#emc | Logs for 2005-01-14

[11:02:08] <anonimasu> :)
[11:04:56] <alex_joni> what's funny? ;-)
[11:21:25] <anonimasu> * anonimasu is curious about that
[11:21:31] <anonimasu> hey paul
[11:21:33] <alex_joni> I think it can be done
[11:21:49] <paul_c> Morning.
[11:21:56] <alex_joni> morning paul
[11:23:00] <anonimasu> hm, now how do you measure that on a 3phase motor..
[11:23:04] <anonimasu> ;)
[11:23:13] <alex_joni> you can measure on the power supply ;)
[11:23:20] <anonimasu> 320v 6a
[11:23:21] <anonimasu> :]
[11:23:27] <anonimasu> you a violent meter
[11:23:39] <alex_joni> you need to integrate it somehow
[11:23:45] <anonimasu> yeah
[11:23:57] <alex_joni> either HW or SW
[11:24:00] <alex_joni> better HW ;)
[11:24:10] <anonimasu> I could do it with a plc
[11:24:17] <anonimasu> but the actual measurement is hard
[11:24:17] <anonimasu> :)
[11:25:20] <anonimasu> I could do the programming to lower the feed.. on the fly
[11:25:28] <alex_joni> how do you power the motor?
[11:25:32] <anonimasu> a VFD
[11:26:55] <alex_joni> what stands VFD for?
[11:27:07] <anonimasu> variable frequency drive
[11:27:23] <anonimasu> you can alter speed/torque of the motor..
[11:28:43] <alex_joni> I see...
[11:29:03] <alex_joni> how is the VFD powered?
[11:29:22] <alex_joni> 3phase?
[11:29:23] <anonimasu> 3phase input
[11:30:00] <alex_joni> how about a encoder or some feedback on the motor?
[11:30:01] <alex_joni> on the shaft
[11:30:21] <anonimasu> that would do if the controller software would handle it
[11:30:27] <alex_joni> even one impulse / turn
[11:30:36] <anonimasu> I dont know about that..
[11:30:37] <alex_joni> or a tacho
[11:30:48] <alex_joni> how fast does it spin normally?
[11:30:54] <anonimasu> adjusting it wia the amperage is more accurate
[11:31:05] <anonimasu> I'd think
[11:31:07] <alex_joni> as long as you can measure that
[11:31:11] <anonimasu> yeah
[11:31:39] <alex_joni> speed-adjust ist non-realtime I think
[11:31:57] <anonimasu> hm, it'd need to be realtime to be useful..
[11:32:05] <alex_joni> you think?
[11:32:06] <anonimasu> or fairly high priority
[11:32:16] <anonimasu> if you are doing machining at very high speeds..
[11:32:26] <anonimasu> you need the response to be accurate
[11:32:30] <alex_joni> I agree
[11:33:01] <alex_joni> but .. dont know about machining to say that it needs realtime/nonrealtime adjustment
[11:33:36] <alex_joni> the code to do it would be simple enough (for nonrt, just send some NML messages to adjust the speed)
[11:34:04] <anonimasu> yeah probably
[11:34:05] <anonimasu> I might try it
[11:34:06] <anonimasu> :)
[11:34:15] <anonimasu> with a plc and a homemade encoder..
[11:34:18] <alex_joni> for realtime you'll have to figure something else out
[11:34:26] <alex_joni> maybe modify the speed directly
[11:34:28] <alex_joni> through shm
[11:34:43] <alex_joni> but this could be bull what I'm saying ;)
[11:34:55] <anonimasu> that was what I thought about
[11:35:03] <alex_joni> how do you drive things?
[11:35:03] <alex_joni> servo?
[11:35:09] <anonimasu> servos/geckodrives
[11:35:11] <anonimasu> as for now.
[11:35:20] <alex_joni> servos/geckodrives???
[11:35:37] <alex_joni> you mean freqmod/geckos
[11:35:59] <anonimasu> I done even run emc yet :D
[11:36:00] <alex_joni> or you use a stg-type board?
[11:36:23] <anonimasu> I use turbocnc.. but I'll change as soon as I get some more exp
[11:36:37] <alex_joni> parport stepping.. right?
[11:36:39] <anonimasu> yeah
[11:36:47] <alex_joni> then freqmod will be the way to go
[11:36:52] <alex_joni> and the rest does the gecko
[11:36:54] <alex_joni> G340 ?
[11:36:59] <anonimasu> it'll change to a servocard.. later on
[11:36:59] <anonimasu> yeah
[11:37:12] <anonimasu> I broke a endmill in alu yesterday ;)
[11:37:21] <anonimasu> that's why I am speculating about regulating the load...
[11:39:26] <anonimasu> or well speculating/going to implement it.
[11:41:17] <anonimasu> I think some commercial machines does it..
[11:45:27] <anonimasu> but well the idea might be stupid :)
[11:46:52] <alex_joni> don't think so
[11:47:04] <alex_joni> there are some people out there who would welcome it
[11:48:34] <anonimasu> I think it'd do wonders for keeping speed up in tough materials
[11:48:38] <anonimasu> and surface finish..
[11:49:37] <les> hi
[11:49:40] <anonimasu> hey les
[11:49:49] <alex_joni> les might be interested ;)
[11:49:50] <alex_joni> hi les
[11:49:52] <les> Imade a little circuit that measures load
[11:50:28] <anonimasu> nice
[11:50:37] <anonimasu> * anonimasu wishes he had somthing like that right now
[11:50:41] <les> calculates it from servo rpm and current
[11:51:02] <les> then solves the second order dif equation
[11:51:24] <les> to separate inertia force, friction, and tool load
[11:51:43] <les> works ok to a point
[11:51:44] <anonimasu> :)
[11:52:29] <les> friction is a little hard to model so it might not work well with very high frivtion sliding ways
[11:52:29] <anonimasu> hm ok
[11:52:36] <anonimasu> yeah
[11:52:46] <anonimasu> I was thinking about only measuring spindle load...
[11:52:47] <les> then there are always strain gages
[11:53:09] <les> well started up emc at 4:00 am
[11:53:22] <les> trying to catch up
[11:53:36] <les> better get a little breakfast
[11:53:50] <anonimasu> yeah
[11:53:50] <anonimasu> :)
[11:53:59] <anonimasu> les: look at what I wrote earlier if you get time
[11:54:18] <anonimasu> :)
[11:54:32] <les> anon: ok...
[11:54:53] <anonimasu> I
[11:55:05] <anonimasu> I'd love to get some other thoughts on it also :)
[11:58:06] <paul_c> trying to maintain a constant spindle speed ?
[11:58:52] <les> going for breakfast here at tiger food mart...but one thought
[11:59:18] <les> constant chip load is usually desired...
[11:59:39] <anonimasu> paul_c: constant load
[11:59:43] <les> so you might want to change spindle rpm and servo speed both
[11:59:54] <anonimasu> paul_c: increasing feed/decreasing
[12:00:22] <anonimasu> was my thought
[12:00:42] <les> back in a while
[12:00:43] <anonimasu> the spindle speed is harder I dont know how to calulate that..
[12:01:03] <anonimasu> :)
[12:01:07] <paul_c> encoder on the spindle ?
[12:01:39] <anonimasu> hm, I am not sure that it'll do
[12:02:06] <anonimasu> I am thinking about measuring current consumption..
[12:02:21] <anonimasu> but if a encoder would do it'd be perfect
[12:10:06] <anonimasu> but I dont think that'll give the accuracy required
[12:10:28] <anonimasu> without some special hardware
[12:11:21] <alex_joni> anonimasu: an encoder would give you the best results.. but
[12:11:30] <alex_joni> the signals from the encoder need to be counted
[12:11:38] <alex_joni> and it depends with what you do your counting
[12:11:59] <alex_joni> if you plan to buy a STG for your other axes
[12:12:17] <alex_joni> you can put the feedback from the spindle on an unused axis of the STG
[12:12:28] <anonimasu> yeah..
