#emc | Logs for 2004-12-23

[03:39:19] <danfalck> anything happening?
[06:06:42] <wb> wb is now known as fenn
[07:28:41] <fenn> anybody alive?
[09:44:27] <fenn> sigh
[13:34:22] <alex_joni> hello
[13:38:19] <les_away> hi alex
[13:39:25] <alex_joni> hey les
[13:39:28] <alex_joni> anything new?
[13:48:29] <CIA-9> 03Zathras 07BDI build system * 10Babylon Cluster/Makefile: File changed. New revision:parport.c
[13:50:56] <paul_c> No more worrying about which bits are inverted on the parport - Want to turn INDEX 9 on, then write a 1 to it...
[13:53:20] <alex_joni> paul_c: hello
[13:53:31] <alex_joni> are you gonna commit this to emc1 CVS too?
[13:53:32] <paul_c> * paul_c is away for lunch
[13:54:17] <paul_c> Hmmm... Might break stuff for other people.
[13:56:50] <paul_c> Got some other stuff in the pipeline that will break other peoples configs
[13:57:11] <paul_c> but provides some new flexability.
[13:58:22] <paul_c> anyway - Lunch.
[13:58:33] <alex_joni> I see...
[14:08:39] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is gone..
[14:08:40] <alex_joni> bye
[14:08:50] <alex_joni> and if I don't catch you tomorrow...
[14:08:53] <alex_joni> Merry Christmas
[15:01:22] <paul_c> Ho Hum... Off out to see about some work over the next few days..
[15:01:56] <paul_c> * paul_c is away: Out to do some work.
[15:02:10] <les_away> I have to work through most of the holidays
[15:02:13] <les_away> later
[17:34:11] <paul_c> * paul_c is back
[18:04:38] <mjoyce_> mjoyce_ is now known as tbl
[18:31:55] <les_away> kinda quiet
[18:32:08] <les_away> in for lunch break
[18:36:59] <babu> babu is now known as babu_away
[19:37:08] <babu_away> babu_away is now known as babu
[19:37:45] <babu> whats the problem with that +- 1 Step problem in stepgen.c ? is it the internal pid loop?
[19:37:58] <jmkasunich> probably
[19:38:06] <jmkasunich> I was just looking into it now
[19:38:42] <jmkasunich> but I have to take care of another damned xmas chore right nowe
[19:38:44] <jmkasunich> now
[19:38:51] <jmkasunich> maybe I'll be back in 30 mins
[19:39:04] <jmkasunich> * jmkasunich is feeling like a Scrooge
[19:46:36] <tbl> your a mean one! mr grinch!!!
[19:46:45] <jmkasunich> that's me
[19:47:18] <jmkasunich> I've been off since 6pm friday, here it is thursday and I've been able to do about 1 hour of programming
[19:47:47] <tbl> t_t
[19:47:49] <jmkasunich> I do better when I'm working... this isn't vacation
[19:48:09] <jmkasunich> what is "t_t"?
[19:48:17] <tbl> its a hackeresque thing
[19:48:33] <jmkasunich> meaning?
[19:48:37] <tbl> that is symbolic of T_T which is like, eyes closed with tears coming down from them
[19:48:45] <jmkasunich> oh
[19:48:53] <tbl> jokingly of course
[19:49:37] <cradek> what I like to do is use parts of those little pictures, strung together in a clever way, to make words.
[19:50:05] <tbl> figlet
[19:50:46] <cradek> see, there you used one teary eyes at the end, but the arrangement you chose doesn't quite make a word....
[19:51:42] <tbl> _ _
[19:51:42] <tbl> | |_ | |_
[19:51:42] <tbl> | __| | __|
[19:51:42] <tbl> | |_ | |_
[19:51:42] <tbl> \__|___\__|
[19:51:43] <tbl> |_____|
[19:54:14] <jmkasunich> it's a safe bet that tbl didn't spend 3-1/2 hours clearing snow this morning
[19:54:52] <tbl> haha
[19:54:56] <tbl> its like 78 degrees
[19:55:40] <jmkasunich> 31 here - it's not the cold (this time)... the snow is more like slush - very heavy, clogs up the snowblower
[19:55:52] <tbl> actually its 66
[19:55:58] <tbl> but the high yesterday was like 76
[19:56:05] <cradek> it's up to 10 (F) here
[19:56:25] <cradek> with all the wind, 10 is still pretty darn cold
[19:57:10] <tbl> nothing quite like sitting on the couch, watching tv and hacking it up all at the same time
[19:57:44] <tbl> this new powerbook g4 is for great justice
[19:57:52] <tbl> i don't know why i ever used a PC laptop
[19:59:10] <cradek> all your previous-generation laptops are belong to me
[19:59:37] <cradek> * cradek has diskless laptops running as X terminals all over the house
[20:04:47] <tbl> diskless! hah
[20:05:03] <tbl> mac osx is by far the best OS i have ever used
[20:05:29] <tbl> like, it works and stuff
[20:15:06] <cradek> tbl: what's wrong with diskless? oh I forgot, I have to call them "thin clients" in order for them to be cool
[20:15:14] <tbl> haha
[20:15:15] <tbl> no
[20:15:18] <tbl> if its a laptop
[20:15:24] <tbl> you want it to be portable
[20:15:48] <tbl> but those bootp boxes aren't portable!
