#emc | Logs for 2005-07-01

[01:29:54] <bpmw_> Good evening folks!
[01:31:24] <bpmw_> Hope none of you live in a flood plain like I do!
[01:32:06] <robin_sz> well ...
[01:32:12] <robin_sz> housing is cheaoper I guess
[01:33:02] <bpmw_> Some what, but they are allready flooded a Km noth of me!
[01:33:12] <bpmw_> north
[01:33:20] <robin_sz> can you swim?
[01:33:35] <bpmw_> Like a fish:)
[01:33:50] <robin_sz> well, start moving everything upstairs
[01:34:41] <bpmw_> I'm hoping it won't get to that, I don't want to move 8 aquariums thanks.
[01:34:56] <robin_sz> goo dpoint
[01:35:09] <robin_sz> I hope those fish dont drown!
[01:35:18] <bpmw_> LOL!!
[01:36:12] <bpmw_> robin how are you at decifering parport pinouts?
[01:36:22] <robin_sz> fantastic
[01:36:34] <robin_sz> yours is ... muddy.
[01:36:37] <robin_sz> and a bit damp.
[01:36:49] <robin_sz> oh, sorry, thats tomorow ..
[01:36:55] <bpmw_> LOL!!
[01:37:09] <robin_sz> you have emc installed?
[01:37:33] <bpmw_> I got new steppers and new drivers but hookup is a little different than zylotex
[01:37:46] <robin_sz> you have emc installed?
[01:38:02] <bpmw_> Yes I'm running Emc2
[01:38:06] <robin_sz> right
[01:38:27] <robin_sz> my familiarity with emc2 is >< this much
[01:38:46] <bpmw_> Do you want to go pin by pin?
[01:39:11] <robin_sz> I beleive as standard, it has the same pinout as emc1
[01:39:36] <robin_sz> use the "show signals" script in the GUI to show you the pinouts
[01:40:32] <bpmw_> Yes it does, but new driver has different terms for stuff and i want to make sure i hook up to right parport pins1
[01:41:46] <bpmw_> I know what the emc pinouts are, not sure what new driver is asking for. Maybe just different names for same thing
[01:42:47] <bpmw_> I need help to cross reference them!
[01:44:03] <bpmw_> Any body game?
[01:45:35] <bpmw_> The driver is from Nyden Corp, San Jose .
[01:49:25] <bpmw_> Allright, Thanks any way! Bye for now.
[01:50:32] <Jymmm> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?XylotexBoard
[01:51:22] <Jymmm> how are ppl installing emc2? From CVS only?
[01:51:43] <fenn> yeah
[01:52:09] <Jymmm> so install bdi 420 then cvs?
[01:52:31] <fenn> yep
[01:53:00] <Jymmm> well, I'll never install it till it gets out of cvs
[01:53:07] <fenn> bah
[01:53:14] <fenn> you dont have any excuse
[01:53:37] <Jymmm> I'm not gonna muck around with cvs. Someone whats to pull it out, ok.
[01:53:45] <fenn> it's two commands
[01:54:08] <Jymmm> Well, just getting bdi installed took 4 reboots.
[01:54:32] <fenn> that's because your machine is a flunky piece of trash
[01:54:51] <fenn> what makes you think it will perform correctly when you need it to?
[01:54:59] <Jymmm> works on everythign else
[01:55:06] <fenn> hah
[01:56:26] <fenn> it's okay jymmm, you can confide in me, i'm trying to install emc on a machine that powers off every once in a while for no particular reason
[01:57:27] <Jymmm> I'm serious, I have debian and 2k on this machine - no problems installing/operating at all. Just BDI
[01:58:09] <Jymmm> I suspect the RT kernel isn't all up to par for 'onboard' devices
[01:58:22] <Jymmm> reset you BIOS to SAFE settings.
[01:58:30] <fenn> probably not
[01:58:40] <fenn> but the installer has nothing to do with that
[01:58:56] <fenn> from what i understand, it's exactly the same as any other debian installer
[02:54:03] <SWPadnos> SWPadnos is now known as SWP_Away
[03:50:20] <Jymmm> no clue.
[03:50:55] <Jymmm> It's just *MUCH* easier to blame the developers, even if it's not their fault.
[03:51:08] <Jymmm> (but we know it is =)
[06:30:07] <ValarQ> :)
[06:30:29] <Jymmm> ValarQ you like that huh? =)
[06:31:25] <ValarQ> nah, but it't true...
[06:31:30] <Jymmm> lol
[06:31:35] <ValarQ> it is easy blaming developers
[06:31:57] <Jymmm> cause they fucked up and will NEVER admit it!
[06:32:05] <ValarQ> heh
[06:32:45] <ValarQ> of course we won't, my code for example is perfect
[06:32:56] <Jymmm> cough*BULLSHIT*cough
[06:33:02] <ValarQ> :P
[06:33:43] <Jymmm> is there anythign in particular you screw up more than anything else?
[06:33:59] <ValarQ> * ValarQ thinks for a moment
[06:35:18] <ValarQ> can't think of something special, i usually learn from my mistakes
[06:35:56] <Jymmm> I start screwing up when I have a time crunch adn have to take shortcuts.
[06:36:19] <Jymmm> like while we dont need that anymore, so do the other thing minimally.
[06:36:26] <alex_joni> Jymmm:morning
[06:36:30] <alex_joni> still fighting to get emc?
[06:36:34] <Jymmm> howdy alex_joni
[06:36:34] <alex_joni> err BDI
[06:36:51] <Jymmm> alex_joni Nah, just blaming the developers for their screwups =)
[06:37:14] <Jymmm> alex_joni aka biting the hand that feeds =)
[06:37:31] <alex_joni> why don't you apt-get install emc ?
[06:37:41] <alex_joni> if you got a working debian...
[06:37:43] <Jymmm> alex_joni say what?
[06:37:49] <alex_joni> apt-get install emc
[06:37:54] <Jymmm> alex_joni I thought a RT kernel was needed
[06:38:00] <alex_joni> that's pulled too
[06:38:05] <alex_joni> and it gets installed
[06:38:15] <Jymmm> oh, NOW you tell me!
[06:38:19] <Jymmm> lol
[06:38:25] <alex_joni> :P
[06:38:33] <alex_joni> wanted to make you learn stuff :D
[06:38:46] <alex_joni> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?DebianInstall
[06:38:51] <Jymmm> alex_joni.... Please TAKE this personally.... FUCK YOU! lol
[06:39:06] <alex_joni> ok.. won't say no more ;)
[06:39:10] <Jymmm> rotf
[06:39:17] <Jymmm> bastards!
[06:39:38] <Jymmm> Nah, I got it installed coupel days ago, just slow
[06:40:00] <Jymmm> dns is screwed up , so that's not helping
[06:40:14] <ValarQ> heh
[06:40:39] <alex_joni> try
[06:40:40] <alex_joni> :P
[06:40:52] <ValarQ> try emerge bind
[06:40:55] <ValarQ> ;P
[06:40:55] <Jymmm> no, I mean it's not pulling the dns servers via dhcp
[06:44:40] <Jymmm> and i dont remember how to change all that
[06:51:38] <ValarQ> * ValarQ points at the debianuser and laughs
[06:53:23] <alex_joni> ValarQ: don't be mean :D
[06:53:27] <alex_joni> it's not their fault
[06:53:28] <alex_joni> =))
[07:04:37] <Jymmm> ValarQ : Goony Goo Goo
[07:05:23] <Jymmm> I like debian
[07:05:51] <alex_joni> me too ;)
[07:19:46] <Jymmm> G'Night Folks!
[07:54:10] <ValarQ> hehe
[08:02:30] <anonimasu> * anonimasu yawns
[08:02:32] <anonimasu> morning everyone
[08:02:56] <robin_sz> morning
[08:03:31] <anonimasu> I just talked to the customer I went to yesterday.. the machine is running in production today ^_^
[08:03:41] <robin_sz> kewl
[08:04:12] <robin_sz> so ... when will it blow up?
[08:04:20] <anonimasu> never probably..
[08:04:39] <anonimasu> I am waiting for them to end up in bad grounds so I can tweak it some more
[08:04:44] <robin_sz> right
[08:05:00] <robin_sz> tree planting still?
[08:05:08] <anonimasu> yeah
[08:05:45] <anonimasu> they stopped from dragging to plant seeds to digging to plant tree's....
[08:06:37] <anonimasu> it's trickier..
[08:07:13] <anonimasu> you need to move the machine acording to the forward speed..
[08:07:28] <anonimasu> in sync.. otherwise the material falls back :)
[08:08:54] <alex_joni> heh
[08:10:00] <anonimasu> hm, I got a new os for the plc's that dosent have the memory problem... :)
[08:10:20] <anonimasu> the one i encountered yesterday :)
[08:12:31] <alex_joni> nice ;)
[08:12:43] <alex_joni> seems to me you'll get them to have a nice PLC after all
[08:23:03] <anonimasu> heh
[08:23:15] <anonimasu> * anonimasu hasted manufacturer bugs
[08:23:25] <anonimasu> stuff I cant fix but just diagnose..
[08:23:47] <alex_joni> * alex_joni starts installing sugarcrm
[08:23:54] <anonimasu> sugarcrm?
[08:24:00] <anonimasu> hm, I should head for work in a bit
[08:24:01] <anonimasu> :D
[08:24:58] <alex_joni> http://www.sugarcrm.com/home
[08:25:20] <anonimasu> alex_joni: have you played more with your toy?
[08:25:27] <anonimasu> ah nice
[08:26:26] <anonimasu> if I get time over I should move to another office at work..
[08:26:38] <anonimasu> need a AC and a good lock on the door..
