#emc | Logs for 2005-12-19

[00:00:13] <Jacky^> sleep ? its a big problem ?
[00:00:51] <Jacky^> First Berlusconi then Buttiglione have declared themselves without the power to force Fazio to resign.
[00:00:55] <K4ts> he never plays
[00:01:01] <Jacky^> We have a Government of impotents, but I hadn't expected them to come out and tell us this.
[00:01:04] <Jacky^> hahahaha
[00:02:17] <Jacky^> K4ts: yesterday I posted beppe grillo's blog url
[00:02:42] <K4ts> http://www.live8live.com/it/
[00:02:54] <Jacky^> they do not know our first seoursly funny person
[00:02:56] <Jacky^> :)
[00:04:56] <K4ts> messo firma?
[00:04:57] <Jacky^> for who want to know what gates sayd when comes in milan, please read here http://www.beppegrillo.it/eng/2005/10/bill_the_fish_that_believes_ev.html#comments
[00:05:08] <K4ts> per live 8?
[00:05:10] <Jacky^> K4ts: ive not so much money :/
[00:05:17] <Jacky^> I know its a good thing
[00:05:33] <K4ts> non si deve comprare nulla
[00:05:35] <Jacky^> for the next donation I was thinking wikipedia
[00:05:44] <Jacky^> K4ts: just a firm ?
[00:05:47] <K4ts> si
[00:05:51] <Jacky^> ok, readyyyy then :D
[00:06:11] <Jacky^> let me understand ..
[00:06:35] <K4ts> memorabilità
[00:06:39] <K4ts> devi cliccare
[00:06:46] <K4ts> e poi mettere solo email tua
[00:06:52] <Jacky^> si ma cosa G8 ?
[00:07:00] <K4ts> i politici
[00:07:07] <K4ts> che si riuniscono mai sentiti
[00:07:30] <Jacky^> uh, i never heard that
[00:07:44] <Jacky^> ok, i will read it ;)
[00:07:50] <K4ts> per la povertà nel mondo
[00:07:58] <K4ts> e poi invece mangiano tutti i soldi
[00:08:10] <Jacky^> oh .. but thers no problem for that
[00:08:52] <Jacky^> gates is helping these peoples and country
[00:08:59] <Jacky^> K4ts: youre not updated
[00:09:13] <Jacky^> you dont know.. hes helping china
[00:09:17] <Jacky^> for example
[00:11:10] <Jacky^> K4ts: I do not read news every day
[00:11:30] <Jacky^> I just know gates is sending computer all over the world
[00:11:45] <Jacky^> with his very good OS installed
[00:11:49] <Jacky^> :)
[00:11:57] <K4ts> qui parliamo di ben peggio
[00:12:03] <K4ts> povertà
[00:12:11] <K4ts> milioni di persone
[00:12:16] <K4ts> che come me o te
[00:12:21] <K4ts> invece muoiono
[00:12:29] <K4ts> di fame davvero
[00:13:31] <Jacky^> oh.. this is sad
[00:13:37] <K4ts> http://www.live8live.com/videos/index.shtml
[00:13:45] <Jacky^> sad sad situation
[00:14:49] <Jacky^> but K4ts we are in another dimension
[00:15:09] <Jacky^> what we can do ?
[00:16:04] <K4ts> not only words
[00:16:14] <Jacky^> what ?
[00:16:48] <Jacky^> you believe in the net ?
[00:16:58] <Jacky^> :)
[00:17:03] <Jacky^> how much ?
[00:17:33] <K4ts> there are adoptions to been able to do also to distance
[00:18:07] <Jacky^> uhm .. i dont believe in these methods
[00:18:21] <Jacky^> i want to be sure my money will go there*
[00:18:30] <Jacky^> and my help
[00:19:15] <K4ts> euro costs less than 24 at the month
[00:19:32] <Jacky^> thats what peoples dont believe
[00:19:43] <Jacky^> peoples dont believe in long distance
[00:20:06] <Jacky^> peoples think tehy loss money in that way
[00:20:19] <Jacky^> and peoples who need get no help
[00:20:57] <Jacky^> so .. what we really need
[00:21:01] <K4ts> would you throw of cicarettes or magazines
[00:21:03] <K4ts> ?
[00:21:04] <Jacky^> is the knowledge
[00:21:13] <Jacky^> we need to be informed
[00:21:33] <Jacky^> from peoples who live in that countries
[00:21:43] <Jacky^> information is the power..
[00:21:47] <K4ts> mah
[00:21:53] <K4ts> si si la rete
[00:21:56] <K4ts> e intanto
[00:21:58] <Jacky^> :)
[00:22:01] <K4ts> la gente muore cmq
[00:22:07] <K4ts> nonostante la rete1
[00:22:15] <Jacky^> yes .. its sad but true
[00:22:29] <K4ts> :-(
[00:22:37] <Jacky^> you know why we are in this war ?
[00:22:55] <K4ts> tu almeno sopravvivi però
[00:23:03] <K4ts> loro no
[00:23:07] <Jacky^> for years the world forget the problems around irak
[00:23:13] <Jacky^> that why
[00:23:35] <Jacky^> as now, we are forgetting the problems around other countries
[00:23:49] <Jacky^> is exactly the same thing !
[00:23:51] <Jacky^> hehe
[00:27:06] <K4ts> cmq nighttttttt
[00:30:59] <Jacky^> the part I like is
[00:31:05] <Jacky^> PS: Windows is celebrating its 20 th birthday. Windows is proprietary software owned by Microsoft and its diffusion has made Gates rich.
[00:31:08] <Jacky^> But proprietary software won\u2019t last another 20 years, maybe not even 10.
[00:31:11] <Jacky^> The alternative is open source, that is software made available over the Internet for free. One of these is called Linux . Use it instead of Windows just as I have decided to do.
[00:32:25] <Jacky^> this, from a person who dnot understand nothing about computers !
[00:32:42] <Jacky^> he just understood how the world is going
[00:34:03] <Jacky^> Grillo was the person that some years ago it was crashing a computer with an hammer at the end of his show
[00:34:41] <Jacky^> after he has discovered the net he totally changed his hopinion abut the net an computers
[00:34:58] <Jacky^> that why the world can change ! damn it
[00:40:30] <Jacky^> s /crashing /destroyng
[00:40:32] <Jacky^> :P
[02:03:56] <CIA-6> 03jmkasunich * 10emc2/configs/stepper/README:
[02:03:56] <CIA-6> Added some blank lines in README so it will display better. (setupconfig.tcl
[02:03:56] <CIA-6> strips single newlines, so that it can wordwrap a paragraph to fit the window.
[02:03:56] <CIA-6> Double newlines (blank lines between paragraphs) are left alone.
[02:56:55] <Jacky^> night
[02:57:03] <Jacky^> Jacky^ is now known as Jacky^afk
[05:32:33] <CIA-6> 03paul_c * 10emc2-auto/wiki/ (9 files in 7 dirs): "Auto update wiki from a cron job. Mon Dec 19 05:30:01 GMT 2005 "
[07:45:07] <K`zan> cradek: ?
