] <Lerneaen_Hydra> oh.. :(
[15:04:42] <Lerneaen_Hydra> that would explain why I hadn't heard of it in connection with ECM
[15:05:15] <Lerneaen_Hydra> *EMC
[15:05:21] <Dallur> yup
[15:06:30] <Dallur> I started converting plates for my boat to g-code in the last couple of days, and I frankly found it a bit silly to use the CAD/CAM package to convert the splines to arcs/lines without any knowledge of the end resolution of the device which is supposed to use the files
[15:06:43] <Dallur> so I started looking into splines in gcode
[15:08:17] <Dallur> And G6.2 is a "proprietary standard" for just that
[15:16:47] <Lerneaen_Hydra> you can do a reasonably good line-interpolation, even if you have a tolerance of 0.01mm you shouldn't get too large g-code files
[15:16:56] <Lerneaen_Hydra> though integrated support would be cool
[15:18:00] <Dallur> LH: I later did discover that with a decent export to lines/arcs I was able to get plenty accuracy for my application but I still find it kind of silly that there isn't a way to put splines in
[15:18:12] <Lerneaen_Hydra> yeah
[15:18:53] <Dallur> LH: I also understand that this probably wasn't feasible in the 1960s when they created the original c-code but in modern day it does
[15:19:10] <Lerneaen_Hydra> things definetly have changed
[15:19:19] <Lerneaen_Hydra> things like helixes too
[15:19:28] <Lerneaen_Hydra> helixes/mutli-plane arcs
[15:19:57] <Dallur> I think this is one area where a new ISO code would help :D
[15:21:10] <Lerneaen_Hydra> yeah, even though you can do linear interpolation in CAM it would be nice to have integrated support in the controller system
[15:22:10] <alex_joni> Dallur: there is Step-Nc mostly used
[15:23:13] <Lerneaen_Hydra> hi alex
[15:23:25] <Dallur> * Dallur feels like an idiot, it's based on iso14649 :P
[15:23:56] <alex_joni> hi LH
[15:24:01] <alex_joni> it was santa lucia afterall
[15:24:11] <Lerneaen_Hydra> it was? cool
[15:24:15] <jepler> the CAM system should just specify the machine position at 10ms intervals. at 24 bytes (6 joints, 32-bit precision, binary format) that's less than 9 megabytes per hour of milling.
[15:24:43] <jepler> taking care to respect all machine limits in the process
[15:24:56] <jepler> * jepler disappears again
[15:25:41] <Lerneaen_Hydra> spooky
[15:28:57] <alex_joni> Lerneaen_Hydra: I mean I'll be in Lund for santa lucia
[15:29:35] <Lerneaen_Hydra> oh!
[15:29:37] <Lerneaen_Hydra> cool!
[15:29:58] <Lerneaen_Hydra> be sure to eat a "lussekatt" (anon: sp?)
[15:30:05] <Lerneaen_Hydra> I think that's how they're spelt
[15:30:15] <alex_joni> what's that?
[15:30:17] <Lerneaen_Hydra> traditional baked bread eaten that day
[15:30:18] <anonimasu> Dallur: 0.01 might be ok for you, though there are other people with other apps..
[15:30:20] <anonimasu> yeah :)
[15:30:27] <anonimasu> my mother will pry some at me :)
[15:30:34] <alex_joni> Lerneaen_Hydra: I'll probably forget by then
[15:30:36] <Lerneaen_Hydra> http://www.rindi.com/bilder/saffransbulls.jpg
[15:30:40] <Lerneaen_Hydra> rasins at the ends
[15:30:49] <Lerneaen_Hydra> they're so common you can't miss
[15:30:54] <anonimasu> agreed :)
[15:32:23] <alex_joni> http://dsplabs.cs.utt.ro/~juve/dropbox/Cui%20fixare%20imagine.png
[15:32:53] <Lerneaen_Hydra> what's that?
