#emc | Logs for 2005-10-05

[00:07:40] <Jacky^> haha
[00:07:42] <Jacky^> :)
[00:37:25] <anonimasu> e253 hm
[01:07:38] <Jacky^> james@synapse:~$ mplayer /mnt/condivisa/download/DivX/complete/Chicago\ -\ If\ You\ Leave\ Me\ Now.mp3
[01:07:42] <Jacky^> wooow
[01:07:46] <Jacky^> :D
[01:32:21] <les> chicago...I live in chicago till the year 2000 when I moved here.
[01:32:27] <les> lived
[02:36:32] <Jacky^> :)
[02:36:44] <les> hi
[02:36:49] <Jacky^> hehe
[02:37:04] <Jacky^> les: how are the things going ?
[02:37:07] <les> chicago girls tended to be fat though.
[02:37:12] <les> oh ok.
[02:37:12] <Jacky^> haha
[02:37:25] <les> unless you have money
[02:37:31] <Jacky^> i'm kidding on chat ..
[02:37:47] <les> poor= fat girlfriends
[02:37:47] <Jacky^> I know .. chicago is nice :)
[02:38:20] <Jacky^> :)
[02:38:28] <Jacky^> ive been in l.a.
[02:38:36] <Jacky^> but not in las vegas :(
[02:38:41] <les> I was an engineer and director of R&d there, so my girlfriends were only a little fat
[02:38:53] <Jacky^> hehe
[02:39:08] <les> now....where is anna?
[02:39:22] <Jacky^> les: no idea..
[02:39:27] <les> heh
[02:39:33] <Jacky^> i thint shes sleeping
[02:39:40] <Jacky^> think*
[02:39:51] <les> and she uses emc???
[02:40:05] <Jacky^> nah ..
[02:40:12] <les> haha
[02:40:28] <Jacky^> she was interesting om emc, because i'm interesting on emc
[02:40:36] <les> oh
[02:40:41] <les> ok!
[02:40:50] <Jacky^> as she was interestin on Linux. because im using Linux
[02:41:24] <les> you have to tell me jacky...does she look as good as she sounds?
[02:41:31] <Jacky^> anna_emc is a nice girls
[02:41:39] <les> heh
[02:41:53] <Jacky^> yeah
[02:42:01] <les> lucky you
[02:42:03] <les> haha
[02:42:05] <Jacky^> but its a very difficult situation
[02:42:12] <Jacky^> i was married
[02:42:22] <Jacky^> ane shes was too
[02:42:30] <les> women are always a difficult situation
[02:42:36] <Jacky^> nah ..
[02:42:44] <Jacky^> she have 2 son
[02:42:53] <Jacky^> 7-13 years old
[02:43:02] <Jacky^> ops
[02:43:05] <Jacky^> 7-12
[02:43:37] <Jacky^> thats the big problem ..
[02:43:59] <les> I have children...I have been married twice!
[02:44:12] <Jacky^> but, shes a nice girls, really
[02:44:46] <Jacky^> les: ive been married for 5 years
[02:44:54] <Jacky^> after.. failed
[02:45:02] <les> I am in a remote area...I don't get to meet girls much anymore
[02:45:24] <Jacky^> hehe
[02:45:27] <Jacky^> i'm too
[02:45:27] <les> there is no one here
[02:45:31] <Jacky^> but
[02:46:05] <Jacky^> Italy now seem America of may years ago ..
[02:46:17] <les> really
[02:46:20] <Jacky^> I dont know oh it work
[02:46:43] <Jacky^> but i see a lot of peoples from polonia
[02:46:48] <Jacky^> came here
[02:46:56] <Jacky^> ande
[02:47:10] <Jacky^> especially woman
[02:47:12] <les> where is polonia?
[02:47:17] <Jacky^> young girls
[02:48:15] <Jacky^> ops
[02:48:15] <les> oh really there are many many girls that want to meet you
[02:48:17] <Jacky^> poland
[02:48:20] <les> all old and fat
[02:48:28] <les> 'haha\
[02:48:33] <Jacky^> 18-19 years old
[02:48:41] <Jacky^> :)
[02:48:52] <les> poland....yeah...many polish girls in chicago
[02:49:03] <les> they are good
[02:49:07] <les> I know
[02:49:07] <Jacky^> they are fighting with the italian family ...
[02:49:19] <Jacky^> sometime
[02:49:27] <les> let me tell you
[02:49:57] <les> in chicago I had a neighbor with young polish daughter
[02:50:13] <les> she would walk by my houde often
[02:50:19] <les> one day...
