#emc | Logs for 2005-04-28

[00:00:15] <les> It depends on emc being a modern control.
[00:00:38] <dave-e> with limits on jerk and accel?
[00:00:40] <dmess> i understand.... now you understand.. i only want to understand the PROBLEM with it??
[00:01:14] <les> well...beyond sherline /slow bridgeport stuff...
[00:01:22] <les> emc cannot be used.
[00:01:43] <les> It will tear a modern high speed machine to pieces
[00:01:47] <dmess> i may be able to help the right hack to make this right... i thought YOU might be him...
[00:02:02] <dave-e> but then you want to push the limits .... 500 ips right
[00:02:30] <les> dave, 1000 ipm is very common with modern machines
[00:02:35] <Phydbleep> les: What's causing the damage?
[00:02:37] <dmess> gotta run at 4 m/min
[00:02:52] <les> emc does not blend arcs.
[00:03:05] <les> emc has unlimited jerk.
[00:03:23] <dave-e> I noticed in the sonja.ps paper the accel was about 1 G
[00:03:28] <Phydbleep> non-blended == no complex curves?
[00:03:33] <dmess> its stuck in single block type mode..
[00:03:37] <les> Mine can do about .5 g
[00:03:54] <les> emc can only handle about .05g
[00:04:08] <dmess> but jerk and fart around a countour???
[00:04:15] <fenn> aren't you really talking about curve-fitting algorithms, i.e. line of best fit given the points defined in g-code
[00:04:21] <les> yeah
[00:04:29] <fenn> but you want to use cubic curve of best fit instead of a line
[00:04:33] <dmess> no... cant use that....
[00:04:50] <les> go to sourcerforge...read the paper
[00:05:09] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep runs to the kitchen for a Coke
[00:05:18] <dave-e> ok , which paper?
[00:05:23] <dmess> you'll NEVER blue dow 2 sealing surfaces of a mold with s/ware like that..
[00:05:24] <dave-e> on SQ
[00:05:34] <les> rogier blom's segmentqueue paper
[00:05:44] <dave-e> ok
[00:05:56] <les> sorry don't have a link
[00:06:04] <les> but not hard to find
[00:06:07] <dave-e> their search works
[00:06:09] <dmess> you need to monitor the speed with inverse time to the distance to go...
[00:06:14] <les> in /documents or something
[00:06:27] <dmess> and then decell and accel accordingly
[00:06:31] <dave-e> we'll check it outm thanks
[00:06:46] <les> emc uses a trapezoidal trajectory planner.
[00:06:46] <dave-e> I'm gone...time to do dinnner
[00:07:05] <les> That went out with paper tape and 2d point to point
[00:07:11] <les> k later
[00:07:13] <dave-e> you guys have fun
[00:07:31] <fenn> sounds like you have a total re-write to do, not debugging
[00:07:46] <les> I hope not
[00:07:54] <dmess> sounds like it might be faster..
[00:07:58] <les> SQ does work
[00:08:02] <fenn> * fenn agree with dmess
[00:08:16] <les> just a couple math issues I hope
[00:08:25] <les> we will see
[00:08:26] <Phydbleep> Sounds like a vector/quaternion issue..
[00:08:34] <les> kinda
[00:08:48] <dmess> code fest could accomplis woders if every one has a module to make right
[00:08:49] <Phydbleep> Written in vectors, need to be in quat's.
[00:09:23] <les> last issues are queue ubderflow and a bad vel calculation
[00:09:40] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep has nasty thoughts about making Torque run a cnc machine..
[00:09:58] <les> underflow
[00:10:10] <dmess> we got it
[00:10:16] <les> not ubderflow
[00:10:31] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep wonders if les has a cold..
[00:10:35] <les> no ubderflow problems heh
[00:11:02] <dmess> i thought he was crying...
[00:11:25] <les> b is next to n...and I can't type.
[00:11:40] <les> heh
[00:11:55] <Phydbleep> les: I'd have accepted a cold as an excuse. :)
[00:12:01] <les> haw
[00:12:29] <Phydbleep> Well.. A cold and a copy of DragonSpeak. :)
[00:12:39] <les> heh
[00:15:44] <les> hey I gotta go cook...another 5 lb slab of corned beef is about ready...coking for 5 hrs
[00:15:51] <les> cooking
[00:16:03] <les> must peel potatos now
[00:16:46] <dmess> your a brute to your colen... ; )
[00:17:07] <les> oh corned beef and cabbage is good for you
[00:17:33] <dmess> but to those near you... ; /
[00:17:41] <les> pha
[00:17:43] <les> ha
[00:17:51] <dmess> not so good eh..
[00:17:59] <les> later guys
[00:27:55] <Phydbleep> Laters les.:)
[00:35:50] <fenn> the rogier blom paper les was talking about is at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/*checkout*/emc/emc/doc/segmentqueue.pdf and it's pretty big
[00:43:39] <dmess> http://www.mullerwindsports.com/video/chrismuller.wmv
[00:49:59] <fenn> makes me wanna get a hang glider
[00:52:33] <les> thanks for the link fenn
[00:53:03] <les> rogier, fred, and I talked a long time about the math over pizza and beer here
[00:53:45] <fenn> i'm still on the first page, but i dont see why the math would be so hard
[00:53:53] <les> it isn't
[00:54:05] <fenn> then what's the problem?
[00:54:12] <les> the code just had some problems
[00:54:17] <fenn> oh
[00:54:42] <les> we aim to finally fix that
[00:54:45] <fenn> are you going to have a check box for "constant speed" or "adhere to path"?
[00:54:55] <les> cradek has already made some fixes
[00:55:14] <les> fenn: neither
[00:55:46] <les> it must float speed if the gcode specifies a physically impossible path
[00:56:11] <fenn> why "must" it?
[00:56:22] <les> and as a cubic it has in zone behaviour that mist miss waypoints
[00:57:18] <les> well fenn there are two choices...if the specified path is impossible...you can either slow down until it is possible...or stop.
[00:57:25] <les> the former was chosen
[00:57:38] <fenn> or you can round off the path to keep the speed up
[00:57:52] <les> yes
[00:58:00] <les> slowing down was chosen
[00:58:19] <fenn> right but what about 316 stainless yadayadayada
[00:58:27] <les> yes
[00:58:30] <fenn> or glue feeding
[00:58:44] <les> some limits have to be imposed
[00:58:51] <les> ands they werte
[00:58:56] <les> were
[00:59:07] <fenn> since it was too complicated to have both options?
[01:00:01] <les> but the feeling was that some responsibility for making realisable paths must be handled by the g code generator
[01:00:43] <fenn> ah
[01:01:06] <fenn> but i want to have my cake and eat it too!
[01:01:14] <les> like if you give it a G01x1000F1000
[01:01:23] <les> what should it do?
[01:01:37] <les> come to a halt and refuse to do the command?
[01:01:49] <les> or scale it until it is doable?
[01:02:35] <les> there are different opinions.
[01:02:38] <les> but
[01:02:47] <fenn> people really think it should refuse to do the command??
[01:02:58] <les> cam programs often compile really dumb motions
[01:03:15] <les> so adapting to some degree was accepted
[01:04:21] <fenn> is anyone working on a GPL tool path generator?
[01:04:39] <les> not to my knowledge
[01:04:52] <les> segmentqueue is public domain.
[01:05:29] <fenn> segmentqueue (the thesis) is about trajectory planner. I'm talking about g-code generators
[01:05:40] <les> oh
[01:05:43] <les> cam
[01:05:46] <fenn> right
[01:05:50] <les> no I know of none
[01:06:11] <fenn> EMC is not GPL'ed?
[01:06:16] <les> no
[01:06:24] <les> it is public domain
[01:06:39] <fenn> is emc2 gpl?
[01:06:47] <les> some I think
[01:06:55] <les> the HAL
[01:07:50] <fenn> how hard could it be to write a CAM program.. sheesh
[01:08:09] <fenn> i'm going to work on that some time in the future
[01:08:16] <les> It is pretty time consuming
[01:08:23] <les> surprisingly so
[01:08:33] <fenn> yeah everything you do takes 5 times longer than you expect
[01:08:41] <fenn> sigh
[01:08:46] <les> that's why cam programs cost as much as a new car for a seat
[01:09:08] <fenn> bah they cost a lot because there is no demand
[01:09:14] <les> correct
[01:09:17] <fenn> same reason mass spectrometers cost a lot
[01:09:38] <les> hmmm I sold one of those a while back
[01:09:42] <les> a beckman
[01:09:53] <les> no sorry ir
[01:10:05] <les> spectrophotometer
[01:10:15] <fenn> quite a bit different
[01:10:22] <les> yeah
[01:10:55] <les> but mass spectrometers are not so hard to make either
[01:11:01] <les> but low demand yes
[01:11:34] <fenn> a little mass spec. is somewhere down on my list of projects...
[01:11:42] <les> I wrote a specialized cam program a while ago
[01:11:48] <les> it took a full year
[01:11:56] <fenn> to do what?
[01:12:31] <les> to generate camera ready artwork for one of my inventions
[01:12:46] <les> the self regulating car side mirror heater
[01:13:07] <les> that has made the most sales of anything I have ever done
[01:13:20] <fenn> the program draws pictures on paper?