[15:33:19] <alex_joni> a pin for a cutting table
[15:33:23] <alex_joni> http://dsplabs.cs.utt.ro/~juve/dropbox/IMG_8964.JPG
[15:33:25] <Lerneaen_Hydra> oh, laser cutter?
[15:33:32] <alex_joni> http://dsplabs.cs.utt.ro/~juve/dropbox/IMG_8965.JPG
[15:33:35] <alex_joni> plasma
[15:33:44] <Lerneaen_Hydra> why the o-ring?
[15:33:57] <alex_joni> it fits into a table with holes
[15:34:03] <alex_joni> with the o-ring it's a tight fit
[15:34:07] <anonimasu> nice
[15:34:30] <alex_joni> anonimasu: my first alibre design :D
[15:34:45] <anonimasu> :D
[15:34:53] <Dallur> alex_joni: why not have threaded sockets and use standard studs ?
[15:35:08] <Lerneaen_Hydra> oh, shouldn't you have two o-rings?
[15:35:17] <alex_joni> Dallur: the table is like this
[15:35:27] <Dallur> alex_joni: ok :D
[15:35:28] <alex_joni> Lerneaen_Hydra: I'm cheap :)
[15:35:46] <anonimasu> alex_joni: what did you turn them on?
[15:35:52] <anonimasu> manually/cnc
[15:36:05] <alex_joni> Dallur: http://www.schweisstische.com/data/bilder/830911749.jpg
[15:36:05] <Lerneaen_Hydra> random question, can a parabola be made to follow a 1/x^n curve?
[15:36:08] <alex_joni> anonimasu: cnc
[15:36:17] <alex_joni> but not me.. I only sent the step file :D
[15:36:24] <anonimasu> :)
[15:36:54] <Dallur> alex_joni: Funny looking table that :D
[15:37:10] <alex_joni> Dallur: it's great for rapid set-up fixtures
[15:38:19] <alex_joni> Dallur: http://www.schweisstische.com/
[15:39:27] <anonimasu> neat
[15:39:58] <alex_joni> anonimasu: not quite expensive either
[15:40:06] <anonimasu> they look pretty expensive :)
[15:40:07] <Dallur> alex_joni: is the top surface aluminum ?+
[15:40:09] <alex_joni> I'm getting 2 now
[15:40:21] <alex_joni> Dallur: no, solid steel (12mm) coated
[15:40:25] <alex_joni> I think it's chromed
[15:40:35] <anonimasu> nice
[15:40:38] <alex_joni> anonimasu: 1-1.5k EUR / table
[15:40:47] <anonimasu> * anonimasu nods
[15:40:49] <anonimasu> not expensive..
[15:40:57] <alex_joni> 1200x1200x120 mm
[15:41:00] <Dallur> ...............
[15:41:04] <alex_joni> Dallur: ?
[15:41:13] <anonimasu> it's not if you think production
[15:41:16] <Dallur> im cheap, I find that expensive
[15:41:25] <alex_joni> Dallur: yeah, but building one is way more
[15:41:34] <alex_joni> * alex_joni only thinks about drilling all those holes
[15:41:44] <alex_joni> it's about 250kg
[15:41:47] <anonimasu> alex_joni: even welding a fixture ends up expensive
[15:41:54] <alex_joni> so material costs would be 3-400 EUR
[15:42:06] <alex_joni> anonimasu: for the welded fixture 3-400
[15:42:18] <alex_joni> this is generic for twice the price
[15:42:24] <anonimasu> alex_joni: I mean if you make your own for something..
[15:42:27] <anonimasu> alex_joni: work also ;)
[15:43:08] <alex_joni> http://www.demmeler.com/e3ddetail.html#d16
[15:51:53] <Lerneaen_Hydra_> Lerneaen_Hydra_ is now known as Lerneaen_Hydra
[16:00:54] <alex_joni> later y'all
[16:17:57] <paragon36> Hello All | Is there a document / tutorial on using the HAL Oscilloscope? Thanks
[16:18:58] <cradek> paragon36: you've installed 2.0.4 on ubuntu right?
