#emc | Logs for 2006-05-11

[00:01:56] <giacus> goodnight
[02:23:31] <skunkworks> logger_aj: bookmark
[02:23:31] <skunkworks> See
[03:25:08] <asdfqwega> logger_aj, bookmark
[03:25:08] <asdfqwega> See
[03:25:28] <asdfqwega> What a good little bot. Have a cookie.
[03:35:59] <asdfqwega> Hm...it seems that the python2.3-axis package has been updated
[03:36:39] <asdfqwega> even before I started getting around to trying my hand at compiling it
[03:38:10] <asdfqwega> I've just tried compiling emc2 release...and I forgot that I had booted up in 2.6.16-rtai
[03:38:27] <asdfqwega> too bad I can't reboot the machine over ssh :P
[03:39:59] <asdfqwega> heh...actually, I could...
[03:49:30] <asdfqwega> Geez, ssh'ing around all my computers is so much fun...
[03:49:37] <asdfqwega> I should do this for a living
[10:38:09] <alex_joni> morning jacky
[10:39:03] <giacus> mornig alex_joni
[10:39:27] <alex_joni> * alex_joni has a new favourite song
[10:39:50] <giacus> nice :)
[10:40:00] <alex_joni> carl smith & june carter - Time's a wastin'
[10:40:33] <alex_joni> also sung by johnny cash & june carter, and lately by joaquin pheonix & reese witherspoon
[10:40:58] <alex_joni> did you see 'Walk the Line' ?
[10:41:42] <giacus> never seen it
[10:41:49] <giacus> country music ?
[10:41:55] <alex_joni> it's pretty nice.. about johnny cash's life
[10:44:30] <giacus> Tagline: Love is a burning thing. hehe
[10:49:32] <giacus> you maked me remember another johnny ..depp
[10:49:45] <giacus> nice actor: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119008/
[10:49:52] <alex_joni> yeah.. kinda :D
[10:49:56] <giacus> I seen that film year ago
[10:50:04] <alex_joni> I always thought he's kind of odd...
[10:50:19] <giacus> :)
[11:04:54] <Bo^Dick> errgh, i need a hand here i'm afraid: http://www.carmi.se/misterstarshine/Design/boolean.htm
[11:09:30] <alex_joni> you can do that with veitch-karnaugh diagrams
[11:09:41] <alex_joni> just google it, and get a pen
[11:11:22] <Bo^Dick> i've heard the term "veitch" before. gonna google aronud. thx
[11:11:34] <alex_joni> basicly you draw some rectangles
[11:11:47] <Bo^Dick> these eqs were made from regular karnaugh maps
[11:12:11] <alex_joni> might be the same thing
[11:12:28] <alex_joni> the theory says you take a karnaugh map, then you select adjacent 1's
[11:12:40] <alex_joni> either 2 or 4 (in your case)
[11:13:53] <Bo^Dick> well now it feels like you're talking about the regular karnaugh method
[11:14:03] <alex_joni> probably the same one
[11:14:17] <Bo^Dick> ...and these eqs were made from karnaugh maps
[11:14:34] <Bo^Dick> so that loops me back to were i started
[11:14:58] <alex_joni> sorry.. don't know how to optimize further
[11:15:48] <Bo^Dick> i believe this could be implemented in a smart way for the microcontroller software like "boog" for linux
[11:16:52] <Bo^Dick> these eqs could be implemented in several ways right? many gates and short propagation or the other way around
[11:17:11] <Bo^Dick> depending on the number of gates available in the avr for example
[11:17:30] <Bo^Dick> where are all digital electronics hard-asses?
[11:18:21] <alex_joni> try ##electronics
[11:18:32] <alex_joni> this is #emc
[15:40:17] <giacus> sigh. can't find a way to control my sony camera from pc
[15:40:56] <giacus> I'd like to use it to scan my first 3D model
[15:41:10] <alex_joni> get a Rebel XT
[15:41:12] <alex_joni> ;)
[15:41:20] <giacus> what's ?
[15:41:29] <giacus> a new camera ?
[15:42:05] <giacus> oh.. canon, no ..
[15:42:18] <giacus> I don't want to buy another camera
[15:42:37] <alex_joni> you should :D
[15:42:40] <alex_joni> kidding
[15:43:02] <giacus> there's no support on the mine for gphoto, no remote control, no infrared ..
[15:43:16] <giacus> just work as an usb mass storage :/
[15:43:54] <giacus> I wonder if I add a small jack to the camera on the 2 contacts of shot switch
[15:44:09] <giacus> to control it by a relay connected to the parport
[15:44:26] <giacus> if it work ..
[15:44:58] <alex_joni> that should work.. if the jack is for a remote control
[15:45:26] <giacus> no, directly on the switch used to shot the photos
[15:45:35] <giacus> maybe I'm wrong
[15:46:10] <alex_joni> oh, that sounds like you need to take the camera apart
[15:46:37] <giacus> the program should turn the turntable by some step the shot a photo and so on
[15:46:48] <giacus> I think about 5-600 maybe
[15:47:13] <giacus> then*
[15:48:26] <giacus> I could use a normal usb web camera logitech, but image quality should be very poor
[15:49:42] <alex_joni> there are cameras out there with remote controlls
[15:50:09] <giacus> I know
[15:50:28] <alex_joni> my canon has some software to take pictures from the pc
[15:50:49] <alex_joni> you could use a videocamera..
[15:50:53] <alex_joni> way easier
[15:51:07] <giacus> I don't have it
[15:51:17] <SWPadnos> if you don't need high resolution, then there's a $59 aiptek camera that jmk just bought, which can be triggered from a script, and can also do video
[15:51:38] <SWPadnos> ~1.3 MP though (1280x1024, I think)
[15:51:40] <fenn> $26 on ebay
[15:51:42] <fenn> shipped
[15:51:46] <giacus> your camera is nice, maybe also k4ts camera (nikon D50= could have remote control
[15:51:56] <giacus> the mine is an entry-level camera
[15:51:57] <alex_joni> giacus: that one sure has
[15:52:00] <SWPadnos> nope - not the D50, AFAIK
[15:52:11] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: are you sure?
[15:52:13] <SWPadnos> you need a D100 or higher to get the remote motor port
[15:52:18] <alex_joni> even if it's IR
[15:52:21] <giacus> uhmm
[15:52:42] <alex_joni> remote motor port?
