#emc | Logs for 2005-01-13

[00:02:16] <A-L-P-H-A> hmm... I think I'm gonna need to get my 3rd and 4th axis up and running at some point in the near future.
[00:39:51] <dave-e> les...you awake?
[00:40:36] <dave-e> how about paul?
[00:41:48] <dave-e> hmmmm! anyone listening that uses an stg card?
[00:46:08] <paul_c> Les does...
[00:47:35] <dave-e> les seems logged on but not keeping track.
[00:48:02] <paul_c> kick him
[00:48:54] <dave-e> my new install of 2.18 acts like it was compiled with NO_INDEX_PULSE ...homes on home switch not on the index pulse...is this the dist default?
[00:49:45] <dave-e> or do I have other problems?
[00:49:50] <paul_c> stg installed from the 2.18 rpm ?
[00:50:20] <dave-e> 2.18 bdi...
[00:50:40] <dave-e> which i presume implies the 2.18 rpm
[00:51:59] <paul_c> which driver did you spec in the ini file ?
[00:52:05] <dave-e> stg
[00:52:45] <dave-e> hmmmm not stg2 if that is what you mean.
[00:52:46] <paul_c> not stg2 - Just trying to isolate the files to look at..
[00:54:15] <dave-e> extstgmot.c seems to have all the flags commented out. ...which should mean they work...right?
[00:55:33] <paul_c> It should..
[00:55:54] <dave-e> the behavior is like this:
[00:56:43] <dave-e> if say x is a +4 ...well off the switch clicking home makes it go neg until it hits the home switch...where it homes immediately
[00:57:35] <dave-e> if I place the axis on the home switch it homes immediately. good to about a thou but the index pulse had better do better than that.
[00:58:22] <dave-e> I can put it different places on the home cam and it still acts the same....no movement before it homes
[00:58:46] <paul_c> and you are using it with a Version 1 STG card ?
[00:58:53] <dave-e> yes
[01:00:06] <dave-e> since i installed the dev version I could do a compile tomorrow and see if that changes anything.
[01:00:11] <paul_c> Can I mail you the rpms from 2.20 & 2.22
[01:01:00] <dave-e> didn't know there was a 2.22...I do have a 2.20b CD here.
[01:02:15] <dave-e> is there a way to force an rpm to a new tree?
[01:05:45] <paul_c> Having sent the two files, it occurs to me that the Ver 1 STG driver might be suffering from the same bug that Les had originally.
[01:06:04] <dave-e> which is?
[01:06:32] <paul_c> wouldn't see the index pulse
[01:06:40] <dave-e> oh...
[01:06:47] <dave-e> so what is the fix
[01:07:03] <paul_c> did it ever work for you ?
[01:07:51] <dave-e> the index pulse...no
[01:08:21] <dave-e> ...well maybe....but not in conjunction with a home switch.
[01:09:25] <dave-e> on the other machine....on channel would home immediately...and the other one would look travel for less than a rev of the ball screw and then home. ...
[01:09:39] <dave-e> so I guess the answer is ... I don't know
[01:10:07] <dave-e> gotta run now...hot date :-)
[01:10:22] <dave-e> will get on tomorrow morn...
[01:38:58] <paul_c> Evening Hugo
[01:44:36] <A-L-P-H-A> goodbye Hugo
[01:45:01] <A-L-P-H-A> one can only take so much spy movies/shows for a week.
[01:45:29] <A-L-P-H-A> been watching "MI-5" the neat series... and now this "The Grid" miniseries.
[02:58:44] <paul_c> Yo Mike
[03:09:19] <danfalck> good evening paul
[03:09:42] <paul_c> errr.... very early morning.
[03:09:46] <danfalck> or morning
[03:10:06] <paul_c> way past bed time here..
[03:10:13] <danfalck> how are things?
[03:10:39] <paul_c> <blunt answer> pissed off...
[03:11:01] <danfalck> BDI stuff?
[03:11:26] <paul_c> a little bit.
[03:12:03] <paul_c> Dead control on the Lathe & no money to fix it..
[03:12:16] <danfalck> I must say, I really do appreciate all the work you do w/ the distros
[03:12:38] <danfalck> I'm having a great time w/ the RC46 installed to a box here
[03:12:39] <paul_c> Will have bdi-4.09 out at the weekend
[03:12:57] <danfalck> I love being able to apt-get install things
[03:13:19] <danfalck> I have Gimp running in another window on this machine (ssh connection)
[03:13:23] <paul_c> and if you feel adventurous, you can upgrade rc46 to BDI-4
[03:14:02] <danfalck> I'm not that adventurous yet
[03:14:25] <danfalck> I've got a lot of CAD stuff on this box that I just got installed
[03:14:35] <danfalck> pythonCAD, varkon, sagcad, qcad
[03:15:01] <danfalck> plus Axis
[03:15:08] <paul_c> tried out the next release of gCAD3D a few days ago
[03:15:28] <danfalck> what do you think of it?
[03:16:24] <paul_c> Hmmmm.... Needs documenting, and locales needs fixing. German text isn't my preferred choice.
[03:16:57] <danfalck> where you able to import anything or generate any g-code?
[03:17:35] <paul_c> kinda produced some g-code. Not that it was emc ready
[03:18:22] <danfalck> have you ever gotten a hold of the source code for gCAD3D? I've never seen it.
[03:18:59] <paul_c> Been asking
[03:21:35] <paul_c> EMC needs an APT interpreter to make the most of gCAD3D's output.
[03:22:23] <danfalck> about 5 years ago, I almost spent the money for the source code for the old US gov't APT stuff
[03:22:39] <danfalck> $1200 but it was on old magnetic tape for VAX
[03:23:00] <danfalck> I couldn't find anyone to read it for me, so I gave up
[03:23:22] <danfalck> the agency that sells it also didn't want me putting the code out for public consumtion
[03:23:29] <danfalck> consumption
[03:23:44] <danfalck> which was the whole idea in the first place
[03:23:58] <paul_c> US.gov is pushing stepNC now ?
[03:24:11] <danfalck> I haven't looked into that
[03:24:30] <danfalck> the bitter taste of the lost APT code sort of pissed me off
[03:24:49] <danfalck> taxpayer dollars my ***...
[03:25:09] <danfalck> Is step closed source?
[03:25:22] <danfalck> or otherwise restricted?
[03:26:14] <paul_c> dunno - I know NIST are doing some work on it...
[03:29:52] <danfalck> I need to go. Thanks for the BDIs!
[03:30:21] <paul_c> to be honest, it isn't that difficult to parse a line and break it up in to tokens - Pretty standard fare for any language.
[03:30:34] <paul_c> * paul_c => Bed.
[03:50:30] <dave-e> les ... you on or just logging?
[09:55:33] <CIA-3> 03zwisk 07halrefactor-0-1 * 10emc2/src/hal/ (hal_cmds.c hal_cmds.h Makefile utils/Makefile utils/halcmd.c):
[09:55:34] <CIA-3> Refactoring of utils/halcmd.c to allow for execution of hal commands
[09:55:34] <CIA-3> and scripts from other utilities through C interfaces.
[09:55:34] <CIA-3> In particular, 3 new commands have been added:
[09:55:34] <CIA-3> int run_command(const char *command);
[09:55:35] <CIA-3> int run_script(const char *filename);
[09:55:37] <CIA-3> int run_script_file(FILE *infile);