#emc | Logs for 2005-10-18

[00:01:20] <alex_joni> night guys
[00:05:01] <cncuser> brzbrz
[00:05:02] <cncuser> zap
[00:08:19] <Jacky^> brzbrz ??
[00:08:23] <Jacky^> O_O
[00:11:07] <Jacky^> -.-
[00:25:01] <Jacky^> c0slm0:
[00:25:15] <c0slm0> o
[00:25:23] <Jacky^> n4nn4
[00:25:25] <Jacky^> ciau
[00:25:32] <c0slm0> ciauz
[00:25:38] <Jacky^> g night all
[00:25:40] <c0slm0> stallu curl
[00:25:55] <Jacky^> Jacky^ is now known as Jacky^afk
[00:26:00] <Jacky^afk> ok
[00:44:19] <dmess> les... available for some amp. theory... i need the theory.. i only had the dream
[00:47:47] <dmess> sorry.. hi again
[02:27:21] <les> sorry very long phone call...I guess I make my living just talking on the phone.
[03:40:03] <dmess> high all... we have diadonds...
[03:41:35] <dmess> graphite and ore in the microwave.. gives off one noxious odour... no-one dead yet... 2 hrs out.
[03:42:38] <dmess> i have a crucible with layers of sparklies... hope o have photos tomorrow
[03:43:41] <dmess> from the metalurgist
[04:11:08] <cncuser> hi again
[04:11:30] <cncuser> well
[04:11:56] <cncuser> anyone doing pcb milling ?
[04:12:15] <cncuser> id like to do that
[04:12:59] <cncuser> i read theres a way to export eagle pcb layouts to gcode. anyone got more clues ?
[04:13:52] <cncuser> hmm 4:30 - 8 hours... hmmm
[04:14:58] <cncuser> maybe not the ritght time ;)
[04:15:07] <cncuser> brz
[06:30:06] <CIA-8> 03paul_c * 10emc2-auto/wiki/ (15 files in 10 dirs): "Auto update wiki from a cron job. Tue Oct 18 05:30:01 BST 2005 "
[08:13:50] <alex_joni> morning
[08:56:24] <ValarQ_> mornin
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[10:37:20] <alex_joni> quiet today
[10:43:03] <geertdp> sssssttttt
[10:43:15] <alex_joni> right
[10:45:32] <geertdp> Alex, are you running the latest bdi 4.30?
[10:45:41] <alex_joni> will do tonight
[10:45:46] <alex_joni> was running 4.20 till now
[10:45:55] <alex_joni> and other flavours
[10:46:36] <geertdp> I installed it yesterday, but am now looking how to get a wireless connection working. Don't know debian.
[10:46:46] <alex_joni> same here ;)
[10:46:53] <alex_joni> but there should be some thingies in /etc
[10:46:58] <alex_joni> looking now
[10:47:58] <geertdp> too bad. I'd rather not start editing the files manually. Linux is no problem, but have worked with SuSE for the last 8 years.
[10:48:17] <alex_joni> try installing wireless-tools
[10:48:22] <alex_joni> apt-get install wireless-tools
[10:49:29] <fenn> suse has been around 8 years?
[10:49:42] <alex_joni> more or less...
[10:50:16] <fenn> more it seems
[10:50:34] <alex_joni> suse _was_ great
[10:50:43] <alex_joni> then it was yucky..
[10:50:47] <alex_joni> not sure about now..
[10:51:18] <alex_joni> geertdp: installing wireless-tools might trigger an automatic configure thingie
[10:51:31] <alex_joni> if not, you might want to try dpkg --reconfigure wireless-tools
[10:51:43] <alex_joni> but.. I never tried this.. so you're on your own
[10:55:02] <alex_joni> I just managed to do some nice things to my debian yesterday..
[10:55:06] <geertdp> I'll give it a try tonight. concerning suse: I run it on a lot of systems and am very happy about it. Installs without problem and recognizes the most hardware. Very stable.
[10:55:26] <alex_joni> I removed e2fsprogs (because of a problem)
[10:55:32] <alex_joni> then reinstalled it, and it was ok
[10:55:46] <alex_joni> but I missed that removing it caused to remove init & other usefull thingies :)
[10:55:51] <alex_joni> so it won't boot now :P
[10:57:24] <alex_joni> fenn: got the mail to the dev list?
[10:57:36] <alex_joni> hope I was clear enough...
[10:58:56] <fenn> just reading it now
[10:59:03] <fenn> how does hal talk to userspace?
[10:59:09] <alex_joni> it doesn't
[10:59:21] <fenn> okay so when i'm using halscope or halcmd, what's going on
[10:59:49] <alex_joni> there are 2 parts of halscope
[10:59:55] <alex_joni> 1 RT (loaded at emc.run)
[11:00:01] <alex_joni> one userspace (the GUI you see)
[11:00:11] <alex_joni> and both talk through an own SHM
[11:00:20] <alex_joni> very emc-unrelated :P
[11:00:26] <fenn> right
[11:00:32] <alex_joni> halcmd talks through hal-lib
[11:00:41] <alex_joni> which is implemented in both versions
[11:00:44] <alex_joni> RT & non-RT
[11:00:49] <alex_joni> also talking through SHM
[11:01:28] <fenn> is shm related to the shared memory buffer that nml uses?
[11:01:36] <fenn> besides doing the same thing
[11:03:44] <Jacky^afk> Jacky^afk is now known as Jacky^
[11:04:04] <fenn> i guess i still dont understand what task does
[11:04:07] <Jacky^> morning
[11:04:12] <fenn> morning
[11:05:27] <alex_joni> NML is totally userspace
[11:05:40] <alex_joni> there is a whole different shared memory in there
[11:05:52] <alex_joni> task is the main piece in emc
[11:05:57] <alex_joni> kinda like a dispatcher
[11:06:05] <alex_joni> picture it as the main loop
[11:06:11] <alex_joni> first it runs the interpreter
[11:06:25] <alex_joni> which returns canonical function (move there, do that, etc.)
[11:06:40] <alex_joni> then it sends commands to/from IO, GUI
[11:06:50] <alex_joni> and through SHM (not NML) to motion
[11:06:56] <alex_joni> and from there it goes to HAL
[11:07:04] <alex_joni> as a dataflow
[11:07:40] <fenn> does task massage the motion commands at all?
[11:07:50] <fenn> or is motion planning all real-time?