[15:52:45] <SWPadnos> there may be an IR one. I generally go for wires with consistent timing characteristics ;)
[15:52:57] <SWPadnos> Nikon has a 10-pin connector used for remote triggering
[15:53:03] <SWPadnos> it's called the motor port
[15:53:37] <SWPadnos> they used to havea 3--pin connector, back in the F3/8008 days
[15:54:59] <alex_joni> Wireless Remote Control ML-L3 that's standard included
[15:55:49] <alex_joni> yup, no wires
[15:56:14] <SWPadnos> ok. that may be usable, if you have an IR remote transceiver and "learning" software
[15:57:48] <giacus> I was looking here http://www.wingmanteam.com/usbsnoopy/ but its losted time on my camera, there's no way to control it by pc since it has not be designed for that
[15:58:13] <SWPadnos> that's a problem - most low-end cameras are either in image transfer mode, or image capture mode, but not both
[15:58:23] <giacus> the windows software does not contain any feature to shot photo from the pc
[16:00:16] <giacus> also the switch on the camera is not simple, have to push the button, wait some sec for 2 beeps and shot
[16:00:29] <giacus> very bad camera :/
[16:01:08] <alex_joni> giacus: usually there are 2 switches
[16:01:18] <alex_joni> 1 for focus, and 1 for taking the actual picture
[16:01:35] <giacus> it would be so
[16:02:09] <giacus> since I just have to use all in manual mode, I could look for the second only
[16:02:35] <giacus> I'm not sure at all I can turn anything in manual in that camera..
[16:03:14] <SWPadnos> often, those switches are combined into something with a diode or resistor, though at some level, it's still a couple of wires contacting
[16:09:19] <giacus> I could try, it could also disable the switch to shot until the other (focus) is ready
[16:09:33] <giacus> that could be a big issue then
[16:09:54] <giacus> just have to try ..
[16:10:31] <giacus> or find another camera.
[16:19:49] <giacus> SWPadnos: I'm not sure the aiptek camera is enough for my needs, I've to acquire my first 3D object yet. This one I've is 4.1 MP, could be nice
[16:20:27] <giacus> I've to ask to k4ts, she have an 'old' trust camera 2.1 mp unused .. :D
[16:20:42] <giacus> if is supported by gphoto
[17:21:21] <giacus> hello Jymmmm
[17:25:09] <CIA-4> 03alex_joni 07HEAD * 10emc2/src/Makefile.inc.in: added tripodkins, for controlling a tripod (3-axes version of a hexapod)
[17:25:10] <CIA-4> 03alex_joni 07HEAD * 10emc2/src/emc/kinematics/tripodkins.c: added tripodkins, for controlling a tripod (3-axes version of a hexapod)
[17:26:57] <Bo^Dick> any orcad freaks around here?
[17:57:58] <giacus> SWPadnos: http://cgi.ebay.it/Fotocamera-e-Videocamera-digitale-AIPTEK-PenCam-Plus_W0QQitemZ9719703758QQcategoryZ114063QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
[17:58:03] <giacus> :D
[17:58:57] <giacus> uhm.. (640 x 480 Pixel) ?
[18:00:08] <giacus> :( vga
[18:42:47] <Jymmmm> Jymmmm is now known as Red70sShow
[18:42:48] <Red70sShow> Red70sShow is now known as Jymmmm
[18:46:20] <robin_sz> meep?
[18:46:41] <robin_sz> * robin_sz meeps
[18:47:52] <alex_joni> beew
[19:16:39] <ValarQ> * ValarQ wobles
[19:17:28] <Jymmmm> Hmmmm, I can't understand how this shelf could support any weight http://i1.ebayimg.com/03/i/07/11/f9/66_1_b.JPG
[19:17:49] <Jymmmm> Jymmmm is now known as Jymmm
[19:18:28] <K4ts> hello
[19:18:36] <K4ts> giacus grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[19:18:40] <Jymmm> lol
[19:18:47] <Jymmm> giacus No nooky for you!
[19:18:54] <K4ts> ahah
[19:20:22] <K4ts> tomorrow I go brescia (lombardia)
[19:42:34] <giacus> hello K4ts
[19:43:21] <K4ts> ehi ciao
[19:43:29] <K4ts> sto finendo di preparare valigia
[19:43:33] <giacus> ciao :-)
[19:43:47] <giacus> query
[19:56:50] <giacus> ValarQ: query..
[19:58:25] <giacus> K4ts: are you watching the 2d part of Carol Wojtyla film ?
[19:58:55] <giacus> nice :P
[20:03:12] <giacus> robin_sz: query..
[20:03:14] <giacus> :-)
[20:04:45] <K4ts> no giacus
[20:04:53] <K4ts> film
[20:06:28] <giacus> ok
[20:24:13] <robin_sz> another fun evening ....
[20:24:19] <robin_sz> removing wildlife from the attic
[20:25:18] <robin_sz> find $randomBird in attic ... make it fly about, turn off lights while pointing a torch at your hand. bird lands on the only thing it can see, your hand. job done.
[20:27:23] <les_w> hi robin, jacky, anna
[20:27:33] <giacus> hi les_w :)
[20:29:16] <Jymmm> Hey les_w!
[20:29:27] <les_w> hi jymmm!
[20:30:10] <Jymmm> les_w Mind looking at a pic for me? trying to figure somethign out
[20:30:14] <K4ts> hi les
[20:30:26] <les_w> HI K$TS
[20:30:30] <K4ts> good evening
[20:30:34] <les_w> OK< JYMMM
[20:30:35] <Jymmm> les_w: I can't understand how this shelf could support any weight http://i1.ebayimg.com/03/i/07/11/f9/66_1_b.JPG
[20:30:40] <les_w> oops
[20:31:40] <les_w> yeah I don't see any brackets...it's just cantelevered
[20:31:52] <Jymmm> cantelope?
[20:31:59] <les_w> heh
[20:32:17] <les_w> bokkshelves and the like are often underdesigned and sag
[20:32:23] <les_w> book
[20:32:29] <les_w> I would say most
[20:32:52] <Jymmm> Yeah, but this was designed to hold a clock... I wouldn't want something weak
[20:33:24] <giacus> found a Z axis for my next machine: http://www.giacus.org/images/dsc00101.png
[20:33:36] <giacus> who know what's that ? :P
[20:33:37] <robin_sz> cantelouped?
[20:33:41] <les_w> if all the weight were in the back it would be okj
[20:34:20] <les_w> ah zinc alloy.
[20:34:22] <les_w> hey robin.
[20:34:23] <Jymmm> les_w: Yeah, but it's not... that's the thing. and it's suppose to be circa 1880's so no steel involved.