[08:26:53] <alex_joni> anonimasu: seen the new movies I made?
[08:26:56] <anonimasu> no
[08:26:57] <alex_joni> yesterday
[08:27:33] <anonimasu> give me give me give me!
[08:27:40] <anonimasu> ^_^
[08:30:40] <alex_joni> dsplabs.utt.ro/~juve/emc/mytoy/
[08:35:43] <alex_joni> anonimasu: found it?
[08:36:13] <anonimasu> looking in a bit. reasoing /.
[08:36:28] <alex_joni> heh
[08:37:06] <anonimasu> http://yro.slashdot.org/yro/05/06/30/1854228.shtml?tid=123&tid=95&tid=145
[08:47:09] <anonimasu> I need to go will check the movies from work
[08:47:50] <alex_joni> ok :)
[09:30:47] <anonimasu> I am looking onw
[09:31:44] <anonimasu> looks really nice
[09:33:00] <anonimasu> hm, now lets see if the os downgrade solves my problem
[09:38:56] <anonimasu> argh it's a hardware problem
[10:24:42] <alex_joni> bugger that ;)
[10:24:52] <anonimasu> heh
[10:24:53] <anonimasu> it'
[10:24:57] <anonimasu> it's pretty serious..
[10:25:13] <alex_joni> intermitent problem ?
[10:25:14] <anonimasu> well I guess I'll be on phone to switzerland again..
[10:25:25] <anonimasu> no
[10:25:47] <anonimasu> the hardware revision on some of my plc's does not allocate memory correctly
[10:25:48] <alex_joni> I hate intermitent stuff
[10:25:54] <alex_joni> that's the hardest to debug
[10:26:18] <anonimasu> I tried switching the OS version of them to another one that it work with on another plc.
[10:26:27] <anonimasu> s/work/sorks
[10:26:29] <anonimasu> err works..
[10:26:33] <anonimasu> but it does not solve it..
[10:27:16] <anonimasu> I have a object that changes the pointer to some data, and that object has a connection to two memory objects..
[10:28:02] <anonimasu> the memory objects does not get any pointer to the data..
[10:28:58] <anonimasu> the other problem I had that I kind of cured they managed to reproduce also..
[10:30:02] <alex_joni> hmmm .. started to install sugarCRM
[10:30:05] <alex_joni> works pretty ncie
[10:30:06] <alex_joni> nice
[10:30:21] <anonimasu> so they have sent the issue to the OS dept
[10:30:29] <alex_joni> and?
[10:30:53] <anonimasu> need to wait for their solution..
[10:31:30] <anonimasu> brb
[10:31:38] <anonimasu> calling switzerland :)
[10:42:20] <anonimasu> hm, lunch or somthing
[10:42:22] <anonimasu> something.
[10:47:16] <anonimasu> ~_~
[10:47:32] <alex_joni> anonimasu: short question
[10:47:44] <alex_joni> nah.. found it ;)
[10:51:11] <anonimasu> ok
[10:54:15] <anonimasu> http://www.bojn.net/~an0n/DSC01230.JPG http://www.bojn.net/~an0n/DSC01231.JPG
[10:54:30] <anonimasu> my new lathe :)
[11:01:28] <Jacky^> morning
[11:02:46] <anonimasu> morning jacky
[11:03:01] <Jacky^> yo anonimasu :)
[11:03:33] <anonimasu> you just missed the link to the lathe I bought
[11:03:35] <anonimasu> http://www.bojn.net/~an0n/DSC01230.JPG http://www.bojn.net/~an0n/DSC01231.JPG
[11:05:16] <anonimasu> what's up today?
[11:05:26] <Jacky^> hehe..
[11:05:48] <Jacky^> today is my birthday :D
[11:06:02] <Jacky^> i'm waiting for a dinner
[11:06:25] <Jacky^> and reply some e-mail
[11:06:35] <anonimasu> congratulations
[11:06:41] <Jacky^> thanks :)
[11:06:49] <alex_joni> happy bday
[11:06:59] <Jacky^> tnx alex_joni ;)
[11:09:21] <anonimasu> *looking at VFD's with positioning support :)
[11:15:45] <anonimasu> bleh
[11:15:50] <anonimasu> I need lots of cash.
[11:16:11] <alex_joni> hack emc to do that
[11:16:12] <alex_joni> ;)
[11:16:29] <anonimasu> do what
[11:16:29] <anonimasu> ?
[11:16:34] <anonimasu> drivev my spindle off the lpt?
[11:16:36] <anonimasu> drive..
[11:17:58] <anonimasu> my vfd is on it's last breath...
[11:17:59] <anonimasu> :)
[11:18:23] <anonimasu> I want a digital one.. they are more reliable..
[11:18:48] <anonimasu> mine somtimes ends up between the windings in the motor and the motor stalls..
[11:18:51] <anonimasu> when starting..
[12:20:31] <anonimasu> hm..
[12:20:36] <anonimasu> * anonimasu just got off phone with switzerland
[12:22:42] <alex_joni> long phonecall ;)
[12:23:25] <anonimasu> oh wrote a mail and made a testcase..
[12:23:31] <anonimasu> they were like "ah you again"
[12:26:34] <anonimasu> * anonimasu seems to be great at breaking things
[12:26:40] <alex_joni> lol
[12:27:36] <anonimasu> I hope it's the module that has a problem and not the hardware revision..
[12:30:21] <anonimasu> but it's taking a awfully long time to verify ;)
[12:31:46] <anonimasu> what are you doing today?
[12:40:06] <anonimasu> toying?
[12:40:39] <alex_joni> nah.. preparing to leave
[12:40:45] <alex_joni> I'm starting my vacation
[12:40:53] <anonimasu> nice
[12:42:24] <alex_joni> yeah
[13:00:15] <anonimasu> hm I am amazed at how efficient inverters are nowdays
[13:00:22] <anonimasu> 12 > 220v has a effiency of 90%
[13:00:47] <alex_joni> yeah.. I packed mine ;)
[13:01:00] <anonimasu> err over 90%
[13:01:05] <anonimasu> that's pretty damn efficient
[13:01:12] <anonimasu> I just oredered one for a customer..
[13:01:28] <anonimasu> to driver a servodrive 48v converter :)
[13:01:45] <anonimasu> where are you going?
[13:01:53] <anonimasu> to your other house?
[13:02:52] <alex_joni> going with a tent
[13:02:54] <alex_joni> camping ;)
[13:03:02] <anonimasu> nice
[13:03:14] <alex_joni> yeah.. that's why I needed the 12->220 ;)
[13:03:51] <anonimasu> I have a 24>220v(300w cont 600w int)
[13:04:14] <anonimasu> and my laptop charger will do 12 in directly
[13:04:14] <anonimasu> :)
[13:04:58] <anonimasu> it's nice being able to charge in the car when going to places to work..
[13:05:29] <alex_joni> hmm... seems my machine can't output pulses fast enough :(
[13:05:36] <alex_joni> it ferrors at > F100
[13:05:40] <anonimasu> :/
[13:05:53] <anonimasu> 2500mm/min
[13:05:58] <anonimasu> well that's about the limit
[13:06:05] <anonimasu> I ferror over 2000
[13:06:17] <alex_joni> hmm.. 140 is still ok
[13:06:28] <anonimasu> strange
[13:07:20] <alex_joni> straight G1 works at F180
[13:08:15] <alex_joni> hmm.. seems F stuff doesn't apply
[13:08:23] <alex_joni> it takes the max vel from the ini ;)
[13:08:28] <anonimasu> yep..
[13:08:32] <anonimasu> try feed override..
[13:08:33] <anonimasu> :)
[13:08:36] <alex_joni> F132
[13:09:02] <alex_joni> yup
[13:09:11] <alex_joni> ferrors at 132 with feedoverride 120
[13:09:19] <anonimasu> 132*1.20
[13:09:40] <anonimasu> 150,4ipm
[13:09:50] <alex_joni> 1.1 still ferrors
[13:09:58] <anonimasu> ok
[13:12:38] <alex_joni> 1.01 still ferrors ;)
[13:12:43] <alex_joni> seems 132 is max for me
[13:15:13] <anonimasu> ok
[13:16:07] <alex_joni> 132ipm
[13:16:22] <anonimasu> 3352mm/min
[13:16:24] <anonimasu> that's pretty fast
[13:16:47] <anonimasu> with my current setup anything > 1300 ferrors
[13:16:56] <anonimasu> emc2 does not like high period settings
[13:17:07] <anonimasu> it forgets the interface :)
[13:19:17] <anonimasu> you should add a motor to your toy ;)
[13:19:28] <anonimasu> or a pen so you can plot stuff
[13:19:40] <alex_joni> 1i = 256.67 pulses
[13:20:06] <alex_joni> so 132 ipm = 567 pulses / sec
[13:20:18] <anonimasu> hm that really is slow
[13:20:18] <anonimasu> :)
[13:21:02] <alex_joni> that's 1100 changes / sec
[13:21:06] <alex_joni> or about 4kHz
[13:21:10] <anonimasu> you should be able to get more speed out of it.. I think
[13:21:25] <anonimasu> I got ~300 per mm
[13:23:04] <anonimasu> try cranking up your period
[13:23:06] <alex_joni> huh.. that's a lot ;)
[13:23:26] <alex_joni> period is at 0.0000050
[13:23:27] <anonimasu> it's too little..
[13:23:32] <alex_joni> period is at 0.000050
[13:23:50] <anonimasu> what are your times for the axis:es
[13:23:55] <alex_joni> times?
[13:24:24] <alex_joni> max_vel & max_accel ?