[08:52:57] <K`zan> Night all
[09:48:16] <Jacky^> morning
[14:02:21] <fenn> this trochoidal toolpath stuff seems like a bunch of crap
[14:03:14] <cradek> morning
[14:03:20] <fenn> good morning to you too :)
[14:07:31] <alex_joni> morning guys
[14:09:03] <cradek> hi alex, les
[14:09:12] <les_w> morning
[14:09:53] <les_w> still have not fixed bad neutral...running the computer on 96vac is iffy
[14:10:36] <les_w> repair crews are busy from ice storm
[14:14:41] <anonimasu> hi
[14:16:21] <skunkworks> alex - that didn't help. I still have to set the default accelleration to the slowest axis and then that is used for all.
[14:16:51] <skunkworks> I will do a bug report at sf
[14:18:47] <alex_joni> skunkworks: ok
[14:18:56] <alex_joni> * alex_joni goes home..
[14:18:59] <alex_joni> later guys
[14:36:15] <jepler> cradek: I checked in that change to show when a file exceeds limits
[14:36:52] <jepler> it's still colored pink and less pink
[14:37:23] <cradek> cool, I'll test
[14:39:09] <cradek> it's spewing "position changes 0"
[14:39:22] <cradek> spew spew spew
[14:40:27] <cradek> oh, that's mine, sorry
[14:40:31] <cradek> duh
[14:49:11] <jepler> cradek: leaving in debug statements is a favorite mistake of mine to
[14:49:12] <jepler> o
[14:49:33] <cradek> do you then blame it on someone else?
[14:49:56] <jepler> at least sometimes
[14:50:01] <jepler> it could be a CVS bug too
[15:27:02] <fenn> hey websys, you there?
[15:27:38] <skunkworks> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1385242&group_id=6744&atid=106744
[15:27:51] <fenn> i had a question regarding how synergy synchronizes two toolpaths
[15:27:57] <fenn> but now i forget what it was
[15:28:51] <fenn> well, first of all, what g-code do you use?
[15:29:48] <skunkworks> are you talking to me - fenn?
[15:29:50] <fenn> like Mxx (wait) and Mxy (sync)
[15:29:57] <fenn> skunkworks: no, sorry
[15:30:00] <skunkworks> no problem
[15:30:17] <fenn> was hoping websys might look at his screen once in a while
[15:30:42] <skunkworks> ;) he is in my state - maybe I could yell at him.
[15:31:11] <fenn> you could build a sub-orbital potato launcher and knock on his door
[15:31:58] <SWP_Away> if you say websys a lot, then websys may hear a beep, if websys' machine is set up fro that ;)
[15:32:14] <skunkworks> potato launchers - that is another subject to get lost on. (if you need a good igniter design - I have one) ;)
[15:33:15] <SWP_Away> I'd take a low-tech "Funnelator" over a high-tech rocket tube thing
[15:33:27] <SWP_Away> as long as I have a sturdy window frame ;)
[15:33:55] <fenn> you lost me on that one
[15:34:24] <SWP_Away> a funnelator is aactually a water-balloon launcher (though potatoes can also work)
[15:34:48] <SWP_Away> when I was in college, one balloon was launched 5 blocks
[15:35:35] <SWP_Away> I think that was a 3-stage design - big rubber bands hooked to the window frame, with a funnel at the end ;)
[15:35:43] <fenn> ah..
[15:36:11] <skunkworks> cool
[15:36:14] <SWP_Away> only they used some of the medical "exercise band" for one stage - I'm not sure what the others were
[15:36:41] <SWP_Away> they had to pull it through the dorm room, across the hall, and into the next room to get that kind of launch though
[15:36:56] <fenn> how many g's can a water balloon take?
[15:37:19] <SWP_Away> I'm not sure - it would have been interesting to put an accelerometer in the funnel ;)
[16:13:24] <cradek> hi all
[16:13:41] <cradek> if I'm converting an ini from inch to mm, what do I do with PIDFF and MIN/MAX_OUTPUT?
[16:13:53] <cradek> when I multiply them all by 25.4 I don't get a working config
[16:14:03] <fenn> you shouldnt do anything to them..
[16:14:18] <cradek> well, I tried that first, it doesn't work
[16:14:28] <cradek> when I g0x1, the actual position takes a minute to get to 1mm
[16:14:48] <cradek> when I change P from 1 to 25.4 it gets better but is still way too slow (following errors)
[16:15:05] <cradek> so then I multiplied MIN/MAX_OUTPUT too, but I get amplifier faults
[16:20:19] <fenn> cradek: does it take exactly one minute?
[16:20:24] <cradek> no
[16:20:32] <cradek> it takes "quite a while"
[16:21:23] <cradek> I set P=600 and it still moves slowly
[16:21:28] <cradek> so I don't think it's a matter of just P
[16:23:08] <fenn> i think accelerations are defined in "units/second^2" so 20mm/sec^2 would be pretty slow
[16:23:27] <fenn> have you changed accelerations to match?
[16:23:36] <cradek> yes, vel is 30 and accel is 533
[16:24:48] <cradek> I'm working with emc1 sim.ini for AXIS testing
[16:24:57] <fenn> wanna post it somewhere? it might just be a dumb mistake somewhere
[16:25:04] <cradek> I multiplied the existing values by 25.4
[16:27:29] <cradek> http://timeguy.com/cradek/emc
[16:27:33] <cradek> in-mm.diff is the diff
[16:27:38] <cradek> sim.ini and mm-sim.ini are the files
[16:29:17] <cradek> I think y and z scales are wrong, but that's not the problem
[16:32:23] <fenn> dont you need to fiddle with output scale too?
[16:32:27] <fenn> this is a simulated servo, right?
[16:33:23] <cradek> yes simulated servo
[16:33:45] <cradek> I'll try fiddling output_scale
[16:34:29] <fenn> on most .ini's i've seen they are the same
[16:34:33] <cradek> no, if anything that made it worse
[16:34:45] <cradek> as you can see it started input=1000 output=1
[16:35:07] <fenn> * fenn looks up what output_scale does
[16:35:34] <cradek> beware this is emc1
[16:36:37] <fenn> ok input scale is in counts/unit
[16:36:50] <fenn> so 25400 counts/mm is more resolution than 1000 counts/in
[16:37:33] <fenn> and you had an extra zero in there :)
[16:38:21] <cradek> then should input scale be 1000/25.4?
[16:38:51] <fenn> yeah
[16:39:51] <cradek> hmmm still not right
[16:39:58] <cradek> the position flies away
[16:40:49] <fenn> try setting PID back to what it was before
[16:41:23] <cradek> it still flies around...
[16:41:57] <fenn> you set FF back to .077?
[16:42:02] <cradek> yes
[16:42:07] <fenn> hmm
[16:42:28] <cradek> I wonder if any of these other things are /unit instead of *unit
[16:42:29] <fenn> where does it get the simulated values from anyway?
[16:42:37] <cradek> I have nfc
[16:43:37] <jepler> is this a good time to wonder aloud why homing doesn't work right in the simulator unless the axis is already at zero? (following error)
[16:43:41] <jepler> if it's not, I can do it later.