[20:35:14] <robin_sz> hey les
[20:35:23] <les_w> plenty of steel around in 1880
[20:35:31] <les_w> how are things going robin?
[20:35:38] <robin_sz> badly ...
[20:35:51] <les_w> me too. I'm tired and pissed.
[20:35:57] <robin_sz> heh
[20:36:09] <robin_sz> we have too much work
[20:36:44] <robin_sz> I moved to a bigger factory,. took on more guys and the worlk just grew to fill it
[20:36:55] <les_w> Wasting time making gadgets for idiot management meetings rather than continueing the physics stuff.
[20:37:09] <giacus> robin_sz: need some guy from here ?
[20:37:21] <giacus> i'd like to came there :P
[20:37:25] <robin_sz> yeah, well that what happens when you work for $bigCorp
[20:37:29] <les_w> air generator lights big bank of superbright leds....
[20:37:36] <les_w> silly silly silly
[20:37:47] <robin_sz> heh
[20:37:56] <les_w> very expensive and a waste of time too
[20:37:59] <robin_sz> how many watts?
[20:38:00] <Jymmm> les_w Jsut tack it on the bill
[20:38:13] <les_w> I am
[20:38:15] <Jymmm> les_w leds are what $85/each
[20:38:18] <les_w> only 5 watts
[20:38:23] <giacus> K4ts: would you like to tranfer in UK ?
[20:38:36] <les_w> but have you seen what 5 watts will do with the newest leds?
[20:38:42] <giacus> robin_sz: I have to ask for permission to the boss first ..
[20:38:43] <Jymmm> oh, in that case.... $85/each per watt
[20:38:43] <robin_sz> yeah
[20:39:00] <K4ts> yes
[20:39:04] <K4ts> subitoooooooooooo
[20:39:07] <K4ts> scapppo
[20:39:08] <giacus> oh, YES ?
[20:39:12] <K4ts> dove andiamo?
[20:39:14] <les_w> napoli is to nice to leave!
[20:39:19] <giacus> K4ts: already know where is UK ?
[20:39:39] <giacus> you have to learn some word before .. :(
[20:39:41] <Jymmm> les_w slightly dim @ 5w these days
[20:39:49] <giacus> I know exactly 200 words
[20:39:50] <les_w> heh
[20:39:54] <giacus> how we can do ?
[20:40:10] <Jymmm> les_w I just ordered some more LED's from HK
[20:40:38] <Jymmm> les_w 3mm 18000mcd 30 deg
[20:41:43] <les_w> I should be hard at work on an impedance analyzer rather than putting on silly demonstrations
[20:42:02] <Jymmm> les_w: Do you think a dovetail joint could support a lot of weight on a shelf like that?
[20:42:15] <Jymmm> les_w I hate that dog and pony show shit too
[20:42:17] <les_w> oh, btw I can get perhaps 50 mw with only breath pressure
[20:42:24] <robin_sz> les_w, spending your days plotting Smith charts?
[20:42:33] <les_w> should be
[20:42:54] <les_w> jymmm no a dovetail would have no great advantage there
[20:43:38] <Jymmm> tounge and groove?
[20:44:02] <les_w> i'm thinking a nice steel bracket hidden in a groove
[20:44:36] <Jymmm> like 1/8" bar ?
[20:44:52] <robin_sz> les_w, I remember having spent ages trying to get a 5ghz stripline design to work, took it along to a research lab, hooked it up to an impedance analyzer and solved it in a few hours
[20:44:59] <robin_sz> great bits of kit
[20:45:01] <les_w> more than that
[20:45:05] <Jymmm> ok
[20:45:07] <les_w> half at least
[20:45:31] <robin_sz> hey, that reminds me ...
[20:45:42] <robin_sz> I saw a fork truck this week
[20:45:54] <les_w> yeah my plans were to set up a pc based real time analyzer...and then this dog/pony shit
[20:45:54] <robin_sz> quite ... errm, big.
[20:46:13] <robin_sz> the wheels where as tall as me,
[20:46:35] <robin_sz> the fork had more than 300mm of metal top to bottom
[20:46:55] <les_w> I have forks for my loader bucket on the tractor, but it's no substitute for a real lift
[20:47:23] <les_w> only picks up 400 kilos or so
[20:47:29] <les_w> still handy
[20:47:32] <robin_sz> this was a 25t lift
[20:47:36] <les_w> wow
[20:47:46] <robin_sz> HUGE
[20:48:06] <alex_joni> I played with a 10t once ;)
[20:48:23] <les_w> hi alex
[20:48:29] <alex_joni> hi les
[20:49:02] <ValarQ> good evening mr Joni
[20:53:37] <alex_joni> we shall see
[20:54:17] <les_w> pop...fizzz...it's about to get better.
[20:55:31] <les_w> then again I could make some PERT charts along with the meeting amusements...
[20:55:33] <les_w> but
[20:55:34] <robin_sz> http://www.klmstorage.co.uk/images/imghome.jpg
[20:55:35] <les_w> NAH
[20:55:41] <robin_sz> ^^^ that forklift
[20:55:54] <Jymmm> les_w: Just get yourself a bottle of Crystal in anticipation of when it's all over
[20:56:18] <les_w> holy moley
[20:56:47] <robin_sz> anyway ... we have LOTS of work ...
[20:56:56] <les_w> I think I am spoiling them. The faster I go the more they want...right down to 7 days a week
[20:56:57] <robin_sz> got 10K booked in for next week
[20:57:08] <robin_sz> same here ...
[20:57:14] <les_w> I'm doing about 7
[20:57:33] <les_w> k
[20:57:56] <les_w> money does not keep me from getting frustrated though
[20:58:13] <les_w> or pissed
[20:59:34] <robin_sz> the more we put out the more they keep giving me
[21:00:00] <les_w> aw, I'm just tired....
[21:00:45] <les_w> this hurry hurry order stuff in the evening for morning deliver by courier crap has got me down
[21:00:45] <giacus> les_w: it happen.. well never know how much can do a simple smile :-)
[21:00:58] <les_w> yes!
[21:01:04] <giacus> I agree
[21:02:00] <giacus> I'm also tired in these days, very tired
[21:02:55] <giacus> but the summer is near ;)
[21:03:12] <les_w> may weather is very nice here
[21:03:22] <giacus> is it cold there ?
[21:03:24] <les_w> but rian the last 72 hrs
[21:03:31] <les_w> rain
[21:03:40] <les_w> it is still cool
[21:03:54] <les_w> in the morning about 10c
[21:03:58] <giacus> nice
[21:04:17] <les_w> right noiw only 15c
[21:04:22] <les_w> very windy
[21:04:29] <les_w> breaking small trees
[21:04:48] <giacus> yeah stron wind also here, that's the seasons ..