[11:07:58] <alex_joni> motion planning is all realtime
[11:08:16] <alex_joni> but task sends the BIG commands
[11:08:20] <alex_joni> like G01X10
[11:08:33] <alex_joni> that gets translated to a move axis X to position 10
[11:08:40] <alex_joni> and that gets sent through SHM to motion
[11:09:01] <alex_joni> motion then has the path planner (trajectory planner) which decides how it can do that
[11:09:08] <alex_joni> accel, decel, blending, etc
[11:12:11] <Jacky^> les: hello
[11:12:45] <fenn> Jacky^: it's 4 am still
[11:12:55] <Jacky^> mmmhh.. right
[11:13:21] <Jacky^> i need to ask about rails to use on ny machine
[11:13:36] <Jacky^> im planning 1x1 mt wood cnc ..
[11:13:44] <Jacky^> and,
[11:14:05] <Jacky^> i dont know how many blocks use on the rails
[11:14:16] <fenn> linear bearing blocks?
[11:14:18] <Jacky^> i think 1 for rail is not enough
[11:14:26] <Jacky^> low profile rails
[11:14:34] <Jacky^> yeah
[11:14:44] <Jacky^> moving gantry
[11:14:57] <Jacky^> the bearings should be 60-70 mm
[11:15:04] <Jacky^> i think i need 2 for rail
[11:15:13] <Jacky^> on all axis, right ?
[11:15:50] <fenn> yeah pretty much
[11:16:18] <Jacky^> so 4 bearings for X axis, 4 for Y and so on ..
[11:16:25] <Jacky^> should be ok
[11:17:22] <fenn> ideally you would have 3 for x, 3 for y
[11:17:48] <Jacky^> isnt difficult to sincronize after ?
[11:18:06] <Jacky^> the gantry should be abut 25-30 cm
[11:18:13] <fenn> 4 bearings is kinematically overconstrained.. more than 4 is even more overconstrained
[11:18:28] <fenn> but you dont really get any more advantage using more than 4
[11:18:50] <Jacky^> yeah..
[11:19:51] <Jacky^> i also think a bearing block with a large flange should be better..
[11:21:42] <alex_joni> bearings are overrated
[11:21:50] <alex_joni> use teflon :P
[11:21:54] <alex_joni> and lots of grease
[11:21:56] <alex_joni> :D
[11:22:13] <Jacky^> teflon ? to do what ?
[11:22:33] <alex_joni> dunno.. replace the bearing
[11:22:39] <alex_joni> drill a hole in it
[11:23:27] <Jacky^> uhmm .. probably it will work for light load ..
[11:23:49] <alex_joni> yeah.. up to a few hundred kg's
[11:23:49] <fenn> that's what i mean before when i said to just use 80/20 as the rails
[11:24:06] <fenn> they make slide blocks "linear bearings" for 80/20
[11:25:01] <Jacky^> nice idea
[11:25:25] <fenn> less components to buy, less to worry about
[11:26:26] <Jacky^> ive not much experience on it
[11:26:58] <Jacky^> this is my first machine .. excluding a toy a made mounths ago..
[11:27:11] <Jacky^> im not planning to save money too much
[11:27:24] <Jacky^> in order to get a strong machine
[11:27:46] <Jacky^> that maybe will cur aluminium too ..
[11:27:49] <Jacky^> cut*
[11:28:29] <Jacky^> the bearings ive seen are pretty strong
[11:28:45] <Jacky^> they have tank oil and auto-lubrificant systen too
[11:29:12] <Jacky^> id like to run that machine all day for a long time ..
[11:30:55] <fenn> buy a secondhand cnc router?
[11:31:26] <Jacky^> I bought an electronic router 1 HP some mounth ago ..
[11:32:02] <Jacky^> maybe in the next future.. i will buy something that can work with a toolchange too
[11:32:16] <Jacky^> first, i want to build the machine ..
[11:33:37] <Jacky^> i cant afford all at the same time
[11:33:46] <Jacky^> so. will wait for a good spindle
[13:54:16] <fenn> A related series of studies shows that intrinsic interest in a task - the sense that something is worth doing for its own sake - typically declines when someone is rewarded for doing it.
[13:56:45] <alex_joni> what?
[13:57:12] <fenn> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/motivation.html
[14:00:59] <Jacky^> :)
[14:51:59] <alex_joni> LOL: [16:02] * CIA-8 has quit IRC (Excess Flood)
[14:56:14] <cncuser> heelo again :)
[14:56:29] <alex_joni> hallo
[14:56:48] <cncuser> servus alex_joni :)
[15:03:05] <alex_joni> gr�� gott ;)
[16:28:48] <rayh-away> rayh-away is now known as rayh
[16:35:23] <anonimasu> yo~
[16:39:40] <anonimasu> what's up?
[16:41:21] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is shutting down
[16:41:29] <alex_joni> later
[16:55:39] <fenn> Jacky^: you should read "the magic cauldron" by esr
[16:56:05] <Jacky^> fenn: already readed :)
[17:04:25] <anonimasu> hm my new bearings arrive tomorrow.
[17:05:55] <fenn> did you ever make that robot arm?
[17:08:19] <anonimasu> no, I went to Germany to work instead..
[17:12:27] <anonimasu> ^_^
[17:36:15] <Jymmm> G'Mornin folks
[18:06:23] <CIA-8> 03jmkasunich * 10emc2/configs/mazak_rf.hal: work in progress on mazak HAL config
[18:09:40] <les> message for jacky: yes use 2 blocks per rail
[18:10:11] <Jymmm> * Jymmm waves frantically to les like a mad man!
[18:10:17] <Jymmm> brb
[18:10:52] <les> huh?
[18:10:56] <les> ok
[18:11:04] <les> heh
[18:11:07] <Jacky^> hello guys
[18:11:14] <Jacky^> les: thanks
[18:11:16] <les> just taking a brek from machining
[18:11:22] <les> yw jacky
[18:12:36] <les> also...I was doing product testing...smashing things with a ball peen hammer till they broke
[18:13:10] <les> specifically 0.5 joule impacts with a 10:1 mechanical impedance mismatch...
[18:13:18] <les> heh
[18:13:23] <Jacky^> :)
[18:26:44] <cncuser> what kernel should i use ?
[18:27:04] <Jacky^> cncuser: for ?
[18:27:06] <cncuser> is there a "best with emc2" kernel
[18:27:21] <Jacky^> i'm using magma
[18:27:27] <Jacky^> latest
[18:27:33] <cncuser> need patches
[18:27:37] <cncuser> whats magma
[18:27:48] <Jacky^> i installed it with apt
[18:27:56] <cncuser> Jacky^: ic
[18:28:01] <Jacky^> no patches
[18:28:06] <cncuser> Jacky^: what version ?