[12:12:33] <alex_joni> you need an encoder with little impulses/rev
[12:12:36] <anonimasu> but i have access to a plc off work..
[12:12:38] <alex_joni> because of high RPM
[12:12:46] <alex_joni> don
[12:12:52] <anonimasu> I could use a inductive sensor.. and count on my spindle splines..
[12:12:55] <alex_joni> don't know what the PLC can do
[12:13:00] <anonimasu> anything almost :)
[12:13:17] <alex_joni> well... it can't do NML.. right ?
[12:13:19] <alex_joni> ;-)
[12:13:24] <anonimasu> I could tell it to do nml.
[12:14:24] <anonimasu> :D
[12:14:32] <les> anon: I am hooking a melexis hall encoder chip to a bracket near the spindle collet nut
[12:14:33] <anonimasu> i dont have a counter input on the spre I have tho..
[12:14:42] <les> easy way to get a speed signal
[12:14:44] <anonimasu> but the new ones arriving..
[12:15:02] <alex_joni> les: I think rpm is enough... right?
[12:15:15] <alex_joni> you don't really need a better resolution...
[12:15:22] <les> yes rpm and current
[12:15:35] <anonimasu> hm, the rpm is somthing I can mesure
[12:16:09] <alex_joni> so if you put an encoder it can be around 10 pulses per rev.
[12:16:12] <alex_joni> or even less
[12:16:20] <les> sure
[12:16:54] <anonimasu> but not current
[12:16:54] <les> that would be plenty
[12:17:02] <anonimasu> I'll go with a inductive sensor..
[12:17:05] <anonimasu> I have a spare off work :)
[12:17:10] <anonimasu> that
[12:17:20] <anonimasu> that'll give me around 10 pulses per rev..
[12:17:22] <les> that will work
[12:17:35] <les> I use a .01 ohm shunt
[12:17:43] <anonimasu> les: got any idea on how to measure the current?
[12:17:45] <anonimasu> * anonimasu dosent
[12:17:56] <anonimasu> I am going to use the plc for controlling coolant
[12:17:56] <les> oh for the rpm
[12:18:02] <anonimasu> and stuff like that..
[12:18:03] <les> current?
[12:18:19] <les> a shunt or a current loop if ac
[12:18:20] <anonimasu> that needs > 1A out..
[12:18:26] <anonimasu> it's ac
[12:18:33] <anonimasu> 3phase 340v
[12:18:38] <les> shunt is simple
[12:18:39] <anonimasu> or 320/340
[12:18:56] <anonimasu> * anonimasu has no idea on that
[12:19:05] <les> ah...3 shunts
[12:19:15] <alex_joni> basicly you put a resistor in series with the motor winding and measure the voltage
[12:19:22] <les> right
[12:19:23] <alex_joni> you'll need 3
[12:19:29] <anonimasu> ok
[12:19:29] <les> right
[12:19:41] <alex_joni> use a small shunt in order not to affect the motor voltage
[12:19:50] <alex_joni> and not to get the resistor to heat up
[12:19:58] <les> right...I use .01 ohm
[12:20:09] <alex_joni> you need a small, precise, high watts resistor
[12:20:13] <anonimasu> but my motor's 3phase and at 5a..
[12:20:17] <alex_joni> .01 ohm sounds ok
[12:20:17] <anonimasu> :)
[12:20:37] <les> you can even make your own
[12:20:47] <anonimasu> I found one
[12:20:58] <alex_joni> 10W metal type resistor (1% precision)
[12:21:10] <alex_joni> I have some on an old motor servo
[12:21:20] <anonimasu> http://www.elfa.se/elfa-bin/setpage.pl?http://www.elfa.se/elfa-bin/dyndok.pl?dok=2019178.htm
[12:21:27] <alex_joni> .02 Ohm, 1% 10W
[12:21:32] <les> and i^2r is going to be small
[12:22:00] <les> half a watt
[12:22:15] <les> at 5 amps
[12:22:34] <anonimasu> would one of thoose do?
[12:22:41] <alex_joni> strange looking things
[12:22:52] <les> sounds ok
[12:23:17] <les> They won't even get warm
[12:23:46] <anonimasu> I wonder if thoose thingies will do 320v
[12:23:57] <les> .1 volt drop at 5 amps
[12:24:19] <les> don't worry...they will never see 320
[12:24:26] <les> they are floating
[12:24:37] <les> just the .1v
[12:24:45] <anonimasu> hm strange :9
[12:24:54] <anonimasu> how much voltage do I get out from a shunt?
[12:25:02] <les> ir
[12:25:09] <anonimasu> I've got a 0-10v input on the plc
[12:25:12] <alex_joni> I'd use one like this: http://www.vishay.com/docs/30201/rhnh.pdf
[12:25:16] <anonimasu> hm..
[12:25:32] <les> only one caution...the measuring device must float too
[12:25:39] <anonimasu> float?
[12:25:39] <alex_joni> you need a slightly bigger resistor touse 0-10V accurately
[12:25:44] <alex_joni> yup
[12:25:49] <alex_joni> not connected to ground on one side
[12:25:52] <les> don't put a meter with one grounded lead on!
[12:25:58] <les> haha yup
[12:25:58] <anonimasu> hehe yeah
[12:26:24] <anonimasu> we got thoose somwhere at work ;)
[12:26:38] <les> use a diff op amp or something
[12:27:08] <les> scopes often have grounded leads as well
[12:27:13] <les> BOOM
[12:27:19] <alex_joni> hmm... one more thing les
[12:27:20] <anonimasu> the plc does ;)
[12:27:24] <alex_joni> it's not DC
[12:27:27] <alex_joni> right?
[12:27:39] <les> depends
[12:27:43] <alex_joni> you'll need to measure impulses
[12:28:23] <les> well yes 50 hz
[12:28:40] <alex_joni> if the VFD doesn't do frequency changing
[12:28:51] <les> yes
[12:28:55] <anonimasu> mine does :)
[12:29:04] <alex_joni> the AC-servos I used use a DC power supply
[12:29:08] <alex_joni> and basically 3 choppers
[12:29:12] <les> either way no big deal to integrate it or do rms
[12:29:18] <alex_joni> I agree
[12:29:36] <alex_joni> but if it's AC you could use a 1:1 transformer to separate the voltages
[12:29:51] <alex_joni> then do your RMS or whatever and connect it to the PLC
[12:29:57] <les> yes isolation transformer
[12:30:17] <anonimasu> ah yeah
[12:30:20] <anonimasu> that'd be perfect
[12:30:20] <alex_joni> that's what I mean...
[12:30:36] <alex_joni> carefull only to have it designed for frequencies the chopper uses
[12:30:39] <les> perhaps even some stuff to check phase balance if you wish
[12:30:40] <alex_joni> not 50Hz
[12:30:57] <anonimasu> hm, I use 50->200hz
[12:31:13] <alex_joni> yup.. a plain transformer might not perform well at 200 Hz
[12:31:14] <anonimasu> 0-200hz.
[12:31:15] <anonimasu> :
[12:31:17] <anonimasu> :)
[12:31:18] <alex_joni> depends on the model
[12:31:35] <les> will prob be ok...problem is usually at very low frequencies...the core saturates
[12:31:40] <anonimasu> I could use a shunt and a rectifier..
[12:31:43] <alex_joni> I just had a crash-course in transformers ;)
[12:31:51] <les> ha
[12:31:51] <alex_joni> anonimasu... depends on the voltage
[12:31:53] <alex_joni> ;)
[12:32:05] <anonimasu> 320v ;)
[12:32:09] <anonimasu> err 340..
