#emc | Logs for 2005-10-06

[00:20:58] <les_away> trying to design a solar kiln here
[00:21:28] <les_away> they need electric fans to circulate the air
[00:21:43] <les_away> trying to run them with a photovoltaic panel
[00:22:01] <les_away> les_away is now known as les
[00:22:49] <les> A solar kiln should be super handy for multiple things
[00:23:01] <les> in summer dry lumber
[00:23:15] <les> also use to rapidly season firewood
[00:23:32] <icee> les: you wouldn't want to run the fans at night, too?
[00:23:37] <les> and in winter use it as a greenhouse to grow vegetables
[00:23:46] <les> hi icee
[00:23:51] <icee> hey :)
[00:24:12] <les> no need to run them at night according to the forrest products research lab
[00:24:26] <les> but you could use a battery
[00:24:33] <icee> * icee nods
[00:24:47] <icee> though the cycles on the battery usually exceed the retail price of electricity
[00:24:57] <les> the hot/cold cycling seems to be very good at relieving stresses
[00:25:17] <icee> i'm air drying a bunch of lumber in my garage now
[00:25:20] <les> yes...lead acid batteries are way expensive energy storage
[00:25:49] <les> I think just run the fans direct from the PV panel
[00:25:55] <icee> *nods* makes sense
[00:25:59] <les> really? what kind?
[00:26:25] <icee> just d fir; a ton of s-grn wood was cheap and i'm building out workbenches in my shop
[00:27:00] <icee> with a RH of 15% or so, things don't take long to dry acceptably here, so it makes sense to get it and wait a few weeks
[00:27:22] <les> right
[00:28:25] <les> well, My cousin has a wood mizer sawmill, and I have roughly 5-10,000 mature oak, tulip, and hicory trees here on the property
[00:28:39] <icee> i'm building nice, super-heavy benches. planked all across with 2x4 on edge.. think butcher-block
[00:28:40] <icee> heh
[00:28:42] <icee> * icee is jealous
[00:28:42] <les> I thik a kiln will work for me!
[00:28:56] <icee> i wish land was actually affordable here.
[00:29:11] <les> heh your'e not poor ...buy land!
[00:29:31] <icee> it's pretty sad when $1M doesn't even get you a house on a quarter acre
[00:29:41] <les> yeah
[00:29:58] <les> well I am way out in the woods
[00:30:18] <icee> yah. i need to find something nice out in the middle of nowhere and build on it
[00:30:32] <les> yup
[00:30:40] <icee> up in the sierras maybe.
[00:30:58] <les> I need the opposite.... an apartment in a big city to go to sometimes
[00:31:16] <les> I am from the city
[00:31:28] <les> it's a little too quiet here sometimes
[00:31:33] <les> heh
[00:31:58] <Jymmm> les just wait till 10/31/2005
[00:32:10] <Jymmm> les btw I havent' received my airline tickets yet?
[00:32:16] <les> ?
[00:32:27] <les> oh gosh...forgot...haha
[00:32:29] <Jymmm> les you said free transportation and lodging
[00:32:48] <les> lodging haha
[00:33:13] <Jymmm> what, not enough room inyour 3000 sqft home?
[00:33:16] <icee> there's nice upsides, though; i'm an hour from San Fran, hal an hour from the beach, a couple hours from great backpacking in the sierras
[00:33:35] <Jymmm> icee where?
[00:33:40] <les> where if I may ask? sacramento?
[00:33:55] <icee> jymmm: I'm 15 minutes south of san jose, in a quasi-rural town called morgan hill
[00:34:04] <les> oh yeah
[00:34:16] <Jymmm> icee Would that be near tennant and dunne ave, just off the 101 and main street?
[00:34:27] <Jymmm> s/main/monterey hwy/
[00:34:36] <icee> jymmm: one exit north-- cochrane, and yah, near monterey
[00:34:44] <Jymmm> icee never heard of the place.
[00:34:47] <les> nice
[00:35:10] <icee> les: were you out in this area at one point? ;)
[00:36:43] <les> not much. I did some acoustics work for HP in Sacramento for a while
[00:36:49] <Jymmm> les is a east coast boy
[00:37:23] <les> put server cabinets on shakers and rocked the hell out of them
[00:37:40] <les> they wanted hard drives to survive several g
[00:37:48] <Jymmm> for how long?
[00:37:55] <icee> that's neat.. i'm going to have to do some shake table stuff soon
[00:37:57] <Jymmm> the test interval
[00:38:24] <les> gosh...I was using psuedo random sequences....low crest factor...hours!
[00:38:26] <icee> i'm mentoring a nanosatellite team at santa clara university
[00:38:28] <Jymmm> * Jymmm used to do enviromental testing... vibrationad and thermal
[00:38:55] <les> I have read about nanosatellites
[00:39:10] <les> a nano delivery system to LEO is tougher
[00:39:28] <icee> yah.. they're getting free launch tagging along with an air force launch
[00:39:48] <Jymmm> out of Moffit field?
[00:39:51] <icee> they don't care about orbit or anything-- it's more about learning spacecraft systems engineering
[00:40:09] <icee> jymmm: there's no launch out of moffett, though we are getting some hardware to fly along with us from NASA ARC there
[00:40:15] <icee> I'm not sure where the ultimate integration and launch is
[00:40:24] <Jymmm> ah, ok
[00:40:29] <les> With current specific impulses of propellants LEO takes about a 15 meter rocket at least
[00:40:30] <icee> either vandenberg or cape canaveral, most likely
[00:40:45] <les> hmm
[00:40:55] <les> I worked on the shuttle in school.
[00:41:02] <les> aero remember
[00:41:06] <Jymmm> les you road the short bus huh?
[00:41:07] <icee> les: yah, and most everything wants to go into different orbits. since we don't care, and the air force has an extra 80kg of payload on a flight, well.
[00:41:21] <les> yeah
[00:41:53] <icee> yah.. my girlfriend is a mech eng and is studying at santa clara (structure/thermal lead)... looking at going and doing aero stuff maybe.
[00:42:29] <les> professionally I almost always did consumer product design though
[00:42:38] <les> only did aero in school
[00:43:06] <icee> i really just think of aero as a "more studly" mech eng, anyways
[00:43:24] <icee> sure, lots more fluids, etc
[00:43:33] <Jymmm> heh heh heh he clled you studly les!
[00:43:36] <Jymmm> called
[00:43:47] <les> haha
[00:43:57] <icee> well, you know.. you've got the civils on the bottom of the mechanical ladder, the mech engs in the middle, and the aeros at the top
[00:44:07] <les> well aero has lots of math. The most of any engineering I think.