[21:05:30] <les_w> I got plants for the garden, but too busy to put them in the ground
[21:05:37] <les_w> and too wet
[21:06:06] <giacus> mmm.. sunday :)
[21:06:15] <les_w> Al vegetables will be grown organic this year
[21:06:30] <les_w> all
[21:07:13] <les_w> I got about 8000 kg of composted cow manure
[21:07:19] <les_w> a lot.
[21:07:24] <Jymmm> * Jymmm waits for les_w to order the DDT by fedex overnight
[21:07:38] <les_w> heh
[21:07:55] <Jymmm> Did anyone see mythbusters last night?
[21:08:01] <les_w> only chemical I will use is organic approve fungicide
[21:08:11] <les_w> no fungicide, no tomatoes
[21:08:20] <les_w> all will die from late blight
[21:08:25] <Jymmm> They confirmed that herbicid used in the 60's in NZ/AU was explosive
[21:08:59] <les_w> the ammonium nitrate I'm putting on grass is too
[21:09:00] <Jymmm> well not explosive, but VERY high flashpoint
[21:09:19] <Jymmm> They tried fertilizer, and gunpowder, not as effective
[21:09:25] <les_w> hmm
[21:10:02] <giacus> Jymmm: OGM ?
[21:10:05] <Jymmm> It was SO intense, that you would describe it as exploding pants.
[21:10:21] <Jymmm> they burned overallin abut 6 seconds
[21:10:21] <les_w> ohhh...I missed that
[21:10:30] <Jymmm> overalls
[21:10:40] <anonimasu> hi
[21:10:45] <giacus> hi anonimasu
[21:10:45] <Jymmm> not a damn thing left, almost as fast as primacord
[21:10:50] <Jymmm> hi anonimasu
[21:11:20] <Jymmm> les_w Yeah if you see a rerun on "exploding pants" watch it, was pretty cool.
[21:11:29] <les_w> hi anonimasu
[21:11:34] <les_w> ok I will
[21:11:51] <Jymmm> les_w: Then figure out what it is, so I can play around with it =)
[21:12:01] <les_w> I know it was on last night or something, but I listened to music insted...
[21:12:13] <les_w> instead
[21:12:13] <Jymmm> It would make some great pyrotechnics
[21:12:43] <les_w> I just have black poweder for the old guns. Goex FFF.
[21:13:30] <les_w> I keep it in a cabinet here in the office, but I shouldn't.
[21:13:39] <les_w> couple pounds.
[21:13:53] <les_w> I ought to keep it in the barn.
[21:16:10] <Jymmm> in the ground
[21:16:45] <les_w> yeah 2 pounds could make a significant little pop huh?
[21:16:50] <Jymmm> This stuff was a white powder, I *THINK* the wet the overalls with water (???) then sprinleked on the powder
[21:17:18] <Jymmm> it even ignighted upon impact with a sledge hammer
[21:17:28] <les_w> and spontaneous ignition?
[21:18:35] <Jymmm> IF it does, they didn't show that. They tried open flame, 300w light, impact and something else, it went up in flames on all the tests.
[21:18:51] <les_w> I see
[21:18:55] <Jymmm> of friction (like a farmer walking)
[21:19:01] <Jymmm> that didn't work
[21:19:33] <Jymmm> open flame, radiant heat, and impact did though.
[21:20:04] <Jymmm> highly volitile stuff =)
[21:20:12] <les_w> and it's a herbicide?
[21:20:17] <Jymmm> yep
[21:20:26] <les_w> blows up the weeds?
[21:20:27] <les_w> haha
[21:20:35] <Jymmm> the myth came from the sixties in nz or au
[21:20:54] <Jymmm> but it was confirmed =)
[21:21:19] <alex_joni> anyone used grub in here
[21:21:21] <alex_joni> ?
[21:21:24] <les_w> the last one I saw was when they tried to make hovercraft from leaf blowers and it was pretty silly
[21:21:43] <Jymmm> les_w Yeah, that was bad....
[21:22:00] <K4ts> alex look new for hotel in sicily!
[21:22:11] <asdfqwega> I could do it with my leaf blower
[21:22:24] <alex_joni> K4ts: where?
[21:22:27] <asdfqwega> The little ones are made for dry leaves
[21:22:32] <les_w> yeah
[21:22:36] <Jymmm> The chicken cannon was funny
[21:23:04] <asdfqwega> I made a centrifugal fan that can lift and blow wet, matted leaves :)
[21:23:45] <les_w> neat ... I grind them up in place (good carbon source) but it is dusty
[21:24:04] <asdfqwega> Wear a face shield... it'll blow gravel, too
[21:24:11] <les_w> I try for the ideal 25:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio.
[21:24:38] <robin_sz> probably either potassium chloride
[21:24:52] <les_w> chlorate?
[21:24:56] <robin_sz> or chlrate
[21:24:58] <robin_sz> yeah
[21:25:00] <robin_sz> or ...
[21:25:08] <asdfqwega> ooh, oxidizer
[21:25:27] <robin_sz> that iodine thing
[21:25:37] <robin_sz> potassium iodide?
[21:25:46] <robin_sz> brush it on,. dries out, goes bang
[21:25:49] <les_w> KCL03 would do it.
[21:26:05] <Jymmm> sodium chlorate
[21:26:06] <les_w> I remember the iodide too
[21:26:16] <Jymmm> Other men were unfortunately occupying their trousers at the time of immolation. The mystery of the exploding breeches was solved when it was learned that the farmers used sodium chlorate—which becomes violently explosive when combined with organic fibres, such as cotton or wool—as an herbicide to kill ragwort weed.
[21:26:35] <les_w> ah
[21:26:39] <giacus> O_O
[21:26:49] <les_w> heh
[21:26:58] <robin_sz> im suprised nacl03 was enough to do it
[21:27:03] <robin_sz> but, if it goes ..
[21:27:06] <Jymmm> Cuz you ALWAYS believe everything your read on the internet
[21:27:11] <robin_sz> they mix it with chalk here ...
[21:27:12] <anonimasu> lol
[21:27:15] <asdfqwega> ammonium iodide
[21:27:25] <robin_sz> asdfqwega, thats the stuff
[21:27:29] <les_w> yeah
[21:28:13] <robin_sz> they mix the naclo3 on the stores with chalk and stuff as a fire retardent
[21:28:25] <robin_sz> stops you mixing it with diesel and making bangs :)
[21:28:39] <robin_sz> well, unless you precipitate it out first obviously
[21:28:48] <Jymmm> Well, when you guys figure it out let me know so I can go buy some and play!
