#emc | Logs for 2006-07-01

[00:16:07] <Jymmm> fenn: I'm impressed =)
[00:16:36] <fenn> * fenn is a parasite on society
[00:16:52] <Jymmm> fenn at least *YOU* didn't say PIC =)
[00:17:18] <Jymmm> http://www.netaffilia.com/ad/electronics/frys/i/2006/06/30/17765.html
[00:17:31] <Jymmm> give it a couple months and we'll have 1TB hdd's
[00:17:46] <fenn> * fenn blows chunks
[00:18:26] <Jymmm> Well, if you trust maxtor... http://www.netaffilia.com/ad/electronics/frys/i/2006/06/30/17751.html
[00:18:27] <fenn> i just want an isolinear optical chip
[00:20:44] <fenn> wasnt ibm supposed to be making them
[00:20:54] <fenn> like 4 or 5 months ago i heard about it
[00:21:02] <wholepair> I was here earlier - I used the breezy .sh script to install emc2 in dapper because im not to bright - now I want to completely remove it and reinstall with the script that I edited to say dapper instead of breezy - need help!
[00:22:12] <fenn> cat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed s/breezy/dapper/g > /etc/apt/sources.list.new
[00:22:23] <fenn> then you need to sudo to rename it
[00:22:46] <fenn> hmm i wrote this all down somewhere
[00:23:00] <fenn> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl/emcinfo.pl?Breezy_Upgrading
[00:23:34] <fenn> you just need to apt-get update and apt-get install emc2
[00:26:15] <wholepair> im confused - do you want me to run : cat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed s/breezy/dapper/g > /etc/apt/sources.list.new in my terminal - or do what the wiki page says or both - im already running dapper
[00:26:24] <fenn> heh
[00:26:30] <wholepair> heh
[00:26:46] <fenn> just edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change all the breezy's to dapper, then apt-get update and apt-get install emc2
[00:26:55] <wholepair> ok
[00:30:29] <fenn> i'm reading this article from 2003 talking about all the holographic disk drives that are coming out next year..
[00:35:33] <wholepair> fuck - im retarded - it says in wont let me resave sources.list after I edit it - I don't have write permission - how do I relog in as root simply, if thats what i need to do
[00:37:21] <fenn> mwahahahaha
[00:37:27] <fenn> welcome to the ubuntu nightmare
[00:38:15] <fenn> you have to use sudo to do most everything
[00:38:34] <fenn> you might be able to "sudo su" and login as yourself with root priveleges
[00:40:08] <wholepair> seriously - this is'nt cool - I need to actually run my machine tonight - oh sudo su worked - terminal now says I am roo@wholepair:/home/wholepair/
[00:40:18] <wholepair> root
[00:42:03] <wholepair> can I do the edit with the gui text editer and save it in utf-8 codeing - or do I need to do it fancy with the terminal
[00:42:50] <fenn> uh, most text editors will save as text.. just make sure it looks ok when you're done and then you'll know :)
[00:43:06] <wholepair> ok
[01:00:26] <wholepair> wow - that was gruely - now i finished changing the sources.list file - and did the 'sudo' apt-get update and 'sudo 'apt-get install emc2 - now it says I need to reboot - if it works I will be back in a bit...
[01:46:50] <wholepair> hey fenn
[01:48:02] <wholepair> oh - your a light grey now - anyhwho, thanks for the help im up and running in dapper-drake with my config again - see ya
[01:50:41] <fenn> yay
[01:51:18] <fenn> * fenn wonders if the packages are ready to have the "proceed at own risk" removed
[02:08:49] <Jymmm> to enable root acnt under ubuntu...
[02:08:55] <Jymmm> su passwd root
[02:09:20] <Jymmm> and follow the prompts
[02:52:30] <A-L-P-H-A> why not just sudo.
[02:53:25] <Jymmm> A-L-P-H-A: You try moving files within the GUI from one acnt to another
[02:53:38] <Jymmm> w/o being root
[02:54:32] <A-L-P-H-A> I don't. you shouldn't be able to. so, chmod the files, and log in as the other user, to copy files. Or chmod the folder, to allow copying/sharing of files.
[02:54:49] <A-L-P-H-A> bbiab... shower
[03:00:51] <Jymmm> A-L-P-H-A which is a PITA
[03:36:53] <lilo> [Global Notice] Hi all. Please be aware that we're still getting people using that DCC exploit to knock people offline. If there's a chance you're on an affected router, please connect to freenode via chat.freenode.net port 8001, rather than port 6667 (the default). Thanks!
[05:02:36] <SWPadnos> for those of you wondering about a real root account in ubuntu, there is a simple two-step process to create one:
[05:03:19] <SWPadnos> 1) sudo passwd, then enter a root password (or get a root shell, with sudo bash or the like, then run passwd)
[05:03:39] <Jymmm> [06/30 19:16:04] <Jymmm> to enable root acnt under ubuntu...
[05:03:39] <Jymmm> [06/30 19:16:10] <Jymmm> su passwd root
[05:03:48] <Jymmm> =)
[05:03:59] <SWPadnos> 2) edit /etc/gdm/gdm.comf (I think - the file may not be exactly this name), and change the entry "allowRootLogin" to true
[05:04:04] <SWPadnos> oops - conf
[05:04:14] <SWPadnos> or something like that.