[01:13:26] <les> I did that for a large corporation
[01:13:46] <les> the program made .dxf files
[01:14:19] <les> I might have a link...let me check
[01:16:57] <les> http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect2=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PALL&RefSrch=yes&Query=PN%2F4931627
[01:17:13] <les> the Watts, Leslie M. is me.
[01:17:17] <les> les.
[01:17:44] <fenn> how much did the patent application cost?
[01:18:03] <les> about 15,000
[01:18:15] <les> mostly for lawyers
[01:18:49] <les> but that is normal
[01:19:05] <les> I have a good many patents.
[01:19:20] <les> The corporation paid for them
[01:20:00] <les> that particular patent did the best for the stockholders I guess
[01:20:23] <les> total sales to date are about half a billion.
[01:20:39] <les> did ok for me too.
[01:20:51] <fenn> half a billion times anything is a lot of money
[01:20:52] <les> but I am just an engineer.
[01:22:02] <les> they sell for about a dollar.
[01:22:10] <fenn> so this program generated the electrode paths?
[01:22:11] <les> varies
[01:22:25] <les> generated the entire artwork
[01:23:03] <fenn> god i hate patent artwork
[01:23:25] <les> funny thing...when I was debugging...Had some signs wrong...and the artwork would come out kinda wrong side out
[01:23:44] <les> kinda guts on the outside skin on the inside
[01:24:05] <les> this was not for patent artwork ...it was for the product
[01:24:20] <les> it is screen printed
[01:24:55] <fenn> oh heh. not used to thinking of "artwork" meaning part of the actual product
[01:25:21] <les> heh...well we print these things like a newspaper almost
[01:26:53] <les> for me I guess that product was the limit of what I will ever do.
[01:27:35] <les> at least as far as money and sales I guess
[01:28:11] <les> one note though...
[01:28:25] <les> It was developed in my garage.
[01:28:47] <les> But a large corporation owned whatever I developed there
[01:28:54] <les> no problem...
[01:29:01] <les> they took care of me.
[01:29:24] <fenn> "illinois tool works" doesn't sound like a large corporation
[01:29:30] <les> it is
[01:29:37] <les> 700 divisions
[01:30:10] <les> you are never more than 10 feet from one of our products
[01:30:16] <fenn> heheh
[01:30:35] <Phydbleep> logger_aj: bookmark
[01:30:35] <Phydbleep> See
[01:30:49] <fenn> hey what's this logger_aj thing all about?
[01:31:38] <Phydbleep> Tell logger_aj: bookmark and you get a url for the channel log marked for the current time.
[01:31:59] <Phydbleep> Right?
[01:32:27] <fenn> i guess konqueror doesnt like the html anchors so it just goes to the top of the page
[01:33:06] <fenn> seems like you could just look at the log for today and skip to the end
[01:33:19] <fenn> shrug
[01:34:35] <Phydbleep> You can use the timecode on the end of the url if it wont get there automaticly.
[01:43:10] <Jason> wazzzup
[01:43:17] <Jason> Jason is now known as Ircaddict
[01:43:33] <les> hi jason.
[01:44:35] <les> 9:30 and finally my coned beef was done.
[01:44:46] <les> 6 hrs of cooking
[01:44:52] <les> eating now
[01:44:56] <les> sure is good.
[01:45:18] <les> corned beef not coned beef
[01:48:05] <les> when cooking corned beef...don't use a set time
[01:48:23] <les> just cook it till it is fall apart with a fork tender
[01:51:26] <Jymmm> les : didn't you have corned beef a coupel weeks ago?
[01:51:37] <les> yeah
[01:51:55] <Jymmm> oh I forgot... your single, so a crock pot is your best friend =)
[01:51:56] <les> I cook a big slab every week or two
[01:52:10] <les> haha
[01:52:14] <les> yeah single
[01:52:29] <les> divorced TWICE
[01:52:30] <Jymmm> well, at least it isn't PB&J's all the time
[01:52:34] <les> but single now
[01:53:14] <Jymmm> les : Did you see the thing I pasted earlier? Aluminum bearing block + steel bearings + aluminum rail?
[01:53:18] <les> aw after a while fast food and tv dinnners and such will make you sick
[01:53:23] <les> poison
[01:53:33] <Jymmm> les Oh yeah, I know that one... BIG TIME
[01:53:38] <les> well I saw some
[01:53:54] <Jymmm> les especially when you eat greasey bururritos for a week
[01:53:59] <les> yeah
[01:54:26] <Jymmm> any thoughts on the alum + steel thing?
[01:54:44] <les> same as I said before...a bimetal strip
[01:54:55] <les> it can be analyzed though
[01:54:59] <Jymmm> les but only steel bearings
[01:55:05] <les> oh
[01:55:10] <les> that's fine
[01:55:11] <Jymmm> roolerskate bearing specifically
[01:55:14] <les> no problem
[01:55:58] <les> just don't bolt a six foot steel rail onto a six foot aluminum structure
[01:55:59] <Jymmm> les : ok, cool. Now I just have to figure out a design
[01:57:53] <Jymmm> les I'm gonna see how having a extruted piece works for me
[01:57:54] <Ircaddict> Hell yeah! Good chance I'll be starting flight lessons this summer :)
[01:58:13] <les> REALLY
[01:58:17] <Ircaddict> haha, yeah
[01:58:29] <les> It's a blast I have to tell you
[01:58:30] <Jymmm> les any suggestions on alternative (cheap) bearings?
[01:58:39] <Ircaddict> les: I love being in the air when i get the chance
[01:58:49] <Jymmm> les He didn't say with a plane, just flight lessons.
[01:58:55] <les> roller skete abec 5 and 7 are great
[01:58:57] <les> haha
[01:59:24] <Jymmm> les : I saw some tiny bearings too... maybe 3/8" dimeter
[01:59:38] <Jymmm> ^a
[01:59:38] <les> life just akes on a whole new meaning when you start lessons
[01:59:54] <Jymmm> Ircaddict "Please sign this form"
[02:00:02] <Ircaddict> lol
[02:00:08] <les> it gets boring again after you finish and get the liscense
[02:00:12] <les> heh
[02:00:27] <Jymmm> Ircaddict "Dont worry about the words 'In case of accidental death'"
[02:00:44] <Ircaddict> les: if anything, what will happen is I'll get some more crazy engineering ideas in my head
[02:00:56] <les> I'll tell you the coolest thing:
[02:01:05] <les> at some point...
[02:01:47] <les> the instructor has to let you F#ck up enough so you see rapidly advancing spinning dirt
[02:01:53] <les> he saves you
[02:02:00] <les> but not for a while
[02:02:23] <Ircaddict> lol
[02:02:34] <les> so you will know what it feels like to have impending death in a horrible air crash
[02:02:53] <les> and you know...
[02:03:07] <les> it is not a feeling of abject terror
[02:03:11] <Jymmm> les Would that be the "Mile High Club Initiation"?
[02:03:27] <les> it is a feeling of "why won't this work?"
[02:03:39] <les> oh mile high
[02:03:53] <les> girlfriend wanted to try that
[02:03:57] <les> I said no
[02:04:15] <Jymmm> les Yeah.... "Oh Fuck!" "Oh Fuck!" "Oh Fuck!" Then the insturctor bails ya out
[02:04:18] <Ircaddict> les: aww, common. Trim it out and let her have fun :D
[02:04:41] <les> heh
[02:05:11] <Ircaddict> I suppose if she just decided to go orally, it would be Air Head?
[02:05:13] <les> well I said no...not till we get home.
[02:05:17] <Ircaddict> maybe thats where the term came from?!?
[02:05:18] <Ircaddict> :D
[02:05:20] <les> live longer that way
[02:05:33] <Jymmm> Ircaddict would that be the opposite of "tail wind" ?
[02:05:40] <Ircaddict> heh
[02:05:46] <les> haw
[02:05:59] <les> hate to break this to you irc but...
[02:06:11] <les> when you get your liscense...
[02:06:21] <les> (in the US)
[02:06:45] <les> you have maritime captains responsibilities in the aircraft
[02:07:01] <les> it is a felony to disobey your commands!
[02:07:04] <les> and
[02:07:17] <les> you can marry people.
[02:07:24] <Ircaddict> rofl
[02:07:42] <Ircaddict> les: i forgot i had this bookmarked..
[02:07:43] <Ircaddict> http://www.machinedesign.com/ASP/strArticleID/55900/strSite/MDSite/viewSelectedArticle.asp
[02:08:33] <Jymmmm> I hate when that happens
[02:08:55] <les> I have flown the diamond
[02:09:02] <les> kinda like a toy
[02:09:06] <les> really light
[02:09:13] <les> low wing loading
[02:09:26] <Ircaddict> looks like it's pretty damn good on fuel
[02:09:29] <les> good performance though
[02:09:35] <Ircaddict> and #2 diesel is cheaper than 100LL
[02:09:45] <les> I had trouble learning to land it
[02:09:53] <les> glides too good
[02:09:59] <Ircaddict> http://www.diamond-air.at/en/press/pressarchive/50324.htm <--- little bastards are selling like hotcakes it seems
[02:10:04] <les> and no speed brake
[02:10:11] <les> have to slip it in
[02:10:23] <Ircaddict> les: well, at least you have *some* wiggle room in the event of engine failure
[02:10:55] <les> It has this turkey baster thing in between the seats
[02:11:02] <les> if it pops up
[02:11:04] <Jymmmm> Keys? Since when does a plane need keys?!