[12:32:11] <alex_joni> remember the rectifier opening voltage
[12:32:16] <alex_joni> I meant the voltage on the shunt
[12:32:23] <alex_joni> say you use .01 ohm
[12:32:46] <alex_joni> at 10 amps (a lot) you'd have .1V
[12:33:04] <les> use a precision rectifier...an op amp with a diode in the feedback loop
[12:33:09] <les> actually two
[12:33:15] <alex_joni> yeah .. that too
[12:33:24] <alex_joni> or use a 1:10 separation transformer ;)
[12:33:31] <anonimasu> hm, way over my head in electronics
[12:33:32] <anonimasu> :)
[12:33:36] <les> yes
[12:34:10] <les> but a .25 cent op amp will reduce the forward voltage drop to nothing
[12:34:23] <les> (divide by feedback gain)
[12:35:07] <les> plenty of info in manufacturer's data sheets
[12:36:07] <les> just have a floating front end
[12:36:42] <anonimasu> :)
[12:36:54] <alex_joni> I had some big troubles with transformers yesterday and the day before ;-)
[12:37:06] <anonimasu> I should ask my father on how to do it later :9
[12:37:13] <alex_joni> I was at a customer and couldn't figure out why a transformer got to heat up
[12:37:14] <les> heh
[12:37:18] <anonimasu> although I dont know if he'll know
[12:37:30] <alex_joni> eventually I found that the supply had some DC component in it :(
[12:37:41] <les> uh oh
[12:37:50] <alex_joni> anonimas: the best way is to do it the op-amp way
[12:38:22] <anonimasu> * anonimasu isnt into op amps
[12:38:31] <anonimasu> but I'll look at it :)
[12:38:34] <les> very easy
[12:38:35] <anonimasu> the simplier the better..
[12:38:37] <alex_joni> the easy way is to amplify the voltage from the shunt (1:10 transformer), then a normal rectifier bridge, big capacitor
[12:38:41] <alex_joni> and you're done ;)
[12:38:43] <anonimasu> I am curious about the programming ;)
[12:38:49] <alex_joni> not very good on the low voltages
[12:38:55] <anonimasu> alex_joni: is that what a shunt does
[12:38:58] <alex_joni> it won't open..
[12:39:06] <alex_joni> the shunt is only a resistor
[12:39:13] <alex_joni> like a normal one
[12:39:30] <alex_joni> it is called shunt because of it's field of operation (e.g. where it gets used)
[12:39:35] <anonimasu> ah ok
[12:40:04] <alex_joni> you'll have a proportional voltage on it based on the current flowing through it (U = I x R)
[12:40:16] <les> one quad op amp, 2 diodes, a few resistors, and one bypass cap
[12:40:23] <les> per leg
[12:40:45] <anonimasu> the troble I am having with op amps is "what" to use
[12:40:45] <anonimasu> :)
[12:41:06] <les> almost anything
[12:41:26] <anonimasu> the voltages/gain/stuff seems too small for most things
[12:41:26] <anonimasu> :)
[12:42:07] <les> I usually just stock fet input ones
[12:42:19] <les> cheap and work for everything
[12:42:39] <les> use lm 2900 for automotive
[12:42:55] <les> $.08 in quantity for a quad
[12:43:10] <les> Use Burr Brown for audio
[12:43:23] <anonimasu> so ok
[12:43:37] <alex_joni> you'll find thousands of schematics for your plan
[12:43:43] <les> yup
[12:43:44] <alex_joni> with op-amps
[12:43:57] <anonimasu> http://www.nzart.org.nz/nzart/examinat/amateur%20radio%20study%20guide/Course%20Files/Meters%20&%20Measuring/STUDY%20NOTES%20-%20METERS%20&%20MEASURING.htm
[12:44:02] <alex_joni> the place I'd check is inside the producer pdf
[12:44:12] <anonimasu> ;)
[12:44:23] <alex_joni> usually the supply sample schematics for different type of operations
[12:44:40] <les> off to the shop for me...
[12:44:56] <les> must make cherry chips
[12:45:12] <alex_joni> bye les...
[12:45:20] <anonimasu> yeah
[12:45:20] <les> later all
[12:45:21] <anonimasu> :9
[12:45:22] <anonimasu> later
[12:45:30] <alex_joni> paul_c: very quiet today ;)
[12:45:33] <anonimasu> * anonimasu is more curious at how well it'd do when cutting
[12:45:44] <alex_joni> * alex_joni still trying to fit those huge LS7266 ...
[12:45:47] <anonimasu> I can alwys order a VFD with a integrated plc..
[12:45:49] <anonimasu> :]
[12:46:01] <paul_c> * paul_c is doing research
[12:46:07] <anonimasu> although at 757$
[12:49:06] <anonimasu> a bit violent for a hobby thing ;)
[12:49:44] <alex_joni> oopsy ;)
[12:50:15] <anonimasu> yeah :)
[13:05:59] <alex_joni> the stuff les talked about you can build for 20$
[13:06:10] <alex_joni> included the parts you'll trash the first time ;-)
[13:08:43] <anonimasu> yeah :)
[13:08:44] <anonimasu> http://www.mmsonline.com/articles/029905.html
[13:13:01] <anonimasu> alex_joni: I am going to build thoose things
[13:13:19] <anonimasu> and write a implementation for it in emc :)
[13:14:02] <alex_joni> you do that
[13:14:17] <alex_joni> tell me if I can help you somehow ;)
[13:14:26] <alex_joni> drop me an e-mail if I'm not on IRC
[13:14:28] <anonimasu> the hard part is the electronics
[13:14:29] <anonimasu> :)
[13:14:43] <alex_joni> at this project that would be the easy part ;)
[13:14:48] <anonimasu> ;)
[13:14:54] <alex_joni> it's just a bunch of components, nothing fancy
[13:15:17] <anonimasu> * anonimasu sucks at electronics
[13:19:11] <anonimasu> I am better at code :)
[13:23:47] <alex_joni> it's all about experience..
[13:23:53] <alex_joni> after a while it'll see simple ;)
[13:25:25] <anonimasu> hehe
[13:25:35] <anonimasu> I'll throw some code down later today
[13:25:43] <anonimasu> about it..
[13:25:46] <anonimasu> but it depends if I get time
[13:30:54] <anonimasu> :)
[13:36:44] <anonimasu> the hardest thing is getting emc to change the feed in almost realtime
[13:37:28] <alex_joni> hang on a moment
[13:37:48] <anonimasu> sure
[13:39:10] <alex_joni> EMC_TRAJ_SET_SCALE
[13:39:54] <anonimasu> can you do that on the fly?
[13:40:35] <alex_joni> it's a command the GUI sends to the Taskcontroller
[13:40:44] <alex_joni> and you can do that whenever you need to
[13:40:45] <alex_joni> but!
[13:40:53] <alex_joni> GUI and task controller are nonrt
[13:41:06] <anonimasu> I wonder how quick it has to be
[13:41:29] <anonimasu> fairly atleast
[13:42:01] <alex_joni> that does : emcmotCommand.scale = scale;
[13:43:46] <anonimasu> ok
[13:44:33] <anonimasu> how much do you have to go through to add a rtscale variable
[13:44:42] <anonimasu> or to make it respond quicker?
[13:46:23] <alex_joni> it's tougher at the RT part
[13:46:36] <alex_joni> don't think you have something like that there
[13:46:42] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is just looking over the code
[13:46:47] <anonimasu> :)
[13:47:39] <alex_joni> you don't have speeds there... you have a commanded and an actual position (I think)
[13:48:01] <anonimasu> hm, ok
[13:49:44] <alex_joni> I'd go with the non-rt approach first
[13:49:51] <alex_joni> build a simple app:
[13:50:00] <alex_joni> use NML to connect to the task controller
[13:50:25] <anonimasu> and interface the plc in my case with the serial port..
[13:50:34] <alex_joni> and send him EMC_TRAJ_SET_SCALE's (1.0 = normal feed,1.2 = 20% more feed, etc...)