[16:43:51] <cradek> jepler: :-P
[16:44:46] <cradek> jepler: this is sort of good enough to make me kind of confident about your changes
[16:44:53] <fenn> jepler: that's because it's borked
[16:44:56] <cradek> jepler: if I can't jog, though, it's kind of hard to test
[16:45:18] <cradek> Sed_: hi! how's your stg?
[16:46:02] <Sed_> I just got in, havent had time to mess with it all weekend, last I tried the software was running but not talking to the servo's
[16:46:13] <fenn> mosaic.. wasn't that obsoleted by netscape? :)
[16:46:59] <Sed_> Maui Optical And Scientific Insturment Company
[16:47:08] <Sed_> to erly to spell
[16:47:25] <Sed_> we build telescopes
[16:47:30] <Sed_> and other optics
[16:47:35] <fenn> cool
[16:47:39] <Sed_> we use the CNC for the mecanical
[16:47:58] <cradek> sounds like very interesting work
[16:48:06] <fenn> i've always wanted to make some gyroscopically stabilized binoculars
[16:48:22] <cradek> Sed_: http://www.frappr.com/emctheenhancedmachinecontroller
[16:48:31] <Sed_> sounds like a cool idea
[16:53:25] <Sed_> so how many peopole use the stg with emc2?
[16:53:35] <cradek> counting you?
[16:54:00] <Sed_> heh I guess, but I only aspire to use it atm...
[16:54:05] <cradek> probably very few so far
[16:54:23] <fenn> i know of at least one other
[16:54:27] <fenn> :)
[16:54:34] <cradek> stg support in emc2 is pretty new.
[16:54:46] <Sed_> what is the servo card of choice?
[16:55:30] <cradek> I guess I don't know
[16:55:50] <cradek> I think stg is the "venerable" emc-supported card
[16:56:02] <cradek> I know les uses stg on his big router
[16:56:46] <fenn> Sed_: you get at least a 10X update rate improvement if you use a PCI servo card like Vital or Motenc
[16:57:05] <cradek> I think you should ask les that question sometime
[16:57:05] <Sed_> we have a 4th axis Maho MC500 that the other machinest converted
[16:57:44] <Sed_> if we convert another machine we are going to use a PCI card
[16:58:24] <Sed_> do any of the PCI cards use a single connector out the back to some kind of break out box??
[16:58:43] <Sed_> I guess a USB solution would be cool at some point...heh
[16:58:45] <fenn> i think most of them do
[16:58:52] <fenn> USB has crappy latency
[16:59:12] <Sed_> SCSI??
[16:59:14] <fenn> you could talk to a microcontroller over USB
[16:59:18] <Sed_> Ethernet??
[16:59:26] <fenn> there's been some work on realtime ethernet
[16:59:43] <Sed_> doped kite string?
[16:59:45] <fenn> heh
[16:59:59] <fenn> smoke signals
[17:00:14] <cradek> IDE? PS/2 auxiliary device?
[17:00:22] <cradek> vga?
[17:00:29] <Sed_> its hard to find a decent MB/CPU with an ISA slot, then a case to fit a full length card..
[17:01:10] <cradek> * cradek looks around at his piles of computers
[17:01:29] <Sed_> I cant count how many I have thrown away
[17:01:56] <Sed_> so what files do I have to muck with in order to get my servo's working.
[17:02:20] <fenn> well, the config files have changed a lot recently
[17:02:24] <cradek> what's the symptom now?
[17:02:43] <cradek> I think last time you were working on getting the amps enabled
[17:02:46] <cradek> did you get that working?
[17:03:05] <Sed_> porgram starts, but does not talk to the servo's, in emc1 when I turned the software to "ON" I would hear them hum..
[17:03:11] <fenn> are you using a recent version of emc2? (less than a couple weeks old?)
[17:03:26] <Sed_> fenn yes cvsuped on friday
[17:03:37] <cradek> fenn: alex worked with him for some hours friday
[17:03:49] <Sed_> yea alex is very cool
[17:03:52] <cradek> fenn: his ini is probably close to correct, maybe some hal stuff is not right yet
[17:03:55] <fenn> ok just wondering what config files i should be looking at
[17:04:19] <cradek> fenn: Sed_ has IO on a parport but the stg config for emc2 has IO on the stg
[17:04:42] <fenn> well, that should be easy enough
[17:04:48] <cradek> Sed_: alex will probably check in soon...
[17:05:13] <Sed_> we started changing stuff from the stg to PP
[17:05:21] <cradek> Sed_: do you know which parport pin/pins enable your amps?
[17:05:48] <Sed_> no, I didn not build the macine, Terry our other machinist did..
[17:06:02] <Sed_> He will be in soon
[17:06:13] <cradek> maybe we can figure it out from your old ini
[17:06:16] <Sed_> He has the years of CNC experiance, Im a Unix hack
[17:06:34] <Sed_> I should post it online
[17:06:36] <cradek> it's good to have both kinds of folks
[17:06:46] <cradek> yeah please do that
[17:07:08] <Sed_> I have been working with BSD since 1993 Linux for about a year
[17:07:56] <cradek> I also do both bsd and linux (and others), for about the same time
[17:08:29] <fenn> * fenn was still in diapers in 1993
[17:08:36] <cradek> haha
[17:09:02] <fenn> i was surfing the web though :P
[17:09:11] <cradek> well I was surprisingly young then too
[17:13:21] <Sed_> ok http://puga.mauibuilt.com/emc
[17:13:35] <Sed_> brb
[17:14:42] <fenn> i'm wondering if it's really a good idea to have io's on the parallel port
[17:15:05] <cradek> what's wrong with that?
[17:15:43] <fenn> well, for one it just seems kinda wonky
[17:15:58] <cradek> already wired up and working >> wonkyness
[17:16:07] <cradek> this is the point of hal, remember?
[17:16:17] <fenn> i really dont have any firm technical ground to stand on
[17:16:42] <cradek> hmm, I don't see what specifies the amp enable pins
[17:16:48] <cradek> maybe that comes from the stg...?
[17:17:01] <fenn> i think it is in bridgeportio or some such
[17:17:27] <cradek> I mean in the emc1 ini there's no _INDEX for amp enable
[17:17:39] <Sed_> re
[17:18:40] <Sed_> Bridgeportio sounds familiar
[17:18:57] <cradek> yes, you were using bridgeportio in emc1
[17:19:42] <Sed_> so that is not enabled in hal, or whereever it needs to be in emc2?
[17:21:12] <cradek> well my thinking is that we have to figure out what emc1 did, then tell hal to do that
[17:21:33] <Sed_> sounds good
[17:22:37] <cradek> this can't be your emc.ini
[17:22:41] <cradek> it has EMCMOT=freqmod
[17:23:17] <cradek> it looks like amp enable for stg is on the stg card, not the parport
[17:23:31] <Sed_> sorry I put that in there mucking with BDI
[17:23:31] <fenn> hmm where do you see that?