[02:11:20] <les> it's too hot
[02:11:39] <Ircaddict> hmm
[02:11:40] <les> the vinyl ester gets too soft
[02:11:48] <les> and you can't fly
[02:12:55] <les> it is fun though
[02:12:58] <les> has a stick...not a yoke
[02:13:04] <Ircaddict> oh really?
[02:13:08] <les> yeah
[02:13:35] <les> this is the diamond katana
[02:13:54] <les> the one I flew was not diesel
[02:14:02] <les> rotax gas engine
[02:14:17] <les> but otherwise the same plane
[02:14:19] <Ircaddict> ahh
[02:14:34] <Ircaddict> diamond's aircraft look pretty slick though
[02:14:55] <les> variable pitch carbon fiber covered balsa wood prop
[02:15:02] <les> oh they are slick
[02:15:11] <les> they just won't come down
[02:15:37] <les> they can soar easily
[02:16:01] <Ircaddict> that probably contributes to the low fuel consumption then
[02:16:10] <les> I got checked out in them at clow field in chicago
[02:16:30] <les> 20:1 glide ratio
[02:16:59] <les> a c172 is about 8:1
[02:17:20] <Ircaddict> clarify what that ratio is
[02:17:40] <les> forward 20 fett...down one foot.
[02:17:44] <les> feet
[02:17:49] <dmwaters> {global notice} Hi all! We have one large split coming up so that i can fix some routing problems. This will not take long, Please sit back and enjoy your flight, and thank you for using freenode!
[02:18:11] <Ircaddict> ahh, ok
[02:18:22] <Jymmmm> lol
[02:18:40] <Jymmmm> Hang on for a bumpy ride coming up....
[02:19:03] <les> oops you heard the pongs we may be down a second here
[02:20:55] <Ircaddict> i'm still here
[02:21:58] <Jymmmm> Ooooops.... my bad =)
[02:21:58] <Jymmmm> Ooooops.... my bad =)
[02:22:12] <les> heheh
[02:22:58] <Ircaddict> les: I think these diamond's would be good for flight schoosl though, especially with the diesel
[02:24:52] <dmwaters> {global notice} Hi all! All done now. Sorry for the bumpy ride there, we had a bit of unexpected routing trouble that I fixed while I was at it. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for flying freenode!
[02:26:22] <Ircaddict> Or I could be horribly wrong :)
[02:26:38] <les> well... they do not behave much like a typical light plane
[02:26:47] <les> if you learned in one...
[02:27:12] <les> a piper warrior or cessna 172 would seem like a flying rock
[02:28:19] <Ircaddict> bwahaha
[02:28:33] <les> heh
[02:28:48] <les> I do know one girl that learned in one
[02:29:03] <Ircaddict> Sounds like you could develop some bad habits
[02:29:04] <Ircaddict> heh
[02:29:47] <les> I think of the diamond as a sailplane really...with a small motor.
[02:30:34] <les> almost an ultralight
[02:30:41] <les> but
[02:30:43] <les> fun.
[02:31:30] <Ircaddict> I think those things would be fun as hell to tool around in
[02:31:43] <les> yeah
[02:31:47] <Ircaddict> especially if you go easy and get the claimed 3gph or less out of the diesel
[02:32:06] <les> learn to fly in a warrior or 172 or 150 though.
[02:32:30] <Ircaddict> les: probably use one of the 152s
[02:32:39] <Ircaddict> maybe the 172 on occasion (the SP is nice)
[02:32:43] <les> yeah they are fine
[02:32:53] <les> spin good
[02:32:59] <les> stall abruptly
[02:33:31] <Ircaddict> lets see.. (looks at the price sheet)
[02:33:58] <les> 172 is actually easyier to fly than 150
[02:34:03] <Ircaddict> $66/hr for the 152
[02:34:14] <Ircaddict> 79 for the 172p
[02:34:17] <Ircaddict> and 105 for the sp
[02:34:39] <les> I learned in the warrior.
[02:34:51] <les> soloed in the archer though
[02:35:05] <Ircaddict> and the piper aztec is runnin for $154 if i work on my multiengine (which I want to)
[02:35:10] <les> I switched
[02:35:33] <les> I don't have multi
[02:35:39] <les> too much money
[02:35:48] <Ircaddict> for whatever reason, i love the twin engine birds
[02:36:02] <les> I do have high performance and complex aircraft though
[02:36:23] <les> I can get multi with about 10 hrs dual
[02:36:35] <les> but they cost too much to rent
[02:36:47] <les> so why bother
[02:38:30] <les> it only took an extra 4 hrs for me to get high performance and complex
[02:39:21] <Jymmmm> Jymmmm is now known as Jymmm
[02:39:29] <les> in my opinion
[02:39:29] <Ircaddict> My friend's grandpa has an AT6-G
[02:39:50] <les> the piper cherokee is the easiest plane in the world to fly
[02:40:01] <les> perhaps too easy to learn on
[02:40:33] <les> at6 is good
[02:40:37] <les> 600 hp!!!
[02:40:53] <Ircaddict> :>
[02:40:57] <Ircaddict> it was a blast to be in
[02:41:12] <les> +/- 6g too
[02:41:19] <les> puke ride
[02:42:09] <les> 6g hurts.
[02:42:14] <Ircaddict> haha
[02:43:54] <les> and puke rides...g does not bother me.
[02:44:14] <les> but I have had passengers lose it
[02:44:23] <les> and I am here to tell you...
[02:44:28] <les> it's not good.
[02:44:57] <Ircaddict> i bet not
[02:45:22] <les> once I opened the door in flight
[02:45:34] <les> just so I would not smellthe stink
[02:45:51] <Ircaddict> haha
[02:45:52] <Ircaddict> ouch
[02:46:00] <les> it was a little windy though
[02:47:17] <les> I have a rule now
[02:47:29] <Jymmm> * Jymmm has to hear this....
[02:47:38] <les> first time in a little airplane...
[02:47:51] <les> and flight time 5 minutes max
[02:48:00] <les> even if they are pretty girls
[02:48:05] <les> i mean it
[02:48:17] <les> I learned my lesson
[02:48:40] <Ircaddict> 5 minutes in the air?!?
[02:48:57] <les> yeah...once around in the pattern
[02:49:00] <les> no more
[02:49:32] <Ircaddict> wtf
[02:49:35] <Ircaddict> I never had that problem
[02:49:52] <les> never , ever again will I have a lap full of someones puke
[02:50:05] <Jymmm> just a half-lap now
[02:50:09] <les> haha
[02:50:11] <Ircaddict> what the hell were you doing?
[02:50:11] <Ircaddict> lol
[02:50:37] <les> I have another rule
[02:50:48] <les> firt time...must be in back seat
[02:51:08] <les> but I admit I have broken that with really pretty girls
[02:51:15] <Ircaddict> :>
[02:51:23] <les> but not the 5 minute thing
[02:51:33] <Jymmm> les That's when you WANT the back seat!!!
[02:51:41] <Ircaddict> hah a
[02:51:50] <les> heh not in a plane
[02:52:01] <les> 10 inch cg range
[02:52:14] <les> don't want all the weight in the back
[02:52:26] <les> REALLY bad things might happen
[02:52:32] <Ircaddict> *tip*
[02:52:34] <Ircaddict> :)
[02:54:25] <Jymmm> cg ???
[02:54:29] <les> get out of the cg range
[02:54:34] <les> center of gravity
[02:54:38] <Jymmm> ah
[02:54:52] <les> get out and if turb causes a stall...
[02:54:57] <les> your'e dead
[02:55:42] <les> we even have to ask how much passengers weigh
[02:55:50] <les> and if it's a girl...
[02:56:01] <les> we don't believe what they say.
[02:56:09] <Ircaddict> my friend got burned because he did the weight and balance just fine on paper, but didn't apply it to the A/C
[02:56:35] <Ircaddict> well
[02:56:38] <Ircaddict> that was for his checkride
[02:56:45] <les> f#ck up with w&B and you die
[02:57:34] <les> On my checkride I had to do a full calculation
[02:57:52] <les> with the examiner in a mcdonalds near the airport
[02:58:20] <les> but I am an aero engineer
[02:58:36] <les> I can do first moment calculations ok.
[02:59:46] <Ircaddict> oh yeah, that's right, you build the damn things :)
[03:00:04] <les> no not really...I just have a degree in it.
[03:02:39] <Ircaddict> hehe
[03:02:43] <Ircaddict> on that note, i'm gonna crash
[03:02:46] <Ircaddict> i'm tired
[03:02:50] <Ircaddict> nite
[03:03:01] <Jymmm> G'Night Ircaddict
[03:03:24] <les> nite
[03:04:31] <Jymmm> les you any good at designing parts with complex shapes?
[03:04:41] <les> heh
[03:04:43] <les> depends
[03:05:07] <Jymmm> depnds on what?
[03:05:24] <les> I can do the usual nurbs melted candy bar I guess
[03:06:12] <Ircaddict> ok, no bed yet
[03:06:16] <Ircaddict> you work with rhino?
[03:06:20] <Ircaddict> :)
[03:06:49] <Jymmm> les I'm trying to think of a way of combining a "frame" piece with a rail
[03:06:52] <les> rhino a little
[03:07:03] <les> gawd the extrusions
[03:07:09] <les> 'I have done some.