[00:44:20] <les> I make As in math
[00:44:22] <les> so...
[00:44:35] <icee> santa clara doesn't have an aero program, but my gf is going to have the closest to an aerospace eng degree that she can (and may do her graduate a.e.)
[00:45:12] <les> It is a wide ranging field of study...served me well
[00:46:22] <les> I switched to that from electronic engineering
[00:46:35] <les> but had all the ee core done
[00:46:44] <les> so I do circuits too
[00:46:53] <icee> les: did they give you a minor at least?
[00:47:03] <les> just got a circiut design gig today!
[00:47:14] <les> nope
[00:47:28] <les> and I quit halfway through grad school
[00:47:50] <les> took a job doing audio/high fidelity r&d
[00:47:59] <les> what a change!
[00:48:42] <les> since I switched, I ended up with a lot of hours
[00:48:46] <les> a whole lot
[00:49:48] <les> gosh I think 350 quarter hours
[00:49:55] <icee> eek
[00:49:56] <les> I liked school I guess
[00:50:20] <icee> i'm not very impressed with what i've seen of univs. to be honest.
[00:50:36] <les> I also liked 20,000 18 year old girls in one place too
[00:50:50] <les> well, I liked it.
[00:51:09] <Jymmm> les that 'one place' being your bedroom of course.
[00:51:15] <les> but
[00:51:36] <icee> the eng programs seem to turn out people good at solving contrived problems but inept at figuring out which problems to solve when presented with a new one
[00:51:37] <les> it's just a liscense to learn. that's all.
[00:52:03] <les> well it depends on the person
[00:52:06] <icee> there's no intuition for the limiting factors and the important/difficult requirements in a design
[00:52:11] <les> I was born an engineer.
[00:52:19] <les> school didn't make me one.
[00:52:37] <icee> i can hardly say school made me one because i never went :P
[00:53:19] <les> well, in a break between schools I worked with two years of college a bit if you recall
[00:53:36] <les> I was promoted to engineer...without a degree!
[00:53:39] <les> but
[00:53:43] <les> I went back
[00:53:54] <les> because it was fun.
[00:55:27] <les> like a kid in a toy store all day every day
[00:55:48] <icee> mentoring at univs is about as close as i can realistically get to that
[00:55:56] <icee> it would be pretty tough for me to go and start at square one
[00:56:17] <icee> and if i did, well, it wouldn't be in eng probably.
[00:56:24] <les> I made a big mistake though...i should have started a business much sooner.
[00:56:40] <les> Aw, you have enough school. You don't need it.
[00:56:59] <icee> yah. i kinda wonder what i missed out on by taking this trajectory though
[00:57:02] <icee> * icee shrugs
[00:57:17] <icee> it's neat working on senior design projects at SCU and stanford tho.
[00:57:22] <les> nothing. I went because it was fun. Nothing more.
[00:58:09] <les> Yes...I was advisor this year to U. of illinois mechanical senior design project.
[00:59:14] <les> you know what my senior project was?
[00:59:40] <icee> nope, what was it?
[00:59:45] <les> laser uranium isotope separation.
[00:59:50] <les> at livermore.
[01:00:10] <icee> neat. I'll keep you in mind if i ever need to build a nuke :P
[01:00:16] <les> heh
[01:00:39] <Jymmm> damn les... you'll do anything to get better moonshine production... even using dirty nuclear power
[01:00:52] <les> right haha
[01:01:19] <les> no it was just nice clean u235
[01:01:23] <Jymmm> and telling all your customers it's new cuase it glows inthe darl
[01:01:36] <les> just an alpha emitter
[01:01:55] <les> piece of paper will stop an alpha particle
[01:02:29] <les> course when it does it makes beta and gamma radiating daughters...
[01:02:38] <les> but aghhh...details...
[01:02:45] <les> heh
[01:03:09] <Jymmm> les You dont' really expect me to belive that strictly left the project at only alpha particles and never sorta did a lil experimentation on the side.
[01:03:47] <les> All I did was flow studies of vaporized uranium at 6000 kelvin
[01:03:52] <les> aero stuff
[01:03:55] <Jymmm> uh, huh...
[01:04:09] <Jymmm> les I know you better than that.
[01:04:15] <les> haha
[01:04:26] <Jymmm> no right minded engineer leaves it to JSUT that alone.
[01:04:37] <les> I wasn't like that kid with the smoke detectors
[01:05:02] <Jymmm> no, you moved straight to u233, do not pass go, do not collect $200
[01:05:19] <Jymmm> err u235
[01:05:26] <les> ulp u233=nasty
[01:05:37] <les> oh ok
[01:05:58] <les> thorium daughter
[01:06:01] <les> I think
[01:06:15] <les> hey..I have forgotten that stuff anyway
[01:06:26] <les> prob getting the numbers crossed
[01:06:47] <Jymmm> les yeah? and how far away from you in inches are the reference books to refresh your memory?
[01:07:02] <les> uh
[01:07:05] <les> 72 inches
[01:07:13] <Jymmm> thought so.
[01:07:23] <Jymmm> actualyl I was gonna guess < 24"
[01:07:32] <les> reminds me...need to build more bookcases
[01:07:46] <les> designing it up in autocad
[01:08:27] <les> 11 foot ceiling here in the office
[01:08:29] <Jymmm> Im trying to get rid of books
[01:08:34] <les> so BIG bookcases
[01:09:17] <les> see? bored him to death.
[01:09:28] <Jymmm> lol
[01:10:39] <les> well.... ordered all that msc junk...didn't order the signfoam...hmm
[01:10:43] <les> music room?
[01:10:50] <Jymmm> les and my stuff?
[01:11:08] <les> oh gosh...forgot. durn.
[01:11:09] <Jymmm> I only asked for three things
[01:11:25] <les> women money and power?
[01:11:47] <les> too late on #2
[01:11:59] <Jymmm> oh three wishes... nah, I only have one
[01:12:09] <les> had a big glass with my snapper and scallop dinner
[01:12:10] <Jymmm> but it's a dooozy
[01:12:19] <Jymmm> that doens't count if with dinner.
[01:12:31] <les> take money....the women and power come with it
[01:12:43] <Jymmm> nope, not even money
[01:12:48] <Jymmm> better
[01:12:52] <les> ????
[01:14:01] <Jymmm> what is the best thing you could ever have.
[01:14:03] <Jymmm> ?
[01:14:10] <les> uh
[01:14:19] <Jymmm> in the entire universe
[01:14:26] <les> not immortality...too boring...
[01:14:28] <les> umm
[01:14:32] <Jymmm> nope
[01:15:08] <les> a nice new archer III aircraft?