[20:15:48] <cradek> no need to have them portable if there's one everywhere you want it
[20:15:59] <cradek> no batteries to run out, either
[20:15:59] <tbl> haha
[20:16:08] <tbl> can't sit on the couch though!
[20:16:11] <cradek> I have a portable laptop too, but I never use it except when traveling
[20:16:15] <tbl> or go to fivebucks
[20:16:19] <cradek> there's one by each recliner, of course
[20:16:24] <tbl> haha
[20:16:32] <cradek> and each toilet
[20:16:38] <tbl> TMI!
[21:55:42] <robin_sz> indeed :)
[21:56:15] <jmkasunich> !peem
[21:56:28] <robin_sz> how are we? well?
[21:56:33] <jmkasunich> frustrated
[21:56:42] <robin_sz> oh ..
[21:56:47] <jmkasunich> 4 days into vacation, and very little to show for it
[21:56:47] <robin_sz> I can help!
[21:56:56] <robin_sz> oh, that frustrated.
[21:56:57] <paul_c> Is it only me getting php errors with www.rutex.com ?
[21:57:05] <jmkasunich> (but on a good note, I did buy the LCD monitor I was talking about)
[21:57:09] <robin_sz> I was going to suggest 1-800-ESCORT
[21:57:21] <jmkasunich> not that kind of frustration
[21:57:25] <robin_sz> 'k ;)
[21:57:37] <robin_sz> nice monitor?
[21:57:46] <jmkasunich> paul_c: errors happen when you do what?
[21:58:01] <jmkasunich> (main page opens fine for me)
[21:58:06] <paul_c> click on the cotacts link...
[21:58:27] <paul_c> or anything else in the lower left menu
[21:58:47] <jmkasunich> yeah, crapload of errors
[21:59:01] <jmkasunich> stand by, I'll try with IE on a doze box
[21:59:36] <robin_sz> playing with a voip server today
[21:59:40] <jmkasunich> same thing
[22:00:17] <robin_sz> editing HTML?
[22:00:40] <jmkasunich> robin_sz: yes, nice monitor
[22:00:45] <robin_sz> you do know about validator.w3.org for checking html doncha?
[22:00:46] <jmkasunich> got the Sony S204
[22:00:54] <robin_sz> ooh, goody :)
[22:01:00] <robin_sz> sharp and crisp?
[22:01:04] <jmkasunich> yep
[22:01:20] <jmkasunich> I'm still running 1280x1024 (until I get a better vid card)
[22:01:21] <robin_sz> and how do the non-native modes worlk out? not too bad?
[22:01:43] <robin_sz> its 1280x1024 native is it?
[22:01:47] <jmkasunich> but the monitor has a "zoom" option, where it displays non-native modes pixel for pixel
[22:01:52] <jmkasunich> nope, 1600x1200
[22:01:57] <robin_sz> kewl :)
[22:02:12] <jmkasunich> right now I have a 1280x1024 non-interpolated pic with a black background around it
[22:02:19] <robin_sz> right.
[22:02:29] <jmkasunich> same size (within 0.5cm) as my old 17 inch monitor
[22:02:35] <robin_sz> tried the sub-pixel anti-aliasing stuff outyet?
[22:03:23] <jmkasunich> if I set the "normal" zoom mode, it expands the 1280x1024 to full panel size
[22:03:35] <jmkasunich> looks pretty good that way too, but I like the 1-to-1 better
[22:04:30] <robin_sz> * robin_sz nods.
[22:04:31] <jmkasunich> next step - a 1600x1200 vid card with DVI output ;-)
[22:04:49] <robin_sz> that will look wonderful
[22:04:59] <jmkasunich> can't wait
[22:05:06] <robin_sz> once you get DVI its worth setting up the cleartype stuff on doze
[22:05:17] <robin_sz> * robin_sz forgets what the linux variant is
[22:05:33] <jmkasunich> my only doze box is win95, and I'm not putting new video into it
[22:05:43] <robin_sz> ah right.
[22:06:40] <robin_sz> theres similar sub-pixel antialiasing stuff for X, but Iforget how its invoked. I rememebr tuning the laptop for it long ago and it made a nice improvement
[22:08:21] <robin_sz> http://jmason.org/howto/subpixel.html
[22:08:28] <jmkasunich> gotta go - wife just got home, more xmas chores
[22:08:38] <jmkasunich> jmkasunich is now known as jmk_away
[22:11:47] <robin_sz> http://grc.com/ctwhat.htm # excellent info on lcd/sub-pixel stuff
[22:16:38] <tbl> hey robin! merry xmas!
[22:18:08] <robin_sz> hey tbl
[22:18:19] <robin_sz> and a cool yule to you too!
[23:49:38] <robin_sz> hey tbl
[23:49:39] <robin_sz> and a cool yule to you too!