[16:19:08] <paragon36> Yes thats right..
[16:19:30] <cradek> click applications/CNC/EMC2 user manual
[16:20:26] <paragon36> Oh my dear .... how did I miss that ... I have been running from command line .... being a unix admin does not help ... lol
[16:20:35] <cradek> haha
[16:21:05] <cradek> have a look at section 4.5
[16:22:36] <paragon36> Cradek : another question is how does one execute usrmot and what parameters does it require?
[16:23:37] <paragon36> usrmot err :- ' can't initialize comm interface '
[16:23:52] <cradek> I'm not sure about that one
[16:23:58] <cradek> and I have to run...
[16:24:29] <paragon36> no problem thanks for your help... :-)
[16:31:20] <ejholmgren> happy thanksgiving (from the police state)
[16:58:55] <Jymmmm> .--.
[16:58:55] <Jymmmm> {\ / q {\
[16:58:55] <Jymmmm> { `\ \ (-(~`
[16:58:55] <Jymmmm> { '.{`\ \ \ )
[16:58:55] <Jymmmm> {'-{ ' \ .-""'-. \ \
[16:58:56] <Jymmmm> {._{'.' \/ '.) \
[16:58:58] <Jymmmm> {_.{. {` |
[16:58:59] <Jymmmm> {._{ ' { ;'-=-. |
[16:59:02] <Jymmmm> {-.{.' { ';-=-.` /
[16:59:04] <Jymmmm> {._.{.; '-=- .'
[16:59:05] <Jymmmm> {_.-' `'.__ _,-'
[16:59:07] <Jymmmm> jgs |||`
[16:59:10] <Jymmmm> .='==,
[16:59:11] <Jymmmm> Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
[17:01:37] <anonimasu> :)
[17:04:21] <_tarzan_> good ascii art
[17:04:57] <Jymmmm>
[17:10:48] <Lerneaen_Hydra> O_o
[17:10:52] <Lerneaen_Hydra> turkey!
[18:38:58] <ejholmgren> is thanksgiving celebrated in the eu?
[18:39:06] <alex_joni> not over here
[18:39:28] <Rugludallur> nope, only USA has thanks giving, and some of the canadians
[18:40:07] <ejholmgren> only me and my wife this year
[18:40:14] <ejholmgren> so we're cooking a whole chicken :)
[19:02:07] <Jymmmm> ejholmgren: That better be some fancy chicken!
[19:02:44] <Jymmmm> I can buy a whole roticery roasted chicken for $5
[19:08:07] <Jymmmm> Hell, I couldn't cook it myself for that price.
[19:16:03] <owhite> hey people.
[19:17:00] <owhite> has anyone heard of a problem with the recent version of tkemc.tcl where it doesnt seem to want to read the last line of my .ngc code?
[19:21:58] <Lerneaen_Hydra> omg, I was just reading the list and someone called alex had written something so I thought it was alex joni, reading the message was quite shocking, which said basically "omg I can't install umbuntu, help pls", untill I realised it wasn't alex joni :p
[19:32:36] <owhite> tkemc is not working. this is odd.
[19:33:06] <owhite> *grumble*
[19:39:19] <Rugludallur> wish I could help owhite but I don't have a clue :P
[19:40:00] <owhite> that'd make two of us.
[19:55:11] <alex_joni> owhite: what's the issue?
[19:55:20] <alex_joni> Lerneaen_Hydra: that'll be the dain I grow braindead
[19:55:48] <Lerneaen_Hydra> yeah, I was all wtf!? to begin with
[19:56:31] <owhite> alex_jonii: for some reason, the new version of tkemc.tcl doesnt read my .ngc file all the way to the end.