[18:28:16] <Jacky^> just a moment..
[18:28:19] <cncuser> Jacky^: i do :) i need squashfs and struff ;)
[18:28:24] <Jacky^> let me look with ssh ..
[18:28:29] <cncuser> thanks :)
[18:28:59] <Jacky^> Linux localhost.localdomain #1 Thu Sep 15 03:18:04 BST 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
[18:29:05] <cncuser> hmm, ok
[18:29:07] <Jacky^> and..
[18:29:12] <Jymmm> * Jymmm is back! Ok, who missed me????
[18:29:14] <cncuser> i go with 2.6-12-5
[18:29:22] <cncuser> or later
[18:29:24] <cncuser> ic
[18:29:28] <cncuser> vbleeding edge
[18:29:29] <Jacky^> deb http://mirrors.neuron.com/emc-bdi/apt/ sarge updates extras
[18:29:35] <Jacky^> in the sources.list
[18:29:49] <cncuser> jacky: doesnt help me much
[18:30:21] <Jacky^> because youre not sunig debian's like distro
[18:30:24] <cncuser> jacky: i need to patch it with unionfs and squashfs, also i need initial ramdisk support and... need usb in kernel and stuff
[18:30:30] <Jacky^> if i remember well..
[18:30:53] <cncuser> i need to load the initrd from usb
[18:30:55] <Jacky^> cncuser: what the prob ?
[18:30:59] <cncuser> no prob
[18:31:04] <Jacky^> oh .. from usb ..
[18:31:16] <Jacky^> i think copyng the config in /boot
[18:31:22] <cncuser> Jacky^: i just described why i must compile the kernel bymyself :)
[18:31:27] <Jacky^> then makeconfig should not be hard..
[18:31:35] <cncuser> i know
[18:31:36] <cncuser> :)
[18:31:42] <Jacky^> :-)
[18:31:51] <cncuser> thanks :)
[18:31:53] <Jacky^> then add what you need ..
[18:31:56] <Jacky^> np
[18:32:19] <Jymmm> les how ya doin?
[18:32:43] <Jymmm> * Jymmm was 3 hours into making a sign yesterday and skipped steps =(
[18:33:04] <Jacky^> ouch
[18:33:15] <Jacky^> Jymmm: which axis ?
[18:33:20] <Jymmm> yes
[18:33:26] <Jacky^> X ?
[18:33:31] <Jymmm> X and Y
[18:33:39] <Jacky^> :/
[18:34:52] <Jacky^> some mounth ago i asked to rayh , it seem possible to restart a job from an arbitrary line ..
[18:35:08] <Jymmm> too late... piece was destoryed
[18:35:11] <Jacky^> but i never get it succesful run
[18:35:16] <Jymmm> just have to start over again.
[18:35:20] <Jacky^> uhmm ..
[18:35:26] <Jacky^> damn :(
[18:37:58] <Jacky^> i also have a lot of issue losting steps on 3d relief
[18:38:23] <Jacky^> it work on on 2D profiling ..
[18:38:35] <les> hmm lenze actech vfd came
[18:38:43] <les> looks ok
[18:39:08] <Jymmm> les no it doesn't, send it to me for testing =)
[18:39:15] <les> 4 kW 208-240 3 phase 0-1000 Hz
[18:39:22] <Jymmm> nm, you keep it
[18:39:27] <les> haha
[18:39:35] <Jacky^> :D
[18:40:56] <les> well back to the shop for me
[18:41:03] <Jymmm> les question
[18:41:06] <les> yes
[18:41:19] <Jymmm> Know of any THIN metal material thats fireproof?
[18:41:41] <cncuser> could this be used as a way to "autoconfigure" PERIOD ? http://issaris.org/rtai/list.php
[18:41:43] <Jymmm> and maybe some conductive "weather stipping"?
[18:42:18] <les> as in used for agency approved stuff like furnaces?
[18:42:52] <Jymmm> les as in used to dust/fire proof the cage that surrounds my router (MDF == HazMat)
[18:43:06] <les> oh ok
[18:43:25] <Jymmm> the conductive weather stripping is for ESD
[18:43:58] <les> aluminum would be fine I would think
[18:44:06] <anonimasu> hey les
[18:44:09] <anonimasu> how's stuff going?=
[18:44:16] <les> ok anon
[18:44:53] <anonimasu> nice :9
[18:44:54] <anonimasu> :)
[18:45:08] <icee> hey all.
[18:45:10] <icee> what's going on?
[18:45:12] <les> conductive foam I don't know....bet there's stuff out there
[18:45:15] <les> Hi icee
[18:45:39] <Jymmm> les: Ok, thanks. I'll loook around. Any idea on acrylic and ESD ?
[18:45:53] <Jymmm> les or how to prevent ESD on acrylic
[18:45:53] <icee> * icee is moderately scared at what's necessary to design a power supply for these servos
[18:46:05] <icee> jymmm: there's 'dispersive' coatings
[18:46:08] <les> well, I expect it would strongly hold a surface charge
[18:46:26] <Jymmm> icee url?
[18:46:32] <icee> hmm, i'll google
[18:47:06] <Jymmm> ok, maybe some brass screen glued to the acrylic.
[18:47:22] <icee> first, there's stuff like this:
[18:47:22] <icee> http://www.tubro.com/staticdissipativeacrylic%20description.htm
[18:47:26] <icee> dissipative acrylic
[18:47:28] <Jymmm> i cant remember if window tint is conductive or not
[18:47:29] <les> yeah or the goop icee is googling
[18:47:38] <les> glorified fabric softener...
[18:47:54] <Jymmm> les that has to be reapplied all the time
[18:47:58] <icee> les: well, it's slightly conductive stuff. so you still need to bond something to it and to ground
[18:48:11] <icee> yes, it does
[18:48:13] <fenn> heh i was just about to say wipe it down with a fabric softener wipe
[18:48:51] <Jymmm> too bad they dont have acrylic wire wire grid in it like that safety glass
[18:48:54] <icee> jymmm: how important a requirement is this? are you going to immediately be in contact with stuff that's ESD sensitive, or..
[18:49:19] <Jymmm> icee anti static acrylic == reduced fire hazard
[18:49:29] <icee> ah, so for ignition.
[18:50:13] <icee> well, there are different grades of ESD acrylic.. but i don't know how easy it is to get small quantities
[18:50:18] <Jymmm> does polycarbonite have the same ESD issues?