[03:07:34] <Jymmm> les it's just a demo example of what can be done with them
[03:07:35] <Ircaddict> i still can't figure out how the hell to do threads in rhino
[03:07:40] <Ircaddict> i've tried different things
[03:07:42] <Ircaddict> and no dice
[03:08:05] <les> I am no rhino expert
[03:08:11] <les> I use it some
[03:08:17] <les> trouble is
[03:08:21] <Ircaddict> i've been playing with it on and off since... 7th grade?
[03:08:32] <les> 3-d cnc
[03:08:50] <les> is very slow with melted candy bar shapes
[03:08:59] <Ircaddict> probably better off with inventor or some other solid modeler
[03:09:07] <les> raster carving is slow
[03:09:13] <Jymmm> les Nah, I'm planning on having it made for me
[03:09:26] <les> oh
[03:10:01] <Ircaddict> alright
[03:10:04] <Ircaddict> now time for bed
[03:10:06] <Ircaddict> * Ircaddict is out
[03:10:13] <les> Ihave some 3-d free form done in emc
[03:10:17] <les> wanna see?
[03:10:21] <Jymmm> les Just need to come up with a design. Sure
[03:10:30] <les> will dcc
[03:10:35] <Jymmm> cant dcc
[03:10:41] <les> oh pooh
[03:10:51] <Jymmm> I'll see it when you post it to your website
[03:10:58] <les> ok
[03:11:05] <Jymmm> you know what 80.20 is
[03:11:08] <Jymmm> 80/20
[03:11:10] <les> yeah
[03:11:25] <Jymmm> ok, and think bearings 120 degrees apart
[03:11:29] <Jymmm> on a rod
[03:11:44] <Jymmm> the rollerskate ones
[03:12:05] <les> my feelings on 80/20
[03:12:27] <les> buy a cheap mig welder and some steel square tubing
[03:12:33] <les> it'ds cheaper
[03:12:43] <les> it's
[03:12:53] <les> d next to x
[03:12:56] <les> ha
[03:12:57] <Jymmm> no, no, not that
[03:13:05] <les> s
[03:13:17] <Jymmm> did you understans the bearings 120 degrees thing?
[03:13:29] <les> guess not
[03:13:49] <les> oh you mean 3?
[03:13:52] <Jymmm> yeah
[03:13:58] <les> ok
[03:14:13] <les> yeah tou can do that
[03:14:41] <les> but hiwin linear bearings are so cheap...
[03:14:51] <Jymmm> ok, now, take the shape needed to make a bearing block that will do that and combine it with a framing system simular to 80/20 in principal.
[03:15:12] <Jymmm> les hiwin is $50 each, two per axel
[03:15:31] <les> My typing indicates that I am gettin sleepy huh?
[03:15:34] <Jymmm> foru per axis * 3 axis ~= $600
[03:15:45] <les> well the time /money thing
[03:16:02] <Jymmm> Right, but I'm having this extrusion made for me
[03:16:10] <les> ok
[03:16:14] <Jymmm> cut to length
[03:16:17] <Jymmm> as needed
[03:16:21] <les> extrusion dies are cheap
[03:16:57] <Jymmm> Right, and the pic I showed you gives some samples of bosses that I could use
[03:17:21] <Jymmm> but I can't figure out a way to mate two pieces togther at a right angle
[03:17:35] <les> ?
[03:17:52] <les> I usually mate at approx 0 degrees
[03:18:04] <les> or 180
[03:18:05] <les> haw
[03:18:30] <Jymmm> four pieces plus corners
[03:18:31] <Jymmm> +----+
[03:18:31] <Jymmm> | |
[03:18:31] <Jymmm> +----+
[03:18:45] <Jymmm> I'd like to eliminate the corner connectors
[03:18:54] <les> I need a picture
[03:19:27] <Jymmm> ok, let me get back to you on that tomorrow
[03:19:33] <les> cool
[03:19:43] <les> I had better hit the sack
[03:19:53] <les> about to nod off
[03:20:04] <Jymmm> that's part om my problem, figuring out the die shape =)
[03:20:12] <Jymmm> G'Night Les!
[03:20:12] <les> stayed up too later last night
[03:20:19] <Jymmm> you party animal you
[03:20:37] <les> gnight jymmm see you tommorow
[03:20:41] <Jymmm> =)
[03:22:35] <fenn> are you making dovetail extrusions or round bar extrusions?
[03:22:53] <Jymmm> fenn whatever at this point =)
[03:23:16] <fenn> seems like a dovetail type shape would be better since you're not gonna be centerless grinding it
[03:23:35] <Jymmm> fenn It's not being machined, it's being made for me
[03:23:43] <Jymmm> 20 foot long each
[03:23:51] <fenn> you are using a custom extrusion die right
[03:24:00] <Jymmm> I'm designing a custom die, yes
[03:24:33] <fenn> well, what I would do, is put t-slots on a 60 degree triangle
[03:24:50] <fenn> two per side
[03:25:12] <Jymmm> have you seen this before ?
[03:25:21] <fenn> or one slot per side with two bearings per side
[03:25:27] <fenn> no
[03:25:44] <fenn> i haven't seen it. I looked at 5bears a couple times
[03:26:14] <Jymmm> 5 bears?
[03:26:19] <fenn> 5bears.com
[03:26:32] <fenn> some pilot who's making a cnc mill with 80/20 and expensive linear rail
[03:26:42] <fenn> for his model jet turbine engines
[03:27:16] <fenn> you should read it; it will give you some idea what you're gonna be doing
[03:28:00] <fenn> actually hex rails would be cooler than triangles
[03:28:25] <fenn> more flexible in terms of configuration but you still have the dovetail shape
[03:28:40] <Jymmm> dovetail or t-slot?
[03:28:43] <fenn> dunno how much that matters on a cnc machine
[03:29:06] <Jymmm> and hex or octal ?
[03:29:27] <fenn> on manual lathes you lock the slide while taking a cut since there is no hydrodynamic oil cushion layer
[03:29:52] <fenn> dovetail slides allow you to adjust the clearance of the bearing over the slide with only one screw
[03:30:14] <fenn> so i guess it doesnt matter anyway.. just use 80/20 rail and be done with it
[03:30:25] <Jymmm> heh
[03:31:04] <fenn> i just built a lathe with box ways and it is a pita to adjust the clearance
[03:31:11] <fenn> so i'm all excited about dovetails
[03:31:21] <Jymmm> lol, that works =)
[03:32:03] <fenn> with your skate bearing arrangement you can just crank down on the bearings and they still roll, so there's no problem with loose fits really
[03:33:43] <Jymmm> I like the t-slot idea, plus the isololate triangle and/or hex. I'll have to draw both out and see how it goes.
[04:07:06] <fenn> here goes my first ever CAD drawing: http://fenn.freeshell.org/hex-slot-rail.png
[04:08:12] <fenn> doesn't need to be so thick huh
[04:12:20] <Jymmm> depends on what (if anything) you're going to do on the inside?
[04:14:18] <Jymmm> how thick are the t-slots?
[04:14:33] <Jymmm> and silly question... why are they tapered?
[04:24:03] <fenn> they're tapered cause it looks cool :)
[04:24:10] <Jymmm> lol
[04:24:15] <fenn> seriously though that part of the t slot isn't doing anything
[04:24:30] <fenn> and it would interfere with the neighboring slot in the corners
[04:24:41] <fenn> have you seen the "drop in" t nuts?
[04:24:47] <Jymmm> nope
[04:25:29] <Jymmm> link?
[04:25:57] <fenn> looking around for the explanation
[04:26:20] <Jymmm> brb.... coffee
[04:26:28] <fenn> here is a bad picture that will probably confuse you
[04:26:30] <fenn> http://www.alloyframesystems.com/fasteners/DROP INS.html
[04:27:59] <fenn> This Drop In T-Nut has a unique profile which allows it to be inserted into the T-slot at any point along an extrusion profile. This feature is useful when adding hardware to an existing assembly where the ends of the profile are not accessible.
[04:27:59] <fenn> As an added benefit, the rubber tip can be used to drag the nut into place. Furthermore, a rubber tip provides a friction hold so that the T-nut remains fixed in place. This is especially important in vertical profiles.
[04:28:30] <fenn> you have to rotate the nut to get it into the slot, then slide it under the lips of the t slot
[04:28:53] <fenn> it has a kinda parabolic cross section to allow it to roll into place
[04:41:01] <Phydbleep> Woohoo!
[04:41:19] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep is back from kinkos with encoder transparencies.
[04:43:04] <Jymmm> ok, back
[04:43:17] <Phydbleep> B&W 8.5x11 transparency @ frikken great dpi $1.06 with tax. :)
[04:43:25] <fenn> wow
[04:43:34] <fenn> including computer time?
[04:43:51] <Phydbleep> What computer time.. I took it in on a usb-key.
[04:44:18] <Phydbleep> kinkos has cleaned up hteir act since the last time I was in there..
[04:44:31] <Phydbleep> Of course that was 12 years ago. :)
[04:44:34] <nevyn_> nevyn_ is now known as nevyn
[04:45:22] <Jymmm> fenn I wish they had a better photo... more contrast.