[21:28:49] <robin_sz> where theres a will
[21:28:52] <les_w> I'd like my meeting toys to blow up.
[21:29:06] <les_w> Should I make a PERT chart for that?
[21:29:12] <robin_sz> try filling htem with picric acid
[21:29:20] <les_w> haha
[21:29:21] <robin_sz> or HMTD
[21:29:26] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega whips out old copy of "Poor Man's James Bond"
[21:29:27] <robin_sz> thats good stuff and fun to make too
[21:29:44] <roltek> les hi
[21:29:51] <robin_sz> hexa methyl tetra diamene
[21:29:54] <les_w> hi roltek
[21:30:18] <Jymmm> I'd prefer hardware/drug/grocery store alcahmist (sp)
[21:30:32] <roltek> you where looking at a 4 axis dsp card a while back do you still have there web site
[21:30:54] <les_w> oh yeah
[21:30:56] <robin_sz> that card jmkasunich pointed out looked good
[21:31:05] <les_w> forgot to answer your email!!
[21:31:14] <les_w> motenc lite
[21:31:20] <robin_sz> no
[21:31:23] <robin_sz> not that
[21:31:23] <les_w> ?
[21:31:27] <asdfqwega> I wonder if anyone has ever tried using a sound card to do servo / motion control stuff
[21:31:54] <robin_sz> some PCI card ... MT51 or some such
[21:31:56] <les_w> might work
[21:32:00] <skunkworks> hmm - 5 channel sound card - 5 axis :)
[21:32:05] <roltek> no it was not motec lite
[21:32:10] <les_w> oh
[21:32:12] <les_w> hmmm
[21:32:24] <robin_sz> apparently supported by emc2
[21:32:28] <robin_sz> and trested
[21:32:40] <robin_sz> half the price of a motenc
[21:32:44] <les_w> the only other I messed with is the dynomotion card
[21:32:55] <robin_sz> its just a big FPGA on a PCI slot,
[21:33:02] <robin_sz> loads itself during system boot
[21:33:05] <anonimasu> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7231843493488769585&q=thermite
[21:33:30] <alex_joni> robin_sz: m5i20
[21:33:33] <anonimasu> now we're talking
[21:33:41] <roltek> is that the same as the messa
[21:34:15] <giacus> roltek: did you read the query ?
[21:34:26] <roltek> no
[21:35:09] <roltek> do you have web site for dynomotion card
[21:35:27] <les_w> yeah...checking
[21:35:53] <giacus> roltek: read it please
[21:36:25] <les_w> http://www.dynomotion.com/
[21:36:56] <les_w> We have been talking to this guy about just making the thing a turnkey machine control
[21:37:31] <les_w> but my engineering activities have given me little time to work on that stuff
[21:38:03] <alex_joni> oh, btw.. I just learned today how to switch from Kubuntu to Ubuntu
[21:38:14] <alex_joni> anyone wants to know the big secret?
[21:38:21] <les_w> nope haha
[21:38:22] <fenn> switchdesk gnome?
[21:38:28] <roltek> i recall the conversation you where looking to make a control for a project of yours
[21:38:38] <fenn> well thats the redhat way of doing it
[21:38:51] <alex_joni> fenn: apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop
[21:38:54] <les_w> right....basically marketing machine tools
[21:38:59] <alex_joni> fenn: apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
[21:39:20] <les_w> I have had to kinda jump out of that, but a friend is still quite involved
[21:39:22] <Jymmm> Oh, I meant to ask... do I *HAVE* to use ubuntu? or is debian good enough?
[21:39:23] <giacus> fenn: looking for a cool window manager ?
[21:40:03] <fenn> giacus: absolutely not
[21:40:15] <fenn> i'm quite happy with how icewm leaves me the fuck alone
[21:40:34] <giacus> hehe I know :)
[21:40:40] <les_w> A $!000 machine control with 8 axes and 90 microsecond servo updates would sell, I know that.
[21:40:55] <les_w> even $2000.
[21:41:10] <giacus> fenn: but you havent tried ION yet ..
[21:41:15] <alex_joni> the 8 axes is a bit hard, but 6-axes it's already there..
[21:41:38] <les_w> yes
[21:41:38] <alex_joni> les_w: it can probably go faster than 90 microseconds
[21:41:44] <les_w> so I'm told...
[21:41:53] <les_w> Pity I have not the time yet
[21:41:59] <les_w> to try it
[21:42:00] <alex_joni> I ran steppers at way faster
[21:42:26] <les_w> well the motenc can do prob 10k updates
[21:42:38] <les_w> 8k has been done 3 axis
[21:43:15] <fenn> les_w: gee sounds exactly like what i'm building right now
[21:43:43] <les_w> using motenc/emc2?
[21:43:55] <fenn> no, using parport and some microcontrollers
[21:44:00] <les_w> ah
[21:45:07] <fenn> dunno what data rate i can realistically get out of the parport
[21:45:30] <fenn> i've seen 2.4Mbit quoted somewhere
[21:45:38] <giacus> nice
[21:47:34] <giacus> fenn: any difference os speed between ISA and PCi ?
[21:47:43] <giacus> of*
[21:47:51] <fenn> i havent tested yet
[21:47:59] <fenn> i'm sure there is though
[21:48:16] <roltek> less that's a pretty high price for the dynomtion card don't you think
[21:48:17] <alex_joni> fenn: on my PCI parport I haven't seen any
[21:48:30] <fenn> alex_joni: does it have "normal" parport addresses or funky ones?
[21:48:42] <alex_joni> somehow funky 0xh**
[21:48:45] <fenn> hmmm
[21:49:03] <fenn> thats unfortunate
[21:49:06] <alex_joni> but it still uses some ISA layer somewhere in the process
[21:49:28] <alex_joni> I think after the PCI decode inside the chip it addresses a standard parport vhdl fpga block
[21:50:59] <les_w> sorry was away a sec
[21:51:25] <les_w> roltek the price for the card would be fine...IF it was a turnkey machine control
[21:51:45] <les_w> i.e. software
[21:51:46] <dmessier> hi all
[21:51:50] <giacus> hello dmessier
[21:51:52] <les_w> hi dmess
[21:52:06] <roltek> les what kind of quote did they give you on the dynomotion card
[21:52:07] <dmessier> sware for what Les
[21:52:29] <les_w> well heh I got one for free.....