[02:50:29] <les> she came in
[02:50:34] <les> my house...
[02:50:44] <les> went to the bedroom...
[02:50:52] <les> and locked the door.
[02:51:20] <les> She said she would not come out unless I gave her what she wanted
[02:51:30] <les> what did I do?
[02:51:39] <les> I gave her what she wanted.
[02:52:05] <Jacky^> les: right ...
[02:52:30] <Jymmm> * Jymmm kicks les in the shins
[02:52:36] <les> she was 18...but her mom got REAL mad
[02:52:40] <les> huh?
[02:52:47] <Jacky^> hey Jymmm
[02:53:08] <Jymmm> les the tools store only carries a PORTION of the onsrud line
[02:53:24] <Jymmm> les wanna guess what they did NOT have???????????????????????
[02:53:28] <les> typical...inventory costs money
[02:53:30] <Jymmm> hi Jacky^
[02:53:54] <Jymmm> les at another place I got a 1/4" downcut CMT bit
[02:54:03] <les> cmt is good
[02:54:24] <les> nice italian router bits ;)
[02:54:24] <Jymmm> no choice, I wanted in now damnit! lol
[02:54:31] <Jymmm> damn italians
[02:54:38] <Jacky^> hehe
[02:54:43] <Jymmm> lol
[02:55:12] <Jacky^> cmt ?
[02:55:20] <les> cmt holds a good edge...good micrograin carbide
[02:55:20] <Jymmm> got a 25A 220VAC relay for $3
[02:55:27] <Jymmm> les ah ok
[02:55:59] <les> jacky cmt= italian router bit manufacturer
[02:56:03] <Jacky^> cmt is the only good brand I know in italy
[02:56:10] <les> it is good
[02:56:31] <les> all my v carve bits are cmt
[02:56:50] <Jacky^> yeah, good
[02:58:14] <Jacky^> i'm planning a wood-cnc-machine with my cousin
[02:58:41] <les> the "laser" 60 degree cmt is very good
[02:59:12] <Jacky^> les: yeah
[02:59:23] <Jacky^> i found another brand here
[02:59:42] <Jymmm> WOW! Every OPTO 22 Solid State Relay is guarnteed for life.
[02:59:42] <Jacky^> but with no specification
[02:59:48] <Jacky^> maybe from spain ..
[03:00:07] <Jacky^> half price
[03:00:40] <Jacky^> the brand is, freud pro
[03:00:59] <Jymmm> yeah, they have freud here too
[03:01:18] <Jacky^> oh .. you know ?
[03:01:38] <Jacky^> it seem from italy too ..
[03:01:58] <les> freud is italian but I'll bet cmt makes them
[03:02:14] <les> I have a freud blade on my circular saw
[03:02:33] <Jacky^> i tried , it seem nice enough
[03:02:38] <Jacky^> on wood ..
[03:02:42] <Jymmm> I have some lifetime warrantied blad in my compound miter saw
[03:02:46] <Jymmm> blade
[03:02:56] <Jymmm> 60T
[03:03:05] <Jymmm> 60 or 80 tooth
[03:03:30] <les> I was getting ready to order a bigger saw...but waiting to see how that broyhill auction goes
[03:03:39] <les> I may bid
[03:04:07] <les> otherwise, a grizzly 1023 table saw
[03:04:34] <les> I am having to up the horsepoer of everything
[03:04:41] <les> power
[03:04:51] <les> but no more today
[03:05:03] <les> spent $1600 on that colombo
[03:05:26] <les> it comes thursday
[03:05:55] <Jymmm> heh
[03:06:18] <les> pricey router motor huh?
[03:06:36] <Jymmm> oh, I thought that was the cost of the loose women
[03:06:52] <Jacky^> :)
[03:06:58] <les> women are MUCH more expensive.
[03:07:05] <Jymmm> http://www.cjohnhebert.com/Grizzly%201023.htm
[03:07:50] <les> yup that's it
[03:08:11] <Jymmm> it's MANUAL..... what the hell is that shit?!
[03:08:23] <les> If I don't win a bid on a tannewitcz...
[03:08:33] <les> I'll get the grizzly.
[03:08:39] <les> $1100
[03:08:42] <les> 5 hp
[03:08:46] <Jymmm> get the 3 20HP cnc machiens =)
[03:09:01] <Jymmm> brb smoke...