[18:50:36] <les> yeah I think
[18:50:44] <les> but neither are a big deal
[18:51:30] <les> takes about a .25 joule spark to ignite stuff...charges can't concentrate much because it is such a good insulator
[18:51:56] <Jymmm> it's also to help prevent MDF dust from sticking to it
[18:52:05] <Jymmm> static wise
[18:52:08] <les> yeah that might be an issue
[18:52:55] <Jymmm> is window tint conductive?
[18:53:00] <weyland> can some1 explain exactly what an error msg means to me?
[18:53:10] <les> http://www.boedeker.com/ac-300_p.htm
[18:53:18] <les> world's fastest googler
[18:53:20] <weyland> having no luck finding the meaning in the docs
[18:53:23] <icee> les: more like .25 mJ
[18:54:48] <les> we will have to agree to disagree on that one ;)
[18:54:58] <les> but extra safe doesn't hurt
[18:55:01] <icee> http://eed.gsfc.nasa.gov/562/ESD_Terms.htm
[18:55:13] <icee> The quantity of energy in a spark necessary to ignite the optimum mixture of methane (the principal gas in natural gas) in air is about 0.25 millijoules. The quantity to ignite an optimum mixture of hydrogen in air is about 0.017 millijoules (about 17 microjoules). [NFPA 77, Recommended Practice on Static Electricity, 1993]
[18:55:35] <icee> granted, those are easily ignited materials.. but..
[18:56:32] <les> ok you got me there. need a 10^-3
[18:56:39] <les> memory going I guess
[18:56:59] <Jymmm> les not enough alcohol in the blood stream =)
[18:57:02] <Jacky^> anonimasu: you around ?
[18:57:18] <weyland> any1?
[18:57:20] <les> too much blood in the alcohol stream
[18:57:21] <Jymmm> icee NASA don't know shit!
[18:57:26] <les> haha
[18:57:35] <icee> jymmm: ;)
[18:57:35] <fenn> weyland: just ask
[18:57:46] <fenn> then we'll confuse you even more
[18:57:47] <weyland> "arc radius too small to reach end point"
[18:57:50] <les> for electrostatic painting...we do use a much higher figure
[18:57:55] <anonimasu> 5yes
[18:58:00] <anonimasu> I am around
[18:58:03] <weyland> fenn: I figured
[18:58:10] <icee> eek.. .2 joules to ignite aluminum dust
[18:58:14] <fenn> weyland: what are you doing to get this error?
[18:58:15] <icee> that's scary.
[18:58:24] <les> our guns run about 5 joules per second
[18:58:25] <anonimasu> hm, that's _dust_
[18:58:29] <anonimasu> not chips
[18:58:35] <weyland> well, I generated a nc from mastercam and am trying to run it
[18:58:40] <Jacky^> anonimasu: im reading an article.. this univerity seem have found a new way to print PCB, veri interesting ..
[18:58:40] <cncuser> aluminium makes nice colors in firecrackers
[18:58:45] <Jymmm> icee go grab some dryer lint and a lil spark
[18:58:46] <fenn> icee: your grinder can ignite spontaneously if you grind both aluminum and steel on it
[18:58:53] <Jacky^> anonimasu: http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/
[18:58:53] <icee> anonimasu: I know.
[18:59:03] <anonimasu> nice..
[18:59:07] <Jacky^> but cant find the article in the website ..
[18:59:10] <Jymmm> cncuser try copper sulfate sometime
[18:59:19] <Jacky^> maybe you canr read better
[18:59:20] <weyland> I've told it that the cutter is only .010" in order to avoid the normal arc radius gouging errors, but get this one
[18:59:41] <Jacky^> anonimasu: i just found an italian article
[18:59:50] <anonimasu> I dont know italian..
[18:59:56] <anonimasu> :)(
[18:59:58] <Jacky^> german ?
[19:00:04] <anonimasu> no
[19:00:06] <weyland> so I'm wondering if emc just doesn't like the arc, or what....
[19:00:10] <Jymmm> Mandarine Chinese?
[19:00:13] <Jacky^> oh.. sorry then
[19:00:21] <anonimasu> hm, I know by far more japanese then I know german..
[19:00:22] <anonimasu> :D
[19:00:36] <icee> so I'm looking into what's necessary to drive these AC servos. It's going to be an interesting project.
[19:00:38] <Jacky^> who know german here ?
[19:00:44] <cncuser> i just speak subtitled simplified chinese ;)
[19:00:44] <anonimasu> alex does
[19:00:46] <Jacky^> nobody ?
[19:00:49] <Jymmm> I know A german
[19:00:55] <fenn> weyland: see if you can find the relevant line(s) of gcode and post them to the mailing list
[19:01:07] <les> later guys...back to the shop
[19:01:08] <weyland> That was one of my questions -
[19:01:09] <Jacky^> Jymmm: want to try to found this article ?
[19:01:15] <Jacky^> http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/
[19:01:19] <cncuser> jymmm: great deal, they are everywhere
[19:01:19] <weyland> in mini, is it the line it stops on, or the one after?
[19:01:21] <Jymmm> Jacky^ I know A german or two
[19:01:25] <anonimasu> hm
[19:01:36] <Jacky^> okay ..
[19:01:42] <Jymmm> Jacky^ its a joke
[19:01:45] <fenn> * fenn shrugs helplessly
[19:01:52] <Jacky^> http://punto-informatico.it/p.asp?i=55643&r=PI
[19:01:59] <Jacky^> this is the italian article
[19:02:07] <weyland> N316G3X4.6472Y2.2582R.4588
[19:02:07] <weyland> N318X4.6494Y2.2472R.0056
[19:02:08] <Jacky^> looks very interesting
[19:02:13] <cncuser> whars the times in us ?
[19:02:16] <Jacky^> but dont say much about..
[19:02:32] <Jymmm> [10:20:20] <cncuser> whars the times in us ?
[19:02:43] <cncuser> hmm, am or pm ?
[19:03:24] <icee> on the west coast, right now it's 10:20 am
[19:03:24] <Jacky^> can print pcb at 1mt/sec woow
[19:03:31] <icee> 3 hours later on the east coast.
[19:03:36] <cncuser> cool
[19:03:46] <weyland> fenn: any idea?
[19:03:46] <fenn> uh... R=.0056 right.. so how can the Y axis go (2.2582-2.2472)=.0110
[19:04:33] <weyland> hmmmm
[19:04:51] <weyland> I trusted mcam to do the right thing...
[19:04:56] <weyland> lemme see
[19:05:10] <Jacky^> found: http://www.printed-systems.de/?site=technology&lang=eng
[19:05:16] <icee> fenn: the diameter of a circle is double its radius
[19:06:10] <icee> though..