[05:04:16] <Jymmm> ah
[05:04:25] <SWPadnos> that'll let you log in as root at the gdm prompt
[05:04:42] <Jymmm> I disable gui login
[05:04:53] <Jymmm> =)
[05:04:54] <SWPadnos> I don't have an ubuntu machine on at the at the moment, so I can't confirm the names
[05:05:01] <SWPadnos> well then you should be all set ;)
[05:05:21] <SWPadnos> anyway - just thought I'd share before going to bed. good night
[05:05:26] <SWPadnos> SWPadnos is now known as SWP_Away
[05:05:28] <Jymmm> It's sad the gui login is slow as hell too
[05:05:36] <Jymmm> SWP_Away G'Night =)
[05:05:47] <SWP_Away> it's fast ona dual opteron
[05:05:50] <SWP_Away> on a
[05:06:02] <Jymmm> shit on a P800 =)
[05:06:10] <Jymmm> P3 800
[05:06:26] <Jymmm> might be better if I installed some ram though
[05:06:44] <SWP_Away> 4G probably helps as well
[05:30:21] <Jymmm> SWP_Away: Oh GAWD.... *** I WISH ***
[05:31:05] <Jymmm> Actually I want a system that has 8MB L2 cache per cpu, and 16GB ram
[08:22:35] <ValarQ> anyone here that has any experience from brlcad?
[08:30:21] <chinamill> How is brlcad coming along? Is there a draft tool yet? (2d projection of 3d to put measurements in)
[08:34:38] <ValarQ> dunno, thats partly why im asking
[08:35:08] <chinamill> What do you want to do?
[08:36:39] <ValarQ> learn to use a useable cad
[08:39:28] <chinamill> So far I havenot found a easy to use 3d complete cad application that is open source
[08:39:58] <chinamill> I guess you do not want to use 2d?
[08:40:13] <ValarQ> no, i can use qcad for that
[08:40:28] <ValarQ> and it doesn't have to be easy to use
[08:41:53] <chinamill> ok, if you settle for surface modeling, I think blender is exelent, and there are several divx tutorials that is really good, that makes you understand the consept of blender style modeling quite fast
[08:42:08] <ValarQ> but if i'm going to learn a hard-to-use-program i would like to know whether it's worth it
[08:42:29] <ValarQ> can you generate drawings from blender?
[08:43:20] <chinamill> so far I do not know a good way of transfering 3d data from blender into 2d drafts
[08:43:55] <pier> exporting dxf could do the trick perhaps
[08:44:16] <chinamill> pier: then that would be a 3d export
[08:44:21] <pier> yep
[08:45:06] <chinamill> pier: then what to use to set dimensions in drafts then?
[08:45:13] <pier> but imported in a cad sw could produce 2d views
[08:45:21] <chinamill> pier: another closed source cad tool?
[08:45:40] <pier> a sec
[08:46:03] <pier> I'll have a chech with qcad
[08:46:07] <chinamill> there is a bad way of doing this in another fashion (but without buying software)
[08:47:35] <chinamill> exporting 3d from blender into an app that is called freeship, freeship can make an 2d projection of the 3d object in XYZ
[08:47:55] <chinamill> then imoprt that into qcad and set the demensions there
[08:48:08] <pier> that's a good idea
[08:48:23] <chinamill> (freeship can be runned under *nix with wine)
[08:48:31] <pier> ah
[08:48:56] <chinamill> ValarQ: is that too much hassle for you?
[08:50:09] <ValarQ> depends on how good the alternatives are
[08:50:53] <chinamill> so far I dont know of any other (free) alternatives, if anyone knows, please drop a line
[08:52:14] <ValarQ> i think i'll have a deeper look at brlcad first
[08:52:24] <pier> hard that too
[08:52:46] <pier> I am using it do draw my new router
[08:53:16] <pier> but gettind the 2d view is a bit tricky
[08:54:00] <pier> as it doesn't manage dimensions
[08:54:04] <chinamill> ValarQ: what i know, there is no way (exept using prop. sw) to make drafts with brlcad
[08:54:44] <pier> export .g file to dxf
[08:55:02] <pier> then
[08:55:13] <pier> sorry
[08:56:15] <pier> profile the view and get a ps file
[08:56:31] <pier> then ps2dxf will do the trick
[08:56:35] <chinamill> There is an experimental g-code genarator for blender, that looks somewhat promising, can you generate g-code with brlcad?
[08:56:50] <ValarQ> pier: can't brlcad export dxf files directly?
[08:57:08] <pier> ValarQ: yes
[08:57:37] <pier> BrlCad doesn't export G code
[08:57:47] <chinamill> pier: smart trick, I have been thinking of that too, but I didnt get the ps2dxf to work, have you tried?
[08:58:24] <pier> yes ... at the beginning I had to rummage the help to figure out how it works
[08:59:10] <chinamill> pier: what app. did you use to model in?
[08:59:33] <pier> sorry chinamill
[08:59:45] <pier> to model what?
[09:00:27] <chinamill> I mean from what app did you manage to print (to ps) a for example xy view?