[17:23:51] <cradek> in emc.ini
[17:24:16] <cradek> Sed_: is emc.ini the old working ini from emc1 (except for that change?)
[17:24:27] <Sed_> yea
[17:24:30] <cradek> ah ok
[17:24:36] <Sed_> I just uploaded emc.ini.terry
[17:24:43] <Sed_> that is totaly unchanged
[17:24:59] <Sed_> although all I chaned was that single line
[17:25:07] <cradek> and stg.ini is the new one that you and alex were working on?
[17:25:15] <Sed_> its what the BDI install was complaining about
[17:25:32] <Sed_> yes stg.ini is what alex built for me
[17:25:59] <cradek> so now you can come out of estop but machine on doesn't do anything, right?
[17:26:22] <Sed_> yea, estop was looped back by alex
[17:26:31] <Sed_> in one of the .ini files
[17:27:08] <Sed_> so I guess it does not come out of estop on its own. we had to rig it..
[17:27:34] <Sed_> software anyway, the machine is how it was with EMC1
[17:27:37] <cradek> yeah that's probably a parport issue
[17:28:19] <Sed_> sound like if I get the parport working it may work
[17:28:34] <cradek> no, amp enables come from the stg card, not the parport
[17:29:24] <fenn> hmmmm
[17:29:24] <fenn> ./emcmot/stg_v2_axis8.c: 00 X amp enable P1/15
[17:29:24] <fenn> ./emcmot/stg_v2_axis8.c: 01 Y amp enable P1/13
[17:29:24] <fenn> ./emcmot/stg_v2_axis8.c: 02 Z amp enable P1/11
[17:29:24] <fenn> ./emcmot/stg_v2_axis8.c: 03 U amp enable P1/9
[17:29:24] <fenn> ./emcmot/stg_v2_axis8.c: 04 V amp enable P1/7
[17:29:26] <fenn> ./emcmot/stg_v2_axis8.c: 05 W amp enable P1/5
[17:29:29] <cradek> I think stg_io.hal has enables configured as for a stg1 card
[17:30:26] <Sed_> I have the pinouts of the card printed out, fenn that looks right
[17:30:47] <cradek> linksp Xenable => stg.out-00
[17:30:47] <cradek> linksp Yenable => stg.out-01
[17:30:47] <cradek> linksp Zenable => stg.out-02
[17:30:54] <cradek> linksp Aenable => stg.out-03
[17:30:54] <cradek> this seems right then?
[17:31:28] <fenn> cradek: that's already in his .hal file
[17:31:38] <Sed_> I dont understand how stg.out-00 is P1/15
[17:31:48] <fenn> Sed_: are those pins on the stg or the parallel port?
[17:32:17] <Sed_> on the stg
[17:33:03] <cradek> amp enables are "port C" whatever that means
[17:35:55] <Sed_> maybe should be port A to corrispond with P1????
[17:36:26] <fenn> cradek where do you see "port C"?
[17:36:38] <cradek> stgAmpEnable in the emc1 source
[17:36:58] <cradek> RawDOPort(&theStg, axis, (unsigned char) enable, 2); /* 2 is port C */
[17:37:14] <SWPadnos> it's probably an 8255 for the I/O
[17:37:29] <cradek> yeah
[17:38:34] <SWPadnos> yep - it is
[17:40:49] <cradek> wait a sec
[17:40:59] <cradek> are we missing "newsig Xenable" etc?
[17:41:13] <SWPadnos> shouild be in core_servo, I think
[17:41:23] <cradek> oh, ok
[17:41:40] <cradek> yeah
[17:41:41] <SWPadnos> yep - they're in there
[17:42:05] <SWPadnos> but not connected to any hardware, just between the axes and the pids
[17:44:43] <cradek> I think those should be stg.out-16 through stg.out-19
[17:45:58] <fenn> maybe
[17:46:07] <fenn> couldn't hurt to try
[17:46:08] <cradek> the instructions aren't very clear...
[17:46:19] <cradek> Sed_: can you try that?
[17:47:20] <Sed_> what lines do I change?
[17:47:37] <cradek> linksp Xenable => stg.out-00
[17:47:37] <cradek> linksp Yenable => stg.out-01
[17:47:37] <cradek> linksp Zenable => stg.out-02
[17:47:38] <cradek> linksp Aenable => stg.out-03
[17:47:45] <cradek> change the 00..03 to 16..19
[17:47:53] <cradek> in stg_io.hal
[17:47:59] <Sed_> ok
[17:48:37] <fenn> wait, shouldn't it be x->15 y->13 z->11 ?
[17:49:47] <Sed_> and A->09??
[17:50:05] <fenn> yeah
[17:50:20] <cradek> I don't think so
[17:50:23] <SWPadnos> are those pin numbers or output bits?
[17:50:38] <fenn> those are pin numbers on the physical connector
[17:50:50] <cradek> I don't think that's what these numbers represent
[17:51:00] <fenn> or so i imagined
[17:51:09] <Sed_> I can try both
[17:51:15] <SWPadnos> right - the parport is the only HAL driver I know of that uses the actual pin number
[17:51:29] <cradek> I think we should try 16..19
[17:52:17] <fenn> sed try setp stg.out-0* TRUE
[17:52:23] <fenn> (did i do that right?)
[17:52:24] <anonimasu> * anonimasu jumps up and down
[17:52:26] <SWPadnos> nope
[17:52:29] <anonimasu> now for the bloody ballscrews to arrive.
[17:52:30] <fenn> but hal doesn't have *'s eithre
[17:52:30] <SWPadnos> no wildcards ;)
[17:53:26] <fenn> it's gotta be one of those darn pins
[17:53:47] <Sed_> HAL: ERROR: pin 'stg.out-16' not found
[17:53:59] <fenn> ok
[17:54:00] <cradek> crap
[17:54:15] <cradek> answers that then
[17:54:17] <fenn> i bet it only goes to 7
[17:54:27] <fenn> the rest of the pins are ground?
[17:54:29] <cradek> there are two input and two output ports
[17:54:37] <cradek> bits 0..15 for both
[17:54:53] <cradek> I thought we should try this because ports AB are in and CD are out
[17:54:59] <cradek> and we want to set the first bits of port C
[17:55:22] <Sed_> it started with 15 13 11 9
[17:55:33] <fenn> mwahahaha
[17:55:39] <Sed_> iniaxis.cc 637: can't find [AXIS_1] MAX_ACCELERATION, using default
[17:55:40] <Sed_> iniaxis.cc 637: can't find [AXIS_2] MAX_ACCELERATION, using default
[17:55:41] <Sed_> iniaxis.cc 637: can't find [AXIS_3] MAX_ACCELERATION, using default
[17:55:50] <Sed_> says that in boot msg
[17:56:04] <cradek> that's ok, it will use the TRAJ value
[17:56:17] <cradek> you can copy that value to the AXIS sections to eliminate the warnings
[17:56:57] <fenn> so why are the enables on the wrong pins in the .ini? has anyone actually tested the driver yet?