[19:56:52] <owhite> if I have a G01 X0 Y0 F40 at the end, it wont go to 0,0
[19:56:57] <owhite> cant figure out why.
[19:57:19] <alex_joni> can't be tkemc related
[19:57:26] <alex_joni> can you pastebin the file?
[19:57:31] <alex_joni> what's the exact error?
[19:57:46] <alex_joni> or there is no error, but it just doesn't go to 0,0 ?
[19:57:51] <owhite> alex: doesnt throw and error.
[19:57:58] <owhite> just doesnt perform the move, yeah.
[19:58:02] <alex_joni> in that case you might have some confusing offset problems
[19:58:29] <owhite> hm. I dont understand offset, so yeah, I'm probably screwing something up.
[19:58:47] <alex_joni> did you click on any of the axes numbers and set a value?
[19:58:52] <owhite> no.
[19:59:05] <alex_joni> G54 ?
[19:59:11] <owhite> *looks*
[19:59:29] <owhite> no G54 commands.
[19:59:52] <alex_joni> what does the readout say after the program finished?
[20:00:07] <owhite> well, hm.
[20:00:14] <owhite> hang on while I run it again.....
[20:00:21] <alex_joni> * alex_joni hangs
[20:01:39] <alex_joni> any G92 offsets in there?
[20:03:02] <owhite> great. This is going to take a while. Bear with me.
[20:04:09] <alex_joni> running out of air here
[20:07:04] <owhite> rebooting.
[20:10:08] <owhite> well this just isnt helpful.
[20:11:37] <owhite> okay. now. I can run my version of tkemc again.
[20:11:57] <owhite> alex_joni: you around still? where were we?
[20:12:16] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is still hanging
[20:12:37] <owhite> okay. what question did you have? I had to reboot and I forgot :-)
[20:13:15] <alex_joni> what the readout says
[20:13:31] <alex_joni> I'm still not quite sure what the problem is
[20:14:32] <owhite> yeah. the readout is basically the same as it always is. you can watch tkemc highlight the lines of gcode in a panel.
[20:14:57] <owhite> for some reason, if I have N lines, it goes to N - 3
[20:15:02] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is confused
[20:15:08] <alex_joni> what is the problem again?
[20:15:21] <alex_joni> what do you mean it goes to N-3 ?
[20:15:35] <owhite> if I have an 18 line .ngc file, it goes to reads to line 15 and then stops.
[20:15:47] <alex_joni> can you pastebin the file?
[20:15:56] <alex_joni> what version of emc2 are you running?
[20:16:00] <owhite> when I say reads, it executes those lines, and hten stops.
[20:16:22] <owhite> a recent checkout. what cvs command should I run to answer that question.
[20:16:30] <owhite> and could you shout out the pastebin location?
[20:16:36] <alex_joni> pastebin.ca
[20:17:52] <owhite> *pasting*
[20:18:02] <owhite> http://pastebin.ca/256152
[20:19:57] <alex_joni> N3 G92 X0 Y0 (SET CURRENT POSITION TO ZERO)
[20:20:28] <owhite> by the way, one reason it may not be a problem with my g-code is that the with the um, "official" version of emc iit runs to the end.
[20:20:43] <alex_joni> oh :)
[20:21:00] <alex_joni> then I'm not sure how I can help you
[20:21:05] <owhite> HA!
[20:21:10] <alex_joni> turn on debug (real high)
[20:21:17] <owhite> where at?
[20:21:29] <alex_joni> tkemc menu somewhere
[20:21:37] <alex_joni> or DEBUG = 0xfffff in the ini
[20:21:41] <owhite> okay. *looks around*
[20:21:49] <alex_joni> settings-> debug ?
[20:22:10] <owhite> hm. tk doesnt like that.
[20:22:30] <alex_joni> you broke it.. you need to fix it :)
[20:23:21] <owhite> well hey, this sure is showing lots of information.