[21:52:29] <dmessier> i like ATI
[21:53:08] <roltek> they have listed $899.00
[21:53:39] <K4ts> dmessier
[21:53:42] <K4ts> salut
[21:53:47] <les_w> He is using the EMC interpreter, but he needs a good trajectory planner and task controller etc to turn it into a machine control
[21:54:15] <les_w> rather than a general purpose motion card
[21:54:54] <alex_joni> bon soir dmessier
[21:55:06] <alex_joni> dmessier: ca va?
[21:55:34] <K4ts> Ca va?
[21:55:36] <dmessier> bon soir tous... ca va bien .. et vous??
[21:55:46] <giacus> K4ts: seems sad or angry this evening ..
[21:55:56] <les_w> like me?
[21:55:57] <giacus> what happen ? :(
[21:56:02] <dmessier> comment sa?? K
[21:56:10] <giacus> les_w: she's very tired
[21:56:14] <roltek> was he going to make the control or where you going to
[21:56:31] <les_w> We are trying to talk him into it
[21:56:54] <robin_sz> hey les .. THIS is what you want ..
[21:56:58] <les_w> I might even offer some financial support to do so
[21:57:00] <robin_sz> no, not want ...
[21:57:01] <robin_sz> NEED
[21:57:04] <robin_sz> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8515585555928652376&q=f16
[21:57:04] <les_w> ?
[21:57:27] <roltek> than you where going to buy the whole control from him
[21:57:37] <dmessier> i showed emc2 to the new maintenance manager when our 3rd party non-fanuc mem module for the 11m went south...
[21:58:10] <dmessier> he WAS impressed.... he used to had a company that retofit machines..
[21:58:12] <giacus> dmessier: roltek robin_sz dmessier, if you have any userpic for the stats page let me know
[21:58:19] <roltek> have to go talk to you later
[21:58:53] <giacus> K4ts: you should be happy.. going in milan tomorrow :D
[21:59:09] <K4ts> schifo milano
[21:59:16] <K4ts> i bleachhh
[21:59:19] <giacus> buy a gift for me hehe :P
[21:59:30] <giacus> not another penguin !
[21:59:44] <giacus> 35489 are enough :(
[21:59:46] <giacus> hahaha
[21:59:54] <dmessier> i want a real penguin...
[21:59:59] <robin_sz> yeah
[22:00:12] <robin_sz> with some orange sauce
[22:00:15] <giacus> hard to find ..
[22:00:32] <dmessier> my wife says if i can afford it i can have one...( so mom agrees on the cool factor)
[22:00:33] <Jymmm> dmessier King Penguin migrates over a 300 miles
[22:00:50] <dmessier> lake ontario
[22:01:05] <giacus> there's some there yet ?
[22:01:31] <dmessier> naw.. we killed all the native ones off...
[22:01:33] <les_w> robin: too cool.
[22:01:53] <dmessier> ineed to import one...
[22:02:04] <les_w> your'e bugging me cause I can afford an airplane now (not f-16)
[22:02:22] <dmessier> we ate all the one in the arctic.. or the polar bears got em
[22:02:25] <robin_sz> les_w, notice in some of the later shots, how at low level theyl actuall pull beyond 90 degrees ...
[22:02:38] <dmessier> f-18 e/f
[22:02:47] <robin_sz> les_w, better to invert and pull positive G to lose height than push negative
[22:02:48] <les_w> I have f-16 in FS 9...seems like that
[22:02:55] <robin_sz> but at 200 feet, thats very low
[22:02:56] <les_w> right
[22:03:15] <les_w> I have only pulled negative a couple times
[22:03:17] <les_w> not good
[22:03:19] <dmessier> how SLOW can you go??
[22:03:39] <robin_sz> now, do they sell F16s on ebay yet?
[22:03:41] <les_w> your stuff sticks to the ceiling
[22:04:18] <robin_sz> one of my favourite tricks is to push hard with a pencil onthe dashboard ... try and catch it in your teeth :)
[22:04:28] <les_w> a nice docile archer for me.
[22:05:00] <les_w> If I get in the mood to throw away the money i'm making
[22:05:18] <robin_sz> no no ...
[22:05:22] <robin_sz> its not theown away
[22:05:23] <dmessier> we were gonna start selling coffe table made frome some of our scrap components... we asked for permission from Boeing.. the said.. i dont care where it goes... but that ALOT more paperwork for me.. so its NOT GONNA HAPPEN
[22:05:27] <robin_sz> its INVESTED
[22:05:39] <les_w> I have done the zero g m&ms thing a few times
[22:06:20] <robin_sz> well, if we keep going with this work, I'll be getting one too :)
[22:06:21] <les_w> safe enough except for the pullout
[22:06:40] <robin_sz> lots of work from Mazak at the moment
[22:06:52] <dmessier> its ALL about the spectacular saves friends
[22:06:53] <les_w> Yeah flew a cherokee a good bit in chicago a couple months ago
[22:06:57] <les_w> miss low wing
[22:07:30] <dmessier> is underslung really SO much different??
[22:07:50] <les_w> aw it just has more ground effect. Easier to land.
[22:08:15] <les_w> handles crosswinds a bit better
[22:08:42] <les_w> 20 kts is ok in a cherokee, but a real chore in a 172.
[22:09:05] <les_w> course the 172 lands slower and has no oleostruts
[22:09:16] <dmessier> i'd figured the landing...but i guess the whole Fuse act as a rudder more so
[22:09:40] <dmessier> flaps??
[22:09:54] <les_w> you are not supposed to do full flap slips in many 172 models
[22:10:24] <dmessier> can you handle ppoint
[22:10:26] <les_w> they get some roll/yaw little nasties
[22:10:36] <les_w> yeah have ppt
[22:10:44] <dmessier> email pls??
[22:10:58] <les_w> leswatts@lmwatts.com
[22:11:09] <les_w> and I don't care about spam haha
[22:11:15] <K4ts> les_w: tonight you are happy because no work?
[22:11:21] <dmessier> i wont send it
[22:11:31] <les_w> well, happier
[22:11:58] <les_w> I am stressed out, anna
[22:12:12] <giacus> K4ts: tonight is here.. :)
[22:12:36] <K4ts> giacus lo so
[22:12:50] <K4ts> che ci sono ore di fuso orario
[22:13:02] <K4ts> les also me
[22:13:14] <giacus> kidding :*
[22:13:19] <K4ts> stressed tomorrow go vacances
[22:13:34] <les_w> no, dmessier, I mean I don't mind giving my email on an irc channel.....the more access the better if you are a company
[22:13:49] <les_w> Anna I am REALLY stressed
[22:13:54] <dmessier> hmm i'll send you something from work....