[17:57:10] <cradek> after more looking, it seems right the way it was
[17:57:23] <cradek> I'm off to lunch now
[17:57:27] <cradek> be back in an hour
[17:57:30] <cradek> I hope alex pops in :-)
[17:57:31] <fenn> blarg
[17:57:38] <fenn> i hope he figures out what the problem was
[17:57:58] <fenn> it's his driver after all
[17:58:05] <Sed_> emcTaskIssueCommand() returning: 0
[17:58:07] <Sed_> joint 2 following error
[17:58:07] <Sed_> taskintf.cc 787: Error on axis 2, command number 112
[17:58:07] <SWPadnos> there are only 8 inputs and 8 outputs exported by the driver (if it's the hal_stg driver)
[17:58:36] <SWPadnos> I don't see a separate STG2 source file
[17:58:45] <fenn> right the differences between stg1 and stg2 are minor
[17:59:46] <SWPadnos> ok - nevermind - there are 32 bits exported, just in groups of 8 (looked at too low a level)
[18:00:07] <fenn> Sed_: the following errors are probably because the acceleration isnt set right
[18:01:50] <Sed_> should I try changing that or is it still al hal issue?
[18:02:07] <Sed_> al=a
[18:02:14] <fenn> hal is looking for an ini variable [AXIS_1] MAX_ACCELERATION but it can't find it
[18:02:22] <fenn> because it's not there ;)
[18:02:47] <Sed_> what file does that go in?
[18:02:53] <Sed_> stg.ini?
[18:02:53] <fenn> emc.ini
[18:02:56] <fenn> yeah
[18:04:01] <fenn> you might have to do some tuning to figure out what the max accel actually is for each axis
[18:04:38] <SWPadnos> whatever_you_call_it.ini - probably stg.ini, in your case
[18:04:51] <SWPadnos> as long as all the infor is in one ini file, you're all set
[18:04:54] <SWPadnos> info
[18:06:36] <Sed_> yea that stopped the error
[18:06:53] <Sed_> but that probably does not have anythin to do whit the amps not working riht??
[18:07:36] <SWPadnos> where are the enables connected again? (I thought there was discussion about the parport)
[18:08:09] <Sed_> I thought in core servo
[18:08:20] <Sed_> could be wrong
[18:08:23] <SWPadnos> no, I mean on the actual machine
[18:08:26] <Sed_> oh
[18:08:31] <SWPadnos> :)
[18:09:21] <Sed_> to the card itself
[18:09:40] <Sed_> P1/1,13,11,9 ect
[18:09:41] <SWPadnos> ok - just making sure ;)
[18:10:45] <Sed_> well I have to put some time into putting EMC1 on another HD, Im getting pressured to start making parts again
[18:11:22] <SWPadnos> check back every once in a while - I'm sure Alex can help you
[18:11:33] <Sed_> once I get the machine working again I can switch back and forth, I realy want to get EMC2 up
[18:11:44] <Sed_> yea I will, thanks for the help so far!!!!!!!!
[18:12:06] <SWPadnos> what help? I mean, sure - no problem ;)
[18:12:17] <Sed_> heh.. TTL
[18:22:30] <fenn> poor guy.. has to make telescope parts in hawaii all day
[18:22:41] <fenn> mwahahaha
[18:22:55] <SWPadnos> it's atough life
[18:23:17] <SWPadnos> though getting up the mountain to install them is actually a trek
[18:27:31] <les_w> power back on!
[18:27:58] <les_w> squirrels half chewed through neutral.
[18:29:06] <fenn> les have you tried using emc2 yet?
[18:29:09] <SWPadnos> if they had made it, the sentence would be "half squirrels - chewed through neutral" ;)
[18:29:44] <fenn> we were just trying to get someone's stg set up
[18:30:39] <les_w> I'm still rewiring the control system
[18:30:51] <les_w> but took off work since the power was off
[18:31:16] <les_w> tearing up hedgerows with tractortoy. No jellow jackets now!
[18:32:18] <SWPadnos> careful - they recognize faces
[18:32:20] <les_w> the 20 mm wire diameter is making some hassles for me on the cnc
[18:34:35] <fenn> SWP_Away: can you think of any reason not to put the amps right next to the motors? (to reduce EMI)
[18:35:10] <fenn> sorry that might not have been clear
[18:35:30] <SWPadnos> I think I get the question
[18:35:51] <fenn> 100W servos
[18:36:02] <fenn> mosfets.. 24V DC bus
[18:36:07] <SWPadnos> I'm not sure if that's much better - you still have long antennas with current spikes on them, though the spikes are lower current
[18:36:22] <fenn> but cant you put capacitors to smooth the spikes on the bus?
[18:36:25] <SWPadnos> but then you also have much longer logic wires sitting next to the longer supply wires
[18:36:35] <fenn> put capacitors inside the motor casing
[18:36:49] <les_w> I do a 20 foot run to z
[18:36:49] <SWPadnos> you'd need some pretty beefy caps, I think
[18:36:54] <les_w> 1600 watt
[18:36:59] <les_w> no big problem
[18:37:17] <SWPadnos> you should ask a jmk-like person though, power transmission was my least favorite subject :)
[18:37:21] <fenn> SWP_Away: gotta put the caps somewhere
[18:37:33] <fenn> who's this SWP_Away guy anyway
[18:37:43] <SWPadnos> les_w: 20 feet from the power supply to the drive, or 20 feet from the drive to the motor?
[18:37:55] <SWPadnos> he's my Windows alter-ego
[18:38:08] <fenn> the evil twin
[18:38:09] <les_w> yeah jmk would know. I think many VFDs would not like capacitive loads
[18:38:23] <SWPadnos> this isn't spindle, ot's for sservos (or steppers)
[18:38:25] <SWPadnos> it/s
[18:38:32] <SWPadnos> it's
[18:38:39] <SWPadnos> yeah - that's it
[18:38:46] <les_w> 20 feet from the drive to the servo motor
[18:39:13] <fenn> you're running in shielded cabling for encoders and power right?
[18:39:22] <les_w> unshielded 14/2
[18:39:23] <fenn> or is only one shielded?
[18:39:53] <les_w> cables for encoders and switches arw shielded...encoders are differential
[18:39:56] <les_w> but
[18:40:02] <les_w> switches are ttl
[18:40:13] <les_w> and I have had z false trip
[18:40:16] <anonimasu> hey
[18:40:19] <les_w> going to 24v now
[18:40:23] <anonimasu> les_w: how's stuff going?
[18:40:36] <anonimasu> hm that should eleminate the EMI..
[18:40:42] <anonimasu> err the trouble with it
[18:40:42] <les_w> ok. electric power is better now,
[18:41:00] <les_w> before 95/135v
[18:41:11] <les_w> now 120/112
[18:41:58] <anonimasu> :)
[18:42:13] <anonimasu> I am still waiting for the ballscrews to land
[18:42:14] <anonimasu> :/
[18:42:18] <les_w> anyway, a lot of wires to stuff in the cnc conduit
[18:42:22] <les_w> let's see
[18:42:48] <anonimasu> I am drawing up the PLC stuff now :)
[18:43:58] <les_w> 3 6 conductor encoder, +5, +24, 3 limit buss, 3 home, 20mm 240 3 phase spindle, 240 single phase fan, thermistor twisted pair
[18:44:22] <anonimasu> I havent decided how I should wire it up..