[13:24:26] <anonimasu> no
[13:24:30] <alex_joni> but?
[13:24:34] <anonimasu> I cant remember the name :)
[13:24:43] <anonimasu> nee to log onto the mill at home and check
[13:24:53] <alex_joni> servo_period?
[13:24:56] <anonimasu> yeah
[13:25:01] <anonimasu> or whatever it's called
[13:25:03] <alex_joni> 0.001000
[13:25:45] <anonimasu> try decreasing them..
[13:25:58] <anonimasu> to 0.000500
[13:26:08] <alex_joni> servo to 500 ?
[13:26:15] <anonimasu> yeah
[13:26:31] <alex_joni> lemme see ;)
[13:26:53] <anonimasu> I tweaked down PERIOD and the servo_period for the axis:es to get more speed..
[13:27:07] <anonimasu> you might need to raise ferror also.. in worst case
[13:27:08] <alex_joni> yeah.. but I can't go with PERIOD lower
[13:27:09] <alex_joni> :D
[13:27:14] <anonimasu> :D
[13:27:18] <alex_joni> because.. it's a 300 MHz box
[13:27:49] <anonimasu> ah!
[13:27:56] <anonimasu> I guess you ARE at the limit
[13:28:05] <alex_joni> yeah
[13:28:06] <anonimasu> my box is a 600 MHz
[13:28:13] <anonimasu> but it's too slow :)
[13:28:16] <alex_joni> and it's not a 300 MHz CPU
[13:28:20] <alex_joni> it's a 300 MHz SBC
[13:28:26] <alex_joni> with an Geode GX1
[13:28:29] <anonimasu> oh
[13:28:34] <alex_joni> a bit slower than a PII-300 ;)
[13:28:45] <anonimasu> you can match the fastest plc's I can buy..
[13:28:54] <anonimasu> they have 300mhz geode processors..
[13:29:18] <anonimasu> but well, the price is scary..
[13:29:30] <anonimasu> 1250$ per cpu module :D
[13:30:20] <anonimasu> I have a 800 with a 440bx chipset
[13:30:24] <anonimasu> in my shelve as a server..
[13:31:04] <anonimasu> that will power the mill in the future
[13:34:53] <alex_joni> hey paul
[13:35:25] <paul_c> Afternoon Alex.
[13:35:53] <paul_c> buggerall feedback from JMK about the NML messages..
[13:36:15] <alex_joni> seen my toy?
[13:36:18] <alex_joni> it's moving ;)
[13:36:27] <alex_joni> dsplabs.utt.ro/~juve/emc/mytoy/
[13:36:27] <paul_c> seen the vids.
[13:36:30] <alex_joni> coo
[13:36:32] <alex_joni> ;)
[13:36:34] <alex_joni> like it?
[13:37:16] <Jacky^> hi paul_c
[13:37:31] <paul_c> an interesting "toy"
[13:38:28] <anonimasu> hehe
[13:38:39] <anonimasu> paul_c: how are things going for you?
[13:39:08] <paul_c> no comment.
[13:39:22] <anonimasu> sounds good..
[13:39:25] <Jacky^> paul_c: what's up ?
[13:40:19] <paul_c> Start a new project next week
[13:40:38] <Jacky^> nice
[13:40:53] <Jacky^> wich type of project ?
[13:41:06] <paul_c> CNC
[13:41:30] <anonimasu> are you splitting from emc?
[13:41:34] <Jacky^> i would also like to start something for a little I know..
[13:41:46] <Jacky^> can you suggest something ?
[13:41:53] <anonimasu> or is it just somthing else
[13:42:52] <Jacky^> I seen there are many projects starting , seem to do the same thing :\
[13:43:09] <Jacky^> paul_c: what we really need ?
[13:43:50] <Jacky^> I know a little of Ruby, can also try Python
[13:44:04] <Jacky^> but please do not talk to me of C
[13:44:59] <paul_c> Purely usr space, probably C++, and maybe on top of RTAI
[13:46:02] <Jacky^> uhm.. no.. I think can't be to help for this :(
[13:46:09] <Jacky^> to hard for me
[13:46:20] <anonimasu> paul_c: that sounds nice
[13:46:22] <Jacky^> for now
[13:46:51] <paul_c> Most of it is GUI design & programming.
[13:47:03] <alex_joni> Jacky^: what's missing is a gui for configuring hal
[13:47:09] <alex_joni> ValarQ started doing that
[13:48:08] <Jacky^> alex_joni: you know, i started to learn emc some mounth ago, but if I can be something, i will be happy to do it
[13:48:19] <Jacky^> do*
[13:48:41] <anonimasu> paul_c: any special reason you've decided to start a new project like that?
[13:49:10] <paul_c> getting paid for it.
[13:49:32] <anonimasu> ah.. I thought you were giving up on emc..
[13:49:57] <Jacky^> paul_c: is it not actually possible to make a donation for developers ?
[13:50:13] <paul_c> sure you can.
[13:50:20] <Jacky^> where ?
[13:50:24] <alex_joni> sourceforge
[13:50:33] <paul_c> Bank No. xxx-xxxxx-xxx
[13:50:44] <Jacky^> i mean specific donation
[13:50:59] <Jacky^> i made some donation last year
[13:51:19] <alex_joni> http://sourceforge.net/users/alex_joni/
[13:51:20] <paul_c> The donation scheme @ SF only works if/when all the developers sign up to it.
[13:51:22] <alex_joni> *g*
[13:51:25] <Jacky^> I read that the money goes to the project that need more of others
[13:51:28] <Jacky^> so,
[13:51:48] <Jacky^> people cant decided where ?
[13:52:20] <Jacky^> I tracking debian.org
[13:54:10] <Jacky^> Sorry, alex_joni does not accept donations. Please encourage them to opt in to the donation feature. ?
[13:54:12] <paul_c> I have been known to do custom BDI disks for a small fee.
[13:54:54] <alex_joni> hmmm.. I don't have PayPal
[13:54:59] <alex_joni> that's why it won't work
[13:58:02] <Jacky^> I don't know much about emc development
[13:58:27] <Jacky^> but I think there are many way to help
[13:59:07] <Jacky^> the first should be monay donation, i'm sure
[13:59:23] <Jacky^> second, could be maybe cpu donation
[13:59:27] <Jacky^> or others
[13:59:56] <Jacky^> many project are using cluster I suppose to develop their apps
[14:00:28] <Jacky^> , repeat,i don't know much about emc development..
[14:00:59] <Jacky^> well,
[14:01:22] <Jacky^> I tried qemu + win2k + artcam.. it deluded me
[14:01:46] <Jacky^> can't work, 4 mb video memory !
[14:01:48] <Jacky^> lol
[14:08:31] <Jacky^> paul_c: sorry, in my little, I think BDI can't become a business
[14:09:17] <Jacky^> I think BDI could be supported from voluntary donations
[14:10:02] <Jacky^> but we need to disclose BDI to the outside better
[14:10:50] <Jacky^> I mistake ?
[14:11:54] <Jacky^> I think shoud be more popoular..
[14:12:21] <Jacky^> no need other
[14:15:04] <Jacky^> #debian.it
[14:15:10] <Jacky^> ops..
[14:30:36] <paul_c> alex_joni: Did you want to make a start on the NML command messages ?
[14:32:45] <alex_joni> how do you mean that?
[14:33:40] <paul_c> like what was done with the status messages.
[14:34:28] <alex_joni> yeah sure
[14:34:35] <alex_joni> one small problem ;)
[14:34:42] <alex_joni> I'm running from civilization ;)
[14:34:47] <alex_joni> next week I'll be in a tent
[14:34:54] <alex_joni> without power or laptops around :D
[14:36:11] <paul_c> http://www.rei.com/product/47819613.htm?vcat=REI_SSHP_CAMPING_TOC ?
[14:38:53] <anonimasu> looks really nice
[14:39:16] <alex_joni> heh
[14:39:19] <alex_joni> slightly bigger
[14:40:34] <anonimasu> I wonder how many people you can fit in that..
[14:40:41] <paul_c> just the one.
[14:40:46] <alex_joni> http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?storeId=8000&catalogId=40000008000&productId=47850744&parent_category_rn=4500538&vcat=REI_SSHP_CAMPING_PP
[14:40:53] <alex_joni> anonimasu: that's for one
[14:40:59] <alex_joni> the link I sent is for 6 ;)
[14:41:40] <anonimasu> ~_~
[14:41:52] <anonimasu> you dont want a tent that spacy..
[14:41:58] <alex_joni> heh ;)
[14:42:07] <alex_joni> I still prefer my tent for 3 ;)
[14:42:13] <anonimasu> yeah
[14:42:13] <alex_joni> works ok for 2 people
[14:42:20] <alex_joni> + luggage
[14:42:43] <anonimasu> let me guess..
[14:42:50] <anonimasu> you met a girl that dragged you out in the forest..
[14:42:53] <anonimasu> *
[14:42:56] <anonimasu> :D
[14:43:01] <alex_joni> heh.. that was looong ago ;)
[14:43:19] <Jacky^_> Jacky^_ is now known as jacky^
[14:44:05] <anonimasu> hm, I guess it's time to go home for me now
[14:44:31] <alex_joni> bye
[14:44:33] <alex_joni> :)
[14:44:49] <jacky^> hi anonimasu
[14:47:56] <jacky^> hp keyboard died :\
[14:48:08] <jacky^> damnt !
[14:49:10] <jacky^> these are toys, not keyboard :\
[14:49:51] <alex_joni> * alex_joni goes home
[15:32:01] <jacky^> halo
[15:43:02] <jacky^> later..
[15:43:05] <jacky^> bye
[15:55:15] <A-L-P-H-A> morning folks.