[19:06:13] <fenn> how does G3 know where to stop the circle? i always use i,j notation
[19:06:18] <icee> 4.6494-4.6472
[19:06:18] <icee> .0022
[19:06:18] <icee> 2.2582-2.2472
[19:06:18] <icee> .0110
[19:06:18] <icee> sqrt(.0110^2+.0022^2)
[19:06:18] <icee> .0112178429
[19:06:20] <icee> .0056*2
[19:06:22] <icee> .0112
[19:06:24] <icee> that's a problem
[19:06:25] <weyland> crazy... it seems to like it...
[19:06:37] <icee> dilution of precision and all
[19:07:07] <icee> fenn: It stops wherever you tell it to go; r tells it the radius of the circle
[19:07:32] <weyland> working now... for now...
[19:07:56] <icee> weyland: you're telling it to draw to a point .01121 away with a .0112 diameter circle
[19:08:39] <weyland> icee: now or before the change?
[19:08:49] <icee> weyland: with the g code lines you pasted
[19:08:56] <weyland> this is a simple logo engraving
[19:08:56] <icee> i don't know what you changed :)
[19:08:58] <weyland> ah okay
[19:09:20] <weyland> changed the .0056 to .0112
[19:09:32] <icee> that probably isn't what you want..
[19:09:48] <fenn> i'm wondering if those numbers have to do with the cutter diameter you gave it earlier
[19:10:14] <icee> but it's small enough of a feature you probably won't see it anyways. i think .0057 would have been sufficient
[19:10:48] <weyland> ooops
[19:10:55] <weyland> not enough coffe today
[19:10:57] <weyland> sorrry
[19:11:09] <weyland> probably shouldn't even be in shop today
[19:11:36] <fenn> * fenn to
[19:11:41] <fenn> :P
[19:13:17] <fenn> so what was the problem?
[19:13:33] <weyland> me?
[19:13:47] <weyland> moms in hosp
[19:14:12] <fenn> i mean, did mastercam just puke, or did you do something wrong?
[19:14:48] <weyland> no looks like mcam just puked
[19:15:07] <weyland> all i did was import a dxf, generate toolpath, and spit out a nc
[19:16:39] <anonimasu> hm, are your post correct
[19:16:49] <anonimasu> you can output arcs both as I J and R notation..
[19:17:21] <icee> weyland: it was mastercam's fault, yes
[19:17:27] <icee> it was a rounding issue
[19:17:52] <icee> mcam asked it to draw a circle with .0112 diameter.. but the two points on it were .011217 apart
[19:17:58] <icee> since it only output 4 digits, that was bad
[19:18:47] <weyland> ahhh, kewl. I say that because at least it wasn't me, my mill, or emc
[19:19:12] <fenn> you should sue
[19:19:33] <anonimasu> icee: are you using the demo=?
[19:19:59] <icee> anon: me? I'm not using mcam at all. i was just looking at the g code
[19:20:14] <anonimasu> err the one that made it..
[19:20:40] <fenn> looks like we all need a little coffee
[19:20:51] <anonimasu> weyland: are you?
[19:24:46] <anonimasu> *yawns*
[19:31:35] <cncuser> cu later
[19:38:18] <weyland> WHOOPS, sorry... was watching the machine
[19:38:23] <weyland> am i what?
[19:38:38] <weyland> mcam?
[19:39:25] <weyland> Yes, a friend has given me a key to his place so I can go there and use his computer with mcam on it
[19:40:47] <weyland> I'm trying to see how it runs over VNC so I don't have to drive every time I wanna make a change...
[19:40:50] <fenn> hey wanna help me write a toolpath generator?
[19:41:13] <weyland> me?!?!?!?!? I'll do what I can, but I'm far from a programmer
[19:43:29] <fenn> you can be a beta tester :)
[19:57:30] <rcsu> omigod, building a 2.6. kernel on a 650MHz machine is not funny
[20:01:23] <weyland> fenn: sure
[20:01:39] <Jymmm> rcsu: Actually, it's REALLY funny =)
[20:01:42] <Jymmm> lol
[20:01:59] <Jymmm> rcsu: Let me give you a hint... DONT DO THAT!
[20:02:03] <Jymmm> ROTF
[20:04:16] <Jymmm> les you back?
[20:05:12] <alex_joni> evening
[20:05:18] <Jymmm> alex_joni howdy
[20:05:30] <rcsu> hi alex_joni
[20:05:31] <alex_joni> howdy
[20:05:39] <Jymmm> Ok, the navigation is wrong, but just change the number in the url --> http://www.korumdesign.com/cnc_mill_inde.html
[20:05:40] <alex_joni> hello rcsu, long time no see
[20:06:03] <rcsu> alex_joni: just setting up a new machine :)
[20:06:10] <alex_joni> * alex_joni finished installing bdi4.30
[20:06:16] <Jymmm> so http://www.korumdesign.com/cncmill21.html becomes http://www.korumdesign.com/cncmill9.html etc
[20:06:37] <rcsu> * rcsu wants to so this from scatch
[20:06:46] <rcsu> to do, grr
[20:14:22] <alex_joni> rcsu: nice
[20:24:41] <weyland> fenn: gotta go, email me about beta testing for you - contact at shop's ste - solutionsmachining.com
[20:32:46] <alex_joni> Jymmm: still around?
[20:54:06] <les> I was working on the electric generator. Had another major incremental breakthrough. I ain't working any more today, and I am gonna bill for the whole day.
[20:54:15] <les> ha
[21:02:38] <anonimasu> hm
[21:02:50] <alex_joni> hey anonimasu
[21:02:52] <alex_joni> hi les
[21:02:55] <anonimasu> is it bad when you go to practice swimming and the local swimteam gets hellbent on beating you?
[21:03:16] <alex_joni> huh.. how come?
[21:03:27] <anonimasu> I dont know some of their swimmers waited until I went swimming..
[21:03:28] <alex_joni> is it the girl-team?
[21:03:31] <anonimasu> no :)
[21:03:36] <alex_joni> ROFL
[21:03:45] <anonimasu> I didnt really care though, they would probably beat me, but its still funny
[21:03:54] <alex_joni> heh
[21:03:56] <anonimasu> I kept my pace as always..
[21:04:12] <anonimasu> but it's funny as hell
[21:04:15] <alex_joni> yay.. freed 200 MB
[21:05:01] <anonimasu> I havent been swimming/competiting for like 8 years ;)
[21:06:11] <anonimasu> *yawns*
[21:06:37] <anonimasu> I find it hillarious, that they even care about it..
[21:06:51] <alex_joni> still don't get it why they want to beat you up?