[13:51:15] <alex_joni> you'll see this changes in your GUI as the position of the slider is based on the feedback from the task controller
[13:51:21] <anonimasu> yeah :9
[13:51:22] <anonimasu> :)
[13:51:33] <alex_joni> but you'll be able to change it once per servo_cycle (tops)
[13:51:40] <anonimasu> I wonder if I could compensate it on spindle rpm..
[13:51:45] <anonimasu> since I dont have the other stuff at hand
[13:51:47] <anonimasu> for testing
[13:51:58] <alex_joni> you could
[13:52:05] <alex_joni> thing is... how do you test it?
[13:52:12] <anonimasu> aluminium ^_^
[13:52:16] <alex_joni> yeah...
[13:52:19] <anonimasu> and a suicide cut.
[13:52:31] <anonimasu> or well a pretty tough cut..
[13:52:34] <alex_joni> put an analog ampmeter in series with the motor (on one of the windings)
[13:52:39] <alex_joni> and watch it bounce
[13:52:44] <anonimasu> yeah :)
[13:52:44] <alex_joni> maybe remember the max value
[13:52:55] <alex_joni> then run it again with the compensation
[13:52:59] <anonimasu> yep
[13:53:17] <alex_joni> if it really makes a difference it would be cool
[13:53:23] <anonimasu> yeah
[13:53:26] <anonimasu> I'll try it out today..
[13:53:32] <alex_joni> but I'm afraid of the response time
[13:53:32] <anonimasu> if I can get emc running ;)
[13:53:34] <anonimasu> yeah
[13:54:18] <anonimasu> keeping a constant load probably does wonders for tool life aswell
[13:54:26] <anonimasu> i'll try it out this weekend :)
[13:54:44] <alex_joni> cool
[13:54:46] <anonimasu> got any example on how to connect with nml?
[13:54:52] <alex_joni> let me know how it works
[13:54:58] <alex_joni> anonimasu: kinda
[13:55:05] <anonimasu> yeah the thing that'll take most time is to set up my configs..
[13:55:09] <anonimasu> tomorrow probably
[13:55:42] <alex_joni> http://www.isd.mel.nist.gov/projects/rcslib/NMLcpp.html
[13:56:02] <anonimasu> thanks
[13:56:45] <anonimasu> I'll tell you how it works
[13:58:42] <anonimasu> I wish I had a better box for emc..
[13:59:26] <anonimasu> but well, if this works out I'll get one..
[14:02:39] <alex_joni> you need to do smthg like example4
[14:03:37] <anonimasu> yeah that seems pretty straightforward :)
[14:04:03] <alex_joni> but look also at xemc (yemc) those actually do the EMC_TRAJ_SET_SCALE
[14:04:46] <anonimasu> I'll do that
[14:04:51] <anonimasu> I need to leave a bit for some work
[14:04:57] <alex_joni> emc\src\emctask\xemc.cc
[14:05:00] <alex_joni> have fun ;)
[14:05:12] <anonimasu> hehe
[14:05:13] <anonimasu> yeah
[14:05:17] <anonimasu> coding some stu
[14:05:24] <anonimasu> * anonimasu slaps the plc
[14:10:31] <alex_joni> anonimasu: take a look at feedslider.cc
[14:10:36] <alex_joni> it does everything you need
[14:10:48] <anonimasu> ok
[14:10:49] <anonimasu> :)
[14:11:20] <slomo> type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY 3767411
[14:11:28] <alex_joni> you need to modify it a bit... it is set up for "remote" you need it for "local"
[14:11:39] <alex_joni> slomo: without the type ;-)
[14:11:55] <slomo> yea i know, to early
[14:12:07] <slomo> can't copy/paste
[14:13:14] <anonimasu> hehe
[14:20:40] <slomo> the gcode editor from the menu select does not appear to work
[14:20:55] <slomo> does some config need to be set ?
[14:22:38] <A-L-P-H-A> Someone here told me I could use my lathe and a makeshift broach to cut an internal keyway. I'm just wondering what angles are needed for this said broach. Anyone have clues?
[14:39:34] <anonimasu> re..
[14:40:09] <A-L-P-H-A> hi
[14:43:51] <alex_joni> you've lost your terminal ;)
[14:49:28] <A-L-P-H-A> doh... robin_sz isn't around.
[14:49:46] <A-L-P-H-A> last seen 4 days ago.
[14:59:51] <jepler_> morning guys
[15:05:20] <A-L-P-H-A> hey
[15:05:22] <A-L-P-H-A> hi.
[15:05:29] <A-L-P-H-A> coffee and apple turnover time
[15:07:04] <alex_joni> * alex_joni goes home
[15:07:06] <alex_joni> bye guys
[15:43:52] <jepler_> * jepler_ checks in a change that makes axis support tool radius compensation in the preview plot
[15:43:59] <jepler_> jepler_ is now known as jepler
[15:53:19] <gezr> morning
[15:54:23] <gezr> wow was I having a wicked dream
[15:54:43] <gezr> paid for a lunch with some sort of waffle cake money stuff
[15:55:06] <gezr> found a little shop that had these strange small lizzards in it, and a woman was talking all about them,
[15:55:10] <gezr> It was just neat
[15:56:02] <gezr> it had been a long time since I had such a full color dream like that
[15:57:40] <gezr> oh doctor said since I seem to think my arm is a bit better that were gonna keep it in the brace another month, tests showed that surgery should be done,
[16:00:02] <les> I had dreams about cnc
[16:02:13] <les> really
[16:02:13] <les> I'm workin a bit too hard...gonna be bouncin off the walls soon
[16:02:13] <gezr> Im not sure what I was looking for in this dream but the shop I went into had motorcycle stuff on the outer wall, and other things,
[16:02:13] <gezr> les : are you on time to make deliveries?
[16:02:13] <cradek> les: last night I got my machine to run at 25ipm. I watched lots of blended lines and arcs!
[16:02:13] <les> well thay will take all production we can do
[16:02:13] <les> really
[16:02:13] <les> you should see it at 250
[16:02:13] <gezr> cradek : oh using segmot?
[16:02:13] <cradek> les: I bet
[16:02:13] <cradek> les: my machine previously could do only about 10 so this looks *really* fast to me
[16:02:13] <gezr> les : hey, I told my wife about your place, she only asked me when :)
[16:02:19] <cradek> gezr: yes
[16:02:21] <les> I just turned off the machine for the week's production
[16:02:28] <les> cool
[16:02:45] <les> Monday is mainenace I think
[16:02:50] <les> oops
[16:03:00] <les> greasing ballscrews etc
[16:03:02] <gezr> that almost looks like a new word
[16:03:17] <les> haha
[16:04:09] <gezr> les : you use grese hu?
[16:04:09] <les> lube for me is based on contamination
[16:04:09] <les> it's basically a good cleaning
[16:04:16] <les> some stuff gets under the way covers
[16:04:21] <gezr> ah, but I like greese over oil on slides/screw
[16:04:55] <les> most of the contamination is fine wood dust I guess
[16:05:06] <les> not too abrasive
[16:05:09] <gezr> thats not so bad
[16:05:14] <les> but still not the best
[16:05:17] <gezr> not to resistant to compression either
[16:05:37] <les> unless I cut a lot of teak
[16:05:45] <les> it has silica in it
[16:05:49] <les> quite a bit
[16:05:56] <gezr> all wood has some of that in it though right?
[16:06:03] <les> a little
[16:06:49] <les> and I am just starting to get numbers on how long the tools last
[16:07:17] <les> not long
[16:07:27] <les> 300 units
[16:07:28] <gezr> hmm
[16:07:34] <gezr> thats not too bad
[16:07:38] <gezr> I know its an expensive tool
[16:07:48] <les> that's 700 minutes
[16:07:51] <les> or
[16:08:09] <les> 11 hrs
[16:08:10] <gezr> are you using solid carbide tooling? or can you resharpen there at your place?