[16:30:15] <alex_joni> yo Martin
[16:30:15] <alex_joni> around?
[16:31:31] <alex_joni> hey robin_sz
[16:31:38] <robin_sz> dood!
[16:31:51] <alex_joni> meep?
[16:32:02] <robin_sz> indeed. meeeeep.
[16:32:12] <alex_joni> indeeeep
[16:33:29] <robin_sz> got some decent work to quote on today
[16:33:41] <alex_joni> decent work?
[16:33:59] <robin_sz> not anything really special, but enough to keep us busy
[16:34:06] <alex_joni> right
[16:35:26] <alex_joni> I installed, tested sugarcrm
[16:35:34] <alex_joni> works pretty slow on my crappy machine ;)
[16:35:38] <robin_sz> heh
[16:35:45] <robin_sz> its nice looking
[16:35:50] <robin_sz> xrms is OK too
[16:35:52] <alex_joni> P133/48M Ram ;)
[16:36:14] <robin_sz> I'm just using an old dual 600 Xeon box
[16:36:29] <alex_joni> sounds a bit better
[16:36:39] <robin_sz> sorta
[16:36:44] <alex_joni> I plan to use my dual 933 Xeon / 1 GB ram for this
[16:36:51] <robin_sz> but slwo compared to a say, 2.8ghz celery
[16:36:51] <alex_joni> should be OK
[16:37:06] <robin_sz> CRM can change your business
[16:37:13] <alex_joni> you think?
[16:37:22] <robin_sz> allows multiple people to do sales effectively
[16:37:33] <alex_joni> what I don't like is that it doesn't have a ro locale
[16:38:01] <robin_sz> I think its just a big text file
[16:38:03] <anonimasu> yep
[16:38:11] <robin_sz> so translation would be simple
[16:38:20] <alex_joni> yeah.. but .. who has the nerve to do that ;)
[16:38:23] <anonimasu> crm is nice
[16:38:30] <anonimasu> we use somthing like that at work..
[16:38:40] <robin_sz> and, with all respect, the costs of paying someone to do that for you might be lower in .ro than other places
[16:39:09] <alex_joni> yeah.. I agree ;)
[16:39:23] <alex_joni> would probably be around 10-20 EUR / h
[16:39:26] <robin_sz> so you could even make some money :)
[16:39:33] <alex_joni> heh
[16:39:39] <robin_sz> sugar crm is not just open.
[16:39:43] <robin_sz> it has a comercial arm too
[16:39:48] <alex_joni> seen that
[16:39:55] <robin_sz> so maybe they would pay a little for another locale
[16:40:06] <robin_sz> anyway ...
[16:40:13] <robin_sz> it can change your company for sure
[16:40:38] <alex_joni> IF you use it properly
[16:40:50] <robin_sz> all that knowledge about "x is a customer of y" "b used to work for c" etc can be captured
[16:40:56] <robin_sz> and not just in one persons head
[16:41:04] <robin_sz> yeah IF
[16:41:34] <robin_sz> and you should never again forget to follow up an enquiry
[16:41:37] <robin_sz> etc
[16:41:48] <alex_joni> or a quotation
[16:41:52] <robin_sz> exactly
[16:42:08] <alex_joni> I hope so
[16:42:10] <robin_sz> those are "opportunities" in crm speak
[16:42:39] <alex_joni> quotations = opportunities ?
[16:42:42] <robin_sz> yeah
[16:42:48] <alex_joni> oh.. ;)
[16:43:06] <robin_sz> give each one a value and a %ge likelyhood of it coming good
[16:43:25] <robin_sz> and eventually you can see your predicted sales coming up ...
[16:43:59] <alex_joni> nice ;)
[16:44:29] <robin_sz> perhaps the biggest thing is that it allows you to have more than one person across sales ...
[16:44:36] <robin_sz> everyone can see what is going on
[16:44:49] <robin_sz> anyway
[16:45:04] <alex_joni> can you configure groups?
[16:45:09] <alex_joni> say I have 3 divisions
[16:45:09] <robin_sz> yeah
[16:45:16] <robin_sz> ACL,
[16:45:21] <alex_joni> and I don't want people across divisions see what others do
[16:45:28] <robin_sz> access control lists in xrms
[16:45:31] <robin_sz> sugar has similar
[16:45:43] <alex_joni> right.. smthg like that
[16:45:43] <anonimasu> hm, that's pretty standard for all management software
[16:45:46] <anonimasu> :)
[16:45:56] <alex_joni> say I have customers for only one salesman to see
[16:46:02] <alex_joni> and managers of course
[16:46:06] <robin_sz> * robin_sz nods
[16:46:20] <alex_joni> coo
[16:46:23] <alex_joni> hey steve
[16:46:24] <robin_sz> you dont want some sales people just copying your entire db
[16:46:32] <robin_sz> thats pretty standard
[16:46:33] <steve_stallings> hi
[16:47:02] <alex_joni> steve_stallings: gotta brag about this ;)
[16:47:12] <alex_joni> http://dsplabs.utt.ro/~juve/emc/mytoy/
[16:47:20] <anonimasu> lol
[16:47:28] <alex_joni> anonimasu: don't laugh ;)
[16:47:44] <alex_joni> oh.. btw
[16:47:52] <anonimasu> it's a nice toy
[16:47:53] <anonimasu> :)
[16:48:06] <alex_joni> * alex_joni has today 10000 times less money ;)
[16:48:22] <anonimasu> eh?
[16:48:30] <alex_joni> our money got denominated
[16:48:35] <anonimasu> :[
[16:48:37] <alex_joni> 10000 lei = 1 RON ;)
[16:48:45] <anonimasu> you should start dealing in usd
[16:48:51] <alex_joni> now it's 3.46 LEI = 1 EUR
[16:48:56] <alex_joni> anonimasu: heh
[16:48:56] <steve_stallings> no laughs, guessing 3 axis kinematics for 2 cartestian axes?
[16:49:04] <anonimasu> seriously
[16:49:07] <alex_joni> steve_stallings: actually 3 cartesian axes
[16:49:28] <alex_joni> but Z doesn't work because of too little weight
[16:49:33] <anonimasu> alex_joni: isnt it kind of futile selling robots.. and stuff when the money you make gets denominated
[16:49:40] <alex_joni> nah..
[16:49:46] <alex_joni> it's just new money
[16:49:53] <alex_joni> with less 0'es at the end
[16:49:57] <alex_joni> it's worth the same
[16:50:00] <anonimasu> ah like that..
[16:50:07] <anonimasu> I thought they decresed in value. :D
[16:50:12] <alex_joni> nah
[16:51:12] <robin_sz> dont worry ...
[16:51:21] <robin_sz> inflation will soon bring those 0s back
[16:51:38] <alex_joni> inflation is about 2-5% in the last few years
[16:51:41] <alex_joni> so it's not that bad
[16:52:27] <steve_stallings> alex - assume you have seen: http://www.linuxcnc.org/NAMES2000/HEXAPOD.JPG
[16:52:41] <alex_joni> robin_sz: http://solaris.cs.utt.ro/mrtg/mainval.html
[16:52:48] <alex_joni> steve_stallings: yeah, a while back
[16:54:19] <alex_joni> * alex_joni goes away for a while
[16:54:23] <alex_joni> back later guys
[16:54:39] <anonimasu> http://www.cuttingedgecnc.com/Movies/ffmm.wmv
[17:28:59] <JJB> Hello
[17:29:12] <JJB> I need some help regarding MEC
[17:29:15] <JJB> *EMC
[17:29:35] <robin_sz> well .. ask away
[17:29:52] <JJB> okay, we are in the process of updating EMC since we have a real old version
[17:29:55] <JJB> however, even then
[17:30:02] <JJB> with the old version I'm having some issues to make it work
[17:30:15] <JJB> since I follow the procedure of going from turning E-Stop off
[17:30:29] <JJB> and then the next step to turn the machine on by pressing F2, I can hear the servos go
[17:30:38] <JJB> but it doesn't show that it is turned on
[17:30:43] <JJB> so I can't do any calibration or anything
[17:30:50] <JJB> and before it was supposed to work
[17:30:59] <JJB> since some students used it before
[17:31:02] <Jacky^> hello
[17:31:05] <JJB> and the last time they did was a year and a half ago
[17:31:18] <Jacky^> ciao robin_sz :))
[17:31:30] <JJB> so is there anything in the code that may make it not recognize that the machine is on
[17:31:31] <JJB> ?
[17:32:02] <Jacky^> parport pin 12-13-15
[17:32:07] <Jacky^> no ?
[17:32:11] <robin_sz> which version are your running
[17:32:44] <JJB> 1.18 i believe
[17:33:06] <robin_sz> wow ... old.
[17:33:08] <JJB> yeah
[17:33:11] <JJB> tell me about it
[17:33:22] <robin_sz> well, its worth upgrading, thats for sure
[17:33:37] <JJB> well, we are getting a new computer, so by tuesday we'll be getting the processor
[17:33:42] <JJB> last thing we are missing
[17:33:51] <robin_sz> oh, built from parts?
[17:33:56] <JJB> yeah
[17:34:02] <Jacky^> JJB: O_O
[17:34:28] <Jacky^> why missing ?
[17:34:28] <robin_sz> ahh, must be a govenrment funded thing .. about the only people who can afford to build from parts these days :)
[17:34:45] <robin_sz> anyway ...
[17:34:56] <JJB> well, we ordered parts but it seems processor was defective
[17:35:06] <JJB> so we returned and now we are waiting for the replacement
[17:35:15] <robin_sz> right ..
[17:35:18] <robin_sz> anyway ...