[18:44:22] <anonimasu> the ESTOP stuff
[18:44:22] <les_w> and air
[18:44:57] <les_w> I am rewiring my estop to the vfd
[18:45:27] <les_w> in an estop it's good to let the motor coast
[18:45:31] <anonimasu> coast?
[18:45:57] <anonimasu> I'll be getting a brake for the mill later..
[18:46:04] <fenn> why let the motor coast?
[18:46:10] <les_w> yeah. Better if it turns a while in something like a ferror event
[18:46:10] <anonimasu> hm no
[18:46:18] <anonimasu> what does the term coast mean..
[18:46:20] <les_w> otherwise it's a wood splitter
[18:46:33] <anonimasu> that's a different kind of estop ;)
[18:46:42] <les_w> coast= remove power but no brake
[18:46:52] <anonimasu> hm ok..
[18:47:07] <les_w> here's a problem:
[18:47:20] <anonimasu> les will you be here for a while?
[18:47:28] <anonimasu> I need to go microwave some food..
[18:47:33] <anonimasu> i'll be back while eating
[18:47:45] <les_w> emc controls the vfd but do I trust spindle off commands while I change tools?
[18:48:04] <les_w> not a good feeling
[18:48:21] <les_w> and a switch between vfd and motor is a bad idea too
[18:48:35] <fenn> a three phase switch?
[18:49:08] <fenn> does the spindle have a brake?
[18:49:11] <les_w> not recommended for any switching between vfd and load
[18:49:27] <les_w> vfd brakes the spindle
[18:49:37] <les_w> if so programmed
[18:49:37] <fenn> guess thats a no
[18:50:20] <les_w> only safe thing I can think of is another control wire back to the vfd
[18:50:32] <les_w> removing power with a contactor
[18:50:57] <les_w> no physical brake fenn...just electrodynamic braking
[18:51:26] <les_w> or
[18:51:29] <fenn> why not a switch between the vfd and spindle? it should be off anyway
[18:51:29] <les_w> a watchdog
[18:51:49] <fenn> better the vfd sees a voltage spike than your hand gets ripped off
[18:51:58] <les_w> fenn: if the contacts fail it will pop the vfd
[18:52:02] <les_w> phone
[18:52:55] <les_w> huh...call from india...some domain name thing..."registration"
[18:53:00] <les_w> hung up on em.
[18:53:10] <Jacky^> hello
[18:53:18] <les_w> hi jacky
[18:53:59] <les_w> so fenn how can I do this without another conrtol wire in the conduit
[18:54:07] <anonimasu> les_w: yeah electrodynamic is the way to go
[18:54:40] <fenn> les_w: put a pin in the spindle?
[18:54:51] <les_w> hmm
[18:55:01] <les_w> yeah possible
[18:55:18] <anonimasu> hm use a plc to control it..
[18:55:30] <fenn> still gotta rotate the spindle to drop the pin in though
[18:56:02] <fenn> this is manual toolchange right?
[18:56:04] <anonimasu> I'd have a hardware watchdog, if the spindle moves/rotates kill off the vfd.
[18:56:39] <les_w> what if a spindle off from the parport sends a signal to stop the vfd...but with a delay removes vfd power requiring a switch at the panel to reinable?
[18:57:10] <fenn> do you have any extra digital outs?
[18:57:12] <anonimasu> yeah
[18:57:13] <anonimasu> that'd work
[18:57:26] <anonimasu> relay loop ;)
[18:57:41] <les_w> digital outs are hard to come by in emc/stg
[18:57:44] <fenn> hrm nevermind cant do anything fancy in emc1
[18:57:49] <anonimasu> you know the circuit I am thinking about?
[18:57:59] <les_w> relay loop?
[18:59:05] <les_w> I figure first send stop command
[18:59:23] <les_w> possibly wait for actual spindle rotation to stop
[18:59:40] <les_w> the disconnect vfd power
[18:59:55] <les_w> requiring a front panel rearm
[19:00:31] <les_w> yeah.
[19:01:49] <les_w> but don't want to go into estop
[19:02:20] <les_w> now if the arm switch is forgotten and resume is hit
[19:02:27] <les_w> it's a big problem
[19:02:36] <les_w> hmm
[19:03:03] <fenn> les_w: you need emc2
[19:03:41] <les_w> this stuff has to be separate from the computer
[19:04:01] <fenn> even the checks to see if spindle is on before we start motion?
[19:04:14] <les_w> Will go to emc2 I hope later
[19:04:28] <K`zan> Man UPS is obnoxious this time of year :-)
[19:04:32] <K`zan> oops ww
[19:04:49] <les_w> fenn: motion without spindle rotation has to be allowed
[19:04:51] <les_w> ah
[19:05:17] <les_w> but motion without vfd powered up would not be needed
[19:05:23] <fenn> les_w: you could check the status of the arm switch
[19:05:45] <les_w> so that's the trick
[19:06:05] <Jymmm> http://www.ijfisnar.com/movs/Emblem-Filling.wmv
[19:06:11] <les_w> vfd must be powered up on motion or estop is engaged
[19:08:08] <les_w> so hitting resume or jogs checks vfd status
[19:08:15] <les_w> woops that is a problem
[19:08:45] <les_w> hmm
[19:09:02] <les_w> monitor dac output?
[19:09:04] <fenn> why cant you go into estop?
[19:09:13] <fenn> does it reset the program line or something?
[19:09:19] <les_w> yeah
[19:09:26] <fenn> thats lame
[19:09:28] <les_w> no good for a tool change
[19:09:32] <les_w> have to pause
[19:10:14] <les_w> dac voltages are no good either when I think about it
[19:10:24] <les_w> cause they are zero in a coast
[19:10:24] <rayh> Does the vfd have a "up to speed" output relay?
[19:10:38] <SWPadnos> hence the issue with "stop" vs. "estop" :)
[19:10:39] <les_w> good point
[19:10:42] <les_w> let me check
[19:11:07] <rayh> We used that output on the mazak but that was with emc2
[19:11:11] <SWPadnos> (that last was to fenn, btw)
[19:11:15] <rayh> where those kinds of signals are easy to get at.
[19:11:17] <fenn> SWPadnos: if it didnt reset the program line there wouldnt really be a problem
[19:11:31] <fenn> SWPadnos: at least for les
[19:11:45] <SWPadnos> emergency stop means "I don't give a flying fsck what happens to the program - somebody's about to get hurt"
[19:11:55] <fenn> yeah
[19:12:03] <SWPadnos> "stop" is somewhat different
[19:12:20] <fenn> does the spindle stop on commercial controls when you hit feed hold?
[19:12:34] <rayh> nope
[19:12:47] <SWPadnos> feed hold = infinite dwell ;)
[19:13:46] <fenn> what happens when you press feed hold in a tapping cycle? :)
[19:14:18] <rayh> It is ignored
[19:14:45] <fenn> uh, what is the point of feed hold anyway?