[09:00:42] <pier> oh
[09:01:12] <pier> then you get the view you want to export in vrlcad
[09:01:21] <pier> brlcad
[09:01:49] <chinamill> ok
[09:01:55] <pier> then... let me find out the scrap of paper I wrote in on
[09:01:57] <pier> :)
[09:03:42] <chinamill> now I remember my ps2dxf prob, blender does not support printing
[09:06:21] <pier> oh what stupid of me...
[09:06:25] <pier> easy
[09:06:36] <pier> in the menu file
[09:06:56] <pier> render view item
[09:07:12] <pier> then postscript
[09:08:04] <pier> in the graphic window you have typed T (ie for a top view)
[09:08:14] <pier> the set the scale
[09:08:22] <pier> then
[09:08:31] <pier> beforehand
[09:09:40] <pier> if I were you, ValarQ, I'd follow chinamill's advice and learn blender though
[09:10:11] <chinamill> are you talking about blender now?
[09:10:15] <chinamill> or brlcad?
[09:10:33] <pier> (brlcad)
[09:10:37] <chinamill> ok
[09:10:47] <pier> there is a project to give blender cad commands via a pyton script
[09:10:58] <chinamill> ValarQ: the blender video tutorials are great!
[09:11:25] <pier> yes... with brlcad you have to sweat a bit more
[09:11:35] <chinamill> pier: what I have seen, blendercad proj is very limited.
[09:11:42] <pier> yes
[09:11:50] <ValarQ> chinamill: ok
[09:14:04] <chinamill> pier: do you have any clew if it is possible to render an object with blender forexport to ps -> ps2dxf ?
[09:14:43] <pier> I am not so much as a blender user ... :(
[09:15:22] <chinamill> ok, is there good import/export features with brlcad?
[09:16:03] <pier> as far as I know you can export in the most popular cad format
[09:16:45] <pier> and have render view exported with the pix-png command
[09:17:30] <chinamill> will that deliver a ps file?
[09:18:18] <pier> yes as I said before you can have the view exported in ps format
[09:18:30] <pier> directly from a menu item
[09:18:45] <pier> without referring to external command
[09:20:31] <pier> for example pix-png has to be run from a terminal window
[09:21:47] <pier> in any case on the #brlcad channel Sean &co are very kind in giving advise to novices (as me)
[09:23:43] <chinamill> hm, I didnt know there was a brlcad channel. that's nice
[09:25:14] <pier> I got most of the help there.. at the beginning I wanted to write some code to get the three main view from the dxf export brlcad produce
[09:25:20] <pier> then I gave up
[09:25:58] <pier> and now I am supporting the project with the italian translation of the manuals
[09:26:29] <chinamill> pier: You are from Italy?
[09:26:36] <pier> yes
[09:26:54] <chinamill> In the north?
[09:27:05] <pier> center
[09:27:08] <chinamill> ok
[09:27:20] <pier> 250km east of Rome
[09:27:27] <chinamill> I'm going to Nice tonight
[09:27:27] <pier> on the east coast
[09:27:38] <pier> enjoy
[09:27:38] <chinamill> not so far :)
[09:27:43] <pier> ;)
[09:28:16] <chinamill> I will be there until Xmas
[09:28:45] <pier> give me a buzz if you appen to be in the area
[09:28:50] <pier> happen
[09:29:16] <chinamill> are you in emc often?
[09:29:35] <pier> often, lately
[09:29:56] <chinamill> ok
[09:30:03] <pier> going to install emc2 in the garage pc
[09:30:16] <pier> but still have to wire it to ne web
[09:30:46] <pier> as I saw ubuntu and emc2 installation is a piece of cake
[09:31:14] <pier> but you have to have a web connection
[09:32:37] <pier> in the meantime I was trying to get my first rtai module installed and running but with no success :(
[09:33:17] <chinamill> yep, maybe you can bring the pac temporarely to your internet conection
[09:34:06] <chinamill> try the ubuntu install, it is quite easy!
[09:35:08] <pier> now I have emc (bdi) on one partition and it seems to work well
[09:35:56] <pier> yet I still have to rely on the dos code I wrote
[09:36:12] <pier> as it doesn't need G code
[09:36:47] <pier> as it simply drive the tool following the dxf file
[09:37:15] <pier> (I know it is not serious but for my wors is the optimum...)
[09:37:23] <pier> works
[09:38:13] <pier> so I just draw a piece (2d) and save id dxf R12
[09:38:35] <pier> then give it to eat to the program
[09:39:07] <chinamill> :) cool
[09:39:26] <pier> the hardest part was the 8254 timing
[09:39:57] <pier> but now it almost fly with the ramp properly set
[09:40:04] <chinamill> do you run a mill or something else?
[09:40:12] <pier> when not cutting of course...
[09:40:22] <pier> dremel mill :(
[09:40:27] <chinamill> ok
[09:41:14] <chinamill> I have one cheap mill from china, but still it is better than nothing
[09:41:59] <pier> it is for cutting balsa/ply ribs and former for model airplanes
[09:42:21] <pier> mine cost round 50eur more or less
[09:42:39] <pier> but I am a bit ashamed of it... it looks orrible
[09:42:45] <chinamill> CNC on a budget ;)
[09:42:52] <pier> :)
[09:43:34] <pier> ah .. it is possible to make pcb too
[09:44:05] <chinamill> thats nice... what type of mill du you use for pcb?