[21:07:07] <alex_joni> ahh.. beat you on swimming..
[21:07:09] <alex_joni> now I get it
[21:07:13] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is really tired :D
[21:07:36] <anonimasu> I keep a pretty high pace since I'd get so bored otherwise ;)
[21:08:08] <anonimasu> les: sounds nice
[21:08:48] <anonimasu> or well since it's ultrasound it dosent sound too much.. ;)
[21:08:50] <anonimasu> but it's nice anyway
[21:36:07] <rcsu> hmm, build of emc2: could not create the emc/include directory,
[21:36:26] <alex_joni> no space left?
[21:36:34] <alex_joni> or problems with access rights?
[21:39:37] <rcsu> never mind, its a wrong path
[21:44:31] <rcsu> is there a download location 4 a current cvs version as tar ?
[21:44:53] <alex_joni> unfortunately not..
[21:44:57] <alex_joni> but this needs to get set up
[21:44:58] <rcsu> sf.net doesnt work right now
[21:45:06] <alex_joni> worked a minute ago
[21:45:10] <alex_joni> CVS?
[21:46:14] <rcsu> yes, i get a 'failed to open /root/.cvspass ...'
[21:47:04] <rcsu> nm
[21:47:17] <rcsu> is sf.net ever so slow ?
[21:47:31] <rcsu> i got a anon login, but it takes ages
[21:47:44] <jepler> rcsu: sf.net is typically slow, especially for anon users
[21:47:52] <rcsu> k
[21:47:54] <jepler> rcsu: anon cvs also lags behind real cvs, so you don't see new commits immediately
[21:48:18] <jepler> rcsu: you may find that using cvs -z1 or cvs -z3 improves things, or you may find that it doesn't.
[21:48:30] <jepler> (compress the cvs traffic as it goes over the network)
[21:48:39] <rcsu> i know
[21:48:54] <rcsu> but that the caveat of anon cvs
[21:48:56] <jepler> OK, just checking. Not sure if you were new to CVS or to sf
[21:49:33] <rcsu> cvs not really, im using svn, new to sf yes, not used much
[21:50:03] <rcsu> ah, got the co
[21:54:09] <rcsu> * rcsu stops again at the rtai build
[21:55:00] <anonimasu> echo "" >> ~/.cvspass
[21:55:06] <anonimasu> *yawns*
[21:55:13] <alex_joni> anonimasu: on the SF server?
[21:55:20] <alex_joni> I seriously doubt you can do that
[21:55:40] <alex_joni> oh, fsck it
[21:55:47] <alex_joni> emc2 started, machine just rebooted
[21:55:49] <alex_joni> :/
[21:57:09] <rcsu> damn, NR_IRQS undefined
[21:57:56] <rcsu> hm, thats a header prob of rtai
[22:00:56] <rcsu> oh oh, thats really nested
[22:16:15] <rcsu> ok, i commented out the define of NR_IRQS in rtai, but that couldnt be a solution
[22:16:51] <alex_joni> what's the problem?
[22:17:50] <anonimasu> alex_joni: no on your machine to get rid of the message
[22:19:27] <alex_joni> anonimasu: what?
[22:21:12] <rcsu> alex_joni: undefined macro NR_IRQS cause by (....), but thats temporarily solved
[22:21:16] <anonimasu> 09:00 < rcsu> yes, i get a 'failed to open /root/.cvspass ...'
[22:21:48] <rcsu> alex_joni: another prob now: Xlib.h
[22:21:57] <rcsu> alex_joni: it isnt found
[22:22:21] <alex_joni> rcsu: seems some devel packages are missing
[22:22:29] <alex_joni> might be gtk stuff..
[22:22:38] <alex_joni> * alex_joni remebers seeing it..
[22:22:40] <alex_joni> no idea where
[22:23:18] <rcsu> lemme check the gtk stuff
[22:34:04] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is busy soldering
[22:34:55] <rcsu> dont get hot fingers :)
[22:35:15] <alex_joni> lol
[22:36:04] <anonimasu> * anonimasu is busy hooking up the atmel devboard
[22:39:49] <rcsu> where can i start emc2 ?
[22:40:25] <anonimasu> ./scripts/emc.run
[22:42:13] <alex_joni> sudo
[22:43:49] <alex_joni> * alex_joni wonders why agpart takes so much at boot time...
[22:43:50] <rcsu> have to join as HaGoe
[22:43:54] <alex_joni> about 30 seconds.. :(
[22:45:32] <rcsu> takes a mmt, have to install irc
[22:45:41] <alex_joni> yay.. the encoder works
[22:45:48] <alex_joni> although the disc is broken :))
[22:45:55] <alex_joni> but for debugging it's more than enough
[22:46:03] <alex_joni> now.. to test the HAL driver :)
[22:46:07] <cncuser> goodevening
[22:47:32] <alex_joni> hello
[22:47:38] <anonimasu> hm
[22:47:47] <anonimasu> the stk500 boards take abuse ;)
[22:48:19] <cncuser> anonimasu: you play with atmegas ?
[22:48:40] <anonimasu> no
[22:48:43] <anonimasu> just the other packages..
[22:48:55] <anonimasu> sometimes ;)
[22:49:14] <cncuser> :)
[22:50:24] <anonimasu> right now at90s8515
[22:51:00] <cncuser> do you use them to drive steppers ?
[22:51:14] <anonimasu> no
[22:51:23] <alex_joni> now I'll be DAMNED
[22:51:28] <anonimasu> there's no way to match geckos...
[22:51:32] <alex_joni> it really WORKS
[22:51:33] <cncuser> hmmm
[22:51:34] <anonimasu> and I run servos ;)
[22:51:41] <Jacky^> O_O
[22:51:43] <les> ok. you're damned. ;)
[22:51:48] <alex_joni> guys the stg driver works :D
[22:51:51] <Jacky^> alex_joni: what work ?
[22:51:54] <alex_joni> les: so it shall be
[22:51:57] <cncuser> how much does a gecko cost for 3 axis ?
[22:51:58] <les> haha
[22:52:05] <alex_joni> still got a tiny bit to do
[22:52:11] <alex_joni> but the rest is done
[22:52:21] <Jacky^> cncuser: servodrive ?
[22:52:21] <alex_joni> * alex_joni needs to implement the index stuff
[22:52:25] <alex_joni> for the encoders
[22:52:30] <alex_joni> but the rest is done :)
[22:52:49] <anonimasu> no clue
[22:52:51] <Jacky^> alex_joni: what ??!! news form emc2 ??
[22:52:53] <anonimasu> 130$ per drive..