[01:15:20] <Jymmm> lol nope, even better
[01:15:34] <les> helicopter in the back yard.
[01:15:51] <Jymmm> not even the concord in your backyard
[01:15:55] <Jymmm> better
[01:16:00] <les> I give up.
[01:16:31] <Jymmm> Knowledge and understanding of what is, was, and is yet to come.
[01:17:19] <les> well..I have often thought...If I could see one minute in to the future...one minute....
[01:17:28] <les> i'd be rich in days
[01:17:54] <Jymmm> right, but knowledge of what is yet to come, mean you can go BEYOND traveling thru time.
[01:18:11] <les> well yeah
[01:18:25] <les> you know time travel forward happens
[01:18:28] <les> no problem
[01:18:34] <les> going back is though
[01:19:04] <les> to know the future you have to go back!
[01:19:56] <les> Got some energy? then you can travel forward
[01:20:25] <les> course it takes 50 gallons of anti hydrogen to go forward a few days...
[01:20:31] <les> something like that
[01:20:56] <les> I ain't gonna work out the lorentz transforms tonight
[01:22:39] <les> hmph was gonna play my sitar but the strings are shot
[01:22:57] <les> have to order some from the batish institute
[01:50:06] <Jymmm> you can't make any out of some coon?
[01:50:14] <Jymmm> or possum stew
[01:50:32] <les> heh
[01:50:40] <Jacky^> found a nice website ..
[01:50:44] <Jacky^> http://www.infodelta.it/index.htm
[01:50:45] <les> strings are mostly bronze
[01:50:53] <les> damn batish site is down
[01:50:55] <Jacky^> nice price on some product ..
[01:51:09] <Jymmm> les no 000 wire around you can use?
[01:53:01] <les> I just have to rewire the colombo to #10 I think
[01:53:13] <les> might already be that...forgot
[01:54:04] <les> I can just use ordinary electric cable and use the green ground for one of the 3 phase legs
[01:54:48] <les> I do have to dig a trench and put bigger wiring to the shop at some point
[01:54:57] <les> have to hunt up the size
[01:55:10] <les> I need at least 100 amps out there
[01:55:18] <les> that might be 000
[01:55:57] <les> smallest string on a sitar is .oo7 I think
[01:56:10] <les> largest about .05
[01:57:17] <Jymmm> lol
[01:57:33] <Jymmm> just toss on about 400Hz and it'll play itself
[01:58:15] <les> heh
[01:58:28] <les> I was looking at jacky's site
[01:58:40] <les> the circuit boards remind me
[01:59:03] <les> I will have to do some protel work withthis gig I got today
[01:59:10] <les> damn program
[01:59:28] <les> I use it so infrequently that I have to relearn
[02:00:17] <les> it has a schematic editor/spice circuit simulation/multi layer auto routing pcb layout
[02:00:57] <les> I don't like laying out circuit boards
[02:01:10] <les> I'll get someone else to do that
[02:02:12] <les> I'll just be adding one more quad op amp and a couple band gap references
[02:02:15] <les> I think.
[02:02:33] <Jymmm> heh... there ya go.. outsource it to india!
[02:02:51] <les> oops! I'm doing work! must stop that.
[02:02:59] <Jymmm> lol
[02:03:07] <Jymmm> I'm guilty too
[02:03:26] <Jymmm> les actualyl came up with an idea for a clamp
[02:03:45] <les> Funny I needed it for a previous project so ITW just shot me down a $12k seat
[02:03:46] <Jymmm> les cause you wont share your cam clamp ideas!
[02:04:01] <les> bah
[02:04:02] <les> haha
[02:04:21] <les> they are just maple sticks
[02:04:25] <Jymmm> les not too shabby... have em toss me a jr seat license =)
[02:04:33] <Jymmm> les mines fancy =)
[02:04:48] <Jymmm> actually, not really... just compression clamp
[02:04:59] <les> It's one of those programs where you have to keep a lot of stuff in your head
[02:05:01] <Jymmm> old fashion wood workers type
[02:05:14] <les> bench dog?
[02:05:15] <Jymmm> oh no, I can't do that, it'll fill up then.
[02:05:21] <Jymmm> les in a sense, yeah.
[02:05:37] <Jacky^> les: i forgot a thing :\
[02:05:56] <Jymmm> * Jymmm hands Jacky^ a thingamabob, and a spare doohickey
[02:06:01] <les> ?
[02:06:14] <Jacky^> wich diameter and pitch for ballscrew to use with my machine ?
[02:06:24] <Jacky^> 1x1 mt
[02:06:24] <les> I forget things too...just ask my exes
[02:06:24] <Jymmm> .75 5
[02:06:33] <Jacky^> :)
[02:06:38] <Jymmm> .2 pitch
[02:06:42] <Jymmm> 5TPI
[02:06:49] <les> jacky how fast do you want the feed?
[02:06:52] <Jacky^> are inches ?
[02:06:56] <Jymmm> 2K IPM
[02:07:03] <Jacky^> les: you know ..on wood
[02:07:04] <les> gulp
[02:07:11] <Jacky^> as fast is possible
[02:07:12] <les> ok
[02:07:14] <Jacky^> but
[02:07:15] <Jymmm> .2" 5IPM
[02:07:20] <les> about 200 ipm max
[02:07:23] <Jacky^> consider 250 w servos ..
[02:07:24] <icee> 2K IPM, -cutting on wood-?
[02:07:48] <Jymmm> icee no, RC60 steel
[02:08:04] <les> icee...amazingly some high end machines are almost that fast!
[02:08:23] <Jymmm> foodage... bbl
[02:08:28] <les> well, 10 meters/sec
[02:08:48] <les> ok back to jacky's design
[02:08:58] <Jacky^> diameter is ok how Jymmm said ?
[02:09:10] <icee> wow.
[02:09:16] <icee> 10 m/sec = 23,000 ipm
[02:09:26] <les> jacky about 20 mm diam
[02:09:41] <Jacky^> les: ok
[02:09:42] <les> 5mm lead
[02:09:58] <Jacky^> thanks :)
[02:10:03] <les> then you can direct drive
[02:10:14] <les> and use simple end support
[02:10:21] <les> to keep the cost low
[02:10:52] <Jacky^> you mean in the other side by the motor ?
[02:11:02] <les> yes
[02:11:16] <les> just a simple deep groove bearing
[02:11:16] <Jacky^> ok
[02:12:45] <les> icee some of the machines at shows make my jaw drop to the floor
[02:13:07] <icee> :)
[02:13:11] <icee> * icee needs to learn more about manufacturing.
[02:13:12] <les> they pump 50 hp into a single 1/2 inch end mill
[02:14:07] <les> such machines cost millions though
[02:14:41] <Jacky^> hehe
[02:14:41] <les> normal industrial woodworking is done at 200-2000 ipm.