[09:44:34] <pier> 0.5mm diameter carbide
[09:44:47] <pier> from drilltechnologies USA
[09:45:08] <pier> 0.5mm is a bit on the large side though
[09:45:49] <chinamill> ok, I only have 0.8mm and it is too ruff, I read an article about a guy who used a cone shaped mill/drill
[09:46:17] <pier> http://www.drilltechnology.com/
[09:46:22] <chinamill> it gave him the possebilety to route between legs on an IC
[09:46:31] <pier> yes that could be a good idea
[09:46:59] <pier> on the other hand you don't have to go that deep
[09:47:11] <chinamill> yep
[09:47:11] <pier> to remove copper
[09:47:19] <pier> mmmm
[09:47:24] <pier> good idea
[09:54:01] <chinamill> brlcad download is 40 MB, I think it will blow my pc.. I have to clean up :(
[09:55:36] <pier> you can download either src or bin... as far as I noticed there's no differences in performances
[09:57:46] <chinamill> pier: I have CNC plasma cutter, so if you need any parts I can cut for you
[09:59:21] <chinamill> (at the moment not thicker that 8mm steel)
[10:00:07] <pier> .... can it cut inox
[10:00:13] <pier> stainless steel
[10:00:21] <chinamill> sure, maybe around 6mm
[10:00:28] <pier> great
[10:00:49] <chinamill> do you have something in mind?
[10:01:35] <pier> I surroundered my jet engine contruction because I didn't feel like hacksawing 3mm stainless steel turbine disk
[10:02:33] <chinamill> ok, as long the piece is flat I can cut
[10:03:08] <pier> perfectly cut... daisy shape 17 petals
[10:03:16] <pier> 60mm diameter
[10:03:56] <chinamill> sounds litte bit hard with plasma
[10:04:24] <chinamill> this is not the rotating part you think of?
[10:04:44] <chinamill> it is the the part in the back of the engine, right?
[10:06:03] <pier> 75000rpm
[10:06:17] <chinamill> that might be a problem
[10:06:27] <pier> of course it has to be statically and dinamically balanced
[10:07:05] <pier> is the cut neat?
[10:07:18] <chinamill> sinse plasma does not cut perfect edges and leaves dross on the bottom of the cut
[10:07:33] <pier> mmmh
[10:07:57] <chinamill> wich has to be removed with for example a grinder
[10:08:15] <pier> that wouldnt be a problem
[10:08:45] <pier> each petal has to be twisted and then grinded to a certain profile
[10:09:19] <chinamill> I dont rember, what is the staic part called in the end of a jet?
[10:09:56] <pier> nozzle
[10:10:00] <pier> cone
[10:10:16] <pier> flow strightener
[10:10:37] <chinamill> that's in the sucking side, I think of the blow side
[10:11:28] <chinamill> maybe I can cut with a buffertzone and then you grind to a treced line get the exact shape
[10:12:31] <pier> no that's the rear part
[10:12:46] <pier> the one near the turbine wheel
[10:12:58] <chinamill> alot of work for you... I know it is possible to buy alot of these parts alredy machined
[10:13:08] <chinamill> yep
[10:13:08] <pier> :)
[10:13:32] <pier> I have already made the shaft
[10:13:45] <chinamill> ok
[10:14:12] <pier> the 1/100mm tolerance for the ballrace site was really hard to achieve
[10:14:25] <chinamill> on ebay germany, there are sometime auctions for parts for small jet parts
[10:15:33] <pier> yes but I wanted to have it all homemade like the Schreckling's original
[10:17:50] <chinamill> I think the NGV could more easy be made from cut pieces
[10:18:58] <pier> mmmh that small size?
[10:19:01] <chinamill> Here a shop where you can buy diferent turbine wheels (inconel) http://www.wren-turbines.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PLST&Store_Code=WTL
[10:19:41] <pier> yes... wren are commercial turbines
[10:20:22] <pier> If you had a look at the GTBA site you'd be flabbergasted
[10:20:44] <pier> those men are monsters with their lathes and mill
[10:20:56] <chinamill> I seen that...
[10:21:04] <chinamill> fantastic!
[10:21:30] <chinamill> but quite few of them make there own turbineweels
[10:21:41] <chinamill> their
[10:21:46] <pier> yes....
[10:21:58] <pier> and compressor stages too
[10:22:26] <pier> never seen a 4 wheels axial commercial compressor so far
[10:22:34] <chinamill> the diffuser should be possible if you have alot of time
[10:22:40] <chinamill> :)
[10:22:52] <pier> I'd need a spot welder too
[10:24:05] <pier> ok I'll keep on dreaming
[10:24:05] <chinamill> for that I could help you, I bought some pieces that I never finished
[10:24:45] <chinamill> :)
[10:24:59] <pier> I'll have to put this project off ... first will have to go on with a decent mill
[10:25:08] <chinamill> I have a transformer and a relay timer that is in good order
[10:25:16] <chinamill> :)
[10:25:24] <chinamill> when time is ready
[10:25:49] <pier> I have 1kW transformer too (really a nightmare to lift :)
[10:25:58] <chinamill> :)
[10:26:21] <pier> the problem with the mill is finding a good tool motor
[10:26:46] <pier> that could spin slowly with prenty of torque
[10:27:09] <pier> I thought of a hydraulic motor...