[16:08:26] <les> yes solid carbide
[16:08:40] <les> I can sharpen all but the spirail bits
[16:08:47] <les> spiral
[16:09:10] <gezr> could an inserted tool work, or is the cut geomerty such that it would be impossiable?
[16:09:31] <les> Yes...there are insert woodworking tools
[16:09:46] <les> might be an idea for some
[16:10:05] <les> But I find I must use the spiral downcut
[16:10:21] <les> or it will slip out of the collet
[16:10:25] <gezr> to keep the tool up in the holder right? or is it also a function of the cut?
[16:10:49] <les> not a function of the cut on this job
[16:11:37] <gezr> I need to draw up what I was talking about for you
[16:11:45] <les> sometimes it is...downcut does not splinter top edges
[16:11:59] <gezr> I know drawing up doesn't get you a working fix
[16:12:06] <les> yeah...I have been sketching tool holders
[16:12:23] <gezr> Im also thinking about a cartdrige spindle
[16:12:33] <gezr> not just a tool holder
[16:12:44] <les> what I really need is a colombo spindle though
[16:12:56] <gezr> yeah
[16:13:00] <les> that would solve all problems
[16:13:09] <les> I am so hp limited
[16:13:26] <gezr> how many hp are you using right now?
[16:13:29] <les> If I have 3 times the hp I go 3 times faster
[16:13:35] <les> 3
[16:13:41] <les> not nrearly enough
[16:13:50] <gezr> what rpm?
[16:13:58] <les> 21000
[16:14:04] <gezr> well, this is an area I dont fully understand
[16:14:06] <les> except for drilling
[16:14:11] <A-L-P-H-A> Anyone know how to make an internal keyway within a cup on a lathe? Like what angles I should find on my shaper?
[16:14:12] <les> 12,000 for that
[16:14:43] <les> you have a shaper?
[16:14:47] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A : I love my shaper :)
[16:15:02] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr... got pictures of your shaper? angles? measurements?
[16:15:18] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A : its a atlas 7 inch
[16:15:34] <A-L-P-H-A> find=grind.
[16:15:53] <gezr> les : yeah I guess you need to go up on everything
[16:16:10] <les> yup
[16:16:29] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A : I dont guess I know what a cup is? are wanting to make a keyway on the inside of a bore,
[16:16:32] <les> a 24000 rpm 400 hz colombo is what I need
[16:16:49] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, yes. the inside of a bore. But the bore is not all the way through.
[16:16:49] <les> bearing cup?
[16:17:14] <les> no coulldn't be
[16:17:19] <les> agh
[16:17:21] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A : do you have the straight tool? there is some photos on the web that shows a guy who made a special tool?
[16:17:40] <A-L-P-H-A> never heard of a straight tool.
[16:17:56] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A : as in it bolts onto the clapper and sticks out much like a pecker, with the tool bit sticking down or whatever angle you want it to be in
[16:18:43] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, you don't happened to have an url.
[16:19:06] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A im looking, found you a good faq, that I use if your not a shaper master already?
[16:19:16] <gezr> http://home.att.net/~kayfisher/shaper_faq.html
[16:19:52] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, the bore is only 29mm dia.
[16:20:03] <gezr> yeah, that wont be a problem
[16:20:18] <gezr> http://www.jamesriser.com/Machinery/AtlasShaper/AtlasShaper.html
[16:20:24] <gezr> mine looks like that, but ugly
[16:20:45] <gezr> there is the picture of the cutter on that page
[16:20:48] <A-L-P-H-A> err... I thought a shaper wsa something else.
[16:21:17] <gezr> you mean milling machine?
[16:21:36] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr. I have a milling attachment I could use on my lathe, that would act like a shaper.
[16:21:57] <gezr> oh oh oh okay
[16:22:19] <gezr> alrighty, this will be wicked on your machine but its the only way to get a straight keyway
[16:22:24] <A-L-P-H-A> but I'm trying to get out a 3mm or was it 4mm groove on the internal dia.
[16:22:41] <gezr> how wide and how deep?
[16:22:52] <gezr> 3mm wide, 3mm depth?
[16:23:08] <A-L-P-H-A> someone else said I could use a makeshift broach, and use the ways wtih a chisel like tool to scrap out the keyway.
[16:23:15] <gezr> yes
[16:23:17] <A-L-P-H-A> I think it maybe 4mm x 2mm.
[16:23:21] <gezr> thats what im going to show you
[16:23:24] <A-L-P-H-A> 4mm wide, 2 deep, 3 deep.
[16:23:27] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, cool.
[16:23:47] <A-L-P-H-A> I'm gonna photo this first... sec.
[16:24:48] <gezr> your going to need to use your 4 jaw chuck to hold a square bit, ground to the shape your going to be broaching, Ive made square holes this way using the c axis on a lathe to fix poisition of the spindle and then used the turret like a press break to knotch out the groove
[16:25:10] <gezr> or better yet, you can keep the part in your chuck, and hold the bit in the milling attatchment
[16:25:15] <gezr> doesnt really matter
[16:25:20] <gezr> whatever is easier for you
[16:26:03] <gezr> get things lined up, and take very small passes, dont use the rack and stuff to move the slide, too much torque placed on those parts, put your hand behind the carrage and push from there
[16:26:21] <gezr> use a broom stick or something to assist you if you need more power
[16:26:56] <gezr> but DONT use the little gears and stuff, you just want to use the machine's base/slide to carry the load
[16:28:42] <gezr> if your milling attatchment atatches ontop of your (I cant think of whats its called) use it to set the angle so that its not quite 90deg to parallel with direction of cut, that way, a 2mm movement on that screw moves the tool deeper iinto the groove, .002mm or so
[16:28:51] <Alpha1125> err... could you repost everything from my last message?
[16:29:00] <gezr> oh gowd
[16:29:00] <Alpha1125> computer frooze, after I put my flash card in.
[16:29:26] <Alpha1125> sorry
[16:29:30] <gezr> hahahah
[16:29:34] <gezr> no big deal, :)
[16:29:55] <gezr> tell you what, we can start over :)
[16:30:53] <Alpha1125> my milling attachment is able to pivot, and has height control. So I can mill from top, side, front as well.
[16:30:55] <gezr> do you have a boaring bar that holds a tool bit?
[16:31:00] <Alpha1125> yes.
[16:31:07] <Alpha1125> at 90' and 45'
[16:31:13] <gezr> has like a square hole in it right?
[16:31:18] <Alpha1125> holds a 3/16 HSS bit.
[16:31:23] <Alpha1125> square bits yes.
[16:31:23] <gezr> you slide the bit into the hole and on and on?
[16:31:34] <gezr> get that bar so its in your hand now
[16:31:41] <gezr> have you already ground your bit?
[16:31:53] <Alpha1125> no, I haven't ground the bit.
[16:31:53] <gezr> and can you lock the position of your lathe spindle?
[16:32:05] <Alpha1125> yes. it's indexable, with locking pins on the back of the spindle.
[16:32:12] <gezr> okay cool
[16:32:27] <gezr> get your boaring bar and put a bit in it, im going to describe how its ground
[16:32:33] <Alpha1125> awesome.
[16:33:54] <gezr> im going to imagine that the bar and bit sorta form this ======//= with the bar being the == and the square bit sticking out much like //
[16:34:25] <Alpha1125> yeah, it sticks out at like 45 degrees. if I flip the tool 180... There's another slot to make it work at 90degrees.
[16:34:49] <gezr> okay, If i was good at cad I could draw it up really quick let me try that okay?
[16:34:57] <Alpha1125> sure.
[16:35:15] <Alpha1125> You can send DXF, DWG files if you want. Either are fine.
[16:35:26] <gezr> give me a few minutes
[16:35:35] <Alpha1125> no problem.