[22:13:59] <les_w> ok
[22:14:59] <dmessier> check out THAT bird
[22:15:19] <les_w> I do love to fly
[22:15:49] <dmessier> i want one when i grow up... and MOMMY says i can have one when i can afford 1
[22:15:52] <K4ts> giacus kding?
[22:15:57] <K4ts> kidding?
[22:15:59] <les_w> haha
[22:16:03] <dmessier> chk mail les
[22:16:22] <les_w> did
[22:16:26] <les_w> not there yet
[22:16:34] <dmessier> you get any from me
[22:16:35] <giacus> http://www.angelodarrigo.com/
[22:16:58] <dmessier> sorry my bad...
[22:17:14] <giacus> the condor man :(
[22:17:40] <les_w> angelo flew things that would scare me
[22:18:06] <giacus> he flyed for miles with condors ..
[22:18:10] <giacus> incredible
[22:18:26] <les_w> I have flown hang gliders...even built one. Dmessier flys hang gliders a lot.
[22:18:45] <dmessier> he's one of ME
[22:18:52] <les_w> haha
[22:18:55] <robin_sz> I prefer parapente
[22:18:57] <dmessier> para too... ; )
[22:19:03] <robin_sz> yeah, kewl
[22:19:07] <dmessier> si
[22:19:22] <robin_sz> you should see my wifes wing ...
[22:19:25] <giacus> 9,000 metres on the everest !
[22:19:26] <dmessier> we to launch... ( no hills )
[22:19:28] <robin_sz> shes only 55kg ...
[22:19:40] <les_w> I prefer not dying....which is almost what I did when I spun my rogallo
[22:19:47] <robin_sz> yeah
[22:19:51] <giacus> :-)
[22:19:54] <dmessier> i build the BEST hg/pg winches on the planet
[22:20:04] <robin_sz> really?
[22:20:36] <dmessier> hydrostatic tension controled...
[22:20:42] <giacus> I don't have so much coragious to fly :(
[22:20:50] <robin_sz> a friend built one of those ....
[22:20:55] <giacus> but I'd live it too
[22:21:00] <giacus> love*
[22:21:02] <robin_sz> from an old Daf variomatic engine
[22:21:15] <les_w> Actually I am afraid of heights jacky
[22:21:23] <robin_sz> me too
[22:21:30] <les_w> haha
[22:21:34] <giacus> :D
[22:21:37] <dmessier> not hydraulic ENUF.... i can PUSH string at 60 KM
[22:21:40] <robin_sz> I get quite scared up a tall ladder
[22:21:51] <dmessier> or 60 Miles an hour
[22:22:01] <robin_sz> coo
[22:22:14] <robin_sz> we have hills here ...
[22:22:19] <dmessier> chk out www.uflyontario.com
[22:22:20] <les_w> can't see the ground as much in low wings...guess that's another reason I like em
[22:23:00] <dmessier> i ditched 2 glider OVER cessna's last weekend...
[22:23:13] <dmessier> we step tow...
[22:23:16] <les_w> of course, I have never seen a low wing bird.
[22:24:08] <dmessier> pull up... climb.. turn-downwind and pull out the rope again... turn-into the wind... tow higher... repeat
[22:24:15] <giacus> this is wonderful http://www.angelodarrigo.com/video_everest.htm
[22:25:33] <asdfqwega> Is quickstep in emc2, or is that strictly in the BDI-emc branch?
[22:25:58] <anonimasu> night
[22:26:04] <dmessier> I really feel like HE is my lost twin brother... thank you... i had a Perigrin falcon as a kid... and my mom would see a resemblance...
[22:26:10] <giacus> night anonimasu
[22:26:11] <asdfqwega> Ugh...my syntax
[22:27:28] <les_w> amazing film jacky
[22:27:30] <dmessier> thank you Giacus
[22:27:38] <giacus> :)
[22:27:39] <Jymmm> Man, veneered plywood is some tough stuff!
[22:28:01] <asdfqwega> I've just compiled emc2 release with axis 1.2.1, and I'm looking at configuring stuff
[22:28:09] <Jymmm> I can hear the bit yell "Help meeeeeeeeeee" every so often
[22:28:44] <dmessier> air blow... closer...
[22:29:11] <dmessier> more air.. VOLUME.. bigger hole...
[22:29:26] <dmessier> clear the chip 1st...
[22:30:19] <les_w> off to dinner...and perhaps find a tape of the original "the fly"
[22:30:41] <les_w> help meeeee no no arghhhhh
[22:30:59] <les_w> why didn't they kill the spider?
[22:31:20] <dmessier> he was on the wire
[22:31:47] <dmessier> it was the predacessor to the brown acid
[22:32:38] <K4ts> les_w: help you?
[22:32:57] <K4ts> I come
[22:33:33] <K4ts> with pistoòl
[22:33:37] <K4ts> pistol
[22:33:41] <giacus> gun
[22:34:35] <giacus> Poor spiderman , nobody likes him. He/She was attacked 2 times. D
[22:34:56] <giacus> K4ts: I suggest you go to relax a bit ..
[22:35:16] <giacus> really .. you're tired and you've to travel tomorrow :)
[22:35:18] <K4ts> eh?
[22:35:21] <K4ts> giacus?
[22:35:35] <giacus> nothing ..
[22:35:37] <giacus> :)
[22:35:56] <K4ts> you drink with me?
[22:35:59] <K4ts> ahah
[22:36:01] <giacus> I'm worried for you
[22:36:09] <giacus> stop drink now ..
[22:36:45] <giacus> really, relax :)
[22:37:07] <giacus> don't think at bad things :D
[22:38:23] <K4ts> les_w: to have dinner
[22:38:25] <K4ts> ?
[22:39:44] <asdfqwega> [looks around] This *is* #emc, right?
[22:40:28] <giacus> hahaha
[22:40:43] <giacus> asdfqwega: you're right ! it is
[22:40:49] <K4ts> asdfqwega: yes
[22:41:19] <K4ts> it is emc
[22:41:33] <giacus> K4ts: is the expert for Aeronautic, spacial
[22:41:36] <K4ts> :-)
[22:41:41] <giacus> just ask
[22:44:09] <giacus> asdfqwega: kidding ..
[22:45:19] <K4ts> kidding ? me?
[22:45:41] <giacus> no.. :( kidding.. stiamo scherzando ..