[17:35:27] <robin_sz> if it worked before, it should still work
[17:35:46] <JJB> exactly
[17:35:48] <robin_sz> I'd guess the estop circuit is probably to blame
[17:35:53] <JJB> i see
[17:35:58] <JJB> well, it goes out of ESTOP
[17:36:14] <robin_sz> right ...
[17:36:20] <robin_sz> but wont come "on"
[17:36:26] <JJB> exactly
[17:36:36] <JJB> so that's your only guess?
[17:36:45] <robin_sz> no .. i shall have another guess in a aminute
[17:37:01] <JJB> oh ok, thanks a lot :)
[17:37:10] <Jacky^> JJB: np
[17:37:13] <Jacky^> :-)
[17:37:31] <JJB> the thing is that I'm not an electrical engineer, so I'm scared of messing up anything on the control panel
[17:37:31] <Jacky^> you're welcome
[17:37:37] <robin_sz> right
[17:37:54] <robin_sz> not knowing your setup its difficult to guess
[17:38:07] <robin_sz> using the STG servo board?
[17:38:11] <JJB> yeah
[17:38:20] <JJB> i have model ii
[17:38:30] <JJB> though originally we should use model i
[17:38:42] <JJB> but it seems that it may be broken
[17:38:42] <cradek> I recommend you figure out the problem BEFORE changing the machine or software
[17:38:46] <robin_sz> any of the servo drives showing a fault?
[17:38:56] <robin_sz> * robin_sz agrees with cradek
[17:39:02] <JJB> nope
[17:39:12] <robin_sz> and you are running this from a command line?
[17:39:17] <robin_sz> or a clicky icon?
[17:39:26] <JJB> from the EMC window
[17:39:29] <JJB> pressing F1
[17:39:31] <JJB> then F2
[17:39:37] <robin_sz> no .. to start emc ...
[17:39:47] <JJB> oh, from an icon
[17:39:53] <robin_sz> right ..
[17:40:01] <robin_sz> try running it from a command line
[17:40:19] <robin_sz> <check where the icon links to, go there>
[17:40:34] <robin_sz> as you may see some debugging info that helps
[17:40:36] <JJB> should i leave windowsx
[17:40:37] <JJB> ?
[17:40:44] <robin_sz> windowsx?
[17:40:52] <robin_sz> no .. you are not a linux guy then?
[17:41:00] <JJB> i'm using linux
[17:41:03] <JJB> but i'm using the GUI
[17:41:06] <robin_sz> right ...
[17:41:09] <JJB> so should i leave the GUI?
[17:41:12] <robin_sz> no
[17:41:15] <JJB> oh ok
[17:41:20] <JJB> just from the console?
[17:41:23] <Jacky^> ugh !
[17:41:25] <Jacky^> 19:07 -!- Jacky^ was kicked from #linux-it by Md [Md]
[17:41:28] <Jacky^> :\
[17:41:38] <robin_sz> but open a terminal window <xterm, gterm, whatvere your term is ...>
[17:41:47] <Jacky^> :)
[17:42:11] <Jacky^> robin_sz: here we have many stupid peoples :\
[17:42:16] <JJB> ok
[17:42:39] <robin_sz> JJB: and then cd to wherever you emc install is ...
[17:42:40] <Jacky^> he ask to me for : 19:02 < Md> qualcuno sa come posizionare una immagine con LaTeX in un angolo della pagina, sopra il testo
[17:42:43] <Jacky^> che c'è già?
[17:43:00] <Jacky^> i reply: 19:06 < Jacky^> http://www.lateximage.com/home.htm :D
[17:43:14] <Jacky^> and he kicked mee :\
[17:43:18] <robin_sz> JJB: and then run emc, probably ./emc.run ... but check your icon properties to find out if you are unsure
[17:43:35] <robin_sz> Jacky^: one minute, I am trying to help a guy with a real emc question
[17:43:48] <Jacky^> gghhgh stupid italian op :(
[17:43:57] <JJB> okay, so i run
[17:44:00] <Jacky^> robin_sz: ok, :)
[17:44:04] <JJB> ./ufhex.run
[17:44:09] <JJB> starting emc...
[17:44:10] <robin_sz> yeah
[17:44:19] <JJB> starting stg8mod.o...done
[17:44:19] <robin_sz> ooh, a hexapod :)
[17:44:27] <JJB> starting minimillio...done
[17:44:34] <JJB> starting minimilltask...done
[17:44:37] <JJB> running yemc...
[17:44:38] <JJB> yup
[17:45:03] <robin_sz> yemc? wow .. now theres a GUI from the past :)
[17:45:19] <JJB> i see
[17:45:20] <JJB> hehehe
[17:45:26] <robin_sz> anyway ...
[17:45:30] <robin_sz> just watch for errors
[17:45:42] <robin_sz> esp as you press F1 f2 ...
[17:45:44] <JJB> so i go for the procedure
[17:45:50] <robin_sz> * robin_sz nodsa
[17:45:54] <robin_sz> nods
[17:46:06] <JJB> okay, pressed F1
[17:46:10] <JJB> ESTOP RESET
[17:46:12] <JJB> so that's fine
[17:46:15] <JJB> then press F2
[17:46:17] <robin_sz> yep
[17:46:18] <JJB> hear the servos go
[17:46:27] <JJB> but doesn't show anything
[17:46:34] <JJB> next step is to home
[17:46:46] <JJB> by pressing A or Z
[17:46:55] <JJB> error
[17:47:09] <JJB> command 124 cannot be executed until the machine is out of E-stop and turned on
[17:47:54] <robin_sz> so it thinks it is still off
[17:48:17] <JJB> exactly
[17:48:22] <JJB> but when i press F2
[17:48:27] <JJB> it's when i hear the servos go
[17:48:30] <JJB> so it does turn them on
[17:49:09] <robin_sz> right ...
[17:49:34] <robin_sz> well, I was hoping to see some sort of useful error message
[17:49:55] <robin_sz> sounds like the estop circuit is OK
[17:50:04] <robin_sz> as the servos come on
[17:50:44] <JJB> yeah, that's what i think
[17:50:50] <JJB> brb
[17:52:29] <Jacky^> ue Jymmm what's up in california '?
[17:52:52] <Jymmm> On a 3 axis router, is it possible to rotate the head from 90 degrees to 45 degrees (for drilling holes at an angle) and have emc compensate, or is this somethign that I would have to deal with elsewhere (cam/cad)?
[17:53:00] <Jymmm> Jacky^ the heat =(
[17:53:44] <JJB> okay, i'm back
[17:54:30] <robin_sz> JJB: some machine implement a return signal, to confirm they came on
[17:54:48] <Jacky^> Jymmm \(o_o)/
[17:55:07] <Jacky^> also here
[17:55:16] <JJB> okay
[17:55:24] <Jymmm> Jacky^ (.) (.)
[17:55:25] <JJB> so what should i do then?
[17:55:42] <robin_sz> is it possible there is someting you have overlooked?
[17:55:51] <robin_sz> some saftey circuit?
[17:55:56] <robin_sz> a key switch?
[17:55:58] <JJB> i've tried my best
[17:56:10] <JJB> but there's no more information on any circuits
[17:56:17] <JJB> other than the connections
[17:56:21] <JJB> but for troubleshooting
[17:56:26] <JJB> they don't talk anything about this
[17:56:34] <Jymmm> logger_aj,bookmark
[17:56:34] <Jymmm> See
[17:57:07] <robin_sz> JJB: well, in the absence of any obvious software errors, its probably sometihng external to emc, esp if it worked before
[17:57:43] <robin_sz> JJB: I would recommend you return later when paul_c is around, as he has more experience than most of us
[17:57:52] <JJB> okay, that'd be great
[17:57:57] <JJB> when time is he back?
[17:58:07] <robin_sz> varies ...
[17:58:26] <robin_sz> mail him and arrange a time ...
[17:58:30] <robin_sz> that often works
[17:58:36] <JJB> do you know his e-mail?
[17:58:43] <robin_sz> wait1
[17:58:47] <JJB> thanks
[17:59:58] <robin_sz> try bdi-emc@ntlworld.com
[18:00:06] <robin_sz> thats one of his
[18:00:45] <JJB> thanks
[18:01:18] <Jymmm> JJB do you know what driver this thing is using?
[18:01:31] <JJB> not really
[18:01:35] <JJB> how can i figure out?
[18:01:53] <Jymmm> can you see the board(s) the motors are connected to?
[18:02:05] <robin_sz> Jymmm: its a servo to go 2 card
[18:02:16] <Jymmm> ah, ok.
[18:02:18] <Jymmm> nm
[18:02:47] <Jymmm> was thinking a reversed wiring since it's being rebuilt.
[18:02:54] <Jacky^> :)
[18:02:56] <JJB> well, originally it was working with a servo to go 1 card
[18:03:03] <JJB> however, i have doubts with that card
[18:03:06] <SWP_Away> SWP_Away is now known as SWPadnos
[18:03:11] <SWPadnos> LawrenceG, did you get any documentation with the MESA FPGA card?
[18:03:11] <JJB> since with that one not even the servos turn on
[18:03:16] <robin_sz> ahh
[18:03:22] <robin_sz> more of the story
[18:03:25] <JJB> so we were lent from another lab a 2 card
[18:03:36] <robin_sz> right ...
[18:03:46] <robin_sz> I think that uses a different driver
[18:04:00] <robin_sz> not sure if 1.18 even supports the stg2 ...
[18:04:18] <robin_sz> out of my depth now though ... :)
[18:04:27] <Jymmm> * Jymmm waves to SWPadnos
[18:04:51] <JJB> well, i'll change back the 1 card, and see if i hear them run
[18:04:55] <JJB> i'll get back 2 u on that
[18:06:41] <Jymmm> JJB : If you suspect one of the cards, you could swap out the card from another axis for testing purposes as well.