[16:35:36] <anonimasu> hello everyone
[16:37:06] <anonimasu> * anonimasu is writing software for the plc :)
[16:47:05] <gezr> howdy anonimasu
[16:48:03] <Alpha1125> Alpha1125 is now known as A-L-P-H-A
[16:49:02] <anonimasu> hello
[16:49:03] <anonimasu> :)
[16:49:24] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A it should be there
[16:49:56] <gezr> let me know if its too retarded looking, I can always get some crayons out,
[16:51:06] <anonimasu> lol
[16:51:55] <gezr> I spent some cash to upgrade my turbocad ive had various versions of it, since the early 90's, Im still not good with it
[16:52:55] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A : do you sorta see how your going to grind that?
[16:53:18] <gezr> you want it to be like a chissle edge your going to move the part under
[16:53:29] <gezr> making very small cuts and just scrapping away a bit at a time
[16:54:03] <gezr> do NOT use the handwheel to advance the cross slide, use your hand or a stick behind the saddle
[16:54:10] <A-L-P-H-A> I still haven't been able to recieve the file.
[16:54:13] <gezr> I mean saddle where I put cross slide
[16:54:34] <gezr> it may be getting chewed on by spam filters
[16:54:38] <gezr> and virus stuff
[16:54:43] <gezr> it will be there :)
[16:59:01] <A-L-P-H-A> yikes, still not here... I think it got lost.
[17:00:02] <A-L-P-H-A> brb
[17:03:43] <A-L-P-H-A> back
[17:05:51] <gezr> did you get the file?
[17:06:08] <A-L-P-H-A> no... it's gone to the digital abyss
[17:06:16] <gezr> but you got the email?
[17:06:58] <A-L-P-H-A> no, no email.
[17:08:37] <anonimasu> heh I hope this 1500$ plc dosent burn ^_^
[17:11:59] <A-L-P-H-A> here's some pictures, for kicks... www.lloydleung.com/EMC
[17:12:37] <anonimasu> damn.
[17:12:38] <anonimasu> ^_^
[17:15:08] <anonimasu> a-l-p-h-a: that looks nice
[17:15:48] <gezr> oih its in brass
[17:15:51] <gezr> easy
[17:15:56] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah, it's tool brass.
[17:16:08] <gezr> you get that file?
[17:16:14] <A-L-P-H-A> :( no.
[17:17:00] <A-L-P-H-A> that bore is exactly 29.00mm. :) I was really happy about that.
[17:18:28] <gezr> put the bar once you have your tool ground in your tool holder, keep the part in the chuck
[17:18:56] <gezr> indicte the tool so that it is parallell to the machine
[17:19:10] <gezr> set it so that the middle of the tool bit is on the lathe center height
[17:19:45] <A-L-P-H-A> cool! I understand.
[17:20:27] <A-L-P-H-A> so a 45degree rake, witha 7degree follow thru.
[17:20:38] <gezr> then right a program to move the tool out .01mm with each stoke,....out, stroke to depth, in, retract, move out .01mm
[17:20:42] <gezr> oh I forgot the front
[17:21:03] <gezr> you should first boor a ring groove in the back of your bore so that the tool has a relief to enter
[17:21:25] <gezr> just 7 on the front as well
[17:21:27] <A-L-P-H-A> ring groove?
[17:21:48] <gezr> just a groove or something that as the metal forms it breaks off at the back of the keyway
[17:22:00] <gezr> as to not put more and more pressure on the tool
[17:22:26] <gezr> it doesnt have to be full dpeth does it?
[17:22:40] <gezr> if not, then you can since your cnc, make the path go deep then pull out
[17:22:54] <gezr> and do it in a very fast feed
[17:22:57] <gezr> even the cut
[17:23:23] <A-L-P-H-A> oh.
[17:23:32] <A-L-P-H-A> I was just gonna round up.
[17:23:46] <A-L-P-H-A> no it doesn't have to go full depth.
[17:23:47] <gezr> g0 z-4.;g0x(size of bore)z-4.5
[17:23:58] <gezr> something like that
[17:24:24] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah, I understand... just like round up as I need the end of the pass.
[17:24:28] <gezr> so position the tool g0 x29.01; g0 z-4.;g0z-4.x28.5;
[17:25:00] <A-L-P-H-A> the damn setscrew for the bit seems to be jammed. :(
[17:25:06] <gezr> ive done this in 35Rc 4140 at 100ipm
[17:25:26] <gezr> dont strip it, hit the back of the tool with a hammer to move it
[17:25:39] <gezr> your going to shave your keyway
[17:25:48] <gezr> little by little
[17:26:01] <gezr> dont have your tool sticking out too far
[17:26:08] <gezr> try to keep your ridigity way up
[17:26:14] <gezr> and use an oil
[17:27:14] <gezr> in your 037 img, thats almost there
[17:27:17] <A-L-P-H-A> cool. I just need to use a vise to get some leverage.
[17:27:46] <gezr> you see where your arrow line is that describes the bit?
[17:27:58] <gezr> wack that angle off so that its sorta parallel with the bar :)
[17:28:02] <A-L-P-H-A> I just flipped the bit.
[17:28:13] <A-L-P-H-A> need to grind that edge a little bit.
[17:28:15] <gezr> bingo
[17:28:30] <gezr> dont forget to relieve the cutting edges
[17:28:33] <A-L-P-H-A> the relief isn' tthere.
[17:28:47] <gezr> and just go easy on it,
[17:29:00] <gezr> try it on a test piece
[17:29:02] <gezr> first
[17:29:05] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah, cup of water beside me too... shave slow.
[17:29:13] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, thanks for the help.
[17:29:14] <gezr> not water, use oil
[17:29:18] <A-L-P-H-A> oil to cool?
[17:29:24] <gezr> yep
[17:29:28] <gezr> and to lubricate
[17:29:41] <gezr> any cooking oil will work, or real oil
[17:29:43] <A-L-P-H-A> I meant grinding the HSS.
[17:29:49] <gezr> oh yeah water
[17:30:03] <gezr> you cant get hss too hot, you can, if you turn it all cherry red
[17:30:07] <A-L-P-H-A> I have oil/water solution i use as coolant.
[17:30:17] <gezr> oh that will work
[17:30:34] <gezr> hss when its too hot to hold just dip in water, your not going to change it
[17:30:43] <A-L-P-H-A> okay... off to try this... well... write some gcode first for myself.
[17:31:06] <gezr> if you can use a sub program, much easier
[17:31:14] <gezr> I dont know much about what emc likes or doesnt like
[17:31:20] <A-L-P-H-A> I was going to... write one pass, and then do it over and over again.
[17:31:27] <A-L-P-H-A> I acutally still use turbocnc.
[17:31:27] <gezr> yeah
[17:31:36] <gezr> can you use macro programs?
[17:31:46] <gezr> if you can thats the way to do it :)
[17:32:01] <A-L-P-H-A> it can, in version 4.
[17:32:13] <A-L-P-H-A> I still use 3.24a... though I did beta test 4 for a while.
[17:32:28] <gezr> just try it on a practice piece, first
[17:32:36] <gezr> left over brass or whatever
[17:32:50] <gezr> just offset it in your chuck, so you can do it on the outside of the part
[17:33:17] <gezr> keep your speeds high
[17:33:34] <gezr> whats your max ipm you think?
[17:33:43] <gezr> if its under 100 use all rapids
[17:33:44] <A-L-P-H-A> my max is SLOW.
[17:33:50] <gezr> then use g0
[17:34:01] <A-L-P-H-A> let me check my rates... brb
[17:34:02] <gezr> this is not the best thing for a machine
[17:35:25] <A-L-P-H-A> 480mm/min
[17:36:01] <A-L-P-H-A> I could probably tinker with it to get the speeds a little hight... maybe 600-750mm/min
[17:36:36] <gezr> just use what you have
[17:36:46] <gezr> dont try to tear up your equipment
[17:37:28] <jepler> patience is a tough skill
[17:37:28] <gezr> part in chuck, tool in tool holder, tool center matches center height of machine
[17:37:39] <gezr> program to take little cuts
[17:37:53] <gezr> you could probably do it in one wack, if you had horse power :)
[17:38:06] <gezr> but just keep it simple
[17:38:06] <A-L-P-H-A> not on a 2mm pitch leadscrew.