[04:45:39] <nevyn> fenn: that's kinda cool.
[04:47:37] <Jymmm> heh they have an alternative to 80/20
[04:50:04] <fenn> what do you do with the round hole in the middle of 80/20?
[04:51:16] <Jymmm> I think yo ucan thread it, or run air, vacuum, oil, water thru it
[04:54:41] <fenn> okay i'm sick of doing cad drawings
[04:55:05] <Jymmm> fenn then go mill something instead =)
[04:55:51] <fenn> my mill is still lying on its side in the scrap yard being rained on
[04:55:59] <fenn> * fenn grumbles to himself
[04:59:42] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep chastises fenn for leaving his toys out in the rain.. :)
[05:00:09] <Jymmm> MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILL ABUSE!!!!!!!!
[05:00:25] <fenn> i hope it's still there at all, actually
[05:00:35] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: Remember the turnip?
[05:00:37] <fenn> someone might have stolen it out from under me
[05:01:02] <Jymmm> Phydbleep sit on it!
[05:01:07] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep has a rudely shaped turnip and is not afraid to use it..
[05:01:20] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep abuses Jymmm with a rudely shaped turnip.
[05:23:09] <fenn> ahhh electric heat
[05:23:18] <Jymmm> lol
[05:23:35] <fenn> dont know why it took me until may to think of this
[05:25:08] <Jymmm> me neither
[05:30:47] <A-L-P-H-A> loha
[05:31:41] <fenn> hola
[05:34:58] <Phydbleep> a-hole?
[05:35:15] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep is trying to find the next logical sequence..
[05:35:42] <Phydbleep> With phonetic spelling of course. :)
[05:37:17] <Jymmm> aloha
[05:38:08] <A-L-P-H-A> what'd I miss?
[05:38:11] <A-L-P-H-A> anything exciting?
[05:38:19] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: No, That adds a syllable.
[05:40:05] <A-L-P-H-A> yet another reboot...
[05:40:06] <A-L-P-H-A> bbiab
[06:07:45] <Jymmm> Jymmm is now known as Red70sShow
[06:07:45] <Red70sShow> Red70sShow is now known as Jymmm
[06:14:48] <A-L-P-H-A> so what's new people?
[06:15:53] <Jymmm> nada
[06:19:23] <A-L-P-H-A> I've got a plate someone want sme to make... but it's gonna cost in materials... ~$2 - #4 CDN to make... Plus tooling. :/
[06:19:43] <Jymmm> lol
[06:19:59] <A-L-P-H-A> he wants 40 units.
[06:20:07] <Jymmm> think you can afford it? Maybe request 50% upfront to cover your expenses
[06:20:08] <A-L-P-H-A> I'm thinking of charging $500 for 40.
[06:20:33] <Jymmm> cnc?
[06:20:38] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah.
[06:20:55] <Jymmm> whats the ipm of the cnc ?
[06:21:09] <A-L-P-H-A> 79 I think I could push it higher, haven't tried though
[06:21:17] <A-L-P-H-A> 80ipm
[06:21:23] <A-L-P-H-A> 2800rpm only.
[06:21:30] <A-L-P-H-A> 1hp.
[06:21:45] <Jymmm> not bad, go for $50USD/hr at least
[06:21:53] <Jymmm> + material cost
[06:22:01] <Jymmm> so like $60/hr
[06:22:28] <Jymmm> eh, $50/hr will work
[06:22:39] <Jymmm> cheap material, unless you have to cut it too
[06:23:08] <A-L-P-H-A> I have to buy the material, set it up, create a jig, and do it.
[06:23:14] <A-L-P-H-A> write the gcode.
[06:23:26] <Jymmm> no drawing?
[06:23:30] <A-L-P-H-A> I have the drawing.
[06:23:33] <A-L-P-H-A> that's done already.
[06:23:39] <A-L-P-H-A> looking at the cad 2d drawing right now.
[06:24:06] <A-L-P-H-A> mill out a shit load of material. :/
[06:25:20] <A-L-P-H-A> I essentially have to remove 50% of the material from a 2" x 4" x 0.5" alu bock. 6061-t6
[06:25:50] <fenn> haul chips away in a wheelbarrow
[06:26:02] <A-L-P-H-A> vaccuum.
[06:26:04] <A-L-P-H-A> shopvac
[06:26:17] <fenn> shopvac with wheelbarrow attachment :)
[06:26:35] <Jymmm> shopvac with furnace attachement
[06:26:47] <fenn> snicker i wonder if anyone's done that
[06:27:17] <fenn> what's the chip/fuel ratio to make a perfect stream of molten aluminum
[06:27:46] <A-L-P-H-A> lots
[06:28:19] <fenn> if your chips are fine enough it will spontaneously combust and fuel itself
[06:28:28] <A-L-P-H-A> I need to find a T slot milling kinda device. I need to machine a groove.
[06:28:40] <fenn> make one
[06:28:43] <Jymmm> they have them
[06:28:56] <A-L-P-H-A> machine a groove around a cylinder, to fit an oring.
[06:29:04] <A-L-P-H-A> the cylinder will be milled out as well.
[06:32:02] <Jymmm> A-L-P-H-A add two axis to your mill =)
[06:32:37] <A-L-P-H-A> Jymmm, I have 4 axis for that mill. No point... I'm tyring to do it with tool changes... easier than programing it for 4 axis.
[06:32:42] <A-L-P-H-A> come up with good suggestions. :)
[06:33:12] <Jymmm> slap it on the lathe
[06:33:34] <A-L-P-H-A> www.mcmaster.com 3031A15 looks good to me... or maybe the 3031A23
[06:33:38] <A-L-P-H-A> that was the other option.
[06:34:07] <A-L-P-H-A> that's completely doable as well.. just need to make a spacer/jig for the part to be mounted and a groove flicked on.
[06:34:17] <fenn> sounds easier to do it on the mill with the same setup
[06:35:38] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah. that's why I'm lookin at woodruff mills.
[06:35:46] <A-L-P-H-A> for keyways and stuff
[06:36:17] <A-L-P-H-A> www.mcmaster.com page 2353
[06:41:57] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep comes wandering back from re-aranging the shop.
[06:42:01] <Phydbleep> A-L-P-H-A: It's encoder disks. :)
[06:42:24] <Phydbleep> $1 for a sheet of 20 @ kinkos. :)
[06:44:19] <Jymmm> What is this railing called ?
[06:44:20] <Jymmm> O
[06:44:20] <Jymmm> _/ \_
[06:44:26] <Phydbleep> I'm thinking about taking a piece of acrylic, wiping it with acetone and squeegeeing on the acetate like a model decal. :)
[06:44:48] <Jymmm> Phydbleep Uh, you can't do that
[06:45:02] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: At low-tech/lo-precision it's a hand-rail?
[06:45:26] <Jymmm> VERY bottom-right corner --> http://www.emissiontechnologies.com/XY/Finished/MVC-001F.JPG
[06:46:01] <Phydbleep> linear guide rail?
[06:46:09] <Jymmm> Phydbleep if you hit acrylic that has acetone on it with a squigy it'll muck up
[06:46:15] <Jymmm> Phydbleep no, it has a name
[06:46:20] <fenn> jymmm why do you want to use aluminum angle?
[06:46:33] <fenn> rather why aluminum at all?
[06:46:38] <Phydbleep> linear (something) rail.
[06:46:57] <Jymmm> * Jymmm smacks Phydbleep with a linear clue-by-four
[06:47:27] <Jymmm> fenn cost, availability, logisitcs
[06:47:43] <fenn> doesn't aluminum cost more than steel angle?
[06:48:28] <Jymmm> fenn that's not angle, its an excrusion
[06:48:31] <Jymmm> extrusion
[06:49:32] <fenn> oh that picture didn't show it very well
[06:49:34] <Phydbleep> profiled linear guide rail?
[06:50:00] <Jymmm> here, it's anodized http://www.emissiontechnologies.com/XY/PIC00028.JPG
[06:50:30] <Phydbleep> the profile looks like the glyph for Eearth in Stargate. :)
[06:51:19] <Jymmm> lol
[06:51:34] <Phydbleep> Oh.. That's lab gear.. Crap.. What is that railing called??? A-Rail?
[06:53:45] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: I've seen some that looks better and can be made on a mill..
[06:53:59] <A-L-P-H-A> Phydbleep, so you're making a stamp to make a mask for your encoder disks?
[06:54:22] <A-L-P-H-A> Jymmm, who's site is that?
[06:54:37] <fenn> jymmm i thought you were talking about something like this http://www.buildyouridea.com/cnc/IG-88/phase_two/phase_two.html
[06:54:39] <Jymmm> A-L-P-H-A they sell laser tubes adn laser cnc machiens
[06:55:15] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: http://pergatory.mit.edu/perg/research/archive/Kane/hpress2.html
[06:55:38] <Jymmm> Phydbleep 404
[06:56:12] <Jymmm> fenn Well, I guess that's simular in concept, just home brweed
[06:56:16] <Jymmm> brewed
[06:56:47] <Phydbleep> http://pergatory.mit.edu/perg/research/archive/Kane/hpress2.htm
[06:57:04] <A-L-P-H-A> is 55W laser powerful?