[20:24:06] <alex_joni> yup
[20:24:17] <alex_joni> there are ways to make it even more verbose
[20:24:22] <alex_joni> but you probably don't want that
[20:24:27] <owhite> and the program ran and I didnt see much to say why it stops.
[20:24:38] <owhite> I'm going to hack on some of my g-code, see what happens.
[20:25:14] <alex_joni> how much did you change?
[20:25:29] <alex_joni> on emc2 I mean
[20:26:32] <owhite> not sure what you mean. is there a cvs command I could run to tell you want version I'm using?
[20:27:15] <alex_joni> cvs diff
[20:27:23] <alex_joni> not what I asked
[20:27:32] <alex_joni> I meant how many parts of emc have you changed
[20:27:38] <alex_joni> besides tkemc
[20:28:17] <owhite> *thinks*
[20:28:25] <owhite> *beads of sweat form on forehead*
[20:28:36] <owhite> um, like, um I think I just changed tkemc.
[20:29:17] <alex_joni> because this doesn't feel like a GUI thing to me
[20:29:24] <alex_joni> but then again, I know little of tkemc
[20:29:29] <owhite> yeah.
[20:30:12] <owhite> *trying g-code stuff*
[20:30:26] <alex_joni> try the commands in MDI
[20:30:53] <owhite> I will. there is some pretty strange behavior going on.
[20:34:15] <owhite> I guess I'll do a new checkout, recompile, see if it happens.
[20:36:51] <owhite> what does 'sudo make setuid' do?
[20:41:52] <owhite> hey alex_joni: you there?
[20:43:27] <alex_joni> on and off
[20:43:51] <alex_joni> owhite: sudo make setuid sets some programs owned by root
[20:43:57] <alex_joni> so you can run emc as a normal users
[20:44:00] <alex_joni> so you can run emc as a normal user
[20:44:01] <owhite> okay.
[20:44:37] <owhite> so I have determined that by using a new build that the problem is reproduced, even when using sim/tkemc.inii
[20:45:10] <owhite> I bet that means if you tried it, it wouldnt work either.
[20:48:15] <owhite> yeah. this is bad. look at the g-code here: http://pastebin.ca/256177
[20:48:32] <owhite> it wont even read that last line. G01 X0 Y0 F30
[20:49:40] <alex_joni> try step-by-step
[20:50:25] <alex_joni> and program a G92.1 by hand in MDI
[20:50:35] <owhite> step skips it.
[20:50:47] <owhite> it doesnt perform that line.
[20:52:59] <owhite> * owhite wonders if tcl has an equivalent of fflush()
[20:54:52] <owhite> I can fix the problem by repeating the last line 4X times and putting in a bunch of blank lines :-)
[20:58:14] <alex_joni> seems there's something wrong over there
[21:00:12] <owhite> yeah my guess is that something in the internals is not flushing all the program code into some input stream.
[21:00:45] <alex_joni> I don't see that here
[21:01:09] <owhite> oh. is it working for you?
[21:01:17] <alex_joni> yeah
[21:01:36] <owhite> oh crap. an non-reproducible error.
[21:02:26] <owhite> so the display in tkemc showed it going to the last line when you used the program here: http://pastebin.ca/256177
[21:03:30] <alex_joni> the numbers went to 0,0
[21:04:46] <owhite> if you cant reproduce my error then you obviously dont know how to run it properly. :-)
[21:05:02] <alex_joni> obviously
[21:05:22] <Lerneaen_Hydra> 'night people
[21:05:52] <alex_joni> night LH
[21:08:54] <owhite> what's worse is my original version of emc works just fine.
[21:21:05] <owhite> alex_joni: today is a holiday where we celebrate the fact that we conquered the american indian by eating excessively. would you like some turkey?