[03:09:21] <les> ok if you will figure out how to pick up a 5000 kg machine
[03:09:29] <Jacky^> bed time for me
[03:09:37] <les> good night jacky
[03:09:39] <Jacky^> 03:46
[03:09:44] <les> yeah
[03:09:49] <Jacky^> night les Jymmm
[03:21:32] <Jymmm> * Jymmm is back! Did ya miss me?
[03:21:41] <les> well...
[03:21:43] <les> haha
[03:21:46] <Jymmm> lol
[03:22:32] <les> actually the cmt spiral bits are fine..every bit as good as onsrud
[03:22:36] <Jymmm> I think I'll be ok with the cmt bit, but I really wanted 1/8 and 1/16"
[03:22:39] <les> so np
[03:23:00] <les> have to dig a little for those
[03:23:06] <Jymmm> yeah, I had remembered you mentioning CMT a ways back.
[03:23:20] <Jymmm> I bookmarked the roobbjack thing
[03:23:30] <les> yeah I use cmt on all the signs
[03:23:54] <les> robbjack is good....but $$
[03:24:14] <les> cmt ain't cheap either
[03:24:24] <Jymmm> I paid $17 for it
[03:24:32] <les> sounds fine
[03:25:03] <les> I pay about $60 for 1/2 spiral downcuts
[03:25:57] <Jymmm> robbjack 1/8" on a 1/4" shank is $21.65 list
[03:26:05] <les> griz has sk for about $40...but they don't last as long
[03:26:06] <Jymmm> 2 flute
[03:26:51] <Jymmm> think I'm gonna have a problem finding 1/16" =(
[03:27:13] <les> Isaw one 2 flute bit .0005 diameter
[03:27:29] <Jymmm> PCB I guess
[03:28:10] <les> typing is going courtesy of the anheiser busch brewing company
[03:28:33] <Jymmm> Since when do the Clydsdales type?
[03:28:40] <les> haha
[03:29:15] <Jymmm> well I got a opto22 SSR for $1.50, but I'm not sure of the control ratings
[03:29:25] <les> i'm gonna sign off...spent far too much money today
[03:29:28] <Jymmm> err not control but load ratings
[03:29:29] <les> good deal
[03:30:08] <Jymmm> and a DPST 220VAC @ 25A / 120VAC coil for $3
[03:30:31] <les> very good deal
[03:30:50] <Jymmm> and gawd lets hope they just screwed up on the diagram and this isn't NC
[03:31:09] <les> just check it out on the bench
[03:32:08] <les> I have to pull the estop spindle relay....it's a nono on hight power vfd
[03:32:29] <Jymmm> uh oh
[03:32:35] <Jymmm> thats not a good thing
[03:32:39] <les> may have to rewire some stuff
[03:32:44] <Jymmm> http://www.newark.com/NewarkWebCommerce/newark/en_US/endecaSearch/partDetail.jsp?SKU=96B8448&CMP=AFC-CC3763909474&QText=
[03:33:52] <les> I had to replace a relay like that on a power amp in the music room
[03:34:09] <les> 1300w rms amp
[03:34:11] <Jymmm> I want to wire in ON/OFF buttons but still have some computer control. It'll take some additional DPDT relay plus some SSR to pull the whole thing off.
[03:35:00] <les> estop needs to be hard wird in case the computer poops
[03:35:06] <les> wired
[03:35:19] <Jymmm> * Jymmm intriduces les to the 'jackhammer'! A 330 pound 22" bass speaker.
[03:35:31] <les> haha
[03:36:16] <Jymmm> Yeah, the computer control is to start/stop the spindle, plus remove power from the controller (xylotex) board completely.
[03:36:20] <les> I have 3500 wrms in the music room....42 cubic feet of speaker enclosure
[03:36:38] <les> hey...used to design the stuff.
[03:36:56] <Jymmm> http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1749572,00.asp
[03:37:13] <Jymmm> http://www.mtxaudio.com/caraudio/products/subwoofers/jackHammer.cfm
[03:37:26] <Jymmm> sorry, 320 pounds
[03:37:45] <les> biggest I ever saw was 36
[03:37:55] <les> hartley
[03:38:58] <Jymmm> oh, I got a bag of 1/4" fluted dowel pins today. I figure 36 for $1.50 was cheap enough and can easily be replaced at any hardware store.
[03:39:18] <Jymmm> 1" long
[03:39:46] <les> anyway, I have enough. once a drywall panel fell down from the ceiing. Jimi hendrix worked the nails out.