[06:57:22] <Jymmm> A-L-P-H-A not for metals of any kind
[06:57:35] <Phydbleep> Yes.. Do not stare into the beam with your remaining eye.. :)
[06:57:38] <Jymmm> A-L-P-H-A Not really, 100 Watt CO2 would be much better
[06:58:26] <anonimasu> heh
[06:58:48] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: Did it work that time?
[06:58:55] <Jymmm> Phydbleep yep, ty
[06:59:31] <Jymmm> Phydbleep I'm not paying $700 for ONE fucking bearing
[06:59:48] <fenn> damn those laser tubes are a lot bigger than i thought
[07:00:14] <Jymmm> fenn those are home brewed, air cooled are about the size of half a shoebox
[07:00:44] <Jymmm> fenn ...including power supply (which you dont see in those pictures)
[07:01:14] <A-L-P-H-A> I think I'm off to sleep.
[07:01:16] <A-L-P-H-A> I think.
[07:01:33] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: Copy the shape of the track and use 5 bearings in a shoe..
[07:01:41] <Jymmm> G'Night A-L-P-H-A (if you are =)
[07:02:04] <Phydbleep> G'nite A-L-P-H-A :)
[07:02:38] <fenn> phydbleep why 5 not 3?
[07:02:56] <Jymmm> fenn blk widow shaped rail
[07:03:40] <fenn> er actually looks like 4 is the magic number
[07:04:42] <fenn> damn directory listing denied everywhere you go anymore
[07:05:00] <Phydbleep> 5, 3 major (top, uppers) , 2 minor (lowers)..
[07:07:41] <fenn> i'm a fan of kinematic design when it comes to ball bearing slides.. makes calibration simpler
[07:08:02] <fenn> kinematic design=least possible number of elements
[07:08:42] <Phydbleep> 3 then.
[07:10:19] <Phydbleep> But, You could still cut the profile on a mill with a rhomboid shaped cutter.
[07:11:54] <fenn> * fenn coughs spastically
[07:11:54] <fenn> a rhomboid cutter eh?
[07:12:21] <Phydbleep> Stress relieve bar, cut profile, temper bar, nickle plate the whole thing. :)
[07:12:38] <Phydbleep> Rhomboid != diamond shape?
[07:12:43] <Jymmm> Hmmm... can aluminum be nickle plated?
[07:13:06] <fenn> phydbleep look at this: two bearings. same dudes who researched it http://pergatory.mit.edu/rcortesi/portf/grinder/machdsgn48-51.pdf
[07:13:15] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: You'l; have to give it a coat of acid-copper first I think.
[07:14:17] <fenn> that's my favorite way design yet
[07:14:20] <Jymmm> so ti can be done... ok will check it out
[07:16:17] <Phydbleep> Jymmm: Take it to a chome plating shop.. Tell them nickle/nickle for the last two coats instead of nickle/chrome.
[07:16:30] <Jymmm> how come?
[07:16:46] <Phydbleep> Is chrome going to make it go faster?
[07:16:54] <nevyn> sigh. working on cars sucks.
[07:17:04] <nevyn> but that was cheaper than I expected.
[07:17:29] <Jymmm> Phydbleep But I'll get chicks with chrome =)
[07:17:36] <nevyn> got home from linux.conf.au car was making nasty scratching noise in front left corner.
[07:18:05] <nevyn> pull wheel off.. inside of brake disk looks like a 33 LP
[07:18:10] <Phydbleep> nevyn: Trying to explain to the idiot why his motor died and needs an oil cooler because all the chrome is acting like a blanket sucks.
[07:19:07] <nevyn> AUD 10 to machine the disk plus aud25 for a new set of pads.. all good.
[07:19:22] <nevyn> now I need to look at the back brakes in the next week or so.
[07:19:31] <Jymmm> and on that note...
[07:19:46] <nevyn> I have a feeling the rear brakes are drum tho.
[07:19:56] <Phydbleep> Proably. :)
[07:20:22] <nevyn> I'm supprised that they machined up actually.
[07:20:51] <nevyn> heh minimum is 22.2 after machining they were 22.3
[07:21:15] <nevyn> tho he had far scarier disks on his bench at the brake place.
[07:21:55] <nevyn> where someone had just kept going and actually worn away the entire inside surface of the disk and was braking on the cooling struts of the disk.
[07:22:45] <Phydbleep> Si Senor, I have car like that once. :)
[07:22:50] <Phydbleep> Hehehe.. :)
[07:24:20] <anonimasu> lol
[07:24:22] <anonimasu> laters everyone
[07:25:06] <nevyn> they stopped when they pushed the piston out of the cylinder and had no brakes.
[07:25:32] <Phydbleep> You mean they didn't stop. :)
[07:25:43] <Phydbleep> Hehehe.. :)
[07:27:23] <Phydbleep> I didn't let mine get quite that bad, I picked up a good used rotor and swapped it out.
[07:28:59] <nevyn> pads are cheap.
[07:29:38] <Phydbleep> Rotor was toast when I got the car.. I needed a rotor or new pads every other day.
[07:30:45] <nevyn> ummm that's why you can get them machined.
[07:32:10] <Phydbleep> This one had ~0.010 left to get to the struts.... I got a new set of pads, Got the rotor a couple of days later and had a hack it together party. :)
[07:47:26] <Phydbleep> http://pergatory.mit.edu/2.75/2_75%20Lectures/PMD%20Topic%2018b%20Hydrostatics%202.pdf
[07:48:18] <Phydbleep> logger_aj: bookmark
[07:48:18] <Phydbleep> See
[07:51:35] <fenn> they should be comparing it to other types of hydrostatic slides, not comparing to linear rolling element bearings
[07:51:51] <fenn> we already ought to know that hydrostatic is better
[07:54:01] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep is thinking a hybrid system.
[07:55:25] <fenn> the patent office ought to be burned to the ground
[07:55:57] <Phydbleep> Although I can't do it to this lathe... There's a groove cut down the length of the leadscrew for the crossfeed advance that would spew like mad.
[07:56:47] <fenn> what does the leadscrew have to do with it?
[07:57:45] <Phydbleep> Do the same to the leadscrew and it should remove ~85% of the backlash on a sloppy machine.. :)
[07:58:39] <fenn> if you're doing that you might as well add a drive bar to drive the power crossfeed
[07:58:51] <fenn> and make a new leadscrew of couse
[07:58:55] <Phydbleep> Won't work on a half-nut very well though.
[07:59:04] <fenn> shrug
[07:59:47] <Phydbleep> I'm thinking for a mill. I want a mill.. I NEED a mill.. :)
[08:00:39] <fenn> look in newspaper of nearest large city, call classified ads and auctions
[08:00:50] <fenn> or make your own :)
[08:01:12] <Phydbleep> And I have 4 matched pieces of 1/2-10 acme thread that I'm thinking of making an X/Y table out of. :)
[08:01:37] <Phydbleep> All 4 are ~ 24" long.
[08:02:14] <fenn> make a deltabot, run it on emc
[08:02:56] <fenn> damn i was sure i could google that one
[08:03:26] <Phydbleep> I'm thinking 2 acme's per axis with sync-belts.
[08:03:50] <fenn> is the leadscrew also the way surface?
[08:03:58] <Phydbleep> No.
[08:04:44] <Phydbleep> I'm thinking of a ~30"x30" table.
[08:05:07] <fenn> you can get away with an off-center leadscrew if the carriage is about as long or longer (axial dimension) than it is wide
[08:05:41] <Phydbleep> These carriges end up square.
[08:06:32] <Phydbleep> 24"x24" 3" of overhang all the way around @ 30"x30"
[08:06:51] <fenn> actually i don't understand
[08:06:57] <fenn> * fenn hangs his head
[08:07:12] <Phydbleep> Lead screws will be ~20"-22" apart.
[08:07:40] <fenn> on both axes?
[08:07:45] <Phydbleep> I want to be able to move 250Kg.
[08:08:27] <Phydbleep> Yeah, Both axes will be the same layout.
[08:08:53] <Phydbleep> build 2, turn 1 90 degrees and stack them.
[08:09:33] <Phydbleep> Power only unit, No handwheels.
[08:09:43] <Ircaddict> damnit
[08:09:49] <Ircaddict> go to bed at 11:30 and wake up at 3
[08:10:03] <fenn> addict
[08:10:08] <Ircaddict> :P
[08:10:26] <Phydbleep> And youre complaining because you slept through lunch?
[08:11:08] <Ircaddict> my sleep schedule isn't normal to say the least
[08:11:25] <Ircaddict> I don't like going to bed till 1-2 am at the earliest
[08:12:06] <Phydbleep> ROFL.. I totally understand.. GMT +/-12 circadian rhythms in GMT -6 :)
[08:12:17] <fenn> i don't like going to bed ever
[08:12:43] <Phydbleep> I do... Of course I have a cute redhead for incentive. :)
[08:13:00] <Jason> blah
[08:13:14] <Jason> Jason is now known as Ircaddict
[08:14:05] <Phydbleep> Ircaddict: Did you see my reply?
[08:14:19] <Ircaddict> <Ircaddict> I don't like going to bed till 1-2 am at the earliest
[08:14:19] <Ircaddict> <Phydbleep> ROFL.. I totally understand.. GMT +/-12 circadian rhythms in GMT -6 :)
[08:14:19] <Ircaddict> <fenn> i don't like going to bed ever
[08:14:19] <Ircaddict> --- Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
[08:14:36] <Phydbleep> OK. :)
[08:14:50] <Phydbleep> fenn: Was it you with the wiki?