[02:16:56] <les> so jacky, 20mm or so 5mm pitch screw, angular contact at motor end, simple deep groove bearing at the other
[02:17:10] <les> 5mm lead not pitch
[02:17:11] <les> oops
[02:17:20] <Jacky^> yeah
[02:18:54] <Jacky^> * Jacky^ updating his openoffice document on machine plan..
[02:19:06] <Jacky^> :)
[02:19:33] <les> combine that with 15mm rail and you will have an excellent machine
[02:19:40] <Jacky^> :D
[02:19:47] <Jacky^> good
[02:25:17] <Jacky^> Jymmm: how are going your steppers there ?
[02:26:21] <Jacky^> this afternoon the mine lost some step in Z axis ..
[02:26:40] <Jacky^> it was cutting a wood plate :(��
[02:26:49] <Jacky^> i will try tomorrow again
[02:27:38] <Jacky^> after tried half winding on steppers, i came back to full winding
[02:27:50] <Jacky^> same thing
[02:32:07] <Jacky^> any idea on what is Shipping Options International - Lowest Cost Shipper ?
[02:32:14] <Jacky^> looking at geckodrive
[02:32:32] <Jacky^> mean ill receive after a mounth .. ?
[02:40:17] <les> international shipping takes too long
[02:41:16] <Jacky^> mmhh.. it seem to me too
[02:41:56] <les> that is part of the reason I bought colombo rather than HSD
[02:42:10] <les> HSD had to be shipped from Italy
[02:42:13] <les> 8 weeks
[02:42:18] <Jacky^> :\
[02:42:28] <les> colombo was in stock here
[02:42:33] <les> comes tommorow
[02:42:43] <Jacky^> good ..
[02:43:06] <Jacky^> ive no chances with gecko
[02:43:14] <Jacky^> it seem are not in eu
[02:43:21] <les> really
[02:43:51] <Jacky^> paul one time said.. maybe in UK
[02:43:56] <Jacky^> but ive no clue
[02:44:01] <les> I wonder if gecko meets CE
[02:44:16] <Jacky^> :)
[02:44:35] <les> let me check
[02:46:52] <les> no indication
[02:46:59] <Jacky^> les: thanks
[02:47:03] <Jacky^> np
[02:47:33] <les> if gecko makes ce mariss need a sales rep in europe
[02:47:43] <Jacky^> probably ..
[02:47:55] <les> perfect job for you.
[02:47:58] <Jacky^> i searched too .. but it seem does not exist
[02:47:59] <les> haha
[02:48:01] <Jacky^> hehe
[02:48:45] <Jacky^> i just want to get some information more
[02:48:55] <Jacky^> the shipping should not be much expensive
[02:49:03] <Jacky^> theyre light ..
[02:49:14] <Jacky^> but i dont know abut tax
[02:49:17] <les> ask on the gecko yahoo group
[02:49:21] <Jacky^> yeah
[02:50:22] <Jacky^> the 'strange' thing ive seen when ive been in us
[02:50:28] <Jacky^> was the tax ..
[02:50:33] <Jacky^> never used here
[02:50:38] <Jacky^> and some other thing
[02:50:54] <Jacky^> like different prices for cigarettes box
[02:51:06] <Jacky^> where here are all at the same price
[02:51:14] <les> yes
[02:51:21] <Jacky^> but here .. in monopoly of state
[02:51:24] <Jacky^> in italy
[02:51:28] <les> really
[02:51:34] <Jacky^> yeah
[02:52:26] <Jacky^> mmh
[02:52:32] <les> here american cigarettes are very expensive...part of the price covers medical expense when they kill you
[02:52:42] <Jacky^> i know ..
[02:52:44] <Jacky^> :(
[02:52:57] <Jacky^> but that strange thing..
[02:53:01] <les> but you can also get colombian cigarettes
[02:53:08] <les> 1/3 price
[02:53:31] <Jacky^> on plase $5 , another 500 mt left,$7 the same box
[02:53:43] <Jacky^> place*
[02:53:54] <les> yes
[02:54:03] <les> but you were in LA too
[02:54:05] <Jacky^> it was very strange for me
[02:54:11] <Jacky^> the concept i mean
[02:54:11] <les> prices different other places
[02:54:18] <les> yes
[02:54:56] <les> you need to come over again!
[02:55:04] <Jacky^> hehe
[02:55:13] <Jacky^> right yesterday ..
[02:55:25] <Jacky^> my haunt and 3 cousin comes in canada ..
[02:56:28] <les> I used to go to europe a lot
[02:56:35] <les> not so much now
[02:56:58] <Jacky^> have been in italy too ?
[02:57:06] <les> I had to work a lot in france and switzerland
[02:57:15] <Jacky^> nice
[02:57:18] <les> no I have not...
[02:57:32] <les> just to the border when I was working in Nice
[02:58:22] <les> I have designed things for Italian companies....
[02:58:26] <les> let's see
[02:58:33] <les> Giardini
[02:58:40] <les> Fiat
[02:58:41] <Jacky^> ive seen something..
[02:58:49] <Jacky^> cool
[02:58:51] <les> ITW Italia
[02:59:10] <Jacky^> yeah
[03:00:18] <Jacky^> nice design
[03:00:44] <Jacky^> i cant remember if i arelady have showed to you thi site..
[03:00:49] <Jacky^> http://www.propellers.it/index.php?change=1&PHPSESSID=24fe8c26baacb2cf9e137d97c58e939b
[03:01:07] <Jacky^> i know you like the plane :)
[03:01:15] <les> looking
[03:01:30] <Jacky^> probably, alredy seen
[03:01:55] <Jacky^> he work with a cnc machine
[03:02:11] <les> very nice
[03:02:16] <Jacky^> :)
[03:02:54] <Jacky^> a lots of products all maded with cnc
[03:03:05] <les> cnc is good for propellers
[03:03:15] <Jacky^> yeah ..
[03:04:05] <Jacky^> All the propellers are made by the treatment of at least five wood layers; these are sticked together with the help of a 100 tons pressure
[03:04:12] <Jacky^> :\
[03:04:20] <les> only one plane I have flown had a wooden propeller
[03:04:37] <les> it was balsa covered with carbon fiber
[03:04:45] <les> I'll show you a picture
[03:04:49] <Jacky^> :)
[03:05:33] <les> http://www.avweb.com/news/reviews/182565-1.html
[03:06:08] <Jacky^> wow
[03:06:15] <Jacky^> thats nice
[03:06:51] <Jacky^> fun airplane :)
[03:07:02] <les> that is the smallest airplane I have flown
[03:07:08] <les> glides very well
[03:07:19] <Jacky^> i think is very difficult to drive a small airplane
[03:07:30] <Jacky^> probably more then a bigger
[03:07:32] <les> made of vinyl ester composite
[03:07:33] <Jacky^> right ?