[03:39:58] <Jymmm> lol
[03:40:04] <Jymmm> pink floyd
[03:40:08] <les> yeah fluted dowels will work
[03:40:46] <les> ask paul about the music room some time
[03:40:48] <les> haha
[03:41:17] <Jymmm> does it have an 8 track player?
[03:41:19] <les> speaker you could LIVE in
[03:41:28] <les> oops no 8 track
[03:41:31] <les> haha sorry
[03:41:33] <Jymmm> real to real?
[03:41:36] <Jymmm> reel
[03:41:54] <les> still have an old 15" reel to reel though
[03:42:01] <Jymmm> 78 rpm?
[03:42:07] <Jymmm> victrola?
[03:42:09] <les> 15 ips
[03:42:25] <les> I play old tapes from my rock band and stuff
[03:42:40] <Jymmm> you should get them to cd sometime
[03:42:46] <les> need to burn all that to cdr before the tape rots
[03:43:07] <les> well
[03:43:13] <les> bedtime for me
[03:43:27] <Jymmm> alrighty les, see ya in the morning!
[03:43:32] <les> k
[03:43:34] <les> laters
[03:43:38] <Jymmm> =)
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[10:27:20] <CIA-8> 03paul_c * 10emc2-auto/wiki/ (13 files in 11 dirs): Auto update wiki from a cron job. Wed Oct 5 10:01:52 BST 2005
[11:04:26] <TimKoene> hello
[11:08:41] <TimKoene> not very crowded in here, is it?
[21:16:11] <Jacky^> thats ok ..
[21:16:39] <Jacky^> the prob could be the shipping ..
[21:16:58] <Jacky^> but if we buy 10-20, probably is cheaper
[21:17:45] <Jacky^> 120 to 300 cycles per revolution (CPR)
[21:17:53] <Jacky^> 480 to 1200 pulses per revolution (PPR)
[21:17:59] <Jacky^> 2 channel quadrature TTL squarewave outputs
[21:18:08] <bosone> i like to use non conventional object...
[21:18:27] <Jacky^> im too
[21:18:42] <Jacky^> but im tired to lost the time .. :(
[21:19:03] <Jacky^> i need a machine up and running now
[21:19:07] <bosone> my next encoder... optical mouse, 800 dpi
[21:19:13] <Jacky^> in about 2 mounths
[21:20:11] <bosone> but support emc2 encoders?
[21:20:14] <Jacky^> i know.. my cousin has used hacked mouses ..
[21:20:34] <Jacky^> it seem to me a crap with the mouse wheel
[21:20:50] <Jacky^> bosone: theorically emc2 support sncoders
[21:21:00] <Jacky^> it has encoder hal component
[21:21:23] <Jacky^> pratically... i eard motenc should be the definitive solution
[21:21:51] <bosone> is in emc1 too?
[21:22:17] <Jacky^> nope, emc2 only
[21:22:46] <Jacky^> take a look also here for some interesting page on encoders..
[21:22:48] <Jacky^> http://www.seattlerobotics.org/encoder/200006/servo.html
[21:28:02] <Jacky^> bosone: emc2 has PID component too
[21:28:45] <Jacky^> would be interesting to try adding an encoder to a stepper notor with emc2 to see what happen
[21:33:06] <bosone> very nice article!
[21:33:30] <Jacky^> yeah
[21:34:56] <Jacky^> you you, that use microcontroller should be nice
[21:34:58] <bosone> i think is better with microstepping control with stepper and encoder...
[21:35:46] <Jacky^> i'm courius to know what emc can do with that ..
[21:36:17] <Jacky^> probably, someone, already tried here
[21:36:38] <bosone> now i have some of altera epf6016, in future i'd like to implement PID in fpga
[21:37:02] <Jacky^> nice
[21:37:17] <bosone> about 1600 flip-flop
[21:37:25] <Jacky^> i dont like math :\
[21:37:49] <Jacky^> PID seem to use a lot of math
[21:38:01] <Jacky^> and algorithms
[21:38:11] <icee> PID is very simple
[21:38:17] <icee> tuning it, on the other hand, is hard.
[21:38:22] <Jacky^> position only ?
[21:38:24] <les> hi icee! yes pid is simple
[21:38:32] <Jacky^> what about speed, torque, temperature ?
[21:38:59] <icee> hm? in a PID position loop, P is position, I is accumulated error, and D is speed
[21:39:06] <icee> hey les :)
[21:39:14] <bosone> i like math at now in the university i'm studing numeric metods for complex number!