[08:14:55] <fenn> yeah phyd
[08:15:28] <fenn> "your" page is at http://www1.atwiki.com/gingery_machines/pages/136.html
[08:15:45] <fenn> i patched your ramblings into a semi-coherent mass
[08:15:50] <Phydbleep>
[08:15:56] <Phydbleep> Add that. :)
[08:16:04] <fenn> what letter is that?
[08:16:29] <Phydbleep> þ is þ
[08:16:39] <fenn> um
[08:16:40] <Ircaddict> charter blows
[08:16:53] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep gets it from the character chart in xchat.
[08:17:30] <Phydbleep> Ircaddict: You're the second person i've heard bitch about them. :)
[08:17:40] <fenn> жЕ
[08:17:41] <Ircaddict> well
[08:17:44] <Phydbleep> Ircaddict: Other is on EFNet.
[08:17:50] <Ircaddict> lately i can't connect to my linux box via VNC from an external host
[08:17:54] <Ircaddict> other people can
[08:18:05] <Ircaddict> a guy who knows someone in the head end had them check my signal levels
[08:18:15] <Ircaddict> he told me to call tech support and havee them check to initiate a service call
[08:18:21] <Ircaddict> "well, your signal levels look good..."
[08:18:22] <Ircaddict> wtf
[08:20:19] <Phydbleep> fenn: And as for my ramblings.. I didn't know i was being recorded for posterity... :)
[08:20:44] <fenn> well you're free to fix it however you see fit
[08:21:02] <fenn> and i'm free to sue you when it doesn't float my boat or catch my cat on fire
[08:21:33] <Ircaddict> wow..
[08:21:47] <Ircaddict> why the hell was I trying to use ipconfig in linux?
[08:21:58] <fenn> because all consoles look the same
[08:22:12] <fenn> you're thinking "ifconfig"
[08:22:19] <Ircaddict> I know
[08:22:27] <Ircaddict> I was like "why the f*ck isn't this working?"
[08:22:38] <Ircaddict> but of course in my windows box, i enter ifconfig
[08:22:39] <Ircaddict> heh
[08:23:09] <fenn> i used to have that problem. then i deleted windows.
[08:23:30] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep deleted 85% of XP
[08:23:51] <fenn> it's kinda funny you can just delete large swaths of system files and it still works about the same
[08:24:21] <Phydbleep> ROFL.. Did you see the "Poor Script Kiddie" bit?
[08:24:32] <fenn> no
[08:24:40] <Phydbleep> ROFL!
[08:24:42] <fenn> was it a prank phone call?
[08:25:49] <Phydbleep> ROFL! Dumbass claiming to be a hacker took a flying hack @ and deleted everything in sight thinking it was somebody elses machine.. ROFL!
[08:26:00] <Phydbleep> ROFLMAO!
[08:26:38] <Ircaddict> bwahahahaha
[08:27:58] <Phydbleep> http://www.zetanews.com/module.php?mod=forums&op=topic&id=576
[08:28:04] <Phydbleep> ROFL!
[08:29:27] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep is still ROFL!
[08:30:56] <Phydbleep> "Darwin! Darwin! Darwin!" Award honorable mention monination that is, What a Maroon! ROFL!
[08:31:20] <Phydbleep> nomination
[08:31:59] <fenn> wow that deserves a darwin award for sure
[08:34:42] <Phydbleep> He'll probably self-apply after this bounces around the net for a while. Either that or go postal and end up on the 6 o-clock news.. :)
[08:36:22] <fenn> yeah nobody's ever satisfied with honorable mention
[08:39:00] <Phydbleep> Hehehe... You'd think he would have at least noticed all the drive access on his machine and went "WTF?"..
[08:39:39] <fenn> hard drives are pretty quiet when doing raw access like when you use rawrite
[08:41:01] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep used to send newbs to the "Greatest Warez Site Ever" @ "If you want it they've probably got it." :)
[08:42:06] <Phydbleep> "Wow! You're right.. I already have all this cool sh*t though..."
[08:43:36] <Phydbleep> I was really cruel a couple of times and pointed paranoids at it telling them it was the "Secret Govt Computer that has a copy of what's on your computer"..
[08:44:39] <fenn> * fenn snickers.
[08:45:15] <fenn> i thought most computers denied ftp/http/telnet access
[08:45:22] <Phydbleep> But, My shrink absolved me of any guilt on that because she got to write the papers. :)
[08:46:15] <Phydbleep> Great psych experiment. :)
[08:47:33] <Phydbleep> fenn: Back in the mid 90's when the script kiddies/hacker wannabe's were discovering linux telnet/ftp were on by default.
[09:05:24] <fenn> interesting paper on building a minimill with axtrusion ways http://pergatory.mit.edu/rcortesi/portf/axtrusion/pdffiles/Axtrusion_Ch2.pdf
[09:05:52] <fenn> he calculates all the possible sources of error and shows what equations he started with
[09:06:45] <fenn> not including manufacturing errors
[09:08:44] <Phydbleep> He sure likes granite for tool parts. :)
[09:09:25] <fenn> it's good stuff
[09:09:56] <fenn> been ageing for several million years
[09:14:53] <fenn> i guess they are actually using artificial granite
[09:23:45] <fenn> phyd you know anything about capacitance probes aka electronic dti's?
[09:25:22] <Phydbleep> Not really.. I always avoid capacitance probes other than the 1 Harbor Freight caliper I have.
[09:26:06] <fenn> i'm wondering how hard it would be to make one
[09:26:41] <fenn> would be cool to test dynamic runout for balancing turbine rotors
[09:27:50] <Phydbleep> fenn: That's one of the uses I have for the encoders.. Kind of like a tiny tyre balancer.
[09:29:33] <fenn> how fast do you think your encoder will go before it pukes?
[09:30:16] <Phydbleep> 100k between the 3 different types.
[09:30:34] <fenn> how'd you end up with that answer?
[09:32:02] <Phydbleep> I have a 720 division (light/dark) tach ring that I can read as a degree wheel at high speed when used with the sync marks.
[09:35:12] <Phydbleep> Sorry, 600Krpm (10Krps) = 7.2 MHz .. Dropped a decimal.
[09:35:50] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep was thinking 100K RPS...
[09:36:33] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep has been listening to les's wish-list too long.. :)
[09:36:42] <Phydbleep> Hehehe.. :)
[09:37:20] <fenn> 100k rps is overkill for pretty much everything
[09:38:28] <fenn> that's approaching mach 1 at the edge of your encoder disc
[09:38:40] <Phydbleep> Well.. Yeah.. But if it's stable @10K RPS for the sensor, it will be accurate as hell. :)
[09:39:40] <Phydbleep> That's Too-Many IPM on a 1"-10tpi leadscrew. :)
[09:40:47] <fenn> sorry not mach 1 mach 51
[09:40:53] <Phydbleep> Plus.. You know that's my spindle tach/position so if I spin it by hand I could plot a curve for the time/vel. :)
[09:41:32] <Phydbleep> It'll be nice to have a degree readout on the lathe. :)
[09:41:59] <fenn> what kind of lathe do you have btw
[09:42:19] <Phydbleep> 1937 SouthBend 11X60...
[09:43:13] <Phydbleep> 1500 pounds with the table. :)
[09:44:18] <fenn> good old 1930's engineering
[09:44:19] <Phydbleep> I hope it doesn't do here, what it did in Kobe Japan if we get a quake..
[09:44:31] <fenn> yeah your accuracy will be fucked
[09:44:59] <Phydbleep> Sand + High water table + shake == quicksand.
[09:45:57] <fenn> you think your house will sink because you have a lathe in it?
[09:45:58] <Phydbleep> I may have to set the shop upright again becaus all the weight is on one corner. :)
[09:46:28] <fenn> well that's simple, put a mill in th other corner ;)
[09:46:46] <Phydbleep> Too late.. Theres a desk there..
[09:46:57] <fenn> pah
[09:47:44] <Phydbleep> 8"x16" .. It''s got 220 and a locking door.. :)
[09:48:33] <fenn> what kind of "desk" is this?
[09:49:37] <Phydbleep> No that's the whole shop.. The desk is a surplus putty colored steel lump..
[09:52:58] <Phydbleep> bbiaf..
[09:54:24] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep needs to take a mouse away from the dog, show it to the cat and ask.. "Hey Stupid! Why aren't you catching these?"
[09:58:09] <fenn> i had to pull a mouse out of the toaster after it jumped in and got stuck underneath my toast.. sheesh.
[09:58:33] <fenn> burnt mouse hair definitely adds an interesting flavor
[12:50:08] <rayh> rayh is now known as rayh_fest
[12:50:36] <rayh_fest> Hello.
[12:50:49] <Jymmm> Mornin rayh_fest
[12:51:05] <rayh_fest> How you doing today?
[12:51:26] <Jymmm> Not too shabby on 4 hours sleep
[12:52:02] <rayh_fest> There are several here that look about the same.
[12:52:16] <Jymmm> rayh_fest lol! hows the fest coming along?
[12:56:41] <Jymmm> les!