[22:45:45] <giacus> not you
[22:45:50] <dmessier> i morre drink... and i'll really be drunk... was a line of a friend of mine
[22:46:46] <dmessier> good... i guess i have to get to know her weller.. BADEST engish... on ourpose
[22:47:13] <giacus> doubts
[22:47:25] <dmessier> me too ; (
[22:47:33] <giacus> :d
[22:47:48] <dmessier> but she's a KEEPER... ; )
[22:48:11] <dmessier> i like a fight
[22:48:46] <dmessier> makes for some makin' up situations
[22:48:59] <K4ts> dmessier: vuos parlez pas en francais?
[22:49:06] <K4ts> sigh
[22:49:28] <dmessier> pour toi oui... ; )
[22:49:52] <K4ts> oh vuos etes tres gentil
[22:49:58] <dmessier> G m'aime pu
[22:50:00] <K4ts> vous
[22:50:21] <dmessier> vous..?? si
[22:50:41] <dmessier> peux
[22:50:46] <K4ts> dmessier mon oncle habite a grenoble
[22:50:58] <K4ts> tres jolie
[22:51:31] <giacus> * giacus apt-get install french-dictionary
[22:51:53] <dmessier> moi je "fait du ski"... est c'ill m'adopte??
[22:51:58] <giacus> adeilante hermano :P
[22:52:08] <giacus> ho.. missed dictionary .. wait
[22:52:58] <dmessier> les montainges.. sont des seurre perdu
[22:53:27] <K4ts> yes
[22:53:30] <K4ts> oui
[22:54:02] <K4ts> mon oncle il ya 87 ans
[22:54:05] <K4ts> ahah
[22:54:40] <dmessier> donne si 1 bec de MOI
[22:55:38] <dmessier> ma grand-mama a 88 et je l'aime come un diamant
[22:56:04] <K4ts> je suis alle a paris c est pas jolie pour moi
[22:56:47] <dmessier> commant
[22:58:01] <K4ts> c est trop caotique
[22:58:24] <K4ts> comment naples o encore de plus
[22:58:41] <dmessier> i'll mont dit a paris ... c'est pas les plus bon fracais... moi je suis canadaiens
[22:59:49] <dmessier> oui .. j'te croi
[23:02:09] <dmessier> c'et site m'excite... encore merci... dit lui
[23:04:18] <K4ts> ok
[23:05:50] <giacus> I understand 'ok'
[23:05:55] <giacus> only :(
[23:06:04] <giacus> dmessier: try this http://www.angelodarrigo.com/video_tf1.htm
[23:06:16] <giacus> sine you're able to understand it :)
[23:06:21] <giacus> since
[23:08:33] <K4ts> giacus
[23:08:36] <K4ts> smackkkkkkkkkkkk
[23:09:18] <giacus> go to bed ?
[23:09:20] <K4ts> you are great!
[23:09:29] <giacus> 1,70 cm
[23:09:39] <giacus> :D
[23:09:40] <K4ts> nahh
[23:09:55] <giacus> ok.. yeah
[23:11:03] <giacus> ops
[23:11:09] <giacus> 1,70 mt :D
[23:11:41] <giacus> K4ts: I go to bed
[23:11:50] <giacus> *_*
[23:12:08] <giacus> night all
[23:12:13] <K4ts> bye
[23:12:17] <K4ts> giacus
[23:12:21] <giacus> sorry for flooding channel ;)
[23:12:28] <giacus> eh K4ts ?
[23:12:58] <giacus> 1:13 here :/
[23:14:59] <K4ts> night all
[23:15:01] <giacus> bye
[23:18:40] <anonimasu> hm
[23:18:40] <anonimasu> iab
[23:21:09] <alex_joni> hi
[23:21:21] <anonimasu> hey
[23:21:23] <anonimasu> what's up?
[23:22:09] <alex_joni> fighting udebs
[23:31:46] <dmessier> High all
[23:32:15] <dmessier> robin_sz??
[23:33:28] <dmessier> how much parapente air you have??
[23:34:01] <alex_joni> two canisters full
[23:35:37] <dmessier> i tried that,, fired off 2 ballistic parachutes on the ground ... ; ) i do do my owntesting,..lol
[23:37:41] <dmessier> there IS a solid CHUNK of ALUminum in there 30mm dia x 75 mm long... IT WILL TRASH a wing if pointed the wrong way
[23:38:47] <dmessier> the firing mech and charge is a 12 guage primer and powder,,, firing a SLUG...
[23:39:32] <dmessier> on a pull cord.... but then again.. the WERE desighned for a cessna..
[23:42:23] <dmessier> i appreciate good video alot more when i dont get HURT in it...
[23:42:42] <anonimasu> yep
[23:43:10] <dmessier> HAROL & Kumar go to white caste was fun till the LAST landing... ; (
[23:43:30] <dmessier> during the SARS epidemic...
[23:43:51] <anonimasu> ?
[23:44:00] <dmessier> me and a friend flew the HG
[23:44:28] <dmessier> for filming... and i have a Scar....
[23:44:58] <dmessier> cus i wouldnt go to the hospital... ; )
[23:46:14] <anonimasu> why not?
[23:46:29] <alex_joni> way cooler like this..
[23:48:25] <anonimasu> lol
[23:48:27] <anonimasu> stupid
[23:48:57] <dmessier> SAR's is an upper respritory desease the killed folk's here in 2 wks
[23:49:27] <dmessier> i needed 3-5 stitches.... i did it MSELF...
[23:50:13] <dmessier> the hospitals were where the sick folk were..
[23:50:46] <anonimasu> ah
[23:51:23] <dmessier> come in the house at 11:00 pm.. told the wife to look away... i got busted up....
[23:52:01] <dmessier> she thought i was to and back from emerg already... WRONGO...
[23:52:34] <anonimasu> * anonimasu did something like that once
[23:53:10] <dmessier> i drove 75 miles home to get finished up... --- taped her up.. i have a bird lookin scar over my eye noy..
[23:53:28] <dmessier> now...
[23:53:45] <alex_joni> bet it gives you an one-eye-pirate look :))
[23:53:59] <dmessier> its my H & K scar.. or so my daughter calls it
[23:54:28] <dmessier> only 1 " long... 1/2 " wings... LOL
[23:56:28] <dmessier> we ran in on final in a 5 km downwind.... and glided... and glided..... and adjusted... and glided.... and finally... i had to flare... we were in 1 M tall grass
[23:57:01] <dmessier> POOF FART...FLOP
[23:57:26] <dmessier> we're ok... but we need aluminum