[21:39:20] <Jacky^> * Jacky^ nods
[21:39:31] <Jacky^> i dont like math ! :P
[21:39:47] <Jymmm> i dont like italians! :)
[21:39:55] <Jacky^> lol
[21:39:59] <Jymmm> now were even =)
[21:40:02] <Jymmm> lol
[21:40:11] <bosone> Proportional Integrate Derivate
[21:40:17] <Jymmm> italians are almost as bad as brits
[21:40:30] <les> heh
[21:40:41] <les> however emc has pidff
[21:40:45] <Jacky^> bosone: i think would be a good thing to get emc know about PID ..
[21:40:47] <les> a little better
[21:41:17] <Jacky^> or, to implement a veri good loops that give no fault a the minimum error ..
[21:41:36] <Jacky^> it seem to me hard
[21:41:48] <Jymmm> "This concludes our nationality bashing for today. Please tune in tomorrow when we will have alex_joni bashing for your enjoyment"
[21:41:56] <icee> jacky: the choice of the coefficients depend on the mechanical characteristics of the system
[21:42:04] <les> jacky...
[21:42:11] <Jacky^> ?
[21:42:12] <les> witha torque amp
[21:42:18] <les> p is like a spring
[21:42:30] <les> d is like a damper
[21:42:47] <les> I is also a spring, but it gets stiffer with time
[21:43:47] <Jacky^> les: nice explanation
[21:44:38] <les> bosone, good you like complex numbers. PID is often expressed as a system function which is a laplace transform
[21:44:39] <Jacky^> :)
[21:45:30] <bosone> not easy to implement in software, rights?
[21:45:43] <alex_joni> sure it is
[21:45:51] <alex_joni> #include laplace.h
[21:45:59] <alex_joni> then simply write it ;)
[21:46:20] <bosone> thanks alex i look
[21:48:30] <Jacky^> les: what about 3 cm rounded bar with bearings instead of tradictional slides for wood-cnc machine ?
[21:48:44] <Jacky^> you like it ?
[21:48:45] <alex_joni_> hmm, got disconnected
[21:48:54] <Jacky^> alex_joni: seen :)
[21:49:16] <Jacky^> probbaly slow ping reply to the server ?
[21:49:21] <alex_joni_> probably
[21:49:22] <alex_joni_> :D
[21:49:25] <Jacky^> hehe
[21:49:41] <les_away> ieeee
[21:49:58] <Jacky^> ?
[21:50:01] <Jacky^> lag ?
[21:50:11] <les_away> no just disconnect
[21:50:17] <Jacky^> oh .. ok
[21:50:22] <Jacky^> 22:13 < Jacky^> les: what about 3 cm rounded bar with bearings
[21:50:22] <Jacky^> instead of tradictional slides for wood-cnc
[21:50:24] <Jacky^> machine ?
[21:50:33] <Jacky^> you like it ?
[21:50:45] <Jacky^> seem to be a cheaper way ..
[21:50:59] <les_away> I have made machines with it
[21:51:10] <les_away> it is not as stiff or strong
[21:51:12] <Jacky^> sawdust probs ?
[21:51:26] <les_away> the smaller profile rails are better and cheaper!
[21:51:40] <Jacky^> more strong then ..
[21:51:49] <les_away> 15mm rail is best for you
[21:52:07] <Jacky^> for 1 mt machine ..
[21:52:15] <les_away> yes
[21:52:15] <Jacky^> with all up this slides
[21:52:30] <les_away> the round rail is actually pretty expensive
[21:53:18] <Jacky^> les: do you remmebre the price for inch of rails profile ?
[21:53:20] <les_away> and yes 15mm would be perfect for a 1 meter machine
[21:53:31] <Jacky^> anyway, i will ask for quote ..
[21:53:38] <les_away> let me look at some quotes
[21:53:44] <Jacky^> thanks
[21:55:17] <Jacky^> yesterday i haved a discussion with my cousin ..
[21:55:24] <les_away> ok found an abba quote
[21:55:30] <les_away> it was for 20 mm
[21:55:44] <les_away> $93/meter for rail
[21:55:55] <les_away> $56 each for bearing blocks
[21:55:58] <Jacky^> uhm .. yeah
[21:56:13] <Jacky^> he said for 100 euro /mt
[21:56:25] <Jacky^> he can found 3c rounded bars
[21:56:44] <Jacky^> 3 cm *
[21:56:52] <les_away> so 1x1x 5 cm travel...