[17:38:40] <gezr> one wack would be a lot, maybe 6 would be ideal
[17:38:52] <A-L-P-H-A> off to attempt to grind this hss bit. :)
[17:39:01] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, thanks for the help...
[17:39:04] <gezr> more reliefe wont hurt
[17:39:17] <A-L-P-H-A> I'll photo what i've got in the end. :)
[17:39:19] <gezr> just keep the very top or accual cuting edge the right size
[17:39:31] <gezr> be safe
[17:40:03] <anonimasu> damn. typo
[17:40:19] <dave-e> is paul hiding
[17:40:58] <gezr> I dont know dave-e
[17:41:12] <gezr> that looks as bad as it sounded
[17:41:19] <gezr> dave-e : I dont know if he is hidding :)
[17:41:32] <dave-e> you get to take your chances
[17:41:59] <gezr> its about 6pm for him maybe he is having dinner
[17:42:16] <dave-e> that could be...or tea
[17:42:43] <dave-e> he tends to go to tea later than traditional
[17:43:03] <dave-e> gezr... where are you?
[17:43:11] <gezr> conway arkansas
[17:43:13] <gezr> you?
[17:43:21] <dave-e> Yakima WA
[17:43:34] <dave-e> southeastern wa state
[17:43:37] <gezr> ah cool
[17:43:49] <dave-e> 80 km e of mt st. helens
[17:43:58] <gezr> not so cool
[17:44:11] <dave-e> was here when it blew...
[17:44:14] <gezr> i bet its beautiful over there
[17:44:36] <dave-e> there was this funny snow falling out of the sky...only it didn't melt
[17:44:57] <dave-e> we are the dry side of the state...high desert
[17:45:06] <gezr> still pretty to me
[17:45:19] <gezr> Im surounded by pine forests
[17:45:24] <gezr> and rivers and streams and lakes
[17:45:54] <dave-e> the valleys here are irrigated....so we grow apples, hops, etc
[17:46:01] <dave-e> grapes...wine and other
[17:46:52] <paul_c> * paul_c has just got in from town.
[17:47:07] <dave-e> still trying to bring up a decent sized mill... Mazak V5
[17:47:38] <dave-e> thanks to a recommendation from Les to try newstgmod.o the stg1 card homes rather nicely
[17:47:47] <paul_c> * paul_c is trying to decide which flight to book for next week.
[17:47:56] <dave-e> to?
[17:48:09] <paul_c> west coast
[17:48:31] <dave-e> Oh, you mean Bath? :-)
[17:48:49] <dave-e> we finally got enough snow to open the ski areas
[17:48:50] <paul_c> Bath is no where near the coast !
[17:49:02] <slomo> paul_c: the one that gets you there :)
[17:49:02] <dave-e> Opps!
[17:49:32] <paul_c> LHR=>LAX
[17:49:45] <dave-e> oh...warm country
[17:49:55] <dave-e> go give tbl a bad time
[17:50:11] <paul_c> drive north, and...
[17:50:34] <dave-e> we're only 1300 mi or so
[17:50:49] <paul_c> can do that in two days
[17:50:53] <anonimasu> * anonimasu yawns
[17:50:58] <anonimasu> hm, time to test this out
[17:51:02] <slomo> paul_c: alaska in three
[17:51:21] <dave-e> true...nope...Alcan takes a week or so
[17:51:26] <dave-e> from here
[17:51:26] <anonimasu> got the plc to count the spindle rpm now
[17:51:26] <anonimasu> :)
[17:51:26] <paul_c> Oooo... I get to visit Canada ;}
[17:51:43] <slomo> be sure to pack your LONNNNG johns
[17:52:28] <paul_c> got me a beaver to wear.
[17:52:47] <slomo> no comment ...
[17:52:48] <dave-e> thats a start
[17:53:27] <anonimasu> haha
[17:53:55] <dave-e> gotta run...lots of other stuff to try to make work.
[17:54:28] <A-L-P-H-A> alright... the tool is ground, and looks to be working. :)
[17:54:33] <A-L-P-H-A> now to work the code out.
[17:54:47] <slomo> paul_c: the gcode editor from K menu is not working, does something need a setup ?
[17:56:29] <paul_c> slomo: Noted - Will check on it this evening.
[17:57:06] <slomo> ok, also whats the icon something about lp? cp? something
[17:57:20] <paul_c> http://www.caving-supplies.co.uk/cgi-bin/psProdDet.cgi/18005||~%40c~%40b~Beaver|0|user|1,0,0,1|10
[17:57:47] <paul_c> hrrmmm... need to cut'n'paste that link..
[17:58:06] <slomo> have to keep that nomenclature in mind next time i refer to a beaver
[17:58:36] <paul_c> cp1 is a "conversational programming" module that spits out g-code for EMC.
[17:59:54] <tbl> heh
[17:59:59] <tbl> it's not so great out here!
[18:00:03] <tbl> it was hot yesterday
[18:00:05] <slomo> not to sure thats working as well, what's it supposed to bring up ?
[18:00:09] <tbl> and im sick with some bug that is going around
[18:00:18] <tbl> damn brits messed up the flu shots!
[18:00:23] <tbl> i blame paul!
[18:00:53] <paul_c> * paul_c notes to pack some unusual infections for tbl
[18:02:29] <slomo> i'm doing some testing of my setup, using the progs on pico sys homepage
[18:02:53] <slomo> circles are coming out flat on two sides
[18:37:56] <gezr> the trashman came and took my trash away
[18:37:59] <gezr> whooohoooo
[18:43:48] <anonimasu> brb..
[18:47:37] <paul_c> It's going to be a hectic couple of days...
[18:48:02] <gezr> it is?
[18:48:21] <gezr> err, dont know why I had to ask that
[18:48:28] <paul_c> gotta go over to Lil' Sis and finish her kitchen tomorrow...
[18:48:44] <gezr> that sounds fun :)
[18:48:57] <paul_c> then squash a few bugs with the emc.deb and build a new CD.
[18:49:32] <paul_c> and then get to Heathrow middle of the week.
[18:50:16] <gezr> i have to go buy pans and some bench type stuff for my shop
[18:50:18] <gezr> I have zero desk or working space
[18:50:37] <gezr> you are busy for sure
[18:51:16] <paul_c> gotta book cars, motels, pack....
[18:52:04] <paul_c> and I just know US.gov is going to be a pain in the butt.
[18:53:12] <paul_c> gotta go - Out to lunch tonight.
[18:54:17] <gezr> just make sure Cat Stevens isnt on the flight :)
[18:54:43] <gezr> usef islam or something is his new name, I like his old music, I have most of his old albums :)
[18:55:26] <gezr> I have to go and make the wife happy now, gonna buy something that hopefully a thief wont up and steel yet at the same time be valuable
[18:56:22] <gezr> if we ever decide to have children,they can fight over them later :)
[18:56:48] <gezr> I dont expect pans to ever fade from our world
[18:57:07] <gezr> A-L-P-H-A : how is it comming?
[18:59:24] <gezr> ill be back later on, hope its cutting like it should
[19:10:10] <Imperator_> Hi all
[19:10:20] <Imperator_> something new about EMC Fest ?
[19:17:15] <jepler> I haven't heard anything
[19:19:39] <Imperator_> hm
[19:36:37] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr. :) SWEET! Finished
[19:36:48] <A-L-P-H-A> not the prettiest thing... but worked. :)
[19:37:23] <A-L-P-H-A> fit is snug... but the key isn't tight... I over sized a little... but I'm gonna be holding it down with a set screw anyways... so I'm not too worried about it.