[10:27:31] <chinamill> sometime you can find used spindels on ebay germany and US
[10:28:08] <pier> speed of sound dremel-like device are almost useless with steel and alluminium
[10:28:17] <pier> Il'' have a look at it
[10:28:34] <pier> fact is that I need a small size one
[10:28:48] <pier> 500w would be enough
[10:29:13] <pier> able to spin a 50mm tool at 300rpm
[10:29:38] <chinamill> a good way is to make a persistent search for a mill spindle, and then you get a mail when one comes up
[10:29:52] <pier> yep
[10:30:24] <pier> chinamill it's been a pleasure
[10:30:34] <chinamill> :)
[10:30:36] <pier> now have to go to the gym
[10:30:46] <pier> talk to you again
[10:30:51] <chinamill> cu
[10:30:56] <pier> bye
[10:31:00] <chinamill> bye
[11:27:44] <giacus> uhu
[11:27:48] <giacus> :))
[11:28:18] <giacus> coool saturday ;P
[11:30:18] <giacus> live music party this evening :D
[11:30:52] <giacus> I love live music !
[11:31:03] <giacus> you ?
[11:32:37] <giacus> * giacus take his guitar and play Starway to Heaven
[11:34:50] <giacus> love and peace brothers
[11:34:56] <giacus> :DD
[11:48:23] <chinamill> :) did you smoke something today ;)
[11:48:38] <chinamill> How is your robot coming along?
[11:50:09] <giacus> I think I'll smoke lattuce today :D
[11:50:20] <giacus> well, the robot is in stand-by
[11:50:29] <giacus> waiting parts
[11:51:54] <giacus> * giacus goes at the train station to wait k4ts ..
[11:51:58] <giacus> later :P
[11:54:03] <chinamill> have fun!
[12:56:16] <A-L-P-H-A> morning folks.
[12:56:27] <A-L-P-H-A> giacus... cool...
[13:01:42] <fenn> i've been playing with blender lately.. i dont think it's suitable for cad at all
[13:01:43] <A-L-P-H-A> anonimasu, how's the hydraulic motor setup comming?
[13:02:02] <A-L-P-H-A> fenn, there was a bendercad app being made... I don't think it got very far at all
[13:02:26] <fenn> because blender is so far off in sketch-land that it would be really hard to do
[13:02:34] <fenn> even with scripts
[13:03:23] <A-L-P-H-A> my dns is down.
[13:03:35] <A-L-P-H-A> could someone give me the ip of irc.freenode.org?
[13:03:47] <fenn> why irc.freenode.org?
[13:04:09] <A-L-P-H-A> any freenode.org server.
[13:04:16] <fenn>
[13:04:24] <A-L-P-H-A> thanks...
[13:04:33] <A-L-P-H-A> if I get disconnected, I can reconnect via IPs.
[13:04:43] <fenn> i mean, why not find a different dns
[13:05:28] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah...
[13:05:29] <A-L-P-H-A> fun stuff.
[13:05:38] <A-L-P-H-A> fenn, thanks.
[13:05:40] <lilo> [Global Notice] Hi all. Please be aware that there are still kiddies using the D C C exploit on freenode. If you've been knocked off freenode, or if you think you might be using a vulnerable router, please connect to the network using port 8001, rather than 6667 (the default).
[13:05:48] <A-L-P-H-A> logger_aj, bookmark
[13:05:48] <A-L-P-H-A> See
[13:06:20] <A-L-P-H-A> fenn, remote DNSs are too slow for my liking.
[13:06:21] <lilo> [Global Notice] Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for using freenode.
[13:06:38] <A-L-P-H-A> Plus I don't know of any other DNS servers.
[13:06:39] <fenn> you'd rather have none at all?
[13:06:42] <A-L-P-H-A> :(
[13:06:47] <fenn> <- my sbc dns
[13:06:52] <A-L-P-H-A> okay...
[13:07:02] <fenn> seems to work from other places
[13:07:38] <A-L-P-H-A> could you also do... "bidwell.textdrive.com"
[13:08:16] <fenn>
[13:08:24] <A-L-P-H-A> current DNS is down... plugging in yours.
[13:08:56] <A-L-P-H-A> SWEET!
[13:08:59] <A-L-P-H-A> thanks... your DNS works.
[13:10:14] <fenn> why do stores empty your shopping cart after some amount of time?
[13:10:24] <A-L-P-H-A> fenn?
[13:10:43] <A-L-P-H-A> cause they think it's abandoned in the store, and they put the goods back on the shelf?
[13:10:45] <fenn> like i'm flipping through the catalog.. "add one to cart" then i come back the next day and everything's gone
[13:10:56] <A-L-P-H-A> Oh... online stores.
[13:10:57] <fenn> not a real store
[13:11:22] <A-L-P-H-A> fenn, probably some dumb ass cron job to clear the database after 24hrs... or at midnight.
[13:11:40] <fenn> sometimes its like 30 minutes
[13:11:52] <A-L-P-H-A> now that's retarded.
[13:11:53] <A-L-P-H-A> complain
[13:12:11] <fenn> they actually had a "restore my shopping cart" button on that site
[13:12:23] <fenn> if you added something to your cart before pressing the restore button it was all gone though
[13:16:54] <A-L-P-H-A> digikey cleared my cart all the time...