[21:57:21] <Jacky^> yeah
[21:57:29] <les_away> a little over $1000
[21:57:33] <Jacky^> better work area ..
[21:58:17] <les_away> that is a good price but
[21:58:18] <Jacky^> so the sliders should be a bit more by 1 mt
[21:58:24] <les_away> cnc is not cheap!
[21:58:35] <les_away> would make a very good machine
[21:58:49] <Jacky^> i know
[21:58:55] <Jacky^> is not cheap
[21:59:49] <les_away> I used 40 mm rail (thk) on my last machine
[22:00:00] <Jacky^> but is also true, that any oversized piece can have a big weight on final price .
[22:00:02] <les_away> it was about $400/meter
[22:00:16] <Jacky^> thk, nice, ive seen some rail
[22:00:22] <Jacky^> i know, very nice
[22:00:49] <les_away> 32,000 lb load capacity on a set of 4 blocks
[22:00:58] <les_away> why so much?
[22:01:04] <les_away> to survive a crash
[22:01:14] <Jacky^> damn ..
[22:01:17] <Jacky^> :\
[22:02:33] <les_away> but a 15 or even 20 mm 1x1 meter machine would be very good
[22:02:40] <les_away> It could run all day
[22:02:44] <les_away> every day
[22:02:49] <les_away> and not break
[22:03:22] <Jacky^> nice
[22:03:37] <Jacky^> i want it ! :D
[22:03:58] <les_away> ha
[22:04:10] <Jacky^> the slides should not have probs about speed i suppose
[22:04:19] <les_away> rails and ballscrews are over half the price of the machine usually
[22:04:26] <Jacky^> ive seen someone tested at 10m/sec ..
[22:04:32] <les_away> no problem with any speed
[22:04:43] <les_away> 1 meter/sec is fine
[22:05:10] <les_away> yes some run at 10...I have seen it
[22:06:15] <les_away> hmmm what for dinner tonight?
[22:06:22] <les_away> I think....
[22:06:35] <les_away> red snapper, scallops, and pasta
[22:07:01] <Jacky^> :)
[22:08:49] <Jacky^> les this seem nice:
[22:09:04] <Jacky^> http://www.nadella.it/
[22:09:33] <Jacky^> products -> linear guides
[22:10:23] <Jacky^> probably.. not cheaper
[22:10:36] <Jacky^> Woodworking machinery
[22:17:23] <les_away> was out...looking
[22:18:48] <les_away> looks ok...but compression loads only!
[22:19:13] <Jacky^> i think not cheaper too ..
[22:20:32] <les_away> looks expensive
[22:20:54] <Jacky^> yeah
[22:21:17] <Jacky^> les_away: wich servos are you using for wood ?
[22:21:27] <Jacky^> how many watt ?
[22:21:40] <Jymmm> 1 Watt
[22:21:43] <les_away> large SEM dc servos
[22:21:46] <les_away> haha
[22:21:48] <Jymmm> 1 Watts I should say
[22:22:02] <les_away> one of me?
[22:22:06] <Jacky^> Jymmm: :P
[22:22:07] <Jymmm> after 6pm it's questionable
[22:22:17] <Jymmm> no watts then
[22:22:23] <Jymmm> no Watts then
[22:22:26] <les_away> jacky, 1.6 kW per axis
[22:22:28] <Jacky^> ops
[22:22:47] <Jacky^> 1600 watts for axis ? O_O
[22:22:55] <les_away> yes questionable after 6...i'll be in the music room listening to jimi hendrix
[22:23:00] <Jacky^> it seem to me a lot
[22:23:09] <les_away> yes jacky 1.6 kW
[22:23:19] <alex_joni_> les_away: jimi through a 1.6kW surround system?
[22:23:19] <Jacky^> i was thinking.. 200 w
[22:23:23] <Jymmm> oh gawd.... 1600 Watts - now that's scarry! I wonder if the whole state of Georgia cna be evacuated
[22:23:31] <les_away> jacky my gantry is over 500 kg
[22:23:34] <les_away> heh
[22:23:43] <Jacky^> for wood ?
[22:23:48] <les_away> and metal
[22:23:56] <Jacky^> ohh.. metal too
[22:24:02] <Jacky^> talking about wood
[22:24:08] <les_away> you need much smaller
[22:24:11] <Jacky^> what the right size ?
