#emc | Logs for 2004-11-13

[00:00:09] <paul_c> with the Chips background ?
[00:01:09] <rayh> Got the smithy image after kde starts
[00:01:52] <rayh> Had him delete all the partitions with cfdisk and start over.
[00:05:13] <paul_c> Is it installing OK ?
[00:05:26] <rayh> He's rebooting after setting up new partitions with the installer. I'll let you know what happens.
[00:05:42] <rayh> He's going to call back.
[00:05:57] <rayh> How you doing today?
[00:06:20] <paul_c> Did you say anything about the current BDI project ?
[00:09:51] <rayh> Not a thing.
[01:47:34] <rayh> paul_c: Does the last smithy disk start up as user Morph?
[02:04:58] <paul_c> I thought it started up as smithy...
[02:05:26] <rayh> I asked him to whoami and it said Morphix.
[02:06:10] <paul_c> On install, you get the chance to create another usr name
[02:06:18] <rayh> Perhaps he logged in as morph rather than smithy.
[02:20:07] <rayh> Tony thought that you did get the chance to make another user.
[02:20:25] <rayh> He also said that the morph thing was the old install rather than the new.
[02:20:35] <rayh> He thinks that the new is all smithy.
[02:31:27] <paul_c> to be honest, I'm not sure now....
[02:32:06] <paul_c> But I can add to the post-install script so that smithy gets created regardless.
[02:32:49] <rayh> Let's let him get to the machine and I'll walk him through a couple of tests.
[02:33:26] <rayh> He has to add a couple of things I seem to have done wrong as he gets it going.
[04:54:47] <Imperator_> * Imperator_ is back from the warm and sunny south afrika :-)
[04:55:13] <Imperator_> * Imperator_ is feeling cold
[06:13:30] <paul_c> asdf-meep: ??
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[09:40:12] <dave-e> is paul hiding?
[09:43:17] <dave-e> well I'm certain someone is monitoring the irc so here goes.
[09:43:52] <dave-e> on rc46 installed to disk I tried to run vitaldiag and it bombed with the message
[09:44:11] <dave-e> unable to locate /sys/bus/pci/devices
[09:44:17] <dave-e> and then seg faulted.
[09:44:54] <dave-e> looking a little further... there is no /sys/... directory tree
[09:45:09] <dave-e> did I miss something on the install?
[09:52:31] <paul_c> Hi Dave - Just replied to your email
[09:53:05] <paul_c> /sys is a 2.6 kernel virtual file system
[09:53:13] <paul_c> just like /proc is
[09:54:02] <paul_c> Are you using the current CVS sources ?
[09:54:53] <dave-e> no just trying to run with what came with rc46...
[09:55:14] <dave-e> I will install a newer vitalmod.o when I get passed the diags
[09:56:37] <paul_c> 'bout the only thing I can think of... is you have found a bug in libc
[09:57:14] <dave-e> should I try reinstalling or a current cvs?
[09:58:19] <paul_c> You could try upgrading the packages already installed.
[09:59:13] <dave-e> machine is not on the net
[10:00:27] <paul_c> If all the other packages are working, I doubt if you have hit a serious problem
[10:01:22] <dave-e> with a 2.4 kernel it should not even look for /sys/,,, right?
[10:01:32] <paul_c> correct
[10:01:45] <dave-e> interesting!
[10:02:06] <dave-e> I'll drop that one on Abdul
[10:02:25] <paul_c> before you do....
[10:02:49] <dave-e> for now I'll bypass the diag and just run in the vitalmod.o I have on a cd and see what happens.
[10:02:51] <dave-e> thanks
[10:02:56] <paul_c> exactly the same code that is used in vitalmod.o
[10:03:06] <paul_c> is used in vitaldiag
[10:03:17] <dave-e> hmmmm!
[10:03:27] <dave-e> so I may stumble yet
[10:03:28] <paul_c> If there are any bugs to be found, it will be in stgdiag.c
[10:04:06] <dave-e> well I've not run stgdiag on anything newer than 2-18
[10:04:39] <paul_c> stgdiag.c is linked to vital.c to produce vitaldiag
[10:05:10] <dave-e> OK...cute way to do it.
[10:05:32] <paul_c> why have to write the same routines twice ;)
[10:05:42] <dave-e> makes sense
[10:05:55] <dave-e> bad enough to do it once.
[10:06:49] <dave-e> gotta run...I'll be in touch from time to time
[10:06:50] <paul_c> well... You can blame me for the reuse of stgdiag
[10:07:08] <dave-e> weekend is going to be iffy as I will be in and out.
[10:07:28] <dave-e> will get back to you when I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't.
[10:07:33] <paul_c> do you want to be a tester for a 2.6 build ?
[10:08:24] <dave-e> mabe later....I'd like to get rc46 going first unless I really get stalled.
[10:08:44] <paul_c> rc46 is going to be out of date in a few weeks
[10:09:25] <dave-e> I'm much more of a user .... need to make some serious chips reasonably soon ...