[13:17:06] <A-L-P-H-A> but I usually had that stuff written down anyways... so it really didn't matter.
[13:18:28] <A-L-P-H-A> I think I may try and clone this... http://sudokucombat.com/index.php and add some features to it.. like a spectator mode, or something.
[13:22:37] <fenn> i always thought sudoku was where you draw lines on a grid to make boxes
[13:24:13] <fenn> oh i guess that's called "dots and boxes" how original
[13:25:06] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah
[13:25:11] <A-L-P-H-A> fenn... know how to play sudoku?
[13:25:42] <fenn> * fenn panics and attempts to flee!
[13:25:50] <A-L-P-H-A> :P
[13:36:48] <chinamill> fenn: I guess the best way of cad modelling in blender would be to map vertexes in xyz and do this part by part and then ad them togeather!? What do you think?
[13:37:34] <chinamill> Is there good toolpath generation in brlcad?
[13:40:59] <chinamill> http://gcam.js.cx/
[13:42:19] <robin_sz> interesting
[13:42:37] <robin_sz> not seen a gcode generator for Linux before I dont think
[13:42:57] <robin_sz> not quite VisualMill but hey, getting there
[13:43:07] <chinamill> I think far from ready to use!?
[13:43:15] <chinamill> :)
[13:43:47] <robin_sz> depends on how complex you need to go I guess
[13:43:52] <chinamill> There is also a experimental toolpath renerator for blender
[13:43:59] <chinamill> yep
[13:44:10] <robin_sz> have you seen Visual Mill?
[13:44:17] <chinamill> and that one is supose to export g-code too
[13:44:17] <pier> yet links in the page don't take me too far
[13:45:02] <pier> do they?
[13:45:05] <chinamill> no, I have not seen VM yet, but others
[13:45:20] <chinamill> VM is prop. right?
[13:45:31] <robin_sz> I did look at loads and loads of toolpath generation stuff, VM was probably the nicest, most flexible and still the easiest to use
[13:45:39] <robin_sz> yeah, very prop.
[13:45:45] <robin_sz> and very $$$$$
[13:46:05] <chinamill> Not yet for my budget :)
[13:46:11] <robin_sz> well yeah
[13:46:42] <robin_sz> I think there is a basic version, but still quite expensive
[13:47:17] <chinamill> ok
[13:47:48] <robin_sz> this is one area where Linux still has some catching up to do ... RMS highlihted it in a recent speach
[13:48:20] <robin_sz> I think the RibbonSoft stuff does code generation too
[13:48:33] <chinamill> RMS?
[13:48:36] <robin_sz> and theres weber systems (websys) on this channel
[13:48:48] <robin_sz> RMS, Richard Stallman
[13:48:52] <chinamill> ok
[13:49:28] <robin_sz> weber and ribbonsoft are both Linux, but proprietary
[13:49:44] <robin_sz> I think the weber stuff is actually multiplatform
[13:50:03] <chinamill> weber:s cad puzzles me alot more than blender
[13:50:39] <robin_sz> its OK, he tries hard :)
[13:50:46] <chinamill> but they probobly have a deasent drafting method, blender not
[13:50:56] <chinamill> :)
[13:50:56] <robin_sz> but then, I have seen Solidworks :)
[13:51:01] <robin_sz> now ... thats the way to go.
[13:51:10] <chinamill> Thats alot more easy
[13:51:37] <robin_sz> yeah, but again $$$
[13:51:46] <chinamill> yep, true
[13:51:59] <chinamill> have you tried brlcad?
[13:52:05] <robin_sz> mmm, no
[13:52:12] <robin_sz> is it free?
[13:52:17] <chinamill> yep
[13:52:22] <robin_sz> 3D?
[13:52:27] <chinamill> yep
[13:52:33] <robin_sz> interesting ...
[13:52:47] <robin_sz> at work we just use AutoCad ... its the standard
[13:53:05] <chinamill> http://www.brlcad.org/
[13:53:36] <chinamill> the drafting side is still abit tricky
[13:53:52] <chinamill> I hate AC!
[13:55:01] <chinamill> pier had an intresting solution to that
[13:55:05] <robin_sz> Well, yeah, its not associative like solidworks is
[13:55:49] <chinamill> render to a ps file and then do ps2dxf and do the finnishing work in qcad
[14:07:43] <robin_sz> ps2dxf?
[14:07:46] <robin_sz> really?
[14:08:07] <chinamill> yep
[14:08:56] <chinamill> i guess the scale will be messed up but still propotionel
[14:09:16] <chinamill> he got help in #brlcad to set things up
[14:42:32] <fenn> where the bloody hell did that gcam thing come from
[14:44:21] <giacus> back
[14:44:44] <giacus> fenn: no, blender is far away from our needs yet
[14:44:56] <fenn> agreed
[14:45:09] <giacus> 1) doesnt use units such mm or inches
[14:45:10] <fenn> i think k-3d has a good groundwork for a parametric cad
[14:45:28] <fenn> you can link any object property to any other property
[14:45:34] <giacus> 2) cam extension would be hard I think
[14:45:36] <fenn> i still cant get it to compile though..
[14:45:52] <fenn> actually i think a cam extension would be really easy for blender
[14:45:55] <giacus> the good thing are the Python scripts
[14:46:29] <giacus> you really think that ?