[22:24:32] <les_away> for a 1x1 machine 250w servos would be ok
[22:24:37] <Jymmm> 2" x 2" x 2"
[22:24:52] <les_away> I made one 1x1x1" jymmm
[22:24:57] <les_away> really
[22:25:04] <les_away> it did 100g though
[22:25:06] <Jacky^> can i reach 300 inch/min ?
[22:25:07] <Jymmm> les_away what was the resolution?
[22:25:15] <les_away> .0001
[22:25:27] <Jymmm> les_away very cool - wafer fab usage?
[22:25:29] <les_away> I gave it to a university
[22:26:07] <les_away> no I designed it to solve a process problem by doing experiments and learning
[22:26:26] <les_away> it was fast
[22:26:37] <les_away> voice coil drive
[22:26:54] <les_away> usdigital linear scqales
[22:26:59] <les_away> scales
[22:27:54] <les_away> let's see that was 38,000 inches per second squared?
[22:28:11] <les_away> so a move was just a loud click
[22:28:15] <les_away> too fast to see
[22:29:10] <alex_joni_> Jymmm: a nice lens: http://cgi.ebay.com/CANON-600mm-f-4L-IS-USM-Telephoto-Lens-EOS-EF-Mount-NR_W0QQitemZ5622478665QQcategoryZ102947QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
[22:29:23] <les_away> would have made a great tatto machine
[22:29:26] <Jacky^> les_away: latest question .. i will not stress you too much :P
[22:29:33] <les_away> heh
[22:29:52] <Jacky^> a pulley reducer is needed on Z axis ?
[22:29:59] <Jacky^> its a good idea ?
[22:30:11] <Jacky^> always for woodworking
[22:30:17] <les_away> not always required...I have one though
[22:30:44] <Jacky^> probably not with light wood right ?
[22:30:56] <les_away> with a ball screw it can be direct drive
[22:31:18] <Jacky^> maybe endmill for roughing need it
[22:31:21] <les_away> cutting force for wood ds very low
[22:31:30] <les_away> usually about 100 N
[22:31:32] <Jacky^> especially if is 10 mm bit
[22:32:06] <les_away> most of the force is needed to accel the table or gantry
[22:32:18] <les_away> rather than cutting
[22:32:32] <les_away> for example...
[22:32:43] <les_away> my gantry is 500 kg
[22:33:12] <les_away> but 1000 kg effective mass including the screw inertia
[22:33:25] <les_away> so if you want 1 g accel....
[22:33:38] <les_away> that is 9.81 m/s^2
[22:33:49] <les_away> we'll call it 10
[22:34:06] <Jacky^> understood
[22:34:15] <Jacky^> thanks :)
[22:34:25] <les_away> f=ma= 1000*10=10,000 newtons
[22:34:58] <les_away> can my machine supply 10,000 N force?
[22:35:03] <les_away> yes it can.
[22:35:13] <Jacky^> :P
[22:35:28] <les_away> and that is why the servo is big
[22:35:33] <les_away> to get 1g
[22:35:45] <les_away> but not for cutting force
[22:36:00] <Jacky^> yeah ..
[22:36:27] <Jacky^> my cousin gave me a big dc pemanent servomotor
[22:36:35] <Jacky^> he has 2 of these
[22:36:44] <Jacky^> looking for some datasheet online
[22:36:48] <alex_joni_> how big?
[22:36:59] <les_away> well for your machine...a 250 watt servo...
[22:37:06] <Jacky^> diameter 10 cm
[22:37:08] <alex_joni_> > 50 kg is big
[22:37:15] <Jacky^> lenght about 18
[22:37:26] <les_away> would be about 50mm diam....200mm long
[22:37:31] <Jacky^> shaft up 1 cm
[22:37:32] <les_away> something like that
[22:37:34] <alex_joni_> Jacky^: small
[22:37:42] <alex_joni_> sounds 200 W to me
[22:37:50] <Jacky^> alex_joni_: to move an house ? :\
[22:37:57] <alex_joni_> nah..
[22:38:00] <les_away> yeah just a guess alex
[22:38:05] <Jacky^> 200 watt ??
[22:38:14] <Jacky^> watts *
[22:38:20] <les_away> about...depends on the rpm
[22:38:23] <alex_joni_> Jacky^: as les_away said, just a guess
[22:38:31] <alex_joni_> * alex_joni_ has some 200W motors
[22:38:33] <Jacky^> :)
[22:38:34] <alex_joni_> about that big
[22:38:39] <alex_joni_> used in the MIG drives
[22:38:51] <Jacky^> les_away: i dont know nothing abput rpm of this motor
[22:38:57] <alex_joni_> plug it in
[22:39:00] <alex_joni_> how's it rated?