[22:53:03] <Jacky^> 144 for G340
[22:53:27] <cncuser> hmmnm
[22:53:40] <anonimasu> about that..
[22:53:40] <cncuser> it works only with servos ?
[22:53:48] <anonimasu> that's for the stepper drivers.
[22:54:12] <HaGoe> am i online ?
[22:54:17] <jepler> HaGoe: looks that way
[22:54:25] <Jacky^> HaGoe: you are :)
[22:54:32] <HaGoe> thx
[22:54:36] <cncuser> hmmm
[22:54:48] <HaGoe> ./scripts/emc.run
[22:54:53] <cncuser> link ?
[22:55:02] <anonimasu> www.geckodrive.com
[22:55:08] <cncuser> thx
[22:55:16] <HaGoe> insmod: error inserting '/usr/realtime/modules/rtai_hal.ko': -1 Operation not permitted
[22:55:31] <HaGoe> hey im root
[22:55:35] <cncuser> hagoe: are you root ?
[22:55:39] <cncuser> ok
[22:56:02] <cncuser> whats your uid ;) ?
[22:56:03] <alex_joni> check /var/log/messages
[22:56:08] <alex_joni> there might be a problem
[22:56:19] <alex_joni> OPeration not permitted gets written in some cases
[22:56:33] <alex_joni> does realtime start?
[22:56:38] <alex_joni> scripts/realtime start
[22:57:52] <anonimasu> avrstudio 4.12 seems to have support for avrgcc also :)
[22:58:30] <HaGoe> lemme check the realtime start
[22:58:52] <alex_joni> seems rtai is misconfigured
[22:59:44] <HaGoe> insmod: error inserting '/usr/realtime/modules/rtai_hal.ko': -1 Operation not permitted
[22:59:46] <cncuser> http://www.captain.at/programming/rtai/kernel-2.4.php
[23:00:19] <HaGoe> * HaGoe uses kernel 2.6.10 (vanilla)
[23:00:22] <alex_joni> HaGoe: you configured either rtai wrong, or the kernel
[23:00:27] <alex_joni> same config mostly
[23:00:41] <cncuser> pass the option lapic, maybe it works
[23:02:57] <HaGoe> no, thats a sofware issue, not a apic issue
[23:03:16] <cncuser> ok
[23:03:17] <alex_joni> seems rtai should be configured without it
[23:03:27] <HaGoe> oh
[23:03:28] <alex_joni> same for the kernel
[23:05:23] <HaGoe> local apic is enabled by default
[23:07:03] <alex_joni> hmm.. maybe you booted without it
[23:09:38] <anonimasu> *yawns*
[23:09:46] <anonimasu> * anonimasu runs to get chips
[23:10:16] <alex_joni> * alex_joni looks at the code again
[23:10:26] <alex_joni> there must be something wrong with it :)
[23:10:30] <anonimasu> arghwhy?
[23:10:34] <anonimasu> because it works?
[23:10:42] <alex_joni> usually I don't write code that just works :)
[23:10:49] <anonimasu> heh
[23:10:54] <alex_joni> I mean without test anything :))
[23:11:06] <alex_joni> I had a few problems on dac, adc & io
[23:11:14] <alex_joni> so I'm surprised encoder just worked :)
[23:11:27] <anonimasu> * anonimasu is starting to look forward until he can run emc2 again
[23:12:07] <HaGoe> http://rafb.net/paste/results/azK1jP21.html
[23:12:13] <Jacky^> alex_joni: hal encoder ?
[23:12:26] <HaGoe> cause rtai is bult not as module
[23:12:29] <alex_joni> Jacky^: nope, the encoder counters on the STG
[23:12:36] <Jacky^> oh.. ok
[23:12:50] <alex_joni> HaGoe: still... the other should be insmod-able
[23:13:01] <alex_joni> can you run the rtai testsuite?
[23:13:16] <HaGoe> lemme try
[23:16:06] <anonimasu> hm
[23:16:09] <HaGoe> k, i get Error opening /dev/rtf0 when /usr/src/rtai-3.2/testsuite/kern/preempt # ./display
[23:16:09] <anonimasu> upgrading my stk500 now
[23:16:14] <anonimasu> I hope the power lasts ;)
[23:16:43] <alex_joni> HaGoe: did you run make dev?
[23:16:50] <alex_joni> try that... I had that a few times
[23:16:59] <alex_joni> inside the rtai build dir
[23:17:01] <HaGoe> on what source ?
[23:17:12] <anonimasu> verifying *holds breathe*
[23:17:45] <HaGoe> on rtai-3.2 no response
[23:17:57] <alex_joni> error?
[23:18:01] <alex_joni> or no message?
[23:18:03] <HaGoe> none
[23:18:09] <anonimasu> works :)
[23:18:11] <alex_joni> ok.. so it might have worked
[23:18:13] <alex_joni> try again
[23:18:19] <HaGoe> what
[23:18:23] <alex_joni> testsuite
[23:19:04] <HaGoe> Error opening /dev/rtf0
[23:19:38] <HaGoe> grr, thats a kernel or a mknod
[23:19:39] <alex_joni> check if it's there
[23:19:59] <alex_joni> ls -al /dev/rtf*
[23:20:14] <HaGoe> crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 150, 0 Oct 19 00:29 /dev/rtf0
[23:20:16] <alex_joni> might have been deleted on reboot, if you're running udev
[23:20:27] <alex_joni> hmm.. strange
[23:20:56] <HaGoe> if there is no one listening on major 150 the error is the same
[23:21:19] <cncuser> alex_joni: should i kick networkingsupport out of the livecd, imean does anyone surf or ssh around while using emc ?
[23:21:30] <jepler> HaGoe: when you said you are running "2.6.10 (vanilla)", you don't really mean an unpatched kernel, do you? You have to use a kernel with realtime patches, unless you want to run emc1 in simulator-only mode.
[23:21:31] <alex_joni> hmm.. a lot of space?