[14:46:40] <fenn> well, it's all relative :)
[14:46:42] <giacus> it use blender units ..
[14:46:50] <giacus> and are relative :(
[14:46:51] <fenn> 1 blender unit is 1 meter
[14:47:07] <fenn> scaling isnt hard anyway
[14:47:20] <A-L-P-H-A> giacus, please say hello to k4ts for me. :)
[14:47:32] <giacus> A-L-P-H-A: thanks ! :)
[14:47:48] <giacus> she's playng with her dog puppy right now
[14:47:49] <fenn> blender does have some really cool physics stuff..
[14:48:12] <A-L-P-H-A> giacus, as opposed to cat puppy? or fish puppy? or another type of puppy?
[14:48:27] <giacus> dog dog ! kyra haha
[14:48:44] <giacus> no, the cats are too here, but calm until now :)
[14:48:46] <fenn> A-L-P-H-A: well it could've been a mud puppy
[14:49:00] <A-L-P-H-A> I should really make those caps for my oil reserves I have for my lathe... something with an O-ring to it...
[14:49:14] <A-L-P-H-A> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
[14:49:40] <chinamill> giacus: there is a experimental toolpath generator with g-code export for blender
[14:49:59] <A-L-P-H-A> can silicon handle oil? or does it become brittle and crack? or was that rubber that does the cracking with oil?
[14:50:02] <giacus> chinamill: that's nice, first time I heard
[14:50:10] <A-L-P-H-A> fenn, what's a mud puppy?
[14:51:00] <giacus> I'm at newbie level with it, but seems funny
[14:51:13] <giacus> learing lattice and animations features in these days
[14:51:22] <chinamill> giacus: I seen links on a forum, someone should collect the effort and make a project
[14:51:24] <giacus> learning*
[14:51:31] <fenn> A-L-P-H-A: http://inky.50megs.com/pictures/mudpuppy.gif
[14:51:57] <A-L-P-H-A> that's an ell...?
[14:52:06] <A-L-P-H-A> eel
[14:52:08] <giacus> an umbers of models are available from blender repository and would be nice to get them machinable
[14:52:15] <fenn> its a salamander
[14:52:20] <A-L-P-H-A> oh
[14:52:38] <giacus> gecko ?
[14:52:41] <A-L-P-H-A> Somehow I don't think many women would play with amphibians.
[14:53:04] <fenn> what the hell is that gcam page supposed to be - there's no links to anything
[14:53:28] <fenn> chinamill: how/when did you hear about it
[14:53:38] <A-L-P-H-A> I'm in a mood to buy some new electronics toys.
[14:53:53] <A-L-P-H-A> hey! about my oring problem...
[14:54:04] <A-L-P-H-A> rubber or silicon?
[14:54:09] <chinamill> in #brlcad it is not finished what I guess
[14:55:35] <fenn> i guess its on wikipedia
[14:55:57] <A-L-P-H-A> nm... urethanes are the best.
[14:56:40] <fenn> well thats one way to get lots of publicity.. having a totally borked webpage doesnt help though
[15:00:23] <chinamill> I agree
[15:00:42] <fenn> guess i'll post on cnczone to see if anyone has any contact info
[15:02:08] <fenn> * fenn hates cnczone so much..
[15:02:17] <A-L-P-H-A> I _NEVER_ go there.
[15:02:44] <A-L-P-H-A> we should KILL everyone elses CNC controller, and just promote EMC on there... :)
[15:02:48] <A-L-P-H-A> Like... it's FREE...
[15:02:55] <A-L-P-H-A> evil bastards that charge to much for crap.
[15:03:05] <A-L-P-H-A> TurboCNC being the exception... though the development time on that is forever.
[15:03:40] <A-L-P-H-A> http://www.mcmaster.com/itm/find.ASP?tab=find&context=psrchDtlLink&fasttrack=False&searchstring=9452K72
[15:23:14] <giacus> http://www.giacus.org/files/dsc_1704.jpg
[15:23:30] <giacus> we are the champions my friend :DD
[15:23:31] <giacus> haha
[15:23:41] <giacus> a fresh shot, 5 min ago :P
[15:24:11] <chinamill> fenn: "<``Erik> I don't believe so... one of the developers was working on a seperate tool called "gcam" to generate gcode..."
[15:24:26] <chinamill> fenn: from brlcad
[15:25:17] <giacus> the daughters gang
[15:27:19] <A-L-P-H-A> is that your garden?
[15:27:58] <giacus> yeah :)
[15:28:17] <giacus> 2 mt from my window :)
[15:28:20] <giacus> hehe
[15:28:25] <A-L-P-H-A> is that the estate walls? or the house that the photo's taken?
[15:28:35] <A-L-P-H-A> what's an 'mt'?
[15:28:42] <giacus> meters
[15:28:51] <A-L-P-H-A> then isn't it "m"
[15:29:04] <A-L-P-H-A> :) I'm just nit picking
[15:29:05] <giacus> :)
[15:29:33] <giacus> have a nice team around here :P
[15:31:16] <SWP_Away> SWP_Away is now known as SWPadnos
[15:31:39] <giacus> the guys are playng football
[15:31:42] <SWPadnos> A-L-P-H-A, look here for info on O-ring material:
[15:31:46] <SWPadnos> http://www.marcorubber.com/material_chart.htm
[15:31:51] <SWPadnos> http://www1.mscdirect.com/CGI/NNPDFF?PMPAGE=4439&PMCTLG=00
[15:33:31] <A-L-P-H-A> I saw a material list on mcmaster.