[03:07:42] <les> no it was easy to fly
[03:07:51] <Jacky^> :D
[03:08:10] <les> almost like a toy
[03:08:27] <Jacky^> nice
[03:09:10] <les> just had to be careful to lock the bubble canopy
[03:09:23] <les> if it comes loose in flight...bad.
[03:09:28] <Jacky^> les: congrats, very nice
[03:09:45] <Jacky^> i just played sometime with flight simulator ..
[03:09:48] <les> I just rented it, that's all
[03:09:57] <Jacky^> great
[03:10:01] <les> cost is $100,000 US
[03:10:34] <Jacky^> right price
[03:13:37] <les> I mostly fly this:
[03:13:50] <les> http://www.controller.com/listings/forsale/detail.asp?OHID=1096032&guid=DBD9EC8AC2524BD0BA5A0F5BFAC365AB
[03:14:29] <Jacky^> this is nice too :)
[03:14:39] <Jacky^> 4 peoples up
[03:14:49] <les> glass cockpit...look at the instrument panel
[03:14:56] <les> look at the price too!
[03:15:01] <Jacky^> wow
[03:15:08] <Jacky^> cool
[03:15:31] <Jacky^> $288,043
[03:15:34] <Jacky^> yeah ..
[03:15:54] <les> nice leather seats
[03:16:18] <Jacky^> home many km or miles can do ?
[03:16:32] <Jacky^> in a single fly
[03:16:54] <Jacky^> or
[03:17:06] <Jacky^> measured in time :P
[03:17:09] <Jacky^> fly time
[03:17:41] <les> it is not fast let's see in km /hr
[03:17:52] <les> 300
[03:18:11] <les> perhaps a little more
[03:18:12] <Jacky^> it seem fast enough :\
[03:18:43] <Jacky^> 800 km/h seem to me the boeing speed ..
[03:18:45] <les> hmm vne is 160 knot
[03:19:07] <Jacky^> if i remember well ..
[03:19:09] <les> so184 mph
[03:19:12] <les> I think
[03:19:32] <Jacky^> well, its nice
[03:20:14] <les> 296 km/hr...I was pretty close in my guess
[03:20:49] <les> many are faster...some 500
[03:21:07] <Jacky^> wow
[03:21:36] <Jacky^> it depend by where to go .. at which distance
[03:22:11] <les> anyway I cannot afford to own one..I rent
[03:22:18] <Jacky^> 500 ca do italy from north to sud in few hours..
[03:22:18] <les> about $100/hr
[03:22:25] <les> yes
[03:22:29] <Jacky^> yeah ..
[03:23:50] <les> too bad they cost so much
[03:24:10] <Jacky^> of course ..
[03:24:14] <Jacky^> for VIP
[03:24:34] <Jacky^> i will never have a thing like that
[03:24:42] <Jacky^> i like the boats too ..
[03:25:02] <les> me too
[03:25:13] <les> grew up on the water in Florida
[03:25:14] <Jacky^> http://www.barchefvg.com/imbarcazioni/visualizza.asp?ID=578
[03:25:30] <Jacky^> used..:
[03:25:34] <Jacky^> 98.000,00
[03:25:45] <Jacky^> Euro 98.000
[03:25:50] <les> aiee
[03:25:52] <les> nice
[03:25:58] <les> I like to sail
[03:26:07] <Jacky^> italy its a good place
[03:26:07] <les> a sail is a sideways wing
[03:26:20] <les> yes very nice
[03:26:25] <Jacky^> any year here come a lot of peoples from north eu
[03:26:32] <Jacky^> in the summer
[03:27:27] <les> Like I said, the closest I got was working in Nice. I liked it. I would like to live there!
[03:27:48] <les> Nice used to be part of italy right?
[03:27:49] <Jacky^> :))
[03:28:03] <Jacky^> i'm not sure
[03:28:08] <les> They spoke italian ther
[03:28:13] <Jacky^> probably north
[03:28:23] <Jacky^> i'm in a south side
[03:28:29] <les> right
[03:28:47] <Jacky^> maybe near the france
[03:28:51] <Jacky^> cant remember
[03:29:47] <les> Nice is next to monte carlo
[03:29:48] <Jacky^> a beutiful place is montecarlo too
[03:29:52] <Jacky^> :D
[03:29:59] <Jacky^> yes
[03:30:58] <les> I had to work in that area designing power tools for ITW SPIT
[03:31:18] <Jacky^> cool
[03:31:42] <Jacky^> ive never been there
[03:31:52] <Jacky^> but of course i know that place
[03:32:20] <les> http://www.spit.it/
[03:32:24] <Jacky^> its.. some beutiful side of this country
[03:33:55] <Jacky^> interesting
[03:35:19] <les> oh well...time for bed. Jyymmm said no music room tonight haha
[03:35:32] <Jacky^> hehe
[03:35:41] <les> good night jacky
[03:35:50] <Jacky^> night les, thnaks
[03:36:12] <Jacky^> gnight all
[04:26:21] <Jymmm> I created my first 'part'! lol
[06:53:39] <Jymmm> Jymmm is now known as Red70sShow
[06:53:39] <Red70sShow> Red70sShow is now known as Jymmm
[06:54:00] <Jymmm> Jymmm is now known as MrAsshole
[06:54:04] <MrAsshole> MrAsshole is now known as Jymmm
[07:01:32] <fenn> meep
[07:04:46] <Jymmm> boo
[07:07:23] <fenn> jymmm you ever get your router working?
[07:07:37] <Jymmm> finally
[07:08:35] <fenn> oh nice, it's an aztec pyramid
[07:09:08] <Jymmm> well, just learning/fighting the cad/cam
[07:09:12] <fenn> right
[07:10:10] <fenn> i've put all the heavy engineering stuff aside for a while.. spent a month riding my bicycle
[07:11:48] <Jymmm> wth would you do that for?
[07:13:23] <fenn> dunno.. it just.. happened
[07:13:34] <Jymmm> lolm ok
[07:13:38] <Jymmm> lol, ok
[12:50:10] <alex_joni> later guys
[16:53:01] <Jymmm> woof!
[16:54:57] <rayh> * rayh growls back
[16:55:16] <Jymmm> yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe! yipe!
[16:55:46] <Jymmm> oh wait a sec... your just an old hound dawg w/o teeth!
[16:55:51] <rayh> Good answer!