[21:25:14] <alex_joni> no thanks.. I'm stuffed :D
[21:29:49] <owhite> hey, would you have a suggestion for where I could find documentation of commands in emcsh, like I'm wondering what emc_program_codes does.
[21:30:17] <alex_joni> I think it returns the active codes?
[21:30:38] <alex_joni> the emcsh.cc has most of them described in the source
[21:30:45] <owhite> yeah I just saw that.
[21:30:56] <owhite> sorry I should have grepped around first.
[21:58:53] <owhite> alex_joni: If I end my .ngc file with m2, rather than %, that fixes the problem.
[21:59:28] <alex_joni> aha
[21:59:41] <alex_joni> you should end it with m2
[21:59:45] <alex_joni> didn't I say that?
[21:59:46] <owhite> *races to the manual to read up on m2*
[21:59:53] <alex_joni> m2=stop
[21:59:59] <owhite> * owhite contemplates killing alex_joni a little.
[22:00:08] <cradek> what problem?
[22:00:13] <alex_joni> http://www.linuxcnc.org/handbook/RS274NGC_3/RS274NGC_33a.html#1002379
[22:00:13] <owhite> *remembers its a holiday*
[22:00:37] <alex_joni> cradek: owhite reports programs ending in % don't get fully executed
[22:01:23] <cradek> owhite: can you show the behavior with a sample program?
[22:01:32] <owhite> why yes, yes I can.
[22:01:45] <cradek> what emc version?
[22:01:50] <alex_joni> some HEAD
[22:03:04] <cradek> I tried a very simple program with percents at the top and bottom, and it worked for me
[22:03:07] <owhite> arg. cant cut and paste....give me a minute.
[22:03:18] <cradek> maybe something else is going on
[22:05:13] <owhite> okay, this program: http://pastebin.ca/256235 would load and run in tkemc.tcl, but it would not perform the last line "G01 X0 Y0 F30"
[22:05:49] <owhite> and I know it worked for alex_jonii which is odd, it did not work for me. and my "original" version of emc2, it worked fine.
[22:06:17] <owhite> however, I just discovered that when I s/%/m2/ of that file, it works.
[22:06:41] <cradek> I think according to the spec, you should have a % at the beginning if you have one at the end
[22:06:51] <owhite> okay.
[22:07:01] <owhite> I dont know where I got the % at the end of the file.
[22:07:30] <owhite> I will point out that the .ngc files in /ncfiles do not have % at the top.
[22:07:37] <cradek> yes this program is invalid
[22:07:45] <cradek> you have to have leading and trailing % signs OR none at all
[22:08:04] <cradek> when I load your program in AXIS, I get an error
[22:08:31] <owhite> okay, but I think when I have leading and trailing %s in tkemc it does not execute the last line.
[22:08:52] <cradek> I think that's because it aborts the program when it gets to the "error" which is the mismatched % sign
[22:09:13] <cradek> I bet if you verify before you run the program you will get the appropriate error
[22:09:20] <alex_joni> yup.. the one I tried had both %'s
[22:09:26] <cradek> I think with tkemc you have to tell it to check the program before you run it
[22:09:43] <owhite> oh. wait.
[22:09:56] <cradek> http://www.isd.mel.nist.gov/personnel/kramer/pubs/RS274NGC_3.web/RS274NGC_33a.html#1001702
[22:09:58] <owhite> with leading and trailing percents it *does* work in tkemc.
[22:10:12] <cradek> yes because it is valid a gcode program then
[22:10:44] <owhite> mm-hm. now I can see I've really been wasting time.
[22:10:49] <owhite> *grumble*
[22:11:20] <owhite> is it your recommendation that I use the percents, or is it pretty much irrelevant?
[22:11:50] <alex_joni> M2 might be more spread
[22:11:51] <cradek> I guess I recommend ending the program with M2 and not using percents, but that's just a personal preference
[22:12:17] <alex_joni> owhite: and stay away from G92
[22:12:22] <owhite> no problemo. my g-code is made with my own perl program, converts dxf to g-code.