[18:06:59] <LawrenceG> swpadnos: just the stuff that came online
[18:07:36] <SWPadnos> ok
[18:07:42] <SWPadnos> * SWPadnos waves back at Jymmm
[18:09:10] <robin_sz> Jymmm: one of what cards? he only has one card in at any one time .. a single STG card
[18:09:41] <Jymmm> robin_sz : I thought they might have been individual drivers per motor.
[18:09:54] <Jymmm> like the geckos are
[18:10:06] <SWPadnos> there are -the card only supplies an analog control signal (IIRC)
[18:10:08] <robin_sz> Jymmm: you seem confused. this is an STG card driving some servos
[18:10:24] <robin_sz> Jymmm: you have one STG cardm and up to 8 servo drives
[18:10:48] <Jymmm> robin_sz : <Jymmm> robin_sz : I thought they might have been individual drivers per motor.
[18:11:15] <robin_sz> they are
[18:11:21] <robin_sz> and they arent
[18:12:02] <robin_sz> there are individual drivers per motor
[18:12:12] <robin_sz> but thats got nothing to do with the STG card
[18:12:18] <Imperator_> SWPadnos: you get your card ???
[18:12:24] <robin_sz> not directly anyway
[18:13:40] <SWPadnos> yep
[18:13:45] <SWPadnos> (to Imperator_ )
[18:13:56] <Imperator_> hm
[18:13:58] <SWPadnos> haven't installed it yet
[18:14:22] <SWPadnos> my "testing" computer was raided to fix my wife's computer, and I haven't put it back together yet
[18:14:35] <Imperator_> we asked them for about six cards and we got no answer since monday
[18:14:45] <SWPadnos> bummer
[18:14:45] <Jymmm> SWPadnos : Hey, that's ALWAYS a bad idea =)
[18:15:00] <SWPadnos> well - it kept my wife happy so ...
[18:15:06] <Jymmm> lol
[18:15:14] <JJB> okay
[18:15:16] <JJB> i'm back
[18:15:19] <Jacky^> :D
[18:15:24] <JJB> with the STG1 card
[18:15:29] <JJB> i can't get them to turn on
[18:15:30] <SWPadnos> all things being equal, a computer doesn't complain when you remove parts :)
[18:15:39] <Jacky^> Jymmm: wowowoowwwww
[18:15:49] <Jacky^> :P
[18:15:56] <JJB> i read the documentation for stg and emc
[18:16:07] <JJB> and they said that there's no difference in the operation of STG1 and STG2
[18:16:16] <JJB> so if u have STG1 and upgrade to STG2
[18:16:20] <JJB> it should work with the same drivers
[18:16:26] <JJB> however
[18:16:26] <Jymmm> SWPadnos : WEll, if you are removing parts from your wife, I hope your at least there's tequilia involved.
[18:17:16] <robin_sz> JJB: that may be the case with later STG drivers, I cant honestly be sure with 1.18 ...
[18:17:24] <JJB> oh ok
[18:17:34] <JJB> well, it seems to turn the servos on at least
[18:17:40] <robin_sz> really, paul_c is the man to ask ...
[18:17:41] <JJB> somethign more than the old STG1 did
[18:17:45] <robin_sz> right
[18:17:46] <JJB> okay, will do then
[18:17:47] <JJB> thanks a lot
[18:17:51] <JJB> I already e-mailed him
[18:17:54] <robin_sz> 'k
[18:17:56] <JJB> waiting for an answer
[18:18:00] <JJB> thanks for your help guys
[18:18:32] <robin_sz> np
[18:36:43] <Jacky^> robin_sz:
[18:36:52] <Jacky^> what's up there ?
[18:36:59] <robin_sz> http://www.rathergood.com/buffy/
[18:37:23] <Jacky^> doh
[18:37:26] <Jacky^> lool
[18:37:28] <Jacky^> :)
[18:37:49] <Jacky^> tomorrow at work ?
[18:37:54] <Jacky^> or free day ?
[18:37:54] <robin_sz> for sure
[18:38:05] <robin_sz> oh me>?
[18:38:10] <robin_sz> free day
[18:38:15] <robin_sz> and shooting in the afternoon
[18:38:17] <Jacky^> :)
[18:38:28] <Jacky^> shooting ? what ?
[18:38:32] <robin_sz> targets
[18:38:40] <Jacky^> where ? O_o
[18:38:54] <robin_sz> local competition
[18:39:04] <Jacky^> ah
[18:39:21] <Jacky^> when the holydays ?
[18:39:32] <Jacky^> are you programmed ?
[18:39:35] <robin_sz> holidays? ... none this year
[18:39:37] <robin_sz> too busy
[18:39:43] <Jacky^> no ? :\
[18:39:45] <robin_sz> well, august I have 1 week shooting
[18:39:51] <robin_sz> national competitons at Bisley
[18:40:03] <Jacky^> mmm
[18:40:07] <robin_sz> and a few days sailing in Finland
[18:40:09] <Jacky^> interesting
[18:40:33] <Jacky^> sailing ? you rent a boat ?
[18:41:24] <Jacky^> or you have a boat ?
[18:42:14] <Jacky^> I like Fisherman
[18:42:28] <Jacky^> to fish.. of course
[18:43:06] <Jacky^> hey robin_sz
[18:43:24] <Jacky^> why don't come in Roccella Jonica ?
[18:43:38] <Jacky^> whit the boat I mean
[18:45:48] <Jacky^> there's a nice port :)
[18:47:10] <Jacky^> 20-27 august 2005
[18:47:22] <Jacky^> take a look : http://www.istc.org/sisp/?fx=event&event_id=97487
[18:47:47] <robin_sz> I have a friend with a boat in FInalnd
[18:48:07] <robin_sz> we go over once or twice a year to sail in the Gulf of Botnia ...
[18:48:09] <Jacky^> where you will you ?
[18:48:16] <Jacky^> in Finland ?
[18:48:32] <robin_sz> probably one of the top 4 sailing spots in the world
[18:48:46] <Jacky^> ok.. :)
[18:49:12] <robin_sz> West coast of Scotland, 1000 island bay in NZ ...
[18:49:19] <robin_sz> they are nice too
[18:49:34] <Jacky^> anyway, in the next days i will take some photos of roccella joina port, i want to show it you :)
[18:49:45] <robin_sz> 'k
[18:49:48] <Jacky^> :)
[18:49:51] <robin_sz> its a long way from .fi
[18:49:56] <Jacky^> I know
[18:50:13] <robin_sz> my friend is taking a new bnaot back from uk to .fi this week
[18:50:18] <robin_sz> new boat
[18:50:26] <Jacky^> but, every summer I see many tourist coming from North Europe..
[18:50:43] <robin_sz> a Sparkman and Stephens boat, so very nice .. aluminium hull
[18:50:47] <Jacky^> I will show you some photo's, next days,
[18:51:04] <Jacky^> nice
[18:52:03] <Jacky^> well.. i must go in hospital for a visit :\
[18:52:27] <Jacky^> after will go to eat something
[18:52:30] <Jacky^> later
[18:52:33] <Jacky^> :)
[18:52:43] <Jacky^> Jacky^ is now known as Jacky^afk
[19:45:13] <anonimasu> * anonimasu yawns
[20:39:02] <Jymmm> anonimasu !
[20:39:39] <Jymmm> and fenn too!
[20:40:17] <fenn_> oi
[20:40:25] <Jymmm> vey
[20:40:27] <robin_sz> fenn_: greetings :)
[20:40:28] <fenn> oops :0
[20:40:38] <Jymmm> lol
[20:40:39] <robin_sz> ahh
[20:40:55] <robin_sz> fenn: can you do me a favour?
[20:40:55] <Jymmm> I hope he doens't hit the wrong button when machining!!!
[20:41:13] <fenn> i just had to share this link, hope it works: http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?lp=ja_en&trurl=http%3a%2f%2fpc.watch.impress.co.jp%2fdocs%2f2005%2f0328%2froboone.htm
[20:42:17] <fenn> what, break into the manufacturer's house and steal 50 stg cards?
[20:42:46] <robin_sz> fenn: nah, not quite that ... it was more a wiki thing
[20:43:06] <fenn> oh poo.. i'm always into ninja-type activities
[20:43:21] <robin_sz> * robin_sz doubts the STG guys have 50 cards left anyway
[20:43:38] <Jymmm> fenn how tall are these robots?
[20:43:45] <fenn> 1-3 feet
[20:44:00] <Jymmm> cool
[20:44:02] <robin_sz> they seem to be just radio controlled bots .... not autonomous
[20:44:10] <fenn> yeah, so?
[20:44:37] <fenn> did you see the kid wearing the control suit?
[20:44:54] <Jymmm> oh man, http://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/2005/0328/robo0479.jpg
[20:44:56] <robin_sz> I'd put our bot up against any of them
[20:45:30] <fenn> that's the designer of the gundam suits' robot
[20:45:36] <robin_sz> yeah, lots of RC servos ...
[20:46:05] <robin_sz> those things have plastic gears .. I should imagine the biggest job is changing all the gears after every round
[20:46:11] <Jymmm> more like all tha maching that had to be done!
[20:46:33] <Jymmm> so so many parts
[20:48:56] <alex_joni> greetings
[20:49:02] <Imperator_> sers
[20:49:04] <Jymmm> hola alex_joni
[20:49:20] <alex_joni> what's up?