[19:42:30] <A-L-P-H-A> I ended up grinding hss to get the profile I needed, case the 3/16 wasn't strong enough, and snapped... and I ran out... so HSS to the rescue.
[19:51:46] <A-L-P-H-A> " http://www.lloydleung.com/EMC/Spiggot_Part/ "
[19:52:24] <gezr> good so it worked?
[19:52:51] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, yeah. :) Thanks, I don't think I would have the confidence to do it without your guidance.
[19:53:07] <A-L-P-H-A> I've also been putting off making this part for, oh... 3+ months.
[19:53:16] <gezr> yeah down in the bottom you should have cut a groove as deep as the keyway, so that the tool didnt have to push against the shoulder
[19:53:46] <gezr> did your machine enjoy making those cuts?
[19:54:39] <A-L-P-H-A> it didn't have an issue... but ended up doing it manually... I took the belts off my handles, and used the handles manually... it seems much easier, and actually I think faster.
[19:54:47] <A-L-P-H-A> plus I was able to fine tune it.
[19:54:53] <gezr> cool
[19:54:55] <A-L-P-H-A> I used the CNC to rough it out... and then manually shaved the sides.
[19:55:17] <A-L-P-H-A> and now I got a blister on my thumb
[19:55:20] <gezr> hahahaha
[19:55:34] <gezr> next one you have to do will be much better :)
[19:55:40] <gezr> it looks great
[19:56:12] <A-L-P-H-A> the part needs a little oil to get it onto the shaft... as the tolerance is super super tight. :) which I'm happy about.
[19:56:21] <gezr> whats it for?
[19:56:46] <A-L-P-H-A> it's an adapter/spiggot for my worm gear.
[19:56:54] <gezr> you make the worm gear your self?
[19:57:25] <A-L-P-H-A> I bought that from Boston Gearworks for $65CDN with taxes... with a steel worm.
[19:57:27] <A-L-P-H-A> sec.
[19:57:36] <gezr> ah
[19:57:57] <gezr> I should have a working gear hobb in a year or so
[19:58:00] <gezr> maybe longer
[19:58:15] <gezr> its way down on my list of need to do things
[19:58:27] <A-L-P-H-A> http://lloydleung.com/cpg132/displayimage.php?album=random&cat=0&pos=-1
[19:58:52] <gezr> gear hobbing is the only machining process I havent learned, ive done a few gears at home but they were just im gonna try this sort of things
[19:59:53] <A-L-P-H-A> yeah, I saw someone's gear hobbing... I understand the concept... but since I don't have a thread cutting attachment on my lathe I can't cut accurate threads... this lathe is only CNCed XYZ.
[20:00:21] <gezr> can you control your spindle speed to within a speed?
[20:00:38] <gezr> well whats the worm and worm gear thing gonna be for?
[20:00:38] <A-L-P-H-A> I have a rheostat to a DC Servo.
[20:01:16] <A-L-P-H-A> controlling the spindle position on the lathe. I'm going to be changing the Spindle drive belt pully with this adapter/worm gear...
[20:01:40] <gezr> to give you a 4th axis basically?
[20:01:43] <A-L-P-H-A> yup
[20:01:46] <gezr> cool
[20:01:53] <gezr> how many teeth is the gear?
[20:02:37] <gezr> looks like either a 90 or more
[20:03:00] <A-L-P-H-A> http://www.lloydleung.com/?p=15#more-15
[20:03:05] <A-L-P-H-A> 100:1 ratio
[20:03:36] <A-L-P-H-A> my gallery screwed up in my blog... oh ohwell. :)
[20:04:01] <gezr> hehehe
[20:04:21] <gezr> looks sharp, should be interesting :)
[20:05:22] <A-L-P-H-A> I've got a rotary table... which I could build a bracket for, and make into a 4th axis... but I figured... why? [plus it's a crappy made in India table from HarbourFreight]
[20:06:11] <gezr> ive spent many hours eyeballing one of those
[20:06:22] <gezr> but never made the purchase
[20:06:59] <cradek> crap
[20:07:01] <gezr> im going to make my own unit also
[20:07:50] <gezr> you know what you could do
[20:07:53] <A-L-P-H-A> hahaha. :) This is awesome.
[20:08:06] <A-L-P-H-A> I just pressfit the worm onto the spiggot.
[20:08:14] <gezr> hahah cool
[20:08:38] <A-L-P-H-A> I was thinking I needed to drill an extra setscrew or something... but it won't more.
[20:08:45] <A-L-P-H-A> I had to put half my weight onto it to get it on.
[20:09:01] <gezr> you will need one set screw or braze them together
[20:09:31] <gezr> that worm/wheel combo will be able to toss out some force
[20:09:33] <A-L-P-H-A> this worm bronze, and the adapter is brass...
[20:10:16] <A-L-P-H-A> I can still braze them together? I'll just do it the easy way... set screw them together.
[20:10:23] <gezr> yeah
[20:10:25] <gezr> do that
[20:10:30] <A-L-P-H-A> I forgot to drill/tap set screws on the spiggot.
[20:11:07] <A-L-P-H-A> WOW... it's 3:11pm already?
[20:11:56] <gezr> get you a glass of ice water fill it nearly to the top, set the assemble ontop of the galss, so that the wheel holds the spiggot in the ice water, let it sit like that for a while, then run the wheel under hot water in the sink, so that the hot doesnt touch the cold, and them remove the assembly
[20:12:26] <gezr> or just put ice in the spiggot's cup
[20:12:56] <gezr> that way you will retain as much of the original surface as you possiable can, instead of just down out right pressing htem apart
[20:14:23] <gezr> dont forget to make a flat on the area where the set screw will be holding :)
[20:14:34] <A-L-P-H-A> I think I'm going to leave them together, and just drill a hole throw two or three of the arms, and put some socket hex head cap screws in. [drill for tap size] [drill arm to accomate screw] [tap].
[20:15:31] <anonimasu> * anonimasu yawns
[20:15:37] <anonimasu> the code for the plc worked nicely
[20:15:42] <anonimasu> I just need a sensor mount
[20:15:49] <gezr> yeah, your not planning on leaving the worm engaged when its under normal power do you?
[20:15:54] <anonimasu> and the serial coommunications stuff...
[20:16:39] <A-L-P-H-A> gezr, no. This part comes on/off only when needed. it goes where that timing belt pully is shown. So I can only drive it when I have the spindle motor pully off.
[20:16:50] <gezr> cool
[20:17:46] <A-L-P-H-A> hmm... now... #8, #10, 1/4-20, 1/4-28. Or Metric... [which I don't have much of]
[20:19:15] <gezr> just dont mess your wheel up
[20:19:54] <anonimasu> * anonimasu loves he's vertex rotary table
[20:20:13] <anonimasu> altough I need a chuck adapter for it
[20:33:17] <Imperator_> paul_c: have some problems booting the new BDI 4.08 on my ols P1 system. It reboots all the time after extracting initrd.ing. Any ideas what I can do ???
[20:51:08] <A-L-P-H-A> now, that part is 100% finished.
[20:51:14] <A-L-P-H-A> agh... nope.
[20:51:23] <A-L-P-H-A> set screws for the actual adapter now.
[21:54:48] <anonimasu> * anonimasu yawns
[22:02:34] <bloodtobi> hallo
[22:02:38] <bloodtobi> whats up?!
[22:03:16] <gezr> not too much today
[22:03:27] <bloodtobi> why?!
[22:03:44] <gezr> I dont know, im cleaning up my shop,
[22:04:10] <bloodtobi> your shop what?s shop have you!?
[22:04:39] <gezr> just my little garrage, thats all, others have been busy with other thigns today
[22:05:01] <gezr> everyonce in a while something is talked about
[22:05:17] <bloodtobi> you know greenday
[22:07:21] <gezr> if your talking about the band yeah I do