[10:10:49] <dave-e> finally got the 3 phase rotary converter installed and wired. It is big enough so it should not strain to run the V5
[10:11:27] <dave-e> gotta run...we'll get back to you in the next few days.
[10:11:45] <paul_c> ok. Have fun.
[10:11:48] <dave-e> tnx
[11:03:23] <trp> paul_c are you still there
[11:04:48] <paul_c> Hi Tony
[11:06:07] <trp> hey glad to hear from you, I have rc46 installed on my laptop and when I try to start up it freezes. Do you know what could cause this
[11:07:02] <paul_c> How far does it get in booting & what model laptop ?
[11:07:42] <trp> This all worked before and ran the mill we have. I think I screwed something up in the ini file
[11:08:13] <paul_c> OK, so the laptop is booting & it's just emc locking up ?
[11:08:36] <trp> yes, emc worked before i messed up the ini
[11:08:52] <paul_c> you on the laptop now ?
[11:09:28] <trp> no am downloading a new copy of rc46 cause I cant get this one to work but can get it handily
[11:10:21] <trp> I am trying to run the mill with the new disc from you and everything works but axis motion
[11:10:42] <paul_c> I was going to suggest copying an ini from a working machine onto the laptop..
[11:11:14] <trp> thought i would try rc46 out of the box and see if it would run the mill.
[11:11:38] <trp> I could do that but havent found anything that works yet.
[11:12:09] <trp> I can boot up the sherline metric file but it doesnt want to run the mill either.
[11:12:23] <trp> cant get power on anything with that
[11:13:10] <trp> Your disc works on spindle control, has the power to the servos and misc functions work but I dont get motion on the axis's
[11:14:23] <trp> when I turn off power and move an axis then turn power back on it comes back to it's rightful position just like the rutex'x are supposed to do. So they seem to be working fine
[11:14:59] <paul_c> Sounds like the parport address is wrong.
[11:15:29] <trp> can you help me with that
[11:16:01] <paul_c> Is the machine plugged into the network where I can ssh into it ?
[11:16:13] <trp> no
[11:16:27] <trp> I dont know how to get by the firewall either
[11:17:02] <paul_c> OK... I'll have a look at the files I have here..
[11:17:26] <trp> I tried to call Ray but he must have caller ID
[11:17:39] <trp> Screening anything from Smithy this late
[11:17:53] <paul_c> Last I heard, Ray was heading out to the post office
[11:18:29] <trp> I think thats about a 3 hour round trip where he lives
[11:18:49] <paul_c> unless he gets lost.
[11:19:05] <paul_c> OK - Got the ini file up..
[11:19:30] <paul_c> can you open your /emc/local/emc/smithy.ini
[11:20:06] <trp> yes, this is going to be tough cause its in a different part of the building
[11:20:33] <paul_c> OK, I'll give you a short list to look for
[11:20:43] <trp> give me all you can and Ill do it. Im and old man and cant travel that much
[11:21:19] <paul_c> Need to know what the IO_BASE_ADDRESS is being used for the stepper motors
[11:21:37] <paul_c> should be line 104
[11:22:53] <paul_c> open up /proc/ioports and not the address(s) for the parports
[11:23:20] <paul_c> That should do us for a while.
[11:24:36] <trp> i
[11:25:04] <trp> IO_BASE_ADDRESS in the ini is 0x378
[11:25:14] <trp> is that what your looking for
[11:25:18] <paul_c> yup
[11:25:36] <trp> COFFEE back in a flash
[11:26:17] <trp> back
[11:28:23] <paul_c> and the parports in /proc/ioports match ?
[11:30:08] <trp> have to log in as root. permission denied
[11:30:15] <trp> back in a flash
[11:30:59] <paul_c> sudo cat /proc/ioports | grep parport
[11:34:16] <trp> 0378-37a
[11:34:53] <trp> rc46 81% complete
[11:37:00] <paul_c> OK, the two numbers match.
[11:37:39] <trp> wish they didn't could be a quick fix
[11:38:11] <paul_c> When you jog an axis, does the dislayed digits change ?
[11:38:19] <trp> yes
[11:39:25] <trp> I even caught the machine moving on it's own twice after jogging an axis and letting it sit for awhile (I think)
[11:40:17] <trp> It seemed to jump to catch up on what it was told to do but I was looking away both times. only heard it jump
[11:41:22] <paul_c> Can you leave it with me overnight ?
[11:41:32] <trp> go to sleep
[11:41:46] <paul_c> I'll compile the code and run some tests in the morning
[11:42:07] <trp> I almost have rc46 and will try it straight from the disc. It has always worked before.
[11:42:31] <trp> I wont be back till monday anyway and it's late where both of us are at
[11:42:44] <paul_c> If it works from the rc46, then the hardware is OK
[11:43:15] <paul_c> Do you have an earlier Smithy_Live to hand ?
[11:43:32] <trp> That is what i really need to know first, Good night Paul. Thanks for your help tonight
[11:43:53] <trp> no everyones gone. and good night get some sleep.
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