[20:49:38] <Imperator_> nothing
[20:50:10] <fenn> actually i didn't know babelfish could do japanese
[20:50:43] <fenn> guess i'm out of a job
[20:50:50] <Jymmm> fenn Hebrew is the one language that's difficult to find a translator for.
[20:51:01] <alex_joni> * alex_joni likes xml stuff
[20:51:31] <alex_joni> http://www.robcon.ro/emc/mare1041.jpg
[20:52:08] <fenn> not exactly what i was expecting :)
[20:52:17] <alex_joni> :P
[20:52:31] <alex_joni> just got it via email
[20:52:31] <Jymmm> * Jymmm connects a hipot tester to alex_joni's electric toothbrush
[20:52:46] <alex_joni> hipot?
[20:52:50] <alex_joni> what's that?
[20:53:12] <fenn> sinsemilla, man
[20:54:05] <Jymmm> alex_joni : http://www.asresearch.com/products/catalog/hipots.shtml
[20:54:32] <robin_sz> fenn: anyway as I was saying ...wiki things ...
[20:55:44] <robin_sz> fenn: the original wike is published under a "creative commons" licence .. sort of a GPL for creative works
[20:57:09] <robin_sz> fenn: could you include a the creative commons licence terms on your copy somewhere?
[20:57:25] <fenn> oops yeah... it was included in the page template that didn't get copied over
[20:57:32] <robin_sz> no problem :)
[20:57:56] <fenn> actually, i was thinking of printing out copies of the emc wiki and selling them to unsuspecting newbies :)
[20:58:02] <robin_sz> heheh
[20:58:12] <robin_sz> feel free
[21:07:47] <Jymmm> I'm wondering if 15' of motor cable is enough, or to go with 20'?
[21:09:19] <fenn> robin_sz: http://fenn.dyndns.org/wiki/ how's that?
[21:09:48] <robin_sz> superb :)
[21:09:55] <robin_sz> cheers dude!
[21:12:29] <fenn> dammit!
[21:12:38] <alex_joni> wha?
[21:12:45] <fenn> nuthin
[21:13:02] <fenn> alex_joni: you see the fighting robots link?
[21:13:36] <alex_joni> nope
[21:13:40] <alex_joni> where?
[21:13:48] <fenn> http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?lp=ja_en&trurl=http%3a%2f%2fpc.watch.impress.co.jp%2fdocs%2f2005%2f0328%2froboone.htm
[21:15:20] <fenn> gotta love this one: http://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/2005/0328/robo0893.mov
[21:17:40] <fenn> these kids make better stuff than most of that MIT crap
[21:18:07] <alex_joni> hehe
[21:18:42] <Jymmm> fenn : They have technology crammed down their throats too. In the US, you can be a HS grad and not know how to read.
[21:20:39] <fenn> uh, what's your point?
[21:22:34] <Jymmm> fenn : If the education level in technology was as strong here in the US, We'de see more amazing things like that.
[21:23:08] <fenn> yeah but those kids are 12 years old! they don't even know how to read japanese!
[21:23:49] <alex_joni> fenn: be serious, what's to read at those funny pictures ;)
[21:24:40] <fenn> i dont think it has anything at all to do with education, it's all about where your motivations and dreams are going
[21:25:37] <fenn> throw in a little healthy rivalry that would never happen in the US (since nobody is interested in robots here) and you get stuff like robo-ONE
[21:26:24] <fenn> ah well, i'll stop ranting
[21:26:47] <fenn> i should put in an entry next year :)
[21:39:28] <robin_sz> fenn: the US has a long way to go to catch up with places like Japan
[21:40:48] <robin_sz> fenn: remember, the US is the country where they still dont believe in evolution, so they probably have a lot of science catching up to do yet
[21:55:39] <alex_joni> Software suppliers are trying to make their software packages more "user-friendly." Their best approach, so far, has been to take all the old brochures, and stamp the words, "user-friendly" on the cover.
[21:55:41] <alex_joni> LOL
[22:01:29] <robin_sz> http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/Strawberry+Pancakes/
[22:19:20] <alex_joni> lol
[22:19:21] <alex_joni> sick
[22:31:44] <Jacky^afk> hellooo
[22:31:55] <Jacky^afk> i'm going out
[22:32:19] <Jacky^afk> later :P
[22:33:37] <Jacky^afk> Day changed to 02 lug 2005 !!
[22:41:04] <alex_joni> a while back
[22:41:59] <alex_joni> robin_sz: are you familiar with orson welles ?
[22:42:11] <robin_sz> not personally
[22:42:19] <alex_joni> heh ;)
[22:42:39] <alex_joni> * alex_joni loves the war of the worlds ;)
[22:43:19] <alex_joni> didn't see the new one though
[22:43:27] <alex_joni> but the one by orson welles is great
[22:43:43] <robin_sz> the radio version ...
[22:43:50] <alex_joni> yeah
[22:44:08] <robin_sz> caused massive panic in the US when it was broadcast
[22:44:16] <alex_joni> really?
[22:44:19] <robin_sz> yeah
[22:44:21] <robin_sz> famous
[22:44:25] <alex_joni> hmm.. that does say a bit about US people ;)
[22:44:32] <robin_sz> sure does ;)
[22:44:33] <alex_joni> err.. masses
[22:49:46] <Jymmm> http://members.aol.com/jeff1070/wotw.html
[22:50:38] <Jymmm> The raido broadcast was just like "breaking news", and if missed the introduction, you didn't know it was real.
[22:51:53] <alex_joni> :))
[22:51:57] <alex_joni> or unreal
[22:52:52] <Jymmm> Now the FCC stepped in, can't do shit like that anymore. bummer.
[22:53:18] <bpmw_> Hi folks!
[22:53:42] <Jymmm> alex_joni : got a sec?
[22:54:27] <alex_joni> Jymmm: shoot
[22:54:31] <alex_joni> hey bpmw_
[22:55:26] <bpmw_> Does anyone know how to change step/direction to cw/ccw pulses?
[22:56:23] <robin_sz> yeah
[22:56:29] <robin_sz> you mean quadrature
[22:56:39] <bpmw_> Hey alex_joni hows things?
[22:56:47] <alex_joni> bpmw_: pretty ok
[22:56:54] <robin_sz> look for the STEPPING_TYPE var
[22:56:55] <alex_joni> bpmw_: what emc flavour?
[22:57:04] <bpmw_> Hi robin, yes
[22:57:16] <robin_sz> but ... its not available in all the drivers
[22:57:21] <bpmw_> EMC2
[22:57:27] <robin_sz> ahh.
[22:57:34] <robin_sz> dont think so
[22:57:36] <alex_joni> emc2 is easy
[22:57:41] <robin_sz> it is?
[22:57:51] <alex_joni> you have a parameter to the insmod of the step driver
[22:58:00] <bpmw_> Im all eyes!!:)
[22:58:14] <alex_joni> bpmw_: look at core_stepper.hal
[22:58:24] <alex_joni> 1. replace: loadrt stepgen cfg="0 0 0"
[22:58:38] <bpmw_> at the top of file
[22:58:50] <alex_joni> with: loadrt stepgen cfg="2 2 2"
[22:58:57] <alex_joni> type 2 is quadrature
[22:59:11] <alex_joni> ype 2: Quadrature (aka Gray/Grey code)
[22:59:11] <alex_joni> State Phase A Phase B
[22:59:11] <alex_joni> 0 1 0
[22:59:11] <alex_joni> 1 1 1
[22:59:11] <alex_joni> 2 0 1
[22:59:12] <alex_joni> 3 0 0
[22:59:14] <alex_joni> 0 1 0
[22:59:42] <alex_joni> ok so far?
[23:00:03] <bpmw_> ok, but how does that affect standard pinout.hal?
[23:00:04] <alex_joni> 2. need to route the new pins (exported by type 2) to parport
[23:01:02] <bpmw_> SO I will have 4 pinsout per axis?
[23:01:11] <alex_joni> nope
[23:01:15] <alex_joni> still 2 / axis
[23:01:30] <alex_joni> but they won't be called stepgen.0.step and stepgen.0.dir
[23:01:41] <bpmw_> Same pins?
[23:01:43] <alex_joni> instead they'll be called stepgen.0.PhaseA and stepgen.0.PhaseB
[23:01:56] <alex_joni> so.. quick hack:
[23:02:31] <alex_joni> edit core_stepper.hal and replace stepgen.x.step with stepgen.x.PhaseA and stepgen.x.dir with stepgen.0.PhaseB
[23:02:38] <alex_joni> should be enough
[23:02:51] <alex_joni> but it would be more nice to change the name of the signals too
[23:03:06] <alex_joni> see: newsig Xstep bit
[23:03:17] <alex_joni> that should probably read: newsig XPhaseA bit
[23:03:32] <alex_joni> but then you'd have to change standard_pinout.hal too
[23:03:41] <alex_joni> to link the new renamed signals
[23:04:35] <bpmw_> Just let me digest this. Pin 2 would be be cw + and pin 3 would be ccw + and cw&ccw- would tie to gnd?
[23:09:09] <bpmw_> Alex you still there?
[23:09:13] <alex_joni> yeah
[23:09:24] <alex_joni> how many inputs do your motor drivers have?
[23:09:44] <bpmw_> Is my last question correct for hook-up?
[23:09:57] <alex_joni> not sure what cw+ and cw- mean
[23:10:09] <alex_joni> same for ccw+ and ccw-
[23:10:23] <alex_joni> but it sounds kinda sane what you said
[23:11:15] <bpmw_> I think cw is phase 1 and ccw is phase 2.
[23:11:21] <alex_joni> right
[23:11:28] <alex_joni> ok.. then you got it right
[23:11:56] <alex_joni> there's a major storm approaching here ;)
[23:12:09] <Jymmm> where's 'here'?