[22:12:27] <alex_joni> unless you know what you're doing :)
[22:12:35] <cradek> I understand the % were used to mark the beginning of the program when read off of paper tape. today they're just accepted for historical reasons.
[22:13:18] <cradek> with paper tape you often had to read a lot of garbage at the beginning of the tape (you could not start at a particular byte) so the machine would ignore everything not between the % signs
[22:13:35] <alex_joni> paper tape?
[22:13:57] <cradek> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_tape
[22:14:20] <alex_joni> ahh.. punched tape
[22:15:10] <cradek> 'In the 1970s, computer-aided manufacturing equipment often used paper tape.' (wikipedia)
[22:15:16] <owhite> *blink*
[22:15:22] <owhite> my computer locked up for a minute.
[22:15:34] <alex_joni> paper jam?
[22:15:38] <cradek> haha
[22:15:46] <owhite> so, alex_joni: how do you recommend I reset to zero at the beginning of a run?
[22:15:57] <owhite> I like G92 X0 Y0 for that reason.
[22:15:59] <alex_joni> you push home :D
[22:16:10] <alex_joni> there's also G54
[22:16:13] <owhite> home is where the laser beam is pointed. :-)
[22:16:21] <alex_joni> and if you're carefull then use G92
[22:16:32] <alex_joni> just remember the pffsets can bite you in the a$$
[22:16:46] <alex_joni> they don't get reset on M2, just deactivated I think
[22:17:00] <owhite> *pretends to understand alex_joni*
[22:17:10] <cradek> yes M2 unapplies G92
[22:17:48] <alex_joni> Parnishka-karaulshchik iavno rasterialsia. Net. V dushe vse eshche kipela neestestvennaia iarost, nesmotria na popytku obiasnit. Zatem neskolko otstraneno skazal: Tvoi otvety imeiut odnu osobennost
[22:17:58] <owhite> *completely agrees*
[22:18:02] <alex_joni> owhite: is that more clear?
[22:18:15] <owhite> yes.
[22:18:20] <alex_joni> good
[22:18:22] <cradek> alex_joni: someone played a trick and moved your keycaps around
[22:18:46] <alex_joni> cradek: no, it seems I'm getting spam in czech? language nowadays
[22:19:12] <cradek> wow a spammer found a language you can't read? that would be hard
[22:19:25] <alex_joni> I suspect it's not coherent anyways
[22:19:29] <owhite> so what do you mean "unapplies"? does that mean if I end a program with M2, its safe to use G92?
[22:19:51] <alex_joni> owhite: G92 ... defines some offsets from the actual machine position
[22:20:01] <cradek> http://www.isd.mel.nist.gov/personnel/kramer/pubs/RS274NGC_3.web/RS274NGC_33a.html#1015878
[22:20:09] <alex_joni> when you do M2 and then jog the machine, you'll see that the position is somewhere else
[22:20:15] <alex_joni> where it was before the G92
[22:20:23] <cradek> here is the description of g92 -- one of the things m2 does is like g92.2
[22:20:41] <cradek> but then you can put your offsets back with g92.3 if you want
[22:21:02] <alex_joni> or use G92.1 to nuke them
[22:21:26] <alex_joni> owhite: you made a nice small hello #emc cut.. right?
[22:21:31] <alex_joni> on some scrap :)
[22:21:38] <owhite> alex_joni: yep.
[22:21:50] <alex_joni> owhite: could you make some nicer pics?
[22:21:56] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is thinking about a technical article
[22:22:15] <alex_joni> like the one we have for lathe.. but for laser cutting
[22:22:19] <owhite> sure. would you like to send me somethink you'd like to have cut?
[22:22:30] <owhite> so it sounds like G92.1 would be good for me.