[22:39:02] <les_away> ha
[22:39:05] <Jacky^> ive seen electro craft does not exist ..
[22:39:14] <Jacky^> it changed brand
[22:39:29] <les_away> many have I think
[22:39:34] <Jacky^> rockwell automation maybe..
[22:40:40] <Jacky^> the only thing i can do ..
[22:40:58] <les_away> a dc servo (and some others) can put out full torque at any rpm....so double the rpm and double the power
[22:41:11] <Jacky^> is to try it with a variable voltage/current supply and rpm meter..
[22:41:16] <les_away> torquex rpm=power
[22:42:04] <Jacky^> les_away: infact with only 9 volt it run :\
[22:42:17] <Jacky^> and cant be stopped with hands
[22:42:29] <les_away> sounds good
[22:42:49] <Jacky^> yeah ..
[22:43:01] <les_away> speaking of motors...I think the colombo comes tommorow
[22:43:15] <les_away> have to do some rewiring of the machine though
[22:43:51] <Jacky^> good
[22:44:52] <les_away> hope I don't have problems with the motor power line being next to encoder lines in the flexible conduit
[22:45:05] <les_away> may have to put reactors on it
[22:45:13] <Jacky^> mmmh
[22:45:32] <Jacky^> hope not needed
[22:45:40] <les_away> yes
[22:45:58] <alex_joni_> what kind of lines?
[22:46:00] <Jacky^> ah
[22:46:02] <alex_joni_> power and encoders?
[22:46:14] <les_away> also I have to program the vfd and hook it to emc and the estop system
[22:46:15] <Jacky^> les_away: solved with the toolchanger ?
[22:46:48] <les_away> alex, like most I have all the lines in Igus energy chain
[22:47:06] <alex_joni_> I meant what kind of wires?
[22:47:09] <alex_joni_> shielded?
[22:47:33] <les_away> so a 4 kW 240v PWM three phase line will be near encoder and signal lines
[22:47:46] <les_away> shielded and differential
[22:48:01] <alex_joni_> should be safe .. but you'll never know till you try it out
[22:48:31] <alex_joni_> I have some 2kW 300V AC phase-controlled running through the same cable as the encoders
[22:48:56] <les_away> yes....the only thing I might have a problem with is the limit switches...they are single ended TTL
[22:49:07] <alex_joni_> might want to boost them to 24V
[22:49:17] <alex_joni_> and use some opto's on them
[22:49:18] <les_away> well I have about the same...phase controlled router
[22:49:33] <les_away> yeah 24v and/or diff
[22:49:46] <alex_joni_> or maybe 42V :D
[22:49:56] <les_away> heh
[22:50:11] <alex_joni_> that was the standard a few years ago
[22:50:18] <les_away> really 24 is standard and would be better
[22:50:19] <alex_joni_> I find it all the time on robots older than 1990
[22:50:28] <les_away> I just used 5 because it was there
[22:50:37] <alex_joni_> right
[22:50:48] <alex_joni_> but nowadays everything is 24V
[22:50:51] <les_away> bet I will have to change that
[22:51:48] <les_away> If I keep it single ended...very easy.
[22:52:10] <les_away> diff still not too bad...couple of $1 chips
[22:52:18] <les_away> line drivers etc
[23:00:03] <Jymmm> I'm thinking about setting up my machine so that when the current job is complete to shut off spindle AND power off drivers as well. any thoughts/comments?
[23:03:26] <les_away> estop on powers down my driver amps. hard wired arm switch disconnects the servos
[23:04:20] <alex_joni_> les_away: might want to connect a brake on estop
[23:06:50] <icee> they should just fund the hubble origins probe thing
[23:07:01] <icee> use hubble as long as it works
[23:07:10] <icee> and don't bother to deorbit it nicely
[23:07:50] <icee> er
[23:07:57] <icee> that was meant to go to another channel
[23:08:36] <les_away> sorry in and out
[23:08:56] <les_away> the servos are braked with 10 ohm shorting resistors
[23:09:36] <les_away> estop will disable the vfd as well
[23:09:55] <alex_joni_> ok then ;)
[23:10:17] <les_away> but I note that a disconnect to the spindle after the vfd is not a good thing to do
[23:58:07] <alex_joni_> * alex_joni_ goes to bed
[23:58:10] <alex_joni_> night guys
[23:58:15] <alex_joni_> alex_joni_ is now known as alex_joni