[16:56:09] <Jymmm> (which one)
[16:57:08] <Jymmm> my first "part" http://photos.yahoo.com/jymmm
[16:57:15] <Jymmm> lol
[16:57:41] <paul_c> now the "old dawg" has some teeth
[16:58:29] <rayh> You loanin me some, paul_c?
[16:58:45] <rayh> hey thanks for all the work with the wiki setup on sf.
[16:59:16] <Jymmm> lol loaning teeth... that reminds me of that commercial
[17:00:52] <paul_c> A guided tour of the SF setup on Sunday so that others know what is where & why.
[17:01:04] <rayh> paul_c: Did you see the recent sf announce regarding MySQL
[17:01:16] <Jymmm> rayh ?!
[17:01:23] <rayh> Good. This should secure the service.
[17:01:41] <Jymmm> mysql?
[17:01:45] <paul_c> don't get the SF announcements.
[17:01:46] <Jymmm> on sf I mean
[17:01:51] <Jymmm> me neither
[17:01:56] <rayh> I seem to remember something about loaning a set of teeth commercial
[17:02:15] <Jymmm> rayh what about myswl & sf ?
[17:02:20] <Jymmm> rayh what about mysql & sf ?
[17:02:28] <rayh> SF can provide MySQL 4.1 services
[17:02:44] <rayh> with 3 levels of login by vhosts.
[17:02:48] <Jymmm> ah, very cool. Might be better with pg
[17:03:09] <rayh> We could provide a connection at www.linuxcnc.org.
[17:03:24] <Jymmm> I can suck the db quota in 3.2TB
[17:03:34] <rayh> something like ini.linuxcnc.org that would write an ini file
[17:04:03] <rayh> based on the users answers to html pages.
[17:04:34] <Jymmm> that would be a tough script to write.
[17:04:37] <rayh> I believe that I could prepare the tables and such
[17:04:59] <rayh> I know nothing of Myphpadmin
[17:05:16] <Jymmm> rayh it's easy to use
[17:05:22] <Jymmm> very easy
[17:05:32] <Jymmm> phpMyAdmin
[17:06:00] <rayh> Oh. Right.
[17:06:10] <Jymmm> or whatever it is =)
[17:06:35] <rayh> I have an instance of mysqlrunning here.
[17:06:44] <Jymmm> when adding a bunch of records, I find it slower than just making a sql statement though
[17:07:01] <Jymmm> manual insertion that is
[17:07:03] <rayh> It can do the math that we need for things like input and output scale.
[17:07:14] <Jymmm> sql can do that
[17:07:25] <rayh> I believe that we could even ask it to do the essential transformations for mm v inch and such
[17:08:53] <paul_c> talking of ini files.... Any news on that updated ini & GUI ?
[17:11:18] <Jymmm> paul_c who you talking to?
[17:11:47] <paul_c> rayh.
[17:11:52] <Jymmm> ah
[17:12:06] <Jymmm> paul_c see my first part?
[17:12:42] <rayh> phone
[17:13:30] <Jymmm> sex
[17:16:03] <rayh> i should be so lucky!
[17:26:44] <Jymmm> lol
[17:31:32] <rayh> paul_c: Have had a bit of a time getting a good answer from Sm regarding the ini.
[17:32:10] <rayh> You figured out what the trouble was that I had with the upgrade.sh
[17:36:32] <paul_c> moved the order stuuf was upgraded around a little... But couldn't replicate your problem.
[17:38:35] <rayh> I've not gotten up the courage to try it again. The box I was planning it on died.
[17:42:46] <Jymmm> * Jymmm sees that rayh has gone from dawg to feline
[17:43:42] <Jymmm> (Wizard of Oz reference)
[17:43:45] <rayh> more like chicken!
[17:44:04] <Jymmm> dawg eat cat, cat eat bird
[17:44:22] <Jymmm> python eat alligator!
[17:44:55] <Jymmm> http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,171358,00.html
[17:51:02] <rayh> Jymmm: Did you make that part?
[17:52:02] <Jymmm> rayh: LOL... yeah... took me a few hours to design it, and about 8 minutes to cut it.
[17:52:07] <rayh> paul_c: Can you send over the revised .sh file
[17:52:14] <rayh> Nice work.
[17:53:04] <Jymmm> rayh thanks. My very first part. I've been playing witht the artsy stuff mostly, thought I would try my hand at the mechanical side.
[17:53:10] <rayh> Installing 4.20d for the test now.
[17:53:40] <paul_c> Jymmm: Re earlier comment about dog eat cat wat bird....
[17:53:50] <rayh> Nothing wrong with artsy.
[17:53:54] <paul_c> s/wat/eat/
[17:54:03] <Jymmm> paul_c :L ray said he was chicken.
[17:54:07] <paul_c> http://www.rotten.com/library/medicine/bodily-functions/eating/mans-best-friend/
[17:55:03] <Jymmm> rayh no, not at all. but I'll looking at my machine from both an artistic and mechancial (jigs, fixtures) point of view.
[17:55:41] <Jymmm> what can I do (with cnc) than some poor shumck would be willing to fork out some hard cold cash sorta thing.
[17:55:51] <Jymmm> =)
[17:56:53] <paul_c> rayh:
[17:57:02] <rayh> Right now there seems to be more money for the artsy than the mechanical -- unless you got an assembly/product in mind.
[18:02:41] <Jymmm> rayh: Well, when I say 'machanical', it could me someting as simple as someone wanting a 24" x 24" grid of holes drilled every 1/2"
[18:03:26] <rayh> certainly. nice polished speaker grills.
[18:03:37] <rayh> or sand strainers.
[18:03:50] <Jymmm> peg board for sewing bobbins
[18:07:32] <rayh> CP-1 has a nice speaker grill writing program
[18:07:51] <Jymmm> cp-1? R2D2 C3PO
[18:08:15] <rayh> A close relative.
[18:09:49] <rayh> emc/tcl/cp1/cpGui.tcl on the 4.xx series of bdi
[18:10:07] <Jymmm> what is cp-1 ?
[18:10:49] <paul_c> Also under the EMC menu in KDE
[18:10:56] <rayh> That's it. It is a gcode writer based on some geometry input.
[18:11:08] <rayh> Ah. Thanks paul.
[18:11:37] <rayh> pick a geometry mop and fill in the variables
[18:13:22] <rayh> For some reason it didn't expand to show me the variables when i clicked grill array
[18:13:41] <rayh> Had to drag the bottom of the widget down to show em.
[18:19:33] <Jymmm> Heh... every non machinst type person I've showed that to has gone "what is it?"
[18:20:34] <Jymmm> all I know is I've learned an appreciasion for mechanical fab and design
[18:24:43] <rayh> Having a CNC tends to do that to your head.