[19:15:19] <SWPadnos> "wait while I manually blow away some chips"
[19:15:27] <les_w> ok my vfd has analog outs for frq and "load" (current?) and things like slip compensation
[19:15:59] <rayh> It allows you to move a program by jerks so that you can see that the tool is nearing the correct cutting position.
[19:16:01] <SWPadnos> oooh - I should check mine for load output - that would be cool to run back in through HAL (for a nice VU meter)
[19:16:40] <fenn> SWP you could run it through a fourier transform and display it in full 3d w/colors
[19:17:01] <les_w> yeah I have current and voltage analog meters on the servos
[19:17:08] <les_w> they doa nice dance
[19:17:13] <SWPadnos> d00d!
[19:17:21] <fenn> does hal have a soundcard driver yet!?!
[19:17:30] <SWPadnos> fsck no!
[19:17:34] <SWPadnos> I mean - not that I know of
[19:17:53] <Jymmm> SWPadnos: Say what you mean, and mean what you say!
[19:18:06] <les_w> grrr this vfd documentation is poor
[19:18:08] <SWPadnos> fsck no - not that I know of ;)
[19:18:17] <Jymmm> SWPadnos better =)
[19:18:58] <anonimasu> iab
[19:20:04] <les_w> at least this thing senses actual speed...not just commanded
[19:20:11] <anonimasu> I'd love to have a feed hold in emc
[19:20:45] <les_w> but how do I detect any kind of programmed, MDI, or jogging motion
[19:21:22] <les_w> hmm
[19:21:38] <les_w> rms of the 3 amp voltages?
[19:21:50] <fenn> can you check for amp enable?
[19:21:55] <les_w> z has a little gravity compensation though
[19:22:21] <les_w> yeah I use amp enable
[19:22:21] <les_w> but how would that help?
[19:22:21] <fenn> guess not
[19:22:21] <fenn> nevermind
[19:23:25] <les_w> is there anything in the way of digital out that DETECTS motion?
[19:23:30] <les_w> I think not
[19:23:57] <les_w> encoders
[19:24:24] <fenn> that's a good idea
[19:24:45] <les_w> it's all I canthink of
[19:25:53] <les_w> so encoder count > something AND amp power disabled=estop?
[19:26:15] <les_w> bleah. proto circuit boards.
[19:26:22] <anonimasu> yeah..
[19:26:32] <anonimasu> but hardware is safer then software..
[19:26:36] <les_w> right
[19:26:42] <les_w> it must be hardware.
[19:26:50] <les_w> I'll just have to do it.
[19:27:03] <anonimasu> atleast it's your own fault if you loose a few fingers ;)
[19:27:29] <les_w> sigh another circuit to design
[19:27:39] <les_w> 3 counters and some logic
[19:28:28] <les_w> could pull something off the stg, but don't want to make it card specific
[19:28:44] <SWPadnos> https://www.33each.com/!33each1.asp
[19:28:54] <les_w> looking
[19:29:04] <anonimasu> how does the pause button in emc work?
[19:29:10] <SWPadnos> $33/board for 3 boards, double sided, 1-side silkscreen and 2-side soldermask
[19:29:44] <les_w> nice
[19:29:59] <SWPadnos> you'll be much happier with soldermask ;)
[19:30:06] <les_w> 'll just build this up on vectorboard
[19:30:22] <les_w> even though I have full protel
[19:30:23] <anonimasu> les_w: are you going with micros or all digital counters and stuff?
[19:30:32] <SWPadnos> eeewww - through-hole :)
[19:30:42] <SWPadnos> which Protel do you have?
[19:30:59] <SWPadnos> can't be micros - that would be softwar
[19:31:03] <les_w> no need to program a micro...just grab some counter chip out of the drawer
[19:31:03] <SWPadnos> e
[19:31:08] <rayh> anonimasu: pause only works in auto
[19:31:15] <anonimasu> rayh: and?
[19:31:30] <anonimasu> rayh: I dont know how to machine parts in non auto :)
[19:31:32] <rayh> restart resets it
[19:31:46] <anonimasu> hm, can you use it as feedhold?
[19:31:50] <rayh> feedhold normally works in any mode
[19:32:00] <anonimasu> hm, it usually retracts the Z also right?
[19:32:06] <rayh> There is a feedhold button with the mini interface
[19:32:13] <anonimasu> hm, does it work?
[19:32:21] <rayh> press pause on keyboard toggles it.
[19:33:17] <anonimasu> ok
[19:33:27] <les_w> hmm since I don't care about directio I could just run encoder signal thru an analog differentiator
[19:33:44] <les_w> then demodulate and fire a comparator
[19:33:58] <SWPadnos> just use one phase, and treat it like a hall sensor
[19:34:04] <les_w> exactly
[19:34:22] <SWPadnos> so - which Protel do you have?
[19:34:58] <les_w> the whole design suite, autorouting, spice, schematic capture, and all
[19:35:02] <les_w> $12k
[19:35:08] <les_w> ITW bought me a seat
[19:35:18] <anonimasu> ^_^
[19:35:19] <anonimasu> heh
[19:35:19] <SWPadnos> right - which version>? 99SE, or one of the Altiums
[19:35:40] <les_w> disgusting , huh? ;)
[19:35:40] <les_w> 99se I think
[19:35:45] <anonimasu> very
[19:35:47] <les_w> I don't use it much
[19:35:50] <SWPadnos> not really - I'm about to buy Altium for that much :(
[19:35:58] <anonimasu> that's what's discusting ;)
[19:36:03] <anonimasu> SWPadnos: is that for hobby work?
[19:36:08] <SWPadnos> no
[19:36:13] <anonimasu> ah
[19:36:15] <anonimasu> :)
[19:36:17] <SWPadnos> I don't have that much of a hobby budget
[19:36:27] <SWPadnos> maybe $12k / 100 ;)
[19:36:34] <les_w> I don't touch Protel unless I am getting paid
[19:36:58] <SWPadnos> I do, I actually like it (I have a very old version now - the one beore 99SE)
[19:37:05] <anonimasu> les_w: the fact that you dont use it much is what's disgusting ;)
[19:37:12] <SWPadnos> Advanced Schematic 3.xx
[19:37:13] <les_w> heh
[19:37:15] <anonimasu> you know what I mean right?
[19:37:25] <SWPadnos> yeah - that is an annoyance
[19:37:32] <fenn> that money could be feeding starving children in africa
[19:37:39] <fenn> and you're wasting it! :)
[19:37:49] <anonimasu> you could be designing graphics cards and stuff or cheap servodrives ;)
[19:37:51] <les_w> last time I used it was on my encoder product
[19:37:57] <SWPadnos> though the new version has fully integrated schematic, PCB, FPGA, and compilers, plus an external FPGA prototyping board with full JTAG
[19:37:59] <les_w> a car part.
[19:38:13] <SWPadnos> it's a really slick tool suite
[19:38:17] <anonimasu> yep
[19:38:30] <fenn> the software comes with a proto board?