[23:21:40] <jmkasunich> networking is important
[23:21:50] <cncuser> hmmm, so you forward you X output
[23:21:59] <cncuser> ok, then i leave it :)
[23:22:02] <jmkasunich> surfing while machining isn't nice, but being able to transfer g-code programs is
[23:22:25] <alex_joni> hey John
[23:22:28] <anonimasu> jmkasunich: hey
[23:22:33] <jmkasunich> (also networking let's you get newer versions of EMC from CVS)
[23:22:37] <jmkasunich> hi
[23:22:56] <cncuser> jmkasunich: well, it has no buildsystem in it, so thats not important :)
[23:23:18] <alex_joni> g-code is usefull for running the machine
[23:23:18] <jmkasunich> oh
[23:23:21] <alex_joni> not for building
[23:23:30] <cncuser> to run the complete buildsystem from ram would be for gigabyte machines only ;)
[23:23:42] <alex_joni> cncuser: he didn't mean building stuff
[23:23:56] <alex_joni> but during emc machining, you might want to change the program you machine
[23:23:59] <jmkasunich> sorry, came into the conversation late, didn't know it was to be ram resident
[23:24:08] <alex_joni> still.. you had a point
[23:24:13] <alex_joni> jmkasunich: check prv message
[23:24:33] <cncuser> alex_joni: well, reboot, download, put on usb stick, reboot
[23:24:53] <cncuser> the modemstuff gets kicket out for shure
[23:24:57] <alex_joni> ok.
[23:26:20] <cncuser> also printer, anyone using printers ?
[23:26:36] <alex_joni> not for the running machine
[23:26:38] <cncuser> * cncuser getting the big hammer
[23:27:00] <cncuser> graphic tablets ? :)
[23:27:03] <cncuser> oko, i stoip ;)
[23:27:08] <alex_joni> better
[23:27:17] <alex_joni> or you would have received that hammer in your face
[23:27:19] <alex_joni> :D
[23:27:37] <anonimasu> hm
[23:27:42] <anonimasu> my blinking leds works ;)
[23:28:02] <alex_joni> nice
[23:28:06] <cncuser> anonimasu: congrats. i still look forward tothe day i can say that
[23:28:12] <alex_joni> and you spent how many $ for that?
[23:28:15] <anonimasu> me?
[23:28:27] <anonimasu> I bought a devboard like 4 years ago :9
[23:28:52] <anonimasu> the new avrstudio makes making new projects a breeze
[23:29:28] <alex_joni> :P
[23:29:57] <cncuser> pentium ok ?
[23:30:01] <cncuser> or mmx ?
[23:30:15] <cncuser> doesnt do much i assume ;)
[23:31:21] <alex_joni> k5
[23:31:34] <alex_joni> or pentium..
[23:33:11] <anonimasu> the avr way of doing IO is freaky..
[23:33:33] <anonimasu> I hate that they have 2 different registers for in and out..
[23:34:41] <alex_joni> it's not that bad
[23:34:47] <alex_joni> saves time on toggling a bit
[23:34:58] <alex_joni> reg_out=reg_in|mask
[23:35:16] <anonimasu> do you often have both input and output to the same pin?
[23:36:28] <anonimasu> ^_^
[23:36:46] <alex_joni> you can read the output value like that
[23:36:52] <alex_joni> from the in register, iirc
[23:37:04] <alex_joni> saves you a dummy var to apply the mask on
[23:37:32] <anonimasu> in=in|mask;
[23:38:00] <anonimasu> ah well.
[23:38:05] <anonimasu> there's no point in whining about it :9
[23:38:06] <anonimasu> :)
[23:40:47] <c0slm0> jack^ ma i lei i pvt o no?
[23:41:14] <Jacky^> hey c0slm0 no ..
[23:41:24] <c0slm0> azzo
[23:41:26] <Jacky^> evidentemente non ti identifichi !
[23:41:30] <Jacky^> azz..
[23:41:43] <c0slm0> e comu no, mi dentificau, e cazzu iu va
[23:41:46] <Jacky^> /msn nickserv identify tuapasswd
[23:41:51] <Jacky^> upmf :(
[23:42:05] <alex_joni> ROFL
[23:42:09] <Jacky^> :)
[23:42:23] <Jacky^> hes tryng to query me..
[23:42:38] <Jacky^> c0slm0: che msg ti da ? dopo il comando ?
[23:42:48] <Jacky^> ops
[23:42:51] <c0slm0> comando inesistente
[23:42:54] <Jacky^> /msg not msn
[23:42:56] <Jacky^> hahaha
[23:43:05] <c0slm0> azz
[23:43:23] <Jacky^> ok, allora /msg nickserv identify passwd
[23:43:28] <Jacky^> :)
[23:43:48] <c0slm0> is no registratu cazzu iu
[23:44:01] <Jacky^> ma no ..
[23:44:03] <Jacky^> dman
[23:44:04] <Jacky^> spe
[23:44:31] <Jacky^> join #jacky
[23:45:10] <alex_joni> Jacky^: you need to register first
[23:45:42] <Jacky^> alex_joni: i'm already registered
[23:45:45] <Jacky^> hes not
[23:46:08] <alex_joni> yes.. that's what I meant
[23:50:41] <rio> help me!
[23:50:51] <Jacky^> hey rob
[23:51:00] <rio> comu sai ca sugnu eu
[23:51:06] <rio> mi pizzicasti!
[23:51:06] <Jacky^> /j #jacky
[23:51:09] <rio> eheheheheh
[23:51:15] <Jacky^> basta l'IP ..
[23:51:17] <Jacky^> lol
[23:51:18] <rio> comu stai
[23:51:23] <Jacky^> seguimi
[23:51:24] <rio> :-S
[23:51:33] <Jacky^> /j #jacky
[23:51:36] <Jacky^> ok ?
[23:51:47] <rio> cu debian tuttu a postu
[23:52:01] <rio> alliniziu a scheda vidiu non fungia
[23:52:03] <Jacky^> ok ..
[23:52:06] <rio> ma poi a riconfigurai
[23:52:10] <Jacky^> si ma cangia canale
[23:52:11] <rio> e mo tuttu ottimu
[23:52:17] <rio> :)
[23:52:27] <Jacky^> non potimu parlari italiano acqui :)
[23:52:28] <alex_joni> guys: take this private
[23:52:39] <Jacky^> he's another
[23:52:54] <Jacky^> roberto .. dai questo comando
[23:52:55] <rio> i'm not register
[23:53:00] <Jacky^> /j #jacky
[23:53:08] <Jacky^> non ha importanza !
[23:53:11] <Jacky^> dallo
[23:53:38] <rio> #rob
[23:53:44] <Jacky^> no ..
[23:53:49] <Jacky^> /j #jacky
[23:53:57] <Jacky^> scrivi tale e quale
[23:54:01] <Jacky^> e dai enter
[23:54:22] <Jacky^> sorry guys.. be patience :/
[23:56:27] <c0slm0> c0slm0 is now known as cosimo
[23:56:54] <rio> rio is now known as RIO
[23:57:09] <Jacky^> Jacky^ is now known as c0s1m0
[23:58:35] <c0s1m0> c0s1m0 is now known as Jacky^
[23:59:48] <cosimo> cosimo is now known as webcosimo