[12:56:52] <les> morning
[12:58:03] <Jymmm> les : In the bottom right corner, what is the railing called that looks like this
[12:58:04] <Jymmm> O
[12:58:04] <Jymmm> _/ \_
[12:58:10] <Jymmm> http://www.emissiontechnologies.com/XY/Finished/MVC-001F.JPG
[12:59:01] <les> looking
[12:59:18] <les> that is just ordinary supported thomson rail
[13:00:10] <Jymmm> * Jymmm googles real quick
[13:01:41] <CIA-8> 03proctor * 10emc2/nc_files/ (3D_Chips.ngc cds.ngc skeleton.ngc): Added some sample NC files
[13:02:03] <martin> martin is now known as Imperator_
[13:02:25] <Jymmm> les, ah found it... ty
[13:02:37] <CIA-8> 03proctor * 10emc2/src/emc/rs274ngc/ (Makefile canon.hh): Moved canon.hh to nml_intf
[13:03:15] <rayh_fest> Fest(ering) is good. We have come to a number of conclusions about future path.
[13:03:20] <CIA-8> 03proctor * 10emc2/src/emc/nml_intf/ (canon.hh Makefile): Moved canon.hh to nml_intf/ from rs274ngc/, and updated Makefile
[13:03:45] <Jymmm> rayh_fest it sucks? Endof the world? Sky is falling?
[13:04:20] <Jymmm> oh, didnt see the wrod 'path' =)
[13:04:57] <Imperator_> Morning
[13:05:59] <les> I read the thing on the wiki
[13:06:11] <les> morning martin
[13:08:32] <Jymmm> So, what is the future path outlook?
[13:08:51] <Jymmm> in a nutshell
[13:24:22] <CIA-8> 03proctor * 10emc2/src/emc/canterp/ (Makefile canterp.cc): Added canonical interpreter directory
[13:29:22] <CIA-8> 03proctor * 10emc2/src/emc/task/ (Makefile emccanon.cc): Minor touches to emccanon.cc, after incorporating user-defined M codes
[13:31:53] <rayh_fest> cvs -z3 -d:ext:developername@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/emc co -P modulename
[13:32:15] <Imperator_> morning les
[13:32:19] <CIA-8> 03proctor * 10emc2/src/emc/Makefile: Added canterp directory to the list of sub-makes
[13:39:17] <anonimasu> * anonimasu yawns
[13:42:39] <anonimasu> * anonimasu ordered a servo a bit ago..
[14:16:08] <dave-e> ray...had your coffee this morning?
[16:04:05] <rayh_fest> Hi Dave. How you doing.
[16:08:17] <narnia> * narnia waves to rayh_fest
[16:23:01] <CIA-8> 03jmkasunich * 10emc2/src/hal/utils/ (Makefile halcmd.c): modified halcmd to allow setp commands to get their values indirectly from the environment or an ini file
[16:23:50] <CIA-8> 03jmkasunich * 10emc2/src/Makefile: modified halcmd to allow setp commands to get their values indirectly from the environment or an ini file
[17:27:58] <rayh> rayh is now known as rayh_fest
[17:46:17] <CIA-8> 03paul_c * 10emc/src/emctask/emctask.cc: This is a C++ file, let's stick with using C++ operators.
[17:46:27] <CIA-8> 03jmkasunich * 10emc2/src/hal/utils/halcmd.c: modified halcmd setp command to accept a value even if it is followed by whitespace and additional characters
[18:02:09] <dave-e> hi ray...i'm back for a bit
[18:22:15] <robin_sz> meep?
[18:23:35] <dave-e> hi robin
[18:24:31] <dave-e> oh, well ...OTL
[18:24:36] <robin_sz> oh well
[18:24:38] <robin_sz> ?
[18:42:53] <websys> robin - you there?
[18:47:52] <CIA-8> 03swpadnos 07bdi-4 * 10emc2/src/emc/task/emctaskmain.cc: speedup to g-code file scanning
[20:18:44] <Jymmm> Aloha!
[21:56:54] <punk84> hi
[22:08:43] <Jymmm> hola
[22:14:22] <Phydbleep> Any chemists in here?
[22:14:39] <Jymmm> les
[22:15:06] <Phydbleep> * Phydbleep has acetate sheet and acrylic and is thinking of trying a wipe of acetone to bond them together.
[22:15:16] <Jymmm> bad idea
[22:15:20] <Phydbleep> ?
[22:15:54] <Jymmm> acrylic just melts very quickly when you apply any pressure
[22:16:05] <Jymmm> will make it look like shit
[22:16:40] <Jymmm> do you have a backer of any kind?
[22:17:05] <Phydbleep> I just want to mount one for testing.. i was thinking wipe the acrylic with the acetone and then apply the acetate like a model decal.
[22:17:16] <Jymmm> No dont do it that way
[22:17:38] <Jymmm> you have a smooth metal surface?
[22:17:46] <Phydbleep> Lots of them. :)
[22:18:04] <Jymmm> have a syregin
[22:18:15] <Phydbleep> syringe?
[22:18:17] <Jymmm> yeah
[22:19:00] <Jymmm> Ok, this is what you do....
[22:19:11] <Phydbleep> I can get one, or better yet a glass pipette.
[22:19:18] <Jymmm> metal, then acetate sheet, then acrylic.
[22:19:50] <Jymmm> make sure the acrylic is thick heavy enough to press itself fully to the disc
[22:19:59] <Phydbleep> 1/8"
[22:21:22] <Jymmm> then using the syringe filled with acetone (I prefer xylene), begin apply solvent to edge and it will wick itself inwards. Try doing this 360 deg so it doesn't miss a spot
[22:22:09] <Jymmm> if you touch the acrylic you'll get fingerprints and will turn cloudy (loks like shit)
[22:24:12] <Jymmm> give it a while to envaporate, casue the wicking action will also be on the metal to disc as well.
[22:24:15] <Phydbleep> Ahh.. I was going to do it inverted so that I could put a couple of drops of acetone on the acrylic and then lay one edge of the acetate down and roll the bubble out without touching either inner surface.
[22:24:55] <Jymmm> Phydbleep that'll never works, you never get everyone. the wick will flow 100% though
[22:25:03] <Jymmm> wicking action
[22:27:07] <Phydbleep> This is a 2" disk.. I'm not sure capillary action will do it..
[22:27:42] <Jymmm> sure it will... just apply 360 deg
[22:27:48] <Jymmm> I've done it for 6" before
[22:28:35] <Jymmm> that's why I like xylene, it's slower than using MEK
[22:29:01] <Phydbleep> And I dont really want this bonded to the metal.. It needs to come out clear.
[22:29:03] <Jymmm> well xylene is slower than acetone, which is slower than MEK
[22:29:29] <Jymmm> Phydbleep your not bonding to the metal, it's just a flat surface to prevent eh disc from curling
[22:29:39] <Jymmm> and NOT sticking
[22:30:10] <Phydbleep> So MEK, Acetone or Xylene will do it.. I just need to experiment a bit to get it to work.. :)
[22:32:09] <Jymmm> most plastic shops use MEK, I like xylene casue it is slower.
[22:32:31] <Jymmm> you could try MEK as well if you need it to setup quickly
[22:32:37] <Jymmm> fairly quickly that is
[22:42:36] <punk84> hi, i'm a newb to emc and am setting it up the ini to work with a hobbycnc 4axis board
[22:43:06] <punk84> my question relates to limit switches
[22:47:18] <punk84> What varibles do i need to set up my switches? On the board i have connected one wire from each limit switch to pin15 and the other to grd
[22:49:21] <punk84> In emc help it says I need to connect one wire of each to +5v, but is it possible to connect to grd?
[22:50:22] <punk84> I'm am sry if I am asking a question that been repeated to death, but I am stuck. <3
[22:50:52] <Jymmm> Nah, just everyone is at fest right now is all. They should be here a bit later.
[22:51:16] <punk84> thxs
[22:52:00] <Jymmm> logger_aj, bookmark
[22:52:00] <Jymmm> See
[22:54:41] <Jymmm> I believe you have to use +5
[22:56:23] <punk84> k
[22:57:44] <punk84> i will idle here, but may be afk while i experiment :)
[22:58:02] <Jymmm> just grab +5 from the computer
[22:58:40] <punk84> the parellel?
[22:58:52] <Jymmm> no, the hdd power cord
[22:59:14] <punk84> ok
[22:59:22] <Jymmm> iirc it's the red wire, and the yellow wire being +12, but check for yourself
[23:01:54] <punk84> red wire 5.2v on my ps, is tht ok before i connect.
[23:03:58] <Jymmm> 5.2V itself will be fine. but if you want to be sure about the whole thing, your welcome to wait for the rest of the filks to pop in.
[23:04:05] <Jymmm> folks
[23:08:42] <punk84> k, thx for pointing me in the right direction, and helping a newb in need :P
[23:09:09] <Jymmm> got it working?
[23:10:51] <punk84> no, not yet i'm still wrking on it, but will test in a few.
[23:11:04] <Jymmm> cool beans =)
[23:27:35] <punk84> the machine i have is a cncrouter and it has two lmt switches on the x & y , i think the switch on the left is the home sw. Is the the sw. on the right a + or - limit sw.?
[23:38:53] <punk84> afk be back in 20
[23:39:31] <punk84> punk84 is now known as punk84_afk
[23:59:53] <punk84_afk> punk84_afk is now known as pink84