[19:38:36] <SWPadnos> if it weren't I wouldn't pay that much for it, and I sure as hell wouldn't get a Windows based package
[19:38:44] <SWPadnos> the full kit does
[19:38:55] <SWPadnos> it's $1k extra actually
[19:39:02] <SWPadnos> http://www.altium.com/
[19:39:03] <fenn> pah.. peanuts
[19:39:13] <SWPadnos> check out the JTAG debugging videos
[19:39:31] <les_w> Hey SWP I might farm out multilayer board stuff to you!
[19:39:40] <SWPadnos> ok by me - I have tyo pay for it somehow ;)
[19:39:56] <les_w> yeah. It's not my cup of tea really.
[19:40:03] <anonimasu> yeah in the total price ;)
[19:40:16] <SWPadnos> I hope you don't mind large ground planes - I hate to lose all that copper ;)
[19:40:30] <les_w> I use the SPICE some.
[19:40:46] <les_w> yeah ground planes being big are good often
[19:40:49] <anonimasu> spice?
[19:40:50] <SWPadnos> yep
[19:41:07] <SWPadnos> plus I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth if I let them take all the copper away
[19:41:13] <SWPadnos> PSPICE
[19:41:20] <anonimasu> I have no idea what spice is
[19:41:31] <SWPadnos> it's electronic simulation software
[19:41:32] <les_w> spice= circuit simulation software
[19:41:40] <anonimasu> 5neat
[19:41:53] <anonimasu> brb, need to drive to the kiosk and meet a girl
[19:41:54] <anonimasu> :)
[19:41:57] <les_w> I even use it for mechanical things
[19:42:22] <les_w> especially non linear stuff
[19:42:52] <les_w> force=voltage analog
[19:56:46] <les_w> well, better hose off the tractor while liquid water still exists here
[19:56:49] <les_w> bbiaw
[20:08:49] <K4ts> hello
[20:09:29] <K4ts> hi les_w
[20:09:40] <Jacky^> hi K4ts
[20:10:10] <Jacky^> gaim wont work, crashing :(
[20:10:24] <K4ts> lo so
[20:10:25] <K4ts> lucio mi ha detto
[20:10:50] <K4ts> 80 euro idraulico
[20:10:56] <K4ts> si preso
[20:12:28] <Jacky^> sigh
[20:13:05] <K4ts> ma scusa s accendi il portatile
[20:13:10] <K4ts> ti va gaim?
[20:17:52] <anonimasu> can you talk in english here please?
[20:18:39] <K4ts> anonimasu: sorry
[20:18:46] <anonimasu> thanks :)
[20:18:52] <anonimasu> brb taking a bath
[20:22:40] <K4ts> you can I find much difficulty in translating from italian into english and put us a long time!
[20:23:27] <Jacky^> ?
[20:24:20] <K4ts> what?
[20:24:24] <Jacky^> K4ts: thats ok, but you can query other peoples when you want to use language other than english ;)
[20:24:34] <Jacky^> right ?
[20:25:06] <K4ts> ok
[20:25:12] <Jacky^> :-)
[20:25:59] <Jacky^> anyway its a good idea to force yourself to speak english
[20:26:10] <Jacky^> a good way to learn it
[20:26:27] <Jacky^> right what im tryng to do ;)
[20:28:07] <anonimasu> atleast when talking in public..
[20:28:14] <Jacky^> yeah
[20:28:24] <anonimasu> I am speaking msvc++ .net
[20:28:26] <anonimasu> right now
[20:28:30] <anonimasu> messy
[20:29:02] <anonimasu> trying to get some work done :)
[20:29:13] <Jacky^> im fighting with mencoder .. cant get audio and video syncronized after a video conversion :(
[20:29:48] <Jacky^> looking for some help channel
[20:29:59] <anonimasu> #mplayer
[20:30:10] <Jacky^> lets try, thanks
[20:30:37] <Jacky^> cool, a lot of peoples ;)
[20:37:33] <fenn> anonimasu: that's not a language!
[20:44:40] <les_w> finished washing the tractor. My hands are freezing
[20:46:19] <les_w> Got dirt on the loader bucket. Had to detail it with a toothbrush. ;)
[20:46:27] <fenn> weirdo
[20:46:32] <les_w> hahaha
[20:47:22] <les_w> nah just hosed it off. washed the body and cab with soap though.
[20:48:14] <les_w> Tommorow back to working on the newe cnc wiring
[20:49:50] <anonimasu> fenn: what should I write winapps in?
[20:50:18] <anonimasu> fenn: Dont tell me that gcc + cygwin is all that great for commercial stuff
[20:50:38] <fenn> bleh cygwin isnt windows anyway
[20:50:50] <SWPadnos> Borland C++
[20:50:53] <SWPadnos> use the V IDE
[20:51:04] <anonimasu> heh, msvc++.net does the trick.
[20:51:14] <SWPadnos> ewwww
[20:51:25] <anonimasu> seriously, I am not paying for a qt license..
[20:51:29] <anonimasu> even though I love qt.
[20:51:34] <SWPadnos> qt license?
[20:51:50] <anonimasu> yeah, and I defenetively do not want to opensource what I write at work.
[20:52:07] <anonimasu> www.trolltech.com
[20:52:13] <anonimasu> the stuff that comes with kde
[20:52:54] <SWPadnos> sure - I know what it is ;)
[20:53:13] <SWPadnos> are you trying to write apps for Windows only, or cross-platform?
[20:53:19] <anonimasu> windows only
[20:53:33] <SWPadnos> then VC is your best bet, though you
[20:53:56] <anonimasu> it works good.
[20:53:59] <SWPadnos> then VC is your best bet, though you're paying for a license anyway
[20:54:08] <anonimasu> yeah, but I already have one..
[20:54:13] <SWPadnos> unless you cheat, in which case, just cheat with QT instead ;)
[20:54:25] <anonimasu> cant really cheat :)
[20:54:41] <anonimasu> although I can make the comm stuff a dll
[20:54:45] <anonimasu> and bundle it separately
[20:55:03] <anonimasu> and have a open api..
[20:55:09] <anonimasu> and just not release my prototcol specs.
[20:55:16] <SWPadnos> sure
[20:55:21] <anonimasu> and the key for unlocking the machines to talk serially
[20:55:28] <anonimasu> err over serial
[20:55:35] <SWPadnos> I thought you were actually looking for something, not a rhetorical question
[20:55:47] <anonimasu> ah, I am not I am just complaining
[20:55:47] <anonimasu> :D
[20:59:41] <anonimasu> dont let it bother you too much ;)
[21:00:01] <SWPadnos> nope ;)
[21:04:33] <anonimasu> I am still not sure if it's c++ I am coding or c++.net
[21:04:36] <anonimasu> argh%"�
[22:23:01] <CIA-6> 03swpadnos * 10emc2/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Time Delay component. Has separate settable on and off delays. Up to 8 time delays may be created with this component.
[23:10:41] <Jymmm> worht the price? http://www.store.yahoo.com/drillcity/10comhobkit.html