[18:39:11] <Jymmm> well, if shit ever hit the fan... even something as simple as a nut and bolt would be practically impossible.
[19:01:25] <rayh> paul_c: 4.20d smithy is booting up. Will use your 4.29 disk for the test of upgrade.sh.
[19:33:01] <Jymmm> in respect to gcode... how can you tell why point is 0,0 and if Z axis '0' is 'top of material' or 'top of table' ?
[19:33:08] <Jymmm> s/why/which/
[19:36:11] <rayh> ah.
[19:36:26] <rayh> For the z you should look at the sign of the cutting moves.
[19:36:41] <Jymmm> X0.0140 Z-0.2049
[19:36:55] <rayh> if z + is up away from material then the cut moves should be minus.
[19:37:27] <rayh> This probably means that the z zero is set to the top of the material
[19:37:43] <rayh> If the moves are plus moves then the cut is probably from the top of the table.
[19:38:09] <Jymmm> ok, and for 0,0 ?
[19:38:22] <Jymmm> TL, TR, BL, BR
[19:38:43] <rayh> This is a bit harder.
[19:39:09] <Jacky^> heila'
[19:39:11] <Jacky^> :)
[19:39:15] <Jymmm> hi Jacky^
[19:39:24] <rayh> If the cutting moves are minus again then you need to set zero to the most positive corner of the part
[19:39:34] <Jacky^> hi Jymmm
[19:39:37] <Jacky^> hello rayh
[19:39:37] <rayh> if positive then to the most negivive part of the part
[19:39:56] <rayh> if they go both + and - then the center of the part.
[19:40:06] <rayh> Hi Jacky^ How you doing today?
[19:40:43] <Jacky^> rayh: nice :P seem incredible.. my machine is going at 38 ipm :D
[19:41:07] <Jymmm> Jacky^ WooHoo!!!
[19:41:08] <Jacky^> working on wood ..
[19:41:11] <Jacky^> hahaha
[19:41:16] <Jacky^> Jymmm: =)
[19:41:29] <rayh> That's great.
[19:41:31] <Jymmm> * Jymmm will NOT say what his machine is running at.
[19:41:44] <Jacky^> rayh: really great, for this toy ..
[19:41:56] <rayh> speed isn't everything.
[19:42:04] <Jacky^> yeah
[19:42:12] <Jacky^> on wood its all ..
[19:42:24] <Jacky^> 3d relief i mean
[19:42:45] <Jacky^> 0.3 stepover
[19:43:01] <Jacky^> 3 hours for a piece 20x20 cm :\
[19:43:04] <Jacky^> sigh
[19:43:06] <rayh> Darn paul_c That is a hell of a script.
[19:43:23] <rayh> seems to be redoing all the packages and configuration.
[19:43:36] <Jacky^> rayh: tried irrsi ?
[19:43:44] <Jacky^> irssi*
[19:44:04] <Jacky^> not yet ?
[19:44:07] <rayh> what is irssi?
[19:44:13] <Jacky^> ugh
[19:44:21] <Jacky^> irc client i use
[19:44:34] <rayh> Oh that. No I've not had a chance.
[19:44:41] <Jacky^> i gived you the ini file too ..
[19:44:48] <rayh> busier than a cat in the litterbox.
[19:45:03] <Jacky^> :)
[19:45:20] <Jacky^> which cat ?
[19:45:25] <Jacky^> i love the cats
[19:46:04] <Jacky^> ive one is wonderful ..
[19:46:20] <Jacky^> his name, linus ..
[19:46:41] <Jacky^> :D
[19:46:43] <rayh> that's a nice name...
[19:46:49] <Jacky^> great
[19:46:58] <Jacky^> i love opens source
[19:47:06] <Jymmm> * Jymmm likes the name 'dog food' for a cat.
[19:47:08] <Jacky^> a moment ..
[19:47:36] <Jacky^> a want to show you
[19:48:12] <Jacky^> take a look: http://www.roboitalia.com/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=lastup&cat=12775&pos=3
[19:48:20] <Jacky^> isnt nicee ?? :P
[19:48:25] <rayh> paul_c: the script stalled out installing a new copy of generic.tbl.
[19:50:53] <Jymmm> (Not that I would do anything to harm an animal, I'm just not a cat person at all - ok, rare exceptions)
[19:51:12] <Jacky^> hehe :)
[19:52:10] <rayh> Beautiful cat. Shop's not bad either.
[19:52:21] <Jacky^> rayh: thanks
[19:53:21] <rayh> Those your robots in the galery?
[19:53:32] <Jacky^> mmh nope ..
[19:53:48] <Jacky^> my gallery is just the 'taddeus gallery' ..
[19:56:41] <rayh> Okay.
[19:59:38] <Jacky^> :)
[19:59:47] <Jacky^> dinner time for me ..
[20:00:12] <Jacky^> Jymmm: take a look..
[20:00:16] <Jacky^> haha lol
[20:00:18] <Jacky^> :D
[20:00:53] <Jacky^> accept the file
[20:01:14] <Jymmm> I can't DCC
[20:01:29] <Jacky^> ouch
[20:01:31] <Jacky^> ok ..
[20:03:29] <Jacky^> Jymmm: http://www.roboitalia.com/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&pos=-1339
[20:03:33] <Jacky^> haha
[20:03:41] <Jacky^> i must go ..
[20:03:45] <Jacky^> later guys
[20:03:55] <Jacky^> Jacky^ is now known as Jack_afk
[20:05:51] <rayh> paul_c: Going to try the reboot.
[20:11:49] <rayh> got some problems with x and kde
[20:47:28] <Jack_afk> Jack_afk is now known as Jacky^
[20:47:51] <Jacky^> i'm
[20:47:54] <Jacky^> :D
[20:53:29] <Jymmm> ray how you like that.... you have problems and paul bails out! cant get more perfect timing than that =)
[21:16:12] <alex_joni> greetings
[21:16:24] <Jacky^> hey alex
[21:16:33] <alex_joni> hello Jacky^
[21:17:01] <Jacky^> milling ..
[21:17:05] <Jacky^> drilling
[21:17:07] <Jacky^> :D
[21:17:55] <Jacky^> i dont know what is happening
[21:18:01] <alex_joni> lol
[21:18:05] <Jacky^> my machine is working as an evil !
[21:18:14] <alex_joni> suits you right
[21:18:19] <Jacky^> and i found a nwe girlfriend :P
[21:18:22] <Jacky^> woooowwww
[21:18:27] <alex_joni> hmmm :-/
[21:18:28] <Jacky^> all in 1 day
[21:18:30] <Jacky^> hahahaha
[21:18:31] <alex_joni> nice
[21:18:34] <Jacky^> ;)
[21:18:41] <alex_joni> how about anna_emc?