[22:22:50] <alex_joni> owhite: if your next program does G92.. in the right place, it shouldn't matter
[22:23:00] <owhite> my thing is that I dont have a "true" 0,0. its just not worth trying to establish that.
[22:23:00] <cradek> I have to run to work - bbl.
[22:23:02] <alex_joni> owhite: I'll think about it.. maybe you have some nice part
[22:23:20] <owhite> alex_joni, hang on....
[22:23:28] <cradek> owhite: if you don't have hone switches and you just hit home, you get a zeroed axis
[22:23:34] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is hanging again
[22:23:41] <cradek> that's the easiest foolproof way to get zeroes
[22:23:42] <alex_joni> cradek: he means his sheets move around the table
[22:23:47] <owhite> wait wait.
[22:23:56] <owhite> "hit home" you mean in tkemc?
[22:24:00] <cradek> yes
[22:24:03] <alex_joni> there too
[22:24:05] <owhite> oh. hm.
[22:24:11] <alex_joni> owhite: you can do that repeatedly even
[22:24:11] <cradek> your axis will just jump to 0
[22:24:16] <skunkworks> owhite: could you update this thread when you get a chance http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4849
[22:24:22] <alex_joni> and turn nice and green
[22:24:34] <alex_joni> skunkworks: afraid to look
[22:24:45] <skunkworks> na - pretty cool
[22:24:47] <cradek> anyone want to share some irish cream? I bought a new one but already had one
[22:24:55] <owhite> I dont see a home in tkemc.
[22:25:05] <cradek> you're kidding
[22:25:08] <alex_joni> cradek: I do :)
[22:25:19] <alex_joni> but it might turn bad till it reaches here
[22:25:23] <owhite> oh. look at that.
[22:25:39] <cradek> ah there it is
[22:25:40] <owhite> but I'd like to put something in the gcode.
[22:25:51] <cradek> use g92 then :-)
[22:25:56] <owhite> *awaits another lecture on not using G92*
[22:25:59] <owhite> oh.
[22:25:59] <alex_joni> (msg, push Home now fool!)
[22:26:00] <cradek> just tell alex to hush
[22:26:28] <alex_joni> owhite: if you only use G92 (not G92.3 and .2 and whatever) it's safe
[22:26:37] <owhite> alex_joni: about the picture. I have lots of pictures of other types of my work.
[22:26:43] <cradek> so you just want to jog somewhere and start the program, and have that be zero?
[22:26:52] <alex_joni> owhite: I'd appreciate some by email :)
[22:26:53] <owhite> cradek: yes.
[22:27:05] <owhite> shoot me your email.
[22:27:06] <cradek> g92 sounds fine for that
[22:27:12] <alex_joni> alex.joni AT robcon.ro
[22:27:39] <owhite> *scribble*
[22:27:44] <alex_joni> cradek: seen my latest work?
[22:27:46] <cradek> ok, really going now, bbl
[22:27:57] <alex_joni> http://dsplabs.cs.utt.ro/~juve/dropbox/Cui%20fixare%20imagine.png
[22:28:17] <alex_joni> http://dsplabs.cs.utt.ro/~juve/dropbox/IMG_8965.JPG
[22:33:24] <owhite> alex_joni: I've sent them. they are not the greatest quality either.
[22:35:44] <alex_joni> * alex_joni looks
[22:36:44] <alex_joni> ha.. love my antivirus software
[22:36:51] <alex_joni> it keeps scanning emails up to 101%
[22:37:33] <owhite> I'd say I like my_first.JPG the most of that collection.
[22:38:33] <alex_joni> nice
[22:38:56] <alex_joni> all of them.. very nice
[22:39:32] <owhite> 000_0262 :-)
[22:47:42] <alex_joni> I'm off to bed
[22:47:50] <alex_joni> happy thanksgiving again
[22:47:56] <alex_joni> owhite: thx for the pics
[22:47:59] <alex_joni> night all
[23:24:19] <cradek> alex_joni: what is that?