[15:33:54] <SWPadnos> ok
[15:34:17] <SWPadnos> I had found a better one last ywear when I was looking for o-rings to rebuilda hydraulic cylinder
[15:34:23] <SWPadnos> last year, even
[15:36:46] <giacus> http://www.giacus.org/files/dsc_1703.jpg
[15:36:50] <robin_sz> wow, I got my printer to print :)
[15:36:56] <giacus> and that's the entrance of my house :)
[15:37:01] <robin_sz> this, is sooooo good.
[15:37:04] <giacus> later guys
[15:37:06] <giacus> have a fun !
[15:37:08] <giacus> :D
[15:37:30] <giacus> robin_sz: I know is gooooood !!! :P
[15:38:17] <giacus> :*
[15:39:23] <giacus> give me all the joints you have !
[15:39:27] <giacus> haha
[15:40:16] <robin_sz> hot wax printers are just spectacular for colour
[15:40:36] <SWPadnos> kinda like dye-sub, but waterproof ;)
[15:40:46] <robin_sz> yeah
[15:53:47] <fenn> gah - ignorant cnczone fuckres
[15:53:56] <fenn> get it off my screen!!
[16:16:10] <jepler> fenn: if it hurts that much, don't read it.
[16:16:43] <fenn> it was an accident
[17:13:14] <robin_sz> * robin_sz is shocked
[17:14:20] <robin_sz> do you mean to tell me that some of the contributors to CNCZONE are not experts? I'm shocked. I always thought it was frequented by leading experts from the CNC desing industry.
[17:16:25] <fenn> the threads about open source software are the ones that really hurt
[17:27:14] <Mess> hi all
[17:57:59] <A-L-P-H-A> Mess.
[17:58:04] <A-L-P-H-A> drawings for me?
[17:58:09] <A-L-P-H-A> what's going on with this stuff?
[17:58:19] <A-L-P-H-A> anyways... haircut time.
[18:00:11] <Mess> LATER... SORRY IM IN pei
[18:28:03] <A-L-P-H-A> beer so yummy.
[18:28:17] <A-L-P-H-A> damn barber is closed for the long weekend.
[18:41:39] <Mess> hi again...
[18:47:06] <anonimasu> A-L-P-H-A: I'm away working
[18:49:24] <Mess> me too... ALPHA...
[18:56:31] <A-L-P-H-A> hi
[18:56:35] <A-L-P-H-A> sup?
[18:56:36] <A-L-P-H-A> Mess?
[18:56:38] <A-L-P-H-A> MESS!
[18:57:02] <A-L-P-H-A> beer on an empty stomach makes my head heavy...
[18:57:04] <A-L-P-H-A> :|
[18:57:14] <A-L-P-H-A> I knew I shoulda had lunch
[18:58:00] <A-L-P-H-A> Mess, what are you doing in potatoe country?
[19:08:47] <Mess> making Dash 8 nose landing gear parts
[19:09:34] <Mess> there is an aerospace mfg facility in summerside PEI
[19:12:13] <A-L-P-H-A> did you pickup and leave on a moment's notice?
[19:12:17] <A-L-P-H-A> Mess? dowty?
[19:16:07] <Mess> yes... dowty sent me here on Tuesday afternoon
[19:16:20] <A-L-P-H-A> :|
[19:16:30] <A-L-P-H-A> well... is dowty still looking for someone?
[19:16:59] <Mess> i was supposed to be back last nite... but i was asked to stay and bring home parts
[19:17:12] <A-L-P-H-A> on the long weekend? shibby
[19:19:23] <Mess> oh well.. could be worse.... like November... ; )
[19:19:55] <A-L-P-H-A> Mess, I never got a response back from you on the private messages.
[19:20:06] <A-L-P-H-A> not sure if you can send to me... (you should be able to)
[19:21:53] <Mess> did you get a message
[19:22:04] <A-L-P-H-A> yes it works
[19:22:17] <ottos> good day gents..
[19:26:50] <A-L-P-H-A> kingston... hmm... hvean't been there in two years...
[19:27:03] <A-L-P-H-A> I would go, but absolutely nothing to do there.
[19:28:06] <ottos> don't blabe you.. it's where the dogs bark with their asses.. :D
[19:28:57] <ottos> net
[19:29:03] <ottos> blame .. too hot..
[19:30:23] <ottos> well seems slow.. catch you later..
[20:19:16] <dan_falck> fenn: wake up and check out the brlcad channel
[20:19:25] <fenn> meep
[20:33:12] <dan_falck> * dan_falck is away: have to go out to my shop
[21:56:16] <Mess> hi all
[22:07:20] <Mess> bo
[22:45:49] <CIA-8> 03jmkasunich 07HEAD * 10emc2/src/hal/ (hal_lib.c hal_priv.h): store PID of a user space component
[23:11:27] <dan_falck> * dan_falck is back (gone 02:38:16)
[23:20:34] <dan_falck> * dan_falck is away: have to go out to my shop