[21:18:49] <Jacky^> anna ?
[21:19:01] <Jacky^> nice girl, but broken ..
[21:19:08] <Jacky^> i'm witj keyss now :P
[21:19:13] <Jacky^> with
[21:19:15] <Jacky^> heh
[21:19:24] <Jacky^> mary ;)
[21:20:16] <alex_joni> what do you mean broken?
[21:20:28] <Jacky^> oh ..
[21:20:46] <Jacky^> i meant she was breaking the balls .. so
[21:20:47] <Jacky^> :\
[21:21:56] <Jacky^> :D
[21:22:05] <alex_joni> heh
[21:22:14] <alex_joni> probably you deserved it :))
[21:22:20] <Jacky^> alex_joni: i'm suree
[21:22:28] <Jacky^> emc2 work a lot better
[21:22:34] <alex_joni> nice
[21:22:36] <Jacky^> my machine is flyng
[21:22:38] <alex_joni> a lot better than what?
[21:22:41] <alex_joni> :-?
[21:22:45] <Jacky^> damn earth ive under foots
[21:22:54] <Jacky^> 39 ipm
[21:23:02] <Jacky^> whitout lost a step
[21:23:05] <Jacky^> woow
[21:23:10] <Jacky^> seem incredible to me
[21:23:16] <Jacky^> for this toy ..
[21:23:46] <alex_joni> nice
[21:23:50] <Jacky^> ;)
[21:25:00] <Jacky^> im using 1 euro ballscrew
[21:25:02] <Jacky^> lol
[21:25:04] <Jacky^> :D
[21:26:04] <alex_joni> good precision?
[21:27:06] <Jacky^> haha
[21:27:16] <Jacky^> m6 1 mm pitch
[21:27:22] <alex_joni> I mean overall
[21:27:27] <Jacky^> nahh
[21:27:40] <Jacky^> well ..
[21:27:55] <Jacky^> ive not much backslash
[21:28:04] <Jacky^> but i'm using 6 mm bearing
[21:28:10] <Jacky^> :)
[21:28:54] <paul_c> Ahpoo... where did Ray go ?
[21:29:03] <alex_joni> hey paul
[21:36:23] <Jymmm> paul_c...
[21:36:24] <Jymmm> [11:36:55] <rayh> got some problems with x and kde
[21:36:24] <Jymmm> [11:39:33] * paul_c (n=paul@cpc1-norw1-6-0-cust99.pete.cable.ntl.com) Quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
[21:37:12] <alex_joni> hey Jymmm
[21:37:20] <Jymmm> hi alex
[21:37:56] <alex_joni> what's cooking doc?
[21:38:29] <paul_c> Jymmm: irc went zombie on me about 7:00
[21:45:46] <Jacky^> hi paul_c
[21:49:23] <paul_c> damit... Got ppl bugging me to go to Rome at the end of the month.
[21:49:36] <alex_joni> nice there
[21:49:37] <alex_joni> :)
[21:49:52] <alex_joni> not sure how safe it is :D
[21:49:55] <paul_c> be crowded..
[21:55:11] <paul_c> early night.. back tomorrow.
[22:27:22] <alex_joni> * alex_joni goes to bed
[22:51:59] <Jacky^> hey les
[22:52:03] <Jacky^> ciao :)
[22:52:05] <les> hi jacky
[22:53:13] <les> got a call from another furniture maker today. He wants me to do some cnc work for him.
[22:53:21] <les> here is his site:
[22:53:49] <les> http://www.lackley.com/
[22:54:06] <les> trouble is...I am all booked up
[22:54:17] <les> on the waiting list I guess
[22:55:35] <les> oh well...it's good to be busy.
[23:47:58] <Jacky^> hello
[23:48:15] <Jacky^> i was at cellphone ...
[23:51:00] <les> hmm lost my tv remote
[23:51:17] <an0n> hey
[23:51:19] <an0n> what's up
[23:51:19] <an0n> ?
[23:51:25] <Jacky^> an0n: hey
[23:51:33] <Jacky^> girls !
[23:51:35] <Jacky^> hehe
[23:51:44] <les> noy much...just relaxing after work
[23:51:46] <les> not
[23:51:50] <an0n> nice
[23:51:51] <an0n> same as I am
[23:51:55] <an0n> just writing a mail
[23:52:19] <Jacky^> i got my nwe girlfriend call me at phone ..
[23:52:22] <Jacky^> :D
[23:52:26] <Jacky^> lets see..
[23:52:28] <Jacky^> hahahaha
[23:52:28] <les> I spent another day making ultrasonic resonators on the lathe
[23:52:43] <an0n> lathe?
[23:52:50] <les> yeah
[23:52:57] <an0n> turning bodies?
[23:53:25] <les> turning tiny little 2 mm resonators
[23:53:31] <les> lapped together
[23:53:34] <an0n> cool :)
[23:53:45] <les> .005mm tolerance on some parts
[23:53:56] <an0n> hm, more then I can measure
[23:54:19] <les> it's more than the lathe can do so it has to be lapped
[23:54:33] <les> oh you can measure .oo5!
[23:54:41] <an0n> I dont have any means to..
[23:54:56] <les> just a standard micrometer
[23:55:12] <an0n> I think mine goes down to 0.01
[23:55:21] <an0n> I should buy a digital one later on..
[23:55:34] <les> mine are vernier .0001" graduations
[23:55:59] <les> 2.5 micron
[23:56:24] <an0n> yep
[23:56:52] <Jacky^> woooowwwww
[23:56:57] <Jacky^> she say yessssssss
[23:56:58] <an0n> nice
[23:57:00] <Jacky^> hehehehe
[23:57:07] <les> yes?
[23:57:10] <les> hmmm
[23:57:10] <Jacky^> yup
[23:57:12] <Jacky^> ja
[23:57:14] <Jacky^> yes
[23:57:15] <Jacky^> si
[23:57:17] <Jacky^> :)
[23:57:26] <les> heh
[23:57:34] <Jacky^> ive the cell numberrr
[23:57:36] <Jacky^> hehehe
[23:58:02] <les> so much for anna then...haha
[23:58:36] <Jacky^> wow
[23:58:57] <Jacky^> 31 years old .. blondie
[23:59:11] <les> hmm just my type!
[23:59:15] <Jacky^> hahaha
[23:59:17] <les> hahaha
[23:59:17] <Jacky^> :D
[23:59:21] <Jacky^> ;)
[23:59:52] <Jacky^> * Jacky^ is jumping all around