[23:12:21] <alex_joni> timisoara
[23:12:33] <bpmw_> So I would then ground the cw and ccw- pins?
[23:12:46] <alex_joni> yup.. would be my best guess too
[23:13:00] <alex_joni> Jymmm: http://weather.yahoo.com/img/eur_satintl_440_mdy_y.html
[23:14:35] <bpmw_> ok. Alex what country?
[23:14:41] <Jymmm> alex_joni : http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/15247.html
[23:14:44] <Jymmm> Romania
[23:16:07] <alex_joni> Jymmm: you can see my house on maps.google.com
[23:16:11] <alex_joni> on satellite view
[23:16:19] <Jymmm> alex_joni Heh, cool!
[23:16:36] <alex_joni> but.. unfortunately there are no coords
[23:16:38] <alex_joni> :(
[23:16:40] <bpmw_> Far from me. But we are supposed to get severe thunderstorm tonight. Don't need anymore rain allready flooding 1Km away.
[23:17:21] <alex_joni> bpmw_: any more questions for me?
[23:17:38] <Jymmm> alex_joni : http://www.google.com/search?q=weather+san+jose+ca
[23:18:16] <bpmw_> I think that will do for now, will make copies of files and give it a try!
[23:18:31] <alex_joni> Jymmm: you can search for 'timisoara, romania' on maps.google.com
[23:18:34] <alex_joni> will get you there
[23:19:16] <bpmw_> Jymmm, San Jose is where my steppers and drivers came from!
[23:19:51] <Jymmm> bpmw_ retailer or mfg?
[23:20:02] <bpmw_> I understand its about 80 degrees there now.
[23:20:12] <Jymmm> alex_joni whats that blob at the bototm of the map
[23:20:19] <bpmw_> Mfg. Nyden Corp.
[23:20:21] <alex_joni> btw.. did you guys know that you can see area 51 on maps.google.com?
[23:20:31] <alex_joni> on satellite view, not on maps ;)
[23:20:33] <Jymmm> alex_joni you read that too huh
[23:20:40] <alex_joni> yeah.. a while ago
[23:20:41] <alex_joni> :D
[23:20:48] <alex_joni> even found it myself
[23:21:13] <alex_joni> seems google updated the maps from keyhole
[23:21:22] <Jymmm> alex_joni I watched a show where ppl were talking photos, had the FBI searchign their homes while they were photographing
[23:21:39] <alex_joni> heh
[23:21:40] <bpmw_> Discovery Channel just had a special on area 51 this week, it was pretty interesting!
[23:21:49] <Jymmm> bpmw_ that was it
[23:22:00] <Jymmm> but I saw it a couple weeks ago
[23:22:19] <bpmw_> I think it been on a few times!
[23:22:31] <Jymmm> too many sometimes
[23:22:41] <Jymmm> they repeat so much anymore
[23:23:26] <bpmw_> I know, I have sattelite tv and hard to find something to watch!
[23:24:26] <Jymmm> lol, and then netflix was invented
[23:24:35] <alex_joni> netflix?
[23:24:46] <Jymmm> alex_joni : DVD Rental all by mail
[23:24:51] <alex_joni> heh
[23:25:02] <alex_joni> our local DVD rental service brings them home
[23:25:13] <alex_joni> and comes to pick them up when finished
[23:25:13] <alex_joni> ;)
[23:25:24] <alex_joni> about 1.5$ / DVD
[23:25:27] <Jymmm> alex_joni : ~$15/mo you get to rent as many as you want, up to three at a time. free postage. netflix.com
[23:25:28] <bpmw_> Thats pretty cool!
[23:25:49] <Jymmm> alex_joni is that per day?
[23:26:10] <alex_joni> it's / DVD
[23:26:14] <alex_joni> till you give it back
[23:26:29] <Jymmm> ok, yeah no late fees here either.
[23:26:31] <alex_joni> but I think it's up to 2 days that you can keep it
[23:26:47] <bpmw_> Hey guys any idea how i can save aal the instructions alex gave me so i can print it out?
[23:26:48] <Jymmm> this is as long as you want up to 45 days or so
[23:26:50] <alex_joni> and you can't get new ones after 3 already taken
[23:26:59] <alex_joni> bpmw_: sure..
[23:27:02] <alex_joni> add them to the wiki
[23:27:03] <alex_joni> ;)
[23:27:10] <Jymmm> logger_aj, bookmark
[23:27:10] <Jymmm> See
[23:27:17] <Jymmm> bpmw_ see that link
[23:27:27] <bpmw_> ya
[23:27:37] <Jymmm> no, I mean go look at it =)
[23:27:55] <alex_joni> I see it :D
[23:27:58] <bpmw_> Oh
[23:28:04] <Jymmm> alex_joni I hope you do =)
[23:28:18] <alex_joni> I went looking at it ;)
[23:28:22] <Jymmm> lol
[23:28:28] <alex_joni> but I recall reading those things somewhere
[23:28:30] <alex_joni> :))
[23:28:45] <alex_joni> they sound.. very .. familiar
[23:28:45] <alex_joni> ;)
[23:29:46] <Jymmm> Ya know... it's a PITA to type and solder at the same time =)
[23:29:58] <alex_joni> no sh*t ;)
[23:30:08] <alex_joni> I had to solder my soldering iron last week
[23:30:11] <Jymmm> Yeah.... no shit!
[23:30:19] <alex_joni> that was tough
[23:30:19] <Jymmm> really? lol
[23:30:24] <Jymmm> quit burning the cord!
[23:30:33] <alex_joni> yeah.. the cable had problems
[23:30:37] <alex_joni> had to make it shorter
[23:31:15] <Jymmm> I'm soldering cable to connectors... always a PITA
[23:31:39] <alex_joni> http://www.elv-downloads.de/Bilder/Artikel/34620.jpg
[23:31:41] <Jymmm> sodler tabs, then gotta make it short enough for the strain relief
[23:31:44] <alex_joni> this is the one I use
[23:32:52] <Jymmm> I have an olde grounded pencil iron, I can do IC's with it at least.
[23:33:05] <alex_joni> nice
[23:33:06] <bpmw_> Thats a nice soldering station!
[23:33:20] <alex_joni> yeah.. pretty cheap too
[23:33:21] <Jymmm> I dont' solder enough to justify a $100 soldering station (yet)
[23:33:25] <alex_joni> was about 60 EUR
[23:33:34] <alex_joni> ~ 75 $
[23:34:29] <bpmw_> Thanks Alex for all the info, printed out of logger just great!
[23:35:14] <alex_joni> nice ;)
[23:35:21] <alex_joni> bpmw_: glad to help
[23:35:32] <bpmw_> I have to leave now and start the bbq, my wifes getting hungry:)
[23:36:15] <alex_joni> heh.. this is nice
[23:36:15] <alex_joni> http://www.elv-downloads.de/Bilder/Artikel/63351.jpg
[23:36:20] <alex_joni> bpmw_: enjoy
[23:36:36] <Jymmm> I'm thinking abotu getting this http://www.halted.com/commerce/catalog/product.jsp?&product_id=14731&czuid=1120258263046
[23:36:37] <bpmw_> Will catch you later, stay dry from the storm!
[23:37:30] <alex_joni> Jymmm: pretty ok
[23:37:37] <bpmw_> See ya guys!
[23:37:43] <alex_joni> http://www.elv.de/Shopping/ArtikelDetail.asp?SessionId=00185059940818294703&Referenz=633%2D51&Gruppe=ME%2DOZ&Stufe=2
[23:37:58] <alex_joni> not sure it'll work, because of the SessionId in there
[23:40:32] <Jymmm> searcg for 'WEL021' on the main website
[23:44:02] <alex_joni> yeah seen that
[23:44:11] <alex_joni> I said the link I posted might not work
[23:44:14] <alex_joni> did it?
[23:44:34] <alex_joni> if not search for 68-633-51 at www.elv.de
[23:44:35] <Jymmm> it did work
[23:44:50] <alex_joni> nice thingie
[23:44:53] <Jymmm> though, not in english =)
[23:44:53] <alex_joni> the USB scope
[23:45:05] <alex_joni> yeah. I know ;)
[23:45:36] <alex_joni> heh.. I was about to buy me a toy RC car
[23:45:42] <alex_joni> was a ferarri F1 car
[23:45:43] <Jymmm> I think I'd be scared to use that on my laptop
[23:45:49] <alex_joni> about 50 cm long
[23:45:56] <Jymmm> lol
[23:45:58] <alex_joni> should go about 45 kmh
[23:46:05] <alex_joni> that's a LOT
[23:46:09] <Jymmm> talk to jacky, maybe he can get a REAL one cheap =)
[23:46:18] <alex_joni> heh
[23:46:28] <alex_joni> not for 40 EUR like this one
[23:46:40] <alex_joni> it was really big for an RC one ;)
[23:47:37] <Jymmm> you wanna see what I ***REALLY*** want?
[23:47:49] <alex_joni> http://www.elv.de/Shopping/ArtikelDetail.asp?SessionId=00185059940818294703&Referenz=633%2D01&Gruppe=MO%2DFA%2DEF&Stufe=3
[23:47:58] <alex_joni> Jymmm: why not ;)
[23:48:29] <Jymmm> alex_joni : Drool in envy.... http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=HydroFoam
[23:48:30] <alex_joni> hmmm .. I wonder.. how do you control these at 80 kmh
[23:51:19] <alex_joni> whoa
[23:51:22] <alex_joni> :-O
[23:52:17] <Jymmm> you watch the whole thing?
[23:52:26] <alex_joni> watching now